Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2560 Rugby Section - Registration Sub District: Dunchurch

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RUGBY - Dunchurch

Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
BirdingburySt LeonardsBack St2460
BirdingburySt LeonardsBack Yard2460
BirdingburySt LeonardsBirbury Wharf2460
BirdingburySt LeonardsFront St2460
BirdingburySt LeonardsTop St2460
Bourton On DunsmoreBourton(no streets given)2460
DunchurchDunchurchBunkers Hill2460
DunchurchDunchurchCawston Lane2460
DunchurchDunchurchCoventry Rd2460
DunchurchDunchurchDaventry Rd2460
DunchurchDunchurchEstate Yard2460
DunchurchDunchurchGreen Man Inn Yard2460
DunchurchDunchurchLittle Scotland2460
DunchurchDunchurchMill St2460
DunchurchDunchurchParadise Row, Coventry Rd2460
DunchurchDunchurchToft Hill2460
FranktonFrankton(no streets given)2460
GrandboroughGrandboroughThe Locks2460
Leamington HastingsLeamington HastingsBroadwell2460
Leamington HastingsLeamington HastingsHill2460
Leamington HastingsLeamington HastingsKytes Hardwick2460
Leamington HastingsLeamington HastingsLeamington Hastings2460
MartonMartonBirdingbury Rd2460
MartonMartonCentre Of Village2460
MartonMartonOxford Rd2460
PrincethorpeStretton On DunsmoreVillage2460
Ryton On DunsmoreRyton On DunsmoreBarrack Yard2460
Ryton On DunsmoreRyton On DunsmoreBritannia Place2460
Ryton On DunsmoreRyton On DunsmoreChapel Lane2460
Ryton On DunsmoreRyton On DunsmoreIn Village2460
Ryton On DunsmoreRyton On DunsmoreRosy Walk2460
Ryton On DunsmoreRyton On DunsmoreSand Houses2460
Stretton On DunsmoreStretton On DunsmoreBroom Hill2460
Stretton On DunsmoreStretton On DunsmoreChurch Hill2460
Stretton On DunsmoreStretton On DunsmoreKnightlow Hill2460
Stretton On DunsmoreStretton On DunsmoreLondon Rd2460
Stretton On DunsmoreStretton On DunsmoreThe Avenue2460
Stretton On DunsmoreStretton On DunsmoreThe Plot2460
Stretton On DunsmoreStretton On DunsmoreThe Plot2460
Stretton On DunsmoreStretton On DunsmoreVillage2460
ThurlastonDunchurchChapel Lane2460
ThurlastonDunchurchCoventry Rd2460
ThurlastonDunchurchKiln Lane2460
WilloughbyWilloughbyPie Court2460
WilloughbyWilloughbyWilloughby Wharf2460

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