Street Index to the 1891 Birmihgham Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in in the 1891 Warwickshire FreeCEN transcriptions for Birmingham

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Civil Parish Eccl. Parish Street Name Piece
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAbberley Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt CuthbertsAbberly St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbey Court Goode St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbey Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbey St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAbbey Terrace Wharf St2400
BirminghamAll SaintsAbbeyfield Place Lodge Rd2399
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAberdeen St2398
BirminghamSt MarksAccrington Place2371
BirminghamSt CuthbertsAda Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt JohnsAda Ter Osler St2373
BirminghamSt AsaphAdelaide Pl Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAlbert Bldings, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt AsaphAlbert Pl Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt. MatthiasAlbert Pl, Wheeler St2392
BirminghamSt StephenAlbert Pl. Ashford St.2389
BirminghamSt MarksAlbert Place2371
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAlbert Place, Franklin St2398
BirminghamSt PeterAlbert St2385
LadywoodSt BarnabasAlbert Tce Rawlins St2368
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAlbert Terr Kent St North2400
BirminghamAll SaintsAlbert Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamSt AsaphAlbion Place2376
BirminghamSt MartinAlbion St2383
BirminghamSt PaulsAlbion St2367
BirminghamSt MargaretAlexander Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamAll SaintsAlexander Place2397
BirminghamSt MarksAlexander Place2371
BirminghamSt StephensAlexandra Place2390
BirminghamSt MarksAlexandra St2371
BirminghamSt StephensAlexandra Terrace2390
BirminghamAll SaintsAlexandria Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsAlfred Pl2395
BirminghamAll SaintsAlfred Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamSt. MatthiasAlfred Pl Gt Hampton Row2392
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldAlfred Place Coplow St2374
BirminghamSt.PaulAlfred St2395
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldAlgernon Rd2374
BirminghamAll SaintsAll Saints St2397
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAllens Rd2400
BirminghamSt BartholomewAllison St2385
BirminghamSt MartinAllison St2383
BirminghamAll SaintsAlma Mater Ter2395
BirminghamSt MargaretAlma Pl, Blythe St2369
BirminghamSaint StephensAlma St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensAlma St2388
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAlpha Place Radnor St2400
BirminghamSt JohnsAlston St2372
BirminghamSt MargaretAlston St2369
BirminghamSt.CuthbertAlton Tce, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt CuthbertsAmy Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsAmy Place Heaton St2399
BirminghamSt MarksAnderton St2370
BirminghamSt MarksAnderton St2371
BirminghamSt StephenAndover Pl Cowper Street2389
BirminghamSt BartholomewAndover St.2384
BirminghamBishop RyderAngel Yard2385
BirminghamSt ThomasAnglesea Place, Gt Colmore St2377
BirminghamAll SaintsAnn Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt StephenApollo Place, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamSt DavidApollo Row2381
BirminghamSt JohnsAppleby Pl Clarke St2373
BirminghamSt LukeArlescote Place2380
BirminghamSt MargaretArthur Pl Gt Tindal St2369
BirminghamSt MarksArthur Place2370
BirminghamAll SaintsArthur Place Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamSt MargaretArthur Terr Friston St2369
BirminghamSt StephenAshford St.2389
BirminghamSt LukeAshley St2380
BirminghamSt StephenAston Brooke St2389
BirminghamBishop RyderAston St2385
BirminghamBishop RyderAston Street2393
BirminghamSt StephenAsylum Road2389
BirminghamSt.PaulAugusta St2395
BirminghamSt MargaretAvon Pl2369
BirminghamSt MarksAvon Pl Barker St2370
BirminghamAll SaintsAvon Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt CuthbertsAvon Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt ChryscostomAvon Place Allens Rd2400
BirminghamAll SaintsAvon Ter Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt ChrysostomBacchus Rd2398
BirminghamBishop RyderBagot Street2393
BirminghamSt Mary'sBailey St2392
BirminghamSt BartholomewBanbury St.2384
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldBarford Rd2374
BirminghamSt DavidBarford Steeet2381
BirminghamSt MarksBarker St2370
BirminghamAll SaintsBarmouth Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt GabrielBarn Street2384
BirminghamSt GeorgeBarr St2386
BirminghamSt SavioursBarr St2390
BirminghamSt BartholomewBartholomew Row2385
BirminghamSt BartholomewBartholomew St2384
BirminghamSt MartinsBarwick Street2401
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldBaskerville Place Marroway St2374
BirminghamSt JohnsBath Passage2373
BirminghamSt JudeBath Passage2383
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBath Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt ThomasBath Row2378
BirminghamSt ThomasBath Row2379
BirminghamSt ThomasBath Row Terrace2377
BirminghamSt ThomasBath Row.2377
BirminghamSt Mary'sBath St2391
BirminghamSt Mary'sBath St2392
BirminghamSt ThomasBath Terrace2378
BirminghamSt JohnsBeach Street2373
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBeacon Cotts, Lansdowne St2398
BirminghamSt ChryscostomBeaconsfield Av Wharf St2400
BirminghamSt JudeBeak St2375
BirminghamAll SaintsBeatrice Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt JohnsBeatrice Ter Osler St2373
BirminghamAll SaintsBeaufort Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt MarksBee Hive Tce Garbett St2370
BirminghamAll SaintsBeech Place2397
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBeeson Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt LukeBelgrave Rd2380
BirminghamSt AsaphBell Barn Rd2376
BirminghamSt LukeBell Barn Rd2375
BirminghamSt AsaphBelle Vue Upper Ryland Rd2376
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBellefield East Bellefield Rd2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBellefield Rd2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBellemont Place2399
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBellfield West Bellefield Rd2396
BirminghamSt LukeBenacre St2380
BirminghamSt LukeBenacre Ter2380
BirminghamSt PhilipBennetts Hill2375
BirminghamAll SaintsBerkeley Terrace2397
BirminghamImmanuelBerkley St2379
BirminghamAll SaintsBernard Place Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamSt MatthewsBerners St2391
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBertha Place2399
BirminghamSt ThomasBetholom Row2377
BirminghamAll SaintsB'ham City Asylum Winson Green2401
BirminghamAll SaintsB'ham Workhouse Western Road2401
BirminghamSt MargaretBirchall Pl Blythe St2369
BirminghamAll SaintsBirmingham City Hospital2401
BirminghamSt MargaretBirmingham Terr Friston St2369
BirminghamSt DavidBishop Street2381
BirminghamImmanuelBishopsgate St2379
BirminghamImmanuelBishopsgate Ter, Bishopsgate St2379
BirminghamSt DavidBissell Street2381
BirminghamSt PhillipsBlack Johnsons Passage2391
BirminghamSt AsaphBlakemore Tce2376
BirminghamSt StephensBlews St2390
BirminghamAll SaintsBlews St West2396
BirminghamSt StephenBlews Street2389
BirminghamAll SaintsBlews Terr2396
BirminghamSt AsaphBlount Pl Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt ThomasBlucher St2378
BirminghamSt PhilipBlue Coat School2379
BirminghamSt MargaretBlythe St2369
BirminghamSt GeorgeBond St2386
BirminghamSt BartholomewBordesley St2385
BirminghamSt GabrielBordesley St2384
BirminghamSt AsaphBow St2377
BirminghamSt StephenBracebridge St.2389
BirminghamSt PhilipBradford Passage Nw Arcade2375
BirminghamSt MartinBradford St2383
BirminghamAll SaintsBranston St2395
BirminghamChrist ChurchBrass Ho Passage2367
BirminghamSt StephenBrass Street2389
BirminghamSt MartinsBread St2401
BirminghamSt GeorgeBrearley St2386
BirminghamSt GeorgeBrearley St2387
BirminghamSt MatthiasBrearley St2391
BirminghamSt NicholasBrearley St2394
BirminghamSt StephenBrearley Street2389
BirminghamSt MathiasBrearly St2388
BirminghamSt MathiasBrearly St2388
BirminghamAll SaintsBredon Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBredon Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBredon Terrace2397
BirminghamSt LukeBreeden Pl Ashley St2380
BirminghamSt LukeBreedon Pl Ashley St2380
BirminghamSt StephensBrewery St.2390
BirminghamSt StephenBridge St W.2394
BirminghamSaint StephensBridge St West2388
BirminghamSaint StephensBridge St West2388
BirminghamSt. MatthiasBridge St West2392
BirminghamImmanuelBridge St.2379
BirminghamSt SavioursBridge St. West2390
BirminghamSt JohnsBright Place Osler St2373
BirminghamAll SaintsBrighton Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBrighton Pl Park Rd2396
BirminghamSt MargaretBrighton Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt MarksBrighton Place2371
BirminghamAll SaintsBrighton Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamSt MatthewsBrighton Place, Berners St2391
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBrighton Place,Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt AsaphBrighton Tce, Irving St2377
BirminghamSt LukeBrighton Ter Hope St2380
BirminghamSt AsaphBristol Pl Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt AsaphBristol St2377
BirminghamSt LukeBristol St2375
BirminghamSt LukeBristol Street2381
BirminghamSt LukeBristol Ter. Bristol Street2381
BirminghamSt. MatthiasBritannia Pl, Wheeler St2392
BirminghamSt.PaulBritannia Yard,St.Pauls Square2395
BirminghamChrist ChurchBroad St2367
BirminghamImmanuelBroad St2379
LadywoodSt BarnabasBroad St2368
BirminghamSt BarnabasBroad St2374
BirminghamSt DavidBromsgrove St2382
BirminghamSt JudeBromsgrove St2375
BirminghamSt JudeBromsgrove St2383
BirminghamSt LukeBromsgrove St2375
BirminghamSt MartinBromsgrove St2383
BirminghamSt LukeBromsgrove Street2381
BirminghamAll SaintsBrook Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt.PaulBrook St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfield Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfield Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfield Terr. Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsBrookfields Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsBrunswick Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt.CuthbertBrunswick Pl, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBrunswick Place, Norman St2399
BirminghamSt StephenBrunswick Place. Guildford St2394
BirminghamSt AsaphBrunwick Place2376
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBryan Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt BartholomewBuck Avenue Buck St2385
BirminghamSt BartholomewBuck St2385
BirminghamSt CuthbertsBuckingham Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt GeorgeBuckingham St2386
BirminghamAll SaintsBuda Place2397
BirminghamSt MartinBull Ring2383
BirminghamSt Peter'sBull St2391
BirminghamSt PhilipBull St2375
BirminghamSt PhillipsBull Street2391
BirminghamImmanuelBunyan Place William St2379
BirminghamSt MatthewsBurbury St2391
BirminghamSt SavioursBurbury St.2390
BirminghamSt PhilipBurlington Passage2375
BirminghamSt StephenBurton Place Cowper St2389
BirminghamAll SaintsBuxton Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt MargaretByron Place Blythe St2369
BirminghamSt AsaphByron Terrace Bell Barn Rd2376
BirminghamAll SaintsCamberwell Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt MargaretCambridge Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt MarksCambridge Place2371
BirminghamSt ThomasCambridge Place, Latimer St2377
BirminghamChrist ChurchCambridge St2367
BirminghamChrist ChurchCambridge St2367
BirminghamAll SaintsCambridge Terr2396
BirminghamSt JohnsCambridge Terrace Freeth St2373
BirminghamSt PaulsCamden Drive2367
BirminghamSt PaulsCamden Grove2367
BirminghamAll SaintsCamden St2396
BirminghamSt MarksCamden St2370
BirminghamSt PaulsCamden St2367
BirminghamChrist ChurchCanal Crescent Wharves2367
BirminghamBishop RyderCanal Street2393
BirminghamAll SaintsCannon Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamSt PhilipCannon St2375
BirminghamSt CuthbertsCape Lane2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsCape St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsCapstone Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamSt CuthbertsCarlisle St2399
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldCarlton Terr Dudley Rd2374
BirminghamSt.PaulCaroline St2395
BirminghamSt.PaulCaroline St (Augusta Passage)2395
BirminghamSt PaulsCarver St2367
BirminghamSt MartinCastle St2383
BirminghamBishop RyderCastle Yard2385
BirminghamAll SaintsCastro Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldCavendish Rd2374
BirminghamAll SaintsCavendish Terrace2397
BirminghamSt NicholasCecil St2388
BirminghamSt NicholasCecil St2388
BirminghamSt NicholasCecil St2394
BirminghamSt MarksCellant Grove Heath St South2372
BirminghamAll SaintsCemetery Lane2395
BirminghamSt JudeCentre Row2383
BirminghamSt BartholomewChapel Street2385
BirminghamSt AsaphChapel Terrace2376
BirminghamSt DavidCharles Henry Street2381
BirminghamAll SaintsCharlotte Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt PaulsCharlotte St2401
BirminghamSt MargaretChatsworth Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt MartinCheapside2382
BirminghamSt ThomasChequers Walk2378
BirminghamSt.PaulCherry Court, Regent Row2395
BirminghamSt PhilipCherry St2375
BirminghamSt MargaretChester Pl Blythe St2369
BirminghamSt.CuthbertChiswell Road2398
BirminghamAll SaintsChurch Grove Park Rd2399
BirminghamSt MartinChurch St2401
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldCity Rd2374
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCity View, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt MargaretClaines Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamAll SaintsClaremont Pl Ct, George St W2396
BirminghamSt. MatthiasClaremont Pl, Farm St2392
BirminghamAll SaintsClaremont Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsClarence Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt JohnsClarke St2373
BirminghamSt DavidClaybrook St2382
BirminghamSt ThomasCleeve Terrace2377
BirminghamSt MarksClement St2370
BirminghamSt AsaphClifton Grove Gt Colmore St2376
BirminghamAll SaintsClifton Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt AsaphClifton Pl Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt StephenClifton Place, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamSt.CuthbertClifton Tce, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt MargaretClifton Terr Friston St2369
BirminghamSt ChryscostomClifton Terrace Kent St Nth2400
BirminghamAll SaintsClissold St2397
BirminghamSt NicholasCliveland St2387
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldClyro Mount Gillott Rd2374
BirminghamSt ChrysostomCofton College, Lodge Rd2398
BirminghamAll SaintsCofton Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamSt StephenColeshill Pl Cowper St2389
BirminghamBishop RyderColeshill St2385
BirminghamSt BartholomewColeshill St2385
BirminghamAll SaintsCollege St2395
BirminghamSt MarksCollege Terrace Spring Hill2372
BirminghamAll SaintsCollen Place2397
BirminghamSt ChryscostomCollins Place Musgrave Rd2400
BirminghamSt PhilipCollonade Passage2375
BirminghamSt AsaphColmore Place2376
BirminghamChrist ChurchColmore Row2400
BirminghamSt MartinColmore Row2401
BirminghamSt PhilipColmore Row2375
BirminghamSt. MatthiasColmore Ter Gt Hampton Row2392
BirminghamSt GeorgeColmore Ter Summer Lane2387
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldComberton Terrace Barford Rd2374
BirminghamSt ThomasCommercial St2378
BirminghamImmanuelCommunication Row2379
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldComo Place Marroway St2374
BirminghamChrist ChurchCongreve St2400
BirminghamSt GeorgeConstitution Hill2386
BirminghamSt GeorgesConstitution Hill2401
BirminghamSt MarksContesthorpe Place2371
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldConway Place Marroway St2374
BirminghamSt StephenCooperage Gds2394
BirminghamSt MarksCope St2371
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldCopley St2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldCoplow St2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldCoplow Terrace Coplow St2374
BirminghamAll SaintsCoralie St2397
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCornwall Bldngs, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt Peter'sCorporation St2391
BirminghamSt PhilipCorporation St2375
BirminghamSt PhillipsCorporation St2391
BirminghamSt. Peter'sCorporation St2393
BirminghamSt. Philip'sCorporation St2393
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldCortland Rd2374
BirminghamSt GeorgeCottage Place Gt King St2386
BirminghamSt LukeCottage Place, Hope St2380
BirminghamSt LukeCottage Place, St. Lukes Rd.2380
BirminghamSt SavioursCottage Row, Bridge St. West2390
BirminghamSt. MatthiasCottage Row, Unett St2392
BirminghamSt MarksCountesthorpe Place2371
BirminghamSt AsaphCourt 1, Little Bow St2377
BirminghamSt AsaphCourts 26-58, Irving St2377
BirminghamSt AsaphCourts 2-7, Bow St2377
BirminghamSt AsaphCourts, Latimer St South2377
BirminghamSt MartinCoventry St2383
BirminghamSt GabrielCoventry St.2384
BirminghamSaint StephensCowper St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensCowper St2388
BirminghamSt StephenCowper Street2389
BirminghamSt PaulsCox St2401
BirminghamSt.PaulCox St2395
BirminghamSt JohnsCoxwell Rd2373
BirminghamAll SaintsCrab Tree Rd2397
BirminghamSt AsaphCregoe St2376
BirminghamSt ThomasCregoe St2377
BirminghamAll SaintsCromwell Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt PhilipCrooked Lane2375
BirminghamSt ThomasCross Place2378
BirminghamSaint StephensCumberland Pl, Geach St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensCumberland Pl, Geach St2388
BirminghamChrist ChurchCumberland St2367
BirminghamSt LukeCumberland Ter, St Lukes Rd2380
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert Cott, Cuthbert Row2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert Row2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertCuthbert's Bldgs, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt ThomasCygnet Place Florence St2378
BirminghamSt BartholomewDale End2385
BirminghamSt PeterDale End2385
BirminghamSt Peter'sDale End2391
BirminghamSt. Peter'sDale End2393
BirminghamSt Peter'sDalton St2391
BirminghamSt. Peter'sDalton St2393
BirminghamSt JohnsDarnley Rd2372
BirminghamSt JohnsDawlish Place Monument Rd2372
BirminghamSt DavidDean St2382
BirminghamSt MartinDean St2383
BirminghamAll SaintsDenbigh Place2397
BirminghamSt StephenDerby Pl. Guildford St2394
BirminghamAll SaintsDerby Terr. Blews St West2396
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDevon Place Devonshire St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDevonshire St2400
BirminghamSt GabrielDigbeth2384
BirminghamSt MartinDigbeth2383
BirminghamBishop RyderDigby Street2393
BirminghamSt.CuthbertDisraeli Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt BartholomewDoe St2385
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDon St2400
BirminghamSt MatthewsDouglas Terrace, Farm St2391
BirminghamSt ChryscostomDover St2400
BirminghamSt MarksDrayton Place Anderton St2371
BirminghamSt BartholomewDrury Lane2385
BirminghamSt BartholomewDuddeston Row2384
BirminghamSt BartholomewDuddeston Row2385
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldDudley Rd2374
BirminghamSt CuthbertsDudley Rd2396
BirminghamSt MarksDudley Rd2372
BirminghamSt JudeDudley St2375
BirminghamSt CuthbertsDugdale St2396
BirminghamBishop RyderDuke St2385
BirminghamSt MargaretEagle Place Ladywood Rd2369
BirminghamSt BartholomewEarl St2385
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldEarlswood Place, Marroway St2374
BirminghamChrist ChurchEasy Row2367
BirminghamChrist ChurchEasy Row2400
BirminghamSt MargaretEbenezer Plce Morville St2369
BirminghamSt MargaretEbenezer Terr Morville St2369
BirminghamSt.CuthbertEden Pl, Bk 248 Heath St2398
BirminghamSaint StephensEden Place2388
BirminghamSaint StephensEden Place2388
BirminghamSt MargaretEdgbaston Pl, Blythe St2369
BirminghamSt MartinEdgbaston St2383
BirminghamSt AsaphEdgbaston Ter Bell Barn Rd2376
BirminghamSt.CuthbertEdith Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamChrist ChurchEdmund St2400
BirminghamSt MartinsEdmund St2401
BirminghamSt AsaphEdward Pl Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt JohnsEdward Pl, Clarke St2373
BirminghamSt MarksEdward St2370
BirminghamSt CuthbertsEgginton Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldEleanor Terr Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamSt.CuthbertElizabeth Pl, Wellington St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsElizabeth Place2397
BirminghamSt StephenElkington St2389
BirminghamAll SaintsEllen St2396
BirminghamSt ThomasEllis St2378
BirminghamAll SaintsElmdon Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt AsaphEloho Ter Wynn St2376
BirminghamAll SaintsEmily Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsEndwood Pl George St West2396
LadywoodSt BarnabasEndwood Pl Ladywood Rd2368
BirminghamSt ChryscostomErnest Place Devonshire St2400
BirminghamSt ThomasErnest St2378
BirminghamSt JudeEssex St2375
BirminghamSt LukeEssex St2375
LadywoodSt BarnabasEssington St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasEugenie Pl Ladywood Rd2368
BirminghamSt ChrysostomEva Rd2398
BirminghamSt GeorgeEvans Place Well Street2386
BirminghamSt. MatthiasEveline Pl, Bridge St W2392
BirminghamSt StephensExchange Place, Blews St.2390
BirminghamSt ThomasExeter Passage2378
BirminghamSt MarksExeter Place Anderton St2371
BirminghamSt JohnsExeter Place Monument Rd2372
BirminghamSt AsaphExeter Place, Windmill St2377
BirminghamSt ThomasExeter St2378
BirminghamSt MargaretExhibition Pl Blythe St2369
BirminghamSt MarksEyre St2372
BirminghamAll SaintsFactory Rd2399
BirminghamSt AsaphFair View2376
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFair View, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt ThomasFalconer Rd2378
BirminghamSt SavioursFaren St.2390
BirminghamSaint StephensFarm St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensFarm St2388
BirminghamSt MatthewsFarm St2391
BirminghamSt SavioursFarm St2390
BirminghamSt StephenFarm St2394
BirminghamSt. MatthiasFarm St2392
BirminghamSt BartholomewFazeley St2384
BirminghamSt GabrielFazeley Street2384
BirminghamSt AsaphFern Bank Grant St2376
BirminghamAll SaintsFern Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamSt MarksFerndale Terr Anderton St2371
BirminghamChrist ChurchFernside2379
BirminghamChrist ChurchFernside Ct, Suffolk St2379
BirminghamSt MarksFinsbury Pl Spring Hill2371
BirminghamBishop RyderFisher Street2393
BirminghamChrist ChurchFleet St2400
BirminghamSt GabrielFloodgate Street2384
BirminghamSt CuthbertsFlorence Place2399
BirminghamSt MatthewsFlorence Place, Farm St2391
BirminghamSt ThomasFlorence Place, Florence St.2378
BirminghamSt ThomasFlorence Sq, Florence St2378
BirminghamSt ThomasFlorence St2378
BirminghamSt StephenFlorence Terr. Bracebridge St2389
BirminghamSt ThomasFlorence Terrace2378
BirminghamAll SaintsFord Street2399
BirminghamImmanuelFordrough St2379
BirminghamSt ThomasFordrough St2378
BirminghamSt ChrysostomFoundry Rd2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFoundry Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChrysostomFoundry Rd, Slough Lane2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFoundry Tce, Villiers St2398
BirminghamSt MargaretFowlers Dairy Yd Blythe St2369
BirminghamSt BartholomewFox St2385
BirminghamAll SaintsFrances Pl2397
BirminghamSt ChryscostomFrancis Place Devonshire St2400
BirminghamSaint StephensFrankfort St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensFrankfort St2388
BirminghamSt StephenFrankfort St2394
BirminghamSt.CuthbertFranklin St2398
BirminghamSt StephenFrederick Pl Miller Street2389
BirminghamSt.PaulFrederick Place2395
BirminghamSt MarksFrederick Place Anderton St2371
BirminghamSt PaulsFrederick St2367
BirminghamSt.PaulFrederick St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsFreeman Place2397
BirminghamSt BartholomewFreeman St2385
BirminghamSt JohnsFreeth St2373
BirminghamSt MargaretFriston St2369
BirminghamAll SaintsFrome Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamSt.CuthbertGadshill Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt MarksGarbett St2370
BirminghamImmanuelGas St.2379
BirminghamSaint StephensGeach Place, Geach St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensGeach Place, Geach St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensGeach St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensGeach St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensGee St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensGee St2388
BirminghamSt SavioursGeelong Place, Bridge St. West2390
BirminghamSt MargaretGeelong Terr Friston St2369
BirminghamBishop RyderGem St2385
BirminghamSt MathiasGeorge Pl New John St West2388
BirminghamSt MathiasGeorge Pl New John St West2388
BirminghamSt PaulsGeorge St2401
BirminghamSt.PaulGeorge St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsGeorge St West2396
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldGeorges Place Northbrook St2374
BirminghamAll SaintsGertrude Place Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamSt ChryscostomGib Heath Row Devonshire St2400
BirminghamAll SaintsGibson Ter2395
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldGillott Rd2374
BirminghamSt StephenGladstone Pl, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamSt ChryscostomGladstone Place Lees St2400
BirminghamSt MargaretGladstone Plce Ladywood Rd2369
LadywoodSt BarnabasGlebe St2368
BirminghamSt LukeGlebe Tce, Hanover St2380
BirminghamAll SaintsGlenravon Tce, Heaton St2399
BirminghamSt MartinGloucester St2383
BirminghamAll SaintsGoldsmith Terr. Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt LukeGooch St2380
BirminghamSt DavidGooch Street2382
BirminghamAll SaintsGoode St2397
BirminghamSt MarksGoodman St2370
BirminghamSt LukeGoodwill Ter Ashley St2380
BirminghamAll SaintsGordon Pl Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsGothic Row Goode St2397
BirminghamSt AsaphGough Rd2376
BirminghamSt ThomasGough St2378
BirminghamSt CuthbertsGough Terr Tudor St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsGrafton Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt PaulsGraham St2367
BirminghamSt.PaulGraham St2395
BirminghamSt AsaphGrant St2376
BirminghamSt ThomasGranville St2378
BirminghamImmanuelGranville St.2379
BirminghamSt MarksGranville Terr Anderton St2371
BirminghamSt ThomasGreat Colmore St2377
BirminghamSt GeorgeGreat Hampton Row2387
BirminghamSt GeorgeGreat Hampton St2386
BirminghamAll SaintsGreat Hampton Street2395
BirminghamSt SavioursGreat King St2390
BirminghamSt MatthewsGreat King Street2391
BirminghamSt StephenGreat Russell St2394
BirminghamBishop RyderGreaves Place, Moland Street2393
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldGreen Terr Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamSt.CuthbertGreening Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt GeorgeGriffiths Ter2386
BirminghamSt BartholomewGrosvenor Row2385
BirminghamSt BartholomewGrosvenor St2385
LadywoodSt BarnabasGrosvenor St West2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasGrotto Pl Grosvenor St W2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasGrove Gardens Ruston St2368
BirminghamSt. MatthiasGrove Pl, Lennox St2392
BirminghamSt CuthbertsGrove St2396
BirminghamChrist ChurchGt Charles St2400
BirminghamSt MartinsGt Charles St2401
BirminghamSt AsaphGt Colmore St2376
BirminghamSt GeorgeGt Hampton Row2386
BirminghamSt. MatthiasGt Hampton Row2392
BirminghamAll SaintsGt Hampton St2395
BirminghamSt GeorgeGt King St2386
BirminghamSt. MatthiasGt King St2392
BirminghamSt JohnsGt Ledsam St2372
BirminghamSt MatthiasGt Russell St2391
BirminghamSt. MatthiasGt Russell St2392
BirminghamSt MargaretGt Tindal St2369
BirminghamSt JohnsGt Tindall St2372
BirminghamSt PhilipGt Western Arcade2375
BirminghamAll SaintsGt Western Ter2395
BirminghamSt GeorgeGt. Russell St.2387
BirminghamSt SavioursGuest St.2390
BirminghamSaint StephensGuildford St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensGuildford St2388
BirminghamSt StephenGuildford St2394
BirminghamSt DavidGuys Place, Pershore St2382
BirminghamSt LukeGuy's Ter Ashley St2380
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHadfield Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsHadley St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsHagley Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt CuthbertsHalberton St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsHalberton Terr, Halberton St2396
BirminghamSt.PaulHall St2395
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldHampden Place, Marroway St2374
BirminghamSt GeorgeHampton St2386
BirminghamSt GeorgeHampton St2387
BirminghamSt MargaretHandley Pl Blythe St2369
BirminghamSt ChrysostomHandsworth New Rd2398
BirminghamSt StephenHanley Pl2394
BirminghamSt NicholasHanley St2388
BirminghamSt NicholasHanley St2388
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldHanmore Rd2374
BirminghamSt LukeHanover St2380
BirminghamSt MarksHarborne Ter Stour St2372
BirminghamAll SaintsHarborough P Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt ChryscostomHarding St2400
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHardock Tce, Villiers St2398
BirminghamSt MargaretHardwick Pl, St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt GeorgeHarford St2386
BirminghamSt MarksHargreaves Place2371
BirminghamAll SaintsHarold Place Crab Tree Rd2397
BirminghamSt JudeHarris St2383
BirminghamSt StephenHartington Pl, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamAll SaintsHartlebury P Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt MargaretHastings Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamAll SaintsHastings Terr2396
BirminghamSt StephenHatchet St2389
BirminghamSt ThomasHead St2375
BirminghamSt MarksHeath Rd South2372
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHeath St2398
BirminghamSt MarksHeath St South2372
BirminghamSt.CuthbertHeath Terrace, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt CuthbertsHeath Xxx Dudley Rd2396
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldHeathfield Place Icknield Port2374
BirminghamSt JohnsHeathfield Ter Osler St2373
BirminghamAll SaintsHeaton Parade Heaton St2399
BirminghamAll SaintsHeaton St2399
BirminghamAll SaintsHelena Place Hingeston St2397
BirminghamSt MarksHelena St2370
BirminghamSt JohnsHelena Ter Osler St2373
BirminghamSt PeterHenns Walk2385
BirminghamSt GeorgeHenrietta St2386
BirminghamSt GeorgesHenrietta St2401
BirminghamAll SaintsHenwick Place Park Road2399
BirminghamAll SaintsHer Majesty's Prison, Birmingham2401
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldHereford Place Coplow St2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldHereford Place Icknield Port R2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldHeron Place, Marroway St2374
BirminghamAll SaintsHettie Place2397
BirminghamSt BartholomewHicks Sq.2385
BirminghamSt MartinHigh St2383
BirminghamSt PeterHigh St2385
BirminghamSt PhilipHigh St2375
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Pl2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamSt MarksHighfield Ter Anderton St2371
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsHighfield Terr Brookfield Rd2397
BirminghamSt MargaretHighfield Terr Friston St2369
BirminghamChrist ChurchHill St2379
BirminghamSt JudeHill St2375
BirminghamSt JudeHinckley St2375
BirminghamAll SaintsHingeston St2397
BirminghamSt AsaphHinley Pl Wynn St2376
BirminghamAll SaintsHockley Hill2395
BirminghamSt GeorgeHockley Hill2386
BirminghamSt SavioursHockley Hill2390
BirminghamAll SaintsHockley P Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt GeorgeHockley St2386
BirminghamAll SaintsHockley Terr Icknield St2396
BirminghamSt SavioursHockley Villa, Farm St.2390
BirminghamAll SaintsHolborn Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt PaulsHolland St2401
BirminghamImmanuelHolliday St2379
BirminghamSt ThomasHolliday St2378
BirminghamSt ThomasHolloway Head2378
BirminghamAll SaintsHolly Place2397
BirminghamSt ChrysostomHolly Rd2398
BirminghamSt MarksHooper St2372
BirminghamAll SaintsHope Place Abbey St2400
LadywoodSt BarnabasHope Place Ruston St Nth2368
BirminghamSt MarksHope Place Sheepcote Lane2370
BirminghamSt MartinHope Place, Cheapside2382
BirminghamSt LukeHope St2380
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldHope Terr Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamSt AsaphHorse Fair2377
BirminghamSt JudeHorse Fair2375
BirminghamSaint StephensHospital St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensHospital St2388
BirminghamSt GeorgeHospital St2387
BirminghamSt MathiasHospital St2388
BirminghamSt MathiasHospital St2388
BirminghamSt MatthiasHospital St2391
BirminghamSt StephenHospital St2394
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldHoward Pce Barford Rd2374
BirminghamSt MargaretHoward Pl Blythe St2369
BirminghamSt. MatthiasHuband Pl, Bridge St W2392
BirminghamSt SavioursHunters Rd.2390
BirminghamSt SavioursHunters Vale2390
BirminghamSt JudeHurst St2375
BirminghamSt JudeHurst St2383
LadywoodSt BarnabasHutton Gardens Grosvenor St W2368
BirminghamSt MarksHuyton Place2371
BirminghamSt CuthbertsHyde Pl Mollett St2396
BirminghamSt JohnsHyde Road2373
BirminghamAll SaintsHylton St2395
BirminghamSt PaulsIchnield St2367
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Parade Icknield St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Pl Icknield St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Place East, Icknield2395
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldIcknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamSt JohnsIcknield Port Road2373
BirminghamSt JohnsIcknield Sq2372
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield St2396
BirminghamSt JohnsIcknield St2372
BirminghamSt MarksIcknield St2370
BirminghamSt PaulsIcknield St2367
BirminghamAll SaintsIcknield Terrace, Icknield St2395
BirminghamSt JudeInge St2375
BirminghamSt JudeInge St2383
BirminghamSt MarksIngleby Place2371
BirminghamSt MarksIngleby St2371
BirminghamSt AsaphIrving St2377
BirminghamSt ThomasIrving St2377
BirminghamSt ThomasIslington Row2377
BirminghamSt ThomasIslington Row2378
BirminghamSt MarksIslington Ter Anderton St2371
BirminghamAll SaintsIvy Place2397
BirminghamSt.CuthbertIvy Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt MartinJamaica Row2382
BirminghamSt MartinJamaica Row2383
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldJames Place Coplow St2374
BirminghamSt.PaulJames St2395
BirminghamSt ChrysostomJames Turner St2398
BirminghamSt BartholomewJennens Row2385
BirminghamSt MarksJessamin Pl Anderton St2371
BirminghamSt MargaretJessamine Pl Blythe St2369
BirminghamSt JudeJohn Bright St2375
BirminghamSt MargaretJohnston St2369
BirminghamSt JohnsJohnstone St2372
BirminghamSt. MatthiasJubilee Ave, Lennox St2392
BirminghamSt MargaretJubilee Pl Blythe St2369
BirminghamSaint StephensJubilee Pl, Guildford St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensJubilee Pl, Guildford St2388
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldKenilworth Pl Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamSt MarksKensington Place2371
BirminghamSt DavidKent St2382
BirminghamSt ChryscostomKent St North2400
BirminghamSt LukeKent Street2381
BirminghamAll SaintsKent Terrace Lodge Road2399
BirminghamSt.PaulKenyon St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsKey Hill2395
BirminghamAll SaintsKey Hill Drive2395
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldKhartoum Place Coplow St2374
BirminghamAll SaintsKidderminster Place Park Rd2400
BirminghamChrist ChurchKing Alfreds Pl2367
BirminghamSt MargaretKing Edward Pl2369
BirminghamSt MarksKing Edwards Rd2370
BirminghamSt MarksKing Edwards Rd2371
BirminghamSt MarksKing Edwards Road2372
BirminghamSt MarksKing Edwds Ter2371
BirminghamChrist ChurchKingston Row2367
BirminghamSt MarksKingswood Place2371
BirminghamSt MarksKingswood Ter Anderton St2371
BirminghamSt MathiasKirkland Ter New John St West2388
BirminghamSt MathiasKirkland Ter New John St West2388
BirminghamAll SaintsKnightstone Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsKnowsley Avenue Lodge Road2399
BirminghamSt AsaphLaburnum Place Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt JudeLadywell Passage2383
BirminghamSt JudeLadywell Walk2383
BirminghamSt JudeLadywood Passage2383
LadywoodSt BarnabasLadywood Pl Ladywood Rd2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasLadywood Rd2368
BirminghamSt MargaretLadywood Rd2369
LadywoodSt BarnabasLadywood Tce Ladywood Rd2368
BirminghamSt Mary'sLancaster St2392
BirminghamBishop RyderLancaster Street2393
BirminghamSt AsaphLandsdown Place2376
BirminghamSt MarksLansdown Pl Anderton St2371
BirminghamAll SaintsLansdowne Place2397
BirminghamSt.CuthbertLansdowne St2398
BirminghamSt ThomasLatimer St2377
BirminghamSt ThomasLatimer St2378
BirminghamSt AsaphLatimer St South2377
BirminghamSt ThomasLatimer St South2377
BirminghamSt MargaretLaurel Pl Blythe St2369
LadywoodSt BarnabasLaurel Pl Rawlins St2368
BirminghamAll SaintsLaurel Place2397
BirminghamSt MathiasLavinia Pl. New John St. Wst2388
BirminghamSt MathiasLavinia Pl. New John St. Wst2388
BirminghamSt JohnsLavinia Ter Osler St2373
BirminghamBishop RyderLawrence St2385
BirminghamSt JohnsLeach Street2373
BirminghamSt MartinLease Lane2383
BirminghamSt JohnsLedsam St2372
BirminghamSt MargaretLedsam St2369
BirminghamSt MargaretLedsam St, Mt Pleasant2369
BirminghamSt AsaphLee Bank Rd2376
BirminghamSt AsaphLee Bank Sq Lee Bank Rd2376
BirminghamSt BartholomewLeek St2385
BirminghamSt ChryscostomLees St2400
BirminghamSt PaulsLegge Lane2367
BirminghamBishop RyderLegge Street2393
BirminghamSt BartholomewLeicester Place Nova Scotia St2385
BirminghamSt Mary'sLench St2392
BirminghamSt StephenLennox St2394
BirminghamSt. MatthiasLennox St2392
BirminghamAll SaintsLeopard Yard Goode St2397
BirminghamAll SaintsLeopold Terrace2397
BirminghamSt JohnsLesley Place, Icknield Sq2372
BirminghamAll SaintsLily Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamSt ChryscostomLime Avenue Allens Rd2400
BirminghamSt AsaphLime Avenue Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt MargaretLime Grove Tindal St2369
BirminghamSt JohnsLinden Terrace Monument Rd2372
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldLink Rd2374
BirminghamAll SaintsLinton Row Icknield St2396
BirminghamChrist ChurchLionel St2400
BirminghamSt MartinsLionel St2401
BirminghamSt MarysLionel St2401
BirminghamSt GabrielLittle Ann Street2384
BirminghamSt AsaphLittle Bow St2377
BirminghamSt SavioursLittle King St.2390
BirminghamSt Mary'sLittle Shadwell St2392
BirminghamSt GeorgesLivery St2401
BirminghamSt MartinsLivery St2401
BirminghamSt MarysLivery St2401
BirminghamSt PaulsLivery St2401
BirminghamSt.PaulLivery St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsLodge Rd2399
BirminghamSt ChryscostomLodge Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChrysostomLodge Rd2398
BirminghamAll SaintsLodge Terrace Lodge Road2399
BirminghamAll SaintsLorne Pl Icknield St2396
BirminghamSt MargaretLorne Terr, Blythe St2369
BirminghamAll SaintsLouisa Pl George St West2396
BirminghamAll SaintsLouisa Place2397
BirminghamSt MarksLouisa St2370
BirminghamSt Mary'sLoveday St2392
BirminghamSt. Mary'sLoveday Street2393
BirminghamSt DavidLower Darwin Street2381
BirminghamSt DavidLower Essex St2382
BirminghamSt BartholomewLower Fazeley St.2384
BirminghamSt GabrielLower Fazeley Street2384
BirminghamSt DavidLower Hurst St2382
BirminghamSt DavidLower Hurst Street East2381
BirminghamSt GeorgeLower Loveday St2387
BirminghamSt NicholasLower Loveday St2387
BirminghamSt. Mary'sLower Loveday St2393
BirminghamSt Peter'sLower Priory2391
BirminghamSt PhilipLower Temple St2375
BirminghamSt NicholasLower Tower St2394
BirminghamSt MartinsLudgate Hill2401
BirminghamAll SaintsLunn Place Abbey St2400
BirminghamSt DavidMacdonald Street2381
BirminghamAll SaintsMagdale Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt.CuthbertMagenta Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamBishop RyderMalt Shovel Yard, Moland Street2393
BirminghamAll SaintsMalthouse Yard Key Hill2395
BirminghamAll SaintsMalvern Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMalvern Place Kent St Nth2400
BirminghamSt StephensManchester St2390
BirminghamSt JudeMark Lane2383
BirminghamSt BartholomewMarket St2385
BirminghamSt.PaulMarlboro Place2395
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldMarroway St2374
BirminghamSt ThomasMarshall St2378
BirminghamSt MargaretMarston Pl, St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt PhilipMartineau St2375
BirminghamSt MargaretMartley Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt PaulsMary Ann St2401
BirminghamSt.PaulMary St2395
BirminghamSt BartholomewMasshouse Lane2385
BirminghamAll SaintsMatilda Pl Crabtree Rd2397
BirminghamAll SaintsMatlock Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt MargaretMatlock Pl,St.Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMatlock Place Kent St Nth2400
LadywoodSt BarnabasMay Gardens Ruston St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasMayfield Pl Ladywood Rd2368
BirminghamAll SaintsMayfield Terr. Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsMayfield Terrace2397
BirminghamSt MarksMelbourne Pl Nelson St2370
BirminghamSt SavioursMelbourne Pl., Bridge St. West2390
BirminghamSt DavidMelbourne Place, Rea St. South2381
BirminghamSt MargaretMelbourne Terr Friston St2369
BirminghamSt JohnsMelton Place, Icknield Sq2372
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMeredith Place Musgrave Rd2400
BirminghamSt BartholomewMeriden St2385
BirminghamSt GabrielMeriden St2384
BirminghamSt MartinMeriden St2383
BirminghamSt MatthewsMews, Farm St2391
BirminghamSt GabrielMilk Street2384
BirminghamSt MartinMill Lane2383
BirminghamSt StephenMiller Street2389
BirminghamSt.CuthbertMillingtons Bldgs, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt MarksMilton Grove, Heath St South2372
BirminghamSt MarksMilton Pl Garbett St2370
BirminghamSt PhillipsMinories2391
BirminghamSt MartinMoat Lane2383
BirminghamSt MartinMoat Row2383
BirminghamBishop RyderMoland Street2393
BirminghamSt CuthbertsMollett St2396
BirminghamSt MargaretMona Pl, Alston St2369
BirminghamSt JudeMonro's Sq Pershore St2383
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldMontague Place, Wiggin St2374
BirminghamSt JohnsMonument Rd2372
BirminghamSt MarksMonument Rd2370
BirminghamSt JohnsMonument Road2373
BirminghamSt MarksMonument Road2371
BirminghamSt MarksMonument Road2372
BirminghamSaint StephensMoor Place Frankfort St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensMoor Place Frankfort St2388
BirminghamSt BartholomewMoor St2385
BirminghamSt MartinMoor St2383
BirminghamSt PeterMoor St2385
BirminghamSt GabrielMoore's Row2384
BirminghamSt StephenMoorsom St.2389
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldMorend Place Barford Rd2374
BirminghamSt PaulsMoreton St2367
LadywoodSt BarnabasMorville Pl Morville St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasMorville St2368
BirminghamSt MargaretMorville St2369
BirminghamSt DavidMoseley St2382
BirminghamSt MartinMoseley St2383
BirminghamSt GeorgeMott St2386
BirminghamSt JudeMottesley St2383
BirminghamAll SaintsMount Place2395
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMount Place Wharf St2400
BirminghamSt ThomasMount Pleasant Blucher St2378
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMount Pleasant Harding St2400
BirminghamAll SaintsMunster Pl2395
BirminghamSt ChryscostomMusgrave Rd2400
BirminghamAll SaintsMyrtle Place2397
BirminghamSt JudeMyrtle Row, John Bright St2375
BirminghamSt CuthbertsNapier Pl Mollett St2396
BirminghamChrist ChurchNavigation St2379
BirminghamSt JudeNavigation St2375
BirminghamSt PhilipNeedless Alley2375
BirminghamSt MartinNelson Passage2383
BirminghamSt CuthbertsNelson Pl Mollett St2396
BirminghamSt MarksNelson St2370
BirminghamAll SaintsNelson Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamSt.CuthbertNetona Place, Franklin St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsNeuvieme Pl Ct. George St2396
BirminghamSt BartholomewNew Bartholomew St.2384
BirminghamSt BartholomewNew Canal St2385
BirminghamSt GabrielNew Canal St.2384
BirminghamSaint StephensNew John St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensNew John St2388
BirminghamSt StephenNew John St2389
BirminghamSt MatthiasNew John St W2391
BirminghamSaint StephensNew John St West2388
BirminghamSaint StephensNew John St West2388
BirminghamSt MathiasNew John St West2388
BirminghamSt MathiasNew John St West2388
BirminghamSt SavioursNew John St. West2390
BirminghamSt StephenNew John Street West2389
BirminghamSt PeterNew Meeting St2385
BirminghamSt MarksNew Place Sheepcote Lane2370
BirminghamAll SaintsNew Spring St2397
BirminghamSt MartinNew St2383
BirminghamSt PhilipNew St2375
BirminghamSt PhilipNew St2379
BirminghamSt ThomasNew St2375
BirminghamSt GeorgeNew Summer St2387
BirminghamSt NicholasNew Summer St2387
BirminghamSt NicholasNew Summer St2394
BirminghamSt NicholasNew Town Row2387
BirminghamSt PaulsNewhall Hill2367
BirminghamSt.PaulNewhall Hill2395
BirminghamChrist ChurchNewhall St2400
BirminghamSt MartinsNewhall St2401
BirminghamSt PaulsNewhall St2401
BirminghamSt.PaulNewhall St2395
BirminghamSt MartinsNewmarket St2401
BirminghamAll SaintsNewnham Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt LukeNewport Ter, Benacre St2380
BirminghamAll SaintsNewton Rd2399
BirminghamSt Peter'sNewton St2391
BirminghamSt PhillipsNewton St2391
BirminghamSt. Peter'sNewton Street2393
BirminghamSt. Philip'sNewton Street2393
BirminghamSt NicholasNewtown Row2394
BirminghamSt StephenNewtown Row2389
BirminghamSt StephensNewtown Row2390
BirminghamSt MarksNile Pl Nelson St2370
BirminghamSt CuthbertsNorman St2399
BirminghamSt.PaulNorthampton St2395
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldNorthbrook Crescent Dudley Rd2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldNorthbrook St2374
BirminghamSt.PaulNorthwood St2395
BirminghamSt ChryscostomNorton Place Norton St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomNorton St2400
BirminghamSt BartholomewNova Scotia St2385
BirminghamSt.CuthbertNr Swingler's Coal Wharf2398
BirminghamImmanuelOak Edge Place, St Martins St2379
BirminghamSt AsaphOak Pl Upper Ryland Rd2376
BirminghamAll SaintsOak Place2397
BirminghamSt MarksOak Place2371
BirminghamSt.CuthbertOak Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt MarksOak Place, Monument Rd2372
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldOak Terr Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamSt MarksOakfield Place2371
BirminghamSt CuthbertsOakwood Pl Mollett St2396
BirminghamBishop RyderOld Cross St2385
BirminghamSt JudeOld Meeting St2375
BirminghamSt PhillipsOld Square2391
BirminghamSt StephenOlive Tce, Bracebridge St2389
BirminghamSt JohnsOliver Rd2373
BirminghamAll SaintsOlton Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt.CuthbertOnega Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamAll SaintsOozell Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamChrist ChurchOozells St2367
BirminghamChrist ChurchOozells St North2367
BirminghamSt LukeOrchard Terr Bell Barn Rd2375
BirminghamSt LukeOrchard Terr Bristol St2375
BirminghamAll SaintsOrford Road2399
BirminghamSt StephenOrmond Street2389
BirminghamAll SaintsOsborne Place2397
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldOsborne Terr Dudley Rd2374
BirminghamSt JohnsOsler St2373
BirminghamSt ThomasOwen St2377
BirminghamSt MargaretOxford Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt GabrielOxford Street2384
BirminghamAll SaintsOxford Ter2395
BirminghamAll SaintsOxford Terr2396
BirminghamSt JohnsOxford Terrace Icknield Sq2372
BirminghamSaint StephensPaddington St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensPaddington St2388
BirminghamSt MarksParade2370
BirminghamSt PaulsParade2367
BirminghamSt PaulsParade2401
BirminghamSt StephenParadise Place. Guildford St2394
BirminghamChrist ChurchParadise St2379
BirminghamChrist ChurchParadise St2400
BirminghamSt MatthewsPark Ct, Farm St2391
BirminghamSt StephenPark Grds Ashford St.2389
BirminghamSt MartinPark Lane2383
BirminghamSt MatthewsPark Place, Berners St2391
BirminghamAll SaintsPark Rd2396
BirminghamAll SaintsPark Rd2399
BirminghamAll SaintsPark Rd2400
BirminghamSt BartholomewPark St2385
BirminghamSt MartinPark St2383
BirminghamSt MatthewsPark Tce, Farm St2391
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldPark Terr Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamAll SaintsPark Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamSt ChryscostomPark Terrace Wharf St2400
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldPatty Terr Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamAll SaintsPaxton Road2399
BirminghamSt CuthbertsPeel St2399
BirminghamSt AsaphPeel Ter Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt CuthbertsPeel Terrace2399
BirminghamSt StephenPenrhos Tce, Miller Street2389
BirminghamSt ChrysostomPerrott St2398
BirminghamSt StephensPerseverance Pl, Newtown Row2390
BirminghamSt LukePershore Rd2380
BirminghamSt DavidPershore St2382
BirminghamSt JudePershore St2383
BirminghamSt MartinPershore St2383
BirminghamSt MarksPhillips Place Steward St2371
BirminghamSt MartinPhillips Road2383
BirminghamSt MartinPhillips St2383
BirminghamSt GabrielPickford St.2384
BirminghamAll SaintsPiddock St2397
BirminghamSt ThomasPigon St2377
BirminghamSt GeorgePilgrim Terrace Gt King St2386
BirminghamAll SaintsPitsford St2397
BirminghamSt.PaulPitsford St2395
BirminghamSt MarksPleasant Gdns Nelson St2370
BirminghamSt MargaretPleasant Pl Blythe St2369
BirminghamSt AsaphPleasant Ter Wynn St2376
BirminghamAll SaintsPleck , Park Rd2399
BirminghamSt StephenPleck Pl Miller Street2389
BirminghamSt PaulsPope St2367
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldPoplar Ave2374
BirminghamSt AsaphPoplar Pl Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt SavioursPoplar Pl., Bridge St. West2390
BirminghamSaint StephensPorchester St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensPorchester St2388
BirminghamSt MarksPortland Place2371
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldPortland Place, Marroway St2374
BirminghamAll SaintsPortland Ter2397
BirminghamSt MargaretPortland Terr Friston St2369
BirminghamBishop RyderPotter Street2393
BirminghamSt MarksPowell St2370
BirminghamAll SaintsPrescott St2397
BirminghamSt. Mary'sPrice Street2393
BirminghamAll SaintsPrimrose Pl Ct, George St West2396
BirminghamSt DavidPrince Of Wales Tce, Charles Henry St2381
BirminghamSt.CuthbertPrince Of Wals Bldgs Heath St2398
BirminghamSt BartholomewPrinces St2385
BirminghamSt Mary'sPrincip St2392
BirminghamSt StephensPritchett St.2390
BirminghamSt StephenPritchett Street2389
BirminghamAll SaintsProspect Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt CuthbertsProspect Pl Winson St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsProspect Plce2397
BirminghamSt AsaphProvidence Place2376
BirminghamSt ChryscostomProvidence Place Lees St2400
BirminghamSt MarksProvidence Ple Springfield St2372
BirminghamSt MargaretProvidence Terr Friston St2369
BirminghamSt MarksQuadrant Place2371
BirminghamSt AsaphQueens Pl2376
BirminghamAll SaintsQueens Place2397
BirminghamSt MarksQuinton Place2371
BirminghamSt.CuthbertRachel Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt ChryscostomRadnor St2400
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldRailway Terrace Barford Rd2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldRailway Terrace Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamSt JohnsRann St2372
BirminghamSt MargaretRann St2369
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldRathbridge Pl Icknield Port Rd2374
LadywoodSt BarnabasRawlins St2368
BirminghamSt MartinRea St2382
BirminghamSt MartinRea St2385
BirminghamSt DavidRea Street South2381
BirminghamBishop RyderReads Opening, Aston St2393
BirminghamSt MatthiasRed House Pl2391
BirminghamAll SaintsRednall Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent Parade2395
BirminghamSt MarksRegent Place2371
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent Place2395
BirminghamSt JohnsRegent Place Hyde Road2373
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent Row2395
BirminghamSt.PaulRegent St2395
BirminghamSt JohnsReservoir Ave Osler St2373
BirminghamSt JohnsReservoir Rd2373
BirminghamSt.CuthbertReservoir Tce, Heath St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsRhyl Pl2397
BirminghamSt PaulsRichmond Pce Warstone Lane2367
BirminghamAll SaintsRichmond Pl Ellen St2396
LadywoodSt BarnabasRichmond Pl Ladywood Rd2368
BirminghamSt MarksRichmond Pl Nelson St2370
BirminghamImmanuelRichmond Pl, Bishopsgate St2379
BirminghamSt MarksRichmond Place2371
BirminghamSt JohnsRichmond Place Gt Tindall St2372
BirminghamSt AsaphRichmond Place, Latimer St2377
BirminghamSt LukeRichmond Ter, Ashley St2380
BirminghamSt MargaretRichmond Terr Friston St2369
BirminghamSt SavioursRichmond Terrace, Bridge St. W2390
BirminghamSt GabrielRiver Street2384
BirminghamSt AsaphRock Mount Upper Ryland Rd2376
BirminghamSaint StephensRodway St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensRodway St2388
LadywoodSt BarnabasRoe Place Ruston St Nth2368
BirminghamSt Peter'sRope Walk2391
BirminghamAll SaintsRosalie St2397
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldRose Mount Gillott Rd2374
BirminghamSt MargaretRose Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamAll SaintsRose Place2397
BirminghamSt MarksRose Place2371
BirminghamSt MarksRose Place Edward St2370
BirminghamSt SavioursRose Place, Bridge St. West2390
BirminghamSt CuthbertsRose Terr Tudor St2396
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldRose Terrace Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamSt.CuthbertRose Terrace, Heath St2398
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldRotten Park Rd2374
BirminghamSt JohnsRotton Park St2373
BirminghamSt JohnsRotton Park Ter Osler St2373
BirminghamSt MarksRoxton Place2371
BirminghamAll SaintsRubury Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsRuby Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamSt. MatthiasRugby Pl, Wheeler St2392
BirminghamSt MarksRussell Pl Nelson St2370
BirminghamSt Mary'sRussell St2392
BirminghamSt ChryscostomRussell Terr Kent St North2400
LadywoodSt BarnabasRuston St2368
LadywoodSt BarnabasRuston St North2368
BirminghamAll SaintsRutland Ter2397
BirminghamBishop RyderRyder St2385
BirminghamSt. Peter'sRyders Street2393
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldRyland Grove Coplow St2374
LadywoodSt BarnabasRyland Pl Broad St2368
BirminghamSt AsaphRyland Rd2376
LadywoodSt BarnabasRyland St,2368
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldRyland Terrace Barford Rd2374
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSampson Place Lees St2400
BirminghamSt MarksSand Pits2370
BirminghamSt Mary'sSand St2391
BirminghamSt.CuthbertSandmon Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt MargaretSandon Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamAll SaintsSandringham Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt MartinScotland Passage2383
BirminghamSt MarksScotland Place Scotland St2370
BirminghamSt MarksScotland St2370
BirminghamSt CuthbertsSelina Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamImmanuelServern St2379
BirminghamSt JudeSevern St2375
BirminghamSt ThomasSevern St2378
BirminghamAll SaintsSeymour Pl2397
BirminghamSt Mary'sShadwell St2392
BirminghamSt MarksShakespear Road2371
BirminghamSt MarksShawsley Place2371
BirminghamSt MarksShearsley Place2371
BirminghamBishop RyderSheep St2385
BirminghamSt MarksSheepcote Lane2370
BirminghamChrist ChurchSheepcote St2367
LadywoodSt BarnabasSheepcote St2368
BirminghamSt MarksSheepcote St2371
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldShenstone Rd2374
LadywoodSt BarnabasSherborne St2368
BirminghamSt MargaretSherborne St2369
BirminghamSt DavidSherlock St2382
BirminghamSt LukeSherlock St2380
BirminghamSt MartinSherlock St2382
BirminghamSt MartinSherlock St East2382
BirminghamImmanuelShipston Place, St Martins St2379
BirminghamSt ChryscostomShort Row Lodge Rd2400
BirminghamAll SaintsShrubbery Ter Coralie St2397
BirminghamSt MartinShut Lane2383
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSide Row Devonshire St2400
BirminghamAll SaintsSir Alfred's Pl George St W2396
BirminghamSt DavidSkinner Lane2382
BirminghamSt DavidSkinner St2382
BirminghamSt Mary'sSlaney St2391
BirminghamSt. Philip'sSleethouse Lane2393
BirminghamSt JudeSmallbrook St2375
BirminghamSt JudeSmallbrook St2383
BirminghamSt GeorgeSmith St2386
BirminghamSt MartinSmithfield Passage2383
BirminghamSt MartinSmithfield St2383
BirminghamAll SaintsSnape Place Court2395
BirminghamSt GeorgeSnow Hill2387
BirminghamSt MarysSnow Hill2401
BirminghamSt Mary'sSnow Hill2391
BirminghamSt Mary'sSnow Hill2392
BirminghamAll SaintsSoho Pl Park Rd2399
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSoho Rd2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomSoho Wharf2400
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldSomerset Place, Marroway St2374
BirminghamSt AsaphSouth View Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt ThomasSpeaking Stile Walk2377
BirminghamAll SaintsSpeedwell Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsSpeedwell Place2397
BirminghamSt CuthbertsSpencer Pl, Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt.PaulSpencer St2395
BirminghamSt MartinSpiceal St2383
BirminghamSt.CuthbertSpring Grove, Heath St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsSpring Hill2395
BirminghamSt MarksSpring Hill2371
BirminghamSt MarksSpring Hill2372
BirminghamSt MarksSpring Hill Passage2372
BirminghamAll SaintsSpring Hill Pl2395
BirminghamSt StephenSpring Place, Asylum Road2389
BirminghamSt AsaphSpring St2376
BirminghamSt LukeSpring St2375
BirminghamSt AsaphSpring Ter Gough Rd2376
BirminghamSt LukeSpring Vale2375
BirminghamSt MarksSpringfield Place Springfield2372
BirminghamSt MarksSpringfield St2372
BirminghamSt DavidSt Davids Place Bissell Street2381
BirminghamSt MatthiasSt Georges Cresc, Brearley St2391
BirminghamSt GeorgeSt George's St2387
BirminghamSt MatthiasSt Georges Terrace2391
BirminghamSt MargaretSt John Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt MarksSt Johns Place2371
BirminghamSt StephenSt Johns Terr Allesley St.2389
BirminghamSt MarksSt Marks St2370
BirminghamSt MarksSt Marks St2371
BirminghamSt MartinSt Martins Lane2383
BirminghamChrist ChurchSt Martins Pl2367
BirminghamChrist ChurchSt Martins Row2367
BirminghamImmanuelSt Martins St2379
BirminghamImmanuelSt Martins Terrace2379
BirminghamSt JohnsSt Mary St2372
BirminghamSt Mary'sSt Marys Row2392
BirminghamSt PaulsSt Pauls Square2401
BirminghamSt.PaulSt Paul's Square2395
BirminghamChrist ChurchSt Peters Pl2367
BirminghamSt PhilipSt Philips Place2375
BirminghamSt MathiasSt Phillips Ter Nw John St West2388
BirminghamSt MathiasSt Phillips Ter Nw John St West2388
BirminghamSt StephensSt Stephens Pl, Newtown Row2390
BirminghamSt StephenSt Stephen's St2389
BirminghamSt StephenSt Stephen's Tce2389
BirminghamSt MargaretSt Vincent Place St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt JohnsSt Vincent St2372
BirminghamSt MargaretSt Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt MarksSt Vincent St2371
BirminghamAll SaintsSt. Andrews Place Whitmore St2399
BirminghamSt GeorgeSt. Georges Place2387
BirminghamSt LukeSt. Luke's Place2380
BirminghamSt LukeSt. Lukes Rd2380
BirminghamSt LukeSt. Luke's Sq, St.Lukes Rd2380
BirminghamSt LukeSt. Martin's Ter, St.Lukes Rd2380
BirminghamSt SavioursSt. Saviours Pl., Villa St.2390
BirminghamSt ThomasSt. Thomas Terrace2378
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldStafford Place Gillott Rd2374
BirminghamBishop RyderStafford St2385
BirminghamSt. Peter'sStafford Street2393
BirminghamSt AsaphStandard Ter Wynn St2376
BirminghamBishop RyderStaniford Street2393
BirminghamBishop RyderStaniforth Street2393
BirminghamSt CuthbertsStanley Pl Tudor St2396
BirminghamSt MarksStanley Place2371
BirminghamSt JudeStation St2375
BirminghamSt JudeStation St Mews2375
BirminghamSt Mary'sSteelhouse Lane2391
BirminghamSt Mary'sSteelhouse Lane2392
BirminghamSt PhillipsSteelhouse Lane2391
BirminghamSt PhilipStephenson Place2375
BirminghamSt MarksSteward St2371
BirminghamSt ChryscostomStockbridge Terrace Lees St2400
BirminghamImmanuelStoke St2379
BirminghamImmanuelStone Place, Granville St.2379
BirminghamSt MarksStour St2372
BirminghamAll SaintsStratford Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamChrist ChurchSuffolk St2379
BirminghamSt JudeSuffolk St2375
BirminghamSt ThomasSuffolk St2378
BirminghamSt MarksSummer Grove Summer Hill St2370
BirminghamSt MarksSummer Hill Rd2370
BirminghamSt MarksSummer Hill St2370
BirminghamSt MarksSummer Hill Terrace2370
BirminghamSaint StephensSummer Lane2388
BirminghamSaint StephensSummer Lane2388
BirminghamSt GeorgeSummer Lane2386
BirminghamSt GeorgeSummer Lane2387
BirminghamSt MathiasSummer Lane2388
BirminghamSt MathiasSummer Lane2388
BirminghamSt NicholasSummer Lane2387
BirminghamSt NicholasSummer Lane2394
BirminghamSt StephenSummer Lane2389
BirminghamSt StephensSummer Lane2390
BirminghamSaint StephensSummer Place, Geach St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensSummer Place, Geach St2388
BirminghamSt AsaphSummer Rd2376
BirminghamChrist ChurchSummer Row2367
BirminghamChrist ChurchSummer Row2400
BirminghamSt PaulsSummer Row2401
BirminghamChrist ChurchSummer St2379
BirminghamSt MarksSummerdale Pl2371
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldSummerfield Crescent2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldSummerfield Rd2374
BirminghamSt StephenSummers Lane2389
BirminghamSt SavioursSummerset Terr, Barr St2390
BirminghamSt LukeSun St2375
BirminghamSt AsaphSun St West2376
BirminghamSt ThomasSutton St2377
BirminghamChrist ChurchSwallow St2379
BirminghamSt MarksSydenham Place2371
BirminghamSt DavidSydney Place, Rea St. South2381
BirminghamSt ChryscostomTalbot St2400
LadywoodSt BarnabasTalfourd Pl Ladywood Rd2368
BirminghamAll SaintsTavistock Place2397
BirminghamSt PhilipTemple Row2375
BirminghamSt PhilipTemple Row West2375
BirminghamSt PhilipTemple St2375
BirminghamSt PaulsTenby St2367
BirminghamSt PaulsTenby St North2367
BirminghamSt ThomasTennant St2378
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldTerrace Icknield Port Rd2374
BirminghamSt CuthbertsTerrington Place2399
BirminghamAll SaintsThe Avenue Ellen St2396
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldThe Elms Marroway St2374
BirminghamSt GeorgesThe General Hospital2394
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldThe Hollies Marroway St2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldThe Laurels Marroway St2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldThe Limes Marroway St2374
BirminghamSt AsaphThe Limes. Irving St2377
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldThe Poplars, Coplow St2374
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldThe Shrubbery Coplow St2374
BirminghamSt. Peter'sThe Terrace, James Watt St2393
BirminghamSt StephenTheodore Street2389
BirminghamSt.CuthbertThompson's Buildgs, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt JudeThorp St2375
BirminghamAll SaintsTichborne Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt MargaretTindal Grove Tindal St2369
BirminghamSt MargaretTindal St2369
BirminghamSt.CuthbertTonks Bldgs, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt GeorgeTower St2387
BirminghamSt MarksTrafalgar Pl Nelson St2370
BirminghamSt MarksTrafalgar Place2371
BirminghamSt StephenTrafalgar Place. Guildford St2394
BirminghamSt GabrielTrent Street2384
BirminghamSt CuthbertsTudor St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsTwyning Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt PaulsTyndall St2367
BirminghamSt PaulsTyndall St2367
BirminghamSt PaulsTyndall Ter2367
BirminghamSt GeorgeUnett St2386
BirminghamSt. MatthiasUnett St2392
BirminghamSt SavioursUnett St.2390
BirminghamSt StephenUnett Street2389
BirminghamSt PhilipUnion Passage2375
BirminghamSt PhilipUnion St2375
BirminghamSt MartinUpper Dean St2383
BirminghamSt ThomasUpper Gough St2378
BirminghamAll SaintsUpper Hockley St2395
BirminghamSt ThomasUpper Marshall St2378
BirminghamSt MartinUpper Mill Lane2383
BirminghamSt PhillipsUpper Priory2391
BirminghamSt AsaphUpper Ryland Rd2376
BirminghamSt MarksUxbridge Place2371
BirminghamSt MartinVan Moseley St2383
BirminghamBishop RyderVauxhall St2385
BirminghamSt MarksVentnor Place2371
BirminghamSt SavioursVentnor Road2390
BirminghamSt LukeVere St.2380
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVerona Place, Winson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt. MatthiasVictoria Ave, Lennox St2392
BirminghamSt LukeVictoria Grove2380
BirminghamSt AsaphVictoria Pl Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt StephenVictoria Pl. Ashford St.2389
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Place2397
BirminghamSt MarksVictoria Place2371
BirminghamSt ChryscostomVictoria Place Kent St North2400
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVictoria Place, Heath St2398
LadywoodSt BarnabasVictoria Tce Rawlins St2368
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Ter2395
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Ter Goode St2397
BirminghamSt ChryscostomVictoria Terr Kent St North2400
BirminghamAll SaintsVictoria Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamSt GeorgeVictoria Terrace Gt King St2386
BirminghamSt SavioursVilla St.2390
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVilliers St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertVilliers Tce Villiers St2398
BirminghamSt JudeVine St2383
LadywoodSt BarnabasViolet Pl Rawlins St2368
BirminghamAll SaintsViolet Place2397
BirminghamSt AsaphViolet Place2376
BirminghamSt.CuthbertViolet Terace, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt.PaulVittoria St2395
BirminghamSt. MatthiasVulcan Pl, Gt King St2392
BirminghamSt.PaulVyse St2395
BirminghamAll SaintsWalworth Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt NicholasWard St2394
BirminghamSt MartinWardrobe Drive2401
BirminghamSt PaulsWarstone Lane2367
BirminghamSt.PaulWarstone Lane2395
BirminghamSt.PaulWarstone Parade East2395
BirminghamSt PaulsWarstone Tce Warstone Lane2367
BirminghamSt PhilipWarwick Hse Drapery Estabmt2379
BirminghamSt PhilipWarwick Passage2375
BirminghamAll SaintsWarwick Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt ThomasWashington St2378
BirminghamSt GeorgesWater St2401
BirminghamSt PaulsWater St2401
BirminghamSt SavioursWaterloo Pl., Bridge St. West2390
BirminghamSt PhilipWaterloo St2375
BirminghamSt LukeWaterloo Ter Ashley St2380
BirminghamAll SaintsWaterloo Terr Park Rd2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWaverley Avenue, Icknield St2395
BirminghamSaint StephensWaverley Place Rodway St2388
BirminghamSaint StephensWaverley Place Rodway St2388
BirminghamSt Mary'sWeaman Row2392
BirminghamSt Mary'sWeaman St2391
BirminghamSt.PaulWelcome Place2395
BirminghamSt GeorgeWell St2386
BirminghamSt. MatthiasWell St2392
BirminghamSt PhilipWellington Passage2375
BirminghamSt MatthiasWellington Pl2391
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWellington Pl, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWellington Sq, Wellington St2398
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWellington St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsWellington Terr2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWestboume Terrace Paxton Rd2399
BirminghamAll SaintsWestbourn Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWestern Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsWestern Ter2397
BirminghamSt MargaretWeston Pl, St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWeston Rd2396
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWharf Lane2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWharf St2400
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWharf Terrace Wharf St2400
BirminghamSt. MatthiasWheeler St2392
BirminghamSt MatthewsWheeler Street2391
BirminghamSt ThomasWheeleys Lane2377
BirminghamAll SaintsWhitland Place2397
BirminghamAll SaintsWhitmore St2399
BirminghamSt MarksWhitney Place Summer Hill Rd2370
BirminghamSt Mary'sWhittall St2391
BirminghamSt Mary'sWhittall St2392
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldWiggin St2374
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWilcott Place, Heath St2398
BirminghamSt MartinWill Lane2383
BirminghamSt SavioursWillesley St.2390
BirminghamImmanuelWilliam St2379
BirminghamSt GeorgeWilliam St North2387
BirminghamSt MatthewsWilton Street2391
BirminghamSt AsaphWindmill St2377
BirminghamSt ThomasWindmill St2378
BirminghamSt MargaretWindsor Pl Blythe St2369
BirminghamAll SaintsWindsor Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamAll SaintsWindsor Pl Ford Street2399
BirminghamSt MargaretWindsor Pl St Vincent St2369
BirminghamSt SavioursWindsor Pl, New John St West2390
BirminghamSt. MatthiasWindsor Pl, Wheeler St2392
BirminghamSt MarksWindsor Place2371
BirminghamSt JohnsWindsor Place Gt Tindall St2372
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldWindsor Place, Wiggin St2374
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWinson Green Rd2398
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWinson St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWinson Terr Winson St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWinsor Pl Winson St2396
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWinsor St2396
BirminghamSt AsaphWiseman Terrace2377
BirminghamSt CuthbertsWitney Pl Winson St2396
BirminghamSt ChryscostomWonder Place Soho Rd2400
BirminghamSt JohnsWood St2372
BirminghamSt MarksWoodbine Ple, Springfield St2372
BirminghamSt.CuthbertWoodbine Tce, Lansdowne St2398
BirminghamAll SaintsWoodcote Terr. Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt. MatthiasWoodland Pl, Wheeler St2392
BirminghamAll SaintsWoodville Pl Ellen St2396
BirminghamSt JudeWorcester St2375
BirminghamSt MartinWorcester St2383
BirminghamSt ThomasWorcester Wharf & Canal boats2378
BirminghamAll SaintsWorkhouse Infirmary Winson Grn2401
BirminghamImmanuelWortons Terrace, St Martins St2379
BirminghamSt DavidWrentham St2382
BirminghamSt LukeWrentham Street2381
BirminghamSt AsaphWynn St2376
BirminghamSt AsaphWynn Tce Wynn St2376
BirminghamSt MargaretWyting Pl2369
BirminghamSt MartinYork Passage2383
BirminghamChrist Church SummerfieldYork Place, Wiggin St2374
BirminghamBishop RyderYork Street2393
BirminghamSt AsaphYork Ter, Bell Barn Rd2376
BirminghamSt MarksZion Pl, King Edwards Road2372

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