Street Index to the Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in in the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCEN transcriptions

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Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAbberley Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbey Court Goode St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbey Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbey St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAbbey Terrace Wharf St2400
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbeyfield Place Lodge Rd2399
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAberdeen St2398
AstonSt. CatherineAbyssinia Place,Taylor St2422
AstonHoly TrinityAda Place, Sampson Rd. N.2405
AstonSt. AndrewAda Plce. Artillery St2413
BordesleySt. AndrewAda Rd2413
BirminghamSt JohnsAda Ter Osler St2373
AstonSt LawrenceAdam St2419
AstonSt LawrenceAdams St2418
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyAdderley Road2426
AstonSt. AndrewAdderley St.2413
AstonSt AidensAddison Pl Parliament St2410
AstonSt Peter & St PaulAdelaide Place Victoria Rd2434
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyAdelaide Place, Wright Road2426
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAlbert Bldings, Wellington St2398
AstonSt MaryAlbert Place Miller St2419
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityAlbert Place Queen St2439
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAlbert Place, Franklin St2398
AstonChrist ChurchAlbert Place, Main St2409
St.MartinsSt LukeAlbert Ter Ashley St2380
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAlbert Terr Kent St North2400
AstonHoly TrinityAlbert Terrace2405
AstonAll SaintsAlbert Terrace Herbert Rd2410
AttleboroughAttleboroughAlbion Street2444
AstonSt.AnnesAlbion Terr Gt Francis St2421
AttleboroughAttleboroughAlbion Terrace2444
AstonHoly TrinityAlcester Place, Moseley Rd.2405
AstonSt AlbansAlcester St2403
BirminghamAll SaintsAlexander Place2397
AstonSt BasilsAlexander Place, Westley St2412
BirminghamAll SaintsAlfred Pl2395
BirminghamSt. MatthiasAlfred Pl Gt Hampton Row2392
AstonHoly TrinityAlfred Place2405
AstonSt MaryAlfred Place2419
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldAlfred Place Coplow St2377
BirminghamSt.PaulAlfred St2395
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldAlgernon Rd2377
BirminghamAll SaintsAll Saints St2397
AstonSt BasilAllcock St2403
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAllens Rd2400
AstonSt MaryAllesley St2419
AstonSt JamesAlma Crescent2418
BirminghamAll SaintsAlma Mater Ter2395
AstonSt.AnnesAlma Place Cato St2421
BirminghamSaint StephensAlma St2388
AstonSt.PaulAlma St2431
St.MartinsSt LukeAlma Ter Benacre St2380
AstonSt.AnnesAlmina Place, Gt.Francis St2421
AstonHoly TrinityAlmshouses2439
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAlpha Place Radnor St2400
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAlton Tce, Heath St2398
AstonHoly TrinityAltpha Pl, Kipwicks Lane2405
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyAlum Rock Place, Alum Rock Rd2426
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyAlum Rock Road2426
BirminghamAll SaintsAmy Place Heaton St2399
AstonSt CatherinesAnbury Place, Scholefield St2422
BirminghamSt MarksAnderton St2370
BirminghamSt BartholomewAndover St.2384
AstonSt AlbansAngelina St2404
BirminghamSt ThomasAnglesea Place, Gt Colmore St2377
AstonSt Peter & St PaulAnnies Place Park Lane2434
SaltleySt SaviourAnthony Rd2427
AstonSt.AnnesApna Pl Cato St2421
BirminghamSt DavidApollo Row2381
BirminghamSt JohnsAppleby Pl Clarke St2373
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonArbury Road2444
AstonSaltleyArden Rd2427
KnowleSt John The BaptistArden Road2465
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistArden Villa2440
AstonSt ClementsArgyle Avenue, Argyle St2424
AstonSt ClementsArgyle St2424
St.MartinsSt LukeArlescote Place2380
ArleyArleyArley Lane2444
ArleyArleyArley Wood _ Cottage2444
AstonChrist ChurchArnold Place, Main St2409
BirminghamSt. MatthiasArthur Pl, Wheeler St2392
AstonSt.PaulArthur Place2431
BirminghamSt MarksArthur Place2370
BirminghamAll SaintsArthur Place Brookfield Rd2397
AstonSt ClementsArthur Place, Argyle St2424
AstonSt MaryArthur Place, Whitehouse St2432
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyArthur Road2426
AstonAll SaintsArthur St2409
AstonAll SaintsArthur St2410
AstonSt AidanArthur St2410
AstonSt. AndrewArtillery St2413
AstonHoly TrinityAsh Grove2405
St.MartinsSt LukeAshley St2380
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineAspley Heath2466
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonAstley Lane2444
AstleyAstleyAstley Village2444
AstonSt MaryAston Brook2419
AstonSt MaryAston Brook St2419
AstonSt MaryAston Manor Mews Aston Rd N.2432
AstonSt AidanAston Pl Herbert Rd2410
AstonSt MaryAston Rd2419
AstonSt LawrenceAston Rd2418
AstonSt MaryAston Rd (West Side)2419
AstonSt JamesAston Rd Four Oaks2439
AstonSt MaryAston Rd North2432
BirminghamBishop RyderAston Street2393
AstonSt Barnabas.ErdingtonAston Union Workhouse2427
Nether WhitacreSt GilesAtherston Rd2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreAtherstone Rd2440
AstonHoly TrinityAtholl St.2405
NuneatonAttleboroughAttleborough Fields2444
AttleboroughAttleboroughAttleborough Road2444
AstonSt Peter & St PaulAttwood Place Park Lane2434
AstonChrist ChurchAuckland Place2409
AstonChrist ChurchAuckland Rd2409
AstonChrist ChurchAuckland Terrace2409
AstonChrist ChurchAugusta Place King St2409
BirminghamSt.PaulAugusta St2395
AstonSt ClementsAustin St2424
AstonSt MatthewAutumn Place2420
AstonWater OrtonAvenue2426
AstonSt MaryAvenue Rd2432
AttleboroughAttleboroughAvenue Road2444
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonAvenue Road (Caldwell)2444
AstonAll SaintsAvenue, Cooksey Rd2410
AstonSs Peter & PaulAverdale Pl Queens Rd2437
BirminghamSt MarksAvon Pl Barker St2370
BirminghamAll SaintsAvon Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAvon Place Allens Rd2400
SaltleySt SaviourAvon Place Cherry Wood Rd2427
PackwoodSt GilesAylesbury Rd Packwood2466
SheldonSheldonBabb Mills Tile Cross2440
BirminghamSt ChrysostomBacchus Rd2398
ColeshillColeshillBack Lane2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistBack Lane2440
ShustokeShustokeBack Lane2440
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstBack Lane2466
ColeshillColeshillBacons End2440
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonBaddesley Road2465
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonBaddesley Road Convent2465
AstonSt LawrenceBagot St2418
BirminghamBishop RyderBagot Street2393
BirminghamSt. Mary'sBailey St2392
AstonSt. AndrewsBaker St2412
BirminghamSt GabrielBaker Street2384
KnowleSt John The BaptistBakers Lane2465
ArleyArleyBallards Green2444
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalBalsall Common2465
BalsallSt Mary'sBalsall St2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalBalsall St2465
BirminghamSt BartholomewBanbury Street2384
AstonSt.PaulBangor Place, Alma St2431
AstonSt. AndrewBank Place Artillery St2413
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldBarford Rd2377
BirminghamSt DavidBarford St2381
BirminghamSt MarksBarker St2370
AstonSt JamesBarkhill Place Alma Crescent2418
BirminghamAll SaintsBarmouth Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt GabrielBarn Street2384
BulkingtonBulkingtonBarnacle Lane2444
BarstonBarstonBarston Parish2465
BirminghamSt BartholomewBartholomew St2384
AstonSt. MaryBarton Place2431
AstonSt. MaryBarton St2431
AstonSt. AndrewBarwell Rd2413
AstonSt. AndrewBarwell Sq. Barwell Rd2413
BirminghamSt MartinsBarwick St2401
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldBaskerville Place Marroway St2377
BirminghamSt JohnsBath Passage2373
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBath Place2426
AstonSt.PaulBath Place, Whitehead St2431
BirminghamSt ThomasBath Row2377
BirminghamSt ThomasBath Row Terrace2377
BirminghamSt. Mary'sBath St2392
BirminghamSt JohnsBeach Street2373
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBeacon Cotts, Lansdowne St2398
BirminghamSt ChryscostomBeaconsfield Av Wharf St2400
AstonSaint AlbansBeaford Avenue2405
AstonHoly TrinityBeale Terrace2405
AstonSt.AnnesBeatrice Pl. Cato St2421
BirminghamSt JohnsBeatrice Ter Osler St2373
AstleyAstleyBedworth Heath2444
BulkingtonBulkingtonBedworth Road2444
BirminghamSt MarksBee Hive Tce Garbett St2370
AstonHoly TrinityBeech Grove2405
BirminghamAll SaintsBeech Place2397
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBeeson Place, Heath St2398
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBelcher Lane2426
St.MartinsSt LukeBelgrave Rd2380
BirminghamSt CuthbertBellemont Place2399
AstonHoly TrinityBellevue pl, Sampson Rd. N.2405
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldBellevue Terr Icknield Port Rd2377
AstonSt JamesBellswell Lane Four Oaks2439
AstonSt.AnnesBelvider Pl Gt Francis St2421
St.MartinsSt LukeBenacre St2380
St.MartinsSt LukeBenacre Ter2380
BirminghamAll SaintsBerkeley Terrace2397
AstonSt AlbansBerkley Place Angelina St2404
BirminghamAll SaintsBernard Place Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBertha Place2399
BirminghamSt ThomasBetholom Row2377
BirminghamAll SaintsB'ham City Asylum Winson Green2401
BirminghamAll SaintsB'ham Workhouse Western Rd2401
BickenhillBickenhillBickenhill Lane2440
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineBiddles Hill2466
AstonSt PaulBirchfield Rd2430
AstonSt Peter & St PaulBirchfield Rd2432
ShustokeShustokeBirmingham & Atherstone Rd2440
BirminghamAll SaintsBirmingham City Hospital2401
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityBirmingham Rd2439
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistBirmingham Rd2440
AstonCastle BromwichBirmingham Road2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBirmingham Road2426
ColeshillColeshillBirmingham Road2440
ShustokeShustokeBirmingham Road2440
KnowleSt John The BaptistBirmingham Road2465
BirminghamSt DavidBishop St2381
BirminghamSt DavidBissell St2381
ShustokeShustokeBixall Lane2440
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBlack Lane2426
NuneatonStockingfordBlackatree Gate Road2444
AstonSt JamesBlackeny Lane Four Oaks2439
TanworthSt PatrickBlackford Wharf2466
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBlake Lane2426
AstonSt PetersBlake St2439
AstonSt PetersBlake St Hill Hook2439
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBlakeland Street2426
NechellsSt MatthewBloomsbury St2420
AstonSt.AnnesBloomsbury St2421
AstonSt CatherinesBloomsbury St2422
KnowleSt John The BaptistBlue Lake2465
AstonHoly TrinityBluid Lane2439
ColeshillColeshillBlyth Road2440
AstonSaltleyBoldin Tce Landor St2427
AstonAll SaintsBolton Rd2409
AstonSt. AndrewBolton St2413
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonBonds Yard, Heath End2444
AstonSaltleyBordelesey Park Rd.Brick Works2427
AstonSt OswaldBordesley Green2412
AstonSt OswaldBordesley Green Rd2412
AstonSaltleyBordesley Green Rd2427
AstonAll SaintsBordesley Park Rd2409
AstonHoly TrinityBordesley Park Rd.2405
AstonAll SaintsBordesley Park Terrace2409
BirminghamSt GabrielBordesley St2384
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreBots Green2440
BulkingtonBulkingtonBottom Green Barnacle2444
CurdworthCurdworthBottom Lock2439
Nether WhitacreSt GilesBotts Green2440
BirminghamSt AsaphBow St2377
TanworthSt Patrick & St ThomasBox Trees2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstBox Trees2466
AstonSt MaryBracebridge St2419
TanworthSt PatrickBraggs Farm Lane2466
BulkingtonBulkingtonBramcote Fields2444
BulkingtonBulkingtonBramcote Hill2444
AstonAll SaintsBrandon Terrace, Cooksey Rd2410
BirminghamAll SaintsBranston St2395
BirminghamSt MartinsBread St2401
BirminghamSt NicholasBrearley St2394
BirminghamSt MathiasBrearly St2388
BirminghamAll SaintsBredon Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBredon Terrace2397
St.MartinsSt LukeBreeden Pl Ashley St2380
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityBrentford Place2439
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalBrick Kiln Road2465
SaltleySt SaviourBridge Rd2427
NuneatonStockingfordBridge Row2444
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyBridge Row, Washwood Heath Rd2427
BirminghamSt StephenBridge St W.2394
BirminghamSaint StephensBridge St West2388
BirminghamSt. MatthiasBridge St West2392
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonBridge Street2444
BirminghamSt JohnsBright Place Osler St2373
AstonSt PaulBright Terrace2430
AstonSt AlbansBrighton Place2404
AstonSt. AndrewBrighton Place2413
AstonSt ClementsBrighton Place2424
BirminghamAll SaintsBrighton Place Abbey St2400
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichBrighton Place, Blake Lane2426
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBrighton Place,Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt AsaphBrighton Tce, Irving St2377
AstonSt AlbansBrighton Terr. Darwin St.2403
AstonSt MatthewBrighton Terrace Cromwell St2420
AstonSt ClementsBrighton Terrace, Mount St2424
AstonSt.AnnesBrighton Terrace,Gt.Francis St2421
BirminghamSt AsaphBristol St2377
BirminghamSt LukeBristol St2381
BirminghamSt LukeBristol Ter2381
BirminghamSt. MatthiasBritannia Pl, Wheeler St2392
AstonSaltleyBritannia Tce Landor St2427
BirminghamSt.PaulBritannia Yard,St.Pauls Square2395
AstonSt. AndrewBritannic Pl. Watery Lane2413
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonBromfield Lane2426
BirminghamSt LukeBromsgrove St2381
AstonSt AidanBromsgrove Terr Herbert Rd2410
BirminghamAll SaintsBrook Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt.PaulBrook St2395
AttleboroughAttleboroughBrook Street2444
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfield Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfield Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfield Terr. Brookfield Rd2397
AstonSt AlbansBroom Place.Leopold St2404
AstonSt LawrenceBrueton St2418
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBrunswick Pl, Wellington St2398
AstonSt.AnnesBrunswick Pl. Cato St2421
BirminghamSt CuthbertBrunswick Place Norman St2399
AstonSt AndrewsBrunswick Place, Coventry Rd2412
BirminghamSt StephenBrunswick Place. Guildford St2394
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonBryan's Row2444
AstonCastle BromwichBuckland End2426
BirminghamAll SaintsBuda Place2397
CurdworthCurdworthBull Ring2439
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonBull Ring2444
NuneatonAttleboroughBull Street2444
AstonSt MatthewBullock St2420
WishawWishawBumble End2439
AstonSt AidanBurbige Place Herbert Rd2410
AstonSt MaryBurlington St2432
Old StratfordHoly TrinityBushwood2466
Old StratfordHoly TrinityBushwood End2466
Bushwood/LapworthHoly TrinityBushwood Hall2466
AstonSt AidanButler St2410
AstonAll SaintsButler St South2409
BirminghamAll SaintsBuxton Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt MarksByron Pl Barker St2370
AstonSaint AlbansCalton Place, Dymoke St.2405
BirminghamAll SaintsCamberwell Pl Ford Street2399
AstonSt AidensCambridge Pce2410
BirminghamSt MarksCambridge Pl Garbett St2370
NechellsSt MatthewCambridge Place Bloomsbury St.2420
AstonSt AlbansCambridge Place Highgate St2404
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCambridge Place, Alum Rock Rd2426
BirminghamSt ThomasCambridge Place, Latimer St2377
BirminghamSt JohnsCambridge Terrace Freeth St2373
AstonHoly TrinityCamden Place2405
BirminghamSt MarksCamden St2370
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCanal Boat, Saltley2426
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonCanal Side2444
AstonHoly TrinityCanal Side, Camp Hill2405
AstonHoly TrinityCanal Side, Sandy Lane2405
BirminghamBishop RydersCanal Street2393
NuneatonStockingfordCanal Wharf Arbury Rd2444
BirminghamSt JohnsCanal Wharf Icknield Port Rd2373
BirminghamAll SaintsCapstone Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamSt CuthbertCarlisle St2399
AstonSt OswaldCarlton Rd2412
KnowleSt John The BaptistCarlton Road2465
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldCarlton Terr Dudley Rd2377
AstonSt MaryCarlyle Tce, Aston Rg North2432
AstonSt CatherinesCarol Place.Scholefield St2422
BirminghamSt.PaulCaroline St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulCaroline St (Augusta Passage)2395
AstonAll SaintsCarrington Rd2409
BickenhillBickenhillCastle Hills2440
BirminghamAll SaintsCastro Pl Ford Street2399
CurdworthCurdworthCat Hill2439
AstonSt JamesCathcart Place2418
AstonSt JamesCathcart Street2418
AstonSt.AnnesCato St2421
AstonSt CatherinesCato St North2422
AstonSt ClementsCattells Grove2424
AstonSt JamesCav Bks Great Brook St2424
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldCavendish Rd2377
BirminghamAll SaintsCavendish Terrace2397
BirminghamSt NicholasCecil St2388
BirminghamSt NicholasCecil St.2394
BirminghamAll SaintsCemetery Lane2395
AstonSt JamesCentral Villa Four Oaks2439
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonChadwick End2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalChadwick End2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalChadwick Lane2465
AstonSt PaulChain Walk2430
AstonSt PaulChain Walk Grove2430
AstonSt AlbansChandos Rd.2403
AstonSt. AndrewChapel Rd2413
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonChapel Street2444
AstonSt CatherinesChapel Ter.Saltley Rd2422
AstonSt AidanChapman Rd2410
BirminghamSt DavidCharles Henry St2381
AstonSt OswaldCharles Rd2412
AstonSt. CatherineCharlotte Place2422
BirminghamSt PaulsCharlotte St2401
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCharlton Place, Alum Rock Road2426
AstonSaint AlbansCharlton Place, Hick St.2405
AstonSt ClementsCheatham St2424
BulkingtonBulkingtonChequer Street2444
BirminghamSt.PaulCherry Court, Regent Row2395
AstonSt OswaldCherry Wood Rd2412
SaltleySt SaviourCherry Wood Rd2427
AstonSt MaryCheshire St2432
CurdworthCurdworthChester Rd2439
BickenhillBickenhillChester Rd2440
ColeshillColeshillChester Rd2440
ColeshillColeshillChester Rd Bacons End2440
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonChester Road2426
AstonSt MaryChester St2419
AstonSt MaryChester St2432
TanworthSt PatrickCheswicks Green2466
BirminghamSt BarnabasChildren's Hospital, Broad St2377
BirminghamSt.CuthbertChiswell Road2398
MaxstokeMaxstokeChurch End2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesChurch End2440
BirminghamAll SaintsChurch Grove Park Rd2399
AstonHoly TrinityChurch Hill2439
ColeshillColeshillChurch Hill2440
WishawWishawChurch Lane2439
AstonSs Peter & PaulChurch Lane2437
NuneatonStockingfordChurch Lane2444
WishawWishawChurch Rd2439
AstonSt ClementsChurch Rd2424
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyChurch Road2426
BirminghamSt MartinChurch St2401
AttleboroughAttleboroughChurch Street2444
BulkingtonBulkingtonChurch Street2444
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonChurch Street2444
AstonAll SaintsChurch Tce, Oakley Rd2410
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCity View, Wellington St2398
AstonAll SaintsClara Place, Cooksey Rd2410
AstonSaint AlbansClaremont Ave, Hick St.2405
BirminghamSt. MatthiasClaremont Pl, Farm St2392
BirminghamAll SaintsClaremont Place2397
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonClarence Place, Kingsbury Road2426
AstonSt Peter & St PaulClarence Place, Potters Hill2434
AstonSt MaryClarendon St2432
BirminghamSt JohnsClarke St2373
AstonSt JamesClarmount Four Oaks2439
AstonSt.AnnesClaverdon St2421
AstonSt.AnnesClaverdon Terrace,Gt.Francis S2421
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyClayton Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyClaytons Old Terrace2426
BirminghamSt ThomasCleeve Terrace2377
BirminghamSt MarksClement St2370
AstonSt JamesClent Place Dollman St2418
TanworthSt PatrickCleobury Lane2466
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityClibbery Terrace2439
AstonSt BasilClifford Row Edward St2403
AstonSt PaulClifford St2430
ColeshillColeshillCliffs Lane High Street2440
AstonSt MaryClifton Grove Allesley St2419
BirminghamAll SaintsClifton Pl Ford Street2399
AstonSt Peter & St PaulClifton Place Potters Hill2434
AstonSt Peter & St PaulClifton Rd2434
BirminghamSt.CuthbertClifton Tce, Winson Green Rd2398
AstonSt AlbansClifton Terr. Darwin St.2403
AstonSt AidanClifton Terrace Herbert Rd2410
BirminghamSt ChryscostomClifton Terrace Kent St Nth2400
AstonSt Peter & St PaulClifton Terrace Tower Rd2434
BirminghamAll SaintsClissold St2397
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldClyro Mount Gillott Rd2377
SheldonSheldonCockshute Hill2440
BirminghamSt ChrysostomCofton College, Lodge Rd2398
BirminghamAll SaintsCofton Place Abbey St2400
ColeshillColeshillCole End2440
ColeshillColeshillCole End2440
AstonSt MatthewColeman St2420
ColeshillColeshillColeshill Heath2440
ColeshillColeshillColeshill Park2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesColeshill Rd2440
AstonWater OrtonColeshill Road2426
AstonHoly TrinityColeshill St2439
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyColeshill Terrace, High Street2426
SaltleySt SaviourCollege Rd2427
BirminghamAll SaintsCollege St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsCollen Place2397
BirminghamSt ChryscostomCollins Place Musgrave Rd2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchColmore Row2400
BirminghamSt MartinColmore Row2401
BirminghamSt. MatthiasColmore Ter Gt Hampton Row2392
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldComberton Terrace Barford Rd2377
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldComo Place Marroway St2377
BirminghamChrist ChurchCongreve St2400
BirminghamSt GeorgesConstitution Hill2401
AstonSt SilasConvent Of Sisters Of Mercy2437
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonConvent Road2465
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldConway Place Marroway St2377
AstonSt AlbansConybere St2404
AstonSaint AlbansConybere St.2405
AstonSt ClementsCook St2424
SheldonSheldonCooks Lane Tile Cross2440
AstonSt. AndrewCooks Walk2413
AstonAll SaintsCooksey Rd2409
AstonAll SaintsCooksey Rd2410
AstonSt AidansCooksey Rd2410
BirminghamSt StephenCooperage Gds2394
AstonSt MaryCopeland Place, Upr Webster St2432
AstonSt MaryCopeley St2432
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldCopley St2377
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldCoplow St2377
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldCoplow Terrace Coplow St2377
LapworthSt MaryCopt Green2466
BirminghamAll SaintsCoralie St2397
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCorfield Terrace,High Street2426
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCornwall Bldngs, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt MarksCornwall Pl Garbett St2370
BirminghamSt LukeCorporation Baths2381
BirminghamSt. PetersCorporation St2393
BirminghamSt. PhilipCorporation St2393
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldCortland Rd2377
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonCoton Lane2444
Nether WhitacreSt GilesCoton Rd2440
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonCoton Road2444
CurdworthCurdworthCottage Lane2439
Nether WhitacreSt GilesCottage Lane2440
St.MartinsSt LukeCottage Place Hope St2380
St.MartinsSt LukeCottage Place St.Lukes Rd.2380
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichCotterills La2426
SaltleySt SaviourCouchman Rd2427
BulkingtonBulkingtonCoventry Lane2444
AstonSt AidanCoventry Rd2410
AstonSt AndrewsCoventry Rd2412
AstonSt OswaldCoventry Rd2412
BickenhillBickenhillCoventry Rd2440
ColeshillColeshillCoventry Rd2440
ShustokeShustokeCoventry Rd2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesCoventry Rd2440
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreCoventry Rd2440
SheldonSheldonCoventry Rd2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesCoventry Rd2440
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalCoventry Rd2465
AstonHoly TrinityCoventry Rd.2405
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonCoventry Road2444
BirminghamSt GabrielCoventry Street2384
BirminghamSaint StephensCowper St2388
BirminghamSt PaulsCox St2401
BirminghamSt.PaulCox St2395
BirminghamSt JohnsCoxwell Rd2373
BirminghamAll SaintsCrab Tree Rd2397
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyCranemoor Lane2427
AstonSt ClementsCranemore St2424
BirminghamSt ThomasCregoe St2377
AstonSt. AndrewCrewe Place Artillery St2413
AstonSt AidanCrofton Place Herbert Rd2410
BirminghamAll SaintsCromwell Pl Ford Street2399
AstonSaint AlbansCromwell Place, Moseley Rd.2405
AstonSt MatthewCromwell St2420
AstonSt. CatherineCromwell St2422
ShustokeShustokeCross Heath2440
AstonSt ClementsCuckoo Rd2424
BirminghamSaint StephensCumberland Pl2388
St.MartinsSt LukeCumberland Ter St Lukes Rd2380
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert Cott, Cuthbert Row2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert Row2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert's Bldgs, Heath St2398
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistCuttle Heath2440
BirminghamSt. PetersDale End2393
BirminghamSt. PetersDalton St2393
BirminghamSt MarksDarby Pl Nelson St2370
KnowleSt John The BaptistDarley Green2465
PackwoodSt GilesDarley Green Packwood2466
AstonSt MaryDartmouth St2419
AstonSt LawrenceDartmouth St2418
AstonSt AlbansDarwin St2403
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonDaulman's Yard, Coton Road2444
AstonStAndrewsDawson St2412
Nether WhitacreSt GilesDeep Lane2440
AstonSt AlbansDelhi Terr (Angelina St)2404
BirminghamAll SaintsDenbigh Place2397
AstonSt OswaldDenbigh St2412
AstonSaltleyDenbigh Street2427
AstonSt.AnnesDenmark Place2421
AstonSt PaulDenmark St2430
BirminghamSt StephenDerby Pl. Guildford St2394
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDevon Place Devonshire St2400
AstonSt.AnnesDevon St2421
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDevonshire St2400
AstonHoly TrinityDiamond Place, Stratford St.2405
TanworthSt PatrickDickens Heath2466
BirminghamSt GabrielDigbeth2384
AstonSt LawrenceDigby St2418
BirminghamBishop RyderDigby Street2393
BirminghamSt.CuthbertDisraeli Place, Heath St2398
AstonAll SaintsDixons Rd2409
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineDoctors Hill2466
TanworthSt PatrickDog Kennel Lane2466
AstonSt JamesDollman St2418
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDon St2400
AstonSt OswaldDora Rd2412
KnowleSt John The BaptistDorridge Road2465
AstonSt AidensDover Pce2410
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDover St2400
AstonSt.AnnesDover Terr Gt Francis St2421
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyDrayton Tce Clayton Rd2427
AstonAll SaintsDryden Place2410
AstonSt.AnnesDuddeston Mill Rd2421
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyDuddeston Mill Road2426
BirminghamSt BartholomewDuddeston Row2384
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldDudley Rd2377
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonDugdale Street2444
MaxstokeMaxstokeDuke End2440
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityDuke St2439
AstonSt LawrenceDuke St2418
WishawWishawDunton Lane2439
TanworthSt PatrickDyers Lane2466
AstonSaint AlbansDymoke St.2405
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineEarls Wood2466
TanworthSt PatrickEarlswood2466
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldEarlswood Place, Marroway St2377
AstonSs Peter & PaulEast Terrace Vicarage Road2437
BirminghamChrist ChurchEasy Row2400
AstonSt AlbansEbenezer Place2404
AstonSt.AnnesEbenezer Place2421
AstonHoly TrinityEcho Place2405
BirminghamSt.CuthbertEden Pl, Bk 248 Heath St2398
BirminghamSaint StephensEden Place2388
AstonSt ClementsEden Place Austin St2424
BirminghamSt.CuthbertEdith Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamChrist ChurchEdmund St2400
BirminghamSt MartinsEdmund St2401
AstonSt BasilEdward St2403
BirminghamSt MarksEdward St2370
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldEleanor Terr Ick Port Rd2377
AstonSt LawrenceEli Place Richard St2419
AstonSt MaryElim Place, Aston Rd2419
BirminghamSt.CuthbertElizabeth Pl, Wellington St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsElizabeth Place2397
ArleyArleyElliots Lane2444
AstonHoly TrinityElm Grove2405
AstonSt AidensElm Grove2410
BirminghamAll SaintsElmdon Pl Ford Street2399
AstonSt AlbansEmily St2404
AstonSt AlbansEmily Terrace2404
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichEmma Place, Blakeland Street2426
BordesleySt. AndrewEmmeline St2413
AstonSt Peter & St PaulEndeavour Place, Tower Rd2434
AstonSt MaryEnterprise Ave, Holland Rd2432
AstonChrist ChurchErasmus Rd2409
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyErnest Place2427
BirminghamSt ChryscostomErnest Place Devonshire St2400
AstonSt. AndrewEva Plce. Artillery St2413
BirminghamSt ChrysostomEva Rd2398
BirminghamSt. MatthiasEveline Pl, Bridge St W2392
AstonChrist ChurchEverdon Place2409
BirminghamSt AsaphExeter Place, Windmill St2377
BirminghamAll SaintsFactory Rd2399
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityFair View2439
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFair View, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSaint StephensFarm St2388
BirminghamSt. MatthiasFarm St2392
BirminghamSt StephenFarm St2394
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityFarthing Lane2439
BirminghamSt BartholomewFazeley St2384
BirminghamSt GabrielFazeley Street2384
BalsallSt Mary'sFen End2465
BalsallSt Mary'sFern Hill2465
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyFintern Place, Arthur Road2426
BirminghamBishop RyderFisher Street2393
BirminghamChrist ChurchFleet St2400
AstonSt GabrielsFloodgate St2403
BirminghamSt GabrielFloodgate Street2384
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonFloods Row, Heath End2444
AstonSt ClementsFlorance Place, Church Rd2424
BirminghamSt CuthbertsFlorence Place2399
AstonSt MaryFlorence Terrace, Webster St2432
BirminghamAll SaintsFord Street2399
AstonCastle BromwichFordrough2426
ColeshillColeshillForge Mills Lane2440
BirminghamSt ChrysostomFoundry Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFoundry Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomFoundry Rd, Slough Lane2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFoundry Tce, Villiers St2398
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstFour Ashes2466
PackwoodSt GilesFour Ashes Packwood2466
AstonCastle BromwichFour Lanes End2426
AstonSt JamesFour Oaks2439
AstonSt JamesFour Oaks Common2439
AstonSt JamesFour Oaks Common Aston Rd2439
AstonSt JamesFour Oaks Common Walsall Rd2439
AstonSt CatherinesFowler St2422
BirminghamAll SaintsFrances Pl2397
BirminghamSt ChryscostomFrancis Place Devonshire St2400
AstonSt MatthewFrancis St2420
AstonSs Peter & PaulFrancis Terr Park Rd2437
AstonSt AlbansFrank St2404
BirminghamSaint StephensFrankfort St2388
BirminghamSt StephenFrankfort St2394
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFranklin St2398
BirminghamSt.PaulFrederick Place2395
BirminghamSt.PaulFrederick St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsFreeman Place2397
AstonSt CatherinesFreeman Rd2422
NuneatonAttleboroughFreer Street2444
BirminghamSt JohnsFreeth St2373
AstonSt PaulFurnace Lane2430
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreFurness End2440
BirminghamSt.CuthbertGadshill Place, Heath St2398
AstonSt JamesGalton St2418
BirminghamSt MarksGarbett St2370
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalGarlicks Lane2465
NuneatonAttleboroughGarratt Street2444
SheldonSheldonGarretts Green2440
AstonSt. AndrewGarrison Lane2413
AstonSt. AndrewGarrison St2413
AstonSaltleyGarrison St2427
AstonSt SaviourGarrison St2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyGate St2427
BirminghamSaint StephensGeach Place2388
BirminghamSaint StephensGeach St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensGee St2388
BirminghamSt MathiasGeorge Place2388
BirminghamSt PaulsGeorge St2401
BirminghamSt.PaulGeorge St2395
NuneatonAttleboroughGeorge Street2444
AstonSt ClementsGeorge Terrace2424
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldGeorges Place Northbrook St2377
AstonSt OswaldGeorgia Place,Bordesley Green2412
AstonSt PaulGerrard St2430
BirminghamAll SaintsGertrude Place Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamSt ChryscostomGib Heath Row Devonshire St2400
AstonSt BasilGibb St2403
BirminghamAll SaintsGibson Ter2395
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineGilberts Green2466
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldGillott Rd2377
AstonSt. AndrewGladstone Place2413
BirminghamSt ChryscostomGladstone Place Lees St2400
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonGladstone Place, Kingsbury Rd2426
AstonHoly TrinityGladstone Place, Sandy Lane2405
KnowleSt John The BaptistGladstone Road2465
AstonSt MaryGladstone Tce Bracebridge St2419
St.MartinsSt LukeGlebe Tce, Hanover St2380
BirminghamAll SaintsGlenravon Tce Heaton St2399
AstonSt.AnnesGloster Terrace, Gt.Francis St2421
AstonSt BasilGlover St2403
AstonSt BasilsGlover St2412
AstonSt BasilsGlover St2412
AstonAll SaintsGlovers Rd2410
AstonSt MatthewGodwin St2420
AstonSt MatthewGodwin Terrace Goodwin St2420
KnowleSt John The BaptistGolden End2465
St.MartinsSt LukeGooch St2380
BirminghamAll SaintsGoode St2397
AstonSt CatherinesGoodrich St2422
St.MartinsSt LukeGoodwill Ter Ashley St2380
BirminghamAll SaintsGordon Pl Coralie St2397
AstonSt. AndrewGordon St2413
AstonSt. AndrewGordon Terr. Gordon St2413
AstonSt ClementsGordon Terrace2424
AstonSt LawrenceGosta Green2418
BirminghamAll SaintsGothic Row Goode St2397
BirminghamSt.PaulGraham St2395
AstonStAndrewsGrange Rd2412
PackwoodSt GilesGrange Rd Packwood2466
AstonSt BasilGreat Barr St2403
BirminghamSt ThomasGreat Colmore St2377
BirminghamAll SaintsGreat Hampton Street2395
BirminghamSt StephenGreat Russell St2394
AstonWater OrtonGreen2426
AstonSt OswaldGreen Lane2412
ShustokeShustokeGreen Lane2440
AstonCastle BromwichGreen Lanes2426
ColeshillColeshillGreen Lanes2440
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldGreen Terr Icknield Port Rd2377
BirminghamSt.CuthbertGreening Place, Heath St2398
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonGriff2444
KnowleSt John The BaptistGrove Lane2465
BirminghamSt. MatthiasGrove Pl, Lennox St2392
KnowleSt John The BaptistGrove Place Station Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistGrove Road2465
AstonSt BasilsGt Barr St2412
BirminghamChrist ChurchGt Charles St2400
BirminghamSt MartinsGt Charles St2401
AstonSt.AnnesGt Francis St2421
BirminghamSt. MatthiasGt Hampton Row2392
BirminghamAll SaintsGt Hampton St2395
BirminghamSt. MatthiasGt King St2392
AstonSt LawrenceGt Lister St2419
AstonSt MatthewGt Lister St2420
AstonSt MatthewsGt Lister St2421
BirminghamSt. MatthiasGt Russell St2392
BirminghamAll SaintsGt Western Ter2395
BirminghamSaint StephensGuildford St2388
AstonSt PaulGuildford St2430
BirminghamSt StephenGuildford St2394
ArleyArleyGun Hill Lane2444
ArleyArleyGun Hill Road2444
St.MartinsSt LukeGuy's Ter Ashley St2380
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHadfield Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsHadley St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsHagley Pl Ford Street2399
AstonSt JamesHagley Place Dollman St2418
MaxstokeMaxstokeHall End2440
AttleboroughAttleboroughHall End2444
PackwoodSt GilesHall Rd2466
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHall Road2426
BirminghamSt.PaulHall St2395
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldHampden Place, Marroway St2377
BickenhillBickenhillHampton Lane2440
BirminghamSt ChrysostomHandsworth New Rd2398
BirminghamSt StephenHanley Pl2394
BirminghamSt NicholasHanley St2388
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldHanmore Rd2377
St.MartinsSt LukeHanover St2380
BirminghamAll SaintsHarborough P Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt ChryscostomHarding St2400
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHardock Tce, Villiers St2398
AstonSt.PaulHarley Place, Alma St2431
AstonSt MaryHarley Terrace Allesley St2419
BirminghamAll SaintsHarold Place Crab Tree Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHartlebury P Ford Street2399
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistHaunch Lane2440
NuneatonStockingfordHaunch Wood2444
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHavelock Road2426
ColeshillColeshillHawkeswell Lane2440
AstonSt PaulHawthorn Place Wheeler St2430
AstonSt.AnnesHazlemere Place,Gt.Francis St2421
AstonSt.AnnesHazlemere Ter.Gt.Francis St2421
Nether WhitacreSt GilesHeath2440
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonHeath End2444
AstonSt BasilHeath Mill Ln2403
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHeath St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHeath Terrace, Heath St2398
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldHeathfield Place Icknield Port2377
BirminghamSt JohnsHeathfield Ter Osler St2373
BirminghamAll SaintsHeaton Parade Heaton Street2399
BirminghamAll SaintsHeaton St2399
BirminghamAll SaintsHelena Place Hingeston St2397
BirminghamSt MarksHelena St2370
BirminghamSt JohnsHelena Ter Osler St2373
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstHems Cottage2466
AstonSt MatthewHeneage Place Heneage St2420
AstonSt MatthewHeneage Row Heneage St2420
AstonSt MatthewHeneage St2420
AstonSt.AnnesHeneage St2421
AstonSt LawrenceHeneage St2418
BirminghamSt GeorgesHenrietta St2401
AstonSt MatthewHenry St2420
BirminghamAll SaintsHenwick Place Park Road2399
BirminghamAll SaintsHer Majesty's Prison, Birmingham2401
AstonAll SaintsHerbert Rd2410
AstonSt AidanHerbert Rd2410
AstonSt AidanHerbert Rd2410
AstonSt AidensHerbert Rd2410
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldHereford Place Coplow St2377
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldHereford Place Icknield Port R2377
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldHeron Place, Marroway St2377
BirminghamAll SaintsHettie Place2397
AstonSaint AlbansHick St.2405
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalHigh Cross2465
AstonSt BasilHigh St2403
AstonSt GabrielsHigh St2403
AstonSt.PaulHigh St2431
AstonSt MaryHigh St2432
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHigh Street2426
ColeshillColeshillHigh Street2440
ColeshillColeshillHigh Street Hazelwood2440
WeddingtonWeddingtonHigham Lane2444
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Pl2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Place Abbey St2400
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHighfield Rd2427
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Terr Brookfield Rd2397
AstonSt AlbansHighgate Grove Terr.2403
AstonSt AlbansHighgate Hill Terr.Angelina St2404
AstonHoly TrinityHighgate Place2405
AstonSaint AlbansHighgate Sq, Moseley Rd.2405
AstonSt AlbansHighgate St2404
AstonSt AlbansHighgate Terr Highgate St2404
AstonHoly TrinityHighgate Terrace, Atholl St.2405
AstonSt PetersHill Hook2439
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldHillsboro2377
BirminghamAll SaintsHingeston St2397
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalHob Lane Nr Balsall St2465
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstHockley Heath2466
BirminghamAll SaintsHockley Hill2395
BirminghamAll SaintsHockley P Ford Street2399
AstonCastle BromwichHodge Hill Common2426
Nether WhitacreSt GilesHoggerils End, Over Whit Rd2440
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineHolberts Green2466
BirminghamAll SaintsHolborn Pl Ford Street2399
AstonSt ClementsHolborn Terrace2424
AstonSt MaryHolland Place, Holland Rd2432
AstonSt MaryHolland Rd2432
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityHolland Rd2439
BirminghamSt PaulsHolland St2401
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityHolland St2439
AstonSt AlbansHollier St2403
AstonAll SaintsHolly Grove2409
AstonAll SaintsHolly Grove2410
AstonSaint AlbansHolly Grove, Hick St.2405
WishawWishawHolly Lane2439
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalHolly Lane2465
AstonSt AlbansHolly Place2404
BirminghamAll SaintsHolly Place2397
BirminghamSt ChrysostomHolly Rd2398
ShustokeShustokeHollyland Cote2440
AstonSt OswaldHolmoar Lane2412
AstonSt LawrenceHolt St2418
AstonSs Peter & PaulHolte Road2437
BirminghamAll SaintsHope Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamSt MarksHope Place Sheepcote Lane2370
St.MartinsSt LukeHope St2380
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldHope Terr Icknield Port Rd2377
BirminghamSt AsaphHorse Fair.2377
BirminghamSt MathiasHospital St2388
BirminghamSt StephenHospital St2394
AstonHoly TrinityHoughton Place2405
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHouse Terrace Malthouse Lane2427
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldHoward Pce Barford Rd2377
KnowleSt John The BaptistHoward Pl Station Road2465
AstleyAstleyHowe Green2444
BirminghamSt. MatthiasHuband Pl, Bridge St W2392
AstonSt MaryHubert St2419
AstonSt OswaldHumpage Rd2412
SaltleySt SaviourHumpage Rd2427
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreHurley Lane2440
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyHutton Road2426
BirminghamSt JohnsHyde Road2373
BirminghamAll SaintsHylton St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Place East, Icknield2395
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldIcknield Port Rd2377
BirminghamSt JohnsIcknield Port Rd2373
BirminghamSt MarksIcknield St2370
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Terrace, Icknield St2395
TanworthSt PatrickIllshaw2466
TanworthSt PatrickIllshaw Heath2466
AstonAll SaintsIn Terrace, Arthur St2410
AstonSt.PaulInkerman St2431
AstonSt JamesInkerman Street2418
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyInnellan Pl.Washwood Heath Rd2427
BirminghamSt AsaphIrving St2377
BirminghamSt ThomasIrving St2377
BirminghamSt ThomasIslington Row2377
AstonSt BasilsIvy Lane2412
BirminghamAll SaintsIvy Place2397
BirminghamSt.CuthbertIvy Place, Heath St2398
KnowleSt John The BaptistJackneth2465
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldJames Place Coplow St2377
AstonSt Peter & St PaulJames Place Park Lane2434
BirminghamSt.PaulJames St2395
BirminghamSt ChrysostomJames Turner St2398
BirminghamSt. PetersJames Watt St2393
BirminghamSt. PetersJames Watt St, The Terrace2393
AstonSt Peter & St PaulJasamine Place Tower Rd2434
AstonAll SaintsJenkins St2410
AstonSt ClementsJohnson St2424
AstonSt Peter & St PaulJordan Place, Park Lane2434
BirminghamSt. MatthiasJubilee Ave, Lennox St2392
BirminghamSaint StephensJubilee Pl2388
AstonSt. AndrewKeeley St2413
ColeshillColeshillKelsey Yd High St2440
AttleboroughAttleboroughKem Street2444
ColeshillColeshillKendalls Yd High St2440
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldKenilworth Pl Icknield Port Rd2377
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalKenilworth Rd2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalKenilworth Road Redfen2465
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyKensington Place, Wright Road2426
AstonSt PaulKensington St2430
BirminghamSt LukeKent St2381
BirminghamSt ChryscostomKent St North2400
BirminghamAll SaintsKent Terrace Lodge Road2399
BirminghamSt.PaulKenyon St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsKey Hill2395
BirminghamAll SaintsKey Hill Drive2395
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldKhartoum Place Coplow St2377
BirminghamAll SaintsKidderminster Place Park Rd2400
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonKidney Row, Kingsbury Road2426
BirminghamSt MarksKing Edwards Rd2370
AstonChrist ChurchKing St2409
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonKingsbury Road2426
BordesleySt. AndrewKingston Rd2413
AstonSt. AndrewKingstone Place2413
AstonSt. AndrewKingstone Terrace2413
LapworthSt MaryKingswood Comm2466
AstonHoly TrinityKipwicks Lane2405
BirminghamSt MathiasKirkland Ter2388
KnowleSt John The BaptistKixley Lane2465
BirminghamAll SaintsKnightstone Ter Coralie St2397
KnowleSt John The BaptistKnowle Cuttle Pool2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistKnowle Station2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistKnowle Wood2465
BirminghamAll SaintsKnowsley Avenue Lodge Road2399
AstonSt AidensLaburnum Tce2410
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyLaburnum Terrace, Alum Rock Rd2426
TanworthSt PatrickLady Lane2466
BirminghamSt. Mary'sLancaster St2392
BirminghamBishop RyderLancaster Street2393
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichLandesborough Plce, Yardley Rd2426
AstonSaltleyLandor St2427
AstonChrist ChurchLansdowne Place2409
BirminghamAll SaintsLansdowne Place2397
BirminghamSt.CuthbertLansdowne St2398
LapworthSt MaryLapworth Brook2466
LapworthSt MaryLapworth Street2466
LapworthSt MaryLapworth Wharf2466
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonLathbury's Yard, Coton Road2444
BirminghamSt ThomasLatimer St2377
BirminghamSt AsaphLatimer St South2377
BirminghamSt ThomasLatimer St South2377
BirminghamAll SaintsLaurel Place2397
AstonSt OswaldLavina Place Victoria St2412
BirminghamSt MathiasLavinia Pl2388
BirminghamSt JohnsLavinia Ter Osler St2373
AstonAll SaintsLawden Rd2409
AstonHoly TrinityLawden Rd.2405
AstonSt BasilsLawley St2412
AstonSt. AndrewLawley St2413
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonLawn2444
AstonSt JamesLaxton Place Dollman St2418
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreLea Lane2440
AstonSt.PaulLea Place2431
BirminghamSt JohnsLeach Street2373
AstonSt AlbansLeamington Tce ( Angelina St)2404
AstonSt. AndrewLeeds Place2413
BirminghamSt ChryscostomLees St2400
AstonSt LawrenceLegge St2418
BirminghamBishop RyderLegge Street2393
BulkingtonBulkingtonLeicester Road2444
BulkingtonBulkingtonLeicester Street2444
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyLeigh Rd2427
BirminghamSt. Mary'sLench St2392
AstonSt AlbansLenches Trust. Alms Houses2404
AstonSt PaulLennox St2430
BirminghamSt. MatthiasLennox St2392
BirminghamSt StephenLennox St2394
AstonSt MatthewLeon Place2420
BirminghamAll SaintsLeopard Yard Goode St2397
AstonSt AlbansLeopold St2404
AstonSt AlbansLeopold Terrace2404
BirminghamAll SaintsLeopold Terrace2397
AstonSt JamesLey Hill,2439
AstonSt JamesLichfield Rd2439
ColeshillColeshillLichfield Rd2440
ColeshillColeshillLichfield Road Brimstock Hill2440
AstonHoly TrinityLillington Place, Sandy Lane2405
AstonAll SaintsLilly Place, Cooksey Rd2410
BirminghamSt ChryscostomLime Avenue Allens Rd2400
AstonHoly TrinityLime Grove2405
AstonSt Peter & St PaulLime Tree Tce Upper Sutton St2434
AstonSt CatherinesLincoln Pl, Scholefield St2422
AstonSt. AndrewLincoln Place2413
AstonSt CatherinesLingard St2422
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldLink Rd2377
BirminghamChrist ChurchLionel St2400
BirminghamSt MartinsLionel St2401
BirminghamSt MarysLionel St2401
AstonSt CatherinesLisbon Place, Lingard St2422
AstonSt LawrenceLister St2418
BirminghamSt GabrielLittle Ann Street2384
AstonSt BasilLittle Barr St2403
AstonSt BasilsLittle Barr St2412
BirminghamSt AsaphLittle Bow St2377
AstonSt BasilsLittle Edward St2412
AstonSt MatthewLittle Francis St2420
AstonCastle BromwichLittle Heath2426
BirminghamSt. Mary'sLittle Shadwell St2392
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonLittle Wood End2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonLittlewood Lane2426
AstonSt BasilLiverpool St2403
BirminghamSt GeorgesLivery St2401
BirminghamSt MartinsLivery St2401
BirminghamSt MarysLivery St2401
BirminghamSt PaulsLivery St2401
BirminghamSt.PaulLivery St2395
AstonSt PaulLivingstone Place2430
BirminghamSt ChryscostomLodge Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChrysostomLodge Rd2398
BirminghamAll SaintsLodge Road2399
KnowleSt John The BaptistLodge Road2465
BirminghamAll SaintsLodge Terrace Lodge Road2399
AstonSt JamesLong Lane Four Oaks2439
AstonSt JamesLong Lane Hill Hook2439
AstonChrist ChurchLong St2409
BulkingtonBulkingtonLong Street2444
AstonSt AlbansLongmore St2404
AstonSt LawrenceLord St2419
AstonSt MaryLord St2419
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstLords Close2466
AstonSt ClementsLorn Terrace, Wharton St2424
AstonHoly TrinityLorne Ter, Bordesley Pk Rd.2405
AstonSt ClementsLorne Terrace, Argyle St2424
AstonSt ClementsLorne Terrace, Cuckoo Rd2424
BirminghamAll SaintsLouisa Place2397
AstonSt ClementsLouisa Place, St. Clements Rd2424
BirminghamSt MarksLouisa St2370
AstonHoly TrinityLouisa Terrace2405
AstonSt LawrenceLove Lane2418
BirminghamSt. Mary'sLoveday St2392
BirminghamSt. MarysLoveday Street2393
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyLowans Tce Clayton Rd2427
AstonSt. AndrewLower Dartmouth St2413
BirminghamSt DavidLower Darwin St2381
BirminghamSt BartholomewLower Fazeley Street2384
BirminghamSt GabrielLower Fazeley Street2384
BirminghamSt DavidLower Hurst St East2381
AstonSt.AnnesLower Inkerman Terrace, Grt Fr2421
AstonHoly TrinityLower Parade2439
AstonHoly TrinityLower Parade Birmingham Rd2439
BirminghamSt NicholasLower Tower St2394
AstonSt BasilLower Trinity St2403
AstonSt.AnnesLoxton St2421
AstonSt PaulLozells Grove Ter Chain Walk2430
AstonSt PaulLozells Rd2430
BirminghamSt MartinsLudgate Hill2401
BirminghamAll SaintsLunn Place Abbey St2400
AstonSt MatthewLupin St2420
AttleboroughAttleboroughLutterworth Road2444
AstonSt.PaulLuxmore Place, Alma St2431
SheldonSheldonLyndon Green2440
AstonSt MaryMabel Place, Avenue Rd2432
BirminghamSt DavidMacdonald St2381
AstonChrist ChurchMagdala Place, Main St2409
BirminghamSt.CuthbertMagenta Place, Winson Green Rd2398
KnowleSt John The BaptistMaggin2465
AstonCastle BromwichMain Road2426
AstonChrist ChurchMain St2409
BirminghamBishop RyderMalt Shovel Yard, Moland Street2393
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyMalthouse Lane2427
KnowleSt John The BaptistMalthouse Lane2465
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineMalthouse Lane2466
BickenhillBickenhillMalthouse Row2440
BirminghamAll SaintsMalthouse Yard Key Hill2395
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMalvern Place Kent St Nth2400
AstonSt JamesMalveru Place Dollman St2418
CurdworthCurdworthManor Of Berwood2439
PackwoodSt GilesManor Rd Packwood2466
AstonSs Peter & PaulManor Road2437
AstonSt ClementsManor Terrace2424
AstonSt Peter & St PaulMansfield Drive, Mansfied Rd2432
AstonSt Peter & St PaulMansfield Rd2432
AstonSt CatherinesMaria Place, Scholefield St2422
AstleyAstleyMarket End2444
BirminghamSt.PaulMarlboro Place2395
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldMarroway St2377
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalMarsh Lane2465
BickenhillBickenhillMarston Green2440
ColeshillColeshillMarston Green Rd2440
BulkingtonBulkingtonMarston Jabbett2444
AttleboroughAttleboroughMarston Lane2444
AstonSt ClementsMarton Place, Nechells Park Rd2424
BirminghamSt PaulsMary Ann St2401
BirminghamSt.PaulMary St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsMatilda Pl Crabtree Rd2397
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMatlock Place Kent St Nth2400
AstonSt. AndrewMaud Terr. Witton St2413
ColeshillColeshillMaxtoke Lane2440
BirminghamAll SaintsMayfield Terrace2397
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalMeer End2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalMeer End Rd2465
BirminghamSt MarksMelbourne Pl Nelson St2370
BirminghamSt DavidMelbourne Place2381
AstonSt.AnnesMelvina Pl Gt Francis St2421
AstonSt JamesMere Green2439
AstonWater OrtonMere Or Back Lane2426
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMeredith Place Musgrave Rd2400
BirminghamSt GabrielMeriden St.2384
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyMetropolitan Rd2427
AstonSt.PaulMetz Place New St2431
BickenhillBickenhillMiddle Bickenhill2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesMiddle Lane2440
KnowleSt John The BaptistMidland Counties Idiot Asylum2465
AstonAll SaintsMidland Place2409
AstonSaltleyMidland St2427
AstonHoly TrinityMiles St.2405
BirminghamSt GabrielMilk Street.2384
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonMill End2444
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyMill Lane2426
WishawWishawMill Lane2439
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichMill Lane Ward End2426
PackwoodSt GilesMill Pool Lane Packwood2466
AstonSt MaryMill St2419
AstonHoly TrinityMill St2439
AstonSt MaryMiller St2419
BirminghamSt.CuthbertMillingtons Bldgs, Heath St2398
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichMills Lane2426
AstonHoly TrinityMillward Place2405
BirminghamSt MarksMilton Pl Garbett St2370
AstonSt.PaulMilton Place, Alma St2431
AstonSt AidensMilton Place, Herbert Rd2410
CurdworthCurdworthMinworth Green2439
ShustokeShustokeMoat House Lane2440
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalMoat House Lane2465
BirminghamBishop RyderMoland Street2393
AstonHoly TrinityMona Place2405
AstonSt MaryMona Place Bracebridge St2419
AstonSt. AndrewMona Rd2413
TanworthSt Patrick & St ThomasMonkspath Hill2466
TanworthSt PatrickMonkspath St2466
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldMontague Place, Wiggin St2377
AstonHoly TrinityMontpellier St.2405
AstonHoly TrinityMontpellier Terrace2405
BirminghamSt MarksMonument Rd2370
BirminghamSt JohnsMonument Road2373
AstonSt JamesMoor Hall2439
BirminghamSaint StephensMoor Place2388
BirminghamSt GabrielMoore's Row2384
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldMorend Place Barford Rd2377
AstonSt AlbansMoseley Rd.2403
AstonHoly TrinityMoseley Rd.2405
AstonSaint AlbansMoseley Rd.2405
AstonSt AlbansMoseley St.2403
AstonSt AlbansMoseley Terrace2404
AstonSaint AlbansMoseley Terrace, Hick St.2405
AstonHoly TrinityMotterams Lane2439
BirminghamAll SaintsMount Place2395
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMount Place Wharf St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMount Pleasant Harding St2400
AstonSt.AnnesMount Pleasant, Gt.Francis St2421
AstonSt ClementsMount St.2424
WishawWishawMoxhull Park2439
AstonHoly TrinityMt Pleasant2405
AstonHoly TrinityMt Pleasant Grove2405
AstonSaint AlbansMt Pleasant, Dymoke St.2405
BirminghamAll SaintsMunster Pl2395
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMusgrave Rd2400
AstonHoly TrinityMyrtle Grove2405
BirminghamAll SaintsMyrtle Place2397
AstonSt Peter & St PaulMyrtle Place, Potters Hill2434
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreN Coventry Rd2440
AstonSt PaulNapier Place Lennox St2430
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalNeatherwood Hth2465
AstonSt ClementsNechells Park Rd.2424
AstonSt CatherinesNechells Place2422
AstonSt ClementsNechells Place2424
AstonSt. CatherineNechells Row2422
AstonSt ClementsNeedham St2424
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalNeedlers End2465
AstonSt JamesNelson Place Dollman St2418
AstonSt MatthewNelson Place Rupert St2420
BirminghamSt MarksNelson St2370
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonNetherwood Hth2465
BirminghamSt.CuthbertNetona Place, Franklin St2398
BirminghamSt BartholomewNew Bartholomew St2384
BirminghamSt GabrielNew Canal St.2384
BalsallSt Mary'sNew College2465
AstonHoly TrinityNew Hall2439
BirminghamSaint StephensNew John St2388
AstonSt MaryNew John St2419
BirminghamSaint StephensNew John St West2388
BirminghamSt MathiasNew John St West2388
BirminghamSt MarksNew Place Sheepcote Lane2370
BirminghamSt JohnsNew Place, Clarke St2373
AstonWater OrtonNew Road2426
MaxstokeMaxstokeNew Road2440
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyNew Road2427
MaxstokeMaxstokeNew Road End2440
BirminghamAll SaintsNew Spring St2397
AstonSt.PaulNew St2431
BirminghamSt NicholasNew Summer St2394
BirminghamSt.PaulNewhall Hill2395
BirminghamChrist ChurchNewhall St2400
BirminghamSt MartinsNewhall St2401
BirminghamSt PaulsNewhall St2401
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityNewhall St2439
BirminghamSt.PaulNewhall St2395
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyNewhaven Pl Washwood Heath Rd2427
BirminghamSt MartinsNewmarket St2401
AstonSt AlbansNewport Place2404
St.MartinsSt LukeNewport Ter,Benacre St2380
AstonSt AlbansNewport Terrace2404
BirminghamAll SaintsNewton Rd2399
BirminghamSt. PetersNewton Street2393
BirminghamSt. PhilipNewton Street2393
BirminghamSt NicholasNewtown Row2394
BirminghamSt MarksNile Pl Nelson St2370
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonNine Row, Coton Road2444
BirminghamSt CuthbertNorman St2399
AstonHoly TrinityNorth Mier St.2405
BirminghamSt.PaulNorthampton St2395
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldNorthbrook Crescent Dudley Rd2377
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldNorthbrook St2377
BirminghamSt.PaulNorthwood St2395
KnowleSt John The BaptistNorton Grange2465
BirminghamSt ChryscostomNorton Place Norton St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomNorton St2400
AstonSt OswaldNorwood Rd2412
BirminghamSt.CuthbertNr Swingler's Coal Wharf2398
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonNr Warwick Road2465
BulkingtonBulkingtonNuneaton Lane2444
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreNuneaton Rd2440
ArleyArleyNuneaton Road2444
AstleyAstleyNuthurst Heath2444
BirminghamAll SaintsOak Place2397
BirminghamSt.CuthbertOak Place, Heath St2398
AstonHoly TrinityOak Place, Sandy Lane2405
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldOak Terr Icknield Port Rd2377
BalsallSt Mary'sOakley Hill2465
AstonAll SaintsOakley Rd2410
BalsallSt Mary'sOld College2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalOldwich Lane2465
BirminghamSt JohnsOliver Rd2373
AstonSt MatthewOliver St2420
AstonSt CatherinesOliver St2422
SheldonSheldonOlton Lane2440
BirminghamSt.CuthbertOnega Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamAll SaintsOozell Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamAll SaintsOrford Road2399
BirminghamAll SaintsOsborne Place2397
AstonSt MaryOsborne Place Aston Brook St2419
AstonSt CatherinesOsborne Ter, Lingard St2422
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldOsborne Terr Dudley Rd2377
AstonAll SaintsOsborne Terr, Jenkins Steet2410
AstonSt PaulOsborne Terrace2430
BirminghamSt JohnsOsler St2373
Lea MarstonSt Mary The VirginOuston Grange2440
ShustokeShustokeOver Barn2440
BirminghamSt ThomasOwen St2377
AstonSt ClementsOxford Place Mount St2424
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichOxford Place, Blakeland Street2426
AstonSt.PaulOxford Place, Inkerman St2431
BirminghamSt GabrielOxford Street2384
BirminghamAll SaintsOxford Ter2395
AstonSt LawrenceOxygen St2418
ColeshillColeshillPackington Lane2440
PackwoodSt GilesPackwood Grove Rd2466
PackwoodSt GilesPackwood Hockley Heath2466
BirminghamSaint StephensPaddington St2388
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistPaddy's Row2440
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistPaddy's Row, Birmingham Rd2440
AstonSt BasilPalmer St2403
BirminghamSt PaulsParade2401
BirminghamSt MarksParade2370
AstonSt CatherinesParadise Place Scholefield St2422
BirminghamSt StephenParadise Place. Guildford St2394
AstonSt AlbansParadise Row Darwin St.2403
BirminghamChrist ChurchParadise St2400
AstonSt AlbansParadise Tce. Darwin St.2403
AstonSt AlbansParadise Terrace2404
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalPark Corner2465
AstonSt MaryPark Crescent, Sutton St2432
KnowleSt John The BaptistPark Field2465
AstonHoly TrinityPark Grove2405
AstonSt. MaryPark Lane2431
AstonSt.PaulPark Lane2431
AstonSt MaryPark Lane2432
AstonSt Peter & St PaulPark Lane2434
CurdworthCurdworthPark Lane2439
AstleyAstleyPark Lane2444
AstonSt AlbansPark Pl. Salop St.2403
SaltleySt SaviourPark Place, Cherry Wood Rd2427
BirminghamAll SaintsPark Rd2400
BirminghamAll SaintsPark Rd2399
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyPark Road2426
ColeshillColeshillPark Road2440
AstonSs Peter & PaulPark Road2437
AstonSt. MaryPark St2431
AttleboroughAttleboroughPark Street2444
AstonSaltleyPark Tce Landor St2427
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldPark Terr Icknield Port Rd2377
AstonSt MaryPark Terrace2432
BirminghamSt ChryscostomPark Terrace Wharf St2400
SaltleySt SaviourPark View, Cherry Wood Rd2427
ColeshillColeshillParkfield Road2440
AstonAll SaintsParliament St2410
AstonSt MaryParliament St2432
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldPatty Terr Icknield Port Rd2377
BirminghamAll SaintsPaxton Road2399
BirminghamSt CuthbertsPeel Street2399
BirminghamSt CuthbertsPeel Terrace2399
TanworthSt Mary MagdalinePen Lane2466
AstonSt BasilPenn St2403
AstonSt ClementsPenston Place2424
BirminghamSt ChrysostomPerrott St2398
AstonSt MaryPerseverance Ave, Avenue Rd2432
AstonSt AlbansPerseverance Place2404
St.MartinsSt LukePershore Rd2380
AstonSt. MaryPhillips St2431
BirminghamSt GabrielPickford St.2384
BirminghamAll SaintsPiddock St2397
BirminghamSt ThomasPigon St2377
AstonHoly TrinityPine Grove2405
BirminghamAll SaintsPitsford St2397
BirminghamSt.PaulPitsford St2395
BirminghamSt MarksPleasant Gdns Nelson St2370
AstonSt Peter & St PaulPleasant Place, Potters Hill2434
BirminghamAll SaintsPleck, Park Rd2399
AstonSt MaryPool St2432
TanworthSt Mary MagdalinePoolhead Lane2466
AstonSaint AlbansPoplar Place, Dymoke St.2405
AstonSt ClementsPoplar Place, Nechells Park Rd2424
BirminghamSaint StephensPorchester St2388
AstonSt.PaulPorchester St2431
AstonSt CatherinesPortland Place2422
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldPortland Place, Marroway St2377
BirminghamAll SaintsPortland Ter2397
LapworthSt MaryPortmanteau Row2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalinePortway Road2466
BirminghamBishop RyderPotter Street2393
AstonSt Peter & St PaulPotters Hill2434
AstonSt. MaryPotters Lane2431
AstonSt.PaulPotters Lane2431
AstonSt MaryPowell St2432
BirminghamSt MarksPowell St2370
LapworthSt MaryPratts Pit2466
BirminghamAll SaintsPrescott St2397
AstonAll SaintsPreston Terrace2410
BirminghamSt. MarysPrice Street2393
AstonChrist ChurchPriestley Rd2409
AstonSt AlbansPrimrose Place2404
AstonSt Peter & St PaulPrimrose Place, Potters Hill2434
AstonHoly TrinityPrimrose Terr, Oughton Place2405
BirminghamSt.CuthbertPrince Of Wals Bldgs Heath St2398
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonPrinces Street2444
BirminghamSt. Mary'sPrincip St2392
AstonSt.PaulPrior Place2431
AstonAll SaintsPriory Tce Cooksey Rd2410
AstonSt MaryPritchett St2419
BirminghamSt DavidPrnce Of Wales Tce2381
AstonSt MatthewProctor St2420
BirminghamAll SaintsProspect Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamAll SaintsProspect Plce2397
AstonSt LawrenceProspect Row2418
AstonSt.PaulProsperous Place2431
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichProvidence Place2426
AstonSt ClementsProvidence Place Church Rd2424
BirminghamSt ChryscostomProvidence Place Lees St2400
AstonSt CatherinesProvidence Place, Freeman St2422
AstonSs Peter & PaulPugh Road2437
NuneatonStockingfordQuarry Yard2444
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityQueen St2439
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonQueen Street2444
BirminghamAll SaintsQueens Place2397
AstonSs Peter & PaulQueens Road2437
BirminghamSt.CuthbertRachel Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChryscostomRadnor St2400
AstonSaltleyRaglan Place, Garrison St2427
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldRailway Terrace Barford Rd2377
AstonAll SaintsRailway Terrace Lawden Rd2409
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyRalph Road2426
AstonSt JamesRatcliff St2418
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldRathbridge Pl Icknield Port Rd2377
BirminghamSt DavidRea St2381
BirminghamSt DavidRea St South2381
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonRed Lion Yard2444
AstonHoly TrinityReddicap Hill2439
AstonSt AlbansRegent Close2404
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent Parade2395
AstonSt AidanRegent Park Pl, Regent Park Rd2410
AstonSt AidanRegent Park Rd2410
AstonSt AidanRegent Park Terrace2410
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent Place2395
BirminghamSt JohnsRegent Place Hyde Road2373
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent Row2395
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent St2395
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyReginald Road2426
BirminghamSt JohnsReservoir Ave Osler St2373
ShustokeShustokeReservoir Bank2440
BirminghamSt JohnsReservoir Rd2373
BirminghamSt.CuthbertReservoir Tce, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt JohnsRhodes Pl, Reservoir Rd2373
BirminghamAll SaintsRhyl Pl2397
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldRich,D Pce Barford Rd2377
AstonSt LawrenceRichard St2419
AstonSt MaryRichard St2419
AstonSaint AlbansRichmond Ave, Hick St.2405
BirminghamSt MarksRichmond Pl Nelson St2370
BirminghamSt AsaphRichmond Place, Latimer St2377
AstonSt MaryRichmond Place, Webster St2432
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichRichmond Place, Yardley Road2426
St.MartinsSt LukeRichmond Ter Ashley St2380
AstonSt AlbansRichmond Terr2404
AstonSt.AnnesRichmond Terrace,Gt.Francis St2421
Nether WhitacreSt GilesRidding Lane2440
Nether WhitacreSt GilesRidding Lane Myrings Yard2440
PackwoodSt GilesRising Rd2466
BirminghamSt GabrielRiver Street2384
BordesleySt. AndrewRobert Rd2413
AstonSt MaryRobins Gardens2432
AstonSt. CatherineRocky Lane2422
BirminghamSaint StephensRodway St2388
BirminghamAll SaintsRosalie St2397
Sutton ColdfieldHoly TrinityRose Cottage2439
BirminghamAll SaintsRose Place2397
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichRose Place, Belcher Lane2426
AstonSt.AnnesRose Terr Gt Francis St2421
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldRose Terrace Ick Port Rd2377
BirminghamSt.CuthbertRose Terrace, Heath St2398
AstonSt Peter & St PaulRosefield Tce Upper Sutton St2434
AstonSt ClementsRosslyn House2424
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstRotherams Oak2466
St.MartinsSt LukeRotherham's Bui Ashley St2380
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldRotten Park Rd2377
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldRotten Park Rd2377
BirminghamSt JohnsRotton Park St2373
BirminghamSt JohnsRotton Park Ter Osler St2373
KnowleSt John The BaptistRotton Row2465
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonRowington Road2465
AstonSt JamesRubin Place2418
BirminghamAll SaintsRuby Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamSt. MatthiasRugby Pl, Wheeler St2392
AstonAll SaintsRugby Terr, Cooksey Rd2410
AstonSt MatthewRupert St2420
AstonSt CatherinesRupert St2422
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineRushbrook2466
BirminghamSt MarksRussell Pl Nelson St2370
BirminghamSt. Mary'sRussell St2392
BirminghamSt ChryscostomRussell Terr Kent St North2400
BirminghamAll SaintsRutland Ter2397
BirminghamSt. PetersRyders Street2393
WishawWishawRyefield Lane2439
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldRyland Grove Coplow St2377
AstonSt AlbansRyland Terr. Stanhope St.2403
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldRyland Terrace Barford Rd2377
BarstonBarstonRyton End2465
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstSadlers Wells2466
AstonSt AlbansSalop Pl. Darwin St.2403
AstonSt AlbansSalop St.2403
TanworthSt PatrickSalter Street2466
AstonSt.AnnesSaltley Rd2421
AstonSt CatherinesSaltley Rd2422
AstonSt.Saviours SaltleySaltley Reformatory For Boys2427
AstonSt. AndrewSaltley St2413
BirminghamSt GabrielSalvation Army Barracks2384
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSampson Place Lees St2400
AstonHoly TrinitySampson Rd. North2405
BulkingtonBulkingtonSand Pit2444
BirminghamSt MarksSand Pits2370
BirminghamSt.CuthbertSandmon Place, Heath St2398
AstonSt PaulSandown Grove Lozells Rd2430
AstonSt PaulSandown Terrace2430
AstonHoly TrinitySandy Lane2405
AstonSt. AndrewSarah St.2413
AstonChrist ChurchScarborough Terrace2409
AstonSt.PaulSchipka Place, New St2431
AstonSt CatherinesScholefield Sq, Scholefield St2422
AstonSt MatthewScholefield St2420
AstonSt CatherinesScholefield St2422
AstonSaint AlbansSchool Avenue, Moseley Rd.2405
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistSchool Lane2440
BulkingtonBulkingtonSchool Road2444
ColeshillColeshillSchool Rough2440
BirminghamSt MarksScotland Place Scotland St2370
BirminghamSt MarksScotland St2370
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistSenay's Lane2440
AstonSt MarySequah Place, Holland Rd2432
BirminghamAll SaintsSeymour Pl2397
AstonSt MarySeymour Terrace2432
BirminghamSt. Mary'sShadwell St2392
AstonSt Peter & St PaulShakespeare Pl Victoria Rd2434
AstonCastle BromwichShard End2426
BirminghamSt MarksSheepcote Lane2370
AstonSt MaryShefford Rd2419
SheldonSheldonSheldon Village2440
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldShenstone Rd2377
St.MartinsSt LukeSherlock St2380
AstonHoly TrinitySherwood Place2405
BulkingtonBulkingtonShilton Lane2444
BulkingtonBulkingtonShilton Road2444
AstonSt AlbansShipley Terrace2404
AstonSt AlbansShipway Terr2404
TanworthSt PatrickShirley Heath2466
BirminghamSt ChryscostomShort Row Lodge Rd2400
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyShrewsbury Place, Alum Rock Rd2426
BirminghamAll SaintsShrubbery Ter Coralie St2397
ShustokeShustokeShustoke Green2440
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSide Row Devonshire St2400
AttleboroughAttleboroughSinney Fields2444
AstonSt Barnabas.ErdingtonSir Josiah Mason's Orphanage2427
BirminghamSt. PhilipSleethouse Lane2393
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineSmall Lane2466
AstonSt PaulSmeeton Place (Clifford St)2430
AstonSt. CatherineSmith St2422
AstleyAstleySmorrell Lane2444
BirminghamAll SaintsSnape Place Court2395
BirminghamSt MarysSnow Hill2401
BirminghamSt. Mary'sSnow Hill2392
BirminghamAll SaintsSoho Pl Park Rd2399
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSoho Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSoho Wharf2400
AstleyAstleySole End2444
SheldonSheldonSolihull Lane2440
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldSomerset Place, Marroway St2377
AstonSt CatherinesSomerville Place.Goodrich St2422
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichSouth View2426
AstonSs Peter & PaulSouth View2437
BirminghamAll SaintsSouthfield Cottages Park Rd2399
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldSouthgate St Cuthberts2377
AstonChrist ChurchSpark St2409
BirminghamSt ThomasSpeaking Stile Walk2377
BirminghamAll SaintsSpeedwell Place2397
BirminghamSt.PaulSpencer St2395
BirminghamSt.CuthbertSpring Grove, Heath St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsSpring Hill2395
BirminghamAll SaintsSpring Hill Pl2395
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonSpring Lane2426
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstSpring Lane2466
NuneatonStockingfordSpringfield Terrace2444
AstonSt. AndrewSt Andrews Ter2413
AstonSt.AnnesSt Anne's Place2421
AstonSt AlbansSt Bernards Place2404
BirminghamSt DavidSt Davids Place2381
AstonSt AlbansSt Davids Place.Leopold St2404
AstonAll SaintsSt Georges Terrace2410
AstonSt PaulSt James Place William St2430
BirminghamSt MarksSt Marks St2370
AstonSt JamesSt Martins Place Dollman St2418
BirminghamSt. Mary'sSt Marys Row2392
AstonSt OswaldSt Oswald Rd2412
BirminghamSt PaulsSt Pauls Square2401
BirminghamSt.PaulSt Paul's Square2395
BirminghamSt MathiasSt Phillips Ter2388
AstonSt. AndrewSt. Andrews Place2413
BirminghamAll SaintsSt. Andrews Place Whitmore St2399
AstonSt ClementsSt. Clements Rd2424
St.MartinsSt LukeSt. Lukes Rd2380
AstonSt. AndrewSt.Andrews Rd2413
St.MartinsSt LukeSt.Luke's Place2380
St.MartinsSt LukeSt.Luke's Sq St.Lukes Rd2380
St.MartinsSt LukeSt.Martin's Ter. St.Lukes Rd2380
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldStafford Place Gillott Rd2377
BirminghamSt. PetersStafford Street2393
AstonAll SaintsStamford Terrace2410
AstonSt AlbansStanhope St2404
AstonSt AlbansStanhope St.2403
BirminghamBishop RyderStaniforth Street2393
AstonSt ClementsStanley Rd2424
AstonSt ClementsStanley Tce, Cranemore St2424
PackwoodSt GilesStation Rd Packwood2466
AstonSs Peter & PaulStation Road2437
KnowleSt John The BaptistStation Road2465
LapworthSt MaryStation Road2466
AstonCastle BromwichStechford Lane2426
BirminghamSt. Mary'sSteelhouse Lane2392
BirminghamSt ChryscostomStockbridge Terrace Lees St2400
AstonSaint AlbansStoke Square, Hick St.2405
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonStone Row2444
AstonSt MaryStratford Place Allesley St2419
PackwoodSt GilesStratford Rd2466
LapworthSt MaryStratford Road2466
TanworthSt Thomas NuthurstStratford Road2466
AstonHoly TrinityStratford St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansStudley Place, Hick St.2405
AstonSt.AnnesSumerset St2421
BirminghamSt MarksSummer Grove Summer Hill St2370
BirminghamSt MarksSummer Hill Rd2370
BirminghamSt MarksSummer Hill St2370
BirminghamSt MarksSummer Hill Terrace2370
BirminghamSaint StephensSummer Lane2388
BirminghamSt MathiasSummer Lane2388
CurdworthCurdworthSummer Lane2439
BirminghamSt NicholasSummer Lane2394
BirminghamSaint StephensSummer Place2388
BirminghamChrist ChurchSummer Row2400
BirminghamSt PaulsSummer Row2401
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldSummerfield Crescent2377
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldSummerfield Rd2377
ArleyArleySun Hill Road2444
KnowleSt John The BaptistSunny Side2465
AstonSt AlbansSutton Place2404
AstonSaltleySutton Plce Bordesley Green Rd2427
BirminghamSt ThomasSutton St2377
AstonSt MarySutton St2432
AstonSt AlbansSycamore Avenue2404
AstonSt Saviours SaltleySycamore Pl Washwood Heath Rd2427
AstonSs Peter & PaulSycamore Road2437
BirminghamSt DavidSydney Place2381
AstonSt Saviours SaltleySydney Place, Wright Road2426
BirminghamSt ChryscostomTalbot St2400
AstonSt MaryTalfourd St2432
AstonSt ClementsTalybran Place, Nechells Place2424
CurdworthCurdworthTamworth Rd2439
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreTamworth Road2440
ArleyArleyTamworth Road2444
Over WhitacreOver WhitacreTamworth Wood2440
BirminghamAll SaintsTavistock Place2397
AstonSt. CatherineTaylor St2422
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonTeather's Yard2444
KnowleSt John The BaptistTemple Road2465
AstonAll SaintsTemple Tce, Cooksey Rd2410
AstonSaint AlbansTenby Avenue, Hick St.2405
CurdworthCurdworthTer... Lane Goodlands Manor Of2439
AstonSs Peter & PaulTerrace Vicarage Road2437
AstonSt MaryTerrace, Chester St2432
BirminghamSt CuthbertsTerrington Place2399
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineTerrys Green2466
AstonSt MaryThe Avenue, Aston Rd N.2432
BalsallSt Mary'sThe Barracks2465
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyThe Crescent Washwood Heath Rd2427
BirminghamSt GeorgesThe General Hospital2394
AttleboroughAttleboroughThe Gorse2444
AstonCastle BromwichThe Green2426
AttleboroughAttleboroughThe Green2444
NuneatonAttleboroughThe Green2444
AstonSs Peter & PaulThe Grove Vicarage Road2437
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyThe Grove, Adderley Road2426
AstonAll SaintsThe Grove, Bordesley Park Rd2409
PackwoodSt GilesThe Gullet Packwood2466
BirminghamSt AsaphThe Limes. Irving St2377
AstonSt Peter & St PaulThe Mount, Potters Hill2434
AstonSt.MichaelsThe Princess Alice Orphanage2439
KnowleSt John The BaptistThe Priory2465
AstonSt MaryThe Retreat2432
AstonAll SaintsThe Retreat Bordesley Park Rd2409
NuneatonAttleboroughThe Square2444
BalsallSt Mary'sThe Temple2465
BirminghamSt. MatthiasThomas Pl, Wheeler St2392
AstonSt MaryThomas St2432
BirminghamSt.CuthbertThompson's Buildgs, Heath St2398
TanworthSt PatrickThree May Poles2466
BirminghamAll SaintsTichborne Pl Ford Street2399
SheldonSheldonTile Cross2440
TanworthSt PatrickTinkers Lane2466
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineTithe Barn2466
BulkingtonBulkingtonToll Bar Lane2444
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineTom Hill2466
BirminghamSt.CuthbertTonks Bldgs, Heath St2398
BulkingtonBulkingtonTop Green Barnacle2444
AstonSt Peter & St PaulTower Rd2434
BirminghamSt MarksTrafalgar Pl Nelson St2370
BirminghamSt StephenTrafalgar Place. Guildford St2394
AstonAll SaintsTrafalgar Terrace2410
AstonChrist ChurchTrafalgar Terrace Long St2409
BirminghamSt GabrielTrent Street2384
AstonSt ClementsTrevor St2424
AstonSt CatherinesTudor Place, Lingard St2422
BirminghamSt. MatthiasUnett St2392
AstonSt AidanUnion Passage Regent Pk Rd2410
AstonSt AlbansUpper Highgate St2404
BirminghamAll SaintsUpper Hockley St2395
AstonSt.AnnesUpper Inkerman Terrace, Grt Fr2421
SaltleySt SaviourUpper Saltley2427
AstonSt Peter & St PaulUpper Sutton St2434
AstonSt MaryUpper Webster St2432
AstonSt MaryUpper Webster St, Clarendo2432
AstonSt.PaulUriah Place2431
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyUxbridge Tce Clayton Rd2427
AstonSaint AlbansVaughton St.2405
AstonSaint AlbansVaughton St. South2405
AstonSt.AnnesVauxhall Terr Duddeston Mill R2421
AstonSt PaulVentnor Terrace2430
St.MartinsSt LukeVere St2380
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVerona Place, Winson Green Rd2398
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineVicarage Hill2466
AstonSs Peter & PaulVicarage Road2437
BirminghamSt. MatthiasVictoria Ave, Lennox St2392
AstonSt PaulVictoria Avenue Lennox St 2430
St.MartinsSt LukeVictoria Grove2380
AstonSt. AndrewVictoria Place2413
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Place2397
AstonSt MaryVictoria Place Aston Brook St2419
BirminghamSt ChryscostomVictoria Place Kent St North2400
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVictoria Place, Heath St2398
AstonChrist ChurchVictoria Place, Main St2409
AstonSt Peter & St PaulVictoria Place, Potters Hill2434
AstonSt. MaryVictoria Place, Potters Lane2431
AstonSt MaryVictoria Place, Webster St2432
AstonSt BasilsVictoria Place, Westley St2412
AstonSt. CatherineVictoria Place.Bloomsbury St2422
AstonSt Peter & St PaulVictoria Rd2434
AstonHoly TrinityVictoria Rd2439
AstonHoly TrinityVictoria Rd (Stivechall)2439
AstonSt MaryVictoria Row Webster St2432
AstonSt OswaldVictoria St2412
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonVictoria Street2444
AstonAll SaintsVictoria Tce, Herbert Rd2410
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Ter2395
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Ter Goode St2397
AstonSt. CatherineVictoria Ter.Bloomsbury St2422
BirminghamSt ChryscostomVictoria Terr Kent St North2400
AstonSaltleyVictoria Terr. Landor St2427
AstonHoly TrinityVictoria Terrace2405
AstonSt MaryVictoria Terrace2432
AstonWater OrtonVillage2426
KnowleSt John The BaptistVillage2465
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineVillage2466
KnowleSt John The BaptistVillage St2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistVillage St Institute2465
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVilliers St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVilliers Tce Villiers St2398
AstonSt ClementsVine Cottage2424
AstonSt.AnnesVine Place2421
BirminghamAll SaintsViolet Place2397
BirminghamSt.CuthbertViolet Terace, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.PaulVittoria St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulVyse St2395
AstonSt. AndrewWall Place2413
AstonSaint AlbansWallis Place, Hick St.2405
BirminghamAll SaintsWalworth Pl Ford Street2399
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichWard End2426
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichWard End Hill2426
BirminghamSt NicholasWard St2394
BirminghamSt MartinWardrobe Drive2401
TanworthSt PatrickWarings Green2466
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWarren Rd2427
BirminghamSt.PaulWarstone Lane2395
BirminghamSt.PaulWarstone Parade East2395
AstonSt Peter & St PaulWarwick Place Clifton Rd2434
PackwoodSt GilesWarwick Rd2466
LapworthSt MaryWarwick Rd2466
Baddesley ClintonBaddesley ClintonWarwick Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistWarwick Road2465
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalWarwick Road2465
KnowleSt John The BaptistWash Pitts2465
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWashwood Heath Rd2427
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWashwood Heath Road2426
AstonCastle BromwichWater Orton Road2426
BirminghamSt GeorgesWater St2401
BirminghamSt PaulsWater St2401
AstonSt ClementsWaterloo Place2424
AstonSt MatthewWaterloo Place Lupin St2420
St.MartinsSt LukeWaterloo Ter Ashley St2380
AstonSt BasilsWatery Lane2412
AstonSt. AndrewWatery Lane2413
AstonSt PetersWatford Gap2439
BirminghamAll SaintsWaverley Avenue, Icknield St2395
BirminghamSaint StephensWaverley Place2388
BirminghamSt. Mary'sWeaman Row2392
NuneatonStockingfordWebb Street2444
AstonSt MaryWebster St2432
AstonSt Peter & St PaulWeeford Place Clifton Rd2434
BirminghamSt.PaulWelcome Place2395
BirminghamSt. MatthiasWell St2392
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWellington Pl, Wellington St2398
AstonSt PaulWellington Place2430
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWellington Sq, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWellington St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsWestbourne Terrace Paxton Road2399
BirminghamAll SaintsWestern Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsWestern Ter2397
AstonSt BasilsWestley St2412
AstonSaltleyWestminster Tce Landor St2427
BulkingtonBulkingtonWeston In Arden2444
AstonAll SaintsWeston Place2409
AstonSt. CatherineWeston Place2422
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichWeston Place2426
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonWeston Road2426
AstonSt. CatherineWeston St2422
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWharf Lane2400
LapworthSt MaryWharf Lane2466
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWharf St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWharf Terrace Wharf St2400
AstonSt ClementsWharton St2424
AstonSt PaulWheeler St2430
BirminghamSt. MatthiasWheeler St2392
BirminghamSt ThomasWheeleys Lane2377
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonWheelwright Rd2426
ColeshillColeshillWheely Moor2440
ShustokeShustokeWhitacre Road2440
ArleyArleyWhitacre Road2444
AstonSt. AndrewWhitby Place2413
AstonSt OswaldWhitehall Rd2412
AstonSt.PaulWhitehead St2431
AstonSt MaryWhitehouse St2432
BirminghamAll SaintsWhitland Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsWhitmore St2399
BirminghamSt MarksWhitney Place Summer Hill Rd2370
BirminghamSt. Mary'sWhittall St2392
AstonSt. AndrewWicklow Place2413
NuneatonAttleboroughWide Yard, Garratt Street2444
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldWiggin St2377
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWilcott Place, Heath St2398
AstonSt.PaulWilliam Alb.Pl. William St2431
AstonSaint AlbansWilliam Edward St.2405
AstonSt BasilWilliam St2403
AstonSt PaulWilliam St2430
AstonSt.PaulWilliam St2431
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWilliam Street2426
AstonSt PaulWilliams Place Wheeler St2430
AstonSt MatthewWillis St2420
AstonSt MatthewsWillis St2421
KnowleSt John The BaptistWilsons Row2465
AstonAll SaintsWilton Cottages2410
AstonSt Peter & St PaulWilton Place, Victoria Rd2434
AstonSt PaulWilton St2430
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWinchester Place, Alum Rock Rd2426
PackwoodSt GilesWindmill Rd Packwood2466
BirminghamSt AsaphWindmill St2377
BirminghamAll SaintsWindsor Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt. MatthiasWindsor Pl, Wheeler St2392
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldWindsor Place, Wiggin St2377
AstonSt LawrenceWindsor St2419
AstonSt MaryWindsor St2419
AstonSt LawrenceWindsor St2418
Chilvers CotonChilvers CotonWindsor Street2444
AstonSt CatherinesWindsor Ter, Lingard St2422
AstonAll SaintsWindsor Terrace, Jenkins St2410
ColeshillColeshillWindy Arbour2440
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWinson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt AsaphWiseman Terrace2377
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineWitch Pits2466
AstonSs Peter & PaulWitton Lane2437
AstonSt Peter & St PaulWitton Rd2432
AstonSt. AndrewWitton St2413
AstonSt CatherinesWm Henry St2422
AstonSt. AndrewWolseley St2413
BulkingtonBulkingtonWolvey Road2444
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWonder Place Soho Rd2400
TanworthSt Mary MagdalineWood End2466
AstonSt Barnabas ErdingtonWood Lane2426
AstonSt.PaulWoodbine Place William St2431
AstonSt Peter & St PaulWoodbine Place, Potters Hill2434
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWoodbine Tce, Lansdowne St2398
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWoodbine Terrace, Alum Rock Rd2426
AstonSt LawrenceWoodcock St2418
BalsallSt Mary's Temple BalWooton Green Rd2465
BirminghamAll SaintsWorkhouse Infirmary Winson Grn2401
BulkingtonBulkingtonWorkhouse Lane2444
BulkingtonBulkingtonWorkhouse Yard2444
Lea MarstonSt John The BaptistWorthington Row, Birminghm Rd2440
BirminghamSt LukeWrentham St2381
AstonSt Saviours SaltleyWright Road2426
BirminghamSt JohnsYard Clarke St2373
AstonSt OswaldYardley Rd2412
AstonSt Margarets Little BromwichYardley Road2426
AstonSt MaryYates St2432
AstonHoly TrinityYew Tree Terrace Birmingham Rd2439
KnowleSt John The BaptistYew Trees2465
BirminghamChrst Ch SummerfieldYork Place, Wiggin St2377
BirminghamBishop RydersYork Street2393
AstonSt AidanYork Terr Regent Park Rd2410

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