Misc Inns and Taverns in Warwickshire S - W

Inns and Taverns in Shilton, Shipston-Upon-Stour, Shotswell, Southam, Stockton, Stoke, Stretton, Studley,
Tanworth, Tardebigge, Tiddington, Tysoe, Ullenhall,
Walsgrave upon Sowe, Wappenbury, Webheath, Wellesbourne Mountford, Wellesbourne Hastings,
Weston-Under-Wetherley, Whatcott, Willoughby, Withybrook, Wolfhamcote, Wolford, Wolston, Wolverton, Wolvey, Wooton Wawen
taken from the directory of F. White and Co.'s Warwickshire, dated 1874.
Kindly supplied by Brian Blackford

Inns and Taverns in Shilton:
Fox Inn, Edwin Meakin,
Crown, Frank Sansom,
Inns and Taverns in Shipston-Upon-Stour:
Bell comm. and posting Hotel, Geo. Marshall, Sheep St.
Black Bear, john Brewer, High St.
Black Horse, John Vincent
Crown, Joseph Summerton, Sheep St.
George Comm. and posting Hotel, Fdk. Neale, High St.
Harrow, W. Harrison, Sheep St.
Swan Inn, Caleb Braginton, West St.
The Horse Shoe, John Gillett, Church St.
White Bear, George Gardner, High St.
White Horse, Joseph, Collett, Church St.
Inns and Taverns in Shotswell:
Flying Horse, Mrs. Elizabeth White, Thos. White
Inns and Taverns in Southam:
Beeswing, John Griffin, High St.
Black Dog, John Stephens, Market Place
Black Horse, Mary Timms, Warwick Road
Bowling Green, George Cook, Coventry St.
Blue Pig, Geo. Berry, Oxford St.
Buck and Bell, George Collins, Coventry St.
Bull, Comm. and Posting Hotel, Lovell Cowley, Daventry St.
Craven Arms, Comm. and Posting Hotel, John Mash, High St.
Crown Inn, Elizabeth Pratt, Daventry St.
Dun Cow, Hy. Butlin, Daventry Road
Harp Inn, William Boswell
Horse and Jockey, John Adams, Coventry St.
Red Lion, Timothy Trench, Coventry St.
Woodbine Cottage, Wm. Bicknell, Thorpe Bridge
Inns and Taverns in Stockton:
Barley Mow, Rd. Church
Blue Lias Inn, Miss Jane Sanders, beerhouse & coal dealer
Inns and Taverns in Stoke:
Bull's Head, George Smith.
New Inn, John Boulton, Bull's Head Lane
Old Bull, William Chattaway, Upper Stoke
Old Red Horse, Mark Tuckey, allotments
Inns and Taverns in Stretton:
Shoulder of Mutton, Richard Allistone and butcher
Oak and Black Dog, Thomas Harris
Dunn Cow Inn, Job Turrall & grocer & provision dealer & post master
Inns and Taverns in Studley:
Barley Mow Inn, Horatio Fletcher
Bell Inn, John Whitehead
Boot Inn, Joshua Cooper, Mappleborough Green
Bricklayer's Arms, Geo. Richards & builder
Griffin inn, Francis Morrall
Marlborough Head Inn, John Mellen
Nag's Head, Thos. Threadgold
Royal Oak, Bernard Waring
Swan, Richard Orme
Inns and Taverns in Tanworth:
Bell Inn, William Summers
Blue Bell, William Fardon, Waring's Green
Crown Inn, William Allsop, Monkspath Street
George and Dragon, Frederick Checkley
Malt Shovel, Thomas Wilcox & carpenter
Old Red Lion, Charles Wagstaff, Earlswood
Reservoir Tavern, Jph. Osborne
Inns and Taverns in Tardebigge, Tutnall and Cobley:
Plymouth Arms, Ambrose Moythan
Inns and Taverns in Tiddington:
Crown Inn, John Bruce, vict & machinist
Inns and Taverns in Tysoe:
Peacock Inn, Wm. Bowers, vict. & grazier
Inns and Taverns in Ullenhall:
Spur and Wing Inn, Wm. Turner, vict., butcher, baker
Inns and Taverns in Walsgrave upon Sowe:
Boat Inn, John Eaglestone, Sowe Fields
Craven Arms, Wm. Jones,
Crown, Wm. Holland, Hawkesbury
Horse and Jockey, Joseph Hill, Hawkesbury
Jolly Collier, Sarah Walker, Sowe Waste
Red Lion, Hannah Barnett ,
Inns and Taverns in Wappenbury:
Plough, Eliz. Heritage, Eathhorpe
Inns and Taverns in Webheath:
Rose and Crown, Wm. Andrews
Inns and Taverns in Wellesbourne Mountford:
Peacock, Jane Baker
Stag's Head, Mary Baker
Inns and Taverns in Wellesbourne Hastings:
King's Head Comm. Hotel, Mrs. Ann Charles, & farmer
Talbot Hotel, Anne Laugher, and farmer
Inns and Taverns in Weston-Under-Wetherley:
Bull Inn, John Eales, vict. & grazier
Inns and Taverns in Whatcott:
Royal Oak Inn, Stephen Mumford
Inns and Taverns in Willoughby:
The Rose, Richd. Rowledge
Inns and Taverns in Withybrook:
Half Moon, George Smith,
Inns and Taverns in Wolfhamcote:
Old Olive Bush, Thomas Hancock, Flecnoe
Inns and Taverns in Wolford:
Fox and Hounds, John Dyer, & carpenter
Inns and Taverns in Wolston:
Half Moon Inn, Hannah Garratt
Inns and Taverns in Wolverton:
Old Red Horse, Geo. Clarke, vict. & shopkeeper
Inns and Taverns in Wolvey:
Axe and Compass, Mary Knight, Wolvey heath
Bull's Head Inn, John York,
Inns and Taverns in Wooton Wawen:
Navigation Inn, Wm. Ivens

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