1901 Census Returns for Tamworth, Warwickshire.
Piece RG-13-2652

Data taken from the 1901 Census. Piece RG13-2652 "368 TAMWORTH 2B"
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Transcription kindly submitted by Mick McAllister
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FolioPageSurname Forename(s)Address
2338ABELLAnnie GertrudePerry Crofts Ashby Road
51ADAMSGeorge Edwin3 Bolehall
51ADAMSHarriet Jane3 Bolehall
9944ADAMSJohn37 Belgrave Road
9944ADAMSElizabeth37 Belgrave Road
9944ADAMSJohn37 Belgrave Road
9944ADAMSPercy37 Belgrave Road
1108ADAMSThomasHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108ADAMSMary AnnHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108ADAMSAmeliaHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108ADAMSAnnie VioletHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108ADAMSTom James H.Herbert Terr. Watling St.
9026ADCOCKJohn10 Dosthill Road
9026ADCOCKElizabeth10 Dosthill Road
3924ADEYHenry17 East View
3924ADEYAnnie17 East View
3924ADEYWilliam H.17 East View
3311ADIEThomas50 Bamford Street
3311ADIEElizabeth50 Bamford Street
3311ADIEMillicent50 Bamford Street
3311ADIELeonard50 Bamford Street
3311ADIEHorace50 Bamford Street
3311ADIEWilliam A.50 Bamford Street
3311ADIEMargaret E.50 Bamford Street
3311ADIENellie M.50 Bamford Street
3311ADIEBernard E. T.50 Bamford Street
8618ALAER?Samuel405 Watling Street
8618ALAER?Sarah J.405 Watling Street
8618ALAER?Daisy E.405 Watling Street
8618ALAER?Lily405 Watling Street
8618ALAER?Samuel405 Watling Street
4025ALBRIGHTJohn18 East View
1095ALBRIGHTONJosiah4 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1095ALBRIGHTONHarriet4 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1095ALBRIGHTONHerbert4 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1095ALBRIGHTONWilliam4 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1095ALBRIGHTONHarry4 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1095ALBRIGHTONAlfred4 Moor's Yard Watling St.
3821ALDRIDGEArthur302 Main Road
3821ALDRIDGERose302 Main Road
3821ALDRIDGEHetty302 Main Road
3821ALDRIDGELuther304 Main Road
3821ALDRIDGEAgnes304 Main Road
1929ALEXANDERBernard31 New Street Glascote
1929ALEXANDERBernard William31 New Street Glascote
1929ALEXANDERSarah Jane Kinson31 New Street Glascote
11416ALLCHURCHWilliam F.54 Green Lane
11416ALLCHURCHSarah Ann54 Green Lane
11416ALLCHURCHWilliam Bertie54 Green Lane
12231ALLCOTTJohn80 Hockley Road
12232ALLCOTTJohn E.90 Hockley Road
12232ALLCOTTThomas104 Hockley Road
12232ALLCOTTLettice104 Hockley Road
11620ALLCOTTSArthur68 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620ALLCOTTSMary68 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620ALLCOTTSWilliam68 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620ALLCOTTSJohn68 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620ALLCOTTSSarah Jane68 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620ALLCOTTSEdith68 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620ALLCOTTSJessie68 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
559ALLDRITTHarriet45 Main Road
559ALLDRITTCharles45 Main Road
5712ALLDRITTHarriet64 Main Road
3720ALLENJohn294 Main Road
3720ALLENRebecca294 Main Road
3720ALLENHenry294 Main Road
8312ALLENMary289 Tamworth Lane
12537ALLENAbraham302 Pauls Row
12537ALLENEllen302 Pauls Row
12537ALLENGertrude G.302 Pauls Row
12537ALLENReginald W.302 Pauls Row
12537ALLENEmily302 Pauls Row
12537ALLENNellie302 Pauls Row
8719ALLENACKSamuelStation House
8719ALLENACKMary E.Station House
11415ALLEUBB??Mary Ann37 Smithy Lane
6017ALLISONWilliam93 Main Road
6018ALLISONLilian Emily93 Main Road
6018ALLISONLucy Ann93 Main Road
6018ALLISONWilliam Burdett93 Main Road
6018ALLISONHarold Wood93 Main Road
6018ALLISONWalter Wood93 Main Road
3821ALLSOPJames296 Main Road
3821ALLSOPBarbara296 Main Road
3821ALLSOPNelly296 Main Road
3821ALLSOPEdith M.296 Main Road
3821ALLSOPElsie296 Main Road
3821ALLSOPJames E.296 Main Road
4025ALLSOPJohn19 East View
4025ALLSOPMary19 East View
4025ALLSOPAlfred19 East View
6222ALLSOPEmily26 Cross Street
3822ALLSOPPJoseph5 East View
3822ALLSOPPEmma5 East View
3822ALLSOPPAlfred5 East View
4535ALLSOPPJohn2 Engine Lane
4535ALLSOPPSarah A.2 Engine Lane
4535ALLSOPPSarah2 Engine Lane
4535ALLSOPPJohn2 Engine Lane
4535ALLSOPPJane E.2 Engine Lane
4535ALLSOPPWilliam2 Engine Lane
4740ALLSOPPPeterThe Canal Locks
4740ALLSOPPAnnThe Canal Locks
4740ALLSOPPFrankThe Canal Locks
4740ALLSOPPWalterThe Canal Locks
4841ALLSOPPWilliamThe Canal Locks
4841ALLSOPPArthurThe Canal Locks
4841ALLSOPPAliceThe Canal Locks
4841ALLSOPPRuth N.The Canal Locks
8311ALLSOPPJoseph168 Watling Street
8311ALLSOPPMary A.168 Watling Street
8311ALLSOPPJohn W.168 Watling Street
8311ALLSOPPErnest G.168 Watling Street
9536ALLSOPPGeorgeTamworth Road
9739ALLSOPPGeorge23 Lunn's Row
9739ALLSOPPEmma23 Lunn's Row
9739ALLSOPPSamuel23 Lunn's Row
9739ALLSOPPJohn23 Lunn's Row
9739ALLSOPPThomas23 Lunn's Row
9739ALLSOPPWalter23 Lunn's Row
9739ALLSOPPLily23 Lunn's Row
1095ALLSOPPJames85 Watling Street
1095ALLSOPPClara85 Watling Street
1095ALLSOPPEdith85 Watling Street
1095ALLSOPPAlbert85 Watling Street
1107ALLSOPPGeorge105 Watling Street
1107ALLSOPPFranny105 Watling Street
1107ALLSOPPEmma105 Watling Street
11416ALLSOPPJoseph50 Green Lane
11416ALLSOPPAnnie50 Green Lane
11824ALLSOPPGeorge9 New Road
11824ALLSOPPLouisa9 New Road
11824ALLSOPPFredk. E.9 New Road
12130ALLSOPPThomas74 Hockley Road
12130ALLSOPPJulia74 Hockley Road
12130ALLSOPPWilliam E.74 Hockley Road
12338ALLSOPPJohn114 Hockley Road
12338ALLSOPPMary114 Hockley Road
12338ALLSOPPWilliam114 Hockley Road
12338ALLSOPPMartha J.114 Hockley Road
12338ALLSOPPArthur114 Hockley Road
12338ALLSOPPAlbert114 Hockley Road
12338ALLSOPPFrederick T.114 Hockley Road
12435ALLSOPPJohn247 Hockley Road
12435ALLSOPPEmily247 Hockley Road
12435ALLSOPPWilliam247 Hockley Road
1521ALLTONElizabeth16 Diamond Row Glascote
1521ALLTONHerbert16 Diamond Row Glascote
3923ALLTONWilliam8 East View
3923ALLTONKate8 East View
3923ALLTONWilliam8 East View
3923ALLTONJohn8 East View
3923ALLTONJames8 East View
3924ALLTONWilliam18 East View
3924ALLTONHarriett18 East View
3924ALLTONMinnie18 East View
4025ALLTONFlorrie18 East View
4025ALLTONArthur18 East View
4025ALLTONEthel18 East View
11926ALLTONWilliam89 Hockley Road
11926ALLTONSarah89 Hockley Road
4230ARCHERElizabeth502 Main Road
4230ARCHERAlfred502 Main Road
4230ARCHERAlice502 Main Road
4433ARCHERWilliam532 Main Road
4433ARCHERRose532 Main Road
4433ARCHERHubert B.532 Main Road
4433ARCHERWilliam532 Main Road
4434ARCHERWalter H.Main Road
4434ARCHERJaneMain Road
4434ARCHERWilliam W.Main Road
4434ARCHERFlorence A.Main Road
4434ARCHERNellieMain Road
4434ARCHERHenry W.Main Road
4434ARCHERAlfredMain Road
5915ARCHERJohn82 Main Road
5915ARCHERAnine?82 Main Road
5915ARCHERNellie82 Main Road
9229ARCHERLizzieBulls Head Inn
11313ARCHERJames25 Smithy Lane
11313ARCHEREdith25 Smithy Lane
11314ARCHERWilliam James25 Smithy Lane
11314ARCHERArthur25 Smithy Lane
11314ARCHERFlorris25 Smithy Lane
11314ARCHERDoris25 Smithy Lane
2338ARNOLDAnnieHopley's Farm Glascote
1113ARNOLDArthur Robert263 Main Road Glascote
1113ARNOLDBernard Brook263 Main Road Glascote
2338ARNOLDBlanche Ellen ElizabethHopley's Farm Glascote
2338ARNOLDCaroline JennyHopley's Farm Glascote
2338ARNOLDCecile Edith AnnHopley's Farm Glascote
2338ARNOLDDinah EmilyHopley's Farm Glascote
1113ARNOLDEllen263 Main Road Glascote
1113ARNOLDFrearson Stanley263 Main Road Glascote
2338ARNOLDGerald GeorgeHopley's Farm Glascote
2338ARNOLDHarold WilliamHopley's Farm Glascote
2338ARNOLDNorman HarryHopley's Farm Glascote
1113ARNOLDPercy John263 Main Road Glascote
1113ARNOLDRose May263 Main Road Glascote
2338ARNOLDWalter HenryHopley's Farm Glascote
4638ARNOLDSamuel6 New Road
4638ARNOLDRhoda6 New Road
4638ARNOLDSamuel R.6 New Road
4638ARNOLDWilliam F.6 New Road
4638ARNOLDWalter A.6 New Road
7139ARNOLDJohn Thos.6 West Street
7139ARNOLDThos. Leonard6 West Street
7139ARNOLDAlice May6 West Street
7139ARNOLDJoseph Henry6 West Street
7139ARNOLDJane6 West Street
9128ARNOLDAlbert6 Clear? Street Square?
9128ARNOLDAnnie6 Clear? Street Square?
9128ARNOLDLizzie6 Clear? Street Square?
9128ARNOLDAlice6 Clear? Street Square?
9128ARNOLDAlbert6 Clear? Street Square?
9128ARNOLDArthur6 Clear? Street Square?
9535ARNOLDEmma98 Tamworth Road
9535ARNOLDSamuel98 Tamworth Road
9535ARNOLDArthur98 Tamworth Road
9535ARNOLDEmily M.98 Tamworth Road
9535ARNOLDGeo. A.98 Tamworth Road
9535ARNOLDMinnie E.98 Tamworth Road
317ASHBOURNESydney254 Main Road Glascote
558ASHMARYSarah41 Main Road
6527ASHTONJoseph94 Cross Street
6527ASHTONHarriet Ann94 Cross Street
6527ASHTONThomas94 Cross Street
6527ASHTONElsie May94 Cross Street
6527ASHTONMary Ann94 Cross Street
6527ASHTONThomas Edward94 Cross Street
8617ASPBURYJoseph J.353 Rose Cottages
6221ASTBURYThomas Fredk.31 Cross Street
6221ASTBURYAdela31 Cross Street
6221ASTBURYAdela31 Cross Street
6221ASTBURYDorris Ann31 Cross Street
794ASTONLucy52+54 Watling Street
281ATKINSAlbert E.90 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSBertha90 Main Road Glascote
2235ATKINSCatherine10 John Street Glascote
2235ATKINSEdith10 John Street Glascote
281ATKINSEthel90 Main Road Glascote
1113ATKINSEvelyn267 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSFrank90 Main Road Glascote
2235ATKINSFrederick10 John Street Glascote
1113ATKINSGladys267 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSHorace90 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSJames90 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSJames90 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSLaura A.90 Main Road Glascote
1113ATKINSLavinia267 Main Road Glascote
1113ATKINSLawrance267 Main Road Glascote
2235ATKINSLilly10 John Street Glascote
281ATKINSMaggie90 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSMary A.90 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSOlive V.90 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSRichard90 Main Road Glascote
2235ATKINSSarah10 John Street Glascote
2439ATKINSSarah LucyThe Lodge Ashby Road
1113ATKINSThomas267 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSThomas E.90 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSWalter90 Main Road Glascote
281ATKINSWilliam90 Main Road Glascote
3923ATKINSSarah9 East View
3923ATKINSMary9 East View
3923ATKINSThomas9 East View
3923ATKINSEli9 East View
3923ATKINSCatherine9 East View
3923ATKINSSamuel9 East View
3923ATKINSJohn9 East View
3923ATKINSEmma9 East View
3924ATKINSWilliam C.16 East View
3924ATKINSMary A.16 East View
3924ATKINSEdith16 East View
3924ATKINSMinnie16 East View
3924ATKINSJohn W.16 East View
305AUCOTTEllen144 Main Road Glascote
305AUCOTTFlorenceAnchor Inn 146 Main Road
88AUCOTTNellyTamworth Isolation Hospital
4230AUGRAVEThomas C.Parsonage
4740AULTSidneyCaffs Lane
9536AUSTINJosephTamworth Road
9536AUSTINMaryTamworth Road
9536AUSTINElizabethTamworth Road
9536AUSTINElsie M.Tamworth Road
9536AUSTINSydney A.Tamworth Road
9536AUSTINEdgarTamworth Road
9536AUSTINConstance M.Tamworth Road
9536AUSTINLeonardTamworth Road
9026BACKHOLER?Clarice16 Dosthill Road
9127BACKHOLER?George13 Dosthill Road
9127BACKHOLER?Annie13 Dosthill Road
9127BACKHOLER?Annie13 Dosthill Road
9127BACKHOLER?George13 Dosthill Road
9127BACKHOLER?Elizabeth13 Dosthill Road
9127BACKHOLER?Beatrice13 Dosthill Road
52BAILEYCamelia11 Bolehall
52BAILEYEllen11 Bolehall
52BAILEYGeorge Ernest11 Bolehall
63BAILEYMary EdithBolehall Manor
52BAILEYRebecca11 Bolehall
3617BAILEYJohn7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYHarriett7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYHenry7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYElsie7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYMaggie7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYJohn7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYJane7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYHannah7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYFlorrie7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYSamuel7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYJoshua7 Nevill Street
3617BAILEYEmma7 Nevill Street
557BAILEYThomas Hy.38 Main Road
557BAILEYEdith Jane38 Main Road
557BAILEYWilliam Thos.38 Main Road
781BAILEYTroine?Wilnecote Hall
781BAILEYEllenWilnecote Hall
9943BAILEYE.33 Belgrave Road
6221BAKERJohn28 Cross Street
6221BAKEREllen28 Cross Street
6221BAKERElizabeth28 Cross Street
6221BAKERWilliam John28 Cross Street
793BAKERAlbert26 the Croft
793BAKERAgnes L.26 the Croft
793BAKERWilliam26 the Croft
793BAKERElsie M.26 the Croft
793BAKERNelly26 the Croft
793BAKERSydney26 the Croft
8210BAKERNoah211 Watling Street
8210BAKEREmma211 Watling Street
8210BAKERAlice211 Watling Street
9536BAKERHettieTamworth Road
9739BAKEREdwin29 Lunn's Row
9739BAKERClara29 Lunn's Row
1108BAKERJames163 Gloucester Terrace
1108BAKERMary Ann163 Gloucester Terrace
1119BAKERThomas163 Gloucester Terrace
1119BAKERKate163 Gloucester Terrace
1119BAKERFrank163 Gloucester Terrace
12130BAKERNoah72 Hockley Road
12130BAKERRose72 Hockley Road
12130BAKERAlbert72 Hockley Road
12130BAKERBeatrice A.72 Hockley Road
12232BAKERThomas90 Hockley Road
12946BAKERCharlesTame Valley Lodge?
12946BAKERMargaretTame Valley Lodge?
12946BAKERMaryTame Valley Lodge?
12946BAKERMargaret E.Tame Valley Lodge?
12946BAKERAdaTame Valley Lodge?
12946BAKERJohnTame Valley Lodge?
12946BAKERCharlieTame Valley Lodge?
12946BAKERJesseTame Valley Lodge?
12946BAKERElsieTame Valley Lodge?
329BAKEWELLFanny28 Bamford Street
5813BALDWINWilliam71 Main Road
5813BALDWINFlorence Sarah71 Main Road
5814BALDWINDorothy Sylvania71 Main Road
8515BALLAnn253 Watling Street
8516BALLJob259 Watling Street
8516BALLAnn259 Watling Street
9637BALLGeorgeTamworth Road
1083BALLWilliamWatling Street
1083BALLHannahWatling Street
1083BALLGertrudeWatling Street
1083BALLHannahWatling Street
1083BALLWilliam GarrettWatling Street
11314BALLElizabeth29 Smithy Lane
12436BALLFrederickHockley Road
12436BALLCharlotteHockley Road
12436BALLDaisy M.Hockley Road
12436BALLFrederickHockley Road
12537BALLThomas306 Pauls Row
12537BALLCharlotte306 Pauls Row
12537BALLHenry306 Pauls Row
12537BALLLilian L.306 Pauls Row
12537BALLClara L.306 Pauls Row
12537BALLHerbert306 Pauls Row
12538BALLCharles E.306 Pauls Row
12538BALLMary306 Pauls Row
12538BALLSelina306 Pauls Row
12844BALLGeorge5 Tame Valley Terrace
12232BALLINGERThomas88 Hockley Road
12232BALLINGERMary A.88 Hockley Road
12232BALLINGERGertrude88 Hockley Road
12232BALLINGERElsie88 Hockley Road
12232BALLINGERArthur88 Hockley Road
1624BANKSBeatrice Alice48 Argyle St Glascote
1624BANKSEliza48 Argyle St Glascote
1624BANKSGeorge Henry48 Argyle St Glascote
1624BANKSHannah48 Argyle St Glascote
1624BANKSMarina48 Argyle St Glascote
1624BANKSRichard48 Argyle St Glascote
1624BANKSRichard48 Argyle St Glascote
1624BANKSSarah48 Argyle St Glascote
1624BANKSThomas48 Argyle St Glascote
1624BANKSWilliam48 Argyle St Glascote
6935BANKSKatherineOrchard Street
6935BANKSThomas W.Orchard Street
6935BANKSJoseph H.Orchard Street
6935BANKSJohn F.Orchard Street
6936BANKSMary JaneOrchard Street
6936BANKSSamuelOrchard Street
6936BANKSHannahOrchard Street
6936BANKSKateOrchard Street
6936BANKSEllenOrchard Street
3617BARBERWalter6 Nevill Street
3617BARBEREdith6 Nevill Street
3617BARBERCatherine S.6 Nevill Street
3617BARBERWalter H.6 Nevill Street
3617BARBERJoseph W.6 Nevill Street
3617BARBERHorace6 Nevill Street
3617BARBERReginald B.6 Nevill Street
6324BARBERRalph12 Cross Street
6324BARBERFrances12 Cross Street
6324BARBERRose Ellen12 Cross Street
6426BARBERJoseph96 Cross Street
6426BARBERCatherine96 Cross Street
6426BARBERJames96 Cross Street
6426BARBEREdwin96 Cross Street
6527BARBERElizabeth96 Cross Street
8821BARBERLily402 Watling Street
1096BARBERFlorenceGlebe Inn 91 Watling St.
11925BARBERGeorge17 New Road
11925BARBERSarah A.17 New Road
11925BARBERGeorge17 New Road
11925BARBERNellie17 New Road
11925BARBERElizth.17 New Road
910BARHAMGrace229 Main Road Glascote
910BARHAMKate229 Main Road Glascote
910BARHAMKate229 Main Road Glascote
910BARHAMMay229 Main Road Glascote
293BARKERAnnie M.124 Main Road Glascote
293BARKERHarry124 Main Road Glascote
293BARKERJohn124 Main Road Glascote
293BARKERJoseph V.124 Main Road Glascote
293BARKERSelina124 Main Road Glascote
3515BARKERTeresa276 Main Road Glascote
10251BARKERJohnPerrin's Offices
1828BARLOWAlfred35 New Street Glascote
1828BARLOWAnnie38 New Street Glascote
1828BARLOWBetsy35 New Street Glascote
2337BARLOWEllenJohn St Glascote
2236BARLOWEmma19 John Street Glascote
1828BARLOWFlorrie38 New Street Glascote
2236BARLOWHannah19 John Street Glascote
2236BARLOWHannah19 John Street Glascote
1828BARLOWJohn38 New Street Glascote
2337BARLOWJohnJohn St Glascote
2236BARLOWMary Ann19 John Street Glascote
2337BARLOWMary AnnJohn St Glascote
2337BARLOWMaud AliceJohn St Glascote
2337BARLOWMinnieJohn St Glascote
1828BARLOWNellie38 New Street Glascote
2236BARLOWSamuel19 John Street Glascote
1828BARLOWSarah Elizabeth38 New Street Glascote
1828BARLOWThomas38 New Street Glascote
2236BARLOWThomas19 John Street Glascote
2236BARLOWThomas19 John Street Glascote
3210BARLOWJohn42 Bamford Street
3210BARLOWLucy E.42 Bamford Street
3210BARLOWSamuel E.42 Bamford Street
3210BARLOWMary J.42 Bamford Street
8924BARLOWRichard436 Watling Street
8924BARLOWFanny436 Watling Street
8924BARLOWAlice436 Watling Street
8924BARLOWJoseph Rd.436 Watling Street
8924BARLOWFanney436 Watling Street
8924BARLOWMaud436 Watling Street
282BARNESCharlotte98 Main Road Glascote
282BARNESFrank98 Main Road Glascote
282BARNESJanet98 Main Road Glascote
282BARNESMary98 Main Road Glascote
282BARNESSamuel98 Main Road Glascote
11416BARNESGeorge54 Green Lane
12435BARNESAlfred212 Hockley Road
12435BARNESAlice212 Hockley Road
11824BARRATTGeorge5 New Road
11824BARRATTMary J.5 New Road
11824BARRATTGeorge5 New Road
11824BARRATTAlfred5 New Road
1011BARTERMary Ellen237 Main Road Glascote
5711BARTRAMHerbert58 Main Road
5711BARTRAMMary Ann58 Main Road
5711BARTRAMAlice58 Main Road
5711BARTRAMHerbert58 Main Road
5711BARTRAMChristopher58 Main Road
7038BARTRAMFrederick William5 West Street
7038BARTRAMSarah Maria5 West Street
7038BARTRAMFrederick5 West Street
7139BARTRAMRosanna5 West Street
7139BARTRAMJohn Thomas5 West Street
7139BARTRAMGeorge5 West Street
7139BARTRAMHarry5 West Street
10249BATCHELORArthurTamworth Lane Belgrave
2032BATESLucy16 New Street Glascote
8923BATESWilliam459 Watling Street
8923BATESMary A.459 Watling Street
8923BATESFred459 Watling Street
8923BATESAmy459 Watling Street
8923BATESEdward459 Watling Street
8923BATESJenny459 Watling Street
9229BATESJohn E.44 Dosthill Road
9331BATESEllen13 Tamworth Road
1096BATESMartha95 Watling Street
12232BATESGeorge104 Hockley Road
782BATHEdwin20 the Croft
782BATHElizabeth20 the Croft
782BATHEmanuel20 the Croft
782BATHEdwin20 the Croft
782BATHRose20 the Croft
782BATHRobert20 the Croft
793BATHMinnie20 the Croft
793BATHClara20 the Croft
805BATHGeorge7 Sheeton's Yard
805BATHAlice7 Sheeton's Yard
10148BATLERJohnTamworth Road Belgrave
10148BATLERElizabethTamworth Road Belgrave
10148BATLEREmmaTamworth Road Belgrave
10148BATLERSarah E.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10148BATLERNellieTamworth Road Belgrave
4026BAXTERJoseph25 East View
4026BAXTERAnnie25 East View
4026BAXTERAnnie25 East View
4026BAXTERPriscilla25 East View
4026BAXTERArthur25 East View
4026BAXTERGeorge25 East View
4127BAXTERThomas32 East View
4127BAXTEREdith32 East View
4127BAXTERMiriam32 East View
4127BAXTEREliza32 East View
4127BAXTERThomas32 East View
4331BAXTERSamuelRailway Inn 514 Main Road
4331BAXTEREllenRailway Inn 514 Main Road
4331BAXTERArthurRailway Inn 514 Main Road
4332BAXTERLilyRailway Inn 514 Main Road
4332BAXTERAlbert E.Railway Inn 514 Main Road
4332BAXTERSaml.Railway Inn 514 Main Road
4332BAXTERAliceRailway Inn 514 Main Road
6629BAXTERAlfred82 Cross Street
6629BAXTERAlbert82 Cross Street
6629BAXTERArthur82 Cross Street
6629BAXTERLizzie82 Cross Street
7241BAXTERRichard21 West Street
7241BAXTERJane21 West Street
7241BAXTERFrank21 West Street
7242BAXTERWilliam21 West Street
7242BAXTERErnest Thomas21 West Street
7242BAXTERWalter21 West Street
7242BAXTERGeorge21 West Street
7242BAXTERRose Glencoe21 West Street
9637BAXTERRichardTamworth Road
3210BEABYWilliam38 Bamford Street
3210BEABYCharlotte M.38 Bamford Street
3210BEABYErnest38 Bamford Street
3210BEABYEdgar38 Bamford Street
3210BEABYSarah38 Bamford Street
1929BEALEAlfred32 New Street Glascote
1929BEALEAlfred32 New Street Glascote
1216BEALEArthur371 Main Road Glascote
1929BEALECaroline32 New Street Glascote
1929BEALEEllen32 New Street Glascote
1929BEALEEllen32 New Street Glascote
1216BEALEFred371 Main Road Glascote
1929BEALEHerbert32 New Street Glascote
1929BEALEHines Edward32 New Street Glascote
1216BEALEJohn371 Main Road Glascote
1216BEALEJohn371 Main Road Glascote
1929BEALEJohn32 New Street Glascote
1216BEALEMalted?371 Main Road Glascote
1929BEALEMatilda32 New Street Glascote
1216BEALEMay371 Main Road Glascote
1216BEALERose371 Main Road Glascote
4127BEALEYEdward39 East View
4127BEALEYEmma39 East View
4127BEALEYEdward39 East View
4127BEALEYMaud39 East View
4127BEALEYAda39 East View
4127BEALEYHarry39 East View
4127BEALEYLottie39 East View
4127BEALEYViolet39 East View
4127BEALEYWalter39 East View
4127BEALEYOliver39 East View
3924BEARDCharles A.14 East View
3924BEARDLizzie14 East View
3924BEARDFlorence14 East View
3924BEARDEthel M.14 East View
3924BEARDSarah E.14 East View
3924BEARDHarold J. A.14 East View
3924BEARDEdith A.14 East View
10045BEARDSMOREBenjamin49 Belgrave Road
10045BEARDSMORESarah J.49 Belgrave Road
10045BEARDSMOREPamela49 Belgrave Road
10045BEARDSMOREJohn49 Belgrave Road
10045BEARDSMOREWilliam49 Belgrave Road
10045BEARDSMOREFrederick49 Belgrave Road
10045BEARDSMOREMary J.49 Belgrave Road
10045BEARDSMOREFrancis49 Belgrave Road
10045BEARDSMORECharles49 Belgrave Road
7037BECKGeorge Fredk.7 Orchard Street
7037BECKAnn7 Orchard Street
7037BECKFlorence7 Orchard Street
7037BECKThomas Roland7 Orchard Street
7037BECKAnnie7 Orchard Street
7037BECKFrederick Henry7 Orchard Street
7037BECKErnest 7 Orchard Street
7037BECKLeonard George7 Orchard Street
12334BEECHFrances M.122 Hockley Road
12334BEECHHarry122 Hockley Road
12334BEECHSarah A.122 Hockley Road
12334BEECHEdward122 Hockley Road
12334BEECHElizabeth122 Hockley Road
12334BEECHMargaret122 Hockley Road
12334BEECHHarry122 Hockley Road
12334BEECHSarah A.122 Hockley Road
1011BEEKESJames241 Main Road Glascote
1011BEEKESJames241 Main Road Glascote
1011BEEKESSarah Selina241 Main Road Glascote
1011BEEKESSelina Sarah241 Main Road Glascote
4740BEESLEYRobertCaffs Lane
4740BEESLEYAnnCaffs Lane
9433BELLLilian E.64 Tamworth Road
4026BELLFIELDFlora24 East View
11517BENNETTStephen46 Green Lane
12338BENSONHarry120 Hockley Road
12338BENSONHannah120 Hockley Road
12334BENSONHarry120 Hockley Road
12334BENSONAbraham120 Hockley Road
12334BENSONJohn W.120 Hockley Road
12334BENSONCharlotte A. H.120 Hockley Road
6222BETTERIDGEHenry22 Cross Street
6222BETTERIDGEEmma22 Cross Street
6222BETTERIDGEJem.22 Cross Street
6222BETTERIDGEH. G.22 Cross Street
6222BETTERIDGEMaw.22 Cross Street
6222BETTERIDGEE. E. R.22 Cross Street
6222BETTERIDGEL. J. C. 22 Cross Street
6222BETTERIDGESidney Isaac22 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEMary Ann8 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEEmily8 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGECatherine8 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEJames7 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGESarah Ann7 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEThomas E.7 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEMary7 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEEthel7 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEHenrietta7 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEJesse7 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEWilliam5 Cross Street
6425BETTERIDGEEmily5 Cross Street
6630BETTERIDGEThomas78 Cross Street
6630BETTERIDGEEmma78 Cross Street
6630BETTERIDGEMaria78 Cross Street
6630BETTERIDGEThomas78 Cross Street
6630BETTERIDGEJane78 Cross Street
6630BETTERIDGEGeorge78 Cross Street
6630BETTERIDGEHarry78 Cross Street
6630BETTERIDGEEmma78 Cross Street
6630BETTERIDGEElizabeth78 Cross Street
7038BETTERIDGETom3 West Street
7038BETTERIDGEElizabeth Emma3 West Street
7038BETTERIDGEWilliam Henry3 West Street
7445BETTERIDGEJoseph Shipley35 West Street
7445BETTERIDGERosina Mary Ann35 West Street
7445BETTERIDGEWilliam Shipley35 West Street
7445BETTERIDGEGeorge35 West Street
7445BETTERIDGECatherine35 West Street
7445BETTERIDGEEthel Rose35 West Street
10046BETTERIDGEJames59 Belgrave Road
10046BETTERIDGEElizabeth59 Belgrave Road
10046BETTERIDGEAda M.59 Belgrave Road
6323BINNSHenry19 Cross Street
6323BINNSEsther Mary19 Cross Street
6323BINNSHarriet19 Cross Street
6323BINNSGeorge William19 Cross Street
6323BINNSLeonard19 Cross Street
6323BINNSAlbert Edwd.19 Cross Street
6323BINNSFrederick Joseph19 Cross Street
6323BINNSAdelaide19 Cross Street
4332BIRCHERCharlesGrocer's Shop Main Road
4332BIRCHERMary J.Grocer's Shop Main Road
4332BIRCHERWalterGrocer's Shop Main Road
4332BIRCHEREveline G.Grocer's Shop Main Road
4332BIRCHERAlbertGrocer's Shop Main Road
4332BIRCHERFrances E.Grocer's Shop Main Road
4332BIRCHERArthurGrocer's Shop Main Road
4332BIRCHERErnestGrocer's Shop Main Road
4332BIRCHERReginaldGrocer's Shop Main Road
12436BIRCHESArthur395 Hockley Road
12436BIRCHESEmma A.395 Hockley Road
12436BIRCHESArthur395 Hockley Road
12436BIRCHESGrace395 Hockley Road
293BIRDEmily120 Main Road Glascote
293BIRDFlorrie120 Main Road Glascote
293BIRDJohn120 Main Road Glascote
293BIRDJohn120 Main Road Glascote
293BIRDLizzie120 Main Road Glascote
293BIRDWilliam120 Main Road Glascote
3312BIRDFlorence97 Bamford Street
545BIRDArthur Joseph22 Main Road
545BIRDSarah22 Main Road
545BIRDSarah Ann Elizth.22 Main Road
545BIRDGeorge William22 Main Road
545BIRDSarah Annie22 Main Road
545BIRDJohn22 Main Road
9127BIRDCharles2 Clear? Street Square?
9127BIRDBarbara2 Clear? Street Square?
9127BIRDSarah A.2 Clear? Street Square?
9127BIRDWalter2 Clear? Street Square?
9127BIRDFrederick2 Clear? Street Square?
9127BIRDCatherine2 Clear? Street Square?
9127BIRDMaggie2 Clear? Street Square?
9127BIRDAlice2 Clear? Street Square?
12946BIRKINFrancis J.Town Wall
4535BISHOPGeorge6 Engine Lane
4535BISHOPMary J.6 Engine Lane
4535BISHOPLottie J.6 Engine Lane
4535BISHOPEthel M.6 Engine Lane
4535BISHOPRobert G.6 Engine Lane
4535BISHOPArthur6 Engine Lane
4535BISHOPMyra6 Engine Lane
4535BISHOPAlice6 Engine Lane
818BLACKEAMOREEdwin201 Hodgkinsons Road
11823BLAKEJames E. H.Munes House Hockley Road
11823BLAKEBeatrice H.Munes House Hockley Road
11823BLAKEJames Robt.Munes House Hockley Road
11823BLAKEBeatrice E.Munes House Hockley Road
11823BLAKEEdward S.Munes House Hockley Road
2338BLEAKMANArthur7 School Street Glascote
2338BLEAKMANEdith7 School Street Glascote
2338BLEAKMANGertrude Somes7 School Street Glascote
2338BLEAKMANHarry7 School Street Glascote
2338BLEAKMANJohn7 School Street Glascote
2338BLEAKMANLouisa7 School Street Glascote
2338BLEAKMANWalter7 School Street Glascote
2338BLEAKMANWilliam John7 School Street Glascote
4637BLOWERWilliam31 Engine Lane
4637BLOWERAnnie31 Engine Lane
4637BLOWERGertrude31 Engine Lane
4638BLOWERSarah A.4 New Road
4638BLOWERElizabeth4 New Road
4638BLOWERHenry4 New Road
4638BLOWERSidney4 New Road
4638BLOWERHorace4 New Road
5712BLUNTThomas62 Main Road
9332BLUNTJob16 Tamworth Road
9332BLUNTAnn16 Tamworth Road
9332BLUNTSamuel16 Tamworth Road
9332BLUNTEdith M.16 Tamworth Road
9535BOATGeorgeTamworth Road
806BODELLJohn64 Watling Street
806BODELLMary64 Watling Street
806BODELLJohn64 Watling Street
806BODELLLouisa64 Watling Street
806BODELLMargaret64 Watling Street
1107BODELLJohn103 Watling Street
1107BODELLMary103 Watling Street
1107BODELLGeorge103 Watling Street
11619BODELLEdward61 Green Lane
11619BODELLCharlotte61 Green Lane
11722BODELLMay AnnWilnecote House Hockley Rd
11823BODELLAdam3 New Road
11823BODELLClara L.3 New Road
11823BODELLSydney3 New Road
1930BOIDSusannah24 New Street Glascote
12843BOND?David4 Overwoods
8312BONNERHenry287 Tamworth Lane
6018BONSORHenry94 Main Road
6018BONSORMartha94 Main Road
6018BONSORHarry94 Main Road
6018BONSORJoseph94 Main Road
6018BONSORHorace 94 Main Road
6018BONSORFred94 Main Road
6018BONSORArthur94 Main Road
6018BONSORSidney94 Main Road
6018BONSORReginald94 Main Road
6018BONSORGeorge94 Main Road
6018BONSORHarold94 Main Road
6018BONSORLizzie94 Main Road
12436BOONHAMErnest J.397 Hockley Road
8923BOORER? (faint)John H.461 Watling Street
8923BOORER? (faint)Ella E.461 Watling Street
8923BOORER? (faint)Ella D.461 Watling Street
8923BOORER? (faint)John L. E.461 Watling Street
9841BOOTHJosephTamworth Road
9841BOOTHAliceTamworth Road
9841BOOTHJosephTamworth Road
2032BORDCharlotte Nurser16 New Street Glascote
2032BORDFrederick Arthur16 New Street Glascote
2032BORDJohn William16 New Street Glascote
2032BORDMary Ellen16 New Street Glascote
2032BORDThomas Henry16 New Street Glascote
2032BORDWilliam Ernest16 New Street Glascote
1113BOTTBeatrice Ellen269 Main Road Glascote
1113BOTTGrace Eveline269 Main Road Glascote
1113BOTTNora Alberta269 Main Road Glascote
1113BOTTOlwen269 Main Road Glascote
1113BOTTSarah269 Main Road Glascote
1113BOTTWalter Robert269 Main Road Glascote
11619BOTTJacob53 Green Lane
11619BOTTElizth.53 Green Lane
11619BOTTEdith53 Green Lane
11823BOTTERILLFrederick79 Sabout Ho? Hockley Rd.
11823BOTTERILLElizabeth79 Sabout Ho? Hockley Rd.
11823BOTTERILLConstance M.79 Sabout Ho? Hockley Rd.
11823BOTTERILLElsie G.79 Sabout Ho? Hockley Rd.
12027BOULSTRIDGEJames58 Hockley Road
12027BOULSTRIDGEAnn58 Hockley Road
12027BOULSTRIDGERebecca58 Hockley Road
12231BOULSTRIDGEThomas86 Hockley Road
12231BOULSTRIDGESarah A.86 Hockley Road
12231BOULSTRIDGELeonard86 Hockley Road
12231BOULSTRIDGEElsie M.86 Hockley Road
12231BOULSTRIDGEAnnie T. E.86 Hockley Road
12231BOULSTRIDGENellie86 Hockley Road
12232BOULSTRIDGESidney J.86 Hockley Road
12232BOULSTRIDGEFanny86 Hockley Road
12232BOULSTRIDGEDoris V.86 Hockley Road
9433BOWLERWilliam66 Tamworth Road
9433BOWLERJohn66 Tamworth Road
9433BOWLERAlbert66 Tamworth Road
9433BOWLERLily66 Tamworth Road
6120BRADDOCKArthur40 Cross Street
6120BRADDOCKAnnie40 Cross Street
781BRADLEYEdith M.2 Watling Street
11313BRADLEYWilliam23 Smithy Lane
11313BRADLEYVictoria Ann23 Smithy Lane
11313BRADLEYLizzie?23 Smithy Lane
11313BRADLEYFrank23 Smithy Lane
11313BRADLEYEmily23 Smithy Lane
11313BRADLEYErnest John23 Smithy Lane
11313BRADLEYElsie23 Smithy Lane
4434BRAINRichardMain Road
4434BRAINMary A.Main Road
4434BRAINHarryMain Road
4434BRAINAnnieMain Road
4434BRAINJohnMain Road
4434BRAINGeorge JnrMain Road
4434BRAINRhodaMain Road
4434BRAINGeorgeMain Road
4434BRAINOliver J.Main Road
4434BRAINReginaldMain Road
4434BRAINJohnMain Road
4434BRAINPercyMain Road
1084BRAINRobert83 Watling Street
1084BRAINMary Elizth.83 Watling Street
1084BRAINRobert Ernest83 Watling Street
1084BRAINBeatrice Winnie83 Watling Street
1084BRAINCharles Kemliston?83 Watling Street
1095BRAINEmmeline May83 Watling Street
1095BRAINLeslie John83 Watling Street
1095BRAINDorothy Gwendoline83 Watling Street
1095BRAINReginald Thos.83 Watling Street
1095BRAINKenneth Roy83 Watling Street
11110BRAINWilliam181 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110BRAINHannah181 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110BRAINAlice181 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11415BRAINArthur41+43 Smithy Lane
12130BRAINGeorge78 Hockley Road
12130BRAINSarah78 Hockley Road
12130BRAINHarry78 Hockley Road
12130BRAINAlbert78 Hockley Road
12130BRAINGertrude78 Hockley Road
12130BRAINHerbert78 Hockley Road
12130BRAINErnest78 Hockley Road
12231BRAINFred78 Hockley Road
12231BRAINElsie78 Hockley Road
6120BRANTSilas35 Cross Street
6221BRANTCharlotte35 Cross Street
6221BRANTWilliam35 Cross Street
6221BRANTCharlotte35 Cross Street
1828BRAYEmma37 New Street Glascote
1828BRAYGladys Jane37 New Street Glascote
1828BRAYJames Henry37 New Street Glascote
1828BRAYJohn James37 New Street Glascote
1828BRAYThomas Sidney37 New Street Glascote
1828BRAYWilliam George37 New Street Glascote
6425BREEZEEdward Wm.4 Cross Street
6425BREEZELucy4 Cross Street
6425BREEZEWilliam4 Cross Street
6425BREEZELily4 Cross Street
6425BREEZERichard4 Cross Street
6425BREEZEJohn4 Cross Street
6425BREEZEAdelaide4 Cross Street
8312BRIDGEWATERJohn291 Tamworth Lane
8312BRIDGEWATERCharlotte291 Tamworth Lane
8312BRIDGEWATERCharles291 Tamworth Lane
8312BRIDGEWATERAda291 Tamworth Lane
8312BRIDGEWATERWilliam291 Tamworth Lane
8312BRIDGEWATERJohn291 Tamworth Lane
8312BRIDGEWATERThomas291 Tamworth Lane
8413BRIDGEWATERHerbertTamworth Lane
8413BRIDGEWATERAliceTamworth Lane
8719BRIDGEWATERGeorge443 Watling Street
8719BRIDGEWATERSarah J.443 Watling Street
8719BRIDGEWATEREthel J.443 Watling Street
9740BRIDGEWATERArthur326 Tamworth Road
9740BRIDGEWATEREllen326 Tamworth Road
9740BRIDGEWATEREllen326 Tamworth Road
9740BRIDGEWATERBernard326 Tamworth Road
9740BRIDGEWATERAda326 Tamworth Road
9740BRIDGEWATERJohn326 Tamworth Road
9740BRIDGEWATERFlorence326 Tamworth Road
8414BRISTOLWilliam J.237 Watling Street
8414BRISTOLRosa237 Watling Street
8414BRISTOLWilliam J.237 Watling Street
8414BRISTOLAlbert J.237 Watling Street
8414BRISTOLCharles E.237 Watling Street
8414BRISTOLBertie H.237 Watling Street
8414BRISTOLEdith L.237 Watling Street
522BRITTWilliam9 Main Road
522BRITTFlorence9 Main Road
522BRITTLouie9 Main Road
522BRITTElsie May9 Main Road
11211BROADBENTGeorge8 Smithy Lane
11211BROADBENTEliza8 Smithy Lane
11211BROADBENTSamuel8 Smithy Lane
11211BROADBENTGeorge Duncan?8 Smithy Lane
4535BROADHURSTElizabeth4 Engine Lane
4535BROADHURSTBina?4 Engine Lane
4535BROADHURSTMary4 Engine Lane
4535BROADHURSTSamuel G.4 Engine Lane
4535BROADHURSTFrancis L. J.4 Engine Lane
7037BROADHURSTThomas6 Orchard Street
7037BROADHURSTSarah6 Orchard Street
7037BROADHURSTTom6 Orchard Street
7037BROADHURSTSain?6 Orchard Street
7037BROADHURSTAbraham6 Orchard Street
7037BROADHURSTSarah Ellen6 Orchard Street
7037BROADHURSTArthur6 Orchard Street
7037BROADHURSTClara Eliza6 Orchard Street
7037BROADHURSTMinnie6 Orchard Street
7343BROADHURSTJoseph25 West Street
7343BROADHURSTElizabeth25 West Street
7343BROADHURSTEllen25 West Street
9535BROAKMary AnnTamworth Road
11110BROCKWAYMartin Robt.185 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110BROCKWAYLydia E.185 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110BROCKWAYHenry T.185 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110BROCKWAYGeorge G.185 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110BROCKWAYFrances Emily185 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211BROCKWAYCharles R.185 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211BROCKWAYNellie Elizth.185 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211BROCKWAYAmelia Emily185 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
3312BROOKESNora W.99 Bamford Street
6833BROOKESJamesOrchard Street
8821BROOKESIsaiah398 Watling Street
8821BROOKESEliza398 Watling Street
8821BROOKESPercy E.398 Watling Street
8821BROOKESIsaiah398 Watling Street
8821BROOKESLeonard398 Watling Street
8821BROOKESGeorge H.398 Watling Street
8821BROOKESMarie E.398 Watling Street
8821BROOKESJames398 Watling Street
8821BROOKESThomas B.398 Watling Street
2133BROOKSAnn8 New Street Glascote
1216BROOKSCaroline367 Main Road Glascote
2133BROOKSJohn8 New Street Glascote
1216BROOKSMary Ann367 Main Road Glascote
1216BROOKSMinnie Rose367 Main Road Glascote
1216BROOKSWilliam367 Main Road Glascote
8413BROOKSJohn H.229 Watling Street
8413BROOKSMary A.229 Watling Street
8413BROOKSJoseph229 Watling Street
8413BROOKSFred229 Watling Street
8413BROOKSAgnes L.229 Watling Street
8413BROOKSElsie229 Watling Street
8413BROOKSHarry229 Watling Street
8413BROOKSEthel229 Watling Street
8923BROOKSMaria465 Watling Street
8923BROOKSMary465 Watling Street
8923BROOKSFrederick465 Watling Street
8923BROOKSWilliam465 Watling Street
8923BROOKSThomas465 Watling Street
9638BROTHERHOODGeorge11+13 Wharf Row
9638BROTHERHOODMary11+13 Wharf Row
9638BROTHERHOODGeorge11+13 Wharf Row
9638BROTHERHOODMary11+13 Wharf Row
9638BROTHERHOODJane E.11+13 Wharf Row
9638BROTHERHOODJames S.11+13 Wharf Row
9638BROTHERHOODWalter L.11+13 Wharf Row
9638BROTHERHOODAlice E.11+13 Wharf Row
9638BROTHERHOODJoseph C.11+13 Wharf Row
1828BROUGHTONAlfred40 New Street Glascote
1828BROUGHTONDavid40 New Street Glascote
1828BROUGHTONLoretto40 New Street Glascote
1828BROUGHTONMabel Ellen40 New Street Glascote
8720BROUGHTONJohn396 Watling Street
8720BROUGHTONElizabeth396 Watling Street
8720BROUGHTONEmma396 Watling Street
8720BROUGHTONAbsalom396 Watling Street
8720BROUGHTONNellie396 Watling Street
8720BROUGHTONEvelyn396 Watling Street
8720BROUGHTONRose396 Watling Street
8720BROUGHTONLily396 Watling Street
10147BROUGHTONAlfred69 Belgrave Road
10147BROUGHTONEmma69 Belgrave Road
10147BROUGHTONJohn69 Belgrave Road
10147BROUGHTONNellie69 Belgrave Road
5610BROWNThomas EdwinOakfield
5610BROWNSarah ElizaOakfield
5610BROWNWilliam EdwinOakfield
5610BROWNFrancis EdwardOakfield
6630BROWNJames77 Cross Street
794BROWNMary A.38+40 Watling Street
794BROWNEmily M.38+40 Watling Street
794BROWNJane E.38+40 Watling Street
8210BROWNThomas213 Watling Street
8210BROWNArthur213 Watling Street
8210BROWNEsther E.213 Watling Street
8210BROWNGertrude213 Watling Street
8210BROWNNellie213 Watling Street
8210BROWNThomas213 Watling Street
8210BROWNElsie213 Watling Street
8821BROWNEdwin400 Watling Street
8821BROWNEliza400 Watling Street
8821BROWNJohn400 Watling Street
8821BROWNErnest400 Watling Street
8821BROWNHerbert400 Watling Street
8821BROWNGeorge400 Watling Street
8821BROWNWilliam400 Watling Street
8822BROWNAmy406 Watling Street
8822BROWNEthel406 Watling Street
10250BROWNWalterTamworth Road Belgrave
10250BROWNWinifredTamworth Road Belgrave
10250BROWNHaroldTamworth Road Belgrave
10250BROWNWalter L.Tamworth Road Belgrave
11416BROWNMary Elizth.Wilnecote House
11517BROWNJohn42 Green Lane
11517BROWNCharlotte May42 Green Lane
9433BROWNSEG?Harry A.62 Tamworth Road
9433BROWNSEG?Hannah62 Tamworth Road
9433BROWNSEG?Harold A.62 Tamworth Road
12946BROWNSEYHenry E.Town Wall
8720BRUNTRalph451 Watling Street
8720BRUNTSarah A.451 Watling Street
8720BRUNTCharles A. A.451 Watling Street
11721BRUNTArthur62 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721BRUNTEmma62 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721BRUNTSydney62 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
1624BUDGENJames Gilson11 Argyle St Glascote
1624BUDGENJohn Jackson11 Argyle St Glascote
1624BUDGENNorah Eliza11 Argyle St Glascote
1624BUDGENSarah Ann11 Argyle St Glascote
1624BUDGENWilliam Joseph11 Argyle St Glascote
52BULLFrances Annie15 Bolehall
8821BURDETTCharles402 Watling Street
8821BURDETTElizzie402 Watling Street
8821BURDETTFlorry402 Watling Street
8821BURDETTCharles402 Watling Street
8821BURDETTSarah A.402 Watling Street
8821BURDETTElizzie402 Watling Street
8821BURDETTArthur402 Watling Street
8821BURDETTWilfred402 Watling Street
88BURROWSEstherTamworth Isolation Hospital
6528BURTONJames90 Cross Street
305BURWELLFlorrie1 (148) Anchor Row
305BURWELLHarriet1 (148) Anchor Row
305BURWELLJames1 (148) Anchor Row
305BURWELLMary1 (148) Anchor Row
305BURWELLMinnie1 (148) Anchor Row
6528BYWATERWilliam88 Cross Street
6528BYWATERFanny88 Cross Street
6528BYWATERDorothy88 Cross Street
1419CALDINECharles389 Main Road Glascote
1419CALDINEEdward389 Main Road Glascote
1419CALDINEEmily389 Main Road Glascote
1419CALDINEEmma389 Main Road Glascote
1419CALDINEMark389 Main Road Glascote
1419CALDINESusan389 Main Road Glascote
1419CALDINETom389 Main Road Glascote
1419CALDINETom389 Main Road Glascote
1419CALDINEWilliam389 Main Road Glascote
8618CANTELLOWGeorge411 Watling Street
8618CANTELLOWMary A.411 Watling Street
8618CANTELLOWAlice411 Watling Street
8618CANTELLOWJohn411 Watling Street
8618CANTELLOWGeorge411 Watling Street
8618CANTELLOWMary A?411 Watling Street
11416CARDIN or CORDINJohn James48 Green Lane
3312CARRJames74 Bamford Street
3312CARREllen74 Bamford Street
2133CARTERAnnie10 New Street Glascote
2133CARTEREdward10 New Street Glascote
2133CARTEREthel10 New Street Glascote
2133CARTERFlorance10 New Street Glascote
2133CARTERHannah10 New Street Glascote
2133CARTERJohn10 New Street Glascote
2133CARTERJohn10 New Street Glascote
2133CARTERWilliam10 New Street Glascote
8618CARTERWilliam H.409 Watling Street
8618CARTERBertha409 Watling Street
8618CARTERElsie409 Watling Street
8720CARTERFrederick 447 Watling Street
8720CARTERAlice447 Watling Street
8720CARTERFrederick447 Watling Street
8720CARTERAlice447 Watling Street
9128CARTERGeorge40 Dosthill Road
9128CARTEREliza40 Dosthill Road
9128CARTERLousia40 Dosthill Road
9128CARTERAlfred40 Dosthill Road
9128CARTERJohn40 Dosthill Road
9128CARTERNellie40 Dosthill Road
9128CARTERAlice40 Dosthill Road
9128CARTEREmma40 Dosthill Road
9535CARTERArthur E. H.Tamworth Road
9535CARTERLouisaTamworth Road
12334CARTERHarry122 Hockley Road
4434CARTWRIGHTRichardMain Road
4434CARTWRIGHTMarthaMain Road
4434CARTWRIGHTEva B.Main Road
4434CARTWRIGHTMaude J.Main Road
4434CARTWRIGHTRichard P.Main Road
6222CASABYThomas 26 Cross Street
1318CASEYCharlotte383 Main Road Glascote
1318CASEYJohn383 Main Road Glascote
1318CASEYLillian383 Main Road Glascote
1318CASEYThomas383 Main Road Glascote
1318CASEYThomas383 Main Road Glascote
9025CASWELLJoseph442 Watling Street
5712CATCLIFFSarah C.64 Main Road
5712CATCLIFFRebecca64 Main Road
5712CATCLIFFJames64 Main Road
5712CATCLIFFWilliam64 Main Road
5712CATCLIFFFred64 Main Road
5712CATCLIFFFlorence Ann64 Main Road
5712CATCLIFFEmma64 Main Road
5712CATCLIFFElizabeth64 Main Road
5712CATCLIFFAnn64 Main Road
11619CAUSERWilliam55 Green Lane
4127CAWLEYRobert30 East View
4127CAWLEYFlorence30 East View
4127CAWLEYJohn30 East View
4127CAWLEYWesley30 East View
4127CAWLEYEdward30 East View
4127CAWLEYMinnie30 East View
7344CHADWICKRobert31 West Street
7344CHADWICKMary Ann31 West Street
7344CHADWICKHannah31 West Street
7344CHADWICKJohn Robert31 West Street
7344CHADWICKHarold31 West Street
11620CHAMBERSAlfred78 Smithy Lane
12028CHAMBERSJoseph2 Hemmming's Yard
12028CHAMBERSMillicent2 Hemmming's Yard
88CHAPLINAlfred John219 Main Road Glascote
2235CHAPLINFanny12 John Street Glascote
88CHAPLINFanny Elizabeth219 Main Road Glascote
88CHAPLINHarold Walter219 Main Road Glascote
88CHAPLINSarah Elsie219 Main Road Glascote
88CHAPLINSidney George219 Main Road Glascote
88CHAPLINWalter Henry219 Main Road Glascote
2235CHAPLINWalter John West12 John Street Glascote
2235CHAPLINWilliam West12 John Street Glascote
4230CHAPLINMildredMill House
1113CHAPMANAda271 Main Road Glascote
1827CHAPMANAlan20 Argyle St Glascote
1827CHAPMANDorothy20 Argyle St Glascote
1827CHAPMANEliza20 Argyle St Glascote
87CHAPMANEmilyMoor Lane Bolehall
1623CHAPMANEmily1 Argyle St Glascote
1113CHAPMANEmily Elizabeth271 Main Road Glascote
1113CHAPMANFlorance271 Main Road Glascote
1827CHAPMANFrederick Wm.20 Argyle St Glascote
1113CHAPMANHerbert271 Main Road Glascote
1113CHAPMANHorace271 Main Road Glascote
64CHAPMANJames21 Bolehall
1522CHAPMANJohn4 Diamond Row Glascote
1113CHAPMANJohn Henry271 Main Road Glascote
64CHAPMANJoseph21 Bolehall
87CHAPMANJosephMoor Lane Bolehall
1827CHAPMANKate20 Argyle St Glascote
1522CHAPMANLilly4 Diamond Row Glascote
1113CHAPMANPercy271 Main Road Glascote
1623CHAPMANSydney1 Argyle St Glascote
1623CHAPMANSydney1 Argyle St Glascote
1623CHAPMANThirza1 Argyle St Glascote
1623CHAPMANWilliam1 Argyle St Glascote
9229CHAPMANJoseph1 Tamworth Road
9229CHAPMANClara1 Tamworth Road
9229CHAPMANEvelyn1 Tamworth Road
9229CHAPMANSarah A.1 Tamworth Road
9229CHAPMANElizabeth1 Tamworth Road
9229CHAPMANWilliam J.1 Tamworth Road
12232CHAPMANSarah88 Hockley Road
1419CHETWYNDArcher John387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDArthur387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDArthur William387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDCharles Henry387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDEmma387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDEmma387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDForester387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDGladys387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDGrace387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDPercy387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDShurley387 Main Road Glascote
1419CHETWYNDThomas387 Main Road Glascote
4331CHETWYNDArthur506 Main Road
4331CHETWYNDAlice506 Main Road
4331CHETWYNDArthur510 Main Road
4331CHETWYNDElizabeth510 Main Road
4331CHETWYNDWilliam R.510 Main Road
4434CHETWYNDWilliam3 Engine Lane
4434CHETWYNDAnnie3 Engine Lane
4434CHETWYNDShirley3 Engine Lane
4536CHETWYNDMaggie J.12 Engine Lane
4637CHETWYNDWilliam37 Engine Lane
4637CHETWYNDAnnie37 Engine Lane
4637CHETWYNDMatilda37 Engine Lane
4637CHETWYNDShirley39 Engine Lane
4637CHETWYNDRachel39 Engine Lane
4637CHETWYNDMaud39 Engine Lane
4637CHETWYNDDaisy39 Engine Lane
11824CHETWYNDThomas 11 New Road
11824CHETWYNDBertha11 New Road
11824CHETWYNDElsie11 New Road
2337CHILDSAgnes1 School Street Glascote
2337CHILDSElizabeth1 School Street Glascote
2337CHILDSJames Leonard1 School Street Glascote
2337CHILDSWalter Thomas1 School Street Glascote
2031CHILESHarriet23 New Street Glascote
2031CHILESMariam23 New Street Glascote
2031CHILESNellie23 New Street Glascote
2031CHILESSamuel23 New Street Glascote
3617CHILESJohn H.5 Nevill Street
3617CHILESEmily5 Nevill Street
4026CHILESWilliam26 East View
4026CHILESEmma26 East View
4026CHILESGeorge26 East View
4026CHILESFrederick W.26 East View
4026CHILESLottie26 East View
4026CHILESFlorrie26 East View
7139CHILESJohn William9 West Street
7139CHILESMartha9 West Street
7139CHILESSamuel9 West Street
7139CHILESEdith9 West Street
7139CHILESHarry9 West Street
7139CHILESBeatrice9 West Street
1215CHILES or CLULESAdelaide285 Main Road Glascote
1215CHILES or CLULESElsie285 Main Road Glascote
1215CHILES or CLULESHarriet285 Main Road Glascote
1215CHILES or CLULESHarriet285 Main Road Glascote
1215CHILES or CLULESHarry285 Main Road Glascote
1215CHILES or CLULESHerbert285 Main Road Glascote
1215CHILES or CLULESLizzie285 Main Road Glascote
1215CHILES or CLULESNellie285 Main Road Glascote
1215CHILES or CLULESRichard285 Main Road Glascote
1215CHILES or CLULESSamuel285 Main Road Glascote
12946CHIPDIME?JohnTame Valley House
12946CHIPDIME?MaryTame Valley House
12946CHIPDIME?LilyTame Valley House
6833CLAREThomasOrchard Street
6833CLAREMaryOrchard Street
6833CLAREErnestOrchard Street
6221CLARIDGECharles33 Cross Street
6221CLARIDGEMary33 Cross Street
6221CLARIDGEAlbert33 Cross Street
6221CLARIDGEMinnie33 Cross Street
76CLARKBlanche4 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76CLARKEllen4 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76CLARKElsie4 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76CLARKGertrude4 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76CLARKSidney4 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
329CLARKEDaniel A.34 Bamford Street
2440CLARKEFrankOld Toll Gate House Ashby Rd
2440CLARKEHarriettOld Toll Gate House Ashby Rd
329CLARKEJames T.34 Bamford Street
329CLARKEJane34 Bamford Street
329CLARKEJohn A.34 Bamford Street
329CLARKEJohn A.34 Bamford Street
329CLARKENellie34 Bamford Street
533CLARKEAgnesChestnut House
5711CLARSONJane58 Main Road
88CLAYErnest ThomasTamworth Isolation Hospital
88CLAYThomasTamworth Isolation Hospital
11314CLEASMALE?Herbert35 Smithy Lane
11314CLEASMALE?Frederick35 Smithy Lane
8414CLEAVERWilliam231 Watling Street
8414CLEAVERAnnie M.231 Watling Street
8414CLEAVERReginald R.231 Watling Street
3923CLEMENTSWilliam10 East View
3923CLEMENTSSarah J.10 East View
3923CLEMENTSWilliam H.10 East View
3923CLEMENTSEdward10 East View
3923CLEMENTSEdith L.10 East View
3923CLEMENTSHilda G.10 East View
557CLEMPSONSamuel34 Main Road
557CLEMPSONSarah34 Main Road
7037CLEMPSONJoseph Simmons9 Orchard Street
7037CLEMPSONAlice Ann9 Orchard Street
7037CLEMPSONSarah Ann9 Orchard Street
7037CLEMPSONEdith Kate9 Orchard Street
7037CLEMPSONAlice Gertrude9 Orchard Street
7037CLEMPSONElizabeth9 Orchard Street
7037CLEMPSONPhyllis Amelia9 Orchard Street
11518CLEMSONRichardGreen Lane
11518CLEMSONLucyGreen Lane
11518CLEMSONCharles SamuelGreen Lane
11518CLEMSONFrank HenryGreen Lane
11518CLEMSONArthur Wm.Green Lane
11518CLEMSONSydney JohnGreen Lane
11518CLEMSONErnest StanleyGreen Lane
12130CLEMSONJane137 Hockley Road
1114CLIFFORDBenjamin281 Main Road Glascote
1011CLIFFORDEarnest Wilfred237 Main Road Glascote
1114CLIFFORDEdgbert281 Main Road Glascote
1011CLIFFORDEdith Agusta237 Main Road Glascote
1011CLIFFORDEliza237 Main Road Glascote
1827CLIFFORDEthel16 Argyle St Glascote
1114CLIFFORDHannah281 Main Road Glascote
1011CLIFFORDHenry237 Main Road Glascote
2235CLIFFORDHenry5 John Street Glascote
1726CLIFFORDHenry Wesley28 Argyle St Glascote
1114CLIFFORDLuther281 Main Road Glascote
2235CLIFFORDMaggie5 John Street Glascote
1011CLIFFORDMaud Alice237 Main Road Glascote
1114CLIFFORDMyra281 Main Road Glascote
1011CLIFFORDStanley237 Main Road Glascote
1726CLIFFORDSusan Jane28 Argyle St Glascote
1011CLIFFORDThomas Howard237 Main Road Glascote
1114CLIFFORDWinnefred281 Main Road Glascote
11517COATESRobert40 Green Lane
5711COCKERAMSamuel59 Main Road
5711COCKERAMAnnie59 Main Road
5711COCKERAMJohn59 Main Road
5711COCKERAMFlory59 Main Road
5711COCKERAMWilliam59 Main Road
5711COCKERAMSam59 Main Road
5711COCKERAMEdward59 Main Road
5711COCKERAMPolly59 Main Road
5711COCKERAMHenry59 Main Road
4535COFFEEWilliam5 Engine Lane
11517COLEWilliam Thos.46 Green Lane
11517COLEMartha P.46 Green Lane
11824COLLABYTom13 New Road
11824COLLABYEliza13 New Road
11824COLLABYWilliam T.13 New Road
11824COLLABYJohn E.13 New Road
534COLLEDGEWilliam John20 Main Road
534COLLEDGEEmma20 Main Road
545COLLEDGEWilliam Edward20 Main Road
545COLLEDGELucy Ellen20 Main Road
1084COLLERLEY?Matilda77 Watling Street
1084COLLERLEY?Nellie77 Watling Street
1084COLLERLEY?William Thos.77 Watling Street
1084COLLERLEY?Maud77 Watling Street
1084COLLERLEY?Harriett77 Watling Street
1084COLLERLEY?John L.77 Watling Street
1084COLLERLEY?Elsie May77 Watling Street
294COLLETTAnnie126 Main Road Glascote
294COLLETTAnnie128 Main Road Glascote
294COLLETTElijah S.128 Main Road Glascote
294COLLETTGeorge128 Main Road Glascote
294COLLETTLeonard128 Main Road Glascote
294COLLETTRhoda128 Main Road Glascote
294COLLETTSarah126 Main Road Glascote
294COLLETTWalter126 Main Road Glascote
294COLLETTWilliam A.128 Main Road Glascote
4841COLLETTGeorgeWharf Cottage
4841COLLETTAnnaWharf Cottage
1011COLLINSEdith239 Main Road Glascote
2338COLLINSMary JanePerry Crofts Ashby Road
4128COLLINSGeorge41 East View
4128COLLINSLilly41 East View
4128COLLINSSarah41 East View
4128COLLINSMary41 East View
4128COLLINSMinnie41 East View
4128COLLINSGeorge41 East View
4128COLLINSJohn A.41 East View
4128COLLINSElsie41 East View
4128COLLINSFlorrie41 East View
10250COLLINSMary AnnTamworth Road Belgrave
12028COLLINSThomas3 Hemmming's Yard
12028COLLINSMary3 Hemmming's Yard
12028COLLINSJohn3 Hemmming's Yard
12028COLLINSMary3 Hemmming's Yard
12028COLLINSMatilda3 Hemmming's Yard
12028COLLINSSamuel4 Hemmming's Yard
12028COLLINSJames4 Hemmming's Yard
12028COLLINSJoseph4 Hemmming's Yard
12028COLLINSGeorge4 Hemmming's Yard
12742COLLINSHarry13 Turf Terrace
12742COLLINSLillian L.13 Turf Terrace
12742COLLINSRose L.13 Turf Terrace
12742COLLINSJames13 Turf Terrace
12742COLLINSPercy H.13 Turf Terrace
11619COLLOBYCatherine80 Smithy Lane
11619COLLOBYJoseph80 Smithy Lane
11620COLLOBYGeorge80 Smithy Lane
88COLLOLYJohnTamworth Isolation Hospital
1930COMPTONAnna28 New Street Glascote
1930COMPTONJames28 New Street Glascote
1930COMPTONSarah28 New Street Glascote
1930COMPTONWilliam28 New Street Glascote
3924COMPTONSamuel12 East View
3924COMPTONEmily12 East View
3924COMPTONJessie12 East View
3924COMPTONEmily12 East View
3924COMPTONSarah A.12 East View
11721CONDLINThomas50 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721CONDLINMary Ann50 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721CONDLINBeatrice50 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11722CONDLINFredk.50 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11722CONDLINMaud50 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
3720COOKMary Ann284 Main Road
293COOKEBetsy114 Main Road Glascote
293COOKEJames A.114 Main Road Glascote
557COOKEAlice Heap?34 Main Road
6527COOKEJohn92 Cross Street
6527COOKEEmma92 Cross Street
6527COOKEJoseph Fern92 Cross Street
6528COOKEDaniel Fern92 Cross Street
6528COOKEMaud Ellen Fern92 Cross Street
7037COOKEElsie Kate9 Orchard Street
7242COOKEThomas23 West Street
7242COOKEAmelia23 West Street
7242COOKEPhyllis Mary23 West Street
7242COOKEFrancis Saul23 West Street
7242COOKEGertrude Edith23 West Street
7242COOKEFrances Sarah Ann23 West Street
7242COOKEFrederick Thos.23 West Street
7242COOKEAnn Amelia23 West Street
7242COOKEJoseph Henry23 West Street
7242COOKEGeorge24 West Street
7242COOKEMatilda24 West Street
7242COOKEJohn24 West Street
7242COOKEFrederick24 West Street
7242COOKELucy24 West Street
7343COOKEOliver24 West Street
7343COOKEErnest24 West Street
7343COOKEGeorge24 West Street
12640COOKEGeorge3 Turf Terrace
12640COOKEFanny3 Turf Terrace
12640COOKEWilliam G.3 Turf Terrace
6324COOMBEWilliam10 Cross Street
6324COOMBEEmily10 Cross Street
2031COOMBESCharles Henry21 New Street Glascote
2031COOMBESEmma21 New Street Glascote
2031COOMBESLucy21 New Street Glascote
2031COOMBESPriscilla21 New Street Glascote
2031COOMBESSam.21 New Street Glascote
2031COOMBESThomas21 New Street Glascote
4025COOPERThomas21 East View
4025COOPERHannah21 East View
4025COOPERWilliam J.21 East View
4229COOPERJames400 Main Road
4229COOPERMary J.400 Main Road
4229COOPERGeorge W.400 Main Road
4229COOPERLaura H.400 Main Road
4229COOPERViolet400 Main Road
4229COOPERElsie400 Main Road
4433COOPERWilliam536 Main Road
4433COOPERLily536 Main Road
4433COOPERLottie B.536 Main Road
4433COOPERJohn W.536 Main Road
4433COOPERCarrie536 Main Road
4433COOPERSamuelMain Road
4433COOPERLucyMain Road
4434COOPERSamuelMain Road
4434COOPERFrederickMain Road
6731COOPERThomas74 Cross Street
6731COOPERFlorence Fanny74 Cross Street
782COOPERJosephQueen's Head Inn
782COOPERMaryQueen's Head Inn
782COOPERMary W.Queen's Head Inn
9025COOPERThomas442 Watling Street
9229COOPERWalterDosthill House Lodge
9229COOPERSarah A.Dosthill House Lodge
9331COOPERThomas15 Tamworth Road
9331COOPERHarriett15 Tamworth Road
9331COOPERMinnie15 Tamworth Road
9331COOPEREdith15 Tamworth Road
1828COPEJames39 New Street Glascote
3515COPEJoy272 Main Road Glascote
7038COPEJohnOrchard Street
9638COPEThomas21 Lunn's Row
10046COPEAmos53 Belgrave Road
10046COPECharley53 Belgrave Road
10251COPEWilliamPerrin's Offices
1096COPECharlesGlebe Inn 91 Watling St.
11722COPEJames46 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
6323COPELANDWilliam.18 Cross Street
6323COPELANDMary Ann18 Cross Street
6323COPELANDFrederick 18 Cross Street
6323COPELANDJohn18 Cross Street
6323COPELANDEmma18 Cross Street
6323COPELANDKate Ellen18 Cross Street
6323COPELANDElsie May18 Cross Street
6629COPELANDThirzaCross Street
569CORRALLWilliam49 Main Road
569CORRALLRosanna49 Main Road
569CORRALLWilliam Thos.49 Main Road
7242CORRINGTONAnnie22 West Street
8312COTONSarah287 Tamworth Lane
8312COTONArthur287 Tamworth Lane
8312COTONNellie287 Tamworth Lane
8312COTONHarry287 Tamworth Lane
9535COTONFrederickTamworth Road
9535COTONHannahTamworth Road
9535COTONMary A.Tamworth Road
9535COTONLousiaTamworth Road
7038COTTERILLCharles1 West Street
7038COTTERILLEuphemia1 West Street
7038COTTERILLWinifred Mary1 West Street
7343COTTERILLThomasWest Street
7343COTTERILLEmmaWest Street
7343COTTERILLHenryWest Street
7343COTTERILLMinnieWest Street
7343COTTERILLThomasWest Street
7343COTTERILLErnestWest Street
7343COTTERILLArthurWest Street
7343COTTERILLEdwardWest Street
7343COTTERILLWalterWest Street
11925COTTERILLWalter19 New Road
11925COTTERILLSarah19 New Road
11925COTTERILLAda19 New Road
11925COTTERILLWilliam19 New Road
11925COTTERILLJohn19 New Road
11925COTTERILLKate19 New Road
11925COTTERILLMaggie19 New Road
11925COTTERILLJoe19 New Road
1726COXJane30 Argyle St Glascote
1726COXMargaretta Jane?30 Argyle St Glascote
1726COXNathaniel30 Argyle St Glascote
12231COXJames78 Hockley Road
805CRANERichard5 Sheeton's Yard
11926CRANEWalter W.33 New Road
2439CRANSTOUNJeanPerry Crofts
12334CRESSWELLWilliam124 Hockley Road
12334CRESSWELLSarah A.124 Hockley Road
12334CRESSWELLEthel B.124 Hockley Road
12334CRESSWELLAnnie124 Hockley Road
12334CRESSWELLEdie124 Hockley Road
12334CRESSWELLWilliam A.124 Hockley Road
12334CRESSWELLJesse124 Hockley Road
12334CRESSWELLHarry124 Hockley Road
12435CRESSWELLAlbert214 Hockley Road
12435CRESSWELLMary214 Hockley Road
12435CRESSWELLEdith B.214 Hockley Road
12435CRESSWELLIsabella214 Hockley Road
12435CRESSWELLRuth214 Hockley Road
12435CRESSWELLAlbert214 Hockley Road
12435CRESSWELLPercy214 Hockley Road
12640CRESSWELLJames T.5 Turf Terrace
12640CRESSWELLSarah5 Turf Terrace
12640CRESSWELLRobert5 Turf Terrace
12640CRESSWELLDoris5 Turf Terrace
12640CRESSWELLIsabel5 Turf Terrace
12640CRESSWELLJames A.5 Turf Terrace
12640CRESSWELLGeorge W.5 Turf Terrace
12640CRESSWELLSydney5 Turf Terrace
12640CRESSWELLElsie5 Turf Terrace
12742CRESSWELLMariaTurf Terrace
88CRISPEmilyTamworth Isolation Hospital
2134CROFTSAnnie2 John Street Glascote
2134CROFTSAnnie2 John Street Glascote
2134CROFTSEmma Louise2 John Street Glascote
2134CROFTSJohn2 John Street Glascote
9535CROFTSJosephTamworth Road
6323CROSTONFrank 15 Cross Street
4841CROWSHAWArthurBottom Lock House
4841CROWSHAWEmmaBottom Lock House
4841CROWSHAWJosephBottom Lock House
4841CROWSHAWSarah J.Bottom Lock House
4841CROWSHAWAlbert E.Bottom Lock House
4841CROWSHAWEmma G.Bottom Lock House
4841CROWSHAWArthurBottom Lock House
4841CROWSHAWThomasBottom Lock House
6528CRUTCHLEYCharles Edwd.Cross Street
6629CRUTCHLEYElizabeth AnnieCross Street
6629CRUTCHLEYLilianCross Street
6629CRUTCHLEYHarold ErnestCross Street
6629CRUTCHLEYArthur ThomasCross Street
6629CRUTCHLEYAlbert WarhamCross Street
1521CUMMINGSAnnie22 Diamond Row Glascote
1521CUMMINGSPatrick22 Diamond Row Glascote
11416CURETONMaryWilnecote House
12945DACKS or DECKSAlfred9 Tame Valley Terrace
12945DACKS or DECKSAnnie9 Tame Valley Terrace
12945DACKS or DECKSFrances9 Tame Valley Terrace
12945DACKS or DECKSEnid9 Tame Valley Terrace
12945DACKS or DECKSWinnifred9 Tame Valley Terrace
3311DAKINHerbert W.48 Bamford Street
3311DAKINAmy R.48 Bamford Street
3311DAKINHerbert G. H.48 Bamford Street
3311DAKINHarvey J.48 Bamford Street
4536DALEJoseph A.14 Engine Lane
4536DALETeresa J.14 Engine Lane
5610DALEMary Agnes53 Main Road
5610DALEJoseph53 Main Road
5916DALEJohnWoodbine Cottage
5916DALEKeziaWoodbine Cottage
5916DALEJohn WilliamWoodbine Cottage
5916DALEMay KeziaWoodbine Cottage
5916DALEAliceWoodbine Cottage
5916DALELeslieWoodbine Cottage
5916DALEAmy EvelynWoodbine Cottage
5916DALERaymondWoodbine Cottage
6221DALTONWilliam27 Cross Street
6222DALTONBetsy27 Cross Street
6222DALTONWinifred27 Cross Street
9332DALTONWilliam10 Tamworth Road
9332DALTONClara10 Tamworth Road
9332DALTONGeorge10 Tamworth Road
5813DARLINGFrederick67 Main Road
5813DARLINGAnnie67 Main Road
5813DARLINGAgnes67 Main Road
5813DARLINGAnnie67 Main Road
5813DARLINGEthel67 Main Road
5813DARLINGGrace67 Main Road
5813DARLINGFredk.67 Main Road
5813DARLINGFrank67 Main Road
5813DARLINGWalter67 Main Road
5813DARLINGDora67 Main Road
7445DAVIESJohn36 West Street
7445DAVIESSarah36 West Street
7445DAVIESJohn Henry36 West Street
7445DAVIESHomer36 West Street
7445DAVIESEdith36 West Street
1095DAVIESJames85 Watling Street
2134DAVISAgnes6 New Street Glascote
1827DAVISAlbert22 Argyle St Glascote
2134DAVISAlfred6 New Street Glascote
2032DAVISAlice 12 New Street Glascote
1827DAVISAnne22 Argyle St Glascote
76DAVISAnnie R.10 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
1827DAVISBeaty22 Argyle St Glascote
2134DAVISCharles6 New Street Glascote
1827DAVISDaisy22 Argyle St Glascote
1827DAVISElsie22 Argyle St Glascote
2032DAVISElsie12 New Street Glascote
2032DAVISEvelyn12 New Street Glascote
1827DAVISFlorie22 Argyle St Glascote
1827DAVISGeorge22 Argyle St Glascote
2032DAVISHarry12 New Street Glascote
1318DAVISJessie383 Main Road Glascote
2134DAVISJohn6 New Street Glascote
2032DAVISJohn Henry12 New Street Glascote
2134DAVISMary6 New Street Glascote
1827DAVISMary Ann22 Argyle St Glascote
1827DAVISSidney22 Argyle St Glascote
76DAVISThomas10 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
2134DAVISThomas6 New Street Glascote
1827DAVISWilliam22 Argyle St Glascote
4536DAVISArthur12 Engine Lane
4536DAVISMinnie J.12 Engine Lane
4637DAVISFrederick33 Engine Lane
4637DAVISEmily33 Engine Lane
4637DAVISJohn1 New Road
4637DAVISEliza1 New Road
4637DAVISWalter1 New Road
4637DAVISGeorge1 New Road
4637DAVISDavid3 New Road
4637DAVISMary A.3 New Road
4637DAVISDavid G.3 New Road
4638DAVISGladys M.3 New Road
4638DAVISHenry W.5 New Road
4638DAVISKate W.5 New Road
4638DAVISNelly W.5 New Road
4638DAVISDorothy F.5 New Road
4739DAVISFrederick10 New Road
4739DAVISBeatrice10 New Road
4739DAVISElsie M.10 New Road
6222DAVISJohn21 Cross Street
6222DAVISHarriet Elizabeth21 Cross Street
6222DAVISWilliam John21 Cross Street
6222DAVISArthur Thomas21 Cross Street
6222DAVISAlbert Cecil21 Cross Street
6222DAVISAlbert Charles21 Cross Street
6222DAVISGeorge Ernest21 Cross Street
6222DAVISHerbert Sidney21 Cross Street
6222DAVISEdith Annie21 Cross Street
6222DAVISWilliam21 Cross Street
8210DAVISCatherine162 Watling Street
8210DAVISGeorge162 Watling Street
8210DAVISThomas162 Watling Street
8210DAVISJohn162 Watling Street
8210DAVISWilliam162 Watling Street
8210DAVISAlfred162 Watling Street
9229DAVISAlbertBulls Head Inn
9229DAVISEmmaBulls Head Inn
9229DAVISAlbertBulls Head Inn
9229DAVISArthurBulls Head Inn
9229DAVISEmilyBulls Head Inn
9229DAVISFlorenceBulls Head Inn
9229DAVISLouisaBulls Head Inn
9229DAVISGeorgeBulls Head Inn
1071DAVISJohnWatling Street
1071DAVISAnn West?Watling Street
1107DAVISHenryHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1107DAVISFlorenceHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108DAVISWilliam HenryHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1119DAVISWilliam169 Gloucester Terrace
1119DAVISMatilda169 Gloucester Terrace
1119DAVISAlice169 Gloucester Terrace
1119DAVISFrances169 Gloucester Terrace
1119DAVISGeorge169 Gloucester Terrace
1119DAVISAgnes169 Gloucester Terrace
1119DAVISNellie169 Gloucester Terrace
1119DAVISSidney169 Gloucester Terrace
1119DAVISBernard169 Gloucester Terrace
11313DAVISFredk. Wm.19 Smithy Lane
11313DAVISHarriet Maria19 Smithy Lane
11313DAVISCyril Horace19 Smithy Lane
11313DAVISHarold19 Smithy Lane
11314DAWSON?Edwin33 Smithy Lane
11314DAWSON?Mary J.33 Smithy Lane
11314DAWSON?Miriam E.33 Smithy Lane
11314DAWSON?Sarah Elizth.33 Smithy Lane
11314DAWSON?Lily Jane33 Smithy Lane
11314DAWSON?Evelyn33 Smithy Lane
11314DAWSON?Albert33 Smithy Lane
317DAYArthur254 Main Road Glascote
317DAYBeatrice A.254 Main Road Glascote
317DAYBetsy254 Main Road Glascote
293DAYFanny118 Main Road Glascote
293DAYSamuel118 Main Road Glascote
317DAYWonifred?254 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYCharles274 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYElizabeth H.274 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYCharles W.274 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYElsie M.274 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYFlorence J.274 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYHerbert274 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYDora274 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYJoseph278 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYMartha278 Main Road Glascote
3515DAYFlorrie278 Main Road Glascote
3516DAYBeatrice278 Main Road Glascote
3618DAYHenry11 Nevill Street
3618DAYHarriett A.11 Nevill Street
3618DAYWilliam H.11 Nevill Street
3618DAYEdith11 Nevill Street
3618DAYMyra11 Nevill Street
3618DAYSam11 Nevill Street
3618DAYFrank11 Nevill Street
3618DAYJessie14 Nevill Street
3822DAYJoseph4 East View
3822DAYAmelia4 East View
3822DAYJoseph4 East View
3822DAYRose4 East View
3822DAYWilliam4 East View
3822DAYJames4 East View
3822DAYClara4 East View
3822DAYGeorge4 East View
3822DAYMay4 East View
3822DAYHorace4 East View
3822DAYAda4 East View
9026DAYThomas20 Dosthill Road
9026DAYSarah20 Dosthill Road
9026DAYJoseph20 Dosthill Road
1012DEAKINArthur259 Main Road Glascote
1012DEAKINGeorge259 Main Road Glascote
329DEAKINJane28 Bamford Street
2235DEAKINJohn8 John Street Glascote
329DEAKINLucy28 Bamford Street
329DEAKINLucy30 Bamford Street
329DEAKINMary30 Bamford Street
329DEAKINMillie28 Bamford Street
329DEAKINMillie30 Bamford Street
329DEAKINRowland30 Bamford Street
2235DEAKINSarah8 John Street Glascote
5813DEAKINJohn70 Main Road
5813DEAKINEdith70 Main Road
1012DEEMINGGeorge247 Main Road Glascote
1827DEEMINGHarold14 Argyle St Glascote
1012DEEMINGMary247 Main Road Glascote
1827DEEMINGMary Ann14 Argyle St Glascote
1827DEEMINGOwen14 Argyle St Glascote
1827DEEMINGSamuel14 Argyle St Glascote
1012DEEMINGWalter247 Main Road Glascote
3210DEEMINGWilliam46 Bamford Street
3210DEEMINGSarah J.46 Bamford Street
3210DEEMINGWilliam46 Bamford Street
3210DEEMINGIda46 Bamford Street
3311DEEMINGWestley46 Bamford Street
3311DEEMINGErnest46 Bamford Street
3311DEEMINGMabel46 Bamford Street
11926DEEMINGThomas31 New Road
11926DEEMINGAnnie31 New Road
11926DEEMINGSamuel T.31 New Road
533DELLMosesLamb Inn
533DELLAda ElizabethLamb Inn
533DELLFrederick MosesLamb Inn
533DELLWilliam ErnestLamb Inn
533DELLGeorge HenryLamb Inn
533DELLHilda GraceLamb Inn
533DELLClarisa IreneLamb Inn
1930DENNISAda25 New Street Glascote
1930DENNISElizabeth25 New Street Glascote
1930DENNISJoseph25 New Street Glascote
1930DENNISMary Ann25 New Street Glascote
1930DENNISThomas25 New Street Glascote
1930DENNISThomas25 New Street Glascote
4229DENNISFrank396 Main Road
4229DENNISSarah396 Main Road
4229DENNISFrank396 Main Road
4229DENNISSydney396 Main Road
4229DENNISArthur396 Main Road
4229DENNISBertie396 Main Road
4229DENNISHenrietta396 Main Road
318DENTCharlotte M.Off Beer Licence Main Road
318DENTRoseOff Beer Licence Main Road
318DENTSamuelOff Beer Licence Main Road
545DENTWilliam Thos.23 Main Road
545DENTAgnes Gertrude23 Main Road
545DENTCharlotte Margt.23 Main Road
545DENTFlorence Louisa23 Main Road
545DENTAlice Maud23 Main Road
558DENTAda Ann44 Main Road
6017DENTWilliam91 Main Road
6017DENTSarah91 Main Road
2133DEWISThomas7 New Street Glascote
2439DICKERNRosamundThe Lodge Ashby Road
2337DIXElizabeth Mary Ann6 School Street Glascote
2337DIXFlorence Mabel6 School Street Glascote
2337DIXRuth England6 School Street Glascote
2337DIXSarah6 School Street Glascote
2337DIXWilliam David6 School Street Glascote
12639DIXRobert J.Wenlock Place
12639DIXAnnie M.Wenlock Place
12639DIXElizabethWenlock Place
12639DIXJosephWenlock Place
12639DIXAnnie M.Wenlock Place
12639DIXGeorgeWenlock Place
1930DIXONThomas John29 New Street Glascote
12945DIXONRobert11 Tame Valley Terrace
9740DODWELLJohn328 Tamworth Road
9740DODWELLElizabeth328 Tamworth Road
9740DODWELLHenry328 Tamworth Road
9740DODWELLWilliam328 Tamworth Road
9740DODWELLJohn328 Tamworth Road
4740DOHERTYThomasCaffs Lane
781DOOLEYMaryWilnecote Hall
793DOOLEYSidney L.22 the Croft
793DOOLEYGeorge A.24 the Croft
793DOOLEYAlice24 the Croft
8413DOOLEYFrank R.225 Watling Street
8413DOOLEYSarah E.225 Watling Street
1096DOOLEYFredk. Robt.93 Watling Street
1096DOOLEYAgnes May93 Watling Street
1096DOOLEYBernard Andrew?93 Watling Street
11517DOOLEYJohnGreen Lane
11517DOOLEYTabithaGreen Lane
11518DOOLEYElsieGreen Lane
11518DOOLEYGeorgeGreen Lane
11518DOOLEYMaryGreen Lane
5916DOUGLAS GeorgeWoodbine Cottage
75DOWNESWilliam10 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
546DOWNSArthur28a Main Road
546DOWNSJane28a Main Road
546DOWNSIvy28a Main Road
546DOWNSAlice28a Main Road
557DOWNSCharles37 Main Road
557DOWNSCatherine37 Main Road
557DOWNSHorace`37 Main Road
557DOWNSErnest37 Main Road
12232DRAKEWilliam98 Hockley Road
12232DRAKEBertha98 Hockley Road
12232DRAKEBertha H.98 Hockley Road
545DUFFYCatherineGrantley House
6018DUFFYSusanah48 Cross Street
6018DUFFYJoseph48 Cross Street
6018DUFFYSamuel48 Cross Street
6018DUFFYEmily48 Cross Street
6018DUFFYFrances48 Cross Street
6018DUFFYAlfred48 Cross Street
6119DUFFYWilliam48 Cross Street
6119DUFFYLizzie48 Cross Street
6119DUFFYJohn48 Cross Street
7140DUFFYJohn11 West Street
7140DUFFYElizabeth11 West Street
7140DUFFYWilliam11 West Street
7140DUFFYJohn11 West Street
2236DUMBLETON John19 John Street Glascote
6528DUNSTONEJames91 Cross Street
6528DUNSTONEJane91 Cross Street
6528DUNSTONEAgnes91 Cross Street
6528DUNSTONEEllen91 Cross Street
9025DUPEUS?Neale442 Watling Street
11620DUTTONEmma80 Smithy Lane
11620DUTTONHarold80 Smithy Lane
3618DYKEEdward W.12 Nevill Street
3618DYKECharles12 Nevill Street
3618DYKEWilfred12 Nevill Street
3618DYKEAlbert12 Nevill Street
4229DYKEEdward56 Main Road
8210EARPKate213 Watling Street
12231EARPHenry84 Hockley Road
12231EARPCaroline84 Hockley Road
12231EARPAbraham84 Hockley Road
12231EARPClara84 Hockley Road
12231EARPLucy84 Hockley Road
12231EARPMay84 Hockley Road
12232EARPJohn102 Hockley Road
12338EARPArthur112 Hockley Road
12338EARPJane112 Hockley Road
12338EARPArthur112 Hockley Road
12334EARPJoseph128 Hockley Road
12334EARPSarah128 Hockley Road
12334EARPFrank128 Hockley Road
12334EARPSarah128 Hockley Road
12334EARPAlfred128 Hockley Road
12334EARPAlbert128 Hockley Road
1623EATONAda501 Main Road Glascote
1623EATONJane501 Main Road Glascote
1623EATONLizie501 Main Road Glascote
1623EATONSarah Elizabeth501 Main Road Glascote
1623EATONTom501 Main Road Glascote
1623EATONWilliam501 Main Road Glascote
4841EDDENFredk. C.The Canal Locks
12028EDGINGTONJames5 Hemmming's Yard
12028EDGINGTONAlice5 Hemmming's Yard
12028EDGINGTONJohn5 Hemmming's Yard
12028EDGINGTONElizabeth5 Hemmming's Yard
12028EDGINGTONRose5 Hemmming's Yard
11619EDNEYMay53 Green Lane
12945EDNEYBenjamin11 Tame Valley Terrace
12945EDNEYEliza11 Tame Valley Terrace
12945EDNEYDavid11 Tame Valley Terrace
12945EDNEYJohn J.11 Tame Valley Terrace
12945EDNEYTom11 Tame Valley Terrace
9331EDWARDSJohn13 Tamworth Road
9331EDWARDSJohn W.13 Tamworth Road
1726ELLISSarah Ann24 Argyle St Glascote
8617ELLSONJohn351 Rose Cottages
8617ELLSONHannah351 Rose Cottages
8617ELLSONEthel351 Rose Cottages
8617ELLSONArthur J.351 Rose Cottages
11517ELLSONArthurGreen Lane
11517ELLSONEdith EmilyGreen Lane
11517ELLSONHerbert ArthurGreen Lane
11517ELLSONJohn WilliamGreen Lane
11517ELLSONLeonardGreen Lane
11926ELLSONSarah87 Hockley Road
11926ELLSONHerbert87 Hockley Road
12129ELLSONWilliam139 Hockley Road
12129ELLSONRosanna139 Hockley Road
12129ELLSONSydney139 Hockley Road
12129ELLSONGeorge W.139 Hockley Road
12129ELLSONDora A.139 Hockley Road
12129ELLSONLucy139 Hockley Road
6324ELSONGeorge9 Cross Street
6324ELSONEmma9 Cross Street
7140EMERYReuben10 West Street
7140EMERYMary10 West Street
7140EMERYAnnie10 West Street
7140EMERYJohn10 West Street
7140EMERYHenry10 West Street
7140EMERYNelly10 West Street
7140EMERYFrederick10 West Street
2235ENGLANDPercy Geo.11 John Street Glascote
99EVANSElla May225 Main Road Glascote
99EVANSMary Emma225 Main Road Glascote
99EVANSRobert James225 Main Road Glascote
99EVANSSarah225 Main Road Glascote
99EVANSSydney Jas.225 Main Road Glascote
99EVANSWilliam Henry225 Main Road Glascote
3413EVANSHenry15 Bamford Street
3413EVANSCaroline15 Bamford Street
3413EVANSRosina15 Bamford Street
3515EVANSAlbert J.272 Main Road Glascote
3515EVANSEdith272 Main Road Glascote
3515EVANSEdith M.272 Main Road Glascote
3515EVANSJohn H.272 Main Road Glascote
3515EVANSEthel M.272 Main Road Glascote
8311EVANSThomas176 Watling Street
8311EVANSMary A.176 Watling Street
8311EVANSRobert176 Watling Street
8311EVANSAnnie176 Watling Street
8311EVANSMary A.176 Watling Street
8311EVANSAlice176 Watling Street
8311EVANSEmma176 Watling Street
8311EVANSBeatrice A.176 Watling Street
8311EVANSJohn176 Watling Street
8311EVANSFrancis176 Watling Street
8720EVANSThomas457 Watling Street
8720EVANSEmma457 Watling Street
8720EVANSRobert457 Watling Street
8720EVANSJohn457 Watling Street
9127EVANSWilliam J.4 Clear? Street Square?
9127EVANSJoyicina?4 Clear? Street Square?
9127EVANSWilliam T.4 Clear? Street Square?
9127EVANSMary H.4 Clear? Street Square?
9127EVANSHarriett4 Clear? Street Square?
9127EVANSMartha E.4 Clear? Street Square?
9127EVANSJoshua4 Clear? Street Square?
9127EVANSSarah A.4 Clear? Street Square?
9637EVANSAnnTamworth Road
5814EVERETTCaroline78 Main Road
5915EVERETTAlbert Wm. Thos.78 Main Road
5915EVERETTAda E.78 Main Road
5915EVERETTCarrie78 Main Road
5915EVERETTDean Henry79 Main Road
5915EVERETTOlinda? Kate79 Main Road
5915EVERETTEdith79 Main Road
5915EVERETTRose Beatrice79 Main Road
5915EVERETTKate May79 Main Road
5915EVERETTWilliam Geo.79 Main Road
5915EVERETTMarian Elizth.79 Main Road
5915EVERETTArthur Dean79 Main Road
5915EVERETTFredk. Albert79 Main Road
5915EVERETTGeorge Henry79 Main Road
1095EVITTSJohn2 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1095EVITTSJane2 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1095EVITTSAda2 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1095EVITTSJohn2 Moor's Yard Watling St.
558FACEYMark41 Main Road
558FACEYEmma41 Main Road
558FACEYEdith Jane41 Main Road
558FACEYLionel41 Main Road
558FACEYWilliam Mark41 Main Road
558FACEYMabel41 Main Road
4433FAIRFIELDArthur534 Main Road
4433FAIRFIELDAnnie E.534 Main Road
4433FAIRFIELDEthel534 Main Road
4433FAIRFIELDArthur534 Main Road
10046FAIRFIELDEdward53 Belgrave Road
10046FAIRFIELDJane53 Belgrave Road
10147FAIRFIELDThos. E.67 Belgrave Road
10147FAIRFIELDSusan67 Belgrave Road
10147FAIRFIELDJoyce67 Belgrave Road
1083FAIRFIELDAlfredWatling Street
1083FAIRFIELDLouisaWatling Street
9638FALLFIELDHenry15 Wharf Row
9638FALLFIELDMary A.15 Wharf Row
9638FALLFIELDAlice15 Wharf Row
9638FALLFIELDEdward15 Wharf Row
9638FALLFIELDEva15 Wharf Row
9638FALLFIELDJohn H.15 Wharf Row
3414FANNENGeorge3 Bamford Street
3414FANNENJulia3 Bamford Street
3414FANNENGeorge3 Bamford Street
3414FANNENAlfred3 Bamford Street
3414FANNENAnnie3 Bamford Street
3414FANNENSydney3 Bamford Street
3414FANNENDoris3 Bamford Street
3414FANNENAlbert3 Bamford Street
64FARMERAnnWye Cottages Amington Road
805FARNDONDaisy L.58 Watling Street
8413FARNDONCharles227 Watling Street
8413FARNDONRhoda227 Watling Street
8413FARNDONFrank227 Watling Street
64FAULKNERAlfred21 Bolehall
64FAULKNERAnnie21 Bolehall
64FAULKNERElizabeth21 Bolehall
64FAULKNERElsie May21 Bolehall
2133FAULKNEREthel8 New Street Glascote
64FAULKNERFlorence Rose21 Bolehall
317FAULKNERFrances C.11 Anchor Row
317FAULKNERJarvis11 Anchor Row
317FAULKNERJohn11 Anchor Row
317FAULKNERMinnie11 Anchor Row
64FAULKNERMinnie Oreloria21 Bolehall
317FAULKNERWilliam11 Anchor Row
5711FAULKNERAnnie60 Main Road
5711FAULKNERThomas60 Main Road
5711FAULKNERWalter Wm.60 Main Road
5711FAULKNERWilliam Henry60 Main Road
6120FAULKNERCharles43 Cross Street
6120FAULKNERElizabeth43 Cross Street
6120FAULKNERMary Ann43 Cross Street
6120FAULKNERAlice43 Cross Street
6120FAULKNERCharles William43 Cross Street
6120FAULKNERElsie43 Cross Street
6120FAULKNERFlory43 Cross Street
6120FAULKNERWalter43 Cross Street
6426FAULKNERFrancis F. S.49 Cross Street
6426FAULKNEREliza49 Cross Street
6426FAULKNERFrank49 Cross Street
6426FAULKNERSidney49 Cross Street
6426FAULKNERElsie Jane49 Cross Street
6426FAULKNERHorace49 Cross Street
6426FAULKNERLizzie49 Cross Street
6426FAULKNERAnnie49 Cross Street
6629FAULKNERThomas81 Cross Street
6629FAULKNERJane81 Cross Street
6629FAULKNERHenrietta81 Cross Street
6629FAULKNERThomas81 Cross Street
6629FAULKNERHerbert81 Cross Street
6629FAULKNERElsie81 Cross Street
7343FAULKNERThomas27 West Street
7343FAULKNERRosa27 West Street
7343FAULKNERAnnie27 West Street
7343FAULKNERRosa27 West Street
7343FAULKNERThomas27 West Street
11416FAWCETTWilliamTinkers Green
11416FAWCETTJaneTinkers Green
11416FAWCETTEdithTinkers Green
11416FAWCETTCharleyTinkers Green
11416FAWCETTPhillisTinkers Green
11416FAWCETTFlorryTinkers Green
11416FAWCETTFredTinkers Green
88FENNHilderTamworth Isolation Hospital
4739FENNELLMargaretMore Burgess ? Farm
4739FENNELLElsieMore Burgess ? Farm
4740FENNELLJamesMore Burgess ? Farm
4740FENNELLFredMore Burgess ? Farm
2439FIELDINGHannahThe Lodge Ashby Road
9128FINCHAlfred8 Clear? Street Square?
9128FINCHLucy8 Clear? Street Square?
9128FINCHHannah8 Clear? Street Square?
9128FINCHLucy?8 Clear? Street Square?
294FINNJohn P.134 Main Road Glascote
2134FINNEYAlice5 New Street Glascote
2134FINNEYAlice5 New Street Glascote
2134FINNEYElsie5 New Street Glascote
2134FINNEYThomas5 New Street Glascote
2134FINNEYThomas5 New Street Glascote
817FINNEYJoseph78 Watling Street
817FINNEYDorothy78 Watling Street
817FINNEYHannah J.78 Watling Street
4230FISHERMary A.Birchills
4535FISHERNellie E.6 Engine Lane
1420FITCHAmy473 Main Road Glascote
1420FITCHJohn473 Main Road Glascote
3312FITCHThomas B.95 Bamford Street
3312FITCHAnnie T.95 Bamford Street
3312FITCHMargaret E.95 Bamford Street
3312FITCHThomas B.95 Bamford Street
3312FITCHAda E.95 Bamford Street
4230FITCHAlbert E.Mill House
4230FITCHBride H.Mill House
4230FITCHIrene J.Mill House
4230FITCHPhilip N. B.Mill House
522FLANAGANBernard10 Main Road
522FLANAGANJulia Tisia10 Main Road
522FLANAGANThomas10 Main Road
522FLANAGANErnest J.10 Main Road
522FLANAGANJohn10 Main Road
75FLORENDINEAlfred John10 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75FLORENDINECatherine Mary10 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75FLORENDINEEdith Emma10 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75FLORENDINEEmma10 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
1624FLORENDINEEthel May7 Argyle St Glascote
75FLORENDINEGeorge Edman10 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
1624FLORENDINEHarold7 Argyle St Glascote
88FLORENDINEHerbert SamuelTamworth Isolation Hospital
88FLORENDINEMargaret AliceTamworth Isolation Hospital
1624FLORENDINEMary Ann7 Argyle St Glascote
88FLORENDINEMinnie JaneTamworth Isolation Hospital
1624FLORENDINESidney7 Argyle St Glascote
1624FLORENDINEStanley7 Argyle St Glascote
1624FLORENDINEThomas7 Argyle St Glascote
75FLORENDINEWilliam10 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
1624FLORENDINEWilliam George7 Argyle St Glascote
4433FLORENDINESamuel522 Main Road
4638FLORENDINEEdmund8 New Road
4638FLORENDINESarah J.8 New Road
4638FLORENDINEEdith8 New Road
4638FLORENDINERose M.8 New Road
4638FLORENDINEErnest8 New Road
4638FLORENDINEArthur8 New Road
4638FLORENDINEEthel8 New Road
4638FLORENDINEAlice8 New Road
4740FLORENDINEWilliamCaffs Lane
4740FLORENDINESarah A.Caffs Lane
4637FLOWERElizabeth1 New Road
4637FLOWERDavid J.1 New Road
317FLOWERSEttie E.248 Main Road Glascote
317FLOWERSSarah248 Main Road Glascote
317FLOWERSWilliam R.248 Main Road Glascote
317FORDMary A.250 Main Road Glascote
4128FORDThomas42 East View
294FOSTERAgnes134 Main Road Glascote
1930FOSTERCaroline26 New Street Glascote
1930FOSTERCharles26 New Street Glascote
294FOSTERElsie134 Main Road Glascote
1930FOSTEREva Loraine26 New Street Glascote
294FOSTERHarriet134 Main Road Glascote
294FOSTERWilliam G.134 Main Road Glascote
557FOULKESBennett33 Main Road
557FOULKESCatherine33 Main Road
557FOULKESGertrude Alice33 Main Road
557FOULKESFrederick33 Main Road
9127FOWLERElizabeth9 Dosthill Road
521FOXThomas4 Main Road
521FOXAlfred4 Main Road
9434FOXAlbert76 Tamworth Road
9434FOXEmma76 Tamworth Road
9434FOXAlbert76 Tamworth Road
12640FOXCharles2 Turf Terrace
12640FOXMary A.2 Turf Terrace
12640FOXAlfred2 Turf Terrace
12640FOXWilliam C.2 Turf Terrace
12640FOXErnest2 Turf Terrace
521FOYThomas4 Main Road
521FOYMary Hannah4 Main Road
11823FRANCESSRichard T.1 New Road
1083FREEMANBarbara E.Watling Street
6324FRENCHThomas Hercules11 Cross Street
6936FRENCHWalterOrchard Street
6936FRENCHAda EmilyOrchard Street
6936FRENCHViolet Ada M.Orchard Street
6936FRENCHErnest Fredk.Orchard Street
6936FRENCHWalter BasilOrchard Street
6936FRENCHEllaOrchard Street
6936FRENCHGeo. HerrickOrchard Street
7242FRENCHErnest24a West Street
7242FRENCHEmily Mary24a West Street
7242FRENCHArthur Percy24a West Street
7242FRENCHWilliam Thos.24a West Street
7242FRENCHMaggie24a West Street
7242FRENCHJohn Ernest24a West Street
7242FRENCHFlorrie24a West Street
8822FRENCHWilliam404 Watling Street
8822FRENCHEllen404 Watling Street
8822FRENCHGeorge404 Watling Street
8822FRENCHJane404 Watling Street
8822FRENCHWilliam R.404 Watling Street
8822FRENCHEllen404 Watling Street
8822FRENCHEdward404 Watling Street
9535FROGGATTJosephTamworth Road
9535FROGGATTMary A.Tamworth Road
9536FROGGATTFrederickTamworth Road
9536FROGGATTJaneTamworth Road
3719FROSTArthur280 Main Road
11211FROSTArthur189 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211FROSTEmma189 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211FROSTWilliam189 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211FROSTArthur189 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211FROSTThomas Henry189 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
1521FULLEYLOVEAnn24 Diamond Row Glascote
1521FULLEYLOVEAnnie24 Diamond Row Glascote
1521FULLEYLOVECharley24 Diamond Row Glascote
1521FULLEYLOVEElenor24 Diamond Row Glascote
1521FULLEYLOVEThomas24 Diamond Row Glascote
4433FULLEYLOVEMary Ann540 Main Road
4433FULLEYLOVEAbraham540 Main Road
4433FULLEYLOVEThomas540 Main Road
4433FULLEYLOVEGeorge W.540 Main Road
1522FULLYLOVEChristopher2 Diamond Row Glascote
1522FULLYLOVEEdward2 Diamond Row Glascote
1522FULLYLOVEFrederick2 Diamond Row Glascote
1522FULLYLOVEHarry2 Diamond Row Glascote
1522FULLYLOVEJohn2 Diamond Row Glascote
1522FULLYLOVEJoseph2 Diamond Row Glascote
1522FULLYLOVEJoseph2 Diamond Row Glascote
1522FULLYLOVEMary2 Diamond Row Glascote
1522FULLYLOVEWilliam2 Diamond Row Glascote
817FULLYLOVEJohn T.Church Lane
817FULLYLOVEEsther A.Church Lane
817FULLYLOVEMaudChurch Lane
817FULLYLOVEErnest E.Church Lane
318FURNERJamesOff Beer Licence Main Road
910FURNEYFlorie231 Main Road Glascote
8924GADDCharles434? Watling Street
8924GADDSarah A.434? Watling Street
8924GADDMabel A.434? Watling Street
8311GALLEOR?Samuel172 Watling Street
12129GARDENERAlbert5 Hemming's Yard
11313GAYTONJohn13 Smithy Lane
11313GAYTONHannah13 Smithy Lane
11313GAYTONCoral13 Smithy Lane
11313GAYTONWilliam Hy.13 Smithy Lane
11313GAYTONErnest13 Smithy Lane
11313GAYTONHerbert13 Smithy Lane
11313GAYTONPercival John13 Smithy Lane
11313GAYTONLily Elizth.13 Smithy Lane
282GENDERSErnest96 Main Road Glascote
282GENDERSEva94 Main Road Glascote
282GENDERSHarriet M.94 Main Road Glascote
282GENDERSHarry94 Main Road Glascote
282GENDERSJames W.96 Main Road Glascote
282GENDERSMary94 Main Road Glascote
282GENDERSMary94 Main Road Glascote
282GENDERSMary96 Main Road Glascote
282GENDERSThomas94 Main Road Glascote
282GENDERSThomas96 Main Road Glascote
3413GENDERSJohn W.17 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSMary17 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSArthur J.17 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSSydney Y.17 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSAgnes M.17 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSCharles11 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSEsther S.11 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSElizabeth M.11 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSCharles S.11 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSElijah T.11 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSWilliam11 Bamford Street
3413GENDERSEarnest11 Bamford Street
7140GENDERSSarah16 West Street
818GENDERSLilly195 Hodgkinsons Road
1095GENDERSAbraham87 Watling Street
1095GENDERSElizabeth87 Watling Street
1095GENDERSCharles Abraham87 Watling Street
11518GENDERSAbrahamGreen Lane
11518GENDERSEmmaGreen Lane
11518GENDERSFrederickGreen Lane
11518GENDERSFlossieGreen Lane
6017GENTWilliam88 Main Road
6017GENTPriscilla88 Main Road
6017GENTRose88 Main Road
6017GENTLily88 Main Road
1084GIBSONAlbert81 Watling Street
5711GILBERTJane60 Main Road
6323GILBERTGeorge16 Cross Street
6323GILBERTAlice16 Cross Street
6323GILBERTAda16 Cross Street
6323GILBERTWalter16 Cross Street
7344GILSONCharles32 West Street
7344GILSONRosanna32 West Street
7344GILSONFrank32 West Street
7344GILSONEdith32 West Street
7344GILSONDavid32 West Street
87GLOVERMary Elizabeth2 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
4229GLOVERGeorge56 Main Road
4229GLOVERGeorge A.56 Main Road
4230GLOVERMary E.56 Main Road
782GLOVEREli16 Barn Yard
782GLOVERMary J.16 Barn Yard
782GLOVERElsie M.16 Barn Yard
782GLOVERDora16 Barn Yard
782GLOVERGladys M.16 Barn Yard
9433GLOVERWilliam 66 Tamworth Road
9433GLOVERJane66 Tamworth Road
9433GLOVERJohn66 Tamworth Road
9433GLOVERSamuel66 Tamworth Road
1072GLOVERWilliamWatling Street
1072GLOVERElizaWatling Street
1072GLOVERMaudWatling Street
11722GLOVERElijah46 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11722GLOVERHannah46 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11722GLOVERHannah46 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11824GLOVERStephen11 New Road
11824GLOVEREdith11 New Road
11824GLOVERDoris11 New Road
87GODDERIDGEFlorrieMoor Lane Bolehall
3516GODDERIDGEThomas4 Nevill Street
3516GODDERIDGEJane4 Nevill Street
3516GODDERIDGEWilliam4 Nevill Street
3516GODDERIDGERose4 Nevill Street
3516GODDERIDGEGladys4 Nevill Street
3516GODDERIDGECyril H.4 Nevill Street
522GODDERIDGESarah Elizth.Orchard House
522GODDERIDGEClara KateOrchard House
533GODDERIDGEJohn Thos.Orchard House
533GODDERIDGEMinerva ElizaOrchard House
5814GODDERIDGEJames Wm.74 Main Road
5814GODDERIDGEEdith Sara74 Main Road
5814GODDERIDGEJames Robt.74 Main Road
9841GODDERIDGEThomasTamworth Road
9841GODDERIDGEMary A. E.Tamworth Road
9841GODDERIDGEAnnie E.Tamworth Road
9841GODDERIDGEAliceTamworth Road
9841GODDERIDGEArthur J.Tamworth Road
9637GODFREYArthur5 Wharf Row
9637GODFREYAnnie5 Wharf Row
9637GODFREYArthur5 Wharf Row
9638GODFREYJane9 Wharf Row
9638GODFREYEdward9 Wharf Row
5915GODSONGeorge83 Main Road
5916GODSONMargaret83 Main Road
3312GOLDINGCharles74 Bamford Street
1725GOODWINEdith40 Argyle St Glascote
1725GOODWINGeorge40 Argyle St Glascote
1725GOODWINHarriett40 Argyle St Glascote
1725GOODWINJohn40 Argyle St Glascote
1725GOODWINMaria40 Argyle St Glascote
1725GOODWINRichard40 Argyle St Glascote
1725GOODWINThomas40 Argyle St Glascote
3720GOODWINRichard290 Main Road
3720GOODWINHarriett290 Main Road
3720GOODWINAlbert290 Main Road
4025GOODWINPhilip21 East View
546GORINGErnest28 Main Road
546GORINGElizabeth Ellen28 Main Road
9637GORINGCharles2 Tamworth Road
9637GORINGAgnes2 Tamworth Road
9637GORINGAgnes M.2 Tamworth Road
9637GORINGHilda A.2 Tamworth Road
9637GORINGEllen2 Tamworth Road
6426GORTONWalter1 Cross Street
910GOTTArthur Benjamin233 Main Road Glascote
910GOTTBenjamin233 Main Road Glascote
910GOTTClara233 Main Road Glascote
910GOTTClara233 Main Road Glascote
910GOTTFlorence Ann233 Main Road Glascote
910GOTTSydney Horace233 Main Road Glascote
4535GOULDErnest2 Engine Lane
4740GRANGERAnn E.Glascote Cottage
545GRANTWalterGrantley House
545GRANTAnn LouisaGrantley House
806GRANTJames E.16 Glascote Road
806GRANTSarah E.16 Glascote Road
806GRANTFred16 Glascote Road
806GRANTRobert16 Glascote Road
806GRANTLizzie M.16 Glascote Road
1072GRANTRichard S.Watling Street
1072GRANTMary JaneWatling Street
1072GRANTAdaWatling Street
1072GRANTRichardWatling Street
1072GRANTAmyWatling Street
781GRANT or GREATHannahWilnecote Hall
8618GRANT or GREATSarah403 Watling Street
8618GRANT or GREATMaud403 Watling Street
1096GRAYJames6 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1096GRAYMary Ann6 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1096GRAYFlorence Isabell6 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1096GRAYAbram Edwd.6 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1096GRAYEsther6 Moor's Yard Watling St.
4230GRAYSTONFrederk. A.Glascote House
4230GRAYSTONMaryGlascote House
4230GRAYSTONMary W.Glascote House
1929GREATOREXAlice Hannah33 New Street Glascote
1929GREATOREXArthur33 New Street Glascote
1929GREATOREXCharles Howard33 New Street Glascote
1929GREATOREXCharles Howard33 New Street Glascote
1929GREATOREXFrances Elizabeth33 New Street Glascote
1929GREATOREXJesse Pretoria33 New Street Glascote
1929GREATOREXMary Ann33 New Street Glascote
1929GREATOREXSamuel33 New Street Glascote
1929GREATOREXWilliam33 New Street Glascote
2032GREENCharles13 New Street Glascote
2032GREENEliza13 New Street Glascote
2032GREENGeorge13 New Street Glascote
2032GREENGeorge13 New Street Glascote
4433GREENElizabeth542 Main Road
4433GREENFanny542 Main Road
4740GREENThomasFoundry Lane
4740GREENClaraFoundry Lane
4740GREENRobertFoundry Lane
4740GREENLizzieFoundry Lane
4740GREENMiriamFoundry Lane
4740GREENFrancisFoundry Lane
2032GREENWAYDavid13 New Street Glascote
2032GREENWAYGeorge13 New Street Glascote
2439GRICEBeatricePerry Crofts
793GRICEJohn22 the Croft
793GRICEEmma A.22 the Croft
793GRICEIrene F.22 the Croft
793GRICEHarriett22 the Croft
817GRICEThomas72+74 Watling Street
817GRICEPhoebe72+74 Watling Street
817GRICEThomas T.72+74 Watling Street
817GRICEPhoebe72+74 Watling Street
9842GRICEWilliam27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICEEmily27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICEEmma27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICEAlfred27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICEHerbert27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICECarrie27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICERobert27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICEBertie27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICEElsie27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICEHorace27 Belgrave Road
9842GRICEWalter H.27 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEThomas33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEAmelia33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEW. Thomas33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEFrederick33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEDavid33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEGertrude33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEPhoebe33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEEva33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEErnest33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEMary A.33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEGerald33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICESydney R.33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEJohn33 Belgrave Road
9943GRICEJoseph33 Belgrave Road
1107GRICEHannahWatling Street
10046GRIFFENThomas55 Belgrave Road
10046GRIFFENHannah55 Belgrave Road
10046GRIFFENWinifred M.55 Belgrave Road
1726GRIFFINElizabeth36 Argyle St Glascote
1726GRIFFINHarold Victor36 Argyle St Glascote
1827GRIFFINHenry16 Argyle St Glascote
1726GRIFFINJohn36 Argyle St Glascote
1827GRIFFINMary16 Argyle St Glascote
534GRIFFINMaryMain Road
6629GRIFFINWilliam83 Cross Street
6629GRIFFINEmily83 Cross Street
6629GRIFFINElizabeth Annie83 Cross Street
6629GRIFFINGeorge83 Cross Street
6629GRIFFINWilliam Henry83 Cross Street
6629GRIFFINErnest Charles83 Cross Street
10148GRIFFINThomasTamworth Road Belgrave
10148GRIFFINMarthaTamworth Road Belgrave
10148GRIFFINWilliamTamworth Road Belgrave
10148GRIFFINEllen M.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10148GRIFFINHerbertTamworth Road Belgrave
10148GRIFFINMableTamworth Road Belgrave
9433GRIFFIN or GRIFFITHSJames58? Tamworth Road
9433GRIFFIN or GRIFFITHSElizabeth58? Tamworth Road
9433GRIFFIN or GRIFFITHSGeorge58? Tamworth Road
9433GRIFFIN or GRIFFITHSAnnie E.58? Tamworth Road
9433GRIFFIN or GRIFFITHSHarry58? Tamworth Road
9433GRIFFIN or GRIFFITHSHerbert J.58? Tamworth Road
9433GRIFFIN or GRIFFITHSConstance N.58? Tamworth Road
9433GRIFFIN or GRIFFITHSElise H.58? Tamworth Road
557GRIFFITHSJohn Walton35 Main Road
557GRIFFITHSAnn35 Main Road
557GRIFFITHSJames Thos.35 Main Road
557GRIFFITHSRei? Edwd. Victor35 Main Road
1096GROVESFrederick101 Watling Street
1096GROVESIsaline?101 Watling Street
1107GROVESIsaline?101 Watling Street
1107GROVESSarah Ann101 Watling Street
1107GROVESFrederick101 Watling Street
1107GROVESCharles101 Watling Street
1107GROVESFrank101 Watling Street
1107GROVESHenry101 Watling Street
12027GROVESAlfredOld Parsonage
3413GRUMLEYEliza9 Bamford Street
12436GUNNGeorgeHockley Road
12436GUNNEmmaHockley Road
12436GUNNMary A.Hockley Road
12436GUNNKateHockley Road
12436GUNNFannyHockley Road
12436GUNNSarahHockley Road
8923HA(U)MPERSTONEFrederick469 Watling Street
8923HA(U)MPERSTONEHarriett469 Watling Street
8923HA(U)MPERSTONEFrederick469 Watling Street
8618HA(U)MPHERSTONEAlfred B.413 Watling Street
8618HA(U)MPHERSTONECatherine413 Watling Street
8618HA(U)MPHERSTONECharles W. S.413 Watling Street
8618HA(U)MPHERSTONEWalter413 Watling Street
8618HA(U)MPHERSTONEDora413 Watling Street
8618HA(U)MPHERSTONEAlfred413 Watling Street
8924HA(U)MPHERSTONEEdmund473 Watling Street
8924HA(U)MPHERSTONEMarie473 Watling Street
8924HA(U)MPHERSTONEGeorge473 Watling Street
8924HA(U)MPHERSTONEKate473 Watling Street
10250HADLEYWilliamTamworth Road Belgrave
10250HADLEYPamelaTamworth Road Belgrave
10250HADLEYAliceTamworth Road Belgrave
10250HADLEYFannyTamworth Road Belgrave
10250HADLEYMaryTamworth Road Belgrave
10250HADLEYWalterTamworth Road Belgrave
10250HADLEYEliseTamworth Road Belgrave
10250HADLEYFrederickTamworth Road Belgrave
10250HADLEYCharlesTamworth Road Belgrave
1828HALLBertha36 New Street Glascote
2032HALLCharles14 New Street Glascote
1828HALLElizabeth36 New Street Glascote
2032HALLElizabeth14 New Street Glascote
1828HALLHarry36 New Street Glascote
1828HALLMary36 New Street Glascote
521HALLWilliam3 Main Road
521HALLMary3 Main Road
521HALLClara3 Main Road
521HALLArthur3 Main Road
521HALLThomas3 Main Road
521HALLAnnie3 Main Road
521HALLWalter3 Main Road
521HALLLucy3 Main Road
521HALLFlorence3 Main Road
521HALLLeonard3 Main Road
782HALLGordonQueen's Head Inn
8413HALLThomas S.223 Watling Street
8413HALLHelen223 Watling Street
8413HALLFrank L.223 Watling Street
9331HALLHenry17 Tamworth Road
9331HALLCatherine17 Tamworth Road
9331HALLCharles H.17 Tamworth Road
9331HALLThomas S.17 Tamworth Road
9331HALLWilliam R.17 Tamworth Road
9331HALLAlbert F.17 Tamworth Road
12338HALLJohn110 Hockley Road
12338HALLEmily110 Hockley Road
12338HALLMary110 Hockley Road
12338HALLSarah A.110 Hockley Road
12338HALLStephen110 Hockley Road
12338HALLArthur110 Hockley Road
12338HALLHannah110 Hockley Road
12338HALLMaria110 Hockley Road
12338HALLLaura110 Hockley Road
12338HALLErnest110 Hockley Road
4026HALTON or HATTONWilliam27 East View
4026HALTON or HATTONClara H.27 East View
4026HALTON or HATTONMabel E.27 East View
51HAMELEthel Helen1 Bolehall
51HAMELEtienne BrunoBolehall
51HAMELFelix CurzonBolehall
51HAMELFelix Shaw1 Bolehall
294HAMESArthur A.132 Main Road Glascote
294HAMESBertha132 Main Road Glascote
294HAMESJohn132 Main Road Glascote
6528HAMESThomas90 Cross Street
6528HAMESFlorence Louisa90 Cross Street
6528HAMESThomas Burton90 Cross Street
6528HAMESWilliam90 Cross Street
6528HAMESBernard90 Cross Street
1084HAMPTONRobert81 Watling Street
1095HAMPTONKeturah?89 Watling Street
11926HANCOCKMary85 Hockley Road
4434HANDLEYWilliamMain Road
4434HANDLEYSarah A.Main Road
11314HANDLEYGeorge29 Smithy Lane
11314HANDLEYMary29 Smithy Lane
11416HANDLEYEdwin52 Green Lane
11416HANDLEYSarah52 Green Lane
4740HARDINGGeorgeCaffs Lane
533HARDINGEllenChestnut House
805HARDINGWilliam5 Sheeton's Yard
805HARDINGHarriett5 Sheeton's Yard
9434HARDWICKReuben94 Tamworth Road
9434HARDWICKEllen94 Tamworth Road
9434HARDWICKFlorence A.94 Tamworth Road
9434HARDWICKWilliam H.94 Tamworth Road
9434HARDWICKDaisy94 Tamworth Road
11110HAREJohn183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110HAREMartha183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110HAREDaniel183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110HAREJennie183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110HAREErnest183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110HAREJohn183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110HARENellie183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110HARECatharine183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110HAREHarald183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110HAREBina183 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
76HARPERFanny2 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76HARPERJohn2 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76HARPERMaud2 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76HARPERRoshannah2 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76HARPERThomas2 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76HARPERWilliam2 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
6425HARPERHenry3 Cross Street
6425HARPERElizabeth3 Cross Street
6426HARPERWilliam Harry3 Cross Street
6426HARPERLeonard3 Cross Street
6426HARPERThomas3 Cross Street
6426HARPERHerbert3 Cross Street
8515HARPERThomas251 Watling Street
8515HARPERMary251 Watling Street
8515HARPERHarry251 Watling Street
8515HARPERJoseph251 Watling Street
12435HARPEROliver L.Hockley Road
12435HARPERMary A.Hockley Road
12435HARPEREleanor A.Hockley Road
12843HARPERGeorge M.5 Overwoods
12843HARPEREliza A.5 Overwoods
12843HARPERElainer? E.5 Overwoods
12843HARPEREdgar G.5 Overwoods
4332HARPURWilliam518 Main Road
4332HARPURMary518 Main Road
4332HARPURElizabeth518 Main Road
4332HARPURWilliam518 Main Road
4332HARPURThomas518 Main Road
4332HARPURAda518 Main Road
4332HARPURJohn518 Main Road
794HARRINSONIsaiah44 Watling Street
794HARRINSONHannah44 Watling Street
2440HARRISAnn SarahAslands
6834HARRISMaryOrchard Street
805HARRISFlory A.58 Watling Street
8719HARRISElizabethRailway Tavern Inn
12537HARRISCharles E.300 Pauls Row
12537HARRISMary A. J. C.300 Pauls Row
12537HARRISFlorence M.300 Pauls Row
12537HARRISArthur L.300 Pauls Row
12537HARRISElizth. E.300 Pauls Row
12538HARRISJames441 Wenlock Place
12538HARRISMary441 Wenlock Place
12538HARRISAlfred441 Wenlock Place
12639HARRISJamesWenlock Place
12639HARRISMaryWenlock Place
12639HARRISLizzieWenlock Place
12639HARRISFlossieWenlock Place
12639HARRISAnnieWenlock Place
12639HARRISWilliamWenlock Place
12741HARRISLewis7 Turf Terrace
12741HARRISSarah7 Turf Terrace
12741HARRISAgnes A.7 Turf Terrace
12741HARRISFrederick W.7 Turf Terrace
12741HARRISAlbert E.7 Turf Terrace
12741HARRISHenry J.7 Turf Terrace
12741HARRISGilbert C.7 Turf Terrace
12741HARRISJoseph L.7 Turf Terrace
1071HARRISONWilliamWatling Street
1071HARRISONMaryWatling Street
1071HARRISONWilliamWatling Street
1071HARRISONSamuelWatling Street
1072HARRISONAlfredWatling Street
1072HARRISONMaryWatling Street
1072HARRISONJohnWatling Street
11212HARRISONEdwin9 Smithy Lane
11212HARRISONAnn9 Smithy Lane
11212HARRISONGeorge9 Smithy Lane
11212HARRISONEdwin9 Smithy Lane
521HARTLESSAlice6 Main Road
5916HARTSHORNEArthur85 Main Road
87HARTWELLElizabeth Catherine4 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
87HARTWELLHannah4 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
87HARTWELLJoseph George4 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
87HARTWELLSamuel Goodman4 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
9026HARVEYJohn14 Dosthill Road
9026HARVEYFanny14 Dosthill Road
1521HASKEYErnest5 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
1521HASKEYFlorence May5 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
1521HASKEYLizzie5 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
1521HASKEYLizzie5 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
1521HASKEYMinnie5 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
1521HASKEYWalter5 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
1521HASKEYWalter5 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
3618HASKEYSamuel15 Nevill Street
3618HASKEYEmma15 Nevill Street
3618HASKEYJohn H.15 Nevill Street
3618HASKEYEllen15 Nevill Street
3719HASKEYEmily15 Nevill Street
3719HASKEYJames L.15 Nevill Street
3719HASKEYFred15 Nevill Street
3719HASKEYWalter15 Nevill Street
2337HASKILLDaniel Albert4 School Street Glascote
2337HASKILLMaria4 School Street Glascote
1215HATTONAlbert291 Main Road Glascote
1215HATTONArthur291 Main Road Glascote
1215HATTONEdward291 Main Road Glascote
1215HATTONJohn291 Main Road Glascote
1215HATTONJohn291 Main Road Glascote
1215HATTONMary291 Main Road Glascote
522HATTONWilliam8 Main Road
522HATTONHarriett8 Main Road
522HATTONAlbert William8 Main Road
522HATTONFlorence Emily8 Main Road
522HATTONJames8 Main Road
6222HATTONGeorge20 Cross Street
6222HATTONEmily20 Cross Street
6222HATTONAda Victoria20 Cross Street
6222HATTONElsie May 20 Cross Street
6323HATTONFlorence Emily20 Cross Street
6323HATTONGertrude Harriet20 Cross Street
6323HATTONJames Arthur20 Cross Street
6323HATTONMary Kathleen20 Cross Street
1083HATTONMaryWatling Street
6426HAWLEYCaroline Pauline1 Cross Street
829HAWLEYWilliam158 Watling Street
829HAWLEYRachel158 Watling Street
829HAWLEYMinnie158 Watling Street
11313HAWLEYGeorge15 Smithy Lane
11313HAWLEYMary15 Smithy Lane
11313HAWLEYAdam15 Smithy Lane
11314HAWLEYGeorge35 Smithy Lane
11314HAWLEYMaria35 Smithy Lane
11314HAWLEYSydney Geo.35 Smithy Lane
11314HAWLEYHannah Elizth.35 Smithy Lane
11314HAWLEYAnnie35 Smithy Lane
11314HAWLEYWilliam37 Smithy Lane
11314HAWLEYSarah37 Smithy Lane
11314HAWLEYElsie37 Smithy Lane
11415HAWLEYLucy37 Smithy Lane
11416HAWLEYArthur48 Green Lane
11416HAWLEYFanny48 Green Lane
11416HAWLEYGladys48 Green Lane
11926HAWLEYWilliam35 New Road
11926HAWLEYElizabeth35 New Road
11926HAWLEYAlbert E.35 New Road
11926HAWLEYConstance35 New Road
3210HAYWOODMabel H.40 Bamford Street
4535HAYWOODHarriet5 Engine Lane
4535HAYWOODWilliam5 Engine Lane
533HAYWOODEmmaChestnut House
533HAYWOODIdaChestnut House
533HAYWOODCharles BowerChestnut House
533HAYWOODHubertChestnut House
6222HAYWOODWalter25 Cross Street
6222HAYWOODMary25 Cross Street
569HEAPWilliam Thos.46 Main Road
569HEAPSarah Ann46 Main Road
569HEAPWilliam46 Main Road
569HEAPRandolph46 Main Road
305HEATHCOTEAlbertAnchor Inn 146 Main Road
1726HEATHCOTEAnn32 Argyle St Glascote
305HEATHCOTEAnnAnchor Inn 146 Main Road
1726HEATHCOTEAnnie32 Argyle St Glascote
305HEATHCOTEEliza2 (150) Anchor Row
305HEATHCOTEHarry2 (150) Anchor Row
1726HEATHCOTEJames32 Argyle St Glascote
305HEATHCOTEJames2 (150) Anchor Row
305HEATHCOTEJennieAnchor Inn 146 Main Road
1726HEATHCOTENellie May32 Argyle St Glascote
305HEATHCOTEWilliamAnchor Inn 146 Main Road
3719HEATHCOTEWilliam19 Nevill Street
3719HEATHCOTEMary19 Nevill Street
3719HEATHCOTENelly19 Nevill Street
3719HEATHCOTEMarry J.19 Nevill Street
3719HEATHCOTEConstance19 Nevill Street
3719HEATHCOTEElizabeth K.19 Nevill Street
3719HEATHCOTEMaggie19 Nevill Street
3719HEATHCOTEEwine? W.19 Nevill Street
3719HEATHCOTEGladys S?19 Nevill Street
5916HEATHCOTEMaria85 Main Road
2031HEATONAlbert19 New Street Glascote
2031HEATONFlorence19 New Street Glascote
2031HEATONJoseph19 New Street Glascote
2031HEATONOliver19 New Street Glascote
3822HELMOREGeorge3 East View
3822HELMOREMaud A.3 East View
3822HELMOREEunice A.3 East View
3822HELMOREWilliam H.3 East View
3822HELMORELucy E.3 East View
3822HELMOREAlfred3 East View
12027HEMMINGThomasPrince of Wales Hockley Rd
12027HEMMINGLaura J.Prince of Wales Hockley Rd
12028HEMMINGErnest H.Prince of Wales Hockley Rd
12028HEMMINGSidneyPrince of Wales Hockley Rd
12028HEMMINGPercyPrince of Wales Hockley Rd
12028HEMMINGBernardPrince of Wales Hockley Rd
12028HEMMINGAlexanderPrince of Wales Hockley Rd
88HEMMINGSArthur Wallace Tamworth Isolation Hospital
88HEMMINGSWilliam JohnTamworth Isolation Hospital
1108HEMMINGWAYDavidHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108HEMMINGWAYElizabethHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108HEMMINGWAYFrancesHerbert Terr. Watling St.
10251HENTON or HINTONWilliamLong Chase Yard
10251HENTON or HINTONElizaLong Chase Yard
10251HENTON or HINTONAliceLong Chase Yard
10251HENTON or HINTONLucy J.Long Chase Yard
10251HENTON or HINTONFlorrieLong Chase Yard
10251HENTON or HINTONJohnPerrin's Pits
10251HENTON or HINTONCarolinePerrin's Pits
10251HENTON or HINTONCharlesPerrin's Pits
10251HENTON or HINTONHarriettPerrin's Pits
10251HENTON or HINTONAda L.Perrin's Pits
10251HENTON or HINTONAnniePerrin's Pits
10251HENTON or HINTONEdithPerrin's Pits
10251HENTON or HINTONArthur J.Perrin's Pits
63HEWITTAnnie8 Bolehall
63HEWITTElsie May8 Bolehall
63HEWITTEmily8 Bolehall
63HEWITTGladys8 Bolehall
63HEWITTHannah8 Bolehall
63HEWITTJames8 Bolehall
63HEWITTJohn8 Bolehall
63HEWITTMary Ann8 Bolehall
9229HEWKISS?HarryCottage House?
9229HEWKISS?FannyCottage House?
9229HEWKISS?EllenCottage House?
9229HEWKISS?MaggieCottage House?
9229HEWKISS?Thomas B.Cottage House?
12741HEXTALLWilliam8 Turf Terrace
12741HEXTALLSarah8 Turf Terrace
12741HEXTALLCharles9 Turf Terrace
12741HEXTALLAnnie9 Turf Terrace
12741HEXTALLElsie M.9 Turf Terrace
12741HEXTALLAnnie9 Turf Terrace
8413HIBBSMartha283 Tamworth Lane
8617HIBBSJohnPotteries Cottages
10147HIBBSAlice61 Belgrave Road
1119HIBBSJohn173 Gloucester Terrace
1119HIBBSHannah173 Gloucester Terrace
1119HIBBSElsie173 Gloucester Terrace
1119HIBBSFlora173 Gloucester Terrace
1119HIBBSJohn Herbert173 Gloucester Terrace
545HICKSONArthur21 Main Road
545HICKSONAnnie21 Main Road
545HICKSONBertram21 Main Road
545HICKSONWilliam21 Main Road
545HICKSONAlbert Edw.21 Main Road
6017HICKSONSarah Anne92 Main Road
88HIGGINErnest EdwardTamworth Isolation Hospital
6935HIGGINBOTTOMJohn Edwd.Orchard Street
6935HIGGINBOTTOMMary JaneOrchard Street
6935HIGGINBOTTOMClaraOrchard Street
6935HIGGINBOTTOMSamuelOrchard Street
6935HIGGINBOTTOMElla M.Orchard Street
6935HIGGINBOTTOMWalterOrchard Street
64HIGGINSONGeorge Clarkson25 Bolehall
64HIGGINSONMargaret25 Bolehall
64HIGGINSONWilliam George25 Bolehall
817HILLMary A.Church Lane
9025HILLAlice4 Dosthill Road
9025HILLVictoria4 Dosthill Road
10046HILLBenjamin57 Belgrave Road
10046HILLMerey?57 Belgrave Road
10046HILLHorace57 Belgrave Road
10046HILLEmma E.57 Belgrave Road
10046HILLJoseph57 Belgrave Road
10046HILLBenjamin57 Belgrave Road
10046HILLArthur57 Belgrave Road
10046HILLRosehannah57 Belgrave Road
10046HILLMary Ann57 Belgrave Road
1071HILLWilliamWatling Street
1071HILLJaneWatling Street
1071HILLWilliamWatling Street
1071HILLAliceWatling Street
1108HILLAlfredHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108HILLFlorence AgnesHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108HILLAlfredHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1119HILLHenry Wells167 Gloucester Terrace
1119HILLCaroline167 Gloucester Terrace
1119HILLHenry Wells167 Gloucester Terrace
1119HILLAlfred167 Gloucester Terrace
1119HILLSidney167 Gloucester Terrace
1119HILLPercy167 Gloucester Terrace
1119HILLLily167 Gloucester Terrace
11110HILLErnest175 Gloucester Terrace
11110HILLAmy175 Gloucester Terrace
11110HILLHenry175 Gloucester Terrace
11110HILLThomas175 Gloucester Terrace
11110HILLMinnie175 Gloucester Terrace
11212HILLThomas3 Smithy Lane
11212HILLAlice3 Smithy Lane
12844HILLJames7 Tame Valley Terrace
12844HILLMatilda7 Tame Valley Terrace
12945HILLRichard7 Tame Valley Terrace
12945HILLMary7 Tame Valley Terrace
12945HILLMatilda7 Tame Valley Terrace
12945HILLHannah7 Tame Valley Terrace
12945HILLJames W.7 Tame Valley Terrace
3515HILTONWitham?276 Main Road Glascote
3515HILTONTeresa276 Main Road Glascote
3515HILTONAlexandra E. V.276 Main Road Glascote
3515HILTONFrederick W.276 Main Road Glascote
3515HILTONMinnie T.276 Main Road Glascote
3515HILTONAlbert V.276 Main Road Glascote
3515HILTONEditha A.276 Main Road Glascote
3515HILTONArthur W.276 Main Road Glascote
3515HILTONJames S.276 Main Road Glascote
6324HILTONThomas8 Cross Street
6324HILTONMary8 Cross Street
6324HILTONWilliam8 Cross Street
6324HILTONSidney8 Cross Street
6324HILTONArthur8 Cross Street
6324HILTONHerbert8 Cross Street
6324HILTONEmily8 Cross Street
6425HILTONFlory8 Cross Street
6425HILTONAmelia8 Cross Street
63HINESEmily14 Bolehall
521HINESJames2 Main Road
817HINTONJohn18 Glascote Road
817HINTONMartha18 Glascote Road
817HINTONSydney18 Glascote Road
817HINTONElsie18 Glascote Road
817HINTONWilliam18 Glascote Road
817HINTONBeatrice18 Glascote Road
829HINTONEthel A.156 Watling Street
11415HINTONHerbert49 Smithy Lane
11415HINTONLucy Jane49 Smithy Lane
3311HISCOXJoseph52 Bamford Street
3311HISCOXLouisa52 Bamford Street
3311HISCOXUnice B.52 Bamford Street
3311HISCOXFlorence M.52 Bamford Street
3311HISCOXMaria L.52 Bamford Street
3311HISCOXEmelia D. R.52 Bamford Street
3311HISCOXWilfred G.52 Bamford Street
3311HISCOXMaud E.52 Bamford Street
3311HISCOXJessie A.52 Bamford Street
12945HISCOXWilliam H.12 Tame Valley Terrace
12945HISCOXEliza12 Tame Valley Terrace
12945HISCOXFrederick12 Tame Valley Terrace
12946HISCOXDavid12 Tame Valley Terrace
12946HISCOXGeorge12 Tame Valley Terrace
1725HITCHESCharlotte40 Argyle St Glascote
1725HITCHESEdward George40 Argyle St Glascote
806HOBBSNellie68 Watling Street
806HOBBSJoshua70 Watling Street
806HOBBSJoseph4 Glascote Road
806HOBBSSarah4 Glascote Road
806HOBBSJoseph4 Glascote Road
806HOBBSRichard4 Glascote Road
806HOBBSLeonard4 Glascote Road
806HOBBSMary A.4 Glascote Road
8311HOBBSAnn174 Watling Street
8311HOBBSPercy174 Watling Street
12945HODGKINSAlfred11 Tame Valley Terrace
2337HODGKINSONAlice Ellen3 School Street Glascote
2337HODGKINSONCharlotte Elizabeth3 School Street Glascote
52HODGKINSONElizabeth4 Bolehall
2337HODGKINSONEthel May3 School Street Glascote
52HODGKINSONHarriett4 Bolehall
2337HODGKINSONJohn William3 School Street Glascote
2337HODGKINSONJohn William3 School Street Glascote
52HODGKINSONJoseph4 Bolehall
2337HODGKINSONMary3 School Street Glascote
781HODGKINSONAliceWilnecote Hall
817HODGKINSONElizabethChapel House
10147HODGKINSONErnest63 Belgrave Road
10147HODGKINSONRosehannah63 Belgrave Road
12435HODGKINSONJesse216 Hockley Road
12435HODGKINSONSarah216 Hockley Road
4536HODKINSONAlfred18 Engine Lane
4536HODKINSONElizabeth18 Engine Lane
2337HOLBEACHFlorence Mabel5 School Street Glascote
2337HOLBEACHJoseph Edward5 School Street Glascote
2337HOLBEACHMartin5 School Street Glascote
2337HOLBEACHMary5 School Street Glascote
2337HOLBEACHMary5 School Street Glascote
8822HOLDINGGeorge408 Watling Street
8822HOLDINGEdith K.408 Watling Street
8822HOLDINGWilliam A.408 Watling Street
8822HOLDINGIder E.408 Watling Street
8822HOLDINGMaggie408 Watling Street
1522HOLLANDBarbara Minnie8 Diamond Row Glascote
1522HOLLANDSarah8 Diamond Row Glascote
1726HOLLANDThomas36 Argyle St Glascote
1522HOLLANDWilliam Henry8 Diamond Row Glascote
6221HOLLANDWilliam30 Cross Street
6221HOLLANDCatherine30 Cross Street
6221HOLLANDAlbert30 Cross Street
8822HOLLANDCharlotte406 Watling Street
8924HOLLANDWalter S.430? Watling Street
8924HOLLANDSusanna430? Watling Street
9026HOLLANDThomas1 Dosthill Road
9026HOLLANDEsther F.1 Dosthill Road
9026HOLLANDJoseph H.1 Dosthill Road
9026HOLLANDFanny1 Dosthill Road
9026HOLLANDFrederick W.1 Dosthill Road
9026HOLLANDAgnes L.1 Dosthill Road
9026HOLLANDMary A.1 Dosthill Road
9127HOLLANDAnnie9 Dosthill Road
9128HOLLANDGeorge8 Clear? Street Square?
8515HOLLISJesse247 Watling Street
8515HOLLISSarah A.247 Watling Street
8515HOLLISMary E.247 Watling Street
8515HOLLISHannah247 Watling Street
9842HOLLISGeorge H.Belgrave Road?
9842HOLLISMary E.Belgrave Road?
11518HOLLISJosephGreen Lane
11518HOLLISEllenGreen Lane
11518HOLLISAlbertGreen Lane
11518HOLLISSamuelGreen Lane
11518HOLLISLauraGreen Lane
306HOLMESElsie6 Anchor Row
306HOLMESJohn6 Anchor Row
306HOLMESRose6 Anchor Row
3311HOLMESElizabeth54 Bamford Street
3719HOLMESWilliam280 Main Road
3719HOLMESElizabeth280 Main Road
2236HOLROYDEdward16 John Street Glascote
2236HOLROYDEveline16 John Street Glascote
2236HOLROYDLewis16 John Street Glascote
2236HOLROYDMary Elizabeth16 John Street Glascote
2236HOLROYDSarah Ann16 John Street Glascote
2236HOLROYDWalter16 John Street Glascote
11415HOPKINDaisy45 Smithy Lane
4739HOPKINSFrankMore Burgess ? Farm
4739HOPKINSLizzieMore Burgess ? Farm
4739HOPKINSJoseph T.More Burgess ? Farm
4739HOPKINSMayMore Burgess ? Farm
4739HOPKINSNellieMore Burgess ? Farm
4739HOPKINSLizzieMore Burgess ? Farm
4739HOPKINSSamuelMore Burgess ? Farm
818HOPKINSJohn197 Hodgkinsons Road
818HOPKINSEliza197 Hodgkinsons Road
818HOPKINSJohn197 Hodgkinsons Road
818HOPKINSGeorge201 Hodgkinsons Road
818HOPKINSMiriam201 Hodgkinsons Road
829HOPKINSWilliam203 Hodgkinsons Road
829HOPKINSMartha J.203 Hodgkinsons Road
829HOPKINSWilliam203 Hodgkinsons Road
829HOPKINSFlora203 Hodgkinsons Road
829HOPKINSEthel203 Hodgkinsons Road
829HOPKINSWalter203 Hodgkinsons Road
8311HOPKINSSamuel170 Watling Street
8311HOPKINSPhobe170 Watling Street
8311HOPKINSFred170 Watling Street
8311HOPKINSElsie M.170 Watling Street
8311HOPKINSJake170 Watling Street
8311HOPKINSTom170 Watling Street
8311HOPKINSMaud A.170 Watling Street
9638HOPKINSWilliam H.17 Lunn's Row
9638HOPKINSEmily17 Lunn's Row
9638HOPKINSWalter17 Lunn's Row
12129HOPKINSJoseph7 Hemming's Yard
12129HOPKINSSarah7 Hemming's Yard
12129HOPKINSWilliam H.7 Hemming's Yard
12129HOPKINSJoseph7 Hemming's Yard
12129HOPKINSMary A.7 Hemming's Yard
12129HOPKINSThomas7 Hemming's Yard
12129HOPKINSMartha7 Hemming's Yard
12129HOPKINSElsie7 Hemming's Yard
52HOROBINCaroline Florence15 Bolehall
52HOROBINNorman Lloyd15 Bolehall
5712HORTONWilliam65 Main Road
5712HORTONMary65 Main Road
5712HORTONWilliam Herbert65 Main Road
829HORTONGeorge205 Hodgkinsons Road
829HORTONHannah205 Hodgkinsons Road
829HORTONGeorge B.205 Hodgkinsons Road
829HORTONHenry205 Hodgkinsons Road
829HORTONAlice F.205 Hodgkinsons Road
829HORTONAnnie M.205 Hodgkinsons Road
829HORTONWilliam G.205 Hodgkinsons Road
8413HORTONWilliam221 Watling Street
8413HORTONMary A.221 Watling Street
8413HORTONLizzie221 Watling Street
8413HORTONViolet M.221 Watling Street
8413HORTONWilliam T.221 Watling Street
1107HOUGHAlbert J.Watling Street
1107HOUGHSarah AnnWatling Street
1107HOUGHWinnifred MaryWatling Street
1107HOUGHReginald BasilWatling Street
1107HOUGHKathleen DorisWatling Street
11824HOWEAlfred15 New Road
11824HOWEAnnie15 New Road
11824HOWEWilliam15 New Road
11824HOWESydney15 New Road
11824HOWEHilda15 New Road
11824HOWEBertha15 New Road
11824HOWEEdith15 New Road
5915HUBBLEHorace80 Main Road
5915HUBBLEEmily80 Main Road
5915HUBBLEWilliam80 Main Road
5915HUBBLEHenry80 Main Road
5915HUBBLEHorace80 Main Road
5915HUBBLEAllan80 Main Road
5915HUBBLEBertie80 Main Road
2235HUDSONHarry11 John Street Glascote
4127HUDSONSamuel T.31 East View
4127HUDSONMaud A.31 East View
1522HUGHESJoseph Arthur10 Diamond Row Glascote
2236HUGHESWillie16 John Street Glascote
7140HUGHESJohn12 West Street
7140HUGHESAda12 West Street
7140HUGHESJohn12 West Street
7140HUGHESMartha12 West Street
7140HUGHESThomas14 West Street
7140HUGHESHildygard14 West Street
7140HUGHESErnest14 West Street
7140HUGHESHildygard14 West Street
11722HULLHerbert C.39 Hockley Road
11722HULLAnn39 Hockley Road
11823HULLLily39 Hockley Road
11823HULMEMary14 Hockley Road
11823HULMENellie14 Hockley Road
11823HULMEMary14 Hockley Road
11823HULMEElsie M.14 Hockley Road
4536HUNTThomas16 Engine Lane
4536HUNTEllen16 Engine Lane
4536HUNTArthur R.16 Engine Lane
4536HUNTAmos16 Engine Lane
4536HUNTWalter16 Engine Lane
4536HUNTSydney16 Engine Lane
4536HUNTCharlie16 Engine Lane
4536HUNTAlbert16 Engine Lane
4536HUNTEllen16 Engine Lane
4638HUNTThomas2 New Road
4638HUNTMary A.2 New Road
4638HUNTThomas2 New Road
4638HUNTMary A.2 New Road
817HUNTWilliam R.Church Lane
817HUNTPriscillaChurch Lane
9944HUNTRobert43 Belgrave Road
9944HUNTSarah43 Belgrave Road
9944HUNTAnnie43 Belgrave Road
9944HUNTPhyllis43 Belgrave Road
12130HUNTJohn F.72 Hockley Road
910HUNTERAnnie229 Main Road Glascote
910HUNTEREmma229 Main Road Glascote
910HUNTERFrank229 Main Road Glascote
910HUNTERFred229 Main Road Glascote
64HUNTERGeorgeWye Cottages Amington Road
64HUNTERSelinaWye Cottages Amington Road
910HUNTERWalter229 Main Road Glascote
910HUNTERWilliam229 Main Road Glascote
6833HUTCHINGSJohnOrchard Street
6833HUTCHINGSCarolineOrchard Street
6833HUTCHINGSWilliamOrchard Street
6833HUTCHINGSJamesOrchard Street
6833HUTCHINGSAnnieOrchard Street
522HUTCHINSONWilley12 Main Road
12844HUTCHINSONGeorge6 Tame Valley Terrace
12844HUTCHINSONAnnie M.6 Tame Valley Terrace
12844HUTCHINSONGeorge6 Tame Valley Terrace
12844HUTCHINSONWilliam6 Tame Valley Terrace
12844HUTCHINSONThomas6 Tame Valley Terrace
12844HUTCHINSONAlbert6 Tame Valley Terrace
2439HUTTONElizabeth JanePerry Crofts
1083ILLSLEYEthelWatling Street
305INGRAMHarry140 Main Road Glascote
305INGRAMJames140 Main Road Glascote
305INGRAMLizzie140 Main Road Glascote
305INGRAMPolly140 Main Road Glascote
5814INGRAMWilliam76 Main Road
5814INGRAMElizabeth76 Main Road
5814INGRAMFrances Alice76 Main Road
5814INGRAMGertrude Ada76 Main Road
5814INGRAMAlgernon Savery76 Main Road
5814INGRAMHilda Helen76 Main Road
5814INGRAMAlbert Wm. Thos.76 Main Road
522INSKIPWilliam11 Main Road
522INSKIPJulia11 Main Road
522INSKIPEmily11 Main Road
522INSKIPErnest11 Main Road
522INSKIPCharles11 Main Road
533JACKElizabeth15 Main Road
1216JACKSONErnest295 Main Road Glascote
1624JACKSONHarry9 Argyle St Glascote
1216JACKSONJohn295 Main Road Glascote
3312JACKSONJames72 Bamford Street
3312JACKSONAda72 Bamford Street
3312JACKSONFlorence G.72 Bamford Street
3312JACKSONLeslie72 Bamford Street
3312JACKSONJohn H.72 Bamford Street
4739JACKSONArthurMore Burgess ? Farm
5813JACKSONSarah66 Main Road
5813JACKSONEthel66 Main Road
5813JACKSONEdith66 Main Road
6528JACKSONHenry87 Cross Street
6528JACKSONMaria87 Cross Street
6528JACKSONAlbert Edward87 Cross Street
6935JACKSONSamuelOrchard Street
6935JACKSONEmilyOrchard Street
6935JACKSONGeoffreyOrchard Street
6935JACKSONGladysOrchard Street
6935JACKSONEvelynOrchard Street
7139JACKSONRobert8 West Street
7139JACKSONSusannah8 West Street
7139JACKSONJames Henry8 West Street
7139JACKSONEdith Gertrude8 West Street
7139JACKSONThomas Horace8 West Street
7139JACKSONWalter Sidney8 West Street
7139JACKSONDoris May8 West Street
9025JACKSONCharles8 Dosthill Road
9025JACKSONElizabeth8 Dosthill Road
9025JACKSONJames8 Dosthill Road
9025JACKSONThomas8 Dosthill Road
9025JACKSONEllen8 Dosthill Road
10249JACKSONRobert H.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
10249JACKSONMaryTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249JACKSONEllen M.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
10249JACKSONCharles H.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
781JAMESHarry8 Watling Street
781JAMESMaria8 Watling Street
781JAMESWalter8 Watling Street
781JAMESEarnest8 Watling Street
781JAMESHarry8 Watling Street
781JAMESFrank8 Watling Street
781JAMESElsie8 Watling Street
12538JASSAN?William445 Wenlock Place
806JEESLEY?William64 Watling Street
9025JELFWilliam J.2 Dosthill Road
3617JENKINRichard8 Nevill Street
3617JENKINSarah E.8 Nevill Street
2133JENKINSAlice7 New Street Glascote
2133JENKINSErnest7 New Street Glascote
2133JENKINSHannah7 New Street Glascote
2133JENKINSHerbert7 New Street Glascote
2133JENKINSSarah7 New Street Glascote
2133JENKINSThomas7 New Street Glascote
2133JENKINSWilliam7 New Street Glascote
4740JENKINSJosephCaffs Lane
7241JENKINSJohn19 West Street
7241JENKINSJennie19 West Street
7241JENKINSNelly19 West Street
7241JENKINSMaggie19 West Street
7241JENKINSJohn19 West Street
7241JENKINSAlbert19 West Street
7241JENKINSFrederick19 West Street
7241JENKINSAmy19 West Street
7241JENKINSEdward19 West Street
805JINKSWilliam62 Watling Street
805JINKSSarah J.62 Watling Street
805JINKSElizabeth62 Watling Street
805JINKSNellie62 Watling Street
8210JINKSJohn164 Watling Street
8210JINKSJohn W.164 Watling Street
8210JINKSJoseph164 Watling Street
8210JINKSEllen E.164 Watling Street
1107JINKSThomas107 Watling Street
1107JINKSEliza107 Watling Street
1107JINKSGeorge107 Watling Street
1107JINKSJohn William107 Watling Street
1107JINKSArthurHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1107JINKSAliceHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1107JINKSEthel MaudHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1107JINKSMabel AnnieHerbert Terr. Watling St.
12130JINKSThomas137 Hockley Road
12130JINKSJane137 Hockley Road
8515JOBSONEarnest253 Watling Street
910JOHNSONAnnie233 Main Road Glascote
6324JOHNSONAlbert13 Cross Street
1072JOHNSONSydneyWatling Street
1072JOHNSONMariaWatling Street
1072JOHNSONWilliam BatesWatling Street
2235JONESGeorge11 John Street Glascote
317JONESSelina254 Main Road Glascote
4739JONESHerbertMore Burgess ? Farm
6120JONESWalter John36 Cross Street
6120JONESEmma36 Cross Street
6120JONESEmma36 Cross Street
6120JONESMay36 Cross Street
6120JONESFred36 Cross Street
6120JONESHilda36 Cross Street
6732JONESHubertOrchard Street
6732JONESHarrietOrchard Street
6732JONESHubert JohnOrchard Street
6732JONESMinnie AnnOrchard Street
6732JONESClarenceOrchard Street
6732JONESHarrietOrchard Street
6732JONESClara GraceOrchard Street
6732JONESHilda AlbertaOrchard Street
6732JONESSidneyOrchard Street
793JONESWilliam20 the Croft
10046JONESCharles51 Belgrave Road
10046JONESMarie?51 Belgrave Road
10046JONESCharles51 Belgrave Road
10046JONESMary A.51 Belgrave Road
10046JONESFanny51 Belgrave Road
10046JONESEmma51 Belgrave Road
10046JONESSamuel51 Belgrave Road
10046JONESSarah51 Belgrave Road
10046JONESBen51 Belgrave Road
11416JONESAlfred A.48 Green Lane
12231JONESWilliam80 Hockley Road
12231JONESEmma80 Hockley Road
12231JONESMary J.80 Hockley Road
12231JONESJessie80 Hockley Road
12231JONESWilliam H.80 Hockley Road
12334JONESJohn245 Hockley Road
12334JONESAnn245 Hockley Road
12334JONESEdith245 Hockley Road
12435JONESThomas245 Hockley Road
3821JUDGEWalter302 Main Road
829KAIGHT or KNIGHTDaniel T.160 Watling Street
829KAIGHT or KNIGHTCharlotte160 Watling Street
829KAIGHT or KNIGHTDorris160 Watling Street
829KAIGHT or KNIGHTJohn T.160 Watling Street
829KAIGHT or KNIGHTJames160 Watling Street
9434KEATLEYAlfred92 Tamworth Road
9434KEATLEYCatherine92 Tamworth Road
9434KEATLEYSydney 92 Tamworth Road
9434KEATLEYAlfred92 Tamworth Road
6017KEENAlfred John90 Main Road
6017KEENAda90 Main Road
6017KEENDorothy May90 Main Road
6017KEENViolet Mabel90 Main Road
6017KEENAda Gwendoline90 Main Road
6017KEENBeatrice Lilian90 Main Road
6222KEENJoseph23 Cross Street
6222KEENHarry23 Cross Street
8618KENDALLFanny405 Watling Street
9637KENDALLJohnTamworth Road
9637KENDALLSarahTamworth Road
9637KENDALLJamesTamworth Road
1083KENDALL MaryWatling Street
8311KENTJoseph172 Watling Street
3311KIERJohn54 Bamford Street
3311KIERElizabeth54 Bamford Street
3311KIERFrancis J.54 Bamford Street
3311KIERGeorge H.54 Bamford Street
3311KIERElizabeth54 Bamford Street
1114KINGAlbert Thomas279 Main Road Glascote
1114KINGAlice279 Main Road Glascote
1114KINGArthur279 Main Road Glascote
1114KINGThomas279 Main Road Glascote
6120KINGEllen Emma41 Cross Street
794KINGJohn H.1 Sheeton's Yard
794KINGAlice L.1 Sheeton's Yard
794KINGFlorence E.1 Sheeton's Yard
805KINGJohn60 Watling Street
11212KINGEnoch5 Smithy Lane
11212KINGAnnie5 Smithy Lane
11212KINGErnest5 Smithy Lane
11212KINGAnnie5 Smithy Lane
11212KINGKate5 Smithy Lane
11212KINGEdward7 Smithy Lane
11212KINGJane7 Smithy Lane
11212KINGAnnie7 Smithy Lane
11212KINGEdward7 Smithy Lane
11212KINGLeah7 Smithy Lane
11212KINGThomas Wm.7 Smithy Lane
11212KINGWilliam11 Smithy Lane
11212KINGEsther11 Smithy Lane
11212KINGWilliam Hy.11 Smithy Lane
11212KINGEsther Ann11 Smithy Lane
11212KINGJohn Ward11 Smithy Lane
11313KINGEdward21 Smithy Lane
11313KINGLouisa21 Smithy Lane
11313KINGJames Wm.21 Smithy Lane
11313KINGAnnie Louisa21 Smithy Lane
11722KINGGeorge44 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11722KINGCaroline44 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11722KINGWilliam Hy.44 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
1084KINIMELL?William81 Watling Street
306KINSONAlbert9+10 Anchor Row
306KINSONElizabeth9+10 Anchor Row
317KINSONFlorrie9+10 Anchor Row
317KINSONHarry9+10 Anchor Row
2337KINSONJames5 School Street Glascote
306KINSONJohn9+10 Anchor Row
317KINSONMinnie9+10 Anchor Row
306KINSONWilliam9+10 Anchor Row
306KINSONWilliam9+10 Anchor Row
533KINSONJoseph HenryMain Road
533KINSONFlorence MayMain Road
545KINSONCatherine26 Main Road
545KINSONFrederick Wm.27 Main Road
545KINSONJessie27 Main Road
545KINSONFrederick James27 Main Road
546KINSONEliza29 Main Road
546KINSONHarriet Elizth.29 Main Road
546KINSONFrances May29 Main Road
5610KINSONMaryKettlebrook Lodge
5610KINSONAdaKettlebrook Lodge
5712KINSONWilliam63 Main Road
5712KINSONMary63 Main Road
5712KINSONWilliam Joseph63 Main Road
5712KINSONHarry63 Main Road
6120KINSONAlbert Ernest42 Cross Street
6120KINSONLouisa Annie42 Cross Street
6120KINSONAlbert Ernest42 Cross Street
6120KINSONBertie Horace42 Cross Street
6120KINSONMabel Elizth.42 Cross Street
6120KINSONAnine? Maud42 Cross Street
6936KINSONJosephOrchard Street
6936KINSONHarrietOrchard Street
6936KINSONHorace W.Orchard Street
6936KINSONViolet MaryOrchard Street
6936KINSONEva WinifredOrchard Street
6936KINSONJosephOrchard Street
6936KINSONAlfred JosephOrchard Street
9535KINSONSamuel H.Tamworth Road
9535KINSONAnnTamworth Road
9535KINSONJosephTamworth Road
9535KINSONMary J.Tamworth Road
9535KINSONAnnTamworth Road
9535KINSONEdwardTamworth Road
9535KINSONMinnieTamworth Road
9739KINSONWilliamHambury's Farm
9739KINSONAnn O.Hambury's Farm
9739KINSONAnnie R.Hambury's Farm
9739KINSONEvelyn G.Hambury's Farm
9739KINSONRebeccaHambury's Farm
2235KIRBYAgnes Elizabeth13 John Street Glascote
2235KIRBYEllen13 John Street Glascote
2235KIRBYSophia13 John Street Glascote
2235KIRBYWilliam13 John Street Glascote
317KIRKElsie E.252 Main Road Glascote
317KIRKEmily252 Main Road Glascote
317KIRKGladys252 Main Road Glascote
317KIRKGuy252 Main Road Glascote
317KIRKHilda252 Main Road Glascote
317KIRKIrvine252 Main Road Glascote
317KIRKWilliam252 Main Road Glascote
5610KNEEBONESarah56 Main Road
1726KNIGHTAlbert Edward34 Argyle St Glascote
1726KNIGHTGeo. Mason34 Argyle St Glascote
1726KNIGHTHarriet34 Argyle St Glascote
1726KNIGHTOliver34 Argyle St Glascote
1726KNIGHTSarah Elizabeth34 Argyle St Glascote
558KNIGHTThos. Egginton42 Main Road
558KNIGHTFanny42 Main Road
558KNIGHTAda42 Main Road
558KNIGHTFrederick42 Main Road
569KNIGHTJohn Fredk.51 Main Road
569KNIGHTElizabeth51 Main Road
569KNIGHTWalter Fredk.51 Main Road
569KNIGHTHorace Mason51 Main Road
5610KNIGHTEthel51 Main Road
5610KNIGHTErnest51 Main Road
5610KNIGHTDora51 Main Road
5712KNIGHTMary65 Main Road
6324KNIGHTWilliam Chas.14 Cross Street
6324KNIGHTWilliam Chas.13 Cross Street
6324KNIGHTJane Elizabeth13 Cross Street
6324KNIGHTHarold John13 Cross Street
6324KNIGHTHorace Albert13 Cross Street
8924KNIGHTThomas438? Watling Street
8924KNIGHTMary438? Watling Street
8924KNIGHTJames438? Watling Street
8924KNIGHTSamuel438? Watling Street
8924KNIGHTJohn438? Watling Street
8924KNIGHTWilliam438? Watling Street
8924KNIGHTEdwin438? Watling Street
8924KNIGHTDaisy438? Watling Street
8924KNIGHTElizabeth438? Watling Street
9434KNIGHTGertrude76 Tamworth Road
9434KNIGHTFlorence76 Tamworth Road
1096KNIGHTJohnGlebe Inn 91 Watling St.
1096KNIGHTSarah AnnGlebe Inn 91 Watling St.
1096KNIGHTCharlesGlebe Inn 91 Watling St.
1828LAKINAbigail34 New Street Glascote
1828LAKINGeorge34 New Street Glascote
1828LAKINGeorge34 New Street Glascote
1828LAKINHannah34 New Street Glascote
1828LAKINJames34 New Street Glascote
1828LAKINJohn34 New Street Glascote
1828LAKINSamuel34 New Street Glascote
1828LAKINWilliam34 New Street Glascote
8414LAKINJohn241 Watling Street
8414LAKINLucy241 Watling Street
8414LAKINLillian241 Watling Street
8516LAKINAnniePotteries Cottages
9944LAKINGeorge41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINAnnie E.41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINGeorge41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINWilliam41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINEthel A.41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINMary41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINArthur41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINAnnie41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINLily41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINElsie41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINSydney41 Belgrave Road
9944LAKINHarold L.41 Belgrave Road
12538LAKINWilliam453 Wenlock Place
12538LAKINSarah A.453 Wenlock Place
12538LAKINLeander?453 Wenlock Place
12843LAKINBen1 Tame Valley Terrace
12843LAKINEmily1 Tame Valley Terrace
12843LAKINRhoda1 Tame Valley Terrace
8618LAMBERTEdward G.Railway Cottage?
8618LAMBERTEdward F.Railway Cottage?
8618LAMBERTMaud L.Railway Cottage?
8618LAMBERTHenryletta?Railway Cottage?
8618LAMBERTPheobe K.Railway Cottage?
9434LAMBLEY or SAMBLEYCharles E.90 Tamworth Road
9434LAMBLEY or SAMBLEYSarah A.90 Tamworth Road
9434LAMBLEY or SAMBLEYMary90 Tamworth Road
6017LANCASHIREFrederick92 Main Road
6017LANCASHIREMary Ann92 Main Road
6017LANCASHIREMiriam92 Main Road
6017LANCASHIREWilfred92 Main Road
534LARGE Joseph17 Main Road
534LARGELetitia17 Main Road
534LARGEHenry17 Main Road
534LARGEEdgar17 Main Road
534LARGELizzie17 Main Road
534LARGEArthur17 Main Road
534LARGESidney17 Main Road
534LARGEHarold17 Main Road
2031LATHAMEdith18 New Street Glascote
2031LATHAMEmily18 New Street Glascote
2031LATHAMJames18 New Street Glascote
2031LATHAMJames18 New Street Glascote
2031LATHAMJohn18 New Street Glascote
2031LATHAMMaria18 New Street Glascote
1071LATHAMTimothyWatling Street
1071LATHAMChristineWatling Street
1071LATHAMTimothyWatling Street
11721LATHAMTimothy52 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721LATHAMMasin?52 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721LATHAMArthur52 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721LATHAMLily52 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721LATHAMMaggie52 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
4128LAWRENCEWilliam42 East View
4128LAWRENCEEsther42 East View
4128LAWRENCEBetsy A.42 East View
4128LAWRENCEWilliam T.42 East View
4128LAWRENCEEmma42 East View
4128LAWRENCEConstance42 East View
4128LAWRENCEDaisy42 East View
9332LAWRENCEJohn14 Tamworth Road
9332LAWRENCEElizabeth14 Tamworth Road
9332LAWRENCESydney14 Tamworth Road
9332LAWRENCELaura14 Tamworth Road
4332LEAEnoch522 Main Road
4332LEAHannah522 Main Road
4332LEAHarriet522 Main Road
4433LEAEmily522 Main Road
4433LEAAlice522 Main Road
4433LEARose522 Main Road
4433LEATom522 Main Road
9841LEAJohn330 Tamworth Road
9841LEAFlorence330 Tamworth Road
9841LEAPercy330 Tamworth Road
9841LEAMay330 Tamworth Road
9841LEAHerbert330 Tamworth Road
1071LEAGeorgeWatling Street
1084LEAJoseph73 Watling Street
1084LEASarah Ann73 Watling Street
1084LEALucy73 Watling Street
1084LEAJoseph73 Watling Street
1084LEAThomas73 Watling Street
1084LEASarah Ann73 Watling Street
11620LEAThomas66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620LEAEllen66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620LEAThomas Horace66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620LEAJessie66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620LEAWilliam H.66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620LEANellie66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620LEAAlice66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620LEAJack66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620LEAGeorge66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620LEAMay66 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
8617LEADERThomas353 Rose Cottages
8617LEADERLouisa353 Rose Cottages
8617LEADERMartha E.353 Rose Cottages
8617LEADERThomas L. H.353 Rose Cottages
8719LEADERHenry439 Watling Street
8719LEADERPheobe439 Watling Street
8719LEADERAda A.439 Watling Street
8719LEADERWilliam H.439 Watling Street
8924LEADERCharles E.437 Watling Street
8924LEADERMary437 Watling Street
8924LEADERCharles437 Watling Street
805LEATER or LESTERThomas A.58 Watling Street
805LEATER or LESTERMary A.58 Watling Street
805LEATER or LESTERJesse T.58 Watling Street
1522LEEAnn10 Diamond Row Glascote
1522LEECharles10 Diamond Row Glascote
1521LEECharles William20 Diamond Row Glascote
1521LEEEmma20 Diamond Row Glascote
1317LEEDHAMAgnes Jane373 Main Road Glascote
99LEEDHAMAlbert223 Main Road Glascote
1317LEEDHAMAlbert Ed.373 Main Road Glascote
99LEEDHAMAnnie223 Main Road Glascote
99LEEDHAMArthur223 Main Road Glascote
1317LEEDHAMArthur373 Main Road Glascote
99LEEDHAMCris or Cus223 Main Road Glascote
99LEEDHAMEmma223 Main Road Glascote
99LEEDHAMEunice223 Main Road Glascote
99LEEDHAMFrances223 Main Road Glascote
1317LEEDHAMHenry James373 Main Road Glascote
1317LEEDHAMJohn373 Main Road Glascote
1317LEEDHAMJohn Will.373 Main Road Glascote
1317LEEDHAMLucy Emma373 Main Road Glascote
2235LEEDHAMMary7 John Street Glascote
1317LEEDHAMMary Ann373 Main Road Glascote
1317LEEDHAMOliver Geo.373 Main Road Glascote
2235LEEDHAMThomas7 John Street Glascote
6629LEEDHAMJoseph80 Cross Street
6629LEEDHAMSusannah80 Cross Street
305LEEKArthur144 Main Road Glascote
305LEEKEllen144 Main Road Glascote
305LEEKFrederick144 Main Road Glascote
305LEEKHarry144 Main Road Glascote
305LEEKLizzatta144 Main Road Glascote
305LEEKThomas H.144 Main Road Glascote
305LEEKThomas H.144 Main Road Glascote
63LEESEliza12 Bolehall
63LEESHenry12 Bolehall
8515LEESJohn T.245 Watling Street
8515LEESAnnie M.245 Watling Street
8515LEESAnnie A.245 Watling Street
8515LEESMaud245 Watling Street
8719LEESThomasTwo Gates Inn
8719LEESSarahTwo Gates Inn
8719LEESEmilyTwo Gates Inn
8719LEESAlbertTwo Gates Inn
8719LEESSusanTwo Gates Inn
8719LEESJamesTwo Gates Inn
8719LEESWallaceTwo Gates Inn
9536LEESThomas E.Tamworth Road
9536LEESJennyTamworth Road
9536LEESEmilyTamworth Road
11722LEESHannah E.Wilnecote House Hockley Rd
11925LEESSamuel23 New Road
11925LEESSarah J.23 New Road
12027LEESGeorge H.64 Hockley Road
12027LEESMary A.64 Hockley Road
12027LEESGeorge H.64 Hockley Road
12027LEESAgnes64 Hockley Road
12027LEESFlorence64 Hockley Road
12027LEESArthur64 Hockley Road
12027LEESAndrew64 Hockley Road
12027LEESLaura64 Hockley Road
12027LEESHarold64 Hockley Road
12027LEESThomas64 Hockley Road
12844LEESMaorin?6 Tame Valley Terrace
12844LEESAnnie L.6 Tame Valley Terrace
12844LEESThomas W.6 Tame Valley Terrace
12844LEESElsie M.6 Tame Valley Terrace
12844LEESLaura6 Tame Valley Terrace
5610LEICESTERSheldon52 Main Road
794LESTERSHarry S.52+54 Watling Street
794LESTERSHarriet52+54 Watling Street
6323LEWISWilliam Samuel15 Cross Street
6323LEWISAnnie15 Cross Street
9025LIMAR or LIMAXEdward4 Dosthill Road
9025LIMAR or LIMAXHarriett4 Dosthill Road
9025LIMAR or LIMAXAlice E.4 Dosthill Road
9025LIMAR or LIMAXWilliam H.4 Dosthill Road
75LIMBCharles18 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75LIMBCharles Herbert18 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75LIMBElizabeth18 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75LIMBLilian Maude18 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75LIMBPhyllis Mary18 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
9332LIMMEdward18 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMElizabeth18 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMEmma18 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMWalter18 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMHannah18 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMViolet18 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMSydney18 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMWilliam H.20 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMFlorence20 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMFred20 Tamworth Road
9332LIMMFlorence20 Tamworth Road
5610LITCHFIELDRebecca56 Main Road
318LITHERLANDArthur V.20 Bamford Street
318LITHERLANDMartha A.20 Bamford Street
318LITHERLANDMary20 Bamford Street
318LITHERLANDMary D.20 Bamford Street
318LITHERLANDWalter H.20 Bamford Street
318LITHERLANDWillm.20 Bamford Street
1119LITTERTONHarriett171 Gloucester Terrace
52LLOYDMary15 Bolehall
545LOCKEWilliam23 Main Road
10250LOCKWOODGeorge A.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10250LOCKWOODHannahTamworth Road Belgrave
10250LOCKWOODRosina J. M.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10250LOCKWOODGeorge H.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10250LOCKWOODElizabeth F.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10250LOCKWOODWilliam J.Tamworth Road Belgrave
817LUDFORDJohn3 Glascote Road
817LUDFORDSarah A.3 Glascote Road
817LUDFORDRobert J.3 Glascote Road
817LUDFORDMary3 Glascote Road
4536LUNNJoseph22 Engine Lane
4536LUNNSarah S.22 Engine Lane
4536LUNNLilly M.22 Engine Lane
4536LUNNWilliam A.22 Engine Lane
4637LUNNMinnie E.22 Engine Lane
4637LUNNCharles E.22 Engine Lane
4637LUNNGertrude S.22 Engine Lane
4637LUNNOliver L.22 Engine Lane
4637LUNNJohn J.22 Engine Lane
4637LUNNRobert M.22 Engine Lane
5814LUNNJoseph72 Main Road
5814LUNNMary Maria72 Main Road
9230LUNNBernard7 Tamworth Road
9230LUNNElizabeth7 Tamworth Road
9230LUNNHenry L.7 Tamworth Road
9230LUNNArthur T.7 Tamworth Road
9230LUNNMary A.7 Tamworth Road
9230LUNNAlfred J.7 Tamworth Road
9230LUNNDavid F.7 Tamworth Road
9230LUNNThomas W.7 Tamworth Road
9230LUNNWilliam7 Tamworth Road
9230LUNNBernard J.7 Tamworth Road
2031LYCETTBenjamin20 New Street Glascote
87LYCETTEdwardMoor Lane Bolehall
87LYCETTEdwardMoor Lane Bolehall
306LYCETTEllen4 Anchor Row
306LYCETTEmily4 Anchor Row
282LYCETTFrances96 Main Road Glascote
282LYCETTFrank96 Main Road Glascote
282LYCETTFrank E.96 Main Road Glascote
1419LYCETTJessie391 Main Road Glascote
87LYCETTMabel OliveMoor Lane Bolehall
1419LYCETTPaul391 Main Road Glascote
87LYCETTRichardMoor Lane Bolehall
1419LYCETTRichard391 Main Road Glascote
1419LYCETTRichard391 Main Road Glascote
306LYCETTRichard4 Anchor Row
1419LYCETTSarah391 Main Road Glascote
1419LYCETTSarah391 Main Road Glascote
306LYCETTThomas4 Anchor Row
282LYCETTViolet M.96 Main Road Glascote
4229LYCETTRobert56 Main Road
4229LYCETTMargaret56 Main Road
3414M(W)ORRALLArthur258 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLViolet258 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLIsaiah260 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLAnnie260 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLFlorrie260 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLAlbert260 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLFred260 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLAnnie260 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLElsie260 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLBertha260 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLJoseph262 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLCaroline M.262 Main Road Glascote
3414M(W)ORRALLFrederick J.262 Main Road Glascote
63MacGREGORWilliamBolehall Manor
329MACHEMJames28 Bamford Street
1317MACKINAgnes Ada375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINBarnard375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINBertie375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINClaude375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINClement375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINGrace Eva375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINJohn375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINJohn Perry375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINMary Ann375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINThomas375 Main Road Glascote
1317MACKINWilliam375 Main Road Glascote
7140MALLARDAnn14 West Street
6324MALLETTJohn William14 Cross Street
6324MALLETTEmma14 Cross Street
6324MALLETTEmily14 Cross Street
6324MALLETTAmelia14 Cross Street
6324MALLETTJohn William14 Cross Street
9434MANCHESTERJane90 Tamworth Road
9943MANNSamuel35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNEliza35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNSarah A.35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNAlbert35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNAgnes35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNClara35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNWalter35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNArthur35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNHerbert35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNMarion35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNAustin35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNLizzie35 Belgrave Road
9943MANNMary35 Belgrave Road
10249MANNINGHarriett A.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
9229MANSELLCarrieCottage House?
9740MANSELLJoseph324 Tamworth Road
9740MANSELLHannah E.324 Tamworth Road
9740MANSELLAnnie324 Tamworth Road
9740MANSELLHarry324 Tamworth Road
9740MANSELLAlice324 Tamworth Road
9740MANSELLPercy324 Tamworth Road
12232MARICE?Sarah A.90 Hockley Road
793MARKSJohn30 the Croft
793MARKSAnnie30 the Croft
793MARKSFrancis30 the Croft
793MARKSLouise30 the Croft
793MARKSAmy30 the Croft
793MARKSBeatrice30 the Croft
11110MARKSArthur177 Gloucester Terrace
11110MARKSClara177 Gloucester Terrace
11110MARKSGladys May177 Gloucester Terrace
11110MARKSWinnie177 Gloucester Terrace
11926MARRIS or MORRISWilliamOld Parsonage
11926MARRIS or MORRISElizth. S.Old Parsonage
12027MARRIS or MORRISWilliam H. R.Old Parsonage
12027MARRIS or MORRISMay A. S.Old Parsonage
318MARTINAgnes22 Bamford Street
318MARTINAlfred22 Bamford Street
318MARTINAlfred22 Bamford Street
318MARTINAlice22 Bamford Street
318MARTINElsie22 Bamford Street
318MARTINJane22 Bamford Street
318MARTINWilloughby22 Bamford Street
4128MARTINWilliam394 Main Road
4128MARTINAlice H.394 Main Road
4128MARTINAlice A.394 Main Road
4128MARTINWilliam D.394 Main Road
4128MARTINFrederick394 Main Road
4128MARTINEthel C.394 Main Road
8515MARTINAlbert E.253 Watling Street
75MASONAlfred20 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76MASONAnn8 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
76MASONArthur8 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
75MASONArthur John20 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75MASONErnest20 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75MASONGeorge Thomas20 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75MASONJohn20 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75MASONMary Ann20 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76MASONSamuel8 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
75MASONWilliam Clarance20 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
3719MASONElizabeth18 Nevill Street
3923MASONAlbert10 East View
4740MASONJohn P.Caffs Lane
12232MASONGeorge96 Hockley Road
12232MASONAlice96 Hockley Road
12338MASONGeorge108 Hockley Road
12338MASONHannah108 Hockley Road
12338MASONGeorge E.108 Hockley Road
88MATHIASMaryTamworth Isolation Hospital
546MATTHEWSEvelyn Bonas28 Main Road
546MATTHEWSElsie Rebecca Risey?28 Main Road
8515MAYWalter253 Watling Street
2439MAYONHarrietSunny Croft Ashby Road
1318McCOYJohn383 Main Road Glascote
3720MEEKHenry294 Main Road
3720MEEKMary294 Main Road
3720MEEKFlorence294 Main Road
3720MEEKAnnie294 Main Road
3720MEEKHenry294 Main Road
3720MEEKReuben294 Main Road
1726MEEKIN ?? (faint)Agnes Mary24 Argyle St Glascote
1726MEEKIN ?? (faint)Fred24 Argyle St Glascote
1726MEEKIN ?? (faint)John Harry24 Argyle St Glascote
1726MEEKIN ?? (faint)William? Henry24 Argyle St Glascote
294MEERAda S.130 Main Road Glascote
294MEERJohn A.130 Main Road Glascote
294MEERJohn H.130 Main Road Glascote
6936MEERArthurOrchard Street
6936MEERElizaOrchard Street
6936MEERFrancesOrchard Street
6936MEERReginaldOrchard Street
6936MEERGraceOrchard Street
534MERCERGeorge18 Main Road
534MERCERMaria18 Main Road
534MERCERHarry18 Main Road
534MERCERGeorge Walter18 Main Road
534MERCERHetty18 Main Road
534MERCERRichard18 Main Road
534MERCERElsie18 Main Road
534MERCERAlick18 Main Road
534MERCERHilda18 Main Road
534MERCERSidney18 Main Road
534MERCERHarold18 Main Road
534MERCEREdgar18 Main Road
557MERCERRichard36 Main Road
557MERCERMary Ann36 Main Road
557MERCERCharles36 Main Road
6732MERCERRichard HenryOrchard Street
6833MERCERHannah KeziahOrchard Street
6833MERCERDora MayOrchard Street
6833MERCERWalter HenryOrchard Street
1108MERRYErnestHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108MERRYEllenHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108MERRYFlorenceHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108MERRYBernardHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1420MILESMary471 Main Road Glascote
1420MILESMary Kathleen471 Main Road Glascote
8210MILLERPhyllis K.162 Watling Street
9127MILLERThomas5+7 Dosthill Road
9127MILLEREliza5+7 Dosthill Road
9739MILLERCHIPEdward S.27 Lunn's Row
9739MILLERCHIPAlice S.27 Lunn's Row
9739MILLERCHIPJohn E.27 Lunn's Row
11313MILLERSHIPWilliam17 Smithy Lane
11313MILLERSHIPMary17 Smithy Lane
11313MILLERSHIPSarah Elizth.17 Smithy Lane
1726MILLSAmy36 Argyle St Glascote
9433MILLSGeorge F.64 Tamworth Road
9433MILLSJessie64 Tamworth Road
9638MINORS?Emma11+13 Wharf Row
1726MINTERS ?? (faint)Charlotte Claresa?26 Argyle St Glascote
1726MINTERS ?? (faint)Edinet?26 Argyle St Glascote
1726MINTERS ?? (faint)George A.? Harry26 Argyle St Glascote
1726MINTERS ?? (faint)George Smith26 Argyle St Glascote
1726MINTERS ?? (faint)Herbert Allan?26 Argyle St Glascote
1726MINTERS ?? (faint)Margaretta Edith26 Argyle St Glascote
12639MOLDElizaWenlock Place
12639MOLDEllenWenlock Place
12639MOLDEdithWenlock Place
12639MOLDWilliamWenlock Place
12639MOLDEthelWenlock Place
12639MOLDHaroldWenlock Place
2031MOOREGertrude20 New Street Glascote
76MOOREMary6 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76MOOREThomas6 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
2031MOOREWilliam20 New Street Glascote
3821MOOREGeorge2 East View
3821MOOREMary A.2 East View
3821MOOREEmily2 East View
3821MOOREMary2 East View
3821MOOREStanley2 East View
3821MOOREMaggie2 East View
3822MOOREGeorge2 East View
8312MOORECharles289 Tamworth Lane
293MORETONElizabeth116 Main Road Glascote
293MORETONJoseph116 Main Road Glascote
293MORETONJoseph W.116 Main Road Glascote
293MORETONMary116 Main Road Glascote
293MORETONWillie116 Main Road Glascote
1215MORGANEdward289 Main Road Glascote
1215MORGANEdward289 Main Road Glascote
1215MORGANFanny289 Main Road Glascote
1215MORGANFanny289 Main Road Glascote
1215MORGANLewis289 Main Road Glascote
2440MORGANThomas FoxPerry Crofts Farm
4841MORGANJohnCanal Office
4841MORGANMary A.Canal Office
4841MORGANThomas A.Canal Office
4841MORGANEdgar A.Canal Office
1119MORGANHenry C.171 Gloucester Terrace
1119MORGANFrances A.171 Gloucester Terrace
1119MORGANHarold W.171 Gloucester Terrace
12741MORGANGeorge10 Turf Terrace
12741MORGANEliza10 Turf Terrace
12741MORGANJames10 Turf Terrace
12741MORGANHannah10 Turf Terrace
12741MORGANElizabeth10 Turf Terrace
12741MORGANWilliam H.10 Turf Terrace
12741MORGANCharles10 Turf Terrace
12741MORGANCharles10 Turf Terrace
782MORLEYMary E.Queen's Head Inn
3312MORRALLMatthew70 Bamford Street
3312MORRALLFrances70 Bamford Street
3312MORRALLEdith A.70 Bamford Street
3312MORRALLNelly70 Bamford Street
3312MORRALLFrank70 Bamford Street
317MORRELLGeorge250 Main Road Glascote
317MORRELLLionel250 Main Road Glascote
317MORRELLSamuel250 Main Road Glascote
317MORRELLSarah A.250 Main Road Glascote
1522MORRISEdwin6 Diamond Row Glascote
1522MORRISFrank6 Diamond Row Glascote
1522MORRISJane6 Diamond Row Glascote
1522MORRISMary Ann6 Diamond Row Glascote
1522MORRISSarah6 Diamond Row Glascote
3720MORRISWilliam288 Main Road
3720MORRISAlice288 Main Road
3720MORRISEdith M.288 Main Road
5915MOSELEYLucy80 Main Road
2235MOSSJames Henry11 John Street Glascote
2235MOSSSusan11 John Street Glascote
294MOULDAnn136 Main Road Glascote
294MOULDBertie136 Main Road Glascote
294MOULDEmily M.136 Main Road Glascote
294MOULDJames W. S.136 Main Road Glascote
294MOULDJohn136 Main Road Glascote
294MOULDMinnie136 Main Road Glascote
294MOULDWilliam H.136 Main Road Glascote
1216MULLARDJames367 Main Road Glascote
1216MULLARDRose367 Main Road Glascote
7242MULLINDERRose22 West Street
7242MULLINDERFlorence22 West Street
7242MULLINDERGertrude22 West Street
11619MUNDIESGeorge W.59 Green Lane
11619MUNDIESSarah Ann59 Green Lane
11619MUNDIESAlice M.59 Green Lane
11619MUNDIESFredk. G.59 Green Lane
11619MUNDIESGeorge W. D.59 Green Lane
11619MUNDIESSarah E.59 Green Lane
11619MUNDIESWilfred A.59 Green Lane
11619MUNDIESJohn H.59 Green Lane
7037MURDENThomas 8 Orchard Street
7037MURDENEliza Ann8 Orchard Street
7037MURDENCyril8 Orchard Street
7037MURDENHorace8 Orchard Street
11517MURPHYWilliam W.Green Lane
11517MURPHYFannyGreen Lane
11517MURPHYAlbertGreen Lane
1725MURRAYLeslie42 Argyle St Glascote
1725MURRAYStuart Lindsay42 Argyle St Glascote
1930MUSSONBenjamin24 New Street Glascote
1930MUSSONCharlotte24 New Street Glascote
558NASHJames43 Main Road
558NASHJane43 Main Road
558NASHWilliam Alfd.43 Main Road
558NASHWalter John43 Main Road
558NASHAnnie43 Main Road
558NASHNelly43 Main Road
558NASHBeatrice Mary43 Main Road
558NASHMinnie43 Main Road
558NASHEthel43 Main Road
8311NASHFlorence B.172 Watling Street
8311NASHMaud172 Watling Street
51NAYLORArthur7 Bolehall
51NAYLORElsie7 Bolehall
51NAYLORFrederick7 Bolehall
51NAYLORHarry7 Bolehall
51NAYLORJohn Frederick7 Bolehall
51NAYLORJulia Anne7 Bolehall
51NAYLORTom7 Bolehall
9434NEGICIRE?Thomas94 Tamworth Road
2439NEVILLFlorence GertrudeSunny Croft Ashby Road
2439NEVILLRobertSunny Croft Ashby Road
2439NEVILLRobertSunny Croft Ashby Road
1521NEWBURYAnn14 Diamond Row Glascote
1521NEWBURYElizabeth14 Diamond Row Glascote
1521NEWBURYGeorge14 Diamond Row Glascote
1521NEWBURYJoseph14 Diamond Row Glascote
1521NEWBURYNellie14 Diamond Row Glascote
1521NEWBURYSarah Ann14 Diamond Row Glascote
1521NEWBURYWilliam Geo.14 Diamond Row Glascote
534NEWBURYWilliam19 Main Road
534NEWBURYEllen19 Main Road
534NEWBURYAlbert19 Main Road
534NEWBURYJane19 Main Road
534NEWBURYNellie19 Main Road
7037NEWBURYJohnOrchard Street
7038NEWBURYAliceOrchard Street
7038NEWBURYWalterOrchard Street
7038NEWBURYEdithOrchard Street
7038NEWBURYWilliamOrchard Street
7038NEWBURYCyrilOrchard Street
7038NEWBURYElsie KateOrchard Street
7241NEWBURYWalter18 West Street
7241NEWBURYEdith18 West Street
7241NEWBURYWalter18 West Street
7241NEWBURYArthur18 West Street
7241NEWBURYWilliam18 West Street
6935NEWSTEADGeorgeOrchard Street
6935NEWSTEADAnnie LizzieOrchard Street
6935NEWSTEADFlorence KateOrchard Street
6935NEWSTEADAnnieOrchard Street
1624NOMANSEmily9 Argyle St Glascote
1624NOMANSGertrudge Emily9 Argyle St Glascote
1624NOMANSIsaac9 Argyle St Glascote
1624NOMANSStanley9 Argyle St Glascote
11518OAKESJamesGreen Lane
11518OAKESMary ElizaGreen Lane
11518OAKESHenryGreen Lane
11518OAKESDoris MayGreen Lane
533OLIVERFrederick Geo.17 Main Road
533OLIVERGertrude17 Main Road
533OLIVERGertrude Edna17 Main Road
533OLIVERJames15 Main Road
533OLIVERAnnie Maria15 Main Road
533OLIVERFrederick John15 Main Road
533OLIVERCharley Essenton15 Main Road
533OLIVEREllen Mary15 Main Road
533OLIVERCecil James15 Main Road
533OLIVERJames Walter15 Main Road
533OLIVERHarry15 Main Road
558OLIVERJames Snr44 Main Road
11518OLNERWalterGreen Lane
11518OLNEREmilyGreen Lane
11518OLNERWinifredGreen Lane
11518OLNERAlfredGreen Lane
12742OLNERRose12 Turf Terrace
5813ONIONSJames68 Main Road
5813ONIONSAnnie68 Main Road
5813ONIONSKate68 Main Road
5813ONIONSJoseph68 Main Road
4230ORDICHAnnie E.Farm House
4230ORDICHMary A. E.Farm House
4230ORDICHJosephFarm House
782ORTONLuke12 Barn Yard
782ORTONHannah M.12 Barn Yard
782ORTONWilliam12 Barn Yard
782ORTONJohn H.12 Barn Yard
782ORTONEli12 Barn Yard
782ORTONArthur12 Barn Yard
782ORTONCatherine12 Barn Yard
782ORTONJessie12 Barn Yard
9739ORTONThomasHambury's Farm Cottage
9739ORTONHarriettHambury's Farm Cottage
9739ORTONEthelHambury's Farm Cottage
9739ORTONFlorenceHambury's Farm Cottage
9739ORTONJosephHambury's Farm Cottage
9739ORTONCharlesHambury's Farm Cottage
9841ORTONJohn332 Tamworth Road
9841ORTONAlice332 Tamworth Road
9841ORTONJohn T.332 Tamworth Road
11110ORTONJames179 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110ORTONAnnie179 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11110ORTONEthel179 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
12231ORTONJohn82 Hockley Road
12231ORTONSarah A.82 Hockley Road
12231ORTONCharles82 Hockley Road
12231ORTONJoseph82 Hockley Road
12231ORTONFanny82 Hockley Road
12231ORTONMinnie82 Hockley Road
12231ORTONAlice82 Hockley Road
12231ORTONClara82 Hockley Road
12231ORTONOlive82 Hockley Road
12231ORTONAmy82 Hockley Road
12334ORTONWilliam126 Hockley Road
7038OSBORNArthur Chas.Orchard Street
7038OSBORNAmelia HarrietOrchard Street
7038OSBORNWalterOrchard Street
7038OSBORNHarryOrchard Street
5610OSBORNEAlbert54 Main Road
5610OSBORNEEliza54 Main Road
5610OSBORNEWilliam John54 Main Road
5610OSBORNEAlbert Alfred54 Main Road
6731OSBORNEWilliam72 Cross Street
6731OSBORNEEmma72 Cross Street
6731OSBORNEMinnie72 Cross Street
6731OSBORNEAnnie72 Cross Street
6731OSBORNEGertrude72 Cross Street
6731OSBORNEWilliam72 Cross Street
6731OSBORNELily72 Cross Street
6731OSBORNEJames72 Cross Street
11415OUTEN?Henry39 Smithy Lane
11415OUTEN?Harriet39 Smithy Lane
11415OUTEN?Henry39 Smithy Lane
11415OUTEN?Violet39 Smithy Lane
6833OVERYFrankOrchard Street
6833OVERYElizabethOrchard Street
6833OVERYNellieOrchard Street
6833OVERYWesleyOrchard Street
6833OVERYBeatriceOrchard Street
6731OWENWilliam71 Cross Street
6731OWENElizabeth71 Cross Street
6731OWENWilliam Geo.71 Cross Street
6731OWENGertrude May71 Cross Street
6731OWENEliza71 Cross Street
6731OWENJoseph Henry71 Cross Street
6731OWENBertie Isaac71 Cross Street
6731OWENDoris Grace71 Cross Street
805OWENWilliam9 Sheeton's Yard
805OWENSelina9 Sheeton's Yard
805OWENPeter9 Sheeton's Yard
818OWENRobert195 Hodgkinsons Road
818OWENFrances195 Hodgkinsons Road
818OWENRobert195 Hodgkinsons Road
818OWENAnnie195 Hodgkinsons Road
818OWENHorace195 Hodgkinsons Road
818OWENWillie195 Hodgkinsons Road
818OWENMay195 Hodgkinsons Road
8311OWENIsabella172 Watling Street
8516OWENJohnPotteries Cottages
8516OWENPeterPotteries Cottages
8516OWENJohnPotteries Cottages
2032PADERSONPercery?13 New Street Glascote
12742PADMOREFrank2 Overwoods
12742PADMORESarah A.2 Overwoods
12742PADMOREFrank2 Overwoods
12742PADMOREHarriett2 Overwoods
12843PADMOREJohn4 Overwoods
12843PADMOREHarriet4 Overwoods
8516PAGEKate259 Watling Street
9740PAGEJohnArnold's Farm
9740PAGECaroline Arnold's Farm
9740PAGECarrie J.Arnold's Farm
9740PAGEEnoch J. Arnold's Farm
9740PAGECharles J.Arnold's Farm
9740PAGEReginald S.Arnold's Farm
11925PAGEWilliam21 New Road
11925PAGEHannah21 New Road
11925PAGEJohn21 New Road
11925PAGENevill21 New Road
12435PAGEJohn208 Hockley Road
12435PAGEEmma208 Hockley Road
1012PALLETTElizabeth259 Main Road Glascote
1012PALLETTJohn259 Main Road Glascote
1012PALLETTJohn259 Main Road Glascote
2133PALMERHoratio8 New Street Glascote
794PARKERWilliam38+40 Watling Street
794PARKERLizzy38+40 Watling Street
794PARKEREthel38+40 Watling Street
11722PARKES or PURKESAdaThe Farm Hockley Road
99PARNELLAgnes221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLAlbert221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLAlice221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLAlice Priscilla221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLCharles221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLCharles Arthur221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLHarry221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLJenette Emma221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLMary221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLRichard Hubert221 Main Road Glascote
99PARNELLWilliam221 Main Road Glascote
533PARNELLIdaChestnut House
4841PARRYJohnWharf Cottage
293PARSONAGEGeorge118 Main Road Glascote
8822PARSONSEliza406 Watling Street
11721PARSONSJoseph58 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721PARSONSAlice Elizth.58 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721PARSONSJoseph H.58 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721PARSONSElsie Priscilla58 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
1084PATERSONRobert81 Watling Street
1084PATERSONJohn81 Watling Street
4229PAULJohn56 Main Road
4740PAULMaryGlascote Cottage
11416PAULPriscillaWilnecote House
11722PAULJeffrey Wm.Wilnecote House Hockley Rd
11722PAULJane P.Wilnecote House Hockley Rd
11722PAULJeffrey W. E.Wilnecote House Hockley Rd
11722PAULJames EnsorWilnecote House Hockley Rd
5814PAULEYLilian71 Main Road
1114PAYNEFanny275 Main Road Glascote
4127PAYNEJoseph29 East View
4127PAYNEMary J.29 East View
4127PAYNEHarry29 East View
6425PAYNEHenry6 Cross Street
6425PAYNEElizabeth6 Cross Street
6425PAYNEMary Elizth.6 Cross Street
6425PAYNEElsie6 Cross Street
6425PAYNEEdith May6 Cross Street
6425PAYNEFlorence Beatrice6 Cross Street
6629PAYNEJoseph79 Cross Street
6629PAYNEEmily79 Cross Street
6629PAYNEHarry79 Cross Street
6629PAYNELeslie79 Cross Street
6629PAYNENelly79 Cross Street
6630PAYNEElsie Mary79 Cross Street
6630PAYNECatherine79 Cross Street
6834PAYNEJamesOrchard Street
6834PAYNEElizaOrchard Street
6834PAYNEWilliamOrchard Street
6834PAYNEEmilyOrchard Street
6834PAYNEGertrudeOrchard Street
6834PAYNEHerbertOrchard Street
9841PAYNEAlfredTamworth Road
9841PAYNEMary J.Tamworth Road
9841PAYNEWilliam D. W.Tamworth Road
10249PAYNEHy.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
10249PAYNEF. J.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
10249PAYNEBeatriceTamworth Lane Belgrave
1072PAYNECharlesWatling Street
1072PAYNEElizabethWatling Street
1072PAYNEWilliamWatling Street
1072PAYNECharlesWatling Street
1072PAYNENellyWatling Street
1072PAYNEDavidWatling Street
1072PAYNEJaneWatling Street
11620PAYNEMirriam64 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620PAYNEWilliam64 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620PAYNEEmma64 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11620PAYNELillian64 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11926PAYNEElijah33 New Road
12129PAYNEJesse6 Hemming's Yard
12129PAYNEEdith6 Hemming's Yard
12129PAYNEWilliam6 Hemming's Yard
12129PAYNEArthur6 Hemming's Yard
12129PAYNEDavid8 Hemming's Yard
12232PAYNEMary A.94 Hockley Road
12232PAYNECharles94 Hockley Road
2338PEARCEMary AnnPerry Crofts Ashby Road
2338PEARCEThomas HughesPerry Crofts Ashby Road
75PEARNHarry16 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75PEARNIsaac16 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75PEARNJessie16 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75PEARNJohn16 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75PEARNPriscilla16 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
534PEARSALLDavidMain Road
534PEARSALLMaryMain Road
546PEARSALLThomas31 Main Road
546PEARSALLCaroline31 Main Road
546PEARSALLOliver31 Main Road
546PEARSALLErnest31 Main Road
546PEARSALLSelina31 Main Road
546PEARSALLGeorge31 Main Road
546PEARSALLRose31 Main Road
557PEARSALLJames40 Main Road
557PEARSALLSarah Ann40 Main Road
557PEARSALLElizabeth Mary40 Main Road
558PEARSALLNellie40 Main Road
558PEARSALLEdith40 Main Road
558PEARSALLAlice40 Main Road
558PEARSALLFrederick Geo.40 Main Road
558PEARSALLMabel40 Main Road
558PEARSALLBeatrice Maud40 Main Road
6426PEARSALLJames2 Cross Street
6426PEARSALLFanny2 Cross Street
6426PEARSALLHerbert Thos.2 Cross Street
6426PEARSALLLeonard Percy2 Cross Street
9638PEARSALLWilliam19 Lunn's Row
9638PEARSALLAlice19 Lunn's Row
9638PEARSALLCaroline 19 Lunn's Row
1095PEARSALLWalter89 Watling Street
1095PEARSALLAmy89 Watling Street
1095PEARSALLSydney89 Watling Street
1095PEARSALLHarry89 Watling Street
1095PEARSALLIery or Ivy89 Watling Street
5814PEARSONJoseph75 Main Road
5814PEARSONHenrietta Caroline75 Main Road
5814PEARSONThomas Cryer75 Main Road
5814PEARSONHubert Cryer75 Main Road
5814PEARSONFrederick Geo. Cryer75 Main Road
5814PEARSONFrancis75 Main Road
6731PEARSONFrancis73 Cross Street
6731PEARSONAnnie73 Cross Street
6731PEARSONAnnie Elizth.73 Cross Street
6731PEARSONHorace73 Cross Street
329PEGGCharles32 Bamford Street
329PEGGEzra32 Bamford Street
329PEGGSarah32 Bamford Street
329PEGGThomas32 Bamford Street
10148PERCIVALWilliam75 Belgrave Road
10148PERCIVALEllen75 Belgrave Road
10148PERCIVALEllen75 Belgrave Road
10148PERCIVALSteven75 Belgrave Road
10148PERCIVALJessie75 Belgrave Road
10148PERCIVALAnnie75 Belgrave Road
8617PERRINFrederick355 Rose Cottages
8617PERRINAda355 Rose Cottages
75PERRYAbraham14 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
87PERRYBetsyMoor Lane Bolehall
76PERRYCharles4 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
87PERRYEllenMoor Lane Bolehall
75PERRYFlora Helen14 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75PERRYFrank Thomas14 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
87PERRYIsaac2 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
75PERRYJane14 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
87PERRYJohnMoor Lane Bolehall
87PERRYMary2 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
87PERRYThomasMoor Lane Bolehall
87PERRYWilliam2 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
3516PERRYThomas2 Nevill Street
3516PERRYMary A.2 Nevill Street
3516PERRYHerbert2 Nevill Street
3516PERRYFlossie M. A.2 Nevill Street
3516PERRYWalter H.2 Nevill Street
3516PERRYThomas W.3 Nevill Street
3516PERRYMary A.3 Nevill Street
3516PERRYErnest A.3 Nevill Street
3516PERRYFlossie M.3 Nevill Street
3516PERRYThomas W.3 Nevill Street
3516PERRYAda E.3 Nevill Street
3516PERRYAlbert E.3 Nevill Street
3516PERRYHerbert3 Nevill Street
3516PERRYLawrie M.3 Nevill Street
4026PERRYAmbrose24 East View
4026PERRYSarah24 East View
4026PERRYCharles T.24 East View
4026PERRYHorace24 East View
4026PERRYJohn24 East View
6221PERRYCharles Wm.35 Cross Street
6425PERRYFrancis6 Cross Street
6731PHASSANT?Flory73 Cross Street
9230PHEASANTJob3 Tamworth Road
9230PHEASANTEdith3 Tamworth Road
9230PHEASANTMary E.3 Tamworth Road
9230PHEASANTEdith A.3 Tamworth Road
63PHILLIPSMargaretBolehall Manor
9128PHILLIPSThomas12 Clear? Street Square?
9128PHILLIPSMary J.12 Clear? Street Square?
9128PHILLIPSBeatrice12 Clear? Street Square?
9128PHILLIPSThomas H.12 Clear? Street Square?
9128PHILLIPSLousia12 Clear? Street Square?
9128PHILLIPSHannah12 Clear? Street Square?
9128PHILLIPSWilliam J.12 Clear? Street Square?
9128PHILLIPSSamuel12 Clear? Street Square?
9434PHILLIPSAnnie92 Tamworth Road
9230PHILLIPS Joseph9 Tamworth Road
9230PHILLIPS Jane A.9 Tamworth Road
9230PHILLIPS Florence9 Tamworth Road
9230PHILLIPS Joseph W.9 Tamworth Road
9230PHILLIPS Beatrice9 Tamworth Road
9230PHILLIPS Mary A.9 Tamworth Road
782PIATTAnnieQueen's Head Inn
76PICKERINGJames4 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
781PICKERINGWilliam4 Watling Street
781PICKERINGRosa4 Watling Street
781PICKERINGAnnie4 Watling Street
781PICKERINGWilliam H.4 Watling Street
781PICKERINGFrank L.4 Watling Street
781PICKERINGAlfred J.4 Watling Street
781PICKERINGE. L.4 Watling Street
64PILBERIN?Sarah ElizabethWye Cottages Amington Road
88PINNIGERHelen SelenaTamworth Isolation Hospital
64PLATTSAlice23 Bolehall
64PLATTSBertha Maria23 Bolehall
64PLATTSJames23 Bolehall
64PLATTSJames23 Bolehall
64PLATTSJane23 Bolehall
64PLATTSKate23 Bolehall
64PLATTSMinnie23 Bolehall
64PLATTSSarah23 Bolehall
64PLATTSSarah Ellen23 Bolehall
64PLATTSWalter Robert23 Bolehall
1096PLUMMERSarah Ann8 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1522PODMOREArthur Leonard12 Diamond Row Glascote
1522PODMOREElsie May12 Diamond Row Glascote
1522PODMOREGeorge12 Diamond Row Glascote
1522PODMOREGertie12 Diamond Row Glascote
1522PODMORELucy Ann12 Diamond Row Glascote
1522PODMORELucy Jane12 Diamond Row Glascote
1522PODMOREThomas12 Diamond Row Glascote
1522PODMOREThomas Herbert12 Diamond Row Glascote
12844PODMORESarah5 Tame Valley Terrace
12844PODMOREAlfred J.5 Tame Valley Terrace
12844PODMOREFrancis G.5 Tame Valley Terrace
12844PODMOREHenry W.5 Tame Valley Terrace
76POOLEAnnie6 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
76POOLEHorace6 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
76POOLERichard6 Redding Cotts Amington Rd
3414POOLEJames5 Bamford Street
3414POOLEMartha5 Bamford Street
3719POOLEJohn16 Nevill Street
3719POOLEAmelia16 Nevill Street
3719POOLEJohn16 Nevill Street
3719POOLEEllen16 Nevill Street
7241POOLEJames17 West Street
7241POOLEEmily17 West Street
7241POOLEEmily May17 West Street
7241POOLEViolet Ellen17 West Street
7241POOLEElsie17 West Street
11722POOLEHenry42 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11722POOLEEmily42 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
569POTTSHenry47 Main Road
569POTTSCatherine47 Main Road
569POTTSSidney47 Main Road
569POTTSEdith Margt.47 Main Road
569POTTSJohn Henry47 Main Road
569POTTSCatherine47 Main Road
75POWELLCecilia12 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75POWELLKate12 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
75POWELLThomas12 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
1096POWERSThomasGlebe Inn 91 Watling St.
6935POWISArthurOrchard Street
6935POWISSarah EllenOrchard Street
6935POWISArthur DavidOrchard Street
6935POWISWinifredOrchard Street
6935POWISGeo. StanleyOrchard Street
11619PRATTWilliam55 Green Lane
11619PRATTMarie55 Green Lane
10250PREECEEthelTamworth Road Belgrave
5712PRESCOTTGeorge62 Main Road
5712PRESCOTTJulia62 Main Road
5712PRESCOTTAlfred62 Main Road
5712PRESCOTTWilliam Henry62 Main Road
5712PRESCOTTEmily62 Main Road
1725PRICEAda38 Argyle St Glascote
1725PRICECharles Herbert38 Argyle St Glascote
1725PRICEHerbert38 Argyle St Glascote
1725PRICEJohn38 Argyle St Glascote
1725PRICELilly38 Argyle St Glascote
1725PRICENorman38 Argyle St Glascote
1725PRICESusan Amelia38 Argyle St Glascote
1725PRICEWilliam Frederick38 Argyle St Glascote
8516PRICECharles265 Watling Street
8516PRICEMatilda265 Watling Street
8516PRICEAlbert265 Watling Street
8516PRICEErnest265 Watling Street
8516PRICEAlexander265 Watling Street
8516PRICECecil265 Watling Street
8516PRICEMatilda265 Watling Street
8516PRICEReuben265 Watling Street
8516PRICESamson265 Watling Street
1108PRICE or PRUECatherine E.Herbert Terr. Watling St.
1108PRICE or PRUEEmily KateHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108PRICE or PRUEThomas GeorgeHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108PRICE or PRUEAlbertHerbert Terr. Watling St.
6324PRIESTElizabethCross Street
6324PRIESTFrancesCross Street
6324PRIESTJoseph H.Cross Street
6936PRIESTFrederick Wm.Orchard Street
6936PRIESTEdithOrchard Street
6936PRIESTGrace J. M.Orchard Street
6936PRIESTFrederick T.Orchard Street
6936PRIESTDenis E.Orchard Street
6936PRIESTIvy T.Orchard Street
2133PRITCHARDAlice8 New Street Glascote
2133PRITCHARDEmily8 New Street Glascote
2133PRITCHARDJames8 New Street Glascote
2133PRITCHARDJohn8 New Street Glascote
2133PRITCHARDJohn8 New Street Glascote
2133PRITCHARDMary Ann8 New Street Glascote
2133PRITCHARDMaud8 New Street Glascote
2133PRITCHARDPhoebe8 New Street Glascote
8617PRITCHARDRosePotteries Cottages
8617PRITCHARDThomasPotteries Cottages
8617PRITCHARDFrederickPotteries Cottages
8617PRITCHARDJosephPotteries Cottages
8617PRITCHARDThomasPotteries Cottages
8617PRITCHARDAlicePotteries Cottages
8617PRITCHARDLizziePotteries Cottages
8617PRITCHARDEdithPotteries Cottages
10147PRITCHARDLaura63 Belgrave Road
12946PRITCHETTAlfred12 Tame Valley Terrace
2236PROADJohn19 John Street Glascote
11823PRUECharlotte E.79 Sabout Ho? Hockley Rd.
3617RABBAGERichard9 Nevill Street
3617RABBAGEElizabeth9 Nevill Street
3617RABBAGEAlfred R.9 Nevill Street
3617RABBAGEWilliam G.9 Nevill Street
3617RABBAGEThomas9 Nevill Street
3617RABBAGEHenry9 Nevill Street
3617RABBAGEEarnest9 Nevill Street
1318RADBOURNEAlbert385 Main Road Glascote
1114RADBOURNEAmelia277 Main Road Glascote
1114RADBOURNECharlotte277 Main Road Glascote
1318RADBOURNEJames385 Main Road Glascote
1114RADBOURNEJames Wm.277 Main Road Glascote
1318RADBOURNEMaria385 Main Road Glascote
1318RADBOURNEThomas385 Main Road Glascote
1096RADFERNHenryWallam Yard? 97 Watling St.
1096RADFERNAnnieWallam Yard? 97 Watling St.
1096RADFERNKateWallam Yard? 97 Watling St.
1096RADFERNHenryWallam Yard? 97 Watling St.
1096RADFERNThomasWallam Yard? 97 Watling St.
1096RADFERNWilliamWallam Yard? 97 Watling St.
1096RADFERNSidneyWallam Yard? 97 Watling St.
7140RADFORDThomas13 West Street
7140RADFORDEmma13 West Street
1108RADFORDEmilyHerbert Terr. Watling St.
1108RADFORDAmeliaHerbert Terr. Watling St.
12742RADFORDJohnTurf Terrace
12742RADFORDSarah A.Turf Terrace
12742RADFORDSarah A.Turf Terrace
1108RADWAYJohnGloucester Terr. Watling St.
1108RADWAYAlice FannyGloucester Terr. Watling St.
1108RADWAYBeatriceGloucester Terr. Watling St.
1108RADWAYMaryGloucester Terr. Watling St.
1108RADWAYWilliam JohnGloucester Terr. Watling St.
1108RADWAYHarryGloucester Terr. Watling St.
1108RADWAYMarice?Gloucester Terr. Watling St.
6833READEThomasOrchard Street
6833READELucy MariaOrchard Street
6833READESarah ElizabethOrchard Street
6833READELucy MariaOrchard Street
6833READEJohn ThomasOrchard Street
6833READEArthur HerbertOrchard Street
4536REANSamuel10 Engine Lane
4536REANRose A.10 Engine Lane
4536REANHarriet A.10 Engine Lane
4536REANLuther10 Engine Lane
306RHEADElizabeth A.7 Anchor Row
306RHEADFanny7 Anchor Row
306RHEADFrances7 Anchor Row
306RHEADHenry7 Anchor Row
1318RHEADJohn Kildonan379 Main Road Glascote
1318RHEADMary E.379 Main Road Glascote
306RHEADWilliam7 Anchor Row
306RHEADWilliam7 Anchor Row
12538RHODESJohn443 Wenlock Place
12538RHODESKatherine443 Wenlock Place
12538RHODESJohn443 Wenlock Place
10249RICHARDSEdwardTamworth Lane Belgrave
1216RICHARDSONAlfred369 Main Road Glascote
1216RICHARDSONArnold369 Main Road Glascote
87RICHARDSONDavidMoor Lane Bolehall
1216RICHARDSONDora369 Main Road Glascote
1216RICHARDSONEllen369 Main Road Glascote
87RICHARDSONFrankMoor Lane Bolehall
87RICHARDSONGeorgeMoor Lane Bolehall
87RICHARDSONJohnMoor Lane Bolehall
1216RICHARDSONMabel369 Main Road Glascote
87RICHARDSONPhoebeMoor Lane Bolehall
87RICHARDSONSusanMoor Lane Bolehall
87RICHARDSONThomasMoor Lane Bolehall
1216RICHARDSONWalter369 Main Road Glascote
1216RICHARDSONWilliam369 Main Road Glascote
4740RICHARDSONClaraCaffs Lane
4740RICHARDSONJohnCaffs Lane
4740RICHARDSONCharlotteCaffs Lane
4740RICHARDSONLeonardCaffs Lane
4740RICHARDSONMaryCaffs Lane
4740RICHARDSONAnnCaffs Lane
545RICHARDSONDoris Elizth.23 Main Road
6426RICHARDSONArthur97 Cross Street
6426RICHARDSONEllen97 Cross Street
6426RICHARDSONHenrietta97 Cross Street
6426RICHARDSONSidney97 Cross Street
6426RICHARDSONHarry97 Cross Street
6426RICHARDSONErnest97 Cross Street
6426RICHARDSONMinnie97 Cross Street
6426RICHARDSONFlorrie97 Cross Street
8720RICHARDSONFrank453 Watling Street
8720RICHARDSONElizabeth453 Watling Street
2439RICHMONDJanetPerry Crofts Fm Ashby Rd
2439RICHMONDJohn W.Perry Crofts Fm Ashby Rd
2439RICHMONDStephenPerry Crofts Fm Ashby Rd
2439RICHMONDWilliamPerry Crofts Fm Ashby Rd
6221RICHMONDWilliam32 Cross Street
6221RICHMONDMargaret32 Cross Street
6221RICHMONDAlick William32 Cross Street
9637RIDLEWORTHMaryTamworth Road
4433RILEYGeorge538 Main Road
4433RILEYClara538 Main Road
4433RILEYWilfred S.538 Main Road
5814RILEYFlorence Lucy74 Main Road
793RILEYE. J.32 the Croft
793RILEYCharles32 the Croft
793RILEYFrederick32 the Croft
793RILEYHerbert J.32 the Croft
793RILEYJoseph Hy.32 the Croft
2338ROBINSONEllen ElizabethPerry Crofts Ashby Road
4739ROBINSONThomasMore Burgess ? Farm
4739ROBINSONCatherineMore Burgess ? Farm
4739ROBINSONThomasMore Burgess ? Farm
4739ROBINSONElizabethMore Burgess ? Farm
8923ROBINSONThomas467 Watling Street
8923ROBINSONNellie467 Watling Street
8923ROBINSONPolly467 Watling Street
8923ROBINSONAnnie467 Watling Street
8923ROBINSONElsie467 Watling Street
8923ROBINSONLizzie467 Watling Street
8923ROBINSONEmily467 Watling Street
522ROLASONAgnes12 Main Road
8719ROSEDavidRailway Tavern Inn
8719ROSECharlotteRailway Tavern Inn
8719ROSEFrederick J.Railway Tavern Inn
9025ROSENancy440 Watling Street
9025ROSEThomas J.440 Watling Street
1096ROSEEdward93 Watling Street
1096ROSEEdward Reginald93 Watling Street
11823ROSEGertrudeMunes House Hockley Road
11823ROSEMargaret M.Munes House Hockley Road
11517ROUNDCharles44 Green Lane
11517ROUNDMary Ann44 Green Lane
11517ROUNDFred44 Green Lane
11517ROUNDAlice44 Green Lane
11517ROUNDNellie44 Green Lane
11517ROUNDElsie44 Green Lane
11721RUDGEJohn Wm.58 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721RUDGEEmma58 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
9944RUSHDENThomas39 Belgrave Road
9944RUSHDENMary A.39 Belgrave Road
9944RUSHDENEdwin39 Belgrave Road
9944RUSHDENRichard39 Belgrave Road
1623RUTHERFORDMary Jane3 Argyle St Glascote
1623RUTHERFORDWilliam3 Argyle St Glascote
1623RUTHERFORDWilliam John3 Argyle St Glascote
11722RUTLESThomas R.The Farm Hockley Road
11722RYANWilliamThe Farm Hockley Road
11722RYANAnnieThe Farm Hockley Road
11722RYANHarryThe Farm Hockley Road
11722RYANWilliamThe Farm Hockley Road
11722RYANAliceThe Farm Hockley Road
11722RYANJaneThe Farm Hockley Road
3618RYDERGeorge J. H.12 Nevill Street
3618RYDERMargaret H.12 Nevill Street
12027RYSCOTTEmmaOld Parsonage
6732SADLERHenryOrchard Street
6732SADLERAnnOrchard Street
6732SADLERAdaOrchard Street
6732SADLERErnestOrchard Street
6732SADLERSidneyOrchard Street
6732SADLEREthelOrchard Street
6732SADLERArthurOrchard Street
6732SADLEREdithOrchard Street
1011SALTAgnes239 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTAlbert283 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTBeatrice Jane283 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTCharles Thomas283 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTDorris Lilly283 Main Road Glascote
1011SALTElizabeth239 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTEthel283 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTHenry283 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTJoseph Henry283 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTSophia283 Main Road Glascote
1011SALTThomas239 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTViolet Sophia283 Main Road Glascote
1114SALTWilliam Alfred283 Main Road Glascote
4025SALTCharles23 East View
4025SALTMary23 East View
4025SALTMary J.23 East View
4025SALTKate23 East View
4025SALTCharles23 East View
4025SALTMinnie23 East View
4026SALTJohn23 East View
4026SALTAnn M.23 East View
6221SANDALHenry 29 Cross Street
6221SANDALMadeline29 Cross Street
6221SANDALEdith29 Cross Street
6221SANDALMay29 Cross Street
6221SANDALSamuel29 Cross Street
6221SANDALReginald29 Cross Street
3618SANDELLWilliam14 Nevill Street
3618SANDELLSarah14 Nevill Street
3720SANDERSHenry49 Main Road
3720SANDERSMary49 Main Road
3720SANDERSCharles49 Main Road
3720SANDERSRupert49 Main Road
3720SANDERSJames49 Main Road
3720SANDERSJoseph49 Main Road
6017SANDERSWilliam89 Main Road
6017SANDERSFanny89 Main Road
6017SANDERSGertrude89 Main Road
6017SANDERSMildred89 Main Road
6017SANDERSWilliam89 Main Road
6017SANDERSSybil89 Main Road
6017SANDERSAllan89 Main Road
6017SANDERSStewart89 Main Road
6017SANDERSCyril89 Main Road
9535SANDLANDJohn96 Tamworth Road
9535SANDLANDSarah96 Tamworth Road
9535SANDLANDJoseph96 Tamworth Road
9535SANDLANDMary E.96 Tamworth Road
9535SANDLANDWalter H.96 Tamworth Road
9535SANDLANDNellie M.96 Tamworth Road
11721SANDLANDThomas60 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721SANDLANDMary60 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
12338SANDLANDWilliam C.Hockley Road
12338SANDLANDMary AnnHockley Road
12338SANDLANDWilliamHockley Road
12338SANDLANDWilfred A.Hockley Road
12338SANDLANDEarnestHockley Road
12338SANDLANDThomasHockley Road
12742SANDLANDWilliam1 Overwoods
12742SANDLANDSarah1 Overwoods
12742SANDLANDJohn1 Overwoods
12742SANDLANDArthur1 Overwoods
12742SANDLANDWalter1 Overwoods
12742SANDLANDMary1 Overwoods
8719SANDSElizabethRailway Tavern Inn
8719SANDSGertrude443 Watling Street
3312SANSOMAlbert E.97 Bamford Street
3312SANSOMMiriam A.97 Bamford Street
3312SANSOMEvie N.97 Bamford Street
7344SARGENTRobert33 West Street
7344SARGENTKate33 West Street
7344SARGENTGladys M.33 West Street
7445SARGENTArthur L.33 West Street
9637SARGENTJesseTamworth Road
9637SARGENTMary A.Tamworth Road
9637SARGENTHenryTamworth Road
10147SARGENTFrederick65 Belgrave Road
10147SARGENTAnnie65 Belgrave Road
10147SATCHWELLLucy61 Belgrave Road
10147SAULT?William71 Belgrave Road
10147SAULT?Harriett71 Belgrave Road
10147SAULT?Joseph71 Belgrave Road
10147SAULT?Clara A.71 Belgrave Road
10147SAULT?William71 Belgrave Road
10147SAULT?Harriett71 Belgrave Road
10147SAULT?Enock71 Belgrave Road
9841SAUNDERSJohnTamworth Road
9841SAUNDERSBeatriceTamworth Road
9841SAUNDERSBeatrice S.Tamworth Road
8414SAUTH or SMITHGeorge239 Watling Street
8414SAUTH or SMITHAnn239 Watling Street
8414SAUTH or SMITHGeorgeana239 Watling Street
8414SAUTH or SMITHGeorge239 Watling Street
8414SAUTH or SMITHJohn A.239 Watling Street
52SCOTTEllen6 Bolehall
52SCOTTMarie6 Bolehall
52SCOTTWilliam6 Bolehall
52SCOTTWilliam Henry6 Bolehall
12027SCOTTAlthea? E. S.Old Parsonage
6119SEABRIDGEJames44 Cross Street
6119SEABRIDGEMary Ann44 Cross Street
6119SEABRIDGEEmily44 Cross Street
6119SEABRIDGEJames Henry44 Cross Street
6119SEABRIDGENelly44 Cross Street
6119SEABRIDGEWilliam44 Cross Street
6120SEABRIDGEHenrietta44 Cross Street
6120SEABRIDGERebecca44 Cross Street
6120SEABRIDGESarah Elizth.44 Cross Street
6120SEABRIDGEGeorge Ernest44 Cross Street
4229SEAGRAVEThomas396 Main Road
4229SEAGRAVEWilliam396 Main Road
4229SEAGRAVEJohn396 Main Road
9536SEALGeorgeTamworth Road
9536SEALSarahTamworth Road
9536SEALGeorge A.Tamworth Road
9536SEALArthurTamworth Road
9536SEALWalterTamworth Road
9536SEALSarah A.Tamworth Road
9536SEALLillieTamworth Road
9536SEALPollieTamworth Road
9536SEALBertieTamworth Road
9536SEALAgnesTamworth Road
9536SEALHarryTamworth Road
6221SEDANAlbert Ernest35 Cross Street
1726SEDGELEYThomas30 Argyle St Glascote
3924SELBYJoe12 East View
558SELBYWilliam45 Main Road
558SELBYEmma45 Main Road
559SELBYWilliam45 Main Road
4230SELWAYThurza56 Main Road
2439SHAKESPEAREHarrietPerry Crofts
1317SHARNBROOKHenry Joseph377 Main Road Glascote
829SHARNBROOKAnnie158 Watling Street
11722SHARNBROOKCarrie42 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
1011SHARPBertha Jane243 Main Road Glascote
2134SHARPBrooke3 John Street Glascote
1011SHARPEdith243 Main Road Glascote
2134SHARPEdith3 John Street Glascote
1011SHARPEdith Jane243 Main Road Glascote
2134SHARPEdward3 John Street Glascote
1114SHARPEmily275 Main Road Glascote
2134SHARPEthel3 John Street Glascote
1011SHARPGeorge243 Main Road Glascote
1011SHARPGertrude243 Main Road Glascote
1011SHARPHenrietta243 Main Road Glascote
1011SHARPHerbert243 Main Road Glascote
1011SHARPJoseph243 Main Road Glascote
2134SHARPMaria3 John Street Glascote
2134SHARPMaud3 John Street Glascote
2134SHARPRoland3 John Street Glascote
1011SHARPRose Emily243 Main Road Glascote
1011SHARPRuth Eliza243 Main Road Glascote
2134SHARPWalter3 John Street Glascote
1011SHARPWilliam243 Main Road Glascote
9842SHARPThomas31 Belgrave Road
9842SHARPSarah A.31 Belgrave Road
9842SHARPRosa M.31 Belgrave Road
9842SHARPMillicent31 Belgrave Road
9842SHARPSarah J.31 Belgrave Road
9842SHARPPatience M.31 Belgrave Road
4332SHARPEJoseph520 Main Road
4332SHARPEFanny520 Main Road
4332SHARPEOlive T.520 Main Road
4332SHARPEAlbert J. W.520 Main Road
4332SHARPEHilda520 Main Road
4332SHARPEJoseph L.520 Main Road
4332SHARPECharles L.520 Main Road
9739SHARRATTAnn25 Lunn's Row
9739SHARRATTThomas25 Lunn's Row
557SHEARDAnn39 Main Road
805SHEETONWilliam H.56 Watling Street
805SHEETONLucy M.56 Watling Street
805SHEETONPercival H. J.56 Watling Street
805SHEETONReginald A.56 Watling Street
805SHEETONConstance B.56 Watling Street
1012SHEFFIELDAmelia245 Main Road Glascote
1012SHEFFIELDHannah245 Main Road Glascote
1012SHEFFIELDHarriett245 Main Road Glascote
1012SHEFFIELDJohn245 Main Road Glascote
1012SHEFFIELDMay Elizabeth257 Main Road Glascote
1012SHEFFIELDWilliam257 Main Road Glascote
8515SHELDONThomas247 Watling Street
8515SHELDONMary247 Watling Street
10148SHELTONThomasTamworth Road Belgrave
10148SHELTONElizabethTamworth Road Belgrave
10148SHELTONJames E.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10148SHELTONThomasTamworth Road Belgrave
10148SHELTONJessonTamworth Road Belgrave
10148SHELTONGeraldTamworth Road Belgrave
10250SHELTONHaroldTamworth Road Belgrave
10250SHELTONAlice G.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10250SHELTONFlorenceTamworth Road Belgrave
11415SHELTONHenry41+43 Smithy Lane
11415SHELTONEmma41+43 Smithy Lane
11415SHELTONHerbert41+43 Smithy Lane
11415SHELTONAlice41+43 Smithy Lane
11415SHELTONErnest41+43 Smithy Lane
11415SHELTONBeatrice41+43 Smithy Lane
11415SHELTONArthur41+43 Smithy Lane
11415SHELTONHorace41+43 Smithy Lane
11722SHEPHERDEllenWilnecote House Hockley Rd
2032SHIERSAlice Ann16 New Street Glascote
2032SHIERSArthur James16 New Street Glascote
2032SHIERSCatherine Selina16 New Street Glascote
2032SHIERSGeorge William16 New Street Glascote
2032SHIERSKate16 New Street Glascote
2032SHIERSLeonard16 New Street Glascote
2032SHIERSMary Ann16 New Street Glascote
2032SHIERSMaud16 New Street Glascote
2338SHIPLEYAmy8 School Street Glascote
2338SHIPLEYClarice8 School Street Glascote
2338SHIPLEYEleanor8 School Street Glascote
2338SHIPLEYEleanor May8 School Street Glascote
2338SHIPLEYElizabeth Jones8 School Street Glascote
2338SHIPLEYHenry James8 School Street Glascote
2338SHIPLEYLucy8 School Street Glascote
5916SHIRLEYMargaret Jane83 Main Road
11620SHOAN?William H.78 Smithy Lane
11620SHOAN?Emily Kate78 Smithy Lane
11620SHOAN?Charles John78 Smithy Lane
11620SHOAN?Jane Elizth.78 Smithy Lane
11620SHOAN?Thomas Henry78 Smithy Lane
10045SHORTHOUSEJohn45 Belgrave Road
10045SHORTHOUSEMary J.45 Belgrave Road
10045SHORTHOUSEEthel L.45 Belgrave Road
10045SHORTHOUSEHenry45 Belgrave Road
10045SHORTHOUSEAlice M.45 Belgrave Road
10045SHORTHOUSECharles45 Belgrave Road
10045SHORTHOUSEMinnie45 Belgrave Road
10045SHORTHOUSESamuel F.45 Belgrave Road
10045SHORTHOUSEHarriett45 Belgrave Road
10045SHORTHOUSEAnnie E.45 Belgrave Road
1071SHREADFredk ???Watling Street
1071SHREADFraunces HelenaWatling Street
1071SHREADLizzie Elizth.Watling Street
1071SHREADFrances EvelynWatling Street
1071SHREADSarah GertrudeWatling Street
1071SHREADBertha AnnWatling Street
1827SHUTTLEWORTHCharles Edw.18 Argyle St Glascote
1827SHUTTLEWORTHConstance Fanny18 Argyle St Glascote
1827SHUTTLEWORTHGladys May18 Argyle St Glascote
1827SHUTTLEWORTHLaura Eliza18 Argyle St Glascote
1827SHUTTLEWORTHLaurie18 Argyle St Glascote
1827SHUTTLEWORTHNellie18 Argyle St Glascote
1827SHUTTLEWORTHSydney Charles18 Argyle St Glascote
5712SHUTTLEWORTHGeorge66 Main Road
5712SHUTTLEWORTHSarah66 Main Road
5712SHUTTLEWORTHSamuel66 Main Road
5712SHUTTLEWORTHJames66 Main Road
5712SHUTTLEWORTHHarriet66 Main Road
5813SHUTTLEWORTHEdith66 Main Road
5813SHUTTLEWORTHGeorge66 Main Road
5813SHUTTLEWORTHBenjamin66 Main Road
5813SHUTTLEWORTHJonathan66 Main Road
5813SHUTTLEWORTHHarry66 Main Road
5813SHUTTLEWORTHMartha66 Main Road
2439SIELYMariaThe Lodge Cottage Ashby Rd
2439SILVESTEREllenSunny Croft Ashby Road
51SILVESTEREthel MayBolehall
11823SIMCOCKJohn14 Hockley Road
11823SIMCOCKMartha E.14 Hockley Road
7344SIMKINSAlfred30 West Street
7344SIMKINSSarah30 West Street
7344SIMKINSPriscilla30 West Street
8414SIMKINSWilliam R.235 Watling Street
9331SIMMONSJoseph21 Tamworth Road
9331SIMMONSSarah21 Tamworth Road
9331SIMMONSConstance21 Tamworth Road
9331SIMMONSElizabeth21 Tamworth Road
9332SIMMONSWilliam14 Tamworth Road
6017SIMPKINSWilliam E.88 Main Road
6017SIMPKINSAlice Ann88 Main Road
6017SIMPKINSLucy88 Main Road
4128SKETCHLEYFrancis40 East View
4128SKETCHLEYAmelia40 East View
4128SKETCHLEYJoseph40 East View
4128SKETCHLEYThomas40 East View
4128SKETCHLEYFrancis40 East View
4128SKETCHLEYJohn40 East View
4128SKETCHLEYWilliam40 East View
4128SKETCHLEYEllen40 East View
4739SLANEYWilliam H.Farm House Glascote Heath
4739SLANEYPhoebe A.Farm House Glascote Heath
4739SLANEYWilliam H.Farm House Glascote Heath
4739SLANEYHildaFarm House Glascote Heath
4739SLANEYBerthaFarm House Glascote Heath
4739SLANEYNellieFarm House Glascote Heath
805SLANEYLeah60 Watling Street
12538SLANEYWilliamWenlock Place
12538SLANEYEmmaWenlock Place
12538SLANEYWilliamWenlock Place
12538SLANEYJohnWenlock Place
3719SLATERJohn18 Nevill Street
3719SLATERSarah J.18 Nevill Street
3719SLATERSarah J.18 Nevill Street
3719SLATERBertha18 Nevill Street
3719SLATERMargaret18 Nevill Street
3719SLATERJesse18 Nevill Street
3719SLATERThomas H.18 Nevill Street
805SLATERJesse58 Watling Street
1011SLIONEOwen241 Main Road Glascote
88SMITHAdaTamworth Isolation Hospital
2439SMITHArthur ErnestPerry Crofts Ashby Road
2031SMITHBetsy17 New Street Glascote
2031SMITHEdith May17 New Street Glascote
2439SMITHEdith Phillips GivernethPerry Crofts Ashby Road
329SMITHEmma36 Bamford Street
1012SMITHFlorie255 Main Road Glascote
1012SMITHGeorge255 Main Road Glascote
2031SMITHGeorge Samuel17 New Street Glascote
63SMITHGeorge Simmons19 Bolehall
2439SMITHGiverneth NancyPerry Crofts Ashby Road
63SMITHHarry19 Bolehall
63SMITHJames Gregory19 Bolehall
329SMITHJoseph A.36 Bamford Street
63SMITHJoseph Simmons19 Bolehall
1012SMITHMary255 Main Road Glascote
63SMITHMary Elizabeth19 Bolehall
910SMITHSarah235 Main Road Glascote
910SMITHWilliam Edwin235 Main Road Glascote
63SMITHWilliam Joseph19 Bolehall
63SMITHWinifred May19 Bolehall
3618SMITHThomas13 Nevill Street
3618SMITHMary13 Nevill Street
3618SMITHErnest13 Nevill Street
3618SMITHSamuel13 Nevill Street
3618SMITHMinnie13 Nevill Street
3720SMITHAlbert286 Main Road
3720SMITHFanny286 Main Road
3720SMITHAlbert W.286 Main Road
3720SMITHThomas H.286 Main Road
3924SMITHArthur15 East View
3924SMITHElizabeth15 East View
3924SMITHMinnie15 East View
3924SMITHJohn W.15 East View
4229SMITHJones F. N.398 Main Road
4229SMITHEmily398 Main Road
522SMITHMary12 Main Road
6119SMITHThomas46 Cross Street
6119SMITHMary Ann46 Cross Street
6119SMITHCharles Ernest46 Cross Street
6119SMITHThomas Henry46 Cross Street
6119SMITHBeatrice Olive46 Cross Street
6119SMITHWilliam46 Cross Street
6119SMITHAnnie46 Cross Street
6119SMITHLouie46 Cross Street
6119SMITHGeorge46 Cross Street
6119SMITHHorace46 Cross Street
6119SMITHGladys46 Cross Street
6630SMITHSamuel75 Cross Street
6630SMITHSarah Ann75 Cross Street
6630SMITHSamuel75 Cross Street
6630SMITHJulia75 Cross Street
6630SMITHAlice75 Cross Street
6630SMITHErnest Fredk.75 Cross Street
6630SMITHElizabeth75 Cross Street
6630SMITHThomas75 Cross Street
6731SMITHWilliam75 Cross Street
6731SMITHHenry75 Cross Street
6732SMITHJosephOrchard Street
6732SMITHHarrietOrchard Street
7139SMITHMary 6 West Street
7139SMITHAlice6 West Street
7344SMITHThomas29 West Street
7344SMITHAlbert29 West Street
7344SMITHSarah Ann29 West Street
7344SMITHLeonard29 West Street
7344SMITHWalter29 West Street
7344SMITHMary Agnes29 West Street
7344SMITHErnest James29 West Street
7344SMITHFred29 West Street
9025SMITHSushannah440 Watling Street
9332SMITHThomas12 Tamworth Road
9332SMITHJulia12 Tamworth Road
9332SMITHThomas12 Tamworth Road
9332SMITHWilfred12 Tamworth Road
9332SMITHHorace12 Tamworth Road
9434SMITHThomas H.80? Tamworth Road
9434SMITHJane80? Tamworth Road
9434SMITHSamuel80? Tamworth Road
9434SMITHJohn H.80? Tamworth Road
9637SMITHSamuel7 Wharf Row
9637SMITHAnn7 Wharf Row
9637SMITHSarah E.7 Wharf Row
9637SMITHAlbert7 Wharf Row
9637SMITHJoseph7 Wharf Row
10147SMITHElizabeth63 Belgrave Road
1071SMITHEdwardWatling Street
1071SMITHSusan JuliaWatling Street
1071SMITHAlbert Edwd.Watling Street
11415SMITHWilliam45 Smithy Lane
11415SMITHSarah45 Smithy Lane
11415SMITHMaud E.45 Smithy Lane
11823SMITHKenneth1 New Road
11823SMITHLizzie1 New Road
12028SMITHWilliam4 Hemmming's Yard
12028SMITHJulia4 Hemmming's Yard
12028SMITHJohn4 Hemmming's Yard
12028SMITHHannah4 Hemmming's Yard
12436SMITHWilliam397 Hockley Road
12436SMITHEmma397 Hockley Road
12436SMITHSamuel T.397 Hockley Road
12436SMITHJohn397 Hockley Road
794SMITH or SOUTHThomas48+50 Watling Street
794SMITH or SOUTHSarah48+50 Watling Street
794SMITH or SOUTHSelina48+50 Watling Street
794SMITH or SOUTHThomas48+50 Watling Street
3617SNAPECharlotte S.8 Nevill Street
4433SNEADAnn544 Main Road
794SOLEThomas1 Sheeton's Yard
794SOLEMarie1 Sheeton's Yard
6629SOUTHALLAnnie82 Cross Street
281SOUTHWICKJamesMain Road Glascote
281SOUTHWICKMargaret A.Main Road Glascote
282SOUTHWICKSamuel98 Main Road Glascote
281SOUTHWICKSarah A.Main Road Glascote
793SPEA???NWilliam28 the Croft
793SPEA???NEmily J.28 the Croft
4740SPENCERJosephCaffs Lane
11211SPENCERAnn4 Smithy Lane
11415SPENCEREdward39 Smithy Lane
12640SPENCERCharles1 Turf Terrace
12640SPENCERMary1 Turf Terrace
12640SPENCERMary A.1 Turf Terrace
12742SPENCERWilliam3 Overwoods
12742SPENCEREliza3 Overwoods
12742SPENCERTom3 Overwoods
12742SPENCERFrank3 Overwoods
12742SPENCERFlossie3 Overwoods
12742SPENCERJohn3 Overwoods
12742SPENCERLena3 Overwoods
12843SPENCERWilliam3 Overwoods
12843SPENCERAlbert3 Overwoods
12843SPENCERHarry3 Overwoods
12843SPENCERAlice3 Overwoods
12843SPENCERGeorge5 Overwoods
12843SPENCERAnn5 Overwoods
12843SPENCERReginald G.5 Overwoods
817SPERRYCharlotte11 Sheeton's Yard
12435SPERRYWilliam2010 (210?) Hockley Road
12435SPERRYMary2010 (210?) Hockley Road
12435SPERRYJohn W.2010 (210?) Hockley Road
12435SPERRYHenry2010 (210?) Hockley Road
12435SPERRYKathleen2010 (210?) Hockley Road
12435SPERRYAlice2010 (210?) Hockley Road
1930SPILSBURYAnna28 New Street Glascote
1930SPILSBURYMinnie28 New Street Glascote
1930SPILSBURYSamuel28 New Street Glascote
4331SPOONERJohn508 Main Road
4331SPOONEREllen508 Main Road
4331SPOONERFrancis W.508 Main Road
4331SPOONERHenry R. S.508 Main Road
4331SPOONERBenjamin508 Main Road
4535SPOONERThomas8 Engine Lane
4535SPOONERMary A.8 Engine Lane
4535SPOONERAlbert8 Engine Lane
4535SPOONERAnnie8 Engine Lane
4535SPOONERJohnathan8 Engine Lane
4535SPOONERAlice8 Engine Lane
4536SPOONERLeonard8 Engine Lane
4536SPOONERWilliam A.8 Engine Lane
9025SPOONERThomas6 Dosthill Road
9025SPOONERLizzie6 Dosthill Road
9025SPOONEREmily6 Dosthill Road
9025SPOONERCharlott6 Dosthill Road
12130SPOONERHerbert76 Hockley Road
12130SPOONERAda A.76 Hockley Road
12130SPOONERAmy76 Hockley Road
12130SPOONERAbraham76 Hockley Road
12130SPOONERAda76 Hockley Road
12130SPOONERAlbert76 Hockley Road
12436SPOONEREmma399 Hockley Road
12436SPOONERLawrence399 Hockley Road
12436SPOONERSamuel399 Hockley Road
12436SPOONERWilliam399 Hockley Road
12436SPOONERSarah J.399 Hockley Road
12436SPOONERLeonard399 Hockley Road
12436SPOONERJohn399 Hockley Road
12639SPOONERLaurenceThe Cottage
12639SPOONERMariaThe Cottage
12639SPOONERFrank S.The Cottage
12639SPOONERMary A.The Cottage
12639SPOONERJoshuaThe Cottage
12639SPOONERErnestThe Cottage
12639SPOONERPhyllisThe Cottage
12640SPOONERFlorrieThe Cottage
12640SPOONERBessieThe Cottage
12640SPOONEREmmaThe Cottage
12640SPOONERDorisThe Cottage
2031SPRAGGJulia Ann22 New Street Glascote
2031SPRAGGWilliam22 New Street Glascote
3210STARKEYWilliam40 Bamford Street
3210STARKEYClara40 Bamford Street
3210STARKEYWilliam F.40 Bamford Street
3210STARKEYMaud E. M.40 Bamford Street
3210STARKEYLilian40 Bamford Street
4331STARKEYJames504 Main Road
4331STARKEYElizabeth504 Main Road
4331STARKEYJohn E.504 Main Road
4331STARKEYAlbert C.504 Main Road
4331STARKEYLeonard504 Main Road
4331STARKEYHenry504 Main Road
4331STARKEYSydney504 Main Road
2236STARTINAlice17 John Street Glascote
2236STARTINClara17 John Street Glascote
2236STARTINElizabeth17 John Street Glascote
2236STARTINFrank17 John Street Glascote
2236STARTINJoseph17 John Street Glascote
2236STARTINJoseph17 John Street Glascote
2236STARTINJulia17 John Street Glascote
2236STARTINSusanne17 John Street Glascote
8617STATHAMJosephPotteries Cottages
8617STATHAMPrisillaPotteries Cottages
9637STATHAMWilliamTamworth Road
9637STATHAMElizabethTamworth Road
10147STATHAMJames61 Belgrave Road
10147STATHAMElizabeth61 Belgrave Road
10147STATHAMRosehannah61 Belgrave Road
294STEEDAnn138 Main Road Glascote
294STEEDCharles W.138 Main Road Glascote
294STEEDCharlotte S.138 Main Road Glascote
2032STEEDWilliam14 New Street Glascote
5813STEPHENSCharles69 Main Road
5813STEPHENSCatherine69 Main Road
5813STEPHENSDavid Roy69 Main Road
6018STEVENSWilliam Henry2 Tame Street
6018STEVENSRuth2 Tame Street
6018STEVENSHerbert Ed.2 Tame Street
6018STEVENSBertie2 Tame Street
6018STEVENSAlice2 Tame Street
6018STEVENSEdwin2 Tame Street
6018STEVENSArthur2 Tame Street
3516STEVENSONRobert1 Nevill Street
3516STEVENSONCharles1 Nevill Street
3516STEVENSONGeorge1 Nevill Street
6119STEVENSONWilliam Francis45 Cross Street
6119STEVENSONMary45 Cross Street
6119STEVENSONGeorge Francis45 Cross Street
6119STEVENSONEllen Adeline45 Cross Street
6119STEVENSONA? Isobel45 Cross Street
818STEVENSONEdward193 Hodgkinsons Road
818STEVENSONZillah193 Hodgkinsons Road
818STEVENSONJames193 Hodgkinsons Road
818STEVENSONWalter193 Hodgkinsons Road
818STEVENSONAlfred193 Hodgkinsons Road
818STEVENSONHarriett193 Hodgkinsons Road
818STEVENSONElizabeth193 Hodgkinsons Road
818STEVENSONSarah A.193 Hodgkinsons Road
11314STEVENSONJohn A.31 Smithy Lane
11314STEVENSONAlice31 Smithy Lane
11314STEVENSONLeonard31 Smithy Lane
11314STEVENSONErnest Leslie31 Smithy Lane
8515STEVENSON?Owen253 Watling Street
8515STEVENSON?Mary A.253 Watling Street
8515STEVENSON?Mary A.253 Watling Street
8515STEVENSON?Elsie253 Watling Street
7139STEWARTBenjamin7 West Street
7139STEWARTHannah Buckle7 West Street
7139STEWARTHorace7 West Street
7139STEWARTBenjamin7 West Street
7139STEWARTCyril Victor7 West Street
7139STEWARTMary Eveline7 West Street
5610STOCKEliza52 Main Road
5610STOCKBertie52 Main Road
5610STOCKMabel52 Main Road
5610STOCKJames Wright52 Main Road
5610STOCKAnnie Eliza52 Main Road
5610STOCKJohn Herbt.52 Main Road
5610STOCKGeorge Albert52 Main Road
794STOKESWilliam B.1 Sheeton's Yard
8924STOKESSamuel471 Watling Street
8924STOKESAnnie471 Watling Street
8924STOKESAnnie E.471 Watling Street
8924STOKESMarguerite471 Watling Street
10045STOKESJohn47 Belgrave Road
10045STOKESEliza47 Belgrave Road
10045STOKESSarah47 Belgrave Road
10045STOKESFrederick47 Belgrave Road
10045STOKESErnest47 Belgrave Road
10045STOKESFrank47 Belgrave Road
10045STOKESJessie47 Belgrave Road
10045STOKESFlorence47 Belgrave Road
10045STOKESDaisy47 Belgrave Road
10045STOKESGeorge47 Belgrave Road
11314STOKESErnest Jesse31 Smithy Lane
11517STOKESHenry W.46 Green Lane
11518STOKESMaryGreen Lane
11925STOKESFred19 New Road
11925STOKESSydney H.23 New Road
12129STOKESGeorge H.139 Hockley Road
12436STOKESCharlesHockley Road
12640STOKESCharles6 Turf Terrace
12640STOKESEliza6 Turf Terrace
12741STOKESThomas6 Turf Terrace
12741STOKESEliza6 Turf Terrace
12741STOKESLily6 Turf Terrace
12741STOKESJoseph6 Turf Terrace
12741STOKESEllen6 Turf Terrace
12741STOKESCharles10 Turf Terrace
3413STONEHannah15 Bamford Street
3413STONEWinifred M.15 Bamford Street
3413STONEGladys F.15 Bamford Street
4025STONEBANKSFred22 East View
4025STONEBANKSWalter22 East View
2235STORERRichard11 John Street Glascote
4025STORERAmbrose20 East View
4025STORERAnnie E.20 East View
4025STORERGertrude A.20 East View
4025STORERElsie M.20 East View
4025STORERWilliam F.20 East View
4025STORERRose20 East View
4025STOREREthel M.20 East View
4025STOREROliver20 East View
4025STORERBert20 East View
4331STORERHerbert E.512 Main Road
4331STOREREmily512 Main Road
4331STORERAnnie V.512 Main Road
4331STORERElizabeth512 Main Road
4331STORERWilliam A.512 Main Road
4331STOREREmily512 Main Road
4331STORERJohn512 Main Road
4331STORERHerbert E.512 Main Road
8822STOREROliver408 Watling Street
8822STORERHorace408 Watling Street
12027STORERWilliam60 Hockley Road
12027STORERMargaret60 Hockley Road
12027STORERSydney60 Hockley Road
1216STRETTONAlice295 Main Road Glascote
317STRETTONAlice254 Main Road Glascote
1725STRETTONEarnest46 Argyle St Glascote
2439STRETTONHarrietSunny Croft Ashby Road
4739STRETTONDavidMore Burgess ? Farm
4739STRETTONMary A.More Burgess ? Farm
1107STRETTONJohnWatling Street
1107STRETTONLouisaWatling Street
1107STRETTONJoseph HenryWatling Street
546STUBBSGeorge32 Main Road
546STUBBSCaroline32 Main Road
546STUBBSCaroline32 Main Road
546STUBBSHarry32 Main Road
546STUBBSLouisa32 Main Road
557STUBBSGeorge32 Main Road
557STUBBSLilian Maud32 Main Road
2439SUCKLINGEmilySunny Croft Ashby Road
9841SUMMERFIELDJohn E.Tamworth Road
9841SUMMERFIELDMaryTamworth Road
10249SUMMERFIELDFrankTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDSarahTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDFrankTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDElizabethTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDJohnTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDStephenTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDPollieTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDAgnesTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDEmmaTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDMary A.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDEthelTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDJohnTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249SUMMERFIELDMary A.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
11314SUMMERTONWilliam27 Smithy Lane
11314SUMMERTONHarriet27 Smithy Lane
294SUTTONWilliam126 Main Road Glascote
7241SUTTONThomas20a West Street
7241SUTTONElizabeth20a West Street
7241SUTTONAlbert20a West Street
7241SUTTONKate20a West Street
7241SUTTONLizzie20a West Street
7241SUTTONMary Ann20a West Street
12130SWINDLEHURSTAlbert E.74 Hockley Road
1072SWITZERCharles Geo.Watling Street
1072SWITZERSarah AnnWatling Street
1072SWITZERGeorgeWatling Street
1072SWITZERCyrilWatling Street
1072SWITZERCharlieWatling Street
1072SWITZEREbon?Watling Street
1072SWITZEREdgarWatling Street
1072SWITZERGertrudeWatling Street
1072SWITZERIrvineWatling Street
5916SYLVESTERAnnie85 Main Road
1317TALLISElizabeth377 Main Road Glascote
1317TALLISFlorence377 Main Road Glascote
1317TALLISHarry377 Main Road Glascote
1317TALLISPercy377 Main Road Glascote
1317TALLISWilliam377 Main Road Glascote
293TANSEYLouisa E.114 Main Road Glascote
6119TANSEYHarry47 Cross Street
6119TANSEYEdith47 Cross Street
6119TANSEYHarriet47 Cross Street
6119TANSEYEllen47 Cross Street
6119TANSEYEmma47 Cross Street
9331TARGEHAM?Frederick11 Tamworth Road
9331TARGEHAM?Emma11 Tamworth Road
9331TARGEHAM?Thomas W.11 Tamworth Road
9331TARGEHAM?Georgiea11 Tamworth Road
9331TARGEHAM?George A.11 Tamworth Road
9331TARGEHAM?Margaret11 Tamworth Road
9331TARGEHAM?Henry11 Tamworth Road
9331TARGEHAM?Frederick J.11 Tamworth Road
9331TARGEHAM?Joseph11 Tamworth Road
9331TARGEHAM?Emma11 Tamworth Road
76TAYLORFrank8 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76TAYLORGeorge8 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76TAYLORGeorge8 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76TAYLORHarold8 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
76TAYLORMary Jane8 Jubilee Terr Amington Rd
5610TAYLORReginald55 Main Road
5610TAYLORElizabeth55 Main Road
5610TAYLORArthur55 Main Road
5610TAYLORGertrude Olive55 Main Road
6527TAYLORWilliam93 Cross Street
6527TAYLORMary Ann93 Cross Street
6527TAYLORLouisa93 Cross Street
6527TAYLORArthur93 Cross Street
6527TAYLORGrace93 Cross Street
6527TAYLORRosa93 Cross Street
6527TAYLORLily93 Cross Street
805TAYLORAnnie58 Watling Street
8516TAYLORJohn255 Watling Street
8516TAYLORSarah255 Watling Street
8516TAYLORHarriett L.255 Watling Street
8516TAYLORArthur L. H.255 Watling Street
8516TAYLORSydney J.255 Watling Street
9230TAYLORThomas W.5 Tamworth Road
9230TAYLORJane5 Tamworth Road
9230TAYLORThomas W.5 Tamworth Road
9230TAYLORElizabeth5 Tamworth Road
9230TAYLORFrederick5 Tamworth Road
9230TAYLORHarriett A. 5 Tamworth Road
9230TAYLOREthel5 Tamworth Road
1071TAYLORJosiahWatling Street
1071TAYLORJaneWatling Street
1071TAYLORLouisaWatling Street
1071TAYLORJohn HenryWatling Street
1071TAYLORSarah AnnWatling Street
1071TAYLORJosiahWatling Street
1071TAYLORJennieWatling Street
1071TAYLOREmilyWatling Street
11721TAYLORJohn W.56 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721TAYLORSarah J.56 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721TAYLORJohn H.56 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721TAYLORArthur56 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11926TAYLORWilliam F.33 New Road
11926TAYLOREliza33 New Road
11926TAYLORFrances E.33 New Road
11926TAYLORHenry33 New Road
4739TENNANTJamesMore Burgess ? Farm
4739TENNANTCarolineMore Burgess ? Farm
4739TENNANTHenryMore Burgess ? Farm
4739TENNANTSarah A.More Burgess ? Farm
4739TENNANTCarolineMore Burgess ? Farm
6323TERRYWilliam17 Cross Street
6323TERRYHarriet17 Cross Street
6323TERRYArthur Ernest17 Cross Street
6323TERRYAlbert Victor17 Cross Street
9331THACKEREmma15 Tamworth Road
6732THAWLEYWilliamOrchard Street
6732THAWLEYMaryOrchard Street
6732THAWLEYErnestOrchard Street
6732THAWLEYFloryOrchard Street
6732THAWLEYAdaOrchard Street
7445THAWLEYArthur34 West Street
7445THAWLEYAda34 West Street
7445THAWLEYDoris34 West Street
8822THAWLEYAnn E.410 Watling Street
8822THAWLEYWilliam F.410 Watling Street
8822THAWLEYJohn H.410 Watling Street
8822THAWLEYEmily J.410 Watling Street
8822THAWLEYEleanor N.410 Watling Street
8822THAWLEYLillian N.410 Watling Street
8822THAWLEYWalter410 Watling Street
8822THAWLEYIsmay L.410 Watling Street
11619THAWLEYElizth.59 Green Lane
12130THAWLEYJoseph64 Hockley Road
12130THAWLEYAnnie64 Hockley Road
12435THAWLEYRalphHockley Road
12435THAWLEYLucyHockley Road
12435THAWLEYWalter H.Hockley Road
12436THAWLEYMaurice D.Hockley Road
12436THAWLEYLilliase?Hockley Road
12538THAWLEYWilliam445 Wenlock Place
12538THAWLEYSarah A.445 Wenlock Place
12538THAWLEYArthur W.445 Wenlock Place
12538THAWLEYArthur F.445 Wenlock Place
12640THAWLEYWilliam H.4 Turf Terrace
12640THAWLEYAnnie4 Turf Terrace
12640THAWLEYErnest W.4 Turf Terrace
12640THAWLEYGertrude V.4 Turf Terrace
12640THAWLEYJane4 Turf Terrace
12843THAWLEYMary1 Tame Valley Terrace
12843THAWLEYThomas1 Tame Valley Terrace
12843THAWLEYJohn1 Tame Valley Terrace
12843THAWLEYLaura1 Tame Valley Terrace
12843THAWLEYGeorge M.1 Tame Valley Terrace
12843THAWLEYSarah A.1 Tame Valley Terrace
318THOMASElizabeth F.Off Beer Licence Main Road
3413THOMASArthur7 Bamford Street
3413THOMASEmma7 Bamford Street
3413THOMASSilvennis J.7 Bamford Street
3413THOMASWalter7 Bamford Street
3414THOMASWilliam1 Bamford Street
3414THOMASMargaret1 Bamford Street
3414THOMASFlorence1 Bamford Street
8617THOMASEbenezerPotteries Cottages
8617THOMASPheobe J.Potteries Cottages
8720THOMASWalter449 Watling Street
8720THOMASJulia449 Watling Street
8720THOMASWilliam 449 Watling Street
8720THOMASAlbert449 Watling Street
2134THOMPSONAlec4 John Street Glascote
2134THOMPSONAlice4 John Street Glascote
2134THOMPSONEdward4 John Street Glascote
2134THOMPSONEdward4 John Street Glascote
281THOMPSONElizabethMain Road Glascote
281THOMPSONEmmaMain Road Glascote
2134THOMPSONFrank4 John Street Glascote
281THOMPSONJanetMain Road Glascote
2134THOMPSONJohn4 John Street Glascote
2134THOMPSONLavinia4 John Street Glascote
1725THOMPSONLilly Clara42 Argyle St Glascote
1012THOMPSONSelina245 Main Road Glascote
3516THOMPSONRebecca1 Nevill Street
3516THOMPSONFrederick1 Nevill Street
3516THOMPSONCharles1 Nevill Street
3516THOMPSONWilliam1 Nevill Street
3822THOMPSONCharles7 East View
3822THOMPSONEliza7 East View
3822THOMPSONWilliam A.7 East View
3822THOMPSONHarry7 East View
3822THOMPSONWalter7 East View
3822THOMPSONMatilda7 East View
3923THOMPSONJohn7 East View
3923THOMPSONAnnie E.7 East View
3923THOMPSONLeonard11 East View
3923THOMPSONMary11 East View
3923THOMPSONSarah J.11 East View
3923THOMPSONJames11 East View
3923THOMPSONSelina11 East View
3923THOMPSONJohn H.11 East View
521THOMPSONCharles6 Main Road
521THOMPSONJohn6 Main Road
521THOMPSONErnest6 Main Road
545THOMPSONHarry25 Main Road
545THOMPSONMary25 Main Road
545THOMPSONJoseph Herbert25 Main Road
6630THOMPSONAlfred77 Cross Street
6630THOMPSONSarah Ellen77 Cross Street
6630THOMPSONHerbert Wm. Keen77 Cross Street
6630THOMPSONElizabeth77 Cross Street
6630THOMPSONHenrietta77 Cross Street
6630THOMPSONElsie May77 Cross Street
6630THOMPSONAlfred Fredk.77 Cross Street
6630THOMPSONArthur77 Cross Street
6630THOMPSONWalter77 Cross Street
6630THOMPSONHarry77 Cross Street
6834THOMPSONEli JohnOrchard Street
6834THOMPSONMaryOrchard Street
6834THOMPSONArthur ErnestOrchard Street
6834THOMPSONFredOrchard Street
6834THOMPSONHerbertOrchard Street
6834THOMPSONWilliamOrchard Street
6834THOMPSONSarah AnnOrchard Street
6834THOMPSONEmmaOrchard Street
6834THOMPSONHildaOrchard Street
806THOMPSONSamuel66 Watling Street
806THOMPSONAnn66 Watling Street
806THOMPSONArthur66 Watling Street
806THOMPSONFred66 Watling Street
806THOMPSONMary A.66 Watling Street
806THOMPSONRichard66 Watling Street
806THOMPSONFlorence66 Watling Street
806THOMPSONAlbert66 Watling Street
806THOMPSONJohn2 Glascote Road
806THOMPSONFanny2 Glascote Road
806THOMPSONGeorge S.2 Glascote Road
8210THOMPSONFrancis166 Watling Street
8210THOMPSONJane166 Watling Street
8210THOMPSONWalter L.166 Watling Street
8210THOMPSONCharlotte166 Watling Street
8210THOMPSONJesse166 Watling Street
8210THOMPSONSydney166 Watling Street
8617THOMPSONReuben357 Rose Cottages
8617THOMPSONEmily357 Rose Cottages
8617THOMPSONRuby P.357 Rose Cottages
8617THOMPSONAlbert W.357 Rose Cottages
8617THOMPSONHorace F.357 Rose Cottages
8617THOMPSONWinifred357 Rose Cottages
1084THOMPSONAlfred79 Watling Street
1084THOMPSONEmily79 Watling Street
1084THOMPSONMinnie79 Watling Street
1084THOMPSONViolet79 Watling Street
1096THOMPSONWilliam Hall8 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1096THOMPSONSarah Ann8 Moor's Yard Watling St.
1096THOMPSONJoseph8 Moor's Yard Watling St.
11824THOMPSONJoseph9 New Road
11824THOMPSONRebecca9 New Road
12028THOMPSONMary A.1 Hemmming's Yard
12028THOMPSONJohn L.1 Hemmming's Yard
12028THOMPSONJoseph T.1 Hemmming's Yard
12028THOMPSONSarah A.1 Hemmming's Yard
12028THOMPSONThomas B.1 Hemmming's Yard
12028THOMPSONKitty Beatrice1 Hemmming's Yard
12129THOMPSONJoseph141 Hockley Road
12129THOMPSONMartha141 Hockley Road
12129THOMPSONMary A.141 Hockley Road
12129THOMPSONWalter141 Hockley Road
12129THOMPSONHarry141 Hockley Road
12130THOMPSONLucy141 Hockley Road
12130THOMPSONElsie M.141 Hockley Road
12130THOMPSONMaud141 Hockley Road
12130THOMPSONJoseph141 Hockley Road
12232THOMPSONHenry90 Hockley Road
12232THOMPSONMary A.90 Hockley Road
12232THOMPSONFrederick100 Hockley Road
12232THOMPSONEliza100 Hockley Road
12232THOMPSONHannah100 Hockley Road
1521THOMSONMaria18 Diamond Row Glascote
1521THOMSONThomas18 Diamond Row Glascote
829THORLEYThomas156 Watling Street
829THORLEYAnn156 Watling Street
829THORLEYHarriett156 Watling Street
829THORLEYFrank156 Watling Street
829THORLEYEsther156 Watling Street
829THORLEYHoward156 Watling Street
11619THRAVES?John W.57 Green Lane
11619THRAVES?Elizabeth Ann57 Green Lane
3720TILDERLEYJohn282 Main Road
3720TILDERLEYJane282 Main Road
3720TILDERLEYMinnie282 Main Road
3720TILDERLEYWilliam R.282 Main Road
818TILDESLEYHannah191 Hodgkinsons Road
818TILDESLEYBeatrice M.191 Hodgkinsons Road
818TILDESLEYCyril191 Hodgkinsons Road
12945TILDSLEYJohn8 Tame Valley Terrace
12945TILDSLEYFanny8 Tame Valley Terrace
12945TILDSLEYJohn8 Tame Valley Terrace
12945TILDSLEYThomas8 Tame Valley Terrace
12945TILDSLEYWilliam8 Tame Valley Terrace
12945TILDSLEYEllen8 Tame Valley Terrace
12945TILDSLEYBeatrice8 Tame Valley Terrace
12945TILDSLEYErnest8 Tame Valley Terrace
12945TILDSLEYClara8 Tame Valley Terrace
1083TILLSONErnest T.Watling Street
2440TIMMSElizabeth AnnPerry Crofts Farm
2440TIMMSJosephPerry Crofts Farm
3312TIMMSJoseph W.99 Bamford Street
3312TIMMSCharlotte J.99 Bamford Street
3312TIMMSMildred A. V.99 Bamford Street
9434TITHERTONWilliam80? Tamworth Road
557TITTENTONJohn35 Main Road
546TITTERTONCharles30 Main Road
546TITTERTONElizabeth30 Main Road
546TITTERTONEmma30 Main Road
546TITTERTONJames30 Main Road
546TITTERTONErnest30 Main Road
546TITTERTONG. Howard30 Main Road
546TITTERTONWilliam A.30 Main Road
5814TITTERTONSarah Jane77 Main Road
5814TITTERTONWilliam Arthur77 Main Road
5814TITTERTONDaisy77 Main Road
5814TITTERTONAnnie77 Main Road
8414TITTERTONFrederick235 Watling Street
8414TITTERTONJane235 Watling Street
8414TITTERTONFrederick J.235 Watling Street
11925TITTERTONArthur29 New Road
11925TITTERTONLouisa29 New Road
11925TITTERTONDaisy29 New Road
11926TITTERTONArthur29 New Road
11926TITTERTONJane29 New Road
11926TITTERTONErnest29 New Road
6120TODDHenry Wm.41 Cross Street
6120TODDFrances Mary41 Cross Street
805TOMKINSONElizabeth3 Sheeton's Yard
805TOMKINSONWilliam3 Sheeton's Yard
805TOMKINSONArthur J.3 Sheeton's Yard
805TOMKINSONAlice E.3 Sheeton's Yard
806TOWNHEADAnn68 Watling Street
8312TOWNSENDJohn F.285 Tamworth Lane
8312TOWNSENDBetsy285 Tamworth Lane
8312TOWNSENDHannah285 Tamworth Lane
8312TOWNSENDGeorge285 Tamworth Lane
8312TOWNSENDSarah A.285 Tamworth Lane
8312TOWNSENDEmma285 Tamworth Lane
1725TRACEYAlbert46 Argyle St Glascote
1725TRACEYEnoch46 Argyle St Glascote
1725TRACEYFread?46 Argyle St Glascote
1725TRACEYHarry46 Argyle St Glascote
1725TRACEYJane46 Argyle St Glascote
1725TRACEYJohn46 Argyle St Glascote
1725TRACEYMary Ann46 Argyle St Glascote
10251TRAUNTERBarry or HarryPerrin's Offices
10251TRAUNTEREmmaPerrin's Offices
817TREADWELLWalter76 Watling Street
817TREADWELLSarah A.76 Watling Street
817TREADWELLDorothy M.76 Watling Street
4536TROMANSThomas20 Engine Lane
4536TROMANSSarah20 Engine Lane
4536TROMANSMary Ann20 Engine Lane
11722TRUELOVEJesseThe Farm Hockley Road
11722TRUELOVEAnnieThe Farm Hockley Road
4127TUDORAbraham31 East View
4127TUDORSarah31 East View
4127TUDORElizabeth31 East View
1623TUNNICLIFFEAda541 Main Road Glascote
1623TUNNICLIFFEAlbert541 Main Road Glascote
1623TUNNICLIFFEArthur541 Main Road Glascote
1623TUNNICLIFFEErnest541 Main Road Glascote
1623TUNNICLIFFEEthel541 Main Road Glascote
1623TUNNICLIFFEFrank541 Main Road Glascote
1623TUNNICLIFFEThomas541 Main Road Glascote
12435TUNNICLIFFEAnn216 Hockley Road
12435TUNNICLIFFEMuriel A.216 Hockley Road
6324TURNERJohn15 Cross Street
7343TURNERFred26 West Street
7343TURNERLucy26 West Street
7343TURNERJohn26 West Street
2439UPTONSarah Elizth.Perry Crofts
9637UPTONWilliam3 Wharf Row
9637UPTONLucy Ellen3 Wharf Row
10147VANSTONEFrancis73 Belgrave Road
10147VANSTONESarah73 Belgrave Road
10147VANSTONELaura73 Belgrave Road
10147VANSTONELillian73 Belgrave Road
10147VANSTONERose73 Belgrave Road
10147VANSTONEEva73 Belgrave Road
5711VASEYDaniel57 Main Road
5711VASEYElizabeth57 Main Road
5711VASEYAlice Elizth.57 Main Road
5711VASEYGeorge57 Main Road
63VERNONAlice14 Bolehall
63VERNONGeorge14 Bolehall
63VERNONHenry Thomas10 Bolehall
63VERNONLottie10 Bolehall
63VERNONThomas Henry10 Bolehall
63VERNONWilliam14 Bolehall
63VERNONWilliam Arthur10 Bolehall
11517VIENNAbraham40 Green Lane
11517VIENNEsther40 Green Lane
11517VIENNLily40 Green Lane
11517VIENNLydia40 Green Lane
11517VIENNLaura40 Green Lane
11517VIENNMinnie40 Green Lane
11517VIENNWilliam40 Green Lane
11823WADEElizabeth81 Sabout Ho? Hockley Rd.
9026WAINJohn3 Dosthill Road
9026WAINElizabeth3 Dosthill Road
9026WAINThomas3 Dosthill Road
9026WAINFlorry3 Dosthill Road
9026WAINGeorge3 Dosthill Road
9026WAINAlbert3 Dosthill Road
9127WAINWilliam11 Dosthill Road
9127WAINMary A.11 Dosthill Road
9127WAINWilliam H.11 Dosthill Road
9127WAINLillian A.11 Dosthill Road
9433WAINWRIGHTJoseph60 Tamworth Road
9433WAINWRIGHTSarah60 Tamworth Road
9433WAINWRIGHTFlorence60 Tamworth Road
9433WAINWRIGHTJoseph H.60 Tamworth Road
9433WAINWRIGHTSydney P.60 Tamworth Road
1012WAKELINAlbert253 Main Road Glascote
1012WAKELINEarnest253 Main Road Glascote
1012WAKELINEddie253 Main Road Glascote
1012WAKELINFanny253 Main Road Glascote
1012WAKELINHarry253 Main Road Glascote
1012WAKELINHorace253 Main Road Glascote
1012WAKELINMaggie253 Main Road Glascote
1012WAKELINSidney253 Main Road Glascote
1012WAKELINThomas253 Main Road Glascote
6527WAKELINWilliam95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINEmily95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINMary Jane95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINWilliam H.95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINEmily M.95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINLydia95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINGeorge95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINErnest95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINLeonard95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINAlfred T.95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINOsbert95 Cross Street
6527WAKELINBert95 Cross Street
8719WAKELINRebecca445 Watling Street
11926WAKELINEdward37 New Road
11926WAKELINMary A.37 New Road
11926WAKELINElsie May37 New Road
9536WALEJames3? Tamworth Road
9536WALEElizabeth3? Tamworth Road
9536WALEAnnie3? Tamworth Road
9536WALELouisa3? Tamworth Road
9536WALESydney3? Tamworth Road
51WALKERAnnie5 Bolehall
51WALKEREliza5 Bolehall
51WALKEREmily5 Bolehall
51WALKERMary Ann5 Bolehall
51WALKERThomas5 Bolehall
51WALKERThomas5 Bolehall
4331WALKERMary506 Main Road
4536WALKERThomas14 Engine Lane
5712WALKEREmily63 Main Road
5814WALKERAnnie77 Main Road
5915WALKERWilliam81 Main Road
5915WALKERMary81 Main Road
5915WALKERWilliam Webb81 Main Road
5915WALKERArthur Albert81 Main Road
5915WALKERMary Ann Eliza82 Main Road
7241WALKERWilliam20 West Street
7241WALKERNelly20 West Street
10148WALKERAnn77 Belgrave Road
10148WALKERRobert77 Belgrave Road
10148WALKERPhillip77 Belgrave Road
10148WALKERAlbert77 Belgrave Road
11211WALKERWilliam2 Smithy Lane
11211WALKERAda Elizth.2 Smithy Lane
11211WALKERWilliam Hy.2 Smithy Lane
11211WALKERMary Isabella2 Smithy Lane
11211WALKERNellie2 Smithy Lane
11721WALKERElizabeth56 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721WALKERJohn56 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
12027WALKEREdmund or Edward62 Hockley Road
12027WALKERAlice62 Hockley Road
12027WALKERAllan62 Hockley Road
12027WALKEREdward62 Hockley Road
12027WALKERJohn62 Hockley Road
12027WALKERBerthe62 Hockley Road
12027WALKERWilliam V.62 Hockley Road
12027WALKERJames62 Hockley Road
318WALLBANKAlice16 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKElsie18 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKEmma16 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKHarriet16 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKHarriet16 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKHorace18 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKJohn16 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKJohn16 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKNellie18 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKSarah A.16 Bamford Street
318WALLBANKWilliam C.18 Bamford Street
782WALLBANKJohn12 Barn Yard
8618WALLBANKSarah403 Watling Street
1084WALLBANKJoseph75 Watling Street
1084WALLBANKEmma75 Watling Street
1084WALLBANKJoseph75 Watling Street
1084WALLBANKAnnie75 Watling Street
11212WALLBANKJohn1 Smithy Lane
11212WALLBANKAnn1 Smithy Lane
11212WALLBANKJohn1 Smithy Lane
11212WALLBANKAlfred1 Smithy Lane
11212WALLBANKRichard1 Smithy Lane
11212WALLBANKLeonard1 Smithy Lane
11212WALLBANKBertie1 Smithy Lane
11212WALLBANKNelly1 Smithy Lane
11212WALLBANKEthel1 Smithy Lane
11926WALLBANKErnest83 Hockley Road
11926WALLBANKSarah H.83 Hockley Road
11926WALLBANKArthur J.83 Hockley Road
12129WALLBANKSarah A.8 Hemming's Yard
12129WALLBANKLeonard8 Hemming's Yard
12129WALLBANKCarrie8 Hemming's Yard
12129WALLBANKHerbert8 Hemming's Yard
12129WALLBANKFred8 Hemming's Yard
12741WALLENDEREnoch8 Turf Terrace
12741WALLENDERFanny8 Turf Terrace
12945WALTERSJoseph10 Tame Valley Terrace
12945WALTERSMary A.10 Tame Valley Terrace
12843WALTERS or WATTENArthur2 Tame Valley Terrace
12843WALTERS or WATTENEllen2 Tame Valley Terrace
12843WALTERS or WATTENEmma2 Tame Valley Terrace
12843WALTERS or WATTENElsie2 Tame Valley Terrace
12843WALTERS or WATTENFlorence2 Tame Valley Terrace
12843WALTERS or WATTENHilda2 Tame Valley Terrace
12843WALTERS or WATTENDaisy2 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENCharles4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENMay4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENCharlotte4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENJohn4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENEthel M.4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENEdith J.4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENEdward4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENRichard4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENErnest4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENSidney4 Tame Valley Terrace
12844WALTERS or WATTENHelen4 Tame Valley Terrace
1114WALTONAgnes273 Main Road Glascote
281WALTONAnn S.Main Road Glascote
1114WALTONCharles Beard273 Main Road Glascote
281WALTONFrederick A.Main Road Glascote
281WALTONNorman O.Main Road Glascote
281WALTONSabina A.Main Road Glascote
1114WALTONSidney273 Main Road Glascote
281WALTONThomas A.Main Road Glascote
281WALTONWinifredMain Road Glascote
5916WALTONRobert87 Main Road
5916WALTONMary Ann87 Main Road
5916WALTONHarry87 Main Road
5916WALTONSarah87 Main Road
5916WALTONSidney Robert87 Main Road
5916WALTONHorace Joseph87 Main Road
5916WALTONErnest Wm.87 Main Road
5916WALTONAlfred Victor87 Main Road
1623WAPPLESEdith541 Main Road Glascote
1623WAPPLESGerty541 Main Road Glascote
1623WAPPLESJohn541 Main Road Glascote
1623WAPPLESLenard541 Main Road Glascote
1623WAPPLESMaud541 Main Road Glascote
1623WAPPLESSelina541 Main Road Glascote
1318WARDAlbert379 Main Road Glascote
1318WARDDaisy379 Main Road Glascote
1930WARDEdith29 New Street Glascote
1318WARDGeorgina379 Main Road Glascote
1318WARDHarry379 Main Road Glascote
1930WARDJarvis29 New Street Glascote
1318WARDJohn379 Main Road Glascote
1318WARDJoseph379 Main Road Glascote
1318WARDLydia379 Main Road Glascote
1930WARDMinnie29 New Street Glascote
1318WARDThomas379 Main Road Glascote
1318WARDVere379 Main Road Glascote
1930WARDWilliam Henry29 New Street Glascote
1083WARDJohnWatling Street
1083WARDAnnWatling Street
1083WARDDanielWatling Street
1083WARDJohnWatling Street
1083WARDJaneWatling Street
1083WARDDavidWatling Street
1083WARDCatherineWatling Street
1083WARDLilyWatling Street
1083WARDJohn HenryWatling Street
11823WARDWilliam H.1 New Road
11823WARDAlice J.1 New Road
11823WARDDaisy E.1 New Road
293WARRENAda E.122 Main Road Glascote
52WARRENAlbert9 Bolehall
910WARRENDorothy231 Main Road Glascote
52WARRENEliza9 Bolehall
52WARRENEmily9 Bolehall
293WARRENGeorge122 Main Road Glascote
910WARRENGladys231 Main Road Glascote
910WARRENHenry231 Main Road Glascote
293WARRENJohn122 Main Road Glascote
52WARRENMarie9 Bolehall
52WARRENNellie9 Bolehall
293WARRENNellie122 Main Road Glascote
910WARRENOlive231 Main Road Glascote
293WARRENPercy J.122 Main Road Glascote
52WARRENWalter9 Bolehall
52WARRENWilliam9 Bolehall
52WARRENWilliam9 Bolehall
9025WASHINGTONRichard2 Dosthill Road
9025WASHINGTONEliza A.2 Dosthill Road
9025WASHINGTONRichard2 Dosthill Road
9025WASHINGTONJoseph2 Dosthill Road
8720WATERFALLHerbert455 Watling Street
8720WATERFALLMinnie455 Watling Street
8720WATERFALLAlice455 Watling Street
9025WATERFALLSamuel442 Watling Street
9025WATERFALLMatilda442 Watling Street
1119WATERFALLGermanGloucester Terrace
1119WATERFALLMaryGloucester Terrace
2439WATSONArthurMoors Run Ashby Road
2439WATSONArthurMoors Run Ashby Road
2439WATSONJanetMoors Run Ashby Road
2439WATSONJennieMoors Run Ashby Road
2439WATSONRayMoors Run Ashby Road
5711WATSONJoseph61 Main Road
5711WATSONSarah Ann61 Main Road
5711WATSONThomas61 Main Road
5711WATSONJohn61 Main Road
5711WATSONReuben61 Main Road
5711WATSONErnest61 Main Road
10250WATSONWilliam H.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10250WATSONElla G.Tamworth Road Belgrave
10250WATSONRolandTamworth Road Belgrave
11824WATSONCatherine7 New Road
11824WATSONThomas 7 New Road
11824WATSONMary7 New Road
11824WATSONAnnie7 New Road
11824WATSONFrancis7 New Road
12946WATSONJohn C.Town Wall
12946WATSONMarise?Town Wall
12946WATSONJohn A.Town Wall
12946WATSONCharles E.Town Wall
12946WATSONMary J.Town Wall
12946WATSONFrankTown Wall
2440WATTSWilliam JohnAslands
521WATTSDennis Henry2 Main Road
521WATTSFlorence Emily2 Main Road
521WATTSElsie Florence2 Main Road
521WATTSSidney Cecil2 Main Road
521WATTSEthel2 Main Road
521WATTSDora2 Main Road
3414WEBBWilliam5 Bamford Street
3414WEBBAnnie5 Bamford Street
3414WEBBRuth5 Bamford Street
1096WELCHSarah Jane99 Watling Street
10148WELLSStephen77 Belgrave Road
11110WELLSEmma173 Gloucester Terrace
1011WELSTERCharles237 Main Road Glascote
1011WELSTERMinnie237 Main Road Glascote
521WESTSarah1 Main Road
521WESTHenry Lea1 Main Road
2235WESTONEmma6 John Street Glascote
2235WESTONStuart6 John Street Glascote
2235WESTONThomas6 John Street Glascote
6834WHARTONFrederickOrchard Street
6834WHARTONEmmaOrchard Street
6834WHARTONFrederick StephenOrchard Street
6834WHARTONWilfred LeonardOrchard Street
6834WHARTONWilliam CharlesOrchard Street
6834WHARTONMary AnnettaOrchard Street
6834WHARTONHenry TheophilusOrchard Street
1095WHEATLEYThomas87 Watling Street
782WHETTONMark14 Barn Yard
782WHETTONMary A.14 Barn Yard
11823WHETTONMary A.Munes House Hockley Road
11926WHETTONMark37 New Road
3821WHICKTHORNE?Arthur320 Main Road
3821WHICKTHORNE?Rebecca R.320 Main Road
3821WHICKTHORNE?William A.320 Main Road
3821WHICKTHORNE?Beatrice L.320 Main Road
3821WHICKTHORNE?Herbert L.320 Main Road
3821WHICKTHORNE?Emily A.320 Main Road
3821WHICKTHORNE?Albert J.320 Main Road
3821WHICKTHORNE?Florence L.320 Main Road
2236WHITEAlbert18 John Street Glascote
2439WHITEAnniePerry Crofts
2236WHITEEmma18 John Street Glascote
2236WHITEJohn18 John Street Glascote
2236WHITERichard18 John Street Glascote
3515WHITEWalter H.270 Main Road Glascote
3515WHITEAnnie270 Main Road Glascote
3515WHITEHarry270 Main Road Glascote
3515WHITEAnnie270 Main Road Glascote
3515WHITEEthel T.270 Main Road Glascote
7038WHITEAlfredOrchard Street
7038WHITEMarthaOrchard Street
7038WHITEHerbertOrchard Street
7038WHITEReginaldOrchard Street
7038WHITEAlfredOrchard Street
7038WHITEAnnieOrchard Street
7038WHITEJosephOrchard Street
781WHITERobert2 Watling Street
781WHITEMaria2 Watling Street
781WHITEOliver G.2 Watling Street
781WHITEFrank2 Watling Street
818WHITEWilliam199 Hodgkinsons Road
818WHITEElizabeth199 Hodgkinsons Road
818WHITEJames199 Hodgkinsons Road
818WHITEMinnie199 Hodgkinsons Road
818WHITEArthur199 Hodgkinsons Road
8413WHITEMartha283 Tamworth Lane
8413WHITEJob283 Tamworth Lane
8413WHITERobert H.283 Tamworth Lane
8413WHITEHenry E.283 Tamworth Lane
8413WHITELily283 Tamworth Lane
8413WHITEEllen E.283 Tamworth Lane
11721WHITEJohn Henry54 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721WHITEMary Jane54 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721WHITEMary A. E.54 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721WHITEAlbert50 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721WHITECaleb50 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
11721WHITEHoward50 Ashbourne Terr. Smithy Ln.
12742WHITEThomas12 Turf Terrace
12742WHITELucy12 Turf Terrace
12742WHITELily12 Turf Terrace
6935WHITEHALLAlbertOrchard Street
99WHITEHOUSEAnnie227 Main Road Glascote
2235WHITEHOUSEArthur8 John Street Glascote
99WHITEHOUSEFlorence227 Main Road Glascote
2235WHITEHOUSEJohn8 John Street Glascote
99WHITEHOUSEJoseph227 Main Road Glascote
99WHITEHOUSEJoseph227 Main Road Glascote
1215WHITEHOUSEJoseph287 Main Road Glascote
1215WHITEHOUSEMary Ann287 Main Road Glascote
99WHITEHOUSESamuel227 Main Road Glascote
1215WHITEHOUSESamuel287 Main Road Glascote
1215WHITEHOUSESamuel287 Main Road Glascote
99WHITEHOUSESarah227 Main Road Glascote
1215WHITEHOUSESarah Jane287 Main Road Glascote
1215WHITEHOUSEWilliam287 Main Road Glascote
3821WHITEHOUSEThomas1 East View
3821WHITEHOUSEJane1 East View
3821WHITEHOUSEEdward1 East View
3821WHITEHOUSEMercy1 East View
12742WHITEHURSTRichard1 Overwoods
5916WHITTINGHALLWilliam85 Main Road
11211WHITTINGTONHenry6 Smithy Lane
11211WHITTINGTONEmma6 Smithy Lane
11211WHITTINGTONAlbert E.6 Smithy Lane
11211WHITTINGTONElizth. M.6 Smithy Lane
11211WHITTINGTONWilliam A.6 Smithy Lane
11211WHITTINGTONHarry6 Smithy Lane
11211WHITTINGTONEsther6 Smithy Lane
8515WIFFE or WIFFS?Joseph243 Watling Street
8515WIFFE or WIFFS?Louisa243 Watling Street
8515WIFFE or WIFFS?Joseph243 Watling Street
8515WIFFE or WIFFS?Leonard243 Watling Street
8515WIFFE or WIFFS?Bertie243 Watling Street
8515WIFFE or WIFFS?Eveylen?243 Watling Street
8515WIFFE or WIFFS?Ada243 Watling Street
8515WIFFE or WIFFS?Albert243 Watling Street
12537WIGGALLJoseph304 Pauls Row
12537WIGGALLAnn304 Pauls Row
12537WIGGALLLevi304 Pauls Row
12537WIGGALLAlbert304 Pauls Row
12537WIGGALLMary A.304 Pauls Row
12537WIGGALLMary J.304 Pauls Row
12537WIGGALLBertha304 Pauls Row
12537WIGGALLEva304 Pauls Row
12538WIGGALLHenry447 Wenlock Place
12538WIGGALLEllen447 Wenlock Place
12538WIGGALLEllen447 Wenlock Place
12538WIGGALLFlorence447 Wenlock Place
12538WIGGALLThomas447 Wenlock Place
12538WIGGALLFanny447 Wenlock Place
12538WIGGALLLevi447 Wenlock Place
12538WIGGALLHenry447 Wenlock Place
12538WIGGALLAlbert447 Wenlock Place
4536WILCOCKArthur18 Engine Lane
2439WILCOXRosePerry Crofts Ashby Road
12639WILDERGeorgeWenlock Place
6935WILDIGHerbertOrchard Street
6935WILDIGLouiseOrchard Street
6935WILDIGHerbertOrchard Street
9637WILGOJosephTamworth Road
9637WILGOElizabethTamworth Road
329WILKIECyril E.24 Bamford Street
329WILKIEElizabeth J.24 Bamford Street
329WILKIEJohn24 Bamford Street
329WILKIEMary A. S.24 Bamford Street
329WILKIEWilliam J.24 Bamford Street
4230WILKIEElizabeth V.Glascote House
4230WILKIEEleanor M.Glascote House
1420WILKINSONAmy Ball471 Main Road Glascote
1420WILKINSONEmma471 Main Road Glascote
1420WILKINSONJeasie471 Main Road Glascote
1420WILKINSONNellie471 Main Road Glascote
1420WILKINSONWalter Garforth471 Main Road Glascote
1420WILKINSONWilliam471 Main Road Glascote
794WILKINSONWilliam34 the Croft
794WILKINSONElizabeth34 the Croft
794WILKINSONFred34 the Croft
794WILKINSONAnnie34 the Croft
794WILKINSONCliare or Oliare34 the Croft
794WILKINSONCharles34 the Croft
2440WILLETTSElizabethPerry Crofts Lodge Ashby Rd
2440WILLETTSHarryPerry Crofts Lodge Ashby Rd
2440WILLETTSJosephPerry Crofts Lodge Ashby Rd
281WILLIAMSAgnes88 Main Road Glascote
293WILLIAMSArthur116 Main Road Glascote
2440WILLIAMSCarmah MillicentAslands
2440WILLIAMSCharles JamesAslands
2440WILLIAMSElizabeth AnnAslands
293WILLIAMSEmma116 Main Road Glascote
2440WILLIAMSFlorence ElizabethAslands
293WILLIAMSFred116 Main Road Glascote
2440WILLIAMSGladys MayAslands
2440WILLIAMSVictor ArnoldAslands
2440WILLIAMSWilliam WhitlyAslands
4229WILLIAMSBeatrice A.56 Main Road
5814WILLIAMSCharles73 Main Road
5814WILLIAMSAnnie73 Main Road
7038WILLIAMSJoseph4 West Street
7038WILLIAMSElizabeth4 West Street
282WILLIAMSONCharles F.92 Main Road Glascote
2236WILLIAMSONDiana15 John Street Glascote
282WILLIAMSONElijah92 Main Road Glascote
282WILLIAMSONElijah E.92 Main Road Glascote
281WILLIAMSONEliza88 Main Road Glascote
282WILLIAMSONEmma E.92 Main Road Glascote
282WILLIAMSONJames F.92 Main Road Glascote
2236WILLIAMSONJesse15 John Street Glascote
281WILLIAMSONJohn88 Main Road Glascote
1011WILLIAMSONJoseph241 Main Road Glascote
2236WILLIAMSONJoseph15 John Street Glascote
282WILLIAMSONJoseph W.92 Main Road Glascote
282WILLIAMSONMatilda J.92 Main Road Glascote
282WILLIAMSONSarah E. H.92 Main Road Glascote
3822WILLIAMSONJames6 East View
3822WILLIAMSONSarah6 East View
3822WILLIAMSONJames M.6 East View
3822WILLIAMSONThomas6 East View
6834WILLIAMSONHenryOrchard Street
6834WILLIAMSONEdith JessieOrchard Street
6834WILLIAMSONAda EthelOrchard Street
6834WILLIAMSONJames HenryOrchard Street
306WILLISClara5 Anchor Row
306WILLISEliza5 Anchor Row
306WILLISEthel5 Anchor Row
306WILLISMary E.5 Anchor Row
306WILLISSarah A.5 Anchor Row
306WILLISSarah A.5 Anchor Row
306WILLISSarah J.5 Anchor Row
306WILLISWilliam5 Anchor Row
306WILLISWilliam5 Anchor Row
3312WILLISCROFTHerbert76 Bamford Street
3312WILLISCROFTLizzie76 Bamford Street
3312WILLISCROFTLizzie76 Bamford Street
3312WILLISCROFTWilliam H.76 Bamford Street
3413WILLISCROFTJane9 Bamford Street
3413WILLISCROFTGeorge9 Bamford Street
3413WILLISCROFTMabel9 Bamford Street
3413WILLISCROFTLionel9 Bamford Street
5610WILLISCROFTWilliamKettlebrook Lodge
5916WILLISCROFTWilliam84 Main Road
5916WILLISCROFTMary Jane84 Main Road
5916WILLISCROFTHenry Walter84 Main Road
5916WILLISCROFTBertie Ernest84 Main Road
5916WILLISCROFTMabel Jane84 Main Road
5916WILLISCROFTGerty Ann84 Main Road
5916WILLISCROFTGrace Sara84 Main Road
6528WILLISCROFTArthur89 Cross Street
6528WILLISCROFTBertha89 Cross Street
6528WILLISCROFTGuy89 Cross Street
6528WILLISCROFTAlice89 Cross Street
6528WILLISCROFTWilliam89 Cross Street
6528WILLISCROFTLilian89 Cross Street
6528WILLISCROFTFrank89 Cross Street
7140WILLISCROFTHarry15 West Street
7140WILLISCROFTEmily15 West Street
7140WILLISCROFTAnnie15 West Street
7140WILLISCROFTHarry15 West Street
7343WILLISCROFTJohn28 West Street
7343WILLISCROFTJane28 West Street
7343WILLISCROFTHerbert28 West Street
7343WILLISCROFTSarah Jane28 West Street
7343WILLISCROFTEdith28 West Street
7343WILLISCROFTWilliam28 West Street
7343WILLISCROFTMinnie28 West Street
7344WILLISCROFTElsie May`28 West Street
7344WILLISCROFTMaud28 West Street
7344WILLISCROFTAmelia28 West Street
7344WILLISCROFTJohn28 West Street
1216WILSONArthur James293 Main Road Glascote
1623WILSONCharles5 Argyle St Glascote
1623WILSONCharles Herbert5 Argyle St Glascote
306WILSONElizabeth3 Anchor Row
1216WILSONHenry293 Main Road Glascote
1216WILSONJames293 Main Road Glascote
1216WILSONJohn Thomas293 Main Road Glascote
1216WILSONMarcia Caroline293 Main Road Glascote
1216WILSONMary Ann293 Main Road Glascote
1216WILSONMary Ann293 Main Road Glascote
1623WILSONMary Catherine5 Argyle St Glascote
1725WILSONMary Jane44 Argyle St Glascote
306WILSONSamuel3 Anchor Row
1725WILSONSidney William44 Argyle St Glascote
10249WILSONGeorgeTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249WILSONMary A.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
10249WILSONGeorge H.Tamworth Lane Belgrave
10249WILSONOliverTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249WILSONRhodaTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249WILSONAdaTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249WILSONNellieTamworth Lane Belgrave
10249WILSONElsieTamworth Lane Belgrave
4026WINDRIDGEJohn28 East View
4026WINDRIDGEMaria28 East View
4026WINDRIDGEFrank28 East View
4026WINDRIDGEElsie E.28 East View
4026WINDRIDGEJohn T.28 East View
4026WINDRIDGELily28 East View
569WINNETTJohn Wm.48 Main Road
569WINNETTElizabeth Ann48 Main Road
6732WINNETTGeorge HenryOrchard Street
6732WINNETTHannahOrchard Street
6833WINNETTWilliamOrchard Street
6833WINNETTAnnOrchard Street
6833WINNETTThomasOrchard Street
6833WINNETTErnestOrchard Street
6833WINNETTHannahOrchard Street
6833WINNETTAlbertOrchard Street
6833WINNETTWalterOrchard Street
1420WOODAgnes3 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
88WOODArthurRly Sidings Cott Glascote
1930WOODCharlotte27 New Street Glascote
1420WOODDavid473 Main Road Glascote
1420WOODDora473 Main Road Glascote
1113WOODEarnest261 Main Road Glascote
88WOODEdithRly Sidings Cott Glascote
1420WOODEliza473 Main Road Glascote
1420WOODEllen3 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
1113WOODElsie261 Main Road Glascote
1318WOODEmily Jane381 Main Road Glascote
1420WOODEthel473 Main Road Glascote
1113WOODEva261 Main Road Glascote
1318WOODGeorge381 Main Road Glascote
1318WOODGeorge381 Main Road Glascote
1930WOODGeorge27 New Street Glascote
1318WOODHainiah?381 Main Road Glascote
1420WOODJohn473 Main Road Glascote
1930WOODLouisa27 New Street Glascote
88WOODLouisa AnnieRly Sidings Cott Glascote
1318WOODMark381 Main Road Glascote
1318WOODMartha381 Main Road Glascote
1318WOODMartha381 Main Road Glascote
1113WOODMary261 Main Road Glascote
1930WOODMary Eliza27 New Street Glascote
1420WOODNellie3 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
1420WOODOlive473 Main Road Glascote
1420WOODOrice?473 Main Road Glascote
1930WOODRobert27 New Street Glascote
1318WOODRose381 Main Road Glascote
1420WOODSamuel473 Main Road Glascote
88WOODThomasRly Sidings Cott Glascote
1930WOODThomas27 New Street Glascote
1930WOODThomas27 New Street Glascote
88WOODThomas JamesRly Sidings Cott Glascote
1420WOODWalter473 Main Road Glascote
1420WOODWilliam473 Main Road Glascote
1420WOODWilliam473 Main Road Glascote
1420WOODWilliam3 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
1420WOODWilliam3 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
3210WOODWilliam44 Bamford Street
3210WOODMary44 Bamford Street
3210WOODSamuel44 Bamford Street
3210WOODAlbert44 Bamford Street
3210WOODElizabeth44 Bamford Street
3210WOODWillie44 Bamford Street
3210WOODEmily44 Bamford Street
3210WOODAnn S.44 Bamford Street
3210WOODGeorge44 Bamford Street
3210WOODJoseph44 Bamford Street
3210WOODBertie44 Bamford Street
4637WOODThomas35 Engine Lane
4637WOODAda35 Engine Lane
4637WOODSydney T.35 Engine Lane
4637WOODWilliam35 Engine Lane
521WOODGeorge7 Main Road
522WOODElizabeth7 Main Road
522WOODCharles7 Main Road
522WOODGeorge7 Main Road
522WOODAlbert7 Main Road
522WOODFanny7 Main Road
522WOODWilliam Henry7 Main Road
569WOODJames50 Main Road
569WOODAnn50 Main Road
569WOODMiriam50 Main Road
569WOODJohn50 Main Road
569WOODGertrude50 Main Road
569WOODMargaret50 Main Road
569WOODBertie Einey?50 Main Road
569WOODHarold James50 Main Road
7140WOODWilliam16 West Street
7140WOODAnn16 West Street
781WOODSamuel6 Watling Street
781WOODEmelia6 Watling Street
781WOODAlbert6 Watling Street
781WOODWilliam6 Watling Street
781WOODLeo. L.6 Watling Street
781WOODGertrude A.6 Watling Street
781WOODSidney J.6 Watling Street
782WOODSamuel10 Watling Street
782WOODMaria10 Watling Street
782WOODFanny10 Watling Street
817WOODThomas19 Glascote Road
817WOODMary19 Glascote Road
8312WOODCharles178 Watling Street
8312WOODElizabeth178 Watling Street
8312WOODJohn L.178 Watling Street
8312WOODArthur178 Watling Street
8312WOODNoah178 Watling Street
8312WOODCharles178 Watling Street
8312WOODSamuel178 Watling Street
8312WOODHannah178 Watling Street
8312WOODFlorence178 Watling Street
8312WOODJesse178 Watling Street
8516WOODDavid257 Watling Street
8516WOODSarah257 Watling Street
8516WOODBeatrice257 Watling Street
8923WOODJosiah463 Watling Street
8923WOODFlorence463 Watling Street
8923WOODElizabeth463 Watling Street
8923WOODEliza R.463 Watling Street
9434WOODThomas78 Tamworth Road
9434WOODAda78 Tamworth Road
9434WOODArthur78 Tamworth Road
9434WOODEthel G.78 Tamworth Road
9434WOODFrank78 Tamworth Road
9740WOODEdward322 Tamworth Road
9740WOODSusannah322 Tamworth Road
9740WOODWilliam322 Tamworth Road
9740WOODSarah322 Tamworth Road
9740WOODSusannah322 Tamworth Road
9740WOODEdward322 Tamworth Road
9841WOODAlfredTamworth Road
9841WOODRuthTamworth Road
9841WOODEmmaTamworth Road
9841WOODAmyTamworth Road
9841WOODAlfred T.Tamworth Road
9841WOODGertrude M.Tamworth Road
9842WOODJoseph29 Belgrave Road
9842WOODAnnie29 Belgrave Road
9842WOODThomas29 Belgrave Road
9842WOODEllen29 Belgrave Road
9842WOODElise29 Belgrave Road
1083WOODSamuelWatling Street
1083WOODAnnieWatling Street
1083WOODSamuelWatling Street
1083WOODEdwardWatling Street
1083WOODBeatriceWatling Street
1083WOODFlorenceWatling Street
1083WOODEstherWatling Street
1083WOODThomasWatling Street
11211WOODWilliam187 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211WOODElizabeth187 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211WOODJohn187 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211WOODThomas187 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211WOODWilliam187 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11211WOODElsie187 Parsons Bdgs Watling St.
11415WOODJoseph45 Smithy Lane
11415WOODWalter45 Smithy Lane
11415WOODJohn47 Smithy Lane
11415WOODAnnie47 Smithy Lane
11415WOODAnnie47 Smithy Lane
11415WOODEmily47 Smithy Lane
11415WOODFlorrie47 Smithy Lane
11415WOODMichael47 Smithy Lane
11415WOODCharles Wm.47 Smithy Lane
11518WOODEnochGreen Lane
11518WOODCarolineGreen Lane
11518WOODJamesGreen Lane
11619WOODCharlesGreen Lane
11619WOODJohnGreen Lane
11619WOODElizabethGreen Lane
11619WOODHannahGreen Lane
11619WOODThomas63 Green Lane
11619WOODFlorence May63 Green Lane
11619WOODNellie May63 Green Lane
11619WOODArthurSmithy Lane
11619WOODPheobeSmithy Lane
11925WOODThomas H.25 New Road
11925WOODHannah25 New Road
11925WOODWilliam P.25 New Road
11925WOODThomas H.25 New Road
12436WOODRobertHockley Road
12639WOODThomasWenlock Place
12639WOODJaneWenlock Place
12639WOODWalterWenlock Place
12639WOODJosephWenlock Place
12639WOODClaraWenlock Place
4638WOODSHenry5 New Road
1318WOODWARDMary379 Main Road Glascote
6834WORTHINGTONWilliamOrchard Street
6834WORTHINGTONFannyOrchard Street
6834WORTHINGTONUrsulaOrchard Street
6935WORTHINGTONViolet M.Orchard Street
6935WORTHINGTONWilliam H.Orchard Street
12232WOTHERSCharles92 Hockley Road
12232WOTHERSElizabeth92 Hockley Road
12232WOTHERSJane92 Hockley Road
329WRIGHTAnnie26 Bamford Street
305WRIGHTClara142 Main Road Glascote
329WRIGHTGeorge26 Bamford Street
305WRIGHTHenry142 Main Road Glascote
305WRIGHTMary142 Main Road Glascote
329WRIGHTNellie L.26 Bamford Street
1420WRIGHTViolet3 Sheepcote Lane Glascote
305WRIGHTWilmer142 Main Road Glascote
3618WRIGHTWilliam10 Nevill Street
3618WRIGHTMargaret A.10 Nevill Street
3618WRIGHTLillian M.10 Nevill Street
3618WRIGHTJoseph W.10 Nevill Street
3618WRIGHTHenry A. D.10 Nevill Street
3618WRIGHTMargaret A.10 Nevill Street
3924WRIGHTArthur T.13 East View
3924WRIGHTAlice13 East View
3924WRIGHTFlorence13 East View
4229WRIGHTThomas402 Main Road
4229WRIGHTMary A.402 Main Road
4229WRIGHTPhoebe E.402 Main Road
4229WRIGHTHarry402 Main Road
4229WRIGHTSydney A.402 Main Road
4740WRIGHTFrancesCaffs Lane
557WRIGHTElizabeth39 Main Road
557WRIGHTEmily39 Main Road
6528WRIGHTJoseph86 Cross Street
6528WRIGHTFlorence Ann86 Cross Street
6528WRIGHTWinifred Jane86 Cross Street
6731WRIGHTJohn70 Cross Street
6731WRIGHTMary Jane70 Cross Street
6731WRIGHTWilliam70 Cross Street
6731WRIGHTEdith70 Cross Street
6731WRIGHTHenry Thos.70 Cross Street
6732WRIGHTErnest70 Cross Street
6732WRIGHTSarah Jane70 Cross Street
6732WRIGHTArthur John70 Cross Street
8414WRIGHTWilliam233 Watling Street
8414WRIGHTSarah233 Watling Street
8414WRIGHTAnnie233 Watling Street
8414WRIGHTHenrietta233 Watling Street
8414WRIGHTMaud233 Watling Street
8414WRIGHTWilliam J.233 Watling Street
8414WRIGHTWilliam J.233 Watling Street
8414WRIGHTEarnest233 Watling Street
8719WRIGHTThomas437 Watling Street
8719WRIGHTAgnes N.437 Watling Street
9025WRIGHTHenry444 Watling Street
9025WRIGHTSarah444 Watling Street
9025WRIGHTAda444 Watling Street
9026WRIGHTThomas16 Dosthill Road
9026WRIGHTLouisa16 Dosthill Road
9026WRIGHTAlbert18 Dosthill Road
9026WRIGHTSarah J.18 Dosthill Road
9026WRIGHTElise18 Dosthill Road
9026WRIGHTLaura18 Dosthill Road
9026WRIGHTThomas A.18 Dosthill Road
9128WRIGHTW.10 Clear? Street Square?
9128WRIGHTL.10 Clear? Street Square?
9229WRIGHTThomas44 Dosthill Road
9229WRIGHTAmy44 Dosthill Road
9229WRIGHTRichard44 Dosthill Road
9535WRIGHTElizabethTamworth Road
11925WRIGHTHarry27 New Road
11925WRIGHTAgnes27 New Road
11925WRIGHTDoris27 New Road
1929WYATTEmma30 New Street Glascote
1929WYATTFlorence30 New Street Glascote
1929WYATTJane30 New Street Glascote
1929WYATTJohn30 New Street Glascote
1929WYATTMary Ann30 New Street Glascote
1929WYATTNellie30 New Street Glascote
1929WYATTPhoebe30 New Street Glascote
282WYNNJohn W.100 Main Road Glascote
282WYNNRosa100 Main Road Glascote
4025YEARBYGeorge22 East View
4025YEARBYMary22 East View
7344YEARSLEYThomas30 West Street
7344YEARSLEYElizabeth30 West Street
11517YEOMANSGeorge44 Green Lane
52YOUNGAda13 Bolehall
52YOUNGCharlotte13 Bolehall
52YOUNGEmma Eliza13 Bolehall
52YOUNGFlorence Edith13 Bolehall
52YOUNGHenry13 Bolehall
52YOUNGJohn13 Bolehall
52YOUNGJohn13 Bolehall
63YOUNGMaryBolehall Manor
52YOUNGSelina13 Bolehall
3413YOUNGWilliam H.13 Bamford Street
3413YOUNGSelina13 Bamford Street
521YOUNGHannah5 Main Road
521YOUNGElizabeth5 Main Road
8719YOUNGJohn441 Watling Street
8719YOUNGEmily441 Watling Street
8719YOUNGElizabeth441 Watling Street
11416YOUNGFrederickTinkers Green
11416YOUNGLydiaTinkers Green
11416YOUNGFrank R.Tinkers Green
11416YOUNGFredTinkers Green
11416YOUNGEmilyTinkers Green
11416YOUNGSydneyTinkers Green

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