1901 Census Returns for Tamworth, Warwickshire.
Piece RG-13-2649

Data taken from the 1901 Census. Piece RG13-2649 "368 TAMWORTH 1A"
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Transcription kindly submitted by Mick McAllister
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FolioPageSurname Forename(s)Address
11923A.E.The Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
6028ADCOCKAnnie20 Bolebridge St
6130ADCOCKMary A.8 Freeman's Yard
6130ADCOCKAda8 Freeman's Yard
1114ADDISONDaniel8 King St
1114ADDISONAnn8 King St
2512ADIEFrancis11 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
1420ADIEAlbert E.21 Market St
1420ADIEHarriet21 Market St
12535ADIEWilliam3 Tuns Inn 13 Lichfield St
76ADKINSJane49 Church St
1522AISHFlorence J.34 George St
7622AISTROPMaud45 Elmdon Place
2818ALDRIDGEArthur H.38 Aldergate
2818ALDRIDGESarah38 Aldergate
2818ALDRIDGENellie38 Aldergate
2818ALDRIDGEBeatrice38 Aldergate
7315ALDRIDGEWilliam21 Cherry St
7315ALDRIDGEJane21 Cherry St
7315ALDRIDGERosina21 Cherry St
7315ALDRIDGEFlorence21 Cherry St
8132ALDRIDGEWalter J.123 Lichfield St
8132ALDRIDGEKate123 Lichfield St
8132ALDRIDGEKate123 Lichfield St
8132ALDRIDGENellie123 Lichfield St
8132ALDRIDGEArthur123 Lichfield St
8132ALDRIDGEGladys123 Lichfield St
8132ALDRIDGEEthel123 Lichfield St
8132ALDRIDGEIda123 Lichfield St
11924ALDRIDGEOliver25 Lichfield St
11924ALDRIDGEElizabeth25 Lichfield St
12637ALLBLASTERAmelia14 Brewery Lane
12637ALLBLASTERSamuel14 Brewery Lane
12637ALLBLASTERHenrietta14 Brewery Lane
4220ALLBRIGHTONOlive27 Market St
4220ALLBRIGHTONJane34 Market St
202ALLCOTTFrank16 Church St
5212ALLDRIDGEMary A.3 Guys Almshouses
249ALLENJohn10 Lower Gungate
249ALLENTheodosia10 Lower Gungate
249ALLENNellie10 Lower Gungate
249ALLENJessie10 Lower Gungate
249ALLENHilda10 Lower Gungate
495ALLENJoseph112 Gungate
367ALLENHenry2ct5ho Bolebridge St
367ALLENJulia2ct5ho Bolebridge St
368ALLENAmelia A.2ct5ho Bolebridge St
368ALLENFlorence G.2ct5ho Bolebridge St
368ALLENLily2ct5ho Bolebridge St
52ALLENEmily41a Church St
52ALLENAda41a Church St
1114ALLENCaroline A.6 King St
355ALLENClaraJolly Buttn Turnr B'brdg St
6028ALLENWilliam23 Bolebridge St
6028ALLENAnnie23 Bolebridge St
6231ALLENJohn10 Bolebridge St
6231ALLENElizabeth10 Bolebridge St
6231ALLENKatie Louise10 Bolebridge St
6231ALLENWilliam H.10 Bolebridge St
6231ALLENFlora B.10 Bolebridge St
7621ALLENEllen40 Elmdon Place
926ALLENFlorence M.97 Lichfield St
938ALLENAnn5ho3ct Lichfield St
938ALLENRose5ho3ct Lichfield St
938ALLENEliza5ho3ct Lichfield St
938ALLENSarah A.5ho3ct Lichfield St
938ALLENAlice5ho3ct Lichfield St
938ALLENNellie5ho3ct Lichfield St
949ALLENThomas6ho3ct Lichfield St
949ALLENKate6ho3ct Lichfield St
949ALLENThomas6ho3ct Lichfield St
10021ALLENEvelyn W.2 Alfred Place
11924ALLENMinnie29 Lichfield St
12535ALLENEliza4 Brewery Lane
12535ALLENWilliam H.4 Brewery Lane
12535ALLENAda E.4 Brewery Lane
12535ALLENSidney J.4 Brewery Lane
12535ALLENBertie4 Brewery Lane
12535ALLENErnest4 Brewery Lane
12943ALLENJames9 Lady Bank
12943ALLENEllen9 Lady Bank
12943ALLENJames9 Lady Bank
225ALLPORTEliza7 Mold's Yard
4321ALLPORTEllenCastle Hotel 39 Market St
237ALLSOPJames E.2 Lower Gungate
2613ALLSOPWilliam7 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
686ALLSOPAswald A.3 Stranrer Place
686ALLSOPHannah A.3 Stranrer Place
686ALLSOPFrederick A.3 Stranrer Place
686ALLSOPEdwin E. G.3 Stranrer Place
913ALLSOPWinnie109 Lichfield St
9512ALLSOPEthel72 Lichfield St
9818ALLSOPWilliam5 Halford St
9818ALLSOPElizabeth5 Halford St
9818ALLSOPWilliam5 Halford St
9818ALLSOPAda5 Halford St
9818ALLSOPElizabeth5 Halford St
9818ALLSOPCharley5 Halford St
9818ALLSOPBeatrice A.5 Halford St
9818ALLSOPHilda5 Halford St
367ALLSOPPJohn52 Bolebridge St
367ALLSOPPEliza52 Bolebridge St
367ALLSOPPHenry52 Bolebridge St
367ALLSOPPRose52 Bolebridge St
367ALLSOPPAda52 Bolebridge St
9614ALLSOPPJohn2 Moor View Moor Lane
9614ALLSOPPMary A.2 Moor View Moor Lane
9614ALLSOPPAmelia2 Moor View Moor Lane
9614ALLSOPPJohn2 Moor View Moor Lane
9614ALLSOPPEdward2 Moor View Moor Lane
9614ALLSOPPNelly2 Moor View Moor Lane
9614ALLSOPPSidney2 Moor View Moor Lane
344ALLTONCharles12 Arched Row
344ALLTONCaroline12 Arched Row
10225ALLUMFred23 Alfred Place
10225ALLUMEllen23 Alfred Place
10225ALLUMOlive23 Alfred Place
12535ALLUMRobert5 Brewery Lane
11210ALLWOODObadiah12 Park St Lichfield St
11210ALLWOODMary A.12 Park St Lichfield St
11210ALLWOODLaurence12 Park St Lichfield St
11210ALLWOODLizzie12 Park St Lichfield St
11210ALLWOODAgnes12 Park St Lichfield St
1216ALTONFrederick G.4+5 Market St
1216ALTONEmma4+5 Market St
1216ALTONFrederick W.4+5 Market St
1216ALTONDoris M.4+5 Market St
1216ALTONLeslie E.4+5 Market St
1419APPLINAnnie R.19 Market St
1419APPLINFlorence E. V.19 Market St
2511ARCHERThomas25 Gungate St
2511ARCHEREmily25 Gungate St
2511ARCHERThomas25 Gungate St
1113ARCHERClara5ct2ho Church St
343ARCHEREliz.6 Arched Row
343ARCHERJoseph6 Arched Row
343ARCHERWilliam6 Arched Row
343ARCHERMary6 Arched Row
343ARCHERJames7 Arched Row
343ARCHERHannah7 Arched Row
344ARCHERWilliam7 Arched Row
344ARCHERSydney7 Arched Row
344ARCHERErnest7 Arched Row
344ARCHERJoseph7 Arched Row
344ARCHERLeonard7 Arched Row
1215ARCHERMary A.71 Church St
4219ARCHERCharlesTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
925ARCHERWilliam100 Lichfield St
925ARCHERSarah100 Lichfield St
925ARCHERRebecca100 Lichfield St
925ARCHERWilliam H.100 Lichfield St
925ARCHERFrederick100 Lichfield St
9715ARCHERMary Jane6 Halford Terr
9715ARCHERCharles6 Halford Terr
9715ARCHERJohn6 Halford Terr
9715ARCHEREmma6 Halford Terr
9715ARCHERJames6 Halford Terr
926ARGYLEThomasWhite House Lichfield St
926ARGYLEAnnie H.White House Lichfield St
926ARGYLEReginald E. V.White House Lichfield St
926ARGYLEJohn B.White House Lichfield St
7724ARMSTRONGWilliam26 Hospital St
7724ARMSTRONGCatherine26 Hospital St
7724ARMSTRONGFrederick26 Hospital St
7724ARMSTRONGWilliam H.26 Hospital St
7724ARMSTRONGHannah H.26 Hospital St
7724ARMSTRONGMaurice26 Hospital St
11618ARMSTRONGBertie8 Clarson Row Moor Lane
1118ARNISHAWJane34 Park St Lichfield St
238ARNOLDSamuel6 Lower Gungate
238ARNOLDWilliam6 Lower Gungate
238ARNOLDThomas6 Lower Gungate
238ARNOLDMary6 Lower Gungate
238ARNOLDEllen6 Lower Gungate
472ARNOLDHenry H.8 Victoria Rd
472ARNOLDMinnie8 Victoria Rd
472ARNOLDFreda M.8 Victoria Rd
10328ARNOLDWilliamThe Leys House
10328ARNOLDMargaret A.The Leys House
10328ARNOLDAnnie E.The Leys House
10328ARNOLDIsabella E.The Leys House
10328ARNOLDMargaret A.The Leys House
11413ARNOLDE.62 Lichfield St
11413ARNOLDJane62 Lichfield St
11413ARNOLDJames62 Lichfield St
64AS(L)TONAlbert E.43 Church St
11312ASBURYRichard55 Lichfield St
2410ASHWOODAlfred G.14b Lower Gungate
2410ASHWOODElizabeth14b Lower Gungate
2410ASHWOODAgnes14b Lower Gungate
2410ASHWOODAlfred14b Lower Gungate
2410ASHWOODHarry14b Lower Gungate
2410ASHWOODFrank14b Lower Gungate
2410ASHWOODEmmie14b Lower Gungate
2410ASHWOODAlice14b Lower Gungate
2410ASHWOODLinda R.14b Lower Gungate
2410ASHWOODHannah17 Lower Gungate
2818ASHWOODGeorge36 Aldergate
2818ASHWOODEllen36 Aldergate
2818ASHWOODFrederick36 Aldergate
2818ASHWOODAlbert36 Aldergate
2818ASHWOODMargaret36 Aldergate
2818ASHWOODElsie36 Aldergate
5211ASHWOODArthur100 Gungate
5211ASHWOODSarah Jane100 Gungate
5211ASHWOODEvelyn100 Gungate
5212ASHWOODEdwin100 Gungate
5212ASHWOODAgnes100 Gungate
5212ASHWOODMildred100 Gungate
8233ASHWOODWilliam3 Aldergate St
8233ASHWOODEllen3 Aldergate St
914ASHWOODWilliam105 Lichfield St
914ASHWOODAgnes E.105 Lichfield St
11312ASHWOODWilliam H.59 Lichfield St
11312ASHWOODJane59 Lichfield St
8641ASKEWRobertCottage Hospital
332ASPINALLEdward O.45 Bolebridge St
332ASPINALLSarah E.45 Bolebridge St
343ASPINALLChas. H.45 Bolebridge St
343ASPINALLMaud45 Bolebridge St
11719ASTILLMary A.3 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719ASTILLCharlotte3 Clarson St Moor Lane
5619ATKINSONElizabeth A.6 Fisher's Row
1129AUCOTTRichard20 Park St Lichfield St
1129AUCOTTEmma20 Park St Lichfield St
1129AUCOTTCharles20 Park St Lichfield St
1129AUCOTTAnnie20 Park St Lichfield St
1129AUCOTTJemima20 Park St Lichfield St
1129AUCOTTRichard20 Park St Lichfield St
1129AUCOTTAlbert20 Park St Lichfield St
1129AUCOTTThomas20 Park St Lichfield St
1129AUCOTTWilliam20 Park St Lichfield St
8336AUSTINJohn5 Hall's Row
8336AUSTINHetty5 Hall's Row
8336AUSTINFred5 Hall's Row
8336AUSTINFlorry5 Hall's Row
8336AUSTINNora5 Hall's Row
9410AUSTINSamuel83 Lichfield St
11311AUSTINArthur2 Park St Lichfield St
11311AUSTINElizabeth2 Park St Lichfield St
11311AUSTINCatherine2 Park St Lichfield St
1623BACHEmily1ct5ho George St
1623BACHLizzie1ct5ho George St
1623BACHNellie1ct5ho George St
3710BACKWalter8 Queen St
910BACKSHAWWilliam60 Church St
661BACTRAIN?Morris73 Gungate St
472BADGERGeorge8 Victoria Rd
472BADGERElizabeth8 Victoria Rd
472BADGERDaisy L.8 Victoria Rd
472BADGERIvy D.8 Victoria Rd
472BADGERWinifred H.8 Victoria Rd
472BADGERSamuel G.8 Victoria Rd
697BADGERAlbert E.9 Stranrer Place
697BADGERMartha M.9 Stranrer Place
697BADGEROlive M.9 Stranrer Place
8233BADGEREdwin2 Stores Yard Aldergate
8233BADGEREsther2 Stores Yard Aldergate
8233BADGERMabel2 Stores Yard Aldergate
4220BAILEYJohn28 Market St
368BAILEYSamuel2ct6ho Bolebridge St
368BAILEYElizabeth2ct6ho Bolebridge St
368BAILEYJohn2ct6ho Bolebridge St
368BAILEYThomas2ct6ho Bolebridge St
662BAILEYJohn70 Gungate St
8029BAILEYEdward14 St John St
11924BAILEYSarah Ann29 Lichfield St
12332BAILEYCharles8 Castle View New St
12536BAILEYMaria11 Brewery Lane
12536BAILEYFrederick W.11 Brewery Lane
12536BAILEYEdward J.11 Brewery Lane
12536BAILEYMaud E.11 Brewery Lane
4015BAINESClarisa R.7 George St
4118BAIRNS?Emma17 George St
4118BAIRNS?Dorothy E.17 George St
1419BAKERReginald W.19 Market St
356BAKERWilliam1ct5ho Bolebridge St
356BAKERJane1ct5ho Bolebridge St
356BAKERJohn1ct5ho Bolebridge St
356BAKERLouisa E.1ct5ho Bolebridge St
356BAKERWilliam T.1ct5ho Bolebridge St
356BAKERSamuel1ct5ho Bolebridge St
356BAKERGeorge1ct5ho Bolebridge St
356BAKERWalter1ct5ho Bolebridge St
1420BAKERHenry24 George St
1420BAKEREmily A.24 George St
1420BAKERCharles G.24 George St
214BAKERThomas27 Church St
1011BAKERJames60 Church St
225BAKERThomasVergery 29 Church St
225BAKERMary A.Vergery 29 Church St
225BAKERBenjaminVergery 29 Church St
6027BAKERAlbert27 Bolebridge St
7112BAKERGeorge E. H.4 Cherry St
7112BAKEREliza A.4 Cherry St
7418BALDWINJoseph8 Cross St
7418BALDWINFanny8 Cross St
7418BALDWINSamuel J.8 Cross St
7418BALDWINAda8 Cross St
7418BALDWINCaroline8 Cross St
7418BALDWINEmily8 Cross St
7418BALDWINBeatrice8 Cross St
7418BALDWINJoseph8 Cross St
7418BALDWINFlorence8 Cross St
1216BALLJohn W.12 Silver St
225BALLJohn3+4 Mold's Yard
225BALLKate3+4 Mold's Yard
225BALLAlbert G.3+4 Mold's Yard
225BALLJohn3+4 Mold's Yard
225BALLGeorge3+4 Mold's Yard
3913BALLJoseph81 Bolebridge St
3913BALLEmily C.81 Bolebridge St
3913BALLGerty81 Bolebridge St
355BALLEmmaJolly Buttn Turnr B'brdg St
355BALLGeorgeJolly Buttn Turnr B'brdg St
1624BALLEllenSt Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
7418BALLWilliam J.13 Cross St
7418BALLMartha H.13 Cross St
7418BALLWilliam H.13 Cross St
7519BALLGladys B.13 Cross St
8437BALLCharles14 Hall's Row
8437BALLEllen14 Hall's Row
8437BALLMary E.14 Hall's Row
8437BALLArthur R.14 Hall's Row
8437BALLEllen14 Hall's Row
8437BALLCharles14 Hall's Row
8437BALLFaith14 Hall's Row
8437BALLWilliam14 Hall's Row
8437BALLOliver14 Hall's Row
8540BALLAgnesCottage Hospital
913BALLRichard108 Lichfield St
913BALLLucy108 Lichfield St
913BALLAlbert108 Lichfield St
913BALLJames108 Lichfield St
913BALLJulia108 Lichfield St
9410BALLJohn82 Lichfield St
9512BALLSam1 Moor St
9512BALLNell1 Moor St
9512BALLAnnie2 Moor St
9512BALLLizzie2 Moor St
9512BALLJulia2 Moor St
9512BALLGerty2 Moor St
9919BALLWilliam18 Orchard St
9919BALLHarriett18 Orchard St
9919BALLFrederick W.18 Orchard St
9919BALLEdith B.18 Orchard St
9919BALLDaisy M.18 Orchard St
9919BALLHenry L.18 Orchard St
1081BALLGeorge1 the Bradfords L'field St
1081BALLElizabeth1 the Bradfords L'field St
1081BALLWilliam1 the Bradfords L'field St
11924BALLAlice28 Lichfield St
11924BALLEmma28 Lichfield St
12127BALLHarry16 Peel St Lichfield St
12127BALLLouisa16 Peel St Lichfield St
12127BALLJohn16 Peel St Lichfield St
12127BALLMary16 Peel St Lichfield St
12127BALLWalter16 Peel St Lichfield St
12535BALLAda3 Tuns Inn 13 Lichfield St
12739BALLAnn1 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12739BALLJoseph E.1 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740BALLRosalind1 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740BALLMartha1 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
471BALLARDFrank1 Victoria Rd
3812BALLARDHannah73 Bolebridge St
3812BALLARDJessie73 Bolebridge St
3812BALLARDRowland73 Bolebridge St
3812BALLARDJames77 Bolebridge St
3812BALLARDElizabeth77 Bolebridge St
64BALLWICKGeorge T.1ct2ho College Lane
1105BALSEREdward3 Park St Lichfield St
1105BALSERAlice3 Park St Lichfield St
1105BALSERSydney3 Park St Lichfield St
1117BALSERJane39 Park St Lichfield St
1117BALSERNellie39 Park St Lichfield St
1117BALSERMabel39 Park St Lichfield St
1117BALSERGeorge39 Park St Lichfield St
11413BANTERRichard65 Lichfield St
11413BANTERAlice65 Lichfield St
5926BANTONAda G.No # Mill Lane
5926BANTONWilliamNo # Mill Lane
10327BARACLOUGHMary Ann9 Barbara St
4117BARBERJohn N.4 Bull Yard
4117BARBEREliza4 Bull Yard
4117BARBERJohn4 Bull Yard
4117BARBERMartha4 Bull Yard
4117BARBERWilliam N.4 Bull Yard
4117BARBERLizzie4 Bull Yard
5722BARBERAnn4 Spinning School Lane
7010BARBERWilliam7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERSarah A.7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERFrank7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERLevi7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERLily7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBEREthel7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERMary Ann7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERHetty7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERAlice7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERTom7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERBeatrice7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERAlbert7 Kercowan Place
7010BARBERLeah7 Kercowan Place
7621BARBEREdward39 Elmdon Place
7621BARBERLouisa39 Elmdon Place
7621BARBEREthel39 Elmdon Place
7621BARBERMinnie39 Elmdon Place
7621BARBERJohn C.39 Elmdon Place
914BARBERThomas1 Turner's Yard L'field St
914BARBERHannah1 Turner's Yard L'field St
914BARBERPatience1 Turner's Yard L'field St
1081BARBEREdmund Henry3 the Bradfords L'field St
1081BARBERLily Rose Emily3 the Bradfords L'field St
11210BARBERHenry6 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARBEREmma6 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARBEREthel6 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARBERHarry6 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARBERArthur6 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARBERFred6 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARBERWilfred6 Park St Lichfield St
12638BARBERLucy10 Lichfield St
1623BARKERJoseph1ct6ho George St
1623BARKERHanah1ct6ho George St
1623BARKERLucy J.1ct6ho George St
1623BARKERGeorge H.1ct6ho George St
1624BARKERMary1ct6ho George St
214BARKERMary6 Old School Yard
214BARKERJoseph6 Old School Yard
214BARKERAlice6 Old School Yard
5110BARKERHannah110 Gungate
12025BARKERJoseph7 Peel St Lichfield St
12025BARKERSarah7 Peel St Lichfield St
12025BARKERThomas7 Peel St Lichfield St
12025BARKERJohn7 Peel St Lichfield St
12025BARKERSarah7 Peel St Lichfield St
12025BARKERSusannah7 Peel St Lichfield St
12025BARKERMiriam7 Peel St Lichfield St
4015BARLOWMary A.8 George St
5110BARLOWGeorge110 Gungate
5110BARLOWCaroline110 Gungate
5110BARLOWGeorge110 Gungate
5110BARLOWJane110 Gungate
5110BARLOWEmma110 Gungate
5110BARLOWJoe110 Gungate
5620BARLOWHenry2 Victoria Cres
5620BARLOWAnn2 Victoria Cres
5620BARLOWThomas2 Victoria Cres
5620BARLOWJoseph2 Victoria Cres
5620BARLOWEliza2 Victoria Cres
11923BARLOWHenry#1 Ct Lichfield St
11923BARLOWMary#1 Ct Lichfield St
11923BARLOWFrederick J. T.#1 Ct Lichfield St
11923BARLOWArthur H.#1 Ct Lichfield St
11923BARLOWSydney#1 Ct Lichfield St
12433BARLOWJohn H.12 Castle View New St
12433BARLOWGertrude12 Castle View New St
12433BARLOWJohn H.12 Castle View New St
12433BARLOWHenry12 Castle View New St
12433BARLOWGertrude A.12 Castle View New St
12433BARLOWJames W.12 Castle View New St
1318BARNESGeorge F.12 Market St
1318BARNESGertrude12 Market St
1318BARNESEmily12 Market St
356BARNESGeorge F.1ct3ho Bolebridge St
356BARNESFlorence G.1ct3ho Bolebridge St
686BARNESErnest W.41 Gungate St
686BARNESEllen E.41 Gungate St
686BARNESErnest G.41 Gungate St
686BARNESArthur41 Gungate St
686BARNESPercy41 Gungate St
686BARNESDoris41 Gungate St
7723BARNESArthur3 Marion Place
7723BARNESSarah J.3 Marion Place
7723BARNESAlice C.3 Marion Place
7723BARNESEthel D.3 Marion Place
7723BARNESHarriet J.3 Marion Place
10327BARNESFrank W.8 Barbara St
10327BARNESLouisa W.8 Barbara St
10327BARNESIda W.8 Barbara St
87BARNETTEdward50 Church St
87BARNETTFlorence M.50 Church St
87BARNETTWilliam50 Church St
5314BARNETTCaroline82 Gungate
5314BARNETTFrederick J.82 Gungate
5314BARNETTFanny B.82 Gungate
686BARNETTH.42 Gungate St
1623BARNSLEYJohn T.35 George St
1623BARNSLEYJane H.35 George St
1623BARNSLEYDoris L.35 George St
1623BARNSLEYEllen A.35 George St
673BARTLEHyla? F. J.64 Gungate St
673BARTLEAnnie64 Gungate St
673BARTLECecily64 Gungate St
7825BARTLEAlexander J.18 Hospital St
7825BARTLEAlice18 Hospital St
7825BARTLEReginald P.18 Hospital St
7825BARTLEVernon18 Hospital St
2410BARTLEYFlorence E.13 Lower Gungate
1521BARTONEmma28 George St
1012BARTONGeorge T.62 Church St
1012BARTONElizabeth62 Church St
1012BARTONDorothy M.62 Church St
1012BARTONPhyllis62 Church St
379BARTRAMThomas13 Queen St
379BARTRAMEliza M.13 Queen St
332BARTRAMAlfred43 Bolebridge St
332BARTRAMCharlotte43 Bolebridge St
332BARTRAMViolet43 Bolebridge St
332BARTRAMAlfred43 Bolebridge St
332BARTRAMElsie M.43 Bolebridge St
332BARTRAMLily43 Bolebridge St
332BARTRAMRosie43 Bolebridge St
355BARTRAMJohn F.49 Bolebridge St
662BARTRAMWilliam2nd No # Brickett Lane
662BARTRAMHelen2nd No # Brickett Lane
662BARTRAMWilliam2nd No # Brickett Lane
662BARTRAMHannah S.2nd No # Brickett Lane
1105BARTRAMSamson17 Park St Lichfield St
1105BARTRAMAlice17 Park St Lichfield St
1105BARTRAMMay F.17 Park St Lichfield St
1105BARTRAMWillie17 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARTRAMThomas10 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARTRAMHelena10 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARTRAMAlbert10 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARTRAMBernard10 Park St Lichfield St
11210BARTRAMGeorge10 Park St Lichfield St
11414BARTRAMJames2 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11414BARTRAMMary Ann2 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11414BARTRAMAmbrose2 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11414BARTRAMAlfred2 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11414BARTRAMRose2 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11414BARTRAMSidney2 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515BARTRAMPercy2 Clarson Row Moor Lane
685BARTRAM Annie51 Gungate St
5824BASSGeorge1 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824BASSMary1 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5211BATESThomas103 Gungate
5211BATESEdith103 Gungate
8233BATESJohn3 Stores Yard Aldergate
8233BATESFrances3 Stores Yard Aldergate
8233BATESAnnie3 Stores Yard Aldergate
8233BATESFrances3 Stores Yard Aldergate
8233BATESAnn3 Stores Yard Aldergate
8233BATESMabel3 Stores Yard Aldergate
1081BATESBessie12 the Bradfords L'field St
1081BATESMary Ann12 the Bradfords L'field St
1420BATHRobert26 George St
1420BATHHarriet26 George St
1420BATHAlbert26 George St
7315BATHThomas Jnr18 Cherry St
7315BATHAlice18 Cherry St
7315BATHEthel18 Cherry St
7315BATHThomas Snr18 Cherry St
7316BATHNellie G.25 Cherry St
7825BATHGertrude17 Hospital St
12943BAUERHelena5 Lady Bank
75BAXTERFrank2 Godfrey's Yard
75BAXTEREliza2 Godfrey's Yard
75BAXTERElsie2 Godfrey's Yard
75BAXTERMinnie2 Godfrey's Yard
75BAXTERHannah M.2 Godfrey's Yard
5211BAXTERWilliam104 Gungate
5211BAXTERElizabeth A.104 Gungate
5211BAXTERDoris104 Gungate
5824BAXTERGeorge P.6 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824BAXTERSusan6 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
902BAXTERGeorge111 Lichfield St
902BAXTERJane111 Lichfield St
902BAXTERWilliam111 Lichfield St
902BAXTERJane111 Lichfield St
902BAXTERFrances111 Lichfield St
902BAXTERGeorge111 Lichfield St
902BAXTEREthel111 Lichfield St
9920BAXTERErnest T.10 Orchard St
11719BAXTERGeorge6 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719BAXTERElizabeth6 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719BAXTERJonathan6 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719BAXTERG.6 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719BAXTERElsie6 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719BAXTERClara6 Clarson St Moor Lane
11924BAXTERThomas30 Lichfield St
11924BAXTERSarah30 Lichfield St
11924BAXTERMartha30 Lichfield St
3914BAYFIELDArthur T.3 George St
3914BAYFIELDLottie E.3 George St
3914BAYFIELDHenry F.3 George St
471BEALEWilliam E.4 Victoria Rd
471BEALEMary4 Victoria Rd
471BEALEFlorance4 Victoria Rd
471BEALEWilliam A.4 Victoria Rd
5925BEALEJoseph17 Freeman's Yard
5925BEALEJoseph17 Freeman's Yard
5925BEALEAlfred17 Freeman's Yard
7519BEALEYThomas E.16 Cross St
11311BEALEYThomas Elton2 Tame View Lichfield St
11311BEALEYLouisa2 Tame View Lichfield St
8539BEARDEliza20 Aldergate St
10327BEARDHarriet5 Barbara St
10327BEARDFrederick W.5 Barbara St
949BEARDSMOREBenjamin1ho2ct Lichfield St
949BEARDSMOREAnnie M.1ho2ct Lichfield St
949BEARDSMOREWilliam1ho2ct Lichfield St
949BEARDSMOREBenjamin J.1ho2ct Lichfield St
10021BECKThomas8 Orchard St
10021BECKAlice8 Orchard St
10021BECKNellie8 Orchard St
11312BEDDOWThomas58 Lichfield St
11312BEDDOWEliza58 Lichfield St
1215BEESLEYBert P.66 Church St
5211BEESLEYDavid105 Gungate
11312BEESLEYElizabeth2 Park View Lichfield St
11312BEESLEYGertrude C.2 Park View Lichfield St
12128BEESLEYWilliam H.29 Peel St Lichfield St
12128BEESLEYHarriett29 Peel St Lichfield St
12128BEESLEYAda L.29 Peel St Lichfield St
12128BEESLEYFlorence M.29 Peel St Lichfield St
1317BEEVERSJoseph W.8 Market St
1317BEEVERSSusie H. P.8 Market St
1317BEEVERSBessie M.8 Market St
1317BEEVERSThomas8 Market St
1317BEEVERSWilliam8 Market St
1317BEEVERSDorothy8 Market St
12535BEIRNEAnne14 Lichfield St
12535BEIRNEMary C.14 Lichfield St
12535BEIRNEAnnie14 Lichfield St
12535BEIRNEBernard14 Lichfield St
12535BEIRNEElizabeth14 Lichfield St
12535BEIRNEJohn14 Lichfield St
12535BEIRNEEllen A.14 Lichfield St
5212BELCHERHannah8 Guys Almshouses
698BELCHERJoseph2 Lochryan Place
698BELCHERMartha2 Lochryan Place
698BELCHERPhyllis2 Lochryan Place
698BELCHERJoseph A.2 Lochryan Place
698BELCHERCharles2 Lochryan Place
698BELCHERAlice2 Lochryan Place
698BELCHERAda2 Lochryan Place
355BELLWilliam49 Bolebridge St
1117BELLJohn William44 Park St Lichfield St
1117BELLMargaret Jane44 Park St Lichfield St
1117BELLEdward William Hugh44 Park St Lichfield St
1117BELLHerbert44 Park St Lichfield St
1117BELLSylvia44 Park St Lichfield St
2512BELLINGSBertha11 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2512BELLINGSLewis11 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2512BELLINGSAgnes T.11 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
5415BENNETTJohn78 Gungate
7622BENNETTGeorge45 Elmdon Place
7622BENNETTEllen45 Elmdon Place
7622BENNETTGeorge45 Elmdon Place
7622BENNETTMay45 Elmdon Place
7622BENNETTEllen45 Elmdon Place
1624BENSONPricillaSt Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
5721BERRYWilliam6 Victoria Cres
5721BERRYFlorence6 Victoria Cres
5721BERRYWilliam6 Victoria Cres
5721BERRYJames6 Victoria Cres
7316BERRYArthur W.23 Cherry St
7316BERRYMary Ann23 Cherry St
7316BERRYFlorence A.23 Cherry St
7316BERRYWalter J.23 Cherry St
12434BERRYJames3 Tame View New St
12434BERRYLydia S.3 Tame View New St
12434BERRYJohn T.3 Tame View New St
12434BERRYRose B.3 Tame View New St
12434BERRYSydney C.3 Tame View New St
12434BERRYElsie M.3 Tame View New St
12434BERRYEdith E.3 Tame View New St
12434BERRYFlorence G.3 Tame View New St
12434BERRYEthel H.3 Tame View New St
7519BESTINFrederick15 Cross St
7519BESTINTheresa15 Cross St
1623BETTERIDGEMargaret1ct3ho George St
356BETTERIDGEWilliam1ct4ho Bolebridge St
356BETTERIDGEAnn M.1ct4ho Bolebridge St
356BETTERIDGENellie1ct4ho Bolebridge St
356BETTERIDGEAlbert E.1ct4ho Bolebridge St
356BETTERIDGEArthur R.1ct4ho Bolebridge St
356BETTERIDGEJohn E.1ct4ho Bolebridge St
356BETTERIDGERobert N.1ct4ho Bolebridge St
356BETTERIDGEAlice1ct4ho Bolebridge St
356BETTERIDGELaura B.1ct4ho Bolebridge St
356BETTERIDGESydney1ct4ho Bolebridge St
367BETTERIDGEWilliam51 Bolebridge St
367BETTERIDGEAnn51 Bolebridge St
367BETTERIDGERebecca51 Bolebridge St
367BETTERIDGEHarry51 Bolebridge St
5721BETTERIDGEJohn8 Victoria Cres
5721BETTERIDGEEdith8 Victoria Cres
4219BIDDLEBertha V.23 Market St
214BIDDLEMary A.7 Old School Yard
11413BIDDLEElizabeth61 Lichfield St
11413BIDDLERichard61 Lichfield St
11413BIDDLEHarold61 Lichfield St
12230BIDDLEAlbert19 Lichfield St
12230BIDDLEPriscilla19 Lichfield St
12230BIDDLEMary19 Lichfield St
12230BIDDLEAlbert19 Lichfield St
12230BIDDLEWilliam19 Lichfield St
8540BINNERSLEYSarah A.Cottage Hospital
471BIRCHEllen1 Victoria Rd
9920BIRCHAlice M.9 Orchard St
1082BIRCHFrederick R.45 Lichfield St
1082BIRCHEmma45 Lichfield St
1082BIRCHFrank45 Lichfield St
1082BIRCHNellie45 Lichfield St
1082BIRCHClaudia45 Lichfield St
1093BIRCHMary49 Lichfield St
1093BIRCHEdward49 Lichfield St
1093BIRCHPeter49 Lichfield St
1093BIRCHCatherine49 Lichfield St
9410BIRCHERAlfredMalt Shovel Inn 85 L'field St
9410BIRCHERMariaMalt Shovel Inn 85 L'field St
9410BIRCHERAka? F.Malt Shovel Inn 85 L'field St
12434BIRCHERGeorge4 Tame View New St
2818BIRCHER?Alfred39 Aldergate
2818BIRCHER?Hannah39 Aldergate
2818BIRCHER?Maud H.39 Aldergate
2818BIRCHER?Elsie M.39 Aldergate
2818BIRCHER?Egbert A.39 Aldergate
2818BIRCHER?Audrey39 Aldergate
2818BIRCHER?Baby Girl39 Aldergate
3811BIRDBenjamin60 Bolebridge St
3811BIRDMartha60 Bolebridge St
3811BIRDBenjamin T.60 Bolebridge St
3811BIRDHarry60 Bolebridge St
3811BIRDAnnie60 Bolebridge St
3811BIRDJames60 Bolebridge St
3811BIRDMary60 Bolebridge St
3811BIRDEdwin60 Bolebridge St
3811BIRDBessie M.60 Bolebridge St
5722BIRDAubrey2 Sculthorpe Bldg
697BIRDGuelph? J.4 Stranrer Place
7112BIRDDorothy R.34 Hospital St
7825BIRDEliza19 Hospital St
7825BIRDHowell19 Hospital St
7825BIRDErnest J.19 Hospital St
7825BIRDGertrude19 Hospital St
7825BIRDHorace19 Hospital St
7825BIRDHarry19 Hospital St
7825BIRDEthel19 Hospital St
7825BIRDGrace19 Hospital St
7825BIRDMorris M.19 Hospital St
1129BIRDMary Ann16 Park St Lichfield St
12229BIRDJane22 Lichfield St
12535BIRDWilliam3 Brewery Lane
12536BIRDJoseph S.8 Brewery Lane
12536BIRDMargaret8 Brewery Lane
7418BIRTJoseph9 Cross St
7418BIRTSarah A.9 Cross St
7418BIRTElsie A.9 Cross St
7418BIRTLeonard J.9 Cross St
331BLACKEmily35 Bolebridge St
12739BLACKGeorge5 Lichfield St
11923BLAIREllenThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
483BLIGHTFred7 Colehill
483BLIGHTElizabeth7 Colehill
2716BLOSTER?William H.32 Gungate St
2716BLOSTER?Maria32 Gungate St
367BLOUNTJohn2ct2ho Bolebridge St
367BLOUNTNora2ct2ho Bolebridge St
367BLOUNTJohn2ct2ho Bolebridge St
2512BLOWERJoseph4 Church Lane
2613BLUNDELLSJohn H.4 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613BLUNDELLSEliza J.4 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613BLUNDELLSGeorge H.4 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
484BOLANWilliam3ct1ho Gungate
6028BOLANDElizabeth7 Paradise Row
1318BONDGladys M. S.1ct4ho Market St
12638BONDJoseph21 Brewery Lane
12638BONDElizabeth21 Brewery Lane
12638BONDWilliam B.21 Brewery Lane
10021BONSORWalter7 Orchard St
10021BONSORElizabeth7 Orchard St
8641BOONHAMWilliamCottage Hospital
12025BOONHAMAnn5 Peel St Lichfield St
12842BOONHAMOliver5 Silver St (Public House)
12842BOONHAMEthel M.5 Silver St (Public House)
5823BOOTHWilliam J.5 Marmion Terr
5823BOOTHEmma5 Marmion Terr
10123BOOTHFrank15 Alfred Place
1318BOOTHLEYEmma11 Market St
1624BOTTAlfred J.1ct6ho George St
1624BOTTAnnie1ct6ho George St
910BOUGHLEYJ.60 Church St
910BOUGHLEYElizth.60 Church St
910BOUGHLEYAnnie60 Church St
344BOUSER?George14 Arched Row
344BOUSER?Hannah14 Arched Row
11618BOYCEFred11 Moor Lane
11618BOYCECaroline11 Moor Lane
9716BOYLEJane16 Halford Terr
9716BOYLERobert16 Halford Terr
11312BOYLEFred57 Lichfield St
484BRADBURYCharles3ct3ho Gungate
484BRADBURYMary Jane3ct3ho Gungate
662BRADBURYFrancis Charles67 Gungate St
662BRADBURYHencia?67 Gungate St
662BRADBURYElina? Ann67 Gungate St
662BRADBURYEdith Hannah67 Gungate St
662BRADBURYFrancis William67 Gungate St
662BRADBURYJohn Arthur67 Gungate St
75BRADLEYWilliam E.46 Church St
75BRADLEYSarah J.46 Church St
75BRADLEYHorace W.46 Church St
75BRADLEYThomas46 Church St
75BRADLEYCyril46 Church St
75BRADLEYDoris46 Church St
75BRADLEYBaby46 Church St
7723BRADLEYHorace W.52 Elmdon Place
12943BRADLEYLilian1 Silver St
8030BRADLYRuben18 St John St
8030BRADLYAda Helen18 St John St
8030BRADLYConstance A.18 St John St
8539BRADNOCKBetsy19 Aldergate St
6129BRADSHAWAlice M.16 Bolebridge St
3710BRAILEYJohn58 Bolebridge St
4016BRAILSFORDRobert M.9 George St
4016BRAILSFORDMargaret A.9 George St
4016BRAILSFORDHerbert9 George St
4016BRAILSFORDKate9 George St
2818BRAINJames2 Matthew's Yard
2818BRAINAlice2 Matthew's Yard
2818BRAINAlbert2 Matthew's Yard
2818BRAINAda2 Matthew's Yard
2818BRAINSidney2 Matthew's Yard
2818BRAINAlise2 Matthew's Yard
10021BRANSONGeorge3 Alfred Place
367BRASSINGTONJohn H.2ct1ho Bolebridge St
367BRASSINGTONSarah2ct1ho Bolebridge St
367BRASSINGTONPercy2ct1ho Bolebridge St
367BRASSINGTONDorothy2ct1ho Bolebridge St
367BRASSINGTONSarah2ct1ho Bolebridge St
7316BRAYHerbert J.26 Cherry St
7316BRAYElizabeth26 Cherry St
7316BRAYHenry J.26 Cherry St
7316BRAYFrederick26 Cherry St
9817BRAYArthur2 Halford St
9817BRAYSarah2 Halford St
9817BRAYFanny2 Halford St
9817BRAYElsie2 Halford St
9817BRAYHerbert H.2 Halford St
9817BRAYCharles A.2 Halford St
10123BRAYWalter13 Alfred Place
10123BRAYMary13 Alfred Place
2715BRERETONMartha14 Church Lane
2715BRERETONAnne14 Church Lane
2715BRERETONEdith M.14 Church Lane
10022BRICERichard W.8 Alfred Place
10022BRICEFlora B.8 Alfred Place
10022BRICEAlbert J.8 Alfred Place
5722BRICH?Joseph13 Victoria Cres
5722BRICH?Alice13 Victoria Cres
5722BRICH?Alice13 Victoria Cres
1318BRIERLEYArthur10 Market St
1318BRIERLEYEmily10 Market St
213BRIGGSEliza23 Church St
331BRINDLEYHerbert40 Bolebridge St
332BRINDLEYAnn40 Bolebridge St
332BRINDLEYJohn40 Bolebridge St
332BRINDLEYReginald40 Bolebridge St
332BRINDLEYMiriam40 Bolebridge St
332BRINDLEYLaura40 Bolebridge St
332BRINDLEYHarry40 Bolebridge St
332BRINDLEYPhyllis40 Bolebridge St
332BRINDLEYBert40 Bolebridge St
5620BRINDLEYRobert P.1 Victoria Cres
5620BRINDLEYCatherine1 Victoria Cres
5620BRINDLEYCharles H.1 Victoria Cres
5722BRINDLEYFrank4 Spinning School Lane
5722BRINDLEYElizabeth4 Spinning School Lane
5722BRINDLEYSidney4 Spinning School Lane
5722BRINDLEYElsie May4 Spinning School Lane
5620BRINDLEYMaud4 Victoria Cres
5620BRINDLEYBenjamin4 Victoria Cres
5620BRINDLEYJohn J.4 Victoria Cres
914BRINDLEYMary A.103 Lichfield St
10328BRINDLEYRobert P.3 Barbara St
10328BRINDLEYEleanor E.3 Barbara St
10328BRINDLEYLeonard R.3 Barbara St
10328BRINDLEYElsie May3 Barbara St
10328BRINDLEYThomas F.3 Barbara St
10328BRINDLEYMarion T.3 Barbara St
12332BRINDLEYCharles10 Castle View New St
12332BRINDLEYMary A.10 Castle View New St
12332BRINDLEYMary A.10 Castle View New St
12332BRINDLEYAda10 Castle View New St
12332BRINDLEYAlfred10 Castle View New St
12332BRINDLEYHorace10 Castle View New St
12332BRINDLEYThomas W.10 Castle View New St
3913BRITTWilliam83 Bolebridge St
3913BRITTRosa83 Bolebridge St
11923BRITTSydney T.31 Lichfield St
11923BRITTRobert C.31 Lichfield St
11923BRITTMary E.31 Lichfield St
5517BRITTAINThomas1 Marmion St
5517BRITTAINMary A.1 Marmion St
5517BRITTAINHarriet1 Marmion St
5518BRITTAINWilliam B.1 Marmion St
5518BRITTAINBeatrice A.1 Marmion St
5518BRITTAINEmma G.1 Marmion St
8336BROCKHOUSEAnn7 Hall's Row
483BROCKWAYJane7 Colehill
226BROMLEYWalterStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
8030BROOKSHarriet20 St John St
7315BROONHerbert19 Cherry St
495BROUGHTONAlice1 Spring Gdns
495BROUGHTONElizabeth1 Spring Gdns
225BROUGHTONMary5 Mold's Yard
225BROUGHTONRichard T.5 Mold's Yard
225BROUGHTONAlbert5 Mold's Yard
1081BROUGHTONThomas5 the Bradfords L'field St
1081BROUGHTONFrances5 the Bradfords L'field St
1081BROUGHTONElizabeth5 the Bradfords L'field St
1081BROUGHTONMary Ann5 the Bradfords L'field St
471BROWNBertram1 Victoria Rd
496BROWNAgnes2 Spring Gdns
496BROWNAlfred H.2 Spring Gdns
4220BROWNArthur29 Market St
4220BROWNAnne29 Market St
496BROWNJohn3 Spring Gdns
1011BROWNGeorge4ct3ho Church St
238BROWNAlfred9 Lower Gungate
238BROWNEmily9 Lower Gungate
5415BROWNJohn78 Gungate
5313BROWNElizabeth92 Gungate
6129BROWNBenjamin15 Bolebridge St
6129BROWNEmma15 Bolebridge St
6129BROWNFrank15 Bolebridge St
6129BROWNLillian15 Bolebridge St
698BROWNEmma2 Lochryan Place
7112BROWNGeorge3 Cherry St
7112BROWNMary A.3 Cherry St
7112BROWNElsie F.3 Cherry St
7723BROWNBenjamin52 Elmdon Place
7723BROWNHarriet52 Elmdon Place
8335BROWNWilliam9 Aldergate St
8335BROWNEllen9 Aldergate St
8335BROWNAlice9 Aldergate St
8335BROWNGeorgina9 Aldergate St
8335BROWNCharles E.9 Aldergate St
8335BROWNCharles8 Aldergate St
8335BROWNGeorge8 Aldergate St
901BROWNJohn A.118 Lichfield St
914BROWNCharlotte A.104 Lichfield St
1082BROWNJoseph Edwin2nd No # Lichfield St
1082BROWNEliza2nd No # Lichfield St
1082BROWNFrancis Edwin2nd No # Lichfield St
1093BROWNAlfred 48 Lichfield St
1093BROWNMary Ann48 Lichfield St
1093BROWNAlfred48 Lichfield St
1093BROWNElsie May48 Lichfield St
1106BROWNJames29 Park St Lichfield St
1106BROWNJane29 Park St Lichfield St
11923BROWNElizabethThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
12026BROWNAnn11 Peel St Lichfield St
4220BROWNEAnnieL.c.+mid Bank 35 Market St
4015BRUNTMary A.8 George St
4015BRUNTRichard8 George St
7112BRYANTB. J.33 Hospital St
7112BRYANTR. E.33 Hospital St
7417BUCKINGHAMRosa2 Cross St
8540BUCKLANDMary C.Cottage Hospital
12842BUCKLEFrancis6 Silver St
12842BUCKLEMary E.6 Silver St
12842BUCKLEHerbert P.6 Silver St
12842BUCKLESydney T.6 Silver St
12842BUCKLEHarold W.6 Silver St
12842BUCKLEElsie M.6 Silver St
5925BUDOWNTH?George14 Freeman's Yard
3914BULLFrancis3 George St
3913BULLEdward83 Bolebridge St
3913BULLBertha83 Bolebridge St
3913BULLEthel83 Bolebridge St
3913BULLIda83 Bolebridge St
949BULLERSMary4ho2ct Lichfield St
949BULLERSDavid4ho2ct Lichfield St
949BULLERSGeorge4ho2ct Lichfield St
949BULLERSSelina4ho2ct Lichfield St
1011BULLOCKStephen4ct3ho Church St
7724BULLOCKFrederick26 Hospital St
8539BULLOCKJoseph B.19 Aldergate St
8539BULLOCKEmily19 Aldergate St
8539BULLOCKFlorence M.19 Aldergate St
685BUNCEElizabeth46 Gungate St
11719BUNNMary A.5 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719BUNNPercy G.5 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719BUNNAlice5 Clarson St Moor Lane
99BUNTONElizth57 Church St
5722BUNTONJames1 Sculthorpe Bldg
5925BURGESSGeorge13 Freeman's Yard
5925BURGESSRose13 Freeman's Yard
5925BURGESSCharles13 Freeman's Yard
471BURLEYAlbert1 Victoria Rd
4321BURLEYEmilyCastle Hotel 39 Market St
4321BURLEYBeatrice M.Castle Hotel 39 Market St
238BUSBYWilliam H.3b Lower Gungate
238BUSBYAnnie G.3b Lower Gungate
238BUSBYHilda G.3b Lower Gungate
238BUSBYFrederick W.3b Lower Gungate
5211BUSBYWilliam105 Gungate
5211BUSBYFanny105 Gungate
5211BUSBYArthur105 Gungate
5211BUSBYCharles105 Gungate
5211BUSBYElizabeth105 Gungate
5211BUSBYAlbert105 Gungate
12230BUSFIELDSigden?19 Lichfield St
12230BUSFIELDJua?19 Lichfield St
11923BUSHNELLLucy JaneThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
201BUTLERWalter8 Church St
201BUTLERAnnie E.8 Church St
201BUTLERDorothy G.8 Church St
201BUTLERGladys E.8 Church St
201BUTLERWalter H.8 Church St
201BUTLERIda M.8 Church St
2614BUTLINRichard1 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614BUTLINEliza1 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614BUTLINLouisa1 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614BUTLINRhoda1 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614BUTLINSarah1 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614BUTLINEthel1 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614BUTLINEmily1 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
12331BYNGSamuel2 New St
12331BYNGMary Ann2 New St
1011BYRNEJohn4ct3ho Church St
11923C.E.The Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
4117CAINAndrew3 Bull Yard
1082CALLICathrine46 Lichfield St
1113CALNEYPatrick1 King St
12025CAPEWELLWilliam3 Peel St Lichfield St
99CARRThomas5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
1522CARRICKWilliam T.31a George St
1522CARRICKLaura A.31a George St
1522CARRICKWilliam T.31a George St
1522CARRICKElsie L.31a George St
2410CARTMariaPrince of Wales Hotel 15 Lower Gungate
471CARTERJoseph1 Victoria Rd
7316CARTERJohn27 Cherry St
7316CARTERSarah27 Cherry St
7417CARTERJohn T.4 Cross St
1105CARTEREmanuel George9 Park St Lichfield St
1105CARTERMildred Jane9 Park St Lichfield St
1105CARTERHilda Amelia9 Park St Lichfield St
4015CARTLIDGEJames6 George St
4015CARTLIDGESarah6 George St
4015CARTLIDGEPercy6 George St
63CARTWRIGHTThomas5 College Lane
63CARTWRIGHTElizth5 College Lane
63CARTWRIGHTEdward5 College Lane
63CARTWRIGHTJulia5 College Lane
4321CASTCharles F.37 Market St
4015CASTLEElizabeth A.5 George St
2715CHAPMANElizabeth28 Gungate St
2715CHAPMANJames28 Gungate St
2715CHAPMANThomas28 Gungate St
2715CHAPMANFanny28 Gungate St
225CHAPMANElsie8 Mold's Yard
52CHAPMANAmos9 Marshall Cott, Church St
52CHAPMANHannah9 Marshall Cott, Church St
52CHAPMANThomas9 Marshall Cott, Church St
5722CHAPMANWilliam2 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722CHAPMANSarah E.2 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722CHAPMANMinnie2 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722CHAPMANEthel2 Sculthorpe Bldg
7622CHAPMANJohn48 Elmdon Place
7622CHAPMANHannah M.48 Elmdon Place
7622CHAPMANErnest J.48 Elmdon Place
7622CHAPMANAnnie E.48 Elmdon Place
7622CHAPMANHarry L.48 Elmdon Place
7724CHAPMANCharles21 Hospital St
7724CHAPMANEleanor21 Hospital St
7724CHAPMANAlfred21 Hospital St
7825CHAPMANWilliam21 Hospital St
7825CHAPMANCharles21 Hospital St
7825CHAPMANNellie21 Hospital St
7825CHAPMANStanley21 Hospital St
8131CHAPMANRichard2 Calcutta Terr
8131CHAPMANHarriet2 Calcutta Terr
8131CHAPMANGeorge2 Calcutta Terr
8131CHAPMANHarriet2 Calcutta Terr
8131CHAPMANElizabeth2 Calcutta Terr
8234CHAPMANAlice M.1 St John's St
8234CHAPMANThomas1 St John's St
938CHAPMANArthur4ho3ct Lichfield St
938CHAPMANMartha4ho3ct Lichfield St
938CHAPMANThomas4ho3ct Lichfield St
938CHAPMANGeorge4ho3ct Lichfield St
938CHAPMANFlorence4ho3ct Lichfield St
938CHAPMANArthur4ho3ct Lichfield St
938CHAPMANMartha4ho3ct Lichfield St
938CHAPMANElsie4ho3ct Lichfield St
938CHAPMANBaby Girl4ho3ct Lichfield St
9614CHAPMANGeorge3 Halford Terr
9614CHAPMANAnn3 Halford Terr
9614CHAPMANAgnes A.3 Halford Terr
9614CHAPMANGeorge3 Halford Terr
9614CHAPMANSarah3 Halford Terr
9614CHAPMANJohn3 Halford Terr
11822CHAPMANEliza35 Lichfield St
12127CHAPMANAlbert22 Peel St Lichfield St
12127CHAPMANAlice22 Peel St Lichfield St
12128CHAPMANErnest24 Peel St Lichfield St
12332CHAPMANJohn W.4 Castle View New St
12332CHAPMANElizabeth4 Castle View New St
12332CHAPMANSarah4 Castle View New St
9919CHARLESConstance M.7 Halford St
10123CHARLESErnest13 Alfred Place
1105CHARLESFrederick15 Park St Lichfield St
1105CHARLESFrances Ellen15 Park St Lichfield St
8437CHARNELLJoseph12 Hall's Row
8437CHARNELLHarriet12 Hall's Row
8437CHARNELLWilliam12 Hall's Row
8437CHARNELLAda12 Hall's Row
8437CHARNELLNellie12 Hall's Row
8437CHARNELLEmma12 Hall's Row
8437CHARNELLGertrude12 Hall's Row
4220CHATTERTONSydney N.27 Market St
4220CHATTERTONCatherine E.27 Market St
926CHEATLEMarion92 Lichfield St
10123CHERRYEmma14 Alfred Place
5416CHESTERElizabeth1ct4ho Gungate
5416CHESTERAlice1ct4ho Gungate
5416CHESTERJohn?1ct4ho Gungate
5416CHESTERAlbert1ct4ho Gungate
5416CHESTERFrank1ct4ho Gungate
5416CHESTERHugh1ct4ho Gungate
5416CHESTERSydney1ct4ho Gungate
5416CHESTERBill1ct4ho Gungate
5416CHESTERThomas W.1ct4ho Gungate
2511CHETWYNDJesse21 Gungate St
2511CHETWYNDHannah21 Gungate St
2511CHETWYNDThomas21 Gungate St
5212CHETWYNDSarah E.7 Guys Almshouses
661CHETWYNDEmily AnnieThe Mount
12025CHETWYNDWalter8 Peel St Lichfield St
12025CHETWYNDAnnie8 Peel St Lichfield St
12025CHETWYNDDaisy8 Peel St Lichfield St
12025CHETWYNDWalter8 Peel St Lichfield St
12025CHETWYNDNellie8 Peel St Lichfield St
12025CHETWYNDAlice8 Peel St Lichfield St
12025CHETWYNDArthur8 Peel St Lichfield St
9614CHILTONWilliam2 Halford Terr
9614CHILTONJane2 Halford Terr
51CHIPMANHorace B.1 Marshall Cott, Church St
1113CLAGHANPatrick1 King St
10124CLARIDGESarah Ann20 Alfred Place
10124CLARIDGEMary20 Alfred Place
10124CLARIDGEGeorge20 Alfred Place
10124CLARIDGEReuben T.20 Alfred Place
10124CLARIDGEErnest20 Alfred Place
213CLARKHenry24 Church St
1011CLARKGeorge60 Church St
8540CLARKMary A.Cottage Hospital
1082CLARKJohn1st No # Lichfield St
1082CLARKMary1st No # Lichfield St
1082CLARKAnn1st No # Lichfield St
1082CLARKKate1st No # Lichfield St
1082CLARKMargaret1st No # Lichfield St
1082CLARKSarah1st No # Lichfield St
1082CLARKBernard1st No # Lichfield St
1094CLARKEllen51 Lichfield St
202CLARKEKatherine16 Church St
507CLARKEJohn2 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEWinifred2 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEAnnie2 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEEllen2 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEBridget2 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEJohn2 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEMary2 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEThomas2 Hares Cottages
507CLARKESarah A.2 Hares Cottages
4219CLARKEMary A.21 George St
507CLARKEThomas3 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEMichael3 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEWinifred3 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEThomas3 Hares Cottages
507CLARKEEdward3 Hares Cottages
225CLARKESamuel7 Mold's Yard
225CLARKEClara7 Mold's Yard
1624CLARKEJohn H. C.St Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
1624CLARKEAibella C.St Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
1624CLARKEFrancis P. C.St Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
1624CLARKEFlorence E. R.St Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
1624CLARKECatherine V. M.St Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
1624CLARKEHenry C. C.St Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
1624CLARKEJohn W. C.St Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
1624CLARKEJames S. C.St Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
6130CLARKEBridget12 Freeman's Yard
6130CLARKEThomas12 Freeman's Yard
6130CLARKEBridget12 Freeman's Yard
6130CLARKEKate12 Freeman's Yard
10225CLARKEMary Ann1 Orchard St
12943CLARKEElsie W.1 Silver St
661CLARS(I)ONAlfredThe Mount
661CLARS(I)ONBetty MariaThe Mount
661CLARS(I)ONMora?The Mount
661CLARS(I)ONBarbara LindaThe Mount
213CLARSONCaroline23 Church St
213CLARSONRosa23 Church St
213CLARSONJulia A.23 Church St
9920CLARSONAlice M.9 Orchard St
11618CLARSONAlfred10 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618CLARSONMargaret10 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618CLARSONAlfred10 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618CLARSONArthur10 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618CLARSONPercy10 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618CLARSONMargaret10 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618CLARSONHenry10 Clarson Row Moor Lane
1419CLAYJohn G.19 Market St
8233CLAYHelenWhite Lion Inn Lichfield St
5517CLAYTONCharles4 Nelson's Court
5517CLAYTONAnna M.4 Nelson's Court
5517CLAYTONLaura4 Nelson's Court
5517CLAYTONWilliam4 Nelson's Court
12536CLAYTONFrederick6 Brewery Lane
12536CLAYTONLouisa6 Brewery Lane
12841CLAYTONFrederickWhite House Hotel L'field St
12841CLAYTONAliceWhite House Hotel L'field St
12841CLAYTONCharles F.White House Hotel L'field St
12841CLAYTONEvelyn W.White House Hotel L'field St
12841CLAYTONBaby GirlWhite House Hotel L'field St
12841CLAYTONFrankWhite House Hotel L'field St
88CLEAVERWilliam1 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88CLEAVEREmma1 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88CLEAVERWalter 1 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88CLEAVERAlbert1 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88CLEAVERArthur1 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88CLEAVERAbel1 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
4118CLEAVERHarriet17 George St
4015CLEAVERKate7 George St
9817COATESErnest R.2 Orchard Place
9817COATESEllen2 Orchard Place
9817COATESMary2 Orchard Place
9817COATESErnest D.2 Orchard Place
9817COATESSydney A.2 Orchard Place
1105COATESEdward W.11 Park St Lichfield St
1105COATESJessie11 Park St Lichfield St
1105COATESMaggie11 Park St Lichfield St
1105COATESAlbert Ed.11 Park St Lichfield St
1105COATESWinifred Mary11 Park St Lichfield St
12229COATESCaroline33 Peel St Lichfield St
12229COATESAlfred33 Peel St Lichfield St
5110COCKERHAMWilliam28 Spring Gdns
5110COCKERHAMSarah A.28 Spring Gdns
11923COCKSMaryThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
902COEHannah112 Lichfield St
5517COFFEEElizabeth5 Nelson's Court
5517COFFEETimothy5 Nelson's Court
5517COFFEEFannie5 Nelson's Court
5517COFFEELizzie5 Nelson's Court
5517COFFEEMinnie5 Nelson's Court
5517COFFEESamuel5 Nelson's Court
5517COFFEERoland5 Nelson's Court
2716COLEEdward J.30 Gungate St
1011COLEJames60 Church St
5313COLEMabel M.91 Gungate
5313COLEFred91 Gungate
9410COLEGeorge5ho2ct Lichfield St
9410COLESarah A.5ho2ct Lichfield St
9410COLEAlice L.5ho2ct Lichfield St
9410COLEMary A. M.5ho2ct Lichfield St
508COLEMANJohn15 Spring Gdns
2715COLEMANSarah A.16 Church Lane
508COLEMANWilliam16 Spring Gdns
508COLEMANJennie16 Spring Gdns
508COLEMANWilliam16 Spring Gdns
508COLEMANSydney16 Spring Gdns
508COLEMANMinnie16 Spring Gdns
508COLEMANNellie16 Spring Gdns
1521COLEMANEdward28 George St
1521COLEMANEmma M.28 George St
1521COLEMANOlive B.28 George St
1521COLEMANMargery28 George St
1521COLEMANDoris B.28 George St
2716COLEMANWilliam36 Gungate St
2716COLEMANMary A.36 Gungate St
51COLEMANJohn5 Marshall Cott, Church St
51COLEMANMary5 Marshall Cott, Church St
51COLEMANMichael5 Marshall Cott, Church St
910COLEMANEllen58 Church St
4321COLEMANMaryCastle Hotel 39 Market St
5211COLEMANKate102 Gungate
7418COLEMANJames F.7 Cross St
7418COLEMANElina? J.7 Cross St
7927COLEMANAnn4 Offa St
10327COLEMANMinnie G.9 Barbara St
1105COLEMANJohn William13 Park St Lichfield St
1105COLEMANEmma13 Park St Lichfield St
1105COLEMANJanet13 Park St Lichfield St
1129COLEMANJames24 Park St Lichfield St
1129COLEMANFlora24 Park St Lichfield St
1129COLEMANFlora Harvey24 Park St Lichfield St
12026COLEMANJames14 Peel St Lichfield St
12026COLEMANFrances14 Peel St Lichfield St
12026COLEMANMary14 Peel St Lichfield St
12026COLEMANJames14 Peel St Lichfield St
12026COLEMANFrances14 Peel St Lichfield St
2511COLESEdward J.Golden Cup Inn 27 G'ngate St
2511COLESSarah J.Golden Cup Inn 27 G'ngate St
5212COLESFanny B.5 Guys Almshouses
10022COLEYGeorge6 Alfred Place
10022COLEYElizabeth6 Alfred Place
10022COLEYGeorge6 Alfred Place
10022COLEYWill6 Alfred Place
10022COLEYRalph6 Alfred Place
12739COLEYWilliam6 Lichfield St
7621COLLIERRachel40 Elmdon Place
5620COLLINThomas2 Fisher's Row
63COLLINGSMary A.7 College Lane
4220COLLINSMary A.L.c.+mid Bank 35 Market St
12740COLLINSJohn4 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740COLLINSEllen4 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740COLLINSBridget4 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740COLLINSJames P.4 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740COLLINSJohn R.4 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740COLLINSEllen4 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740COLLINSOwen4 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740COLLINSThomas4 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740COLLINSRose A.4 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
3914COLLOWWilliam J.84 Bolebridge St
3914COLLOWAnnie84 Bolebridge St
3914COLLOWWilliam N.84 Bolebridge St
3914COLLOWCharles84 Bolebridge St
3914COLLOWFred84 Bolebridge St
3914COLLOWThomas84 Bolebridge St
3914COLLOWEdith F.84 Bolebridge St
5722COLLOWMary4 Spinning School Lane
5722COLLOWJohn T.4 Spinning School Lane
495CONESarah111 Gungate
8641CONGRAVEJohn J.Cottage Hospital
7112COOKEWilliam1 Cherry St
7112COOKEAlice1 Cherry St
7112COOKEWilliam C.1 Cherry St
926COOKEJane97 Lichfield St
926COOKEThomas97 Lichfield St
926COOKEElizabeth P. J.97 Lichfield St
926COOKEAlfred P. G.97 Lichfield St
12536COOKEAlfred W.9 Brewery Lane
12536COOKEElizabeth9 Brewery Lane
12536COOKEJulia9 Brewery Lane
12536COOKEWilliam9 Brewery Lane
12536COOKEAlbert9 Brewery Lane
1216COOPERJohn12 Silver St
225COOPERElizabeth30 Church St
238COOPERCharles T. P.9 Lower Gungate
226COOPERHarryStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
237COOPERJosephStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
5824COOPERThomas5 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824COOPERCharles5 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824COOPEREmma5 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
7213COOPERGeorge9 Cherry St
7213COOPEREliza9 Cherry St
7213COOPERFrederick9 Cherry St
7213COOPERAlice M.9 Cherry St
7826COOPERWilliam F.22 Orchard St
7826COOPEREmily22 Orchard St
225COPEAnnie E.2 Mold's Yard
1521COPEThomas29 George St
1521COPEElizabeth 29 George St
1521COPEArthur29 George St
1521COPEWalter29 George St
1521COPEMilicent29 George St
1521COPEChristine29 George St
1521COPEWilfred29 George St
3811COPELydia67 Bolebridge St
5211COPEEdward101 Gungate
5211COPEFlorence101 Gungate
662COPERobert65 Gungate St
662COPENora?65 Gungate St
673COPERobert David65 Gungate St
673COPEFlorence65 Gungate St
697COPEArthur5 Stranrer Place
697COPEElizabeth5 Stranrer Place
697COPEEllen M.5 Stranrer Place
8234COPENellie4 Aldergate St
8234COPEJames8 Aldergate St
8335COPEMary8 Aldergate St
8335COPELizzie8 Aldergate St
8335COPEAmy8 Aldergate St
8335COPEJanet8 Aldergate St
8335COPEAnnie8 Aldergate St
8335COPENorah8 Aldergate St
8335COPEHarry8 Aldergate St
8335COPEJohn8 Aldergate St
8335COPESidney8 Aldergate St
8335COPEBessie8 Aldergate St
12535COPERobert3 Brewery Lane
12637COPEWilliam18 Brewery Lane
12637COPEFrances18 Brewery Lane
12637COPEJohn18 Brewery Lane
12637COPEAlfred18 Brewery Lane
12637COPEEthel18 Brewery Lane
2614COPELANDJim10 Church Lane
2614COPELANDCharlotte10 Church Lane
2614COPELANDAgnes10 Church Lane
2614COPELANDJim10 Church Lane
2614COPELANDLottie10 Church Lane
2614COPELANDIvy10 Church Lane
5721COPELANDMary A.10 Victoria Cres
9511COPELANDWilliam75 Lichfield St
9511COPELANDMary A. E.75 Lichfield St
9511COPELANDWilliam H.75 Lichfield St
12842COPSONJohn2 Silver St
12842COPSONLizzie2 Silver St
12842COPSONJack C.2 Silver St
12943COPSONLouise2 Silver St
9716CORDENAnne18 Halford Terr
7213COTONJohn5 Cherry St
7213COTONHarriet5 Cherry St
11719COTONHiram2 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719COTONAlice2 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719COTONJoseph C.2 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719COTONWilliam G.2 Clarson St Moor Lane
12433COTONEdward F.2 Tame View New St
12433COTONM. E.2 Tame View New St
12434COTONEdward A.2 Tame View New St
12434COTONLillie2 Tame View New St
12434COTONWilliam2 Tame View New St
12434COTONArthur2 Tame View New St
495COTTERILLJoseph G.112 Gungate
495COTTERILLRose112 Gungate
495COTTERILLMaud112 Gungate
495COTTERILLJoseph T.112 Gungate
495COTTERILLEthel M.112 Gungate
496COTTERILLElizabeth2 Spring Gdns
368COTTERILLThomas55 Bolebridge St
368COTTERILLEmma55 Bolebridge St
3710COTTERILLJoseph58 Bolebridge St
63COTTERILLHannah8 College Lane
63COTTERILLWalter8 College Lane
63COTTERILLMinnie8 College Lane
6027COTTERILLWilliam26 Bolebridge St
6027COTTERILLEliza26 Bolebridge St
6027COTTERILLWilliam26 Bolebridge St
6027COTTERILLLydia26 Bolebridge St
6027COTTERILLSarah A.26 Bolebridge St
6027COTTERILLCharley26 Bolebridge St
6027COTTERILLDaisy26 Bolebridge St
6027COTTERILLRose B.26 Bolebridge St
686COTTERILLAnn42 Gungate St
686COTTERILLThomas42 Gungate St
686COTTERILLWilliam42 Gungate St
686COTTERILLBenjamin42 Gungate St
686COTTERILLEmily42 Gungate St
686COTTERILLLouisa42 Gungate St
7010COTTERILLJim8 Kercowan Place
7010COTTERILLAda8 Kercowan Place
8335COTTERILLJames4 Hall's Row
8335COTTERILLDavid4 Hall's Row
8335COTTERILLGeorge H.4 Hall's Row
8335COTTERILLSamuel4 Hall's Row
8335COTTERILLLily4 Hall's Row
8335COTTERILLHannah4 Hall's Row
8335COTTERILLHarriet4 Hall's Row
925COTTERILLEdith100 Lichfield St
9716COTTERILLDaniel11 Halford Terr
9716COTTERILLElizabeth11 Halford Terr
9716COTTERILLWilliam11 Halford Terr
9716COTTERILLJane11 Halford Terr
9716COTTERILLDaniel11 Halford Terr
9716COTTERILLArthur11 Halford Terr
9716COTTERILLThomas11 Halford Terr
9716COTTERILLWalter11 Halford Terr
9716COTTERILLAlfred11 Halford Terr
9817COTTERILLAlfred W.4 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLFrances E.4 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLAlfred W.4 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLAmy A. E.4 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLWilliam1 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLMary1 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLAnnie1 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLWilliam1 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLGeorge1 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLThomas1 Orchard Place
9817COTTERILLFrederick1 Orchard Place
11413COTTERILLThomas63 Lichfield St
11413COTTERILLJane63 Lichfield St
11413COTTERILLMinnie63 Lichfield St
11413COTTERILLAgnes63 Lichfield St
12025COTTERILLJohnathan2 Peel St Lichfield St
12025COTTERILLFrances M.2 Peel St Lichfield St
1317COXEllen J.6 Market St
926COXOliver94 Lichfield St
926COXElizabeth94 Lichfield St
9512COXJames4 Moor St
9512COXKate4 Moor St
12229COXSelina32 Peel St Lichfield St
11720CRESSWELLEliza10 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720CRESSWELLAlice10 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720CRESSWELLThomas10 Clarson St Moor Lane
226CRETCHALL?GeorgeStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
925CRISPAlbert E101 Lichfield St
925CRISPMary A.101 Lichfield St
925CRISPKatie M.101 Lichfield St
925CRISPRobert A.101 Lichfield St
925CRISPHarry O.101 Lichfield St
8030CROSSJoseph15 St John St
925CROSSThomas F.98 Lichfield St
925CROSSSarah A.98 Lichfield St
925CROSSLottie E.98 Lichfield St
925CROSSEdgar F.98 Lichfield St
925CROSSSarah A.98 Lichfield St
925CROSSRosey L.98 Lichfield St
9512CROTONJames73 Lichfield St
9512CROTONAnne73 Lichfield St
9512CROTONAnne73 Lichfield St
12230CROWEdmundOld Boot Inn 16 Lichfield St
12230CROWSarah AnnOld Boot Inn 16 Lichfield St
6231CROWHURSTFrancis1 Freeman's Yard
12943CROWLEYEmma8 Lady Bank
1082CROWSHAWMaggie Matilda44 Lichfield St
937CUFFJames88 Lichfield St
937CUFFAnn E.88 Lichfield St
937CUFFJohn88 Lichfield St
937CUFFJames88 Lichfield St
937CUFFAnn88 Lichfield St
937CUFFMichael88 Lichfield St
937CUFFCharles88 Lichfield St
937CUFFSamuel88 Lichfield St
937CUFFOwen88 Lichfield St
937CUFFMary88 Lichfield St
937CUFFRobert88 Lichfield St
12229CUFFMatthew32 Peel St Lichfield St
12229CUFFMary J.32 Peel St Lichfield St
12229CUFFEllen32 Peel St Lichfield St
12229CUFFCatherine32 Peel St Lichfield St
1113CUFFECatherine1 King St
1113CUFFEMichael1 King St
1113CUFFEEllen1 King St
8437CUMBLEYAlfred C.13 Hall's Row
8437CUMBLEYCatherine13 Hall's Row
8437CUMBLEYAlfred C.13 Hall's Row
8437CUMBLEYFlorence A.13 Hall's Row
8437CUMBLEYAlice13 Hall's Row
1117CUMMINGRichard39 Park St Lichfield St
202CUNNINGHAMWilliamHorse+jock'y 12+13 Ch'rch St
202CUNNINGHAMMaryHorse+jock'y 12+13 Ch'rch St
202CUNNINGHAMMargaret A.Horse+jock'y 12+13 Ch'rch St
8132CUNNINGHAMSarah120 Lichfield St
5212CURETONElizabeth M.2 Guys Almshouses
2817CUTTSRichard38 Gungate St
2817CUTTSMary38 Gungate St
2817CUTTSHenry G.38 Gungate St
12841DAFFERNJohn6 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12841DAFFERNEliza6 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12841DAFFERNJohn6 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12841DAFFERNWilliam6 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12841DAFFERNAlice6 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12841DAFFERNArthur6 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
5518DALEAugustine3 Marmion St
5518DALEAda3 Marmion St
5722DALEJohn5 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722DALESelina5 Sculthorpe Bldg
8540DALESarah A.Cottage Hospital
1093DALTONThomas51 Lichfield St
1093DALTONAnn51 Lichfield St
8336DANNMalcolm11 Hall's Row
8336DANNHannah11 Hall's Row
8336DANNSarah11 Hall's Row
8437DANNWilliam11 Hall's Row
8437DANNRebecca11 Hall's Row
8437DANNJane11 Hall's Row
8437DANNElsie11 Hall's Row
8437DANNFrancis M.11 Hall's Row
2817DAVIESElizabeth30 Aldergate
213DAVIESJohn4 Old School Yard
213DAVIESEllen4 Old School Yard
213DAVIESSarah E.4 Old School Yard
213DAVIESJohn C.4 Old School Yard
213DAVIESHarold4 Old School Yard
214DAVIESTrevor4 Old School Yard
214DAVIESEvan4 Old School Yard
6231DAVIESGeorge1 Freeman's Yard
7621DAVIESAlfred W.43 Elmdon Place
1419DAVISGeorge17 Market St
1419DAVISEdith C.17 Market St
1419DAVISSarah E.17 Market St
1419DAVISEmily17 Market St
1419DAVISAnnie H.17 Market St
1419DAVISMaggie M.17 Market St
331DAVISWilliam H.39 Bolebridge St
2613DAVISJohn5 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613DAVISRose5 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613DAVISNelly F.5 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613DAVISEdgar5 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613DAVISHarold5 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613DAVISLouisa K.5 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613DAVISEdward B.5 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613DAVISErnest J.5 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613DAVISFanny W.5 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
368DAVISGeorge55 Bolebridge St
1317DAVISLousie E.6 Market St
8336DAVISHenry8 Hall's Row
8336DAVISAnn J.8 Hall's Row
8336DAVISAnn8 Hall's Row
925DAVISAnn102 Lichfield St
925DAVISSarah A.102 Lichfield St
925DAVISMary E.102 Lichfield St
11618DAVISJames13 Moor Lane
11618DAVISJane E.13 Moor Lane
11618DAVISFrank H.13 Moor Lane
12740DAVISMary E.5 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740DAVISAlbert5 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740DAVISFrances5 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
1118DAVRICOTTEarnest36 Park St Lichfield St
5620DAWSONHenry1 Victoria Cres
4118DAYWilliam 20 George St
4118DAYMary J.20 George St
4118DAYAlice20 George St
4118DAYFlorence20 George St
4118DAYMabel20 George St
87DAYThomas A.5 Middle Entry
87DAYAnn E.5 Middle Entry
87DAYArthur5 Middle Entry
87DAYAnn E.5 Middle Entry
87DAYAlfred5 Middle Entry
87DAYGwinneth5 Middle Entry
87DAYMinnie5 Middle Entry
87DAYAlice5 Middle Entry
1420DAYFlorence S.Music Hall 22 Market St
7724DAYCharles25 Hospital St
7724DAYElizabeth25 Hospital St
913DAYJoseph110 Lichfield St
913DAYEmma110 Lichfield St
913DAYMary O.110 Lichfield St
12230DAYHenry21 Lichfield St
484DEAKINJohn E.116 Gungate
484DEAKINLaura A.116 Gungate
484DEAKINReginald116 Gungate
484DEAKINJohn L.116 Gungate
11719DEAKINAnnie E.5 Clarson St Moor Lane
213DEANSamuel25 Church St
213DEANIsabel25 Church St
12026DEANAlbert Edward13 Peel St Lichfield St
12026DEANJane13 Peel St Lichfield St
12026DEANWilliam13 Peel St Lichfield St
12026DEANFlorence13 Peel St Lichfield St
12026DEANAlbert13 Peel St Lichfield St
12026DEANMabel13 Peel St Lichfield St
12026DEANAnnie13 Peel St Lichfield St
12026DEANCharles13 Peel St Lichfield St
1521DEARAlfred Lime?26 George St
5313DEGRANJames92 Gungate
5313DEGRANAgnes92 Gungate
5313DEGRANJames F.92 Gungate
5313DEGRANFrank S.?92 Gungate
5313DEGRANAgnes92 Gungate
496DELKESJames7 Spring Gdns
496DELKESHarriet7 Spring Gdns
496DELKESLillian7 Spring Gdns
471DENNISSarah F.4 Victoria Rd
1522DENTCharles H.34 George St
1522DENTElizabeth 34 George St
1522DENTMark G.34 George St
1522DENTRoy R.34 George St
1522DENTCharles34 George St
6129DENTThomas16 Bolebridge St
910DENTONJohn60 Church St
910DENTONRose60 Church St
12433DERRICKWilliam J.1 Tame View New St
12433DERRICKAlice1 Tame View New St
1215DERRICOURTSamuel71 Church St
1215DERRICOURTEliza A.71 Church St
1215DERRICOURTHorace T.71 Church St
1215DERRICOURTLeonard71 Church St
910DERRYWilliam59 Church St
910DERRYWilliam59 Church St
11720DERRYAbel7 Clarson St Moor Lane
7519DEUCOR?Alfred A.13 Cross St
9410DEVILLEHarriet84 Lichfield St
3710DEVYJohn S.59 Bolebridge St
3710DEVYAlbert59 Bolebridge St
3710DEVYElizabeth59 Bolebridge St
1011DEWESRichard60 Church St
1011DEWESElizth.60 Church St
11924DEWESJohn Hunt29 Lichfield St
11924DEWESMary Jane29 Lichfield St
11924DEWESHerbert J. S.29 Lichfield St
11924DEWESSydney W.29 Lichfield St
11924DEWESBaby Boy29 Lichfield St
2716DICKENSONWilliam H.34+35 Gungate St
2716DICKENSONMary34+35 Gungate St
2716DICKENSONMary34+35 Gungate St
2716DICKENSONWilliam34+35 Gungate St
2716DICKENSONJessie34+35 Gungate St
2716DICKENSONJames34+35 Gungate St
2716DICKENSONHetty34+35 Gungate St
2716DICKENSONAlbert34+35 Gungate St
7621DICKENSONJennie43 Elmdon Place
6129DIGHTONHarry16 Bolebridge St
3811DIMBLEBYHenry M.65 Bolebridge St
3811DIMBLEBYMargaret65 Bolebridge St
226DIXONWilliamStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
8641DIXONGeorge E.Cottage Hospital
697DOCKETYPeter7 Stranrer Place
11923DODDAlice AnnThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
9716DODWELLJoseph14 Halford Terr
9716DODWELLHarriett14 Halford Terr
9716DODWELLHarriett14 Halford Terr
9716DODWELLJoseph14 Halford Terr
9716DODWELLAnnie14 Halford Terr
9716DODWELLFrances14 Halford Terr
7724DOGGERILLSydney26 Hospital St
1082DOHERTYFrederick46 Lichfield St
11210DOHERTYJames10 Park St Lichfield St
5619DOLLINWilliam J.2 Fisher's Row
5619DOLLINUvina? M. A.2 Fisher's Row
5619DOLLINHarriet A.2 Fisher's Row
5619DOLLINLewis T.2 Fisher's Row
5619DOLLINHenry2 Fisher's Row
5619DOLLINUvina? M. A.2 Fisher's Row
10021DONNISONWilliam1 Alfred Place
10021DONNISONCatherine1 Alfred Place
10021DONNISONFrederick G.1 Alfred Place
1012DOWDEBartle61 Church St
1420DOWNINGSpencer24 George St
368DRAKELEYWilliam15 Queen St
1113DRAKELEYHarriet5ct4ho Church St
1113DRAKELEYHarriet5ct4ho Church St
225DRAKELEYSamuel8 Mold's Yard
225DRAKELEYEliza8 Mold's Yard
225DRAKELEYSamuel8 Mold's Yard
226DRAKELEYWilliam8 Mold's Yard
226DRAKELEYElizabeth8 Mold's Yard
685DRAKELEYJohn45 Gungate St
685DRAKELEYAgnes45 Gungate St
685DRAKELEYThomas H.45 Gungate St
685DRAKELEYClara45 Gungate St
685DRAKELEYKate45 Gungate St
685DRAKELEYAgnes45 Gungate St
7417DRAKELEYSilas S.4 Cross St
7417DRAKELEYMillicent4 Cross St
7417DRAKELEYWilliam A.4 Cross St
7417DRAKELEYArthur S.4 Cross St
7417DRAKELEYOlive G.4 Cross St
1113DUDLEYWilliam E.5ct3ho Church St
1113DUDLEYSarah A.5ct3ho Church St
1113DUDLEYFrederick5ct3ho Church St
1113DUDLEYWilliam5ct3ho Church St
1113DUDLEYHarry5ct3ho Church St
1113DUDLEYAlbert5ct3ho Church St
1113DUDLEYRose5ct3ho Church St
1113DUDLEYArthur5ct3ho Church St
1011DUFFYMichael61 Church St
1011DUFFYCatherine61 Church St
1011DUFFYAnn61 Church St
1011DUFFYBridget61 Church St
11924DUGMOREGeorge24 Lichfield St
11924DUGMOREAlice24 Lichfield St
11924DUGMOREElsie24 Lichfield St
11924DUGMOREMildred24 Lichfield St
1117DUNCOMBELeonard56 Park St Lichfield St
1117DUNCOMBEMary Hannah56 Park St Lichfield St
1117DUNCOMBELeonard Owen56 Park St Lichfield St
1117DUNCOMBEAlgernon56 Park St Lichfield St
1117DUNCOMBEAubrey56 Park St Lichfield St
3710DUNNDavid11 Queen St
3710DUNNLizzie11 Queen St
3710DUNNDavid11 Queen St
5620DUNNThomas E.3 Victoria Cres
8641DUNSTONCharlesCottage Hospital
201DURHAMCharles W.9 Church St
5416DURRANTAlfred78 Gungate
11719DUTTONRobert T.5 Clarson St Moor Lane
10123DYCHEWilliam12 Alfred Place
10123DYCHEMaria12 Alfred Place
10123DYCHEFrancis J.12 Alfred Place
4220DYERAlfred B.34 Market St
4220DYERLaura A.34 Market St
4220DYERGladys M. B.34 Market St
4220DYERGeoffrey L.34 Market St
4321DYERIsaac B.37 Market St
4321DYERBertha37 Market St
4321DYERTheodore37 Market St
7724EARNSHAWCecil24 Hospital St
5824EARPCharles7 Marmion Terr
5824EARPEmma7 Marmion Terr
5824EARPAmelia J.7 Marmion Terr
5824EARPFrank G.7 Marmion Terr
7315EASTJoseph17 Cherry St
11924EDBURYWilliam H.26 Lichfield St
1318EDDENGeorge 13 Market St
1318EDDENKate13 Market St
1318EDDENKate E.13 Market St
1318EDDENAlexander G.13 Market St
1082EDDENMargaret44 Lichfield St
1082EDDENAlfred44 Lichfield St
1082EDDENMargaret44 Lichfield St
1082EDDENLily44 Lichfield St
11414EDDENSamuel66 Lichfield St
11414EDDENHarriett66 Lichfield St
11414EDDENFlorence66 Lichfield St
11822EDDENEdward38 Lichfield St
11822EDDENHarriet38 Lichfield St
11822EDDENFlorence38 Lichfield St
11822EDDENMay38 Lichfield St
11822EDDENAlfred38 Lichfield St
11822EDDENJohn T.38 Lichfield St
12025EDDENW.4 Peel St Lichfield St
12025EDDENElizabeth4 Peel St Lichfield St
7111EDDONWilliam16 Kercowan Place
7111EDDONJane16 Kercowan Place
7111EDDONHarry16 Kercowan Place
7111EDDONGeorge16 Kercowan Place
7111EDDONEmily16 Kercowan Place
7111EDDONAlbert16 Kercowan Place
7111EDDONSamuel16 Kercowan Place
10225EDDONAnnie M.2 Orchard St
1012EDENGeorge63 Church St
64EDGELucy M.10 College Lane
1420EDGEWalter26 George St
1420EDGEFria26 George St
1420EDGENellie26 George St
1420EDGEMinnie26 George St
1012EDMONDSCharles63 Church St
8641EDNEYJoseph E.Cottage Hospital
51EDWARDSHenry38 Church St
51EDWARDSEmelai38 Church St
88EDWARDSLeonard56a Church St
3812EDWARDSSamson76 Bolebridge St
3812EDWARDSCharles76 Bolebridge St
237EDWARDSThomasStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
10226EDWARDSWilliam11 Barbara St
10226EDWARDSEliza11 Barbara St
10226EDWARDSJohn11 Barbara St
10226EDWARDSHerbert11 Barbara St
10226EDWARDSHelen11 Barbara St
10226EDWARDSHarry11 Barbara St
10226EDWARDSGeorge11 Barbara St
10226EDWARDSEthel11 Barbara St
12434EDWARDSWilliam4 Tame View New St
1012EGANJohn61 Church St
238EGGLESTONEArthur7 Lower Gungate
1623ELLIOTAnn35 George St
1623ELLIOTElizabeth T.35 George St
64ELLIOTWilliam43 Church St
3710ELLIOTTAlbert59 Bolebridge St
3710ELLIOTTJohn9 Queen St
3710ELLIOTTMartha9 Queen St
3710ELLIOTTSarah J.9 Queen St
3710ELLIOTTMary A.9 Queen St
3710ELLIOTTEmily9 Queen St
1623ELLISHenry1ct4ho George St
1623ELLISArthur T.1ct4ho George St
1623ELLISWilliam J.1ct4ho George St
1623ELLISEthel1ct4ho George St
1623ELLISAlbert1ct4ho George St
1623ELLISFrank1ct4ho George St
1623ELLISJames1ct4ho George St
4016EMERYJoseph J.13 George St
4016EMERYMary L.13 George St
4016EMERYBeatrice13 George St
4016EMERYEdith13 George St
4016EMERYHubert13 George St
11821EMMSJohn Sidney14 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821EMMSMaria Sophia14 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821EMMSEva Sophia14 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821EMMSEdward P.14 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821EMMSErnest F.14 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821EMMSMargaret M.14 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821EMMSMabel B.14 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821EMMSEthel M.14 Clarson St Moor Lane
12331ENDSORSarah8 New St
8539ENSORJohn23 Aldergate St
8539ENSOREllen23 Aldergate St
8539ENSORWalter23 Aldergate St
8539ENSORAnnie23 Aldergate St
8539ENSORErnest23 Aldergate St
9410ENSOREdwin80 Lichfield St
9410ENSORAnne80 Lichfield St
76EVANSEmily1 Middle Entry
368EVANSIsaac16 Queen St
368EVANSMary16 Queen St
368EVANSJohn16 Queen St
368EVANSFlorence16 Queen St
368EVANSAda16 Queen St
368EVANSWilliam16 Queen St
64EVANSThomas1ct2ho College Lane
64EVANSSelina1ct2ho College Lane
64EVANSAlice M.1ct2ho College Lane
331EVANSPeter39 Bolebridge St
331EVANSNaomi39 Bolebridge St
331EVANSEliza A.39 Bolebridge St
331EVANSMiriam39 Bolebridge St
331EVANSPricella39 Bolebridge St
331EVANSWorthington39 Bolebridge St
331EVANSJane39 Bolebridge St
331EVANSRobert39 Bolebridge St
331EVANSPeter39 Bolebridge St
332EVANSMargt. E.45 Bolebridge St
332EVANSElsie May45 Bolebridge St
343EVANSGeorge F.45 Bolebridge St
926EVANSAnnie92 Lichfield St
10123EVANSMay C.14 Alfred Place
11414EVANSEdward70 Lichfield St
11414EVANSSarah70 Lichfield St
11414EVANSAgnes70 Lichfield St
12433EVANSWilliam H.14 Castle View New St
355EVERITTThomas46 Bolebridge St
226EVERITTKateStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
471EXON?Clara1 Victoria Rd
10123FAGGThomas14 Alfred Place
225FAIRFIELDPhoebe1 Mold's Yard
5926FAIRFIELDJohn29 Bolebridge St
5926FAIRFIELDClara29 Bolebridge St
5926FAIRFIELDThomas29 Bolebridge St
9715FAIRFIELDElizabeth4 Halford Terr
1094FANIANJohn52 Lichfield St
4117FARMERMargaret3 Bull Yard
4117FARMERJohn3 Bull Yard
5212FARMERAnn9 Guys Almshouses
5926FARMERHorace1 Mill Lane
5926FARMERSarah1 Mill Lane
7622FARMERJames51 Elmdon Place
7622FARMEREvelyn51 Elmdon Place
7622FARMERCharles51 Elmdon Place
7723FARMERGeorge51 Elmdon Place
7723FARMERFlorence51 Elmdon Place
11822FARMERJohn41 Lichfield St
11822FARMERMary A.41 Lichfield St
12331FARMER Jedd6 New St
1215FARRELLJophias67 Church St
1215FARRELLAnn67 Church St
1215FARRELLMary A.67 Church St
1215FARRELLJophias67 Church St
1215FARRELLBernard67 Church St
1215FARRELLArthur67 Church St
2715FAULKENERAnnie13 Church Lane
11822FAULKNALLJohn40 Lichfield St
11822FAULKNALLMary A.40 Lichfield St
10429FAULKNEROwen T.5 Pretoria Terr
10429FAULKNERLavinia5 Pretoria Terr
10429FAULKNERLavinia R.5 Pretoria Terr
10429FAULKNERTom A.5 Pretoria Terr
12026FAULKNERArthur15 Peel St Lichfield St
12026FAULKNERMary Ann15 Peel St Lichfield St
12026FAULKNERArthur15 Peel St Lichfield St
12026FAULKNERHarry15 Peel St Lichfield St
12127FAULKNERThomas15 Peel St Lichfield St
12434FAULKNERDavid5 Tame View New St
12434FAULKNERMary Ann5 Tame View New St
12739FAULKNERGeorge5 Lichfield St
12739FAULKNEREmma5 Lichfield St
12739FAULKNERDavid5 Lichfield St
12739FAULKNERElizabeth5 Lichfield St
12739FAULKNEREthel5 Lichfield St
12739FAULKNERFlorence5 Lichfield St
483FAUSSETHerbert J.9 Colehill
483FAUSSETLouisa M.9 Colehill
483FAUSSETGeraldine M.9 Colehill
483FAUSSETHerbert A.9 Colehill
483FAUSSETKathleen M.9 Colehill
4220FEARNAlice A.28 Market St
7826FEARNJames W.24 Orchard St
1082FELICITYElizabeth46 Lichfield St
1082FELICITYMary46 Lichfield St
12944FENNFrances H.2 Lady Bank
12944FENNMarthe2 Lady Bank
10124FERNThomas18 Alfred Place
10124FERNAnnie C.18 Alfred Place
10124FERNEdith E.18 Alfred Place
10124FERNSidney E.18 Alfred Place
10124FERNErnest G.18 Alfred Place
10124FERNHerbert S.18 Alfred Place
10124FERNArthur T.18 Alfred Place
1129FIDLSIN?Edwin22 Park St Lichfield St
1129FIDLSIN?Annie22 Park St Lichfield St
1129FIDLSIN?Alfred22 Park St Lichfield St
1129FIDLSIN?Ernest22 Park St Lichfield St
1129FIDLSIN?Florrie22 Park St Lichfield St
1129FIDLSIN?Annie22 Park St Lichfield St
1129FIDLSIN?Teddy22 Park St Lichfield St
63FIELDSThomas2 College Lane
63FIELDSAnn2 College Lane
63FIELDSRobert2 College Lane
63FIELDSAnnie2 College Lane
63FIELDSThomas2 College Lane
63FIELDSRosa2 College Lane
12127FIELDSFrederick20 Peel St Lichfield St
12127FIELDSEmma20 Peel St Lichfield St
12127FIELDSFrederick20 Peel St Lichfield St
12127FIELDSThomas20 Peel St Lichfield St
902FILCHKatherine M.112 Lichfield St
471FILEY?William4 Victoria Rd
2614FINCHHarry3 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
7826FINDLEYA.23 Orchard St
7826FINDLEYC.23 Orchard St
7826FINDLEYCharles23 Orchard St
7826FINDLEYPercy23 Orchard St
379FINNEYHarriet5 Queen St
379FINNEYAlise5 Queen St
2511FISHERHenry22 Gungate St
2511FISHERLily22 Gungate St
2511FISHERHenry22 Gungate St
2511FISHEREsther L.22 Gungate St
2511FISHEREdgar B.22 Gungate St
2511FISHERSidney W.22 Gungate St
2511FISHERLily M.22 Gungate St
2511FISHERWalter E.22 Gungate St
2511FISHEREva22 Gungate St
2511FISHEROlive22 Gungate St
2511FISHERErnest C.22 Gungate St
238FISHERSarah3b Lower Gungate
7316FISHERElizabeth23 Cherry St
7417FISHERArthur4 Cross St
1012FITZMORRISTimothy61 Church St
8029FLETCHERSarah J.7 St John St
11924FLETCHERHenry27 Lichfield St
11924FLETCHERElizabeth K.27 Lichfield St
11924FLETCHERRowland27 Lichfield St
11924FLETCHERRose Hannah27 Lichfield St
8539FLINTLewis18 Aldergate St
8539FLINTAnn A.18 Aldergate St
8539FLINTW. H.18 Aldergate St
8539FLINTFrances18 Aldergate St
8539FLINTAlfred18 Aldergate St
8539FLINTHelen L.18 Aldergate St
937FLORENDINEAlice90 Lichfield St
937FLORENDINEAnnie90 Lichfield St
10429FOLLETTJames1 Pretoria Terr
10429FOLLETTEliza1 Pretoria Terr
10429FOLLETTJ. G. W. H. F. 1 Pretoria Terr
10429FOLLETTBertie A.1 Pretoria Terr
10429FOLLETTFrederick1 Pretoria Terr
10429FOLLETTMable A. 1 Pretoria Terr
249FORDThomas9 Lower Gungate
249FORDWilliam9 Lower Gungate
249FORDThomas9 Lower Gungate
1318FORMANSarah11 Market St
12943FOSTERCaroline A.1 Silver St
12331FOULKESMary7 New St
698FOUNDHenry1 Lochryan Place
698FOUNDHannah1 Lochryan Place
698FOUNDHarry1 Lochryan Place
8540FOUNDStephen26 Aldergate St
8540FOUNDAnnie26 Aldergate St
8540FOUNDThomas N.26 Aldergate St
8540FOUNDHarry26 Aldergate St
8540FOUNDAnnie26 Aldergate St
355FOWLERThomas50 Bolebridge St
355FOWLERMary J.50 Bolebridge St
355FOWLERFred R.50 Bolebridge St
6231FOWLEREthel5 Bolebridge St
938FOXJohn H.3ho3ct Lichfield St
938FOXEmma3ho3ct Lichfield St
938FOXCatherine3ho3ct Lichfield St
938FOXHumphrey3ho3ct Lichfield St
938FOXFrank3ho3ct Lichfield St
938FOXHarriet3ho3ct Lichfield St
938FOXSarah3ho3ct Lichfield St
938FOXJohn3ho3ct Lichfield St
9512FOXHarry74 Lichfield St
9512FOXFrances74 Lichfield St
9512FOXHarry D.74 Lichfield St
9512FOXAlec H.74 Lichfield St
9512FOXMary A.74 Lichfield St
11719FOXDavid4 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719FOXRosetta4 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719FOXDavid4 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719FOXEnock4 Clarson St Moor Lane
12943FOXCharles J.8a Lady Bank
697FREEMANJames7 Stranrer Place
2715FRENCHJohn20 Church Lane
2715FRENCHMaria20 Church Lane
2715FRENCHGeorge20 Church Lane
5415FRENCHBertha80 Gungate
661FRENCHDavid A.73 Gungate St
661FRENCHMary C.73 Gungate St
661FRENCHFrederick A.73 Gungate St
661FRENCHHarry73 Gungate St
8132FRENCHSarah120 Lichfield St
8132FRENCHHarold120 Lichfield St
11719FRENCHWilliam1 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719FRENCHAnnie E.1 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719FRENCHWilliam H.1 Clarson St Moor Lane
8030FROGGATTMary16 St John St
1215FROSTWilliam R.72 Church St
1215FROSTGeorgina A.72 Church St
1215FROSTAlice72 Church St
7520FROSTHannah C.35 Hospital St
1118FROSTEdwin34 Park St Lichfield St
1118FROSTJane34 Park St Lichfield St
1118FROSTEvaline34 Park St Lichfield St
1118FROSTEdwin34 Park St Lichfield St
12331FROSTJames1 Castle View New St
4118FULCHERGeorge P.17 George St
4118FULCHERJoan17 George St
4118FULCHERHoward17 George St
10429GADSBYEdmund R. B.3 Pretoria Terr
10429GADSBYHarriet M.3 Pretoria Terr
10429GADSBYHarriet J. B.3 Pretoria Terr
1521GARDINERAlfred27 George St
7316GARDNEREdwin22 Cherry St
7316GARDNERSalina22 Cherry St
7316GARDNERKate22 Cherry St
7316GARDNEREllen22 Cherry St
7316GARDNERArthur22 Cherry St
7316GARDNERFlorence22 Cherry St
9512GARMANJesse72 Lichfield St
9512GARMANAlice E.72 Lichfield St
9512GARMANWilliam F.72 Lichfield St
4117GEESarah A.16 George St
5619GEEThomas3 Fisher's Row
5619GEEMartha3 Fisher's Row
5619GEEAlbert3 Fisher's Row
5619GEEEthel3 Fisher's Row
5619GEEFlorence3 Fisher's Row
5619GEEJoseph3 Fisher's Row
9715GEEFrederick H.7 Halford Terr
9715GEEEmily7 Halford Terr
87GEORGEJoseph6 Middle Entry
87GEORGEElizth6 Middle Entry
87GEORGEElizth6 Middle Entry
1106GIBBSEdith33 Park St Lichfield St
1106GIBBSLeonard Charles33 Park St Lichfield St
10123GIBSONJacob11 Alfred Place
2715GILBERTThomas12 Church Lane
2715GILBERTEdith12 Church Lane
2715GILBERTEdith12 Church Lane
99GILBERTCharles3ct2ho Church St
99GILBERTSusannah3ct2ho Church St
99GILBERTWilliam3ct2ho Church St
99GILBERTGeorge4 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99GILBERTEllen4 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99GILBERTElizth4 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99GILBERTThomas4 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99GILBERTAlfred4 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99GILBERTEthel4 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99GILBERTMary4 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
9511GILBERTWilliam77 Lichfield St
9511GILBERTEllen77 Lichfield St
9511GILBERTSamuel77 Lichfield St
9919GILBERTEmily7 Halford St
213GILLJohn1 Old School Yard
213GILLMary A.1 Old School Yard
213GILLMay1 Old School Yard
213GILLMaud1 Old School Yard
213GILLAlbert J.1 Old School Yard
213GILLEdwin1 Old School Yard
9919GILLHenrietta O.7 Halford St
9919GILLMarie E. E.7 Halford St
9919GILLFrancis W. A.7 Halford St
1216GILMANWilliam H.13a Silver St
1216GILMANEmily13a Silver St
1216GILMANWinifred13a Silver St
5416GILSTHORPEBeatrice1 Nelsons? Court
5416GILSTHORPEEthel May1 Nelsons? Court
12740GINKSGeorge5 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740GINKSJane5 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740GINKSMargaret5 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740GINKSEvelyn M.5 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740GINKSBeatrice5 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740GINKSMary5 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
496GLANCEYJohn11 Spring Gdns
496GLANCEYElizabeth11 Spring Gdns
496GLANCEYJulia11 Spring Gdns
496GLANCEYNora11 Spring Gdns
508GLANCEYMartin19 Spring Gdns
5619GLEESONWilliam6 Fisher's Row
12128GLENNHenry30 Peel St Lichfield St
12128GLENNElizabeth30 Peel St Lichfield St
12229GLENNFlorence30 Peel St Lichfield St
12229GLENNElizabeth30 Peel St Lichfield St
12434GLENNStephen6 Tame View New St
12434GLENNEmma6 Tame View New St
12434GLENNEdward6 Tame View New St
12434GLENNMary Jane6 Tame View New St
12434GLENNGertrude6 Tame View New St
12434GLENNWinifred6 Tame View New St
11924GLOVEREliza Chestley?28 Lichfield St
355GODDERIDGELouie?Jolly Buttn Turnr B'brdg St
8438GODDERIDGEEdith11 Aldergate St
1093GODDERIDGEWilliam3rd No # Lichfield St
1521GODFREYLaura28 George St
7826GODFREYSarah A.25 Orchard St
7826GODFREYFrank25 Orchard St
7826GODFREYOliver25 Orchard St
7826GODFREYEthel25 Orchard St
7826GODFREYMay25 Orchard St
7826GODFREYDora25 Orchard St
8540GODFREYEmmaCottage Hospital
12230GODFREYWilliam15 Lichfield St
12230GODFREYFrances15 Lichfield St
12230GODFREYAda15 Lichfield St
12230GODFREYEdwin Charles15 Lichfield St
12230GODFREYJessie15 Lichfield St
12230GODFREYDora Olivia15 Lichfield St
4220GOLLINSMary J.34 Market St
1012GOOCHAlfred W.63 Church St
6028GOODEEdmund23 Bolebridge St
6028GOODEEliza23 Bolebridge St
6028GOODESusan23 Bolebridge St
6028GOODEWilliam23 Bolebridge St
6028GOODELydia23 Bolebridge St
6028GOODERichard23 Bolebridge St
910GOODHEADHerbert60 Church St
910GOODHEADWinnie60 Church St
5415GOODHEADAmy78 Gungate
5415GOODHEADCharles78 Gungate
910GOODISONWilliam59 Church St
12332GOODWINEdmund6 Castle View New St
12332GOODWINEliza6 Castle View New St
12332GOODWINSarah E.6 Castle View New St
12332GOODWINMary6 Castle View New St
508GORTONWilliam M.17 Spring Gdns
508GORTONEmma17 Spring Gdns
508GORTONWilliam17 Spring Gdns
508GORTONWalter17 Spring Gdns
508GORTONJohn17 Spring Gdns
508GORTONThomas17 Spring Gdns
2817GORTONArthur39 Gungate St
2817GORTONElizabeth39 Gungate St
2817GORTONLouisa39 Gungate St
7927GORTONEdwin4 Offa St
7927GORTONMary A.4 Offa St
7927GORTONReginald4 Offa St
5824GOUGHRichard7 Marmion Terr
1081GOULAHarry9 the Bradfords L'field St
1081GOULAEmily9 the Bradfords L'field St
1081GOULAAhmand Craven9 the Bradfords L'field St
1420GOZZARDPollie21 Market St
5314GRAHAMWalter A.86 Gungate
5314GRAHAMNellie86 Gungate
8539GRAHAMJohn22 Aldergate St
8539GRAHAMSarah22 Aldergate St
8539GRAHAMLucy22 Aldergate St
8540GRAHAMMary27 Aldergate St
1117GRANTJames52 Park St Lichfield St
1117GRANTElizabeth52 Park St Lichfield St
9614GRATTIDGESusannahCottage in Field the Leys
1318GREENWilliam1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENPheobe1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENWilliam1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENJohn1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENEva1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENArthur1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENCharles1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENEmma1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENWalter1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENGeo. F.1ct2ho Market St
1318GREENWm. H.1ct2ho Market St
226GREENGeorgeStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
5823GREENGeorge1 Marmion Terr
5823GREENJane1 Marmion Terr
5823GREENGeorge1 Marmion Terr
5823GREENEvelyn1 Marmion Terr
6027GREENAnnie2 Paradise Row
2614GREENWAYVincent1 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
12841GREENWOODEthel A.2+3 Lichfield St
2817GREGORYEdwin30 Aldergate
2817GREGORYSarah30 Aldergate
2817GREGORYAlbert30 Aldergate
2817GREGORYCharley30 Aldergate
1420GREGORYJamesMusic Hall 22 Market St
1420GREGORYJanetMusic Hall 22 Market St
4220GRICEEmily C.29 Market St
237GRICEJosephStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
1419GRIFFINJames W.17 Market St
1419GRIFFINHarriet E.17 Market St
1521GRIFFINGeorge30 George St
1521GRIFFINSarah30 George St
1521GRIFFINGeorge30 George St
1521GRIFFINSydney30 George St
1521GRIFFINGertie30 George St
1521GRIFFINBertie30 George St
1521GRIFFINHarry30 George St
1318GRIFFITHSThomasTavern 16 Market St
1318GRIFFITHSCarolineTavern 16 Market St
1419GRIFFITHSMary A. S.Tavern 16 Market St
5313GRIFFITHSWilliam J.95 Gungate
5313GRIFFITHSJeanie95 Gungate
5313GRIFFITHSLeonard J.95 Gungate
5313GRIFFITHSMillicent J.95 Gungate
5313GRIFFITHSJoshua96 Gungate
5313GRIFFITHSSarah96 Gungate
5313GRIFFITHSEdwin96 Gungate
5313GRIFFITHSHorace M.96 Gungate
8029GRIFFITHSCharles5 St John St
8029GRIFFITHSSarah A.5 St John St
8029GRIFFITHSGeorge Edward5 St John St
9613GRIFFITHSCharles6 Moor St
9613GRIFFITHSEmma6 Moor St
9613GRIFFITHSAlfred6 Moor St
9613GRIFFITHSEdward6 Moor St
9613GRIFFITHSSamuel6 Moor St
9613GRIFFITHSAlbert6 Moor St
9613GRIFFITHSAnnie6 Moor St
9613GRIFFITHSLouisa6 Moor St
9613GRIFFITHSSarah M.6 Moor St
9613GRIFFITHSHerbert6 Moor St
1081GRIFFITHSWilliam6 the Bradfords L'field St
1081GRIFFITHSJane6 the Bradfords L'field St
1081GRIFFITHSHilda May6 the Bradfords L'field St
12637GRIFFITHSAlfred19 Brewery Lane
12637GRIFFITHSElizabeth19 Brewery Lane
12637GRIFFITHSLizzie19 Brewery Lane
12637GRIFFITHSEllen19 Brewery Lane
12637GRIFFITHSCatherine19 Brewery Lane
12637GRIFFITHSSelina19 Brewery Lane
12637GRIFFITHSJoseph19 Brewery Lane
12637GRIFFITHSWilliam19 Brewery Lane
12637GRIFFITHSAlfred19 Brewery Lane
12637GRIFFITHSAlbert19 Brewery Lane
12638GRIFFITHSMargaret19 Brewery Lane
12638GRIFFITHSElsie19 Brewery Lane
3812GRIMLEYBrook77 Bolebridge St
1215GRIMSHAWThomas69 Church St
1215GRIMSHAWElizabeth69 Church St
1215GRIMSHAWThomas69 Church St
1215GRIMSHAWSamuel69 Church St
12638GRIMSHAWJames10 Lichfield St
12638GRIMSHAWEliza10 Lichfield St
12638GRIMSHAWMary10 Lichfield St
5518GRISEWilliam2 Marmion St
5518GRISEPatience2 Marmion St
5518GRISEKatherine2 Marmion St
5518GRISEMargaret2 Marmion St
214GROSHAWEdward J.6 Old School Yard
214GROSHAWAda6 Old School Yard
214GROSHAWJoseph6 Old School Yard
6027GROURKE?John25 Bolebridge St
6027GROURKE?Mary25 Bolebridge St
6027GROURKE?Cecil25 Bolebridge St
6027GROURKE?Nellie25 Bolebridge St
6027GROURKE?Marie J.25 Bolebridge St
6027GROURKE?Winifred25 Bolebridge St
11618GROVEGeorge8 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618GROVECatherine8 Clarson Row Moor Lane
226GUESTJosephStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
226GUESTSarah A.Stone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
226GUESTMaryStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
11923H.M.The Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
12943HABERMANNFrida5 Lady Bank
7519HACKETTErnest17 Cross St
7519HACKETTCatherine17 Cross St
7519HACKETTErnest J. E.17 Cross St
7519HACKETTWalter17 Cross St
7519HACKETTFred J.17 Cross St
7519HACKETTMarian17 Cross St
7519HACKETTFred17 Cross St
7519HACKETTEthel17 Cross St
7519HACKETTHarold17 Cross St
7519HACKETTJames18 Cross St
7519HACKETTEliza18 Cross St
7519HACKETTAlbert G.18 Cross St
7519HACKETTWalter J.18 Cross St
7519HACKETTRowland18 Cross St
76HADDONClara M.2ct2ho Church St
76HADDONE. Harry2ct2ho Church St
76HADDONFrederick W.2ct2ho Church St
12944HADLEYRichard3 Lady Bank
12944HADLEYEmma3 Lady Bank
12944HADLEYFrederick3 Lady Bank
12944HADLEYLaura3 Lady Bank
12944HADLEYEmma3 Lady Bank
12944HADLEYArthur3 Lady Bank
12944HADLEYMaud3 Lady Bank
11822HALEMary35 Lichfield St
4118HALESWilliam3 Thompson's Yard
4118HALESSarah3 Thompson's Yard
4118HALESWilliam G.3 Thompson's Yard
4118HALESMadeline3 Thompson's Yard
4118HALESNellie3 Thompson's Yard
2614HALLCharles11 Church Lane
2614HALLEliza11 Church Lane
1522HALLWilliam A.32 George St
5415HALLThomas80 Gungate
5415HALLElizabeth80 Gungate
5415HALLSarah A.80 Gungate
5415HALLAda80 Gungate
5415HALLArthur80 Gungate
5415HALLLizzie80 Gungate
5415HALLAlbert80 Gungate
662HALLCharles1st No # Brickett Lane
662HALLCharlotte1st No # Brickett Lane
662HALLAnnie Elizabeth1st No # Brickett Lane
662HALLWalter Charles1st No # Brickett Lane
662HALLJohn Hobert?1st No # Brickett Lane
662HALLLily1st No # Brickett Lane
8029HALLHerbert Anthony13 St John St
8029HALLEmma Louise13 St John St
8029HALLHerbert Henry13 St John St
8029HALLWalter Sydney13 St John St
8029HALLAlfred Leslie13 St John St
9614HALLElizabethCottage in Field the Leys
483HALLSEdith7 Colehill
202HAMERJulia A.11 Church St
1114HAMMONDGeorge7 King St
1114HAMMONDWinifred7 King St
1114HAMMONDJane7 King St
1114HAMMONDWillie7 King St
1114HAMMONDJohn7 King St
1114HAMMONDSarah7 King St
1114HAMMONDWinifred7 King St
1114HAMMONDJoseph7 King St
12943HAMMONDWilliam C.7 Lady Bank
12943HAMMONDHephzibah A.7 Lady Bank
3710HAMPTONSamuel62 Bolebridge St
3710HAMPTONEliza62 Bolebridge St
3710HAMPTONWilliam62 Bolebridge St
3710HAMPTONSarah62 Bolebridge St
3710HAMPTONHenry62 Bolebridge St
3710HAMPTONAlice62 Bolebridge St
685HAMPTONSarah Ann47 Gungate St
685HAMPTONWilliam47 Gungate St
4016HANIBLETT?Walter J.14 George St
4016HANIBLETT?Emma14 George St
4016HANIBLETT?Kate14 George St
4016HANIBLETT?Thomas14 George St
3913HANKINAnnie78 Bolebridge St
3913HANKINEmma78 Bolebridge St
3913HANKINEllen78 Bolebridge St
11821HANNAGIN?George15 Clarson St Moor Lane
379HANNAR?James3 Queen St
379HANNAR?Mary A.3 Queen St
379HANNAR?Robert3 Queen St
379HANNAR?James3 Queen St
496HANNIGANWilliam5 Spring Gdns
8030HANSONSamuel15 St John St
64HARDINGJohn S.44 Church St
64HARDINGAmelia M.44 Church St
64HARDINGJohn A.44 Church St
64HARDINGNellie M. A. 44 Church St
64HARDINGWilliam J.44 Church St
64HARDINGRobert H.44 Church St
64HARDINGHilda M.44 Church St
64HARDINGErnest H.44 Church St
7724HARDINGElizabeth25 Hospital St
12739HARDINGWilliam H.5 Lichfield St
12739HARDINGMary A.5 Lichfield St
901HARDYMary J.119 Lichfield St
11618HARDYMary Ann12 Moor Lane
11618HARDYAgnes12 Moor Lane
12025HARDYAnnie3 Peel St Lichfield St
12025HARDYMary Ann3 Peel St Lichfield St
7214HARDYMANThomas14 Cherry St
7214HARDYMANMary14 Cherry St
8438HAREHenry14 Aldergate St
8438HAREEmily14 Aldergate St
8438HAREAlice E.14 Aldergate St
8438HAREHenry14 Aldergate St
8438HAREEmily L.14 Aldergate St
9920HAREHarriet14 Orchard St
12332HARGRAVEDavid7 Castle View New St
12332HARGRAVELouise Anne7 Castle View New St
12332HARGRAVEDavid F.7 Castle View New St
11719HARMAGIN?Alice M.5 Clarson St Moor Lane
913HARPERHarriet109 Lichfield St
913HARPERCharles E.109 Lichfield St
913HARPERThomas109 Lichfield St
913HARPERMaud109 Lichfield St
10225HARPERWilliam3 Orchard St
10225HARPERIsabella3 Orchard St
4117HARRISJohn2 Bull Yard
4117HARRISSarah A.2 Bull Yard
4117HARRISGeorge2 Bull Yard
4117HARRISLily J.2 Bull Yard
4117HARRISHarry2 Bull Yard
4117HARRISCharlotte E.2 Bull Yard
4117HARRISLucy E.2 Bull Yard
4117HARRISBertha J.2 Bull Yard
1216HARRISMay2+3 Market St
226HARRISHarryStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
5517HARRISHannah B.54 Albert Rd
5517HARRISVivian N.54 Albert Rd
5517HARRISDora A.54 Albert Rd
9614HARRISJohn1 Halford Terr
9614HARRISCatherine1 Halford Terr
9614HARRISAlice1 Halford Terr
9614HARRISSusan1 Halford Terr
9614HARRISHannah1 Halford Terr
9614HARRISLilly1 Halford Terr
9614HARRISSarah A.1 Halford Terr
10021HARRISJohn4 Alfred Place
10021HARRISSarah4 Alfred Place
10021HARRISAda4 Alfred Place
10021HARRISEdith4 Alfred Place
10021HARRISEthel4 Alfred Place
10021HARRISNelly4 Alfred Place
10021HARRISGertrude4 Alfred Place
10021HARRISAlbert4 Alfred Place
10124HARRISGeorge21 Alfred Place
10124HARRISSarah J.21 Alfred Place
10124HARRISGeorge E.21 Alfred Place
10124HARRISOswald W. G.21 Alfred Place
10124HARRISIvy Irene E.21 Alfred Place
11822HARRISMary33 Lichfield St
11822HARRISCicely33 Lichfield St
5415HARRISONJoseph78 Gungate
7723HARRISONFrederick C. R.29 Hospital St
7723HARRISONMaggie B.29 Hospital St
7723HARRISONHarold L.29 Hospital St
8539HARRISONEdith24 Aldergate St
8539HARRISONEdith24 Aldergate St
9512HARRISONMaggie72 Lichfield St
12739HARRISONFrederick8 Lichfield St
12739HARRISONAnnie8 Lichfield St
12739HARRISONRichard8 Lichfield St
12739HARRISONMargaret8 Lichfield St
12739HARRISONDorothy8 Lichfield St
12943HARSTONHerbert W.8 Lady Bank
12943HARSTONKate8 Lady Bank
12943HARSTONNellie8 Lady Bank
12943HARSTONOlive8 Lady Bank
12943HARSTONKenneth8 Lady Bank
367HARTEliza52 Bolebridge St
368HARTINJames15 Queen St
368HARTINHannah E.15 Queen St
368HARTINLucy A.15 Queen St
368HARTINLily E.15 Queen St
368HARTINWilliam15 Queen St
5415HARTINEveline G.81 Gungate
214HARTLESSHannah5 Old School Yard
214HARTLESSAlfred5 Old School Yard
214HARTLESSHerbert W.5 Old School Yard
214HARTLESSWilliam J.5 Old School Yard
214HARTLESSAlfred J.5 Old School Yard
214HARTLESSEmma5 Old School Yard
214HARTLESSDora B.5 Old School Yard
7213HARTLESSElizabeth4 Cherry St
7214HARTLESSJohn J.10 Cherry St
519HARTSHORNThomas21 Spring Gdns
519HARTSHORNJane21 Spring Gdns
519HARTSHORNJohn T.21 Spring Gdns
519HARTSHORNEmma E.21 Spring Gdns
519HARTSHORNMary H.21 Spring Gdns
519HARTSHORNEdward P.21 Spring Gdns
213HARVEYJames1 Old School Yard
7519HARVEYCharles G.16 Cross St
7519HARVEYMary Jane16 Cross St
7214HASESLOURAlbert16 Cherry St
7315HASESLOURMinnie16 Cherry St
7315HASESLOURAlex16 Cherry St
6129HASKEYJohn16 Bolebridge St
2613HASTILOWMary7 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613HASTILOWAlfred7 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613HASTILOWFlorence7 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2817HASTILOWMinnie L.The Paddock 32 Aldergate
7112HASTILOWJames34 Hospital St
7112HASTILOWFanny34 Hospital St
7112HASTILOWJessie34 Hospital St
7112HASTILOWFlorence J.34 Hospital St
7112HASTILOWGeorge F.?34 Hospital St
7316HASTILOWFrancis J.25 Cherry St
7316HASTILOWAlice25 Cherry St
7316HASTILOWFanny G.25 Cherry St
7316HASTILOWNellie25 Cherry St
7316HASTILOWThomas N.25 Cherry St
10226HASTILOWWilliam12 Barbara St
10226HASTILOWJane12 Barbara St
10226HASTILOWReginald12 Barbara St
10226HASTILOWArthur12 Barbara St
10226HASTILOWHarry12 Barbara St
10226HASTILOWFlorence12 Barbara St
10226HASTILOWEmily12 Barbara St
10226HASTILOWWilfred12 Barbara St
2512HATTONCharles T.2a Church Lane
2512HATTONMary A.2a Church Lane
2512HATTONHarry T.2a Church Lane
2512HATTONNellie2a Church Lane
2512HATTONSydney2a Church Lane
2512HATTONErnest2a Church Lane
2512HATTONHarriett3 Church Lane
99HATTONMalbon3ct1ho Church St
99HATTONHarriet3ct1ho Church St
7621HATTONEdward A.38 Hospital St
7621HATTONCharlotte E.38 Hospital St
7621HATTONCatherine E.38 Hospital St
7621HATTONAnnie38 Hospital St
8131HATTONThomas5 Calcutta Terr
8132HATTONHarry120 Lichfield St
8132HATTONIsabella120 Lichfield St
8132HATTONCharles120 Lichfield St
11414HATTONWilliam1 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11414HATTONMary1 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11414HATTONCharlotte1 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11414HATTONWilliam1 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11414HATTONJohn1 Clarson Row Moor Lane
12739HATTONErnest6 Lichfield St
12739HATTONEleanor6 Lichfield St
673HAURTON?Charles63 Gungate St
673HAURTON?Elizabeth J.63 Gungate St
673HAURTON?Charles A.63 Gungate St
673HAURTON?George H.63 Gungate St
673HAURTON?Simeon F.63 Gungate St
673HAURTON?Maude L.63 Gungate St
673HAURTON?Doris E.63 Gungate St
4220HAVARDLewis J.32 Market St
3914HAWKERThs. F.3 George St
3812HAWKINElizaOld White Lion B'bridge St
5313HAWKINSJohn A.93 Gungate
5313HAWKINSElizabeth93 Gungate
10123HAYWilliam C.14 Alfred Place
10123HAYEmily14 Alfred Place
10123HAYAlice Maud14 Alfred Place
1419HAYDONHarold19 Market St
5416HAYESHenry78 Gungate
7316HAYESCharles H.22 Cherry St
237HAYLOCKGeorgeStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
519HAYNESFrederick23 Spring Gdns
519HAYNESHarriet23 Spring Gdns
519HAYNESEdith23 Spring Gdns
519HAYNESMatilda23 Spring Gdns
519HAYNESHarry23 Spring Gdns
519HAYNESFrederick23 Spring Gdns
519HAYNESAlice23 Spring Gdns
1094HAYNESWilliam6th No # Lichfield St
1094HAYNESMary6th No # Lichfield St
1094HAYNESWilliam Jalpile?6th No # Lichfield St
1094HAYNESJames6th No # Lichfield St
1094HAYNESAlbert6th No # Lichfield St
1094HAYNESMary6th No # Lichfield St
1094HAYNESHenry6th No # Lichfield St
3811HAYWARDCharles64 Bolebridge St
3811HAYWARDAnnie A.64 Bolebridge St
3811HAYWARDThomas B.64 Bolebridge St
686HAYWARDArthur1 Stranrer Place
686HAYWARDSarah A.1 Stranrer Place
686HAYWARDBeatrice A.1 Stranrer Place
686HAYWARDOlive N.1 Stranrer Place
686HAYWARDDoris M.1 Stranrer Place
686HAYWARDWinifred1 Stranrer Place
709HAYWARDThomas6 Kercowan Place
709HAYWARDAlice6 Kercowan Place
709HAYWARDAlice6 Kercowan Place
709HAYWARDEliza M.6 Kercowan Place
709HAYWARDPercy6 Kercowan Place
709HAYWARDMary6 Kercowan Place
709HAYWARDAda6 Kercowan Place
7010HAYWARDMary6 Kercowan Place
7724HAYWARDE.24 Hospital St
7724HAYWARDHannah24 Hospital St
7724HAYWARDHerbert24 Hospital St
7724HAYWARDJessie24 Hospital St
1093HAYWARDEllen4th No # Lichfield St
1093HAYWARDJames Mill4th No # Lichfield St
1093HAYWARDWilliam H.5th No # Lichfield St
1093HAYWARDEllen5th No # Lichfield St
1093HAYWARDCharles5th No # Lichfield St
1093HAYWARDJohn H.5th No # Lichfield St
1093HAYWARDJoseph E.5th No # Lichfield St
1093HAYWARDAnnie A.5th No # Lichfield St
1093HAYWARDElizabeth5th No # Lichfield St
3811HAYWOODGertrude64 Bolebridge St
6231HEATHErnest W.6 Bolebridge St
6231HEATHMary A. E.6 Bolebridge St
6231HEATHJohn H. N.6 Bolebridge St
661HEATHSarah Ann74 Gungate St
661HEATHHilda74 Gungate St
661HEATHAlice74 Gungate St
697HEATHRachael8 Stranrer Place
9511HEATHColleen M.75 Lichfield St
11312HEATHCOTEJames Edward56 Lichfield St
11312HEATHCOTESusannah56 Lichfield St
11312HEATHCOTESarah56 Lichfield St
1216HEFFORDLilian1 Market St Peel Arms Hotel
12739HEMMINGSJoseph7 Lichfield St
12739HEMMINGSFanny7 Lichfield St
12739HEMMINGSJoseph W.7 Lichfield St
12739HEMMINGSEdward7 Lichfield St
12739HEMMINGSFrances M.7 Lichfield St
4321HENDERSONJohnCastle Hotel 39 Market St
4321HENDERSONEdithCastle Hotel 39 Market St
914HENLEYEmily104 Lichfield St
12943HENLEYEdith5 Lady Bank
12943HENLEYElizabeth5 Lady Bank
76HENNESSEYJohn2ct4ho Church St
76HENNESSEYHarriet2ct4ho Church St
76HENNESSEYHarriet A.2ct4ho Church St
76HENNESSEYJames P.2ct4ho Church St
76HENNESSEYBridget R.2ct4ho Church St
76HENNESSEYTilian?2ct4ho Church St
87HENNESSEYGertrude50 Church St
12026HENNESSEYJohn9 Peel St Lichfield St
12026HENNESSEYEdith9 Peel St Lichfield St
709HENSTOCKSydney3 Kercowan Place
709HENSTOCKBaz?3 Kercowan Place
709HENSTOCKAgnes3 Kercowan Place
709HENSTOCKEthel3 Kercowan Place
709HENSTOCKWalter3 Kercowan Place
901HENTONMark118 Lichfield St
901HENTONAmy O.118 Lichfield St
901HENTONFanny E.118 Lichfield St
901HENTONWilliam J.118 Lichfield St
901HENTONHarold M.118 Lichfield St
901HENTONAdelina118 Lichfield St
1317HESSION?HelenTavern 7 Market St
1012HEWITTHerbert H.63 Church St
709HEWITTEdwin2 Kercowan Place
709HEWITTHannah2 Kercowan Place
709HEWITTJames E.2 Kercowan Place
10327HEWITTGeorge5 Barbara St
1081HEWITTJohn10 the Bradfords L'field St
1081HEWITTGertrude10 the Bradfords L'field St
12331HEWITTRobert3 Castle View New St
12331HEWITTCharlotte3 Castle View New St
507HEWKINJames1 Hares Cottages
507HEWKINMary A.1 Hares Cottages
507HEWKINWalter G. N.1 Hares Cottages
507HEWKINAnn1 Hares Cottages
507HEWKINWalter J. S.1 Hares Cottages
495HICKENHannah111 Gungate
495HICKENMaggie111 Gungate
495HICKENJenny111 Gungate
495HICKENMary111 Gungate
202HICKLENHenry14+15 Church St
202HICKLENEmma14+15 Church St
202HICKLENFlorence A.14+15 Church St
202HICKLENHarry R.14+15 Church St
202HICKLENWinifred M.14+15 Church St
2614HIGGINSAnn8 Church Lane
12434HIGGINSONEmma7 Tame View New St
12434HIGGINSONJohn7 Tame View New St
12434HIGGINSONEthel7 Tame View New St
1216HIGGSAnnie1 Market St Peel Arms Hotel
1216HIGGSKate1 Market St Peel Arms Hotel
495HILLArthur111 Gungate
495HILLLizzie111 Gungate
495HILLWillie111 Gungate
5212HILLSophia11 Guys Almshouses
5518HILLJohnCaretakers House Boarding School
5518HILLHarrietCaretakers House Boarding School
5518HILLMinnieCaretakers House Boarding School
5518HILLFlorenceCaretakers House Boarding School
10124HILLMANEdward20 Alfred Place
5212HILTONJane6 Guys Almshouses
6130HILTONGeorge11 Freeman's Yard
6130HILTONSarah11 Freeman's Yard
6130HILTONHarriet11 Freeman's Yard
6130HILTONEliza11 Freeman's Yard
6130HILTONGeorge11 Freeman's Yard
6130HILTONFlorrie11 Freeman's Yard
6130HILTONWilliam H.11 Freeman's Yard
6130HILTONSarah11 Freeman's Yard
6130HILTONEmmanuel11 Freeman's Yard
202HINCHCLIFFEJames10 Church St
202HINCHCLIFFEMary A.10 Church St
202HINCHCLIFFEMarg. M.10 Church St
10226HINCKESJohn13 Barbara St
10226HINCKESAgnes13 Barbara St
10226HINCKESNellie13 Barbara St
10226HINCKESAlfred13 Barbara St
10226HINCKESWalter13 Barbara St
10226HINCKESAnnie13 Barbara St
10226HINCKESJohn13 Barbara St
379HIPKISSFrederick6 Queen St
379HIPKISSFanny6 Queen St
379HIPKISSCharles F.6 Queen St
379HIPKISSAlbert E.6 Queen St
379HIPKISSWilliam E.6 Queen St
379HIPKISSAda F.6 Queen St
379HIPKISSJohn James6 Queen St
379HIPKISSThomas6 Queen St
379HIPKISSEva V.6 Queen St
344HITCHESGeorge13 Arched Row
344HITCHESCharles13 Arched Row
344HITCHESGertrude13 Arched Row
344HITCHESGeorge13 Arched Row
344HITCHESMargaret13 Arched Row
343HITCHESWilliam45 Bolebridge St
7112HITCHINGSG.33 Hospital St
8335HOBBSEnock2 Hall's Row
8335HOBBSCharlotte2 Hall's Row
8335HOBBSFlorence M.2 Hall's Row
8335HOBBSGertrude M.2 Hall's Row
7214HOBDAYFrankie?14 Cherry St
7927HODGESJames6 Offa St
11923HODGESSarahThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
64HODGKINSMargaret43 Church St
496HODSONJoseph9 Spring Gdns
496HODSONPhoeby9 Spring Gdns
1106HOLDINGJohn James Ernest19 Park St Lichfield St
7214HOLLINGSHEADRachel15 Cherry St
709HOLLINGSWORTHAlfred5 Kercowan Place
709HOLLINGSWORTHJane5 Kercowan Place
709HOLLINGSWORTHMaud5 Kercowan Place
709HOLLINGSWORTHAlfred5 Kercowan Place
709HOLLINGSWORTHArthur5 Kercowan Place
709HOLLINGSWORTHHorace5 Kercowan Place
709HOLLINGSWORTHHerbert5 Kercowan Place
11923HOLLINSEdwardThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
10225HOLLOWAYCaroline6 Orchard St
10225HOLLOWAYWilliam6 Orchard St
10225HOLLOWAYFanny6 Orchard St
10225HOLLOWAYCharlotte6 Orchard St
10225HOLLOWAYSarah6 Orchard St
64HOLLYOAKEKate H.43 Church St
7010HOLLYOAKEWilliam10 Kercowan Place
7010HOLLYOAKESusan10 Kercowan Place
7010HOLLYOAKEHarriet10 Kercowan Place
7010HOLLYOAKEWilliam10 Kercowan Place
7010HOLLYOAKEArthur10 Kercowan Place
7010HOLLYOAKEHerbert H.10 Kercowan Place
7010HOLLYOAKEMay M.10 Kercowan Place
7111HOLMESEllen13 Kercowan Place
7111HOLMESEllen M.13 Kercowan Place
7111HOLMESErnest13 Kercowan Place
12331HOLMESJohn M.6 New St
12331HOLMESAnn E.6 New St
5619HOLTSamuel6 Fisher's Row
12230HOLTWilliam E.18 Lichfield St
12230HOLTMary E.18 Lichfield St
1419HOOPERGeorgeTavern 18 Market St
1419HOOPERFannyTavern 18 Market St
5416HOPKINSMary1ct3ho Gungate
8641HOPKINSWilliamCottage Hospital
202HORROCKSViolet10 Church St
3811HORTONLizzie68 Bolebridge St
11923HOUSEMANMarionMoat Lodge 32 Lichfield St
8539HOWARDJohn17 Aldergate St
8539HOWARDSarah E.17 Aldergate St
8539HOWARDFlorence E.17 Aldergate St
2613HOWELLSWilliam8 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613HOWELLSJames8 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613HOWELLSHarry8 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613HOWELLSElsie8 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613HOWELLSCyril8 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613HOWELLSHarold8 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613HOWELLSEleanor8 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
926HOWLMary E.95 Lichfield St
12842HUBBERTJohn G.6 Silver St
356HUCKERAlfred1ct2ho Bolebridge St
356HUCKEREllen1ct2ho Bolebridge St
356HUCKERGeorge B.1ct2ho Bolebridge St
356HUCKERMary1ct2ho Bolebridge St
356HUCKEREmma1ct2ho Bolebridge St
356HUCKERAlfred J.1ct2ho Bolebridge St
507HUDSONWilliam12 Spring Gdns
507HUDSONEleanor12 Spring Gdns
507HUDSONFlorence12 Spring Gdns
507HUDSONWilliam12 Spring Gdns
507HUDSONJoseph12 Spring Gdns
2715HUGHESHannah15 Church Lane
2715HUGHESOliver15 Church Lane
2715HUGHESMaurice17 Church Lane
2715HUGHESMartha17 Church Lane
2715HUGHESEthel17 Church Lane
355HUGHESWalter G.1ct1ho Bolebridge St
355HUGHESJessie1ct1ho Bolebridge St
356HUGHESFrances E.1ct1ho Bolebridge St
356HUGHESWalter G.1ct1ho Bolebridge St
356HUGHESElsie M.1ct1ho Bolebridge St
1216HUGHESLizzie2+3 Market St
202HUGHESFrederick21 Church St
202HUGHESElizabeth21 Church St
202HUGHESHerbert21 Church St
202HUGHESHorace21 Church St
2511HUGHESWilliam26 Gungate St
2511HUGHESCatherine26 Gungate St
2511HUGHESJohn Thomas26 Gungate St
2511HUGHESWilliam26 Gungate St
2511HUGHESElenor26 Gungate St
8234HUGHESAnn J.6 Aldergate St
8438HUGHESEdith E.10 Aldergate St
12229HUGHESFannyRed Lion Inn 23 Lichfield St
7418HULBERTGeorge James9 Cross St
472HULLARDAnn5 Victoria Rd
213HULMEThomas24 Church St
3914HULSONAlbert2 George St
12025HUMPHREYSAlice24 Lichfield St
697HUNTKate7 Stranrer Place
12229HUNTJoshua21 Lichfield St
12229HUNTMary Ann21 Lichfield St
12229HUNTGeorge21 Lichfield St
12229HUNTElizabeth21 Lichfield St
12229HUNTHenry21 Lichfield St
12229HUNTFrederick21 Lichfield St
12229HUNTMargaret21 Lichfield St
331HUNTERJoseph38 Bolebridge St
331HUNTERFrances M.38 Bolebridge St
331HUNTERJoseph T.38 Bolebridge St
331HUNTEREdward C.38 Bolebridge St
331HUNTERErnest A.38 Bolebridge St
331HUNTERWalter H.38 Bolebridge St
331HUNTERAlbert G.38 Bolebridge St
331HUNTERFrances B.38 Bolebridge St
331HUNTERFlorence May38 Bolebridge St
88HUNTERJohn55 Church St
88HUNTERAnnie55 Church St
88HUNTERJoseph55 Church St
88HUNTERWillie55 Church St
88HUNTERAnnie55 Church St
12025HUNTERJ.4 Peel St Lichfield St
76HUNTER Frank1 Middle Entry
76HUNTER Mary A.1 Middle Entry
1011HURSTJames60 Church St
1011HURSTMartha60 Church St
937HUSBANDJohn1ho 3ct Lichfield St
5925HUSKINSJames16 Freeman's Yard
5925HUSKINSCaroline16 Freeman's Yard
5925HUSKINSWilliam M.16 Freeman's Yard
5925HUSKINSAnn16 Freeman's Yard
5925HUSKINSAlfred16 Freeman's Yard
5925HUSKINSAmy16 Freeman's Yard
5925HUSKINSCharles16 Freeman's Yard
5925HUSKINSMaud B.16 Freeman's Yard
8029ICONIS?Henry7 St John St
1093IGORJohn3rd No # Lichfield St
1093IGORAnnie3rd No # Lichfield St
1093IGORJohn3rd No # Lichfield St
1093IGORMary3rd No # Lichfield St
8438ILLSLEYHiram10 Aldergate St
8438ILLSLEYEleanor10 Aldergate St
8438ILLSLEYHelen F.10 Aldergate St
8438ILLSLEYKathleen10 Aldergate St
8438ILLSLEYEthel10 Aldergate St
1106INDEE?Emma Coventry?19 Park St Lichfield St
1106INDEE?Josephine May19 Park St Lichfield St
8233INGLEFrank126 Lichfield St
507INGRAMWilliam J.13 Spring Gdns
1522INGRAMEmily31a George St
12841INGRAMFanny2+3 Lichfield St
6130INSLEYHarriet10 Freeman's Yard
6130INSLEYHenry S.10 Freeman's Yard
6130INSLEYAgnes H.10 Freeman's Yard
9613INSLEYWilliam5 Moor St
9613INSLEYJohn5 Moor St
9613INSLEYFanny5 Moor St
9613INSLEYSusan5 Moor St
7111IVERYCharles H.30 Hospital St
7111IVERYBeatrice30 Hospital St
11923J.E. E.The Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
914JACKAlfred2 Turner's Yard L'field St
914JACKMary E.2 Turner's Yard L'field St
914JACKElizabeth E.2 Turner's Yard L'field St
914JACKEllen2 Turner's Yard L'field St
914JACKAlfred2 Turner's Yard L'field St
914JACKFlorence2 Turner's Yard L'field St
914JACKEdith M.2 Turner's Yard L'field St
507JACKSONWilliam14 Spring Gdns
507JACKSONMary14 Spring Gdns
507JACKSONAda14 Spring Gdns
507JACKSONHarry14 Spring Gdns
507JACKSONCharles E.14 Spring Gdns
507JACKSONLily14 Spring Gdns
519JACKSONRosina22 Spring Gdns
910JACKSONHarry3ct4ho Church St
910JACKSONLizzie3ct4ho Church St
910JACKSONElizth3ct4ho Church St
910JACKSONWilliam3ct4ho Church St
910JACKSONAlice G.3ct4ho Church St
1114JACKSONGeorge S.4 King St
1114JACKSONElizabeth4 King St
1114JACKSONAnnie4 King St
1114JACKSONGeorge4 King St
1114JACKSONHarriet4 King St
226JACKSONHenryStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
5619JACKSONJames6 Fisher's Row
5619JACKSONJohn6 Fisher's Row
938JACKSONWilliam2ho3ct Lichfield St
938JACKSONCatherine2ho3ct Lichfield St
938JACKSONJohn2ho3ct Lichfield St
938JACKSONRobert2ho3ct Lichfield St
938JACKSONHarriet2ho3ct Lichfield St
949JACKSONWilliam87 Lichfield St
949JACKSONElizabeth87 Lichfield St
949JACKSONElizabeth87 Lichfield St
949JACKSONWilliam87 Lichfield St
949JACKSONJob87 Lichfield St
949JACKSONFrank87 Lichfield St
9410JACKSONEdith A.86 Lichfield St
9410JACKSONEmily84 Lichfield St
10328JACKSONWilliam1 Barbara St
10328JACKSONMary H.1 Barbara St
10328JACKSONAmanda M.1 Barbara St
10328JACKSONMartha H.1 Barbara St
10328JACKSONAlice1 Barbara St
11515JACKSONWilliam Samuel5 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515JACKSONCatherine5 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515JACKSONKitty5 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515JACKSONHenry Herbert5 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515JACKSONAlbert Edward5 Clarson Row Moor Lane
1419JAQUESWilliam J.19 Market St
344JARRETTGeorge9 Arched Row
344JARRETTAnn9 Arched Row
8234JARVISWilliam6 Aldergate St
1216JASPERAnnie1 Market St Peel Arms Hotel
4015JASPERConstance M.5 George St
913JEFFCOATEWilliam109 Lichfield St
1106JEFFCOATECharles Arthur21 Park St Lichfield St
1106JEFFCOATECaroline21 Park St Lichfield St
11515JEFFCOATECharles7 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515JEFFCOATEAnn7 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515JEFFCOATEHarry7 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515JEFFCOATEWilliam7 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515JEFFCOATETom7 Clarson Row Moor Lane
7927JEFTWilliam F.1 Offa St
910JENKINSWilloughby58 Church St
910JENKINSEllen58 Church St
910JENKINSAlice58 Church St
910JENKINSWilloughby58 Church St
910JENKINSMay T. J.58 Church St
3913JENKINSRichard78 Bolebridge St
3913JENKINSSarah78 Bolebridge St
3913JENKINSRichard78 Bolebridge St
3913JENKINSMargaret78 Bolebridge St
3913JENKINSEllen78 Bolebridge St
3913JENKINSWilliam78 Bolebridge St
225JENNINGSJohn6 Mold's Yard
2817JENNINGSGeorge L.The Paddock 32 Aldergate
2817JENNINGSAmelia C.The Paddock 32 Aldergate
2817JENNINGSVernon L.The Paddock 32 Aldergate
2817JENNINGSGeorge R.The Paddock 32 Aldergate
2817JENNINGSDora E.The Paddock 32 Aldergate
2817JENNINGSConstance M.The Paddock 32 Aldergate
2817JENNINGSJohn L.The Paddock 32 Aldergate
5415JENNINGSJohn78 Gungate
4015JENSONWilliam B.5 George St
4015JENSONHannah E. S.5 George St
226JOHNSONJackStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
5415JOHNSONHarry78 Gungate
6232JOHNSONEmma2 Bolebridge St
6232JOHNSONJohn W.2 Bolebridge St
6232JOHNSONDavid A.2 Bolebridge St
7315JOHNSONJohn Markham17 Cherry St
7315JOHNSONLouisa Mary17 Cherry St
7315JOHNSONJohn Sydney17 Cherry St
7315JOHNSONHilda Adelaide17 Cherry St
7315JOHNSONReginald William17 Cherry St
7723JOHNSONEliza J.1 Marion Place
7723JOHNSONFlorence N.1 Marion Place
8539JOHNSONAlfred J.20 Aldergate St
9919JOHNSONJohn H.19 Orchard St
9919JOHNSONJulia19 Orchard St
9919JOHNSONGeorge H.19 Orchard St
9919JOHNSONGeorge16 Orchard St
9919JOHNSONRose16 Orchard St
9919JOHNSONWinfred H.16 Orchard St
9920JOHNSONSarah E.12 Orchard St
9920JOHNSONEdwin12 Orchard St
9920JOHNSONMabel C.12 Orchard St
9920JOHNSONEdith F.12 Orchard St
9920JOHNSONDorothy K.12 Orchard St
2613JOHNSTONEMary A. S.9 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2614JONESRichard3 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
332JONESAlice41 Bolebridge St
51JONESJoseph H.6 Marshall Cott, Church St
51JONESAlice6 Marshall Cott, Church St
51JONESHubert J.6 Marshall Cott, Church St
52JONESFrederick H.6 Marshall Cott, Church St
3811JONESMary Ann64 Bolebridge St
3811JONESJohn W.67 Bolebridge St
3811JONESAmelia67 Bolebridge St
3811JONESEdith67 Bolebridge St
484JONESWilliamBk 114 Gungate
484JONESMary A.Bk 114 Gungate
484JONESThomas H.Bk 114 Gungate
484JONESElizabethBk 114 Gungate
484JONESJaneBk 114 Gungate
484JONESWilliam A.Bk 114 Gungate
484JONESRosinaBk 114 Gungate
4321JONESMary A.Castle Hotel 39 Market St
1624JONESClara E.St Editha's Vica'ge Cole Hill
5415JONESCharley78 Gungate
5314JONESGeorge88 Gungate
6027JONESElizabeth28 Bolebridge St
674JONESArthur55 Gungate St
674JONESEdith55 Gungate St
674JONESJohn Edward55 Gungate St
685JONESWilliam44 Gungate St
685JONESMary Ann44 Gungate St
685JONESMinnie44 Gungate St
685JONESJames44 Gungate St
685JONESJessie44 Gungate St
685JONESEdwin W.44 Gungate St
686JONESAlfred E.44 Gungate St
686JONESLydia E.44 Gungate St
7723JONESSarah J.2 Marion Place
8539JONESRees16 Aldergate St
9817JONESEmma Jane1 Halford St
11821JONESJohn13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821JONESEmma13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821JONESJenny13 Clarson St Moor Lane
12842JONESArthur3 Silver St
12842JONESFrances3 Silver St
12842JONESAlice M.3 Silver St
12842JONESJane C.3 Silver St
12842JONESSidney C.3 Silver St
12842JONESEdgar A.3 Silver St
12842JONESElsie M.3 Silver St
12943JONESAlice6 Lady Bank
926JOYJohn H.95 Lichfield St
926JOYCharles H.95 Lichfield St
926JOYHenry H.95 Lichfield St
367JUDGERose E.1ct5ho Bolebridge St
1106JUDGEJoseph19 Park St Lichfield St
1106JUDGESusan19 Park St Lichfield St
4321JUSTICEThomas W.36 Market St
4321JUSTICEAnnie T.36 Market St
7213K(H)EENWalter8 Cherry St
7213K(H)EENEmily8 Cherry St
7213K(H)EENCatherine8 Cherry St
5517KEANEThomas M.No # Albert Rd
484KEATINGCharles3ct2ho Gungate
8641KEELINGAdaCottage Hospital
225KEENArthur30 Church St
225KEENEllen30 Church St
225KEENHenry30 Church St
225KEENWalter30 Church St
225KEENFrederick30 Church St
225KEENWilliam30 Church St
5212KEENCatherine13 Guys Almshouses
6028KEENRose5 Paradise Row
6028KEENHarry5 Paradise Row
7519KEENArthur19 Cross St
7519KEENCathrine C.19 Cross St
7519KEENSidney A.19 Cross St
7520KEENJohn C.19 Cross St
8233KEENHenry1 Aldergate St
8233KEENHenry1 Aldergate St
8233KEENElizabeth1 Aldergate St
8233KEENJohn2 Aldergate St
8233KEENSarah2 Aldergate St
8233KEENWilliam J.2 Aldergate St
8233KEENAnnie E.2 Aldergate St
8233KEENHarry2 Aldergate St
9715KEEPFrank4 Halford Terr
9715KEEPMary4 Halford Terr
5110KELLYJohn108 Gungate
5110KELLYEmma108 Gungate
5110KELLYThomas108 Gungate
5110KELLYWinifred108 Gungate
5110KELLYMay108 Gungate
5110KELLYKathleen108 Gungate
5110KELLYJohn108 Gungate
5211KELLYJames108 Gungate
5211KELLYJoseph108 Gungate
6028KELLYAnnie7 Paradise Row
674KELSEYSamuel J.51 Gungate St
685KELSEYPriscilla51 Gungate St
685KELSEYAlbert51 Gungate St
685KELSEYIda51 Gungate St
7214KELSEYSamuel12 Cherry St
7214KELSEYElizabeth12 Cherry St
7214KELSEYAlbert12 Cherry St
7214KELSEYReginald12 Cherry St
7214KELSEYFrederick12 Cherry St
7214KELSEYAnnie12 Cherry St
7214KELSEYLily12 Cherry St
11822KEMPHarriett39 Lichfield St
11822KEMPGeorge39 Lichfield St
202KENDALLAlice21 Church St
4015KENDALLElizabeth8 George St
4015KENDALLHorace8 George St
4015KENDALLMay8 George St
7724KENDALLArthur23 Hospital St
7724KENDALLAgnes23 Hospital St
7724KENDALLHerbert23 Hospital St
7724KENDALLKathleen23 Hospital St
7724KENDALLThomas23 Hospital St
12025KENDALLJane1 Peel St Lichfield St
7723KENNEDYEmily B.2 Marion Place
483KENTFrederick 118 Gungate
483KENTHarriet118 Gungate
355KENTJohn49 Bolebridge St
1113KENTJohn5ct2ho Church St
3811KENTThomas68 Bolebridge St
6129KERWOODFlorence M.Old Swan Inn 17 Bo'bridge St
12944KETCHENWilliam L.4 Lady Bank
10021KETTLEEmily J.1 Alfred Place
11924KIBBLERMaria29 Lichfield St
10022KILSBYFrancis C.8 Alfred Place
355KINGEliza17 Arched Row
355KINGHarriet17 Arched Row
355KINGEllen17 Arched Row
519KINGElizabeth25 Spring Gdns
519KINGThomas J.25 Spring Gdns
519KINGAlfred25 Spring Gdns
6129KINGJohn16 Bolebridge St
6129KINGElizabeth16 Bolebridge St
6129KINGAlice16 Bolebridge St
6129KINGElsie16 Bolebridge St
5721KINSLEYAbraham12 Victoria Cres
5721KINSLEYLucy12 Victoria Cres
1624KINSONRose B.1 Cole Hill
344KINSONPercy R.14 Arched Row
344KINSONElsie J.14 Arched Row
344KINSONLilian F.14 Arched Row
344KINSONHorace R.14 Arched Row
344KINSONSamuel T.14 Arched Row
483KINSONFanny M.8 Colehill
344KINSONClara M.9 Arched Row
9410KIRKAnn82 Lichfield St
9919KIRKEsther7 Halford St
5212KITCHENClara16 Guys Almshouses
5416KLEINDaniel78 Gungate
8540KNIGHTThomas28 Aldergate St
12026KNIGHTAnnie11 Peel St Lichfield St
12026KNIGHTWilliam11 Peel St Lichfield St
12026KNIGHTElizabeth11 Peel St Lichfield St
12026KNIGHTHenry11 Peel St Lichfield St
1113KNOTTKate5ct4ho Church St
249KNOWLESThomas9 Lower Gungate
11923L.M. B.The Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
5212LACEYAlbert99 Gungate
5212LACEYElizabeth99 Gungate
5212LACEYAlbert J.99 Gungate
5212LACEYJohn E.99 Gungate
5212LACEYArthur A.99 Gungate
5212LACEYWilliam H.99 Gungate
5212LACEYElsie M.99 Gungate
5211LAKINMary A.104 Gungate
471LANCASHIREJoseph4 Victoria Rd
471LANCASHIREElizabeth4 Victoria Rd
471LANCASHIREViolet Hird?4 Victoria Rd
249LANCOMBEGeorge9 Lower Gungate
9919LANGTONElizabeth17 Orchard St
1420LARGEAlbert26 George St
1420LARGERose26 George St
1420LARGEEdith26 George St
7723LARNERHenry28 Hospital St
7723LARNERHarriet28 Hospital St
7723LARNERFlorence28 Hospital St
508LARVINJames18 Spring Gdns
508LARVINCatherine18 Spring Gdns
508LARVINJohn18 Spring Gdns
508LARVINMary18 Spring Gdns
508LARVINCatherine18 Spring Gdns
508LARVINMargaret18 Spring Gdns
508LARVINElizabeth18 Spring Gdns
508LARVINJames P.18 Spring Gdns
1521LASSITERJohn W.27 George St
1521LASSITERJane27 George St
1521LASSITERLilian S. M.27 George St
1521LASSITERMaude L.27 George St
1521LASSITERJohn J. W. 27 George St
4321LATHBURYDavidCastle Lodge the Holloway
4321LATHBURYMary J.Castle Lodge the Holloway
4321LATHBURYNellie G. G.Castle Lodge the Holloway
4321LATHBURYEmily E.Castle Lodge the Holloway
7927LATHBURYRichard5 Offa St
7927LATHBURYMary5 Offa St
7927LATHBURYSamuel5 Offa St
7927LATHBURYGeorge A.5 Offa St
7927LATHBURYMary5 Offa St
7927LATHBURYWalter5 Offa St
7927LATHBURYLily5 Offa St
7927LATHBURYEdith5 Offa St
4117LAVINMichael3 Bull Yard
10225LAVINMary J.1 Orchard St
495LAWLESSThomas111 Gungate
495LAWLESSThomas111 Gungate
201LAWLEYWilliam4 Church St
201LAWLEYJane4 Church St
201LAWLEYSarah A.4 Church St
201LAWLEYBertie J.4 Church St
201LAWLEYEdith4 Church St
201LAWLEYHerbert4 Church St
201LAWLEYAgnes D.4 Church St
201LAWLEYHannah E.4 Church St
201LAWLEYElsie J.4 Church St
1011LAWRENCEJames60 Church St
7214LAWRENCEJoseph11 Cherry St
7214LAWRENCEBertha Annie11 Cherry St
7214LAWRENCEBertha Ellen11 Cherry St
7214LAWRENCEHarry11 Cherry St
7214LAWRENCEMabel11 Cherry St
8029LAWRENCEEdward11 St John St
8029LAWRENCEHannah11 St John St
8029LAWRENCEJames W.11 St John St
8030LAWRENCEJohn16 St John St
8030LAWRENCEFlorence Mary16 St John St
8030LAWRENCEDora May16 St John St
8030LAWRENCEGertie Emma16 St John St
8030LAWRENCEReginald James16 St John St
8030LAWRENCEBaby Girl16 St John St
471LAWSONSusan1 Victoria Rd
2511LEAWilliam19 Gungate St
2511LEAMatilda19 Gungate St
2511LEAFlorence E.19 Gungate St
2511LEAEdwin J.19 Gungate St
2511LEAMarguerite H.19 Gungate St
1522LEAJohn33 George St
1522LEAMary A.33 George St
1522LEAMay E.33 George St
1522LEAFlorence33 George St
1522LEAHorace V.33 George St
1317LEAJohn T.6 Market St
1317LEACaroline6 Market St
1317LEAEllen M.6 Market St
1317LEAMargery6 Market St
5823LEAErnest2 Marmion Terr
5823LEADinah2 Marmion Terr
5823LEAWilliam D.2 Marmion Terr
226LEACHFrederickStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
926LEAHAda M.97 Lichfield St
9920LEAREdwin C.13 Orchard St
9920LEARMary13 Orchard St
662LEEDHAMFrederick A.66 Gungate St
662LEEDHAMEliza66 Gungate St
8336LEEDSMary Ann9 Hall's Row
8336LEEDSGeorge9 Hall's Row
8336LEEDSEdward9 Hall's Row
8336LEEDSJames9 Hall's Row
8336LEEDSHannah9 Hall's Row
2818LEESFred1 Matthew's Yard
2818LEESSusan1 Matthew's Yard
4220LEESMaria A.32 Market St
1317LEESSarah6 Market St
1215LEESRosie P.66 Church St
368LEESGeorge7 Queen St
368LEESMaria7 Queen St
368LEESGeorge7 Queen St
368LEESJohn7 Queen St
368LEESAnnie7 Queen St
3812LEESArthur70 Bolebridge St
2614LEESMary A.9 Church Lane
6027LEESIsaac2 Paradise Row
6027LEESMaria2 Paradise Row
6027LEESWalter2 Paradise Row
6027LEESJames2 Paradise Row
6027LEESCharlotte2 Paradise Row
673LEESMary58 Gungate St
7316LEESWilliam1 Cross St
7316LEESMaria1 Cross St
7417LEESWilliam1 Cross St
7417LEESMary1 Cross St
7417LEESKatherine1 Cross St
7417LEESJoseph1 Cross St
7417LEESEster?1 Cross St
10226LEESWilliam14 Barbara St
10226LEESSarah14 Barbara St
12637LEESWilliam15 Brewery Lane
63LESTEREliza4 College Lan
63LESTERJames4 College Lan
1419LEWISPercy V.19 Market St
213LEWISWilliam24 Church St
75LEWISJames4 Godfrey's Yard
368LEWISPolly7 Queen St
10022LEWISDavid10 Alfred Place
10429LEWISOrlando W.2 Pretoria Terr
10429LEWISFrances2 Pretoria Terr
10429LEWISAlbert W.2 Pretoria Terr
10429LEWISReginald J.2 Pretoria Terr
11210LEWISAlbert John4 Park St Lichfield St
11311LEWISEthel4 Park St Lichfield St
11311LEWISPercy4 Park St Lichfield St
11311LEWISGerty4 Park St Lichfield St
10225LIGHTLucy3 Orchard St
11312LIGHTWalter57 Lichfield St
11312LIGHTAnnie57 Lichfield St
11312LIGHTArthur57 Lichfield St
11312LIGHTMargery57 Lichfield St
1117LIMBDavid46 Park St Lichfield St
1117LIMBSusannah46 Park St Lichfield St
1117LIMBMaurice Henry46 Park St Lichfield St
12434LITHERLANDThomas8 Tame View New St
12434LITHERLANDMary Ann8 Tame View New St
12434LITHERLANDThomas8 Tame View New St
12535LITHERLANDSarah J.8 Tame View New St
12535LITHERLANDNellie8 Tame View New St
12535LITHERLANDLaura8 Tame View New St
12535LITHERLANDMary8 Tame View New St
12535LITHERLANDJohn8 Tame View New St
12535LITHERLANDAnnie8 Tame View New St
7213LITTLERThomas5 Cherry St
7213LITTLERMabel5 Cherry St
7213LITTLERRobert H.5 Cherry St
7213LITTLEREdith A.5 Cherry St
4219LLOYDSusan26 Market St
10123LLOYDJohn16 Alfred Place
926LOMASSarah R.97 Lichfield St
237LONGDENJohn2 Lower Gungate
237LONGDENEmily2 Lower Gungate
237LONGDENAmelia2 Lower Gungate
237LONGDENEthel2 Lower Gungate
237LONGDENBeatrice2 Lower Gungate
237LONGDENReginald J.2 Lower Gungate
237LONGDENEdith F. M.2 Lower Gungate
237LONGDENJoseph B.2 Lower Gungate
12230LOUDOW/LONDONEmily18 Lichfield St
12230LOUDOW/LONDONEditha M.18 Lichfield St
12230LOUDOW/LONDONEvelyn R.18 Lichfield St
1420LOVELOCKHannah G.24 George St
5416LOVERIDGEEllen1ct1ho Gungate
1011LOWEJohn4ct3ho Church St
483LOWEJohn G.8 Colehill
483LOWEGertrude8 Colehill
483LOWEDorothy M.8 Colehill
483LOWEEdward8 Colehill
483LOWEGeorge D.8 Colehill
483LOWEMargaret8 Colehill
1419LOWLEYJohn17 Market St
12433LUCASHenry13 Castle View New St
12433LUCASEmily13 Castle View New St
12433LUCASHarry13 Castle View New St
12433LUCASJoseph F.13 Castle View New St
12433LUCASGrace I.13 Castle View New St
12433LUCASReginald T.13 Castle View New St
12433LUCASAlbert V.13 Castle View New St
7724LUDBURYLucy22 Hospital St
7724LUNNHannah27 Hospital St
8539LUNNThomas21 Aldergate St
8539LUNNFrances E.21 Aldergate St
12536LUNNSamuel7 Brewery Lane
12536LUNNSarah Elizabeth7 Brewery Lane
12536LUNNMinnie7 Brewery Lane
12536LUNNNellie7 Brewery Lane
12536LUNNSamuel7 Brewery Lane
12536LUNNAlfred7 Brewery Lane
5518LYCETTWilliam4 Marmion St
5518LYCETTMaria4 Marmion St
5518LYCETTWilliam4 Marmion St
5518LYCETTThomas4 Marmion St
5518LYCETTSarah4 Marmion St
5518LYCETTBenjamin4 Marmion St
5518LYCETTSarah S.4 Marmion St
1114LYNCHThomas2 King St
1114LYNCHAnnie2 King St
1114LYNCHGeorge2 King St
1114LYNCHAmy2 King St
1114LYNCHAnnie2 King St
1114LYNCHJohn2 King St
1114LYNCHAlbert2 King St
1114LYNCHRobert2 King St
4321LYNCHAnnieCastle Hotel 39 Market St
11923M.M. H.The Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
1012MacARTYThomas63 Church St
1012MacDERMOTJohn61 Church St
5517MACEYMaud M.54 Albert Rd
10124MacGOVERNHenry17 Alfred Place
10124MacGOVERNElizabeth17 Alfred Place
10124MacGOVERNWalter17 Alfred Place
10124MacGOVERNElizabeth17 Alfred Place
10124MacGOVERNJanet17 Alfred Place
7520MACHINAndrew37 Hospital St
7520MACHINSarah E.37 Hospital St
7520MACHINOliver A.37 Hospital St
7520MACHINHarold37 Hospital St
7520MACHINRoland37 Hospital St
7520MACHINThomas H.37 Hospital St
7520MACHINAlbert E.37 Hospital St
7520MACHINAmy M.37 Hospital St
7520MACHINGeorge F.37 Hospital St
7520MACHINMay A.37 Hospital St
7621MACHINHorace J.37 Hospital St
7621MACHINSarah E.43 Elmdon Place
7723MACHINAlexander1 Marion Place
7723MACHINAlice1 Marion Place
9511MACHINHarry R.76 Lichfield St
9511MACHINFrances76 Lichfield St
9511MACHINReginald76 Lichfield St
9511MACHINGladys76 Lichfield St
9511MACHINMary76 Lichfield St
9511MACHINCicely76 Lichfield St
11924MACKJoseph26 Lichfield St
11924MACKElizabeth H.26 Lichfield St
12230MACKJohn19 Lichfield St
1129MADDOCKSJohn R. D.26 Park St Lichfield St
1129MADDOCKSAnnie26 Park St Lichfield St
1129MADDOCKSBertram26 Park St Lichfield St
1129MADDOCKSCyril John26 Park St Lichfield St
51MAHONThomas5 Marshall Cott, Church St
1093MAHOWCatherine51 Lichfield St
1093MAHOWJames51 Lichfield St
1093MAHOWThomas51 Lichfield St
10021MAINPRIZE?Emma8 Orchard St
1012MALLENPatrick61 Church St
88MALLETTWalter H.56 Church St
88MALLETTSarah A.56 Church St
88MALLETTEdith G.56 Church St
88MALLETTWalter G.56 Church St
99MALLINSONThomas5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
12638MARKLANDJohn11 Lichfield St
3811MARKLOWEdward68 Bolebridge St
12229MARRIOTWilliam22 Lichfield St
12229MARRIOTEmma22 Lichfield St
12229MARRIOTMabel22 Lichfield St
12229MARRIOTHarry22 Lichfield St
7724MARRIOTTSJoseph26 Hospital St
202MARSDENFlorence21 Church St
9715MARSHALLRobert9 Halford Terr
9715MARSHALLEdith9 Halford Terr
9715MARSHALLCharles9 Halford Terr
9715MARSHALLFlorrie9 Halford Terr
9715MARSHALLMary A.9 Halford Terr
11719MARSHALLAnthony E.1 Clarson St Moor Lane
213MARSONJohn24 Church St
213MARSONSarah A.24 Church St
213MARSONEmmanuel24 Church St
213MARSONAlbert R.24 Church St
213MARSONSina24 Church St
213MARSONHarold J.24 Church St
213MARSONNorman24 Church St
3914MASONMary E.2 George St
75MASONFrank3 Godfrey's Yard
75MASONMary3 Godfrey's Yard
75MASONFrank E.3 Godfrey's Yard
75MASONWilliam A.3 Godfrey's Yard
5722MATHISONGeorge4 Sculthorpe Bldg
11413MATTHEWSWilliam61 Lichfield St
11413MATTHEWSLouisa61 Lichfield St
11413MATTHEWSWalter61 Lichfield St
11413MATTHEWSEllen61 Lichfield St
8131MATTISONCaroline3 Calcutta Terr
8131MATTISONJames3 Calcutta Terr
8131MATTISONAnnie3 Calcutta Terr
8131MATTISONFrederick3 Calcutta Terr
8131MATTISONHarry3 Calcutta Terr
698MAULLINMary A.3 Lochryan Place
379MAWBEYJohn14 Queen St
8029MAWDITTAnna14 St John St
8029MAWDITTHarriet14 St John St
471MAYOlive4 Victoria Rd
1094McGOWANMary52 Lichfield St
11414McQUIREElizabeth68 Lichfield St
7316McRAYAlexander26 Cherry St
8132MEADSJenny123 Lichfield St
12433MEAKINHerbert14 Castle View New St
910MEERSThomas60 Church St
5212MELLERSMary14 Guys Almshouses
1420MELLORElizabeth 24 George St
10021MELLORWilliam2 Alfred Place
10021MELLORMatilda2 Alfred Place
10021MELLORGeorge W.2 Alfred Place
10021MELLORSarah G.2 Alfred Place
4219MERRELLSeptima23 Market St
12025MERSONWilliam H.6 Peel St Lichfield St
12025MERSONMinnie H.6 Peel St Lichfield St
11923MICHAUSESusan AnnThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
331MILBOURNEGeorge35 Bolebridge St
484MILESMary A.115 Gungate
76MILESErnest2ct1ho Church St
76MILESRose A.2ct1ho Church St
8233MILLINGTONWilliamWhite Lion Inn Lichfield St
8233MILLINGTONAlbertWhite Lion Inn Lichfield St
6027MILLSThomas27 Bolebridge St
12536MILLSEdwin S.12 Brewery Lane
63MILLWARDGeorge6? College Lane
63MILLWARDRosie6? College Lane
63MILLWARDJohn H.6? College Lane
63MILLWARDAmbrose6? College Lane
12331MILLWARDCharles4 New St
12331MILLWARDMary4 New St
12331MILLWARDGeorge4 New St
12331MILLWARDHilda4 New St
12331MILLWARDGeorge4 New St
7418MINCHERJohn11 Cross St
4219MITCHELLEliza M.26 Market St
2919MITCHELLArthur29 Aldergate
2817MITCHELLHenry Y.31 Aldergate
2817MITCHELLEdith31 Aldergate
2817MITCHELLGrace31 Aldergate
2817MITCHELLErnest31 Aldergate
2817MITCHELLStanley31 Aldergate
2817MITCHELLEva31 Aldergate
2817MITCHELLFlorence31 Aldergate
5925MITCHELLEdward14 Freeman's Yard
5925MITCHELLMary14 Freeman's Yard
5925MITCHELLAnnie14 Freeman's Yard
5925MITCHELLAda14 Freeman's Yard
7622MITCHELLHenry C.50 Elmdon Place
7622MITCHELLMary A. L.50 Elmdon Place
8029MITCHELLAlbert14 St John St
11923MITCHELLCharlotte AmindaThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
332MOGGWilliam C.42 Bolebridge St
332MOGGAnnie E.42 Bolebridge St
332MOGGWilliam J.42 Bolebridge St
332MOGGAlbert V.42 Bolebridge St
332MOGGEthel42 Bolebridge St
662MONTAGUEJolly?2nd No # Brickett Lane
99MOORFlorrie57 Church St
5722MOOREdith13 Victoria Cres
344MOOREDauber?12 Arched Row
344MOORECaroline12 Arched Row
344MOOREJohn12 Arched Row
344MOOREThomas12 Arched Row
344MOORECaroline12 Arched Row
344MOOREEllen G.12 Arched Row
5721MOOREJohn10 Victoria Cres
5721MOOREElizabeth10 Victoria Cres
5721MOOREJohn10 Victoria Cres
5721MOOREEdward10 Victoria Cres
5721MOORESidney10 Victoria Cres
7927MOOREEdith5 Offa St
1129MOOREEdward Thomas18 Park St Lichfield St
1129MOORERebecca18 Park St Lichfield St
1129MOOREEdward18 Park St Lichfield St
1129MOOREElsie18 Park St Lichfield St
11210MOORECharles14 Park St Lichfield St
11210MOORESarah Agnes14 Park St Lichfield St
11210MOOREHenry14 Park St Lichfield St
11210MOOREAlfred14 Park St Lichfield St
11210MOOREJohn14 Park St Lichfield St
11210MOOREThomas14 Park St Lichfield St
11210MOOREPolly14 Park St Lichfield St
686MORECROFTHenrietta41 Gungate St
5619MORGANDavid6 Fisher's Row
7825MORGANWilliam J.20 Hospital St
7825MORGANSarah C.20 Hospital St
7825MORGANLilian20 Hospital St
1118MORGANGeorge Herbert38 Park St Lichfield St
1118MORGANSarah Ann38 Park St Lichfield St
1118MORGANHerbert John38 Park St Lichfield St
12944MORGANEdmund1 Lady Bank
12944MORGANAnnie1 Lady Bank
1011MORLEYJohn4ct3ho Church St
1011MORLEYPhoebe4ct3ho Church St
1011MORLEYCatherine4ct3ho Church St
99MORRISMartin5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99MORRISCatherine5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99MORRISJames5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99MORRISMary5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99MORRISOwen5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99MORRISMargaret5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
99MORRISMartin5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
11414MORRISMary69 Lichfield St
11414MORRISMary69 Lichfield St
11414MORRISAnnie69 Lichfield St
11414MORRISMark69 Lichfield St
12229MORRISEdward31 Peel St Lichfield St
12229MORRISEmily J.31 Peel St Lichfield St
12332MORRISSarah A.9 Castle View New St
6027MORRIS ROEPatrick3 Paradise Row
6027MORRIS ROEWinifred3 Paradise Row
6027MORRIS ROEMary3 Paradise Row
6027MORRIS ROEAnnie3 Paradise Row
6130MORRIS ROEMichael7 Freeman's Yard
6130MORRIS ROEMary7 Freeman's Yard
6130MORRIS ROEMaggie7 Freeman's Yard
6130MORRIS ROEWinnie7 Freeman's Yard
6130MORRIS ROEAnnie7 Freeman's Yard
8233MOSELEYHarry126 Lichfield St
1094MOSELEYGeorge7th No # Lichfield St
1094MOSELEYEmma7th No # Lichfield St
1094MOSELEYCharles C.7th No # Lichfield St
1094MOSELEYDoris Emma7th No # Lichfield St
1106MOSELEYJoseph25 Park St Lichfield St
1106MOSELEYSarah25 Park St Lichfield St
1106MOSELEYJoseph25 Park St Lichfield St
3913MOTTRAMCharlotte83 Bolebridge St
11923MOTTRAMLouisa AgnesThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
343MOULDWilliam3 Arched Row
343MOULDMary E.3 Arched Row
343MOULDArthur3 Arched Row
343MOULDElsie3 Arched Row
343MOULDMaggie3 Arched Row
343MOULDMary E.3 Arched Row
12841MOUNDSDENErnest F.2+3 Lichfield St
12841MOUNDSDENMabel A.2+3 Lichfield St
12841MOUNDSDENVera M. D.2+3 Lichfield St
12841MOUNDSDENNora M.2+3 Lichfield St
12841MOUNDSDENViolet E. M.2+3 Lichfield St
2919MOUSLEYSam4 Matthew's Yard
2919MOUSLEYMary A.4 Matthew's Yard
2919MOUSLEYFlorrie4 Matthew's Yard
2919MOUSLEYThomas A.4 Matthew's Yard
2919MOUSLEYCharles W.4 Matthew's Yard
4321MOYSS?Phillip A.Castle Hotel 39 Market St
1317MULLARDAmy8 Market St
8540MULLINERCharlotteCottage Hospital
910MULVERYCharles60 Church St
910MULVERYBridget60 Church St
910MULVERYGeorge60 Church St
910MULVERYNellie60 Church St
7417MULVEYJohn5 Cross St
7417MULVEYMary A.5 Cross St
7417MULVEYAlice A.5 Cross St
7417MULVEYThomas5 Cross St
7417MULVEYHannah5 Cross St
7417MULVEYMargaret5 Cross St
9613MUNDINJohn5 Moor St
9613MUNDINSusan5 Moor St
1624MUNDYStephen S.1 Cole Hill
1624MUNDYLucy1 Cole Hill
8234MURRAYJames1 St John's St
1216MUSSONHerbert S.2+3 Market St
1216MUSSONFanny2+3 Market St
1216MUSSONFlorence L.2+3 Market St
7928MUSSONSusannahOffa House
2716MYATTThomas37 Gungate St
2716MYATTBetsy37 Gungate St
2716MYATTEdwin A.37 Gungate St
2716MYATTJohn37 Gungate St
2716MYATTJane37 Gungate St
2716MYATTWalter37 Gungate St
2716MYATTDaisy L.37 Gungate St
2716MYATTJoanna37 Gungate St
496MYATTCharles6 Spring Gdns
496MYATTElizabeth6 Spring Gdns
496MYATTMacdonald6 Spring Gdns
367MYRINGTom53 Bolebridge St
367MYRINGPhoebe53 Bolebridge St
367MYRINGStanley T.53 Bolebridge St
367MYRINGEdith A.53 Bolebridge St
5925NAYLORJohnNo # Mill Lane
5925NAYLORElizaNo # Mill Lane
5926NAYLORSarahNo # Mill Lane
12943NEVILLEAlice5 Lady Bank
4219NEWBOROUGHRuth A.26 Market St
5722NEWMANWilliam4 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722NEWMANJane4 Sculthorpe Bldg
7621NEWMANJohn42 Elmdon Place
7621NEWMANMary42 Elmdon Place
7621NEWMANWilliam E.42 Elmdon Place
7621NEWMANJohn N.42 Elmdon Place
7621NEWMANAdelaide42 Elmdon Place
12841NEWTONElizaWhite House Hotel L'field St
2410NICHOLLSAlicePrince of Wales Hotel 15 Lower Gungate
5619NICHOLLSThomas4 Fisher's Row
5619NICHOLLSHarriet4 Fisher's Row
5619NICHOLLSBertha S.4 Fisher's Row
5619NICHOLLSPercy4 Fisher's Row
5619NICHOLLSEliza S.4 Fisher's Row
5619NICHOLLSAlfred T.4 Fisher's Row
5313NICHOLLSRobert J.90 Gungate
5313NICHOLLSSarah90 Gungate
5313NICHOLLSMabel90 Gungate
5313NICHOLLSHilda90 Gungate
661NICHOLLSRichard Francis73 Gungate St
7213NICHOLLSAlice7 Cherry St
7213NICHOLLSCharles7 Cherry St
7213NICHOLLSWalter7 Cherry St
7213NICHOLLSAlbert7 Cherry St
7213NICHOLLSLizzie7 Cherry St
7928NICHOLLSSarah7 Offa St
7928NICHOLLSAlbert H.7 Offa St
7928NICHOLLSGeorge7 Offa St
7928NICHOLLSHerbert J.7 Offa St
7928NICHOLLSEdith7 Offa St
7928NICHOLLSSidney7 Offa St
7928NICHOLLSEthel7 Offa St
7928NICHOLLSJoseph7 Offa St
10226NICHOLLSAlfred10 Barbara St
10226NICHOLLSJane10 Barbara St
10226NICHOLLSDora10 Barbara St
11312NICKERLIER?Frederick M. A.1 Park View Lichfield St
11312NICKERLIER?Martin B. J.1 Park View Lichfield St
99NILAN?Dick5 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
1118NIRMAIR?Samuel Charles42 Park St Lichfield St
1118NIRMAIR?Ellen42 Park St Lichfield St
1118NIRMAIR?Gertrude Elvira42 Park St Lichfield St
1118NIRMAIR?Elsie Cassandra42 Park St Lichfield St
1118NIRMAIR?Jessie Cynessia42 Park St Lichfield St
926NORBURYEdithWhite House Lichfield St
7418NORGROVEAnnie10 Cross St
7418NORGROVEPhillis11 Cross St
8029NORTHTom15 St John St
8030NORTHSarah Ann15 St John St
472NUGENTHannah M.7 Victoria Rd
472NUGENTJohn G7 Victoria Rd
472NUGENTCharles G.7 Victoria Rd
472NUGENTFrances M7 Victoria Rd
472NUGENTFrederick T.7 Victoria Rd
2613NUNNWilliam A.6 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613NUNNSarah A.6 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
11924NUNNHorace26 Lichfield St
4321O'CONNORMaggieCastle Hotel 39 Market St
10429OGDENBenjamin4 Pretoria Terr
10429OGDENEdith J.4 Pretoria Terr
2512OLIVERElizabeth10 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
4219OLIVERAnnieTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
4219OLIVERDoraTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
508OLNEYEmma15 Spring Gdns
508OLNEYAlbert15 Spring Gdns
6130O'NEILLizzie8 Freeman's Yard
12536O'NEILLJohn13 Brewery Lane
12536O'NEILLAda13 Brewery Lane
12637O'NEILLAda13 Brewery Lane
12637O'NEILLJohn13 Brewery Lane
926ONIONSEliza A.95 Lichfield St
76ORDIDGELeonard2ct3ho Church St
52ORMEJohn41 Church St
52ORMEAnnie41 Church St
52ORMEJohn41 Church St
52ORMEAlice41 Church St
52ORMESidney41 Church St
52ORMEWilliam41 Church St
52ORMEAda41 Church St
3914ORTONHarriet3 George St
1522ORTONNellie34 George St
7622ORTONPatience E.48 Elmdon Place
8132ORTONThomas121 Lichfield St
8132ORTONEster121 Lichfield St
8132ORTONNellie121 Lichfield St
8132ORTONEster121 Lichfield St
8132ORTONThomas121 Lichfield St
8132ORTONEthel121 Lichfield St
8336ORTONMaud E.10 Hall's Row
8336ORTONWilliam10 Hall's Row
8336ORTONWilliam J.10 Hall's Row
12637ORTONJoseph16 Brewery Lane
12637ORTONLaura S.16 Brewery Lane
12638ORTONHenry12 Lichfield St
12638ORTONJemima12 Lichfield St
12638ORTONEdith G.12 Lichfield St
12638ORTONElsie12 Lichfield St
12638ORTONEvelyn May12 Lichfield St
202OSBOURNERichard16 Church St
10124OVERSElsie17 Alfred Place
1216OWENSarah4+5 Market St
7928OWENThomas4 St John St
7928OWENElizabeth4 St John St
7928OWENThomas E.4 St John St
7928OWENWilliam H.4 St John St
7928OWENSydney4 St John St
8029OWENClarissa4 St John St
8029OWENEdith M.4 St John St
8029OWENFrancis C.4 St John St
11923P.E.The Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
1011PACKThomas60 Church St
7622PAGEElizabeth49 Elmdon Place
7622PAGEArthur49 Elmdon Place
7622PAGEJessie E.49 Elmdon Place
7622PAGEMargaret49 Elmdon Place
1117PAGERobert48 Park St Lichfield St
1117PAGELouisa48 Park St Lichfield St
1215PALLETElizabeth A.68 Church St
51PALLETTEdwin3 Marshall Cott, Church St
51PALLETTEmma3 Marshall Cott, Church St
51PALLETTMary A.3 Marshall Cott, Church St
51PALLETTAnnie M.3 Marshall Cott, Church St
5415PALLETTThomas78 Gungate
5926PALLETTGertrude34 Bolebridge St
7315PALLETTFrederick20 Cherry St
7315PALLETTMary Ann20 Cherry St
7315PALLETTNellie20 Cherry St
7315PALLETTHarriett Eliz.20 Cherry St
7315PALLETTEdith Emma20 Cherry St
7315PALLETTAda Annie20 Cherry St
7315PALLETTFrederick William20 Cherry St
7315PALLETTJohn20 Cherry St
7315PALLETTArthur Edwin20 Cherry St
7520PALLETTElizabeth36 Hospital St
8437PALLETTAnn13 Hall's Row
9716PALLETTWilliam17 Halford Terr
9716PALLETTMaria17 Halford Terr
9716PALLETTRobert17 Halford Terr
9716PALLETTElsie17 Halford Terr
249PALMERDaniel9 Lower Gungate
63PARKERFlorence L.School House College Lane
5517PARKERElizabeth3 Nelson's Court
5517PARKEREdwin3 Nelson's Court
5314PARKERBenjamin84 Gungate
5314PARKEREmily84 Gungate
6231PARKERDaniel9 Bolebridge St
6232PARKERMary4 Bolebridge St
685PARKERSarah50 Gungate St
685PARKERSarah F. D.50 Gungate St
12025PARKERH.4 Peel St Lichfield St
12025PARKERAda4 Peel St Lichfield St
949PARKESMary Ann2ho2ct Lichfield St
949PARKESJoseph2ho2ct Lichfield St
949PARKESSamuel2ho2ct Lichfield St
226PARNELLWilliam31 Church St
226PARNELLFlorence L.31 Church St
226PARNELLAda E.31 Church St
226PARNELLJohn E.31 Church St
87PARNELLFaith52 Church St
87PARNELLElsie52 Church St
5211PARNELLEmma107 Gungate
5211PARNELLWilliam107 Gungate
5211PARNELLElizabeth107 Gungate
949PARNELLJohn3ho2ct Lichfield St
949PARNELLMartha A.3ho2ct Lichfield St
949PARNELLJohn3ho2ct Lichfield St
949PARNELLSamuel3ho2ct Lichfield St
5415PARRYEdward78 Gungate
1318PARSONSEmily11 Market St
5824PARSONSWilliam3 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824PARSONSFanny3 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824PARSONSFlorence3 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824PARSONSAlice3 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824PARSONSFred3 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824PARSONSAlfred S.3 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
12739PARSONSEdith8 Lichfield St
698PARTINGTONWilliam4 Lochryan Place
698PARTINGTONAnne4 Lochryan Place
698PARTINGTONCharles A.4 Lochryan Place
698PARTINGTONGeorge4 Lochryan Place
698PARTINGTONMillicent4 Lochryan Place
698PARTINGTONAnnie4 Lochryan Place
7418PARTINGTONHenry J.6 Cross St
7418PARTINGTONFanny?6 Cross St
7418PARTINGTONEdith M.6 Cross St
7621PARTINGTONThomas40 Elmdon Place
7621PARTINGTONJane40 Elmdon Place
7621PARTINGTONGertrude L.40 Elmdon Place
7621PARTINGTONElsie M.40 Elmdon Place
237PARTINTONWilliamStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
214PATRICKAnnie28 Church St
5619PATRICKDavid5 Fisher's Row
5619PATRICKMary A.5 Fisher's Row
5619PATRICKThomas H.5 Fisher's Row
5619PATRICKAlice M.5 Fisher's Row
5619PATRICKGeorge W.5 Fisher's Row
662PATRICKBella71 Gungate St
698PATRICKGeorge T.3 Lochryan Place
7520PATRICKMary AnnIn Fields? Hospital St
7520PATRICKThomasIn Fields? Hospital St
7520PATRICKSarah AnnIn Fields? Hospital St
7520PATRICKJohn ThomasIn Fields? Hospital St
7520PATRICKFrederickIn Fields? Hospital St
7520PATRICKMary AnnIn Fields? Hospital St
8540PATTERSONLydiaCottage Hospital
698PAULEthel M. P.2 Lochryan Place
484PAVIOURThomas113 Gungate
484PAVIOURAnnie113 Gungate
484PAVIOURFrederick 113 Gungate
495PAVIOUREmma113 Gungate
495PAVIOURHarriet113 Gungate
214PAXTONJoseph S.26 Church St
214PAXTONAnnie26 Church St
214PAXTONElsie26 Church St
214PAXTONHelen26 Church St
6028PAYNEAllen W.21 Bolebridge St
10021PAYNEFlorence2 Alfred Place
12331PAYNERichard3 New St
12331PAYNEJane3 New St
472PEARCEHenry12 Colehill
472PEARCEAnn12 Colehill
472PEARCEGertrude A.12 Colehill
472PEARCEHenry B.12 Colehill
3811PEARSALLMaria63 Bolebridge St
3811PEARSALLJane63 Bolebridge St
3811PEARSALLHarry63 Bolebridge St
3811PEARSALLAlick63 Bolebridge St
3811PEARSALLAnnie63 Bolebridge St
3812PEARSALLThomas70 Bolebridge St
3812PEARSALLFanny70 Bolebridge St
3812PEARSALLSydney70 Bolebridge St
1522PEARSONSarah32 George St
1522PEARSONMary A.32 George St
1522PEARSONFrederick S.32 George St
379PEARSONFrancis4 Queen St
379PEARSONKate E.4 Queen St
379PEARSONKate E.4 Queen St
214PEGGAda26 Church St
661PEGGJames71 Gungate St
661PEGGEllen71 Gungate St
662PEGGEthel71 Gungate St
12332PEGGHenry5 Castle View New St
12332PEGGSarah Ann5 Castle View New St
12332PEGGAnnie5 Castle View New St
12332PEGGHenry5 Castle View New St
12332PEGGErnest5 Castle View New St
12332PEGGAlice5 Castle View New St
12332PEGGThurza5 Castle View New St
12332PEGGSarah A.5 Castle View New St
12332PEGGNellie5 Castle View New St
12332PEGGCharles5 Castle View New St
4016PEMBERTONRobert N.Bricklayers Arms 11 Geo St
4016PEMBERTONWilliam R.Bricklayers Arms 11 Geo St
4016PEMBERTONHarryBricklayers Arms 11 Geo St
4016PEMBERTONAliceBricklayers Arms 11 Geo St
1082PEMBERTONHarriet2nd No # Lichfield St
9919PENDRYJoseph17 Orchard St
9919PENDRYAnnie E.17 Orchard St
9919PENDRYHorace J.17 Orchard St
9919PENDRYWilfred E.17 Orchard St
472PERKINThomas11 Colehill
472PERKINLaura11 Colehill
472PERKINJeverill?11 Colehill
472PERKINEmily M.11 Colehill
1117PERKINSWalter48 Park St Lichfield St
698PERKSMary A.1 Lochryan Place
698PERKSGeorge W.1 Lochryan Place
76PERRYEdith2 Middle Entry
52PERRYJohn8 Marshall Cott, Church St
5416PERRYJennie1ct3ho Gungate
5416PERRYMargaret1ct3ho Gungate
8438PERRYMabel13 Aldergate St
8438PERRYAnne14 Aldergate St
12331PERRYEnock2 Castle View New St
12331PERRYMary2 Castle View New St
12331PERRYCarrie M.2 Castle View New St
12331PERRYHetty2 Castle View New St
7927PETTIFERJohn6 Offa St
7927PETTIFEREmily J.6 Offa St
7927PETTIFERGeorge H.6 Offa St
9410PHEASANTMary A.86 Lichfield St
4015PHIBBSLizzie3 George St
249PHILLIPSThomas R.9 Lower Gungate
926PHILLIPSFanny97 Lichfield St
1094PHILLIPSHarry1 Park St Lichfield St
1094PHILLIPSCatherine1 Park St Lichfield St
1094PHILLIPSFlorence1 Park St Lichfield St
1094PHILLIPSHarry1 Park St Lichfield St
1094PHILLIPSBeatrice Alice1 Park St Lichfield St
11720PHILLIPSIsaac8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSMary8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSWilliam8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSElizabeth E.8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSArthur8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSJohn8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSLucy8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSTimothy E.8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSRuth M.8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSJoseph8 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720PHILLIPSMargaret8 Clarson St Moor Lane
4118PICKARDFrances E19 George St
4118PICKERINGJohn19 George St
4118PICKERINGEllen J.19 George St
4118PICKERINGCharles J.19 George St
4219PICKERINGSelina23 Market St
4219PICKERINGAda M.26 Market St
2512PICKERINGJohn5 Church Lane
5823PICKERINGRobert6 Marmion Terr
5823PICKERINGElizabeth6 Marmion Terr
6231PICKERINGJames9 Bolebridge St
6231PICKERINGAgnes9 Bolebridge St
6231PICKERINGJohn9 Bolebridge St
6231PICKERINGCatherine9 Bolebridge St
6231PICKERINGAgnes9 Bolebridge St
686PICKERINGSarah43 Gungate St
686PICKERINGRose43 Gungate St
1105PICKERINGJohn Gilbert9 Park St Lichfield St
12127PICKERINGJohn18 Peel St Lichfield St
12127PICKERINGEllen18 Peel St Lichfield St
12127PICKERINGEdward G.18 Peel St Lichfield St
12127PICKERINGViolet18 Peel St Lichfield St
8438PIMMMary Ann16 Aldergate St
8438PIMMMaude C.16 Aldergate St
483PINCHBECKNellie11 Colehill
5110PINCHBECKEllen W.27 Spring Gdns
5110PINCHBECKEllen W.27 Spring Gdns
5110PINCHBECKHenry27 Spring Gdns
5110PINCHBECKArthur27 Spring Gdns
5110PINCHBECKEdith27 Spring Gdns
8336PINNELLWalter J.7 Hall's Row
9410PIPEElizabeth L.81 Lichfield St
9410PIPEMary A.81 Lichfield St
11515PIPEWilliam3 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515PIPESarah3 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515PIPEThomas3 Clarson Row Moor Lane
8132PITCHFORDHenry126 Lichfield St
8233PITCHFORDCharlotte126 Lichfield St
379PLACKETTThomas12 Queen St
379PLACKETTElizabeth12 Queen St
379PLACKETTFlorence12 Queen St
902PLANTHenry113 Lichfield St
902PLANTCharles T.113 Lichfield St
902PLANTMary E.113 Lichfield St
902PLANTBernard113 Lichfield St
902PLANTEdwin C.113 Lichfield St
902PLANTSidney E.113 Lichfield St
902PLANTHelen113 Lichfield St
902PLANTElsie M.113 Lichfield St
12127PLANTCharles Henry17 Peel St Lichfield St
12127PLANTEmily17 Peel St Lichfield St
12127PLANTWilliam17 Peel St Lichfield St
12127PLANTElizabeth17 Peel St Lichfield St
12127PLANTHenry C.17 Peel St Lichfield St
343PLATTSEliz.3 Arched Row
343PLATTSGeorge5 Arched Row
343PLATTSSarah J.5 Arched Row
343PLATTSWm. H.5 Arched Row
343PLATTSJane5 Arched Row
343PLATTSEmily5 Arched Row
3812PLATTSArthurOld White Lion B'bridge St
3812PLATTSElsie A.Old White Lion B'bridge St
3812PLATTSHarrietOld White Lion B'bridge St
3812PLATTSArthurOld White Lion B'bridge St
3812PLATTSAliceOld White Lion B'bridge St
3812PLATTSAnnieOld White Lion B'bridge St
4219PLUMMERAlice L.21 George St
11924PLUMMERJohn ThomasGlover's Yard Lichfield St
11924PLUMMERMaryGlover's Yard Lichfield St
249POINTONThomas12 Lower Gungate
249POINTONEliza12 Lower Gungate
249POINTONAlbert12 Lower Gungate
249POINTONSarah12 Lower Gungate
249POINTONOlive12 Lower Gungate
249POINTONAlec12 Lower Gungate
249POINTONBert12 Lower Gungate
2410POINTONMay12 Lower Gungate
5925POINTONJames15 Freeman's Yard
5925POINTONCatherine15 Freeman's Yard
9919POINTONFrederick C.15 Orchard St
9919POINTONEllen15 Orchard St
9919POINTONMabel E.15 Orchard St
9919POINTONAlice15 Orchard St
9919POINTONWilliam F.15 Orchard St
9919POINTONHilda15 Orchard St
1105POINTONDaniel5 Park St Lichfield St
1105POINTONHarriet5 Park St Lichfield St
1105POINTONFrank Leslie5 Park St Lichfield St
1105POINTONNellie5 Park St Lichfield St
5926POLLARDThomas1 Mill Lane
5926POLLARDEmma F.1 Mill Lane
64POOLEAnn11 College Lane
4118POOLEThomas18 George St
4118POOLESarah18 George St
7111POPEThomas14 Kercowan Place
7111POPEAnnie14 Kercowan Place
7111POPEFlorence M.14 Kercowan Place
7111POPEBeatrice V.14 Kercowan Place
7111POPEThomas H.14 Kercowan Place
11720POPEThomas Henry12 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720POPEElizabeth M.12 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720POPESarah Jane12 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821POPEThomas H.12 Clarson St Moor Lane
6028PORTERWilliam G.18 Bolebridge St
6028PORTERMary18 Bolebridge St
6129PORTEREleanor M.18 Bolebridge St
6129PORTERJohn A.18 Bolebridge St
12434POTTERCharles5 Tame View New St
10225POTTERSFanny23 Alfred Place
697POTTSElizabeth4 Stranrer Place
697POTTSElizabeth S.4 Stranrer Place
9613POTTSJohn1 Moor View Moor Lane
9613POTTSMary Jane1 Moor View Moor Lane
9613POTTSAnnie E.1 Moor View Moor Lane
9613POTTSHarriet1 Moor View Moor Lane
9613POTTSAlfred1 Moor View Moor Lane
9613POTTSBertha1 Moor View Moor Lane
9613POTTSReginald1 Moor View Moor Lane
9613POTTSWilfred1 Moor View Moor Lane
9613POTTSMinnie G.1 Moor View Moor Lane
9613POTTSWalter1 Moor View Moor Lane
11821POTTSRobert13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821POTTSJane13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821POTTSRobert13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821POTTSPatience13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821POTTSHarry13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821POTTSCharlie13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821POTTSNoah13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821POTTSNellie13 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821POTTSGeorge13 Clarson St Moor Lane
88POWELLWilliam2 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88POWELLAda2 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88POWELLCharles W.2 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88POWELLEthel2 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88POWELLArthur E.2 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88POWELLAda A.2 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
238POWELLAlic W.2 Lower Gungate
8030POWELLFrederick19 St John St
8030POWELLCharlotte19 St John St
8030POWELLHerbert19 St John St
226POWERSThomasStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
87POWNELLElizth51 Church St
87POWNELLMaude E.51 Church St
87POWNELLCecil J.51 Church St
87POWNELLSidney J.51 Church St
87POWNELLMyria E.51 Church St
87POWNELLOlive51 Church St
7417PRATTJames3 Cross St
7417PRATTWilliam3 Cross St
7417PRATTSydney D.3 Cross St
7826PRATTCharles24 Orchard St
7826PRATTMary E.24 Orchard St
7826PRATTAlbert24 Orchard St
7826PRATTRose C.24 Orchard St
7826PRATTFlorence E.24 Orchard St
7826PRATTWilliam21 Orchard St
7826PRATTMary A.21 Orchard St
7826PRATTNellie21 Orchard St
7826PRATTOlive B.21 Orchard St
7927PRATTDaniel2 Offa St
7927PRATTBetsy2 Offa St
7927PRATTAlbert2 Offa St
7927PRATTGeorge H.2 Offa St
483PRESTONJohn10 Colehill
483PRESTONHarriet10 Colehill
483PRESTONJane10 Colehill
483PRESTONEllen10 Colehill
8233PRESTONEliz.White Lion Inn Lichfield St
12331PRESTONEllen5 New St
4117PRICECatherine16 George St
3914PRICEWalter2 George St
343PRICELily E.45 Bolebridge St
214PRICEHenry7 Old School Yard
214PRICESelina7 Old School Yard
4321PRICEEmilyCastle Hotel 39 Market St
88PRIDEAUXAlbert G.63 Church St
88PRIDEAUXEmma63 Church St
88PRIDEAUXFrances63 Church St
88PRIDEAUXLaura63 Church St
88PRIDEAUXAlberta63 Church St
88PRIDEAUXSydney F.63 Church St
1522PRIMEWilliam E.31 George St
1522PRIMEEmily31 George St
1522PRIMEWilliam E.31 George St
1522PRIMEDaisy W.31 George St
7928PRITCHARDAlfred3 St John St
7928PRITCHARDD.3 St John St
7928PRITCHARDLillian3 St John St
7928PRITCHARDAlfred3 St John St
8131PRITCHARDThomas H.Orchard House
8131PRITCHARDCarolineOrchard House
8131PRITCHARDCarrie HendrickOrchard House
8336PRITCHARDElizabeth9 Hall's Row
8540PRITCHARDGertrude F.Cottage Hospital
925PRITCHARDLouise101 Lichfield St
6231PROCKETTRichard1 Freeman's Yard
6231PROCKETTMary1 Freeman's Yard
496PROUDMANJohn10 Spring Gdns
496PROUDMANElizabeth10 Spring Gdns
9817PROUDMANSamuel3 Orchard Place
9817PROUDMANAnn3 Orchard Place
9817PROUDMANAnnie V.3 Orchard Place
9817PROUDMANWilliam3 Orchard Place
12434PROUDMANHannah M.4 Tame View New St
12944PROUDMANWilliamBrewery Yard Lady Bank
12944PROUDMANRebeccaBrewery Yard Lady Bank
12944PROUDMANWilliamBrewery Yard Lady Bank
12944PROUDMANJamesBrewery Yard Lady Bank
12944PROUDMANJuliaBrewery Yard Lady Bank
4219PRUECharlesTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
11719PRUEWilliam3 Clarson St Moor Lane
PRYDEAlfred E.6 Offa St
1011PUCITY?Nasha60 Church St
1011PUCITY?Mary60 Church St
1011PUCITY?Pasqualie60 Church St
1011PUCITY?Poughlie60 Church St
1011PUCITY?Mary60 Church St
1114PUGHAlbert E.66 Church St
1114PUGHSarah A.66 Church St
1114PUGHNellie66 Church St
1114PUGHSamuel66 Church St
1215PUGHHarry66 Church St
1215PUGHAlbert E.66 Church St
1215PUGHSarah A.66 Church St
1215PUGHJohn H.66 Church St
1215PUGHSydney66 Church St
8336PULCELLAPeter6 Hall's Row
8336PULCELLAKate6 Hall's Row
8336PULCELLAAmelia6 Hall's Row
8336PULCELLAChristina6 Hall's Row
8336PULCELLAGerard6 Hall's Row
3913PURVESWilliam L.79+80 Bolebridge St
3913PURVESEllen79+80 Bolebridge St
3913PURVESMargaret N.79+80 Bolebridge St
3913PURVESFrederick A.79+80 Bolebridge St
3913PURVESWilliam L.79+80 Bolebridge St
1419PURY?Henry17 Market St
1419PURY?Kate17 Market St
1419PURY?Gladys M. 17 Market St
1522PYATTAnnie31b George St
661QUARTER??Jesse Joseph72 Gungate St
661QUARTER??Sarah Ann72 Gungate St
661QUARTER??Jercy?72 Gungate St
661QUARTER??Lilly Elizabeth72 Gungate St
661QUARTER??Nelly Elena?72 Gungate St
5314QUARTERMAINHarry83 Gungate
5314QUARTERMAINTeresa83 Gungate
5314QUARTERMAINFlorence83 Gungate
5314QUARTERMAINHarry83 Gungate
5314QUARTERMAINMabel83 Gungate
5314QUARTERMAINBenjamin83 Gungate
5314QUARTERMAINJohn83 Gungate
201QUARTERMANESarah L.9 Church St
2715QUINNEYAlbert20 Church Lane
238RADBOURNEMark4 Lower Gungate
238RADBOURNEJane4 Lower Gungate
238RADBOURNEMay4 Lower Gungate
238RADBOURNERose4 Lower Gungate
238RADBOURNEAlice4 Lower Gungate
355RADBOURNEWm. M.49 Bolebridge St
355RADBOURNEMary49 Bolebridge St
355RADBOURNECarrie49 Bolebridge St
1215RADBOURNEGeorge70 Church St
1215RADBOURNEAnnie70 Church St
10225RADFORDSamuel1 Orchard St
10225RADFORDEliza M.1 Orchard St
10225RADFORDJames C.1 Orchard St
10225RADFORDGeorge L.1 Orchard St
10225RADFORDEleanor H.1 Orchard St
202RAISONEmma14+15 Church St
697RAMMELLGeorge10 Stranrer Place
697RAMMELLPhoebe10 Stranrer Place
697RAMMELLRose10 Stranrer Place
697RAMMELLAlfred10 Stranrer Place
697RAMMELLEdward10 Stranrer Place
249RAMSELLThomas9 Lower Gungate
12536RAMSELLIsaac W.12 Brewery Lane
12536RAMSELLMatilda A.12 Brewery Lane
12536RAMSELLErnest J.12 Brewery Lane
4016RAMSEYCatherine9 George St
1216RANDALRichard1 Market St Peel Arms Hotel
4219RANDALLWilliam H.24 Market St
4219RANDALLMyra24 Market St
249RANDELLThomas9 Lower Gungate
1420RANDLEJane E.24 George St
1420RANDLEJohn R.24 George St
9716RANDLEElizabeth15 Halford Terr
9716RANDLEThomas15 Halford Terr
9716RANDLEArthur15 Halford Terr
9716RANDLEMaud15 Halford Terr
9716RANDLEAlbert15 Halford Terr
12842RANDLENelly5 Silver St (Public House)
11414RATHBONEThomas67 Lichfield St
11414RATHBONEHarriett67 Lichfield St
11414RATHBONEAnnie67 Lichfield St
11414RATHBONEErnest C.67 Lichfield St
11414RATHBONELucy67 Lichfield St
11414RATHBONELionel67 Lichfield St
7825RAWLINGBeatrice18 Hospital St
11618RAWLINSThomas8 Clarson Row Moor Lane
10328RAYBONHenry2 Barbara St
10328RAYBONSarah2 Barbara St
10328RAYBONHarry2 Barbara St
10328RAYBONJoseph2 Barbara St
10328RAYBONNellie2 Barbara St
10328RAYBONAlbert2 Barbara St
10328RAYBONWinifred2 Barbara St
12230RAYBONJoseph1 New St
3914RAYBOULDJames J.2 George St
3914RAYBOULDMary E.2 George St
3914RAYBOULDKatie2 George St
3914RAYBOULDBlanche R.2 George St
3914RAYBOULDJames J.2 George St
3914RAYBOULDEdwin M.2 George St
3914RAYBOULDVictoria E. M.2 George St
1624READFrank G.37 George St
1624READAlice M.37 George St
2512REDFERNHenry10 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2512REDFERNMary C.10 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2512REDFERNNellie10 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2512REDFERNJames10 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
5313REDFERNGeorge94 Gungate
5313REDFERNEsther94 Gungate
5313REDFERNGeorge94 Gungate
5313REDFERNAda94 Gungate
5313REDFERNWilliam94 Gungate
5313REDFERNAlbert94 Gungate
8539REDFERNMay24 Aldergate St
7010REEVESJohn9 Kercowan Place
7010REEVESKate9 Kercowan Place
7010REEVESThomas F.9 Kercowan Place
7010REEVESHerbert J.9 Kercowan Place
7112REEVESMartha2 Cherry St
11923REEVESAnnieThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
12433REEVESThomas14 Castle View New St
12433REEVESEsther14 Castle View New St
12433REEVESEsther14 Castle View New St
1093REILLYThomas3rd No # Lichfield St
685RENWICKC.48 Gungate St
5416REYNOLDSWill.78 Gungate
11719REYNOLDSAlbert14 Moor Lane
3710RHEIDWilliam10 Queen St
3710RHEIDMary10 Queen St
3710RHEIDHarriet10 Queen St
3710RHEIDWilliam9 Queen St
3710RHEIDThomas H.9 Queen St
3710RHEIDMary9 Queen St
6231RICHARDSEliza11 Bolebridge St
6231RICHARDSSarah11 Bolebridge St
64RICHARDSONWilliam H.10 College Lane
64RICHARDSONAnnie E.10 College Lane
64RICHARDSONDorothy M.10 College Lane
4016RICHARDSONEliza14 George St
4219RICHARDSONFlorrie21 George St
52RICHARDSONJohn40 Church St
52RICHARDSONKate40 Church St
52RICHARDSONFlora40 Church St
52RICHARDSONAlfred40 Church St
76RICHARDSONMary47 Church St
2512RICHARDSONThomas5 Church Lane
2512RICHARDSONMary A.5 Church Lane
910RICHARDSONHarry59 Church St
5212RICHARDSONFanny12 Guys Almshouses
8336RICHARDSONHannah10 Hall's Row
8336RICHARDSONJoseph10 Hall's Row
8336RICHARDSONJohn10 Hall's Row
1094RICHARDSONAlfred53 Lichfield St
12331RICHARDSONJoseph2 New St
5824RICHMONDAlexander1 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824RICHMONDElizabeth1 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824RICHMONDGrace1 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
910RIDDLECornelius59 Church St
910RIDDLELillie59 Church St
11414RIDGWAYJohn66 Lichfield St
5314RIDMOREMary A.82 Gungate
5314RIDMOREEdith E.82 Gungate
1623RILEYMary1ct3ho George St
1623RILEYJames1ct3ho George St
1623RILEYGeorge1ct3ho George St
87RILEYThomas6 Middle Entry
87RILEYAnn6 Middle Entry
5823RILEYJames4 Marmion Terr
5823RILEYCatherine4 Marmion Terr
5823RILEYArthur4 Marmion Terr
5823RILEYCatherine A.4 Marmion Terr
5823RILEYAnnie M.4 Marmion Terr
5824RILEYHenry4 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824RILEYEmily4 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824RILEYHerbert4 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
7417RILEYHannah3 Cross St
8132RILEYJoseph121 Lichfield St
9818RILEYThomas4 Halford St
9818RILEYCatherine4 Halford St
9818RILEYEmily4 Halford St
9818RILEYAlice4 Halford St
9818RILEYThomas4 Halford St
9818RILEYEthel4 Halford St
1117RILEYThomas50 Park St Lichfield St
1117RILEYClara50 Park St Lichfield St
1117RILEYMary Emily50 Park St Lichfield St
4015ROBERTSHenry A. G.5 George St
483ROBERTSWeland? M.8 Colehill
5314ROBERTSEliza87 Gungate
5314ROBERTSLilian87 Gungate
10225ROBERTSFrancis2 Orchard St
10225ROBERTSMinnie T.2 Orchard St
10225ROBERTSWinnifred A.2 Orchard St
11618ROBERTSWilliam9 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618ROBERTSHannah9 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618ROBERTSWilliam W.9 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618ROBERTSThomas B.9 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618ROBERTSAlfred9 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11618ROBERTSHerbert9 Clarson Row Moor Lane
1317ROBERTSONAndrewTavern 7 Market St
1317ROBERTSONChristineTavern 7 Market St
1317ROBERTSONRobertTavern 7 Market St
1317ROBERTSONTheodou?Tavern 7 Market St
1317ROBERTSONAndrewTavern 7 Market St
1317ROBERTSONJamesTavern 7 Market St
1317ROBERTSONAgnesTavern 7 Market St
1317ROBERTSONRebeccaTavern 7 Market St
7723ROBERTSONMargaret4 Marion Place
7723ROBERTSONMargaret E.4 Marion Place
7723ROBERTSONGeorge4 Marion Place
7723ROBERTSONJessie4 Marion Place
7723ROBERTSONWinifred4 Marion Place
8641ROBERTSONWilliamCottage Hospital
379ROBINSONEllen1 Queen St
379ROBINSONMabel1 Queen St
379ROBINSONJohn1 Queen St
379ROBINSONGertrude1 Queen St
76ROBINSONJohn3 Middle Entry
64ROBINSONJohn43 Church St
64ROBINSONAnnie43 Church St
64ROBINSONAlice A.43 Church St
64ROBINSONHarriet A.43 Church St
355ROBINSONThomas47 Bolebridge St
355ROBINSONEleanor47 Bolebridge St
355ROBINSONAnnie47 Bolebridge St
355ROBINSONThomas47 Bolebridge St
355ROBINSONGertrude47 Bolebridge St
355ROBINSONJane47 Bolebridge St
4015ROBINSONFrederick C.5 George St
472ROBINSONRuth5 Victoria Rd
1317ROBINSONWilliam6 Market St
226ROBINSONJohnStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
5517ROBINSONRobert D.54 Albert Rd
6129ROBINSONCharles5 Freeman's Yard
6129ROBINSONSarah5 Freeman's Yard
6129ROBINSONJane5 Freeman's Yard
6129ROBINSONMaggie5 Freeman's Yard
6130ROBINSONCharles5 Freeman's Yard
6130ROBINSONFreddy5 Freeman's Yard
6130ROBINSONAlice5 Freeman's Yard
7928ROBINSONJames2 St John St
7928ROBINSONSarah2 St John St
7928ROBINSONJames H.2 St John St
7928ROBINSONElsie2 St John St
9817ROBINSONWalter4 Orchard Place
9817ROBINSONAmy E.4 Orchard Place
1081ROBINSONWilliam4 the Bradfords L'field St
1081ROBINSONSarah4 the Bradfords L'field St
1081ROBINSONNellie4 the Bradfords L'field St
1081ROBINSONFanny4 the Bradfords L'field St
1081ROBINSONFlorrie4 the Bradfords L'field St
11720ROBINSONHarry9 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720ROBINSONFlorence9 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720ROBINSONHarry9 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720ROBINSONMinnie9 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720ROBINSONJane11 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720ROBINSONAlbert11 Clarson St Moor Lane
10123ROBOTTOMAlfred11 Alfred Place
10123ROBOTTOMAnn11 Alfred Place
4015RODERICKGeorge4 George St
4015RODERICKCaroline4 George St
4015RODERICKEdgar4 George St
4015RODERICKMabel4 George St
4015RODERICKLucy4 George St
673ROEWilliam61 Gungate St
673ROEClara61 Gungate St
673ROEWilliam J.61 Gungate St
698ROEJohn2 Lochryan Place
698ROEPhoebe2 Lochryan Place
7111ROEWilliam12 Kercowan Place
7111ROEJane12 Kercowan Place
7111ROECatherine12 Kercowan Place
7111ROEMay E.12 Kercowan Place
7111ROEFrederick12 Kercowan Place
8131ROEJohn6 Calcutta Terr
8131ROEMary Ann6 Calcutta Terr
8132ROELouisa6 Calcutta Terr
3914ROGERSBernard H.2 George St
484ROONEYJames3ct2ho Gungate
484ROONEYElizabeth3ct2ho Gungate
6129ROSEJamesOld Swan Inn 17 Bo'bridge St
6129ROSEFannyOld Swan Inn 17 Bo'bridge St
6129ROSEJames E.Old Swan Inn 17 Bo'bridge St
8540ROSEFannyCottage Hospital
9920ROSEJoseph10 Orchard St
9920ROSESarah A.10 Orchard St
12026ROSEThomas10 Peel St Lichfield St
12026ROSESarah Ann10 Peel St Lichfield St
12943ROTHWELLEmma5 Lady Bank
472ROTTENBURYSarah J.7 Victoria Rd
11311ROUTLEDGEPatrick1 Tame View Lichfield St
11311ROUTLEDGEMary1 Tame View Lichfield St
11311ROUTLEDGEBernard1 Tame View Lichfield St
11311ROUTLEDGEFanny1 Tame View Lichfield St
11311ROUTLEDGEPatrick1 Tame View Lichfield St
11311ROUTLEDGEThomas1 Tame View Lichfield St
5925ROWEThomas15 Freeman's Yard
674ROWLEYJoseph53 Gungate St
674ROWLEYAnnie53 Gungate St
674ROWLEYJoseph53 Gungate St
674ROWLEYJohn52 Gungate St
674ROWLEYEmma52 Gungate St
674ROWLEYElsie52 Gungate St
674ROWLEYJohn52 Gungate St
674ROWLEYJoseph52 Gungate St
674ROWLEYLetty52 Gungate St
674ROWLEYFred52 Gungate St
674ROWLEYNellie52 Gungate St
901ROWLEYGeorge117 Lichfield St
901ROWLEYMary117 Lichfield St
901ROWLEYHarry117 Lichfield St
901ROWLEYEmma117 Lichfield St
901ROWLEYThomas116 Lichfield St
901ROWLEYJane116 Lichfield St
901ROWLEYMay116 Lichfield St
901ROWLEYAlice116 Lichfield St
901ROWLEYThos.116 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYGeorge114 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYHannah114 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYJane114 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYMary A.114 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYJames114 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYThomas114 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYEliza114 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYElizabeth114 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYEmma114 Lichfield St
902ROWLEYFlorence V.114 Lichfield St
7213RUDGEWilliam H.10 Cherry St
7213RUDGELucy E.10 Cherry St
7214RUDGEMabel L.10 Cherry St
7214RUDGELily M.10 Cherry St
7214RUDGEWilliam H.10 Cherry St
7214RUDGESydney J.10 Cherry St
674RUNCORNRobert J.55 Gungate St
674RUNCORNSarah Ann55 Gungate St
674RUNCORNEllen55 Gungate St
674RUNCORNThomas55 Gungate St
674RUNCORNFred55 Gungate St
674RUNCORNWalter55 Gungate St
674RUNCORNMartha55 Gungate St
674RUNCORNElsie55 Gungate St
674RUNCORNJohn55 Gungate St
249RUSSELLThomas11 Lower Gungate
249RUSSELLEmily11 Lower Gungate
249RUSSELLErnest11 Lower Gungate
249RUSSELLFlorence11 Lower Gungate
249RUSSELLSarah11 Lower Gungate
249RUSSELLCarrie11 Lower Gungate
249RUSSELLEmily11 Lower Gungate
249RUSSELLPhoebe11 Lower Gungate
4220RUSSELLEbenezer J.27 Market St
63RUSSELLThomas3 College Lane
63RUSSELLAnnie E.3 College Lane
52RUSSELLEnoch42 Church St
52RUSSELLHannah42 Church St
75RUSSELLJabez46a Church St
75RUSSELLSarah46a Church St
75RUSSELLRose H.46a Church St
75RUSSELLFrances E.46a Church St
75RUSSELLPercy46a Church St
5721RUSSELLJames9 Victoria Cres
5721RUSSELLEliza9 Victoria Cres
5721RUSSELLAlbert9 Victoria Cres
5721RUSSELLEliza9 Victoria Cres
6028RUSSELLArthur W.21 Bolebridge St
6028RUSSELLMatilda A.21 Bolebridge St
237RYANWilliamStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
11923S.E.The Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
673SADLERRachel64 Gungate St
7520SADLERJoseph F.35 Hospital St
7520SADLERHannah35 Hospital St
7520SADLERBaby Boy35 Hospital St
12943SADLERHenry J.1 Silver St
12943SADLERCatherine1 Silver St
12943SADLERHenry J.1 Silver St
673SADLER Sarah60 Gungate St
662SADLIER?Cyril66 Gungate St
5722SAGEWilliam3 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722SAGEEmma3 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722SAGEArthur3 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722SAGEGeorge R.3 Sculthorpe Bldg
2410SALTThomas W.Prince of Wales Hotel 15 Lowr Gungate
2410SALTCaroline A.Prince of Wales Hotel 15 Lowr Gungate
2410SALTEthel C.Prince of Wales Hotel 15 Lowr Gungate
2410SALTEva M.Prince of Wales Hotel 15 Lowr Gungate
7621SALTWilliam H.41 Elmdon Place
7621SALTMary E.41 Elmdon Place
7621SALTGertrude E.41 Elmdon Place
10327SALTWilliam4 Barbara St
10327SALTAgnes4 Barbara St
10327SALTOlive W.4 Barbara St
10327SALTBeatrice4 Barbara St
9512SALTERJohn1 Moor St
9512SALTERMartha1 Moor St
9512SALTERLizzie1 Moor St
9512SALTERWillie1 Moor St
379SANDALLGeorge5 Queen St
379SANDALLEdith5 Queen St
1012SANDALLFrank5ct1ho Church St
1012SANDALLEliza5ct1ho Church St
1012SANDALLWilliam H.5ct1ho Church St
1012SANDALLSarah5ct1ho Church St
1113SANDALLFrank5ct1ho Church St
1113SANDALLHelen M.5ct1ho Church St
1113SANDALLGeorge5ct1ho Church St
1113SANDALLFlorence E.5ct1ho Church St
1113SANDALLSidney5ct1ho Church St
7010SANDALLCharles11 Kercowan Place
7010SANDALLClara11 Kercowan Place
7010SANDALLSarah11 Kercowan Place
7111SANDALLHorace11 Kercowan Place
7111SANDALLNellie11 Kercowan Place
7111SANDALLWillie11 Kercowan Place
10123SANDALLMatthew16 Alfred Place
10123SANDALLHannah16 Alfred Place
10123SANDALLFlorrie16 Alfred Place
10123SANDALLPercy16 Alfred Place
10327SANDERSHenry6 Barbara St
10327SANDERSSarah A.6 Barbara St
10327SANDERSAlice A.6 Barbara St
10327SANDERSEdith A.6 Barbara St
10327SANDERSWilliam6 Barbara St
10327SANDERSClara W.6 Barbara St
10327SANDERSKate6 Barbara St
11720SANDERSCharles10 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720SANDERSJane10 Clarson St Moor Lane
9920SARGEANTMabel A.10 Orchard St
5518SARGENTGeorge5 Marmion St
5518SARGENTJane5 Marmion St
5518SARGENTGeorge5 Marmion St
5518SARGENTThomas5 Marmion St
5518SARGENTMary J.5 Marmion St
5518SARGENTLizzie5 Marmion St
1012SATCHELLJohn64 Church St
1012SATCHELLLydia64 Church St
1012SATCHELLJohn W64 Church St
1012SATCHELLHarold64 Church St
5823SAUNDERSAlfred W.6 Sculthorpe Bldg
7112SAUNDERSEliz.2 Cherry St
7316SAYERArthur J.24 Cherry St
7316SAYERRose Hannah24 Cherry St
7316SAYERFrederick J.24 Cherry St
5620SCATTERGOODMary A. E.4 Victoria Cres
4321SCHOBLEJohn H.Castle Hotel 39 Market St
332SCOTTJohn F.43 Bolebridge St
332SCOTTMary Ann43 Bolebridge St
226SCOTTWilliamStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
237SCOTTJohnStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
484SEALJoseph114 Gungate
484SEALSarah 114 Gungate
484SEALHettie114 Gungate
484SEALLizzie114 Gungate
484SEALCilward?114 Gungate
484SEALFlossie114 Gungate
5211SEALEdward106 Gungate
5211SEALEliza106 Gungate
5211SEALJoseph106 Gungate
5211SEALArthur106 Gungate
5211SEALOliver106 Gungate
5211SEALJoseph107 Gungate
5620SEALWilliam5 Victoria Cres
5620SEALClara5 Victoria Cres
5620SEALJoseph5 Victoria Cres
5620SEALClara5 Victoria Cres
5620SEALGertrude5 Victoria Cres
5620SEALErnest5 Victoria Cres
5517SEALGeorge6 Nelson's Court
5517SEALMary C.6 Nelson's Court
5416SEALThomas77 Gungate
5416SEALAnnie H.77 Gungate
5314SEALThomas85 Gungate
5314SEALJane85 Gungate
5314SEALAlbert85 Gungate
5314SEALLily85 Gungate
5314SEALKate85 Gungate
472SEARLEEthel F.6 Victoria Rd
4220SELWOODWilliam34 Market St
5517SEPHION?Ann55 Albert Rd
5517SEPHION?Fred55 Albert Rd
1624SEWELLJames3 Cole Hill
331SHARLEYSarah37 Bolebridge St
331SHARLEYEdgar L. J.37 Bolebridge St
10327SHARMANMabel8 Barbara St
11210SHARPEWalter8 Park St Lichfield St
11210SHARPEMaria Andie?8 Park St Lichfield St
99SHARRATTWilliam3ct3ho Church St
99SHARRATTEliza3ct3ho Church St
99SHARRATTGeorge3ct3ho Church St
99SHARRATTLucy3ct3ho Church St
99SHARRATTEthel3ct3ho Church St
99SHARRATTEliza3ct3ho Church St
5110SHARRATTJames109 Gungate
5110SHARRATTSarah109 Gungate
5110SHARRATTJames109 Gungate
5110SHARRATTHenry T.109 Gungate
5416SHARRATTSarah1ct2ho Gungate
5416SHARRATTAlfred1ct2ho Gungate
5416SHARRATTFlorrie1ct2ho Gungate
5416SHARRATTAnnie1ct2ho Gungate
6028SHARRATTKathleen7 Paradise Row
12026SHARRATTWilliam12 Peel St Lichfield St
12026SHARRATTEvelyn12 Peel St Lichfield St
12026SHARRATTWilliam12 Peel St Lichfield St
12026SHARRATTFrancis12 Peel St Lichfield St
12026SHARRATTBaby Boy12 Peel St Lichfield St
7418SHAWThomas W.10 Cross St
7418SHAWIsabella10 Cross St
12331SHE(L)TTONLucy7 New St
12331SHE(L)TTONAlfred7 New St
213SHELLYHarriett3 Old School Yard
213SHELLYEdward3 Old School Yard
213SHELLYAlfred3 Old School Yard
7418SHELTONGeorge12 Cross St
7418SHELTONFlorrie12 Cross St
7418SHELTONGeorge12 Cross St
7723SHELTONHarriet3 Marion Place
925SHELTONGertrude99 Lichfield St
9920SHELTONJohn11 Orchard St
9920SHELTONEliza11 Orchard St
9920SHELTONFlorence11 Orchard St
9920SHELTONGeorge11 Orchard St
9920SHELTONLouisa11 Orchard St
9920SHELTONJennie11 Orchard St
9920SHELTONBertie11 Orchard St
9920SHELTONWalter11 Orchard St
9817SHENTONHerbert H.2 Halford St
52SHEPHARDTimothy7 Marshall Cott, Church St
52SHEPHARDElizth7 Marshall Cott, Church St
52SHEPHARDGeorge H.7 Marshall Cott, Church St
52SHEPHARDElizth7 Marshall Cott, Church St
5415SHEPHARDSamuel B.81 Gungate
5415SHEPHARDHannah81 Gungate
5415SHEPHARDHorace J.81 Gungate
5415SHEPHARDHerbert B.81 Gungate
5415SHEPHARDEthel G.81 Gungate
5415SHEPHARDFlorence H.81 Gungate
5415SHEPHARDLeonard S.81 Gungate
5415SHEPHARDRowland H.81 Gungate
63SHEPHERDAnn7 College Lane
7927SHEPHERDGeorge3 Offa St
7927SHEPHERDKate3 Offa St
7927SHEPHERDWilliam3 Offa St
7927SHEPHERDHarold3 Offa St
8540SHEPPARDWilliam28 Aldergate St
8540SHEPPARDEmily28 Aldergate St
8540SHEPPARDJacob W.28 Aldergate St
8540SHEPPARDErnest28 Aldergate St
8540SHEPPARDOlive28 Aldergate St
8540SHEPPARDSidney28 Aldergate St
75SHERLOCKNorah4 Godfrey's Yard
75SHERLOCKEsther4 Godfrey's Yard
5721SHINNAbel8 Victoria Cres
5721SHINNNellie8 Victoria Cres
51SHIPLEYAgnes37 Church St
51SHIPLEYGeorge37 Church St
51SHIPLEYGeorgina M.37 Church St
51SHIPLEYVictoria M.37 Church St
5721SHIPLEYGeorge11 Victoria Cres
5721SHIPLEYLouisa11 Victoria Cres
5721SHIPLEYMary A.11 Victoria Cres
5721SHIPLEYJoseph W.11 Victoria Cres
5721SHIPLEYGeorge11 Victoria Cres
5721SHIPLEYMary A.12 Victoria Cres
1216SHORTMillicent11 Silver St
52SHUTTERWORTHWilliam39 Church St
52SHUTTERWORTHElizth39 Church St
52SHUTTERWORTHWilliam J.39 Church St
52SHUTTERWORTHEdith E.39 Church St
9511SHUTTLEWORTHRichard78 Lichfield St
9511SHUTTLEWORTHAlice78 Lichfield St
9511SHUTTLEWORTHReginald78 Lichfield St
9511SHUTTLEWORTHWilliam J.78 Lichfield St
8131SILVESTERMariaLeys Cottage
8131SILVESTERAnnieLeys Cottage
8131SILVESTERNellieLeys Cottage
367SIMMON?Walter H.1ct5ho Bolebridge St
4016SIMMONDSKate13 George St
2818SIMPSONWilliam37 Aldergate
2818SIMPSONMary A.37 Aldergate
2818SIMPSONWilliam37 Aldergate
2818SIMPSONKate37 Aldergate
2818SIMPSONBeatrice37 Aldergate
1114SIMPSONJames7 King St
8233SIMPSONMargaret3 Aldergate St
8234SIMPSONHarry E.3 Aldergate St
202SIMSGeorge22 Church St
202SIMSMary A.22 Church St
202SIMSAnnie E.22 Church St
8234SIMSAmos4 Aldergate St
8234SIMSEliz.4 Aldergate St
8234SIMSSarah A.4 Aldergate St
8234SIMSMary E.4 Aldergate St
8234SIMSEliz.4 Aldergate St
8234SIMSEdward J.4 Aldergate St
8234SIMSArthur4 Aldergate St
4220SKELTONClarence W.L.c.+mid Bank 35 Market St
4220SKELTONAnnieL.c.+mid Bank 35 Market St
4220SKELTONFreda D.L.c.+mid Bank 35 Market St
7520SKIDMOREJohn36 Hospital St
7520SKIDMORESarah Eliz.36 Hospital St
7520SKIDMORECatherine36 Hospital St
7520SKIDMOREArthur36 Hospital St
7520SKIDMORESarah Eliz.36 Hospital St
7520SKIDMOREAlice36 Hospital St
7520SKIDMOREEthel G.36 Hospital St
331SLANEYErnest37 Bolebridge St
331SLANEYEmma E.37 Bolebridge St
331SLANEYEdward37 Bolebridge St
331SLANEYGwendoline M. S.37 Bolebridge St
331SLANEYDonald37 Bolebridge St
2614SLANEYHenry7 Church Lane
2614SLANEYMargaret7 Church Lane
1216SLATEREdith1 Market St Peel Arms Hotel)
8438SLIPPERThomas13 Aldergate St
8438SLIPPERGertrude13 Aldergate St
495SMITHMaria1 Spring Gdns
1216SMITHSarah13a Silver St
343SMITHCharlotte2 Arched Row
4118SMITHAlbert J.20 George St
4219SMITHJohn F.26 Market St
4219SMITHSarah M.26 Market St
4219SMITHMarjorie E.26 Market St
2715SMITHFrancis T.29 Gungate St
2715SMITHElizabeth L.29 Gungate St
2715SMITHJames H.29 Gungate St
2715SMITHFrancis E.29 Gungate St
2715SMITHPercy F.29 Gungate St
2716SMITHAlbert W.29 Gungate St
367SMITHSamuel2ct3ho Bolebridge St
367SMITHGertrude2ct3ho Bolebridge St
2716SMITHJames30 Gungate St
2716SMITHMary J.30 Gungate St
331SMITHEllen E.35 Bolebridge St
343SMITHJohn4 Arched Row
343SMITHAlice4 Arched Row
343SMITHAnn4 Arched Row
332SMITHGeorge41 Bolebridge St
332SMITHMartha41 Bolebridge St
332SMITHGeorge41 Bolebridge St
52SMITHWilliam42 Church St
472SMITHEliza6 Victoria Rd
472SMITHCyril G.6 Victoria Rd
1012SMITHJames H.63 Church St
3812SMITHCharles74 Bolebridge St
3812SMITHHenrietta74 Bolebridge St
3812SMITHCharles74 Bolebridge St
3812SMITHJohn74 Bolebridge St
3812SMITHEvelyn74 Bolebridge St
4015SMITHHenry8 George St
4015SMITHBeatrice A. A.8 George St
4015SMITHSydney H.8 George St
4015SMITHDorothy S.8 George St
238SMITHJohn8 Lower Gungate
238SMITHSarah8 Lower Gungate
238SMITHEdward8 Lower Gungate
1317SMITHDaniel9 Market St
1317SMITHCatherine9 Market St
1317SMITHEllen G.9 Market St
1317SMITHEmma E.9 Market St
1317SMITHEmily M.9 Market St
226SMITHWilliamStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
226SMITHThomasStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
237SMITHWilliamStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
5925SMITHThomas D.15 Freeman's Yard
5824SMITHFlorence M.4 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5313SMITHMary G.91 Gungate
5212SMITHJohn98 Gungate
5212SMITHEdith98 Gungate
5212SMITHMillie98 Gungate
5212SMITHFlorrie98 Gungate
5212SMITHWinifred98 Gungate
6028SMITHJohn8 Paradise Row
6028SMITHSarah A.8 Paradise Row
6028SMITHGeorge H.8 Paradise Row
686SMITHAlbert H.4 Stranrer Place
697SMITHSarah4 Stranrer Place
8132SMITHJoseph122 Lichfield St
8132SMITHHarriett122 Lichfield St
8132SMITHSarah Ann122 Lichfield St
8132SMITHAgnes122 Lichfield St
8233SMITHWilliam1 Stores Yard Aldergate
8233SMITHElizabeth1 Stores Yard Aldergate
8234SMITHRobert1 St John's St
8438SMITHAnnie E.10 Aldergate St
8641SMITHMargaretCottage Hospital
913SMITHJohn106 Lichfield St
914SMITHHenry J.103 Lichfield St
914SMITHMary103 Lichfield St
914SMITHEdith M.103 Lichfield St
9715SMITHAmy7 Halford Terr
1081SMITHJohn Thomas12 the Bradfords L'field St
1081SMITHMary Hannah12 the Bradfords L'field St
1106SMITHJames37 Park St Lichfield St
1106SMITHMary Elizabeth37 Park St Lichfield St
11618SMITHThomas8 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11821SMITHThomas43 Lichfield St
11821SMITHHarriet43 Lichfield St
11821SMITHThomas L.43 Lichfield St
11822SMITHEdward38 Lichfield St
11822SMITHHetty38 Lichfield St
12128SMITHJohn25 Peel St Lichfield St
12128SMITHElizabeth25 Peel St Lichfield St
12128SMITHGeorge E.25 Peel St Lichfield St
12128SMITHAnnie E. M.25 Peel St Lichfield St
12128SMITHWalter J.25 Peel St Lichfield St
12128SMITHCatherine25 Peel St Lichfield St
12230SMITHCharles19 Lichfield St
12230SMITHCharlotte19 Lichfield St
12535SMITHRichard2 Brewery Lane
12535SMITHAda2 Brewery Lane
12535SMITHFlorrie2 Brewery Lane
12535SMITHAlbert2 Brewery Lane
12535SMITHRichard H.2 Brewery Lane
12841SMITHAliceWhite House Hotel L'field St
8234SNEADFanny1 St John's St
8234SNEADGeorge E.1 St John's St
9511SNIPEArthur W.79 Lichfield St
9511SNIPEFanny79 Lichfield St
9511SNIPEAlwyn F.79 Lichfield St
9511SNIPECyril A.79 Lichfield St
9511SNIPEEdith M.79 Lichfield St
9511SNIPEHilda M.79 Lichfield St
9511SNIPENorman V.79 Lichfield St
3914SOLEWilliam2 George St
2410SOMMERSJohn13 Lower Gungate
2410SOMMERSEliza13 Lower Gungate
2410SOMMERSErnest13 Lower Gungate
2410SOMMERSSarah13 Lower Gungate
2410SOMMERSAlfred13 Lower Gungate
1318SOMMERSSarah A.1ct4ho Market St
1318SOMMERSMilly1ct4ho Market St
1318SOMMERSCatherine A.1ct4ho Market St
1420SPAFFORDHelen24 George St
4321SPARKEFrancis E.36 Market St
519SPENCERMartha24 Spring Gdns
519SPENCERJohn24 Spring Gdns
902SPENCERGeorge111 Lichfield St
12128SPENCERThomas28 Peel St Lichfield St
12128SPENCEREliza28 Peel St Lichfield St
12128SPENCERJohn T.28 Peel St Lichfield St
12128SPENCERSidney28 Peel St Lichfield St
4015SPINKRobert7 George St
4015SPINKElsie7 George St
4015SPINKMargaret J.7 George St
5518SPORGS?Thomas1 Marmion St
12025SPRAGGMildred24 Lichfield St
12842SPRATTEmily K. R.5 Silver St (Public House)
10123SQUIRESJohn H.14 Alfred Place
12841STANLEYEdithWhite House Hotel L'field St
471STANNARDCharles4 Victoria Rd
910STANTONStephen60 Church St
4321STANWAYHarold E.Castle Hotel 39 Market St
226STAPELYThomas32 Church St
226STAPELYFanny32 Church St
2715STARKEYHarry19 Church Lane
2715STARKEYCatherine19 Church Lane
2715STARKEYWilliam H.19 Church Lane
2715STARKEYMary19 Church Lane
5620STARKEYGeorge1 Fisher's Row
5620STARKEYEmma1 Fisher's Row
5620STARKEYRose H.1 Fisher's Row
5620STARKEYElsie M.1 Fisher's Row
5823STARKEYHenry3 Marmion Terr
5823STARKEYMary H.3 Marmion Terr
5823STARKEYAnnie3 Marmion Terr
5823STARKEYHenry3 Marmion Terr
5823STARKEYFrederick3 Marmion Terr
5823STARKEYMarjory S.3 Marmion Terr
5823STARKEYEmma M.3 Marmion Terr
5823STARKEYDoris M.3 Marmion Terr
5823STARKEYEdith V.3 Marmion Terr
8131STARKEYGeorge4 Calcutta Terr
8131STARKEYNellie4 Calcutta Terr
8131STARKEYMabel4 Calcutta Terr
8131STARKEYWinifred4 Calcutta Terr
8438STARKEYCharles11 Aldergate St
8438STARKEYMary11 Aldergate St
913STARKEYAnn110 Lichfield St
11822STARKEYFanny35 Lichfield St
12127STARKEYAlfred21 Peel St Lichfield St
12127STARKEYFrances21 Peel St Lichfield St
12127STARKEYHenry21 Peel St Lichfield St
12127STARKEYNellie21 Peel St Lichfield St
12127STARKEYLucy21 Peel St Lichfield St
12128STARKEYFrederick24 Peel St Lichfield St
12128STARKEYEmma24 Peel St Lichfield St
12128STARKEYFrances24 Peel St Lichfield St
12128STARKEYEthel24 Peel St Lichfield St
12128STARKEYFrederick24 Peel St Lichfield St
51STATHAMJoseph4 Marshall Cott, Church St
51STATHAMEliza4 Marshall Cott, Church St
8641STATHAMDavidCottage Hospital
5211STEPHENESCicily104 Gungate
2716STEPHENSAnn34+35 Gungate St
5721STEPHENSWilliam L.11 Victoria Cres
5721STEPHENSAnn7 Victoria Cres
5721STEPHENSEmmanuel7 Victoria Cres
5721STEPHENSMary M.7 Victoria Cres
697STEPHENSSamuel6 Stranrer Place
697STEPHENSFanny6 Stranrer Place
697STEPHENSEmma6 Stranrer Place
697STEPHENSSamuel6 Stranrer Place
697STEPHENSFrancis6 Stranrer Place
697STEPHENSWilliam H.6 Stranrer Place
10022STEPHENSFrances7 Alfred Place
10022STEPHENSAnnie7 Alfred Place
10022STEPHENSHenry7 Alfred Place
10022STEPHENSJoseph7 Alfred Place
10022STEPHENSMary7 Alfred Place
4220STEPHENSONFrank27 Market St
5619STEVENSSarah A.6 Fisher's Row
6028STEVENSSarah6 Paradise Row
484STEVENSONElizabeth3ct1ho Gungate
484STEVENSONMinnie3ct1ho Gungate
75STEVENSONThomas J.47 Church St
75STEVENSONElizth47 Church St
75STEVENSONPercy T. W.47 Church St
75STEVENSONCharles47 Church St
75STEVENSONHarry47 Church St
75STEVENSONAnnie47 Church St
76STEVENSONMaggie47 Church St
76STEVENSONEdgar47 Church St
76STEVENSONLizzie47 Church St
496STEVENSONCharles5 Spring Gdns
496STEVENSONElizabeth5 Spring Gdns
496STEVENSONWilliam5 Spring Gdns
496STEVENSONMinnie5 Spring Gdns
1317STEVENSONCharles E.6 Market St
3913STEVENSONGeorge82 Bolebridge St
3913STEVENSONAnn E.82 Bolebridge St
3913STEVENSONGeorge N.82 Bolebridge St
3913STEVENSONElsie M.82 Bolebridge St
3913STEVENSONWalter82 Bolebridge St
3913STEVENSONErnest82 Bolebridge St
64STEVENSONGeorge9 College Lane
64STEVENSONJane9 College Lane
64STEVENSONFrancis9 College Lane
685STEVENSONWilliam48 Gungate St
1317STOCKEthelTavern 7 Market St
201STOKESGeorge F.9 Church St
201STOKESMary S.9 Church St
201STOKESGeorge H.9 Church St
201STOKESMabel M.9 Church St
7927STOKESHarry4 Offa St
7825STONEJames17 Hospital St
7825STONESarah A.17 Hospital St
7825STONEFlorence F. E.17 Hospital St
914STONEHOUSEMary J.103 Lichfield St
661STORA?BetseyThe Mount
11413STORERAlbert65 Lichfield St
11618STORERCharles14 Moor Lane
11618STOREREmma14 Moor Lane
11618STORERFlorence14 Moor Lane
11618STOREREmma14 Moor Lane
8641STRETTONLeonard T.Cottage Hospital
9818STRETTONWilliam T.3 Halford St
9818STRETTONMary A. C.3 Halford St
9818STRETTONAgnes3 Halford St
9818STRETTONMary A.3 Halford St
9818STRETTONSydney W.3 Halford St
9818STRETTONGertrude3 Halford St
9818STRETTONElizabeth M.3 Halford St
9818STRETTONEllen3 Halford St
9818STRETTONErnest C.3 Halford St
2716STRINGERThomas33 Gungate St
237STRINGERJohnStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
9512STRIPPEdward3 Moor St
9512STRIPPFanny3 Moor St
9512STRIPPDaisy3 Moor St
9818STUBBSAlbert6 Halford St
9818STUBBSEmily6 Halford St
9818STUBBSAlbert6 Halford St
9818STUBBSDorothy6 Halford St
1113SULLIVANJames5ct2ho Church St
12740SUMMERSFrederick3 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740SUMMERSHannah3 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740SUMMERSEmily3 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740SUMMERSLizzie3 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740SUMMERSAlice3 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740SUMMERSFred3 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740SUMMERSGeorge3 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740SUMMERSNellie3 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
12740SUMMERSIvy3 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
7214SUTTONFrancis13 Cherry St
7214SUTTONHarriott13 Cherry St
7214SUTTONWalter13 Cherry St
7214SUTTONErnest13 Cherry St
7214SUTTONHarriott13 Cherry St
7214SUTTONSydney13 Cherry St
7214SUTTONKate13 Cherry St
7214SUTTONFrederick13 Cherry St
1118SUTTONThomas Henry28 Park St Lichfield St
1118SUTTONAlice28 Park St Lichfield St
1118SUTTONThomas Harold28 Park St Lichfield St
10022SWIFTJohn9 Alfred Place
5314SWINDELLClara A. S.88 Gungate
5314SWINDELLAlice88 Gungate
12740SWINDELLSamuel2 Eaton's Yard Lichfield St
3812SYLVESTERHannah75 Bolebridge St
3812SYLVESTERJoseph75 Bolebridge St
3812SYLVESTERAmos75 Bolebridge St
3812SYLVESTERRhoda75 Bolebridge St
3812SYLVESTEREdith75 Bolebridge St
4219TAILTONAnnieTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
4219TAILTONCharlesTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
4219TAILTONMaryTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
4219TAILTONLucyTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
343TALLISJohn1 Arched Row
343TALLISGertrude1 Arched Row
343TALLISBertie1 Arched Row
356TALLISHenry1ct3ho Bolebridge St
356TALLISAnn1ct3ho Bolebridge St
7723TANDYAnnie M.3 Marion Place
12637TANSER/TAUSERWalter H.15 Brewery Lane
12637TANSER/TAUSERHannah15 Brewery Lane
12637TANSER/TAUSEREdward15 Brewery Lane
12637TANSER/TAUSERWilliam H.15 Brewery Lane
12637TANSER/TAUSERAnnie E.15 Brewery Lane
12637TANSER/TAUSERErnest J.15 Brewery Lane
4322TANSEYMartinCastle Mill
4322TANSEYWinifredCastle Mill
4322TANSEYNellieCastle Mill
4322TANSEYMartinCastle Mill
4322TANSEYWinnieCastle Mill
5314TANSEYElizabeth86 Gungate
5314TANSEYAnnie86 Gungate
483TAPEBeatrice A.8 Colehill
4117TAYLORHezikiah3 Bull Yard
7112TAYLOREdmund2 Cherry St
7112TAYLORLily2 Cherry St
7826TAYLORThomas20 Orchard St
7826TAYLORElizabeth A.20 Orchard St
7826TAYLORThomas H.20 Orchard St
7826TAYLORWilliam H.20 Orchard St
8029TAYLORGeorge12 St John St
8029TAYLORMary E.12 St John St
8029TAYLOREdith M.12 St John St
8029TAYLORW. K.12 St John St
8233TAYLORFrederickWhite Lion Inn Lichfield St
926TAYLORAlice E.White House Lichfield St
9410TAYLORGeorge86 Lichfield St
10021TAYLORFrancis3 Alfred Place
10021TAYLORSydney3 Alfred Place
10021TAYLORErnest3 Alfred Place
10021TAYLORFrances3 Alfred Place
10021TAYLOREthel3 Alfred Place
10022TAYLORGeorge5 Alfred Place
10022TAYLORAnn Marie5 Alfred Place
10022TAYLORAlfred John5 Alfred Place
10022TAYLORAlbert S.5 Alfred Place
10022TAYLORWilliam A.5 Alfred Place
10124TAYLORWilliam19 Alfred Place
10124TAYLORElizabeth19 Alfred Place
10124TAYLORFrederick19 Alfred Place
10124TAYLORBernard19 Alfred Place
12230TAYLORCharles19 Lichfield St
697TERRYGeorge5 Stranrer Place
8641THAWLEYMary A.Cottage Hospital
1118THAWLEYMary Ann38 Park St Lichfield St
8030THESTERTONThomas20 St John St
8030THESTERTONHarriet20 St John St
8030THESTERTONCharles E.20 St John St
8030THESTERTONThomas Brooks20 St John St
8030THESTERTONCatherine H.20 St John St
201THOMASRachael8 Church St
685THOMASFred49 Gungate St
685THOMASMazzilla?49 Gungate St
685THOMASDaniel49 Gungate St
685THOMASElizabeth C.49 Gungate St
685THOMASWilliam H.49 Gungate St
11719THOMASJohn2 Clarson St Moor Lane
1623THOMPSONWalter T.1ct5ho George St
4219THOMPSONSarah26 Market St
355THOMPSONFrederick48 Bolebridge St
355THOMPSONCatherine48 Bolebridge St
355THOMPSONGertrude48 Bolebridge St
225THOMPSONJoseph H.5 Mold's Yard
225THOMPSONAda5 Mold's Yard
5415THOMPSONJoseph81 Gungate
5926THOMPSONWilliam3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONFanny3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONGeorge3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONMary A.3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONWilliam3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONElsie3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONAda3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONFlorence3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONAlbert3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONFred3 Mill Lane
5926THOMPSONFrances3 Mill Lane
6129THOMPSONRhoda15 Bolebridge St
6231THOMPSONThomas1 Freeman's Yard
6231THOMPSONFredk.5 Bolebridge St
6231THOMPSONMary5 Bolebridge St
673THOMPSONWilliam56 Gungate St
673THOMPSONGeorgina56 Gungate St
673THOMPSONErnest56 Gungate St
673THOMPSONHarry56 Gungate St
673THOMPSONLizzie56 Gungate St
674THOMPSONHerbert56 Gungate St
674THOMPSONJoseph56 Gungate St
674THOMPSONFrancis A.56 Gungate St
7214THOMPSONHarry14 Cherry St
11312THOMPSONDavid Lindsay1 Park View Lichfield St
11312THOMPSONEliza Anne1 Park View Lichfield St
11312THOMPSONJohn54 Lichfield St
11312THOMPSONSarah54 Lichfield St
12128THOMPSONJoseph H.27 Peel St Lichfield St
12128THOMPSONM. A.27 Peel St Lichfield St
12128THOMPSONC.27 Peel St Lichfield St
12128THOMPSONW. H.27 Peel St Lichfield St
12332THOMPSONAnn9 Castle View New St
12332THOMPSONArthur9 Castle View New St
12535THOMPSONJohn1 Brewery Lane
12535THOMPSONMary1 Brewery Lane
12638THOMPSONHenry22 Brewery Lane
12638THOMPSONSarah J.22 Brewery Lane
12638THOMPSONWilliam H.22 Brewery Lane
12638THOMPSONMabel22 Brewery Lane
12638THOMPSONAlbert H.22 Brewery Lane
12638THOMPSONHorace D.22 Brewery Lane
12638THOMPSONArthur22 Brewery Lane
12638THOMPSONJoe22 Brewery Lane
4117THORNBURNJohn16 George St
4117THORNBURNFanny16 George St
4117THORNBURNClifford16 George St
4117THORNBURNEthel16 George St
4117THORNBURNHilda16 George St
4117TIMBRELJohn3 Bull Yard
12637TIMMSAlfred17 Brewery Lane
12637TIMMSEllen17 Brewery Lane
9410TISALucy5ho2ct Lichfield St
9410TISACharles5ho2ct Lichfield St
5415TITEMaurice78 Gungate
8030TODDGeorge William17 St John St
8030TODDEmma Eliz.17 St John St
8030TODDAnnie Eliz.17 St John St
8030TODDGeorge Patrick17 St John St
8030TODDFrederick Thomas17 St John St
8030TODDEmma Eliz.17 St John St
8030TODDTeresa Mary17 St John St
1081TOININS?George2 the Bradfords L'field St
1081TOININS?Ellen Marie2 the Bradfords L'field St
1623TOMLINSONGeorge36a George St
1623TOMLINSONAlice36a George St
1623TOMLINSONJohn36a George St
1623TOMLINSONCharles36a George St
5620TOMLINSONSarah3 Victoria Cres
5620TOMLINSONCharles3 Victoria Cres
5620TOMLINSONJohn W.3 Victoria Cres
5620TOMLINSONArthur G.3 Victoria Cres
5620TOMLINSONDora M.3 Victoria Cres
7622TOMLINSONWilliam47 Elmdon Place
7622TOMLINSONHannah M.47 Elmdon Place
7622TOMLINSONFlorence M.47 Elmdon Place
7622TOMLINSONWilliam A.47 Elmdon Place
9410TOMLINSONCharles82 Lichfield St
10022TOMLINSONEmma5 Alfred Place
2512TOMSONRichard6 Church Lane
2512TOMSONEmily6 Church Lane
11311TOMSONJoseph1 Fair View Lichfield St
11311TOMSONMartha Ann1 Fair View Lichfield St
11311TOMSONHarry Harley1 Fair View Lichfield St
11312TOMSONEthel Mary1 Fair View Lichfield St
11312TOMSONJoseph1 Fair View Lichfield St
11312TOMSONFrancis Richard1 Fair View Lichfield St
11312TOMSONSamuel1 Fair View Lichfield St
11312TOMSONWilliam Harold1 Fair View Lichfield St
9715TONKSDinah10 Halford Terr
9715TONKSAlice10 Halford Terr
9715TONKSRobert10 Halford Terr
9715TONKSFlorrie10 Halford Terr
9715TONKSHarry10 Halford Terr
4118TOPLISSThomas1 Thompson's Yard
1094TOWERSEdith1 Park St Lichfield St
1012TOWEYJames61 Church St
1012TOWEYJohn61 Church St
11822TOWEYJohn37 Lichfield St
11822TOWEYMary37 Lichfield St
201TOWNSHENDGertrude8 Church St
1216TRAWICHAlice1 Market St (Peel Arms Hotel)
5518TREADWELLWilloughby3 Marmion St
5518TREADWELLMay3 Marmion St
5518TREADWELLDoris D.3 Marmion St
10124TREAVERElizabeth17 Alfred Place
471TRICKLEBANKSamuel2+3 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKElizabeth2+3 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKMaud2+3 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKErnest2+3 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKEthel2+3 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKJudge2+3 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKJohn4 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKAnnie4 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKHerbert4 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKSamuel4 Victoria Rd
471TRICKLEBANKLucy4 Victoria Rd
1106TRICKLEBANKHenry Frederick27 Park St Lichfield St
1106TRICKLEBANKEdith27 Park St Lichfield St
1106TRICKLEBANKDoris27 Park St Lichfield St
1106TRICKLEBANKGrace27 Park St Lichfield St
3811TRIPPLERMartha64 Bolebridge St
673TROWELLJonas62 Gungate St
673TROWELLCaroline62 Gungate St
673TROWELLAda Ellen62 Gungate St
1012TRUS(E)LOVEArthur63 Church St
1012TRUS(E)LOVEPatience63 Church St
1012TRUS(E)LOVEMary E.63 Church St
1012TRUS(E)LOVECharles W.63 Church St
1012TRUS(E)LOVEThomas63 Church St
1012TRUS(E)LOVEGeorge63 Church St
483TUFFERYPhilip D.117 Gungate
483TUFFERYElizabeth H.117 Gungate
483TUFFERYHorace117 Gungate
63TUFFERYSarahSchool House College Lane
63TUFFERYAnnieSchool House College Lane
63TUFFERYEmilySchool House College Lane
63TUFFERYMillySchool House College Lane
4220TUMMEYEliza A.32 Market St
10022TUNNICLIFFEErnest9 Alfred Place
10022TUNNICLIFFEAmelia9 Alfred Place
10022TUNNICLIFFESydney9 Alfred Place
225TURNERSarahVergery 29 Church St
914TURNERGeorge3 Turner's Yard L'field St
914TURNEREllen3 Turner's Yard L'field St
914TURNERMargaret3 Turner's Yard L'field St
914TURNERWilliam T.3 Turner's Yard L'field St
1106TURNERThomas Henry31 Park St Lichfield St
1106TURNERCharlotte31 Park St Lichfield St
1106TURNERGladys Marjorie31 Park St Lichfield St
11311TURNERArthur2 Tame View Lichfield St
11311TURNERAmelia2 Tame View Lichfield St
11311TURNERErnest2 Tame View Lichfield St
11311TURNERJohn Walter2 Tame View Lichfield St
11311TURNERAnnie Marie2 Tame View Lichfield St
7723TWAMLEYBeatrice L.3 Marion Place
8540TWAMLEYClaraCottage Hospital
937UDALEEmma91 Lichfield St
937UDALEThomas91 Lichfield St
937UDALEAdelaide B.91 Lichfield St
1093UNDERHILLWilliam50 Lichfield St
1093UNDERHILLMary Ann50 Lichfield St
1093UNDERHILLWilliam50 Lichfield St
1105VALERIEGeralden S.1 Park St Lichfield St
7111VALLANCEThomas32 Hospital St
7111VALLANCESusannah32 Hospital St
7112VALLANCENellie L.32 Hospital St
7112VALLANCEMaud E.32 Hospital St
7112VALLANCEJohn T. J.32 Hospital St
7112VALLANCEGeorge F.32 Hospital St
7112VALLANCEReece H.32 Hospital St
7112VALLANCESydney R.32 Hospital St
7112VALLANCELawrence H.32 Hospital St
7112VALLANCESusie M.32 Hospital St
7112VALLANCECarrie W.32 Hospital St
7622VANESBeatrice M.46 Elmdon Place
7622VANESDonald46 Elmdon Place
7622VANESWinifred46 Elmdon Place
1521VASEYEllen29 George St
1129VASEYJohn16 Park St Lichfield St
1129VASEYSarah16 Park St Lichfield St
1129VASEYHerbert John16 Park St Lichfield St
7622VERNONArthur H.49 Elmdon Place
7519VICKERSWilliam14 Cross St
7519VICKERSLouise14 Cross St
7519VICKERSMabel14 Cross St
7519VICKERSAgnes14 Cross St
7519VICKERSAmy14 Cross St
7519VICKERSLucy14 Cross St
2614VICKERYWalter E.3 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
4321VINTSCHGERG.Castle Hotel 39 Market St
519VYSELouisa22 Spring Gdns
519VYSEEllen22 Spring Gdns
519VYSEPercy22 Spring Gdns
519VYSEAmy22 Spring Gdns
913VYSEJoseph107 Lichfield St
913VYSEFrances107 Lichfield St
913VYSEJames107 Lichfield St
913VYSEJames106 Lichfield St
913VYSESarah A.106 Lichfield St
913VYSEJames106 Lichfield St
913VYSEWalter106 Lichfield St
913VYSEFrederick106 Lichfield St
1420WADDINGTONNellie21 Market St
1105WAILANDFrederick7 Park St Lichfield St
1105WAILANDBertha7 Park St Lichfield St
1105WAILANDEvelyn7 Park St Lichfield St
1105WAILANDCharles7 Park St Lichfield St
901WAINWRIGHTCharles119 Lichfield St
901WAINWRIGHTFanny119 Lichfield St
901WAINWRIGHTNelly G.119 Lichfield St
9920WAINWRIGHTEdward14 Orchard St
9920WAINWRIGHTAnnie14 Orchard St
9920WAINWRIGHTCharles E.14 Orchard St
9920WAINWRIGHTSydney J.14 Orchard St
9920WAINWRIGHTBeatrice A.14 Orchard St
9920WAINWRIGHTCatherine M. E.14 Orchard St
10022WAINWRIGHTHerbert E.10 Alfred Place
10022WAINWRIGHTEdith Mary10 Alfred Place
10022WAINWRIGHTJoseph Charles10 Alfred Place
10022WAINWRIGHTFrand? W.10 Alfred Place
10022WAINWRIGHTHarold James10 Alfred Place
1082WAINWRIGHTWilliam47 Lichfield St
1082WAINWRIGHTMargaret47 Lichfield St
1082WAINWRIGHTRebecca47 Lichfield St
1082WAINWRIGHTRobert47 Lichfield St
1082WAINWRIGHTAnnie47 Lichfield St
1082WAINWRIGHTJames47 Lichfield St
63WAITEWilliam5 College Lane
674WAKELINThomas W.54 Gungate St
674WAKELINSarah54 Gungate St
674WAKELINSydney54 Gungate St
2919WALESJohn5 Matthew's Yard
64WALKERHanson1ct1ho College Lane
64WALKERWilliam1ct1ho College Lane
64WALKEREllen1ct1ho College Lane
4118WALKERThomas2 Thompson's Yard
4118WALKERAda2 Thompson's Yard
4118WALKERThomas2 Thompson's Yard
4118WALKERCyril2 Thompson's Yard
99WALKEREliza4 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
201WALKERFlorrie8 Church St
238WALKERCharles H.9 Lower Gungate
249WALKERGeorge9 Lower Gungate
4016WALKERJaneBricklayers Arms 11 Geo St
4321WALKERSydney E.Castle Hotel 39 Market St
237WALKERGeorgeStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
5722WALKERAlfred6 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722WALKERMary A.6 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722WALKERHarry6 Sculthorpe Bldg
5823WALKERLily6 Sculthorpe Bldg
5823WALKERMinnie6 Sculthorpe Bldg
5823WALKERAnnie6 Sculthorpe Bldg
685WALKERTimothy48 Gungate St
685WALKERLaura48 Gungate St
7417WALKERThomas2 Cross St
7417WALKERFanny2 Cross St
7417WALKERNellie2 Cross St
7417WALKERAlbert2 Cross St
7417WALKERFred2 Cross St
7417WALKERAlice2 Cross St
7417WALKEREvie2 Cross St
8131WALKERThomas1 Calcutta Terr
8131WALKERRebecca1 Calcutta Terr
8131WALKERFrank1 Calcutta Terr
8131WALKERAlfred1 Calcutta Terr
8131WALKERAnnie1 Calcutta Terr
8131WALKERElsie1 Calcutta Terr
8131WALKERLilian1 Calcutta Terr
10327WALKERHenry F.7 Barbara St
10327WALKEREliza7 Barbara St
10327WALKERHarold7 Barbara St
1117WALKERArthur39 Park St Lichfield St
1118WALKERWilliam36 Park St Lichfield St
1118WALKERHarriet Louisa36 Park St Lichfield St
1118WALKERHorace William36 Park St Lichfield St
6028WALLBANKWilliam8 Paradise Row
11924WALLISSarah Anne28 Lichfield St
2818WALTONElizabeth38 Aldergate
2512WALTONJohn William9 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2512WALTONElizabeth9 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2512WALTONAnnie L.9 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2512WALTONJohn E.9 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613WALTONWilliam T.9 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2613WALTONEliza B.9 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
2817WALTONSusanThe Paddock 32 Aldergate
12229WALTONJobRed Lion Inn 23 Lichfield St
12229WALTONEmmaRed Lion Inn 23 Lichfield St
12229WALTONWilliamRed Lion Inn 23 Lichfield St
12229WALTONAnnieRed Lion Inn 23 Lichfield St
12229WALTONJobRed Lion Inn 23 Lichfield St
12229WALTONEmmaRed Lion Inn 23 Lichfield St
12229WALTONThomasRed Lion Inn 23 Lichfield St
52WARDWilliam42 Church St
249WARDJohn9 Lower Gungate
5722WARDJames1 Sculthorpe Bldg
5722WARDClara1 Sculthorpe Bldg
7111WARDCharles15 Kercowan Place
7111WARDFlorence15 Kercowan Place
7825WARDHenry16 Hospital St
7825WARDMary A.16 Hospital St
8029WARDHenry7 St John St
8539WARDOliver B.25 Aldergate St
8540WARDSarah25 Aldergate St
8540WARDCharles E.25 Aldergate St
8540WARDOliver B.25 Aldergate St
8540WARDEdith E.25 Aldergate St
937WARDEmma89 Lichfield St
937WARDAmy89 Lichfield St
11312WARDRobert60 Lichfield St
11312WARDMary60 Lichfield St
11312WARDEmily Elizabeth60 Lichfield St
11312WARDFlorence Mary60 Lichfield St
11312WARDAnnie Eliza60 Lichfield St
11413WARDMaud Adelaide60 Lichfield St
11413WARDHarry60 Lichfield St
11413WARDLilian May60 Lichfield St
11413WARDPercy Albert60 Lichfield St
11413WARDGrace Mabel60 Lichfield St
11413WARDRuby Blanchett60 Lichfield St
11413WARDRuby Violet60 Lichfield St
8335WARDLEJoshua3 Hall's Row
8335WARDLEAlfred3 Hall's Row
76WARRENBertha2ct3ho Church St
76WARRENBertha2ct3ho Church St
673WARRENAlfred57 Gungate St
673WARRENElizabeth G.57 Gungate St
673WARRENConstance G.57 Gungate St
673WARRENJoseph W.57 Gungate St
2817WATKINSJames W. J.Bell Inn 40 Gungate St
2817WATKINSMary A.Bell Inn 40 Gungate St
2817WATKINSArthur J. R.Bell Inn 40 Gungate St
76WATSONJoseph2 Middle Entry
76WATSONEmily S.2 Middle Entry
214WATSONSusan27 Church St
214WATSONJames27 Church St
214WATSONWilliam27 Church St
214WATSONElizabeth27 Church St
237WATSONJohnStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
8438WATSONJohn12 Aldergate St
8438WATSONPatience12 Aldergate St
8438WATSONKatie12 Aldergate St
8438WATSONAnnie12 Aldergate St
8438WATSONEmily12 Aldergate St
11618WATSONHerbert11 Moor Lane
355WATTERSONJames46 Bolebridge St
355WATTERSONAda46 Bolebridge St
483WATTONEliza7 Colehill
5517WATTONJohn P.No # Albert Rd
5517WATTONJane A.No # Albert Rd
5517WATTONThomas P.No # Albert Rd
5517WATTONHenryted? M.No # Albert Rd
11923WEAVERHarriet LouiseThe Moat Prvt Asylum Lichfield St
1106WEBBGrace23 Park St Lichfield St
1106WEBBHarry Herbert23 Park St Lichfield St
1106WEBBLily Adelaide23 Park St Lichfield St
1106WEBBWalter David23 Park St Lichfield St
11822WEBBLily39 Lichfield St
11822WEBBGeorge39 Lichfield St
11822WEBBArthur39 Lichfield St
12944WEBBAlice1 Lady Bank
87WEBSTERMary52 Church St
4219WEBSTERRobertTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
4219WEBSTERFrancesTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
4219WEBSTERCharlesTown Hall Vaults 25 Mkt St
8234WEBSTERAnnie E.4 Aldergate St
12943WEBSTERWilliam4 Lady Bank
12943WEBSTERMargaret4 Lady Bank
12944WEBSTERElizabeth4 Lady Bank
12944WEBSTERSarah E.4 Lady Bank
12944WEBSTEREdith4 Lady Bank
12944WEBSTERWilliam4 Lady Bank
1094WEEDERAndrewGreen? Packet Lichfield St
1094WEEDERMaryGreen? Packet Lichfield St
1094WEEDEREliza MaryGreen? Packet Lichfield St
1094WEEDERIphis?Green? Packet Lichfield St
1094WEEDERAnnGreen? Packet Lichfield St
51WEIRPatrick1 Marshall Cott, Church St
51WEIRMargaret1 Marshall Cott, Church St
51WEIRCatherine1 Marshall Cott, Church St
51WEIRJohn1 Marshall Cott, Church St
51WEIRJames1 Marshall Cott, Church St
51WEIRMichael1 Marshall Cott, Church St
51WEIRMary1 Marshall Cott, Church St
51WEIRPatrick1 Marshall Cott, Church St
11515WEIRMartin6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRLouisa6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRMary Jane6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRJohn6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRWilliam6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRKate6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRGeorge6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRAnnie6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRHarry6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRMichael R.6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRJames6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRLizzie6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRLouisa6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WEIRFrederick T.6 Clarson Row Moor Lane
937WELBOURNECharlotte1ho 3ct Lichfield St
937WELBOURNEEthel1ho 3ct Lichfield St
937WELBOURNEWilliam1ho 3ct Lichfield St
937WELBOURNESamuel1ho 3ct Lichfield St
937WELBOURNEAlfred1ho 3ct Lichfield St
12331WELLBOURNEGeorge S.1 Castle View New St
4016WERHLELambert10a George St
4016WERHLEJosephna10a George St
4016WERHLEThomas F.10a George St
12536WESTJohn T.12 Brewery Lane
237WESTBURYJoseph1 Lower Gungate
237WESTBURYEmily1 Lower Gungate
237WESTBURYMabel A.1 Lower Gungate
237WESTBURYGertrude L.1 Lower Gungate
237WESTBURYBrenda E.1 Lower Gungate
237WESTBURYAlexander C. V.1 Lower Gungate
237WESTBURYSydney H.1 Lower Gungate
237WESTBURYDorris1 Lower Gungate
237WESTBURYRoland1 Lower Gungate
237WESTBURYIda B.1 Lower Gungate
7621WESTBURYJoseph44 Elmdon Place
7621WESTBURYErnest44 Elmdon Place
7621WESTBURYFrank44 Elmdon Place
7622WESTBURYFlorence A.44 Elmdon Place
7724WESTBURYRobert22 Hospital St
7724WESTBURYArthur L.22 Hospital St
7724WESTBURYGeorge A.22 Hospital St
7825WESTBURYAlice M.18 Hospital St
8540WESTBURYCharlotteCottage Hospital
1215WESTONSarah71 Church St
8030WESTONFlorence16 St John St
8234WESTWOODThomas5 Aldergate St
8234WESTWOODAnnie5 Aldergate St
8234WESTWOODAnnie5 Aldergate St
8234WESTWOODGertrude5 Aldergate St
8234WESTWOODThomas5 Aldergate St
8234WESTWOODAlfred5 Aldergate St
8234WESTWOODCarrie5 Aldergate St
5415WETHERSTONEAugust78 Gungate
12536WHEELEYJoseph10 Brewery Lane
12536WHEELEYMary E.10 Brewery Lane
12536WHEELEYSidney H.10 Brewery Lane
12536WHEELEYHelene E.10 Brewery Lane
2512WHEWAYJoseph2 Church Lane
8437WHITAKERHannah15 Hall's Row
8437WHITAKERHarold15 Hall's Row
8437WHITAKERWilliam15 Hall's Row
8438WHITAKERAlbert15 Hall's Row
8438WHITAKERGeorge15 Hall's Row
8438WHITAKERSidney15 Hall's Row
1623WHITEFlorence1ct3ho George St
226WHITEThomasStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
226WHITEJamesStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
1106WHITEMary Jane21 Park St Lichfield St
11413WHITEGeorge64 Lichfield St
11413WHITEMary Jane64 Lichfield St
11413WHITEMaggie64 Lichfield St
11413WHITEElizabeth64 Lichfield St
11413WHITEHetty64 Lichfield St
11413WHITEMinnie64 Lichfield St
11413WHITEGeorge64 Lichfield St
12128WHITEMatthew26 Peel St Lichfield St
12128WHITEAmy26 Peel St Lichfield St
12128WHITEErnest R.26 Peel St Lichfield St
12128WHITELily26 Peel St Lichfield St
12128WHITELizzie26 Peel St Lichfield St
10327WHITEHALLFrank5 Barbara St
1420WHITEHEADMary24 George St
2716WHITEHEADWalter W.31 Gungate St
2716WHITEHEADEmily31 Gungate St
1522WHITEHEADMary E.34 George St
12842WHITEHEADRobert4 Silver St
12842WHITEHEADMary A.4 Silver St
12842WHITEHEADDavid4 Silver St
12842WHITEHEADGeorge4 Silver St
12842WHITEHEADFlorrie4 Silver St
12842WHITEHEADJohn H.4 Silver St
12842WHITEHEADSidney4 Silver St
12842WHITEHEADFrank4 Silver St
12842WHITEHEADFrederick4 Silver St
12842WHITEHEADStanley4 Silver St
238WHITEHOUSEEmily7 Lower Gungate
238WHITEHOUSEFred7 Lower Gungate
238WHITEHOUSENellie7 Lower Gungate
238WHITEHOUSECharles7 Lower Gungate
1113WHITTAKEREdward5ct2ho Church St
1113WHITTAKERElizabeth 5ct2ho Church St
76WIGINTONMary A.48 Church St
1106WILCOXClementine35 Park St Lichfield St
1106WILCOXHerbert35 Park St Lichfield St
6130WILEMANHarry5 Freeman's Yard
6231WILEMANJohn8 Bolebridge St
6231WILEMANPamela8 Bolebridge St
6231WILEMANGertrude A.8 Bolebridge St
6231WILEMANMay8 Bolebridge St
11720WILEMANLizzie11 Clarson St Moor Lane
12331WILEMANHenry1 Castle View New St
12331WILEMANMargaret E.1 Castle View New St
12331WILEMANCharles R.1 Castle View New St
12331WILEMANArthur H.1 Castle View New St
12638WILEMANAlbert20 Brewery Lane
12638WILEMANMary Ann20 Brewery Lane
12638WILEMANBenjamin9 Lichfield St
12638WILEMANElizabeth9 Lichfield St
12638WILEMANBenjamin9 Lichfield St
12638WILEMANAnnie9 Lichfield St
12638WILEMANBenjamin9 Lichfield St
12739WILEMANPolly9 Lichfield St
12739WILEMANErnest W.9 Lichfield St
3914WILEON?Thorton2 George St
226WILKINSHarryStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
661WILKINSONCharles73 Gungate St
661WILKINSONAnnie Morris?73 Gungate St
661WILKINSONJoseph Morris73 Gungate St
661WILKINSONFlorrie73 Gungate St
661WILKINSONVincent73 Gungate St
661WILKINSONFrancis Charles73 Gungate St
7520WILKINSONJane35 Hospital St
12739WILKINSONAnn6 Lichfield St
12943WILLÉChristiana E.5 Lady Bank
8234WILLERSLillian J. G.1 St John's St
88WILLIAMSRobert3 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
88WILLIAMSMargaret3 Arcade Bdgs, Church St
495WILLIAMSWilliam3ct4ho Gungate
495WILLIAMSHannah3ct4ho Gungate
5823WILLIAMSHarry5 Marmion Terr
7928WILLIAMSEdwardOffa House
7928WILLIAMSSarah A.Offa House
7928WILLIAMSEdmundOffa House
7928WILLIAMSMabel S.Offa House
7928WILLIAMSKittyOffa House
7928WILLIAMSHarold M.Offa House
7928WILLIAMSSamuel R.Offa House
7928WILLIAMSTom L.Offa House
8234WILLIAMSIsaac5 Aldergate St
8234WILLIAMSMary5 Aldergate St
1094WILLIAMSAnnie C.1 Park St Lichfield St
12739WILLIAMSJohn5 Lichfield St
1419WILLIAMSONWilliamTavern 18 Market St
1419WILLIAMSONElizaTavern 18 Market St
1419WILLIAMSONAliceTavern 18 Market St
1419WILLIAMSONGeorgeTavern 18 Market St
1419WILLIAMSONHarrietTavern 18 Market St
1419WILLIAMSONJamesTavern 18 Market St
1419WILLIAMSONEdithTavern 18 Market St
1419WILLIAMSONThomasTavern 18 Market St
12433WILLISSamuel11 Castle View New St
12433WILLISSarah Ann11 Castle View New St
12433WILLISSamuel11 Castle View New St
12433WILLISHannah11 Castle View New St
12433WILLISMary E.11 Castle View New St
12433WILLISJohn W.11 Castle View New St
12433WILLISMiriam G.11 Castle View New St
12433WILLISSelina F.11 Castle View New St
12433WILLISAlice11 Castle View New St
709WILLISCROFTFrank4 Kercowan Place
709WILLISCROFTNellie4 Kercowan Place
709WILLISCROFTNellie4 Kercowan Place
11311WILLISCROFTJesse2 Fair View Lichfield St
11311WILLISCROFTFlorrie2 Fair View Lichfield St
11311WILLISCROFTAda2 Fair View Lichfield St
11311WILLISCROFTAnnie V.2 Fair View Lichfield St
11311WILLISCROFTSidney2 Fair View Lichfield St
11311WILLISCROFTM. Winifred2 Fair View Lichfield St
10225WILLOCKJanet M.3 Orchard St
355WILSONAlf49 Bolebridge St
237WILSONJohnStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
7213WILSONWilliam7 Cherry St
7315WILSONEdward19 Cherry St
7315WILSONRachel19 Cherry St
7315WILSONAlfred Ernest19 Cherry St
7315WILSONAda Annie19 Cherry St
9715WILSONWilliam5 Halford Terr
9715WILSONMariam5 Halford Terr
9715WILSONJohn Wesley5 Halford Terr
9715WILSONWalter Henry5 Halford Terr
1117WILSONWilliam Henry54 Park St Lichfield St
1117WILSONJessie Gordon54 Park St Lichfield St
12127WILSONCharles23 Peel St Lichfield St
12127WILSONMary23 Peel St Lichfield St
12127WILSONSarah23 Peel St Lichfield St
12127WILSONRose23 Peel St Lichfield St
12230WILSONHilda21 Lichfield St
12739WILSONJohn H.7 Lichfield St
12739WILSONJoseph7 Lichfield St
1117WILTSHIREThomas48 Park St Lichfield St
10226WINDRIDGEGeorge14 Barbara St
10226WINDRIDGEAnn14 Barbara St
11515WINDRIDGEJoseph4 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WINDRIDGEJoseph4 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11515WINDRIDGEPercy4 Clarson Row Moor Lane
11821WINDRIDGEJoseph15 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821WINDRIDGEElizabeth15 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821WINDRIDGESarah15 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821WINDRIDGEWilliam15 Clarson St Moor Lane
8641WINFIELDJohnCottage Hospital
11311WINKLESSAda2 Park St Lichfield St
11311WINKLESSJohn2 Park St Lichfield St
11311WINKLESSElizabeth2 Park St Lichfield St
901WINNJane115 Lichfield St
901WINNAlice115 Lichfield St
901WINNWilliam H.115 Lichfield St
10225WITHNALLWilliam4 Orchard St
10225WITHNALLMary4 Orchard St
11822WITHNALLEdith Mary34 Lichfield St
11822WITHNALLMaria May34 Lichfield St
11822WITHNALLEllen34 Lichfield St
11822WITHNALLEthel34 Lichfield St
344WOODJane10 Arched Row
1216WOODJames11 Silver St
1216WOODEmma11 Silver St
1216WOODFrederick C.11 Silver St
1216WOODLily C.11 Silver St
508WOODAnnie20 Spring Gdns
508WOODEllen20 Spring Gdns
508WOODEdward20 Spring Gdns
508WOODLily20 Spring Gdns
508WOODRobert20 Spring Gdns
519WOODFrederick20 Spring Gdns
519WOODFrances20 Spring Gdns
519WOODGeorge20 Spring Gdns
519WOODJack20 Spring Gdns
1522WOODJohn31b George St
1522WOODMaria31b George St
1113WOODJames5ct2ho Church St
1011WOODHarriet60 Church St
483WOODMiriam9 Colehill
5416WOODJoseph1 Nelsons? Court
5416WOODBessie1 Nelsons? Court
5416WOODSarah A.1 Nelsons? Court
5416WOODWilliam1 Nelsons? Court
5416WOODLily1 Nelsons? Court
5416WOODJoseph1 Nelsons? Court
662WOODAlbert JamesDog Inn 69 Gungate St
662WOODElizabethDog Inn 69 Gungate St
662WOODAlice JaneDog Inn 69 Gungate St
662WOODWinfred? JohnDog Inn 69 Gungate St
7826WOODRose24 Orchard St
7826WOODAlfred H.24 Orchard St
7826WOODJames E.1 Offa St
7826WOODFlora1 Offa St
7927WOODGladys N.1 Offa St
7927WOODElsie F.1 Offa St
8029WOODJames William10 St John St
8029WOODEliz. Char. Mary10 St John St
8029WOODWilliam James10 St John St
8540WOODAmy E.Cottage Hospital
11414WOODEli68 Lichfield St
11414WOODAnne68 Lichfield St
11822WOODJohn36 Lichfield St
11822WOODAnnie36 Lichfield St
11822WOODJohn36 Lichfield St
12943WOODCOCKThomas W.6 Lady Bank
12943WOODCOCKHannah6 Lady Bank
5824WOODFIELDJohn2 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824WOODFIELDFlorrie2 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
4321WOODFORDEmmie37 Market St
925WOODSMargaret99 Lichfield St
925WOODSFlossie M.99 Lichfield St
925WOODSJessica99 Lichfield St
5926WOOLHOUSEMary H.34 Bolebridge St
5926WOOLHOUSEEmma V.34 Bolebridge St
1118WOOLLANDSFred32 Park St Lichfield St
1118WOOLLANDSMinnie32 Park St Lichfield St
1118WOOLLANDSMabel32 Park St Lichfield St
9614WOOLLAUDS?Henry3 Moor View Moor Lane
9614WOOLLAUDS?Mary3 Moor View Moor Lane
9614WOOLLAUDS?Maggie3 Moor View Moor Lane
9614WOOLLAUDS?William3 Moor View Moor Lane
9614WOOLLAUDS?John3 Moor View Moor Lane
9614WOOLLAUDS?Thomas3 Moor View Moor Lane
9614WOOLLAUDS?Nellie3 Moor View Moor Lane
519WOOREEliza25 Spring Gdns
519WOORENellie25 Spring Gdns
2613WOOTTENWilliam4 St Editha's Cott Ch'rch Ln
4220WOOTTONArthur L.32 Market St
4220WOOTTONKate A.32 Market St
4220WOOTTONGladys F.32 Market St
76WOOWARDMary A.48 Church St
9715WORRALLAgnes8 Halford Terr
9715WORRALLAlbert8 Halford Terr
9715WORRALLJohn8 Halford Terr
9715WORRALLAlfred Ernest8 Halford Terr
9715WORRALLBertha8 Halford Terr
9715WORRALLThomas8 Halford Terr
2716WORTHINGTONSarah31 Gungate St
2716WORTHINGTONCharles W.31 Gungate St
10327WORTHINGTONAlice9 Barbara St
496WRAGGAlfred4 Spring Gdns
496WRAGGSarah4 Spring Gdns
496WRAGGHerbert4 Spring Gdns
496WRAGGWilliam4 Spring Gdns
496WRAGGBeatrice E.4 Spring Gdns
496WRAGGElizabeth8 Spring Gdns
496WRAGGMary A.8 Spring Gdns
508WRIGHTJohn19 Spring Gdns
508WRIGHTJulia19 Spring Gdns
2512WRIGHTFanny2 Church Lane
2512WRIGHTHerbert2 Church Lane
2512WRIGHTCatherine E.2 Church Lane
2512WRIGHTSydney2 Church Lane
2614WRIGHTHenry2 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614WRIGHTMary A.2 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614WRIGHTPriscilla2 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2511WRIGHTWalter25 Gungate St
2511WRIGHTElsie25 Gungate St
367WRIGHTJames H.2ct4ho Bolebridge St
367WRIGHTTheresa J.2ct4ho Bolebridge St
367WRIGHTJoseph J.2ct4ho Bolebridge St
2614WRIGHTLily3 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614WRIGHTKatie3 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
2614WRIGHTHilda3 St Editha's Cott Church Ln
343WRIGHTThomas45 Bolebridge St
1011WRIGHTJohn4ct2ho Church St
1011WRIGHTPhoebe4ct2ho Church St
1011WRIGHTMaggie4ct2ho Church St
3710WRIGHTCharles H,58 Bolebridge St
3710WRIGHTRose N.58 Bolebridge St
3710WRIGHTJoseph58 Bolebridge St
3710WRIGHTCharles H,58 Bolebridge St
483WRIGHTSarah A.9 Colehill
226WRIGHTJohnStone Cross Inn 33ch'rch St
5110WRIGHTAndrew26 Spring Gdns
5110WRIGHTEmma26 Spring Gdns
5110WRIGHTWalter26 Spring Gdns
5110WRIGHTAlbert26 Spring Gdns
5110WRIGHTSarah26 Spring Gdns
5110WRIGHTFannie26 Spring Gdns
5926WRIGHTWilliam28 Bolebridge St
5926WRIGHTElizabeth28 Bolebridge St
5926WRIGHTMinnie28 Bolebridge St
5926WRIGHTJessie28 Bolebridge St
6027WRIGHTAlice28 Bolebridge St
6027WRIGHTFlorrie28 Bolebridge St
6027WRIGHTThomas28 Bolebridge St
6028WRIGHTJohn24 Bolebridge St
6028WRIGHTCatherine24 Bolebridge St
6028WRIGHTMary A.24 Bolebridge St
6028WRIGHTRose24 Bolebridge St
6129WRIGHTWilliam14 Bolebridge St
6129WRIGHTCharlotte14 Bolebridge St
6129WRIGHTGeorge14 Bolebridge St
6129WRIGHTArthur14 Bolebridge St
6129WRIGHTBertie14 Bolebridge St
6129WRIGHTFrank14 Bolebridge St
6231WRIGHTElizabeth4 Bolebridge St
6231WRIGHTBenjamin4 Bolebridge St
661WRIGHTJohn74 Gungate St
661WRIGHTElizabeth74 Gungate St
697WRIGHTWalter J.8 Stranrer Place
697WRIGHTAnn8 Stranrer Place
697WRIGHTWilliam8 Stranrer Place
697WRIGHTGertrude L.8 Stranrer Place
698WRIGHTThomas1 Kercowan Place
698WRIGHTMary A.1 Kercowan Place
698WRIGHTMary A.1 Kercowan Place
698WRIGHTAnnie1 Kercowan Place
698WRIGHTEveline1 Kercowan Place
698WRIGHTNellie1 Kercowan Place
709WRIGHTThomas1 Kercowan Place
709WRIGHTHerbert J.1 Kercowan Place
709WRIGHTHarriet1 Kercowan Place
709WRIGHTArthur1 Kercowan Place
709WRIGHTGeorge1 Kercowan Place
7315WRIGHTClara21 Cherry St
10123WRIGHTHenry15 Alfred Place
10123WRIGHTEliza15 Alfred Place
10123WRIGHTAlbert H.15 Alfred Place
10123WRIGHTWalter G.15 Alfred Place
10123WRIGHTPercy J.15 Alfred Place
10123WRIGHTDoris M.15 Alfred Place
10225WRIGHTMinnie5 Orchard St
10225WRIGHTFlora5 Orchard St
10225WRIGHTMatthew J.5 Orchard St
10225WRIGHTGeorge5 Orchard St
10225WRIGHTWilliam5 Orchard St
1094WRIGHTAlfred53 Lichfield St
1094WRIGHTJane53 Lichfield St
1094WRIGHTEthel53 Lichfield St
1094WRIGHTAlfred53 Lichfield St
1118WRIGHTErnest Edward30 Park St Lichfield St
1118WRIGHTAnn Elizabeth30 Park St Lichfield St
1118WRIGHTMary Elizabeth30 Park St Lichfield St
11719WRIGHTWilliam7 Clarson St Moor Lane
11719WRIGHTSarah7 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720WRIGHTJohn7 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720WRIGHTNellie7 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720WRIGHTPatience7 Clarson St Moor Lane
11720WRIGHTArthur7 Clarson St Moor Lane
11821WRIGHTJohn42 Lichfield St
11821WRIGHTJane42 Lichfield St
2410WYLDESEdward17 Lower Gungate
2410WYLDESHannah17 Lower Gungate
2410WYLDESMary M.17 Lower Gungate
2410WYLDESEdison17 Lower Gungate
2410WYLDESWilliam17 Lower Gungate
2410WYLDESHarry17 Lower Gungate
4219YARROWEllen 21 George St
4219YARROWEllen G.21 George St
2919YEARBYJohn3 Matthew's Yard
2919YEARBYFanny3 Matthew's Yard
2919YEARBYEmma3 Matthew's Yard
7825YEMMThomas15 Hospital St
7825YEMMElizabeth15 Hospital St
5313YEOMANSEllen G.91 Gungate
495YOUNGAnnie1 Spring Gdns
495YOUNGJames3ct2+3ho Gungate
495YOUNGMary3ct2+3ho Gungate
495YOUNGJohn3ct2+3ho Gungate
495YOUNGWilliam3ct2+3ho Gungate
495YOUNGEmily3ct2+3ho Gungate
495YOUNGMargaret3ct2+3ho Gungate
495YOUNGMinnie3ct2+3ho Gungate
495YOUNGRachael3ct2+3ho Gungate
238YOUNGCharles5 Lower Gungate
238YOUNGPhoebe5 Lower Gungate
1420YOUNGMary J.Music Hall 22 Market St
5824YOUNGWilliam H.7 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5824YOUNGAnn7 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5925YOUNGAmelia7 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5925YOUNGSamuel J.7 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5925YOUNGArthur7 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5925YOUNGAnnie7 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5925YOUNGEmma7 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
5925YOUNGElsie M.7 Shirley Terr Mill Lane
7213YOUNGJames H.6 Cherry St
7213YOUNGMary6 Cherry St
7213YOUNGHenry E.6 Cherry St
7213YOUNGWilliam6 Cherry St
7213YOUNGChristiana6 Cherry St
7213YOUNGElsie6 Cherry St
7213YOUNGFred6 Cherry St
7213YOUNGAlice J.6 Cherry St
9512YOUNGHenry2 Moor St
9512YOUNGAlice2 Moor St
1118YOUNGAlbert Edward40 Park St Lichfield St
1118YOUNGMay Ann40 Park St Lichfield St
12230YOUNGJoseph20 Lichfield St
12230YOUNGAnnie E.20 Lichfield St
12841YOUNGHarry Y.7 Silver St
12841YOUNGSarah A.7 Silver St
12841YOUNGIda A.7 Silver St
12841YOUNGBarry H.7 Silver St
12841YOUNGCraven? C.7 Silver St
12841YOUNGJohn C.7 Silver St
12841YOUNGAgnes B.7 Silver St
12841YOUNGFrederick Y.7 Silver St

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