Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2397 Birmingham Section - Registration Sub District: All Saints

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Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbey Court Goode St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsAlexander Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsAll Saints St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsArthur Place Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBeech Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBerkeley Terrace2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBernard Place Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBredon Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBredon Terrace2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfield Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfield Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfield Terr. Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBuda Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsCapstone Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsCavendish Terrace2397
BirminghamAll SaintsClaremont Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsClissold St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsCollen Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsCoralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsCrab Tree Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsDenbigh Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsElizabeth Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsFrances Pl2397
BirminghamAll SaintsFreeman Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsGertrude Place Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsGoode St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsGordon Pl Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsGothic Row Goode St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHarold Place Crab Tree Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHelena Place Hingeston St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHettie Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Pl2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Terr Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHingeston St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHolly Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsIvy Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsKnightstone Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsLansdowne Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsLaurel Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsLeopard Yard Goode St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsLeopold Terrace2397
BirminghamAll SaintsLouisa Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsMatilda Pl Crabtree Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsMayfield Terrace2397
BirminghamAll SaintsMyrtle Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsNew Spring St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsOak Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsOsborne Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsPiddock St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsPitsford St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsPortland Ter2397
BirminghamAll SaintsPrescott St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsProspect Plce2397
BirminghamAll SaintsQueens Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsRhyl Pl2397
BirminghamAll SaintsRosalie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsRose Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsRuby Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsRutland Ter2397
BirminghamAll SaintsSeymour Pl2397
BirminghamAll SaintsShrubbery Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsSpeedwell Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsTavistock Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Ter Goode St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsViolet Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsWestern Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsWestern Ter2397
BirminghamAll SaintsWhitland Place2397

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