Monumental Inscriptions for Tanworth in Arden
St. Mary Magdalene Church

List of names taken from the fiche of Monumental Inscriptions for
St. Mary Magdalene Church in Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire
Fiche number I231 sold by BMSGH
published here by kind permission of the Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry
Transcription kindly submitted by Dave Brooks

A Alcock, Alene, Allday, Amherst, Anderton, Anstruther, Appleby, Archer, Asbury, Aston, Austin, Avery, Aynsworth
B Bacon, Bailey, Balgaie, Baker, Ball, Balleny, Banks, Barker, Barnbrooke, Barratt, Bates, Bayleys, Beach, Beasley, Bedgood, Beech, Bennett, Berenger, Bickley, Biddle, Billing, Bishop, Bissell, Bloomer, Blythe, Bockidge, Bolemere, Bolt, Borrowman, Botiler, Bott,Bould, Boulton, Bowen, Boyce, Bradburn, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brandon, Bridges, Brien, Britton, Brocklesby, Broome, Brown, Bubb, Burford, Burman, Burns, Butcher
C Cale, Cameron, Carr, Carter, Chambers, Chandler, Chapman, Chesshire, Chichester, Clarke, Clary, Clayhall, Clayton, Clews, Clinton, Coldicott, Colley, Collins, Cooper, Cooke, Cope, Coton, Cottrill, Course, Coventry, Cox, Crane, Crofts, Cross
D Dallow, Dashwood, Davies, Davis, Dawson, Daykin, Deakin, Deeley, Docker, Dodd, Dolphin, Drabble, Drake, Draper, Drinkwater, Drover, Dunkey, Dunn, Dunnett
E Eastburn, Edge, Edwards, Elys, Ethrington, Evans, Eveson
F Fathers, Faulkner, Field, Fitch, Fitter, Forrester, Fowler, Fudge, Fulford, Fulwode
G Gardener, Gardiner, Gardner, Garfield, Gibbs, Glover, Grainger, Green, Greenhall, Greswold, Griffiths, Guardner
H Hailwood, Hall, Hanker, Harding, Harmer, Harper, Harris, Harrys, Hawker, Hawkswood, Heighes, Hellyer, Hemming, Hewitt, Heyes, Heynes, Hibberd, Hicken, Hill, Hobbs, Hodges, Hoggart-Hill, Holden, Hollis, Hopkins, Hopley, Horton, Hoseason, Houghton, Hubble, Hudson, Hughes, Huish, Humphriss, Hunt, Hunter, Hussell, Hutchason, Hutchinson, Hyatt
I Ingall, Insull, Izod
J Jack, Jackson, Jarvis, Jefferson, Johns, Johnson, Jones
K Kellett, Kimbell, Kimberley, Kingman
L Lakin, Lane, Lea, Leach, Lee, Lewis, Littlechild, Lloyd, Lobb, London, Lowe, Lucas, Lungespeye, Lynas, Lyndon
M Mahler, Malines, Mander, Martin, Martyn, Mason, Medlam, Merryman, Michie, Miles, Mills, Mitchell, Mole, Moncrieff, Monpelz, Monteagle, Morgan, Morton, Moss, Muntz, Mustin
N Nash, Nicholls, Norden, Nossiter
O Oakes, O`Brien, O`Connor, Old, Onions, Owen
P Packer, Page, Page-Saunders, Paige, Pakynton, Parke, Parkes, Parsons, Perry, Phillips, Pillinger, Pinson, Pinton, Plymouth, Podmore, Poole, Preece, Preston, Price, Pritchard, Pritchett, Pulsford, Pyke
Q Quance
R Raleigh, Raven, Reader, Reece, Rigby, Roberts, Robinson, Rodgers, Rogers, Rollins, Rowe, Rushton
S Sale, Salltor, Saunders, Scammell, Serveour, Shaw, Shephard, Shifton, Shipway, Shore, Shortley, Shuter, Simmonds, Smart, Smith, Smyth, Snead, Sparkes, Spencer, Sponer, Staley, Stokes, Stone, Summerell, Summers, Swyneshede, Symonds
T Talbot, Taylor, Terry, Thistlethwaite, Thornton, Tibbles, Tillsley, Timmins, Truslove, Tunnicliffe, Turner, Tykenhale, Tyler
U Upavene
V Varney, Vaughan, Verlander, Vince
W Walker, Wallace, Wallis, Waring, Warner, Warwick, Watkins-Pitchford, Watton, Watts, Welchman, West, Westwood, Wheeler, Whieldon, Whitaker, White, Whitehouse, Wilder, Wilkes, Williams, Wilmot, Wilson, Winspear, Winwood, Withede, Wolfrigeston, Wood, Woodcock, Wren, Wright
Y Yardley, Yates, Yoxall
Z Zehnder

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