The Four Shire StoneNew Temporary Page Page to give a history of the boundary marker for WAR, GLS, WOR and OXF
Warwickshire Surnames Researchers Listing List and contact details of those researching Warwickshire surnames - send in your names !
BTH Company and personnel information Brief History   &   Retirements and Deaths A brief extract of the history of the British Thompson Houston Company of Rugby
Photo and background on St Matthews Infants School - Rugby Hopefully this building built about 1844 in Pennington St. will not be demolished
Owners and Occupiers of Perry Crofts Tithes - 1846 Commutation of Tithes in the Warwickshire part of the Tamworth Award Series
Warwickshire List - Village People  Images of - The Marstons Here are some pictures and links for Warwickshire villages
The Illustrated London News   Warwickshire Hiring Fair and Birmingham Onion Fair and Rugby School Upgrade & chapel Snippits and illustrations taken from the Illustrated London News of 1872
Allotment holders in Bilton from   Rugby Cement Archives A list of Rugby Cement workers signing up for allotments 1880 - 1881
Methodism in the Coventry Area   Non-Conformist Chapels A list of significant events in non-conformism in the Coventry area 1779 - 1967
Goalers, Bailiffs & Sheriffs for Coventry   1420 - 1894 A list of Goalers, Bailiffs and Sheriffs for Coventry from 1420 to 1894
Alan Cook's Millennium   Nuneaton Names Project "1000 names for 1000 years" - a compendium of names associated with Nuneaton
Dave Dudley's Memories and Sayings of  Birmingham A Compendium of "Memories" provided by members of the ENG-WARKS-BIRMINGHAM-LIST
Removal Orders for   Walsgrave-on-Sowe A listing of the People 'removed' from Walsgrave between, 1710-66 kindly supplied by Carole Eales
Land Tax for   Beausale - 1838 A just discovered listing of the land taxes paid in 1838 for Beausale, kindly supplied by Warwick Wise
The Lost Villages of Warwickshire   Extract from the book
by Maurice Berresford
An extract from the book detailing the now deserted villages in Warwickshire kindly supplied by Wendy Boland
Kenilworth Settlement Certificate Index & Origins 1695-1790 Settlement Certificates for Kenilwworth 1695-1790, with their previous abodes
Journal of Great Barr National School 1856-93 and School Rules Extracts from the committee book, giving a glimpse of what life was like for schools in those days.
Warder's Log of St Margarets Church 1781-1856
An extract from the Warder's Log of St Margaret's Church in Great Barr 1781 - 1856
Birmingham Botanical Society Annual Report 1937 Annual Report, List of Subscribers, Membership Rules, and plan of the gardens from the 1937 report
The 1916 Walsall Pioneer and District News THE TOLL OF THE BRAVE Pages from Robert Deloyde's 1916 Walsall newspaper of local Heroes of the 1WW.
Annotated research of the WHITE families in Nuneaton Census data 1841 - 1901 Nuneaton "Whites" (in 'pdf' format)
File in pdf format 
A testimonial to James Tibbits from the Warwickshire Advertiser 1837 Tibbits Testimonal
Basic Warkshire Information Newbies Pages This contains links to FAQs, useful other Warks Links, and the Welcome Letter for the Rootsweb Warwick List

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