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The Illustrated London News - Nov 2nd 1872
Enlargement of Rugby School

New School Buildings
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These images and text were published in the Illustrated London News on 5th October 1872

Image and transcription kindly supplied by Jeff Butler

Rugby Church


The views of Rugby School buildings which we give represent a part only of a series of new buildings which have been erected during the last twelve years, by old Rugbeians in connection with the Tercentenary Fund, as in the case of the chapel and gymnasium; or by the masters, under the presidency of Dr. Temple, the late head master, in the case of the pile of new schools which have been in use for some time; or by individual masters, and by the boys. A general effort has been going on with all to improve the efficiency of the school. A sick-house was built from designs by Mr, Penrose in 1859; a covered racquet-court, and a range of fives-courts, in 1860, by Mr. Butterfield; who then arranged a general design for the subsequent buildings which have since been erected, consisting of the new schools, built in 1868, the cricket pavilion, built in 1869, by subscription among cricketers, the chapel and the gymnasium, now almost completed. The whole cost of the new buildings is about £20,000, of which £5000 was subscribed by the masters.

A purchase of land and houses abutting on Lawrence Sheriff-street and the Dunchurch-road, including the houses known as Stanley's and Sally Harrowell's, furnished a site for the new schools. A block of stabling to the north of the chapel, which is far from a pleasant object or an instance of the right thing in the right place, must be removed before the schools can be completed to their full number of nineteen. Fourteen are already built. The gymnasium, 100 ft. long and 45 ft. wide, with dressing-rooms and outbuildings, is raised upon a basement, hereafter to be devoted to the workshops. This, although not absolutely completed on the outside, has been opened to the school. Its fittings hare very complete, and have been put up by Mr. Maclaren, of Oxford. Its roof is broken by a glazed turret and shingled spire, into which the climbing-mast runs. Its stands on the site of the buildings known as "Sam's Farm." This, with the pavilion, the racquet-court and two separate Eton fives-courts, stands on the edge of the new Big Side, which, formally known as the Head Master's Field, was given to the school close by the then head master, Dr. Goulburn. The leveling has been done by the old Rugbeians.

The consecration took place at three o'clock at which times the chapel was filled. Amongst those present were Mr. C.N..Newgate, M.P; Mr A.Pell, M.P; Mr Assheston Cross, M.P; Colonel the Hon, Percy Fielding, C.B; Mr. Arnold; Mr G. S. Morris, Bengal Cavalry; Sir John Hay and others including Mr. E. Harris, clerk of the trust; Dr. Claugton Bishop of Rochester; Dr. Hayman; Dr. Dollis; the Rev. T.L.Bloxman; W.Collins; E.Were; and W. Foxley Norris.

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