Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2398 Birmingham Section - Registration Sub District: All Saints

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Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
BirminghamSt ChrysostomBacchus Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomCofton College, Lodge Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomEva Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomFoundry Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomFoundry Rd, Slough Lane2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomHandsworth New Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomHolly Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomJames Turner St2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomLodge Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomPerrott St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAbberley Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAberdeen St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAlbert Bldings, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAlbert Place, Franklin St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAlton Tce, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBeacon Cotts, Lansdowne St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBeeson Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBrighton Place,Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBrunswick Pl, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertChiswell Road2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCity View, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertClifton Tce, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCornwall Bldngs, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert Cott, Cuthbert Row2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert Row2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert's Bldgs, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertDisraeli Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertEden Pl, Bk 248 Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertEdith Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertElizabeth Pl, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFair View, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFoundry Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFoundry Tce, Villiers St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFranklin St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertGadshill Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertGreening Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHadfield Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHardock Tce, Villiers St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHeath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHeath Terrace, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertIvy Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertLansdowne St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertMagenta Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertMillingtons Bldgs, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertNetona Place, Franklin St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertNr Swingler's Coal Wharf2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertOak Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertOnega Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertPrince Of Wals Bldgs Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertRachel Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertReservoir Tce, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertRose Terrace, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertSandmon Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertSpring Grove, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertThompson's Buildgs, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertTonks Bldgs, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVerona Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVictoria Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVilliers St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVilliers Tce Villiers St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertViolet Terace, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWellington Pl, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWellington Sq, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWilcott Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWinson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWoodbine Tce, Lansdowne St2398

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