Removal Orders - Walsgrave on Sowe
1710 - 1766

Here's a list of the Removal Orders 1710 - 1766 at Walsgrave on Sowe, War.
The data can also be seen on LDS film number 0555351
Transcription kindly supplied by Carole Eales

Date Surname Forename(s) With Others From To Notes
03.05.1710BilsonMichael&Sow, WarHigham, Lei 
13.06.1711WattsElizabeth, spinster Sow, WarWootton, War 
20.06.1711TompsonBenjamon&Sow, WarStretton par. Kirby, War 
14.11.1711BurtonEdward Brinklow, WarSow, War 
22.12.1711PorterElizabeth Sow, WarBulkington, War 
26.05.1713DarbyRichard Sow, WarAstley 
19.09.1713PeacockMary Sow, WarShilton, War 
01.10.1716PriestnallAnn Sow, WarBulkington, War 
19.01.1718TreenEdward&Sow, WarStoke, War 
29.04.1721WhitternJames&St. Michael, Coventry, WarSow, War 
14.09.1723PhillipsMary Sow, WarWilley, War 
30.12.1723SmithRebecca Sow, WarFoleshill, War 
16.01.1728NorburyCatharine&Sow, WarWarford, Chs 
30.11.1728ThomsonJohn&Sow, WarWoolvey, War 
09.05.1729DennisEdward&Sow, WarBinley, War 
02.06.1730BarrMary, widow Sow, WarSutton Cheyney, Lei 
23.10.1730TompsonElizabeth, spinster Sow, WarStretton par. Kirby, War 
16.01.1739GilbertWilliam&Stoke, WarSow, War 
01.06.1739DurkinAnn, widow&Sow, WarChilvers Coton, War 
01.10.1739DurkinAnn, widow&Sow, WarChilvers Coton, War 
01.10.1739DurkinJohn, aged 7 Sow, WarChilvers Coton, War 
01.10.1739DurkinSamuel, aged 3mo Sow, WarChilvers Coton, WarSettlement Sow; to CC until aged 7 years
01.10.1739StaffordJoseph Sow, WarBirmingham, War 
01.10.1739StaffordSarah Sow, WarBirmingham, War 
31.03.1740DurkinAnn, widow&Sow, WarChilvers Coton, War 
04.03.1742MorrisJames&Sow, WarChilvers Coton, War 
09.12.1742ColeElizabeth, spinster Oundle, NthSow, War 
28.12.1742ShiltonJohn&Bedworth, WarSow, War 
03.04.1748WhiteMary Sow, WarColeshill, War 
12.01.1752MaweJohn&Bulkington, WarSow, War 
13.01.1752WillisWilliam& familySow, WarWyken, War 
07.04.1752MoweJohn& familyBulkington, WarSow, Warquashed.
11.10.1752DashfieldThomas&Sow, WarWedgbury, Sts 
16.10.1752CollinsJoseph&Sow, WarStretton par. Kirby, War 
04.11.1755BarfordRowland Holy Trinity, Coventry, WarSow, War 
13.08.1756MalletJohn Sow, WarSt. Sephulcre, Northampton, Nth 
03.10.1758AllettMary, spinster Sow, WarComb. Liberty, War 
23.07.1759GoodyerElizabeth Sow, WarDunchurch, War 
16.08.1760WilliamsJohn&Sow, WarStockton, War 
10.02.1761PhillipsElizabeth, spinster Sow, WarFoleshill, War 
27.05.1761TroughtonMary, spinster Sow, WarFoleshill, War 
19.08.1761BarfordRowland St. Michael, Coventry, WarSow, War 
11.03.1762CashmoreAnn, widow Kenilworth, WarSow, War 
20.11.1762WilliamsJohn&Sow, WarExhall, War 
02.07.1762CaterElizabeth, widow&Sow, WarAshby de la Zouche, Lei 
14.12.1762BeseleyThomas Sow, WarChilvers Coton, War 
23.05.1764BruntJoseph&Sow, WarFoleshill, War 
23.05.1764PickardWilliam Sow, WarFoleshill, War 
04.10.1765DurhamWalter&Sow, WarSheldon, War 
18.11.1765AspreyNicholas&Willenhall, WarSow, War 
26.11.1765SidwellThomas&Nuneaton, WarSow, War 
30.06.1766AdkynsJohn&Sow, WarRyton on Dunsmore, War 
08.09.1766BaddeleyRichard Bedworth, WarSow, War 
13.10.1766LentonElizabeth, spinster Sow, WarFoleshill, War 
08.09.1766WilliamsElizabeth, wife of John&Sow, WarStockton, War 

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