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Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2440 Meriden Section - Registration Sub District: Coleshill

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MERIDEN Coleshill

Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
BickenhillBickenhillBickenhill Lane2440
BickenhillBickenhillCastle Hills2440
BickenhillBickenhillMarston Green2440
BickenhillBickenhillChester Rd2440
BickenhillBickenhillMalthouse Row2440
BickenhillBickenhillCoventry Rd2440
BickenhillBickenhillHampton Lane2440
BickenhillBickenhillMiddle Bickenhill2440
ColeshillColeshillBack Lane2440
ColeshillColeshillBacons End2440
ColeshillColeshillBirmingham Road2440
ColeshillColeshillBlyth Road2440
ColeshillColeshillChester Rd2440
ColeshillColeshillChester Rd Bacons End2440
ColeshillColeshillChurch Hill2440
ColeshillColeshillCliffs Lane High Street2440
ColeshillColeshillCole End2440
ColeshillColeshillCole End2440
ColeshillColeshillColeshill Heath2440
ColeshillColeshillCoventry Rd2440
ColeshillColeshillForge Mills Lane2440
ColeshillColeshillGreen Lanes2440
ColeshillColeshillHawkeswell Lane2440
ColeshillColeshillHigh Street2440
ColeshillColeshillHigh Street Hazelwood2440
ColeshillColeshillKelsey Yd High St2440
ColeshillColeshillKendalls Yd High St2440
ColeshillColeshillLichfield Rd2440
ColeshillColeshillLichfield Road Brimstock Hill2440
ColeshillColeshillMarston Green Rd2440
ColeshillColeshillMaxtoke Lane2440
ColeshillColeshillPackington Lane2440
ColeshillColeshillPark Road2440
ColeshillColeshillParkfield Road2440
ColeshillColeshillSchool Rough2440
ColeshillColeshillColeshill Park2440
ColeshillColeshillWheely Moor2440
ColeshillColeshillWindy Arbour2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistArden Villa2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistBack Lane2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistBirmingham Rd2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistPaddy's Row, Birmingham Rd2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistWorthington Row, Birminghm Rd2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistCuttle Heath2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistHaunch Lane2440
Lea MarstonSt Mary The VirginOuston Grange2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistPaddy's Row2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistSchool Lane2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistSenay's Lane2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesAtherston Rd2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreAtherstone Rd2440
SheldonSheldonBabb Mills Tile Cross2440
ShustokeShustokeBack Lane2440
ShustokeShustokeBirmingham & Atherstone Rd2440
ShustokeShustokeBirmingham Road2440
ShustokeShustokeBixall Lane2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreBots Green2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesBotts Green2440
MaxstokeMaxstokeChurch End2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesChurch End2440
SheldonSheldonCockshute Hill2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesColeshill Rd2440
SheldonSheldonCooks Lane Tile Cross2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesCoton Rd2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesCottage Lane2440
ShustokeShustokeCoventry Rd2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesCoventry Rd2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreCoventry Rd2440
SheldonSheldonCoventry Rd2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesCoventry Rd2440
ShustokeShustokeCross Heath2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesDeep Lane2440
MaxstokeMaxstokeDuke End2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreFurness End2440
SheldonSheldonGarretts Green2440
ShustokeShustokeGreen Lane2440
MaxstokeMaxstokeHall End2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesHeath2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesHoggerils End, Over Whit Rd2440
ShustokeShustokeHollyland Cote2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreHurley Lane2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreLea Lane2440
SheldonSheldonLyndon Green2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesMiddle Lane2440
ShustokeShustokeMoat House Lane2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreN Coventry Rd2440
MaxstokeMaxstokeNew Road2440
MaxstokeMaxstokeNew Road End2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreNuneaton Rd2440
SheldonSheldonOlton Lane2440
ShustokeShustokeOver Barn2440
ShustokeShustokeReservoir Bank2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesRidding Lane2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesRidding Lane Myrings Yard2440
SheldonSheldonSheldon Village2440
ShustokeShustokeShustoke Green2440
SheldonSheldonSolihull Lane2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreTamworth Road2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreTamworth Wood2440
SheldonSheldonTile Cross2440
ShustokeShustokeWhitacre Road2440

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