Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2389 Birmingham Section - Registration Sub District: St George

Note: Whilst this lists all the streetnames, squares, etc. mentioned, it doesn't give all spelling variations
hence there may be e.g. Albert Pl, Albert Place, Albert Pl Winn St, Albert Pl, Winn St. etc.
Where possible, the variation for terraces and places that show the road they are off is used.
Courts without names or with just numbers, and individual houses or buildings are not listed.

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Civil Parish Eccl. District Street Name Piece Number
BirminghamSt StephenAlbert Pl. Ashford St.2389
BirminghamSt StephenAndover Pl Cowper Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenApollo Place, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamSt StephenAshford St.2389
BirminghamSt StephenAston Brooke St2389
BirminghamSt StephenAsylum Road2389
BirminghamSt StephenBlews Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenBracebridge St.2389
BirminghamSt StephenBrass Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenBrearley Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenBurton Place Cowper St2389
BirminghamSt StephenClifton Place, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamSt StephenColeshill Pl Cowper St2389
BirminghamSt StephenCowper Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenElkington St2389
BirminghamSt StephenFlorence Terr. Bracebridge St2389
BirminghamSt StephenFrederick Pl Miller Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenGladstone Pl, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamSt StephenHartington Pl, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamSt StephenHatchet St2389
BirminghamSt StephenMiller Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenMoorsom St.2389
BirminghamSt StephenNew John St2389
BirminghamSt StephenNew John Street West2389
BirminghamSt StephenNewtown Row2389
BirminghamSt StephenOlive Tce, Bracebridge St2389
BirminghamSt StephenOrmond Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenPark Grds Ashford St.2389
BirminghamSt StephenPenrhos Tce, Miller Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenPleck Pl Miller Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenPritchett Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenSpring Place, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamSt StephenSt Johns Terr Allesley St.2389
BirminghamSt StephenSt Stephen's St2389
BirminghamSt StephenSt Stephen's Tce2389
BirminghamSt StephenSummer Lane2389
BirminghamSt StephenSummers Lane2389
BirminghamSt StephenTheodore Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenUnett Street2389
BirminghamSt StephenVictoria Pl. Ashford St.2389

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