Half year Land Tax for Beausale - 1838

Thomas Wise was an Overseer for the Poor and a Constable for Beausale (just north-west of Warwick)
in the mid-19th century. Some of his account books have been discovered recently

Among his duties was the collection of Land Tax.
The accounts of the Half-year's tax for 1838 are as follows:

Transcription kindly submitted by Warwick Wise

1838The Half Ayers Land Tax for Beausell sd
Nov 27Recived of Mr Wheeler Land Tax 194
Nov 27Recived of Mr Eday for the Old Park2059
Nov 27Recd of Mr Barnet the sum of214
Nov 27Recd of Mr May the sum of 13 
Nov 27Recd of Mr Barcley the sum of21 
Nov 27Recd of Do for the Leat Mr Perkings 38
Nov 27Recd of Mr Hicken the sum of1104 1/4
DoRecived of Mr Bradford the sum of 1011 3/4
DoRecd of Mrs Dolphin the sum of 6
DoRecd of Mr Steel the sum of 16 
DoRecd of Mr Gardner for the lete John Smith 33
DoMine one Tax is the sum of1154
Nov 27Recd of Mr Elkin the sum of186 1/2
DoRecd of Mr Kyte the sum of 167 1/4
 The ale Half Ayers Tax-3357 3/4
 The Assessed Taxes for the half Ayersd
27 NovRecd of Mr Horn the sum of 14 
27Do of Mr Gardner the sum of 144 1/2
27Do of Mr Richerdson the sum of124 1/2
27Recd of Mr Cettell the sum of115 
28Mr Hicken is 4s Not Recd pd 4 
 The half Ayers Sum499
NovemberThe Land Tax of the parchment Dublick for One Ayer is the sum of6651 1/2
 The sum collected for the seme time is66113 1/2
23Recd of Mr Grimet A 10 Bank of England Bill No 551 National provincial Bank10  
29Pd the Land Tax At the Warwick Arms3323 3/4
 And Assess Tax to B Semore Esq499

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