Warwickshire Researchers Surnames - 2009 - 2020

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Name being researchedResearcherEmail contact
Trepess & variants WorldwidePickard TrepessEmail me
Adams Coventry 1760-1790Brian BlackwellEmail Brian
Adnitt Naseby, Monks KirbyDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Adkins BirminghamChris BozhoffEmail Chris
Alcock WhitnashKaren HuntEmail Karen
Allen Birmingham up to 1880Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Al(l)Sop Tamworth, Polesworth, NuneatonSandra BalfourEmail Sandra
Arden (Arderne) All WarwickshireGerry ColdhamEmail Gerry
Arnold Southam 1700-1850Carol HarrisonEmail Carol
Astell Edgehill & S Warks David WarnerEmail David
Atkins Coventry (& Clerkenwell) 1700-1952Graham WhiteheadEmail Graham
At(t)wood WAR and Worldwide (ONS)Chris AttwoodEmail Chris
Audley WARBarbara MouldsEmail Barbara
Bailey Nuneaton / StockingfordLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Barnett Birmingham 1650-1950Paul BarnettEmail Paul
Barnett WARBarbara MouldsEmail Barbara
Barwell Baddesley Ensor - 1600sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Baseley and variants SE Warks / OxfordshireCynthia VogelEmail Cyntia
Baskett and variantsWorldwide (ONS)Ann SpiroEmail Ann
Beacham Coventry & Allesley   1800 - 1906Graham WhiteheadEmail Graham
Beale All WarwickshireKazEmail Kaz
Beck Ansty / Bedworth / Coventry / Foleshill / NuneatonJim NicholsonEmail Jim
Bennett Welford-on-Avon, DorsingtonMarEmail Mar
Bentley Kenilworth / Nuneaton / CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Berry StocktonDavid WarnerEmail David
Betts Foleshill & Coventry upto 1850Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Bevington and variants WAR, STS, SAL, WORSandra ToddEmail Sandra
Billington Tanworth, Budbrook, WarwickMarEmail Mar
Blackwell Birmingham 1766-1841Brian BlackwellEmail Brian
Borg All WarwickshireJane BorgEmail Jane
Bosworth Dordon, PolesworthSandra BalfourEmail Sandra
Briggs and variantsWorldwide (ONS)Ann SpiroEmail Ann
Brooks Coventry (Dublin pre1830) 1830- 1891Graham WhiteheadEmail Graham
Bushell PolesworthAnnette MannEmail Annette
Butchard / Butcherd BirminghamPeter RichardsonEmail Peter
Butler around Dunchurch 1590-1700Jeff ButlerEmail Jeff
Cantrill Ted WashbrookEmail Ted
Carpenter Foleshill & Coventry upto 1850Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Causton, Cawston, Chawston (Chasteen) All WarwickshireGerry ColdhamEmail Gerry
Charley CoventryDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Chittem CoventryPeter RichardsonEmail Peter
Clarke, George in Rugby, c. 1841Betty MullettEmail Betty
Cleaver Coventry (Gosford St)  1800 - 1939Graham WhiteheadEmail Graham
Clewer / Cluer and variants in BirminghamColin LiddellEmail Colin
Clifford Balsall / CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Coldham All WarwickshireGerry ColdhamEmail Gerry
CollerinWAR, BirminghamColin YarwoodEmail Colin
Cooke - BirminghamBarb StaceyEmail Barb
Cooper CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Copley Burton, Harbourne, Brum 1800-1900Carol HarrisonEmail Carol
Corbet(t) Loxley + Inkberrow (WOR)Dennis CorbettEmail Dennis
Cotterill and variants Birmingham 1880 onwardsJackie CottrillEmail Jackie
Cribdon Stoneleigh / CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Cross WhitnashKaren HuntEmail Karen
Cross BirminghamJW HuntEmail JW
Davenport Nuneaton/Bedworth areaJanet HallEmail Janet
Day Baddesley Ensor / Kingsbury / AnsleyLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Doyle Frankton, Bourton on DunsmoreSteve DoyleEmail Steve
Duckett in Feney Compton, FarnsboroughCynthia VogelEmail Cyntia
Duffin Warwickshire / SnitterfieldClaire KendallEmail Claire
Dunn All WarwickshireGerry ColdhamEmail Gerry
Eamer All WarwickshireGerry ColdhamEmail Gerry
Edge Birmingham up to 1850Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Edwards Birmingham 1800-1950Paul BarnettEmail Paul
Edwards Great Alne up to 1850Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Eld Coventry, FoleshillDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Emery Stretton-under-FosseLinda KirbyEmail Linda
En(d)sor and variants All WarwickshireBob MartillaEmail Bob
Evans Ansley - late 1600sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Evans Rowington, Warwick, Birmingham.Mrs Janet RobinsonEmail Janet
Faulkner AustreyFred FaulknerEmail Fred
Featherstone WORKate O'NeilEmail Kate
Featherstone DuddestoneTed WashbrookEmail Ted
Felton and variants  Marta MetcalfEmail Marta
Field  Spencer FieldEmail Spencer
Findon and variants  Geoff FindonEmail Geoff
Flecknoe (Fleck) All WarwickshireGerry ColdhamEmail Gerry
Franklin South WarwickshireDavid FranklinEmail David
Fry in Coventry c.1900Jacqui AdamsEmail Jacqui
Galvin BirminghamAnne McManusEmail Anne
Gilkes All WarwickshireDavid SmithEmail David
Gilks Coventry 1841 - 1906Graham WhiteheadEmail Graham
Gillings Rugby & Coventry c. 1900Jacqui AdamsEmail Jacqui
Golby Priors HardwickJohn BrightleyEmail John
Goldring All WarwickshireJane RevordEmail Jane
Graves - RatleyFred GravesEmail Fred
Green in SolihullKate O'NeilEmail Kate
Greenway in Budbrooke / Newbold PacyEllie WarnerEmail Ellie
Grimmett TysoeNoel GrimmettEmail Noel
Groutage TamworthSandra BalfourEmail Sandra
Gulliver NaptonDavid WarnerEmail David
Hall Foleshill, Bedworth and NuneatonDave HallEmail David
Hammond BirminghamKaren HuntEmail Karen
Hancox - TysoeBarb StaceyEmail Barb
Handley Wilnecote, Polesworth, Chilvers CotonSandra BalfourEmail Sandra
Harper Birmingham 1870Brian BlackwellEmail Brian
Harriman CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Hartwell in FarnboroughCynthia VogelEmail Cyntia
Hastilow Worldwide - ONSMarjorie KeatesEmail Marjorie
Hayes DuddestoneTed WashbrookEmail Ted
Hazelwood & var WAR, OXF, MiddxJackieEmail Jackie
Hemmings GrandboroughVictor EllenEmail Victor
Herbert Hunningham 1790s - 1820sBruce HerbertEmail Bruce
Hewitt Wolvey, Bulkington, Bedword Darren WhiteEmail Darren
Hirons and variants All, esp. Church & Long Lawford and Newbold upon AvonPeter HironsEmail Peter
Hodgetts Birmingham 1780-1950Paul BarnettEmail Paul
Holyoake in Morton BaggottKate O'NeilEmail Kate
Hope WORKate O'NeilEmail Kate
Horne in Burton Dasset / Bishops Itchington
Walsgrave-on-Sowe / Coventry
Anne ChapmanEmail Anne
Hudson Birmingham 1780-1950Paul BarnettEmail Paul
Hughes Bedworth, Longford, Exhall, Coventry Darren WhiteEmail Darren
Hunt Whitnash, Leamington Spa, Warwick, Birmingham Karen HuntEmail Karen
Hunt Birmingham and LydbrookJW HuntEmail JW
Hunter Birmingham (18th c)MarEmail Mar
Inwood - BirmimghamBarb StaceyEmail Barb
Ison / Izon / Izen Mancetter / Ansley / Over Whitacre / Ansty / Nuneaton / BulkingtonLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Jackson Kingsbury 1600s / 1700sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Jacques / Jaques Nuneaton/Bedworth areaJanet HallEmail Janet
Jebbett & var All WarwickshireKym DowneyEmail
Jefferies CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Jellif Nuneaton - 1700sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Jenkins Birmingham, Walsall & BathDawn MathesonEmail Dawn
Johnson WARBarbara MouldsEmail Barbara
Jones - BirmimghamPeter RichardsonEmail Peter
Judd(e) Warmington, Allesley, Coventry, Foleshill, Packington & ColeshillDavid JuddEmail David
Keates / Keats Worldwide - ONSMarjorie KeatesEmail Marjorie
Kendall Lapworth / Packwood / Stoneleigh / Coventry / Braunston / BraillesClaire KendallEmail Claire
Kendall Coventry 1906 - 1953 (pre 1906 Grantham)Graham WhiteheadEmail Graham
Kettle All WarwickshireKaren StratmanEmail Karen
Kib(b)ler WarwickshireJackie CottrillEmail Jackie
Kimberley Coventry and Foleshill from 1700sDamien KimberleyEmail Damien
King BerkswellDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Kite Birmingham, Shirley - from 1835Rosemary KnutsenEmail Rosemary
Lalor All WarwickshireKazEmail Kaz
Lancaster - Hampton in Arden & BickenhillBarb StaceyEmail Barb
Lane c. 1750Lola WilsonEmail Lola
Leatherland and variants David RichardsEmail David
Leeson CoventryDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Leighton CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Lewis Coventry 1800Brian BlackwellEmail Brian
Ling Banbury / BirminghamDavid WarnerEmail David
Littley - BirminghamMary Ann Littley BellEmail Mary Ann
Loveitt and variants Shilton and BulkingtonRod LoveittEmail Rod
Lowe Dunchurch/ThurlastonSheila SteaneEmail Sheila
Lucas Sutton Coldfield - 1840 - 1900Sylvia BestEmail Sylvia
Lutwyche All AreasSean LutwycheEmail Sean
Makin, Matthew St Michaels, Coventry c. 1769Ronald MakinEmail Ronald
Malin Coventry area 1700-1850Neil HandleyEmail Neil
Malin All WarwickshireKazEmail Kaz
Mallabone All WarwickshireKym DowneyEmail
Mann All WarwickshireEdward PalmerEmail Edward
Marshall WhatcoteArleen MarshallEmail Arleen
Martin Aston & Birmingham up to 1900Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Mawby All WarwickshireBob MawbyEmail Bob
Mayo All WarwickshireGerry ColdhamEmail Gerry
Medler Over Whitacre - 1700sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Mills Coventry to 1840John MillsEmail John
Moore Nuneaton - 1700sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Moore Coventry up to 1875Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Morris Alcester 1770Brian BlackwellEmail Brian
Moss Birmingham 1840 onwardsAlice MessagesEmail Alice
Nason ClaverdonDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Neal(e) Hatton / BudbrookeBeth JonesEmail Beth
Neale Banbury to Polesworth David WarnerEmail David
Neale Birmingham 1870Brian BlackwellEmail Brian
Nelson CoventryDavid WarnerEmail David
New Ansley - 1600sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Nicholls Bidford, Welford, Redditch, Tardebigge, Northfield.Ian NichollsEmail Ian
Newey Warwick & KenilworthMarEmail Mar
Norbury CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Nightinggale CoventryDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Orchard PolesworthSandra BalfourEmail Sandra
Orme Birmingham & Walsall 1780 -Roger OrmeEmail Roger
Osborn/Orsband Grandborough/Napton on the HillSheila SteaneEmail Sheila
Over Nuneaton - 1700sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Overton Harbury & UptonAlan OvertonEmail Alan
Owen Birmingham and YateJW HuntEmail JW
Palmer in SolihullKate O'NeilEmail Kate
Palmer All WarwickshireEdward PalmerEmail Edward
ParkerWAR, BirminghamColin YarwoodEmail Colin
Parnell CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Parnell and variants Marta MetcalfEmail Marta
Parsons CoventryDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Payne Coventry 1900-PresentClaire KendallEmail Claire
Payne Blockley WORChris BozhoffEmail Chris
Pemberton All WarwickshireRose MortonEmail Rose
Perry Birmingham up to 1875Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Petty / Pettie WarwickshireTom PriceEmail Tom
Phillips Coventry up to 1900Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Pickard in and around WarwickshirePickard TrepessEmail me
Pickard All WarwickshireJane BorgEmail Jane
Pickard Coventry 1770- 1901Graham WhiteheadEmail Graham
Pickard Birmingham - c1800Mervyn WebsterEmail Mervyn
Poole Stretton-under-FosseLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Poole CoventryPatricia PhilpEmail Patricia
Pridmore Ansty - 1700sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Proffit / Prophett CoventryDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Pummell All WarwickshireDavid SmithEmail David
Rawbone All WarwickshirePeter RawboneEmail Peter
Rea Birmingham, Handsworth, Kings NortonKaren FraserEmail Karen
Read WORKate O'NeilEmail Kate
Richardson CoventryPeter RichardsonEmail Peter
Robbins All Warwickshire and neighbouring CountiesMarEmail Mar
Robbins All WarwickshireJane RevordEmail Jane
Rogers in FarnboroughCynthia VogelEmail Cyntia
Rose Tiddington, Alveston 1844-66, then BirminghamGeorge RoseEmail George
Russell Shilton / Withybrook / AnstyLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Salsbury Church Lawford / Stretton-under-FosseLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Sanders Birmingham 1700-1950Paul BarnettEmail Paul
Sankey Nuneaton / Bedworth / CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Satchell Coventry 1763Brian BlackwellEmail Brian
Satchell Birmingham & RugbyAnne McManusEmail Anne
Satchwell CoventryDavid WarnerEmail David
Saunders NuneatonPatricia PhilpEmail Patricia
Scott Ansley / Mancetter - 1600sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Sedgley Atherstone, CoventryDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Sharman Stockton & NTHDavid WarnerEmail David
Shaw DunchurchSheila SteaneEmail Sheila
Sidwell CoventryClaire KendallEmail Claire
Silvey in SE WarksCynthia VogelEmail Cyntia
Simmons/Simmonds All WarwickshireKazEmail Kaz
Simmons/Simmonds & var BirminghamDawn MathesonEmail Dawn
Simpson NuneatonDave HallEmail David
Smart Birmingham up to 1850Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Smith Allesley, Corley, Hampton-in-Arden, Birmingham from 1842Marilyn DwyerEmail Maryilyn
Smith Balsall / Aston / KnowleClaire KendallEmail Claire
Soden - All areasBarb StaceyEmail Barb
Sope PolesworthKathleen WaringEmail Kathleen
Southam Stoneleigh?, Southam, Whitnash 1750-1800Carol HarrisonEmail Carol
Spencer Kingsbury - 1700sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Stean(e) and variants  Sheila SteaneEmail Sheila
Steeley Haseley and KenilworthKaren HuntEmail Karen
Stokes CoventryDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Sumner Birmingham up to 1850Peter RichardsonEmail Peter
Swift All WarwickshireEdward PalmerEmail Edward
Tanner Bidford, Barton, Alcester, Cleeve Prior, MarlcliffSusie GouldEmail Susie
Taylor ArrowIan NichollsEmail Ian
Thompson Long Lawford & Stoke, CoventryDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Thornton Sutton Coldfield - 1840 - 1900Sylvia BestEmail Sylvia
Thurkell All WarwickshireGerry ColdhamEmail Gerry
Tibbits Warwick 1740-1920Marjorie BryantEmail Marjorie
Timms Berkswell / Burton Green / BalsallClaire KendallEmail Claire
Timms Grandborough & DunchurchBill IggledenEmail Bill
Tomlinson BirminghamJW HuntEmail JW
Tomlinson Warwickshire and StaffordshireMargaret TurnerEmail Margaret
Train BulkingtonLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Truslove Earls Barton, East Haddon, CoventryDeb ChenowethEmail Deb
Tubb Loxley, c. 1750Lola WilsonEmail Lola
Twigg Redditch, Tardebigge, BromsgroveIan NichollsEmail Ian
Tysoe WarwickshireGail TysoeEmail Gail
Veasey & variants Harborough Magna, Wolvey, Attleborough, NuneatonDiane LindsayEmail Diane
Veasey All WarwickshireGerry ColdhamEmail Gerry
Wall Baddesley Ensor - 1600sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Ward St Mary's Warwick - early 1800sHaydn WardEmail Haydn
Ward WARBarbara MouldsEmail Barbara
Wareing Priors Marston - mid 1800s - 1900sHelen GreenwayEmail Helen
Waring PolesworthKathleen WaringEmail Kathleen
Warner Stockton, Leamington Hastings etc David WarnerEmail David
Warner in Packwood / KnowleEllie WarnerEmail Ellie
Warner Warwickshire / WOR pre 1846Alan WarnerEmail Alan
Warren Priors HardwickJohn BrightleyEmail John
Waters / Walters BirminghamDawn MathesonEmail Dawn
Watkins, Elizabeth Holy Trinity, Coventry c. 1811Ronald MakinEmail Ronald
Whitcroft/Wheatcroft & Var (ONS) Bedworth/Ansley/Aston & WorldwideJune FaulkesEmail June
White Bulkington / NuneatonDarren WhiteEmail Darren
Wilson Tamworth, PolesworthSandra BalfourEmail Sandra
Wincot(te) c. 1750Lola WilsonEmail Lola
Whitehead Coventry 1830-1966 N. WAR 1600-1830 Graham WhiteheadEmail Graham
Woodfield  BEmail B
Woodley Brimingham and BristolJW HuntEmail JW
Wright Stockingford - early 1800sLinda KirbyEmail Linda
Yarwood Central BirminghamColin YarwoodEmail Colin

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