Street Index to the 1841 Warwickshire FreeCen Transcriptions

Here's a list of the streets mentioned in Piece Number 1153 Coventry - Holy Trinity:

Note: Whilst this lists all the streetnames, squares, etc. mentioned, it doesn't give all spelling variations
hence there may be e.g. Albert Pl, Albert Place, Albert Pl Winn St, Albert Pl, Winn St. etc.
Where possible, the variation for terraces and places that show the road they are off is used.
Courts without names or with just numbers, and individual houses or buildings are not listed.

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COVENTRY - Holy Trinity

Civil Parish Location Street Name Piece Number
CoventryHoly TrinityAdelaide St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityAgnes Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityAlbert St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityAnsons Yd, Freeth St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBall And Anchor Yard1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBarnacles Yard, New St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBecks Yard1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBishop Gate Green1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBishop St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBooths Yard, West Orchard 1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBradshaws Yd1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBrewery St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBrick Kiln1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBroad Gate1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBull Ring1153
CoventryHoly TrinityBurgess1153
CoventryHoly TrinityButcher Row1153
CoventryHoly TrinityCanterbury St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityChauntry Place1153
CoventryHoly TrinityCherry St Hill Cross1153
CoventryHoly TrinityColdicutts Yd, West Orchard1153
CoventryHoly TrinityCook St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityCook St College1153
CoventryHoly TrinityCook St Square1153
CoventryHoly TrinityCook St Tower1153
CoventryHoly TrinityCross Cheaping1153
CoventryHoly TrinityDerby Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityDog Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityDrapers Field1153
CoventryHoly TrinityEast St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityFar Gosford St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityFoleshill Rd1153
CoventryHoly TrinityFreeth St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityGas St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityGosford Terrace1153
CoventryHoly TrinityGreat Butcher Row1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHarnall Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHarnall Lane Toll Barr1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHarnall St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHarnall Terrace1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHarnall Toll Bar1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHarnell1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHarnell Place1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHenry St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHigh St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHigh St Hill Field1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHill Cross1153
CoventryHoly TrinityHill Top1153
CoventryHoly TrinityIn Boats1153
CoventryHoly TrinityIronmonger Row1153
CoventryHoly TrinityJacksons Yard Henry St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityJeffery Wood Cross1153
CoventryHoly TrinityKing William St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityLeicester Place1153
CoventryHoly TrinityLeicester Rd1153
CoventryHoly TrinityLeicester Row1153
CoventryHoly TrinityLittle Butcher Row1153
CoventryHoly TrinityMalt Hse Yd, or Coldicotts Yd1153
CoventryHoly TrinityMarket Place1153
CoventryHoly TrinityMarket St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityMatt House Yard1153
CoventryHoly TrinityMill Dam1153
CoventryHoly TrinityMill Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityMillers Alley1153
CoventryHoly TrinityNew St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityNewarks Yard Mill Dam1153
CoventryHoly TrinityNr Pudding Pits1153
CoventryHoly TrinityOld Lockhurst Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityPalmer Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityPaynes Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityPepper Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityPilgrim Yard, Palmer Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityPrimrose Hill1153
CoventryHoly TrinityPrimrose Hill St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityPriory1153
CoventryHoly TrinityPriory Row1153
CoventryHoly TrinityPriory Yard1153
CoventryHoly TrinityRadford Rd1153
CoventryHoly TrinityRiggs Yard, Henry St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityRood Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySilver St1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySmithford St1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySpriggs Row Hill Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySpring Grove1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySprng Gardens1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySt Nicholas Place1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySt Nicholas St1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySt. Agnes Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySummerby Row1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySummersby Rd1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySwan St1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySwanswell1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySwanswell Field1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySwanswell Place1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySwanswell St1153
CoventryHoly TrinitySwanswell Terrace1153
CoventryHoly TrinityTower St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityTown Wall1153
CoventryHoly TrinityTrinity Church Yard1153
CoventryHoly TrinityUpper Well St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityVictoria Place1153
CoventryHoly TrinityVictoria St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityWarfe1153
CoventryHoly TrinityWatts Yard, West Orchard 1153
CoventryHoly TrinityWell St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityWest Orchard1153
CoventryHoly TrinityWeston St1153
CoventryHoly TrinityWhitmore Park1153
CoventryHoly TrinityWind Mill Lane1153
CoventryHoly TrinityYard New Buildings1153

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