Apprentices for Monks Kirby

List of names taken from an unknown source for the apprenticeships from Monks Kirby
Further details may be available from the PRO on reference number DR155/6

Published here by kind permission of the UK Public Records Office
Transcription kindly submitted by David Wood

NameForename(s)Date NotesMaster Details
AllenArabella22.12.1779d/o George of M.KJoseph Hurst of Hinckley, FWK
ColledgeMary3.12.1800d/o MaryGeorge Dudley of Burbage, FWK
CollinsThos.9.12.1810s/o Jerry & AnnSamuel Roberson of Burbage, FWK
CollinsWm.4.7.1810s/o JosephJohn Townsend of Burbage, FWK
CroftWm.7.8.1813s/o Thos & JaneThomas Showell of Hinckley, FWK
CroftElizabeth30.7.1787d/o deceasedSamuel Palmer of Hinckley, FWK
DavenportMary26.1.1815s/o Thomas & ElizabethJames Crow of Burbage FWK
DavenportT.3.8.1795s/o JosephThomas Showell of Hinckley, FWK
EsecksJohn16.5.1807s/o JosephJohn Wright of Hinckley, FWK
EsecksWm.27.5.1799s/o JosGarratt Foxton of Burbage, FWK
GoddardEdward2.11.1753s/o MaryGarratt Foxton of Burbage, FWK
HarbertThos.25.4.1767 Thomas Showell of Hinckley, FWK
HeelThos.14.4.1809 John Smith of Burbage, taylor
HeelWm.2.9.1776 Garratt Foxton of Burbage, FWK
HeelThos.2.9.1776 John Foxton of Burbage, FWK
HerbertThos.11.9.1787 James Jackson of Hinckley, FWK
LewisGeorge20.4.1779 William Foxton of Burbage, FWK
LiddollsMichael13.1.1738 John Underhill, Leics, FWK
MalinWm.3.5.1784 John Foxton of Burbage, FWK
MawJoseph13.9.1803 Richard Cooper of Hinckley, FWK
MawJoseph29.3.1815 Joseph Maw of Hinckley, FWK
MawWm.12.11.1795 Joseph Marson of Hinckley, FWK
MawThos.13.9.1802 Richard Cooper of Hinckley, FWK
MerryJohn2.11.1804 Esau Marvin of Earl Shilton, FWK
MerryJoseph2.11.1804 Esau Marvin of Earl Shilton, FWK
MerryWm.4.7.1810 Samuel Robinson of Burbage, FWK
NicholsJos1799 Thomas Nichols of Burbage, FWK
PalmerJoseph1786 Samuel Palmer of Hinckley, FWK
PaybodyJohn20.1.1757 John Tilley of Hinckley, FWK
PerryRichard16.12.1811 George Pallet of Burbage, FWK
RobinsonWm.21.4.1788 William Tomlin of Hinckley, FWK
SansumRobert3.8.1795 John Wright of Hinckley, FWK
SidmanGeorge21.3.1789 Jhn King of Hinckley, FWK
SmithJohn10.10.1789 William Tomlin of Hinckley, FWK
StaffordJohn7.7.1759 John Wright of Hinckley, FWK
TurlandFanny20.6.1780 Thomas Flude of Hinckley, FWK

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