Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2396 Birmingham Section - Registration Sub District: All Saints

Note: Whilst this lists all the streetnames, squares, etc. mentioned, it doesn't give all spelling variations
hence there may be e.g. Albert Pl, Albert Place, Albert Pl Winn St, Albert Pl, Winn St. etc.
Where possible, the variation for terraces and places that show the road they are off is used.
Courts without names or with just numbers, and individual houses or buildings are not listed.

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Civil Parish Eccl. District Street Name Piece Number
BirminghamAll SaintsAlbert Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamAll SaintsAlexandria Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsAlfred Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsAnn Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBeatrice Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBeaufort Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBlews St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBlews Terr2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBredon Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBrighton Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBrighton Pl Park Rd2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfields Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBrunswick Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsCambridge Terr2396
BirminghamAll SaintsCamden St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsCannon Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsCharlotte Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsClaremont Pl Ct, George St W2396
BirminghamAll SaintsClarence Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsDerby Terr. Blews St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsEllen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsEmily Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsEndwood Pl George St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsFern Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsFrome Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsGeorge St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsGoldsmith Terr. Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsGrafton Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsHastings Terr2396
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsHockley Terr Icknield St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Parade Icknield St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Pl Icknield St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsLily Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsLinton Row Icknield St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsLorne Pl Icknield St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsLouisa Pl George St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsMagdale Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsMalvern Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsMatlock Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsMayfield Terr. Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsNelson Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamAll SaintsNeuvieme Pl Ct. George St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsNewnham Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsOlton Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsOxford Terr2396
BirminghamAll SaintsPark Rd2396
BirminghamAll SaintsPark Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamAll SaintsPrimrose Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsRednall Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsRichmond Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsRubury Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsSandringham Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsSir Alfred's Pl George St W2396
BirminghamAll SaintsSpeedwell Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsStratford Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsThe Avenue Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsTwyning Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWarwick Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWaterloo Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWellington Terr2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWestbourn Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWindsor Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWoodcote Terr. Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWoodville Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsAbberly St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsAda Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsAmy Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsAvon Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBath Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBellefield East Bellefield Rd2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBellefield Rd2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBellfield West Bellefield Rd2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBryan Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBuckingham Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsCape Lane2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsCape St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsDudley Rd2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsDugdale St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsEgginton Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsGough Terr Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsGrove St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsHalberton St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsHalberton Terr, Halberton St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsHeath Xxx Dudley Rd2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsHyde Pl Mollett St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsMollett St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsNapier Pl Mollett St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsNelson Pl Mollett St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsOakwood Pl Mollett St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsProspect Pl Winson St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsRose Terr Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsSelina Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsSpencer Pl, Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsStanley Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsTudor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWeston Rd2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWinson St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWinson Terr Winson St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWinsor Pl Winson St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWinsor St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWitney Pl Winson St2396

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