Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2400 Birmingham Section - Registration Sub District: All Saints

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Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbey St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAbbey Terrace Wharf St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAlbert Terr Kent St North2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAllens Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAlpha Place Radnor St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAvon Place Allens Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomBeaconsfield Av Wharf St2400
BirminghamAll SaintsBrighton Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomClifton Terrace Kent St Nth2400
BirminghamAll SaintsCofton Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomCollins Place Musgrave Rd2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchColmore Row2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchCongreve St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDevon Place Devonshire St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDevonshire St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDon St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDover St2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchEasy Row2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchEdmund St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomErnest Place Devonshire St2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchFleet St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomFrancis Place Devonshire St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomGib Heath Row Devonshire St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomGladstone Place Lees St2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchGt Charles St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomHarding St2400
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamAll SaintsHope Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomKent St North2400
BirminghamAll SaintsKidderminster Place Park Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomLees St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomLime Avenue Allens Rd2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchLionel St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomLodge Rd2400
BirminghamAll SaintsLunn Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMalvern Place Kent St Nth2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMatlock Place Kent St Nth2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMeredith Place Musgrave Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMount Place Wharf St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMount Pleasant Harding St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMusgrave Rd2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchNewhall St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomNorton Place Norton St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomNorton St2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchParadise St2400
BirminghamAll SaintsPark Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomPark Terrace Wharf St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomProvidence Place Lees St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomRadnor St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomRussell Terr Kent St North2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSampson Place Lees St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomShort Row Lodge Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSide Row Devonshire St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSoho Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSoho Wharf2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomStockbridge Terrace Lees St2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchSummer Row2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomTalbot St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomVictoria Place Kent St North2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomVictoria Terr Kent St North2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWharf Lane2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWharf St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWharf Terrace Wharf St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWonder Place Soho Rd2400

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