1836 Inhabitants of Chilvers Coton, Warwickshire

A List of the Inhabitants of Chilvers Coton with the number of children
in their respective families under fourteen years of age. 1836

This list was donated to me by Wendy Boland, who states that the data has not been
double-checked. You should regard this as a secondary source for your research
If you want to confirm the entry, see LDS film No: 557300. The original can be viewed at
The Warwickshire County Record office, please ask for document DR374/99
I regret that I cannot supply any additional information on this listing, which is
provided for your information and as a guide for further research

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Inhabitant Forename No of Children Residence Employment Of what Parish Property Owner Remarks
ALLTON Willm Bull RingLabourerGreen HillC N NewdegateForeman over Parish Rounds
ALLTON James Sees lane Heath EndBrickmakerGreen HillC N Newdegate 
ALLTON John1Coton Lawn LabourerAnsleyC N Newdegate 
ALLTON Widow Bonds Yd Heath EndWeaverGreen HillWilliam Clark 
ARCHERWm Sees Lane Heath EndCollier & VictuallerCotonTown Houses 
BAKERAnn Bull RingWinderBulkingtonMr Mace 
BAKER Edward2Wash LaneWeaverNuneatonThos GarrattLame
BAKER Thomas2Church EndWeaver CotonC N Newdegate 
BAKER John2Bow'd Lane Heath EndVictuallerCotonOwn Property 
BALLARDJohn5Bridge StreetShoemaker & Parish ClerkCotonOwn Property 
BALLARD Richard Virgins InnWeaverCotonOwn Property 
BANNISTER Aaron Bull RingCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
BANNISTER James2Bull RingPotterCotonWillm Payne 
BARBER John1College StreetCollierCotonJohn Wood 
BARNETT Leonard Heath EndWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
BARRACLOUGH 1Coton roadGlazier & PainterNuneatonThomas Hardy 
BATES Henry Canal SideTailorNot KnownThos Weaving 
BATES Widow4Heath EndSeamstressAtherstoneC N Newdegate 
BATHERLYWm Bull RingBlacksmith in Colliery Robert Turner 
BATHERLY Willm CollieryBlacksmith F Newdegate 
BEAL John Wash LaneCollierNuneatonMr Craddock 
BEASLEYMartha GriffWasherwomanCotonF Newdegate 
BEASLEYJoseph GriffBasketmakerWolveyF Newdegate 
BEASLEY Willm Wash LaneBeggingCotonC N Newdegate 
BEASLEY Thos Senior Sees Lane Heath EndLime BurnerCotonTown House 
BEASLEY Thos Junior4Sees Lane Heath EndShoemakerCotonWith his Father 
BEASLEY Henry5Sees Lane Heath EndCollierClaydonJohn Baker 
BEASLEY John3Sees Lane Heath EndLabourer C N Newdegate 
BENNETT Widow Bridge StreetWeaverCotonWith Wd How 
BETTRIDGEThos1Coton RoadLabourerCotonThos Allen 
BINDLEY Mrs Coton roadIndependentCotonExs of Darbin 
BINN Thos Far LawnLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
BOFFIN Wm5Bridge StreetLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
BOLSTRIDGE Francis4bull RingLabourer in CollieryCotonRobert Turner 
BOND David Bonds Yd Heath EndBaker & GroocerCotonWilliam Clark 
BONNER Robert Bonds Yd Heath EndLabourer in CollieryNuneatonWm Clark 
BONSOR John3Stone Houses GriffCollierColeortonC N Newdegate 
BRADBURY Widow & Daug1Heath EndWeaverHinckleyC N NewdegateThe Daughter's Child illegitimate
BRADFORD Widow & Daug1Virgins InnLaundressCotonC N NewdegateThe Daughter's Child Illegitimate
BRADNOCK Willm3Wash LaneRope SpinnerCotonJoseph Scrivener 
BROADWAYCharles5College StreetCollierFolshillC N Newdegate 
BROADWAY Samuel4Tattlers bank Heath EndCollierFolshillRichd Stratton 
BROWNJohn5Bridge StreetShoemakerCotonC N Newdegate 
BROWN John1Daulmans RowLabourerChilvers CotonJohn Daulman 
BROWN Samuel2Mill EndWeaverCotonOwn Property 
BRUNT John2Coton RoadBricklayerCotonOwn Property 
BRYANN Willm Canal SideVictualler & BoatmanFolshillMrs Tinsley 
BUCKLER Thomas College StreetCollierCotonJohn Wood 
BUGDEN Thos Coton RoadWeaverFolshillJohn Brunt 
BULL Willm1GriffBlackmsith C N Newdegate 
BUNNEY Avery Common Gate Heath EndWeaverFolshillThos Allen 
BURTON James1Bridge StreetShoemakerBedworthWd Knight 
BUSWELL Thomas Coton RoadLabourerHinckleyThos Grimes 
BUSWELL   College StreetCarpenterCotonMrs Varnom 
BUSWELL Willm1Tattlers Bank Heath EndWeaverCotonC N NewdegateParish Clerk of Astley
BUTTLER George3Church End LabourerCotonThos Hollick 
CALDECOTT Ralph College StreetLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
CALLAGAN 2Wash LaneTailorIrelandExors of C CoalmanThe Wife has two children belonging to Coton
CARTER Thomas Coton LawnLabourerHighamC N Newdegate 
CARTER Thos Arbury MillLabourer C N Newdegate 
CATTLEMr Coton RoadMasonCotonOwn Property 
CHANDLER Widow College Street CotonC N NewdegateOld & Infirm
CHANDLER Willm7College StreetCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
CHANDLER Thos1GriffCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
CHAPLIN Joseph1Wash LaneWeaverNuneatonJoseph Scrivener 
CHESTER Widow Ansley Fir Trees  C N Newdegate 
CHIPMAN John4Bridge StreetWeaverCotonOwn Property 
CLARK Widow Wash LaneWeaverNuneatonJoseph Scrivener 
CLAYWidow Paradise    
CLAYMary Paradise    
CLAY John1Canal SideWeaverSapcoteThos Weaving 
CLAY George1Heath EndWeaver & Shop KeeperCotonC N Newdegate 
CLAY John GriffLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
CLAY Catherine GriffWeaverBroughtonC N Newdegate 
CLAY Robert ParadiseLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
CLAY Sarah Paradise    
CLAY Simeon4Far LawnKeeperCotonC N Newdegate 
CLAY Ann Coton RoadWinderCotonWith Roger Whadcock 
CLEWS Thomas2College StreetWeaverLondonC N Newdegate 
CLIFFORD J7Coton Free School    
COALMAN Widow GriffWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
COALMAN Richd3GriffLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
COOK Hannah3Coton RoadDressmakerNuneatonThos AllenThe Children Illegitimate
COOPERWillm1Mill EndWeaverCotonOwn Property 
COOPERRobt & Daug unm Heath EndLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
COOPERJohn3Tattlers Bank Heath EndCollier CotonWidow Heel 
COOPER Samuel Coton RoadLabourerHinckleyThos Hardy 
COOPER Jonathan Heath End Bonds YdCollierCotonJohn Baker 
COOPER John Tattlers Bank  CotonC N Newdegate 
COOPER William Tattlers BankCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
COP Joseph1College StreetWeaverCotonMrs Collins Coventry 
COPP Willm Bull RingSawyerCotonC N NewdegateA Pensioner
COPP Widow College StreetWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
COPSON Miss Coton RoadShopkeeperCoton  
CORBITTRichard1Pot KilnsCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
CORBITT Nathaniel3Bull RingCollierCotonWillm Payne 
CORBITT Widow Sees Lane Heath EndWasherwomanCotonTown House 
COREN Widow Bow'd Lane Heath EndWasherwomanCotonThos Weaving 
COX John Wash LaneCoal HiglerRadfordMr Arnold Leicester 
COX George Coton RoadWeaverCotonWeve Daulman 
COX Samuel3Bridge StreetWeaverCotonWm Kinder 
COX John Bridge StreetWeaverCotonWm Hutt 
COX Joseph3College StreetBoat LoaderCotonWidow Heel 
COX Ellen1Common GateWeaverCotonThos AllenThe Child Illegitimate
COX Henry4Coton LawnLabourerNuneatonC N Newdegate 
COXENWm Bridge StreetWinderCotonWd Knight 
COXEN Charles2Bridge StreetWeaverCotonWith his mother Wd Coxen 
CROFTS Thomas Bridge StreetCoal HiglerExhallThos Allen 
CURTIS John2Canal SideBoatman & VictuallerCotonThos Weaving 
DAFFERN 4Wash LaneBoatmanNuneatonWith Wd Rayson 
DAULMANWm2Sees Lane Heath EndWeaverCotonWar Daulman 
DAULMAN John3Coton VictuallerCotonOwn Property 
DAULMAN War Coton RoadWeaverCotonOwn Property 
DAVENPORTWillm GriffCollierCharltonF Newdigate 
DAVENPORT Saml1GriffCollierCharltonC N Newdegate 
DAVIS Jane1Wash LaneWasherwoman ScrivenerThe Child Illegitimate
DAVISS John Bull RingWeaverBedworthC N Newdegate 
DAVISS Willm College StreetCollierBedworthMrs Varnom 
DAY John College StreetWeaverNuneatonC N Newdegate 
DEVENPORT Wm5Horse ShoeVictualler & CollierChilvers CotonExors of Tinsley 
DIVITTS Susan Heath End Sees LaneWasherwomanCotonTown House 
DOUCE John3Coton RoadWheelwrightChilvers CotonMr Craddock 
DRAKLEY Widow Coton RoadWinderNuneatonMr Francis 
DRAKLEY Zacky Coton RoadWeaverNuneatonMr Francis 
DRAKLEY Jessy Coton LawnWeaverNuneatonC N Newdegate 
EDWARDSMr Bull RingGrocerCotonOwn Property 
EDWARDS Willm Wash LaneWeaverCoventryJos Scrivener 
EDWARDS Widow College StreetWeaverCotonWar Daulman 
ELLIS Willm4Coton RoadSupervisorCotonExors of Mrs Tinsley 
ENSLEY Willm Corner of Astley LaneLabourer C N Newdegate 
ENSOR Daniel Coton RoadTailorNuneatonThos Allen 
ENSOR George3Bridge StreetShoe MakerNuneatonHenry Randle 
EVANS Mr Coton Roadlabourer Mrs HardyPensioner
EVANS John4Coton LawnLabourerYardleyC N Newdegate 
EVERARD Mr Coton RoadIndependentCotonOwn Property 
EVERETT Willm5Sees Lane Heath EndVictualler & Coal HiglerNuneatonBuchanann 
FARNDON Thos Canal SideBoatmanCotonMrs Tinsley 
FARNDON Wd College StreetWeaverCotonJohn Wood 
FEARFIELD Wm7Church EndCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
FEARFIELD Thos Senior Tattlers BankWeaverCotonC N NewdegateEach of 71 years of age & Infirm
FEARFIELD Widow Pot Kilns CotonC N Newdegate77 Years of age
FENNELL Wm1College StreetCollierCotnC N Newdegate 
FENNELL Wm Junior1Bull RingCollierCotonWillm Payne 
FINNEY Thos GriffVictualler & FarmerCotonC N Newdegate 
FLOODWm7Heath EndWeaverCotonH Harper 
FLOWERS Willm North LodgeLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
FORD Wd Coton RoadWeaverNuneatonWm Horner 
FORD Thos Griff CotonC N Newdegate83 years of age & Nearly Blind
FOWKES Widow Wash LaneWeaverNuneatonJos Scrivener 
FRANCIS Jas Coton RoadLeasemakerNuneatonOwn PropertyPensioner
FRITH James Coton RoadWheelwrightHighamJohn Smith 
FRITH Jas Junior2Coton RoadWeaverHighamJohn Smith 
FULLYLOVE Thos GriffWheelwrightCoton  
GARRATTThomas  Wash LaneGrocerCotonOwn Property 
GARRATTJohn1Bull RingBoatman Willm Payne 
GEEJohn Wash LaneFramework KnitterNuneatonJos ScrivenerPensioner
GOULBYWidow3Coton RoadWeaverHartshillJohn Blunt 
GOULBYWillm3Bull RingWeaverHartshillExors of J Tinsley 
GOULBYGeorge4Seas Lane Heath EndCollierHartshillC N Newdegate 
GOULBYWillm7GriffCollierBedworthC N Newdegate 
GOULBYWidow Wash Lane AnsleyMrs Arnold Leicester 
GOULDGeorge2Nr the Toll GateCarpenterCotonC N Newdegate 
GREENThos3Bridge StreetLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
GREENWillm1GriffLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
GREENWillm6Heath EndLabourerCotonC N NewdegateIndustrious & Honest
GREEN John Bridge StreetWeaverCotonMrs TinsleyOld & Infirm
GRIMESThos Coton RoadWeaverCotonOwn Property 
GROVES Samuel5Wash laneShoemakerAtherston (sic)C N Newdegate 
GUNNHenry4Wash LaneCoal HiglerBarwellThos Garratt 
GUNNWillm College StreetBarberBarwellC N Newdegate 
GUNNWillm Junior1College StreetCollierBarwellWith his Father 
GUNNHenry2College StreetStockingerBarwellC N Newdegate 
GUNNIsaac3Tattlers Bank Heath EndCollierBarwellPiercy 
HAINESWd Son & Daug Bull Ring CotonExors of J Tinsley 89 years of age in great distress
HALEMr1Coton RoadRibbon ManufacturerCotonJohn Smith 
HALLDavid7Bow'd LaneWeaverFolshillJonn Hall Folshill 
HALLCharles Sees LaneWeaverAsserberry LeicestershireC N Newdegate 
HALLJoseph Wash LaneWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
HAMMONDSRichd North LodgeWoodmanCotonC N Newdegate 
HAMMONDSDaniel Kittlins GreenLabourercotonC N Newdegate 
HANDLEYMrs Coton RoadIndependentCotonOwn Property 
HANDLEYWillm Bridge StreetBrickmakerWingcottC N Newdegate 
HANDLEYCharles3Brick Yd Heath EndBrickmakerWingcottF Newdigate 
HANDSRichd Bridge StreetLime BurnerCotonJohn Hobbley 
HANDSWm4Bull RingWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
HANDS Richd Junior3College StreetCollierCotonThomas Allen 
HANKINSONWidow Tattlers BankWasherwomanCotonC N NewdegateInfirm
HANKINSONThos4Heath EndCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
HANSONThos3Wash LaneRope SpinnerNuneatonJos Scrivener 
HARDINGMrs Coton RoadIndependentCotonOwn Property 
HARDYThos Coton RoadBuilderCotonOwn Property 
HARDYCaroline Bridge StreetWeaverCotonThos Allen 
HARDYRobert1College StreetLabourerCotonJohn Wood 
HARDYWd Heath End Sees Lane CotonC N NewdegateInfirm 85 years of age
HARDYWilliam4Sees Lane LabourerCotonwith Wd Hardy 
HARDYThos5Bonds Yd Heath EndShoemakerCotonJohn Baker 
HARDYJames ParadiseLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
HARRISJohn Coton RoadWeaverCotonWar Daulman 
HARRISWillm4Bull RingWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
HARRISMr Bull RingWharfinferCotonOwn Property 
HARRISJohn2Bull RingCollierNuneatonWith John Davis 
HARRISElizebeth College StreetWinderChilvers CotonC N Newdegate 
HARRISJoseph3North LodgeLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
HASTELOECatherine Bow'd LaneWeaverWhitnashC N Newdegate 
HASTELOEWilliam4Bow'd LaneCollietWhitnashWith his Mother 
HAZELWOODThos1Coton RoadLabourerChilvers CotonThos Allen 
HAZELWOODWidow1Pot KilnsWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
HEELRichard1Bridge StreetCollierArleyj B Wilkinson 
HEELWidow Heath EndIndependentCotonF Newdigate 
HEELWilliam6CollieryCollierCotonF Newdigate 
HENTONJohn1GriffCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
HENTONJos Junior1GriffCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
HENTONJos Senior GriffLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
HEYLEYWilliam Far LawnLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
HEYLEYWm Junior Pot KilnsWeaver & LabourerCotonJames Bidwell 
HILLAnn1Bridge StreetWeaverNuneatonWidow Hill 
HILLJohn4Bridge StreetTailor Widow Hill 
HILLWidow Bridge Street CotonOwn Property 
HILLWillm4Heath EndWeaverCotonF N Newdegate 
HOBBLEYJohn4Bridge StreetShoe MakerCotonOwn Property 
HOUGHThos6Bond YdWeaverAtherston Willm Clark 
HOWWidow1Bridge StreetLaundressCotonC N Newdegate 
HOWKinder College StreetBakerCotonOwn Property 
HOWEdward Tattlers BankTailorAnsleyC N Newdegate 
HOW Thos (son of Kinder)1College StreetBaker & LabourerCotonWith his Father 
HURLEY  Coton RoadBoatman Thos Allen 
HUTTDaniel2Coton RoadTailorNuneatonThos Hardy 
HUTTSamuel4Bridge StreetWeaverCotonThos Hardy 
HUTTWm Senior Bridge StreetWeaverCotonOwn Property 
HUTTWm Junior2Bridge StreetWeaverCotonRichd Randle 
HUTTRichd3GriffLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
ISONWidow Wash LaneWeaverCoton Her own Property 
JABBITTThos6College StreetWeaverCotonThos Allen 
JABBITTSThos GriffFramework KnitterBedworthC N Newdegate 
JACKSONJohn3GriffLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
JACQUESWidow2GriffWeaverColeortonWith Wm Johnson 
JACQUESThos GriffCollierColeortonF Newdigate 
JEFFCOATTWillm1Bridge StreetCarpenterCotonWidow Taylor 
JEFFCOATTWillm6Heath EndCollierNuneatonC N Newdegate 
JEFFCOATTWill Senior3North LodgeLabourerCaldecoteC N Newdegate 
JEFFCOATTWillm Junior1North LodgeKeeperCaldecoteWith Flowers 
JEPSESS 1Wash LaneWeaver Jos Scrivener 
JILLIVERWidow3Coton RoadWasherwomanCotonWidow Johnson 
JOHNSONRichd2Coton RoadWeaverCotonWidow Johnson 
JOHNSONWidow1Coton RoadWeaverCotonHer own Property 
JOHNSONWm GriffLabourerBedworthC N Newdegate 
JOHNSONWillm6College StreetVictualler & Coal HiglerBedworthJohn Wood 
JOICE  Coton RoadShoe MakerNuneatonThos Hardy 
KELSEYJoseph5Far LawnLabourer C N Newdegate 
KELSEYJohn2Wash LaneWeaverBulkingtonJos Scrivener 
KENTJames Heath EndWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
KINDERWidow Bridge StreetWeaverCotonOwn Property 
KINDERThos1Bridge StreetTailorNuneatonWidow Kinder 
KINDERJohn College StreetWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
KINDERWillm Heath EndWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
KNIGHTWillm Ivy HouseWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
KNIGHTWidow Bridge StreetWinderCotonOwn Property 
KNIGHTWidow College Street CotonC N Newdegate 
KNIGHTRichd Heath EndLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
KNIGHTElizth2Heath EndWeaverCotonWith Rd KnightThe Children illegitimate
LAKINJohn Senior Coton LawnLabourerAtherstoneC N Newdegate 
LAKINJames2Lime Kiln FieldsLabourerCotonC N Newdigate 
LATHBURY 3Coton RoadFramework KnitterDesfordOwn Property 
LAWRANCEWillm2Coton RoadShoe MakerNuneatonWillm Horner 
LAWRANCEWidow Bull Ring CotonC N NewdegateInfirm
LAWRANCEWillm College StreetWeaverCotonC N NewdegateBoth Old & Very Infirm (Wife nearly Blind)
LAWRANCEWm2Mallabones YdLabourerCotonKinder How 
LAWRANCEJohn3College StreetWeaverCotonMrs Collins Coventry 
LAWRANCEJohn1Near the Horse ShoeCollierCotonExors J Tinsley 
LAWRANCEWidow Sees LaneWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
LAWRANCEJohn CollieryLabourerCotonF Newdigate 
LAWRANCEJohn2GriffLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
LEEDHAMMr Coton RoadFramework Knitter Mrs Hardy 
LEESJoseph2GriffEngineer C N Newdegate 
LENTONWillm3Bridge StreetWeaverCotonC N NewdegateOne Blind Lad
LENTONThos2College StreetWeaverCotonThos Allen 
LENTONSamuel Bull RingBakerCotonThos Worthington 
LENTONWidow Griff LaneWinderFolshillF Newdigate 
LENTONEmanuel GriffCollierFolshillC N Newdegate 
LESTERHenry Tattlers BankBlacksmithBilstonF Newdegate 
LESTERWilliam3CollieryEngineerReilstonF Newdigate 
LESTERThos CollieryEngineerCotonF Newdigate 
LIGGINSIsaac2Bonds YdLabourerCotonWillm Clark 
LIGGINSWillm GriffLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
LOLEPeter2Coton RoadCarpenter & VictuallerCotonOwn Property 
LOVEWillm1GriffBoilermaker C N Newdegate 
LOYDJoseph2College StreetWimseymanNuneatonJohn Wood 
LOYDJames Tattlers BankWimseymanNuneatonC N Newdegate 
LOYDWillm Tattlers BankWimseymanNuneatonC N Newdegate 
LUDFORDThomas Bull RingCoal HiglerCosby LeicestershireC N Newdegate 
LUDFORDJoseph1College Street Cosby LeicestershireMrs VarnomInfirm
MALLABONESaml3Church EndCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
MALLABONEJoseph5Bull RingColierCotonC N Newdegate 
MALLABONEWidow College Street CotonC N NewdegateOld & Infirm
MALLABONEJohn College StreetVictualler & CollierCotonMr Bull 
MALLABONEWm2Virgins InnCollierCotonRichd Ballard 
MARSHALLWidow CotonWeaverCotonMrs Hardy 
MASHJoseph2Coton RoadCollierHighamJohn Smith 
MASHJoseph College StreetLabourerCotonMrs VarnomPensioner
MASONMr Bull RingWeaverCotonOwn Property 
MATTHEWSJoseph College Street NuneatonC N NewdegateOld & Infirm
MESSENGERThos Bridge StreetLabourerCotonJohn Chipman 
MESSENGERWidow Virgins InnWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
MESSENGERAnn1Virgins InnWinderCotonWith Wd MessengerThe Child Illegitimate
MILESWidow Near NuneatonWinderNuneatonC N Newdegate 
MILLERWillm1Bull RingMillerCotonOwn Property 
MILLINGTONWidow Coton RoadBrush MakerNuneatonThos Grimes 
MILLSJohn4Coton LawnLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
MILLS David Mill EndBoatmanCotonOwn Property 
MILSSONThos5Halfway LaneBoat LoaderCootnF Newdigate 
MOOREThos2Bull RingCoal HiglerBedworthC N Newdegate 
MOOREFrank Bowed LaneCollierAnsleyThos Reader 
MOORE Widow1Pot KilnsWasherwomanCotonC N Newdegate 
MOORE Joseph5Colliery FieldWhimsey ManBedworthF Newdigate 
MOORE John3GriffCollierBedworthC N Newdegate 
MORETONJohn Tatlers BankCollierCotonJohn BakerPensioner
MORETONThos3Bakers YdCollierCotonJohn Baker 
MORETON Wm Senior Bowed LaneLabourerCotonC N NewdegateVery old & infirm
MORETON Wm Junior4Heath EndCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
MORETON Edward2Common GateCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
MORRISWilliam5Wash LaneLabourer Jos Scrivener 
MORRISJohn Free School    
MORRISJoseph1Canal SideMasonCotonThos Weaving 
MORRISJames2ParadiseMasonCotonWith Jas Hardy 
MUSSONWillm1Bridge StreetBoat LoaderCotonOwn Property 
NASHJoseph3College StreetWeaverCotonMrs Varnom 
NEAL John Coton RoadWeaverCoton  
NEEDHAM Christopher Heath EndWeaverHinckleyJohn Baker 
NEWCOMBWillm Coton RoadWeaverCotonJohn Smith 
NEWCOMBSamuel6Coton RoadWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
NEWCOMBThomas Bowed LaneLabourerCotonThos Reader 
NEWCOMB John Coton RoadWeaverCotonOwn Property 
NIXONJohn Far LawnWeaverBulkingtonC N Newdegate 
NIXON Widow Coton RoadWeaverCotonOwn Property 
NIXON James5College StreetWeaverCotonOwn Property 
OLIVERJane Bull RingWasherwomanCotonC N Newdegate 
OXFORD  Common GateCollierCoventryThomas Allen 
PAGE Wm & Daug2College StreetWeaverCotonJohn WoodThe Daughter's Children Illegitimate
PALMERGeorge Canal SideBoatmanWhitnashThos Weaving 
PALMERThos2Sees Lane WeaverCotonTown House 
PALMER Widow Bonds YdWinderCotonWillm Clark 
PARKERJno & Daug Sheep Foot InnWeaverBuliingtonC N Newdegate 
PARKER Robt & Daug Mallabones YdWeaverCotonMrs Collins Coventry 
PARKER Robt5Bonds YdCoal HiglerCotonWillm Clark 
PAYNEJohn5Tattlers BankLabourerBurbadgePiercy 
PAYNE Mr Coton RoadRibbon ManufacturerCotonOwn Property 
PERRYThos5Bull RingBlacksmithBedworthC N Newdegate 
PHILIPSWidow5Griff Lane WeaverSmalley DerbyshireWith Wd Lenton 
PINCHBACK  Bull RingWinderBedworthMase? 
POTTSRalph5Bridge StreetBoatmanStantonWm Musson 
POULTNEY Saml3Bull RingCoal HiglerKidderminsterC N Newdegate 
POWELL Elizebeth2Bridge StreetWeaver With Caroline Hardy1 Child illegitimate
PRATT Widow Church EndWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
PRATT Joseph2Church EndLabourerCotonWith Wd Pratt 
PRATT John Bridge StreetLabourer & WeaverCotonHenry Randle 
QUAIFFJohn5Wash LaneWeaverCranbrook KentThos Garratt 
RANDLEJohn4Coton RoadWeaverCotonJohn Daulman 
RANDLEJohn1Church EndFarmer/CarrierCotonC N Newdegate 
RANDLEWd Church EndNurseCotonWith Saml Mallabone 
RANDLEHenry1Flourdelis Victualler/FarmerCotonC N Newdegate 
RANDLEWillm1Bridge StreetCoal HiglerCotonThos Grimes 
RANDLEJohn2Sees LaneWeaverCotonC N NewdegateInfirm
RANDLEWillm Common GateLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
RANDLE Thomas1Tatlers BankLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
RANDLE Richd Heath EndWinderCotonC N NewdegateAn Old Wounded Seaman Without a Pension
RATCLIFFJames Wash LaneLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
RAYSONThos2Wash lane CotonC N NewdegateLame
RAYSONJames2Wash LaneWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
RAYSONAnn Wash LaneWinderCotonWith Jas Rayson 
RAYSONWidow Wash LaneWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
RAYSONWillm Wash LaneWeaverCotonThos Garratt 
RAYSON Wd of Thos2Wash LaneWeaverCotonJ Craddock 
READERDaniel1Coton RoadWeaverWillenhallThos Allen 
READERBenjamin3Coton RoadWeaverWillenhallWith Charles Sheffield 
READERSamuel2Coton RoadCollierNuneatonWar Daulman 
READERJohn5Church EndCollierWillenhallC N Newdegate 
READERWillm3College StreetCollierWillenhallC N Newdegate 
READERJohn5College StreetCollierCotonJohn Wood 
READERWilliam Virgins InnCollierWillenhallC N Newdegate 
READERThos2Heath End Sees LaneCollierWillenhallC N Newdegate 
READER Daniel3Coton LawnLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
READER John5Coton LawnCarpenter & FarmerCotonC N Newdegate 
REDFERN  Bridge StreetGlazierCotonRichd Randle 
RICHARDSONWm1Coton RoadBricklayerCotonMrs Hardy 
RICHARDSON Willm Common GateWinderCotonC N NewdegateOld & Infirm
SANDSWilliam2Coton RoadCarpenterSutton CheneyThos Hardy 
SANKEYThos2Bridge StreetPotter Henry Randle 
SCRIVENERJoseph Wash LaneFlax DresserCotonOwn Property 
SHAWJohn Bridge StreetWeaverCotonGrimes 
SHAWSarah Bowed LaneWasherwomanCotonWith Thos Newcomb 
SHAWMrs Coton RoadDressmakerNuneatonMr Woodcock 
SHAWWidow Coton RoadWinderNuneatonThos Grimes 
SHEFFIELDCharles Coton RoadLabourerCotonWillm HornerInfirm
SHEFFIELDJos V Wetten3Griff LodgeLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
SIDWELLJames4Pot KilnsWeaverCotonOwn Property 
SIDWELL  Heath EndBrickmakerCotonH Harper  
SIMMONDSJohn3Canall SideShoe MakerNuneatonThos Weaving 
SKIDMOREWidow4Pot KilnWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
SLATERRichd3Heath End Sees LaneCoal HiglerHinckleyC N Newdegate 
SMALLEYWillm4College StreetCoal HiglerCotonC N Newdegate 
SMALLEYJohn1Heath EndWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
SMALLEY George Sees Lane CotonC N NewdegateOld & Infirm
SMARTFrancis5Bridge StreetLabourerFolshill or BedworthHenry Randle 
SMITHSamuel2Coton RoadSchool MasterCotonMr Bull 
SMITHHenry2Coton RoadCheese FactorCotonOwn Property 
SMITHJohn Coton RoadShoe MakerCotonOwn Property 
SMITHJos3Canal SideGardenerCotonMr Bucknell 
SMITHJames Bull RingBricklayerCotonC N Newdegate 
SMITHWillm College StreetWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
SMITHJohn College StreetBricklayerCotonOwn Property 
SMITHJohn College StreetLabourerCotonMrs Varnom 
SMITHJohn1Nr the Horse ShoeWeaverCotonExors of T Tinsley 
SMITHCharles3Horse Shoe YardWeaverCotonExors of T Tinsley 
SMITHGeorge2Griff LodgeLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
SMITH William3Horse Shoe YardWeaverCotonExors of T Tinsley 
SOUTHAMDavid GriffLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
STANLEYThomas2Pot KilnsLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
STEANWd2Bridge StreetDressmakerSow nr CoventryMrs Tinsley 
STORERJoseph4Coton RoadWeaverWykenBrunt 
STORERJohn Colliery RoadLabourerCotonF Newdigate 
STORERThos GriffLabourerNuneatonC N Newdegate 
STORER Willm5Sees LaneLabourerCoton or AnsleyBuchanann 
STRATTONRichd2College StreetRent CollectorCotonC N Newdegate 
STRATTONBenjamin GriffFarmerCotonC N Newdegate 
STUBBSElizabeth College StreetWeaverCotonWith Wd Knight 
SUFFOLKWidow Coton Road CotonJohn Smith 
SUFFOLKJohn2Heath EndLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
SWANThos Wash laneBasket MakerNuneatonBarnes 
SWINNERTONWd Heath End CotonC N NewdegateIndependent
TAYLORThos Ivy HouseWeaverCotonC N Newdegate79 years of age
TAYLORCharles Coton RoadShoe Maker & PinnerCotonThos Allen 
TAYLORNoah Wash LaneWeaverNuneatonJoshua Kelsey 
TAYLORThomas5Coton RoadComb MakerKenelworthMr Woodcock 
TAYLORWillm3Coton RoadWeaverCotonWm Taylor Senior 
TAYLORRichd Bridge StreetWeaverCotonWm Taylor Senior 
TAYLORGeorge6Bridge StreetWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
TAYLORWillm Senior Bridge StreetWeaverCotonOwn Property 
TAYLORWd Bridge Street CotonOwn PropertyInfirm
TAYLORHenry Bull RingCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
TAYLORWidow Mill EndWinderCotonWith Saml Brown 
TAYLOR Joseph3Heath EndBrickmakerCotonC N Newdegate 
TAYLOR John4Heath End WeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
TAYLOR Mary College StreetWeaverCotonLives with Ann Chandler 
THOMASJohn5Coton RoadSawyerAnsleyThos Hardy 
TIMBRELLEdward College StreetWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
TIMBRELLEdwd Junior1College StreetWeaverCotonWith his Brother 
TOONEdward College StreetCollier C N Newdegate 
TORBETTJohn5Toll GateButcher & GrocerCotonMrs Bond 
TOWWillm Wash LaneWeaverCotonC N NewdegateInfirm
TOWWillm Bull RingWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
TOWWidow Bull RingWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
TOWMary Mallabones YdSeamstressCotonWith Cathn Wells 
TOWThos2Heath EndCollierCotonC N NewdegateLame
TOWSamuel1Pot KilnsWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
TOWNSENDCharles2Bonds YdWeaverCotonWillm Clark 
TOWNSENDJames Bowed LaneLabourerCotonC N NewdegatePensioner
TOWNSEND Jonathan Heath End CotonC N NewdegateInfirm
TURNERWillm4Bull RingCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
TURNERRobert3Bull RingButcher & BakerCotonOwn Property 
TURRELLJohn CollieryLabourerCotonF Newdigate 
TURRELL Thos2Heath EndLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
TWIGGER Widow Pot KilnsWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
TWIGGER Wd GriffWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
VALE John College StreetLabourerBedworthC N Newdegate 
VARDENEdward2Sees LaneWeaverCotonJoseph Varden 
VARDENJoseph Sees LaneWeaverCotonOwn Property 
VARNOMMrs College StreetFarmerCotonOwn Property 
WADEThomas3Wash LaneFramework KnitterWolveyThos Garratt 
WAGSTAFFHenry Heath EndLabourerCotonWar DaulmanAn old solider without a pension
WAGSTAFFWidow & Son Heath EndWinderBulkingtonC N Newdegate 
WAGSTAFFThomas Heath EndWeaverBulkingtonC N Newdegate 
WAGSTAFFThos2Far LawbCarpenter & FarmerCotonC N Newdegate 
WARDGeorge1Coton RoadBakerCotonThos Allen 
WARDThomas4Bridge StreetBoatmanCotonThos Hardy 
WARNERRichd4Coton RoadShoe MakerCotonJohn DaulmanVery poor
WARNERThos Church EndServantCotonH Harper 
WARNERJoseph1Bridge StreetCarpenter & ShopCotonC N Newdegate 
WEAVINGThos Wash LaneShoe MakerCoton  
WELLSCatherine Mallabones YdWasherwomanCotonKinder How 
WESTThomas2Heath EndButcherBulkingtonMrs Tinsley 
WETTANWillm Pot KilnLabourer C N Newdegate 
WHADCOCKCharles3Sheeps Foot InnWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
WHADCOCKRoger Coton RoadWeaverCotonOwn Property 
WHADCOCKRichd2Coton RoadLabourerCotonThos Grimes 
WHADENTRichd Coton LawnLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
WHADKINJob Coton RoadLabourerNuneatonJames Nixon 
WHEATLEYThos3Wash LaneWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
WHEATLEYWidow Wash LaneWinderCotonWith Thos WheatleyOld & Infirm
WHEATLEYWidow3Coton RoadWinderCotonJas Francis 
WHEATLEYThos1Bull RingPotter & Dealer in BoneCotonC N Newdegate 
WHITEWidow Coton RoadWinderCotonMrs Hardy 
WHITEWillm3College StreetCarpenterCotonC N Newdegate 
WHITEJohn Senior Bowed LaneLabourerCotonC N NewdegateOld & Infirm
WHITEGeorge3Tatlers BankCollierCotonPiercy 
WHITEJohn Junior4Heath EndCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
WHITERichd Heath EndWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
WHITEWillm GriffCollierCotonC N Newdegate 
WHITERichd Robinsons EndWeaverCotonC N NewdegateOld & Infirm
WHITE Wm1GriffBoatmanChilvers CotonWith Thos Storer 
WHITEHEAD Mary Griff BedworthC N NewdegateA poor infirm old Widow
WILLIAMSMary1Heath EndWeaverCotonWith G Smalley 
WINTERSJohn Coton LawnLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
WOODJohn College StreetBoatmanCotonOwn Property 
WOODWidow Heath EndWinderCotonC N Newdegate83 years of age
WOODCOCKMr Coton RoadWeaverCotonOwn Property 
WOODWARDJos Bull RingButcher C N Newdegate 
WORTHINGTONMiss Coton Road CotonMr TaylorIndependent
WORTHINGTONMr Bull RingTannerCotonOwn Property 
WOTHER 1Coton RoadWeaverNuneatonJohn DaulmanPensioner
WRIGHTWillm College StreetCarpenterMicklover DerbyshireC N NewdegateLost the use of his limbs
WYKESLydia Wash lane CotonC N NewdegateInfirm Widow of Soloman
WYKESSoloman1Heath EndWeaverCotonC N Newdegate 
WYKESWidow Common GateWinderCotonC N Newdegate 
WYKESWillm1Common GateWeaverCotonThos Allen 
WYKES Thos2Sees WoodLabourerCotonC N Newdegate 
WYNNGeorge4Bridge StreetBoatmanCotonOwn Property 
YARNELL Willm Bridge StreetWeaverCotonOwn Property 
YEATLEY Widow Mallabones YdWinderCoventryMrs Collins Coventry 
   Total 518 Households    

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