List of Warwickshire Removals taken from various sources

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Sample Removal Order text

Name Forename Date Removed From Intended Settlement Details reference
BARTLAMAnn26 Apr 1850BirminghamRowingtonWidowWRO DR N5/104/2
BATESJoseph6 Jan 1818StoneleighRowingtonMary_Ann (w)WRO DR N5/104/2
BAYLISThomas18 Jan 1827St. John Hackney MiddlesexRowingtonMargaret (w) Ann (16 mths) female (3 days)WRO DR N5/104/2
BEAUFOYAnn ygr.27 Oct 1825BirminghamRowingtonDaughter of Ann BEAUFOY elder; the daughter is too ill to be examined; removal to be postponedWRO DR N5/104/2
BIDDLEJohn14 Mar 1818HarburyRowington WRO DR N5/104/2
BODDINGTONThomas28 Dec 1829StudleyRowingtonAnn (w) George (6) William (4) Catharine (2)WRO DR N5/104/2
BONEHAMJoseph30 Sep 1822MollingtonRowingtonPhoebe (w)WRO DR N5/104/2
CLARKEElizabeth5 May 1830St. Michael Cov.RowingtonSingle pregnantWRO DR N5/104/2
COXCharlotte12 Feb 1856MartonWappenburyWidow Richard (11) Charlotte (9) Elizabeth (7) Ann (5 and one half) Henry (3 and three quarters) Mary (1 and one half)WRO DR194/38-1/3
COXWilliam22 Jun 1829BirminghamRowingtonElleby (w) Penelope (6 mths.WRO DR N5/104/2
DURHAMThomas6 Dec 1824Stretton on DunsmoreRowingtonElizabeth (w) John (4 mths)WRO DR N5/104/2
EDKINSJohn17 Dec 1838BirminghamRowingtonMary (w) Thomas (7) George (5) William (3)WRO DR N5/104/2
GOODESarah24 Nov 1848St. Nicholas WarwickWappenburyWife of Thomas GOODE Joseph (9) Mary Ann (5) Louisa Elizabeth (3) Charlotte (?)WRO DR194/38-1/3
HANDLYSarah28 Jul 1824St. Mary WarwickRowingtonSophia (1 and three quarters) Mary_Ann (5)WRO DR N5/104/2
HANDSThomas13 Dec 1830Preston BagottRowingtonAnn (w) Emma (4) William (2)WRO DR N5/104/2
HARRISAnn9 Jul 1838Wootten WawenRowingtonRichard (4) Ann (1 and one half)WRO DR N5/104/2
KEENJohn30 Sep 1822BeausallRowingtonMary_Ann (w)WRO DR N5/104/2
KNIGHTHannah28 Oct 1823HattonRowingtonSingle illegit.WRO DR N5/104/2
LEAJohn2 Jan 1827HarburyRowingtonCharlotte (w) Thomas (2) George (6 mths)WRO DR N5/104/2
LEAAbraham1 Nov 1832BirminghamRowingtonAnn (w) George (6) Maria (5) Sarah (3)WRO DR N5/104/2
MAYFanny28 Feb 1849BirminghamRowingtonWife of Richard MAY Elizabeth (5) George (5 mths)WRO DR N5/104/2
MOORERichard3 Jan 1842PackwoodRowingtonAnn (w) Elija (5) Thomas (4) Ellen (2)WRO DR N5/104/2
MORGANJohn4 Feb 1822Wootten WawenRowingtonAnn (w)WRO DR N5/104/2
MORRISJames26 May 1830ClaverdonRowingtonMaria (w) George (10) Thomas (8) James Emanuel (6) Josiah (4) John (1 and one half)WRO DR N5/104/2
OAKESElizabeth24 Nov 1832ShrewleyRowingtonWife of Edward OAKES "who hath gone away"WRO DR N5/104/2
PAINTINWilliam17 Jan 1821Spelsbury Oxon.RowingtonElenor (w) Charles (9 mths)WRO DR N5/104/2
READINGSelina2 May 1834FoleshillRowingtonJoseph (3). WidowWRO DR N5/104/2
SAUNDERSWilliam26 Sep 1832Kingston upon Thames SurreyRowington"Prisoner confined for debt in the Town Gaol"WRO DR N5/104/2
SLYElizabeth6 Feb 1832BirminghamRowington WRO DR N5/104/2
SMITHJane1 May 1830LapworthRowingtonWife of Thomas SMITH BlacksmithWRO DR N5/104/2
STEANEJohn Williamc. 1859EathorpeSouthamillegitimate son of Rosannah Steane deceased, 4 years oldWRO DR583/51/186-145
STEPHENSONWilliam16 Jan 1830Halesowen ShropshireRowingtonSarah (w) Joseph (6) Ann (3)WRO DR N5/104/2
UPTONJob7 Oct 1822StoneleighRowingtonHester (w) William (9 mths)WRO DR N5/104/2
WEALEGeorge21 Jun 1828HattonRowingtonJudith (w) George (9 mths)WRO DR N5/104/2

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