Index to the 1841 Warwickshire FreeCEN Transcriptions

Here's a list of the data for the 1841 census with the
film references, and the current status as of the last update
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Here is an index to help you find towns and villages Location Index

Here is an list of streets and hamlets listed in the census Street Index

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Division Allocated or
Transcribed or
ZIP format
Checking or
Street Index
Checked or
1124 Alcester UPDATED Zip file 110 KB Streets Names
1125 Snitterfield UPDATED Zip file 46 KB Streets Names
1126 Stratford-on-Avon UPDATED Zip file 106 KB Streets Names
1127 Atherstone UPDATED Zip file 160 KB Streets Names
1128 Birmingham (Coleshill) UPDATED Zip file 71 KB Streets Names
1129 Solihull UPDATED Zip file 99 KB Streets Names
1130 Tamworth UPDATED Zip file 83 KB Streets Names
1131 Brailes UPDATED Zip file 51 KB Streets Names
1132 Burton Dasset UPDATED Zip file 42 KB Streets Names
1133 Kineton UPDATED Zip file 57 KB Streets Names
1134 Warwick UPDATED Zip file 67 KB Streets Names
1135 Kenilworth UPDATED Zip file 201 KB Streets Names
1136 Kirby UPDATED Zip file 124 KB Streets Names
1137 Rugby UPDATED Zip file 118 KB Streets Names
1138 Southam UPDATED Zip file 78 KB Streets Names
1139 Birmingham All Saints ONLINE Zip file 91 KB Streets Names
1140 Birmingham Ladywood ONLINE Zip file 85 KB Streets Names
1141 Birmingham St George ONLINE Zip file 233 KB Streets Names
1142 Birmingham St Martin UPDATED Zip file 164 KB Streets Names
1143 Birmingham St Mary ONLINE Zip file 158 KB Streets Names
1144 Birmingham St Paul ONLINE Zip file 109 KB Streets Names
1145 Birmingham St Peter ONLINE Zip file 129 KB Streets Names
1146 Birmingham St Philip ONLINE Zip file 114 KB Streets Names
1147 Birmingham St Thomas ONLINE Zip file 162 KB Streets Names
1148 Aston Deritend & Bordesley ONLINE Zip file 160 KB Streets Names
1149 Aston ONLINE Zip file 176 KB Streets Names
1150 Aston ONLINE Zip file 66 KB Streets Names
1151 Edgbaston ONLINE Zip file 62 KB Streets Names
1152 Coventry St John & St Michael ONLINE Zip file 161 KB Streets Names
1153 Coventry Holy Trinity ONLINE Zip file 109 KB Streets Names
1154 Coventry UPDATED Zip file 89 KB Streets Names
1155 Warwick UPDATED Zip file 87 KB Streets Names

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