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Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2426 Aston Section - Registration Sub District: Erdington

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ASTON Erdington

Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
AstonCastle BromwichBirmingham Road2426
AstonCastle BromwichBuckland End2426
AstonCastle BromwichFordrough2426
AstonCastle BromwichFour Lanes End2426
AstonCastle BromwichGreen Lanes2426
AstonCastle BromwichHodge Hill Common2426
AstonCastle BromwichLittle Heath2426
AstonCastle BromwichMain Road2426
AstonCastle BromwichShard End2426
AstonCastle BromwichStechford Lane2426
AstonCastle BromwichThe Green2426
AstonCastle BromwichWater Orton Road2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonBromfield Lane2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonChester Road2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonClarence Place, Kingsbury Road2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonGladstone Place, Kingsbury Rd2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonKidney Row, Kingsbury Road2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonKingsbury Road2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonLittle Wood End2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonLittlewood Lane2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonSpring Lane2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonWeston Road2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonWheelwright Rd2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonWood Lane2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBath Place2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBelcher Lane2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBirmingham Road2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBlack Lane2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBlake Lane2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBlakeland Street2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBrighton Place, Blake Lane2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichCotterills La2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichEmma Place, Blakeland Street2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichLandesborough Plce, Yardley Rd2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichMill Lane Ward End2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichMills Lane2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichOxford Place, Blakeland Street2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichProvidence Place2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichRichmond Place, Yardley Road2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichRose Place, Belcher Lane2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichSouth View2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichWard End2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichWard End Hill2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichWeston Place2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichYardley Road2426
AstonSt Saviouis SaltleyAdderley Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyAdelaide Place, Wright Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyAlum Rock Place, Alum Rock Rd2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyAlum Rock Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyArthur Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCambridge Place, Alum Rock Rd2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCanal Boat, Saltley2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCharlton Place, Alum Rock Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyChurch Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyClaytons Old Terrace2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyColeshill Terrace, High Street2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCorfield Terrace,High Street2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyDuddeston Mill Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyFintern Place, Arthur Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHall Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHavelock Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHigh Street2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHutton Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyKensington Place, Wright Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyLaburnum Terrace, Alum Rock Rd2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyMill Lane2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyPark Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyRalph Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyReginald Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyShrewsbury Place, Alum Rock Rd2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleySydney Place, Wright Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyThe Grove, Adderley Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWashwood Heath Road2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWilliam Street2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWinchester Place, Alum Rock Rd2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWoodbine Terrace, Alum Rock Rd2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWright Road2426
AstonWater OrtonAvenue2426
AstonWater OrtonColeshill Road2426
AstonWater OrtonGreen2426
AstonWater OrtonMere Or Back Lane2426
AstonWater OrtonNew Road2426
AstonWater OrtonVillage2426

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