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Names found in probate documents (Wills and administrations) can be of considerable assistance to both family historians and other researchers. This collection includes documents that connect in some way with Warwickshire - either
**the testator/testatrix had lived in Warwickshire**, or
**persons named in the documents had connections to the county**, or
**property mentioned in the documents was within the county**.

The collection is on going: Further contributions are welcomed.

As with any index, this is to be treated only as a finding aid for the information is as submitted and has not been checked.


You are advised to view the original documents for yourself:
do not assume relationships among those named (even if so stated - for testators can be wrong, too!).

The information shown in the Index is sufficient to enable you to obtain a copy of the original document.
By far the greatest number will have been issued by the Diocesan Courts of Lichfield and Worcester
(for which we have a Copy-Supplying Service if you need it see below)

Those issued by PCC can be downloaded for a fee at DocumentsOnLine

Updates on Pickard's Pink Pages are on a regular basis.

Jacqui Simkins is Co-ordinating the Index

Probate Information

A major change occurred on 1 January 1858.
Up to that date, probate matters were handled by Church Courts,
thereafter they were dealt with through the Civil Courts.

Prior to 1858
There was a ranking Ecclesiastical Hierarchy:

The Prerogative Court of Canterbury - "PCC"
The Prerogative Court of York - "PCY"
Diocesan Courts
Peculiar Courts

The location of the Testator's property determined which Court was used,
but if it fell within two or more jurisdictions,
then the senior one took precedence
(but some Testators or Executors would elect to use the Court of Canterbury)

After 1 January 1858
(Within the Probate Division of the High Court) District Probate Registries:
All were effectively of equal standing, and which one was used appears
to have been selected to suit the convenience of the Executor.

The Probate Registry is now located at
42-49 First Avenue House,
High Holborn,
London WC1V 6NP,

and copies can be obtained there in person,
or by post from

The Probate Sub-Registry,
1st Floor, Castle Chambers,
Clifford Street, York YO1 9RG.


All Contributions are warmly welcomed J

The index relies on individuals submitting information for inclusion.

Do you have copies of original wills?
Would you be willing to share the information with others?

The absolute minimum information we need is:
  • Testator/testatrix: surname and forename(s)
  • Date of grant of probate: (NOT date of death)
  • Place where probate granted: (Essential)

  • We hope that your contributions will also include
  • Testator's abode and occupation

  • a list of people named in the will,  

  • the names of witnesses.                

  • and any interesting "extra information"
    (such as named persons living abroad, or an inventory, etc)

    While we would prefer them to be in Excel (for which we supply a form
    this is not an essential requirement - but remember the Co-ordinator has to type up what you send!

    Ordering Service

    Two researchers provide a service at the two main repositories where
    Warwickshire probate administrations were administered prior to 1858.

    The systems operated for the two dioceses are very different.

    Lichfield has Calendars on open shelves.
    These require searching by surname and by date.
    If a probate is listed, the document can be viewed.
    If found to be the one sought, a copy is ordered.
    The copying process can take up to several weeks.
    If you cannot get to Lichfield, a search/copy service
    which is less costly than ordering directly from the repository, is available.
    Send name of testator + death date to
    Jacqui Simkins
    and she will advise you of the costs involved and methods of payment.
    Copies are then posted to you when available.

    Worcester has filmed all the probates held for the Diocese
    and these are available at the Worcester History Centre
    (although the originals are held at the Worcester Record Office,
    you cannot view the original documents at the RO.)
    Searching the filmed copies can take some time so you must provide
    as much information about testator, death date and place of death as possible.
    A copy is made from the filmed document and posted to you.
    If you are unable to visit Worcester,
    send details to Gus Tysoeand he will advise you of
    the costs involved and methods of payment.

    Kindly supplied by Jacqui Simkins

                        Surname Listing:

    Amner, Ashbourn, Ashbourne, Ashburn, Ashburne. Ballard, Bate, Bates, Bindley. Compton, Coton, Cotton, Crompton.
    Dagley, Dunn. Evans, Evarard, Fairfax. Garner, Green. Hadden, Hatton, Hutt, Jarvis, Jefferey, Jefferies, Jeffery, Jefferys,
    Jeffrey, Jeffries, Jeffry, Johnson, Judd. Knibb. Moor, Moore, Owen. Pain, Paine, Payn, Payne, Pearson, Pearston, Pierson.
    Smart, Smith, Stevenson, Stretton. Thomkyns, Tisall, Tiso, Tisoe, Tissell, Tomkyns, Tompkins, Townsend, Tycell, Tysall,
    Tyso, Tysoe, Tysor. Wakelin, Wallis, Watts, Welton

    Abbreviations used in the table:
          PCC = Prerogative Court of Canterbury
          PCY = Prerogative Court of York
          NPC = Post 1858 Wills and Administrations proved at the National Probate Courts
          (w) = Witness to a will or appeared at an administration
          (e) = Executor to a will
    Where proved:
          Pre-1858: Lichfield, Worcester, etc refer to the name of the diocese.
            Probate documents are usually in the care of the designated diocesan record office,
            usually the county record office but Lichfield has a separate repository.
          1858+: The place indicates the probate registry office

    Forename(s) Testator's
    in Will
    AMNERRobertBrandon WAR10Oct1706LichfieldCooperAMNER John, Esther; WARD Elizabeth, Joseph (w); HOWKINS Alice; OWEN Sarah, William (w); WRIGHT John (w); MARRIOTT Thomas (w).Sarah OWEN`s 5 children, not named; father Richard AMNER.
    AMNERwidowBrandon WAR17Apr1661LichfieldwidowWILCOX, Johm (w); AMNER Robert; TAYLOR ?; ?HUTT Thomas.Admon and Inventory
    ASHBOURNJohnWyken WAR8Aug1854Lichfield  Adm only
    ASHBOURNJohnWyken WAR12Apr1833Lichfield   
    ASHBOURNJohnBramcote/Bulkington, WAR3May1754LichfieldFarmerASHBOURN: Rebecca, Joseph (e), Thomas, John; HODGES Mary; GOBEY William; WATTS Francis (w), Richard (w); ALDRIDGE Mary (w). 
    ASHBOURNJosephBulkington WAR10Oct1828Lichfield   
    ASHBOURNMaryBulkington WAR1Jul1841Lichfield   
    ASHBOURNEJosephBramcote/Bulkington, WAR2Dec1796LichfieldGentlemanHADDON Joseph; BURTON Henry; ASHBOURNE Sarah, Samuel (e), John, Joseph (e), Rebecca; SLINGSBY Nanny; HURST Thomas; RANDAL Robert; COOPER Mr; SIMPSON Esq; BEAMISH Edward (w); JEW William (w).Farmhouse & Lands under a lease from Mr Cooper.
    ASHBURNAddisonMeriden WAR24Apr1811Lichfield  Adm only
    ASHBURNJohnCawston, Dunchurch, WAR14Jan1755LichfieldGrazierASHBURN Rhoda, Addison, Michael; Duke of Montagn; WRIGHT John (e); HARRIS Thomas (w); NEWCOMB John (w). 
    ASHBURNMaryCity of Coventry WAR Apr1715LichfieldwidowCLARKE, Elizabeth; FOSTER, Thomas, Humphrey, Anne, Susannah; ASHBURN Katherine, William; HILL John 
    ASHBURNMichaelRugby WAR4Mar1805Lichfield   
    ASHBURNRhodaCawston, parish of Dunchurch, WAR23Apr1756LichfieldwidowASHBURN, Michael; BODDINGTON, Edward; WRIGHT John, Mrs; Duke of Montagn; CLEAVER Thomas, Samuel; LIGGINS sister; ?? LORK Samuel; MITCHELL Judith; LANGLEY Miss Ann, Miss Elizabeth, Mrs; ASHBOURN Elizabeth, Mrs, Addison, Michael; Detailed information of relationships of most named.
    ASHBURNWilliamKeresley, WAR13Mar1776LichfieldHusbandmanASHBURN, Mary, William, John (e), Thomas; HOPKINS Mary; WILKINSON Elizabeth; BODDINGTON William; NEWBOLD John; Bradburne Eleanor; LYNES William; BOHUN SMYTH John (w); FOX Robert (w); BISSELL John (w)Includes family relationships, land ownership.
    ASHBURNWilliamKeresley, Coventry WAR24Oct1735LichfieldGentlemanASHBURN William, Michael, John, Susannah, Anne; JUDD Edward; BARNETT Henry (e), Anne; BODDINGTON John (e), Frances; CAPNER Joseph (w), Joseph (w), John (w). Large inventory; grandchildren but not named.
    ASHBURNEElizabethCity of Coventry WAR27Sep1716LichfieldwidowMALLE, Elizabeth, Edward; CLARE Elizabeth, Richard, Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah, William, Elizabeth; WILDEY Hellen; DREWER Anne; LESTER Edward; SMITH Ales (w); ??ASSON Mary (w); BROCKHURST Richard (w).References to City of London & Atherstone WAR connections.
    ASHBURNEMichaelCoventry City, WAR9Oct1773LichfieldYeomanGARDNER, Elizabeth; ASHBURN Michael the younger; BARNETT Henry; BOHUN SMYTH John (w); BISSELL John (w)Testator is "the elder"
    ASHBURNERalphCoventry WAR26Oct1704LichfieldButcherMOORE, John the elder; ASHBURNE Elizabeth, William; BURTON Mary; PEIRS Margery; CLARE Richard; SMITH Samuel; ?MOIGH Joseph (w), Sarah (w); BROCKHURST Richard (w).Large Inventroy witnessed by FOSTER William and NEALE John; links to London, Birmingham, Foleshill.
    ASHBURNEWilliamCoventry WAR Oct1728LichfieldButcherASHBURNE Catherine; FIELD Thomas, Catherine; ALEXANDER Ann; HALFORD John (w); REMINGTON John (w), Thomas (w). 
    BALLARDElizabethAnsley, WAR8Apr1763Lichfield   
    BALLARDJohnMancetter, WAR2Aug1850LichfieldSaddlerWALLIS, Mary / MARSDEN, Samuel (w) / HALLSWORTH….(w) / ORME, Thomas (w). 
    BALLARDJohnShilton, WAR8Apr1831Lichfield   
    BALLARDJohnTamworth, WAR7Aug1811Lichfield   
    BALLARDJohnWitley, Cov, WAR3May1754Lichfield   
    BALLARDJohn AlcockFillongley, WAR13Apr1849Lichfield   
    BALLARDMaryTamworth, WAR24Aug1791Lichfield   
    BALLARDMaryCoventry WAR11Feb1793Lichfield   
    BALLARDMary AnnCorley, WAR9Apr1847Lichfield   
    BALLARDRichardCoventry WAR6Apr1838Lichfield   
    BALLARDSusannahTamworth, WAR30Dec1822Lichfield   
    BALLARDThomasCoventry WAR24Apr1778Lichfield   
    BALLARDWilliamFillongley, WAR9Oct1846Lichfield   
    BALLARDWilliamBulkington WAR31Mar1826Lichfield   
    BALLARDWilliamNuneaton WAR7Apr1790Lichfield   
    BATERichardAnsley, WAR15Aug1767LichfieldFarmerBATE, Mary.Children unnamed
    BATESFrancisCoventry WAR4May1704LichfieldShoemakerBATES, Mary (e) 
    BATESGeorgeNuneaton WAR9Oct1761LichfieldTaylorBATES, Ann, Joannah; POWELL, Thomas (w), John (w); WHITE, Thomas (w). 
    BATESGeorgeTamworth, WAR23Jan1723/4LichfieldCarpenterBATES, Anne, Thomas 
    BATESHannahBerkswell, WAR31Dec1842LichfieldWidowBATES, Daniel; ROWLEY, John, Thomas, Daniel, Mary, Caroline, Charles, Joseph, Emma, Sarah; HARRINGTON LAGOE, Wm (e). 
    BATESJohnMarston Culey, WAR12Apr1721LichfieldHusbandmanHIRST, Ann (e); BATES, William, John. DUNTON, Thomas (e)Died of smallpox.
    BATESRichardMarston Culey, WAR24Oct1704LichfieldFarmerBATES, Rebecca, John, Richard, Sarah 
    BATESThomasStoneleigh, WAR9Oct1807LichfieldYeoman of StoneleighBATES, Daniel (e), William, Sarah, Mary, Joseph; GOULD, Mary, Samuel; HYATT, John (w); BURTON, James (w). 
    BATESWilliamColeshill, WAR8Oct1712Lichfield BATES, Elizabeth, Robert (e), John (e).Adm
    BINDLEYBenjaminNuneaton WAR2May1783Lichfield   
    BINDLEYBenjaminNuneaton WAR5Apr1816Lichfield  Adm
    BINDLEYBenjaminNuneaton WAR5Apr1816Lichfield  Adm
    BINDLEYBenjaminNuneaton WAR2May1783Lichfield   
    BINDLEYDanielBirmingham WAR14Nov 1804Lichfield   
    BINDLEYElizabethNuneaton WAR10Oct1851Lichfield   
    BINDLEYJohnHartshill, WAR13Jul1849LichfieldCarpenter & joinerBINDLEY, Rhoda / RANDLE Martha, James, Josiah, William / BINDLEY, Ann, James, John; Edward / MASSER, Unice, Josep /; ALLEN, Millicent, Edward / HARRIS, Thomas, Mary. ORAM, Wm (w) / ALLEN, T H (w).Several children noted in will as being "in America."
    BINDLEYJohnAnsley, WAR9Oct1835LichfieldCoal carrierBINDLEY, Sarah, James, Martha, Sarah / WILKINSON, Elizabeth / PRATT, Sarah / MORRIS, Thomas (w) / GREATREX, Thomas (w)Administration
    BINDLEYJosephMonks Kirby WAR3Apr1840Lichfield   
    BINDLEYRichardNuneaton WAR27Dec1800Lichfield   
    BINDLEYRichardNuneaton WAR27Dec1800Lichfield   
    BINDLEYThomasTamworth, WAR4Nov 1812Lichfield   
    BINDLEYWilliamNuneaton WAR21Feb1760Lichfield   
    COMPTONEdwardHill Moreton, WAR30Aug1728LichfieldYeomanCOMPTON Mary, Edward (e); OWEN/GWEN John (w); WALDON Thomas (w); WHALLEY ? (w).Four younger children NOT named.
    COMPTONElizabethBrownsover, Coventry19Oct1741LichfieldwidowENOS, Thomas; DRAPER Richard; JOSE Mary; LUKE/LUCK Richard, William, Anne, John; BARNES John; LOCKINGTON Mary, Martha; BARNES Mr (e); BOSWORTH Hannah; PRESCOTT Mary; NICHOLDS Joseph (w); GAMBLE Henery (w); HARRIS Thomas (w).Details of relationships given. Links to Bilton, Hillmoreton, Brownsover, Easehall, Dunchurch, Aythorpe?, Pailton, Drayton Northants, Daventry. Plus Inventory.
    COMPTONJohnBulkington WAR15Feb1853Lichfield   
    COMPTONJohnWithybrook WAR26Apr1771LichfieldYeomanDOWNING Ann; COMPTON William (e), Robert (e), Mary, Martha, Hannah, Elizabeth; MASON William (w), John (w); CROFT? Thomas (w).Mentions yearly rents and profits from Nuneaton and Higham on the Hill.
    COMPTONJohnHarborough Magna WAR1Nov1823LichfieldGentlemanCOMPTON Hannah (e); BAINES Henry (e); SPENCER John (e), Mary (w); HEWITT John (w); DICKINS E (w).Mentions Nuneaton, Sawbridge WAR. Testator died July 1823.
    COMPTONJohnHarborough Grounds near Rugby23Apr1842LichfieldFarmerBROMWICH Thomas (e); COMPTON Edward Thomas (e), John, Elizabeth, Robert, Henry George, Charles Samuel, Catherine Sophia; VOILE John (e); BATEMAN Mary Ann.Mentions Wolston, Leamington Priors, Churchover.
    COMPTONJohnHillmorton WAR4Apr1695 YeomanCCOMPTON Edward (e), John, Thomas; SHORT Elizabeth; SAWBRIDGE George (w); DAULTON Robert (w).Son Thomas COMPTON's five children not named. Inventory witnessed by COMPTON Thomas & ??? Richard.
    COMPTONJohnHarborough Magna WAR3April1846LichfieldFarmerCOMPTON William; George, Henry George; BATEMAN William.Mentions Hatton, Coventry. Not a will/codicil. Inventory.
    COMPTONRobertBrownsover, Coventry11Apr1735Lichfield COMPTON John, Jane, Sarah, Thomas, Mary; CLARKE Elizabeth; LUCK/LUKE Richard, John, William, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, Ann; CROFT Richard (w); ?JOANES George (w); PERKINS ?? (w); CLEAVER ?? Edward (w), Thomas (w).Details of relationships given. Inventory. Witness names not clear.
    COMPTONRobertWithybrook WAR9Apr1802LichfieldFarmerCOMPTON John, Mary, William, Hannah, Ann, Martha, Hannah, George (e), Robert (e).Names of properties included.
    COMPTONThomasSolihull WAR3May1826Lichfield   
    COMPTONThomasBurton Hastings, WAR7Nov1850Lichfield   
    COMPTONThomasWithybrook WAR28Sep1727LichfieldYeomanCOMPTON Elizabeth; WALE Elizabeth; PERKINS Hannah (e); WILSON Samuel (w); PARNILL Thomas (w); SMITH Mary (w).small Inventory
    COMPTONThomasWithybrook WAR24Oct1723LichfieldYeomanCOMPTON Elianor, John, Thomas, William; WALMSLEY John, Mary.Plus Inventory
    COMPTONThomasHillmoreton WAR24Sep1749LichfieldYeomanCOMPTON Edward (e); Robert; Anne, Edward; GARDNER John (w); HOGGINS Frances (w); HOGGINS Edward (w).Inventory. Witnessed by DAULTON William and SMITH Robert.
    COMPTONThomasWithybrook WAR May1698LichfieldYeomanCOMPTON Thomas; CAUDWELL John? (w); PALE? Nathaniel (w). 
    COMPTONWilliamWithybrook WAR11Apr1760LichfieldYeomanCOMPTON William, John, Robert, Mary (e); MASON John (w); SPENCER William (w).son
    COTONAbrahamCurdworth, WAR9Sep1791Lichfield   
    COTONFrancisBirmingham WAR19Dec1792Lichfield  Adm
    COTONRalphBirmingham WAR17Dec1806Lichfield  Adm
    COTONThomasBirmingham WAR23Mar1792Lichfield  Adm
    COTONThomasBirmingham WAR16Feb1796Lichfield   
    COTONThomasColeshill, WAR12Oct1799Lichfield   
    COTONThomasBirmingham WAR27Dec1806Lichfield   
    COTTONAnnSeckington, WAR7Mar1777Lichfield   
    COTTONGeorgeSeckington, WAR19Jun1801Lichfield   
    COTTONHannahBirmingham WAR4Mar1789Lichfield   
    COTTONJamesSutton Coldfield WAR28Feb1810Lichfield  Adm
    COTTONJohnCoventry WAR10Apr1795Lichfield   
    COTTONJosephWolvey, WAR7Feb1799Lichfield   
    COTTONNathanielSeckington, WAR15May1772Lichfield   
    COTTONSarahTamworth, WAR4Jul1782Lichfield   
    COTTONSarahBirmingham WAR4Apr1783Lichfield   
    COTTONSimonBirmingham WAR29Apr1788Lichfield  Adm
    COTTONThomasBirmingham WAR18Jul1807Lichfield   
    COTTONWilliamColeshill, WAR14Aug1793Lichfield   
    COTTONWilliamChurch Lawford, WAR24Aug1799Lichfield  Adm
    CROMPTONRobertAston, WAR4Nov1856Lichfield   
    DAGLEYElizabethCoventry WAR17Apr1789Lichfield   
    DAGLEYJohnTuttle Hill, Nuneaton, WAR30June1840LichfieldDissenting ministerDAGLEY, Ann / HALE, Elizabeth, William, John Dagley, Bethiah, Christiana, Mary, Louisa, Maria, Elizabeth, Ann, Hepzibah / ROBOTTOM, Dorcas (w), John (w) / AUGHT, William (w)Previously was of Chapel End, Hartshill.
    DAGLEYJosephChilvers Coton, WAR5Feb1789LichfieldCordwainerDAGLEY, William & Joseph / WADDAMS, Joseph, William Jnr & Snr & Elizabeth / KELSEY, widow / CARTRIDGE, William / GREENWAY, Jane, Lucy & Geo (w). 
    DAGLEYJosephHartshill, WAR27Mar1828LichfieldFarmerDAGLEY, Thomas, Joseph, John, Elizabeth, Alice / LOOMES, Edward / ROBOTTOM, Joseph / DAGLEY, John snr (w) / ARCHER, Edward (w) 
    DAGLEYJoshuaCoventry WAR26Apr1734Lichfield   
    DAGLEYJoshuaKenilworth, WAR5Jun1734Lichfield  Adm
    DAGLEYNathanielTamworth, WAR27Nov 1713Lichfield   
    DAGLEYThomasCoventry WAR13Oct1758Lichfield  Adm
    DUNNCharlesKenilworth, WAR10Jun1853Lichfield   
    DUNNElizabethMonks Kirby WAR21Jan1854Lichfield   
    DUNNJosephBirmingham WAR19Nov1855Lichfield   
    DUNNWilliamBirmingham WAR17Jan1854Lichfield   
    EVANSRobertCoventry WAR24Nov1849London Land AgentEVANS Robert, Thomas, Isaac Pearson (e), Mary Ann / HOUGHTON Frances Lucy, Henry / CLARKE Christiana, Edward / PEGG John / SNAITH Wm / HARPUR Henry Richard / HOLBECHE Vincent (e) / LAURENCE William / HAMMONS Mary (w) / TODD Edward (w) TNA Ref: 11/2102 Has Codicil Father of "George Eliot"
    EVANSSamuelBedworth, WAR16May1800Lichfield   
    EVARARDMaryNuneaton WAR17Feb1843Lichfield[Widow]EVANS Isaac P (e) / PEARSON John (e) / HOBDAY Elizabeth / CLARKE, Christiana / EVANS Mary Ann, Isaac P, John / GARNER Thomas. WOOD john (w) / SMITH Wm (w)Has codicil; aunt of "George Eliot"
    FAIRFAXThomasBrinklow WAR  1683LichfieldGentlemanFAIRFAX Samuel, Ann, Thomas, John, Anne (e), Samuel; BRADGATE Richard (w); HURLEY Mary (w); HULL ?? (w).Lands at Broughton Astley, LEI. Relationships given.
    GARNER, the ElderGeorgeCorley, WAR9Oct1840LichfieldFarmerGARNER George (2), Thomas / HOBDAY Edward , Elizabeth / EVANS Isaac / COOPER Thomas (w) / ORAM Wm (w) 
    GREENAlfredAttleborough, Nuneaton12Jun1920UnknownRetired Asst OverseerGREEN Edith Emily (e); Frank (e); Edward Townsend; Mary Ellen; James/ PALING, Margaret/ KNIGHT William/ PAUL George/ MUSCUTT Annie Catherine/LESTER Louisa; Walter E (w)/ FLOWERS Robert/ MALLEBONE Frank/ DIXON P (w).Will (copy from family archive)
    GREENJosephNuneaton WAR23Sep1819PCCGentlemanILIFFE, William; GREEN, Mary, Dorothy 
    HADDENMaryAtherstone WAR Nov 1785Lichfield   
    HATTONMaryAtherstone WAR26Sep1848Lichfield   
    HATTONRichardAtherstone WAR26Sep1848Lichfield   
    HUTTGeorge MrBrinklow WAR24Nov1766Lichfield HUTT, Sarah; MOOR Sarah; LILLEY Mary; WILKES Jane; NORMAN John; DALTON Sarah (e), Edward; CROFTS Edward (w), Hannah (w), Hannah the younger (w); HOWARD Chas; WHIT Thomas.Mentions property Moor House purchased from Sarah MOOR.
    HUTTSamuelBarnacle WAR30Apr1764LichfieldYeomanROLASTON?, Ann; BATES Mary, Richard; ORTON Thomas; WILKINSON John, Rebecca; HUTT Richard, William; CART William, Sarah; GILBERT Hugh (w); BIRCH William (w); LANGFORD Edward.Mentions Brinklow, Sowe. Gives relationships.
    HUTTSarahBrinklow WAR Jan1785LichfieldwidowMORRISS Ann; LEADER William; HOLLED Mary (e), Thomas, ??ightley Rev; COX Elizabeth, Mary; PUFFETT Mary; ?CONSTRANT John; WATTS Elizabeth (e); SMITH Ann; CONEY William; KELL/HEEL Esther (w), Thomas (w); PARMER/PALMER John (w).Mentions tenures. Lutterworth, Monks Kirby, Ansty and Wolston.
    JARVISJosephAtherstone WAR22May1771Lichfield   
    JARVISRichardMancetter, WAR1Mar1775Lichfield   
    JARVISWilliamCaldecote, WAR16Apr1784Lichfield   
    JEFFEREYSamuelNuneaton WAR23Oct1840Lichfield   
    JEFFERIESHenryBirmingham WAR7Oct1850Lichfield   
    JEFFERIESJamesCoventry WAR14Jun1852Lichfield   
    JEFFERIESJohnSolihull WAR10Dec1817Lichfield   
    JEFFERIESThomasCoton, Tamworth, STS31Jan1848LichfieldFarmerJEFFERIES, Charles, John, Mary, Mary Ann Lloyd, Elizabeth Sarah, Jemima Louisa, Thomas Henry Lloyd, Charles Francis, Sarah (w) / SECKER, Lorenzo (w).Mentions Chilvers Coton and Sutton Coldfield.
    JEFFERIESThomasBirmingham WAR31Jul1816Lichfield   
    JEFFERYElizabethNuneaton WAR13Mar1814Lichfield   
    JEFFERYEstherCoventry WAR12Oct1781Lichfield   
    JEFFERYJoshuaCoventry WAR23Apr1824Lichfield   
    JEFFERYMaryNuneaton WAR9Apr1779Lichfield   
    JEFFERYSSarahBirmingham WAR13Apr1796Lichfield   
    JEFFREYSarahRugby WAR3May1851Lichfield   
    JEFFRIESJohnAston, WAR9May1816Lichfield   
    JEFFRIESJohnNuneaton WAR7Apr1780Lichfield  Adm
    JEFFRIESWilliamBirmingham WAR29Sep1819Lichfield   
    JEFFRIESWilliamBrinklow, WAR24Apr1778Lichfield   
    JEFFRYWilliamBulkington WAR8Apr1808Lichfield   
    JOHNSONRichardMarston Jabbett WAR29Apr1834LondonFarmerBOULTEE Mr & Mrs / PERKINS Richard, John / RANDLE Thomas / LEADER Alexander / CUFTON Francis / ROWLEY Benjamin / GOODYER John / GARNER George the Younger, Thomas, Elizabeth / BEETHAM William / ORTON Sarah (2), Richard, William, Elizabeth, Joseph, Thomas (e) / EVANS Christiana, Robert, Isaac, Mary Ann / PEARSON William Hall, John / PEARMAN Mary (w), Mark (w), ET (w)TNA ref: 11/1830
    JUDDWilliamFoleshill, Coventry WAR6Feb1857LondonGentJUDD Ann, Harry (e), Joseph, John; OLDHAM Susanna, James; THOMPSON Sarah, John Ellis; WHITE James, Mary Ann; RILEY Jesse (w)Relationships. Possible connection to Tower of London.
    KNIBBThomasFenny Compton WAR18Mar1737/8LondonHusbandman?MEACOCK Mary / EDWARDS Edward / WHITE, Thomas / TOMPKINS Elizabeth; Edmund; Daniel (e) / ?LEDBROOKE John (w) / COOKE, Thomas (w).Will disputed 1739-40, case papers PROB 11/706, PROB 18/51/18,39
    MOORJeremiahAttleborough WAR25Oct1780LichfieldYeomanMOOR Joseph, Jeremiah; PAGETT Sarah; BIGGS Ann (w); M??? Frances (w); LACEY Will (w). 
    MOORMaryThurlaston/Dunchurch WAR13Dec1758LichfieldwidowMOOR John; LAURENCE John (e); SHUTTLEWORTH Wm (w); BURDITT Sarah (w). 
    MOORThomasChilvers Coton WAR8Dec 1795LichfieldLabourerDEWELL Richard (e), Mary (e); PARKER John (w); THORNLEY Robert (w) 
    MOOR/EWilliamBedworth WAR22Jun1759LichfieldYeomanMOORE William (e); LACEY Francis (e), Mary, Mary; DEWIS Thomas, Thomas, William, Edward, Sarah; CLARKE John; ?COLEHILL Anne; HUDSON Benjamin (w); MOORE Thomas (w).Lease from, Mr Chamberlain, late of Warwick.
    MOOREAbrahamBedworth WAR12Oct1798LichfieldFarmerMOORE Alice; JEE Richard; NEALE William (w); BUCKERIDGE William (notary).Mentions Mancetter & Bedworth.
    MOOREBenjaminLeire, LEI19May1787YeomanLeicesterMOORE Elizabeth, William, Thomas, Dorothy, Ann, John; SHEEN Thomas, Ann; WILSON Catherine; TOOTH otherwise MORTIMORE Margaret; HINDLEY Ann; SHAWELL William, Thomas, Robert, Catherine, Mary, Ann; WOOD John, Thomas, Sarah; MASON Edward (e); HIGGS John (e).Connections to Leicester, Wolvey, Hinckley.
    MOORECatherineWolston WAR13Oct1854LichfieldspinsterFREEMAN Mary; MOORE Joseph; BECK Jane; ? SHETTLE Caroline (e).Mentions Leicester, occupations & relationships.
    MOOREJohnFoleshill/formerly Wash Lane Nuneaton WAR22Jan1841LichfieldMinerMOORE, Mary; SHUTE Abraham (e), Joshua (w); HARRIS William (w); HOOD Charles (w).Testator died 28th Jan 1841. Real estate in Wash Lane.
    MOOREJohnCoventry WAR25Mar1837LichfieldWatch case makerMOORE William, Ann (e), Caroline; SHILTON Edmund (e); RAYLE John jnr (w); LAPWORTH Benjamin (w).Testator died 4 March 1837.
    MOOREJosephBell Green, Coventry WAR27Jul1844LichfieldWeaverMOORE Mary, Joseph, Ellen, Ann, Richard, John, James; LIGGINS Hannah; POULTNEY William (w); HIORNS Edward (w)wife & executrix. Moore, Joseph - Son of Richard Moore
    MOOREThomasExhall, Coventry   LichfieldHusbandmanDRAKEFORD, John; MOORE Edward, William; BARNER Abraham; LINNEY Zachariah; CREW Ann; REEDER Sarah; PERKINS Mr Joseph; NEALE Mr Matthew; ASHBEE William (w); SLINGSBY Ann (w); PEIERCY Richard (w).Children of John Drakeford, not named; links to Hinckley, Burbage, Whitacre, Bedworth. Large inventory.
    MOOREThomasCoventry WAR10Oct1800LichfieldBakerMOORE Ann (e); John; GIBBARD William (e); LOWE Thomas (e); FREEMAN John (w); THOMPSON ?John (w), Joseph (w).Mentions Parish of St Michael, also Berkswell.
    MOOREWilliamWolston WAR16Apr1819LichfieldFarmerMOORE, Elizabeth; HANDON John (w); PHILLIPS William (w).Admon. Died intestate.
    MOOREWilliamExhall/Bedworth WAR31Jan1760LichfieldYeomanMOORE Thomas, Ann (e), Thomas(e); LACEY Francis; LANGFORD Edward (w); GREEN Thomas (w); PALMER Abel (w); EDWARDS T clerk. 
    OWENAbigailPotters Green, Coventry27Sep1716LichfieldwidowRIDER, R junior (w); HUSBAND John (w).Admon; small inventory
    OWENCatherineAston Juxta, Birmingham Dec1720LichfieldwidowOWEN Thomas; RYDOR Richard jnr; COLMORE Joseph (w); GROVES G.Widow of Benjamin Owen. This is not a will.
    OWENEleanor EdsonFillongley WAR  1624Lichfieldwidow Inventory by Richard Green & Thomas Packwood
    OWENElizabethCoventry, WAR11Oct1816Lichfield TWYCROSS, Frances; SANDERS John (w); MOTT William (w).Admon.Frances Twycross claims probate after Elizabeth Owen died intestate
    OWENHannahKingsbury, WAR27Sep1727LichfieldwidowOWEN William, John, Sarah, Abigail, Joseph, Thomas, Mary; POWER Elizabeth, Elizabeth (w); GREENWAY Robert, Hannah; TROUGHTON Nathaniel (w). 
    OWENJohnArley WAR9Apr1769LichfieldHusbandmanOWEN, Joseph, Thomas, William, Samuel, Hannah, Elizabeth, John, Thomas; CLARKE Humphrey (w); ARCHER John (w). 
    OWENJosephKingsbury, WAR8Feb1769LichfieldHusbandmanOWEN: Sarah, Abigail, Mary, Joseph, Mary, William (e); HARRIS William (w); ?? John (w); BROOKES John (w). 
    OWENRichardColeshill, WAR31Oct1684LichfieldGlover ?OWEN: Richard (e), Richard (e); WALKER William (w); ?? William (w); ?? John (w)Plus large inventory
    OWENRobertBirmingham WAR Dec1680LichfieldNayler ??OWEN RobertSon of David; Inventory.
    OWENSarahBirmingham WAR24Oct1827Lichfield RENSWAW ?? (e); LAWRENCE Mr Samuel (e); DARWELL John.My body to be buried with my sister Williams at St Marys Burial Ground.
    OWENThomasAston Juxta, Birmingham Aug1689LichfieldYeomanOWEN Ursula, Joseph, Benjamin; ?COLMORE Joseph, Joseph, William, John, Richard; HADLEY Humfry; COTTRELL Benjamin; HARRISON William; EDEN Mary (w), Samuel (w); GODDARD Thomas (w).Plus large inventory
    OWENWilliamHurley, Kingsbury, WAR23Oct1723LichfieldYeomanOWEN, Hannah, William, Joseph, Thomas, John, Sarah, Abigail; PEAKE John: GREENWAY Hannah; POWER Elizabeth; COPE John (w); BREEDEN ?? (w); BULL Mary (w).very large Inventory
    OWENWilliamBrinklow WAR4Apr1766Coventry OWEN, Thomas, William; CROFTS Edward (w); HIGGS Thomas (w); LEADER William (w). 
    PAINBenjaminShustock, WAR16Apr1803Lichfield   
    PAINRobertLong Itchington, WAR9Nov 1808Lichfield   
    PAINWilliamWishaw WAR3Oct1827Lichfield   
    PAINEBenjaminNuneaton WAR11Apr1806Lichfield   
    PAINEMaria DulcibellaCoventry WAR10Jan1820Lichfield  Adm
    PAYNSamuelGrendon WAR9May1822Lichfield   
    PAYNEAlfred JosCoventry WAR10Mar1854Lichfield  Adm only
    PAYNEAnnCoventry WAR14Jul1847Lichfield   
    PAYNECharlotte PSolihull WAR8Aug1825Lichfield   
    PAYNEDeborahMonks Kirby WAR8Oct1802Lichfield   
    PAYNEElizaBirmingham WAR25Jan1853Lichfield  Will not in bundle
    PAYNEElizabethCoventry WAR10Oct1834Lichfield   
    PAYNEHannahAtherstone WAR18Nov 1845LichfieldNo occupationWILSON, John; FELTHOUSE, Thomas; PAYNE, Samuel, John Thompson; William; John; WATHES, Charles, Mary Ann. 
    PAYNEJamesNuneaton WAR6Aug1834Lichfield   
    PAYNEJaneBirmingham WAR19Jul1820Lichfield   
    PAYNEJeremiahCoventry WAR24Jun1801Lichfield   
    PAYNEJohnCoventry WAR7Oct1853Lichfield   
    PAYNEJohnBentley, WAR8Oct1808LichfieldFarmerBAKER, John, Ann; NEWBOLD, Wm; POWER, John; STEVENSON, Richard; 
    PAYNEJohnMeriden WAR18Feb1814Lichfield  Adm
    PAYNEJosephCoventry WAR8Oct1824Lichfield   
    PAYNEJosephSolihull WAR5May1825Lichfield   
    PAYNEMaryNuneaton WAR1Apr1829Lichfield   
    PAYNEMaryAtherstone WAR2Dec1819Lichfield  Adm
    PAYNERichardBirmingham WAR13Feb1844Lichfield   
    PAYNESamuelAustrey WAR22Aug1822Lichfield   
    PAYNESamuelCoventry WAR11Oct1822Lichfield   
    PAYNESamuelSutton Coldfield WAR24Jul1838Lichfield   
    PAYNESusannahSolihull WAR5May1825Lichfield   
    PAYNEThomasNuneaton WAR21Sep1843Lichfield   
    PAYNEThomasAtherstone WAR6Mar1854LichfieldLabourerTWEEDALE, Samuel, Rebecca; WOODWARD, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Samuel; LEE, John, Sarah, Mary; MILNER, James (e); BISHOP, Wm (e) John (w); MOUNTFORD, Wm, John; MARTIN, George (w)Formerly of Bentley
    PAYNEThomasChilvers Coton, WAR20Apr1827Lichfield   
    PAYNEThomasBirmingham WAR2Apr1817Lichfield   
    PAYNEThomasBirmingham WAR17Jul1818Lichfield   
    PAYNEWilliamBirmingham WAR18May1824Lichfield   
    PAYNEWilliamItchington, WAR10Apr1801Lichfield   
    PAYNEWilliamFoleshill, WAR11Oct1805Lichfield   
    PAYNEWilliamCoventry WAR6Oct1815Lichfield  Adm
    PEARSONHenryChilvers Coton, WAR28Jan1728/9Lichfield  Admon
    PEARSONHenryBulkington WAR8Mar1758Lichfield  Admon
    PEARSONHumphreyWater Orton9Oct1706LichfieldYeomanPEARSON, Mary, Humphrey, Thomas, John / HANDS John A (w)/ GRIMSHAW (w) / HARRISON, Richard (w)Has inventory
    PEARSONHumphreyBirmingham1Apr1719Lichfield  Admon
    PEARSONHumphreyCastle Bromwich5Oct1849Lichfield   
    PEARSONIsaacFillongley, WAR27Sep1832LichfieldFarmerPEARSON Isaac the Younger, William Hall, Thomas, John, Sarah / GARNER George the Elder (e) / JOHNSON Richard (e) / EVANS Isaac Pearson (w) / EVARARD Jno (w)  
    PEARSONJohnFoleshill, WAR5Oct1838LichfieldWeaverPEARSON AnnAdmon
    PEARSONJohnLongford (?WAR)2Oct1719Lichfield   
    PEARSONJohnMonks Kirby WAR20Jun1729Lichfield  Admon
    PEARSONJohnCoventry WAR11Apr1735Lichfield   
    PEARSONJosephCastle Bromwich14Jul1857Lichfield   
    PEARSONRobertRyton on Dunsmore26Apr1734Lichfield  Admon
    PEARSONSamuelCoventry WAR4Apr1845Lichfield   
    PEARSONThomasKeresley WAR24Jun1801LichfieldBlacksmithPEARSON Elizabeth / LAMBETH William (w) / DAVIS Edward (w) 
    PEARSONThomasLongford (?WAR)23Apr1708Lichfield   
    PEARSONThomasRyton4Oct1714Lichfield  Admon
    PEARSONWilliamCoventry WAR11Apr1760LichfieldGentlemanPEARSON, Mary / SAVAGE Charles, Elizabeth (w) / CHARLEY Ann (w) 
    PEARSONWilliamMaxstoke, WAR25Apr1778LichfieldHusbandmanPEARSON Hannah, Isaac / BARFORD Edward / TRANTER Henry (w) / PALMER Chas (w)Wife nee LANCASTER
    PEARSONWilliamKeresley WAR10Oct1845Lichfield   
    PEARSONWilliamCoventry WAR7Apr1847Lichfield   
    PEARSTONNathanielAttleborough, Nuneaton9Oct1835Lichfield Elsewhere as PEARSON 
    PIERSONComfortRyton on Dunsmore22Apr1725Lichfield   
    PIERSONIsaacArley, WAR13Oct1787LichfieldYeomanHALL William, Thomas, Mary / PIERSON Isaac / HUNTER Mary (w) / IBBOTSON Thos (w) / SMITH …(w) 
    SMARTJohnExhall, WAR13Aug1761Lichfield   
    SMARTJohnStivichall, WAR21Apr1775Lichfield   
    SMARTJohnStivichall, WAR7Oct1808Lichfield   
    SMARTJohnGt Packington, WAR8Oct1825LichfieldVictuallerSMART, Jane, Oliver. 
    SMARTJohnFillongley, WAR11Apr1835LichfieldGrocerSMART, Ann, William, John; WARD Elizabeth PRITCHARD, Ann, Samuel; CRANER Joseph (e), Thomas (e)/Testator is "senior"
    SMARTMaryExhall, WAR13Oct1786Lichfield   
    SMARTMaryCoventry WAR11Oct1805Lichfield   
    SMARTMary DivetColeshill, WAR12Sep1857LichfieldSpinsterHARROLD, Elizabeth; EAVES, Joseph Bond.Father of Fillongley
    SMARTNathanielFillongley, WAR7Feb1804Lichfield  Adm
    SMARTNathaniel the ElderFillongley, WAR22Feb1803LichfieldBarber & peruke makerSMART, Nathaniel, Richard, Thomas, Joseph / BUTCHER, Deborah / CARSON?, Thomas / SHAKESPEAR, Thomas (w) / LAMBETH, Ralph? (w) / PRICE, Saml (w).Mentions Attleborough, Earl Shilton and Bath.
    SMARTRichardExhall, WAR9Oct1846Lichfield   
    SMARTSamuelCoventry WAR30Jan1852Lichfield   
    SMARTThomasCoventry WAR13Jan1821Lichfield   
    SMARTWilliamExhall, WAR21Jul1812Lichfield   
    SMARTWilliamBedworth, WAR11Apr1828Lichfield   
    SMITHJosephCourthouse Green, Coventry7Jan1859BirminghamWeaverPERKINS Mary; MOORE John (e); CHILLINGWORTH James (e); SMITH William, Joseph, Ann; HOLLIS John (w); BAYLER PARKER William (w). 
    STEVENSONJamesBirmingham WAR19Dec1838Lichfield   
    STEVENSONRichardShustoke, WAR3Oct1844LichfieldFarmerSTEVENSON, Thomas, John Walker, Samuel, Edward, Richard, Catherine, Ann, George, Mary, Sarah / PARTON?, Ann (w) / NEWBOLD, Thomas (w)Bentley in parish of Shustoke. Also mentions Snarestone, LEI
    STEVENSONRichardBentley, WAR14Mar1856LichfieldFarmerSTEVENSON, Thomas, George, John Walker (w), Samuel (w), Ann (w) /BRIGGS, Mary, John / OLNEY, Sarah / WEETMAN, Sarah.Mentions Snarestone, LEI
    STEVENSONSarah ElizabethBentley, Atherstone, WAR15Feb1930BirminghamWidowSTEVENSON, RichardDied at Home Farm, Appleby Magna
    STEVENSONUrsualBirmingham WAR11Jun1824Lichfield   
    STRETTONJosephWolvey WAR3Mar1832LichfieldVictuallerSTRETTON Mary; CLEMENTSON John (Commissioner)nee Moore; Admon. Testator died 1 May 1831
    STRETTONThomasStretton under Fosse WAR4Oct1825LichfieldShopkeeperSTRETTON Ann, Thomas; CRYER John (w); HOBLEY Joseph (e); WOODCOCK Charles (w); GILLS Thomas (w); ?? John (w). 
    THOMKYNSWilliamBishops Itchington WAR20Feb1505/6Lambeth THOMKYNS, Alice; Joan; John; Richard; William; Thomas (e) / ABREY Richard (e) / VERNAY Richard.House, land in Lower Itchington. In Late
    TISALLElizabethBagginton, WAR10A[r1795Lichfield   
    TISALLJohnBagginton, WAR11Oct1776Lichfield  Adm
    TISOJohnAlcester  1589Worcester Spouse: Beatrice P'kins.1589 No 81h. Marriage bond.
    TISOEJohnHampton in Arden29Dec1738PCCBrickmaker PCC ref 693; Will
    TISOEJosephBudbrook6Mar1837Worcester  Unknown if Will or Admon
    TISOEMaryHampton in Arden18Jul1746PCCWidow PCC ref 748; Will
    TISSELLSamuelCoventry WAR9Oct1730Lichfield   
    TISSELLSamuelCoventry WAR17Oct1715Lichfield   
    TOMKYNSThomasBishops Itchington WAR  1513Lambeth TOMKYNS Alice; John (e); NK; Sir Thomas (w); Richard / STELE un-named sons & daus Margaret / COMANDER Thomas / UNDERWOOD Sir William (w) / COLLEY Sir ThurstonUn-named sons & daughters
    TOMPKINSEdmundRadway WAR29Feb1788LondonYeomanADKINS, Edward / READING, Edmund / NORRIS, Ann (e); John / PROFERT Mary (e); Henry / COCKBILL, Susannah (e); William / LOYES, Sarah / ?GLENN, William / TOMPKINS, Charles (w) / CLARKE, John (w) / TIBBITS, William (w).House, land in Radway; house in Napton
    TOMPKINSEdmundBirmingham WAR29Nov1788LondonMercerTOMPKINS, Sarah; Sarah (e); William (e); Thomas; Edmund; Elizabeth; Robert; Thomas / DALLAWAY, William / SHAP, John / FREETH, Joseph / EDMUNDS widow / OWEN, John / SMITH, Richard / BAILEY, Thomas / BARRATT, Ann / PRIMER, Charles (e) / ?NABONE, Joseph (e) / COCKLE, Mary; James / WALL, John / TRUSS, Elizabeth (w) / WAINWRIGHT, John (w) / HARVEY, Peter (w) / GEM, Thomas (w).8 houses in Birmingham
    TOMPKINSJeremyRadway WAR29Nov1720London TOMPKINS Richard (a)Admon
    TOMPKINSNicholasRadway WAR2Jul1664LondonYeomanTOMPKINS Richard; Edward; William; Nicholas; John; Elizabeth; Alice (e) / ?HYARM Elizabeth; John; William; Susannah / HUNT John (w) / KENT John (w)House, land in Radway
    TOWNSENDJohnNuneaton WAR26Feb1831PCCDraperBULL, William; TOWNSEND, William, Mary, Susan, Ann. 
    TYCELLRichardTamworth, WAR27Feb1811Lichfield   
    TYSALLAnnColeshill, WAR4May1754Lichfield   
    TYSALLDorothyColeshill, WAR28Oct1717Lichfield   
    TYSALLJohnBirmingham WAR19Aug1720Lichfield   
    TYSALLJosephBirmingham WAR20Apr1849Lichfield   
    TYSALLJosephAston, WAR29Jun1785Lichfield   
    TYSALLRobertColeshill, WAR12Oct1738Lichfield   
    TYSALLSarahAston, WAR21Jan1801Lichfield   
    TYSALLWilliamColeshill, WAR24Oct1705Lichfield   
    TYSOHughMaxstock, WAR21Mar1710/11Lichfield  Adm
    TYSOMaryColeshill, WAR10Apr1812Lichfield   
    TYSOThomasCoventry WAR13Apr1792Lichfield   
    TYSOThomasFillongley, WAR8Feb1760Lichfield   
    TYSOEAliceTysoe  1620WorcesterSpinster 1620 No 179.
    TYSOEGeorge HenryGodiva St., Coventry1Jan1935Birmingham TYSOE, Sidney; Charles GeorgeAdmon
    TYSOEHenryChurch Tysoe23May1721Worcester  Will
    TYSOEHughTysoe7Nov1723Worcester  Admon
    TYSOEIvensWindsor St., Rugby11Oct1938Birmingham TYSOE, Mary AnnWill
    TYSOEJaneWarwick18Apr1693Worcester  Will
    TYSOEJohnStratford on Avon5Mar1839PCCMaltster PCC ref 1908; Will
    TYSOEJohnAvonside, Stratford on Avon28Aug1866BirminghamGentlemanTYSOE, John/ HODGES, ThomasWill
    TYSOEJohnRumer Hall, Welford12Nov1873GloucesterFarmer (unmarried)TYSOE, Anne/Will
    TYSOEJohn EdenRumer Hall, Welford28Oct1863GloucesterFarmerCORBETT, Cotterell/ SMITH Tysoe.Will
    TYSOEMargaretTemple Tysoe9May1701Worcester  Will
    TYSOEMaryKnowle  1781Lichfield  "at Warwick RO"
    TYSOENicholasOver Tysoe   PCCHusbandman [1615] 80Rudd; Will
    TYSOESamuel Jabez ThomasSutton under Brailes31Jul1929Oxford TYSOE, Alice/Will
    TYSOEThomasWollamynton  1514Worcester  1514 No 31; Place untraced
    TYSOEThomasTysoe27Feb1689/90Worcester  Perhaps 1669/70
    TYSOEThomasMircott28Jun1737Worcester  Admon; perhaps 1733
    TYSOEThomasTysoe14Jun1739Worcester  Admon
    TYSORElizabethCoventry WAR13Oct1809Lichfield   
    TYSORJamesCoventry WAR29May1809Lichfield  Adm
    WAKELINRichardShilton, WAR9Oct1795Lichfield   
    WAKELINSamuelKenilworth, WAR4Apr1800Lichfield   
    WAKELINWilliamShilton, WAR8Apr1785Lichfield   
    WALLISJamesHartshill, WAR19Sep1854Lichfield   
    WALLISMaryTamworth, WAR21Feb1855Lichfield Long, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Ann, Harriet, Eliza, Charles. Wallis, Thomas (w), THORNELOE, George (w)She is of Wilnecote, Tamworth
    WALLISThomasTamworth, WAR11May1855LichfieldGentlemanCLARKE, Thomas (e); GLOVER, Robert (e); CHEATLE, Ann, John. LONG, Elizabeth, Ann, Elisa, Harriet, Benjamin, Charles; CRAWFORD, Ann (w); NEVILL, Robert (w).Of Wilnecote, Tamworth
    WATTSJamesBedworth WAR3Jan1831LichfieldLabourerWATTS Susannah; KENNEDY Ran?? (Commissioner)Admon.
    WATTSJohnStoneleigh, WAR28Dec1804LichfieldLabourerWATTS James, Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, Sarah; PERKS Richard (w); HALLAM Joseph (w). 
    WATTSThomasAbbey Street, Nuneaton WAR24Aug1847LichfieldCordwainerBALL, William (e); CLAY Richard (e), Ann; WHEWAY David (e), Mary, Job; DEAMAN Thomas; WILSON William; LEADBITTER ?; WEBSTER ?; BALLARD ?; WATTS Mary, Elizabeth; THOMAS Sarah; WARD Ann; WASE Jane now GROVE; JONES William (w); ORAM William (w); SHELTON Jane; WILSON MaryMuch information about occupiers of property; also relationships.
    WELTONAnnCoventry WAR14Oct1757LichfieldwidowWELTON John, George, Samuel; HIGGINS Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, Thomas; PARRY Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Samuel; JOHNSTON Rev Mr William; DICKINS Edward; CATER/CARTER Eliz (w); NEWELL Joshua (w). 
    WELTONJohnDraycote WAR9Oct1801LichfieldFarmerBARNWELL John; BAGSHAW John; WELTON Hannah, John, William, Thomas; FOSBROOKE Edward (w); NORRIS William (w); TOMES Edward (attorney).Mentions Thurlaston and Southam.
    WELTONJosephMarton WAR11Dec1807LichfieldBlacksmithWELTON Thomas, Richard, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, John, Sarah, William; NORRIS Elizabeth; WEBB Ann; THOMES Edward (attorney); ROBINSON Jo (w).Will dated 22 Oct 1804.
    WELTONWilliamMarton WAR5Apr1793LichfieldBlacksmithWELTON Sarah; CHATER Thomas; NEALE William.Admon.

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