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Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2443 Atherstone Section

Note: Whilst this lists all the streetnames, squares, etc. mentioned, it doesn't give all spelling variations
hence there may be e.g. Albert Pl, Albert Place, Albert Pl Winn St, Albert Pl, Winn St. etc.
Where possible, the variation for terraces and places that show the road they are off is used.
Courts without names or with just numbers, and individual houses or buildings are not listed.

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ATHERSTONE, Atherstone.

Civil Parish Eccl. District Street Name Piece Number
Atherstone St. MaryAllens Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryAngel Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryArden St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryAvins Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryBarnes Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryBeaconsfield Terr2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryBickley Terrace2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryBingham Row2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryBlack Horse Yd2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryBlue Bell Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryBrereton Place2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryBrown Bear Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryChurch St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryClarks Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryCoach & Horses Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryColeshill St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryCollins Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryCotton Mill Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryCross Keys Yd2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryDruids Arms Yd2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryDruids Inn Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryEarps Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryErdington Rd2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryFoxs Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryGarden Row2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryGrove Rd2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryHand & Bottle Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryInnage Terrace2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryKings Arms Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryLong St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryMarket Place2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryMarket St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryMeadow St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryMillers Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryMinions Wharf2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryMount Pleasant2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryNelson Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryNorth St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryOld House Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryOld Plough Yd2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryOwen St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryPhoenix Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryRailway Terrace2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryRams Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryRatcliffe Rd2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryRatcliffe St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryRichmond Rd2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryRose Hill Atherstone2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryRumseys Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MarySheepy Rd2443
AtherstoneSt. MarySouth St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryStation St2443
AtherstoneSt. MarySwan & Two Necks Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryT Veros Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryVinralls Row2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryWelcome St2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryWhite Hart Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryWhite Lion Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryWindridges Yard2443
AtherstoneSt. MaryWoods Yard2443
Fenny DraytonSt. MichaelsDog Yard2443
Fenny DraytonSt. MichaelsWatling St2443
HartshillHoly TrinityBarrack Yd2443
HartshillHoly TrinityChancery Lane2443
HartshillHoly TrinityChapel End2443
HartshillHoly TrinityCoppice Lane2443
HartshillHoly TrinityHartshill Rd2443
HartshillHoly TrinitySnow Hill2443
MancetterSt. PeterNuneaton High Rd2443
MancetterSt. PeterRidge Lane2443
MancetterSt. PeterWatling St2443
WitherleySt. PeterRiver Side2443
WitherleySt. PeterWatling St2443

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