Monumental Inscriptions (MI's) of Warwickshire sold by
The Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry

This page links to listings of surnames in the MIs for Warwickshire.
The fiches are sold by BMSGH and are a great resource for locating ancestors, and linking families.
This page gives a listing of the MIs sold by the BMSGH Bookshop (Updated as of March 2003)
and a surname list (sometimes an index) to each fiche IN GREEN
(as they are transcribed - volunteers gratefully accepted !)
The fiches cost about 1.25 each (fiche not location), so you can get a rough
idea of how many fiches per location from the current selling price.
Look at their website for an up-to-date listing, price and ordering details
Permission to index and publish this data has kindly been given by the
Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry (email 1 June 2001)

Ref NoTitle
I001ALCESTER MI's (fiche) St Nicholas, Cemetery &Baptist Church
I002ALDERMINSTER MI's (fiche) St Mary &The Holy Cross
I003ALLESLEY MI's (fiche) All Saints
I004ALVESTON MI's (fiche) St James
I005ANSLEY MI's (fiche) St. Laurence
I006ARLEY MI's (fiche) (Old &New)
I007ARROW AND WEETHLEY MI's (fiche) Arrow Holy Trinity &Weethley St James
I008ASHOW MI's (fiche) Assumption of our Lady
I009ASTLEY MI's (fiche) St Mary the Virgin
I010ASTON CANTLOW MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I011ATHERSTONE MI's (fiche) Methodist Chapel
I012ATHERSTONE MI's (fiche) United Reformed Church
I014ATHERSTONE HURLEY MI's (fiche) Church of the Resurrection &Wood End Churchyard
I015ATHERSTONE ON STOUR MI's (fiche) St Mary
I013ATHERSTONE WOOD END MI's (fiche) St Michael - Note: burials take place at Hurley, listed on fiche I-014
I016ATTLEBOROUGH MI's (fiche) Holy Trinity
I017AUSTREY MI's (fiche)** St Nicholas
I018AVON DASSETT MI's (fiche) St Joseph R.C. &St. John the Baptist
I019BADDESLEY CLINTON MI's (fiche) St Francis of Assisi RC
I020BADDESLEY ENSOR MI's (fiche) St Nicholas
I021BAGINTON MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I022BARCHESTON MI's (fiche) St Martin
I023BARFORD MI's (fiche) St Peter
I024BARSTON MI's (fiche)** St Swithin
I025BARTON ON THE HEATH MI's (fiche) St Lawrence
I026BASCOTE HEATH MI's (fiche) Churchyard only
I027BAXTERLEY MI's (fiche)* Parish Church
I028BEARLEY MI's (fiche) St Mary The Virgin
  BEAUDESERT MI's (fiche)* St Nicholas (see HENLEY)
I029BEDWORTH MI's (fiche) All Saints Church, Independent &Zion Chapels
I030BENTLEY MI's (fiche) St John's Churchyard only
I031BERKSWELL MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I032BICKENHILL ,St Peter's Church &MARSTON GREEN Cemetery MI's (fiche)
I033BIDFORD ON AVON MI's (fiche) St Lawrence Church &Cemetery
I034BILTON MI's (fiche) St Mark
I035BINLEY MI's (fiche) St Bartholomew
I036BINTON MI's (fiche) St Peter
I037BIRDINGBURY MI's (fiche) St Leonard
I038BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Acocks Green: St. Mary's
I039BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Aston: St Peter and St Paul - Surnames or LONG INDEX (186 KB)
I040 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Bartley Green: St. Michael &All Angels
I041BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche) Bath St: St Chad's R.C. Cathedral
I042 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche) Bordesley: Holy Trinity
I043BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche) Castle Bromwich: St Mary &St Margaret
I044 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche) Christ Church: Bull St. Quaker Bur.Ground &part only of Key Hill Cemetery
I045 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Edgbaston: St. Augustine Church only
I046 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Edgbaston: St. Bartholomew
I047BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Edgbaston: St. George Church only
I048 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Erdington: Congregational Chapel, Churchyard only
I049BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Erdington: St. Barnabas - Surnames or LONG INDEX (504 KB)
I050 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)General Hospital, some MI's &Records
I051 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Hall Green: Church of the Ascension
I052BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Handsworth: St Andrew &Congregational Church, Union Row
I053 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Handsworth: St James
I054BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Handsworth: St Mary
I055 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Harborne: St Peter
I056 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche) Hockley: All Saints Church
I057 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Hockley: St. Paul's
I058BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Kings Heath: All Saints
I059 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Kings Norton: St. Nicolas
I060BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Lozells: St. Paul
I061BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)St. Martin's Park St., St.Bartholomew &Zion Baptist Chapel
I062 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Moseley: St. Mary
I063 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Nechells: St. Joseph R.C.
I064BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Northfield: St Laurence
M057BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Great Queen's St.: Old Meeting House and Burial Ground
I065 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Quinton: Christ Church
I066BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Saltley: St. Saviours
I067BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Selly Oak: St. Mary
I068BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Sheldon: St Giles
I069 BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Shirley: St. James
I070BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)St Philip: The Cathedral
I071BIRMINGHAM MI's (fiche)Whittall Street: St. Mary
I072BISHOPS ITCHINGTON MI's (fiche) St Michael
I073BISHOPS TACHBROOK MI's (fiche) St Chad
I074BISHOPTON MI's (fiche) St Peter plus
Stratford on Avon - St. Gregory's R.C. Church and
Stratford on Avon - Payton Street Baptist Church
I075BOURTON ON DUNSMORE MI's (fiche) St Peter
I076BRAILES MI's (fiche) St George
I077BRINKLOW MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I078BUBBENHALL MI's (fiche) St Giles
I079BUDBROOKE MI's (fiche) St Michael's
I080BURMINGTON MI's (fiche) St Barnabas &St Nicholas
I081BURTON DASSETT MI's (fiche) All Saints
I082BURTON HASTINGS MI's (fiche) St Botolph
I083BUTLERS MARSTON MI's (fiche) St Peter &St Paul
I084CALDECOTE MI's (fiche) St Theobald &St Chad's
I086CHARLECOTE MI's (fiche) St Leonard
I087CHERINGTON MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I088CHESTERTON MI's (fiche) St Giles
I089CHILVERS COTON MI's (fiche) All Saints - Surnames or LONG INDEX (230 KB) plus Stones Removed (99 KB)
I090CHURCH LAWFORD MI's (fiche) St Peter
I091CHURCHOVER MI's (fiche) Holy Trinity
I092CLAVERDON MI's (fiche) St Michael &All Angels
I093CLIFFORD CHAMBERS MI's (fiche) St Helen
I095COLESHILL MI's St Peter &St Paul
I096COMBROKE MI's (fiche) St Mary & St Margaret
I098CORLEY MI's (fiche) St Mary
I099COUGHTON MI's (fiche) St Peter St Paul &Elizabeth RC, St Peter's Church &Coughton Cemetery
I100COVENTRY MI's (fiche) Church of England Churches, City of Coventry
I101COVENTRY MI's (fiche) Eastern Green St Andrew**
I102COVENTRY MI's (fiche)Holy Trinity
I103COVENTRY MI's (fiche)Independent Churches
I104 COVENTRY MI's (fiche)St John the Baptist
I105 COVENTRY MI's (fiche)Stivichale St James
I106 COVENTRY MI's (fiche)Stoke St Michael - Surnames or LONG INDEX (224 KB)
I107COVENTRY MI's (fiche)West Orchard Chapel Hill St
I108COVENTRY MI's (fiche)Westwood Heath St John the Baptist
V176 COVENTRY MI's (fiche) London Road Cemetery, Coventry; Part 1, North Section (Book + Fiche)
Published by Coventry FHS
I109CUBBINGTON MI's (fiche) St Mary
I110CURDWORTH MI's (fiche) St Nicholas
I111DORDON MI's (fiche) St Leonard
I112DORSINGTON MI's (fiche) St Peter
I113DUNCHURCH MI's (fiche) Baptist Church
I114DUNCHURCH MI's (fiche) St Peter's
I115EARLSWOOD MI's (fiche) St Patrick
I116ELMDON MI's (fiche) St Nicholas
I117ETTINGTON MI's (fiche)Holy Trinity
I119 ETTINGTON MI's (fiche)St Thomas a Becket
I118ETTINGTON PARK MI's (fiche) St Nicholas &Holy Trinity
I120EXHALL (Nr Coventry) MI's (fiche) St Giles
I122FARNBOROUGH MI's (fiche) St Botolph's
I123FILLONGLEY MI's (fiche) St Mary &All Saints
I124FLECKNOE &WILLOUGHBY MI's (fiche) Flecknoe: St Mark &Willoughby: St Nicholas
I125FOUR OAKS MI's (fiche) St James Hill
I126FRANKTON MI's (fiche) St Nicholas
  GAYDON MI's (fiche) Cemetery See CHADSHUNT
I128GRANDBOROUGH MI's (fiche) St Peter
I130GREAT WOLFORD MI's (fiche) St Michael &All Angels
I131GRENDON MI's (fiche) All Saints
I132HALFORD MI's (fiche) St Mary
I133HAMPTON IN ARDEN MI's St Bartholomew
I134HAMPTON LUCY MI's (fiche) St Peter ad Vincula
I135HAMPTON ON THE HILL MI's (fiche) St Charles Borromeo R.C.
I136HARBOROUGH MAGNA MI's (fiche) All Saints Church &Cemetery
I137HARBURY MI's (fiche) All Saints &Cemetery
I138HARTSHILL MI's (fiche) Atherstone Cemetery
I139HATTON &HASELEY MI's (fiche) Holy Trinity &St Mary
I140HENLEY in ARDEN &BEAUDESERT MI's (fiche) Henley: St John Henley: Baptist Church &Beaudesert: St Nicholas
I141HILLMORTON MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I142HILLMORTON MI's (fiche) Watts Lane Cemetery
I143HONILEY MI's (fiche)** St John the Baptist
I144HONINGTON MI's (fiche) All Saints
I145HUNNINGHAM MI's (fiche) St Margaret
I146IDLICOTE MI's (fiche) St James the Great
I147ILMINGTON MI's (fiche) St Mary's
KHASKENILWORTH MI's (KHAS Booklet) St Nicholas
I148KENILWORTH MI's (fiche) St Austin R.C.
I149KINETON MI's (fiche) St Peter's Church Cemetery
I150KINGSBURY MI's (fiche) St Peter &St Paul
I151KNOWLE MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist, St Lawrence &St Anne
I152LADBROKE MI's (fiche) All Saints
I153LAPWORTH MI's (fiche) St Mary the Virgin
I154LEA MARSTON MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I156LEAMINGTON HASTINGS MI's (fiche) All Saints
I157LEAMINGTON SPA MI's (fiche)All Saints Church
I155LEAMINGTON SPA MI's (fiche)Brunswick St. Cemetery (part only)
I158LEAMINGTON SPA MI's (fiche)The Churches of Leamington Spa
I159LEEK WOOTTON MI's (fiche) All Saints
I160LIGHTHORNE MI's (fiche) St Laurence
I161LILLINGTON MI's (fiche) St Mary Magdalene
I162LITTLE COMPTON MI's (fiche) St Denys
I163LONG COMPTON MI's (fiche) St Peter &St Paul
I164LONG ITCHINGTON MI's (fiche) Holy Trinity
I165LONG LAWFORD MI's (fiche) St John
I166LOWER QUINTON MI's (fiche) St Swithin
I167LOXLEY MI's (fiche) St Nicholas
I168LUDDINGTON MI's (fiche) All Saints
I169MANCETTER MI's (fiche) St Peter
I170MAPPLEBOROUGH GREEN MI's (fiche) Church of Holy Ascension
I171MARSTON SICCA MI's (fiche) St James the Great
I172MARTON MI's (fiche) St Esprit
I173MAXSTOKE MI's (fiche) St Michael
I175MIDDLETON MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I176MONKS KIRBY MI's (fiche) St Edith's and R.C. Cemetery  (Note 2 separate indexes for this 2 fiche set !)
I177MORETON MORRELL MI's (fiche) Holy Cross
I179NAPTON MI's (fiche) St Lawrence
I180NETHER WHITACRE MI's (fiche) St Giles
I181NEWBOLD ON AVON MI's (fiche) St Botolph
I182NEWBOLD ON STOUR MI's (fiche) St. David
I183NEWBOLD PACEY MI's (fiche) St George the Martyr
I184NEWTON REGIS MI's (fiche) St. Mary's
I185NORTON LINDSEY MI's (fiche) Holy Trinity
I186NUNEATON MI's (fiche) Our Lady of the Angels R.C.
I187NUNEATON MI's (fiche) St Nicholas
I188OFFCHURCH MI's (fiche) St Gregory
I189OLD MILVERTON MI's (fiche) St James
I190OVER WHITACRE MI's (fiche) St Leonard
I191OXHILL MI's (fiche) St Lawrence
I192PACKINGTON (Great) MI's (fiche) St James &LITTLE PACKINGTON St Bartholemew
I193PACKWOOD MI's (fiche) St Giles
I194PILLERTON MI's (fiche) Pillerton Hersey: St Mary The Virgin & Pillerton Priors: St Mary Magdallen
I195POLESWORTH MI's (fiche) Baptist Church
I196POLESWORTH MI's (fiche) St Editha's   see also Polesworth Burials 1838-51
I197Polesworth - PRESTON BAGOT MI's (fiche)** All Saints
I198Polesworth - PRESTON ON STOUR MI's (fiche) St Mary
I199PRINCETHORPE MI's (fiche) Our Lady of the Angels
I200PRINCETHORPE MI's (fiche) St Mary's Priory
I201PRIORS HARDWICK MI's (fiche) St Mary
I202PRIORS MARSTON MI's (fiche) St Leonard
I203RADFORD SEMELE MI's (fiche) St Nicholas
I204RADWAY MI's (fiche) St Peter
I205RATLEY MI's (fiche) St Peter ad Vincula
I206ROWINGTON MI's (fiche) St Lawrence
I207RUGBY MI's (fiche)Churches of St Matthew, St Andrew &St Oswald
I208RUGBY MI's (fiche)Croop Hill Cemetery
I209RUGBY MI's (fiche)St Marie R.C.
I210RYTON ON DUNSMORE MI's (fiche) St Leonard
I211SALFORD PRIORS MI's (fiche) St Matthew
I212SECKINGTON AND SHUTTINGTON MI's (fiche) Seckington: All Saints &Shuttington: St.Matthew
I213SHERBOURNE MI's (fiche)** All Saints
I214SHILTON MI's (fiche) St Andrews Church &Cemetery
I215SHIPSTON ON STOUR MI's (fiche) St Edmund
I216SHOTTESWELL MI's (fiche) St Lawrence
I217SHUCKBURGH (Upper &Lower) MI's (fiche) St. John the Baptist &St. John's
I218SHUSTOKE MI's (fiche) St Cuthbert
I219SNITTERFIELD MI's (fiche) St James the Great
I220SOLIHULL MI's (fiche) St Alphege
I221SOUTHAM MI's (fiche) St James
I222STOCKINGFORD MI's (fiche) St Paul
I223STOCKTON MI's (fiche) St Michael
I224STONELEIGH MI's (fiche) St Mary
I225STRETTON ON FOSSE MI's (fiche) St Peter's
I227STRETTON UNDER FOSSE MI's (fiche) Chapel
I226STRETTON UPON DUNSMORE MI's (fiche) All Saints
I228STUDLEY MI's (fiche) St Mary the Virgin, Cemetery &Baptist Church Surnames or LONG INDEX (100 KB)
I229STUDLEY MI's (fiche)St Mary's R.C.
I269SUTTON COLDFIELD MIs (fiche) Holy Trinity
I230SUTTON UNDER BRAILES AND WINDERTON MI's (fiche) Sutton Under Brailes: St Thomas-a-Becket
&Winderton: St Peter &St. Paul
I231TANWORTH IN ARDEN MI's (fiche) St Mary Magdalene
I232TEMPLE BALSALL MI's (fiche)** St Mary the Virgin Church &Cemetery
  TEMPLE GRAFTON MI's (fiche) See EXHALL (Nr Alcester)
I233TIDMINGTON MI's (fiche) Church of the Ascension
I234TYSOE MI's (fiche) Ch. Assumption Blessed Virgin Mary
I235UFTON MI's (fiche) St Michael &All Angels
I236ULLENHALL MI's (fiche)* St Mary the Virgin Church &Chapel Churchyard
I237UMBERSLADE MI's (fiche) Baptist Chapel
I238WALMLEY MI's (fiche) St John the Evangelist
I239WALSGRAVE on SOWE MI's (fiche) St Mary
I240WALTON D'EIVILE MI's (fiche) St James
I241WAPPENBURY MI's (fiche) St Anne R.C.
I242WAPPENBURY MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I243WARMINGTON MI's (fiche) St Michael
I244WARTON MI's (fiche) Holy Trinity
I268WARWICK MI's (fiche)The Cemetery, Birmingham Rd, (fiche)
I273WARWICK MI's (fiche) St Mary's (fiche)
I245WARWICK MI's (fiche) St Paul's (fiche)
I246WASPERTON MI's (fiche) St John The Baptist
I247WATER ORTON MI's (fiche) St Peter &St Paul
I248WEDDINGTON MI's (fiche) St James
  WEETHLEY MI's (fiche) St James see ARROW
I249WELFORD ON AVON MI's (fiche) St Peter
I250WESTON ON AVON MI's (fiche) All Saints
I251WESTON UNDER WETHERLEY MI's (fiche) St Michael &All Saints
I252WHATCOTE MI's (fiche) St Peter
I253WHICHFORD MI's (fiche) St Michael
I254WHITCHURCH MI's (fiche) St Mary
I255WILLEY MI's (fiche) St Leonard
I256WILNECOTE MI's (fiche) Holy Trinity
I257WISHAW MI's (fiche) St Chad
I258WITHYBROOK &COPSTON MAGNA MI's (fiche) Withybrook All Saints Copston Magna St John
  WIXFORD MI's (fiche) See EXHALL (Nr Alcester)
I259WOLFHAMCOTE MI's (fiche) St Peter
I260WOLSTON MI's (fiche) St Margaret &Dyson Road Chapels
I261WOLVERTON MI's (fiche) St Mary the Virgin
I262WOLVEY MI's (fiche) St John the Baptist
I264WOOTTON WAWEN MI's (fiche)* St Peter
I263WOOTTON WAWEN MI's (fiche)* Our Lady &St Benedict R.C.
I265WORMLEIGHTON MI's (fiche) St Peter
I266WROXALL MI's (fiche)** St Leonard
I267WYKEN MI's (fiche) St Mary Magdalene

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