Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2466 Solihull Section - Registration Sub District: Tanworth

Note: This is a rural district, and many houses were named individually, they are not listed here
but when multiple entries of a location were given, these are below. They may or may not be street names.

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SOLIHULL - Tanworth

Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
Old StratfordHoly TrinityBushwood2466
Old StratfordHoly TrinityBushwood End2466
Bushwood/LapworthHoly TrinityBushwood Hall2466
PackwoodSt GilesAylesbury Rd Packwood2466
PackwoodSt GilesDarley Green Packwood2466
PackwoodSt GilesFour Ashes Packwood2466
PackwoodSt GilesGrange Rd Packwood2466
PackwoodSt GilesHall Rd2466
PackwoodSt GilesManor Rd Packwood2466
PackwoodSt GilesMill Pool Lane Packwood2466
PackwoodSt GilesPackwood Grove Rd2466
PackwoodSt GilesPackwood Hockley Heath2466
PackwoodSt GilesRising Rd2466
PackwoodSt GilesStation Rd Packwood2466
PackwoodSt GilesStratford Rd2466
PackwoodSt GilesThe Gullet Packwood2466
PackwoodSt GilesWarwick Rd2466
PackwoodSt GilesWindmill Rd Packwood2466
LapworthSt MaryCopt Green2466
LapworthSt MaryKingswood Comm2466
LapworthSt MaryLapworth Brook2466
LapworthSt MaryLapworth Street2466
LapworthSt MaryLapworth Wharf2466
LapworthSt MaryPortmanteau Row2466
LapworthSt MaryPratts Pit2466
LapworthSt MaryStation Road2466
LapworthSt MaryStratford Road2466
LapworthSt MaryWarwick Rd2466
LapworthSt MaryWharf Lane2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineAspley Heath2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineBiddles Hill2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineDoctors Hill2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineEarls Wood2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineGilberts Green2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineHolberts Green2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineMalthouse Lane2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalinePen Lane2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalinePoolhead Lane2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalinePortway Road2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineRushbrook2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineSmall Lane2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineTerrys Green2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineTithe Barn2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineTom Hill2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineVicarage Hill2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineVillage2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineWitch Pits2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineWood End2466
TanworthSt PatrickBlackford Wharf2466
TanworthSt PatrickBraggs Farm Lane2466
TanworthSt PatrickCheswicks Green2466
TanworthSt PatrickCleobury Lane2466
TanworthSt PatrickDickens Heath2466
TanworthSt PatrickDog Kennel Lane2466
TanworthSt PatrickDyers Lane2466
TanworthSt PatrickEarlswood2466
TanworthSt PatrickIllshaw2466
TanworthSt PatrickIllshaw Heath2466
TanworthSt PatrickLady Lane2466
TanworthSt PatrickMonkspath St2466
TanworthSt PatrickSalter Street2466
TanworthSt PatrickShirley Heath2466
TanworthSt PatrickThree May Poles2466
TanworthSt PatrickTinkers Lane2466
TanworthSt PatrickWarings Green2466
TanworthSt Patrick & St ThomasBox Trees2466
TanworthSt Patrick & St ThomasMonkspath Hill2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstBack Lane2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstBox Trees2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstFour Ashes2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstHems Cottage2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstHockley Heath2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstLords Close2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstRotherams Oak2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstSadlers Wells2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstSpring Lane2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstStratford Road2466

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