Monumental Inscriptions for Barford, St Peter's

List of names taken from the fiche of Monumental Inscriptions for
St Peter's Church in Barford

Fiche number I023 sold by BMSGH
published here by kind permission of the Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry


Abbott, Acland, Adams, Anslow, Andrews, Arch, Ayres


B......., Bacon, Baker, Baldwin, Barker, Barlow, Barnbrook, Barnes, Barnett, Bartlett, Bass, Batchelor, Baylay, Bayliss, Beale, Bearley, Beaufoy, Beck, Beckingham, Bell, Berry, Best, Bickerstaff, Bister, Blackford, Blencowe, Blick, Block, Bobbins, Bolton, Booker, Boote, Bradshaw, Bromley, Brook, Brooke, Brooks, Broomhall, Browm Bryan, Bullock, Burgess, Burrows, Byam, Byerley


Capers, Carpenter, Carter, Cary, Cattell, Cherry, Church, Clark, Clarke, Clayton, Cleaver, Clifford, Clifton, Cockbill, Collie, Collins, Compton, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Cope, Court, Cox, Cragg, Crough, Cumberland, Currell


Davis, Dean, Denton, Digby, Dodd, Doddeford, Dormer, Dugard, Duggard, Dumontant, Dunn


Eastment, Edmonds, Elliott, Evans, Everett, Ewkeston, Eyton


Fairfax, Farmer, Farrell, Fenlow, Field, Finch, Finlow, Flint, Forster, Fox, Francis, Fraser, Freeman, French, Fretwell


G...form, Gardiner, Gardner, Gart, Gibbs, Glenday, Gloster, Goddard, Goodman, Gore, Graham, Greaves, Green, Griffith, Groome, Gurley


Hacker, Hadley, Hall, Hamilton-Russell, Hammond, Handley, Handy, Hanworth, Harding, Hardy, Harley-Smith, Harrison, Harrow, Harwood, Hastings, Hawkins, Heath, Hellberg, Hemming, Hemmings, Henry, Herring, Hesky, Hewitt, Hiatt, Hicken, Hide, Higgitt, Hill, Hinson, Hinton, Hirons, Hitchcox, Hitchman, Hobbims, Hobbins, Hobbs, Hodgkinson, Hogg, Hoggins, Holland, Holman, Hopkings, Horsman, Horten, Hortin, Horton, Hosking, Hough, Howe, Howland, Hubbard, Huckvale, Hume, Hunt, Hutchinson, Huxley


Inson, Inweys, Ireland, Ivens


Jeacock, Jervis, Jones


K....., Keen, Kendale, Kent, Keyte, Killian, King, Kirby, Knibb, Knight


Lane, Launsdale, Lawrence, Lee, Lees, Leigh, Line, Liney, Lilford, Lindsay, Liveden, Lockwood, Loffe, London, Loveday


Maries, Marsh, Masgreave, Mason, Meaded, Mealings, Mello, Michel, Middleton, Mills, Mitchell, Moreland, Morling, Morris, Mumford, Murrell


Newland, Nicholson, Norris, Norton


Odell, Oldham, Over, Overton, Oyer


Pace, Padbury, Page, Pain, Palmer, Parker, Parr, Partridge, Parymynter, Paton, Pax, Paxton, Payne, Pearce, Pearson, Penn, Perkins, Peters, Phillips, Pilkington, Powell, Pratt, Preston, Pretty, Price, Pumphrey, Puttnam


Read, Reader, Reading, Reason, Reen, Reeve, Riley, Robbins, Roberts, Robinson, Roos, Roper, Rose, Rouse, Ryder


Sabin, Sadler, Samson, Sandely, Sands, Sansome, Sarsfield, Savage, Scott, Scurr, Seele, Seeley, Sewell, Sharpe, Sheasby, Shelland, Shellard, Shelston, Shilston, Silvester, Sinclair, Singleton, Skelton, Small, Smith, Smith-Ryland, Somerville, Spier, Stanly, Statham, Steeds, Steel, Stephens, Stokes, Stopard, Strachan, Surly, Sutton, Sylvester


Talbot, Tasker, Taylor, Tennant, Tew, Thacker, Thomas, Thompson, Throp, Tradge, Tritton, Tuckwell, Twigg


Unett, Upstone


Van, Vaughan


Waker, Walker, Wall, Walter, Ward, Warde, Warner, Waterson, Watkins, Watson, Webb, Webster, Wedge, Wellesburn, Wells, Wengrave, West, Wheler, White, Whitehead, Wicks, Wielachowski, Wigan, Wilcocks, Wilkins, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wiltshire, Winbush, Wincote, Winson, Winston, Withradge, Withredge, Woodfield, Woodward, Worrall, Wright, Wrighton, Wylds



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