(Jan 1822 - May 1823)

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This file is an extract from the Warwick and Warwickshire General Advertiser
From January 1822 to May 1823
Kindly supplied by Allan Haywood

Date Event Name Forename(s) Details
1822.01.05DeathMORTIBOYSAnn22u Berkswell, Miss Ann Mortiboys in 69th yr
1822.01.05DeathWYATTCWednesday se'nnight, C. Wyatt, Esq, formerly eminent banker at Banbury
1822.01.05AdditionalALLARDEdwardCommitted to our County Gaol:By Rev J.H. SPRY, Eliza SMITH for offering in payment to Edward ALLARD at Birmingham, one counterfeit shilling, she well knowing it to be counterfeit
1822.01.05JusticeSMITHElizaCommitted to our County Gaol:By Rev J.H. SPRY, Eliza SMITH for offering in payment to Edward ALLARD at Birmingham, one counterfeit shilling, she well knowing it to be counterfeit
1822.01.05DeathCLARKEElizabeth25u Miss Elizabeth Clarke of Earl Shilton in 23rd yr
1822.01.05BirthWOODINGTONHenry ThicknesseWednesday se'nnight, Grove House Llanstyffyn, Mrs. Henry Thicknesse Woodington, a son
1822.01.05MarriageCHAMBERS_CHAMBERSJ1i Rev. J. Chambers, curate of Willoughby in this county to Eliza edo Mr. Chambers of Milcote nr Stratford on Avon
1822.01.05MarriageEVERITT_SMITHJames27u Coventry, James Everitt of Atherstone to Charlotte Smith of Royal Oak, Coventry
1822.01.05JusticeSHOOTERJamesCommitted to our County Gao James SHOOTER for stealing from Samuel BIRLEY in Birmingham one silk pocket handkerchief
1822.01.05JusticeBRADLEYJohnCommitted to our County Gaol by Rev. R. BARNARD, John BRADLEY and John BRIERLEY for stealing 7 ducks, property of Thomas HAWKES of Wellesbourne Mountford
1822.01.05JusticeBRIERLEYJohnCommitted to our County Gaol by Rev. R. BARNARD, John BRADLEY and John BRIERLEY for stealing 7 ducks, property of Thomas HAWKES of Wellesbourne Mountford
1822.01.05DeathGUILFORDMaria (Countess)Sunday evening at her house in Berkeley Sq after long painful illness, Maria Countess of Guilford widow of Francis late Earl of Guilford
1822.01.05MarriageKEMPSON_GREENPeterMonday se'nnight at Birmingham, Peter Kempson jnr, silversmith to Dorothy ydo late T. Green, Esq, Rednall, nr Bromsgrove
1822.01.05AdditionalBIRLEYSamuelCommitted to our County Gao James SHOOTER for stealing from Samuel BIRLEY in Birmingham one silk pocket handkerchief
1822.01.05DeathSIMMONSSarah16u, Mrs. Sarah Simmons, Gt Charles St, Birmingham age 74, relict of W.L. Simmons of St Pauls Square
1822.01.05DeathLOVEITTSarah MariaWednesday se'nnight, Sarah Maria 3rd do late Thomas Loveitt, farmer, Shilton
1822.01.05JusticeELLIOTTThomasCommitted to our County Gaol:By C.G. WARD Esq, Thomas ELLIOTT for stealing at this borough four pairs of knit worsted stockings property of William ROGERS
1822.01.05AdditionalHAWKESThomasCommitted to our County Gaol by Rev. R. BARNARD, John BRADLEY and John BRIERLEY for stealing 7 ducks, property of Thomas HAWKES of Wellesbourne Mountford
1822.01.05DeathPAINEWilliamSaturday se'nnight in 63rd yr, William Paine, Gent of Northampton
1822.01.05AdditionalROGERSWilliamCommitted to our County Gaol:By C.G. WARD Esq, Thomas ELLIOTT for stealing at this borough four pairs of knit worsted stockings property of William ROGERS
1822.01.05DeathBOULTON 12u in 77th yr Mrs. Boulton relict of Henry of Studley
1822.01.05DeathBUFFREY Monday last, Mr. Buffrey at Rowington age 84
1822.01.05DeathBUFFREY Wednesday, Mrs. Buffrey at Rowington age 63
1822.01.05DeathHARDING 20u Bishops Castle, Shropshire, Mrs. Harding, mother of John, draper, Leamington
1822.01.05DeathROE Wednesday, Mrs. Roe of this borough age 64
1822.01.12DeathWILBERFORCEBarbaraLately, Kensington, Barbara edo W. Wilberforce Esq
1822.01.12DeathPERKINSFrancisThursday evening in 69th yr Francis Perkins Esq, Alderman of Coventry who served 4 yrs as Mayor and 16 yrs as Alderman
1822.01.12DeathNOURSEGeorgeLately, Towcester, Northampton, George Nourse age 80, for half century eminent saddler in that place
1822.01.12DeathBULLSTRODEGeorge GardenerFriday se'nnight, George Gardener Bullstrode Esq, Foregate St, Worcs age 77
1822.01.12DeathCLARKSONIngramSunday se'nnight at Nuneaton age 48, Mr. Ingram Clarkson, Officer of Excise
1822.01.12DeathBERROWJohnFriday se'nnight age 66, John Berrow Esq of Bourne Bank, nr Upton, only surviving son of Harvey Berrow, formerly proprietor of Worcester Journal
1822.01.12DeathDUFFIELDJohn6i in 58th yr, John Duffield, Exeter Row Birmingham
1822.01.12DeathHALLJohn3i Knowle Hill nr Evesham, John Hall Esq age 76
1822.01.12DeathSTEPHENSJohnFriday se'nnight in 75th yr John Stephens, New St, Worcs
1822.01.12DeathCOPEJonathan (Sir)30u Shrubbery, Gt. Malvern age 63 after 13 months suffering, Sir Jonathan Cope, Bart, uncle of Duchess of Dorset & Lady Aboyne. By the death of Hon. Bart the title becomes extinct
1822.01.12MarriageGOFFE_SPENCERTAt Adderbury, Oxon, T. Goffe, farmer & grazier of Purston Farm in the parish of King_sutton in Northampton to Susanna Spencer of the former place
1822.01.12MarriageLEWIS_YOUNGT Mr T. Lewis, bookseller of Worcester to Anne 2nd do Mr. Young of Begbrooke Hill, Oxon
1822.01.12DeathWELCHW31u Mr. W. Welch, late merchant of Birmingham
1822.01.12MarriageRUNHAM_WALKHAMWilliam25u At Market Harbro, Mr William Runham to Mrs. Rebecca Walkham. From the peculiarity of names, some merry observations were excited at this wedding. It seemed that the unequal pedestrianism of the parties had made it long before they got together at the altar _ for the connubial right was not solemnized until after a courtship of nearly 20 yrs.
1822.01.12DeathARCHER 4i Wasperton in 67th yr, Mrs. Archer
1822.01.12DeathFAIRBROTHER Last Wednesday, Mr. Fairbrother, grocer, High St, Banbury
1822.01.12DeathLARGE Few days since, Miss Large of Gt Packington
1822.01.12BirthMILLER 5i Radway, the Lady of Lieut. Col. Miller C.B., a son
1822.01.12BirthSUTTON Sunday se'nnight the Lady of William Sutton Esq of Lawford Lodge, a son and heir
1822.01.12DeathTURRALL Wednesday evening, Mr. Turrall, farmer of Brinklow
1822.01.19MarriageWELLS_NORMANCSunday, Coventry, Mr. C. Wells, mercer & draper to E. Norman do late Alderman Norman
1822.01.19DeathLEEEdward6i Newbold on Avon in 57th yr, Edward Lee, an opulent former & grazier of that place
1822.01.19DeathFREERElizabeth6i Elizabeth wo William Freer Esq of Atherstone
1822.01.19DeathKEWITTI Sunday, Mr. I. Kewitt, jnr of Spon St, Coventry
1822.01.19MarriageJAMES_BURMANIsaacThursday, Isaac James of Dudley to Elizabeth Burman of West Bromwich
1822.01.19DeathWHITMOREJohnFriday 28u Stratford on Avon, John Whitmore A.M. in 73rd yr
1822.01.19DeathPOTTSJoseph31u in 21st yr, Joseph Potts, eso Mr. Potts, brassfounder of Easy Row Birmingham
1822.01.19DeathDUNNM Sunday age 62, Mrs. M. Dunn of Philip St Birmingham
1822.01.19DeathHARVEYMaryAt Harborne age 71, Mrs. Mary Harvey
1822.01.19DeathARNOLDSamuelMonday se'nnight, Samuel Arnold age 80 of Much Park St, Coventry
1822.01.19DeathBENNETTThomasLast week age 95, Thomas Bennett, Gent, Washwood Heath
1822.01.19DeathHUDSONThomas1i Thomas Hudson of Earl Shilton, needlemaker & grocer age 50
1822.01.19DeathGILBERTThomas Gilbert8i Allensm_te nr this city, Thomas Gilbert in the 120th yr of his age _ baptized 1702 and appears by the register of above parish. Son upwards of 70 attended funeral as chief mourner
1822.01.19BirthDWARRIS Saturday se'nnight, Kingsthorpe House, the Lady of F. Dwarris Esq, a son
1822.01.19DeathFOLEY Friday, Newport, Hereford. Col. Foley, M.P. for Droitwich & cousin of Rt Hon. Lord Foley
1822.01.19DeathROSSER Saturday age 84, Mrs. Rosser widow of Mr. Rosser one of the Brethren of Lord Leicester's Hospital in this borough
1822.01.19MarriageSTUBBS_TAYLOR 3i Grandborough in this county, Mr. Stubbs, surgeon of Braunston Northampton to Miss Taylor, only do William of the former place
1822.01.26DeathHANDSAOf a decline, Mr. A. Hands, surgeon of Chipping Sodbury, Glos
1822.01.26DeathLAMBCatherineLately, Catherine do late Mr. Lamb, solicitor, Daventry
1822.01.26MarriageHARWOOD_MOXAMCharlesMary_le_bone Church, Charles Harwood Esq of Stourbridge to Anne ydo late E. Moxam Esq of Bromyard, Herefordshire
1822.01.26DeathWINDLEE14i Walsall age 76, Mrs. E. Windle of that place
1822.01.26DeathHODSONFrodshamFriday, Rev. Frodsham Hodson, D.D. Principal of Brasen Nose College Oxford, Regius Professor of Divinity and Canon of Christ Church
1822.01.26MarriageDEIGHTON_DEVEYHKidderminster, Mr. H. Deighton of Worcester to Anne ydo late William Devey of Wribbenhall
1822.01.26MarriageALLEN_RAINBOWJohnLast Tuesday, Meriden, John Allen to Miss Rainbow only do William of former place
1822.01.26MarriageHELYAR_WROTTESLEYJohn14i Cadsall Staffs, Rev. John Helyar to Charlotte do late & sister to the present Sir John Wrottesley, Bart
1822.01.26DeathHUBBALLJohn15i age 53, John Hubball Esq, late Alderman of Staffs
1822.01.26AdditionalSCOTTJohnMonday se'nnight, Mrs. Pitt, housekeeper to John SCOTT Esq. Red House, Gt Barr
1822.01.26MarriageSCOTTON_JELLINGSJohnTuesday last, Stoke, John Scotton jnr of Stoke to Dinah Jellings of Coventry
1822.01.26DeathST ALBANSMaria Janetta (Duchess)17i St James Square London, Maria Janetta, Duchess of St. Albans. Her Grace has left 12 children
1822.01.26DeathBREEMary15i Bridgnorth, Mrs. Mary Bree widow of Robert Bree Esq of Solihull age 88
1822.01.26DeathHOWEMarySaturday last, Mrs. Mary Howe of West Orchard, Coventry age 82
1822.01.26DeathLLOYDRichard17i in 58th yr, Richard Lloyd of Bull St Birmingham
1822.01.26DeathRICHARDSSamuelLedbury, Samuel Richard Esq, solicitor of that place
1822.01.26DeathHOLBECHThomasFriday, Thomas Holbech, formerly of Coventry
1822.01.26DeathSUTTONWLately, Mr. W. Sutton of Dunchurch
1822.01.26DeathHARDINGWilliamTuesday 22i at his house Baraset in 63rd yr, William Harding Esq. Many yrs one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace in this county
1822.01.26DeathMOOREWilliamWednesday last, William Moore of Coventry age 74
1822.01.26DeathGEORGE Wednesday, Mr. George of Hatton age 85
1822.01.26DeathGOULLET Thursday last at Thomas Francis's Esq. Edgbaston in this county, infant so Mr. Goullet, surgeon of Leamington
1822.01.26DeathPITT Monday se'nnight, Mrs. Pitt, housekeeper to John SCOTT Esq. Red House, Gt Barr
1822.01.26DeathROLLS At Bicester, Oxon, Mrs. Rolls wo William of that place
1822.01.26MarriageTROUGHTON_GRANT Lately, Mr. Troughton, surgeon of Coventry to Augusta Grant of Fleet St, London
1822.02.02DeathNOEL(Lady)Monday last, Kirkby Mallory Leics. Hon. Lady Noel wo Sir Ralph Noel, B art & sister of late Thomas Lord Viscount Wentworth
1822.02.02MarriageHOLT_ROYLECharlesSunday last at Coventry, Charles Holt to Charlotte Royle 3rd do John, conveyancer of that city
1822.02.02MarriageCHANCE_EVANSD GPainswick, D.G. Chance Esq of Dudbridge Glos to Hannah Maria ydo late Robert Evans Esq, Old Town Court, Hereford
1822.02.02MarriageSIMONS_EBORALEdmund Mancetter in this county, Edmund Simons of Liverpool, General Agent, to Louisa 2nd do late William Eboral Esq of Atherstone
1822.02.02DeathHOBBINSElizabethAt her son's house Birmingham in 86th yr, Elizabeth Hobbins late Alcester
1822.02.02DeathLORTElizabeth24u age 30, Mrs. Elizabeth Lort wo William of Birmingham & on 18u her sister Mrs. Maria FULLICK of Clapham London. They both fell victims to consumption
1822.02.02DeathVILLERSElizabethTuesday last, Elizabeth wo William Villers Esq of Kings Heath nr Birmingham
1822.02.02DeathCONGREVEEsther25u in 64th yr, Esther Congreve widow of George Thomas Congreve, surgeon, Bedworth
1822.02.02AdditionalSHIRLEYGeorge4u Cheltenham after very long protracted illness, Mrs. Leigh widow of John Esq of Coombhay House in county of Somerset & 2nd do late Hon. George SHIRLEY of Eatington Park in county of Warwick
1822.02.02DeathWELCHHenry Fowler16u Yardley, Mr. Henry Fowler Welch
1822.02.02MarriageGUEST_WHITWORTHJamesHornsey, Middlesex, James Guest jnr of Birmingham to Martha only do William Whitworth Esq of the former place
1822.02.02MarriageSMITH_POWERJosephTuesday last, Bedworth, Joseph Smith of Corley nr Coventry, farmer to Hannah ydo late John Power, Nuneaton
1822.02.02DeathHALLMaryTuesday age 32 Miss Mary Hall of Bromsgrove do late Thomas Hall of Martin Hussingtree
1822.02.02DeathSATCHELLSarahLast night, Miss Sarah Satchell only do Mr. Satchell, carpenter of Cow Lane in this borough age 20
1822.02.02DeathSLATERSarah27u Salford after short but severe illness in 36th yr, Sarah wo John Slater and edo John HAYWOOD of the above place (more was written)
1822.02.02MarriageAPPLEBEE_APPLEBEET29u T. Applebee, grocer of the Square in this borough to Lydia Applebee of Snitterfield
1822.02.02DeathKELSEYThomasTuesday se'nnight, Kenilworth, Thomas Kelsey in 75th yr
1822.02.02DeathABBOTTSThomas Richard26u Thomas Richard Abbotts eso Richard Abbotts, Ely Place London in 10th yr
1822.02.02DeathADAMSThurshill23u Castle Bromwich in 22nd yr, Thurshill yso late William Adams Esq of Walsall
1822.02.02MarriageJOHNS_BLAKEMOREWilliam22u Birmingham, William Johns Esq., M.D., member of Royal College of Surgeons London & late surgeon of Calcutta to Mary 3rd do late E. Blakemore of Belmont Row
1822.02.02DeathCONNOP 29u, Mrs. Connop formerly Rose & Crown Coventry
1822.02.02DeathHEATH Wednesday, Mrs. Heath widow of Mr. Heath former whitesmith of Castle St in this borough age 94
1822.02.02DeathLEIGH 4u Cheltenham after very long protracted illness, Mrs. Leigh widow of John Esq of Coombhay House in county of Somerset & 2nd do late Hon. George SHIRLEY of Eatington Park in county of Warwick
1822.02.09DeathFRANCISAnnSunday last at bro_in_law's house (W. FRANCIS Esq of Edgbaston), Ann do late Mr. John BIRD, Harborne, Staffs
1822.02.09MarriageBUCKNALL_ADKINSBSat se'nnight, B. Bucknall of Stroud to Miss Adkins of Painswick
1822.02.09DeathCOATESBridgetSaturday last, Bridget wo James Coates Esq, Foregate St. Worcs
1822.02.09DeathBURKINSHAWElizabethMonday last, Edgbaston, Elizabeth wo C. Burkinshaw, High St, Birmingham
1822.02.09DeathCONGREVEEsther25u in 64th yr, Esther Congreve widow of George surgeon of Bedworth
1822.02.09MarriageLYNDON_GIDDINGSGeorgeLately at Redditch, George Lyndon of Alvechurch and Elizabeth Giddings of the former place
1822.02.09BirthBAGOTHarriet (Lady)Blithfield Rectory Staffs. Lady Harriet Bagot, a son
1822.02.09DeathWILLIAMHenryFrom senility in 57th yr Henry William Esq, Mayor of Glos. (more is written which I did not collect)
1822.02.09MarriageSIMCOE_PALMERHenry AddingtonWednesday, Kings Norton, Henry Addington Simcoe Esq of Wolford Lodge in county of Devon, only so late Gen. Governor of Upper Canada and Anne 2nd do Rev. Edward Palmer of Moseley in county of Worcs.
1822.02.09MarriageAVERY_SHAYLERJohnMonday last, Studley, John Avery Esq of Studley Park to Mary 2nd do Thomas Shayler of same place
1822.02.09AdditionalBIRDJohnSunday last at bro_in_law's house (W. FRANCIS Esq of Edgbaston), Ann do late Mr. John BIRD, Harborne, Staffs
1822.02.09MarriageJONES_LYNDONJohnTuesday, John Jones of Alvechurch to Mary Lyndon of Birmingham
1822.02.09DeathBARNETTRichardLately, Richard Barnett of Anstey age 61
1822.02.09DeathPAYNESarah29u after 3 days illness, Sarah relict of T. Payne Esq of Campden, Glos
1822.02.09MarriageMARSHALL_RAWSONWLeics. W. Marshall jnr of Winsford, Cheshire to Mary Ann edo James Rawson jnr of Leics
1822.02.09MarriageSTRATTON_HULLWPolesworth nr Atherstone, W. Stratton eso J. Stratton Esq of Clifton Campville to Miss Hull only do T. Hull, farmer/grazier of Wanton in this county
1822.02.09MarriageBIRDSALE_SEGURYWilliamTuesday last, Northampton, William Birdsale, surgeon of Syston Leics to Mary Ann Segury of the former place
1822.02.09DeathEDWARDSWilliam7u Brandesburton, Yorks, age 6, William so Henry Edwards, innkeeper. This is the 20th child father has followed to grave and he has 8 now living
1822.02.09DeathBURBERY Friday se'nnight, Mrs. Burbery wo Richard of Coventry
1822.02.09DeathCHENEY Lately, Mrs. Cheney wo Jno of Banbury
1822.02.09BirthHUSSEY Lately, the Lady of Phineas Hussey Esq of Wyrley Grove, a son
1822.02.09MarriageLLOYD_HAYWARD Tuesday at Kempsey, Mr. Lloyd of Hereford to Miss Haywood do late William Hayward Esq, Tewkesbury
1822.02.09DeathPRIDDEY Thursday, Mr. Priddey, auctioneer, Droitwich
1822.02.16DeathBENNC ALately, Demerara, Mr. C.A. Benn so Mrs. COPE of Coventry
1822.02.16DeathADAMSE 6i Rectory House, Harvington, Worcs, Miss E Adams DO Mr. Adams of Cranford Bridge House, Middlesex
1822.02.16DeathPHILLIPSEmma14i Emma edo Edward Phillips of Coventry
1822.02.16DeathDADLEYFrancis FrederickYesterday se'nnight at his mothers house at Knowle, Francis Frederick Dadley age 24
1822.02.16MarriageCOLLIER_COLBOURNEFrederick4i, Frederick Collier, surgeon to Catharine Colbourne both of Ship.on Stowe
1822.02.16DeathHOWEJSaturday night last, Mr. J. Howe, farmer, Stivichall near Coventry age 60
1822.02.16MarriageDEAKIN_ADAMSJohn4i, Oldswinford, John Deakin, confectioner, Birmingham to Letitia Adams edo Mr. Adams, Wollaston nr Stourbridge
1822.02.16DeathNEWEYJohnBeech Lane in 81st yr John Newey, farmer late Harborne
1822.02.16JusticeJACKSONMarthaCommitted to House of Correction by Rev R. BARNARD, Martha JACKSON, for running away from the service of her master William DODWELL of Newbold Pacey
1822.02.16DeathTWYCROSSSamuelTuesday last, Samuel Twycross of Coventry, dyer
1822.02.16AdditionalDODWELLWilliamCommitted to House of Correction by Rev R. BARNARD, Martha JACKSON, for running away from the service of her master William DODWELL of Newbold Pacey
1822.02.16DeathBARRY Thursday morning, Leopold House in 65th yr, Miss Barry do late Captain Barry of Bath Row, Worcs.
1822.02.16DeathHAWKES Sunday last, Mrs. Hawkes wo Mr. Hawkes of Heathcote near this borough age 42
1822.02.16DeathJEFFCOTT Monday last, Mrs. Jeffcott wo Mr Jeffcott, farmer of the Woodloes near this borough
1822.02.16DeathLAMBLY Wednesday last at the house of her son (Mr. Lambly of Coventry), Mrs. Lambly in 91st yr
1822.02.16MarriageNEWMAN_EAGLES Thursday, Mr. Newman of Courtspark, Parkhold, Hereford to Miss Eagles, Tredington, Glos
1822.02.23DeathHENDERSONAlexanderSaturday last, suddenly in 59th yr Alexander Henderson, sculptor of St. George Church, B'ham
1822.02.23MarriageBOURBOUNEUX_CLAY AnthonySunday, Coventry, Anthony, Professor of French language in this town to Frances Clay ydo Matthew Payne of that city
1822.02.23MarriageWILSON_BENNCharles Corbett12i Chertsey Surrey, Charles Corbett Wilson 2nd so Rev. William Corbett Wilson of Hardwick Priors in this county to Mary 3rd do late Anthony Benn Esq of Hensingham, Cumberland
1822.02.23BirthAYLESFORDCountessMonday last, Packington Hall, Countess of Aylesford, a dau
1822.02.23DeathGILLGeorgeSunday at brother's house at Bedworth, George Gill Esq age 37, so late Thomas Esq of B'ham
1822.02.23MarriageNORTHLAND_NEEDHAMHenry knox (Hon)12i Parish Church Addesley Salop, Hon Jn. Henry Knox 3rd so Viscount Northland to Lady Mabella Needham ydo Earl of Killmorey
1822.02.23DeathBOOTTJamesSunday se'nnight in 61st yr, James Boott Esq of Loughborough, eminent auctioneer & formerly Lieut. Colonel of the Loughborough Volunteers
1822.02.23MarriageBARRUP_DEWINTJohnThursday, Ludlow, John, solicitor of Glos to Susan ydo late Henry Dewint, MD of Stone, Staffs
1822.02.23DeathKAYEJohn PellisonSaturday last, Newnham in 30th yr, John Pellison Kaye late Coventry, only so late Rev. John Kaye of Woolston
1822.02.23DeathAPPLEBEEThomasWednesday last, Snitterfield, Thomas Applebee formerly wheelwright of that place
1822.02.23DeathBREEDONThomasMonday last, suddenly age 65, Thomas Breedon of Kenilworth
1822.02.23DeathSAWYERThomasFriday at Bishampton, Thomas Sawyer in 86th yr, for many yrs farmer of that place
1822.02.23DeathWHITEThomasMr Thomas White, landlord of Blue Boar Inn, Chipping Norton age 76
1822.02.23DeathFREEMANWilliam19i of a decline, William Freeman, Gent of Staverton N'h
1822.02.23MarriageWILCOX_KINGSTONWilliamTowcester, William to Sarah edo Benjamin
1822.02.23DeathHARRIS Tuesday morning in 87th yr Mrs. Harris relict of Thomas of St. Johns St Coventry
1822.02.23DeathLEE 11i wife of Rev. Professor Lee of Cambridge
1822.02.23DeathTAYLOR Wednesday last age 64, Mrs. Taylor wo John of Spon St Coventry, grocer
1822.02.23MarriageWAGHORNE_DIBBEN Leics, Mr. Waghorne of London to Mrs. Dibben of Leics edo Rev. William CASSON? of Thrussington
1822.03.02BirthHOWE(Countess)Gopsal Leics, Countess Howe, a son
1822.03.02DeathBEAUFORDEdward Henry Somerset (Lord)Tuesday se'nnight, Badminton Glos., seat of Duke of Beaufort, in 20th yr, Lord Edward Henry Somerset, his Grace's youngest son
1822.03.02DeathJACKSONElizabeth Ann4u Elizabeth Anne wo Edward Whitehouse Jackson, solicitor of W. Bromwich age 46
1822.03.02DeathCOOPERJames13u Wootton Underedge in 26th yr, James so John Cooper Esq of that place
1822.03.02MarriageLORD_LAKEJames19u James Lord of Daventry to Miss E. Lake of Rose & Crown Inn, Byfield
1822.03.02DeathTOYJob4u age 67, Job Toy, builder, Digbeth B'ham
1822.03.02DeathCORBETJohnMonday last age 66, John Corbet of Newton nr Westbury, Shropshire. Mr. Corbet's family have resided at and possessed Newton during all the changes and periods from the remote ages of the Norman era
1822.03.02DeathEATONRichardSaturday, Richard Eaton of the Toby's Head public house, Coventry
1822.03.02DeathTOMLINSONS15u age 63, Mr. S. Tomlinson of Whitbourne House, Bridgnorth late B'ham
1822.03.02DeathCARLESSSarahSunday last at her mothers, Grove House Harborne, Sarah ydo late William Carless Esq of B'ham
1822.03.02DeathDALEThomasSunday, Thomas Dale of St John's St., Coventry age 60
1822.03.02MarriageBREE_BOULTBEEW T26u at Knowle, Rev. W.T. Bree only so Rev. T. Bree of Allersley to Helena Maria ydo Joseph Boultbee Esq of Springfield House
1822.03.02MarriageATKINS_PRATT Monday se'nnight at Wootten Wawen, Mr Atkins, stone mason of this borough to Sarah Pratt of Henley in Arden
1822.03.02MarriageCOALES_BRADLEY 15u Harborne, Mr. Coales of Five Ways to Mrs. Elizabeth Bradley of the Star, Milk St, B'ham
1822.03.02DeathHOPE 17u after week's illness, Mrs. Hope wo Charles of Bromsgrove
1822.03.02DeathLAURENCE Mrs. Laurence wo Rev. Dr. Laurence, Regius Professor of Hebrew & Canon of Christ Church Oxford
1822.03.02DeathRUSSELL Saturday se'nnight age 70, Mrs. Russell wo Edward, formerly of Boot Inn, N'h
1822.03.02BirthWILLES Wednesday last, Newbold Comyn, Mrs. Willes, a dau
1822.03.09MarriageWOODYATT_GRESLEYESaturday last, Leamington, Rev E Woodyatt M.A., yso Dr. Woodyatt to Louisa Georgiana Maria ydo late Sir Nigel Bowyer Gresley, Bart of Drakelow
1822.03.09MarriageHEAPE_NORRISJamesWednesday, B'ham, James of New St to Sarah 3rd do Samuel Norris of Hill St, both of that town
1822.03.09MarriageJARVIS_REYNOLDSJoseph18u Aston, Joseph Jarvis of B'ham to Amelia edo John Reynolds, bookseller of Bath
1822.03.09DeathSMITHJosephMonday last age 21, Joseph so Joseph of Burgess, Coventry
1822.03.09MarriageBARTLETT_ELKINGTONTTuesday se'nnight Mr. T. Bartlett to Miss Elkington both of Ryton upon Dunsmore
1822.03.09DeathHAMMONDTAt Summerfield Cottage, B'ham Heath, T. Hammond, Gent age 95
1822.03.09DeathREADThomas24u, Thomas Read, Gent in 73rd yr, one of the Aldermen of Leics.
1822.03.09DeathFREEMANWilliamLately age 43, William Freeman of Staverton
1822.03.09MarriageWATSON_DAVENPORTWilliamTuesday, William of Coleshill to Catherine
1822.03.09DeathGAYDON Lately age 73, Mr. Gaydon of the Crown public house, Austey
1822.03.09DeathKENDRICK Friday last, Mr. Kendrick, Rowington
1822.03.09DeathPOVEY Saturday last, Mrs. Povey of Cross St, Smith St in this borough age 43
1822.03.16MarriageBL_KEMORE_BRAZIERJohnLately, John Bl_kemore of B'ham to Sarah Brazier, Tardebigg, Worcs
1822.03.16MarriageBOUCHER_NEWMANJohnJohn to Miss E. Newman, both of Cheltenham
1822.03.16DeathLITTLEJohn9i St Johns Worcs. John Little Esq one of his Majesty's Justices of Peace for the counties of Worcs. & Hereford
1822.03.16MarriageMOORE_BLOWER(BLOYTER?)JohnSaturday, Coventry, John Moore of Foleshill to Mrs. A. Blower (Bloyter?) of Little Park St Coventry
1822.03.16DeathCADDICKNancy3i, Nancy wo Isaac Caddick of Gospel Oak age 60
1822.03.16DeathCOOKEThomasSaturday last in 84th yr, Thomas Cooke of Binley nr Coventry
1822.03.16DeathLINDOPPThomasWednesday se'nnight age 75, Thomas of Bartholemew St, B'ham
1822.03.16MarriageSMITH_WATCHORNW Thursday, Mr. W. Smith, slater to Miss Watchorn both of this borough
1822.03.16MarriageBLEBY_CORNWELLWilliamSat se'nnight St. Mary Stafford, William Bleby late Winchcomb Glos to Miss Cornwell, do William of the former place
1822.03.16DeathPEARKES 28u Mrs. Pearkes widow of Martin Esq of Upper Harley St and last surviving do late Samuel GIST Esq of Gower St London & Wormington Grange, Worcs
1822.03.16BirthSMITH Morton Hall, Worcs, lately, the Lady of William Smith, Esq, barrister at law, a son
1822.03.16DeathSOUTHWELL Henley in Arden age 23, Mrs. Southwell wo Mr. Southwell, carpet manufacturer of Bridgnorth & do John CANNING of the former place
1822.03.23BirthNOEL(Lady)Saturday last B_rham Court, Kent, the Lady of Hon. Charles Noel Noel, a dau
1822.03.23DeathWILSONBeatriceBrackley, Mrs. Beatrice wo Mr. Thomas Wilson of Hinton in the Hedges, N'h age 78
1822.03.23AdditionalAPPLEBEE BenjaminCommitted to our County Gaol by C.G. WADE Esq, Mary ELLIOTT for stealing at Snitterfield a quantity of wagon wheel oak spokes, property of Benjamin APPLEBEE
1822.03.23MarriageDAVENPORT_JOHNSONCharlesTuesday 19i Stratford on Avon, Rev. Charles Davenport, Rector of Welford Glos to Miss Johnson of Luddington in this county
1822.03.23MarriageBEVERLEY_GREATBEED?Charles PercyWednesday, Marylebone, London, Charles Percy, yso Earl of Beverley to Miss Bertie Greatbeed? Gdau of Bertie Bertie [sic] Greatbeed Esq of Guy's Cliff
1822.03.23DeathHAWKESEdwardTuesday last age 84, Edward Hawkes of Hampton
1822.03.23MarriageIRELAND_PARSONSGeorgeTuesday se'nnight, George Ireland, brassfounder of B'ham to Constantia do late Thomas Parsons of Tanworth
1822.03.23DeathSPRAGGETTHenryHenry of Bishops Itchington age 53
1822.03.23DeathHUNTJaneLately age 44, Jane wo William Hunt of Hockley
1822.03.23DeathGATERJohnMonday last suddenly, John Gater formerly of Prince William Henry public house Foleshill & lately master of Exhall House of Industry
1822.03.23DeathRILANDJohnRectory House, Sutton Coldfield in 86th yr, Rev. John Riland A.M., age 32, Rector of that place
1822.03.23MarriageWEBB_HITCHCOXJohnAdderbury on Thursday last, John Webb, surgeon of Alcester to Sophia Emma ydo late Mr. Hitchcox of Broughton Oxon
1822.03.23MarriageWILLETTS_CURNOCKJos Bishampton, Worcs, Jos. Willetts to Mary Curnock both of that place
1822.03.23JusticeELLIOTTMaryCommitted to our County Gaol by C.G. WADE Esq, Mary ELLIOTT for stealing at Snitterfield a quantity of wagon wheel oak spokes, property of Benjamin APPLEBEE
1822.03.23DeathPROCTORMichaelTuesday in 18th yr, Michael eso M. Proctor Esq, Twyning, Tewkesbury
1822.03.23DeathTAYLORWilliamAt B'ham, Tuesday last, suddenly, William age 53, formerly of Coventry, butcher
1822.03.23MarriageBASS?_THOMPSON 5i Mr Bass? Vet surgeon, Withybrook to Elizabeth 4th do Mr. Thompson, Brinklow
1822.03.23DeathHORLEY Last week, Mrs. Horley wo Edward of Harbury
1822.03.23DeathTAYLOR Monday se'nnight age 70, Mr Taylor of Solihull, butcher
1822.03.30DeathLUCASChristianaLately, Miss Christiana Lucas of Banbury
1822.03.30DeathCORGANElizabethChipping Norton age 26, Elizabeth wo Mr. Corgan, solicitor
1822.03.30DeathREDDALLElizabeth5i after short illness in 72nd yr, Mrs. Elizabeth Reddall of Leamington
1822.03.30MarriageCOALES_DUKEGeorgeBlisworth, N'h, George Coales, butcher to Ann Duke of the former place
1822.03.30DeathKENNEDYGeorgeMonday age 73, George Kennedy Esq of Fox Hollies, Yardley, many yrs senior surgeon in Hospital in B'ham and was eminently distinguished in general practice of his profession
1822.03.30DeathBLUNTJamesAt Loughborough, James Blunt age 23 and Mr. James Blunt, draper, father of the above, age 47
1822.03.30MarriageHOLBEN_LINTURNJohnBitton, Glos, John Holben age 87 to Catharine Linturn age 25! [sic]
1822.03.30DeathTAYLORJohnSaturday last age 81, John of Radford
1822.03.30DeathBOSWORTHJosephMonday last, Joseph Bosworth, Gent of Coventry
1822.03.30DeathMILLSJosephSaturday last at Holbert's Green, parish of Tanworth age 111 yrs, Joseph, labourer, resident in the parish for the last 80 yrs
1822.03.30DeathTAYLORLouisa18i Moor Green, Louisa, the lady of James Taylor, Esq
1822.03.30MarriageGRANT_ALLENR Monday at Droitwich, Mr. R. Grant of Newport Salop to Mary edo Mr. Allen, Post Office, Droitwich
1822.03.30DeathSATCHELLThomasLately, Thomas Satchell of Henfield nr Knowle only so late Mrs. MOBBS of Suffolk St, B'ham
1822.03.30DeathWHEELEYThomasWednesday se'nnight at brother's house Edgbaston Valley, Thomas Wheeley age 72
1822.03.30DeathBARROW William6i Sundorne Castle Salop, age 55, William Barrow, huntsman to the late John CORBET Esq, and on following day William Phillips, whipper_in to A.W. CORBET, Esq
1822.03.30DeathPHILLIPSWilliam6i Sundorne Castle Salop, age 55, William Barrow, huntsman to the late John CORBET Esq, and on following day William Phillips, whipper_in to A.W. CORBET, Esq
1822.03.30DeathTURNERWilliamSaturday, William Turner, many yrs writing master of King Edward Free Grammar School B'ham
1822.03.30MarriageBANWELL_PALMER Tuesday last, Harbury, Mr. Banwell of Napton on the Hill to Elizabeth only do Benjamin Palmer of the former place
1822.03.30DeathHOWARD Sunday, Mrs. Howard relict of William, watchcase maker, Spon St, Coventry
1822.03.30DeathMIDDLETON Tuesday last age 82, Mrs. Middleton, relict of Alderman Middleton, Glos
1822.04.06MarriageSMITH_CHARLESBassettThursday se'nnight, Mr. Bassett Smith to Sarah 2nd do late A.G. Charles of Paradise St B'ham
1822.04.06DeathGILLCharlesYesterday age 57, Charles Gill, hairdresser of the Bridewell Lane in this borough
1822.04.06MarriageCATTERNS_ROYLEHenryYesterday, Coventry, Henry Catterns of that city, hatter/hosier to Emma edo John Royle of the same city, conveyancer
1822.04.06MarriageWHITEHOUSE_COURTJesseSaturday, Harborne, Jesse Whitehouse, miller of W. Bromwich to Harriet Court, Wednesbury
1822.04.06DeathWATTSJosephThursday se'nnight, Joseph Watts Esq, solicitor of Cheltenham
1822.04.06DeathWILLESSusanna EmilyNewbold Comyn, Sunday last, Susanna Emily infant do Edward Willes Esq
1822.04.06MarriageLEBON_HANDSThomasLately, Harborne, Thomas to Elizabeth 2nd do Mr. Hands, Saltley
1822.04.06MarriageSMITH_HOLDERWilliamTardebigg, William Smith Esq to Miss Holder do Mr. Holder of the former place
1822.04.06MarriageTAYLOR_ALLENWilliamFriday se'nnight, William of Bull St to Harriet Allen, St Mary Sq, B'ham
1822.04.06DeathBRYAN Thursday in 49th yr, Mrs. Bryan of Smith St in this borough, widow of George, farmer/grazier late Tachbroke
1822.04.06DeathCLAY 2u, Mrs. Clay wo Richard of Nuneaton age 27
1822.04.06DeathGIBBES Friday after severe & lingering illness, lady of Sir G.S. Gibbes M.D. of Bath
1822.04.06DeathTIPPIN Thursday se'nnight Mrs. Tippin, White Hill near Stratford age 58
1822.04.06DeathWHITE Yesterday se'nnight, Miss White 3rd do Mrs. Thomas White, Park House nr Fillongley
1822.04.13DeathBEDFORDFrances21u Chipping Norton in 79th yr, Frances wo Benjamin Bedford Esq of Pensham Worcs.
1822.04.13DeathHARRISONH BMonday se'nnight, Bugbrook Rectory nr N'h in the prime & vigour of his days, H.B. Harrison, eso Rev. Dr. Harrison, A.B., & student of Christ Church Oxford
1822.04.13MarriageBAKER_STANTONJLower Heyford, Mr J Baker of Harpole to Elizabeth Stanton of Upper Heyford, N'h
1822.04.13DeathSEYMOURJohnIn 59th yr, John Seymour Esq of Allesley nr Coventry
1822.04.13DeathPOWELLJohn henry24u Eccleshall Vicarage, Rev. John Henry Powell age 63, 22 yrs vicar of that parish and vicar of Dunchurch in this county
1822.04.13MarriageMALDEN_RODDISJoshuaJoshua Malden, baker to Miss Roddis, both of N'h
1822.04.13DeathHIGGSMary AnnChipping Sodbury, Mary Ann do William Higgs of the Swan Inn. Some months since the deceased underwent painful operation of having tumour taken off her side, which weighed upwards of 5 1/2lbs. The disease however returned
1822.04.13DeathBENYONSamuel YateSunday 31u at his house in Russell Sq. London, Samuel Yate Benyon Esq of Ash, Shropshire, one of his Majesty's Counsel, Attorney General of Chester and Vice Chancellor of Lancaster, Recorder of the City of Chester
1822.04.13MarriageGOODALL_ROBERTSTPershore, Mr. T Goodall, plumber & glazier to Miss Roberts both of Pershore
1822.04.13MarriageBALL_PARKESThomasHales Owen, Thomas Ball of Packwood to Hannah Parker of Wyrley Wigorn do Richard of Packwood
1822.04.13DeathTANNERThomasOld Sodbury, Glos, Thomas Tanner age 84 (he left 1200 l) [more was written on Thomas which I did not collect]
1822.04.13DeathWILCOXThomasMonday evening last, Claverdon, Thomas Wilcox Esq in 56th yr
1822.04.13MarriageVARNAM_WALKERVClaybrook Leics, Mr. W. Varnam of Atherstone in this county to Rebecca ydo late John Walker of Wigston Parva
1822.04.13DeathWALKERZaccheusSunday 7i in 54th yr, Zaccheus Walker of Soho, B'ham
1822.04.13DeathFORD Thursday in 71st yr, Mrs. Ford wo Joseph, Bishop St, Coventry
1822.04.13DeathHAMMOND Summerfield Cottage, B'ham Heath, Miss Hammond age 55
1822.04.13DeathHOPKINS Monday se'nnight at her uncle's Mr. EAGLE of Fillongley in 34th yr, Miss Hopkins late Coundon
1822.04.13MarriageKNIGHT_JOHNSON Monday last, Tamworth, Mr. Knight to Miss Johnson both of that place
1822.04.20DeathSILKSTONEAnneFriday se'nnight age 57 Anne wo John Silkstone, worsted manufacturer, Henly in Arden
1822.04.20MarriageHAMEL_PIERCEE BTanworth, Mr E.B. Hamel, drawing master to Miss Pierce, edo Mr. Pierce of Worcs
1822.04.20DeathLOWEElizabethThursday se'nnight, Elizabeth wo S. Lowe, solicitor, B'ham
1822.04.20MarriageMULLINER_BLANTONFWoodford, F. Mulliner of N'h to Jane ydo Mr. Blanton of Isham N'h
1822.04.20MarriageMOORE_HUNTINGDONHenry10i St George, Hanover Sq London, Rev. Henry Moore of Tachbrook in this county to Rebecca Harriet ydo late L. Huntingdon Esq, Deputy Rcvr General of Stamp Duties
1822.04.20MarriageCARROLL_DARWALLJ WAston, Mr. J.W. Carroll Esq, MD to Honor Hewitt ydo Rev. J. Darwall, AM, Minister of Deritend & Bordesley
1822.04.20DeathHALLJosephMonday se'nnight, Joseph Hall Esq of N'h age 70
1822.04.20DeathSLATERMaryWednesday se'nnight age 73, Mrs. Mary Slater of Digbeth
1822.04.20DeathDODDRalph11i soon after his arrival in Cheltenham, Ralph, architect who superintended the erection of Waterloo Bridge
1822.04.20DeathEVANSRichardSaturday last, Richard Evans of Ashted in 74th yr
1822.04.20MarriageMILES_DODSamuelTuesday, Leigh Worcs. Samuel Miles Esq of Leics to Mary Ann edo late John Dod Esq of Cloverley (changed to Coverley 27/4 notice) Hall, Shropshire
1822.04.20DeathSMITHThomasTuesday se'nnight, Thomas Smith, farmer of Pailton age 44
1822.04.20MarriageKNIGHT_JOHNSONWilliamLately, William Knight of Tamworth to Miss N Johnson, do Colonel F. Johnson of Worcs
1822.04.20DeathSARSONSWilliam7i Henly in Arden in 79th yr William Sarsons, formerly of Alcester [more was written on William which I did not collect]
1822.04.20DeathHARVEY Lately, Mrs. Harvey of Warren Farm nr Alcester
1822.04.20MarriagePICKERING_READ Monday, Worcs, Mr. Pickering of the Iron Foundry to Maria edo J.B. Read, wine & brandy merchant of that city
1822.04.20MarriageSHORTHOSE_KEENAN Tuesday 9i Mr. Shorthose of Leamington to Miss Keenan of this borough
1822.04.20DeathWESTON Lately, Brixworth in 74th yr, Mr. Weston
1822.04.27MarriageFOSTER_PUREAnthonyFriends Meeting House Worcs, Anthony Foster of Ledbury to Rebecca Pure of the former place
1822.04.27DeathSNEYDCharlotte8i Edgeworthstown, Ireland, Mrs. Charlotte Sneyd ydo late Edward Sneyd Esq of Lichfield in 68th yr
1822.04.27MarriageCAMERON_BROMFIELDDonaldNapton, Rev Donald Cameron, Fellow of Wadham College Oxford yso late Dr. Cameron of Worcs to Frances edo Rev T.R. Bromfield, vicar of Napton
1822.04.27DeathPERRY (changed from PERCY on 4/5) Dorothy WardAge 45, Miss Dorothy Ward Percy of Tesshall, Kings Norton
1822.04.27DeathPERCY (changed to PERRY on 4/5) Dorothy WardAge 45, Miss Dorothy Ward Percy of Tesshall, Kings Norton
1822.04.27DeathAYERSElizabethMonday se'nnight, Daventry, Mrs. Elizabeth Ayers age 60
1822.04.27DeathSNAPEEllenNr. Walsall, Staffs, Ellen Snape age 80/Widow Harrison age 82/Widow Ocroft age 103/Widow Harvey age 83 _ all lived within 1/2 mile of each other & died within a fortnight
1822.04.27MarriageLAMB_WILSONHenryWorcs, Henry Lamb of that city to Mary Ann Wilson of London
1822.04.27DeathPAULJefferyWilnecote nr Tamworth age 87, Jeffery Paul, Gent
1822.04.27MarriageORTON_ATKINSJohnBulkington, Mr John Orton of Barnacle to Miss Atkins of Bassett House Leics
1822.04.27DeathRUDGEJohnMonday se'nnight age 27, Mr. John Rudge, engineer, Smethwick
1822.04.27DeathSNAPEJohnTuesday se'nnight, John Snape, grocer of Bull St B'ham
1822.04.27MarriageBULL_MASTERSJosephWolfhampcote, Joseph Bull of Hanslop Bucks to Sarah edo Robert Masters of Nethercote
1822.04.27DeathWATSONMargaret12i Margaret wo Jos. Watson of Cubbington
1822.04.27DeathPRATTRichardAfter short illness age 40, Richard Pratt, coach proprietor of Oxford
1822.04.27DeathSMITHRichard ClarkeLately, at Floore age 56, Richard Clarke Smith
1822.04.27DeathTRAVELLSarah5i Wootton, Oxfordshire, Sarah widow of George Travell of Roade, N'h in 100th yr
1822.04.27MarriageROUND_OSBORNESimeonSimeon Round of Tipton to Sarah edo late Mrs. Hannah Osborne of Gt Barr, Staffs
1822.04.27DeathBEVANThomasThursday, Thomas, liquor merchant, Wolverhampton
1822.04.27DeathBRUNNERThomasWednesday in 38th yr, Thomas Brunner of Dale End B'ham
1822.04.27MarriageDAVIES_EDWARDSThomasThursday se'nnight, Solihull, Thomas Davies Esq of Cranfield, Beds to Charlotte edo Capt. John Edwards RN of the former place
1822.04.27DeathDEVEYThomasBridgnorth, Thomas Devey, solicitor in 55th yr
1822.04.27MarriageRANDLE_PAGETThomasNuneaton, Thursday, Thomas Randle to Mary Paget both of that place
1822.04.27DeathHARRISONWidowNr. Walsall, Staffs, Ellen Snape age 80/Widow Harrison age 82/Widow Ocroft age 103/Widow Harvey age 83 _ all lived within 1/2 mile of each other & died within a fortnight
1822.04.27DeathHARVEYWidowNr. Walsall, Staffs, Ellen Snape age 80/Widow Harrison age 82/Widow Ocroft age 103/Widow Harvey age 83 _ all lived within 1/2 mile of each other & died within a fortnight
1822.04.27DeathOCROFTWidowNr. Walsall, Staffs, Ellen Snape age 80/Widow Harrison age 82/Widow Ocroft age 103/Widow Harvey age 83 _ all lived within 1/2 mile of each other & died within a fortnight
1822.04.27MarriageHEALEY_ALLSOPPWilliamLeics, William Healey, tailor to Miss Allsopp both of that place
1822.04.27DeathFELLZachariahYesterday se'nnight, Long Itchington, Zachariah Fell
1822.04.27DeathLOADMAN Broad St Worcs age 75, Mrs. Loadman formerly of Kingsland, Hereford & widow of Capt. Loadman RN
1822.04.27DeathMOORE Thursday age 49, Mrs. Moore, wo Mr. Moore, watchmaker, Coventry
1822.04.27MarriageRUSSEL_GOODMAN Everdon N'h, Mr Russel, farmer/grazier to Catherine 5th do late Samuel Goodman of Little Everdon
1822.04.27MarriageTURNER_DRABBLE Chesterfield on Easter Tuesday, Mr. Turner of Walton age 66 to Miss Drabble age 72 of the same place
1822.04.27DeathWESTON Thursday, very suddenly, Mr. Weston, tailor of Much Park St Coventry
1822.04.27DeathWILSON Few days since, Mr. Wilson, hairdresser of Smith St in this borough age 34
1822.05.04MarriageFARQUHAR_ALLDAYA CTuesday, Knowle, A.C. Farquhar, builder of B'ham to Sophia do John Allday of the former place
1822.05.04MarriageNEDHAM_BAUKARTJohnTuesday se'nnight, John Nedham, Gent, surgeon to Sarah only do James Baukart Esq both of Leics
1822.05.04MarriageBRINDLEY_PARGETERJosephKingswinford, Joseph Brindley Esq of Kinfare to Caroline 2nd do William Pargeter of Wordsley
1822.05.04DeathBARNARDRichardThursday last age 63, Richard Barnard of New Meeting St B'ham, upwards 40 yrs copperplate printer of that town
1822.05.04DeathMONTGOMERYSamuelMonday se'nnight, Samuel Montgomery, Gent of Daventry
1822.05.04DeathDOORLEYThady8u nr Hill of Allen, County Kildare, Mr. Thady Doorley, farmer age 126
1822.05.04DeathBRUNNERThomasEdgbaston in 38th yr, Thomas of Dale End
1822.05.04DeathGOODEThomasWednesday age 76, Thomas Goode of Radford
1822.05.04MarriageSIVETER_BRIDGEWATERThomasDudley, Thomas Siveter, surgeon of London to Lydia 3rd do late Edward Bridgewater of Dudley
1822.05.04DeathWHALEWilliam15u age 32, William Whale of Stratford on Avon so John of B'ham
1822.05.04DeathDAVIES Tuesday in 63rd yr at his house in College Churchyard, Worcs, Mr. Davies
1822.05.04DeathHILLHOUSE A few days ago, Mr. Hillhouse, formerly an eminent hosier in Leics.
1822.05.04DeathHUMFRYS Sunday last, Williamscott nr Banbury age 82, Mrs. Humfrys, relict of Rd. Humfrys, gent of that place, and sister to James GOLDBY Esq of Banbury
1822.05.04DeathLONDON After short illness in 49th yr, Mr. London, builder of Feckenham
1822.05.04MarriagePERKINS_JONES Tuesday, Worcs, Mr. Perkins of Droitwich to Esther Jones of Worcs.
1822.05.04MarriageSMITH_BROWN Monday last, Mr. Smith, coal merchant to Miss Brown, both of Loughborough
1822.05.11DeathDOWNINGBiltonBilton, James 2nd so Mr. Downing age 21
1822.05.11DeathLEGGECharles1 Nov. Valparaiso of a liver complaint, Lieut. Hon. Charles Legge of HMS Conway in 23rd yr.
1822.05.11DeathMARSTONElizabeth24u in the prime of her life, Elizabeth wo Thomas Marston, master of the Academy, Alvechurch
1822.05.11MarriageDAVIES_PENSONGeorgeGeorge Davies, surgeon of Bridgnorth to Miss Penson edo late John formerly of Lilleshall Abbey
1822.05.11MarriageGREENWAY_DURNFORDKelyngeMonday 6i, Dittisham, Kelynge Greenway Esq of this borough to Letitia edo late Charles Durnford Esq
1822.05.11MarriageCOTTRILL_BANWELLKineton ITuesday se'nnight, Kineton, I. Cottrill jnr of Napton to Harriet edo Mr. Banwell of former place
1822.05.11DeathROBBINSMaria3i Miss Maria Robbins do late Mr. Francis Robbins of Milverton
1822.05.11DeathMOLLADYMaryDaventry, Mary Mollady age 76, and at Banbury age 65, P. Mollady, hat manufacturer, brother of above
1822.05.11AdditionalCOOKSamuel8i At house of her father Samuel COOK Esq of Street_fields in this county of a decline, Lady of Rev. Henry Fenton of Wing in the county of Rutland
1822.05.11DeathBLYTHSarah29u Barton under Needwood age 76, Mrs. Sarah relict of Samuel Blyth, wine merchant of B'ham
1822.05.11MarriageHILL_HULLSThomasRev. Thomas Hill of Hayden Lodge nr Cheltenham, rector of Badgworth Glos to Miss Hulls of Corse, Glos
1822.05.11MarriageHUDSON_WOODCOCKTHomasGilmorton Leics, Thomas Hudson of Lutterworth to Mary ydo Mr. Woodcock, farmer/grazier of the former place
1822.05.11MarriageMARTIN_UPTONWilliamBirmingham, William Martin of Budbrooke to Lydia 3rd do Mr. Upton of Castle Bromwich
1822.05.11MarriageWISE_HAMERTONWilliam1i Hardingstone, William Wise Esq, solicitor, Rugby to Elizabeth 2nd do Mr. Hamerton of Yarwell
1822.05.11MarriageBADGER_HINCKS Wolverhampton, Mr. Badger, merchant of Walsall to Miss Hincks only do Samuel of Willenhall
1822.05.11DeathFENTON 8i At house of her father Samuel COOK Esq of Street_fields in this county of a decline, Lady of Rev. Henry Fenton of Wing in the county of Rutland
1822.05.11DeathPICKARD Saturday last, suddenly, Mr. Pickard of the Wellington Public House nr Bedworth
1822.05.11MarriageROBERTSON_BLAIR Thursday, Liverpool, Mr. Robertson, surgeon dentist of B'ham to Jane ydo late Mr. Blair, dentist of Liverpool
1822.05.18MarriageEVERITT_CHERRYAllanBirmingham, Allan Everitt jnr of Edgbaston to Maria ydo John Cherry of B'ham
1822.05.18DeathKINGEleanor Elizabeth (Lady)Thursday se'nnight, Wellington Shropshire age 64, Rt. Hon Lady Eleanor Elizabeth King do Edward late Earl of Kingston & aunt of present Earl
1822.05.18DeathBOULTBEEElizabeth5i Elizabeth wo Joseph Boultbee Esq of Springfield House nr Knowle
1822.05.18DeathHILLElizabeth WilcoxWednesday se'nnight, Elizabeth Wilcox Hill wo Robert Hill, draper, Stourport
1822.05.18MarriageGEARY_PRICEF 3i Mr. F. Geary to Catherine Price 2nd do Mrs. Price of Church St B'ham
1822.05.18DeathHOLTHannahRugeley, Staffs, Miss Hannah Holt of Kings Norton nr B'ham
1822.05.18DeathPENN (PENNS?)Henry5i Brewood age 64, Henry Penn (Penns?) formerly carpet manufacturer, Kidderminster
1822.05.18DeathCLAPPERTONJSunday age 25, Mr. J. Clapperton of Gt Charles St B'ham
1822.05.18MarriageCORFIELD_SWIFTJohnIpsley, John Corfield of Deritend to Sarah edo William Swift of former place
1822.05.18DeathBRADBURYMaryTowcester age 81, Mrs. Mary Bradbury relict of Rev. Thomas Bradbury, rector of Bradwell, Bucks
1822.05.18DeathCOALESRThursday se'nnight in 35th yr Mr. R. Coales, master of the Academy in College St N'h
1822.05.18DeathBATERichardLately in 71st yr, Richard Bate of the New House, Enville nr Stourbridge
1822.05.18MarriagePIKE_FELTONSamuel30u, Samuel Pike of Deritend to Susannah 2nd do William Felton, factor of Bordesley
1822.05.18MarriageHIDSON_PICKERINGThomas14i Thomas Hidson, B'ham to Elizabeth do late John Pickering of Cambden Hill
1822.05.18MarriageDEAN_PARKESWilliamHandsworth, William Dean late Wolverhampton to Miss Parkes do William of Ashted
1822.05.18DeathMOLEWilliamSaturday se'nnight in 85th, William Mole, Price St, B'ham
1822.05.18MarriageOWEN_HALLWilliamSaturday last, William Owen to Harriet Hall both of Smithford St Coventry
1822.05.18MarriageTURNER_NUNNS?WilliamLancaster, William Turner of B'ham to Miss Nunns? of the former place
1822.05.18DeathWARD A few days ago in 52nd yr, Mr. Ward, currier, Kidderminster
1822.05.18DeathWORRALO Suddenly, Oxford, Mrs. Worralo, file manufacturer of Lichfield St B'ham
1822.05.25DeathCHAPLAINCharlesTuesday last age 44, Charles Chaplain jnr of Rowley's Green, parish of Foleshill
1822.05.25DeathKENWRICKEdwardLately in 72nd yr, Edward Kenwrick, surgeon, West Bromwich
1822.05.25MarriageALLEN_YARNOLDJamesTuesday last, Norton, James Allen of Worcs to Miss Yarnold of the former place
1822.05.25DeathSQUIRESJaneTuesday last, Jane 2nd do Mr. Squires, Milverton, age 13
1822.05.25DeathHAINESJohnTuesday last age 35, John Haines so late J.D. Haines of Well St, Coventry
1822.05.25DeathKIMBERLEYJohnLately after short illness, John Kimberley, builder of Kings Norton
1822.05.25DeathDUDLEYMary12i Mrs. Mary Dudley, George St, Tamworth
1822.05.25DeathGARRETTMary17i Nuneaton, Mary Garrett wo William, baker & confectioner
1822.05.25MarriageBURBIDGE_WINDERRobert12i Birmingham, Robert Burbidge, grocer, High St to Miss Winder only do late Richard of Monument Lane, B'ham
1822.05.25DeathWHITEHEADSarahYesterday se'nnight after long painful illness, Sarah wo Robert Whitehead of the Golden Lion, Leamington age 46
1822.05.25MarriageESSEX_COOKETSunday last, Coventry, T. Essex to Miss H. Cooke do James, Dyer's Arms, both of Spon St in this city
1822.05.25MarriageWHITTEMORE_KIRKLANDThomasThursday, Coventry, Thomas Whittemore of Whitley Mill to Miss E.. Kirkland of Coventry
1822.05.25MarriageHOPKINS_GRAFTONWMonday last, Kingswinford, W. Hopkins jnr of Kidderminster to Mary edo late William Grafton of Brettell Lane nr Stourbridge
1822.05.25DeathROBERTSW GLondon in 22nd yr, Mr. W.G. Roberts eso H. Roberts Esq, solicitor, Stourbridge
1822.05.25DeathHAYLANDWilliamA few days since at Andover, Hampshire, William Hayland Esq late Coventry
1822.05.25DeathMARSHALLWilliamLast week, William Marshall of N'h age 67
1822.05.25MarriageALLEN_BEVAN Tuesday se'nnight, Mr. Allen, painter to Harriet Bevan both of this borough
1822.05.25DeathCARTER Tuesday last, Campden Glos, Mr. Carter, late supervisor of Excise of that place, age 50
1822.05.25BirthDICKENSON Tuesday last, Dosthill House nr Tamworth, the Lady of Lieut. Col. Dickenson, a dau
1822.05.25DeathLYNDON Lately, Mrs. Lyndon of Stratford age 84
1822.05.25MarriageSHETTLE_BARRETT Last week, Mr. Shettle of Almer to Miss Barrett only do late Richard of Marton
1822.05.25DeathSQUIRES Wednesday se'nnight, Mrs. Squires wo Mr. Squires, Milverton
1822.05.25DeathSTANLEY Tuesday se'nnight age 49, Mrs. Stanley wo Mr. Stanley, farmer/grazier of Kingcom nr Campden, Glos
1822.05.25MarriageTEW_JENNAWAY Lately, Mr. Tew of Newton Mill to Elizabeth ydo late Mr. Jennaway, farmer & grazier of Clifton in this county
1822.06.01DeathMANLEYAbraham19u Walsall, Rev. Abraham Manley age 33
1822.06.01DeathHALLAnn9th May, age 34, Ann wo John Hall of Bretforten edo James ASHWIN, Esq
1822.06.01DeathSMYTHEHugh17i Woodland Villa nr Bath, Hugh Smythe Esq, bro of late Sir E. Smythe, Bart of Wootton Wawen in this county and of Acton Burnall, Salop
1822.06.01MarriagePACKWOOD_SMITHJ BSaturday last J.B. Packwood to Miss Smith both of Cheltenham
1822.06.01AdditionalASHWINJames9th May, age 34, Ann wo John Hall of Bretforten edo James ASHWIN, Esq
1822.06.01DeathROLLASONJamesSunday last, James Rollason, house surgeon to B'ham Dispensary
1822.06.01MarriageLEWIS_WEEDONJohnNewbury Berks, John Lewis of Tewkesbury to Jane only do Thomas Weedon Esq of the former place
1822.06.01DeathBELTRobert19u Mary wo Robert Belt Esq, barrister at law, New Boswell Court, London and sister to Mr. TROUGHTON of Coventry
1822.06.01MarriageCURE_BILLINGHAMSNewnham, Mr. S. Cure of that place to Elizabeth 2nd do late Daniel Billingham of Badby
1822.06.01MarriageDANKS_DALEThomasLately, Birmingham, Thomas Danks to Miss Sarah Ann Dale both of that town
1822.06.01DeathHOPCRAFTThomasLately in 79th yr Thomas Hopcraft Esq of Coughton Hs. Many yrs land agent and one of the oldest sportsmen in Northampton
1822.06.01DeathMURCOTTThomasSaturday last in 79th yr Thomas Murcott, gent, Bubbenhall
1822.06.01MarriageTOMALIN_DUNKLEYWilliamNorthampton, William Tomalin to Miss E Dunkley edo Mr. W. Dunkley of the Fountain Inn in that town
1822.06.01MarriageABELL_REA Mr. Abell, surgeon of Mitcheldean to Mary Wilton edo Mr. John Rea, Glos
1822.06.01DeathBETTERIDGE Monday last Mr. Betteridge of Radford age 57
1822.06.01DeathDIMOCK Stonehouse Glos age 90, Mrs. Dimock relict of John Esq.
1822.06.08BirthWILMOT(Lady)Tuesday last, Leamington, the Lady of Sir Eardley Wilmot, Bart, a son
1822.06.08DeathAVERILLElizabethSunday last, Elizabeth wo Mr Averill jnr of Alcester and only do Mr. CARE formerly Bell Inn Worcs
1822.06.08DeathBOULTONGeorgeWorcs in 74th yr George Boulton late Kempsey
1822.06.08DeathBIRDThomasMonday week age 76, Thomas Bird of B'ham, formerly New House, Snitterfield Bushes, farmer
1822.06.08MarriageFRANCIS_BIRDThomasMonday last, Birmingham, Thomas eso Thomas Francis Esq to Harriet 2nd do Richard Bird, Esq, solicitor of that town
1822.06.08MarriageCHERRY_SMITHWBlockley, Worcs, Mr. W. Cherry of Oxford to Eliza ydo late Rev Elisha Smith of the former place
1822.06.08DeathHARVEYWilliamLately Rev. William Harvey, Rector of Coston, Lcs and nephew of late Rev. & celebrated James Hervey? Rector of Weston Favell, Nh
1822.06.08DeathWINNALLWilliam19u William Winnall, farmer, Elmley Lovett, Worcs
1822.06.08DeathWOOLSTONWilliamLately after short illness, William Woolston of Banbury
1822.06.08DeathBAGSHAW Lately, Mr. Bagshaw of the Falcon public house, Well St Coventry
1822.06.08AdditionalCARE Sunday last, Elizabeth wo Mr Averill jnr of Alcester and only do Mr. CARE formerly Bell Inn Worcs
1822.06.15DeathROB_ONAnnLast week, Ann wo Thomas, brass founder of Horse Fair Bham
1822.06.15DeathSTEEVENSDoceyHarborne, Docey wo Samuel and only do Samuel GUEST of Yardley Wood
1822.06.15DeathBIRDSALLFrancesNorthampton, age 32 Frances wo Richard of that place
1822.06.15DeathCOOKJohnThursday, Barford age 74, John snr many yrs clerk of that parish
1822.06.15DeathHUMPHRIESJohnSunday in 45th yr John of Coventry, carrier
1822.06.15MarriageSANDERS_BEALEJohnFrowlesworth Leics. John Sanders of Lutterworth, grocer to Hannah Smith 3rd do Mr. Beale, farmer/grazier of former place
1822.06.15DeathCHATTOCKRichardSunday 9i in 81st yr Richard Esq of Solihull in this county
1822.06.15DeathGILBERTRichardWalthamstow, Essex, Richard Esq formerly ribbon manufacturer, Coventry
1822.06.15DeathGUESTSamuelHarborne, Docey wo Samuel and only do Samuel GUEST of Yardley Wood
1822.06.15MarriageARNOLD_RIGHTONSamuel ArnoldSaturday 8i St. George Bloomsbury, Samuel Arnold late Stratford on Avon to Charlotte Righton of Leamington
1822.06.15DeathHARGREAVESThomasWednesday, Leamington in 51st yr, Thomas Esq of Broad Oak nr Blackburn Lancs
1822.06.15MarriageDORSET_BROWNW Banbury, Mr. W Dorset jnr to Mrs. Brown both of that place
1822.06.15MarriageBARNES_AUSTINWilliamByfield, Nh, William Barnes of Floore Lodge to Mary Austin 2nd do late Mr. Austin, opulent farmer & grazier of the former place
1822.06.15DeathGASGOIGNEWilliam7i Rugby, William, for more than 50 yrs conducted a boarding house for young gentlemen at Rugby School
1822.06.15DeathOSBORNWilliamSunday, Kineton age 106, William
1822.06.15DeathFORD Coventry in 74th yr Mr. Ford of Bishop St
1822.06.15MarriageSCUDAMORE_SMITH Bromsgrove, Mr. Scudamore, cabinet maker to Miss Smith, milliner
1822.06.22DeathATWOODAaronMonday se'nnight, Prescott House nr Stourbridge, Aaron Atwood Esq, formerly a ? Bham
1822.06.22MarriageHAS_LWOOD_COLTMANDMonks Kirby, D. Has_lwood of Pailton, farmer to ? Coltman of Withybrooke
1822.06.22DeathNEWLANDDeborah8i age 23 Deborah ydo Mr. Newland of Pillerton
1822.06.22MarriageHAINES_SEAGEREdward21u Kingswinford, Edward Haines solicitor of Moreton in Marsh Glos to Eliza do late William Seager of Brierley Hill
1822.06.22MarriageBARRAT_LEESJohnWednesday last, Austrey, John Barrat to Mary Lees, ydo Henry, farmer/grazier
1822.06.22DeathHIPPISLEYJohn13i Stow Glos in 87th yr John, rector of that parish
1822.06.22MarriageDIXON_GILBERTJosephJoseph Dixon of Hampton in Arden to Hannah Gilbert
1822.06.22DeathWHITTONMaryWednesday last, Kenilworth age 78, Mary relict of John
1822.06.22DeathBURMANThomasSuddenly, Henley in Arden, Thomas Esq formerly manager of the Asylum at that place
1822.06.22DeathEBORALLThomas7i Knowle, Lieut. Thomas Eborall, RN
1822.06.22DeathBOTTRILLWilliam11i Nuneaton, William, ribbon manufacturer age 45
1822.06.22DeathBESWICK Friday, Mrs. Beswick of Cross Cheaping Coventry
1822.06.22MarriageGRIMES_? Mr. Grimes, Bubbenhall to ?
1822.06.22DeathTHEAKSTONE Tuesday last Mr. Theakstone of Beech Wood
1822.06.22DeathTHOMAS Monday last suddenly, Mrs. Thomas wo Mr. Thomas, timber merchant, Kenilworth
1822.06.22MarriageTHORNTON_THORNTON Mr Thornton, saddler, Leics to ydo Mr. Thornton, grazier
1822.06.29DeathCLARKEAgnesShirehampton Glos age 102, Mrs. Agnes Clarke, a native of the island of Barbadoes
1822.06.29DeathBUTLERBrabins24i Sutton Coldfield, Brabins Butler Esq age 98
1822.06.29DeathCARRCatherineSunday last after few days illness, Catherine relict of John of Marston Jabet in this borough
1822.06.29DeathGARLANDE Lately, Mr E Garland, clock and watchmaker, Rugby
1822.06.29MarriageBYGRAVE_HOLLOWAYEdwardAynho Nh, Edward Bygrave to Miss Holloway both of that place
1822.06.29DeathMILLWARDEdwardSaturday age 60 at his house in Gt Brook St, Mr. Edward Millward, eminent maltster of Bham
1822.06.29DeathHAINESHannah12i age 41 Hannah wo John Haines of Alcester
1822.06.29MarriageKNOTT_READINGJ MFenny Compton, Rev. J.M. Knott of Lincoln College Oxford to Anne Maria edo Edward Pettifer Reading, Esq of former place
1822.06.29MarriageGOBSALL_DOWNINGJamesSunday, Birmingham, James Gobsall to Anne Downing both of Five Ways nr that town
1822.06.29DeathCHAMPIONJeremiahThursday se'nnight in 21st yr of a decline, Jeremiah yso Mr. T. Champion of Tamworth
1822.06.29DeathALLCROFTJohnSaturday age 67, John Allcroft, Cross Keys, Sidbury, nr Worcs
1822.06.29MarriageHUNT_PULLENJohnLittle Sodbury, Glos, John Hunt to Jane Pullen both of that place. The fair bride has not yet attained her 21st year, whilst the happy bridegroom has seen 72 summers pass over his silvered head
1822.06.29MarriageROBINSON_FIGURESJohnTuesday last, Blockley Worcs. John Robinson Esq of Abingall Glos to Sophia edo late Thomas Figures Esq of the former place
1822.06.29DeathBRICKNELLJohn BradshawAt house of his uncle William Bricknell Esq of Evenload Worcs, John Bradshaw Bricknell age 21
1822.06.29MarriageDIXON_GILBERTJosephClaverdon, Joseph Dixon of Hampton in Arden to Hannah Gilbert of the former place
1822.06.29MarriageMALE_LARDNERThomasThomas Male, surgeon to Miss Lardner both of Moreton in Marsh
1822.06.29DeathBOMFORDW 16i Pershore, Mr. W Bomford
1822.06.29DeathKENDRICK 18i in 58th yr Mrs. Kendrick of New Inn, Rowington
1822.06.29DeathWHATELEY At her residence Austins nr Bham, Mrs. Whateley relict of John Esq
1822.06.29DeathWILLIAMS Yesterday morning age 62 Mr. Williams, carpenter, Jury St in this borough
1822.07.06DeathTROTMANEdward2i Leamington Priors in 62nd yr, Rev. Edward Trotman, vicar of Radway and brother of Fiennes Trotman Esq of Siston Court Glos
1822.07.06DeathELKINSElizabethDaventry age 91 Mrs. Elizabeth Elkins widow of William of Potsgrove, Bedfordshire
1822.07.06MarriageMOXON_SLATERGTuesday se'nnight Mr. G. Moxon of London to Mary do John Slater, Camphill in this county
1822.07.06MarriageLEVERS_GODFREYJohnSunday last John Levers of Nottingham to Louisa 6th do Mr. Godfrey, Castle Inn in this borough
1822.07.06MarriageSTEWARD_PERKSJohnInkberrow, John Steward to Miss Perks only do Henry of that place
1822.07.06DeathRODENMary15u Mary only dau, and on Sunday 23rd John ys of Mr. W. Roden of Solihull
1822.07.06DeathAMPHLETTRichardFriday, Richard so Mr. Amphlett of Uphampton, Ombersley
1822.07.06MarriageMOTTRAM_WHITERichardMonday, Anstey, Mr. Richard Mottram to Rebecca White do Thomas, grocer, Mancetter
1822.07.06DeathPHILLIPSWilliam22u age 71 William Phillips of Offenham, Evesham
1822.07.06DeathFORTESCUE At Hadleigh, Suffolk, Mrs. Fortescue widow of Francis Esq of Cookhill, Worcs
1822.07.06MarriageTAVERNER_FAUX Nuneaton, Mr. Taverner of Hartshill to Elizabeth 2nd do late Edward Faux, Gent of Nuneaton Field
1822.07.13DeathCOLLINSAnnBromsgrove age 50, Ann Collins relict of William Esq
1822.07.13DeathROSSEdwardBromsgrove, Edward Ross age 82
1822.07.13BirthFERRERSHarriet (Lady)Baddersley 5i, Lady Harriet, a dau
1822.07.13MarriageALLPORT_THORNLEYHenry Curzon24u Shenstone, Henry Curzon Allport to Ann Rebecca edo S. Thornley of Gilbertston House, Yardley
1822.07.13DeathPRITCHITTRiceThursday se'nnight, Hagley Terrace, Rice Pritchitt Esq in 71st yr
1822.07.13MarriageKENDRICK_SCUDAMOREWilliam18u Aston, William eso late Mr. W. Kendrick to Sophia 3rd do Mr. T Scudamore of Greet Cottage
1822.07.13DeathKEVITT Friday, Mr. Kevitt of Spon St Coventry
1822.07.13MarriageRAWLINS_HARPER Meriden, Mr. Rawlins of Kenilworth to Frances Isabella ydo Mr. H. Harper of the former place
1822.07.20MarriageO'KELLY_ARUNDELLEdmund de PenthenyTuesday 16i Kenilworth, Edmund de Pentheny O'Kelly Esq eso George Bourke Kelly[sic] Esq, Acton House, Middlesex to Mary Blanche 2nd do Thomas Raymond Arundell Esq of Kenilworth in this county
1822.07.20MarriageLONDON_HALFORDJamesTuesday last, James yso Mr. London, Builder & Auctioneer, Henley in Arden to Maria Harriet Halford, Governess of the Ladies Seminary of the same place
1822.07.20AdditionalFRANCISJohn8 June at Boston, US, Sarah wo John Lee, edo late John FRANCIS Esq of Bham
1822.07.20DeathWYATTJohnLately in 54th yr, John Wyatt, governor of county gaol at Oxford
1822.07.20DeathLEESarah8 June at Boston, US, Sarah wo John Lee, edo late John FRANCIS Esq of Bham
1822.07.20MarriageALLDAY_WALFORDThomasTuesday at Halford, Thomas Allday of Bull St Bham to Sarah 2nd do late William Walford of Long Marston, Glos
1822.07.20DeathDOWNINGWilliamWilliam Downing of Cattle Gate Farm, Enfield, Middlesex age 29, eso Richard of Bilton in this county
1822.07.20DeathPAGEWilliamLast week, William so Mr. Page of Culworth, Nh formerly draper of Banbury
1822.07.20DeathWHATELEYWilliamSunday, Oak Hill, Handsworth after short severe illness in 60th yr, William Esq eminent solicitor in Bham
1822.07.27DeathTAYLORBetty12i in 77th yr Mrs. Betty Taylor upwards 34 yrs landlady of New Inn Hales Owen
1822.07.27MarriageHOBSON_MANNF18i Mr F Hobson of Newhall St Bham to Mary do Mr. Mann of Winson Green nr Bham
1822.07.27MarriageGROVES_HERBERTHenryLately, Rowington, Henry Groves, builder to Jane Herbert
1822.07.27MarriageRUSSELL_DUNKLEYJohnLately, St George Hanover Square London, John Russell, farmer/grazier, Woolston Lodge in this county to Sarah edo Thomas Dunkley of Whilton, Nh
1822.07.27DeathPRIESTLEYLindsey22 June, Paris in 21st yr, Mr. Lindsey Priestley so Joseph Esq of Bham, & gson of late Rev. Dr. Priestley
1822.07.27MarriageLITTLEJOHN_PEARKSR23i Rowington, R. Littlejohn of Hatton to Elizabeth edo William Pearks, farmer & publican of Pinley Green in this county
1822.07.27MarriageKEYES_GRAINGERRichardRichard Keyes of Edgbaston to Catharine edo Edward Grainger, surgeon of Bham
1822.07.27DeathSMITHThomasSaturday last, Broadway, Worcs age 76, Thomas
1822.07.27DeathFAIRFIELDWilliam19i Atherstone, William Fairfield
1822.07.27DeathSMITHWilliam19i Sandhill nr Bham in 83rd yr, William, banker, Bham
1822.07.27DeathJACKSON Lately, Wroxhall, Miss Jackson in 33rd yr
1822.07.27MarriageOVERTON_GREENWAY Tuesday last, Mr. Overton, surgeon to Jane do George Greenway Esq, solicitor, Attleborough Hall nr Nuneaton
1822.07.27DeathPOWER Last week, Stretton on Fosse, Miss Power do Edward of that place
1822.08.03MarriageKEYSALL_WOODYATTCharles WoodcockTuesday, Worcs, Rev Charles Woodcock Keysall, MA, only so Rev. John, MA, Rector of Bredon Worcs to Penelope 5th do George Woodyatt, MD
1822.08.03DeathCARPENTERGeorgeWeedon, age 53, George Carpenter late Stowe, Nh
1822.08.03DeathHEYRICKJohnTuesday se'nnight in 83rd yr, John Heyrick Esq of Leics
1822.08.03DeathPAYNEThomasWednesday last, Aylsbury House, residence of Mrs. FERRERS, Thomas Payne in 33rd yr, honest & faithful servant who has served the family since infancy
1822.08.03DeathBUNNEYWilliamThursday at advanced age, William Bunney Esq of Coventry
1822.08.03DeathBARNES 25u Mrs. Barnes wo Robert, currier, Stratford on Avon
1822.08.03DeathBULMORE Lately, Mrs. Bulmore of Napton age 72
1822.08.03DeathBUMPUS Daventry, Mrs. Bumpus of Northampton age 42
1822.08.03AdditionalFERRERS Wednesday last, Aylsbury House, residence of Mrs. FERRERS, Thomas Payne in 33rd yr, honest & faithful servant who has served the family since infancy
1822.08.03DeathHANDLEY Chilvers Coton, Mr. Handley formerly Stoneleigh
1822.08.03DeathSMITH Broadway Worcs age 76, Mr. Smith, formerly surgeon of that place
1822.08.10DeathPARSONSElizabeth MaryElizabeth Mary edo Mr. Parsons, draper of Kineton
1822.08.10DeathBAKEREsther15u age 18, Esther ydo Peter Baker of Barston Park in this county
1822.08.10DeathHAYJoseph26u in Fordrough St Bham in 92nd yr, Joseph Hay, one of the survivors who were present at the taking of Quebec under Gen. Wolfe; an elder bro & sis lived also to the remarkable age of 91
1822.08.10DeathCALLAWAYThomas21u Grandborough in this county, Thomas Callaway, parish clerk age 92 yrs 6 months
1822.08.10DeathCLIFFORDThomasSunday last after short illness, Elmdon in this county age 86, Thomas Clifford, formerly Blackdown Mill
1822.08.10MarriageGEORGE_WHITEHEADWilliamChedworth Glos, Rev. William George of Cherrington to Jane edo late John Whitehead Esq of Preston, Lancs
1822.08.10DeathCOLES Sunday last, Wellingborough age 20 of a decline, Miss Coles, do late Mr. Clark Coles of that place and sister of late Mrs. CHEVELL of Cambridge
1822.08.10DeathDYKE Thursday, suddenly, Mr. Dyke of the Welch Harp Inn in this borough
1822.08.17DeathEDWARDSAnn16i Mrs. Ann Edwards, Hall Green relict of Rev. E. Edwards
1822.08.17DeathGRAVESAnnTuesday se'nnight, Mrs. Ann Graves of Towcester age 67
1822.08.17DeathWRIGHTAnn Margaret (Lady)Mold, Flintshire, Lady Ann Margaret Wright do late & sister of present Earl of Coventry
1822.08.17MarriageCHAMBERS_EAGLECharlesSunday last, Leamington, Charles Chambers Esq, surgeon Royal Navy to Hannah ydo late Thomas Eagle Esq of Allesley
1822.08.17DeathBAKEREsther15u age 18, Esther ydo Peter Baker of Barston Park
1822.08.17MarriageOLDFIELD_TOAKLEYHenry27u Henry Oldfield of Leamington to Jane Toakley of Bham
1822.08.17MarriagePAGE_PARKERJohnLondon, John yso John Page of Holden by Northampton to Elizabeth ydo Mr Parker of Prenstrope upon Dunsmore in this county
1822.08.17MarriageBEDFORD_JENNERJohn YeendBerkeley Glos. John Yeend Bedford Esq so John of the Abbey House, Pershore Esq., to Catherine only do Edward Jenner Esq MD, FRS etc. etc.
1822.08.17MarriageADAMS_STEELJosephThursday morning, St Mary in this borough, Joseph Adams to Miss Steel do John of the Butts
1822.08.17DeathBARNHURSTRobertLately nr Tamworth, Robert Barnhurst age 82
1822.08.17MarriageBRAMALL_COOPERThomasThursday se'nnight, Hanwell Middlesex, Thomas Bramall Esq of Tamworth Castle in this county to Miss Cooper, Brentford
1822.08.17DeathCLIFFORDThomasSunday age 82, Thomas Clifford formerly of this borough
1822.08.17MarriageARNE_HALLW Banbury, Mr. W. Arne to Miss M. Hall both of that place
1822.08.17MarriageMEADES_LLOYDWilliamAston, William Meades of Evesham to Mrs. M. Lloyd, Bloomsbury Place, Bham
1822.08.17MarriageBEERE_ARNE Banbury, Mr. Beere jnr to Miss Arne, do Mr. Arne
1822.08.17DeathFISHER 31u age 74, Mrs. Fisher wo Thomas, maltster of Child's Wickam nr Broadway, Worcs
1822.08.17BirthFREER Stratford on Avon, Tuesday night, the lady of J.B. Freer Esq, a son
1822.08.17DeathGODDARD Lately, Mrs. Goddard wo Mr. Goddard, coachmaker, Coventry
1822.08.17MarriageHOOPER_KISS Sunday last, Mr. Hooper to Mrs. Harriet Kiss both of this borough
1822.08.17BirthSEAGRAVE Wednesday 7i, Lower Pillerton in this county, the lady of Rev. S.Y. Seagrave, a dau
1822.08.25DeathMALLORYAnn12i Tenbury in 64th yr, Ann widow of Robert Harvey Mallory Esq of Woodcote in this county
1822.08.25DeathORAMCarolineTuesday morning, Caroline do Mr. W. Oram, butcher of Market Place in this borough
1822.08.25DeathPARKESFrederick17 June Vera Cruz Mexico in 35th yr after short illness, Frederick Parkes yso John of this town (more is written on Frederick on 31/8 which I did not collect)
1822.08.25DeathWORTHINGTONGulieSaturday se'nnight, Gulie wo Thomas Worthington of Brockhurst in this county
1822.08.25DeathHORSFAIL [sic]HenrySaturday last in 21st yr Henry so Lambert Horsfall, Coventry
1822.08.25MarriageSESSIONS_G_LL__JamesWednesday last, Friends Mtg House Shipston on Stour, James Sessions of Charlbury to Mary edo William G_ll__
1822.08.25MarriageTHOMPSON_STANLEYJohnWednesday last, Friends Mtg House Alcester, John Thompson of Evesham to Mary only do Thomas Stanley, Gent, Alcester
1822.08.25DeathFREETHJosephMonday last in 75th yr, Joseph Freeth, member of Society of Friends Coventry
1822.08.25DeathDIXONLavinia14i age 69, Lavinia wo George of Evesham
1822.08.25DeathHARWOODMargaretTowcester Margaret Harwood wo Henry of Leamington Priors
1822.08.25DeathKINGThomasLately, Thomas 2nd so Edward King, Gent late Coventry
1822.08.25DeathPRICE Monday last, Gloucester Place London age 67, Mrs. Price of Bagington in this county & widow of Cromwell Price Esq
1822.08.25DeathREES At Bath, Mrs. Rees wo Rev. Dr. Rees
1822.08.31DeathALLENElizabethLately, Elizabeth wo Mr. Allen, horse dealer, Daventry
1822.08.31MarriageWAKEFIELD_TWYCROSSGStoneley, Mr. G. Wakefield of Fletchamstead to Ann Twycross of Wooberley Cottage
1822.08.31DeathBAINESJohnWednesday in 50th yr, John Baines, Supervisor of Excise, Coventry
1822.08.31MarriageWALL_STEPHENSWilliamWednesday se'nnight, William Wall Esq, merchant of Leics to Miss H. Stephens of Shipston upon Stour
1822.08.31DeathBROWNSILL 10i Mr. Brownsill many yrs late landlord of Wheat Sheaf, Banbury
1822.08.31DeathHOPCRAFT Saturday se'nnight, Mrs. Hopcraft wo Mr. Hopcraft, upholsterer and late landlord of Ship Inn Banbury
1822.08.31DeathSTACEY Saturday last in 45th yr, Mr. Stacey, plumber/glazier, Banbury
1822.09.07DeathSHOREAliceAt Thomas GIBSON's, Bradford St Bham in 53rd yr, Miss Alice Shore late Sparkbrook nr Bham
1822.09.07MarriageMASTERS_RILEYJSaturday last, Coventry, J. Masters of Braunston, corn_merchant to Miss H Riley of Much Park St Coventry
1822.09.07DeathROBINSONJSaturday, Shellesley Rectory, Worcs age 27, Rev. J Robinson
1822.09.07MarriageBODDINGTON_LEEJohnSaturday last, Stoneleigh, John Boddington of Kenilworth to Miss Lee of former place
1822.09.07DeathGREENPhebe26u age 80 Mrs. Phebe Green of Bromsgrove St Bham relict of Richard of Kidderminster
1822.09.07MarriageHALL_ARMITTRWeedon Beck, R. Hall, Northampton to Hannah Elizabeth edo late George Armitt, Woodford
1822.09.07DeathADAMSRichardFriday in 70th yr at his house in the Tything nr Worcs, Richard Adams
1822.09.07MarriageTYSOE_BUSHELLSamuelSaturday, Fladbury, Samuel Tysoe of Broad Marston Glos to Eleanor Bushell of Moore(Moote?), Worcs
1822.09.07MarriageALSOP_ALSOP Monday se'nnight, Napton, Mr. Alsop of Radford to Sarah Ann edo Thomas Alsop of former place
1822.09.07MarriageJOHNSON_LAMBERT 22u Southam, Mr. Johnson of Southam Grounds, farmer/grazier to Miss Lambert, Southam
1822.09.14DeathBROWNRIDGEAnnWednesday last age 26, Ann wo Mr Brownridge of Castle St in this borough
1822.09.14DeathJUDDCarolineLately, Caroline do Mr. Judd, Banbury
1822.09.14MarriageRODERICK_GREENSILLJAston, J Roderick of Bham, auctioneer to Mary Greensill of Aston Tavern
1822.09.14MarriageALSAGER_LLOYDRichardWednesday last, Allesley, Richard Alsager Esq of Kennington Surrey, Capt of II C Ship Waterloo to Elizabeth Beatrice edo Richard Lloyd Esq of Allesley
1822.09.14MarriageHAVILAND_JESTONRobertSaturday last, Avon Dassett in this county, Robert Haviland Esq of the Sierra Leone Estab to Jane Charity Philadelphia Playsted 3rd do Rev Humphrey Jeston, Rector of Avon Dassett
1822.09.14DeathHODGETTSWilliamSaturday last, Sheldon in this county in consequence of being thrown from his gig, William Hodgetts Esq late Dudley
1822.09.14MarriagePARKER_PAGETWilliamTuesday se'nnight, Rev. William Parker of Hampton Lovett Worcs to Jane only do Joseph Paget Esq of Loughborough
1822.09.14MarriageBRUTTON_STRONG Islington, Mr. Brutton, Gov. of Stafford Gaol to Miss Strong of Dolby Terrace, Islington, late Nh
1822.09.14DeathPAYNE Saturday, Mr. Payne, maltster of Much Park St Coventry
1822.09.14DeathPRATT Tuesday of paralytic attack in the prime of his life, Rev. Mr. Pratt, vicar of Walsall
1822.09.21DeathWINTERSH2i Coton House nr Nuneaton in 90th yr, Mr. H. Winters late St George's, E. London
1822.09.21MarriagePOWELL_KELHAMJ GA few days since, J.G. Powell Esq of St Peter's Coll. Cambridge, so Rev. G Powell of Ainse to Frances 2nd do W. Kelham Esq of Ryton on Dunsmore & sister of Lady Grey de RUTHYN
1822.09.21MarriageMONK_HUGHESJames Henry18i Nuneaton, Very Rev. James Henry Monk, DD, Dean of Peterborough & Regius Prof. Of Greek, Univ. Cambridge to Jane do Rev. Hugh Hughes of Nuneaton
1822.09.21MarriageLYNES_WYNNEJohnTuesday last, Hatton, Rev. John Lynes, Rector of Elmley Lovett Worcs to Caroline Sobieski edo John Wynne Esq of Garthmeilio, Denbighshire & gdau of Rev. Dr. PARR
1822.09.21DeathWHATELEYJohnSunday last, Catharine 4th do late John Whateley Esq of Austins Nr. Bham
1822.09.21DeathSADLIERMontague10i in 66th yr Mr. Montague Sadlier, many yrs officer in the Warwick Militia
1822.09.21DeathGUARDNERR HWednesday, Redditch, Mr. R.H. Guardner, solicitor of that place
1822.09.21DeathCOODESarah30u of a decline in 19th yr, Sarah 2nd do Samuel Coode of Bodicott late Bicester
1822.09.21DeathPARKERWilliamLately, Priors Hardwick, Mr. William Parker, farmer/grazier age 40
1822.09.21BirthBIGGS Tuesday last, Rectory, Upton Warren Worcs, the lady of Rev. George Biggs, stillborn child
1822.09.21MarriageJEFF_KING 29u Newport Isle of Wight, Mr. Jeff to Miss Frances King sister of Mr. F. King, upholder of this borough
1822.09.28DeathSCOTT(Lady)Barr Hall, Staffs, the lady of Joseph Scott, Bart
1822.09.28DeathGABBGeorge31u age 36 George Gabb of George Inn, Bromsgrove
1822.09.28DeathHORTONThomas19i, Thomas Horton Esq of Kenilworth
1822.09.28DeathORMSThomasSuddenly, Thomas Orms age 79, formerly farmer of Solihull
1822.09.28DeathELLIOTT Sept 21 at advanced age, Mrs. Elliott of Barford
1822.09.28MarriagePROFFIT_JARD 26u, St Mary Lichfield, Mr. Proffit to Susan Ann do late Luke Jard both of that city
1822.10.05MarriageBALDWIN_HEATHCharlesSt Mary in this borough, Thursday last, Charles Baldwin of Blockley to Miss S. Heath of Bham
1822.10.05DeathBLAKEMOREElizabethThursday 19 Sept in 20th yr Elizabeth 3rd do Mr. T Blakemore of Brierley Hill nr Stourbridge
1822.10.05DeathMILNEGeorgeMonday last, George Milne Esq, MD of Bham
1822.10.05DeathHEYRICKJohnLately at Leics age 88, John Heyrick Esq
1822.10.05DeathHOLLOWAYJohnYesterday age 77, John Holloway of West St in this borough
1822.10.05DeathSOELLNERJohn AndrewSunday last, John Andrew Soellner, accountant of Snow Hill, Bham, 30 yrs inhabitant of that town
1822.10.05DeathSMALLWOODMary9u Teignmouth Devon age 18, Mary only do late William Smallwood of Handsworth
1822.10.05MarriageKENRICK_KENRICKSamuel23u West Bromwich, Samuel Kenrick to Marianne 2nd do Mr. A Kenrick of Spring Field
1822.10.05DeathJACKSONTSaturday, Edward so T. Jackson of Alveston Pasture nr Stratford on Avon
1822.10.05MarriageTINSON_HOWLEWLately, Mr W Tinson, Welford, Glos to Jane Howle only do late Richard of Coleshill St Bham
1822.10.12MarriageBEASLEY_WARRENEdwardLately, Harbury, Edward Beasley to Harriet Warren both of that place
1822.10.12DeathWALKEREdwardCoventry in 68th yr Edward Walker, plumber/glazier, Spon St in that city
1822.10.12DeathPURTONGibbonsSept 2 at Isle of Wight in 30th yr, Henry Bloxham es, & on 15th in his 14th yr Gibbons, 6th so Thomas Purton Esq of Alcester
1822.10.12DeathPURTONHenry BloxhamSept 2 at Isle of Wight in 30th yr, Henry Bloxham es, & on 15th in his 14th yr Gibbons, 6th so Thomas Purton Esq of Alcester
1822.10.12DeathROGERSHerbertWednesday last at his residence in New St Worcs in 76th yr Herbert Rogers, Alderman. He served office of mayor of that city in 1808
1822.10.12MarriageHORTON_HADLEYIsaacWest Bromwich, Isaac Horton to Mary Ann ydo late J. Hadley Esq of that place
1822.10.12MarriageCLARK_JONEST Monday last, Bham, Mr T Clark of Lady Wood to Sarah ydo Richard Jones of Gt Packington in this county
1822.10.12MarriageSUCH_SEDGLEYThomasThursday, St Nicholas, Thomas Such of Barton on the Heath to Mary edo Mr. Sedgley of Heathcote in this borough
1822.10.12DeathHAZLEWOODWilliamTuesday se'nnight awfully sudden by apoplexy at his house in Bridgnorth, William Hazlewood Esq in 73rd yr
1822.10.12DeathHURLSTON Saturday last age 75 Mrs. Hurlston widow of Mr. Hurlston of Heathcote
1822.10.12DeathMULLIS Thursday in 71st yr, Mr. Alderman Mullis of Coventry
1822.10.12MarriageSEDGLEY_DAVIS Thursday, Moreton in Marsh Glos, Mr. Sedgley of Barton eso above Mr. Sedgley to Jane Davis of the former place
1822.10.19MarriageJAY_MORRISC HLeamington, Lieut C.H. Jay, RN to Charlotte Morris, Bridgnorth
1822.10.19JusticeBROWNRobert7 yrs transportation for stealing a quantity of girth webbing at Kenilworth
1822.10.19MarriageCLARK_?ThomasBham, Thomas Clark of Frederick St Edgbaston to Sarah ydo Richard, Gt Packington in this county
1822.10.19DeathHILLIARDThomasLast week, Thomas Hilliard of Northampton in 57th yr
1822.10.19DeathNORRISThomas10i Long Itchington Thomas Norris jnr Esq in 36th yr
1822.10.19DeathPRICEThomasBushley nr Tewkesbury on Saturday, Mr T Price of Norton Grounds nr Campden Glos
1822.10.19MarriageTAYLOR_HUBBLEThomasLately, Oldswinford, Thomas Taylor, nail manufacturer to Susan ydo Mr Hubble of Bromsgrove
1822.10.19MarriageWEAVER_POWELLWilliamTuesday, William Weaver of Bromsgrove to E. Powell do Mr. Powell, Suffolk St Bham
1822.10.19BirthMOLONY 16i, Baraset, Mrs. James Molony, a son
1822.10.26DeathBOULTBEECatherine Frances5i Orton Hall, Catherine Frances ydo late Joseph Boultbee Esq of Baxterley
1822.10.26MarriageBAGOT_BRIDGMANEgerton ArdenTuesday last at Weston under Lizard, Rev. Egerton Arden Bagot to Elizabeth Isabella edo Hon. & Rev. G. Bridgman
1822.10.26MarriageMILLWARD_PERKINSGeorgeThursday, Stoke, George Millward of Coventry, chemist to Miss Perkins only do late F. Perkins Esq of Pinley
1822.10.26MarriageHEATH_PEARMANJohnThursday, St Michael Coventry, John Heath of Harbury to Eliza Mary Ann edo Mark Pearman Esq, solicitor, Coventry
1822.10.26DeathJUKESJohn10i in 67th yr John Jukes of Bordesley nr Bham
1822.10.26DeathWILKINSONJohnMonday last at his son's house Chilvers Coton, Old Wharf, John Wilkinson snr age 74
1822.10.26DeathWORCESTERJohnFriday last in 18th yr, John eso Joseph Worcester, grocer, Coventry
1822.10.26MarriageJEFFCOTE_WOODWARDRichardThursday, St Mary in this borough, Richard Jeffcote, grocer of Alcester to Elizabeth Woodward do Mr Woodward of Beavington nr Alcester
1822.10.26MarriageHUNT_HARDINGThomas23i Alveston, Rev. Thomas Hunt, Rector of West Felton, Shropshire to Jane 5th do late William Harding Esq of Baraset in this county
1822.10.26DeathNORRISThomasLong Itchington, Thomas Norris in 36th yr
1822.10.26MarriageTIBBETTS_COOKThomasTuesday, St Mary, Thomas Tibbetts, butcher, maltster of West St in this borough to Elizabeth Cook of Whitnash, ydo late Joseph, Hampton on the Hill
1822.10.26DeathELLIOTWilliamTodenham Rectory, Rev. William Elliot, curate of Welford in this county
1822.10.26MarriageSAVAGE_ATTWOODWilliamWardington, Nh, William Savage late Barchester to Ann edo William Attwood Esq of Cherrington in this county
1822.10.26MarriageWEAVER_POWELLWilliamLast week at Roman Catholic Chapel & also at St Martin Bham, William Weaver of Bromsgrove to Eliza 3rd do Thomas Powell of Bham
1822.10.26DeathLUCAS Saturday last Mr. Lucas of the Saltisford in this borough
1822.10.26DeathWEBSTER A few days since age 44, Mr Webster of the Kings Head, Henry in Arden
1822.11.02DeathPEARCE(master)Evesham, Master Pearce eso Mr. E. Pearce, Bishampton
1822.11.02DeathHOPECharles19u, Charles Hope of Bromsgrove age 55
1822.11.02MarriageHOBDAY_ALLENJManchester, Mr. J. Hobday of that place to Mary edo late Charles Allen, silversmith of Bham
1822.11.02DeathDOLPHINJamesThursday se'nnight age 59, James Dolphin, attorney of Bham
1822.11.02MarriageBOOTH_HADLEYJohn KayBirmingham, John Kay Booth, MD to Maria edo T. Hadley Esq of Edgbaston
1822.11.02DeathDUNCKLEYMaryDodford, Mrs. Mary Dunckley in 77th yr
1822.11.02DeathPRICEPhilemonSunday, Crescent, Birmingham in 55th yr, Philemon Price Esq
1822.11.02MarriageREADING_AMBLERRTuesday, Leamington, R. Reading of Whitnash to Miss Ambler of former place
1822.11.02MarriageCOLLEDGE_KYTEThomasClaverdon, Thursday last, Thomas Colledge to Elizabeth Kyte both of that place
1822.11.02MarriageHARRIS_DORMERThomasTuesday, Stoneleigh, Thomas Harris of Weston to Miss Dormer of Ashow
1822.11.02DeathGWINNELL Suddenly,. 24u of a paralytic affection [sic] in 80th yr Mrs. Gwinnell relict of William Esq late Worcs.
1822.11.09DeathWILSONElizabeth29u in 75th yr Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson of Clemens St Leamington
1822.11.09DeathGREENElizabeth AnnLately, Vicarage House age 28, Elizabeth Ann wo Rev. Thomas Green, vicar of Badby with Newnham Nh
1822.11.09MarriageSTORMONT_GUYHenryWednesday se'nnight, Henry Stormont of Coventry to Caroline ydo Mr. Guy, Academy, Cannon St Bham
1822.11.09MarriageBARNETT_STEEDJamesMonday last, Rowington, James Barnett, butcher of the Saltisford in this borough to Mary Steed of Rowington
1822.11.09DeathPOTTINGERJoseph31u in 52nd yr, Joseph Pottinger, Bull St Birmingham
1822.11.09DeathSODENJosephWednesday se'nnight, Joseph Soden of Stoneleigh
1822.11.09DeathHUENicholasRectory of Braunston, Nicholas Hue Esq, elder bro of Rev. Dr. Hue, Rector of Braunston
1822.11.09MarriageBASS_ROSERichardMonday last, St Mary in this borough, Richard Bass of Bishop Itchington to Elizabeth Rose of Northbrook
1822.11.09MarriageLAWSON_CROMWELLRichardLately, Richard Lawson to Miss M. Cromwell both of Bromsgrove
1822.11.09DeathWARDENRichardBulkington in 87th yr, Richard Warden
1822.11.09DeathSUMMERSW26u age 39, Mr. W. Summers of Tachbroke
1822.11.09DeathBUTLER Kenilworth 2i age 84, Mrs. Butler mother of Rev. Dr. Butler, vicar of Kenilworth & Archdeacon of Derby
1822.11.09DeathKING Tuesday, Mr. King of Crab Mill Inn, Bromsgrove
1822.11.09DeathROSS At Rev. Mr. ROBINSON's in Sansom Fields, Worcs, of cancer of stomach, Mrs. Ross widow of Edward Ross of Bromsgrove
1822.11.16MarriageBASTOCK_BAWCUTTCharlesSaturday, Chesterton, Charles Bastock of the former place to Elizabeth 5th do William Bawcutt of Harbury
1822.11.16DeathGRICECharles HenryWednesday week, Charles Henry Grice 2nd so Joseph Esq of Handsworth
1822.11.16DeathNOBLEChristopherThursday, Christopher Noble Esq of Henley who was taken ill whilst going from Henley to Stratford and died on the road
1822.11.16DeathBUNNJSaturday se'nnight, London, J. Bunn Esq, solicitor age 39, eldest brother of Mr. Bunn, manager of Bham Theatre
1822.11.16MarriageBARROWS_HILLWilliamWednesday last, William Barrows jnr of Bham to Martha edo Thomas Hill, ironmaster, Tipton
1822.11.16DeathCOURTWilliamSaturday, Fulbrook, William Court of that place age 57 after few days illness
1822.11.16DeathSTOKESWilliamLast week age 72, William Stokes of Willenhall
1822.11.16DeathWOODWilliamNov 2 at Tetbury age 65, William Wood Esq, banker of that place
1822.11.16MarriageBODDINGTON_HADDON 5i Offchurch, Mr. Boddington of Cubbington to Miss Haddon of Offchurch
1822.11.16BirthJACKSON Leamington, 5i, the lady of Josias Jackson Esq, a son
1822.11.16DeathPRIDMORE Sunday morning at house of her son Mr. G. Pridmore of Coventry, Mrs. Pridmore relict of John of Anstey age 62
1822.11.23MarriageCOX_SCUDMOREChristopherBham, Mr. Christopher Cox of Gt Hampton St to Sophia 3rd do Mr. Scudmore of Greet nr Bham
1822.11.23DeathTURLANDEdwardBugbrook, Edward Turland farmer of that place
1822.11.23DeathLECHMEREEdwynSaturday in 72nd yr Edwyn Sandys Lechmere Esq of Hereford.
1822.11.23MarriageCLEAVER_SPENCERHenryLately, Wolfhampcote, Henry Cleaver of Leamington Hastings to Ann Spencer of Sawbridge
1822.11.23MarriageHICKMAN_KEYTEJohnTuesday, St Mary in this borough, John Hickman, Weston Park Glos, Gent to Miss E.H. Keyte of the same place
1822.11.23MarriageSTOKES_COOKJohnWednesday, Bham, John Stokes of Stoke Prior nr Bham to Barbara Cook of Bham
1822.11.23MarriageBARNETT_NEWBOLDJosephLately, Joseph Barnett, Red Lion, Stowe to Miss Newbold of Wyken
1822.11.23DeathTRUSTEDMarySunday at Ross, Herefordshire age 77, Mary widow of Charles Trusted late of that place and formerly of Alcester, one of the Society of Friends
1822.11.23DeathPOWELLRobertWednesday last, suddenly, Robert Powell, bookseller of Rugby
1822.11.23DeathIVES 11i age 32, Mrs. Ives of Moreton Morrell
1822.11.23DeathPRIEST 10i age 39, Mrs. Priest wo Thomas of Three Horse Shoes, Princethorpe
1822.11.30MarriageCOLEMAN_CAMPIONCharlesLately, Charles Coleman to Ann Campion both of Tamworth
1822.11.30AdditionalLLOYD CharlesKendal, Mary wo George Braithwaite & 3rd do Charles LLOYD, banker of Bham in 39th yr
1822.11.30MarriageWRIGHT_KIRKMANEdward WelchmanCamberwell, Wednesday last, Edward Welchman Wright, MD of Shipston on Stour to Martha Anne only do Abraham Kirkman Esq of Peckham, Surrey
1822.11.30MarriageLEWIS_WINTERBOTHAMJames BlountLately, Tewkesbury, James Blount Lewis of that town to Carolina edo Rev. W. Winterbotham of Nailsworth
1822.11.30DeathPIPERJohn15i, John Piper of Lighthorne in 92nd yr
1822.11.30DeathBRAITHWAITEMaryKendal, Mary wo George Braithwaite & 3rd do Charles LLOYD, banker of Bham in 39th yr
1822.11.30DeathBURYMary AnneWhitley, Mary Anne edo late Mr. Bury of Coventry
1822.11.30DeathSHAWT Lately in a fit of apoplexy Mr. T. Shaw age 54, brother of Mr. Shaw of Dolphin Inn, Nh
1822.11.30DeathBREEWYesterday se'nnight, Allesley nr Coventry, Rev. W. Bree, many yrs rector of that parish
1822.11.30MarriageNIGHTINGALE_EAVESWilliamMonday last, Coventry, William Nightingale, butcher to Hannah Eaves both of that city
1822.11.30MarriageTOLLEY_PARDOEWilliamOmbersley, William Tolley of Northwick nr Worcs to Miss Pardoe edo late Richard of Ombersley
1822.11.30DeathHALFORD 17i Longford, Mrs. Halford, late Bedworth
1822.12.07DeathST JOHNAmbroseDouglas, Isle of Man in 63rd yr, Ambrose St John Esq eso Hon. & Very Rev. Dr. St John, Dean of Worcs and for several years Lieut Col. Commandant of the 2nd Batt. Of Worcs. Militia
1822.12.07MarriageMOORE_WALTERDSaturday last, Coventry, Mr. D. Moore, watch manufacturer of Cross Cheaping to Mrs. Hannah Walter widow of T. Walter of Little Park St in that city
1822.12.07MarriagePICKERING_BALLJohnAston, John Pickering of Edgbaston to Ann Ball of Ashted
1822.12.07DeathDANIELMaryFloore nr Daventry, 7u, Mary wo John Edgecombe Daniel Esq in 28th yr
1822.12.07DeathPIPERMary30u at Lighthorne, Mrs. Mary Piper in 90th yr, surviving her husband a very short period. Married nearly 60 yrs
1822.12.07MarriageHUTTON_MILLSSLately, Mr S. Hutton of Bham to Harriet 2nd do J. Mills Esq, merchant of London
1822.12.07DeathJONES_BULLOCKThomasAt son's house in Bristol age 79, Thomas Jones, gent of the Crescent in Bham
1822.12.07MarriageJONES_BULLOCKWWest Bromwich, Mr. W. Jones of Abberley Worcs. To Mrs. E. Bullock of former place
1822.12.07DeathDISSTONWilliamLondon, William Disston formerly extensive corn dealer of Tewkesbury Nafford Mill
1822.12.07DeathCARR Tuesday night at her sister's New St in this borough, Miss Carr of Coventry
1822.12.07DeathFOX Last week, Mr. Fox, baker, Nhampton age 52
1822.12.07DeathLATHAM Lately, Mrs. Latham of Coundon nr Coventry
1822.12.07DeathSANDERSON 18u Kenilworth age 63, Mrs Sanderson widow of Thomas of Cosford
1822.12.14DeathENOCHDeborahMonday 9i at Hay in Brecon age 20, Deborah wo William Enoch 2nd so John of this borough
1822.12.14MarriageABNEY_HOLDENEdwardWest Bromwich, Edward Abney Esq of Measham Hall, Derbyshire to Allen Rose 4th do late Hyla Holden Esq
1822.12.14MarriageHUGHES_MAYANEdwardMonday week, Wolvey, Rev. Edward Hughes, vicar of that place to Louisa 3rd do late John Mayan Esq of Coleshill
1822.12.14DeathOWENJohnBromsgrove 27u in 91st yr, John Owen, oldest ringer in that part of the kingdom. He first rang in the year 1747 in the 20th yr of the reign of King George II
1822.12.14MarriageBALDWIN_TURNERJosephShipston on Stour, Joseph Baldwin to M. Turner both of that place
1822.12.14MarriageMASH_SPIERTDaventry, Mr. T. Mash to Mary 5th do late John Spier of Caulcut Lodge in parish of Grandborough in this county
1822.12.14MarriageHOUSMAN_BRETTELLT Tuesday week, Bromsgrove, Rev. T. Housman, curate of Kinfare, Staffs to Ann Brettell of the former place
1822.12.14MarriageSMITH_MEIGHWilliamFillongley, William Smith, plumber/glazier to Mary Meigh edo John, grocer of that place
1822.12.14MarriageBURNHAM_WAITEWilliam HallDaventry, Mr. William Hall Burnham, parish clerk of Staverton to Harriet Waite of former place
1822.12.14DeathBRIDGES This week at Clifton nr Bristol, wo Rev. Dr. Nathaniel Bridges _ long will be remembered by inhabitants of Hatton & Willoughby
1822.12.14MarriageHUTCHINSON_NEVILLE Bham, Mr. Hutchinson of St Paul's Square in that town, architect to Mary Ann edo Mr. Neville of the Crescent
1822.12.14BirthLUARD This morning, North Gate in this borough, the lady of Dr. Luard, a dau
1822.12.14MarriageRODDIS_HAWKES 5i Wellesbourne, Mr. Roddis, builder to Harriet Hawkes both of that place
1822.12.14DeathTIMS Lately, lady of Thomas Tims Esq, solicitor of Banbury
1822.12.14DeathWILLIAMS Wednesday last age 60, Mrs. Williams widow of Mr. Williams late Jury St in this borough
1822.12.21DeathBORASTONCatherineOld Windsor, Catherine edo Rev. G Boraston, Low Hills, Worcs
1822.12.21DeathSTARTONCharles8i Shepton Mallet Somersetshire of typhus fever, Charles so John Starton late Spring Hill nr Bham
1822.12.21DeathANDERSONCharlotteMonday week in 34th yr, Charlotte wo Mr. Anderson of Piccadilly, London & do Mrs. MACKAY of the Priory Garden in this borough
1822.12.21DeathGILLEdwinMonday last at his sisters house in St James St. London, Edwin Gill, surgeon of Bedworth nr Coventry so Thomas of Bham
1822.12.21DeathCORBETHester SalusburySunday week, Hester Salusbury wo Sir Corbet Corbet, Bart of Adderley Hall, Shropshire & do late Sir Lynch Salusbury Cotton, Bart of Combermere Abbey, Cheshire
1822.12.21MarriageBIRDSALL_COOCHSpencer SuttonWednesday last, Mr Spencer Sutton Birdsall of Abingdon Lodge to Elizabeth do J. Cooch of Harleston nr Nhampton
1822.12.21DeathGREENWilliamWalsall of apoplexy in 41st yr, William Green, brass founder of the firm Mssrs BROOKES & Green, saddlers' ironmongers
1822.12.21AdditionalBRYAN Sunday, suddenly age 62, Mrs. Flesher wo Mr. Flesher of North St Lambeth, London & do Mr. BRYAN of the Square in this borough
1822.12.21DeathCARTWRIGHT Monday se'nnight, Mrs. Cartwright wo Mr. Cartwright of Crown Inn in this borough
1822.12.21DeathFLESHER Sunday, suddenly age 62, Mrs. Flesher wo Mr. Flesher of North St Lambeth, London & do Mr. BRYAN of the Square in this borough
1822.12.21AdditionalMACKAY Monday week in 34th yr, Charlotte wo Mr. Anderson of Piccadilly, London & do Mrs. MACKAY of the Priory Garden in this borough
1822.12.21DeathROSSIGNOL Lately at Sheffield, Mrs. Rossignol widow of Sign. Rossignol, the celebrated imitator of birds
1822.12.28DeathGREGORYArthur WilliamLeamington 24i, Arthur William Gregory Esq of Verada nr Swansea
1822.12.28DeathDEWESBernardFriday 20i Wellsbourne in this county, Bernard Dewes Esq in 80th yr, late chairman of the Quarter Sessions and one of the oldest magistrates in the county
1822.12.28DeathBIRDSALLFrancis Sunday se'nnight age 39, Francis Birdsall, hatter & nephew of Alderman Birdsall of Nhampton
1822.12.28MarriageHASTINGS_PARSONSHenry James19i Claines nr Worcs, Rev. Henry James Hastings of Martley Worcs to Theodosia Eleanor 2nd do late John Parsons Esq of the Middle Temple
1822.12.28DeathBARKEJamesThursday se'nnight, James Barke of New St Bham
1822.12.28DeathHOSEJohnLately at his lodgings in Friar St Leics age 69, Mr John Hose, celebrated in the manufacture of thread guides, purses etc
1822.12.28DeathJESSONJohnFew days ago after illness of one week age 47, John Jesson Esq of Wolverhampton
1822.12.28MarriageJUDD_KETTLER RFew days ago at Handsworth, R.R. Judd, cornfactor of Bham to Miss Kettle of Hill Top
1822.12.28DeathFALLOWST SLately, Mr. T.S. Fallows, attorney of Ashted age 47
1822.12.28DeathSKEY Lately, Bewdley, Miss Skey do Jonathan Skey Esq of that place
1822.12.28DeathWALKER 9i, Mrs. Walker wo Thomas farmer of Southam
1822.12.28DeathWINN Saturday 14i Mrs. Winn of Wroxall age 68
1823.01.04DeathBEDFORDBenjaminLately, Chipping Norton, Benjamin Bedford Esq of Peasham Worcs
1823.01.04BirthMARSHEdwardA few days ago, wo Edward Marsh, surveyor of Dudley, 3 children _ 2 girls, 1 boy
1823.01.04Adverts.SKIPWITHG There will be a Ball at the Court House at Warwick on Tuesday 21 Jan. Price of admission for Gentlemen 7s.6d. For Ladies 5s. Signed: Sir G. SKIPWITH, Bart & George LUCY Esq, Stewards
1823.01.04DeathFREERGeorgeYesterday morning, George Freer Esq, New St Bham
1823.01.04Adverts.LUCYGeorgeThere will be a Ball at the Court House at Warwick on Tuesday 21 Jan. Price of admission for Gentlemen 7s.6d. For Ladies 5s. Signed: Sir G. SKIPWITH, Bart & George LUCY Esq, Stewards
1823.01.04MarriageHARRIS_TRAVERSGeorge William26u Ringwood, George William Harris so Thomas of this borough to Jane only do Mr. John Travers of the former place
1823.01.04DeathLEEJamesYesterday after few days illness, James Lee, farmer of Ashow age 66
1823.01.04DeathDAVIESJohnYesterday morning in 53rd yr, John Davies of the Fleur de Lis public house Coventry
1823.01.04MarriageHARDING_RUSSELLJohn26u Hampton Church, John Harding Esq to Frances Russell relict of W.H. Russell Esq of Powick Court, Worcs & ydo George THORNHILL Esq of Diddington, Huntingdonshire
1823.01.04MarriageTHORP_ATKINSJohnMonday last, John Thorp, Coventry ribbon manufacturer to Frances Atkins, Evesham
1823.01.04MarriageMILES_ALLENJosephThursday last, Mancetter, Joseph Miles of Atherstone, hosier to Elizabeth Allen of the same place
1823.01.04Adverts.PENNJosephJoseph PENN _ cabinet furniture
1823.01.04Adverts.MILLSOliverMr Oliver MILLS, furniture, Church St Warwick being sold. Wine/spirit merchant bankrupt. Debts to be paid to Mr. William LUNGLEY
1823.01.04DeathRICHARDSONThomasBulkington, Sunday se'nnight in 91st yr, Thomas Richardson
1823.01.04MarriageWISE_DADLEYWTuesday last, Haseley, W. Wise of Beausale to Miss E. Dadley of Hatton
1823.01.04Adverts.LUNGLEYWilliamMr Oliver MILLS, furniture, Church St Warwick being sold. Wine/spirit merchant bankrupt. Debts to be paid to Mr. William LUNGLEY
1823.01.04DeathPRICEWilliam19u Charlemont, West Bromwich age 28, William Price. Father Thomas died 1 week ago
1823.01.04DeathBARNS Monday last, Mrs. Barns, Easenhall
1823.01.04DeathBRITTLE Friday se'nnight age 71, Mrs. Brittle, Headley Heath, Kings Norton, Worcs
1823.01.04BirthLANE Friday se'nnight, Alstone Tewkesbury, wife of a poor labourer named Thomas Lane of a boy & 2 girls who, with the mother are likely to do well. The parents are suffering extreme poverty and were obliged to apply to the parish for immediate relief
1823.01.04DeathPRITCHARD Monday last at house of her sister Mrs. BALY in the Market Place in this borough, Miss Pritchard 4th do Mr. Pritchard, Sheep St in 25th yr
1823.01.04MarriageSASON_ILIFFE Tuesday last, Nuneaton, Mr. Sason, surgeon to Miss Iliffe
1823.01.04DeathWALBANK Christmas day at her house Bury Field, Upton on Severn age 84, Mrs. Walbank relict of Abraham Esq of Chalford
1823.01.04DeathWALLINGTON Saturday last, Stratford age 62, Mrs. Wallington wo Mr. Wallington late Thelsford near this borough
1823.01.11MarriageHOPKINS_SMALLBROOKA26u, A Hopkins of Yardley to Miss Smallbrook do Mr. Smallbrook of the Talbot Inn in that place
1823.01.11DeathEGLINGTONElizabethWednesday last age 78, Mrs. Elizabeth Eglington of Warwick Row Coventry, widow of Joseph, Gent late of the same place
1823.01.11MarriageROBY_EBURNEJ H4i St Pancras London, J H Roby to Maria 3rd do Mr. J.T. Eburne of Coventry
1823.01.11MarriagePARK_DICKINSJames Allan8i Cherington in this county, James Allan Park Esq eso Hon. Mr. Justice Park to Mary do late Rev. William Dickins
1823.01.11AdditionalDILLWYNL WSaturday last of apoplectic attack at Perillergare? Nr Swansea, seat of L.W. DILLWYN Esq, Mr W.E. Izod only so Mr. W. Izod of Stratford on Avon in 25th yr
1823.01.11DeathALSOPThomas3i Thomas Alsop, grazier/butcher, Napton age 61
1823.01.11MarriageBLYTH_ELLISThomas1i Wootton, Rev Thomas Blyth of Knowle Lodge nr this borough to Miss Ellis edo late Dr. Ellis, rector of Leadenham, Lincs
1823.01.11DeathROSEThomas7i Alveston in this county, Thomas Rose age 53, many yrs butler to Sir Gray SKIPWITH
1823.01.11DeathIZODW ESaturday last of apoplectic attack at Perillergare? Nr Swansea, seat of L.W. DILLWYN Esq, Mr W.E. Izod only so Mr. W. Izod of Stratford on Avon in 25th yr
1823.01.11DeathBIRCH Tuesday last, Mr. Birch of Smith St in this borough, formerly Leamington Priors
1823.01.11DeathHINCKLEY Yesterday se'nnight, Mrs. Hinckley age 67 relict of Thomas Esq of Lichfield
1823.01.11DeathMORRALL Sunday last age 37, Mr. Morrall, cooper, Smith St in this borough
1823.01.11DeathOVERTON Friday se'nnight, Mrs. Overton, Bubbenhall
1823.01.18JusticeHICKENAbel7 yrs transportation. Abel HICKIN for stealing at Sutton Coldfield a meat saw property of Francis LAWLEY
1823.01.18AdditionalLAWLEYFrancisAbel HICKIN for stealing at Sutton Coldfield a meat saw property of Francis LAWLEY
1823.01.18AdditionalSALKELDFrancisJohn JEFFERIES for stealing at B'ham quantity of copper property of Thomas CROCKETT/Francis SALKELD
1823.01.18AdditionalHACKETTFrancis Beynon7 yrs transportation. Thomas NICHOLLS for stealing from premises of Francis Beynon HACKET 15 tame rabbits, 50lb of lead, 2 hammers
1823.01.18DeathRUSSELLGeorge11/12/1822 at Philadelphia, George Russell eso George Russell Esq, Kenilworth
1823.01.18AdditionalSIMMONSGeorgeJohn BLACKBOURN for stealing geese at Sutton Coldfield, property of George SIMMONS
1823.01.18AdditionalARCHERJohnThomas IVENS, otherwise EVANS, for stealing flat of butter property of John ARCHER, Southam
1823.01.18JusticeBLACKBOURNJohn7 yrs transportation. John BLACKBOURN for stealing geese at Sutton Coldfield, property of George SIMMONS
1823.01.18JusticeEVANS/IVENSJohn7 yrs transportation. Thomas IVENS, otherwise EVANS, for stealing flat of butter property of John ARCHER, Southam
1823.01.18JusticeIVENS/EVANSJohn7 yrs transportation. Thomas IVENS, otherwise EVANS, for stealing flat of butter property of John ARCHER, Southam
1823.01.18JusticeJEFFERIESJohn7 yrs transportation. John JEFFERIES for stealing at B'ham quantity of copper property of Thomas CROCKETT/Francis SALKELD
1823.01.18AdditionalMARTIN JohnThomas BUCKLEY age 36, William FULFORD age 19, William BLUNN age 26, William KENDRICK age 23 for stealing at B'ham 13 geese value 2.17s. Property of John MARTIN
1823.01.18JusticeBUCKLEYThomas7 yrs transportation. Thomas BUCKLEY age 36, William FULFORD age 19, William BLUNN age 26, William KENDRICK age 23 for stealing at B'ham 13 geese value 2.17s. Property of John MARTIN
1823.01.18AdditionalCROCKETTThomasJohn JEFFERIES for stealing at B'ham quantity of copper property of Thomas CROCKETT/Francis SALKELD
1823.01.18JusticeNICHOLLSThomas7 yrs transportation. Thomas NICHOLLS for stealing from premises of Francis Beynon HACKET 15 tame rabbits, 50lb of lead, 2 hammers
1823.01.18JusticeBLUNNWilliam7 yrs transportation. Thomas BUCKLEY age 36, William FULFORD age 19, William BLUNN age 26, William KENDRICK age 23 for stealing at B'ham 13 geese value 2.17s. Property of John MARTIN
1823.01.18JusticeFULFORDWilliam7 yrs transportation. Thomas BUCKLEY age 36, William FULFORD age 19, William BLUNN age 26, William KENDRICK age 23 for stealing at B'ham 13 geese value 2.17s. Property of John MARTIN
1823.01.18JusticeKENDRICKWilliam7 yrs transportation. Thomas BUCKLEY age 36, William FULFORD age 19, William BLUNN age 26, William KENDRICK age 23 for stealing at B'ham 13 geese value 2.17s. Property of John MARTIN
1823.01.25MarriageBRIGGS_EVANSJohnLately, Claines, Mr. John Briggs of County Gaol Worcs. Formerly 1st Regiment of Life Guards to Charlotte do Thomas Evans of St John's
1823.02.01DeathFORT Wednesday morning at her house in Cow Lane, Mrs. Fort, mother to the late Mr. Fort formerly grocer, High St in this borough, age 88. Deceased was much respected had been confined to her house through lameness for nearly 40 yrs during the last 4 of which she never quitted her bed except for the purpose of having it made
1823.02.08MarriageSMITH_BAGSHAWJohnSunday last, Trinity Church, John Smith to Mrs. Eleanor Bagshaw of the Falcon Public House in Well St, both of Coventry
1823.02.08MarriageCOTTERELL_SOWLEYWilliamA few days ago, Hampton in Arden, William Cotterell of Knowle to Sophia edo late John Sowley of the Swan Inn in that place
1823.02.08DeathJEPHCOTEWilliam25u, William Jephcote of Eastern Green Allesley, farmer
1823.02.08MarriageBESWICK_ORTON Sunday last, Nuneaton Church, Mr. Beswick, Coventry liquor merchant to Miss Orton of the former place
1823.03.29DeathEDKINS Thursday in 47th yr, tanner of Shrewley
1823.04.19JusticeRUSSELLAnn14 yrs transportation. Ann RUSSELL for stealing from Thomas BEALBY at B'ham a pocket book and 15 1 notes
1823.04.19AdditionalYATESAnnAnn RUSSELL for stealing from Thomas BEALBY at B'ham a pocket book and 15 1 notes
1823.04.19JusticeMCGNIGHTGavin7 yrs transportation Gavin McKNIGHT for stealing at Bham 2 sieves and a riddle property of Timothy BELLAMY
1823.04.19JusticeBUFTONGeorge7 yrs transportation George BUFTON for stealing at Aston coat property of John WESTBURY
1823.04.19AdditionalHOBSONGeorgeJohn MILLWARD for burglary of house of George HOBSON, Bham and stealing waistcoats, coats etc.
1823.04.19JusticeDAVISJohn7 yrs transportation John DAVIS for stealing at Bham a pot and bucket
1823.04.19JusticeMILLWARDJohn7 yrs transportation John MILLWARD for burglary of house of George HOBSON, Bham and stealing waistcoats, coats etc.
1823.04.19JusticePEPELLJohnTransportation for life. John PEPELL for assault at B'ham and stealing 5s.6d in silver & 2s. In copper property of Thomas MILLER
1823.04.19JusticeSLATERJohn7 yrs transportation John SLATER for stealing sheets/cover lid from house of Robert POWELL, Bham
1823.04.19AdditionalWESTBURYJohnGeorge BUFTON for stealing at Aston coat property of John WESTBURY
1823.04.19JusticeHILLJoseph7 yrs transportation Joseph HILL for assaulting Thomas PETTY of Aston
1823.04.19JusticeLEWIS/PRICEJoseph7 yrs transportation Joseph PRICE alias LEWIS for stealing at Bham a seal property of William TONGUE
1823.04.19JusticePRICE/LEWISJoseph7 yrs transportation Joseph PRICE alias LEWIS for stealing at Bham a seal property of William TONGUE
1823.04.19JusticeUNDERHILLMary Day14 yrs transportation. Ann RUSSELL for stealing from Thomas BEALBY at B'ham a pocket book and 15 1 notes
1823.04.19AdditionalPOWELLRobertSLATER for stealing sheets/cover lid from house of Robert POWELL, Bham
1823.04.19AdditionalBEALBYThomasAnn RUSSELL for stealing from Thomas BEALBY at B'ham a pocket book and 15 1 notes
1823.04.19JusticeBOCKThomas14 yrs transportation. Thomas BOCK & Mary Day UNDERHILL for administering concoction to Ann YATES to cause miscarriage
1823.04.19AdditionalMILLERThomasJohn PEPELL for assault at B'ham and stealing 5s.6d in silver & 2s. In copper property of Thomas MILLER
1823.04.19AdditionalPETTYThomasJoseph HILL for assaulting Thomas PETTY of Aston
1823.04.19AdditionalBELLAMYTimothyGavin McKNIGHT for stealing at Bham 2 sieves and a riddle property of Timothy BELLAMY
1823.04.19AdditionalTONGUEWilliamJoseph PRICE alias LEWIS for stealing at Bham a seal property of William TONGUE
1823.04.26DeathCOTTERILL AnnMonday se'nnight, Ann relict of Clement Cotterill & on following Wednesday at Edgbaston her dau Mary wo Joshua Scholefield
1823.04.26DeathSCHOLEFIELDMaryMonday se'nnight, Ann relict of Clement Cotterill & on following Wednesday at Edgbaston her dau Mary wo Joshua Scholefield
1823.05.24DeathCAVEWilliamYesterday, Mr. William Cave of Shoulder of Mutton Public House Rugby age 70, also wo Silvanus Urban Cave, do Mr. COLING, Priors Marston age 29

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