1901 Census Returns for Tamworth, Warwickshire.
Piece RG-13-2651

Data taken from the 1901 Census. Piece RG13-2651 "368 TAMWORTH 2A"
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Transcription kindly submitted by Mick McAllister
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FolioPageSurname Forename(s)Address
1521ABBOTTJosephAlbion Street
1521ABBOTTAlice W.Albion Street
1011ADAMSJoseph8 Heath St
1012ADAMSAnn8 Heath St
1012ADAMSJames W.8 Heath St
2134ADAMSGeorge13 Albert Road
910ALLDRIDGECarolineDent St
1725ALLPORTRichard F.14 Marmion St
1725ALLPORTHarriett D.14 Marmion St
1725ALLPORTCharles E.14 Marmion St
1725ALLPORTMaude E.14 Marmion St
2338ALLSOPAlfredCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
2235ALLTONMinnie12 Albert Road
1215ANDERSONAlexander13 Victoria Rd
1215ANDERSONMary13 Victoria Rd
1215ANDERSONCaroline13 Victoria Rd
1113ARCHERThomas The Slang
1113ARCHEREllenThe Slang
1930ARGYLEElizabeth25 Albert Road
2541ARGYLEEdwardHawthorn Lodge Upr Gungate
2541ARGYLEAlice F.Hawthorn Lodge Upr Gungate
2541ARGYLEGertrudeHawthorn Lodge Upr Gungate
2541ARGYLEEdith M.Hawthorn Lodge Upr Gungate
2541ARGYLEHarold V.Hawthorn Lodge Upr Gungate
2541ARGYLEMadeline A.Hawthorn Lodge Upr Gungate
1522ARTHURSGeorge L.Albion Street
1623ASHBURYFrank1 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1215ASTLEBeatrice A.Tweedale Arms Victoria Rd
2541ATHWOODSusannah E.Trescoe Upper Gungate
88ATKINSClaraVictoria Road
2337AUSTINStephen4 Bolehall Terrace
2337AUSTINMary E.4 Bolehall Terrace
2337AUSTINAlbert4 Bolehall Terrace
2338AUSTINEleanor4 Bolehall Terrace
2338AUSTINStephen4 Bolehall Terrace
1011BAILEYFrancis E.12 Heath St
1011BAILEYFrances A.12 Heath St
1011BAILEYClara E.12 Heath St
1011BAILEYMargaret A.12 Heath St
1624BAILEYRichard19 Albion St
1624BAILEYJoshua19 Albion St
2133BAINESMary2 Perry Crofts
1726BALLGeorge5 Marmion St
1726BALLEmily5 Marmion St
1317BANDYElizaMortimer House Victoria Rd
1725BARBEREliza11 Marmion St
2541BARFORDThomasSchool House Upper Gungate
2541BARFORDMarySchool House Upper Gungate
2542BARFORDMarySchool House Upper Gungate
2542BARFORDMargaretSchool House Upper Gungate
2542BARFORDPhillipSchool House Upper Gungate
1929BARKERJames F.36 Albert Road
87BARLOWAnnieVictoria Road
1318BARLOWHenry P.Victoria Road
1318BARLOWElizabeth P.Victoria Road
1318BARLOWDoris S.Victoria Road
1318BARNESCharlesMarmion Street
1318BARNESMarthaMarmion Street
1318BARNESGeorgeMarmion Street
1930BARRONRuth27 Albert Road
1930BARRONAgnes27 Albert Road
1318BASSETTCharlesVictoria Road
1318BASSETTAnneVictoria Road
910BATCHELORWilliamDent St
910BATCHELORKatherineDent St
910BATCHELORAnnieDent St
2235BATESElizabethIvy House 11 Albert Road
2236BAYLISSCharles1 Upper Gungate
1522BEARDWilliam T.8 Victoria Terrace
1522BEARDCecili E.8 Victoria Terrace
1522BEARDHorace8 Victoria Terrace
1522BEARDAllan8 Victoria Terrace
1521BEIGHTONThomasAlbion Street
1521BEIGHTONEllenAlbion Street
1521BEIGHTONSidneyAlbion Street
52BETTERIDGEJohn18 the Knobb
52BETTERIDGEEliza18 the Knobb
1623BETTERIDGEJoseph6 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623BETTERIDGEHannah6 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623BETTERIDGEJoseph6 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623BETTERIDGEWalter6 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
76BILLSOliver F.7 Temple Row
76BILLSLouisa7 Temple Row
76BILLSOliver7 Temple Row
76BILLSFrederick7 Temple Row
1216BIRCHEva E.10 Victoria Road
2032BISHOPMary J.Rosy Cross
2032BISHOPElijahRosy Cross
2032BISHOPEva E. W.Rosy Cross
2032BISHOPJohn P.Rosy Cross
2440BLUNDELLJosephPerry Crofts
2440BLUNDELLEmmaPerry Crofts
2440BLUNDELLFanny E.Perry Crofts
2440BLUNDELLEthelPerry Crofts
76BLYTHEWilliam4 Temple Row
76BLYTHECatherine4 Temple Row
76BLYTHEWilliam G.4 Temple Row
76BLYTHEJohn A.4 Temple Row
76BLYTHEFrank E.4 Temple Row
76BLYTHECatherine J.4 Temple Row
1215BOILEAUCharles L. B.Station Cottage Victoria Rd
1215BOILEAURosettaStation Cottage Victoria Rd
1216BONDTom9 Victoria Road
1216BONDHenrietta M.9 Victoria Road
1216BONDTom R.9 Victoria Road
1216BONDClaude A.9 Victoria Road
1216BONDJack S.9 Victoria Road
1216BONDDorothy9 Victoria Road
88BONSORSamuelVictoria Road
88BONSORElizabethVictoria Road
88BONSORSamuel B.Victoria Road
88BONSORElizabeth M.Victoria Road
2338BOONHAMJohn2 Bolehall Terrace
2338BOONHAMMary2 Bolehall Terrace
2338BOONHAMAda2 Bolehall Terrace
2338BOONHAMAnnie2 Bolehall Terrace
2338BOONHAMArthur2 Bolehall Terrace
2338BOONHAMClara2 Bolehall Terrace
2235BOUSFIELDCharles6 Albert Road
2235BOUSFIELDEmma6 Albert Road
2235BOUSFIELDCharles J.6 Albert Road
2235BOUSFIELDEdward6 Albert Road
51BOWDViolet M.20 the Knobb
2338BOWENBenjaminCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
1012BRADBURYGeorge4 Heath St
1113BRADFORDSarahVictoria Road
1725BRADFORDCyril11 Marmion St
1828BRAGGDevereux41 Albert Road
2235BRAINAda12 Albert Road
2032BRAYHenryRosy Cross
2032BRAYHannahRosy Cross
1114BREWSTERJohn H.Victoria Road
1114BREWSTERHarriettVictoria Road
1114BREWSTERHerbertVictoria Road
1216BREWSTERAlbert F. B.6 Victoria Road
1216BREWSTERSarah A.6 Victoria Road
1216BREWSTERHerbert J.6 Victoria Road
1216BREWSTERHarold E.6 Victoria Road
2338BROADHURSTAnnie3 Bolehall Terrace
2338BROADHURSTWilliam3 Bolehall Terrace
2338BROADHURSTThomas3 Bolehall Terrace
2338BROADHURSTHarry3 Bolehall Terrace
2338BROADHURSTFlorence T.3 Bolehall Terrace
2338BROADHURSTJames3 Bolehall Terrace
2338BROADHURSTJoseph3 Bolehall Terrace
2338BROADHURSTAnnie3 Bolehall Terrace
2338BROADHURSTGeorge3 Bolehall Terrace
2236BROMFIELDEdith E.2 Albert Road
910BROOKESHarriettDent St
2031BROOKS or BROOTERWilliamRosy Cross
2031BROOKS or BROOTERElizabethRosy Cross
1726BROUGHTONThomas2 Marmion St
1726BROUGHTONAda2 Marmion St
1215BROWNFrancesTweedale Arms Victoria Rd
1215BROWNLucy C.Tweedale Arms Victoria Rd
1215BROWNElsie P.Tweedale Arms Victoria Rd
1215BROWNAtheliah M. C.Tweedale Arms Victoria Rd
1215BROWNAnnie R.Tweedale Arms Victoria Rd
2439BROWNEThomasCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
1726BRUNTFrederick1 Marmion St
1726BRUNTEliza1 Marmion St
1726BRUNTEdith1 Marmion St
1726BRUNTMinnie1 Marmion St
1726BRUNTAlbert1 Marmion St
1419BUCKERSFIELDThomasMarmion Street
1623BULLJames2 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623BULLAnn2 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623BULLAlbert E.2 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1420BUNCEEdwardAlbion Street
1420BUNCESamariaAlbion Street
1420BUNCEWalter T.Albion Street
1623CARPENTERTom1 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623CARPENTERMary1 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623CARPENTERTheodore1 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623CARPENTERHerbert1 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623CARPENTERMaud1 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623CARPENTERHarold1 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1215CARTERHarriett11 Victoria Rd
2236CARTERJames1 Albert Road
2338CATTLEWilliamCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
2235CHALMERSMarianneIvy House 11 Albert Road
2235CHALMERSWilliam A.Ivy House 11 Albert Road
1419CHAPMANJoseph H.Marmion Street
1419CHAPMANEttieMarmion Street
1419CHAPMANHoraceMarmion Street
1419CHAPMANHarriettMarmion Street
1419CHAPMANEdithMarmion Street
1419CHAPMANFlorence M.Marmion Street
1419CHAPMANEttie F.Marmion Street
1419CHAPMANDorothy V.Marmion Street
1420CHAPMANWilliamAlbion Street
1420CHAPMANIsabellAlbion Street
1624CHAPMANCharlotte22 Albion St
1624CHAPMANWilliam22 Albion St
52CHARMANFrank17 the Knobb
88CHATHAMJohn T.Victoria Road
1216CHATTERTONHarriet4 Victoria Road
1317CHATTERTONMarian H.4 Victoria Road
1929CHATTERTONJohn H.35 Albert Road
1929CHATTERTONAmy35 Albert Road
1929CHATTERTONWinnifred M.35 Albert Road
1929CHATTERTONStanley V.35 Albert Road
2236CLARIDGEJohn T. W.3 Albert Road
2031CLARKEEldredRosy Cross
2031CLARKEEmmaRosy Cross
2031CLARKEJamesRosy Cross
2032CLARKEHerbertRosy Cross
2236CLARSONArthur A.2 Albert Road
2236CLARSONArthur A. D.2 Albert Road
1725CLEMENTHenry9 Marmion St
1726CLEMENTAnnie9 Marmion St
1726CLEMENTHarry R.9 Marmion St
1419CLIFFAnslow W.Marmion Street
51COCKERAMJohn3 Gas Lane
51COCKERAMAnnie3 Gas Lane
51COCKERAMJohn3 Gas Lane
51COCKERAMLucy3 Gas Lane
51COCKERAMAlice3 Gas Lane
52COCKERAMThomas16 the Knobb
52COCKERAMAnn16 the Knobb
52COCKERAMJames16 the Knobb
52COCKERAMFrank16 the Knobb
52COCKERAMMary A.16 the Knobb
52COCKERAMEmily16 the Knobb
52COCKERAMWilliam16 the Knobb
52COCKERAMCharles16 the Knobb
52COCKERAMElsie M.16 the Knobb
52COCKERAMDaisy16 the Knobb
75COCKERHAMSamuel2 Tan Yard
75COCKERHAMMary2 Tan Yard
1930COEJane A.25 Albert Road
1522COLEMANJames10 Victoria Terrace
1522COLEMANJane10 Victoria Terrace
1522COLEMANAnie V.10 Victoria Terrace
2236COLLIERJohn G.2 Upper Gungate
2236COLLIERRuth2 Upper Gungate
2236COLLINSJames1 Upper Gungate
2439COLLINSLydia V.The Hollies 8 Upper Gungate
2440COLLINSGeorgePerry Crofts
2440COLLINSAmeliaPerry Crofts
2134COMBEJohn E. R.13 Albert Road
2134COMBEBertha13 Albert Road
2134COMBEMarjorie13 Albert Road
2134COMBENora K.13 Albert Road
1113COOKEWilliamThe Slang
1113COOKESusanaThe Slang
1318COOKESarahVictoria Road
910COOPERJames C.Dent St
910COOPERMary J.Dent St
910COOPERPercy J.Dent St
910COOPERHarryDent St
910COOPERElsie J.Dent St
910COOPEREveline M.Dent St
2235COOPERLouisa T.8 Albert Road
2235COOPERConstance M.8 Albert Road
2235COOPERCecil8 Albert Road
2236COOPERJames1 Upper Gungate
2236COOPERAnn1 Upper Gungate
1011COPSONMary8 Heath St
2541COPSTACKEMary E.Hamdon House Upper Gungate
75CORDENAnn10 Mill Lane
75CORDENMary10 Mill Lane
1930COTONEllen26 Albert Road
88COTTERILLWilliam5 Heath St
88COTTERILLMary5 Heath St
88COTTERILLEmma5 Heath St
88COTTERILLJohn5 Heath St
88COTTERILLMary5 Heath St
88COTTERILLRobert S.5 Heath St
2235COWPERWalter J.5 Albert Road
2236COWPERWalter M.5 Albert Road
2236COWPERJane5 Albert Road
2236COWPEREleanor5 Albert Road
1012COXEllen4 Heath St
1113COXLouisaCattles Sales Yd Victoria Rd
1113COXBernardCattles Sales Yd Victoria Rd
1113COXMaudCattles Sales Yd Victoria Rd
1113COXErnestCattles Sales Yd Victoria Rd
1828CRANECharles45 Albert Road
1828CRANEAda45 Albert Road
1828CRANEReginald A.45 Albert Road
1930CRESWELLThomas23 Albert Road
2031CRESWELLCatherine23 Albert Road
2541CRIPWELLJohnHamdon House Upper Gungate
2541CRIPWELLMary J.Hamdon House Upper Gungate
2541CRIPWELLEliza E.Hamdon House Upper Gungate
1522CRISPMaria13 Victoria Terrace
63DANCERAlbert11 Tan Yard
63DANCERAnn11 Tan Yard
1623DAVISJohn2 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623DAVISEllen M.2 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623DAVISFlorence M.2 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623DAVISOlive G.2 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1011DAYGeorgeDent St
1011DAYLouisDent St
1011DAYBlancheDent St
1011DAYEthel E.Dent St
1011DAYGeorge H.Dent St
1011DAYLeonard C.Dent St
2032DAYThomasRosy Cross
2032DAYFlorence A.Rosy Cross
2032DAYFrancis R.Rosy Cross
52DEAKINJohn17 the Knobb
52DEAKINAlice17 the Knobb
52DEAKINHilda M.17 the Knobb
75DEAKINBenjamin12 Mill Lane
75DEAKINJane12 Mill Lane
99DEAKINRowland7 Heath St
1317DEEIsabellaMortimer House Victoria Rd
1726DEEMINGRupert4 Marmion St
1726DEEMINGAda A.4 Marmion St
1012DENTCharlesVictoria Road
1012DENTMaryVictoria Road
1012DENTErnestVictoria Road
1012DENTEdith J.Victoria Road
1012DENTPercyVictoria Road
1726DENTJohn7 Marmion St
1726DENTClara7 Marmion St
1726DENTGladys7 Marmion St
75DERRYRuth13 Mill Lane
75DERRYBetsy A.13 Mill Lane
910DICKENCharlesDent St
2236DICKENSONAnn1 Albert Road
88DIMBLEBYJohn A.3 Heath St
88DIMBLEBYEliza3 Heath St
88DIMBLEBYJohn C.3 Heath St
88DIMBLEBYWilliam3 Heath St
88DIMBLEBYFred3 Heath St
1828DODDJohn41 Albert Road
1828DODDRose A.41 Albert Road
1318DONNELLANJohnMarmion Street
1419DONNELLANGeorge J.Marmion Street
1419DONNELLANFrederickMarmion Street
76DOWNINGThomas5 Temple Row
76DOWNINGThomas5 Temple Row
76DOWNINGJane E.5 Temple Row
76DOWNINGSarah5 Temple Row
2541DOWNINGEllenBelmont Upper Gungate
1318DYERAlfredHazel House Victoria Rd
1318DYERMaryHazel House Victoria Rd
1318DYERMarianne B.Hazel House Victoria Rd
1318DYERFlorence N.Hazel House Victoria Rd
1521DYERHerbert KentAlbion Street
1522DYERMary A.Albion Street
1522DYERStanley H.Albion Street
1624EARPElizabethWesley Villa Albion St
1623EDWARDSGeorge4 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623EDWARDSAnnie4 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1930EMERYHarry31 Albert Road
1216EVANSWilliam H.10 Victoria Road
1521EVANSDavidAlbion Street
1521EVANSJaneAlbion Street
1521EVANSHarriettAlbion Street
1828EVANSJohn44 Albert Road
1828EVANSMary E.44 Albert Road
1828EVANSJohn S.44 Albert Road
1828EVANSAnnie E.44 Albert Road
1930EVANSWilliam28 Albert Road
1930EVANSMary B.28 Albert Road
1930EVANSJessie W.28 Albert Road
1930EVANSWilliam H.28 Albert Road
1827FALCONERArchibald A.48 Albert Road
1011FARLEYGeorge14 Heath St
1011FARLEYEliza14 Heath St
1011FARLEYWalter G.14 Heath St
1011FARLEYFrank14 Heath St
1011FARLEYMargaret C.14 Heath St
1726FARNATHAlfred3 Marmion St
1726FARNATHFanny3 Marmion St
1726FARNATHAda A.3 Marmion St
1318FAULKNELLMary E.Victoria Road
64FAULKNERSarah3 Tan Yard
64FAULKNERHenry3 Tan Yard
75FAULKNERThomas3 Tan Yard
1317FENNCharlesRothesay Villa Victoria Rd
1317FENNJaneRothesay Villa Victoria Rd
1317FENNGeorgeRothesay Villa Victoria Rd
1317FENNLucyRothesay Villa Victoria Rd
1317FENNHilda MayRothesay Villa Victoria Rd
1317FENNGladys M.Rothesay Villa Victoria Rd
51FLORENDINEAnnie5 Gas Lane
51FLORENDINEMary B.5 Gas Lane
99FORDGeorgeDent St
99FORDMaryDent St
99FORDEthelDent St
99FORDGeorgeDent St
99FORDElsieDent St
1114FOSTERGeorgeVictoria Road
1114FOSTERSusannahVictoria Road
1420FOSTERCharlesAlbion Street
1420FOSTERMariaAlbion Street
1420FOSTERHenryAlbion Street
1420FOSTERErnestAlbion Street
1420FOSTERMaudAlbion Street
1420FOSTEREdwardAlbion Street
1420FOSTERHubertAlbion Street
1420FOSTERJamesAlbion Street
1420FOSTERSarahAlbion Street
1420FOSTERLauraAlbion Street
1929FOSTERWilliam34 Albert Road
1929FOSTERFrederick34 Albert Road
1929FOSTERAgnes J.34 Albert Road
1929FOSTERSydney34 Albert Road
1725FREEMANJohn T.13 Marmion St
1725FREEMANHarriett13 Marmion St
2133FREERAugustus W.1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERMary A.1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERWilliam1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERAlbert1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERSidney1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERWilliam1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERHarry1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERPercy1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERLeonnard1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERJesie1 Perry Crofts
2133FREERNellie1 Perry Crofts
1318FRICKLEAlice L.Hazel House Victoria Rd
2337GADSBYJohn10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYMary A.10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYGeorge10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYFred R. T.10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYAda10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYArthur10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYAlbert10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYJoseph10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYJohn10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYCharlie10 Bolehall Terrace
2337GADSBYHorace10 Bolehall Terrace
99GALVINSJamesDent St
99GALVINSEmmaDent St
63GARDNERWilliam8 Tan Yard
2236GARLICKJohn H.4 Albert Road
2439GEEArthur6 Upper Gungate
1828GELLINSErnest H.42 Albert Road
63GENDERSArthur12 Tan Yard
63GENDERSMary A.12 Tan Yard
63GENDERSArthur12 Tan Yard
63GENDERSLouisa12 Tan Yard
63GENDERSCharles12 Tan Yard
63GENDERSEva12 Tan Yard
63GENDERSHarold12 Tan Yard
63GENDERSThomas12 Tan Yard
1420GHENTGeorgeAlbion Street
1420GHENTJaneAlbion Street
1521GHENTLouisaAlbion Street
1521GHENTLydiaAlbion Street
1521GHENTNellieAlbion Street
1521GHENTSamuelAlbion Street
1521GHENTGeorge (Twin)Albion Street
1521GHENTSeline (Twin)Albion Street
910GIBBARDGeorgeDent St
910GIBBARDHarriettDent St
910GIBBARDGeorge E.Dent St
910GIBBARDJohn A.Dent St
76GILBERTAllen4 Temple Row
2542GILESRalphSchool House Upper Gungate
88GILSONAdaVictoria Road
2032GLANCYThomasRosy Cross
1114GLOVERWilliam W.Victoria Road
1114GLOVERWilliam P.Victoria Road
1114GLOVERBlanch M.Victoria Road
1521GLOVERHerbert H.Albion Street
1521GLOVERAnnieAlbion Street
1521GLOVERDoris M.Albion Street
99GODDERIDGESarah E.13 Heath St
99GODDERIDGEAnnie M. B.13 Heath St
1930GODDERIDGEViolet A.25 Albert Road
2134GODFREYElizabeth18 Albert Road
1624GODLEYHenry25 Albion St
1725GORTONAlfred19 Albion St
1725GORTONSarah A.19 Albion St
2133GORTONEdwin6 Perry Crofts
2133GORTONMargaret6 Perry Crofts
2235GOUGHJoseph R.7 Albert Road
910GRAYJohn H.Dent St
910GRAYEmmaDent St
910GRAYHaroldDent St
910GRAYMayDent St
910GRAYEdwinDent St
2236GREENFlorence Ada5 Albert Road
2133GREENINGViolet2 Perry Crofts
2235GREENSMITHLouisa8 Albert Road
1113GRICELizzieVictoria House Victoria Rd
2134GRICEAnnie13 Albert Road
1317GRIFFITHSEthelMortimer House Victoria Rd
1522GRIFFITHSCharlie11 Victoria Terrace
1522GRIFFITHSMary11 Victoria Terrace
1522GRIFFITHSMay11 Victoria Terrace
1522GRIFFITHSIvy11 Victoria Terrace
1726GRIMLEYJohn1 Marmion St
1726GRIMLEYEmma53 Albert Road
1726GRIMLEYJohn53 Albert Road
1726GRIMLEYWalter53 Albert Road
1827GRIMLEYWalter53 Albert Road
1827GRIMLEYEvelyn53 Albert Road
1827GRIMLEYWilliam53 Albert Road
2440GUYSTLouisa C.Mayfield Upper Gungate
75HACKETTWilliam H.11 Mill Lane
75HACKETTEmily11 Mill Lane
75HACKETTGeorge E.11 Mill Lane
75HACKETTHenry W.11 Mill Lane
75HACKETTStephen L.11 Mill Lane
75HACKETTEliza M.11 Mill Lane
1725HACKINGSarah11 Marmion St
2236HAIMSTONMary A.1 Albert Road
2236HAIMSTONWatson C. S.1 Albert Road
1216HALLEdith10 Victoria Road
1012HAMELAlfred A.Victoria Road
1012HAMELAda M.Victoria Road
2338HAMESCharlesCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
2338HAMESHarriettCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
99HAMPTONJames C. E.11 Heath St
99HAMPTONFlorence M.11 Heath St
99HAMPTONSylvia11 Heath St
2134HANNAHDavid J.12 Albert Road
2134HANNAHJessie12 Albert Road
2134HANNAHThomas R.12 Albert Road
2235HANNAHDavid C.12 Albert Road
2235HANNAHConstance M.12 Albert Road
2235HANNAHArchibald12 Albert Road
1623HARDIHORNMary3 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623HARDIHORNGeorge3 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623HARDIHORNEdith3 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623HARDIHORNWalter3 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1522HARDYMANJohn W.9 Victoria Terrace
1522HARDYMANElla9 Victoria Terrace
1522HARDYMANHarry C.9 Victoria Terrace
2235HAREThomas H.Albert Road
2235HAREMarthaAlbert Road
2235HAREBeatrice H.Albert Road
2235HAREAlfredAlbert Road
2236HARMSTONCharlotte E.4 Albert Road
63HARPERElizabeth11 Tan Yard
1827HARPERGeorge H.49 Albert Road
1827HARPERAnnie E.49 Albert Road
1827HARPEREvie A.49 Albert Road
1827HARPERGeoffrey49 Albert Road
2236HARRIESClementine2 Albert Road
1419HARRISJaneMarmion Street
1419HARRISPercyMarmion Street
1419HARRISQueenieMarmion Street
2337HARRODJoseph H.11 Bolehall Terrace
2337HARRODEllen11 Bolehall Terrace
1624HAWKINSJob20 Albion St
1624HAWKINSJoel20 Albion St
1624HAWKINSCharlotte20 Albion St
1624HAWKINSRuth20 Albion St
2133HAWKINSGeorge5 Perry Crofts
1522HAZLEWOODHannah13 Victoria Terrace
1216HEATHSarah7 Victoria Road
1216HEATHHannah7 Victoria Road
1419HICKENHenry J.Marmion Street
1419HICKENKateMarmion Street
1419HICKENFrances T.Marmion Street
2541HICKENMaryThe Uplands Upper Gungate
1725HIGGITTThomas15 Marmion St
1725HIGGITTEmma15 Marmion St
1725HIGGITTMary A.15 Marmion St
88HILLFredVictoria Road
2542HILLJaneSchool House Upper Gungate
2235HINCHCLIFFEMarry7 Albert Road
2541HINCKLEYElizabethBelmont Upper Gungate
1420HOBDAYGeorgeAlbion Street
1420HOBDAYSelinaAlbion Street
1420HOBDAYFrancesAlbion Street
1420HOBDAYHelenorAlbion Street
1420HOBDAYErnest J.Albion Street
1420HOBDAYFlorenceAlbion Street
1420HOBDAYElsieAlbion Street
1420HOBDAYEthel M.Albion Street
1522HOLLINGSHEADJohn W.7 Victoria Terrace
1522HOLLINGSHEADHannah7 Victoria Terrace
1522HOLLINGSHEADMildred7 Victoria Terrace
1522HOLLINGSHEADJohn7 Victoria Terrace
1623HOLLINGSHEADIna7 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
2440HOLYOAKAnn11 Upper Gungate
2440HOLYOAKThomas11 Upper Gungate
2440HOLYOAKAnnie11 Upper Gungate
2133HOPPERAlfred H.20 Albert Road
2133HOPPERRuth20 Albert Road
87HORROCKSJohnVictoria Road
87HORROCKSCaroline J.Victoria Road
87HORROCKSMary E.Victoria Road
87HORROCKSEmily G.Victoria Road
87HORROCKSFrederickVictoria Road
87HORROCKSReginaldVictoria Road
1317HOSKISONGeorgeSpring Hurst Victoria Rd
1317HOSKISONMarthaSpring Hurst Victoria Rd
1317HOSKISONHarriettSpring Hurst Victoria Rd
1624HUGHESHugh L.28 Albion St
1624HUGHESAnnie A.28 Albion St
1624HUGHESJohn W. S.28 Albion St
52HUNTERSarah18 the Knobb
52HUNTERElizabeth18 the Knobb
1215INNOCENTAlfred E.Station Cottage Victoria Rd
2133INSLEYMary20 Albert Road
1317JACKSONSarah A.4 Victoria Road
1114JAMESHowardVictoria Road
1114JAMESConstance W.Victoria Road
1827JARMANIsabel A.49 Albert Road
76JENKINSThomas3 Temple Row
87JENKINSMartha3 Temple Row
87JENKINSThomas3 Temple Row
87JENKINSEdward W.3 Temple Row
87JENKINSHarriet J.3 Temple Row
87JENKINSAlbert3 Temple Row
87JENKINSMartha3 Temple Row
87JENKINSFrederick3 Temple Row
87JENKINSSarah E.3 Temple Row
1726JEWSBURYCatherine8 Marmion St
1726JEWSBURYAlfred8 Marmion St
2338JOHNSONJohnCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
2541JOHNSONMary E.Mayfield Upper Gungate
1420JOHNSTONEmilyAlbion Street
1420JOHNSTONGermanAlbion Street
76JONESMartha10 Mill Lane
76JONESWinifred10 Mill Lane
76JONESAlbert C.10 Mill Lane
76JONESAlbert J.10 Mill Lane
99JONESCharles7 Heath St
99JONESEdgar V.7 Heath St
99JONESReginald J.7 Heath St
99JONESHerbert V.7 Heath St
1114JONESAliceVictoria Road
1522JONESMillyAlbion Street
1318JUDKINSGeorge L.Victoria Road
1318JUDKINSEvelineVictoria Road
1318JUDKINSDorothy M.Victoria Road
1725KEENGeorge14 Marmion St
1624KEENEGeorge26 Albion St
1624KEENECatherine26 Albion St
1624KEENEFrederick26 Albion St
1624KEENEAlice26 Albion St
1624KEENEAlbert26 Albion St
1624KEENEWilliam26 Albion St
1624KEENEDennis26 Albion St
2439KETCHERFrances5 Upper Gungate
2439KETCHERHarry5 Upper Gungate
2439KETCHERLawrance5 Upper Gungate
1317KINGArthur Thos.2 Victoria Road
1317KINGJulia2 Victoria Road
1317KINGOlive E.2 Victoria Road
1012KINSONGeorgeVictoria Road
1012KINSONDoraVictoria Road
1012KINSONW. H.Victoria Road
1113KINSONElsie D.Victoria Road
1113KINSONGeorge W.Victoria Road
2031KNIGHTAmy C.Clifton Villa 22 Albert Road
2134LADDSHarry AlfredWoodbine Cott Albert Road
2134LADDSHannahWoodbine Cott Albert Road
2134LADDSMinnie M. E.Woodbine Cott Albert Road
2134LADDSWilliam R. H. S.Woodbine Cott Albert Road
1420LANDGeorge H.Albion Street
2338LARGEWilliamCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
1419LAWRENCEThomasMarmion Street
1419LAWRENCERachel A.Marmion Street
1419LAWRENCEGertrude H.Marmion Street
1419LAWRENCEWalter T.Marmion Street
1419LAWRENCEMabel A.Marmion Street
1419LAWRENCEHenry M.Marmion Street
1419LAWRENCEAlbert E.Marmion Street
1419LAWRENCELilian E.Marmion Street
1624LAWRENCEJoseph27 Albion St
1624LAWRENCESarah27 Albion St
1827LEAEmma49 Albert Road
2439LEOCAUR?HelenaThe Hollies 8 Upper Gungate
1930LEVILLElizabeth26 Albert Road
1930LEVILLEmily26 Albert Road
51LEWBURYWilliam6 Gas Lane
51LEWBURYGertrude6 Gas Lane
51LEWBURYElizabeth6 Gas Lane
51LEWBURYMay6 Gas Lane
76LOVETTJoseph6 Temple Row
76LOVETTElizabeth6 Temple Row
76LOVETTMay6 Temple Row
2440LUBYThomasPerry Crofts
2440LUBYElizabethPerry Crofts
1929LUCASMary36 Albert Road
1929LUCASAgnes36 Albert Road
1623LYNNThomas5 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623LYNNLucy5 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623LYNNWalter5 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623LYNNCharley5 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1623LYNNAda5 Albion St (Victoria Terr)
1318MacDOUGALLMargaret H.Victoria Road
1317MARRIOTTMaria1 Victoria Road
1317MARRIOTTMaria L.1 Victoria Road
1317MARRIOTTThos. Reginald1 Victoria Road
1317MARRIOTTCaroline M.1 Victoria Road
1827MASSEYArthur T.47 Albert Road
1827MASSEYEmilie A.47 Albert Road
99MASTERSHerbert13 Heath St
2236MATTHEWSErnest E. 2 Albert Road
1114McDERMOTTMary A.Victoria Road
1114McDERMOTTViolet S.Victoria Road
2235McKENZIEBeatrice7 Albert Road
52MELLORJames19 the Knobb
52MELLORSarah19 the Knobb
1216MERCERWilliam J.7 Victoria Road
1216MERCERWilliam M.7 Victoria Road
1216MERCERLizzie J.7 Victoria Road
1216MERCERRosanna7 Victoria Road
1216MERCERErnest A.7 Victoria Road
99MIDDLETONWilliamDent St
2439MILBOURNEWilliam9 Upper Gungate
2439MILBOURNEEmma9 Upper Gungate
2439MILBOURNEJohn9 Upper Gungate
87MILLINGTONPercivalVictoria Road
87MILLINGTONEmilyVictoria Road
88MILLINGTONPercivalVictoria Road
88MILLINGTONEvelynVictoria Road
88MILLINGTONFrankVictoria Road
1114MILNEAlfred E.Victoria Road
1114MILNEFlorence A.Victoria Road
1114MILNESidney E.Victoria Road
1114MILNEGladysVictoria Road
910MITCHELLJaneDent St
1318MOOREJoseph A.Marmion Street
1318MOOREMargaretMarmion Street
1318MOOREMaud A.Marmion Street
910MORGANHenryDent St
910MORGANMariaDent St
910MORGANGladys J.Dent St
2032MORRISLouis V. J.Rosy Cross
2134MORTONWilliam16 Albert Road
2134MORTONHenrietta16 Albert Road
2134MORTONWilliam D.16 Albert Road
2134MORTONGilbert D.16 Albert Road
2134MORTONShalto?16 Albert Road
2134MORTONNorman D.16 Albert Road
1725MOUNTFORDThomas15 Marmion St
1725MOUNTFORDEmma15 Marmion St
1725MOUNTFORDGeorge15 Marmion St
2541MURRELLFlorence E.Hawthorn Lodge Upr Gungate
2440MYRINGSarahPerry Crofts
2440MYRINGAda L.Perry Crofts
2440MYRINGHerbert H.Perry Crofts
2440MYRINGCharles E.Perry Crofts
1930NAYLORArthur31 Albert Road
1930NAYLORSarah A.31 Albert Road
1827NEALEAnnie48 Albert Road
1827NEALEAlbert E.48 Albert Road
1827NEALEWilliam L.48 Albert Road
1725NEWBURYMinnie19 Albion St
63NICHOLLSHannah13 Tan Yard
63NICHOLLSHannah13 Tan Yard
1521NICHOLLSThomasAlbion Street
1521NICHOLLSSarah A.Albion Street
1521NICHOLLSEdith L.Albion Street
1317NICHOLSONAnn E.4 Victoria Road
99NORGROVESElizabeth9 Heath St
88NORMANAnnieVictoria Road
2032NORTONGeorge W.7 Perry Crofts
2032NORTONElizabeth7 Perry Crofts
2133NORTONLillie7 Perry Crofts
2133NORTONAlice7 Perry Crofts
1113OLIVER AnnieVictoria House Victoria Rd
2541OLVERHarryTrescoe Upper Gungate
2541OLVERAnnieTrescoe Upper Gungate
2541OLVERJeanette A.Trescoe Upper Gungate
1828ORIAHRobert42 Albert Road
1828ORIAHHannah42 Albert Road
1828ORIAHKitty42 Albert Road
1828ORIAHSarah J.42 Albert Road
1216ORTONAda6 Victoria Road
2542ORTONMarySchool House Upper Gungate
1012OWENLizzie M.2 Heath St
1420OWENHerbert L.Albion Street
1827OWENJohn T.52 Albert Road
1827OWENEmma A.52 Albert Road
1827OWENJanet M.52 Albert Road
1827OWENEdward C.52 Albert Road
2542OWENRosa7 Gas Lane
2542OWENNigel H. M.7 Gas Lane
2338PALMERWilliamCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
1828PALSERWilliam C.38 Albert Road
1828PALSERSarah38 Albert Road
1828PALSERAlice E.38 Albert Road
1929PALSERFlorence J.38 Albert Road
1929PALSERThomas W. F.38 Albert Road
1929PALSERSidney C. H.38 Albert Road
1929PALSERGeorge E.38 Albert Road
1929PALSERNora M.38 Albert Road
1012PARKERJohn W.4 Heath St
1012PARKERFrances4 Heath St
51PARSONSAnnie20 the Knobb
2439PEACOCKH. B.7 Upper Gungate
1624PEARSONFrederick21 Albion St
1624PEARSONAnnie21 Albion St
1930PEGGAlfred24 Albert Road
1930PEGGGrace Mary24 Albert Road
1930PEGGJoseph A. T.24 Albert Road
1930PEGGMaria G.24 Albert Road
1930PEGGThomas W.24 Albert Road
2236PEGGGertrudge2 Albert Road
2337PICKERINGHenry5 Bolehall Terrace
2337PICKERINGPamela5 Bolehall Terrace
1215PLANTHarryTweedale Arms Victoria Rd
2032PLATTSThomasRosy Cross
2032PLATTSEllen A.Rosy Cross
2032PLATTSMargueriteRosy Cross
2032PLATTSElsie A.Rosy Cross
2032PLATTSArchibald S.Rosy Cross
87POINTONWilliam2 Temple Row
87POINTONLouisa2 Temple Row
87POINTONGertrude A.2 Temple Row
87POINTONFlorence O.2 Temple Row
87POINTONWilliam2 Temple Row
87POINTONSarah2 Temple Row
87POINTONJames2 Temple Row
87POINTONFrederick2 Temple Row
87POINTONMary2 Temple Row
1215POINTONThomasStation Cottage Victoria Rd
1215POINTONMary A.Station Cottage Victoria Rd
1215POINTONElizaStation Cottage Victoria Rd
1215POINTONMary A.Station Cottage Victoria Rd
1215POINTONAlbert E.Station Cottage Victoria Rd
1215POINTONFrederickStation Cottage Victoria Rd
1215POINTONMariaStation Cottage Victoria Rd
2440POINTONThomasPerry Crofts
2440POINTONMargaret L.Perry Crofts
63POTTSRobert10 Tan Yard
63POTTSFanny10 Tan Yard
1317POWLESFrancesRothesay Villa Victoria Rd
2541PRICEAda MaryHawthorn Lodge Upr Gungate
75PROUDMANJames1 Tan Yard
75PROUDMANBetsey1 Tan Yard
75PROUDMANThomas1 Tan Yard
75PROUDMANMay1 Tan Yard
75PROUDMANAnn1 Tan Yard
1827PROUDMANSamuel H.51 Albert Road
1827PROUDMANEliza E.51 Albert Road
1827PROUDMANIda T.51 Albert Road
64PYATTJohn6 Tan Yard
64PYATTKate6 Tan Yard
64PYATTB. C.6 Tan Yard
64PYATTKate6 Tan Yard
64PYATTJoseph6 Tan Yard
64PYATTBertha6 Tan Yard
64PYATTGeorge6 Tan Yard
64PYATTMary6 Tan Yard
64PYATTJohn J.6 Tan Yard
1114RATCLIFFESilasStation House Victoria Rd
1114RATCLIFFEMary A.Station House Victoria Rd
1215RATCLIFFERaymond G.Station House Victoria Rd
1215RATCLIFFECharles E. F.Station House Victoria Rd
1215RATCLIFFEArthur M.Station House Victoria Rd
1215RATCLIFFEWinifred A.Station House Victoria Rd
1215RATCLIFFEGladys E.Station House Victoria Rd
1827RAYBONSarah E.52 Albert Road
1827RAYBONFlorence E.52 Albert Road
1827RAYBONGertrude A.52 Albert Road
2439REDFERNThomas W.6 Upper Gungate
2439REDFERNEmma6 Upper Gungate
2439REDFERNJulia6 Upper Gungate
2439REDFERNRosa6 Upper Gungate
2439REDFERNMable6 Upper Gungate
2439REDFERNAgnes6 Upper Gungate
2439REDFERNWillie6 Upper Gungate
2439REDFERNBerty6 Upper Gungate
2439REDFERNKatie6 Upper Gungate
2439REDFERNHorace6 Upper Gungate
1522RICHARDSONSarah12 Victoria Terrace
1522RICHARDSONMary A.12 Victoria Terrace
1522RICHARDSONHerbert12 Victoria Terrace
2439RICHARDSONAlfred E.The Hollies 8 Upper Gungate
2439RICHARDSONJosephine K.The Hollies 8 Upper Gungate
2542RICHARDSONMarthaSchool House Upper Gungate
1929RIDLEYGertrude L.36 Albert Road
1624RITCHIEJ? John25 Albion St
51ROBBOTTOMRobert4 Gas Lane
51ROBBOTTOMMary J.4 Gas Lane
51ROBBOTTOMMary J.4 Gas Lane
51ROBBOTTOMClara4 Gas Lane
1725ROBINSONSarah A.10 Marmion St
1930ROBINSONJames W.27 Albert Road
1420ROGERSWilliam J.Albion Street
1114ROSEHenryVictoria Road
1114ROSEJane M.Victoria Road
1114ROSEMadeline E.Victoria Road
1929ROSEGeorgeAlbert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1929ROSEAgnesAlbert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1929ROSEEdwinAlbert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1929ROSEGeorgeAlbert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1929ROSEHenryAlbert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1929ROSEJamesAlbert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1929ROSEAgnesAlbert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1929ROSESidneyAlbert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1929ROSELillieAlbert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1930ROSENancy F.Albert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1828ROUTLEDGERobert40 Albert Road
1828ROUTLEDGEJeanie P.40 Albert Road
1828ROUTLEDGEMary M.40 Albert Road
1828ROUTLEDGEAgnes H.40 Albert Road
1828ROUTLEDGEMarion H.40 Albert Road
1828ROUTLEDGERobert40 Albert Road
1215SADLERThomas M.11 Victoria Rd
1215SADLERMaria A.11 Victoria Rd
1827SADLERFrederick W.50 Albert Road
1827SADLERGertrude A. E.50 Albert Road
1827SADLERHector W.50 Albert Road
1930SADLERJoseph29 Albert Road
1930SADLERMaria29 Albert Road
1930SADLEREthel M.29 Albert Road
1930SADLERFred W.29 Albert Road
2031SADLERHenry W.West House 21 Albert Road
2031SADLERElizabethWest House 21 Albert Road
2031SADLERAnnie E.West House 21 Albert Road
2031SADLERMary J.West House 21 Albert Road
2031SADLERMinnie W.West House 21 Albert Road
2541SADLERAlfredThe Uplands Upper Gungate
2541SADLEREmilyThe Uplands Upper Gungate
2541SADLERMabel M.The Uplands Upper Gungate
2541SADLERBeatrice E.The Uplands Upper Gungate
2541SADLERAlice M.The Uplands Upper Gungate
2541SADLERMargaretThe Uplands Upper Gungate
2440SADLIER?(SADLER)Charles C.Perry Crofts
2440SADLIER?(SADLER)HarrietPerry Crofts
2440SADLIER?(SADLER)Elizabeth A.Perry Crofts
2440SADLIER?(SADLER)Edith M.Perry Crofts
2032SALTSarah E.Rosy Cross
2440SANDERSThomasPerry Crofts
2440SANDERSAlicePerry Crofts
2541SANNILUSLillieTrescoe Upper Gungate
51SAPEY?Walter A.The Knobb House
51SAPEY?Sarah A.The Knobb House
51SAPEY?Martha A.The Knobb House
51SAPEY?Edward J.The Knobb House
51SAPEY?GeorginaThe Knobb House
1113SCULTHORPEAlfred M.Victoria House Victoria Rd
1113SCULTHORPEHarriet H.Victoria House Victoria Rd
1113SCULTHORPEEthelVictoria House Victoria Rd
1113SCULTHORPEHilda M.Victoria House Victoria Rd
1113SCULTHORPEAlfred C. F.Victoria House Victoria Rd
1113SCULTHORPEDoris D.Victoria House Victoria Rd
2133SEALThomas3 Perry Crofts
88SEARLERhoda G.Victoria Road
1216SHARROTTAndrew5 Victoria Road
1216SHARROTTMartha5 Victoria Road
1216SHARROTTAdeline M.5 Victoria Road
1521SHEPARDHenryAlbion Street
1419SHEPPARDHarriettMarmion Street
1113SHILCOCKAlice R.Victoria Road
1113SHILCOCKJohnVictoria Road
1113SHILCOCKFlorence E.Victoria Road
2337SHIPLEYJohn12 Bolehall Terrace
2337SHIPLEYJohn12 Bolehall Terrace
2337SHIPLEYRuth12 Bolehall Terrace
2337SHIPLEYSamuel12 Bolehall Terrace
1726SIVELL or SWELLJane2 Marmion St
1726SKETCHLEYFred6 Marmion St
1726SKETCHLEYEmily6 Marmion St
2133SKIDMOREThomas3 Perry Crofts
51SMITHWilliam2 Gas Lane
51SMITHLydia2 Gas Lane
51SMITHWilliam H.2 Gas Lane
51SMITHSydney2 Gas Lane
51SMITHHenry2 Gas Lane
63SMITHWilliam7 Tan Yard
63SMITHMary A.7 Tan Yard
63SMITHAlice A.7 Tan Yard
63SMITHSarah7 Tan Yard
63SMITHWill7 Tan Yard
63SMITHEmma7 Tan Yard
64SMITHHenrietta7 Tan Yard
64SMITHKate7 Tan Yard
88SMITHMary1 Heath St
1012SMITHJohn6 Heath St
1012SMITHLucy6 Heath St
1012SMITHThomas H.6 Heath St
1012SMITHJohn S.6 Heath St
1522SMITHGeorgeAlbion Street
1522SMITHEmmaAlbion Street
1624SMITHGeorge H.23 Albion St
1624SMITHCarolina23 Albion St
1624SMITHBaby Boy23 Albion St
1726SMITHPercy4 Marmion St
1726SMITHMable4 Marmion St
2134SMITHMary14 Albert Road
1624SNEADJoshua24 Albion St
1624SNEADEliza24 Albion St
1930SNOWDENJohn V.30 Albert Road
1930SNOWDENAnnie30 Albert Road
1827SOUTHWICKHenry46 Albert Road
1827SOUTHWICKLucy G.46 Albert Road
1828SOUTHWICKOlive L.46 Albert Road
2031SOUTHWICKJames W.Clifton Villa 22 Albert Road
2031SOUTHWICKMary E.Clifton Villa 22 Albert Road
2031SOUTHWICKAmy E.Clifton Villa 22 Albert Road
2031SOUTHWICKAlice M.Clifton Villa 22 Albert Road
1318SPAREJosephVictoria Road
2439SPENCERJamesCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
63STAKHOUSEHenry8 Tan Yard
1725STARKEYHenry12 Marmion St
1725STARKEYSarah12 Marmion St
1725STARKEYHarriett12 Marmion St
2236STEEREFrancis W.3 Albert Road
910STEPHENSCharlesDent St
910STEPHENSCharlotteDent St
52STEVENSHarry P.15 the Knobb
52STEVENSEmily15 the Knobb
63STEVENSRose H.15 the Knobb
64STEVENSONEllen5 Tan Yard
64STEVENSONCharles5 Tan Yard
64STEVENSONLouie5 Tan Yard
64STEVENSONRose5 Tan Yard
64STEVENSONRobert5 Tan Yard
64STEVENSONLizzie5 Tan Yard
64STEVENSONAlice5 Tan Yard
64STEVENSONJessie5 Tan Yard
64STEVENSONWilliam5 Tan Yard
64STEVENSONHerbert5 Tan Yard
76STONIERGerald P.7 Temple Row
2235STREETEliza7 Albert Road
2235STREETFrank7 Albert Road
99STUDDArthur W.9 Heath St
99STUDDJulia9 Heath St
99STUDDHorace W.9 Heath St
99STUDDHarry9 Heath St
99STUDDDorothy C.9 Heath St
99STUDDKate A.9 Heath St
99STUDDNellie9 Heath St
1828SUTHERLANDThomas A.39 Albert Road
1828SUTHERLANDRose A.39 Albert Road
1828SUTHERLANDAlexander H.39 Albert Road
1828SUTHERLANDCatherine G.39 Albert Road
2439SWINFIELDEmily7 Upper Gungate
2031TANNEYJohnRosy Cross
2031TANNEYAnnRosy Cross
2031TANNEYEmmaRosy Cross
2031TANNEYEthelRosy Cross
2031TANNEYSidneyRosy Cross
2031TANNEYReginaldRosy Cross
2031TANNEYArthurRosy Cross
76TAYLORJoseph B.9 Mill Lane
76TAYLORMaria9 Mill Lane
76TAYLORJoseph9 Mill Lane
76TAYLOREthel9 Mill Lane
76TAYLORArthur B.9 Mill Lane
76TAYLOREva9 Mill Lane
1113TAYLORCarrieVictoria Road
2133TAYLORThomas4 Perry Crofts
2133TAYLORJane4 Perry Crofts
2235TAYLORHenry10 Albert Road
2235TAYLORMary10 Albert Road
2235TAYLORElizabeth10 Albert Road
2440TEMPESTWilliamMayfield Upper Gungate
2440TEMPESTLouisa C.Mayfield Upper Gungate
2440TEMPESTElizabethMayfield Upper Gungate
1522THIRLBYRichard12 Victoria Terrace
63THOMPSONMartha9 Tan Yard
63THOMPSONCharles9 Tan Yard
1113THOMPSONSamuelCattles Sales Yd Victoria Rd
1113THOMPSONSamuelCattles Sales Yd Victoria Rd
1113THOMPSONHarrietVictoria Road
1113THOMPSONFredVictoria Road
1113THOMPSONAlice G.Victoria Road
1114THOMPSONEdwardVictoria Road
2338THOMPSONWilliamCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
1725TILLISONAlice11 Marmion St
2032TILLSONEdwardRosy Cross
2032TILLSONMaryRosy Cross
2032TILLSONMary J.Rosy Cross
2032TILLSONDavidRosy Cross
87TOLSONJosephVictoria Road
87TOLSONEthelVictoria Road
2133TONKSLillie6 Perry Crofts
63TREEK?Joseph8 Tan Yard
2236TREVOREdward3 Upper Gungate
2236TREVORAmelia3 Upper Gungate
2236TREVORHerbert3 Upper Gungate
2236TREVORReginald3 Upper Gungate
2337TREVORHarold3 Upper Gungate
2337TREVORWilliam3 Upper Gungate
88TRICKLEBANKLizzie1 Heath St
88TRICKLEBANKEdith1 Heath St
88TRICKLEBANKFlorrie1 Heath St
63TRUFITTEdward8 Tan Yard
1215TURNERHorace E.Station Cottage Victoria Rd
1318TURNERHenriettaMarmion Street
1318TURNERLeslieMarmion Street
1318TURNERMildredMarmion Street
2236TURNERMary3 Albert Road
1011VARCOEEleanorDent St
2032VASEYWilliamRosy Cross
2032VASEYWilliamRosy Cross
2338VINEMartinCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
910WALKERAlfredDent St
910WALKERCarolineDent St
910WALKERMay E.Dent St
1114WALKERThomasStation House Victoria Rd
1114WALKEREmma L.Station House Victoria Rd
1114WALKERJessie A.Station House Victoria Rd
1114WALKERMaud M.Station House Victoria Rd
1114WALKERFlorence B.Station House Victoria Rd
1114WALKERTom H. H.Station House Victoria Rd
1318WALKEREdwinMarmion Street
1318WALKERAmyMarmion Street
1318WALKERRoseMarmion Street
1419WALKERJohnMarmion Street
1419WALKERHelen L.Marmion Street
2439WALKERArthur10 Upper Gungate
2439WALKERAlice10 Upper Gungate
75WALLBANKWalter13 Mill Lane
75WALLBANKElizabeth13 Mill Lane
75WALLBANKSarah13 Mill Lane
75WALLBANKRosa13 Mill Lane
75WALLBANKWalter13 Mill Lane
1317WALLBANKMariaSpring Hurst Victoria Rd
64WALTONThomas4 Tan Yard
64WALTONElizabeth4 Tan Yard
64WALTONMary A.4 Tan Yard
64WALTONEllen4 Tan Yard
64WALTONThomas4 Tan Yard
64WALTONJoseph4 Tan Yard
64WALTONHerbert J.4 Tan Yard
1317WALTONSamuel T.Mortimer House Victoria Rd
2134WARDElizabeth14 Albert Road
2031WAREHAMJohnRosy Cross
2031WAREHAMElizabethRosy Cross
2031WAREHAMAnnieRosy Cross
2031WAREHAMFlorenceRosy Cross
2031WAREHAMEdithRosy Cross
2031WAREHAMJohn T.Rosy Cross
2031WAREHAMElizabeth SnrRosy Cross
2338WARWICKGeorgeCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
1419WATSONLizzie E.Marmion Street
2236WATSONJohn A.4 Albert Road
1317WEALE or WEATECharles3 Victoria Road
1317WEALE or WEATEMaud M.3 Victoria Road
1317WEALE or WEATEEmily K.3 Victoria Road
1317WEALE or WEATEAgnes C.3 Victoria Road
1317WEALE or WEATEArchibald Frank3 Victoria Road
1011WEBBGeorge J.Dent St
1011WEBBEmma E.Dent St
1011WEBBBeatriceDent St
2133WEBBWilliam T.19 Albert Road
2133WEBBMaud E.19 Albert Road
2133WEBBHerbert M.19 Albert Road
2338WHEELERJohnCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
1725WHITMOREArthur16 Marmion St
1725WHITMOREMinnie16 Marmion St
1725WHITMOREEdward G.16 Marmion St
1725WHITMOREHorace F.16 Marmion St
2439WILEMANLizzie10 Upper Gungate
2440WILEMANMerab?10 Upper Gungate
51WILKINSJohn20 the Knobb
51WILKINSEmma20 the Knobb
52WILKINSEliza20 the Knobb
52WILKINSThomas20 the Knobb
52WILKINSHarry20 the Knobb
52WILKINSSarah20 the Knobb
52WILKINSMaud20 the Knobb
52WILKINSWilliam20 the Knobb
52WILKINSRose20 the Knobb
52WILKINSLilly20 the Knobb
1012WILKINSLouisaVictoria Road
1011WILLIAMSWilliam E.10 Heath St
1011WILLIAMSSarah D.10 Heath St
1011WILLIAMSAlbert E.10 Heath St
2337WILLIAMSONArthur12 Bolehall Terrace
2337WILLIAMSONMary E.12 Bolehall Terrace
2337WILLIAMSONJane E.12 Bolehall Terrace
2337WILLIAMSONMary Ann12 Bolehall Terrace
1929WILLS or WITTSFrancis37 Albert Road
75WILSONEmma14 Mill Lane
75WILSONEmma14 Mill Lane
75WILSONMary14 Mill Lane
75WILSONAlfred14 Mill Lane
75WILSONEliza14 Mill Lane
2133WIMPERISRobert R.18 Albert Road
2134WIMPERISMary J.18 Albert Road
2134WIMPERISCarl18 Albert Road
2134WIMPERISMargaret18 Albert Road
2134WIMPERISGertrude18 Albert Road
2134WIMPERISEthel Mary18 Albert Road
2439WINTERBessieThe Hollies 8 Upper Gungate
2032WOLFEHenryRosy Cross
2032WOLFEAnnieRosy Cross
2032WOLFECyril W.Rosy Cross
1011WOODSarah14 Heath St
1114WOODEllenVictoria Road
1930WOODIves H.Albert Hotel 32 Albert Road
1012WOODCOCKWilliam T.2 Heath St
1012WOODCOCKCharlotte2 Heath St
1012WOODCOCKJohn F.2 Heath St
1012WOODCOCKBenjamin2 Heath St
1012WOODCOCKPercy2 Heath St
1012WOODCOCKFrank2 Heath St
1012WOODCOCKReginal2 Heath St
1012WOODCOCKErnest2 Heath St
1929WOODCOCKMary37 Albert Road
1929WOODCOCKBertha37 Albert Road
1929WOODCOCKAgnes M.36 Albert Road
2439WOODWARDWilliamCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
2338WOOLETTDavidCarpenters Arms Upr Gungate
63WRIGHTJohn8 Tan Yard
63WRIGHTSusan H.8 Tan Yard
1521WRIGHTWilliamAlbion Street
1521WRIGHTAnnie L.Albion Street
1521WRIGHTWilliamAlbion Street
1521WRIGHTFrankAlbion Street
1521WRIGHTRhoda A.Albion Street
1521WRIGHTMildredAlbion Street
1521WRIGHTEva C.Albion Street
1521WRIGHTHubertAlbion Street
2134WRIGHTSelina16 Albert Road
87WROEAmeliaVictoria Road
2032WYTONGeorgeRosy Cross
1216YARROWJames10 Victoria Road
1216YARROWHelen10 Victoria Road
1216YARROWJohn R.10 Victoria Road
1216YARROWAlfred H.10 Victoria Road
1011YATESWilliamDent St
1011YATESSarahDent St
1011YATESJames H.Dent St
1011YATESRobertDent St
1011YATESMay C.Dent St
2541YATESGertrudgeThe Uplands Upper Gungate

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