St Margaret's Church, Great Barr
Warder's Log 1781 - 1856

This list was donated to me by Robert Deloyde, who extracted it from the Warder's Book
for St Margaret's Church in Great Barr compiled by Fra. H. Yates and G.R. Lebb (?) Jan 1898.

I regret that I cannot supply any additional information on this listing, which is
provided for your information and as a guide for further research

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The spire was erected at the expense of Joseph Scott Esq. the first stone was laid by 23/May/1798,

1781 paid William Meek dog whipper 12/- first called Beadle in 1790 paid 6p per doz. birds heads 8/9

1782 23 Jan paid Thomas Bennett for mending east gates, gallery stairs & timber, 8/6,

1783 catching 2 moles Jno Baylis, 4d,

1786 John Fallows journey to Handsworth to find Donor od Bromwich dole 2/-

1787 paid Mr Smith for straw to lay on North side of the Chapel when tiles slipped of 7/-

1790 15 April agreement made between Jno Fallows & William Bennett to rebuild the Chapel it was rebuilt again except tower & steeple and opened in the year 1863

1791 8 Jul Mr Hortons bill for viewing the old Chapel and covering over the ornate nails of the new one 1/11/6

1792 Mr Nixon surveying the singers gallery pewink? 4/4/0

1792 last rent received towns land Mr Pain 7/9/0 Mr Botham total 8/6/0

1794 proclamation for the alteration of form of prayer for the royal family & altering books 2/-

1794 beadle for cleaning the Chapel 3/- extra

1796 scales and weights to weigh the old bells 10/6 trouble & turnpike expenses, assistance bells Jno Fallows to take down old bells 5/- bread cheese & ale for the men 3/2, taking bells to Birmingham & expenses 21/- ??? trouble and how they were to go to Leicester and expenses 2/6, two letters from Leicester 1/- expenses at Mr Moores house when the bells came 5 horses & 2 men dinners hay corn and ale 14/3

1796 expenses of bell hanger & ringers at barr wake 21/- unloading the new bells & loading up the old ones 9/- carriage of the bells 13/8/3

1797 ring admiral Duncan victory 6/- ringing Barr Wake 6/- ring the coronation 6/-

1800 paid Bradbury putting up scraper at church door & repairing horse block 1/61801 Mr Hands bill of cost in cause between the chapel warder R Grove 204/19/0

1801 Joseph Scott esq. subscription to church 50/0/0

1801 Joseph Osborne chosen chapel warden

1802 20 Jan paid one years interest 200 10/0/0

1806 paid for sparrows heads 3/5/6 represents 782

1807 4 Dec by hedge hog 6d

1808 18 May by hedge hog 6d

1812 hat & coat for ? 20 Jun cash paid Mr Osborne 50

1814 cash received out of poor rate towards payment of Mr Osbornes money 16/1/5 6 Mar cash paid Mr Osborne 50 paid for interest 20.0.0

1815 9 Nov cash to Mr Osborne 50/0/0 interest 8/15/0 1 Nov to Mr Osborne 2/10/0

1817 6 Jul to Mr Osborne 2/10/0

1818 30 Nov to Mr Osborne 2/10 /0 Paid two men to watch the chapel to detect who stole the lead 10/-

1824 6 halters for chapel stables 4/6

1827 put up stove bill for coal drawing 7/6

1827 cash James Siddons cutting kids to sough the chapel yard 8/- George Instone for drawing the same 10/-

1832 J Brindley to answering 60 questions to house of commons concerning the poor laws at considerable length 21/-

1835 last payment for sparrow heads

The Addyes Free School the school was founded and endowed by Thomas Addyes in 1722 for the education & clothing of 20 boys this charity had been augmented by other benefactions & particularly by a sum of 400 bequeathed in 1807 by Mr Ann Scott for the clothing of 13 boys, it was in 1865 that Mr Scott gave permission to amalgamate The Addyes Free School and The Great Barr school it was some time latter that they amalgamated it is believed that at the time of this being typed that the school was on the Birmingham Road on page 46 1, D, in the Birmingham A to Z, Great Barr School moved to Streetly in 1913, more research is needed and is being undertaken at the time of typing,

The School was founded in 1856

At each meeting the minutes of the last meeting were read and the accounts were read at each meeting

Continued as: Great Barr National School

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