Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2405 Aston Section - Registration Sub District: Bordesley

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ASTON Bordesley

Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
AstonHoly TrinityAda Place, Sampson Rd. N.2405
AstonHoly TrinityAlbert Terrace2405
AstonHoly TrinityAlcester Place, Moseley Rd.2405
AstonHoly TrinityAlfred Place2405
AstonHoly TrinityAltpha Pl, Kipwicks Lane2405
AstonHoly TrinityAsh Grove2405
AstonHoly TrinityAtholl St.2405
AstonHoly TrinityBeale Terrace2405
AstonHoly TrinityBeech Grove2405
AstonHoly TrinityBellevue pl, Sampson Rd. N.2405
AstonHoly TrinityBordesley Park Rd.2405
AstonHoly TrinityCamden Place2405
AstonHoly TrinityCanal Side, Camp Hill2405
AstonHoly TrinityCanal Side, Sandy Lane2405
AstonHoly TrinityCoventry Rd.2405
AstonHoly TrinityDiamond Place, Stratford St.2405
AstonHoly TrinityEcho Place2405
AstonHoly TrinityElm Grove2405
AstonHoly TrinityGladstone Place, Sandy Lane2405
AstonHoly TrinityHighgate Place2405
AstonHoly TrinityHighgate Terrace, Atholl St.2405
AstonHoly TrinityHoughton Place2405
AstonHoly TrinityKipwicks Lane2405
AstonHoly TrinityLawden Rd.2405
AstonHoly TrinityLillington Place, Sandy Lane2405
AstonHoly TrinityLime Grove2405
AstonHoly TrinityLorne Ter, Bordesley Pk Rd.2405
AstonHoly TrinityLouisa Terrace2405
AstonHoly TrinityMiles St.2405
AstonHoly TrinityMillward Place2405
AstonHoly TrinityMona Place2405
AstonHoly TrinityMontpellier St.2405
AstonHoly TrinityMontpellier Terrace2405
AstonHoly TrinityMoseley Rd.2405
AstonHoly TrinityMt Pleasant2405
AstonHoly TrinityMt Pleasant Grove2405
AstonHoly TrinityMyrtle Grove2405
AstonHoly TrinityNorth Mier St.2405
AstonHoly TrinityOak Place, Sandy Lane2405
AstonHoly TrinityPark Grove2405
AstonHoly TrinityPine Grove2405
AstonHoly TrinityPrimrose Terr, Oughton Place2405
AstonHoly TrinitySampson Rd. North2405
AstonHoly TrinitySandy Lane2405
AstonHoly TrinitySherwood Place2405
AstonHoly TrinityStratford St.2405
AstonHoly TrinityVictoria Terrace2405
AstonSaint AlbansBeaford Avenue2405
AstonSaint AlbansCalton Place, Dymoke St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansCharlton Place, Hick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansClaremont Ave, Hick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansConybere St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansCromwell Place, Moseley Rd.2405
AstonSaint AlbansDymoke St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansHick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansHighgate Sq, Moseley Rd.2405
AstonSaint AlbansHolly Grove, Hick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansMoseley Rd.2405
AstonSaint AlbansMoseley Terrace, Hick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansMt Pleasant, Dymoke St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansPoplar Place, Dymoke St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansRichmond Ave, Hick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansSchool Avenue, Moseley Rd.2405
AstonSaint AlbansStoke Square, Hick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansStudley Place, Hick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansTenby Avenue, Hick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansVaughton St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansVaughton St. South2405
AstonSaint AlbansWallis Place, Hick St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansWilliam Edward St.2405

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