Extracts from Warwickshire Newspapers 1874-1907

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i = this month u = last month
(e/y)do/so/wo/ho = (elder/younger)dau/son/wife/husband of
marriages show bridegroom name first

The data has been extracted from The COLESHILL CHRONICLE, The KENILWORTH ADVERTISER,

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25/7/1874 OUGHTON-BULL 20i All Sts Bedworth by Rev. James Cranbrook, Samuel to Matilda both of Bedworth
25/7/1874 KNIGHT-HARVEY 21i Coleshill Church by Rev J.C. Puiney, Joseph of Saltley (formerly of Coleshill) to Eliza of Coleshill
25/7/1874 SMITH-BIELL 27i Reg. Office by license Anthony Kesting Smith to Mrs. Jane Biell, both of Coventry
25/7/1874 JACQUES-TURRELL 13i All Sts Bedworth by Rev J. Cranbrook, John of Chilvers Coton to Hannah Maria of Bedworth
25/7/1874 LANKSTEAD-FOX 13i All Sts Bedworth William to Mrs Mary Fox of Bedworth
25/7/1874 RATHBONE-DEWIS 13i All Sts Bedworth William to Harriet Elizabeth of Bedworth
25/7/1874 GAZEY-SUFFOLK 19i All Sts Bedworth John to Mrs Ellen Suffolk
8/8/1874 VOICE-TAYLOR 29u St Michaels Chapel by Mr John Voice, Walter to Emma Jane both of Coventry
8/8/1874 ASHBY-BURTON 2i Holy Trinity by Rev EA Handy curate, Frederic to Mary both of Coventry
8/8/1874 CALLOW-GRUNDY 26u Parish Church Hinckley Thomas Henry of Coventry to Clara do George of Hinckley
15/8/1874 KNAPP-PROSSER 4u at Trinity Church San Francisco Mr Augustus Knapp Henry of San Francisco to Isabelle yger do H.T. Prosser late of Curdworth, gentleman, deceased
15/8/1874 SPICER-ORTON 9i St Michaels Chapel Charles to A.P. Orton both of Coventry
15/8/1874 GODFREY-JEPHCOTT 9i St Marks, John Joseph to Mary Jane both of Coventry
22/8/1874BARKE-WHITE 11i Holy Trinity Charles to Maria both of Coventry
12/8/1869WHEATLEY-PARROTT 5i at R.C. church by Rev L Groom, Thomas of the Steam Mills West Bromwich to Harriet of the same place
28/10/1869FARMBOROUGH-DUTTON 27i at St John's Kenilworth by Rev James Cooper FARMBOROUGH brother of bridegroom, assisted by Rev John GREEN curate of Islington, Frances 6th son of Frances Farmborough Esq of Denbigh Hall, Bletchley to Eliza ydo late Thomas Dutton Esq merchant of Monte Video, South America
11/11/1869KITCHING-FORD 4i at St Thomas by Rev JF SIMMONS MA brother of bride assisted by Rev S CRAGG & Rev Thomas COLLEY, John Austen Kitching of Stoke Newington to Catherine Ford edo late Samuel Simmons Esq of Coventry
20/1/1870MALLABONE-PHILLIPS: 9 Sept 1869 St Mary Kensington John of Kenilworth to Amelia, widow of late Captain Phillips of London and Liverpool
21/4/1870ROBERTS-ADAMS 18i St Johns Kenilworth by Rev HD HILL vicar, Joseph jnr, High St Kenilworth to Elizabeth do late R.J. Adams, Kenilworth
28/7/1870CLARKE-CARVER Thursday last at St Nicholas Warwick by Rev CP BRODIE, John Esq of Hertford St Coventry to Hannah 3rd do Mr Bursell (or Burwell) of Kenilworth
6/10/1870CLAVERING-GIBBS 27u at St James Piccadilly John Dennet Rowley Esq to Miss Emma Mary of Kenilworth
13/10/1870BUTTON-MALLABONE 11i at Kenilworth by Rev John Button father of bridegroom, John Claxton of 5 Tavistock St, Strand, Middlesex, solicitor to Mary Elizabeth Hayes, edo Robert Mallabone of Redfern, Manor House, Warks
16/2/1871SHARPE-AITKEN 24i Hillmorton by Rev EM STANLEY vicar, Edward Heggs (Hoggs?) to Eliza 4th dau of Mr J Aitken, Kenilworth
13/4/1871EUSTACE-MALLABONE 11i St Matthews Buxton J.M. Eustace of Wimbledon 2nd son of Rev G Eustace, vicar of Heptonstall, Yorks to Mary Ann ydo Robert Mallabone, Redfern Manor House Kenilworth
20/4/1871MANTON-TOPPLE 13i St Mary's Hayton, Carlisle by Rev. George Topple father in law of bride, William eso William, Broome House Kenilworth to Annie widow of late George Hinde Topple and youngest surviving do late William Labrey, Park Terrace, Higher Broughton, Manchester
3/8/1871BLISS-CHURCH 27u St Nicholas Kenilworth (by Rev W.F. BICKMORE) Edward of Walsall to Mary Ann 2nd do Mr Church Kenilworth
28/9/1871SMITH-LEACH 26i St Nicholas Parish Church Kenilworth (by Rev W.F. BICKMORE vicar) Joseph of Kenilworth to Hannah of Cogenhoe Northampton
18/1/1872 DRAPER-HENNELL 16i at French Protestant Church, St Martin-le-Grand, London, Edward Herbert, barrister at law, so Edward Esq Kenilworth to Ellen do Thomas Esq of Kenilworth
25/1/1872OAKLEY-CARROLE 23i St Austin's Catholic Church Kenilworth (by Rev Henry Walker assisted by Rev J.B. Tidmarsh), Edward, Whitemoor Kenilworth to Abigail Mary, ydo late Cornelius, Bristol
11/4/1872LEGH-KITE 2i Christ Church Broadisbury, Middlesex (by Rev Dixon Browne M.A., of Catbank Hall, Northumberland, uncle of the bride), Rev Henry Edmund, M.A., curate of Penge, Surrey, gson of late John Legh Esq of Norbury Booths Hall, Cheshire, yso late Rev Edmund Dawson Legh, M.A., to Isabella Grace, edo late Rev. Frederick Robert Kite, M.A., formerly incumbent of St John's Kenilworth
23/5/1872WINTER-BARRAN Abbey Hill Chapel (by Rev J Button) William of London to Lydia Clara 5th do late Richard of Kenilworth
19/9/1872Marriage of Hon Margaret LEIGH edo Lord Leigh of Stoneleigh Abbey to Earl of Jersey fixed for today at St George, Hanover Square London
6/2/1873HAMMOND-FISHER 4i St John's Kenilworth by Rev. H Fisher (rector of Higham on the Hill Leics & bro of the bride assisted by Rev Charles Hammond, Fellow of Exeter College Oxford & bro of bgroom) William Hammond M.D. of Nuneaton to Frances Margaret ydo late Rev. John Fisher, rector of Higham on the Hill
6/2/1873JAMES-LAMBRAM 28u Brinklow Church by Rev. J. Ritson, Mr W. James, of this parish to Miss Caroline Lambram of Brinklow
20/3/1873BERRY-ALDERMAN 10i Sparkbrook Bham, William yso William Berry of Kenilworth to Mary Alice edo late George Alderman of Wallingford, Berks
10/7/1873RICKARDS-CARTER 8i at Parish Church Rev. Clifford Rickards (late curate of Kenilworth) to Miss Carter edo William, Esq of Abbey Hill.
24/7/1873EVANS-EDWARDS 16i Edgbaston Old Church, Edward James yso James late Kenilworth to Mary Ann Elizabeth edo William, New St Bham
25/9/1873WATTS-HUGHES 24i Parish Church by Rev W.F. Bickmore, John Duff to Annie edo Richard, both of Kenilworth
11/12/1873MILLNER-COOKE 10i Moxley by Rev J. Stembridge, Mr G.S. Millner of Wednesbury to Catherine Clara ydo J. Cooke of Kenilworth
3/3/1923HURST-STALEY: Cyril Charles William, eldest so George of The Hollies, Bedworth & Florence do J. Staley of The Laurels, Exhall. Bride attended by her sister Mary. Ronald G, bgroom's brother was best man. Honeymoon London
7/4/1923PEARCE-MONTGOMERY: Reginald George, eso late William George and Mrs. Pearce, Pen Lodge, Bath to Miss Doris Mary edo William, Hillcrest, Kenilworth formerly Coventry at Kenilworth Parish Church
28/4/1923JENSON-AKERMAN: William Harold only so Mr/Mrs Jenson Castle Rd Kenilworth to Dorothy Lilian edo Mr/Mrs. J Akerman School Lane
12/1/1901PALMER-GREEN William George Frank of Broad Heath to Annie do J. of Warwick Rd Solihull Tuesday afternoon at Solihull Parish Church. Best man was Charles, bridegroom's brother. Future home in Wolstanton, N. Staffs
9/2/1901Diamond wedding: HILL-WESTWOOD 2/2/1841 All Sts West Bromwich John H Hill to Charlotte, The Pines, Bishops Rd Sutton Coldfield
5/1/1850GRIFFIN-GODFREY Thursday last at Wooten Wawen John, clerk to Messrs Gibbs & Couchman solicitors to Sarah eldest do Joseph, saddler all of Henley-in-Arden
19/10/1850HART-WYATT 9i Spencer St Chapel, Leamington, George, hosier & haberdasher, West St Warwick to Elizabeth of the same place
26/1/1850COTTON-WEBB 14i Church of the Saviour, Joseph William, jeweller, Mary St to Sarah Ann, Edgbaston
18/4/1850BELL-CATTELL 9i Hatton Church, Thomas Ryan, professor of music Leamington to Ann 2nd do Joseph, Wroxall
25/4/1850SMITH-MOLLADY 23i St Pauls Warwick Rev Edmund Trevyllan, incumbent of St Pauls, to Fanny do J. Esq of Warwick
18/7/1850HILSDON-LEWIS 11i Parish Church C. Hilsdon to Jane youngest do W. Lewis, Tavistock St Leamington
18/7/1850 LEWIS-THORNET 16i Leamington Parish Church E. Lewis of Wellington Inn to Harriet both of this town
18/7/1850 PARROTT-ATTWOOD 8i Spencer St Chapel Leamington John of Nantwich Cheshire to Sarah of this town
18/7/1850 SQUIRES-JORDAN 10i St George Bham Joseph Fowler of Stand St Warwick to Jane of Leamington
18/7/1850 WARMINGTON-SALMON 6i by licence Holy Trinity Church Stratford on Avon Richard James, schoolmaster of Tipton youngest so Mr G., schoolmaster of Bham to Lucy eldest do T.W. of Stratford on Avon
1/8/1850ARNOLD-SPARROW 25u St Michaels, John to Mrs. Ann both of Cheylesmore, Coventry
1/8/1850 BARTLETT-MABBATT 19u St Mary's, William 2nd so George to Elizabeth youngest do William of Warwick
1/8/1850 STERRY-MAINWARING 24u St Thomas, Mr. W. of Bham to Mary youngest do late Mr. Mainwaring of Stratford on Avon
15/8/1850 MOORE-DAVIDSON 13i Leamington Parish Church Rev. John Robert to Mrs. Jane, Waterloo Place Leamington
15/8/1850 PAULET-GRANVILLE 10i Wellesbourne, Hon Rev Lord Charles to Matthewana eldest do Bernard Esq. Wellesbourne Hall War
15/8/1850 WILLS-KIMBERLEY 8i New Meeting House Bham, William Ridout solicitor of that town to Emma Catherine only do late William
15/8/1850 WEBB-MOORE 8i Old Church Edgbaston Cornelius Esq. of London to Miss Moore of Minworth Cottage, Warwick
29/8/1850TREPESS-JEFFCOAT Aug 28 at Milverton Mr A.W. auctioneer of Warwick to Rebecca youngest do Mr John Jeffcoat of Milverton
5/9/1850MORRIS-PICKERING Aug 27 Solihull by licence Israel to Sarah eldest do Richard, auctioneer both of Bham
22/4/1893at Knowle: Tuesday morning William James ROBBINS of Croydon to Miss Elizabeth PALMER of Knowle. Mr. WINCOTT best man
22/4/1893at Packwood Church: Purefoy BURDETT so Henry Francis late of Temple Row Bham and Knowle to Miss A.M.K. BURDETT do late Edmund of Gilmorton Leics. Mr BENT of Nantwich, cousin of bride gave her away. Channel Island honeymoon
6/5/1893at Solihull Parish Church of Mrs BAKER High Street & Mr SMITH so late Enos Smith brickmaker Sunday morning
6/5/1893James CUNNINGHAME and Edith Fanny KNIBB do Edwin of Salters St Tamworth on Thursday afternoon last week. Bride given away by bro. Charles, bridesmaid was bride's sister Annie Knibb
20/5/1893Approaching marriage at Knowle of Gerald A MUNTZ (eldest so Gerald A of Dunsmore Rugby, MP for Tamworth) to Kate Blanche PRINCEP
17/6/1893Knowle: Marriage of Nevill H EVERITT youngest so G.A. of Knowle Hall & Caroline Charlotte WEBB do late Richard C. of Holt, Norfolk
12/5/1862PERRY-RICH 6i Kidderminster Parish Church Mr E Perry of Lichfield to Emily Susannah late Kenilworth
12/5/1862COOPER-HEATH 8i London Charles John of Bridgnorth Shropshire to Catherine 4th do Christopher 28 Gordon Square
12/5/1862BIRLEY-HOUSON 8i Sutton Coldfield by Rev W.K. Ryland Bedford, rector, bro-in-law of bride assisted by Rev Robert Birley, rector of St Philips, Hulme Manchester, bro of bgroom, Richard of Manchester to Frances Jane 2nd dau of Joseph Esq.
13/5/1862GODSON-STOCKER 12i Edgbaston Old Church, Theophilus so Rev W.J.Godson, Ebbw Vale to Clara Eleanor gdau of James DEVIS Esq Edgbaston
13/5/1862 BENTLEY-TIMMIS St Bartholomews Church Joseph to Lucy both of this town
15/5/1862POWELL-QUARRELL 8i St Chads Cathedral in this town Henry so late William, Hunters Lane to Anne Quarrell niece & adopted child of Mr/Mrs Powell of Lanthony Lodge Soho Park Birmingham
15/5/1862 ELLIOTT-SIMONS 14i by license at Old Church Edgbaston Joshua Hopkins to Louisa Silvester, edo late John Esq. surgeon of this town
16/5/1862STONEY-HARRISON 14i Norton Canes Church by Rev Hutton, bro-in-law of bride assisted by Rev William Wanstall, Rev Robert Baker Stoney yso Rev W.R. rector of Castlebar, Ireland to Eliza Bealey 4th do William Harrison Esq Norton Hall & Eastland House Leamington
16/5/1862HAMPTON-PALMER 14i St George's Church William Thomas only so late Thomas of Spalding Lincs to Mary Ann edo William of this town
16/5/1862STAPLEY-MALTBY 12i St Saviours Saltley George eso John of Bloomsbury of this town (formerly Brighton) to Georgina Emma edo H. of Aston Rd
22/5/1862LITTLE-CORFIELD 15i Llangattoc-juxta-Usk Monmouthshire by Rev C Grey Cotes uncle of bride, Rev. George S.L. Little incumbent of Buildwas Salop to Sophia Louisa only do Rev W. rector of Llanfoist Mon.
22/5/1862 PASCO-TWIGG 17i All Sts, John, butcher of this town to Sophia 3rd do J.A. Ivy House Kings Norton
22/5/1862 LEA-SMITH 21i Edgbaston Old Church Clement William so William Esq of Edgbaston to Louisa edo Z.T. Esq Edgbaston
23/5/1862TEMPEST-HIBBERT 21i RC Chapel Warwick St London, Charles Henry Esq to Cecilia Elizabeth Tichborne Hibbert do JR Washington Hibbert Esq Dover St Piccadilly & Bilton Grange Warks
23/5/1862 CLARKE-ALLEN 7 Feb Aston Church by special license James, chief engineer of P&O Steam Navigation Co. to Susan ydo George of Warstone Lane
23/5/1862 JAMES-LOGIE 5 Feb Dunedin, Otago, N.Z., Sydney yso John Esq of Walsall to Annie only do William Esq, Otago
26/5/1862TAYLOR-DAVIS 24i Oldbury, Montague Alfred 2nd so Alfred, Rounds Green Oldbury to Emma eldest do late David Francis of Dingle Cottages, the Brades
26/5/1862PERRY-HARCOURT 27 Feb (special license) St Philips Church Sydney, William jun. of Brisbane eldest so William Esq. Bentham Place Paddington to Annie 2nd do William late of Bham
26/5/1862HOSSELL-BARKER 20i Edgbaston Old Church Henry to Sarah Anne edo late Edward, Edgbaston
28/5/1862THOMPSON-ELLIOT 22i St Geo. Newcastle, Andrew Esq. of Keele to Jane edo Liddle Esq. The Beeches, Newcastle, Staffs
28/5/1862 GARRARD-BROWN 22i Kinwarton Warks by Rev S Garrard vicar Salford Priors, bro of bgroom, Edward Holland of Clopton House Mickleton, 3rd so late Rev S.E. of Park Hall to Sarah only do Thomas Esq Kenilworth
2/6/1862TAYLOR-MEACHIN 27u St Lukes Bilston, W.R. Taylor civil engineer Bilston to Sarah Ann edo J. Meachin, Daisy Bank Sedgley
2/6/1862 MANSELL-PAYNTER 29i St. Breock, Charles of this town to Eliza do Mr. Paynter, Wadebridge, Cornwall
6/6/1862LAMBLEY-SHORE 4i Parish Church Edgbaston Frederick William, Vicarage Rd Edgbaston to Izabel
6/6/1862 FAWDREY-PITT 5i Handsworth Old Church, Thomas, Gt Hampton St to Sarah, Camden St in this town
6/6/1862 CLARK-ARCHER 5i St Pauls Balsall Heath, W.H. Clark, Belgrave St Balsall Heath to Mary Jane edo David, of the same place
10/6/1862HILLMAN-LEWIS 6i at Aston, George to Jane ydo Charles, both of this town
10/6/1862 ROBINSON-NUTTER 5i Leamington, Charles R Robinson of Dudley so James W. Esq. Leamington to Sarah edo late James Esq, Leamington formerly Cambridge
12/6/1862BISHOP-SHORT 7i St Marks in this town, John, ironfounder of Bham to Caroline only do Thomas of Wolverhampton
13/6/1862LAWRENCE-KNOWLES 12i Aston Church by Rev WG Horton, Joseph of Oakfield House, Lozells to Emma Jane, widow of GS Knowles M.D. late of Wolverhampton
19/6/1862 CLULEE-ROGERS Kings Norton Church, John yso James, builder of Kings Norton to Mary Ann edo John, maltster of same place
20/6/1862WHITFIELD-FOSTER 19i Carrs Lane Chapel, Frederick so Samuel of Golden Hillock to Frances Agnes do Thomas, Pershore Rd and gdau of Mr Councillor HOLLINGSWORTH
3/7/1862APPLEBEE-SHAKESPEARE 1i Wootton Wawen James to Ann only do Charles H Shakespeare, Arden
9/7/1862EARP(HARP?)-STEPHENS 8i St Bartholomew, Thomas John to Matilda both of this town
9/7/1862 RIMMINGTON-GOODALL 8i Wesley Chapel, Constitution Hill, Cornelius of Selby to Rosaline do Emanuel, High St Bham
10/6/1862HAYWARD-LLOYD 7i St Alphage Solihull T.S. Hayward teacher of music Wolverhampton to Emma only do T Lloyd surveyor of the same place.
10/6/1862 MORISON-DANIEL 9i St Lukes, A.S. to Julia do late George of Sparkbrook
14/7/1862JONES-WILLIAMS 12i St Pauls Balsall Heath, Jerome Valentine so Timothy to Sarah Isabel ydo late C.J., Moseley Rd
16/7/1862COLLIER-HARRISON 15i Erdington Church Frederick B. to Matilda 2nd surviving do late Joseph, Erdington
24/7/1862BIRD-TAYLOR 22i St Philip's Church William, schoolmaster to Elizabeth, infant schoolmistress, Birmingham Workhouse
24/7/1862JONES-GREEN 22i Unitarian Church Newhall Hill by father of bride, John, so late John, Handsworth to Alice do John Esq, Fenelon Village, Hagley Rd, Edgbaston
31/7/1862TUNBRIDGE-WATSON 29i Edgbaston Parish Church Henry, 5th so Mr T. of Peckham Surrey to Emily eldest do W.A., Charlotte Rd Edgbaston
5/8/1862POWER-WOOD St George Hanover Square, Henry only so Henry Esq Atherstone to Mary Isabella edo G.L. 27 Queens Square, Bath
6/8/1862HENDSMARSH-DOWNHAM 5i New Congregational Chapel Edgbaston, Henry of Edgbaston to Agnes Mary eldest surviving do Joseph, Balsall Heath
12/8/1862WEBSTER-ALLARTON 9i Harborne Parish Church John of Manchester to Ellen ydo Joseph late Erdington
12/8/1862 ROWLANDS-BURTON 9i St Andrews, Jacob of Victoria St to Julia only do Charles of Golden Hillock Lane, Small Heath
12/8/1862 COLLINGWOOD-PUGH 11i St Bartholomews, Joseph to Emma both of Moor St
14/8/1862 JONES-CLULER 12i Kings Norton Parish Church, Aaron of Hurst Hill to Ann only do James builder of Kings Norton
15/8/1862WILLIAMS-JOYNER 14i St Paul's Balsall Heath, Charles Horton eso late Charles James to Evelina Ann ydo late Thomas all of this town
18/8/1862HOWELL-TROVELL 16i Aston Church William yso T. to Emma do Mrs Trovell, broker, Moseley St both of this town
1/9/1862MAINWARING-BURT 31u St Philips W.C. to Sarah both of this town
2/9/1862HARPER-HARRIS 31u St Bartholomews William to Sarah both of Duddeston Row
3/9/1862HARTLEY-PETTITT 2i St Jude John Eborall of Small Heath to Rebecca Taylor 3rd do C.J., Suffolk St in this town
3/9/1862 RICHARDS-JONES 2i Handsworth, Samuel jnr, Blake Cottage Green Lanes and Emily Matilda only do Thomas Francis, Soho Works, Cecil St and Tudor Cottage, Small Heath
4/9/1862WILLIAMS-THORNET 1i St Andrews, Benjamin of Watery Lane nr this town and Hannah of the same place formerly of Shipston-on-Stour
8/9/1862FEATHERSTONE-AVERN 1i at Parish Church Rowington John to Mary both of Rowington Worcs
8/9/1862 HEAVISIDE-FLECKNOR 2i Gt Meeting House Coventry, Rev G. Heaviside B.A., of Coventry to Mary Ann Eliza eldest do Josiah of Coventry
8/9/1862 RICKARDS-GRIGG 3i Parish Church Leamington John, Esq. of St Warburgh Derby to Eliza of the former town
8/9/1862 BUSHILL-JONES 4i Kenilworth, Frederick of Broadgate Coventry to Elizabeth only do John Judd of Kenilworth
9/9/1862HALL-DARK 7i St Bartholomews, George to Sarah both of Castle St.
10/9/1862HOWELL-PITT 4i St Andrews, Holborn Hill London Joseph to Mary Ann only do John, Seven Stars Inn, Horse Fair, both of this town
11/9/1862WOOLLASTON-REEVE 9i St George Llandudno by Rev. T Woollaston, M.A., Fellow St Peter's College Cambridge, bro. of groom , John jnr Esq. of Beoley to Martha 2nd do T. Esq Light Hall Tamworth
16/9/1862SACKETT-WEAVER 13i St Philips Church Penn Fields, Walter John of this town to Mary Ann only do late Richard of Wolverhampton
19/9/1862REYNOLDS-MORRIS 16i St Martins Church Richard only son of R.C. of Emily Street Highgate in this town to Harriet Fanny, Hatchet St Summer Lane
19/9/1862MOLE-LUCAS 18i Edgbaston Old Church James Henry youngest so late Robert Esq to Sophia youngest do S.W. Esq Ashfield House, Hagley Rd
22/9/1862EMUS-CALLAWAY 15i Snitterfield J. of Fernhill Heath nr Worcs to Emma eldest do Joseph of Snitterfield near Stratford on Avon
22/9/1862 BECKINGHAM-HINTON 16i Old Church Stratford on Avon Thomas Hone, grocer of Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia to Mary Ann 2nd do Able of Bell Inn, Shottery near Stratford on Avon
23/9/1862PERKINS-FARMER 17i Bellbroughton William of Broom House Bromsgrove to Lucretia youngest do Mrs Samuel Farmer, Moor Hall, Bellbroughton
23/9/1862 GARDNER-STEPHENS 18i Cathedral Chapel Worcs. William Alfred 3rd so late G. of Tewkesbury to Hannah Maria 2nd do Alexander, Rushwick, St Johns, Worcs
23/9/1862 MACKLIN-COLEMAN 22 June Handsworth Parish Church W. of Vauxhall Rd to Sarah, Lancaster St both of this town
24/9/1862ATKINS-SAPCOTE 23i St Marks, William coachbuilder of Narborough Leics to Elizabeth only do William builder of Camden St in this town
24/9/1862 SPENCER-NIGHTINGALE 23i Handsworth Old Church William eldest so Joseph, Spencer St to Emily do Mr Nightingale, Snape St both of this town
24/9/1862 WIGG-BROWNE 23i Dudley Parish Church by Rev John G.C. Browne bro of bride, Carr youngest son of Francis Esq, Bedford Row London and Frogmore nr St Albans and Alice Louisa Nora youngest do Rev J.C. Vicar of Dudley
26/9/1862PALMER-BOULTON 17i C.F. Palmer chemist of this town to Mary Ann eldest do Richard, The Gt House, Bradley nr Feckenham Worcs.
26/9/1862 HACKETT-HOLMES 24i Carr's Lane Chapel Edwin to Jane 3rd do late John both of this town
26/9/1862 WILLIAMS-WADDELL 25i Edgbaston Parish Church Clement John eldest so John Alfred, M.A., Woodbourne, Edgbaston to Katharine do late Thomas of Edgbaston
26/9/1862 SMITH-WELLS 25i Aston Church, James youngest so Henry, maltster to Emma only do late William both of this town
29/9/1862NEAL-MARSTON 27i St Thomas Bham, William of Alvechurch Worcs to Anne 2nd do Mr Marston of Hurley both of this county
2/10/1862BORASTON-HARCOURT 30u St Georges, Charles grocer to Jane 4th do Mr E Harcourt of this town
5/10/1862JOLLY-MERRY 30u St Saviours Oxton, David only so late James Esq London to Marianne youngest do Richard Esq of Oxton Cheshire formerly Sutton Coldfield
6/10/1862JONES-LOWE 18u at Superintend. Reg. Office James 2nd so W.H. of Bham to Mary youngest do James of Shirley, Warks
7/10/1862GARBETT-HARDING 4i Carr's Lane Chapel, William of France Street Ashted to Mary eldest do late William, Howe St in this town
8/10/1862RODWAY-READDY 6i Erdington John H. of Dale end in this town to Mary Ann eldest do Richard Esq London
15/10/1862LANE-FOSTER 14i Edgbaston Old Church Thomas, Esq C.E. of Monument Lane Edgbaston to Elizabeth 2nd do J.P. Esq of the same place
17/10/1862COTTERILL-WHITEHEAD 11i St Martins, Joseph, Perry Barr to Jane youngest do late Joseph, Aston New Town
23/10/1862COOPER-PARSONS 17i St Bartholomews, William of Kings Norton to Mary Ann do Edward of this town
23/10/1862 OAKLEY-BIRCH 21i Christ Church Quinton, Henry, farmer to Hannah youngest do late George Esq, Red Hall nr Harborne
24/10/1862STAIT-BAUGH 20i Snow Hill Congregat. Church Wolverhampton John of Tettenhall to Mary Anne Baugh of same place
24/10/1862 KEY-DRAPER 21i Kenilworth Parish Church, Frederick Esq youngest so late Thomas Esq, Grove Hill Camberwell to Eliza eldest do Edward Esq, Kenilworth
28/10/1862BRYANT-WHITEHOUSE 20i St Bartholomews, Ephraim to Maria both of this town
1/1/1885DREW-JONES 31u Highbury Chapel, Edwin of Ashted to Elizabeth (Lizzie) ydo late Charles of Northampton St
1/1/1885 GRIFFITHS-LILLEY 25u St Martin Bham, Henry 3rd so Emmanuel, Bromwich Cottage, St Johns Worcs. to Ann C., Well St Hockley
1/1/1885 THOMAS-CHANCELLOR 7 November St Simon/St Jude, Surrey Hill N.S.W., Edward eso late John, Ledsam St in this town to Eliza Jane (Lizzie) 2nd do late Josiah of Harborne
1/1/1885 WHITE-HAIRS 25u Holy Trinity Birchfield, George F to Elizabeth Mary
2/1/1885BLAYMIRES-JOHNSON 29u St Saviour, Jonathan eso Thomas to Alice Emily do late Charles, die forger, Broad St
2/1/1885 DONE-TAYLOR 30u St Luke Paddington, Benjamin of Wolverhampton to Alice Caroline do late Thomas, Bham
3/1/1885AUSTIN-OSBORN 27u St Asaph's, William of Cheltenham to Emily, edo William of Spring St
7/1/1885PLANT-SHUFFLEBOTHAM 6i St Paul Balsall Heath, Samuel Allen to Alice Elizabeth ydo late Enoch, Acocks Green
20/1/1885COOKE-BARWICK 19i St Luke, Robert Alfred to Alice Marie ydo late C.H.
29/1/1885 JAFFRAY-SCOTT 28i St Peters, Eaton Square, William eso John, Esq., Skilts, Warks & Park Grove Edgbaston to Maud Augusta, ydo Lady Scott and late Sir Francis, Bart. of Gt Barr Hall Staffs (married by C. Alderson, uncle of bride)
7/2/1885GRAY-ALLEN 5i St Anne Moseley, Avon of Kings Heath to Emily Louisa edo James, Moseley
10/2/1885MOUNTFORD-PERIAM 5i St Margarets Ward End, James C of Llandudno to Annie Maria do William H., Little Bromwich
13/2/1885JOHNSTONE-HILLMAN 12i St James Piccadilly, Alfred Smeaton, Harborne to Alice Mary edo late John of Luton & gdau of Joseph Inwards of Arlesey, Herts
16/2/1885NOLTING-DAMMANN 14i Edgbaston Parish Church Carl Heinrich of Laurels, Leigham Avenue, Streatham S.W. to Elizabeth Marie only do Dr. Dammann, Edgbaston
21/2/1885SIMMONS-BLOXHAM 17i St Michael & All Angels, Bedford Park, Chiswick, William H. of Leeds to Amy 2nd do late C.W.M., Esq., surgeon of Hales Owen, Worcs
23/2/1885BALDWIN-ALLEN 21i Aquila so Richard. Blockley to Amanda Mary edo late George Ebenezer, Handsworth
24/2/1885ALLDRIDGE-SMITH 23i Wesleyan Chapel Erdington, Albert Ernest yso William, Esq of Wylde Green to Alice Maud Mary only do late Alfred, Esq, Gravelly Hill
25/2/1885WALKER-RYDER 24i Handsworth Old Church, Thomas Hackleton late Leamington to Florence, 2nd do W.J., Pinvin House, Burbury St
26/2/1885SANDERS-DAVIDSON 21i Edgbaston Old Church, Thomas, The Grove, Edgbaston to Mary Ann (Polly) only do David, The Lindens, Reservoir Rd, Edgbaston
28/2/1885STEWART-PAYNTING 14i South Providence, Rhode Island, United States, W.F. yso Mr. W.F., Church St Lozells to Elizabeth edo John/Ruth, Providence, Rhode Island
5/3/1885TUCHMAN-COTTON 4i Synagogue (by uncle of bgroom, Rev J Tuchman of Portsea), Louis eso Abraham, 7 Anderton St to Jeanette edo Aaron, 4 Hannington Villas, Summer Hill Terrace
10/3/1885FLAME-READING 9i Carr's Lane Chapel, Andrew to Amy Elizabeth
13/3/1885PRICE-BENT 12i St Johns, Kate's Hill, Dudley, Arthur William, Bham, merchant to Mary Ann only do John, Dudley
14/3/1885BRAHAM-BARNETT 11i Edward Foligno to Cecilia
14/3/1885 HALLADAY-GEE 14i Wesley Chapel, Howard St, William Edwin eso Henry of this town to Mary Ann Amelia edo Edwin, Handsworth
17/3/1885WALKER-STOKES 16i Edgbaston Old Church, Edward Samuel to Lizzie Elizabeth both of Harborne
27/3/1885LAZARUS-ABRAHAMS 18i Gt Synagogue, Duke's Place, Aldgate, London, Lewis 2nd so Simon of Bham to Ada Sarah 2nd do B., of London late Bham
31/3/1885GREENWAY-WILSON 25i West Lodge, Pollokshields, Glasgow, Howard of Moseley to Emily Jane 2nd do William
1/4/1885BROUGHTON-POYNER 28u Bloomsbury Instditution, Charles yso late John to Sarah Elizabeth only do Adam
4/4/1885RHODES-CROMPTON 2i St Pauls Moseley Rd, John Steventon yso John late Sparkbrook to Clarissa 3rd do Robert of this town
4/4/1885 RIDDELL-ERRINGTON 2i Kings Norton Parish Church, William Winter, Shenstone Lodge nr Lichfield to Elizabeth widow of James of Jesmond Villas, Newcastle on Tyne
6/4/1885PHILLIPS-ALLDAY 2i Westminster Rd Congreg Church, Dr Leslie of Moseley to Annie ydo John, The Oaks, Handsworth
9/4/1845KNIGHT-JEFFRIES 4i Christ Church Sparkbrook, Albert, Larches St to Clara Louisa edo late Matilda, Clifton Rd, Aston
9/4/1845 OWEN-THOMAS 8i Harborne Parish Church, Wilfred only so Edward, Gloddaeth, York Rd Edgbaston to Amy edo Howard, The Mount, Richmond Hill, Edgbaston
10/4/1885WATSON-LIDDERDALE 8i Christ Church Bham, Henry Edward eso late Henry, Sheffield to Agnes McHarge edo William Gault late Smethwick
11/4/1885NASH-MORRIS 9i St George Edgbaston, William Rusgrove yso Isaac, Bellbroughton Worcs. to Annette Violet (Nettie) odo James, Calthorpe Rd Edgbaston
14/4/1885GARDINER-BOSWORTH 13i Holy Trinity Bordesley, Richard of Aldridge to Louisa (Louie) edo late Henry, Camp Hill
16/4/1885DALGLEISH-NIGHTINGALE by special license Dudley Parish Church 18i Andrew yso James, Greenhead, Glasgow to Lucie ydo late Richard, Church Bridge, Oldbury
16/4/1885HAWKINS-WHITEHILL 15i Walter Thomas to Margaret (Maggie) edo William, Aston
17/4/1885WYATT-HURD 14i Holy Trinity, William Edward, Newton Rd to Elizabeth edo late John of this town
22/4/1885BARTON-SLYNN 21i St Philip Bham, John Hill eso John Barker Barton Esq, Wellington Rd Harborne to Amy 2nd do Alfred Esq. of this town
22/4/1885 WAIN-YOUNG 21i Edgbaston Old Church, Clifford John only so late John of Summer Row to Elizabeth ydo late William Lee of this town
25/4/1885McMANUS-BOOKER 22i St Anne Roman Catholic Church, Inspector M. to Charlotte Agnes do late Ralph & gdau of Robert Henry Booker Esq., solicitor, of Dublin
30/4/1885DAY-GUEST 29i Christ Church West Bromwich, Alfred Sylvester 3rd so James Henry, Plas Llewellyn, Rhyl to Florence Ellen 2nd do Josiah, The Beeches, West Bromwich
8/5/1885BUTLER-FOWLER 6i St George Hanover Sq, Walter Selby 4th so late Sir Richard Pierce, Bart of Ballin Temple & Garryhunden county Carlow, to Alice Lucy 2nd do Edmund, Abberley, Edgbaston
15/5/1885BAKER-HERBERT 13i Holy Trinity Bordesley, Walter yso W. of Moseley Rd to Ann Elizabeth 2nd do J., Small Heath Bham
16/5/1885BROWN-COLLINS 5i Registrar's by license, Samuel Esq., Poplar Villa, Park Rd Hockley to Mrs. Collins 139 Icknield St, 4th do late Joseph Farmer Esq., New St & Russell Row Edgbaston
19/5/1885AUSTIN-WRIGHTON 16i St Nicholas Nuneaton, Joseph Austin eso ex-superintendent Austin to Eliza Ada only do Frederick, both of Nuneaton
23/5/1885LUCKMAN-BELLIS 19i St John Wesleyan Chapel Llandudno, Charles yso Mr. G., Kings Heath to Caroline edo J., Bron Hulog, Llandudno
23/5/1885PAULL-HARTLE 20i St John Bromsgrove, James of Handsworth to Lillie edo Mr. H., Bromsgrove
26/5/1885ALLEN-HANDLEY 25i Handsworth Parish Church, William Henry only so William, Icknield St to Florence only do William, Warstone Lane
26/5/1885 HOWELL-WATERFIELD 23i St Silas, Tom eso John, Lozells to Amy Willborn 2nd do Joseph, farm house, Rupert St.
27/5/1885VINING-BLAKEY 20i Handsworth Parish Church, Charles Edward, Bengal Civil Service, yso late Frederick Hindes formerly of Surbiton Surrey to Lucy Annie edo George of Handsworth. Indian papers pls copy
29/5/1885PICKERING-SMITH 25i Tyndale Congreg. Chapel Gloucester, John Samuel 3rd so John of Gloucester to Ada Charlotte ydo Henry late Ryland St North
1/6/1885LUMLEY-HORTON 30u Wycliffe Chapel, David eso William, Swalwell, Durham to Marrier (Marie) 4th do Frederick, Bham
3/6/1885MORGAN-MOORE 1i Edgbaston Old Church, Rev H Morgan, Compton Abdale, Cheltenham to Fanny edo late Edward, Hillfield House, Trent Vale, Stoke on Trent
5/6/1885FORBES-CHATTERLEY 4i Holy Trinity Birchfield, John Webster, nephew of Mr Isaiah Williams,The Hawthorns, Birchfield to Clara Ann 2nd do J.B., Holbrook House, Birchfield
5/6/1885 VAWDREY-SMITH 4i by license, Reg. Office, Theophilus Glascolt, L.R.C.P. (London), MRCS (England) Handsworth to Sarah Eleanor Maud Mary edo S.E.L. Smith, Aston
6/6/1885HINLEY-KNIGHT 3i St George, John eso Samuel, Wynn St to Florence 6th do James, timbermerchant, Bham
6/6/1885LEA-RYLEY 2i St Paul Balsall Heath, John of Balsall Heath to Mary Jane relict of Rupert of this town
10/6/1885PRIDEAUX-HAYES 9i Kings Heath Chapel, William Daniel, Barnstaple to Alexandra Louisa (Allie) 2nd do late Edwin, Hawkestone Villa, Balsall Heath
12/6/1885SHALE-SIDDALL 11i Holy Trinity Bordesley, Benjamin, Northwood St to Emily edo William, engineer, Kent St Baths
16/6/1885THOMPSON-SHEATH 11i Reg. Office by license, J.W. of Birchfield to Sarah Ann edo Charles Henry, Aston
18(19?)/6/1885BRINDLE-GLIVER 14i Moseley, Thomas, Showell Green to Miss Alice
18(19?)/6/1885 WEAVER-SMITH 16i Handsworth Parish Church, Joseph, Bridgnorth to Emmie edo James, Well St Hockley & the Vale, Handsworth
22/6/1885CLEWS-LILLY 11i Edgbaston Church, John of Aston to Martha only do late John, Bham
22/6/1885HARRIS-PEARSALL 21i Church of the Redeemer, Hagley Rd, W.G. Dickinson of this town to Matilda Elizabeth late Stourbridge
25/6/1885BRYDE-HORTON 22i St Clements Church Handsworth, Samuel McCormick of Leeds to Susanne Blanche only do late James, Goldacre, Handsworth
25/6/1885 DAVIES-HYDE 24i Yardley Parish Church, Mason of Wellesbourne, Oxford Rd, Moseley to Emma only do late Henry, Clarendon House, Trafalgar Rd, Moseley
26/6/1885FRANKS-HEATH 20i St Michael Handsworth, Benjamin to Mary ydo Thomas late Richard St, Hockley
29/6/1885GORDON-CORNS 28i St Paul Balsall Heath, Walter yso Peter, farmer of Cheshire to Minnie Charlotte ydo Edward George, St Pauls Rd Sparkbrook
1/7/1885WILSON-TYLER 28u St Paul Balsall Heath, Albert Beale to Sarah Elizabeth, both of Moseley
6/7/1885EDGE-WESSON 4i All Sts, Arthur Wade so W., Stratford Rd to Emily, 2nd do W.J., Smethwick
7/7/1885SANDFORD-COWPER 30 May, Reg Office Aston, Richard 2nd so Alfred of Worcs to Emma Sedgwick edo late John, 111 Bath Row Bham
9/7/1885GREATREX-KNIGHT 7i St Clements Nechells, Christopher Alexander yso Charles William, Nechells to Louisa Alexandra 5th do James jnr, late Ashted
10/7/1885BREEDEN-CARTER 5i Edgbaston Parish Church, Henry, St Lukes Rd Edgbaston to Laura only do Charles, Belgrave Rd Edgbaston
11/7/1885EGGER-SAPCOTE 11i St Mark, Ferdinand Othmar of Aarwangen, Berne to Emily ydo William, Camden St Bham
13/7/1885MORTIMORE-MEDLICOTT 11i St Michael Handsworth, Harry Lorraine of Birchfield to Margaret Beech ydo late T.H., Handsworth (by uncle of bride Rev. H.H. Wright, vicar of St Silas Sheffield)
14/7/1885EASON-PILKINGTON 11i St Philip Litherland, Liverpool, William Waugh 3rd so Charles Esq. of Rathgar, Dublin to Hannah Marguerite Craig (Madge) widow of Thomas Esq M.R.C.S., Clayton-le-Moors, Lancs
18/7/1885EDKINS-BENNETT 14i by license Christ Church Sparkbrook Charles, so Charles Esq., The Firs, Penns Lane, Erdington to Elizabeth (Eliza) edo W., 9 Main St, Camp Hill
22/7/1885BROMAGE-TYLER 21i St Paul Bham, Joseph eso late Joseph to Harriet Clara (Haddie) edo late Samuel, both of this town
25/7/1885SHAW-SADLER 23i Heneage St Chapel, Charles 3rd so T.V., Sutton St Aston to Harriet only do M, Aston St
1/8/1885BOTT-WALKER 31u St Asaph Bham, Samuel yso John, Milford, Derbyshire to Mary edo James, Gt Colmore St Bham
1/8/1885BROWN-BANKS 30u St Cuthbert, Alexander William to Ada, both of this town
3/8/1885LANE-ROBERTSON 29u St Paul Balsall Heath, Charles Oliver 2nd so Kegwin Hoskins, Sparkbrook to Margaret Mary 4th do William, Balsall Heath
3/8/1885SATCHELL-POYSER 1i Reg Office, Newhall St, James to Laura 3rd do George of this town
4/8/1885CLEMENTS-JACKSON 2i Edgbaston Parish Church, William, Nottingham to S.J. of Polesworth
7/8/1885KIRMSE-WILLETTS 4i St Mark, Emil Frederick 3rd so Christian of Leipsig Germany to Laura Eleanor 2nd do George, Dudley Rd Bham
8/8/1885HORTON-SMITH 8i Wesleyan Chapel, Bristol Rd, Thomas William, only so late Enoch of Darlaston to Kate Rose, niece of Edward Mallard, Esq., Varna Rd Edgbaston
11/8/1885McKANNON-WILLIAMS 11i Kings Norton Parish Church, William to Clara Helen 3rd do Edwin Wall Williams, Wolverhampton
13/8/1885EHRHARDT-RAINSFORD 12i Edgbaston Parish Church, William C.A., eso William, Hill Crest, Edgbaston to Florence 2nd do Charles of Clydesdale, Edgbaston
15/8/1885CROSS-PHILIP 8i St Asaph Bham, William Franklin only so John, Bham to Mary 2nd do George of Guernsey late Brixham, Devonshire
19/8/1885TOYE-IRELAND 1i St Michael Handsworth, William to Elizabeth Ann only do Thomas, Handsworth
22/8/1885BARBER-HALLAM 20i St Paul Balsall Heath, John Henry to Catherine ydo John, both of Moseley Rd
22/8/1885WEAVER-WEBB 18i John Thomas, professor of Music to Isabella, both of Albert Rd Aston
2/9/1885LAWRENCE-CROMPTON 1i Ebenezer Chapel, Steelhouse Lane, Francis John yso Joseph to Charlotte 5th do Robert of this town
11/9/1885WAKEMAN-MEAKING 9i Church of the Redeemer, Hagley Rd, Charles H eso Jno. Moseley to Jennie 4th do Thomas of Moseley Rd
12/9/1885PATCHING-BINNS 9i Friends Meeting House Bewdley, Alexander Wheeler, so Frederic, Charlotte Rd Edgbaston to Amy Louisa do Watson, Wribbenhall, Bewdley
12/9/1885 STONE-MACROW 5i St Andrew, George eso George, Lee, Bucks to Frances (Lizzie) ydo William late Ely, Cambridge
14/9/1885MAYNARD-WELCH 10i Handsworth Parish Church, William so J.G., Brighton to Lucie Maud 3rd do C.,Esq., Reading Berks
15/9/1885MAKEPEACE-FELL 14i St Mary, Bull Ring, Charles William to Mary Ann, Sparkbrook
15/9/1885 SMITH-FLETCHER 12i Yardley Parish Church, Octavius Valentine, Moseley to Amy Elizabeth 2nd do John, Windermere. Acocks Green
16/9/1885BARKER-ALLEN 16i Handsworth Parish Church, Tom Birkett 4th so John, Fern Bank, S.Yardley to Marianne, edo M.H., Handsworth
18/9/1885CROCKFORD-HANDS 17i Erdington Parish Church, Arthur Leslie to Esther (Etty) edo late James Charles, both of Bham
18/9/1885 HADLEY-THORNTON 17i Harborne Baptist Church, John Sodon, Hadley, Shropshire to Julia Lily, Laburnums, Albert Rd, Harborne
19/9/1885BISHOP-WILSON 17i Handsworth Parish Church, Albert Cromwell only so Henry of Aston to Mary Ann (Pollie) 2nd do Joseph, Birchfield
25/9/1885DABBS-McKENLEY 24i St Mary Acocks Green, Alfred Herbert yso late John to Lydia 4th do late William, Ash Mount, Harborne
25/9/1885 GRIFFIN-FIELD 22i Hall Green Church, Albert Edward eso William, cab & car proprietor, Sparkhill to Elizabeth late Sparkhill
26/9/1885HIGGS-DOWN 17i Edgbaston Old Church, Walter Joseph 3rd so George of this town to Eliza Mary (Pollie) 2nd do Henry, Edgbaston
26/9/1885 ROBINSON-FAULKNER 26i St James Handsworth, Arthur Duffield eso John Duffield, Soho to Mary Jane, Birchfield
28/9/1885BELCHER-CATTELL 26i St Matthias, Wheeler St, Benjamin so late W., cab proprietor to Mary Elizabeth, adopted do Mrs. Tonks, both of this town
28/9/1885 HANSLOW-BARTLAM 26i St John Ladywood, Edwin 3rd so G., to Alice ydo late Thomas, both of this city
28/9/1885 KAYE-DAVIES 15i St Martin London, James Robert to Kate edo late C.H. Barwick
1/10/1885SMITH-DELANEY 26i Sutton Coldfield Parish Church, Charles Welby of Peckham London to Emily Gertrude of Edgbaston
9/10/1885BAKER-KEITH 3i St Silas Lozells, Frederick George eso Charles, Brougham St to Mary Leah 2nd do Donald, Farm St Hockley
9/10/1885 FRAME-HEARD 8i Edgbaston Old Church, Robert to Annie
12/10/1885GRIFFIN-McGILL 10i St Michael Coventry, Henry Thomas to Marguerite Tait
12/10/1885 SWANN-GOODRICK 10i by license, Old Meeting Church, Bristol St, John Spencer only so John, Summer Rd to Mary Ann only do John, Bristol Rd & niece of G. Goodrick Esq., J.P. (This being the first marriage at Old Meeting Church, the bride & groom were presented with a Bible by Rev. Joseph Wood).
15/10/1885BURTON-JONES 11i Christ Church by license, George, Camden Rd London to Lucy Jane Jennie) only do Edward, Mary St Balsall Heath
17/10/1885HINLEY-KNIGHT 14i Yardley, James, yso Samuel to Kate (Kitty) 7th do James of this town
27/10/1885CRACROFT-BEALE 24i St John Kidderminister, Bernard Hudson only so late Edmund, Warrington to Jane, edo late William of Bham
27/10/1885 WHITE-DENTON 26i St Saviour, Bridge St West, William, Gt Hampton Row to Elizabeth edo Edwin, currier, St Georges Place, Bham
28/10/1885REEVES-GODDARD 26i Wycliffe Church, Bristol Rd, Alexander to Pauline do late Thomas of this town
31/10/1885CLARY-BOWLBY 21i Wesleyan Chapel, Chipping Norton, John to Rebecca both of Charlbury Oxfordshire
5/11/1885BATES-EATON 4i Harborne Parish Church, Edward only so C.E., Wellington House, Lordswood Rd, Harborne to Emily Maud (Emmie) 3rd do Samuel, Metchley, Metchley Lane, Harborne
6/11/1886DIPPLE-DAVIS 17u Wesley Chapel Constitution Hill, Charles to Esther Elizabeth (Hettie) both of Aston parish
10/11/1885LEWIS-CHESHIRE 4i special license St Francis Xavier Church Oldbury, John of Oldbury to A. of Bham
14/11/1885BROWNE-LAWLEY 11i Aston Church, E.J. jnr of Aston to Ellen Elizabeth ydo Thomas late Moseley
17/11/1885PORTER-CROSS 16i Reg. Office, Gt Charles St., Frederick J. late New Zealand to Elizabeth Jane, Bham
19/11/1885ASTON-PERKINS 17i St Matthew Duddeston, Thomas Edward eso Edward Owen, Washwood Heath to Emily Alice edo John, Rupert St
23/11/1885WESTWOOD-RAYBOULD St Paul Balsall Heath, W.W. so late John to Harriet, 2nd do Joseph & gdau of John Raybould, Dudley
30/11/1885NEWMAN-HARLOW 28i Saltley Rd Congreg. Chapel, Joseph Edward, Bloomsbury to Florence Martha 5th do John, Vauxhall, Bham
3/12/1885HUNTLEY-WALSH 2i St Paul Balsall Heath, Alfred 4th so Robert of Greenwich to Fannie ydo Lewis, Balsall Heath
5/12/1885WATTS-BUKOVITCH 28u St George Bham, W.B. of Regent Works, Clissold St to Laura 2nd do late Charles, Bham
22/12/1885DAVIS-AKERS 19i Aston Parish Church, Charles Thomas so George B Esq., to Clara Jane do late John Esq
23/12/1885TALBOT-PARRY 21i New Meeting House Kidderminster, Pemberton Ernest John eso late Pemberton Talbot Esq. to Margaret Ethel 2nd do Rev Edward, Whitville Cottage, Kidderminster
23/12/1885HARCOURT-HANDLEY 21i St Augustine, Chetton, Somerset, Joseph Miles formerly of Bham to Susan Eliza late Nuneaton
24/12/1885BUCKLER-BOTTRILL 23i Edgbaston Old Church, Francis John eso John Thomas, Small Heath to Mary edo William, Adelaide, S. Australia
28/12/1885ARNOLD-ATKINS 26i Wesley Chapel Constitution Hill, William E to Esther H both of this town
30/12/1885AVRON-PARSLOE St Andrews Church, Bombay, Eugene E. 3rd so late H.H. of Bristol to Florence 3rd do Edmund of Bham
31/12/1885WYRE-SHORTHOUSE 26i Holy Trinity Bordesley, John James of Stourbridge to Lilian Elizabeth
1/1/1907BENNETT-HUTCHIN 29u St Andrew Bordesley, Samuel of Plymouth to Florence Minnie (Flo) of Small Heath
1/1/1907 DACE-BIBB 28u St Silas Lozells John Frederick only so Mr/Mrs John Harrington Dace to Winifred Agnes ydo late Josiah Charles & Mrs Bibb, Sutton Coldfield; both of Lozells
1/1/1907 HARREY-JOHNSON 27u St James Edgbaston by Rev Canon Ivens, A.W. to Mary 3rd do late Joseph of Lee Bank Rd
1/1/1907 Silver wedding: WOODWARD-HARRIS on 1/1/1882 at Handsworth Parish Church by Rev Dr Randle, George to Annie both of Bham
1/1/1907 Golden wedding: SWAIN-SILVESTER on Jan 1 1857 at Church of the Saviour, Edward St. by George Dawson M.A., Harry Benjamin to Harriet both of Birmingham, 75 Varna Rd Edgbaston.
2/1/1907GWYTHER-BEAMES 26u Yardley Parish Church Howard Butler only so late Stephen of Haverfordwest Pembroke to Adelaide Anne Hellah edo James & Adelaide M.F.H. Beames of Stechford Worcs
2/1/1907MOLAND-BYRNE 30u St Peters Roman Catholic Church, Philip Henry (Canadian Artillery) to Florence 2nd do late William of this city. Canadian papers pls copy
3/1/1907DAVIS-NICHOLLS 29u St James Handsworth, Harry Thomas to Emma (Pem) both of this city
3/1/1907 GUEST-WILCOX 22u Lichfield Rd Wesleyan Chapel (by Rev. Charles Forrington), William to Hettie 2nd do Charles of Frederick Rd Aston
1/1/1901EDGERTON-JACKSON 27 ult at Christ Church William Parry to Alice Laura youngest do Luther, Auckland Rd Sparkbrook
1/1/1901 REEVE-MERRICK 24u St James Ashted William Thomas, yso late Charles of Bristol Rd to Sarah Ellen (Nellie) 3rd do Thomas of 10 Vauxhall
2/1/1901RHODES-CHARE 31u St Andrews Church William to Mary Ann, widow of W. Clare, York House, both of Coventry Rd
2/1/1901 VIGGERS-HOWELL 27u St Johns Church Ladywood Edwin David only so David, Monument Rd to Edith Eliza eldest do Edward, Alston St Ladywood
3/1/1901GILBERT-FORNEY 2i Christ Church Six Ways, Aston, Charles 2nd so John of Huntiscombe, Trinity Rd Handsworth to Alice Adeline 2nd do late James & Sarah, Fernleigh, Hampton Rd, Handsworth
3/1/1901 SCHERER-HEPTINSTALL 31u by spec license John P to Charlotte, 4 Pigott St
3/1/1901 WHITE-AINSWORTH 27u Newhall St. Samuel George Underwood, 69 Salisbury Rd, Cape Hill, Bham to Eliza Elizabeth, Ryland Rd Edgbaston
5/1/1901FOLKES-FAULKNER 2i Holy Trinity Birchfields, Arthur J of Lye, Stourbridge to Agnes of Birchfields
9/1/1901OWEN-ALLENDER 7i St Michael Handsworth, Robert 2nd so George, M.P.S., Handsworth to Lillie edo Edward of Smethwick (by Rev. George Vale Owen, brother of bgroom)
14/1/1901RYDER-NORTON 6i St John Sparkhill, John Howard of Sparkhill only so John to Fanny of Aston
14/1/1901 Silver wedding: McGREGOR-SCRIMGEOUS 13/1/1876 Aston Parish Church, William ygr so late George, Braco, Perthshire to Jessie edo late William, Moneydie, Perthshire
15/1/1901HANMER-BUCKLER 27u Edgbaston Old Church, Leonard Jenkyn yso late Charles to Catherine Louisa, Sparkbrook
15/1/1901 YARNOLD-ARKINSTALL 14i (by license) Herbert so S., Dodenhill, Tenbury to Florence Edith, ydo J., Bham Rd W.Bromwich
24/6/1901CADBY-PEARCE 19i Asbury Church, Harold Christopher 2nd so Christopher, St Kilda, Wimbourne Rd & Parade, Bham to Bertha 3rd do J.T., South Rd Handsworth & Constitution Hill Bham
24/6/1901 LIGHT-LUCAS 20i Devonport (by license) Arthur, E.R.A., Royal Navy to Louisa Sarah only do Alfred, Aston
24/6/1901 Golden wedding: SOUTHERTON-TAYLOR 22/6/1851 St Philip's Church, Richard to Mary Ann ydo Humphry, both of Bham, now of Chandos Rd, Highgate
25/6/1901COLLEY-ROBINSON 24i St John Sparkbrook, Arthur Wellesley yso R.T. & E.M. to Annie M edo late T., both of Stratford Rd
25/6/1901 RALPH-CHAMBERS 20i Mount Zion Chapel, Graham St, George Thomas of Bham to Ruth edo late William Jackson of Leicester
26/6/1901PROCTOR-GIAMBONI 25i St James Edgbaston, Alfred Heathcoat eso Alfred of Hastings to Esther Jeanne edo late Alexandre of Lausanne, Switzerland
29/6/1901CAMPBELL-RIGLEY 25i St Thomas in the Moors Church, Balsall Heath, Thomas of New Milns, Ayrshire to Matilda Ann of Nottingham
29/6/1901 CORNEY-THORNTON 27i St John Kenilworth, Charles 2nd so late Thomas Esq of London to Elsie Evelyn 2th do James, Esq., Camden House, Birchfield, Bham
29/6/1901 SAGE-WESTON 23i St Stephen, Selly Hill, Edwin Frederick of Castle Hill, Pershore Rd, Selly Park, nephew of late Dr Croel-Calvert of Manchester Ph.D, FRS of England etc. & George Calvert of his Majesty's Tea Customs to Clare 3rd do Charles, Hartington Rd Handsworth
1/7/1901RICHARDSON-RUSHTON 29u St James Edgbaston James Ernest to Maria Winifred only child of William & Mary Maria, Lee Bank Rd Edgbaston
1/7/1901 Silver Wedding: GODBY-HOLLAND 1/7/1876 St Johns Ladywood John Henry 2nd so William 33 Wheeleys Lane Edgbaston to Alice Elizabeth 3rd do late Henry, Parade, B'ham
2/7/1901BLADON-STEWART 1i Sutton Coldfield Parish Church Percy Robert to Maria of Sutton Coldfield
2/7/1901 DIXON-MOSS 29u Newhall Hill Church Edward to Sarah Elizabeth
3/7/1901WHARTON-RICHARDS 29u Ruddington, Notts, William Henry to Louisa Maria
5/7/1901Silver wedding: BATES-THOMAS 5/7/1876 Heneage St Chapel, Sidney J to Annie Sophia, youngest do late Daniel brewer and maltster in this town
5/7/1901 Silver wedding: HILTON-BEDDOW 4/7/1876 St Stephens Newtown Row, William James to Mary Ann
6/7/1901AYRIS-GREEN 3i Holy Trinity Birchfield, H.C. of Birchfield to Florrie 3rd do T. Handsworth
8/7/1901GRIFFITHS-FLAVELL 1i St Anne's Moseley Albert of Small Heath to Florrie oldest do T., Sparkbrook
9/7/1901DAWSON-MARLAND 9i St Philips Herbert yso James of Manchester to Mary edo late L.B. of Bham
9/7/1901SMITH-MORTON 6i Old Meeting Church, John Edward eldest so John, Edward St. Bham to Jessie 2nd do Edwin, Kings Heath
10/7/1901CHAMBERS-AIREY 8i Christ Church, Summerfield, Philip 2nd so Edward, George St Lozells to Annie youngest do Edward, Gillott Rd
10/7/1901 Silver wedding: BUSHELL-YATES 10/7/1876 Aston Parish Church William to Emma youngest do late Thomas of Gt Lister St, both of this city
11/7/1901MUSGROVE-PHILLIPS 9i St Anne's Moseley, Arthur, Birmingham solicitor youngest so late William of Kendal to Florence Beatrice youngest do William Esq of Birmingham
15/7/1901COLEMAN-EGGERTON 13i Aston Villa Church, Alfred Henry to Gertrude Phoebe
15/7/1901 PARSONS-CLEWS 13i Aston Parish Church George Barnett 3rd so Henry, Lozells to Margaret Amy do James, Aston
15/7/1901 Golden wedding: LAKIN-JOHNSON 14/7/1851 Aston Parish Church John to Elizabeth, now of Harborne
16/7/1901BREWER-FREEMAN 13i Francis Rd Church, Edgbaston William Thomas eldest so W.N. to Agnes eldest do W. both of Ladywood
17/7/1901HUGHES-CHARLEY 15i St George Church, Charles Thomas Green of Kidderminster to Gladys youngest do Arthur Bufton, of this town
18/7/1901JEFFRIES-BUFTON 16i Alexander of Nottingham to Gladys youngest do Arthur of this town
18/7/1901 Silver wedding: EDMONDS-ALLENDER 18/7/1876 Holy Trinity Boardesley, William Henry to Sarah, now of Camp Hill
20/7/1901LAMB-LAKINS 18i Tyseley Congreg. Church Charles of Edinburgh to Nance youngest do T., Banavie, Acocks Green
23/7/1901BROOKES-ROGERS 22i Edgbaston Parish Church Edwin to Eleanor 2nd do William, both of Edgbaston
23/7/1901 COOK-EDWARDS 20i All Sts Church Hockley George Samuel to Elizabeth
23/7/1901 THORNICROFT-WORTON 21i St Michael Handsworth John Rupert of Langley Green to Evangeline do S. of Hunters Rd
27/7/1901Golden wedding: SPARKS-LARDEN 27/7/1851 St Philips Bham John Ware of Bham, formerly Stroud Glos to Sophia of Bham
29/7/1901WATKINS-WALKER 27i St John Sparkhill, Ernest youngest so William James to Ada youngest do Henry, both of Sparkhill
31/7/1901GREEN-SRAWLEY 30i Holy Trinity Birchfields, Herbert Mason so late E.H. Vanderfelt to Annie youngest do Mrs Joseph Srawley 87 Leonards Rd Handsworth
31/7/1901 HINCHLEY-EADY 30i St Augustines Edgbaston George Walter to Annie M. eldest do John, Summerfield Cres. Edgbaston
31/7/1901 PRESTON-GARNER 30i St Oswald Small Heath, Ebenezer Eustace youngest so Ebenezer to Frances Nellie 2nd do Charles of Small Heath
31/7/1901 Double Wedding: SCRIBBANS-ALLEN 28i Lodge Rd Chapel Thomas Charles eldest so Thomas Charles of Lodge Rd Hockley to Nellie Alfreeda eldest do David of New John St. West. Also John Henry Scribbans 2nd so Thomas Charles to Ada 2nd do David
31/7/1901 TAYLOR-POWELL 29i Erdington Parish Church George eldest so George, Beech Rd Sparkhill to Florence Lavinia 2nd do late Joseph, Park Rd Aston
2/8/1901BUCKLEY-EASTMAN 1i Aston Parish Church Frank Oliver 2nd so Henry C., Albert Rd Aston to Alice Lizzie edo Thomas, Weston Rd Handsworth
2/8/1901 LINGARD-PHILIPS 1i St John's Lea Marston, Samuel 2nd so Joseph to Sarah 2nd do William, Aston House, Victoria Rd Aston
2/8/1901 PHILLIPS-CUTLER 31u Carr's Lane Chapel by special license, Thomas Davies, Glynneath, Wales to Florence Emma eldest do William Henry, The Laurels, Coventry Rd, Small Heath
3/8/1901RATCLIFFE-PALMER Ernest Charles eldest so William, Nuneaton to Edith Mary youngest do late William, Knowle at Thornton Heath, 29u
3/8/1901 SPRING-WILKINSON 31u Erdington Parish Church Frederick William, Peckham Rye, London to Rose Barnett of Rold Rd Handsworth
3/8/1901 WRIGHT-NORMAN 1i St George Edgbaston, Fdrederick eldest so Robert Esq of Aston to Mary Louise edo late Albert H & Mrs. Norman of Lawnside, Noel Rd Edgbaston
5/8/1901COX-STERN William John Roxbee 1i St Michael Handsworth only so Samuel, Holly Rd to Amelia eldest do Henry, Barker St Handsworth
5/8/1901 ROUND-CULKIN 31u Westminster Rd Congreg. Church, William 4th so B.J., St Peters Rd Handsworth to Kate Edna youngest do late James & Mrs Culkin, Robert Rd Handsworth
6/8/1901SMITH-GROGAN 3i St Patricks Catholic Church, Dudley Rd, Arthur Edward eldest so late Arthur Edward to Annie Catherine 2nd do Edward, Devonshire St
6/8/1901 Silver wedding: GLOVER-PHILLIPS 6/8/1876, Hurst St Chapel, Thomas 2nd so late George of Bham to Emily youngest do late Henry, Parade, Sutton Coldfield
7/8/1901CARR-KENT 5i St Patricks, Frederick Small Heath to Caroline, Highgate
8/8/1901MOSELEY-BARRS 6i St Johns Sparkhill Henry to Ada niece of Samuel Barrs, Toronto Canada
8/8/1901 SMITH-GWILLIAMS 5i St Chrysostoms, Park Rd Bham, Charles Arnold only so Arnold, Soho to Abigail 3rd do Thomas of Coalport
9/8/1901MAISEY-TATTON 6i All Sts Church Small Heath Walter Jenkins 3rd so G.A. to Emily eldest do J.H. both of Small Heath
9/8/1901 Silver wedding: DEW-BURTON 5/8/1876 St Matthias, William of Ross, Hereford to Charlotte 2nd do late John, Aston
10/8/1901COHEN-HIRSCHFELD 7i Synagogue, Singer's Hill, Asher eldest so Mr/Mrs D Cohen, Packington House, Balsall Heath Rd Edgbaston to Hester eldest do Mr/Mrs T Hirschfeld, Belmont, Rotten Park Rd Edgbaston
10/8/1901 COZENS-YARDLEY 8i St Johns, Pleck, William Henry only so W.D. Yew Tree House, Walsall to Clara Annie 2nd do Joseph, The Cedars, Bescot. At home 2 Foden Rd Walsall
10/8/1901 McROBERTS-CURE 6i at Glasgow by special license Robert 10 Coatbridge to Ethel eldest do late Frederick of Bham
12/8/1901NICHOLLS-EVERALL 3i Edgbaston Old Church Albert Charles only so Charles, Kings Heath to Nellie Caroline, edo Andrew, Willow Crescent, Cannon Hill
14/8/1901HOYER-PULLEN 13i St Michael Handsworth, Henrik Thielgar 3rd so Col. "R & D" of Copenhagen to Beatrice Alexandra 3rd do H.B., Enville, Holly Rd Handsworth
15/8/1901CUTLER-PRIOR 14i Erdington, Walter 2nd so William Edgar to Jessie 2nd do Silas, Gravelly Hill
16/8/1901RAPPS-WALKER 14i Christ Church Malvern, Thomas George of Handsworth to Edith Mary oldest do Mr/Mrs. G.J., Malvern
19/8/1901EDMONDS-MELLARD 17i All Sts Church, Alfred eldest so Frederick Booker, Potters Hill Aston to Mary 2nd do late James, Bristol & Mrs. Mellard, Brookfields Rd Hockley
20/8/1901ONLEY-STINTON 19i St Ambrose & St Mary Edgbaston, James Edgar, 2nd so James of Moseley to Ismay Beatrice edo Henry, Edgbaston
20/8/1901 WYNN-GOSSAGE 17i St Mary Edgbaston, Arthur George so late George to Eveline only do Charles C. of Bham
22/8/1901COTTON-CLEOBURY 20i Meth. New Connexion Church, Villa Rd Handsworth, Howard H only so S.H., Villa Cross to Emily Newby youngest do George, Well Head House, Holyhead Rd
24/8/1901STEPHENS-DUKE 15i Christ Church Sparkbrook William Thomas eldest so Thomas, blder of Exeter to Florence eldest do Albert George of Warwick Arms, Long Street, Sparkbrook
26/8/1901KNIGHT-TAYLOR 24i Harborne Parish Church Owen Claude 6th so late James, Farnham, Surrey, Kathleen youngest do late William James of Bham
27/8/1901GREEN-WELDON 24i Trinity Church Birchfield, Henry Alfred eldest so George to Francis Sarah 3rd do Benjamin, both of Handsworth
27/8/1901 THOMAS-BIKKER 26i Walter Frederick 2nd so William 131 Waverley Rd Small Heath to Beatrice do A. Wellesley Bikker, 249 Coventry Rd
28/8/1901Silver wedding: COOKE-HAYWARD 27/8/1876: Trinity Church Bordesley, Charles Castell to Alice both of Birmingham. Hope Cottage, Bedford Rd
29/8/1901WILLIS-BROWN 25i St Cyprian's, Hay Mills, Harry 3rd so Joseph to Hannah Isabella (Bella) eldest do E.A., pawnbroker Bham and G. Brown, Inspector, India
30/8/1901BOLTON-HART 28i Bradford St Wesleyan Chapel, Reuben so Henry 78 Stratford Rd to Edith do late Thomas, 12 Camp Hill Bham
31/8/1901DAWE-TAYLOR 29i Old Mtg Church Bristol Rd, Harry of Edgbaston to Lily 3rd do late T.W. 151 Varna Rd Edgbaston
2/9/1901CARLISLE-GAMESON 29u Holy Trinity Bordesley, Alfred Joseph so late Joseph of Alcester to Ada youngest do late Charles Francis of Small Heath
2/9/1901GANDY-HOSKINS 31u Christ Church Yardley Wood Albert so late Charles and Mrs. Gandy of Winchester to Rebecca Clift eldest do late Joseph and Mrs. Hoskins of Balsall Heath
2/9/1901JONES-RUSSELL 31u Stratford Rd Baptist Church, Arthur Ewart eldest so C.E., Sparkbrook to Clarissa Maud youngest do late Henry, Fernie Lea,Moseley
2/9/1901KIRKHAM-BUFTON 31u St James Edgbaston, John, Ryland Rd to Florence Maud eldest do Arthur, Bristol Rd
3/9/1901HARRIS-CAWDELL 31u Christ Church Sparkbrook Alfred, 2nd so Thomas, Long St to Margaret Norah eldest do T.J. Stratford Rd
3/9/1901 WARNER-DOVEY 30u St Cyprians, Durban South Africa (by license) Albert Henry, Pretoria late Bham to Esther Jane, Batley, Yorks
3/9/1901 YARWOOD-HORTON 2i Quinton Church, Percy to Emma 2nd do G.W. Esq Moseley late Edgbaston
4/9/1901HAWKESFORD-HARPER 3i St Michael Handsworth (special license) Alfred William eso Alfred John of Steelhouse Lane to Alice Maud ydo late Samuel of Ancuba Laurels, Villa Rd, both of this city
5/9/1901CLEAVE-TAYLOR 2i Berkswell Parish Church Arthur 4th so William Henry, Small Heath to Ellen Neal (Nellie) 5th do Thomas Bradley, Berkswell late Yardley
5/9/1901 SHEPHERD-BINLEY29u Aston ParishChurch, John Snary only so J.T., Camp Hill to Lilian Janet 3rd do William, Victoria Rd Aston
5/9/1901 THOMPSON-THOMPSON 4i St James Aston, Horace Wilfred youngest so W.F., Frederick Rd Aston to Bertha Annie eldest do J.T., Ettington Rd Aston
5/9/1901 Silver wedding: JAMES-HINDS 6/9/1876 Church of the Messiah Bham, James Molesworth to Amy Frances both of Bham, now of Lloyds Bank House, Pontypool
6/9/1901BUSCH-CANNING 5i Erdington Parish Church, John Frederick, eldest so J.F., Frederick Rd Aston to Lilian Jane eldest do T.F., The Cleave, Minstead Rd, Gravelly Hill
6/9/1901 CASSIDY-DOWELL 4i St Catherine Catholic Church Bham, Maurice Edward eldest so Maurice, Liverpool to Ethel Mabel youngest do late Charles Sydney, Bournemouth
7/9/1901LAWRENCE-PIPE 4i Church of the Messiah, John Samuel 2nd so Shelley, Aston to Caroline Margaret Maria only do Rev. T., Saltley
7/9/1901 Silver wedding: FIELD-FOWKE 7/9/1876 St George, William Henry to Elizabeth Ann do John, builder of Theodore St Bham
9/9/1901Silver wedding: CLIVE-SOWTER 7/9/1876 St Johns Ashbourne, John Arthur eldest so Zephaniah of Aston to Leonora Ann eldest do James, Ashbourne, Derbyshire
10/9/1901BORAN-WARD 7i Christ Church Summerfield Christopher youngest so William to Emily Catherine 5th do late Thomas Henry both of this city
10/9/1901 LIDBURY-MEGGERSON 5i Christ Church Summerfield Edward James to Bertha 2nd do late William of Swansea
10/9/1901 ROBERTS-FORREST 25u St Oswald's Ernest Herbert so William George to Alice Maud eldest do Charles
10/9/1901 SCATTERGOOD-JOHNSTONE 9i Wretham Rd Church, Thomas Bernard only so T.W., Handsworth to Irene 5th do late W. Farraday Johnstone, Handsworth
10/9/1901 STANLEY-BARRATT 7i Catholic Church Sutton Coldfield, Walter of Tamworth to Catherine 2nd do F.T., Tudor Hill Sutton Coldfield
12/9/1901ELKINGTON-PONTING 9i St Johns Sparkhill Frederick Henry 3rd so Henry, Broadwell, Rugby to Ellen Annie (Nellie) youngest do Henry, Castleford Rd,Sparkhill
12/9/1901 SANDERS-JINKS 10i Soho Hill Chapel, Percy youngest so Stephen, Trinity Rd to Florence eldest do E.H. Oaklands Rd
12/9/1901 SUMNER-WARNER 7i Old Mtg Church, John eldest so C.H., Woodland Rd Handsworth to Alice Louise only do C., Irving St Bham
12/9/1901 WALL-HENDERSON 10i Yardley Parish Church, Thomas so late Charles (and bro of Rev. C.A.) of Gough Rd Edgbaston to Jennie eldest do late John, Sparkhill
12/9/1901 Silver wedding: COOK-POTTER 11/9/1876 Old Aston Church, William of Bham to Amelia do Abner, also niece of late Enoch of Selly Park
12/9/1901 Silver wedding: LEATHER-COPNER 12/9/1876 Cam Cross Church Glos. William Henry eldest so W., London to Ellen Annie only do James, Dudbridge now of 57 Heathfield Rd Handsworth
14/9/1901DAVIS-GREATHEAD 12i Soho Hill Congreg. Chapel, John William 3rd so J., Theodore St to Fanny 3rd do G.W. Lozells
16/9/1901EDWARDS-RANFORD 14i Church of Sacred Heart Witton Rd, Walter, Lozells to Frances Thornhill Rd Handsworth
16/9/1901 PHILLIPS-RESTALL 14i Aston Parish Church Harry Christopher so John Hamilton of Handsworth to Minnie Augusta do William Charles, Aston
16/9/1901 SELLERS-FRESHWATER 24u All Sts Church, Brisbane, William of Rosevale, Queensland to Annie youngest do late Isaac of North Warwick St, Small Heath
17/9/1901BIKKER-EVANS 16i (by license) St Thomas, Bath Row, Arthur Wellesley & Elizabeth, both of this city
17/9/1901 CHARNELL-GOAD 14i St James, Handsworth, Walter James to Ethel Gertrude both of Handsworth
17/9/1901 PETERS-LLOYD 15i Congreg. Church, Baker St, Aberystwyth, John Sheldon of Nottingham late Bham to Blodwen eldest do Isaac of Aberystwyth
17/9/1901 Silver wedding: BAYLEY-BODSWORTH 17/9/1876 St Andrews, Bordesley John to Mary Emily, both of Small Heath
18/9/1901HILL-EATON 17i St Mary Handsworth, Herbert to Florence Elizabeth only do Thomas, both of Handsworth
18/9/1901 PURSALL-COUPLAND 14i St James Church, Derby, Joseph Mann eldest so Thomas Esq Handsworth to Maud only do W.A. Esq., Derby
18/9/1901 Silver wedding: LANE-CLAYBROOK 18/9/1876 St John Perry Barr, John of this city to Elizabeth Emily
19/9/1901EVANS-CONEY 17i St Andrews Bordesley, George Henry eldest so James, Lozells to Leonora 2nd do John Hemming Coney, Kings Coughton
19/9/1901 HORNE-KEANE 17i Carr's Lane Chapel, Francis Henry, Moreton in the Marsh to Emily Florence only do Thomas of this city
21/9/1901ALLPORT-HALL 14i St Thomas, Erdington, William Henry of Gravelly Hill to Theresa Angelus of Aston
21/9/1901 FAULCONBRIDGE-PARR 18i Hamstead Rd Church, Harry so W. of Bedworth to Fanny Louise (Dolly) 2nd do Mrs. Frances Parr of Handsworth
21/9/1901 GODWIN-DAVIES 19i Stoney Lane Congreg. Church, Arthur Maurice to Edith Lavinia both of this city
21/9/1901 PEGG-GRETTON 21 Dawes Rd Congreg. Chapel, Fulham, London, Arthur William eldest so T.W. to Elizabeth May, gdau of B. Gretton Esq., Coventry Rd Bham
24/9/1901SYLVESTER-WAKEMAN 2i All Sts Small Heath, Walter Gerald to Elsie Louise both of Small Heath
25/9/1901SUTTON-MEREDITH 21i Erdington Parish Church, John Thomas eldest so Thomas, Warstone Lane to Grace L youngest do late John Child, Summer Lane, both of this city
26/9/1901MARLOW-LORD 24i Handsworth Parish Church Thomas to Alice Elizabeth do Arthur, Bham
28/9/1901JONES-PEARCE 25i Erdington Parish Church, Joseph Vincent to Eva Laura only do Eli, Erdington
28/9/1901 NORWOOD-KERR 25i St John Sparkhill James eldest so James, Benacre St to Laurie Maude 2nd do late James, Beach Rd Sparkhill
28/9/1901 RIDGWAY-NEALE 24i Reg. Office Newhall St, Charles to Alice both Ladywood Rd
30/9/1901HARPER-ADDIS 25i St Matthew Duddeston, George Edwin to Rosina Mary
3/10/1901REPPININY-SYKES Hugo (Germany) to Martha, Villa Rd Handsworth at St Silas, Lozells, Wednesday
4/10/1901HART-SMALLWOOD 2i St James Handsworth John eldest so late Joseph of this city to Minnie eldest do late Frederick and Mrs Small, Soho Rd Handsworth
4/10/1901 NIELD-JAMESON 2i Oxford Rd Church, Walter 2nd so Joseph, The Grove, Whitchurch to Edith Mary 2nd do late William & Mrs Jameson, Lindisfarne, Queenswood Rd, Moseley
4/10/1901 SIMMS-JAMESON 2i Oxford Rd Church, Charles Edward eldest so E.J. late Bromsgrove and Stourbridge to Ellen Annie (Nell) eldest do late William & Mrs Jameson of Moseley
5/10/1901JENNINGS-LANDER 1i St Chads Rubery, John (Jack) 2nd so late Howard of Church Hill, Northfield to Hilda Mahala only do Mr/Mrs. Thomas Lander, Rubery
5/10/1901 NUTTALL-SMART 28u Ward End Church, George eldest so John, Havelock Rd Saltley to Hetty eldest do J., St Saviour Rd, Saltley
8/10/1901JONES-PATSTONE 5i Christ Church Summerfield, Henry eldest so John, Delbury, Shropshire to Alice Elizabeth 2nd do Alfred, Algernon Rd
10/10/1901SMETS-CHELTOE 9i All Saints Kings Heath Bernard to Nellie 2nd do late Thomas, Erdington
10/10/1901 TIMS-ELSE 29u Holy Trinity Bordesley, Frank Edmund yso James of this city to Florence Elizabeth edo late William and Mrs. Else, Edgbaston
12/10/1901Golden wedding: COALING-MILLWARD 12/10/1851 Alcester Parish Church Joseph 4th so late William of Harrow, Warwickshire and Ann edo late Abraham, Bewdley Warwickshire, now residing 31 Bacchus Rd Winson Green
16/10/1901CHETTOE-GRAY 14i St Barnabas, Erdington, Herbert 2nd so late Thomas, Erdington to Lizzie only do Joseph, Gravelly Hill
16/10/1901 JONES-HEATH 14i St James Exeter, W.J., West Normand to Violet A do George, Exeter
17/10/1901DICKEN-KING 16i Christ Church Sparkbrook, Joshua Jesse 2nd so late Samuel of Enville, Stourbridge to Edith Mary 2nd do Thomas C., Sparkbrook
17/10/1901 READ-DAVIES 14i St Andrews Bordesley, Thomas Henry to Adeliene Eliza ydo Alfred, well contractor, Small Heath
18/10/1901AUSTIN-HELBING 16i Trinity Church Birchfields, George of Small Heath to Beatrice edo T., Salisbury Rd Birchfield
18/10/1901 MASON-ARCHER 8i Providence U.S.A. eso James late Park Rd Bham to Annie Elizabeth edo John, Albert Rd Handsworth
18/10/1901 PEDLEY-ANDREWS 16i Sutton Coldfield Parish Church Frederick William Macefield, so late F. of Bham to Fanny Sarah edo William, Sutton Coldfield
18/10/1901 WHARTON-MATTHEWS 16i St James Handsworth, Harry late of Harborne to Bertha, Ladywood
19/10/1901COPPETT-LAWIS 13i St Jude's Liverpool, Edwin James eso late John, coachbuilder of Liverpool to Edith Emily edo late William, Harbury
23/10/1901BAKER-ROBERTS Trinity Church Birchfields, Joseph Thomas of Perry Barr to Eliza Florence, Soho Rd Handsworth
26/10/1901ARMSTRONG-NORTON 19i Trinity Church Birchfield, C Bernard, 190 Heathfields Rd and Pemberton St to Agnes Mary Louisa edo G.H., 116 Trinity Rd Handsworth and 43 Warstone Lane
26/10/1901 Golden wedding: GRICE-EADES 26/10/1851 Aston Parish Church George to Sarah of Genesta, Anderton Park Rd Moseley
30/10/1901ROGERS-MORGAN 28i St Mary, Aston Brook, Ernest Richard yso Henry, Albert Rd, Aston late Sparkbrook to Lilian Mary Emily, ydo late John, Aston
30/10/1901 Golden wedding: CHAMBERLAIN-ARMFIELD 28/10/1851 Aston Church William to Beatrix (Elizabeth) 56 Upper Sutton St Aston
31/10/1901NELSON-WILLIAMS 26i Winnipeg, Manitoba, Percy Hudson only so Thomas, Glenroyde, Erdington to Edith Mary ydo William, J.P., Glasfryn, Caerwys (by telegram)
5/11/1901SIMMONS-GRIFFITHS 3u St John Sparkbrook William John 3rd so William, Dorchester, Oxford to Clara Annie 4th do S.E. of Grasmere, Newton Rd, Sparkhill
9/11/1901GILBERT-WRIGHT 9i St Aidan Small Heath, Shirley Arthur of Isle of Wight to Minnie, Balsall Heath
18/11/1901Silver wedding: CHAMBERS-FIELDER 18/11/1976 at Chief Registrar's Bham Caleb of Faversham Kent to Henty, Southsea, Hants
21/11/1901Silver wedding: JOHNSON-LUDLOW 21/11/1876 St John Perry Barr, William yso William to Annie Maria, ydo William, Ludlow, both of this town
22/11/1901Silver wedding: SHELTON-PARKER 22/11/1876 Holy Trinity Church Birchfield Charles eso J. of Small Heath to Harriot edo John, Brighton Place, Victoria Rd Aston
23/11/1901WORTHINGTON-HOLMES 19i Capetown, St John's, S. Africa, Alfred to A.F. Beatrice, 2nd do W., Corbett St. Schols [stet] Smethwick.
25/11/1901BARTHOLOMEW-SCOTT 21i St Mary, Brighton, Frederick George only so Frederick of London & Emily Wootton (Lilly) ydo John William, of this city
25/11/1901 FISHER-SMITH 24i St Paul Birkenhead, Charles Noble, Nursery Rd Lozells to Annie do Edgar, Birkenhead
26/11/1901PHIPPS-GOOCH 23i St Oswald's Church, Charles Arthur & Edith Mary only do W.G., 14 Wyndcliff Rd Small Heath
27/11/1901SMITH-LANE 25i St Francis Handsworth, George Percy M.R.C.S. (Eng.), ;/R/C/P/ (Lond) only so late George of Gillott Rd Edgbaston to Frances Mary ydo Joseph H. of Hockley
30/11/1901STEWART-FERGUSON 28i (by license) Holy Trinity Church Birchfield, William Robert eso late David of Wolverhampton to Sarah Frances ydo late Norman, of Aston
2/12/1901DAUNCEY-BURTON 30u (special license) Aston Parish Church, Albert Edward eso Sydney to Edith do Edward William, both of Aston
5/12/1901COLLINGE-RHODES, Islington Wesleyan Church, Giles W. of Carnforth to Lily A, 2nd do late Israel of this city
5/12/1901 THURSFIELD-BUTCHER 4i Holy Trinity Birchfield, Edwin S. of Aston to Maria (May) ydo late A.L. of Blackpool and Mrs. Butcher of Birchfield
11/12/1901PURCHES-SMITH 10i Holy Trinity Church Bordesley, Samuel W., yso S.U. of Small Heath to Elsie Beatrice ydo Samuel of Sparkbrook, late of Harborne
13/12/1901WILKINS-MOSELEY 11i Registrar's Office, Vauxhall by spec license, Frederick Charles 4th so Joseph to Minnie ydo Joshua, both of Bham
16/12/1901MOORE-MELLEY 14i Holy Trinity Birchfield Charles H to Eleanor M
17/12/1901WOODWARD-ORCHARD 14i St Mary Aston, George Harry 2nd so William, Avenue Rd to Sarah Emily edo late Francis, grocer, of this city
18/12/1901YOUNG-BLADON 12i St Oswald Small Heath, J.B. of 73 Coventry Rd to Charlotte of The Laurels, 728 Coventry Rd
19/12/1901DAVIS-KNIGHT 18i by special license, Albert Arthur eso James of Steelhouse Lane to Edith Nellie edo John Alfred late Worcester Wharf, Bham
20/12/1901HANSEN-JOHNSON 19i Carr's Lane Chapel, John Frederick 2nd so Dean George of Soro, Denmark to Annie Mary ydo late Alderman Johnson, J.P., Sutton Coldfield
23/12/1901DUKE-LANE 21i St John Deritend, Albert to Amy Violet
23/12/1901 GILBART-PHILLIPS 18i Holy Trinity Birchfield, Joseph 2nd so John Jeffrey to Mary A.K., edo G.E. & M.A. & gdau of late Charles Woodward Esq of this city
23/12/1901 NICHOLLS-BLACKADDER 21i St Michael Handsworth, Harry, Handsworth to Wilhelmina Hayworth ydo William of Glasgow
24/12/1901PEPPIETTE-WILKS 20i Holy Trinity Eastbourne, Charles Henry 2nd so J.A., Bham to Ellen (Nellie) edo J., Eastbourne
24/12/1901PRICE-HEXLEY - LEES 21i St Silas Lozells, Armourer-Sergeant Thomas Price-Hexley of Small Heath to Emily 4th do William/Emily, Whitmore St Hockley
24/12/1901Silver wedding: LEWORTHY-WHITE 24/12/1876 Holy Trinity Bordesley, Charles to Caroline, both of Bham
24/12/1901Golden wedding: HARRISON-PRIME 24/12/1851 Aston Parish Church, James Edward to Martha Ann late Aston and Small Heath. Now residing Ivy House, Castle Bromwich
26/12/1901FORSTER-FIELD 21i Holy Trinity Birchfield Rd, Edgar Stanley to Maud 2nd do late Arthur E.
26/12/1901 WATERSON-CURNIN 21i St Alban Bham Walter Henry to Annie do James, Balsall Heath
28/12/1901COLLINGS-SIMPSON 25i Christ Church Sparkbrook, William of Easton, Dorset to Eliza Jane (Lizzie) 26 Armoury Rd, Small Heath
28/12/1901COX-RICHARDSON 27i St George Bham, Arthur Laurence, Folkestone, Kent, eso Arthur William of Handsworth Staffs to Teresa (Trissie) Emily Adeline edo George Knowles Richardson, Bham
28/12/1901FACER-FRITCHE 26i Christ Church Sparkbrook, Alfred of Northampton to May Ellen ydo late Arthur of Erdington
28/12/1901HUTCHINSON-DEAN 26i Trinity Church Birchfield, Frederick Augustus of Fentham Rd Handsworth to Lilian only do H.J., Finch Rd Handsworth
28/12/1901Silver wedding: WOOD-JEFFREY 28/12/1876 Edgbaston Parish Church Edward to Emma, both of Bham
30/12/1901EVANS-DICKIN 27i St George Edgbaston, William Henry 26 Beaufort Rd Edgbaston to Mary (Pollie) do late Henry, The Grove, Copt Heath, Solihull
30/12/1901ROBINSON-HANCHER 28i Solihull, by license, Edward Barker, Acocks Green to Rose edo late John, Small Heath
31/12/1901BOWLD-EVANS 28i St John, Weston Subedge, Thomas of West Subedge to Alice Beatrice do George, Kings Heath
31/12/1901 EASTALL-OWEN 28i Christ Church Sparkbrook, Hugh Gilbert to Ellen (Nellie) M.
31/12/1901 POTTER-DENNING 26i Christ Church Wolverhampton, William 2nd so William of Cleobury Mortimer to Georgina ydo George, Kidderminster
3/1/1887ADDENBROOK-BRADSHAW 25u St Thomas, Henry to Sarah Ann ydo late Moses, Cheltenham
7/1/1887ASBURY-GRIFFITHS 6i Bilston Wesleyan Chapel, Arthur Edward ygr so Alfred Esq., Paxton House, Smethwick to Florence ydo David, Esq., Bilston
12/1/1887ANSELL-DENHAM 11i Serg. George Henry, L.N. Lancashire Reg. S. Wales to Harriet, Grange Rd, Small Heath
20/1/1887DURHAM-MORRIS 171 St Paul, James of Liverpool to Emily 3rd do John, builder, Lozells
20/1/1887 HOLDSWORTH-BARNSLEY 19i , Islington Wesleyan Chapel Bham, Arthur T., M.D., of Handsworth to Kate do Thomas, Southerndown, Edgbaston
26/1/1887POPE-MORRILL 24i Knowle Parish Church, Frederick Edward eso Frederick, Moorland House, Greet to Lucy 2nd do Joseph, Greswolde Arms Hotel, Knowle
31/1/1887STOCK-BOSTON 30i St Jude, Charles Philip Isaac 2nd so Charles Philip of Lozells Rd Handsworth to Mary Jane 2nd do late Edwin of this town
1/2/1887GRAY-GILLBANKS 20 June 1886 St Thomas, Montreal, Canada, John formerly of Liverpool to Elizabeth Ann formerly Bham
10/2/1887ROBERTS-ROUSE 9i by license, Charles Ernest, F.C.E., of Liverpool to Dottie edo Charles
14/2/1887KNIGHTON-HORTON 12i Wycliffe Church, Albert Jones of this town to Mary Louisa (Louie) 3rd dol F. Horton, Edgbaston
14/2/1887GODRIDGE-BARKER 121 Summer Hill Wesleyan Chapel, James P, Dudley Rd to Elizabeth 2nd do A., Link Rd
16/2/1887WARD-SIDWELL 15i (by license) William eso late Charles of West Wickham, Beckenham, Kent to Charlotte Ann edo late Thomas of this town
30/3/1887WATSON-CAUKLIN 29i Gateshead, John 2nd so John, Gateshead to Kate Morgan, edo late John E.H., of this town
4/4/1887SMITH-SMITH 2i by license Sidney of Crescent Hay Stores to Mrs. Ann of Widney, Knowle
7/4/1887BARRATT-LOWE 6i St George Edgbaston, Alfred, M.D., B'ham to Alice do late William, Bham
9/4/1887PARSONS-STEPHENSON 9i St Paul, Harry Hale eso George, Kings Heath to Kate Eliza, 2nd do John, Balsall Heath
12/4/1887CROWSON-BUTLER 16i by license William of Lozells to Mrs. Emma of Handsworth
4/5/1887WILFORD-POUNTNEY 27u St Andrews, William Arthur eso Woodhall of Coventry to Mary Ann (Pollie) 5th do William, Sparkhill
18/5/1887TERRY-PHILLIPS 17i Aston Parish Church, Frederick Herbert 3rd so Frederick E of Ladywood to Florence Kate, 3rd do Thomas, Aston late Edgbaston
19/5/1887TAUNTON-SHOWELL 18i Knowle Parish Church (by Rev Robert Stephenson, uncle of bridegroom) Richard Arthur Prion eso Richard H., Esq of Wilton to Mary do Walter Esq., The Dorridge, Knowle
26/5/1887THOMAS-WEBB 11i St Margaret Ward End, Alfred Henry eso Henry Thomas of Nechells to Alice Matilda edo Joseph Hyrons, Bloomsbury
1/6/1887BROWN-COHEN 31u Jacob to Hinda edo Abraham Esq, 121 Balsall Heath Rd
1/6/1887FOWLER-FOWLER 30u St Mary Moseley, Edwin Smith of Plymouth to Florence Mary 3rd do William, Moseley
2/6/1887GOOLD-HILL 1i Handsworth Old Church, Lewis William, Moseley, only so William Gideon to Ettie Gertrude only do late Henry, maltster of this town
3/6/1887SIBLEY-JONES 2i Church of the Redeemer, Hagley Rd, Harold eso Wilberforce, Broad St to Emmie 2nd do Lewis, George Rd Edgbaston
8/6/1887BERNSTEIN-COHEN 8i Gt Hampton St, Dr M. Bernstein, Gough Rd Edgbaston to Ettie edo J. Cohen
9/6/1887PERKS-MAKEPEACE by license, John Vincent so John of Bromsgrove St to Emily Melbourne only do late Henry, Gooch St Bham
15/6/1887MIERMANN-JACKSON 14i St Ann Moseley, August Henry to Blanche do late William, Balsall Heath Rd
15/6/1887 WARNES-CROSS 11i Wycliffe Chapel, Walter Scott formerly of Norwich to Emma ydo John of Bham
16/6/1887LLOYD-MILES 13i Edgbaston Parish Church, Frederick W to Mary Ann niece of William Bayliss, Ladywood
17/6/1887DANIELS-ALLEN 13i Bishop Ryders Church, John Harry of Belvedere, Erdington to Elizabeth Ann of Aston St Bham
18/6/1887HUTCHINGS-HUMPHREY 16i St Paul Moseley, Frank Summers of Uffculme, Devon to Anne Maud edo E.P. of Balsall Heath
23/6/1887EDWARDS-SARGEANT 21i Selly Park Baptist Chapel, Cephas Luther yso Thomas of Malmesbury, Wilts, to A(n/u?)tomella ydo late Ebenezer of Bham, solicitor
23/6/1887FARQUHAR-DINGLEY 22i St James Ashted, Archibald of Calcutta eso late Archibald, artist, Bham to Annie only do Joseph, Bham
28/6/1887EVANS-HARDCASTLE 26i Christ Church Sparkbrook by license, Thomas of Bham to Rhoda ydo late Richard, Halifax, Yorks
30/6/1887WINN-WILKINSON 26i Wretham Rd Church, Rowland Mellor, Music Doc. of Harborne to Lillian ydo late Henry late Handsworth
1/7/1887RABONE-GRINDLE 30u Edgbaston Parish Church, Frank yso John of Handsworth to Aley edo Robert, Edgbaston
7/7/1887MAKEPEACE-LEWIS 3i Christ Church, Richard to Mrs. Jane late Prince of Denmark Inn
8/7/1887MEATES-MAYO 6i Handsworth Parish Church, Sidney Edward so William C. of Strawberry Hill, Twickenham to Edith Surgey do Robert, Elmhurst, Handsworth
15/7/1887 FULFORD-BROWN - WHITEHOUSE 13i Kingsbury Parish Church, William Ernest Fulford-Brown to Marie edo E. Whitehouse Esq., Kingsbury Hall
16/7/1887 BASSETT-MESSER 14i Friends Meeting House, Reading, Henry Thurstan M.B., Lond. of Bham to Mary Josephine do John of Forest House Reading
19/7/1887STEPHENS-GARFIELD 18i Edgbaston Parish Church, George yso late William to Emma (Pem) 3rd do William Esq., Selly Park
20/7/1887 STOCK-SMITH 17i Holy Trinity Birchfield, George Frederic, eso C.P. of Handsworth to Florence, ydo John of Hockley
21/7/1887HUDSON-HINCE 18i Yardley Parish Church, Alfred George eso John of Balsall Heath to Amelia (Milly) edo late Arthur of Bham
21/7/1887 MATTHEWS-MORRIS 18i Edgbaston Parish Church, Thomas, Teacher of Music, Belgrave Rd to Louisa Jane edo John, Engineer & Ironfounder, Ladywood
23/7/1887FRIEND-LAVENSTEIN 6i Synagogue, Isaiah so D. Simon, Pershore Rd to Leah ydo late Samuel of Summer Lane
2/8/1887BULLOCK-LESTER 30u Edgbaston Parish Church, Charles to Mary Ann Alice do William, Islington Row
3/8/1887DAVIS-HINDS 30u Church of the Messiah, Joseph Henry to Kathleen Jane
3/8/1887SMITH-VALE 30u Wycliffe Baptist Church Alfred 2nd so Charles of Light thorne Warwick to Lizzie 2nd do late Thomas, Edgbaston
5/8/1887ALLEN-BYRNE 19 May by Registrar of this town Roland Felton to Mary edo John of this town
6/8/1887LIVINGSTON-MITCHELL 29u Edinburgh, George of Dunbar to Lucy do Henry, Bham
17/8/1887 RILEY-COOPER 10i by license at Evesham, John of Handsworth to Eliza (Lizzie) of Dresden House, Evesham and 3rd do late Thomas
18/8/1887WARD-MILLICHAMP 16i St John Perry Barr by license, Edwin eso Edwin to Lizzie ydo Samuel, both of this town
6/9/1887RYDER-HOLMES 5i St Mary Aston Brook, Alfred Henry to Caroline Maria of Aston
13/9/1887KETERBEY-GORLE 11i Aston Old Church, Frederic Benjamin George, eso Frederick, Smith St St George's to Clara Amelia 2nd do George, Vyse St
13/9/1887 LINDSAY-HOUSON 10i Edgbaston Old Church, Henry Alexander only so David, Varna Rd Edgbaston to Ada edo Edwin, Sparkhill
14/9/1887HOLDEN-BUCKLAND 13i St Michael Handsworth, John of Burnley to Elizabeth edo Henry, Handsworth
14/9/1887 YORK-RUSSELL 10i St John Perry Barr, Edmund John of Handsworth late Upper Holloway, London to Mary Anne, Balsall Heath late Selly Oak
14/9/1887 YOUNG-COCKSHOTT 13i Christ Church Umberslade, Joseph Walter 2nd so F.M. of Bham to Louisa (Lillie) 5th do G., Hockley Heath
17/9/1887CLARKE-BLISS 14i St Martin Bham, Henry Arthur 3rd so Thomas, Smallbrook St to Leah 1st do late Robert, Moseley Rd
14/9/1887 WOODHOUSE-DAVIES 17i Church of the Messiah, John of Handsworth to Emma, niece of Mrs. Mills, Frederick Rd, Edgbaston
19/9/1887ROLLASON-HANDS 17i Aston Parish Church, Willie Adolphus to Florence both of Aston
20/9/1887 WATTERSON-CAMPION 19i St Mary Bham, Louis Bernard so Thomas, Pershore Rd to Lizzie Selina ydo Henry Holroyd, Balsall Heath
23/9/1887EWEN-TYE 22i by license St George Edgbaston, Albert, Edgbaston to Sarah Elizabeth do Alfred J., Summer Row Bham
26/9/1887CRUDGINGTON-HEWERSON (Hewetson?) 22i by license St Mary Llanfair-ar-if-Bryn, Henry 2nd so Edward, Highgate Bham to Jessie Lariamer, ydo William, Little Hall, Llandovery
4/10/1887 JONES-DYER 1i St Marks, Alfred Thomas eldest so Luke, Vincent St to Agnes Emma, both of Bham
8/10/1887COTTRELL-GREENWOOD 4i Old Meeting Church, Arthur to Sarah Elizabeth
21/10/1887 ROSS-DEAKIN 24u St Mark, Warren, Rhode Island, Joseph W to Ann Deakin, both of Providence, late Bham
22/10/1887CARTLAND-SAUNDERS 20i Edgbaston Parish Church, George Howard, M.A. Exeter Collete Oxford, barrister at law, 3rd so John, Esq., the Priory, Kings Heath to Lilian 3rd do Francis Esq., West Mount, Edgbaston
27/10/1887HALL-READING 25i Wretham Rd Church, Charles, Roland Rd Handsworth to Annie, Barr St West Bham
27/10/1887PACEY-PAGE 25I St Paul Lozells, Robert so John, Nechells to Fanny ydo Joseph, steel toy manufacturer of this town
31/10/1887MENZIES-WEBB 29i Holy Trinity Bordesley, Angus John Leslie, Sparkhill to Lily 2nd do Richard, Camp Hill
8/11/1887THOMAS-EDWARDS 4i Wesley Chapel Nechells, Charles, Nechells Park Rd to Mary Jane edo Francis T.
8/11/1887SALISBURY-FOWLER 21u English Mission Church, Boston, US, William 2nd so Edric James, late Aston to Mary, Court Lanes Erdington nr Bham, England
12/11/1887BROOKS-BASTICK 10i St Barnabas Erdington, Robert of Nottingham to Alice Mary do Frederick C., Orchard Villas Erdington
21/11/1887 MOGRIDGE-ARNOLD 13i Edgbaston Old Church, Henry to Elizabeth, both of Icknield St
9/12/1887SALISBURY-WEBSTER 9u English Mission Church, Boston, Mass. US, Edric James eso Edric James late Aston to Mary E (Lizzie) only do John Esq., Chelsea, Mass. US
15/12/1887McBRETNEY-WILLIAMSON 14i St Andrew Droitwich, Worcs, William Esq. of Belfast to Maud do Rev. J., M.A., Rector, Droitwich
23/12/1887LITTLER-LEA 17i St James Ashted, Frank Moore to Jane Frances edo Jonathan Lea, Balsall Heath Rd, Balsall Heath
31/12/1887CLARKE-SYNYER 28i Parish Church St Marylebone, John Henry M.D., 34 Harrington Rd S.W. to Helen edo Henry Esq., Kings Heath
31/12/1887HARDING-JOHNSON 31i St Michael Handsworth, James to Ellen widow of John

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