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Here are some photos of the brave volunteers of the FreeCEN project 
for Warwickshire and Cornwall, with some 'volunteered' spouses.
For those on the project not shown - if you send me snapshots, I
will put them on this page.  Don't forget to include your name !
email to : Pickard Trepess

Back row:
Jane Earles - Hereford 1871 (new organiser?), Dennis Phillips - not part of FC, Mary Phillips - WAR89 & Ace checker,
Jeff Earles - WAR66 & Ace checker, Ann McCormick - FC grass widow, Kay Hinnrichsen - co-organiser Cornish project,
and Brian Hulme - Cornish transcriber

Front Row:
Michael McCormick - Cornwall & Warwicks Coordinator, Les Shepherd - Ace Cornish transcriber, Lorraine Shephard - not FC.

Jeanagh Punter - Warwickshire Recruiter, Pickard Trepess and family - Warks file & computer 'fix-it'
Stephanie Santaana (NZ), Eleanor and Don Twist (UK)
Pauline Kirchner (Aus), Ann Cole (UK)
John & Mary Carthew (Aus), Wendy Boland (on right !) (Aus)
David Ashmore (UK), Linda Blackburn (UK)
Ray Smith (UK), Shirley Hearn (Can) & Chickadee
Ann & Tony Worrall (UK), Pat Simpson (NZ)
Mike Jakeman (UK), Malcolm Jones (F)


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