List of settlements in Warwickshire taken from various sources

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Sample Settlement Order text

Name Forename Date Past Settlement Intended Settlement Additional Information reference
ADAMSAnthony5 Nov 1751RugbyHillmortonMary (w) AnthonyWRO DR367/26/1-21
AVERNJames24 Oct 1790LapworthRowingtonMary Ann (w) Edward Mary Ann Catherine ThomasWRO N5/101/3
BECKITJoseph15 Aug 1788WolvertonRowington WRO N5/101/3
BIDDLERichard8 Apr 1778Wootton WawenNewbold PaceyElizabeth (w)WRO DR74/33-55
BOLTThomas28 Aug 1778ClaverdonRowingtonHannah (w) William MaryWRO N5/101/3
BRADLEYWilliam10 Jun 1765Radford SemeleyRowingtonMary (w)WRO N5/101/3
BROWNHenry10 Dec 1744Preston BagotRowingtonElizabeth (w) Lab.WRO N5/101/3
BUNCHERWilliam20 Jan 1794BudbrookNewbold PaceyElizabeth (w)WRO DR74/33-55
BURTONJohn27 Dec 1746LapworthRowingtonElizabeth (w)WRO N5/101/3
BURTONJoseph4 Nov 1788ShrewleyRowingtonElizabeth (w)WRO N5/101/3
CALLISWilliam12 Oct 1710St. Mary Notts.St. Mary WarwickMary (w)WRO DR126/205/29
CHANDLERRichard25 Nov 1748ClaverdonRowingtonAnn (w) Lab.WRO N5/101/3
CHINNElizabeth7 Oct 1750TanworthRowingtonSingle pregnantWRO N5/101/3
CHINNThomas1 Apr 1752ClaverdonRowingtonMary (w) + children Lab.WRO N5/101/3
CHINNJohn2 Oct 1781WolvertonSt. Mary Warwick WRO DR126/712/3
CHURCHJohn4 Nov 1702Wootten Oxon.St. Mary WarwickJoanne (w) Physician & SurgeonWRO DR126/698/17
CLARIDGEJohn24 Nov 1771"St. Mary WarwickHannah (w) WilliamWRO DR126/711/7
CLARIDGESamuel6 Jul 1716"St. Mary WarwickSarah (w) SarahWRO DR126/701/11
CLARIDGEThomas26 Aug 1780"St. Mary WarwickElizabeth (w)WRO DR126/7121
CLARKJames1702Whitehaven CumberlandSt. Mary WarwickList onlyWRO DR87/259
CLARKJoseph26 Nov 1707BudbrookSt. Mary WarwickAnn (w) AnnWRO DR126/699/17
CLARKRichard17 Nov 1758Ryton on DunsmoreSt. Mary WarwickElizabeth (w)WRO DR126/709/31
CLARKSarah29 May 1710St. Michael Cov.St. Mary WarwickWife of William CLARK cordwainerWRO DR126/700/2
CLARKSONEdward5 Mar 1732BarfordSt. Mary WarwickElizabeth (w) CordwainerWRO DR126/704/21
CLARRIDGECrispin26 Dec 1724St. Mich. CoventrySt. Mary WarwickMartha (w) WeaverWRO DR126/206/34
CLIFFORDJames24 Aug 1733St. Nich.St. Mary WarwickElizabeth (w) John JamesWRO DR126/704/21
COCKBILLMary4 Jan 1736BarfordSt. Mary WarwickTailorWRO DR126/705/5
COCKBILLSamuel12 Jan 1732"St. Mary WarwickElizabeth (w). TailorWRO DR126/705/5
COCKBILLWilliam19 Nov 1731"St. Mary WarwickMercy (w).StaymakerWRO DR126/704/8
COCKLANDSarah1735St. Nich.St. Mary Warwick(ref only)WRO DR126/714
COKERThomas17 Jun 1703"St. Mary WarwickElizabeth (w) AnneWRO DR126/698/24
COLEElizabeth30 May 1777Welford Glos.St. Mary WarwickWilliam (s)WRO DR126/711/27
COLERobert15 Feb 1745St. NicholasSt. Mary WarwickSarah (w) JohnWRO DR126/707/3
COMMANDERGeorge11 Nov 1757"St. Mary WarwickMartha (w) George ThomasWRO DR126/709/23
COMMANDERWm.24 Apr 1733KinetonSt. Mary WarwickFlaxdresserWRO DR126/704/25
COOKEJohn22 Dec 1704St. NicholasSt. Mary WarwickEllanor (w). Stuff wvr.WRO DR126/698/41
COOKEWilliam1738ClaverdonSt. Mary Warwick(ref only)WRO DR126/714
COOPERJohn2 Aug 1721Kettering (Nths.)St. Mary WarwickFrancis (w). Serge wvr & woolcomberWRO DR126/702/7
COOPERThomas4 Dec 1710St. MarySt. Mary WarwickKatherine (w). ButcherWRO DR115/205/28
COOPERWilliam24 Jul 1724Rugeley (Staffs)St. Mary WarwickHannah (w). MasonWRO DR126/702/14
CORNHILLWilliam10 Jul 1733KenilworthSt. Mary Warwick WRO DR126/704/34
CORSALANDSarah1737St. NicholasSt. Mary Warwick(ref only)WRO DR126/714
COURTThomas1744S-on-ASt. Mary Warwick(ref only)WRO DR126/714
COWLEYJohn6 Oct 1753Aston CantlowSt. Mary WarwickAnn (w) Moses Richard MaryWRO DR126/708/12
COXJohn11 May 1771BiltonHillmortonMary (w)WRO DR367/26/1-21
COXJohn21 Mar 1704/5Stretton on DunsmoreSt. Mary WarwickMary (w). CordwainerWRO DR126/698/45
COXJohn4 Mar 1745/6Tachbrook MallorySt. Mary WarwickMarianne (w) Marianne John Rachel RebeccaWRO DR126/707/9
CROFTSThomas4 May 1757Gt. HarboroughHillmortonMary (w)WRO DR367/26/1-21
CROFTSWilliam28 Mar 1766Hinckley Leics.HillmortonAnn (w) & future family. WeaverWRO DR367/26/1-21
DALEThomas29 Jun 1747Knowle Hampton in ArdenRowingtonMary (w) CordwainerWRO N5/101/3
DOLBYJoseph16 Apr 1759Swinford Leics.Hillmorton& his familyWRO DR367/26/1-21
DUGLISSWilliam12 Mar 1794ClaverdonRowingtonMary (w) Hannah (9 mths) Lab.WRO N5/101/3
FAWKESJoseph18 Dec 1781East Haddon Nths.Hillmorton WRO DR367/26/1-21
FIELDJohn20 ? 1735Wellesb. MountfordNewbold Paceyplus wifeWRO DR74/33-55
FLOWERWilliam1 Nov 1788EathorpeMartonJohn Burton - Marton, Simon Stean - Eathorpe, Mary (w)WRO DR583/52/1-27
GARRETThomas9 Jul 1787Wellesb.HastingsNewbold PaceyMary (w) Rachel (1 and one half)WRO DR74/33-55
GILBERTJohn30 Aug 1762BiltonHillmorton WRO DR367/26/1-21
GILKESWilliam4 Oct 1794Radford SemeleNewbold PaceyElizabeth (w) Hannah (15) Thomas (13) Mary (11) Rebecca (4) George (1) Lab.WRO DR74/33-55
GINKSJohn29 Oct 1739WroxhallRowingtonElizabeth (w) Ann (d)WRO N5/101/2
GOODMANWilliam30 May 1785East Farndon Nths.HillmortonFrances? (w) 1 childWRO DR367/26/1-21
GREENHILLThomas4 Apr 1777StoneleighRowingtonWife + "2 of their children"WRO N5/101/3
HALLPeter26 Jun 1796All Saints Nths.Hillmorton WRO DR367/26/1-21
HANDSWilliam7 Feb 1759Preston BagotRowingtonAlice (w)WRO N5/101/3
HARRISSRichard17 Jan 1758BalsallRowingtonMary (w)WRO N5/101/3
HARVYThomas9 Jul 1779Rowington (?)RowingtonSarah (w) Joseph John ThomasWRO N5/101/3
HAWTINJoseph17 Jan 1722CharlecoteNewbold Paceyplus wifeWRO DR74/33-55
HAWTONJoseph25 May 1722CharlecoteNewbold Paceyplus wifeWRO DR74/33-55
HENFREERobert11 Apr 1743Lutterworth Leics.HillmortonSarah (w) & childrenWRO DR367/26/1-21
HEWITT or NEWITTThomas27 Dec 1777ThurlastonHillmorton WRO DR367/26/1-21
HEWITT or NEWITTThos.27 Jul 1782ThurlastonHillmortonAlice (w) Elizabeth Ann MaryWRO DR367/26/1-21
HEYDONWilliam17 Nov 1740HaseleyRowingtonAlice (w)WRO N5/101/2
HOLMESGeorge13 Jun 1751PailtonHillmortonSarah (w)WRO DR367/26/1-21
HUDSONBenjamin30 Dec 1740St. Mary WarwickRowingtonMary (w) Mary (d)WRO N5/101/2
INSLEYWilliam25 Jul 1789Shrewley HattonRowingtonMary (w) JohnWRO N5/101/3
KNIGHTCharles4 Oct 1786HarburyNewbold Pacey WRO DR74/33-55
MANDERThomas19 Oct 1789FullbrookeRowingtonSarah (w) WilliamWRO N5/101/3
MARCHWilliam9 Apr 1741Shilton Nthants.HillmortonMary (w)WRO DR367/26/1-21
MARISSamuel29 Sep 1722Shrewley psh HattonNewbold PaceyMary (w)WRO DR74/33-55
MINSTRELJohn12 Aug 1793AlvestonNewbold PaceyJane (w) John (3 and a half) Sarah (1 and three quarters) WeaverWRO DR74/33-55
MORRISSWilliam10 Jul 1762BasfordRowingtonElizabeth (w)WRO N5/101/3
PALLMERWilliam24 Jun 1719Of N.P. at WaspertonNewbold PaceyElizabeth (w)WRO DR74/33-55
PRICEThomas3 Jun 1745Bushwood S-on-ARowingtonElizabeth (w) WRO N5/101/3
RABINJohn3 Jun 1731Wootton?Newbold PaceyKatherine (w) Lab.WRO DR74/33-55
RANDOLPHAndrew26 May 1750KenilworthRowingtonMary (w) + childrenWRO N5/101/3
REEVESamuel26 Nov 1774Clay Coton Nths.HillmortonMary (w)WRO DR367/26/1-21
RUSSELLJosiah14 Dec 1768St. Mich. Cov.Rowingtonplus familyWRO N5/101/3
SABELMartin13 Oct 1757Shrewley psh. HattonRowingtonAnn (w) Mary WilliamWRO N5/101/3
SATTONWilliam26 Sep 1748Woodford Nthants.HillmortonHannah (w) Mary William. Lab.WRO DR367/26/1-21
SAVAGESusannah26 Mar 1787Wellesb.MountfordNewbold Pacey WRO DR74/33-55
SHARPSaml.30 Nov 1774NuneatonHillmortonApprent. Acknowledging settlementWRO DR367/26/1-21
SMITHWilliam31 Oct 1710Moreton MorrellNewbold PaceyHannah (w)WRO DR74/33-55
SNETH? SMITH?Thomas31 Dec 1757SnitterfieldRowingtonMillicent (w) Elizabeth (4)WRO N5/101/3
STEANJohn10 July 1800Husbands Bosworth, LEIHillmortonSence (w), Hannah (3), Ann (10 m), Tammy weaverWRO DR 367/27/22
STEANRuth15 Oct 1793KenilworthOffchurchJohn Newbold Allesley, William Snow OffchurchWRO DR 206/69
STEANWilliam21 May 1792BarnacleWalsgrave-on-SoweHugh Gilbert, Mary (w)WRO DR 104 405/454
TEWWilliam19 Oct 1742Kimcote Leics.HillmortonBarbara (w) & childrenWRO DR367/26/1-21
TIMSJohn5 Sep 1703WaspertonNewbold PaceyAlice (w)WRO DR74/33-55
TOWERSWilliam5 Jul 1755Knowle Hampton in ArdenRowingtonMary (w) William Ann Joseph MaryWRO N5/101/3
TURNERWilliam7 Feb 1706StocktonNewbold PaceyMary (w)WRO DR74/33-55
WAGSTAFFRichard? Aug 1788Upton upn. Severn Worcs.Newbold PaceySarah (w) Joseph (3) Sarah (1)WRO DR74/33-55
WALKERJohn27 Dec 1740Northfield Worcs.RowingtonElizabeth (w) WRO N5/101/2
WATTSThomas31 Jan 1753DunchurchHillmortonSon of Richard WATTS "now inmate with Richard WATTS with his wife and succeeding family"WRO DR367/26/1-21
WEBBRichard15 Jan 1761DunchurchHillmortonAnn (w)WRO DR367/26/1-21
WHEELERJoseph9 Oct 1757ClaverdonRowingtonElizabeth (w) Joseph. Lab.WRO N5/101/3
WHITEHEADEdward23 Oct 1791Leam. HastingsNewbold PaceyMary (w)WRO DR74/33-55
WHITTACREThomas15 Jun 1798StocktonNewbold PaceyCarpenterWRO DR74/33-55
WOODWilliam7 Feb 1775RugbyHillmorton WRO DR367/26/1-21
WRIGHTONJob20 Feb 1771ClaverdonRowingtonAnthony (s) Elizabeth (d)WRO N5/101/3

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