Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2465 Solihull Section - Registration Sub District: Knowle

Note: This is a rural district, and many houses were named individually, they are not listed here
but when multiple entries of a location were given, these are below. They may or may not be street names.

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Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonBaddesley Road2465
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonBaddesley Road Convent2465
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonChadwick End2465
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonConvent Road2465
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonNetherwood Hth2465
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonNr Warwick Road2465
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonRowington Road2465
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonWarwick Road2465
BarstonBarstonBarston Parish2465
BarstonBarstonRyton End2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistArden Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistBakers Lane2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistBirmingham Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistBlue Lake2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistCarlton Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistDarley Green2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistDorridge Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistGladstone Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistGolden End2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistGrove Lane2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistGrove Place Station Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistGrove Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistHoward Pl Station Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistJackneth2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistKixley Lane2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistKnowle Cuttle Pool2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistKnowle Station2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistKnowle Wood2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistLodge Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistMaggin2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistMalthouse Lane2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistMidland Counties Idiot Asylum2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistNorton Grange2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistPark Field2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistRotton Row2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistStation Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistSunny Side2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistTemple Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistThe Priory2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistVillage2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistVillage St2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistVillage St Institute2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistWarwick Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistWash Pitts2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistWilsons Row2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistYew Trees2465
BalsallSt Mary'sBalsall St2465
BalsallSt Mary'sFen End2465
BalsallSt Mary'sFern Hill2465
BalsallSt Mary'sNew College2465
BalsallSt Mary'sOakley Hill2465
BalsallSt Mary'sOld College2465
BalsallSt Mary'sThe Barracks2465
BalsallSt Mary'sThe Temple2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalBalsall Common2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalBalsall St2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalBrick Kiln Road2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalChadwick End2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalChadwick Lane2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalCoventry Rd2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalGarlicks Lane2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalHigh Cross2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalHob Lane Nr Balsall St2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalHolly Lane2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalKenilworth Rd2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalKenilworth Road Redfen2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalMarsh Lane2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalMeer End2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalMeer End Rd2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalMoat House Lane2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalNeatherwood Hth2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalNeedlers End2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalOldwich Lane2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalPark Corner2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalWarwick Road2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalWooton Green Rd2465

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