Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2427 Aston Section - Registration Sub District: Erdington

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ASTON - Erdington

Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
SaltleySt SaviourAnthony Rd2427
AstonSaltleyArden Rd2427
AstonSt Barnabas.ErdingtonAston Union Workhouse2427
SaltleySt SaviourAvon Place Cherry Wood Rd2427
AstonSaltleyBoldin Tce Landor St2427
AstonSaltleyBordelesey Park Rd.Brick Works2427
AstonSaltleyBordesley Green Rd2427
SaltleySt SaviourBridge Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyBridge Row, Washwood Heath Rd2427
AstonSaltleyBritannia Tce Landor St2427
SaltleySt SaviourCherry Wood Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyClayton Rd2427
SaltleySt SaviourCollege Rd2427
SaltleySt SaviourCouchman Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCranemoor Lane2427
AstonSaltleyDenbigh Street2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyDrayton Tce Clayton Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyErnest Place2427
AstonSaltleyGarrison St2427
AstonSt SaviourGarrison St2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyGate St2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHighfield Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHouse Terrace Malthouse Lane2427
SaltleySt SaviourHumpage Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyInnellan Pl.Washwood Heath Rd2427
AstonSaltleyLandor St2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyLeigh Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyLowans Tce Clayton Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyMalthouse Lane2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyMetropolitan Rd2427
AstonSaltleyMidland St2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyNew Road2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyNewhaven Pl Washwood Heath Rd2427
SaltleySt SaviourPark Place, Cherry Wood Rd2427
AstonSaltleyPark Tce Landor St2427
SaltleySt SaviourPark View, Cherry Wood Rd2427
AstonSaltleyRaglan Place, Garrison St2427
AstonSt.Saviours SaltleySaltley Reformatory For Boys2427
AstonSt Barnabas.ErdingtonSir Josiah Mason's Orphanage2427
AstonSaltleySutton Plce Bordesley Green Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleySycamore Pl Washwood Heath Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyThe Crescent Washwood Heath Rd2427
SaltleySt SaviourUpper Saltley2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyUxbridge Tce Clayton Rd2427
AstonSaltleyVictoria Terr. Landor St2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWarren Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWashwood Heath Rd2427
AstonSaltleyWestminster Tce Landor St2427

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