The 1901 Census in Warwickshire

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Now that the 1901 census data is available, both on fiche in many county libraries, and online at the PRO 1901 census website
several people have extracted data from these sources, and are prepared to share their extractions to all.

The census was taken in Warwickshire on Sun. 31 March, 1901

I am compiling a page of names extracted from the web and also posted date submited by various people who have
made full and partial transcriptions of the data available.   Email me on: Census Data submission
if you have any names with references that you would like to add to the list, or trasncriptions you would like posted
(I do not charge, nor make any profit from these pages, nor any submission - That's my guarantee)

The following information has been transcribed, from films that are not in very readable condition, so the usual disclaimers apply

These records are Crown Copyright, which has been waived for all to review, and
they are available here and elsewhere for researchers to use freely.
However, you should not profit commercially from all the hard work put in
and I ask that you respect this. Please DO NOT copy these files
and/or distribute them for commercial gain.

Surnames Extraction Index

The following files are transcriptions of complete folios, and are quite large !

Tamworth Folio 2649 Surnames,     Tamworth Folio 2649 Full listing

Tamworth Folio 2650 Surnames,     Tamworth Folio 2650 Full listing

Tamworth Folio 2651 Surnames,     Tamworth Folio 2651 Full listing

Tamworth Folio 2652 Surnames,     Tamworth Folio 2652 Full listing

Tamworth Folio 2653 Surnames,     Tamworth Folio 2653 Full listing

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For details of other census information for Warwickshire,
see Warwickshire County Census Page

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