Street Index to the 1841 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 1129 Hemlingford Hundred, Solihull Division

Note: Whilst this lists all the streetnames, squares, etc. mentioned, it doesn't give all spelling variations
hence there may be e.g. Albert Pl, Albert Place, Albert Pl Winn St, Albert Pl, Winn St. etc.
Where possible, the variation for terraces and places that show the road they are off is used.
Courts without names or with just numbers, and individual houses or buildings are not listed.

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Civil Parish Location Street Name Piece Number
SolihullBaddesley ClintonBaddesley Clinton1129
SolihullBerkswellBarratts Lane1129
SolihullBerkswellBenton Green1129
SolihullBerkswellBerkswell Common1129
SolihullBerkswellBlack Hale1129
SolihullBerkswellBlind Lane1129
SolihullBerkswellBradnocks Marsh1129
SolihullBerkswellBurton Green1129
SolihullBerkswellCarol Green1129
SolihullBerkswellCornest End1129
SolihullBerkswellCoventry Lane1129
SolihullBerkswellRaves Green1129
SolihullBerkswellRookery Place1129
SolihullBerkswellTruggist Hill1129
SolihullBerkswellWaste Lane1129
SolihullBerkswellWestwood Heath1129
SolihullBickenhillLyndon End1129
SolihullBickenhillLyndon Quarter1129
SolihullBickenhillMarston Green1129
SolihullBickenhillMiddle Bickenhill1129
SolihullElmdonElmdon Heath1129
SolihullGreat PackingtonPackington1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenBakers Lane1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenBalsall Common1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenBalsall St1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenBarns Heath Catherderine1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenBickenhill Lane1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenBlue Lake1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenChadwick End1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenChessettwood1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenCommon1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenDarly Green1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenFen End1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenHampton Lane1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenHernfield1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenKinwalsey1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenKnowle Common1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenKnowle Grove1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenKnowle Village1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenKnowle Wharf1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenLonghurst Lane1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenMaggin Knowle1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenMeer End1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenNortons Green1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenNuthurst1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenRottenrow1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenShirley Field1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenTemple Balsall1129
SolihullHampton In ArdenTown St., Knowle1129
SolihullLittle PackingtonLittle Packington1129
SolihullMeridenHolly Berry End1129
SolihullSolihullBentley Heath1129
SolihullSolihullBills Lane1129
SolihullSolihullCopt Heath1129
SolihullSolihullDickens Heath1129
SolihullSolihullDrury Lane1129
SolihullSolihullElmdon Heath1129
SolihullSolihullForshaw Heath1129
SolihullSolihullHigh Street1129
SolihullSolihullLoad Heath1129
SolihullSolihullMaids Cross1129
SolihullSolihullNew Street1129
SolihullSolihullRumbush Lane1129
SolihullSolihullShirley Heath1129
SolihullSolihullShirley Street1129
SolihullSolihullTruemans Heath1129
SolihullSolihullTylers Green1129
SolihullSolihullWarwick Street1129

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