Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2395 Birmingham Section - Registration Sub District: All Saints

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Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece Number
BirminghamAll SaintsAlfred Pl2395
BirminghamAll SaintsAlma Mater Ter2395
BirminghamAll SaintsBranston St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsCemetery Lane2395
BirminghamAll SaintsCollege St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsGibson Ter2395
BirminghamAll SaintsGreat Hampton Street2395
BirminghamAll SaintsGt Hampton St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsGt Western Ter2395
BirminghamAll SaintsHadley St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsHockley Hill2395
BirminghamAll SaintsHylton St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Place East, Icknield2395
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Terrace, Icknield St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsKey Hill2395
BirminghamAll SaintsKey Hill Drive2395
BirminghamAll SaintsMalthouse Yard Key Hill2395
BirminghamAll SaintsMount Place2395
BirminghamAll SaintsMunster Pl2395
BirminghamAll SaintsOxford Ter2395
BirminghamAll SaintsSnape Place Court2395
BirminghamAll SaintsSpring Hill2395
BirminghamAll SaintsSpring Hill Pl2395
BirminghamAll SaintsUpper Hockley St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Ter2395
BirminghamAll SaintsWaverley Avenue, Icknield St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulAlfred St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulAugusta St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulBritannia Yard,St.Pauls Square2395
BirminghamSt.PaulBrook St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulCaroline St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulCaroline St (Augusta Passage)2395
BirminghamSt.PaulCherry Court, Regent Row2395
BirminghamSt.PaulCox St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulFrederick Place2395
BirminghamSt.PaulFrederick St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulGeorge St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulGraham St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulHall St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulJames St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulKenyon St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulLivery St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulMarlboro Place2395
BirminghamSt.PaulMary St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulNewhall Hill2395
BirminghamSt.PaulNewhall St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulNorthampton St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulNorthwood St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulPitsford St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent Parade2395
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent Place2395
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent Row2395
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulSpencer St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulSt Paul's Square2395
BirminghamSt.PaulVittoria St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulVyse St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulWarstone Lane2395
BirminghamSt.PaulWarstone Parade East2395
BirminghamSt.PaulWelcome Place2395

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