Inns and Taverns in Kenilworth

Inns and Taverns in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, taken from the directory of
F. White and Co.'s Warwickshire, dated 1874.
Kindly supplied by Brian Blackford

Albion Tavern, Phillip Watson, Albion Street
Bear and Ragged Staff, Samuel Goode, Castle End
Bowling Green, John Phillips, Abbey Hill
Castle and Green Hotel, Joshua Blackwell, Castle Green
Clarendon Arms, Jane Tuckey, Castle Green
Coventry Cross, Mrs. Harriet Page, New Street
Earl of Clarendon Inn, George Tarry, Castle Inn
Engine, Alfred Clarke Boddington, Mill End
Globe Inn, William Harding, Castle End
Green Man, Henry Clark, Castle End
King's Arms and Castle Hotel, George B. Dempster, Castle End
Rose and Crown, Edwin Spier, Castle End
Royal Oak Inn, Thomas Brown, New Street
Virgin's Inn and Castle Tavern, Jonathan Prime, High Street
White Lion Inn, William Henry White, Castle End

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