Street Index to the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 2368 Birmingham Section - Registration Sub District: Ladywood

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Birmingham Ladywood

Civil Parish Eccl. District Street Name Piece Number
LadywoodSt BarnabasAlbert Tce Rawlins St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasBroad St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasEndwood Pl Ladywood Rd2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasEssington St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasEugenie Pl Ladywood Rd2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasGlebe St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasGrosvenor St West2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasGrotto Pl Grosvenor St W2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasGrove Gardens Ruston St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasHope Place Ruston St Nth2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasHutton Gardens Grosvenor St W2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasLadywood Pl Ladywood Rd2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasLadywood Rd2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasLadywood Tce Ladywood Rd2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasLaurel Pl Rawlins St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasMay Gardens Ruston St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasMayfield Pl Ladywood Rd2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasMorville Pl Morville St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasMorville St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasRawlins St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasRichmond Pl Ladywood Rd2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasRoe Place Ruston St Nth2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasRuston St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasRuston St North2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasRyland Pl Broad St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasRyland St, 2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasSheepcote St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasSherborne St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasTalfourd Pl Ladywood Rd2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasVictoria Tce Rawlins St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasViolet Pl Rawlins St2368

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