Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2413 Aston Section - Registration Sub District: Bordesley

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ASTON Bordesley

Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
AstonSt. AndrewAda Plce. Artillery St2413
BordesleySt. AndrewAda Rd2413
AstonSt. AndrewAdderley St.2413
AstonSt. AndrewArtillery St2413
AstonSt. AndrewBank Place Artillery St2413
AstonSt. AndrewBarwell Rd2413
AstonSt. AndrewBarwell Sq. Barwell Rd2413
AstonSt. AndrewBolton Street2413
AstonSt. AndrewBrighton Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewBritannic Pl. Watery Lane2413
AstonSt. AndrewChapel Rd2413
AstonSt. AndrewCooks Walk2413
AstonSt. AndrewCrewe Place Artillery St2413
BordesleySt. AndrewEmmeline St2413
AstonSt. AndrewEva Plce. Artillery St2413
AstonSt. AndrewGarrison Lane2413
AstonSt. AndrewGarrison St2413
AstonSt. AndrewGladstone Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewGordon St2413
AstonSt. AndrewGordon Terr. Gordon St2413
AstonSt. AndrewKeeley St2413
BordesleySt. AndrewKingston Rd2413
AstonSt. AndrewKingstone Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewKingstone Terrace2413
AstonSt. AndrewLawley Street2413
AstonSt. AndrewLeeds Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewLincoln Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewLower Dartmouth St2413
AstonSt. AndrewMaud Terr. Witton St2413
AstonSt. AndrewMona Rd2413
BordesleySt. AndrewRobert Rd2413
AstonSt. AndrewSaltley St2413
AstonSt. AndrewSarah St.2413
AstonSt. AndrewSt Andrews Ter2413
AstonSt. AndrewSt. Andrews Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewSt.Andrews Rd2413
AstonSt. AndrewVictoria Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewWall Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewWatery Lane2413
AstonSt. AndrewWhitby Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewWicklow Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewWitton St2413
AstonSt. AndrewWolseley St2413

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