This is a sample text from a Warwickshire Removal Order:

Thanks to Sheila Steane for supplying this example

Removal DR583/51/186-145 Warwick Record Office Township of Eathorpe in the County of Warwick. In the matter of John William Steane a pauper aged about 4 years. To the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of the Parish of Southam in the County of Warwick take notice that the above named John William Steane now residing at the Warwick Union Workhouse become and is now chargeable to the said Township of Eathorpe and is now receiving relief from the said township and that an Order of Justices has been obtained for his removal to your said Parish of Southam as his last place of legal settlement a duplicate of which order and also a statement of the grounds of removal concluding particulars of the Settlement relied upon in support thereof are herewith sent. And take notice that the following are the grounds of the said removal including the particulars of the settlement relied upon by us in support thereof.

For that the said John William Steane is the illegitimate son of Rosannah Steane deceased and is 4 years old. That the said Rosannah Steane deceased was the wife of Simeon Steane deceased to whom she was married at the Parish Church of Wappenbury about 8 years ago.

That the said Simeon Steane (deceased) in or about the year 1847 was bound apprentice by an indenture duly stamped and executed to Mr William Carvell butcher of your said parish of Southam and that the said William Carvell received a premium with the said apprentice of 29 and upwards which premium was paid him by Mr Joseph Russell now residing in Leamington. That the said Simeon Steane as such apprentice remained in his masters service under the said indenture for a period of 2 years and upwards and during that period he resided and slept in the house of his said master William Carvell situate and being in the said parish of Southam.

That the said Simeon Steane died about 6 years ago without doing any act to gain any subseqnent settlement and that Rosannah Steane deceased the mother of the said pauper John William Steane did not acquire any settlement after the death of her husband the said Simeon Steane.

And also that the said John William Steane has come to and is now inhabiting in the Township of Eathorpe and before and at the time of the making of the said order was, still is chargeable to the said Township of Eathorpe and receiving relief therefrom.

Examination witness, William Carvell of Southam in the County of Warwickshire, Edwin John Hands of the said Township of Eathorpe, Blacksmith, and Robert Singlehurst one of the Overseers of the Poor of the same township.

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