Birmingham Botanical and Horticultural Society Ltd (Founded 1829)
Annual Report 1936-37

Birmingham Botanical and Horticultural Society Ltd. Annual Report 1936-37
a list of Members and Subscribers (all Edgbaston unless otherwise stated)
This list was donated to me by Christine Ellis, who states that the data has not been
double-checked. You should regard this as a secondary source for your research

I regret that I cannot supply any additional information on this listing, which is
provided for your information and as a guide for further research

Surname Forenames Address
Adams Percy 14 Vernon Road
Aitken R H 34 Sandon Road
Adshead W E Barnie 20 Church Road
Albright W A 29 Frederick Road
Alioth H F 3a Kenilworth Court Hagley Road
Allday P G 117 Northwood Street Birmingham
Allen J H 54 Westfield Road
Allen R A (Deceased) 471 Gillott Road
Allison Mrs C H 12 Ampton Road
Amphlet Miss C M 146 Hagley Road
Ansell Miss M J 62 Bristol Road
Anstruther_Gough_Calthorpe the Hon Lady Calthorpe Estate offices 53 Church Road
Archdale Mrs E M 15 Chad Road
Arbuthnot H F Penryn School Somerset Road
Arnold T G 210 Monument Road
Aston Mrs G 269 Monument Road
Aston J Herbert Folford Hall Earlswood
Baedeker Eugen 46 Richmond Hill Road
Bagley F 322 Franklin Road Kings Norton
Baily Miss M E Edgbaston College Bristol Road
Barber W L "South Bank" Harborne Road
Barclay W R 27 Augustus Road
Barling Sir Gilbert Hart 6 Manor Road
Barling G Seymour 10 Woodbourne Road
Barnfield A S 28 Westbourne Road
Barnsley E S 1 Carisbrooke Road
Barnsley E W 324 Hagley Road
Barrow Miss 23 Frederick Road
Barrow Harrison 40 Wesley Park Road Selly Oak
Barrow Walter "Lawn House" Ampton Road
Barrows W L 14 Farquhar Road
Barton P C 3 St Marys Road Harborne
Barwell F N H 2 Stirling Road
Bayfield Mrs F V 10 The Lees Malvern
Bayliss J H 21 Augustus Road
Baynes T A Hamilton 26 George Road
Beale Mrs C G "Maple Bank" Church Road
Beale E P 62 Wellington Road
Beale H K "The Elms" Edgbaston Park Road
Bednall Mrs E 54 Reservoir Road
Bell Mrs F H 9 Ampton Road
Bell Walter 475 Gillott Road
Bellis John "Darlinghurst" 13 Carpenter Road
Bell Scott Mrs 136 Hagley Road
Belliss F. C 4 Highfield Road
Belsham Miss E M 150 Hagley Road
Berkeley Mrs E 93 Harborne Road
Berlyn J A 14 Calthorpe Road
Berlyn Mrs R C 58 Portland Road
Best R Dudley 5 Westbourne Road
Bettinson H R 70 Arthur Road
Bindley W A 36 Augustus Road
Blue Coat School  Somerset Road Birmingham
Birmingham Children's Hospital  Ladywood Road; Ladywood
Birmingham Central Technical college  Suffolk Street Birmingham
Birmingham Eye Hospital  Church Street Birmingham
Birmingham Education Authority (Elementary)  The Council House Birmingham
Birmingham General Hospital Steelhouse Lane Birmingham
Birmingham Maternity Hospital Loveday Street Birmingham
Birmingham Municipal School of Art  Margaret Street Birmingham
Birmingham University (Botany Department)  Bournbrook
Bissell T 22 Stirling Road
Black Harold 126 Hagley Road
Blanchard W R 20 Wheatsheaf Road
Blasdale C W 12 Highfield Road
Bolton R Ashby 6 Carpenter Road
Bonner Mrs Flats D/C Calthorpe Mansions Five Ways
Bourne H J 43 Mayfield Road Moseley
Bowen Arthur J 7 Chad Road
Bradley Ralph C "Lionfield" 126 Park Hill Moseley
Brew Miss L C 150 Hamstead Road Handsworth
Bridge W N 36 Broad Street Birmingham
Bristol Mrs A E 17 Clarendon Road
Brittain T 46 Fountain Road
Brittain Frank (Deceased) 12 Moorland Road
Brookes J H 61 Westfield Road
Brooks Julius 267 Hagley road
Buckland Mrs 21 Yateley Road
Burd Miss "The Cottage" 27 Vicarage Road
Burman Henry 103 Harborne Road
Burman Stephen F 20 Frederick Road
Burman T 66 Harborne Road
Butler Sir William Waters Bart "Southfield" Norfolk Road
Butt Mrs E The Bungalow Soutridge Road Bromsgrove
Cadbury Barrow "Southfield" Edgbaston Park Road
Cadbury Edward "Westholme" Selly Oak
Cadbury W. A "Wast Hills" Kings Norton
Cadbury Paul "Priors Field" Edgbaston Park Road
Cadbury Miss Dorothy A "Southfield" Edgbaston Park Road
Cadbury Dame Elizabeth "The Manor House" Northfield
Canning G C 42 Richmond Hill Road
Carver Frank 19 Abbey Road Harborne
Castellain H G P 12 Oxford Road Moseley
Chadwick Mrs C (Deceased) 197 Station Road Wylde Green
Challen W B "Mass Croft" Pritchatts Road
Chamberlain The Rt Hon Neville MP "Westbourne" Westbourne Road
Chatwin Mrs A 38 Highfield Road
Clark George T 52 Poplar Avenue
Clark Matthew H 137 Kingsbury Road Gravelly Hill
Clarke W F "Kendalcroft" Beaks Hill Road Kings Norton
Clayton J H 16 Hagley Road
Connell Dr J S M 4 Carpenter Road
Cooper R Clayton 17 Chad Road
Cowan Miss Joyce 120 Gough Road
Cox E G 8 Augustus Road
Cramp Prof W 174 Hagley Road
Cripps Rev J Ivory 40 Stanmore Road
Crosbie G H "Windyridge" 162 Ravenhurst Road Harborne
Crosskey John H 12 Vicarage Road
Dale B 194 Hagley Road
Dallen E W 250 Monument Road
Danielson Lieut_Col J W "Beech Court" 47 Wellington Road
Davenport E B 28 Harborne Road
Davidson Mrs L 36 Westfield Road
Davies W E C 122 Gough Road
Davis Walter (Deceased) 26 Duchess Road
Dawson George 4 Westfield Hall Hagley Road
Day Mrs G 15 Carpenter Road
Day Training College (Botany) The University  Great Charles Street Birmingham
Day Training College (Art) The University  Great Charles Street Birmingham
Dean J 197a Hagley Road
Dent Mortimer "Balfouria" 13 Westbourne Road
De Vall Kenneth "The Laurels" The Green Castle Bromwich
Deykin J H St Mary's Road Harborne
Dibble John 9 Westbourne Road
Dixon Col James "Oak Mount" Westbourne Road
Dixon J H B 15 Farquhar Road
Dorken F R 55 Melville Road
Dudeer Miss D 166 Hagley Road
Duffey J T 49 Albert Road Harborne
Edgbaston Church of England College for Girls  Calthorpe Road
Edgbaston High School for Girls Ltd  Hagley Road
Edgley Miss G A 17 Montague Road
Edmonds T 15 Frederick Road
Edwards W S 17 Yateley Road
Ekin C 61 Wellington Road
Elliott T L 12 Farquhar Road
Ellis F W 68 Hagley Road
Emanuel J G 10 Harborne Road
England E T 15 Augustus Road
Evans Miss C 72a Portland Road
Evans T D F 20 Augustus Road
Farncombe Rev E B T St George's Vicarage Calthorpe Road
Fawdry John "Haliwell manor" Bedworthy North Devon
Felix D 190 Icknield Street Birmingham
Felton R A "Ivy Lodge" Solihull
Field D T Cary 63 Wheeleys Road
Finney Mrs E J 427 Hagley Road
Fisher Leonard 57 Somerset Road
Fooks W Pemberton Calthorpe Road
Ford Col Sir Bertram J T Birmingham Post Office New Street Birmingham
Forrester Miss S 23a Avenue Road Kings Heath
Forsyth R B 88 Reddings Road Moseley
Forty Gerald C 52 Charlotte Road
Foxell Humphrey 107 Harborne Road
Francis Mrs J H 7 Westbourne Road
Fraser Stewart c/o Swallow Raincoats Well Street Hockley
Gamham Mrs F 8 Edgbaston Road Smethwick
Garratt J 6 Moorland Road
Gateley Arthur J 8 Plough and Harrow Road
George Dixon Secondary School (Girls)  City Road
Gibbins Mrs R 20 Pakenham Road
Gibbins Henry C 81 Westfield Road
Giles A A19 Highfield Road
Gillett S W "St Johns" Priory Road
Gittings J J 54 Vernon Road
Gocher L "Astley" Farquhar Road
Good R W 311 Hagley Road
Good W I 8 Westbourne Road
Goodman B L 42 Westfield Road
Goodman Mrs R E Haye Farm Bewdley
Grand Hotel Co  Colmore Row Birmingham
Gray T O Westminster Bank Colmore Row Birmingham
Greatbach Miss I 108 Gough Road
Green Miss 100 Rotton Park Road
Greenhill L 6 Farquhar Road
Greening H J "Cotteswold" 35 Richmond Hill Road
Griggs Wilfrid H "Summerfield" Plymouth Road Barnt Green
Griffiths Miss E M 34 Harborne Road
Griffiths H A 8 Chad Road
Grimley Miss E M 68 Lonsdale Road Harborne
Grimley Walter H 35 Crosbie Road Harborne
Groves W E "Hillcrest" Lyttleton Road
Gundle L F 12 St Augustine's Road
Hall J A 45 Belgrave Road
Hammond Mrs G 33 Frederick Road
Handsworth Technical College  Goldshill Road Handsworth
Hardaker W H 451 City Road
Harding Miss E Bruce The Old Rectory Hagley Worcs
Hardy T L 35 Calthorpe Road
Harrison Sidney "Garth House" Edgbaston Park Road
Harvey H F Birmingham Mail Office New Street Birmingham
Harvey W Alexander 58 Hagley Road
Haselgrove H C 9 Tiverton Avenue Theresa Road Sparkbrook
Hayes Frank 129 Broad Street Birmingham
Haynes H Penzer 218 Harborne Road
Heaton Guy 53 Church Road
Heath Rev C H 224 Hagley Road
Hewetson J T (Deceased) "Metchley House" Somerset Road
Hewitson G 379 Lordswood Road Harborne
Hewitt Ralph W "Jesmond Grove" 27 Highfield Road
Hicks and Co Paul 133a Broad Street Birmingham
Hill A Roland "Lindenhurst" 48 Richmond Hill
Hoffman Mrs 45 Hagley Road
Holcroft C "Coppy Hill" Sir Harry's Road
Holroyd E B 37 Westfield Road
Hooper F A 16 Chad Road
Hooper T Studdy 67 Harborne Road
Hope Mrs Donald 47 Russell road Moseley
Hope Ralph W 78 Farquhar Road
Hopkins E Threlfall 18 Augustus Road
Horton E Victor "Wentworth" 65 Westfield Road
Hossell E 21 Farquhar Road
Hotchkiss G T 112 Knightlow Road Harborne
Houghton F L 37 Carpenter Road
Houghton F T S 188 Hagley Road
Hudson H W 5 Carisbrooke Road
Hughes Miss Betty 20 Farquhar Road
Hughes Howard A "Redlands" St Agnes Road Moseley
Hulme R H "Dalwhinnie" Western Avenue Lapal Quinton
Humphreys John (Deceased) 69 Harborne Road
Hutchinson E 11 Carpenter Road
Hutton T W 33 Melville Road
Hyde Sir Charles Bart Birmingham Post Office New Street Birmingham
Innes Miss M "The Mearse" Barnt Green
Ives Benjamin G 19 Sandon Road
Jackson L W 33 Westfield Road
Jagger B C 19 Calthorpe Road
James W J 354 Monument Road
Jeffries B 26 Frederick Road
Jenner F 25 Vicarage Road
Johnson E D 16 Metchley Park Road Harborne
Johnson S H "Enderby" Hamstead Road Handsworth
Jones Miss E R "Pitcairn" 78 Hagley Road
Jones Mrs Seymour 46 Carpenter Road
Joseph Miss 14 Beaumont Road
Kaula R J 25 Highfield Road
Keen Miss Amy E 5 Hermitage Road
Keep Mrs C E (Deceased) "Courtfield" 30 Augustus Road
Keep H F (Deceased) "The Grange" Highfield Road
Kemp Miss Flat 5 The Parade Kings Heath
Kenrick A Colin 55a Grosvenor House Park Lane London W1
Kenrick Clive 8 Carpenter Road
Kenrick Sir George H "Whetstone" Somerset Road
Kenrick Mrs Gerald Hammer Hill Bridgnorth
Kenrick Alderman W Byng "The Grove" Harborne
King Edward's Grammar School (Girls)  Camp Hill Birmingham
King Edward's Grammar School (Girls)  Bristol Road
King Edward's Grammar School (Girls)  Handworth
King Edward's Grammar School (Boys)  Five Ways
King Farlow R S B 9 Kenilworth Court Hagley Road
King G C 46 Augustus Road
Knollys F E 1 St Philip's Place Birmingham
Kundert H F 11 York Road
Law Frank J R 62 Oakham Road Harborne
Lay C J 239 Pershore Road
Lean Mrs L 4b Calthorpe Mansions
Lee T Oliver 1 Augustus Road
Leigh Miss G "Peacehaven" Kenilworth road Balsall Common
Lenardt C P 19 Lyttleton Road
Levick John "Ashley House" Handsworth Wood
Levy J W 11 Hermitage Road
Lidderdale W K 123 Hagley Road
Livingstone D 155 Rotton Park Road
LLoyd Miss A J 32 Frederick Road
Lloyd Mrs H Bertram 40 Harborne Road
Lloyd J H "The Grove" Church Road
Lloyd T Z 19 Portland Road
Lount Arthur G E 6 Kenilworth Court Hagley Road
Lowe Conway "Eversley" Somerset Road
Lucas Oliver "The Dell" Westbourne Road
McClelland H 47 Calthorpe Road
McKenzie John Mcp "Newburn" 119 Portland Road
Machin Frank 59 Salisbury Road Moseley
Mackey L G J 16 Highfield Road
Marsh Miss Alma 118 Portland Road
Martin Miss B 62 Wellington Road
Martineau Ald E 64 Augustus Road
Martineau Col Wilfrid 30 Rotton Park Road
Mason Ernest R 28 Stanmore Road
Mason Edward D 11 Highfield Road
Mathews Lewis O 39 Westfield Road
Matthews Frank 185 Broad Street Birmingham
Matthews Gordon 37 Weoley Hill Selly Oak
Metcalf J S 134 Broad Street Birmingham
Midland Hospital  Easy Row Birmingham
Milligan C W 61 Fountain Road
Millward F H 14 Noel Road
Mindelsohn M G "Blythe Court" 7 Norfolk Road
Mitchell W Frank "The Lodge" Leek Wootton Warwick
Moffatt William 2 Anderton Road Sparkbrook
Mole Roland T "Riversdale" Boldre Hants
Mole W B Portland House Hotel 220 Hagley Road
Monckton H H 40 Calthorpe Road
Moore E D 8 St Augustine's Road
Moore J W 151 Middleton Hall Road King's Norton
Moore Mrs J "Newnham Lodge" Vicarage Road
Morcom E L "Tren Crom" Woodbourne Road
Morris Miss K M 31 Fountain Road
Morris Canon S D 34 Vicarage Road
Moscrop John A 8 Kenilworth Court Hagley Road
Morton H J 35 Wheeleys Road
Morton J W 84 Ridgeway
Mountford Frederick "Oak Mount" Westbourne Road
Muffett Mrs 5 Farquhar Road
Myers Maurice 1 St James Court Five Ways
Naylor F W 27 Tennal Road Harborne
Nettlefold Miss R "Chadlands" Farquhar Road
Nicolson J M "Winterbourne" Edgbaston Park Road
Nicholls Francis W "Broadfield" Belbroughton
Nichols K W 39 Farquhar Road
Nickson Mrs F A "Oak Meadow" Warwick Road Solihull
Osborn J 210 Hagley Road
Osler Julian A 68 Harborne Road
Osleer P A G 105 Harborne Road
Ottey B 9 Westfield Road
Pain John40 Richmond Hill Road
Parish Mrs H 26 Westfield Road
Parish Sidney C c/o Sanders Locker and Parish 67 Colmore Row Birmingham
Parrott T HThe Grey House Barnt Green
Parry H J 9 Duchess Road
Parsons F W 14 Amesbury Road Moseley
Parsons Miss J C "Mountlands" Norfolk Road
Partridge F J 7 Yateley Road
Paul H Wilmot 5 Stirling Court Stirling Road
Payne H W "Thorpe Grange" Farquhar Road
Pearce A W 45 Augustus Road
Pearce R S B 3 Kenilworth Court Hagley Road
Pearson George H (Deceased) "Penderel" Somerset Road
Pearson Philip W 18 Farquhar Road
Pearson Miss W "Edencroft" 64 Wheeleys Road
Peierls Professor R 38 Calthorpe Road
Perrat J H R E 8 Kenilworth Court Hagley Road
Phillips Walter 2 King's Court 337 Hagley Road
Pickard J "Stretton" Sir Harry's Road
Platnauer H L 22 Clarendon Road
Platten Frank 69 Westfield Road
Potts Norman E 62 Haunch Lane King's Heath
Potts W A 231 Hagley Road
Price Mrs N 66 Fitzroy Avenue Harborne
Priest Frank 124 Anderton Park Road Moseley
Pugh Miss M F 5 Calthorpe Road
Pugh Mrs V 5 York Road
Queen's Hospital  Bath Row Birmingham
Rabone Eric 83 Farquhar Road
Rabone Mrs J H (Deceased) "Ambleside" Somerset Road
Radford Mrs J A 4 Duchess Road
Rae Miss E St Peter's Road Harborne
Rainsford Charles "Normanhurst" Farquhar Road
Ransome E O 34 Wellington Road
Reid L G 14 Highfield Road
Restall J F 64 Hagley Road
Rickards Mrs M E 3 Yateley Road
Ritchie Miss M 16 Clarendon Road
Robinson W M 9 Lyttleton Road
Rogers Herbert "Calthorpe Fields" 30 Frederick Road
Rogers Mrs J H 198 Hagley Road
Round Miss M B 15 Beaufort Road
Rowley Walter 17 Carisbrook Road
Royal Cripples Hospital  42 Vicarage Road
St Chads Hospital  213 Hagley Road
St Johnston Miss M 54 Wellington Road
St Paul's High School  Vernon Road
St Phillip's Grammar School  Hagley Road
Salberg L (Deceased) "West Mount" Vicarage Road
Sampson H H 7 Farquhar Road
Sanderson Miss N 30 Portland Road
Saunders Miss Molly "Ashleigh Grange" Yardley Wood Road
Scarf F 44 Augustus Road
Score T J 125 Colmore Row Birmingham
Setten Reginald S 29 Carisbrook Road
Shaw Mrs F H "Willow Brook" 52 Oakfield Road Selly Park
Shedden H M 28 Vernon Road
Short Alfred D 370 Gillott Road
Shrimpton Mrs D C 26a Harborne Road
Sill S B Lloyds Bank House Harborne
Simpson Frank 209 Monument Road
Singleton G W (Deceased) 97 Harborne Road
Sir John Sumner's Trust  Typhoo Buildings Bordesley Street Birmingham
Smalley_Baker Prof C 99 Harborne Road
Smallman S 32 Wentworth Road Harborne
Smith Miss A 27 Clarendon Road
Smith D Priestley 58 Harborne Road Warley
Smith Miss E C 24 Highfield Road
Smith E Milliken 52 Farquhar Road
Smith G O Howard 38 Westfield Road
Smith Dr G Percy 67 Gough Road
Smith Mrs Henry 10 Calthorpe Road
Smith H Howard 62 Arthur Road
Smith Mrs H J 160 Hagley Road
Smith J Milliken 22 Westfield Road
Smith Miss L 78 St Martin Street Birmingham
Smith L Arthur 23 Farquhar Road
Smith R G R 23 Kelmscott Road Harborne
Smith Miss S 7 Hermitage Road
Smythe T C 276 Gillott Road
Sothers Miss M 19 Staplehurst Road Harborne
Southall Geoffrey 35 Frederick Road
Southall Gilbert 60 Wellington Road
Southall Miss G E 46 Frederick Road
Southall H W 1 Arthur Road
Stone Percy H 44 Westfield Road
Strasser G A 212 Hagley Road
Stuart F Wilson 6 Harborne Road
Suckling Mrs A M 50 Church Road
Sunderland Irvon 45 Frederick Road
Tangye J H "The Gables" Harborne Road
Tangye William (Deceased) "Westmere" Edgbaston Park Road
Taunton S C 44 Waterloo Street Birmingham
Tavener R W 29 Wheeleys Road
Thompson Christopher C 282 Monument Road
Thompson Edwin B 62 Harborne Road
Thompson Owen W 18 Hermitage Road
Thornett W 8 Carisbrooke Road
Thwaite Dr Harold "Meadowcroft" Edgbaston Park Road
Tipper Claude N "Southwood" Wake Green Road Moseley
Tomlinson W 7 Carpenter Road
Topley Bryan 11 York Road
Townley E Ellis 36 George Road
Tranter P G 14 Portland Road
Tyndall Gardner 36 Highfield Road
Upton Baskerville 24 Augustus Road
Vaudrey J C (Deceased) "Grassdale" Westfield Road
Vernon G E 20 Woodbourne Road
Wain Frank 39 Augustus Road
Walker S T 80 Wellington Road
Waller Wilson P 2 St Philip's Place Birmingham
Wallis C W K "Triscombe" Fountain Road
Walters 94 Hagley Road
Warner Miss 19 Beaufort Road
Watson S C 328 Hagley Road
Watton W C 267 Ladywood Road
Webb V 55 Weoley Hill Selly Oak
Webb Mrs V 55 Weoley Hill Selly Oak
Webster J H 2 Park Hill Road Harborne
Welham R J Calthorpe Road
Wells F 7 Station Road Hampden_in_Arden
Welshman Miss E J 139 Lordswood Road Harborne
Welshman Miss I 139 Lordswood Road Harborne
Westwood Reginald A 533 Hagley Road West Quinton
Wheeler Edgar 10 Montague Road
White J Henton "Homedale" 172 Monument Road
White S O 449 Hagley Road
Whitehouse Prof Beckwith "Grey Friars" Pritchetts Road
Whitmore Miss F M 35 Vicarage Road
Whittingham Miss L A Plough and Harrow Hotel Hagley Road
Wilkinson K D 89 Harborne Road
Williams A E 9 York Road
Williams Herbert 17 Augustus Road
Willmot P H 51 Hagley Road
Wilson Miss J 36 Melville Road
Wilson L W 41 Clarendon Road
Wilson Councillor Miss M L 76 Farquhar Road
Winder Alfred 42 Portland Road
Wolff M A 10 Harborne Road
Wolseley Mrs A H 37 Wellington Road
Wood Kenneth 17 George Road
Wooley Mrs M H 7 Hagley Road West
Woolfrey Miss J M 62 Fitzroy Avenue Harborne
Worsey C B (Deceased) 4 Norfolk Road
Wynn W H "Knutsford Lodge" Somerset Road


Qualification : An Entrance Fee of One Guinea
An Annual Subscription of Two Guineas
Privileges :
(a) Admission to the gardens for Resident Members of the Member's Family on
ordinary days ; and for servants if accompanying or otherwise if with
signed dated card.
(b) Special Transferable Admission Tickets for Reserved Days Flower Shows
(c) Admission to the Gardens at the Private Opening on Sunday mornings from
10 to 1.15 and introduction of friends personally.
(d) The right to admit Visitors free personally on all ordinary days.
(e) Free admission to Summer Entertainments as per programme.

Qualification : An Annual Subscription of Two Guineas
Privileges :
(a) Admission to the Gardens for Resident Members of the Subscriber's family
on ordinary days ; and for servants if accompanying or otherwise if with
signed and dated card giving servant's name.
(b) Special Admission Tickets for Reserved Days Flower Shows etc.
(c) Admission to the Gardens at the Private Opening on Sunday Mornings and
of friends by payment.

Note : The Annual Family Subscription for Members residing over ten miles
from the Gardens is 1 5s.

Qualification : An Annual Subscription of One Guinea
Privileges :
(a) Personal Admission at all times when the Gardens are open to Members.
(b) Special Admission Tickets for Reserved Days.

Note : A Member has the following privileges over and above those of a Family or Personal Subscriber :_
(a) He can be present and vote at the Annual Meeting.
(b) He is eligible for election to the Committee of the Society.
(c) He had the privilege of personally introducing visitors to the Gardens
or if they reside more than five miles from the Gardens he may admit them on
his written order.

Plan & report cover
Plan & Report Cover

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