Inns and Taverns in Coventry

Inns and Taverns in Coventry, Warwickshire, taken from the directory of
F. White and Co.'s Warwickshire, dated 1874.
Kindly supplied by Brian Blackford

Acorn, Jane Bant Cole, 1 Cox St
Admiral Sir E. Codrington, Thos. Burden, 13 Radford road
Albion Tavern, William Berry, 46 Thomas street
Alma, David Bonham, 80 Howard street
Arcade, Harriet Forsyth, 6 Market street
Anchor, Henry John P. Pearson, 90 West Orchard
Anchor and Smith, Thos. Smout, 69 Gosford street
Angel, John Smith, 1 Cook St
Antelope, Thomas Riley, 92 Gosford street
Aylesford Inn, Mark Edwards, Aylesford street
Bablake Boy, Francis Welch, 41 Cow lane
Barley Mow, John Harris, 52 Leicester street
Bee Hive, John Deeming, 19 Tower street
Bell, William King, 60 Grey Friars' lane
Ben Johnson, Robert Causer, 18 New street
Binley Oak, William Nightingale, 27 Paynes' lane
Bird-in-Hand, James Bates, 96 Little Park street
Black Dog, Walter Chatland, 26 White Friars' street
Black Horse, Mary Keene, 78 Spon end
Black Lion, Joseph Cater, 112 Gosford street
Black Prince, Thos. Page Johnson, 79 Much Park street
Black Swan, William Mason, 123 Spon street
Blue Pig, Jane Gardner, 33 Gosford street
Board, William Shuttlebotham, 1 Lower Ford street
Bowling Green, George Jephcott, Harnall lane
Brewer and Baker, Jas. Hughes, 83 East street
Brewers' Arms, William Raxton, 71 Craven street Chapelfields
Brewers' Arms, Henry Barton, 26 Bond street
Britannia, James Greatrex, 65 New street
British Queen, John Pritchard, 48 St. John street
Broomfield Tavern, Reuben Hy. Richardson, Broomfield place
Buck and Crown, John Joseph Parker, Radford
Buck & Crown, Benjamin Coles, 49 Bond street
Bull's Head (Commercial), Saml. Morris, 9 Bishop street
Bull and Anchor, John Hill, Bishop street _
Butchers' Arms, James Johnson, 11 New buildings
Canal Tavern, Luther Drakeford, 5 Leicester row
Canteen, Barracks, Smithford St
Castle Hotel (Comm. & Posting), Mr. Jackson, 8 Broadgate
Chauntry Tavern, John Westley, 20 Chauntry place
Chequers, Charles Muston, 36 Little Park street
City Arms, David Dalgliesh, Market st. & Cross Cheaping
City Arms, John Doughty, Earlsdon terrace, Earlsdon
City Arms, Charles Naylor, 34 Fleet street
City Mill, Catherine Loveridge, Cox street
Clarendon Arms, William Archer, 42 Bailey lane
Coach and Horses, Benj. Smart, 39 Much Park street
Coachmakers' Arms, Samuel Allen, 64 Thomas. street
Combe Abbey Tavern, John Yardley, 21 Craven street, Chapelfields
Cottage, Robert Taylor, 15 St. John street
Cottage, Isaac Molesworth, 44 Leicester street
Coventry Cross, William Whitehead, 29 Cross Cheaping
Cranes Inn, John Taylor, 1 Leicester row, Bishop street
Craven Arms (Comm. & Posting), William D. Claridge, 28 High street
Craven Arms, Joseph Evans, 65 Craven Street, Chapelfields
Cricketers' Arms, Arthur Pickwick Friswell, 145 Far Gosford street
Cross Keys, John Kelley, 16 Earl street
Crystal Palace, Joseph Cattell, 3 Burgess
Dolphin Inn, John Crichton, Market place
Dyers' Arms (Old), Caroline Baker, 4 Spon End
Dyers' Arms, Joseph Jelley, 152 Spon Street
Dun Cow, William Barnett, 43 Jordan well
Eagle Vaults, Tom Powell, 48 Spon street
Eagle Vaults, Henry French, 1 Well street
Earlsdon Cottage, Geo. Harper, Warwick street, Earlsdon
Elephant and Castle, Richard Charnock, 51 High street, Hill fields
Falcon, George North, 58 Well st
Five Ways Tavern, John Edwin Falconbridge, 40 Harnall lane
Fleur de Lis, George Scampton, 43 Smithford street
Foresters' Arms, Joseph Poole, 16 Raglan street
Fountain, Maria Howe, 29 Cross Cheaping
Fox Inn, John Wilson, 5 Cook st
Fox and Vivian, John Shillcock Harby, 49 Gosford street
Freemasons' Tavern, Samuel Truelove, Tews' lane
Garabaldi Inn, James Brown, 31 Silver street
Gas Tavern, Walter Beaumont, 25 & 26 Gas street
George Hotel(Comm. & Posting), Jph. Graynoth, Little Park st
George Hotel, Thomas Pollard, 30 1/2 Yardley street
George IV., Hy. Hall, l6 Fleet St
Globe, James Stringer, 103 Much Park street
Globe, Emma Needham, 28 Albion street
Gloucester Arms, Wm. Chandler, Stoney Stanton road
Golden Cross, Robert Warrington, 8 Hay lane
Golden Cup, George Matthews, 35 Far Gosford street
Golden Horse, Charles Munn, 64 Hertford street
Golden Lion Museum, David Smith, 9 New buildings
Golden Lion, Charles Barnacle, 41 High street, Hillfields
Grapes, Elizabeth Butler, 27 Warwick lane
Grapes Inn, Thos. Henson, Radford
Green Man, Joseph Haughton, 145 Much Park street
Grey Friar, William Walker, 66 Grey Friars' lane
Greyhound, Reuben Stanbridge, 110 Much Park street
Half Moon, Daniel Gilbert, 62 Yardley street
Hand and Heart, Joseph William Stokes, 119 Far Gosport st
Hare and Hounds, Wm. Hewitt, 32 High street, Hillfields
Hare and Hounds, Richd. Taylor, 136 Far Gosford street
Hare and Squirrel, Edwin Broom, Cow lane
Hearsall Inn, George Cowley, 23 Craven street, Chapelfields
Hen and Chickens, Geo. Hollick, 1 Butts
Hertford Arms, Henry Bird, 116 Far Gosford street
Hertford Tavern, Felix Charles Testot, 1 Junction st. Butts
Hill Cross Tavern, Edw. Barton, 1 Abbotts lane
Holly Bush, Thomas Dowse, Cook street
Hope and Anchor ,James Thompson jun., 38 Sherbourne street
Hope and Anchor, Joseph Bradford, 8 Tower street
Hope and Anchor, William Lee, 17 White Friars' lane
Hop Pole, William Batchelor, 16 Leicester row
Horse and Jockey, Chas. Allen, 40 St. John street
Hospital Inn, Mark Makepeace, Stoney Stanton road
Ivy Cottage, Wm. Gill, 18 King William street
Hotel, Robt.Choules, 1 Broadgate
Jolly Weavers, Amos and Mary Eliz. Lee, 16 Silver street
Kenilworth Castle, Mrs. Mary Ann Smith, 89 Hertford street
King's Head Hotel (Comm and Posting), Miss Mary Ann Sabin, 5 Smithford st & 8 Hertford st
King's Head, Frederick Addison, 60 Little Park street
Lamp, John Green, 13 Cook st
Lamp, Wm. Anstee 23 Market st
Lamb and Flag, Robert Tipping, 147 Spon street
Leicester Inn, Thomas Cockrill, Stoney Stanton road
Leopard, James Wilcox, 64 Smithford street
Leopard, Joseph Bywater, 83 Primrose Hill street
Livery .Stables, Thomas Smith, 39 New street
Lord Nelson, William Holt, 56 Smithford street
Lord Leigh, Charles Longslow, Lower Ford street
Malt Shovel, Thomas North, 93 Spon end
Mattock and Spade, Mrs. Winifred Barnacle, l6 Jordan well
Mechanics' Arms, Thomas Pearman, 30 Spon street
Meriden Tavern, Joseph Reeve, 64 New buildings
Mermaid, John E. Wright, 109 Gosford street
Moat House, George Budd, 26 Moat street
Moria Arms, Joseph Horton, Drapers' fields
Mount Pleasant Inn, Henry Hartopp, 41 Raglan street
Nag's Head Inn, James Thompson, 42 Spon end
New Inn, Barker King, 68 King William Street
New Inn, Wm. Lea, 57 Gosford st
New Inn, George Godfrey, 44 Craven street, Chapelfields
Newdegate Arms & Railway Inn, Walter Beaumont, 11 Hill st
Nursery Tavern, Thomas John Oates, 98 Lord st, Chapelfields
Odd Fellows' Arms, Mary Freckerton, 1 Bond street
Old Chase, Benjamin Lissiman, 43 Gosford street
Old Half Moon, Joseph Feltham, jun., 27 Hertford place
Old Mitre, William Hill,140 Much Park street
Old Star, Hy. Hands, 31 Earl st
Old Star, Henry Russell, Cox st
Old Tower, William Swain, 21 Cook street
Old Wheel, James Vickers, 2 Leicester row
Old Windmill, William Cattell, 23 Spon street
Peacock, John Bloxham, 80 Gosford street
Peeping Tom, Charles Reuben Sparkes, 13 Bull ring
Pheasant Inn, Wm. Henry Green, 27 Well street
Pilgrim, James Hastings, Ironmonger row
Pilot, Wm. Raby, 48 Much Park st
Pitt's Head, Daniel Claridge, 66 Far Gosford street
Plough, James Malin, 9 Spon st
Plough, Chas. Cross, 14 London Rd
Priory Tavern, Thomas Taylor, 58 New buildings
Primrose Hill Tavern, Edmund Jas. Rose, 96 King William st
Prince of Wales, John Hassall, 77 Thomas street
Punch Bowl, George Ingraham, 104 Spon end
Queen's Arms, Thomas Breen, 18 Cross Cheaping
Queen's Arms, Joseph Feltham, 60 Spon street
Queen's Inn, Ephraim Barnes, 140 Primrose Hill Street
Raglan Tavern, John Read, 66 Raglan street
Railway Inn, Mrs. James Hatton, 44 Hertford street
Rainbow, Josiah Stokes, 15 Cook street
Recruiting Sergeant, Wm. Smith, 14 Spon street
Red House, Thos. Venn, Stoney Stanton road
Red Lion, Hy. Kemp, Hertford st
Rein Deer, Benj. Read, 48 Well st
Ring of Bells Hotel, James Bamford, 51 Yardley street
Rising Sun, James Barr, 181 Spon street
Robin Hood, Richard Hands, 18 Gosford street
Rodney's Head, Elizabeth Nightingale, Much Park street
Rose Inn, Samuel Sidwell, 33 Much Park street
Rose, Edward Fossey, 5 Well st
Rose & Crown, Joseph Haywood, High street
Rose and Woodbine, John Watts, Stoney Stanton road
Royal Albert, Addison Geo. Davis, 40 Gilbert street
Royal Exchange, Alfred Borton, 11 High street, Hillfields
Royal Oak, Benj. Tedd, Whitley
Royal Oak, William Masters, 119 Gosford street
Royal Oak, Richard Welton, Earl street, Earlsdon
Royal Sailor, Thomas B. Atkin, 25 Upper Well street
Russel Arms, Thomas Essex, 63 Butts
Salutation, George Burnett, 29 London road
Sampson and Lion, Mary Russell, Swanswell place
Seven Stars, Richard Kimberley,
Smithford Inn, Joseph Barker, 10 Hales street
Shakspeare, Jph. Arch, 18 Spon st
Shamrock, Jno. Beers, 87 Spon st
Sidwell's Vaults, David Sidwell, 14 Market street
Sir John Campbell, Thos. Preedy, 122 Gosford street
Sir Thomas White, William Hutt, Norton street
Spittlemore Inn, William Henry Wells, 49 Lower Ford street
Spirit Vaults, Charles Sumner, 60 Cross Cheaping
Spirit Vaults, John Dell, 1 Smithford street and Lower Ford st
Spirit Vaults, Mary H. Spencer, 30 Cross Cheaping
Spirit Vaults, William Morris, 17 Smithford street
Spirit Vaults, Hy & Jph. Suffolk, 35 Smithford street
Spirit Vaults, Waters & Co., 29 High street
Spirit Vaults, Chas. Sumner jun., Freeth street
Spirit Vaults, P.J. Pickering, 31a High street
Spotted Dog, William Jarrard, Butcher row
Spotted Dog, Wm.Brennand, 75 Spon street
Spread Eagle, Wm. Bickerton, West Orchard
Squirrel, Walter Leeson, 31 Little Park street
Stag Inn, James Hopkins, 20 Bishop street
Star and Garter, Benjn. Jackson, 3 Bishop street
Star and Garter, Thos. Bagshaw, 39 Albert street
Station Refreshment Rooms, Wm. Hicks Berkley, Warwick road
Stoneleigh Abbey, Edmund Pywell, Hertford street
Summerland Tavern, Benjamin Archer, 49 Butts
Sun Dial, Reuben Deeming, 34 Lord street, Chapelfields
Swan, Josiah Morton, 7 Yardley st
Swanswell Inn, Eliza Swain, 9 Swanswell street
Swanswell Tavern, Mary Russell, Swanswell
Sword & Mace, Robt.Smith, Earl st
Sydenham Palace, Robt. Higgitt, Cox street
Talbot Inn, Thomas Twigger, 10 Cross Cheaping
Thistle, Thomas Wheatley, 66 West Orchard
Three Compasses, William Newbold, 17 Thomas street
Three Horse Shoes, Wm. Barlow, 40 Bishop street
Three Horse Shoes, Saml. Priestley, Stoney Stanton road
Three Shuttles, William Edwards, 33 Howard street
Three Tuns Comm & Posting Hotel, Jonas Keartland, 1 Warwick row
Toby's Head, John Smith, 1 Pepper lane
Trafalgar Arms, James Bateman, 18 Trafalgar street
Turk's Head, Samuel Goddard, 46 Warwick lane
Turk's Head, George Yardley, 29 Silver street
Union Arm, George Welsh, 52 Union street. Butts
Unicorn, Jas. Hegan, 16 Burgess
Vauxhall Tavern, Samuel Smith, 12 Vauxhall terrace
Victoria Inn (now Spotted Dog), 75 Spon street
Victoria Theatre, John Garnett Taylor, 38 Fleet street
Victoria Vaults, Jabez Calcott, 12 Victoria street, Hillfields
Wagon and Horses, Geo. Whittaker, 14 Sherbourne place
Wagon and Horses, Mary Ann Shepperd, 7 Well street
Walsall Arms, Richard Wallis, 47 Cox street
Watchmakers' Arms, Saml. Russell, 36 Spon street
Waterloo Tavern, Jas. Bullock Evans, 29 Brook street
Welsh Harp, Lydia Brown, 24 Market street
Wheat Sheaf, Patrick J. Nicholas, 30 West Orchard
White Bear, Sarah Ainge, 42 New street
White Bear, Eliza Gordon, 4 Leicester row
White Friar, William Reading, 76 Much Park street
White Friar (Old), Walter Butler, 73 Much Park street
White Hart, Jonathan Foster, 52 Much Park street
White Horse, John Whittem Loveitt, 29 Bailey lane
White Horse, Joseph Hitchins, 49 East street
White Lion, Wm. Moon, Smithford street
White Lion, Wm. Whitehead, 7 Gosford green
White Rose, Henry Sanders, 19 Market street
White Swan, Hy. Smith, 1 Hill st
William IV., Richard Matthews, Spon street
Windmill, Charles Banbury, 105 Spon street
Wine and Spirit Vaults, James Colley (wholesale and retail), 19 Smithford st
Woolpack Inn, William Lamb, 45 St. John street
Woolpack, Frederick Parker, 149 Spon street

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