Extracts from Warwickshire Newspapers 1874-1907

This list was donated to me by Chris El-Amir in Doha, who states that the data has not been
double-checked. You should regard this as a secondary source for your research
If you want to confirm the entry, there are copies of these papers at the Newspaper Library - Colindale.
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provided for your information and as a guide for further research
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i = this month u = last month
(e/y)do/so/wo/ho = (elder/younger)dau/son/wife/husband of
db = dearly beloved (dbwo = dearly beloved wife of)

The data has been extracted from The COLESHILL CHRONICLE, The KENILWORTH ADVERTISER,

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25/7/1874CLARKSON 15i after a few days illness at Coton House, Whitacre, William age 54
 DRAKEFORD 22i age 7 Alfred so Joseph of Leicester St, Bedworth
 STAFFORD 17i age 63 Selina widow of Richard, Howard St Coventry
 HARRIS 17i age 4 Mary Ann do Henry, Albert St Coventry
 IVENS 18i age 1 Sarah Ann do William, Byron St, Coventry
 PRETTY 18i age 4 Joseph so Joseph, Castle St Coventry
 BECK 16i age 65 Hannah widow of Henry, Junction St, Butts Coventry
 WESTON 16i age 51 Elizabeth widow of John, Gosford St Coventry
 MAYNARD 16i age 3 Mary Ann do Thomas, Friars Lane Coventry
 BRUNT 16i age 88 Maria, Sherbourne St Coventry
 WELCH 18i age 20 Emma wife of Humphrey, Hertford Place Coventry
 RADDY 20i age 7 Walter, Much Park St Coventry
 LUCAS 11i age 34 Joseph of Bedworth
 NEALE 11i age 10 months Henry, infant so Sarah of Bedworth
 MILLS 14i age 1 yr 11 months Anne infant do Thomas of Bedworth
 BARRS 14i age 68 Mrs Sarah of Bedworth
1/8/1874BAYLISS 20u at Brook End Hurley John former farmer of Shustoke age 58
 HINGELEY 26u at dau residence (Mrs Heath, High St Coleshill) Joseph
8/8/1874BRADBURY 31u at Bedworth Thomas age 72
 WILCOX 3i at Bedworth Mary Ann age 5
 FISHER 4i at Bedworth Emma age 8 months
 BROMWICH 30u age 66 Ann bwo Thomas of Shustoke
 PALMER 29u age 1 yr Rose Louisa do Edwin Henry, Gt Butcher Row Coventry
 DAWSON 29u at the Workhouse Coventry age 84, Charles
 THOMPSON 31u age 2 Sarah & age 5 Kate daus of Joseph, Much Park St Coventry
 BATES 31u age 10 Mary Ann do George, Much Park St Coventry
 HARRIS 1i Emily, infant do Joseph Thomas, Much Park St Coventry
 PAYNE 1i George William, infant so Frederick, Whitefriars Lane Coventry
 PENN 2i Sarah, infant do Samuel, Well St Coventry
 HOLCROFT 2i age 3 Joseph James so John, Cherry St Coventry
 GUTTERIDGE 3i age 2 William so Henry, Much Park St Coventry
 WRIGHT 3i at Combe Fields after a short illness John age 38
 KINGDOM 4i age 25 Wilfred so late Benjamin of Coventry
 DARLISON 27u at Bedworth age 55, Mrs Darlison
 RANDLE 28u at Bedworth age 1 yr 10 months Charles Musson infant so Thomas
15/8/1874BOLTON 8i at Foleshill Union Joseph age 72
 DRAKEFORD 8i at Bedworth age 1 yr 8 months Erne infant so Mr. T Drakeford
 JEFFS 5i at Stoneleigh age 89, John
 PAXTON 8i at Castle End Kenilworth, Ellen Mary infant do Mr R Paxton
 BICKNELL 8i at Mill End Kenilworth, age 12 Charles George so Charles
 RICHARDS 5i age 7 Alfred so James, Summerby Row Coventry
 PALMER 7i age 12, George so William, West Orchard Coventry
 HARBOURN 7i age 2 Herbert so William, New Buildings Coventry
 SIDWELL 10i age 39 Emma wo George, St Agnes Lane Coventry
 KNIGHT 10i age 1 Amy do Jos., Stoney Stanton Rd Coventry
 GREENAWAY 10i William infant so Mr H. Greenaway, East St Coventry
 WARWICK 6i age 3, Arthur so James, Much Park St Coventry
 WELCH 6i age 85 George, Hope St Coventry
 CHRISTIAN 6i age 77, John, Mount St Coventry
 CARNELL 8i age 3 John so John, Much Park St Coventry
 WYLES 9i age 3 Mary Ann do Thomas, Jordan Well Coventry
 BATES 9i age 1 yr Charlotte do John, Whitefriars St Coventry
 MAKEPEACE 2i age 78 James, Bonds Hospital Coventry
 LISSAMAN 9i age 4 Charles so late Charles Lissaman Smith, Spon End Coventry
 LICHFIELD 9i age 7 Ellen do Henry, Cox St
 HARRISON 10i age 25, Dinah wo Joseph of Leamington
 HOLLICK 9i age 63, Walter of Cow Lane
22/8/1874HARVEY 17i at Bedworth George Joseph Brownson 2 1/2 yrs so Jesse
 HIGGINSON 20i at Bedworth Mrs Martha age 79
 BAMBRICK 13i Hannah Elizabeth infant do William, Bond St Coventry
 MATTOCKS 14i age 2, William Henry so William, Russell St Coventry
 HARRIS 13i age 53, Amelia wo George, East St Coventry
 COPSON 6i Frederick Greenway so Elijah, Clarence St Coventry
 RAWLINGS 17i Benjamin infant so Benjamin, Far Gosford St Coventry
 FALCONBRIDGE 15i age 52 Ann wo William, George St Coventry
 FRENCH 17i Mary Ann infant do John, King William St Coventry
 HUGHES 13i Jane infant do Joseph, Sherborne St Coventry
 McKNIGHT 14i Nathaniel Herbert infant so Nathaniel, Bond St Coventry
 TATLOW 15i age 7, Rose Ellen do Thomas of Sherbourne St Coventry
15/7/1869LEE 15i at Bubbenhall, William age 56
22/7/1869HERETAGE 20i at Mill End Kenilworth John age 63
29/7/1869CLARKE 24i at Bubbenhall Sarah Ann do Charles age 3
 HUMPHRIES 26i at Mill End Kenilworth Henry so William age 9
5/8/1869HANCOX 29u at Bridge Street Kenilworth William David so David age 8
 GODFREY 3i at Castle End Kenilworth Sarah Fairfax do George age 7
19/8/1869GREGORY 7i at High St Kenilworth Jane Kate do George Peyton Gregory age 2
 MOORE 9i at Whitemoor Kenilworth Edward so John age 7
 MOORE 10i at Whitemoor Kenilworth Charles so John age 5
 CLARKE 13i at Eastern Green Stoneleigh John age 78
 BARNETT 13i at Piper Mill Stoneleigh John age 83
26/8/1869BARTER 18i Castle End Kenilworth Jonas age 58
 BRYAN 20i Bridge St Kenilworth John William so John age 9
 TRIPASS 21i Westwood Heath Stoneleigh Harry infant so William
2/9/1869CALDICOTT 27u at Castle End Kenilworth William Walter infant so Richard
 GREENWAY 28u at Ashow, Elizabeth age 83
 SMITH 28u at Castle End Kenilworth John infant so John
 DUNKLE 30u at Castle End Kenilworth Hannah wo James age 73
9/9/1869NICHOLSON 31u at Kenilworth Charles age 40
 MOSELY 6i at Whitmoor Kenilworth Hannah do John age 8
 FRENCH 7i at Finham Green Stoneleigh Anne age 62
16/9/1869CLIFFORD 15i of scarlet fever Joseph yso James, Castle End age 13
23/9/1869ROWE 5i at Castle End Kenilworth Mrs Sarah Rowe age 63
 HARRIS 7i at Spring Lane Kenilworth Jane wo David age 87
 HARRIS 16i at Stoneleigh Mary age 79
7/10/1869BROWN 30u at Spring Lane Kenilworth William so William age 15 months
14/10/1869COTTON 8i at Kenilworth infant do David
11/11/1869KNOWLES 5i at Abbey Hill Kenilworth Euphime, eso Rev EH Knowles after a few days illness from inflamation of the brain
 PARKER 29u at Stoneleigh Eliza age 40
 BANT (or BONT) 31u at Stoneleigh William age 76
18/11/1869UMBERS 4i at New House Stoneleigh Eliza widow of William age 61
 TUBB 13i at Willenhall, Baginton Rebecca do William age 18
2/12/1869JEFFCOTT 23u at New St Kenilworth Amy Louise do Thomas age 1 yr 8 months
 MARSHALL 25u at Clarendon St Kenilworth William age 68
9/12/1869RICHARDS 1i at Castle End Kenilworth Kate do Thomas age 4
 ARNOLD 7i at High St Kenilworth Alfred age 50
13/1/1870PENNINGTON 31u at Thickthorn Kenilworth William Esq., age 62
 MILLS 4i at Albion St Kenilworth Emma age 22
 HEATH 9i at Cross Row Kenilworth Arthur so James age 5
 CLEWES 10i at Honiley William age 72
20/1/1870CLARKE 16i after long painful illness borne with Christian fortitude age 39 Martha beloved and affectionate wo William, the Tannery Kenilworth
 SMITH 11i at Ladies Hills Kenilworth William age 82
 PAIN 9i at Castle End Kenilworth Mrs Ann age 59
 GREENWAY 16i at Cross Row Kenilworth John Henry age 10
27/1/1870RICHARDS 17i at Castle End Kenilworth Thomas age 50
 HUGHES 15i at Kirby Corner Stoneleigh Ruth do Thomas age 1
 HICKS 21i at High St Kenilworth Richard Rawlins Hicks Esq solicitor age 42
3/2/1870DAVIS 23u at Honiley George age 38
 CLARKE 26u at Washbrook Kenilworth Eliza Ann age 2 1/2 yrs
 WILD 30u Emily of Washwood Heath Stoneleigh age 13 days
 WALLIS 20u at Leek Wootton, John age 52
 DOUGLAS 1i at Castle Terrace Kenilworth John age 75
10/2/1870YOUNG 1i at Washbrook Kenilworth Alfred Henry so Maria age 3 months
 LITTLETON 5i at Cainscross, Stroud Charlotte edo late Joseph Esq.
 WILSON 5i at High Street Kenilworth Jane age 39
 FINCH 6i at Whites Row Kenilworth George infant so Henry
24/2/1870SIBLEY 18i at Spring Lane Kenilworth Eliza wo Thomas age 38
 HALL 16i at Bubbenhall Charlotte wo John age 52
 SANDERS 23i at Castle Green Kenilworth Thomas age 6 1/2 yrs
17/3/1870CROPPER 10i at Warwick in 91st yr Mrs Mary, aunt to Mr GM HEATHCOTE, much respected
24/3/1870TURRILL On Sunday last, March 20 in 82nd year of her age after a long and painful illness borne with remarkable Christian patience and submission to the holy will of God, Mary the bwo Thomas of Castle Green Kenilworth. The deceased was highly respected both by rich and poor. Her loss will be deeply felt by a very large circle of relatives and friends.
7/4/1870 DARMER (DORMER?) 31u David upwards of 40 yrs landlord of Boot Inn Kenilworth age 72
21/4/1870WEBB 15i Albion St Kenilworth Mary wo John age 59
 WOOD 15i at Westwood Heath Stoneleigh William age 8
28/4/1870BATCHELDOR 23i Odiborne Terrace Eliza wo Edward age 35
 DORMER 24i at Ashow Lucy wo James age 52
 SMART 25i Castle Green Kenilworth William so George age 1 yr 10 months
 TAYLOR 26i at Bubbenhall John age 39
5/5/1870GREAVES 29u Richard Esq of The Cliff, Warwick in 70th yr
 SIBLEY 29u Spring Lane Kenilworth Mary Ann infant do Thomas
 PANE 1i after long and painful illness in 69th yr Joseph of this town respected by all who knew him
 BURDEN 2i at Coventry Rd Kenilworth Mary wo George age 61
 WOOD 2i at Moat House Stoneleigh James age 75
 WOOD 3i Westwood Heath Stoneleigh John infant so John
19/5/1870PANE 1i Castle End Kenilworth Joseph age 69
 HERITAGE 5i at Castle End Kenilworth John age 65
 HOPKINS 5i at Castle End Kenilworth age 90 Elizabeth widow of John late of Kenilworth
 BULL 13i at Leek Wootton Mary wo James age 71
 SAMMONS 16i Westwood Heath John died suddenly in 50th yr
2/6/1870HIGGINSON 18u at Green Lane Stoneleigh Charles age 2 1/2 yrs
 WALKER 22u Baginton Emma age 33
9/6/1870JENAWAY 31u High St Kenilworth Mr Bethnal Grimes Jenaway age 52
 JEFFCOTT 4i at New St Kenilworth Arthur Thomas infant so Thomas age 4 months
 AITKEN 5i at Clinton Lane Kenilworth Naomi age 32
 INNES 7i at The Vicarage of pleurisy George Augustus 7th son of Alexander Mitchell Innes Esq of Ayton Castle Berwickshire
16/6/1870ARNOLD 12i Leycesters Lodge Kenilworth after painful illness Charles age 48
23/6/1870BARTER 12i at Castle End Kenilworth Kate widow of John age 75
 JENNINGS 17i at Field Gate Lane Kenilworth Mary widow of John age 63
30/6/1870 BROWN 26i Odiborne Terrace Kenilworth Mary widow of John age 70
7/7/1870BRYAN 1i at Ashow William age 75
 JESSETT 1i at Castle End Kenilworth Eliza age 45
 HOLMES 2i at Stoneleigh John age 53
 TIDMARSH 4i Castle Green Kenilworth James age 62
 ROBBINS 4i at New St Kenilworth Mrs Elizabeth relict of F Robbins Esq Stoneleigh age 80
15/9/1870DYER 3i at High St Kenilworth Miss Anne age 76
 ADKINS 7i at Albion St Kenilworth James Henry so Henry age 13 weeks
 ROBBINS 5i at New Row Kenilworth Charles infant so Charles
 HORTIN 7i at Pools, Stoneleigh Ann wo Edward age 46
 BUTLER 9i at Clinton Lane Kenilworth Charles age 70
 BRYAN 8i at Bridge St Kenilworth John Perkins age 73
 SKIPPER 11i at Albion St Kenilworth Miss Catherine age 38
29/9/1870GEE 21i at Hollies, Stoneleigh Jane wo William age 73
 MULLIS 23i at Kirby Corner Stoneleigh John age 75
27/10/1870 FREEMAN 23i at Rosemary Hill Kenilworth Walter infant so Charles
3/11/1870WOODCOCK 30u at Firs, Kenilworth Edward Humphrey Esq age 81
 BUSHILL 27u at Castle End Kenilworth Mrs Mary Ann age 63
 HOBBS 29u Mill End Kenilworth Elizabeth wo Joseph age 35
10/11/1870GODFREY 7i after a lingering illness Sarah wo Mr Godfrey, Castle End Kenilworth age 48
24/11/1870 ALLEN 17i at Kenilworth Ellen age 42
15/12/1870TATLOCK 9i at Eliot Bank, Forest Hill, Frances Rise bwo J.T. Tatlock age 24
5/1/1871OVERTON 30u Castle End Kenilworth Rachel age 90
 HENTAGE 31u Albion St Kenilworth Willie infant so Joseph
 LENTON 2i Kirby Corner Stoneleigh Tom, infant so Henry age 3 weeks
26/1/1871BROWN 12i New St Kenilworth Lucy Elizabeth infant do Thomas
 AUSTIN 15i Leek Wootton Timothy age 82
 CLARKE 22i Hill Wootton Thomas age 77
 PARKER 22i Starton, Stoneleigh Agnes Eliza do William 1 yr 7 months
 HANCOX 25i Myrtle Cottage, Albion St George Herbert only child of Mr E Hancox age 15 weeks
2/2/1871TODD 27u at Stoneleigh Rd Kenilworth Ephraim age 53
 SENEY (SENCY?) 26u Roundsill Lane Kenilworth James age 60
 LEEK 27u Field Gate Row Kenilworth Mrs Charlotte age 84
9/2/1871PARSONS 25u Lappal, Martha relict of Thomas late Edgbaston and on Feb 2 Martha wo Frederick Thomas Parsons, 61 Porchester Terrace London
 GALLIER 30u Kenilworth Mrs Ann age 60
 CLEMENTS 1i Albion St Kenilworth Joseph age 69
 ASHBY 1i Pools, Stoneleigh Mary age 91
 WARD 3i Woodland Cottage Kenilworth Miss Harriet age 28
16/2/1871BUSHILL 8i age 2 yrs 3 months Louise, bel child of Mr. F Bushill, Castle End Kenilworth
 WATTS 8i The Kennels, Stoneleigh Mary wo Arthur age 29
23/2/1871WOODFIELD 14i Stoneleigh Elizabeth wo James age 50
 RAE 16i New St Kenilworth James age 35
2/3/1871 HARDING Sunday last after few days illness Sophia wo Samuel of the Globe Inn Kenilworth age 56
16/3/1871CAVE-BROWN-CAVE 13i Kenilworth Catherine Penelope widow of Sir John, Bart age 71
 HERBERT 12i Evesham Elizabeth widow of Abraham Esq of Stoke, Coventry and late Hyde Villa Kenilworth in 76th yr, and on 10i at Grove Hill House, Camberwell Grove, Arthur Frederick, gt grandson of above, yso F Key Esq age 9 months
 CLARIDGE 4i Stoneleigh Thomas age 74
 LITTLETON 7i at Whitemoor Kenilworth William so George age 9 yrs
23/3/1871WOODFORD 14i School Lane Kenilworth Ann widow of John age 50 yrs
 MILLS 16i at Bubbenhall, Robert infant so George Jasper
 BOYLE 20i at Albion St Kenilworth Jessie wo Thomas age 41
 HUSSELBY 21i at Baginton Joseph age 67
 BENNETT 20i Stivichall, Alfred so George age 3 months
 LEE 19i Jury Street Warwick Mark Frederick age 58
30/3/1871PARKER 22i Burnt Post Stoneleigh Elizabeth wo Job age 71
 INGRAM 23i Leek Wootton Mrs Mary age 90
 FLOWERS 25i Spring Lane Kenilworth John infant so Joseph
 PERKS 27i Thickthorn Lodge Ashow, James William age 24
 NORTON 28i Castle End Kenilworth after very short illness Jane Henrietta
6/4/1871COLLINS 30u Bridge St Kenilworth Ann wo James age 74
 HURST 29u Knowle Hill Kenilworth Henry age 43
13/4/1871FRASER 6i Castle End Kenilworth Ann widow of Thomas age 73
 DODWELL 7i Albion St Kenilworth William age 78
 WARD 8i White's Row Kenilworth Helena, widow of Cornelius age 82
20/4/1871HAWKES 10i Leek Wootton John age 70
 LAKE 13i New St Kenilworth Mrs Mary age 60
 GARLICK 15i Mill End Kenilworth Jane wo Charles age 62
27/4/1871BROOKS 30u High St Kenilworth Fanny Ellen age 9
 STURCH 21i Mill End Kenilworth Thomas age 61
 WATTS 22i Leamington Rd Kenilworth William infant so Richard
 NEWBERY 21i Fern Hill Kenilworth William age 54
 HEATH 23i Castle End Kenilworth Sarah Anne infant do Alfred
4/5/1871CLARKE 27u Spring Lane Kenilworth Eliza infant do Henry
 BAYLIS 28u Bubbenhall John age 78
 PAGE 2i Castle End Kenilworth Charles age 61
18/5/1871PRUE 11i High St Kenilworth Elizabeth wo William age 29
 BARNACLE 14i Castle End Kenilworth Charlotte widow of Thomas age 50
1/6/1871COLLINS 27u Bridge St Kenilworth James age 73
8/6/1871AMHERST 4i Fieldgate House Kenilworth Mrs Louisa age 82
 GREEN 1i Westwood Heath Stoneleigh Mary wo John age 67
 LAWLOR 27u Abbey Hill Kenilworth Mary Catherine do John age 11
 BETTS 4i New Rd Kenilworth Joseph age 65
 HORTIN 2i Thickthorn Lodge Kenilworth Agnes infant do John Henry age 3 months
15/6/1871SIBLEY 7i Rocky Lane Lodge Ann wo Edward age 73
 SCOFIELD 7i Clarendon Terrace Kenilworth Miss Mary age 80
 HIGGS 9i Castle End Kenilworth Eleanor Mary infant do George
 HARRIS 10i Stoneleigh Eliza do Thomas age 9
 THOMPSON 10i Balsall St William age 73
 MAUD 11i Willenhall John age 88
29/6/1871SHORTLAND 22i High St Kenilworth Mrs Elizabeth age 82
 GILL 26i after lingering illness Hannah bwo C.H. Gill age 36
 SIMPSON 22i Grange Stoneleigh Thomas Hayward infant so Samuel Mathews Simpson
6/7/1871DUTTON 27u Bulkington Kenilworth Maria infant do Thomas
 WEBB 30u High St Kenilworth Hugh Sydney so George age 3
13/7/1871FREEMAN 6i High St Kenilworth Charles age 26
 TEW 5i Bubbenhall William age 68
 MERRY 7i New Row Kenilworth Mary Ann wo Edward age 28
 FINCH 7i Castle End Kenilworth Frederick infant so Henry
20/7/1871 GUPWELL 13i Stoneleigh Martha wo Thomas age 53
27/7/1871FREER 25i Stone House Kenilworth Mary Frances wo John Harbidge Freer, Lt General R.A. age 82
3/8/1871HANCOX 25u Bubbenhall Emma age 17
 FREEMAN 26u High St Kenilworth James age 75
10/8/1871FARMER 25u Castle End Kenilworth Elizabeth do Joseph deceased
 OLDHAMS 4i Burton Green Kenilworth Thomas age 56
17/8/1871LENTON 12i Stoneleigh William age 87
 HAWKES 12i Bridge St Kenilworth Lucy Ellen do Samuel age 10 months
24/8/1871BRAIN 17i Tile Hill Lane Stoneleigh Sarah wo George age 79
 BARTER 20i Castle End Kenilworth Annie Emily infant do William
31/8/1871GIBBS 29i St Johns St Kenilworth Thomas age 44
14/9/1871GLENN 31u Albion St Kenilworth Tom George Amos infant so George
 GLENN 3i Albion St Kenilworth Sarah Annie Elizabeth infant do Charles
 OVERTON 5i Castle End Kenilworth Emily Jane infant do James
 GORRIE 9i Ashow, William eso William age 17
 HANCOX 9i Bubbenhall Ada do John age 4 months
21/9/1871MALE It is with sincere regret we announce (from rupture of the heart) the sudden death of Mr Male, surgeon of Leamington
28/9/1871ASHFORD 13i Honiley James infant so Joseph
 HODDLE 19i Castle End Kenilworth William Ernest so Mark age 9 months
 ASHFORD 24i Honiley Joseph infant so Joseph
 PARSONS 25i Clinton Lane Kenilworth Alfred so Thomas age 3
5/10/1871LAMPRAY 2i Kenilworth in 83rd yr George, well known and much respected
12/10/1871ROBBINS Mr, farmer, Gaydon, found by Charles SAVAGE of Warmington, lying dead in road after being thrown from his horse and dragged
19/10/1871TAYLOR 16i Albion Row Kenilworth Sarah widow of George age 70
 JEFFCOTT 16i New St Kenilworth Louisa Phillis do Thomas age 4
 WILLIAMS 18i Dog Kennels St Eleanor Sarah infant do Richard
26/10/1871DUNN 21i School Lane Kenilworth Edward age 88
 PARSONS 12i Clinton Lane Kenilworth Thomas so Thomas age 4
 BETTS 23i Castle Green Kenilworth Joseph so Henry age 3 months
2/11/1871BUSHILL 28u Percy Edmund infant so Edmund of 2 & 3 Broadgate Coventry
9/11/1871GUMBLEY 28u Broad Lane Stoneleigh Martha wo John age 53
 JOYCE 6i Clinton Lane Kenilworth Thomas age 27
16/11/1871COOK 13i Bubbenhall Henry Hubert so Simon age 14
23/11/1871BRYAN 16i Mary of the Crew Farm age 49
 BRYAN 18i after few days illness of bronchitis Mary relict of William of Crew age 81
 WEDGBURY 18i at Crewe Thomas Edward so Thomas, painter of this town age 17
 EVANS 19i Albion St Kenilworth Benjamin age 84
30/11/1871BLISS 5i Melbourne Australia Charles Henry 2nd so late Charles of this town age 22
 ATKINS 26i Burnt Post Stoneleigh Mabel wo James age 51
 SWANN 26i Castle End Kenilworth Mary wo Edward age 68
7/12/1871TARVER 27u St Johns Terrace Kenilworth Charlotte wo Jacob age 29
 COLLINS 30u Castle Terrace Kenilworth James age 84
 TANDY 6i Castle End Kenilworth Elizabeth wo James age 53
 PARKER 11i Starton Stoneleigh. Charles age 17
21/12/1871HUMPHRIES 15i Little Virginia Kenilworth Fanny Jane do John age 8
 WOOD 17i Hearsall Common Stoneleigh Maria wo Thomas age 79
28/12/1871BROWN 22i Odiborne Common Kenilworth Walter so Richard age 1 yr 7 months
 PARKER 25i Spring Lane Kenilworth Walter age 17
 TOWNSEND 26i Ashow Jane Ann do Joseph age 1 yr 7 months
4/1/1872STURCH 1i Mill End Kenilworth, Mrs. Eliza age 59
 EBORALL 2i Little Virginia Kenilworth, Joseph Sidney so Henry age 1 yr 10 months
18/1/1872POTTER 1i Tile Hill Stoneleigh, George so Thomas age 6
 FAULKS 5i High St Kenilworth Richard age 72
 SAWKINS 9i Tile Hill Stoneleigh, Caroline wo William age 36
25/1/1872LISSAMAN 19i Ladies' Hills Kenilworth, Charles age 57
 SWAIN 20i Odiborne Terrace Kenilworth, John infant so John
1/2/1872HOPE 23u Leek Wootton George age 68
15/2/1872PARKER 7i Eastern Green Stoneleigh, William so George age 2
 KIBBLER 1i Honiley, Lucy do William age 13 months
 LYNES 11i Leek Wootton, John so Thomas age 13 months
 PARKER Tile Hill Stoneleigh, William age 72
 WARD 8i Tile Hill Stoneleigh, Harry George infant so George
22/2/1872FINNEMORE 13i Thickthorn Cottage Kenilworth, Elizabeth wo John age 62
 FREEMAN 17i Washbrook Kenilworth Robert age 55
 BUSHILL 18i Castle End Kenilworth, Frederick age 39
7/3/1872BARRAN 27u Mill End Kenilworth, Mary wo John age 68
 GOODE 28u Stoneleigh, Joseph age 88
 MATTHEWS 28u Barton Green Kenilworth, Joseph age 77
14/3/1872HOUGHTON 11i Cross Row Kenilworth, Samuel infant so James
4/4/1872BALL 23u Stoneleigh Susan Ball wo Thomas age 61
 BRAY 29u Roundsill Lane Kenilworth Thomas age 72
 SIMMONDS 31u the Castle Kenilworth, Joseph age 55
11/4/1872POLLARD 4i Canley Stonleigh, Elizabeth do Nathaniel age 8
 JOYCE 4i New St Kenilworth John age 70
 SAMMONS 5i Whitemoor Kenilworth, Sarah wo George age 32
 GRANGER 7i Albion St Kenilworth, Ann do John age 6
 PHILLIPS 8i after short illness at Abbey Hill Kenilworth, Letitia bwo John
18/4/1872WALTON 12i Spring Lane Kenilworth, William age 66
25/4/1872ROE 20u age 4 days, Alfred William Osborn, and on 20i age 5 weeks, Ellen Kate, twin children of Frederick Roe of Sheffield
 READER 18i Westwood Stoneleigh, Lydia wo John age 65
 JOYCE 19i Odiborne Terrace Kenilworth, William Henry so William Henry age 7 months
 MERRIDEW 20i Abbey Hill Kenilworth, Henry Arthur age 51
9/5/1872EVETTS 2i Clinton Lane Kenilworth, Alice do Joseph age 15
 WEBB 8i Albion St Kenilworth, William age 66
 WARD 11u St John's St Kenilworth, Ellen do Poynby Stewart Ward age 3
16/5/1872DOHERTY 15i 5 Castle Grove Kenilworth, Catherine age 85
23/5/1872PITTAWAY 16i Woodland Cottage Kenilworth, John age 73
 ORTON 21i Bubbenhall Miss Ann age 76
6/6/1872DODWELL 30u Albion St Kenilworth, Emma wo Richard age 48
 KEARTLAND 1i Stoneleigh Rd Kenilworth, Marion do Joseph age 13 months
 ROBBINS 2i Abbey Hill Kenilworth Elizabeth widow of William age 83
13/6/1872AITKEN 6i White's Row Kenilworth, William James infant so John
 BATCHELOR 10i Bull Hill Kenilworth, William age 77
20/6/1872BLACKFORD 14i Bulkington Kenilworth, Hannah age 85
 PRATT 15i Castle End Kenilworth, Sarah wo Charles age 71
27/6/1872LAMB 1i Stoneleigh, Samuel age 78
11/7/1872WILSON 6i High St Kenilworth, Miss Hannah age 58
18/7/1872EDWARDS 8i Castle Green Kenilworth, Enoch age 39
25/7/1872PASTON 16i Ashow, Sarah age 91
8/8/1872MASTERS 1i Honiley, Abraham age 20
 GARDNER 3i Albion Row Kenilworth, Thomas age 9 months
22/8/1872NEWTON 15i Castle End Kenilworth, John age 70
 REES 16i Albion St Kenilworth infant do Robert Charles James Rees age 13 weeks
 BALL 20i School Lane Kenilworth, John age 60
29/8/1872RICHARDS 19i Castle Terrace Kenilworth Mrs Sarah age 62
 EDWARDS 22i Stoneleigh, Sarah wo John age 85
 UPSALL 23i Kenilworth, Emily Cecil wo John S. age 45
 TOWNSEND 23i Ashow, Emma do Joseph age 10 months
 LAWRENCE 26i New St Kenilworth, Lucy do William age 29
5/9/1872PARSONS 28u after short illness at residence of bro-in-law C Purdy Esq., Caroline widow of W.T.
 WHITE 30u Castle End Kenilworth, Charles Frederick infant so William Henry
 BRYAN 1i Bridge St Kenilworth, Mary Ann widow of John age 68
12/9/1872GALLAWAY 4i Aston George William age 2 1/2 yrs bso Mr Superintendent Gallaway of this parish
26/9/1872HURST 11i Burton Green Kenilworth, Ann wo Edward age 45
3/10/1872RICHARDSON 25u Aston, Maria bwo Samuel & 3rd do Richard Barran of Kenilworth
 WOODHOUSE 26u the Spring, Kenilworth, John age 84
 JEACOCK 28u North Lodge, Stoneleigh, Robert age 89
10/10/1872HANCOX 2i Spring Cottage Kenilworth, Miss Caroline age 35
 RILEY 4i White's Row Kenilworth, Mrs Mary age 77
24/10/1872WOOD 10i Westwood Heath Stoneleigh, Thomas age 72
 BODLINGTON 17i Montagu House Kenilworth, William Esq age 82
31/10/1872STEED 23i Spring Lane Kenilworth, Charles infant so Elias
 LOVATT 26i Castle End Kenilworth Catherine widow of William age 77
7/11/1872COWLAND 4i Chase Lodge Kenilworth, Mary Ann wo Charles age 46
 BETTY 4i Elizabeth widow of Joseph Betty, Kenilworth age 83
 SPIERS 5i Stoneleigh, John age 75
14/11/1872WHATELEY 4i Spring Lane Kenilworth, Clara infant do Richard
 HARDING 10i Castle End Kenilworth, Frances Mary Jane infant do Samuel
21/11/1872GOLSBY 13i Stoneleigh, Maria wo William age 74
 GUNN 16i Stivichall, William age 89
 CENEY 23u Goodrest, Leek Wootton, Henry William infant so William
28/11/1872SPIERS 25i Park Rd Kenilworth Florest Mary do Andrew age 2 yrs 5 months
5/12/1872TALBOT 26u Castle End Kenilworth, Julia do John age 25
 GREEN 1i Castle Green Kenilworth, Frances Elizabeth age 13
 SMITH 3i Ladies Hills Kenilworth Mrs. Elizabeth age 60
19/12/1872KIMBERLEY 9i Pipe's Mill Stoneleigh, Charlotte wo George age 53
 GREEN 15i Hollies, Stoneleigh, William age 74
 WOODFIELD 15i Leek Wootton, Thomas age 59
 MILLS 15i Hollies, Stoneleigh, Eliza wo Henry age 46
2/1/1873TIMMS 21u Whites Row Kenilworth, William age 78
 FULLWELL 27u Hill Wootton, Frances Mary infant do William
 COPSEY 27u Stoneleigh, Charles Alfred infant so Charles
 INGRAM 29u Westwood Heath Stoneleigh, Selina wo John age 30
9/1/1873HANDS 31u Bagington, Mrs Patience age 82
16/1/1873STONEY 9i Stoneleigh, John age 67
 ARIS 10i Thickthorn Lodge Ashow, John infant so Thomas age 10 weeks
23/1/1873Dr Thomas THOMPSON, formerly of Stratford on Avon but for many yrs past one of the leading inhabitants of Leamington, was found dead in his bed on Tuesday morning 8 December. He was about 70 yrs old. Butler went to rouse him and was greatly shocked to find him stone cold and quite dead.
30/1/1873PERKS 20i Leek Wootton, Jane wo Richard age 68
 RANDLE 22i Mill End Kenilworth, Thomas age 74
 STREET 23i Abbey Hill Kenilworth, Sophia wo Henry age 49
 ARIS 28i Thickthorn Lodge Ashow, Mary Ann wo [stet] Thomas age 2 1/2 yrs
6/2/1873ARIS 1i Thickthorn Lodge, Ashow, James William so Thomas age 1 yr 5 months
 WOLFE 3i School Lane Kenilworth, John age 82
20/2/1873SKETCHLEY 13i Kenilworth Miss Elizabeth (formerly of Hartshill) age 76
 DUTTON 14i High St Kenilworth, Thomas age 64
6/3/1873HORLEY 22u Castle End Kenilworth, Sarah Ann do William age 2 months
13/3/1873FULLWELL 28u Stivichall, William age 32
 HANCOCKS 7i Stoneleigh, Mary age 73
 RANDLE 7i Park Field Kenilworth, Edward age 59
 PERKS 10i Ashow, Mercy age 70
20/3/1873WOODHOUSE 6i at house of her dau at Arlsey, Beds. Mary widow of John, The Spring, Kenilworth age 85
 WARD 18i St John's View Kenilworth, Charles late Manchester age 80
10/4/1873ASH 2i Guy's Cliff, Robert age 44
 ADKINS between 25u & 26u Ann age 69
17/4/1873TANDY 13i High St Kenilworth, Bright Anne wo G. age 75
 MILLS 14i Bagington, William age 75
24/4/1873WATKINS 16i Bagington, Edith Maria do George age 4 months
 BUSWELL 19i Stoneleigh, James age 71
1/5/1873HALL 23u Stoneleigh, Mary age 77
 LAUGHTER 25u Westwood Stoneleigh, Martha Amos age 3
 WOOLLASTON 30u Castle Terrace Kenilworth, Reginald Malcolm age 16
8/5/1873RICE 29u John age 57, respected resident of Kenilworth
 GOODHALL 30u Burton Green Kenilworth, Sarah wo John age 73
15/5/1873JORDAN 8i at Gloucester, John 2nd so Joseph of Woodcote age 36
12/6/1873COTTON 26u Parkfield Kenilworth, Thomas Esq age 81
 WORRALL 3i Stoneleigh, William age 75
 GRAINGER 8i New St Kenilworth, Mary Ann age 3 weeks
19/6/1873GILL 11i Leamington Mr. C.H., late Kenilworth age 39
26/6/1873SIMPSON 20i Little Virginia Kenilworth, Emma age 15
17/7/1873HARDING 10i Kenilworth, Sarah widow of Thomas Esq. age 39
 ROY 12i Kenilworth, Rev Edmund late vicar of Westwood age 71
7/8/1873BULL 26u Leek Wootton, James age 68
 KNIBB 3i Stoneleigh, William age 71
14/8/1873WEST 7i Castle End Kenilworth, John age 75
28/8/1873THORNETT 19i Albion St Kenilworth, John age 65
 BROWN 26i Burnt Post Stoneleigh, John age 77
4/9/1873NEWEY 28u High St Kenilworth, Walter so George age 3
11/9/1873HODDLE 3i Castle End Kenilworth infant do Mark William
 GROVE 6i Castle End Kenilworth Mary wo Joseph age 70
 THOMPSON 10i Rosemary Hill Kenilworth, Miss Ann age 94
25/9/1873GIBBS 12i Castle End Kenilworth, Mary widow of Samuel age 86
 TWISLETON 20i The Woodlands Kenilworth, Hon Caroline age 74
9/10/1873BEDDINGTON 24u Stoneleigh Mrs. Mary age 79
 GURLING 4i Castle Green Kenilworth Clara age 15
16/10/1873NEWSOME 8i at Ladyes' Hill Kenilworth Emma wo Charles age 39
 WATERS 11i Stoneleigh, Elizabeth age 87
 CHURCH 12i at his residence 25 Oxford St Leics Mr. Thomas Samuel, elder bro of Mr. Church of this town
23/10/1873LITTLETON 18i Albion St Kenilworth, Mrs Sarah age 72
30/10/1873ROBINSON 21i New Rd Kenilworth, Mary Ann Maud infant do James
 LAMPRAY 23i Castle End Kenilworth, Sarah Ann infant do William Henry
 GOODE 26i Leek Wootton, Charles Hurst infant so Edward
 SILK 27i St Johns Terrace Kenilworth, Mrs Elizabeth age 73
13/11/1873LAMB 31u Stoneleigh, Mrs Sarah age 73
 KEMP 4i Bubbenhall, Frances Elizabeth age 21
 GRAHAM 7i Bush Common Kenilworth, Ethel do Mrs. Charles Graham age 6 weeks
 DODWELL 11i Mill End Kenilworth, Thomas infant so Edward
 EGERTON, Edward, whose parents reside in King St Leamington died in Warwick Union infirmary from smallpox a month ago after neglect and bad treatment rcvd. He was employed by John LANE, 109 Warwick St Leamington
20/11/1873SANSON 16i Westwood Heath Stoneleigh, Sarah Ann wo John age 42
 HARRIS 18i Ashow, Eliza do Samuel age 6
18/12/1873BOLTON 11i Station Rd Kenilworth, William age 74
 JESSETT 12i Abbey Hill Kenilworth, Elizabeth age 19
 TAYLOR 14i Castle End, Thomas age 55
25/12/1873NEALE 21i Castle Green Kenilworth, Elizabeth widow of Thomas age 73
6/1/1923BLISS, James Alfred, age 57 upholsterer, rented room at Tile Lane Coventry - from septic pneumonia from accidentally swallowing dental plate while eating his breakfast of mainly mashed potatoes
13/1/1923PAGE Gladys Irene (nee Smith) passed away at 21 Wyley Rd Radford Coventry 6/1/1923
20/1/1923John Thomas COOKE 21 Warwick Rd Kenilworth in 73rd yr, leaving wife, son, dau. Bootmaker by trade.
17/3/1923Mrs Jane LEATHER wo William 2c/9h St Agnes Lane age 68 died suffering from bronchial rheumatism and valvular disease of heart.
14/4/1923Joseph BUTCHER Kenilworth, age 66. Brother was W. and housekeeper Miss M SIMPSON.
7/4/1923ROBERTS H.H. of Kenilworth so Joseph, butcher, High St, grandfather of present Joseph. Late Joseph who died 17 yrs ago was eldest bro of H.H. Roberts and Rev. William Roberts of Foxholes.
 EADY Miss, Fernlea, Kenilworth died from pneumonia. She was companion to Miss WILSON, Fernlea
12/1/1901MUNROW 2i at his residence Park View, Four Oaks, Edwin age 64
19/1/1901WOOD 8i at Four Oaks William age 72 after long illness
5/1/1850BRADBURY Mrs. wo late Walter on Monday last at Leamington, eldest do late GJ Harding Esq of Solihull
 HAWKSLEY Sunday last in Kenilworth age 74 Mary relict of James, formerly merchant of Bham
 CATTELL Sunday night in 85th yr Bridget wo Rev T. Jury St Warwick & former rector of Berkswell in this county
 BOUNDS Thursday last in 71st yr John of Priory Rd Warwick
19/10/1850OWEN Edward grocer, Saturday last, Upper Union Parade in 41st yr
 OVERBURY 10i at residence of her bro. Mr John Lane, Mrs. Charlotte Overbury relict of Richard former landlord of Angel Hotel Alcester
26/1/1850WISE at the Rectory, Offchurch age 72 Rev Henry, 40 yrs vicar of the parish
 GILL William, Thursday last, Satchwell St, saddler, an old inhabitant of this town age 50
 WOODHOUSE 14i age 9 months Collings Cryer Woodhouse so Alfred, Teachbrooke Rd Leamington
 WILLIAMS Saturday last at her residence Regent St Leamington age 75 Mrs. Williams relict of Philip, surgeon, Rugby
 SOOLER 19i Priory House Kenilworth John, Esq., F.R.C.S., age 76
 HOLLINS Sunday last at her residence Gt Hampton St Bham, Caroline 5th do late William architect & sculptor
 WEBB Edward age 59 Sunday week last at his residence Ely St Stratford on Avon
 BAYLIS Wednesday week last, Dunnington in this county, Alfred infant so G. Prospect House, Bengeworth
2/2/1850KING Francis Sunday last, auctioneer of Warwick in 50th yr
 TOWNSEND Thomas, Friday week at his residence Church St age 71
7/3/1850RAYMOND Sarah, Saturday last of apoplexy, wo Mr Raymond, druggist Smith St Warwick age 37
 GROVES Elizabeth Monday last age 62 bwo Edward, Jury Street Warwick
 HAMMERTON Monday last age 48 Maria wo Thomas, Hillfields Coventry
 BOURNE Elizabeth Tuesday week at Atherstone relict of John Esq age 87
18/4/1850VESEY Henry Friday morning 12i at his father's residence after long painful illness, only surviving so Mr Vesey of this town
25/4/1850TAYLOR 19i age 11 months Edwin Walton youngest so W.K. bookseller of this town
 HOLBECK16i Farnborough Warwick, Frances 4th do W. Esq., age 39
 SHETTLE 19i Catherine wo William, schoolmaster age 48
 VENOUR 16i Teddington House, W.A. Esq youngest so late J. Esq of Wellesbourne age 69
9/5/1850BUTLER 1i age 32, Harriet wo William of Wheat Sheaf Inn Warwick
 BARTLETT 1i Sophia wo Charles, Crompton St Warwick age 33
 CHATTAWAY 2i after few days illness, William of Arrow former resident of Stratford on Avon for many years
 SMITH 4i Hollyfield Sutton Coldfield Maria wo W. Esq age 75
16/5/1850ALLARTON 11i T. Esq of the Lozelle nr Bham age 78
 LE BLANC 9i in Beauchamp Sq Leamington, Ann wo William Esq age 70
 TOWNSEND 14i at Warwick age 56 Mr Townsend governor of the House of Correction in this county
23/5/1850BILBIE 12i at her residence Warwick Place, Mrs Mary eldest do late William Esq of Bury Hill Notts
 GRESWOLDE 9i at her residence in the Albany Road age 77, Elizabeth wo Henry Esq of Malvern Hall in this county
 BERWICK 12i age 69 very suddenly Richard of the Cape, Warwick. He had returned from St Mary's Church where he was a regular attendant and was just commencing his dinner when he instantly fell from his chair and expired although previously in good health
30/5/1850ABBOTTS 23i at Leamington age 75, Thomas. He was son of William, one of first inhabitants of Leamington who assisted in raising it from obscurity and the founder of the original baths
 CHETWYND 24i Grendon Hall Atherstone Sir G., Bart
 HADDON 24i Offchurch Ann, relict of Mr. Haddon age 80
 MEREDITH 29i at his residence Eastnor Villa in this town, John age 80
 WEDGE 23i Willenhall nr Coventry Anna Latty wo Rev J.J. Wedge
 LEATHERLAND 24i after short severe illness William of Warwick age 62
6/6/1850CORTIGUN 31u 31 Lansdowne Place Leamington, Gregory Esq age 32
20/6/1850RICHMOND 3i Leamington Miss Elizabeth Lumley age 84
27/6/1850DOWLER 20i age 74 Mary relict of Thomas of West St Warwick
 LONDON 13i in 70th yr Richard auctioneer & builder of Henly in Arden
4/7/1850RUSSELL 28u at Warwick Elizabeth relict of William of Southam age 68
 BOWES 1i Eden Cottage Leamington Miss Sarah age 77
 CARTER 29u Leamington wo William jnr, ironmonger of this town
 HORSFALL 1i at her residence Stivichall, Maria wo H.L. newsagent of Coventry
 SEAL 28u in 86th yr Richard of Bushley nr Leics
11/7/1850UMBERS 30u age 81 at residence of her son-in-law Joseph Williamson Esq of Bubbenhall, Ann relict of William Esq of Weston Hall in this county
18/7/1850MILES 21 Feb at Sydney N.S.W. after a short illness of 4 days Josiah eldest so George of Henley in Arden
 SPURGIN 14i age 5 Richard Frederick so Joseph Cakebread Spurgin, chemist & druggist, Wellington St of this town
 TAYLOR 10i age 63 Thomas, builder Portland Place of this town
 WHITE 8i Barford House, Barford nr Warwick , John Esq. age 62
25/7/1850CRANMER 20i Shottery Stratford on Avon, John jnr age 54
 NELSON 17i at his residence the Lawn, Warwick, George age 50
 PEMBERTHY 21i Charlotte St age 84, Elizabeth widow of John, gentleman
 TENNANT 19i in 97th yr John of Gerrard St Warwick. In early years the deceased had been connected with the family of late W.W. WESTON Esq of Stratford on Avon and up to the period of that gentleman's (a short time since) had regularly walked to Stratford and back to enjoy his Christmas dinner at the good squire's table.
 TIDMARSH 14i Mr. J. at Henry St Stratford on Avon age 62
1/8/1850COLE 29u Clarendon St in this town age 47, James, gilder
 HIORNS 20u Brinklow in 23rd year, William
 MORRIS 20u after short illness Hannah wo T. High St Bedworth
 STEPHENSON 25u Ranelagh Tavern age 45, Mary wo William
8/8/1850FRITH 29u in drowning accident at Birkenhead in his 27th yr, William 3rd so late Mr. Frith of Birmingham
15/8/1850 CRESSWELL 26u Folkestone after long painful illness Elizabeth Ashford bwo J. Esq. solicitor of that place, eldest do late Robert HOBBES Esq of Stratford on Avon age 48
 DAVIES 10i Coleshill in 30th yr Bradnock of that town, 3rd son of Mr Davies, Blythe Cottage, Coleshill
 HAWKES 13 Jan. on board the Asia bound for Port Philip, Australia, Fanny bwo E.H. Hawkes late of Newto(w?)n, Stratford on Avon
 LAWSON Aug 6 Emscote in 41st yr William many years butler to Hon Charles Bertie Percy of Guy's Cliff House
 MANDER 7i after protracted illness pat. borne wo Henry, Master of Bablake School Coventry
22/8/1850HALL 10i Tanworth Mabel 2nd do late William of Newnham in this county age 32
 SMITH 12i Sarah wo Basset of the Bank, Colmore Row, Bham
 TERRETT 11i Richard, College St, Stratford on Avon age 70
29/8/1850BROWN at Stowe nr Coventry, Rev John
 HOLLICK 20i Nuneaton, Fanny do T. of Nuneaton and Coventry age 6
5/9/1850ADRIAN 1i Milverton age 73 Martha widow of Thomas, maltster
 BATE 2i Newbold Rd Leamington age 67 Elizabeth widow of William, corn dealer
 BURMAN 28u Henley in Arden Hugh Francis Esq M.D., age 35
 CHAMBERLAIN 27u Stoney Thorpe in this county Mary Alicia eldest do H.T. Esq age 25
 GIST 26u Orton Hall nr Atherstone, residence of her uncle Rev D. Steele Perkins age 21, Mary 2nd do late Samuel Gist Gist Esq. & late Hon. Mrs Gist of Wormington Grange, Glos
 TOMES 2i age 7 Hannah Maria do William, Upper Parade
12/9/1850COWELL 6i Russell St Leamington age 25, Thomas
 MITCHELL 31u Royal Oak Harbury Fields, Mrs Mary age 78
 METCALF 4i Regent St Leamington, Walter infant so Lot
 PARNEL 30u age 67 after short painful illness Margaret wo William, Gosford St Coventry
 READ 30u at advanced age of 81, John, who had been in service of late and present Earl of Warwick families for upwards of 50 yrs
 JENKINS 4 Sept suddenly at house of her son-in-law (Mr T.C. BAYLEY of Bham) in 70th yr Mrs Agnes relict of Robert of Stratford on Avon
 WINCOTE Sept 11 Joseph of consumption age 33, for 11 years a member of Leamington police force, leaving widow and four children
12/5/1862WILLSON 3i Nuneaton age 33 Eleanor Constance wo W.E.Willson & ydo late Andrew Blake Esq. M.D. of Nottingham
 UPTON 6i Ryland Hill Farm, Hardwick, Studley, Mr Upton farmer formerly of Holtend, Beoley
 GRANT 6i Shelton Rectory Staffs Francis Ludovic Hay Grant eso Rev F.B. Grant rector of Shelton
 ARCHER 7i Wasperton, Mary Archer 2nd do late Mr Archer of Tachbrook
 TURNER 7i Fearnall Heath age 23 William only so William of New Abbey, Dumphries formerly of Worcs
13/5/1862GREEN 2i in 18th yr Mary Ann edo Thomas of Pink Green Farm Beoley nr Redditch
 MARSHALL 30u of apoplexy in 56th yr John Cooper Marshall of Bloomfield Smethwick
15/5/1862COX 11i Jane bwo Thomas Esq Wylde Green Sutton Coldfield age 68
16/5/1862WEBSTER 14i Statfold Nr Tamworth, residence of his maternal gfather in 17th yr Charles Payne, eldest so late Baron Dickinson Webster Esq of Penns, Sutton Coldfield
 COX 14i bwo Henry of 108 Hope St
 SEDDON 10i Longdon Staffs Joshua Esq M.D. age 64
 SAVAGE 12i Rugby Maria Elizabeth only do J.S. Savage age 10 yrs 10 months
 COTTERELL 10i Rotten Row nr Knowle Elinor relict of John at advanced age of 91
 SHUARD 13i after long illness in 60th yr William, Godwin St Ashted
 GOUGH 13i Walmer Terrace Soho Hill Handsworth Alice 3rd do Alexander solicitor of Wolverhampton
19/5/1862JAMES 16i at his residence Gough St after short illness Samuel, compositor in 79th yr
 HULME 16i age 1 yr 11 months Lydia Elizabeth do Isaiah, King Edwards Rd
 BEAUMONT 16i at Bedford, Charles Andrew Esq. of Bengal Marine Service, es & last surviving child of late Henry Esq. commissariat & Mrs Nelson, Colmore Row
 CROMPTON 17i Kenilworth after few hours illness Catherine Elizabeth wo Dickinson W. Crompton Esq Temple Row
20/5/1862MISTER 19i Round Mills Aston Sarah affectionate wo John
 BAKER 16i at residence Thorngrove Worcs. Samuel Esq age 69
 DEAN 18i Erdington age 26 Catherine Slater bwo George Charles & 2nd do William Storer Shepley
 COOPER 10i after painful & lingering illness in 65th yr Sarah widow of Mr E. Irving St (late Navigation St)
21/5/1862POWELL 18i Sparkbrook after long/painful suffering borne with Christian fortitude Jane 6th do late John formerly of this town and London
 BADHAM 13i at her residence Highgate Ann relict of John of Birmingham age 83
 HEATH 19i after long illness in 21st yr Harry, nephew of John, Yardley
 MARLOW 12i in 24th yr William eso William, New John St West
22/5/1862PRITCHARD 18i in 3rd yr Rebecca 3rd do late Pryce Pritchard of Little Cannon St
 WALLIS 20i Ladywood Mary Jane of Leamington do late Wm Esq
 PARR 22i at Redditch Martha only do William in 24th yr
23/5/1862WHEELER A few days ago George Esq of Burford House, Upper Clepton
 BOSTON 16i after long illness Dionysius William of Knowle age 77
 WALL 19i in 5th yr after short but severe illness John Thomas only child of Thomas/Ellen, Knowle
 SWAIN 22i 60 Lionel St Bham age 56 George, universally respected
26/5/1862WARD 23i in 34th yr at residence of her father Sarah Jane, wo C. Ward, 2nd do Thomas Wright, Green Man Inn Erdington
 THORNTON 25i Elms, Camp Hill, Ada Elizabeth bdo Samuel Esq age 18
 POWER 24i after few days illness age 27 Caroline Eliza 2nd do W.T. of Bull St
28/5/1862WRIGHTSON 22i Packington House, nr Ashby dlZ Eliza Louisa wo R. Esq and ydo late Charles Proctor Esq. Hints, Staffs
 PERRY 22i at residence of son-in-law George WILKINSON, Frances, relict of Rev Littleton Perry vicar of Clent, Staffs in 91st yr and 46th yr of her widowhood
29/5/1862HANSON 24i 1 Dormer Place Leamington, Miss Ann age 81
 THORNTON 25i Elms, Camp Hill Bham, Ada Elizabeth bel. & only do Samuel Esq age 18
 LISSETER 27i Handsworth after long illness bwo T.E., New St age 46
 PARKHURST 28i at Hockley Mrs Parkhurst age 76
30/5/1862LILLY 29i Broadway Worcs William M, Esq age 38
 PIDCOCK 26i at his residence Oakfield, Worcs Henry Esq., D.L., J.P. for the county & late Bengal Civil Service
2/6/1862HAWKES 31u William Esq Vicarage Road age 62
 LLOYD 30u age 51 Sarah 110 Cregoe St
 JOHNSON 30u Julia 4th do Josiah, Bloomsbury age 15
3/6/1862HAWKES 30u Sarah Jane eldest do Francis, Wheeler St
 ARGYLE 30u after long painful illness Hannah bwo Joseph, Market Bosworth, Leics
4/6/1862KING 1i 3 Anderton St, Sarah wo John formerly Nailsworth Glos
5/6/1862WALKER 2i after lingering illness borne with Christian fortitude age 27 Mary Jane Hay eldest do William of Mardol, Shrewsbury
 CLIFFORD 29u Deighton Grove nr York, Temperance Maria wo John Esq & yd and co-heiress of Thomas WILLIAMS Esq Tidenham House, Chepstow, Mon.
6/6/1862BROWNE 29u Malvern, William Locky Browne Esq, Comber House, Londonderry
 DRAPER 3i at Repton Park Farm nr Burton on Trent, John Esq
 BECKWITH 3i at her residence Watergate St Chester Miss Beckwith age 67
 BROOKES 3i after lingering illness Hannah wo Charles, New St. in this town
 WALLIS 4i after few hours illness age 56 Frederick, Three Tuns Hotel Sutton Coldfield
9/6/1862BATE, night of 2nd or morning of 3rd inst Edward formerly of Tanworth in this county
 HARRIS 7i at his residence Plough & Harrow Rd, Thomas age 75 late New St & Broad St
 HORTON 7i Monument Lane, Elizabeth relict of Thomas of Vyse St
 FRANCIS 31u Cardigan St age 74, Sarah
10/6/1862WILLIAMS 5i Spring Bank Willenhall after long illness Amelia wo Thomas, chartermaster
 HORSFALL 5i after short illness age 51 Charlotte wo James, Heathfield House, Smallheath nr Bham
 HOPE-SCOTT 6i Norfolk House, London, Catherine, one of the twin daus of Mr/Lady Victoria
 FLETCHER 6i Elizabeth bwo John Esq of Feltham Middlesex age 81
11/6/1862PARKES 7i New Cottage Staffs Anne widow of Matthew Esq of High Oon, County of Staffs age 81
12/6/1862CLAYTON 7i at his residence Quatford in this county Clayton Esq (no first name given)
 POWLES 10i age 36 Ann of this town
 PEACH 10i after few days illness age 6 yrs John Francis Richard eso J.F., jeweller, Caroline St.
 BURT 9i in 78th yr Hannah bwo George Esq., FRCS late Camden Rd
 BELL 6i Parkfield Cottage D(B?)arlaston Staffs, Charles William, M.D. age 51 bho Lucy Anne, nephew of late Sir Charles Bell, MD
13/6/1862PARTRIDGE 11i Poplars, Highgate, William John formerly Bowbridge nr Stroud age 68
17/6/1862BORE 10i Sparkbrook in 70th yr Jane relict of John Stanzel, Kidderminster
 ALLSOPP 10i Willington Hall Derbyshire age 75 Frances wo Samuel Esq of Burton on Trent
 CONSTABLE 11i age 12 months Adeline Lilla 3rd do W.H., Chapel St, Warwick
 EDWARDS 15i of apoplexy age 58 Edward Robert, Wheeleys Rd Edgbaston
 TURNER 15i at residence of his brother Julius, Tysley, Acocks Green after long illness, James Frederick, printer late Snow Hill in this town age 59
 HICKLING 15i age 62 David, 10 yrs faithful servant of Birmingham Savings Bank
18/6/1862FARRELL 8i age 5 yrs 8 months Thomas eso Alfred/Ellen, Warstone Cottage, Warstone Lane in this town
 QUAYLE 14i Captain Edward of Douglas Isle of Man
 KNIGHT 16i Frances Letitia wo William Esq, solicitor Tamworth, do late Philip Williams, Rugby
 STISTED 13i at Dover, Caroline widow of Colonel 3rd (Kings Own) Light Dragoons & do late Sir John Heathcote, Longton Hall, Staffs
 KINNAIRD 14i age 48 21 Camp St Broughton, William Douglas Esq late Seedley Mount, Pendleton Lancs
 JONES 10i after severe illness, Robert, Bilston
19/6/1862JOHNS 16i after long painful illness age 50 Thomas of the Coventry Road in this town
22/6/1862CLARKSON 17i suddenly yso Thomas, Beacon Inn, Gt Barr
 DOHERTY 21i after severe painful illness age 38 Frances Ann bwo James, Constitution Hill
 STOKES 21i Charles, Summer St Edgbaston age 63 upwards 40 years faithful servant of Messrs Cooke & Co, Green St in this town
 PHEYSEY 17i Hartlebury at residence of father, Emma bwo H Pheysey, Swan Hotel, Stourport
 MOLE 19i residence of his friend C. Gurden, Euston House, Euston Square London, William Esq. of Bellevue, Kings Norton age 61
25/6/1862MAHER 23i New St in this town Councillor Michael age 63
 MILLICHAMP 23i at fathers residence Grotto Place Lozells, William formerly of London age 34
 NEWTON 20i Folkeston, Rev William Newton vicar of Brewardine & rector of Brobury, county of Hereford age 49
 ROSE 23i of convulsions age 13 months Frederick William only child of Joseph, Standard Terrace, Wynn St in this town
 TAYLOR 22i after long illness at her dau's (Kaye Hill Hockley) in 86th yr Sarah, relict of James
 COLE 20i (through an accident which terminated fatally in a few hours) Joseph of Cinder Hill Sedgley
 BURNABY 20i Rev Robert, incumbent St George's Leicester age 62
26/6/1862SMITH 24i Church Vale Handsworth in 65th yr Maria bwo Isaac Esq late Well St in this town
 SADLEIR 24i after long painful illness age 45 Mary Ann bwo Edward, Lee Bank Rd
 THOMPSON 23i age 6 yrs 3 months Clara Ann much bdo R.W., Tower Rd Aston
27/6/1862DOWNING 25i age 41 a few hours after child's birth, Elizabeth bwo Joses [stet] Weaver, Coventry Rd
 HEEPE 23i in 53rd yr John, Coleshill
30/6/1862LOWE 28i Samuel, 20 yrs faithful & devoted servant of William SHAW, Old Park House, Park St.
 KAYE 28i age 3, William only so W.K. Moorhouse, Montpelier St, Highgate
 ENSELL 15i age 29 Sarah ygr do late Edward formerly of Islington London & sister of George, Steelhouse Lane in this town
 CAPEL 25i in 41st yr Alfred late Woodall Worcs, 2nd so James Esq, 62 Westbourne Terrace London
1/7/1862BURCH 28i at her residence 61 Spring St Edgbaston Catherine relict of George age 72
2/7/1862HARTLE 30u Highgate William eldest so William, Montpelier Place, Bristol Rd Edgbaston age 32
3/7/1862SHEATH 30u after short illness in 80th yr William, Camden St in this town
 ALLEN 29u at her residence Stoke Newington Elizabeth widow of Charles Esq age 73
 SEWARD 27u Ladywood Lane in this town Elizabeth widow of Richard, Lutterworth age 65
4/7/1862STONE 3i in 73rd yr Edward, New John St West in this town
7/7/1862PERCY 4i age 15 months James yso Charles Wootton, auctioneer, Paradise St West Bromwich
8/7/1862BENSON 5i Frederick John infant so John, Acocks Green
 HILLS at her residence High St Shirley, after long painful illness borne with Christian resignation, Jane relict of Captain Thomas Hills R.N. of Southampton
9/7/1862JAMES 7i after few days illness, Henry eldest surviving so R. James of Lincoln Place, Latimer St South in this town age 30
 DAVIES 7i after few days illness Richard Wright, surgeon, Gt Brook St in this town age 39
 LUSH 7i George St Westminster age 49, Emma 2nd do late William, gilt toy maker, formerly of this town
10/7/1862BUTLER 2i after protracted illness in 68th yr John upwards 30 yrs landlord of Bull Head Inn, Cock St Darlaston
 SALT 5i Rev. Joseph of Standon, Staffs in 52nd yr
 SKITT 6i Thomas eldest so George, High St Wolverhampton age 4
 GREEN 7i age 44 Sarah bwo Thomas, currier, Wolverhampton
 LARDNER 7i after long painful illness Joseph, North Aston, Oxford in 75th yr
 LEA 9i suddenly at Sutton Coldfield age 3 yrs 9 months, Kate Elizabeth eldest child of Joseph, Warstone Lane in this town
11/7/1862RANDALL 21u in Philadelphia USA Frances Elizabeth do late Alfred Harold Esq of this town
14/7/1862CAPP 12i age 52 Rev. Thomas, Wesleyan minister of Shrewsbury
15/7/1862HIPKISS 12i suddenly age 2 yrs 4 months William so William jnr. New John St West in this town
 WILLMORE 12i after severe illness Ellen 3rd do late James of Berwood Cottage, Erdington
 MARSHALL 10i age 67 Mary bwo Edward & only sister of James Cadby of Hampton St
16/7/1862WARD 13i after short illness of 3 days Anne bwo William of New St West Bromwich in 47th yr
17/7/1862SHAW 5th May, Belvoir, Upper Swan River, W.A. Captain William, J.P. so late James/Elizabeth, gson of late George Chapman of Upton nr Atherstone
 PATCHING 15i age 6 yrs 2 months Frederick Ernest eso Frederick, Worcester St in this town
 BRINDLEY 11i Mary wo Joseph, Merridale St Wolverhampton age 76
 PARSONS 12i after short illness Samuel Bernard only & bso Joseph of St Johns Square, Wolverhampton age 3 yrs 6 months
18/7/1862STAINES 17i Charles, Highland Cottage, Bristol Rd & of the firm Walker & Staines, High St Bham
 BIGGERSTAFF 13i at her residence Alpha Villa, Russell Terrace, Leamington, Esther relict of John of West Smithfield age 68
19/7/1862GREEN 19i age 44 after short illness John of Britannia Inn, Pigott St of this town
 RICHARDSON 18i 4 Trafalgar Rd Moseley of diphtheria and croup age 2 yrs 5 months James Archibald eldest child of James
22/7/1862ASHWIN 16i St Johns House, Berkeley St, Cheltenham age 82, Eliza only surviving do late Thomas, J.P. of Bham
24/7/1862GRIMLEY 19i after long illness Edward, Bell Inn, Albert St in 40th yr
 ROSE 19i William of Lemondsley nr Lichfield in 89th yr
 LOWE 23i in 19th yr Mary Ellen eldest do John, Whitmore House, Small Heath
25/7/1862BURDEN 20i age 40, William snr, sexton of St Mary's Warwick
 TREVITT 21i Spring Hill after lingering illness age 14 yrs 8 months eso of John late of Lamp Tavern, Allison St of this town
 ROBOTHAM 22i at residence of her son 8 Tavistock St Leamington, Hannah in 72nd yr
28/7/1862ALLIES 21i after long painful illness Frederick 2nd so Frederick, Worcs. age 28
 HOGG 21i at mother's residence Atherstone, Joseph Birkett, late Birmingham age 41
 DAVENPORT 22i Fillongley, Thomas age 69
 CODE 22i Atherstone age 56, J. shoemaker
 LITTLE 22i the Parsonage, Buildwas, Salop, Sophia Louisa wo Rev G.S. age 23
 KEY 23i age 52 York Place Worcs. age 83 Fanny widow of Henry, Inland Revenue officer
 TAYLOR 24i Town Hall Stratford upon Avon, Thomas age 57, 26 yrs superintendent of police in this town
29/7/1862DOWNES 28i Beeches, Handsworth, Maria Anne wo William Esq, surgeon and edo late Rev W.B. Collis M.A. of Cannock
 ROBERTS 24i Birmingham after few hours illness from effusion of blood on the brain Robert Mutlow Keene yso Thomas 17 Spring Gardens, Whitehall, Westminister age 23
 BAYLEY 27i suddenly William, jeweller, Augusta St., Warstone Lane
31/7/1862WILCOX 27i Frederick Charles infant so W. 7 Prospect Row
 GUTTRIDGE 27i 75 Ashted Row in 74th yr Sarah, for 45 yrs faithful servant of late William Bourne, Gt Brook St Ashted
 TOLLEY 28i at house of bro. 86 Ashted Row, Miss Eliza in 65th yr
 RAMSAY 28i after very brief illness age 1 yr 8 months George Bruce infant so George Bruce, Sunnyside Smethwick
1/8/1862BROWNE 7u Solihull, Joseph civil engineer bso late John, merchant, Sunderland
 HORSFALL 29u Bellamour Hall, Staffs, Mary bwo T.B. Esq, M.P.
 HARRIS 29u Rugby age 77, Christabella relict of George Esq of that place
4/8/1862KNIGHT 30u 3 York Terrace, Leamington Spa, Miss Mary Ann of Pittodrie, N.B., in 83rd yr
 GREEN 29u Redditch from the rupture of a blood vessel, George, needle scourer, leaving wife & family
 HEALING 31u Tewksbury after protracted illness Mary bwo Samuel Esq, one of the magistrates of that Borough and elder sister to Mrs E LEES, Worcs
5/8/1862BATE 1i at Jersey, Thomas formerly of New St in this town
 LEE 3i 62 Newhall St, Frederic 3rd so late Joseph age 28
 REYNOLDS 4i Mary Ann relict of W.H., Spark Hill near this town
6/8/1862MAILARD 29u at Scarborough of rapid consumption in 40th yr Augusta Emily bwo Howard Esq Shrewsbury and edo late James PRICHARD Esq Worcs and sister to Mrs Oswald SIMS of Edgbaston in this town
 BEDINGTON 4i in 90th yr William, gentleman of Pershore Rd, late of firm of Bedington & Tonks, brassfounders, Cheapside which business he established in 1791.
7/8/1862BRISCOE 3i in 63rd yr George for 35 yrs faithful superintendent over tin plate dept. in establishment Messrs Richard Perry & Son, Wolverhampton
 TUCKER 3i Mary wo Mr Tucker, Dudley Rd Wolverhampton
 LONDON 4i John, builder of Studley
 SHORE 6i age 47 yrs Thomas late landlord Village Tavern, Lower Lawley St in this town
8/8/1862LEDSAM 6i Summer Hill in 80th yr Sarah Elizabeth relict of Daniel Esq
 REYNOLDS 4i at residence of son Tysley, Mary Ann relict of W.H. of Spark Hill age 65
11/8/1862CHANCE 4i at Paris, William Esq of Edgbaston
 WATSON 7i after short illness George 2nd so William, Church St in this town age 4 1/2 yrs
 PARISH 7i in 5th yr Alfred James bso James, draper, Summer Lane in this town
 CRAWLEY 7i at his residence Flora Villa, Augusta Place Leamington in 80th yr, Laurence Esq formerly Captain in Her Majesty's 48th regiment
 OWEN 7i at his residence Eastnor Terrace Leamington Owen Owen age 83
 BARRS 7i at her residence High Harcourt age 43 Anne Eliza bwo Alfred Haden Barrs
 HADEN 8i Dixon's Green Dudley, Frances Julia 4th do late Joseph Esq
12/8/1862BANISTER 4i Shipston-on-Stour Worcs Edward Esq in 85th yr
13/8/1862PATTISON 9i at Willenhall nr Coventry at residence of bro Major Pattison, Arthur 3rd so late James Esq MP age 39
14/8/1862THORNHILL 10i Atherstone David Clarke, surgeon late Stratford Green Essex in 31st yr
 ROSE 13i after long painful illness Elizabeth bwo Joseph of Standard Terrace, Wynn St in this town
 JONES 13i after short illness at residence of his grandfather, High St Deritend, John Richard infant so Thomas Richard of Llanrwst NW
 WAITE 13i after brief illness Emma bwo Thomas Esq Gough Rd Edgbaston
15/8/1862FAULKNER 12i 35 Queens Square Bloomsbury London Benjamin Wright late of this town age 30
18/8/1862DIXON 10i at Hilcot Hall in this county Anne(Anna?) wo W.S. Esq
 POUNTNEY 13i at Rhyl Agnes 2nd surviving do late Rev Humphrey Pountney M.A. vicar of St Johns Wolverhampton
 TREPASS On Thursday last after a lingering illness borne with great fortitude, Mary Ann youngest and bdo W Trepass of Chapel St Warwick. Regretted by a large circle of friends
 BIDDLE 11i Leamington Miss Helen age 80 formerly of Broom in this county
 WILLIAMS 15i Lozells House, the Lozells, Benjamin age 41
19/8/1862WARD 16i at residence of son in law W. King, Wood End, Shenstone nr Lichfield in 76th yr Henry formerly of Bradley Hall Staffs
20/8/1862FOSTER 16i Laura Louisa relict of James, for many yrs writing master at King Edwards School in this town
21/8/1862HOWELL 10i after long painful illness Ann affectionate wo Joseph, Ledsame St Ladywood age 40
 ALSTON 18i Buxton in 69th yr William Charles Esq, Elmdon Hall Warks
 EVERITT 19i Howard Henry infant so George A, Esq, Jesmond Grove Edgbaston age 10 weeks
 DELINGPOLE 19i at Kings Norton, Thomas age 47
22/8/1862ELLIS 14i after brief painful illness age 21, Mary bwo Thomas jun. woolstapler, Pershore
 CLARKE 16i at residence of her dau Mrs Browning, Peachley Farm, Hallow, at an advanced age, Elizabeth relict of James formerly Cotheridge, Worcs.
 BURY 16i Cleobury Mortimer, Elizabeth age 64
 CROOK 17i suddenly age 72 Samuel, gardener, Pershore
 WOODWARD 18i Besford Court Worcs, Anne bel. wo Thomas Esq
 WEST 18i Leswell, Kidderminster after long painful illness Martha bdo William age 33
 COOK 18i in 74th yr at son in law's residence, Joseph of Evesham
 WALDRON 21i at residence of uncle John TOMLINSON, Ladypool Lane Sparkbrook in 27th yr, Miss Anna Elizabeth Waldron
26/8/1862GRANT 19i Radnor Villa Gt Malvern, Sibylla Christina 3rd do late Charles Esq formerly MP for Invernesshire & Director of East India Co.
 HEATON 21i Park Villa Erdington Rev. James Wesleyan Minister in 81st yr and 57th yr of his ministry
 PEARSALL 22i in 68th yr Thomas, 21 Lodge Rd Birmingham after long painful illness
27/8/1862COBB 20i Leamington in 27th yr Matilda Eliza last surviving do late Thomas Esq of Elstree Hill Herts and Calthorpe House Oxford
 SALTER 21i in 34th yr George, Oakley Lodge West Bromwich
 CLARKE 26i in 78th yr James, 73 Parade in this town
28/8/1862BLATT 20i age 67 of bronchitis, Walter, Art St Wolverhampton
 LOVERIDGE 22i age 38 Ann bwo S., Waterloo Rd & eldest do late Thomas of Wolverhampton
 LUDLOW 23i Alpha Cottage, Nechells, Willoughby Page infant so Edwin
 WHITEHOUSE 24i age 16 months Charles Albert bso J., stationer of this town
2/9/1862BETTS 20u age 83 Elinor relict of Thomas for upwards of 50 yrs toll clerk of Bham Canal at Aston Junction Bham
3/9/1862VAUGHAN 2i Harborne after long painful illness Elizabeth bwo W. late of Warstone Lane
4/9/1862GRIFFIN 2i after short illness Thomas, Wheeler St, St Georges, Bham age 23
5/9/1862CHILD 1i at his lodgings Mr Fowler's, Tything, Worcs in 72nd year, Richard
 DOBSON 1i after brief illness age 32, John, wool sorter High St Pershore
 KENTON Lately at Tipton Staffs, Samuel youngest so late William/Sarah of Kyre Wolvs age 41
 LLOYD 2i Samuel of Wood Green Wednesbury age 67
8/9/1862DUDLEY 1i Lichfield age 73 William, gun manufacturer late of Birmingham
9/9/1862MILLWARD 7i after 2 days illness of croup James Thomas so Thomas, Lower Wilton St Lozells age 4 yrs 9 months
11/9/1862HODGKINS 2i John 44 Thorpe St age 85
 BOWYER 5i Teignmouth, Lucy Bowyer Vaux youngest do B.Vaux Esq. formerly residing in this town and for many years was one of the surgeons to General Hospital
 COX 7i Joseph of Small Heath late Smallbrook St Bham age 71
 FISHER 7i suddenly Richard, upwards of 40 yrs at Parish Church Handsworth
12/9/1862GRIFFITH 11i after long illness Emma Mary bwo Henry jeweller, Warstone Road
15/9/1862BROWN 1i Tamworth in 82nd yr Richard late Sutton Coldfield
 NEWBOLD 30u age 46 Sarah wo H. of Rosefield St Leamington
16/9/1862DAWES 13i Eastcote Hall Barston after a short severe illness, William Tibbitts in 88th yr
 PALMER 13i Helen bdo George, Howard St in this town age 3 yrs 5 months
 HUNT 14i after long illness age 48 Elizabeth Caroline bwo William Edwin, Laurel Bank, Bristol Rd
 EVANS 15i at his residence Mariemont, Edgbaston, Brooke age 6(?)5
17/9/1862HOULSTON 14i after short illness age 5 yrs 3 months William Partridge 2nd so Andrew, Unett St in this town
19/9/1862MILLER 12i Redway Grange Warwick in 80th year Lt.Col. F.S.Miller C.B., late 6th Inniskilling Dragoons
 THORNE 12i Stourbridge Anne Maria bdo George Esq age 15
 BOMFORD 14i at his residence Wyre near Pershore suddenly Thomas age 58
 JOY 18i Bilston, Elizabeth relict of Charles of Grafton Place, Euston Square London
22/9/1862POTTER 15i Upper Arley age 72, John so late John, the celebrated 'cock feeder' to the Rt Hon Edward Smith Stanley, 18th Earl of Derby
 STANLEY 16i Thomas, bricklayer of County Road, Stafford age 59
 HAYWARD 17i William, Four Horse Shoes, Stafford in 52nd yr
 BIRD 13i James, Castle Inn Willenhall
 TIMMIS 18i Burslem, Richard, printer and bookseller in 68th yr
 SMITH 20i Miss Fanny of Bull St age 67
 ASHMORE 20i Stirchley St Kings Norton Elizabeth Ann bwo John of pleuro-pneumonia after an illness of only 5 days age 72
23/9/1862HODGSON 17i Stafford age 81 Mary relict of John of Liverpool and only surviving sister of John Wynne, shoe manufacturer
24/9/1862TAYLOR 19i age 79 Mary bwo John snr. Old Manor House Lozells
 CARPENTER 20i at Exeter age 73 Eliza relict of Thomas Hook Carpenter formerly of Broad St Bham
 ARTON 21i at his residence Clifton Rd Balsall Heath after short but severe illness Richard age 77
 ANDREWS 21i in 58th yr Sarah bwo Thomas of Edgbaston St
 THOMAS 23i after long painful illness Mrs Ann, Nechells, late Holloway Head age 75
25/9/1862TRIGGER 20i in 11th yr Winifred Emma youngest bdo Mr Trigger, Swan Hotel of this town
 PHILLIPS 21i Brockton Leasows, Newport, Salop of gastric fever John Bridgen, eldest so Joseph Taylor Phillips Esq Sheriffhales Manor in this county
 DERRINGTON 24i after long affliction age 14 Alice youngest do Thomas, Summer Lane in this town
26/9/1862RIDE 17i Liverpool age 42 Sophia wo B.H. and do late Thomas Allport of Aston Road of this town
29/9/1862ROGERS 24i suddenly of apoplexy age 67 John Esq. Leamington formerly Stafford
 LANGTON 25i after short illness age 60 Harriott widow of Isaac Walton Langton of Frederick St Newhall Hill in this town
30/9/1862COX 24i Daventry Northampton William, Esq solicitor age 62
 HARRISON 29i Erdington Rev John Holden Harrison M.A. incumbent Water Orton age 66
1/10/1862WALLIS 28u in 73rd yr Thomas, Rose Villa, Nechells of diseased heart
 WEBSTER 29u Torquay, Anna Maria widow of Baron Dickinson Webster Esq of Penns Sutton Coldfield
 THRONE 30u Mrs. Jane age 60 wo Mr Throne, druggist, Heneage St
2/10/1862BEDDARD 30u age 45 John Esq. late Dudley
5/10/1862SALMON 27u age 62 Mr C.M. Salmon of this town
 MOORE 30u William Albert youngest so Jesse Esq, Teddesley House, Walsall age 31
 BRIGGS 1i Villas, Stoke on Trent age 53 Michael bro of Samuel of Ombersley House, Moseley Rd
 STUDLEY 1i Harold youngest so Francis Nokes jnr, Postmaster of Bilston age 6 months
6/10/1862MARSHALL 28u Whatcote, Shipston on Stour age 82, Thomas who succeeded his father as churchwarden of that parish when only 15 yrs old and held it uninterrupted for 67 yrs
 TRUBSHAW 29u The Hollies, Staff. Charles Esq. C.E., county surveyor age 51
 GRIFFITHS age 31 Margaret Elizabeth bwo Frederick, Pershore Rd Edgbaston
7/10/1862JACKSON 21u at his house in Bham William who was for more than 20 yrs faithful and much respected traveller in the county for Messrs. Millington & Hutton of London and for their predecessor Mr W. Leschallas
 JOYCE 28u Thorpe St, Mary Joyce in 100th yr after few days illness
 HOWELL 5i age 35 Harriet bwo Abraham of Handel's Head Inn, Warwick St in this town
 BROWNE 5i Tower Tooting, Emily do late Philip Esq and sister of Rev Philip Browne, Church Rd Edgbaston
8/10/1862THOMAS 30u Edward 2nd so late William, butcher, Digbeth age 51
 HAWKINS 3i St Mary's College Oscott, after a few days illness in 11th yr Henry Montonnier, only child of Henry Montonnier Esq. of Tredunnock Mon. & of Moorfields Hereford & Lucy his wife
 PAWSEY 3i in 82nd yr Sophia relict of Rev J. Wilton rector of Leire, Leics and of Clownes in the county of Derby
 HAMMOND 4i in 92nd yr William Emery of Spring Hill, gentleman
 HEATON 7i 8 Highgate, Ralph in 69th yr
9/10/1862COTTON 30u Francis St age 63 Susannah widow of William, Shiffnall, Shrops.
 TURNER 3i after long illness Mrs Ann of Bath Row in this town age 61
 HARBERTON 5i Malvern Wells, Viscount Harberton in 73rd yr
 GORTON 5i Wem, Shrop. Mary eldest do late John Esq. formerly Stone Castle Kent
 WATTON 8i John of St Philips Tavern, Church St age 58. He was for several yrs Secretary to the Birmingham Licensed Victuallers Friendly Protection Society and a past chairman of the same
10/10/1862GIBBINS 5i Smethwick Louisa only surviving do late Brueton Esq. age 49
 RUDDLE 6i Walton House nr Tewkesbury Amelia bhwo George Esq
 PADDEY 7i Elizabeth Lennox youngest do Councillor Paddey, Waterloo Rd, Wolverhampton
 GILES 7i in 16th yr Howard Herbert so William, Swan Hotel, Sutton Coldfield
 HOWELL 9i Joshua at his residence Wellington Rd age 67
13/10/1862CARPENTER 9i age 19 days Martha do F.W., Denbigh Cottage, Bristol Rd
14/10/1862MARSHALL 11i Eliza youngest do late Isaac of Alum Rock
15/10/1862TAYLOR 7i at his dau's Mrs Bates, Walsall, in 74th yr John, Union St West Bromwich
 BOLTON 13i suddenly from injuries rcvd in collison on the Edinburgh-Glasgow Railway, Edward Souter, Spring St, Edgbaston age 35
 ZAIR 13i at son's residence Bedford Place, Moseley Rd age 88, Catherine mother of John
16/10/1862GREVES 8i Rose Cottage, Walkers Heath nr Kings Norton in 81st yr Susannah relict of Benjamin, Headley Heath
 STAPENELL 12i at son's after long painful illness in 72nd yr Samuel of Mott St in this town
 BURBIDGE 13i age 71 Mary wo John, New Bilton nr Rugby formerly of Coventry
 RICKARDS 15i at house of bro in law James Hunt Esq Lime Grove Edgbaston, Elizabeth last surviving do Thomas Rickards Esq of Clapton, Middlesex
17/10/1862PIERCY 15i at his residence Camden Hill Bham, Ebenezer age 65
 JADSON 16 Sept at Barrie, Canada West, Edward H Esq. formerly of Allesley, Warks age 42
20/10/1862BETTS 12i age 34 Ann youngest do late Mrs Robert Betts, College Arms Inn, Sutton Coldfield
 PENN 14i age 73 John, 28 Clarendon St Leamington, universally respected. Deceased was one of the oldest inhabitants of the town and was for more than 30 yrs land bailiff and gardener to Henry JEPHSON Esq. M.D. of Beech Lawn
 CORFIELD 17i of consumption Jemima bwo Charles, Beaufort Rd Edgbaston
21/10/1862BURDETT 17i Thomas St Aston age 19 Edward James so Edward
 CLARKE 18i after long painful illness Elizabeth bwo William 56 Park St
 WALSH at Sheffield 18i Thomas C. in 26th yr so Samuel, Hagley Rd Edgbaston
 RYLAND 20i Barford Hill Warks in 90th yr Anne relict of Samuel Esq
22/10/1862BALL 9 Aug at Ballarat, Australia Richard late of Paradise St in this town
23/10/1862MORGAN 20i Cheltenham, Edward Esq. late of Abbotts Salford, Warks age 28
24/10/1862TIMS 19i age 27 after long and painful illness borne with Christian fortitude Sarah bwo Thomas, 2 Spring Hill in this town
 BELLAMY 20i age 28 William of Pensax Terrace, Victoria Rd, Aston Park, Headmaster of Free Industrial School, Gem St
 HEATON 21i age 15 months Amelia youngest child of George, Shadwell St Mills
 LINWOOD 22i Bayswater, Mary eldest do late John Esq of this town age 79
 WHITLOCK 23i Edgbaston Mrs. Whitlock, 110 New St age 47
28/10/1862DUGGINS 27i Redditch in 20th yr Jane Emma youngest do Richard
29/10/1862PRATT 25i Henley in Arden, Ann bwo John
 BOND 26i in 39th yr George, corn factor, Ruston St in this town
30/10/1862HINDE 23i Handsworth in 78th yr Mrs Mary Anne late Snow Hill in this town, confectioner
 RICKARD 29i Exeter Row age 10 months Albert Simons infant so R Rickard
31/10/1862GARDNER 26i 16 Bridge St in 68th yr after lingering illness Edwin, corn merchant and maltster, Worcs
 BOURNE 26i Doverdale Lane Ombersley, Elizabeth wo William, blacksmith age 66
1/1/1885WIVELL 30u Kate Eliza ydo Charles, New John St age 18
3/1/1885BENTLEY 31u George, 45 Barwell Rd, for 19 yrs respected servant of Gt Western Railway Co. Snow Hill
 BETTRIDGE 2i Mary wo Edward, Wake Green Rd, Moseley
 COWEN 31u suddenly age 43, James, Kings Rd, Kings Heath
 GREATBATCH 2i in 69th yr John 2 Beaufort Rd
4/1/1885FEARNEY 1i 18 Lower Trinity St, Isaac age 69
 POWELL 31u 29 Norton St Balsall Heath, Ann age 66
 TWINER (changed to TURNER in later notice) 30u at residence of his father in law, of paralysis, Joseph John of Lozells age 30
6/1/1885LOCKER 5i Hawthornden, Erdington of inflammation of lungs age 18, Amy Louisa edbdo Thomas George/Rachel Elizabeth
7/1/1885BECKET 5i 1 Cox Street West age 41 Betsey wo Ashton Samuel & edo late George Ravenscroft
 MACREADY 4i Serpentine Rd Harborne, William Charles in 30th yr
 MILLWARD 30u Agnes Newey wo William, grocer, High St Aston New Town age 58
8/1/1885 HOPKINS 3i age 55 wo Charles, Saddlers Arms, Sherlock St
9/1/1885SIMMONS 7i Rose & Crown, Gravelly Hill Erdington after great suffering borne with Christian fortitude, George age 60
 WHITEHEAD 7i Church House Stirchley, Kings Norton, Rev. Thomas Henry, M.A., age 28
10/1/1885SMITH 7i suddenly Yates St Aston age 28, Annie edo James/Letitia
12/1/1885DALTON 11i at her son's (T Dalton 32 Frederick St) after long illness, Mary age 75
 GORDON 7i Hannah wo Thomas Robinson, Edwardes St, Balsall Heath
 JONES 9i Charlotte of White Swan Inn, Weaman St
 PROBERT 9i age 54 William of New St Aston New Town, pearl button manufacturer. Wife/children
13/1/1885ROGERS 11i 6 Smallbrook St age 2, Nellie bdo William Heaven & Maria Elizabeth
 WARDELL 8i of bronchitis at Summer Lane, Jane age 43, for 20 yrs faithful servant of Martin & Harris, Gt Charles St
14/1/1885MATTHEWMAN 11i age 59 Caroline, bwo Abraham, No. 3 Warstone Lane
 WAIN, Norman St Winson Green, Alice Hanks, wo John age 31
 WOOTTON 12i of consumption, Mary Jane ebdo T.P./Emma, Angelina St
15/1/1885COSTELLO 1i Maiden St Weymouth, Walter Hamilton age 56
 GOOSTRY 12i at his residence 51 Pershore Rd age 57, Stonehewer Goostry, merchant (of the firm T. Spendelow Richards & Co., Cambridge St)
 HART 11i Barton St Glos., Annie bdo William & Catherine, Highfield Rd Saltley age 27
 HUMPHREYS 29 November 1884 at residence of Mr W. Batchelor, Rocky Nook, Auckland, NZ, Adrian Willimot age 30 after severe illness, late Birmingham timber/slate merchant
16/1/1885STAFFORD 14i 218 Newtown Row, John Edwin db & only child of John/Mary Ann
17/1/1885JEALOUSE 2i Aldershot of pneumonia age 35, William Henry (Harry), 7th Hussars edbso William/Emma of this town
 KIMBERLEY 16i 22 Lee Bank Rd in 66th yr, Hannah Charlotte widow of Joseph of this town
 MYATT 13i at his residence 82 St Martin St age 63, George
 SHOEBOTHAM 14i at his residence 1 Mount Terrace, Old Swinford, Rev. Daniel R in 80th yr formerly Minister of Independent Chapel, Dudley
 TARPLEE 16i 77 Summer Rd after much suffering, Elizabeth age 61
19/1/1885CHATERLEY 15i 69 Kingston Rd, Mark age 53
 BURROWS 14i 35 Balsall Heath Road in 37th yr, Clara wo Thomas
 LAWES 17i at his residence 5 Hartington Rd Lozells, Robert in 49th yr late Heathfield Rd
 MOSS 16i Lydd, Kent, George Thomas late of this town in 30th yr
20/1/1885 SMITH 5i Thomas late Rose Tavern, Gt Russell St age 75
21/1/1885CHILTON 18i after short illness at Harlesden, London, Emily dbwo Harry of Bham
 GIBBS 20i 5 Rectory Terrace Wolverhampton, Edward late Fox Hill, Sutton Coldfield age 79
 MATTHEWS 18i 40 Homer St Balsall Heath age 1 month, Harry infant so John/Isabel
22/1/1885RANDALL 20i at his residence 75 Bloomsbury in 80th yr John so late John of the Old Union Mill
23/1/1885BRIDCUT 22i in 27th yr Nora bwo Robert, Leamington
 FISHER 7i John, Church Lane, Aston
24/1/1885GODDARD 18i at his dau's White Road age 88, John of this town, lately residing with his niece Mrs. Henry Turner, Ladywood
26/1/1885GRIMLEY 25i 229 Park Rd Hockley in 26th yr Arthur Spencer
 WOODWARD 24i Armscot House, Wellington Rd Edgbaston age 52, Clarissa widow of Horace
27/1/1885BRAUND 23i Sarah ann relict of William late Bristol Rd Bham
 LUCAS 25i 101 Farm St, Benton, for nearly 20 yrs faithful servant of Mr Manton, Gt Charles St age 67
 McNEILL 25i Lodge Rd after 4 days illness, Elsie lydo Hector/Annie E
28/1/1885ASBURY 22i 134 Camden St, Ernest Louis age 15 months db child of John W/S.A.
 GELL 25i 77 Bristol Rd Edgbaston age 69, Eliza bwo William Tunstell Gell
 HESKETH 27i age 66, Harriet bwo Richard, 13 Fisher St
 INSHAW 25i age 52, Lydia bwo Joseph, Stratford House, The Retreat, Sutton St Aston
 JENKS 24i Anglesea St Handsworth at residence of her niece, Ann age 82
 SMALLEY 19i Mary bwo C.W., Darwin of this town
29/1/1885 ATKINSON 21i age 28 Margaret Jane dbwo J.P., 50 Ludgate Hill
30/1/1885 NICHOLAS 27i in 56th yr, James formerly of Gt Colmore St Bham
31/1/1885GANDERTON 25i Clifton Rd Sparkbrook, Elizabeth relict of Samuel, Northfield
 PROBIN 29i in 54th yr William formerly 15 Aston St Bham
2/2/1885FINNEY 22u at his residence Hyde Road, Isaac age 46 dbho Mary Ann
 GREEN 30u after long painful illness, Thomas Nash only so late T.N., Bristol St in 32nd yr
 PHILLIPS 31u Bevington Rd Aston in 19th yr, Florence Hamilton only do James/Emma
 BALLANTYNE 30u Prescott St in 89th yr, John formerly London
 BRYAN 2i after painful illness Matilda bwo William in 54th yr late Hen & Chickens, Bow St
 COLEY 2i after short illness, Emma bwo George, St Peters Rd Handsworth
 GOODE 1i Atlas Inn Cattell Rd after short illness in 57th yr, William
 RICHARDSON 2i at his residence Stratford Rd Sparkhill in 87th yr, Richard formerly Handsworth
 TURNER 2i AT HIS RESIDENCE Sydenham House, Gravelly Hill in 82nd yr, Edward Press L.S.A. 1826/MRCS 1827
4/2/1885BIERMANN 3i 244 Balsall Heath Rd age 46, Amelia bwo A.H.
6/2/1885DUFFORT 1i Elinor (Ellen) Morton wo Edmund, Handsworth and ydo late Thomas Bartleet, Gt Barr of the firm Thomas Bartleet and Sons, of this town
 RAYBOULD 4i 39 Chapman Rd Small Heath after long painful illness Emma bwo Benjamin
 RUSSELL 3i Oscott Villas, Gravelly Hill Erdington, Iona bdo L.G. & E.A., age 16 months
 WHITING 31u after long painful illness Elizabeth Bertha bwo Samuel, Friston St
7/2/1885BACH 6i Hollies, Alcester Rd Moseley, Edward age 74
 LEWIS 6i age 14 months, Howard Mason so George, 11 Lea Bank Rd Edgbaston
 MOWBRAY 30u after short illness in 73rd yr, Andrew father of F.C. Camp Hill & Susannah Walker Balsall Heath, & John Robert, Lee Bank & brother of late John for many yrs of the firm Mowbray & Lowe, Nursery & Seedsmen, Wolverhampton
10/2/1885COLLINS 8i Caxton Cottage Kings Heath formerly Camden St, John age 73
 SHEFFIELD 7i Porchester St, Frederick Samuel bso F & C age 24
11/2/1885ROOKE 8i Clock Tavern, Milton St, Sarah wo E.J.
12/2/1885HARPER 9i after short painful illness in 38th yr, Charles of Theodore St, Summer Lane formerly 67 New John St West
 HOLMES 8i Elizabeth widow of Henry, Bishopgate St in 80th yr
 NELMES 5i after short illness age 40, George, upwards 20 yrs seaman of her Majesty's service
 TALLIS 6i Amelia relict of John of Walthamstow late Deritend Bham age 63
13/2/1885WILKINS 10i Mayfield, Heathfield Rd age 49 Edwin. Hockley Gen cemetery
14/2/1885HARPER 3i after short illness Borough Infirmary, Thomas, carpenter formerly 40 Gt Russell St in 33rd yr
 HINKS 13i in 75th yr, John, Tudor House, Harborne Rd Edgbaston (changed to Binks in notice of 16/2/1885)
16/2/1885HALLAM 9i Claremont Cottage, Moseley Rd in 4th yr Ellen Edith (Nellie) only & dbdo F.E./E.
 HITCHMAN 13i Olton Villa, Chestnut Rd Moseley age 32, Mary Ann bwo William
 HOLLOWAY 14i 23 Herbert Rd Small Heath age 69, Edward formerly Burton Arms
 RIDGWAY 12i 116 New John St West in 56th yr, George
 YATES 14i after short illness in 75th yr, Mar, Trafalgar Rd Moseley upwards 40 yrs treasurer of the Theatre Royal
17/2/1885HUMPAGE 16i 7 Union Row Handsworth, Miriam Frances bdo Francis James & Martha age 13 months
19/2/1885DAVIES 7i Melbourne Terrace, Brougham St, Hannah widow of John in 67th yr
20/2/1885BYRNE 19i Solihull in 78th yr, Moses
 TAYLOR 18i Park Vale, Bristol Rd Edgbaston age 68, Sarah wo George
21/2/1885TEW 20i at residence of dau Mrs Smith, Small Heath, Sarah relict of William of Leamington age 75
23/2/1885ABBOTT 21i Lozells Rd Handsworth, Robert Tebbitt age 71
 HEWSON 18i age 62, Alfred brother of late Allan, formerly Lionel St button makers
 PEMBROOK 21i of meningitis in 6th yr Agnes Mabel edo C.V./H.J.
24/2/1885PEARCE 22i at residence of son-in-law W.N. Brewer, 68 St Mary St, James age 79
25/2/1885PRICE 23i at his residence Reservoir House, Reservoir Rd Erdington after short illness age 64, James
26/2/1885TERRILL 25i 3 Alfred Rd Sparkhill after few days illness age 9, George Edward dbso George/Charlotte
28/2/1885HARRISON 23i Upper Ryland Rd, Thomas age 83
 JONES 27i 210 King Edwards Rd after many yrs suffering borne with Christian fortitude, Mary Matilda bwo Walter Robert age 43
2/3/1885SMITH 26u Hill Top House, War End, Mary Jane bwo Thomas
3/3/1885KING 2i of diphtheria age 6 yrs 5 months, Ethel Agnes, db child of Harry/Emily, Stratford Rd Sparkhill
 SALE 28u at residence of sister Mrs Charles Bragg, Solihull, Walter Grosvenor age 28
4/3/1885BRYAN 27u 47 Heneage St, Lydia bwo Thomas
 GILLON 27u 51 Ladypool Rd after long painful illness age 34, Samuel late Elkington & Co.
7/3/1885CLARK 6i in 47th yr Eda, dbwo John Jenkin, Ellerslie, Portland Rd, Edgbaston
 DAVENPORT 6i at her residence The Oaklands, Gravelly Hill, Mary widow of Edward in 74th yr
 KNOWLES 4i 82 Hampton St age 60, Ann do late John Lloyd of Lichfield St.
 LEWIS 4i Dog & Jacket, Bodymoor Heath, Kingsbury, John age 69
 MAYNE 16u Martha S., last surviving do late William, Great Barr age 80
 WIVELL 6i in 81st yr at her son-in-law's Ryland Rd Edgbaston, Harriet mother of late Abraham Wivell, artist of this town
9/3/1885 TAYLOR 6i Park Vale, Bristol Rd, Edgbaston age 81, George
10/3/1885TOLLETT 1i 41 St Johns Rd age 11 weeks, Lillian Baylis bel child of T. & M.A.
11/3/1885DEVEREUX 5i in 50th yr, Harriet widow of James Francis of Newhall Hill. Warstone New cemetery
13/3/1885BURBURY 11i after short illness, Joseph, Brougham St late Hockley Hill
14/3/1885OGDEN 12i 58 Highgate Rd age 44, Sarah Ann bwo William
 PERKINS 12i age 54, George, Lennox St
18/3/1885CLARKE 12 Shakespeare Rd after long painful illness born with Christian fortitude from cancer, Mary Ann relict of Samuel, compositor
 CHELLINGWORTH 17i suddenly, Mary Anne bwo Joseph, Myrtle Cottage, Aston Rd in 77th yr
 HODGES 14i at father's residence 73 Bloomsbury, Harry Charles age 22 after long illness
 PALMER 17i after short severe illness, William 40 Coplow St
 RILEY 17i William, dbyso James, Mary St Balsall Heath age 19 after long painful illness borth with Christian fort.
19/3/1855MOORE 15i suddenly Eliza bwo Stephen 114 Francis St Bloomsbury in 55th yr
20/3/1855THOMPSON 20i after long painful illness in 52nd yr, Harriet bwo W., Bagot St & Lichfield Rd
 WHITFIELD 18i after short painful illness, Henry age 33, 121 Guildford St Aston
21/3/1855BARNETT 19i suddenly, 75 Branston St Hockley age 42, Frederick, faithfuly servant of the Assay Office
 HARRIS 15i 63 Hollier St after long illness of chronic bronchitis age 65 William, St Marys, Acocks Green
 MALLIN 19i Dudley Port Staffs, Isaac in 85th yr
 PRESTON 2i after lingering illness, Mary Ann, 5 Sun St, West Bham
 WOOLLEY 16i, Fenn End age 4, Gertrude Elizabeth Alice, much bel child of Lizzie & late William Burd Woolley, 84 Potters Hill, Aston
23/3/1885BRANDON 20i Walter age 78, 195 Francis St Ashted late Clownholme nr Rocester, Staffs
 MURPHY 22i Palma, Trafalgar Rd Moseley, Leonard McDonald ebso Samuel/Lizzie age 9 yrs 9 months
24/3/1885BARR 18i 117 Hagley Rd after long painful affliction borne with exemplary Christian patience, age 52 Amelia Green dbwo David
 CAREY 21i suddenly of heart disease at 9 Unett St, St Georges age 43 Maria bwo Henry
25/3/1885SMITH 22i after short illness age 3 yrs Leonard so Walter/Elizabeth
27/3/1885CHAPMAN 23i suddenly, Richard 224 Park Lane Aston in 81st yr late Aston New Town
 LIST 25i Edmund 213 Monument Rd Edgbaston age 66
28/3/1885DEEBANK 26i after lingering illness Ellen bdo late James, builder, Solihull age 26
 SMITH 25i Ash Tree Cottage, Tenby St North in 81st yr, Sarah widow of Samuel Ensor formerly 106 Vauxhall Rd
 WALKER 24i in 50th yr Samuel, Britannia Inn, Sherbourne Rd, Balsall Heath
30/3/1885SOMERVILLE 26i suddenly in 42nd yr, James 93 Park St
31/3/1885COLEMAN 29i Sobieski Clements Steer only & bdo Samuel Clements & Casay Coleman, Balsall Heath age 3 yrs 5 mnths
 STILES 27i suddenly at his residence Spring Rd Edgbaston in 36th yr E.W., grocer, Bristol St. Edgbaston Old Church
2/4/1885BRINDLEY 29u after long painful illness age 65, John 10 Gt Russell St, bro-in-law of Charles Berry, Nechells
 STUBBS 1i after painful illness in 75th yr James, Whitehead Rd Aston, upwards 50 yrs with Messrs Cartland & Son, Constitution Hill
 TERRY 31u Highgate Crescent age 34, Mary Ann bwo William & edo Thomas Wild, Saw Mills, Charles Henry St
6/4/1885ASHFORT 3i William, Cardigan St Ashted of heart disease age 62
 FARNELL 6i in 60th yr bwo Thomas, 291 Burbury St Lozells
7/4/1885DEAN 5i 21 Moseley Rd after long painful illness borne with Christian fortitude, Charlotte wo C.L.
8/4/1885GROVES 5i at residence of parents, Kate, bwo F. & only do W. Sedgwick, Deritend & Small Heath
 HENLEY 30u after long painful illness age 70, Mary bwo Thomas of Shireland Place, Cape Hill
9/4/1845COX 6i at residence of sister Mrs Field, 101 Summer Rd Edgbaston after few days illness in 68th yr Eliza, relict of William of Nechells
 FEARNEY 6i Samuel age 44 eso late Isaac at 1 Main Terrace, Kyrwicks Lane
 MARTIN 3i at his residence Birchfield, Stephen in 89th yr. Handsworth Parish Church
 NICKLIN 7i after short illness in 34th yr, Alfred Benjamin eso T.L., Summer Hill House, & Crown Ironworks Smethwick. (sorrowing wife and friends)
10/4/1885JENNINGS 8i Mackadown House, Sheldon, Isaac age 69
 ROBINSON 7i, John age 54, Superintendent of Detective Department. Key Hill
 WHITE 5i, Emma, 80 Grosvenor St age 44
11/4/1885FLETCHER 11i at her residence George Rd Edgbaston, Elizabeth widow of William of Edgbaston age 79
 SAUL 4i after 3 days sudden illness, James age 54 at his residence 7 Moreton St
 STAFFORD 31u at son's residence High St Harborne, of bronchitis age 74, Richard
 WEBB 8i age 75 at residence of son J. Webb, 58 High St, Bordesley, Lydia relict of Harvey
13/4/1885ASTON 12i Witton in 19th yr H. Helena (Nellie) 2nd do W.S.
 GILL 12i at residence of bro-in-law Daniel Mason, 73 Bath Row, Emma relict of Josiah Saul L.
14/4/1885MEASON 11i suddenly after short illness age 18, Amy Kate, edo Charles, Drayton Villa, Havelock Rd Birchfield, dearly loved by parents
15/4/1885BAXTER 13i at his residence Ladywood Rd after long painful illness, John late Livery St
 BERTON 14i 5 Tenby St, Mary Ann ydo William Burton [stet] late Liverpool
 PEARCE 14i after long illness, Caroline bwo J.B., 19 George St Lozells, formerly Gt Hampton Row & Balsall Heath age 62
 RIDER 14i Hall Green, Susan age 53
 WEBB 12i 9 Thimble Mill Lane Nechells, Mary widow of John age 53
16/4/1885EYRE 12i of bronchitis widow of Thomas, 85 Gt Hampton Row
 PHILLIPS 14i in 87th yr at son's Burton on Trent, John late Kenilworth, formerly Bham & Aston. Australian papers pls copy
18/4/1885NEWMAN 12i George, 17 Edgbaston St in 72nd yr
 PETERS 12i in 51st yr, Thomas, Bloomsbury, brother of late Daniel, St Johns Rd Moseley
 WALLBANK 16i 182 Lozells Rd age 5 1/2 months, Daisy Eveline db child of Thomas H/L.E.
20/4/1885CLARKE 18i 85 Park Rd after severe illness in 42nd yr, Joseph Edward
21/4/1885COX 20i 110 Vyse St, Naomi Elizabeth infant do Arthur G/Fanny B.
 HALL 18i Holly House, Newton Rd, Sparkhill, Florence May age 11 months
 TREVITT 18i Rosherville House, Heathfield Rd Handsworth age 47, Catherine wo Enoch James
22/4/1885BROWN 20i at her residence 31 St Mark St Wolverhampton, Harriet widow of Samuel in 71st yr
 WOODWARD 20i 130 Lozells Rd age 8, Fanny bdo Thomas/Fanny
23/4/1885HAWKES 17i 205 Burbury St Lozells, Annie only surviving do late Thomas, gunmaker of this town age 24
24/4/1885BLIZARD 20i Thomas, President of Cannon St Male Adult Provident Institution. Handsworth Old Church
 MASON 22i age 47, Edward 44 Lichfield Rd Aston
 WITCOMB 21i 103 Ladywood Rd after short painful illness Elizabeth bwo Robert
25/4/1885JONES 23i Acocks Green, Eliza widow of Timothy age 50
 MARSH 22i John, 40 Cato St
 TERRY Remains of Mr. George Ezra, Shale St were interred in family vault, Bilston Cemetery April 15 after long painful illness, in employ of Mr. Page of Willenhall for number of years
 WOOLLASTON 23i age 63, William, 37 Spencer St.
27/4/1885CHATER 24i Heath Mill Lane after short painful illness age 60, William, 45 yrs faithful servant of Messrs. Z. Parkes of Digbeth
 WOODWARD 24i at his residence Halewood House, Olton, Solihull, Henry
28/4/1885ALLAN 25i Icknield Square, Martha widow of Frederick in 51st yr
29/4/1885RAYNER 27i after long painful illness age 70, Thomas of Old Church Rd Harborne
30/4/1885BAYLISS 28i John, strip caster, Nechells Green
 BOURNE 27i age 73, Samuel, 71 Varna Rd
 HARRIS 28i age 78, John R late Lee Crescent
2/5/1885BRADNOCK 30u Moseley Rd age 31, John Charles, 2nd so late Charles
4/4/1885PUGH 1i Kyrwicks Lane after lingering illness in 61st yr, Nathaniel late office, Inland Revenue
 WALKER 2i 53 Victoria Rd Aston after short severe illness of pneumonia in 31st yr, Alfred Henry eso late William of Steward St Spring Hill
5/5/1885BARTRAM 1i at his residence 126 New John St, John age 77
 FIRKIN 25u after short painful illness age 44, Elizabeth dbwo Thomas & affectionate do late Charles Britland
 KAY 3i age 65, William Leonard, Vicar of Kelloe, Durham & ygr so late John of this town
6/5/1885THURSFIELD 2i after long painful illness Harry, bel child of T.J. & Jane, Gt Lister St, age 7 1/2 yrs
 TOMLINSON 3i Norfolk House, Spring Rd Edgbaston, Sarah dlwo Arthur D., edo late William Wilders, Esq., Ramsey, Isle of Man formerly Bladon Castle, Burton on Trent & gdau of Abraham Hoskins of Newton Park, County Derby, Esq.
7/5/1885KIRBY 29u of cancer after long severe illness, Caroline bwo Thomas, Hockley St in this town age 59
9/5/1885TWIST 5i in 55th yr Henry William, Fountain Inn, Victoria Rd Aston
11/5/1885BURTON 8i in 9th yr, Florence dbdo G & E, Longmore St
 RICHARDS this morning suddenly at Argyle House, Green Lanes, Small Heath, Mary Elizabeth dbwo Wright
 WHITEHEAD 9i Eliza wo Joseph, Fair View, Grant St
13/5/1885ELY 11i after lingering illness, William Henry, Ledsam St, Ladywood
 LARKINS 12i 7 Belgrave Rd, Stanley Collins infant so Frank D.
 WILSON 9i suddenly, Alice bwo J.W., 17 Westminster Rd Biorchfield
16/5/1885HOBSON 16i at Kimberley South Africa in 22nd yr, Polly bdo William M late of this town
18/5/1885FAIRLEY 16i Rounds Green, Oldbury age 63, Mary bwo William
 WOODWARD 17i in 79th yr, Mark late Stour St
20/5/1885ROBINSON 19i 45 Frederick Rd Edgbaston at residence of son-in-law Mr E.M. Sharp, Elizabeth wo William late Frederick Rd age 78
21/5/1885CATLIN 20i age 64 at her son-in-law's Augusta Rd, Acocks rolonged illness borne with great patience, Mary Ann relict of William of this town
 GARLICK 20i 10 Erskine St, Vauxhall in 29th yr after short severe illness, Walter Richard ebso Richard/Sarah
 KNIGHT 19i 66 Gt Hampton Row in 77th yr, William Henry
25/5/1885FIELD 23i at his son's 79 St Marks St, Samuel age 62, formerly Pope St
 HEATON 19i at his residence 45 Garrison Lane age 63, James
 NIGHTINGALE 24i after few hrs illness, Joseph for many yrs assistant master at King Edward's School, New St & Hagley Rd
 TOWERS 23i 79 Rann St Ladywood age 75, Thomas, upwards 52 yrs engaged with R.W. Winfield & Co, Cambridge St Works
26/5/1885CLEWLOW 24i age 30 Emily late Finch Rd 2nd do late James Bushell of Six Ways Aston
 ROBINSON 25i 3 Park View, Coventry Rd Small Heath, Ethel Annie, and on 26i same place, Gladys Isabel young daus of Joseph E.W. and Mary A.
 YEOMANS 24i Emma, relict of James of Beoley
27/5/1885LILLEY 24i Charlotte dbwo J.S., Nelson St West, of this town age 35
 WALWYN 24i Rutland Place Albany Rd Harborne age 36, Margaret bwo William
28/5/1885BAKER 22i 57 Sherlock St in 57th yr after long painful illness, Harriet bwo William
 GRIFFIN 26i Hannah dbwo Richard C, 39 Hockley Hill of this town
 HAIDON 27i Bournemouth, John of 284 Burbury St Lozells age 38. Bournemouth cemetery
 HIGGITT 27i 32 Herbert Rd age 34, Emily Elizabeth bwo Thomas William
 TAYLOR 27i in 83rd yr, Richard, Ivy Lane late Brasshouse Passage
29/5/1885TOMLINSON 25i Hannah bwo Benjamin, schoolmistress of St Asaph's School
30/5/1885ASTON 27i at son's residence Acocks Green age 73, Christiana relict of William, Hampton St Bham
1/6/1885BULLOCK 31u 89 Belgrave Rd after long painful illness borne with great fortitude age 19, John Hermann edlso John/Lois
 SKELCHER 29u age 4 yrs 4 months, Harry so Thomas, William St
2/6/1885KING 30u at his rsidence Leamington after long painful illness Donald A.E., so late Daniel of Bromsgrove & son-in-law of Edwin Bretell, 51 Tower Rd Aston
 WHISH 28u, Fredeline Juliana Hall yr child of Vicar of St Lawrence Bham age 5 months
4/6/1885HEMMING 2i after long illness age 56, John late Small Heath
 JAMES 30u 119 Soho Rd Soho after long painful illness, John age 54
5/6/1885RILEY 4i Mary St Balsall Heath after short painful illness, James age 50
6/6/1885HODGKINS 6i Maria 178 Bristol St
 RODWAY 5i Aston Hall, Alfred age 48
8/6/1885ELKINGTON 3i Newport, Salop after long painful illness Maria Eliza (Cecie) bwo Ernest A., MB, London age 35
9/6/1885BROWN 6i after severe illness, Thomas, Holt St age 53
 CARR 6i Eleanor Mary devoted wo Arthur T., Gwencliffe, Perry Barr
 COTTRELL 1i after short painful illness Edward Henry, boat builder, 80 Anderton St
 HALL 9i age 47 11 Mole St Sparkbrook, Margaret bwo Joseph
10/6/1885HARPER 1i Elizabeth bwo Thomas J, Moseley Rd
12/6/1885BOND 6i after short painful illness, Edward Stannard eldest child of Edwin John, Vicarage Rd Kings Heath
16/6/1885ROOKE 11i after long illness, age 44 Oliver late Ladywood
17/6/1885GOTTWALTZ 15i Hamstead Rd Handsworth age 56, Helen
18(19?)/6/1885HAWKINS 18i Tile Hill late Alfred Rd Sparkbrook age 59, Emma widow of Edwin, mother of H. Hawkins, corn factor, Bristol St
 MASON 15i 103 Dolobran Rd Sparkbrook in 18th yr, William Tabberner, db twin son of George/Mary Ann
20/6/1885BATTIN 16i Alvechurch, suddenly age 32, Annie 4 Lea Crescent, Edgbaston
 BYRNE 19i age 76, Charlotte at Rowley Village, Staffs, relict of Moses of Solihull
 HINGELEY 17i Annie Amelia bwo John Wynne, 154 Church St Lozells
 NORTON 17i 308 Nechells Park Rd age 24, George yso late George of Burton on Trent
 RAY 8i Harborne in 94th yr William late spring stirrup maker of Navigation St
22/6/1885ARKWELL 18i at his residence, Crabtree Road, Miles Henry age 78
 BROWN 11i Eliza relict of John, fish & game dealer late Hockley Hill
 DOWNING 21i 60 Varna Rd after many yrs suffering patiently borne age 66, Caroline wo Alderman John
 SCOTT 21i 141 Gooch St after short painful illness, Louisa bwo Walter
25/6/1885DUGGAN 18i at residence of father, Steventon Court, Ludlow, Salop, Elizabeth Ann (Lizzie) 3rd do Mr Jas. & sister of Mrs S.T. Johnson, Hockley Hill in this town
26/6/1885PADMORE 24i Jane, relict of Thomas snr of Cedars, Alcester Rd Moseley
 WRIGHT 23i after short painful illness age 66, John of South Street, Harborne
27/6/1885BARRETT 27i Sarah Sophia bwo N., Moseley Place, Conybere St
 HANSON 26i after long painful illness, Emma bwo Thomas of Union Passage, Bham
29/6/1885ASSINDER 28i 21 Wilson Rd Birchfield, Norman Rea infant so Thomas/Pollie
1/7/1885WHEELER 29u suddenly, Henry Richard, baker 63 Church Rd Aston
2/7/1885 EVANS 30u Eliza dbwo Charles, 109 Kyrwick's Lane
3/7/1885CRUTCHLEY 2i 43 Camp Hill, Oliver Charles age 15 months
 FLINT 30u Mayfield, Gravelly Hill age 67, Mary Ann mother of W.O. Flint of Walsall and Henry P of Bham
 KNOWLES 29u after long illness, Susannah bwo David 278 Summer Lane Bham
6/7/1885JAMES 4i 2 Key Hill Drive, Owen Alfred age 35 after long painful illness
 PLANT 5i 97 Varna Rd Edgbaston, infant do Joseph/Elizabeth
7/7/1885SALT 5i Edward, Brighton Rd, 4th & last surviving so late H.H., St Johns Rd Moseley
9/7/1885HEWITT 1i Bertie age 1 yr 7 months and on 3i Clifford age 2 yrs 9 months bel children of Henry/Charlotte, 95 Gt Colmore St
 WARE 7i 19 Anderton St wo Thomas Joseph late Hochelags, Montreal, Canada after long painful illness borne with Christian fortitude in 40th yr
10/7/1885DEAKIN 9i Chalfont St Peter's, Peter, artist, age 66
 HAYWOOD 6i Lozells Rd age 51, Sarah Crawford widow of Alfred, Aston, Bham
 LUTWYCHE 9i Hamstead Rd Handsworth in 88th yr, Charles Thomas
11/7/1885FARR 22 April, Bennetts Junction, Canterbury, NZ, Isaac late Sparkbrook
 LEAN 10i 18th yr William Baron 3rd so Charles, Oxford Rd, Moseley
 WORRALL 9i age 4 months, Amy Mary Inshaw, bel child of late Charles, Sherborne St
14/7/1885BENNETT 12i of consumption after long painful illness, Mary Elizabeth bwo Thomas, Firework manufacturer, Weaman St
 MALE 11i in 78th yr, William Thomas, Terrace Rd Handsworth
 STAPLEY 10i at residence of son 162 Lichfield Rd Aston, age 81, Eliza relict of John
16/7/1885 FINCH 11i age 63 Elizabeth bwo William, Bellbarn Rd
17/7/1885 WORRALL 13i after short illness, Annie bwo William Henry, Gough Rd
18/7/1885ADKINS 12i after lingering illness of 3 1/2 yrs, George Willie ybso Thomas/Harriet, Castle St Warwick age 20
 BUCKLEY 16i in 80th yr William, 71 Smith St Hockley
20/7/1885JAMES 18i 213 Moseley Rd, Edwin age 37
 STAPLES 12i 175 Cromwell St, Fanny bwo George age 75
21/7/1885WAKEFIELD 19i in 69th yr, Susan bwo Rev. Henry W., Tabernacle Cong. Chapel, Parade
 WEST 19i of croup after short painful illness in 7th yr, Frederick so John/Jane, 9 St Martins Place, Broad St
22/7/1885ENSOR 17i in 53rd yr, Sarah Ann dbwo William, Witton Rd, Aston
23/7/1885ATTWOOD 20i from apoplectic fit in 41st yr, Louisa bwo Isaac, fruit merchant of this town
 NADEN 22i, Eleanor Isabella, relict of Thomas, Heathfield Rd Handsworth
24/7/1885McADAM 17i, James, Slade Rd, Gravelly Hill age 44
25/7/1885DURDEN 15i at Hull after long ilness age 38, Richard formerly of this town
 MORGAN 22i in 6th yr, Albert Edwin dbso Edwin/Harriet, Arthur St, Small Heath
27/7/1885BINKS 26i after sever affliction borne with Christian fortitude in 64th yr, William, The Willows, Serpentine Rd, Harborne
 WAKE 24i, Spark St, Sparkbrook, Gladys Roberta infant do Robert K/Adah R.
28/7/1885GREW 26i after long illness in 59th yr Thomas, Beatrice Cottage, Tyseley, formerly of Boston Mass, U.S.A. American papers pls copy
1/8/1885OWENS 22i at his residence 31 Cromwell St after long painful illness borne with Christian fortitude, William
3/8/1885CRUMP 31u, Aldwin, only child of George/Selina 80 Gooch St
4/8/1885HEYDON 31u after few days illness, George age 38
6/8/1885BABINGTON 1i Herbert (Bertie) only so Benjamin/Annie after long painful illness age 17 months
7/8/1885WATTS 4i in 70th yr, Charles, saddler, 45 yrs residing at 21 Gt Hampton St
8/8/1885ARMSTRONG 5i 38 Witton Rd Aston, Mary Ann edbdo late John
12/8/1885HAWKINS 10i, Balsall Heath Tavern, Balsall Heath Rd, wo Ernest, of a son, prematurely, only survived 8 hours
13/8/1885HEATH 11i at residence of son-in-law, St Silas Square, Church St, Lozells age 74, Thomas late Spencer St
 WILLIAMS 11i after long painful illness in 66th yr, Mary Ann bwo William, 11 Temple Row. Old Cemetery
 WOODHOUSE 12i Holly Bank, St Peters Rd, Handsworth, Catherine age 79
15/8/1885BUCKLEY 13i, James late Ashted Row after short illness age 61
 EDWARDS 10i, Llandudno, Marie age 7, ydbdo Frank/Fanny
17/8/1885HOLDER (changed to HOLDEN on 18/7) 9i after long painful illness, Esther wo Thomas, Branson St.
18/8/1885BAKER 16i after short painful illness in 21st yr, John dbyso Edward
 GREEN 17i after long painful illness, Harriet bwo Thomas, Perry Barr and Lower Priory
 LEES 15i after long illness, 65 Longmore St, Mary Ann widow of Frederick late Newtown Row
 SCOTT 17i Rebecca dbwo Morris, 34 Frederick St
22/8/1885CHESTER 19i 89 Upper Mary St Balsall Heath after surgical operation, infant so George/Kate age 6 days
 EVANS 12i age 64, Phoebe wo Edward, cattle dealer, Martin House, Martin Hussingtree nr Worcs
 FOWKES 7i age 61, Thomas, Cayuga, Germantown, USA late Harborne
24/8/1885MAGUIRE 2i Summer Hill Bham, Emma age 67
 WILLIAMS 22i age 49 Rosanah (Rose) dl & dev wo Charles, 326 New John St West
25/8/1885HARRISON 24i, Mary Ann bdo Elizabeth, 16 Tenby St suddenly age 36
 WIDGERY 22i Paris Villa Sparkhill after lingering illness, Mary Clarke dbwo W.J., Sherlock St
27/8/1885PAGE 25i suddenly in 79th yr Elizabeth db mother of Mrs. Fred Luckett, Woodman Inn, South Rd, Sparkbrook
28/8/1885ALLDRIDGE 25i 45 Villa Rd Handsworth, Walter Nathaniel, bel child of W.C. & E. age 6 months
29/8/1885PHILLIPS 24i after short illness at his residence 12 Pershore Rd, Thomas Smith, for 25 yrs faithful servant of Messrs Thompson & Co., Cambridge St
 SANDERS 27i 19 Gladstone Rd, Minnie Augusta, bwo C.T.
 WILLIAMS 24i age 35, Edward, the Britannia, St Pauls Square
30/8/1885COLLINS 25i, 152 Bridge St West, Arthur age 57
 GOSLING 25i at his residence Oldbury Rd Smethwick, James age 67
2/9/1885ROYDS 29u Duncannon, Ireland, Charles Alfred, Bombadier Royal Art. in 32nd yr, yso late J.W.
 TOOKEY 26u Bath St at sister's residence, Mrs. Howard Edmund
 VOKES 27u 23 Brougham St, William Edward dbso William/Emma age 1 yr 11 months
3/9/1885HARRIS 2i after short illness age 46, Caleb, 2nd do late Joshua of this city
4/9/1885MOORE 2i 26 Lower Loveday St after short illness, Thomas age 69
7/9/1885SMITH 5i suddenly age 21, James Isaac, 2nd so James, 214 Wells St, Hockley
9/9/1885HAWKES 6i at his residence St Cuthberts, Bedford, Thomas Arthur age 63, late Islington Row & Broad St
 JACKSON 6i at his residence 1 Beaufort Villas, Lozells Rd Handsworth, William in 70th yr
11/9/1885LLOYD 9i Thomas, Church Lane, Erdington
 WHITE 10i in 62nd yr William 101 Long St Sparkbrook
12/9/1885DAVIS 11i after short illness, Catherine bwo William, Green Man Hotel, Coleshill
 KING 1i 65 Maria Louisa bwo James, Ramsgate House, Vincent St, Balsall Heath
14/9/1885MASON 11i age 2, Jessie Mabel dbdo George E & Emmie, 318 New John St West
15/9/1885GOSLING 12i Oldbury Rd Smethwick age 40, eso late Charles, Wolverhampton
16/9/1885GODBY 15i 33 Wheeley's Lane, Hannah dbwo William age 59
 LOACH widow of William, 60 yrs in the employ of Messrs Loach & Clarke, brassfounders, age 71
19/9/1885BENNETT 18i in 22nd yr, William Charles edbso W.T., builder, Bissell St. Warstone
 REEVES 17i after long painful illness, Eliza Jane widow of Henry, 187 Darwin St Bham age 62
21/9/1885BROWN 17i suddenly Sutton St Aston age 22, A., the highly esteemed and valued assistant master of St. Stephen's Schools, Bham. Deeply & deservedly lamented
23/9/1885OSBORN 19i Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, John age 66 late Bloomsbury & Nechells Green
 THURSTON 22i Howe St after long painful illness, John age 59
24/9/1885CROMPTON 22i 170 Lozells Rd of bronchitis age 9 months, Henry Russell only child of Henry/Teresa Josephine
 PRICE 20i age 14, Howard yso T., MRCVSL, Elm Cottage, 63 Ladypool Rd
25/9/1885BESLEY 23i in 26th yr Edward John only so John, 78 Rann St Ladywood
28/9/1885DARWENT 26i age 43 of apoplexy, William, file manufacturer, 105 Steelhouse Lane
 NEWMAN 26i Tyburn House nr Bham age 33, Ellen bwo George, 2nd do Thomas Smith late Ashted Brewery
29/9/1885LLOYD 28i Eliza widow of Thomas, Church Lane, Erdington
1/10/1885COLLINS 24u at his residence Langley, Joseph late Church St, Oldbury age 84. Smethwick
 SUCH 30u age 54, Emily do late Joseph, Grosvenor St. West
 WILTON 2i 127 Broad St in 61st yr, Mary Ann, bwo Joseph
3/10/1885LAW 2i Balsall Heath, after long painful illness age 67, William late Bradford St
 THURSFIELD 30u after lingering illness, Benjamin, Benner St, Lozells age 57
5/10/1885BIRD 1i age 17, Eliza ebdo Joseph/Eliza, Heneage St
 NAYLOR 27u age 6, Frederick Edward only bso Edward/Emma
6/10/1885BAYLEY 5i age 72, John Horatio Robert, Wolverhampton
 COLEY 30u 64 Wynne St age 19, Martha 2nd do Henry/Jane, late assistant mistress at St Philip's Schools
 COLEY 4i after long painful affliction, Six Ways Birchfield, George age 76
7/10/1885WALDRON 5i Albany Rd Harborne after short illness age 57, George late New Inn
8/10/1885 BEALE 2i after short illness in 66th yr, Benjamin 44 Norton St Balsall Heath
10/10/1885HALL 9i after 3 days illness, Frank age 21, dbso Thomas/Susannah, 36 Kyrwicks Lane
 PHIPSON 9i at residence of father-in-law, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea age 38, Willian Andrew, Harborne
12/10/1885ARNETT 10i after few days illness from an accident age 40 Edwin of the Adam & Eve, Bradford St
 PERRIN 7i Heathfield, Alcester Rd Moseley age 44, James
16/10/1885LENDRUM 15i 85 Aberdeen St. Emma Jane (Jennie) bwo John J.
17/10/1885WEEKES 14i Oxford age 70, Mary relict of Christmas Edward John late Nuneaton, solicitor, and mother of B. of this town, solicitor
 SUMMERS 16i Beasley, bho Elizabeth age 65
19/10/1885ALLEN 16i 96 Wrentham St age 33, Richard only so late Henry of Irving St
 HASELER 18i after long illness in 41st yr George Carter jnr, Wretham House, Handsworth
 LAMB 8i at residence of her uncle James, Aston age 14, Ellen only do John jnr late Wolves. Aston
 LANDER 15i at his residence 18i Monument Rd Edgbaston, George age 71
 BODEN 18i at Bull's Head Hotel, Meriden, William age 65
 STANSBIE 14i age 22 at Talbot St suddenly, Ellen bwo Henry & do George/Mary Ann Noon, Soho
20/10/1885NIGHTINGALE 17i Park Rd Soho, James age 60, 44 yrs faithful servant of firm of Mr. Bower, late Daniel, Oldham and Bower
22/10/1885TANDY 22i after short illness age 55, James, Burbury St, Lozells
23/10/1885BALL 20i 20 Islington Terrace, Wenman St, Abram age 33, 11 yrs faithful servant to late W. Brown of Bell St and 11 Bishop St South
 JACKSON 18i at Thomas St, Frederick, brushmaker age 54
 PINFIELD 21i 34 Lichfield Rd, Florence Elizabeth db child of Alfred/Jane
24/10/1885BRASS 23i Hamstead Mount, Handsworth in 67th yr, Anne Arrowsmith bwo John
 CLUCAS 21i after short illness age 37, Mary Elizabeth dbwo W.J., Bull's Head, 52 Smallbrook St
 FLETCHER 22i Vauxhall Rd, George age 69
26/10/1885ALLDRIDGE 25i 103 Summer Lane, Louisa Helen, bwo William age 60
 WILLIAMS 24i suddenly age 62, James, 31 St Peters Rd Handsworth & 39 Cox St, St Pauls Bham
28/10/1885PARSONS 26i after short painful illness in 9th yr Hetty Leonora 4th do late Charles George/Alice H
29/10/1885HAYES 25i Bournemouth in 22nd yr, George 2nd so Thomas C late Broad St Bham & Warwick Rd, Acocks Green
30/10/1885BILLINGTON 26i age 63 after 2 days illness, George, commercial traveller, The Hollies, Kyotts Lake Rd, Stratford Rd
 HEMS 25i suddenly Budbrook Barracks age 18, Alfred eso Alfred, Handsworth
2/11/1885TYNDALL 1i at his residence George Rd Edgbaston in 73rd yr, Henry Witton, solicitor
3/11/1885BICKLEY 1i age 82, James of Elvetham Rd Edgbaston
5/11/1885WILLCOX 4i Elizabeth bwo James 189 Ladywood Rd Edgbaston
6/11/1886THOMPSON 4i 28 Noel Rd Edgbaston, Frances Ann relict of Charles.
7/11/1885ADAMS 1i Limes, Montgomery St Sparkbrook, Percival Joseph infant so Albert/Florence
 SAWYER 29u Swansea age 32, Louisa Martha bwo Frank H. formerly of this town & ydo late Thomas Rideout, Gt Brook St
10/11/1885HODKINSON 5i Small Heath, James in 64th yr
 PEARSALL 6i at his residence, Morville St after long painful illness age 34, Abel 5th so Abel, St Martin's St
11/11/1885TAYLOR 10i Elmfield, Bristol Rd age 66, Joseph upwards 26 years member of Bham Town Council
 WOOD 1i 32 Louisa wo Alfred, Abbey Tavern, Key Hill, Hockley
12/11/1885RANDALL 11i 174 Wilton St Lozells age 37, Thomas
13/11/1885GEE 10i after long painful illness Wills St Lozells, Rebecca bwo W., late Lichfield St age 64
 HAINES 8i Elizabeth relict of George, Sand St, St Mary's Square Bham age 76
 SPALDING 11i 28 Hall St, Emma wo William
 TAYLOR 10i Elmfield, Bristol Rd, Joseph age 65. Witton
17/11/1885KEELING 14i Montague Rd Edgbaston as result of an accident age 35, Charles Foxall
 WARDLE 10i 206 Park Rd Hockley in 43rd yr, John
18/11/1885GILES 16i Elizabeth widow of Benjamin, Ingleby St
 HEPTINSTALL 17i at his residence 151 Granville St, Horatio age 65
 SMITH 16i 72 Morville St Ladywood after short illness in 49th yr, James, for 20 yrs with Messrs Abbot and Co
19/11/1885DUMBLETON 18i age 73 Louisa, bwo Thomas, 97 Lord St
 LAWRENCE 19i 8 Erasmus Rd Sparkbrook, Charles Henry age 21, so late W. late Bordesley St
 WAKEFIELD 11i of croup at Erdington age 6 yrs, William Hammersley only so William Hammersley late Sparkbrook
21/11/1885HINKLEY 19i Henry after short painful illness age 52
 MURRAY after lingering ilness at her residence Black Horse, Northwood St
 TAYLOR 20i of consumption age 36, Albert J. (gave street but could not read)
 THACKER 18i, Janes in 22nd yr
23/11/1885DAVIES 20i age 58, Edward, Grosvenor St Ladywood, upwards 40 yrs respected servant of W. Middlemore, Esq
 JENKINS 17i at his residence Sparkbrook age 76, Henry late Blossomfield, Shirley
 WOODMAN 19i Edward Henry (Eddie) bho C., 12 Palmerston St Leics age 24, late of this town
24/11/1885 CROWSON 22i 24 Lozells Rd, Lucy bwo William age 58
25/11/1885EAGLESFIELD 18i suddenly, Heaton St, Jasper age 58. Church of England cemetery
26/11/1885CHAPMAN 24i suddenly, George late Aston age 58
27/11/1885KEMP 2i age 56, Ann bwo John of Winnipeg, Canada late Bracebridge St Bham
 MANNING 26i, Walter Arnold infant so W. & M., 34 Sherbourne Rd Balsall Heath
28/11/1885OWEN 26i 312 Balsall Heath Road, Ann relict of Robert, carriage builder late of this town
30/11/1885DUTTON 28i 33 Larches St Sparkbrook, William age 74, late Sergeant of Bham Police
 TONEY 24i 183 Park Rd Hockley age 66, George
1/12/1885WRIGHT 28u at his residence 48 Deritend, John age 74
2/12/1885DEANE 30u Byfleet, Surrey, Emma, bwo Harry & edo Frederick/Mary Ann Bratt, Handsworth
 WHITFIELD 1i Drayton Terrace, Camp Hill age 19 days, Millicent Agnes db child of John/Emily Jane
4/12/1885EDGE 27u 431 Coventry Rd, Small Heath, Thomas age 48
 MOSELEY 3i 6 Roland Grove, Jane Elizabeth devoted wo Joseph Gregory
 WRIGHT 28u at his residence 48 Deritend, John age 74
5/12/1885LEWIS 4i at his residence Devonshire House, Princes Park, Liverpool after long illness in 62nd yr, David
 SMITH 29i Wednesbury, bwo Joseph late Turner St, Sparkbrook
7/12/1885 LAWLEY 3i after painful illness, Mary bwo William, Clifford St Aston
8/12/1885GODSUR 6i Laburnum Cottage, Wynn St age 74. William
 HYDE 17i 17 Monument Rd, William age 50
9/12/1885WILCOX 8i 42 Stoke St, age 67,Richard
12/12/1885BAYLISS 8i age 45, Samuel, 34 Bellbarn Rd after long painful illness
 DALTON 11i after short painful illness borne with Christian fortitude age 61, William, painter, Ten Acres, Pershore Rd
 NURRISH 11i 59 Park St age 59, John
 SATCHELL 11u Lahore, India, Alfred age 39 late of this town
14/12/1885ROWE 24u 11 White Rd Sparkbrook, Edward Richard eso late George, Claremont Place, Victoria Rd Aston
 STONE 11i Cavendish House, Grosvenor Rd Handsworth, Elizabeth wo J.H., J.P.
 WHITEHOUSE 11i 87 Vyse St, Eliza bwo W.E.
15/12/1885HEAFIELD 13i Hunter's Lane Handsworth age 78, Sarah relict of William, builder & contractor of this town
16/12/1885HINKS 14i 182 Aston Rd Bham in 63rd yr, Thomas
17/12/1885BONSER 6i 134 Wills St Lozells age 4, Annie E.
18/12/1885CROMPTON 16i after short illness age 38, Emma bwo J.A., White Swan Inn, New John St
21/12/1885PENN 20i Highfield Rd Saltley, Eva Marienne age 1 yr 10 months yb child of Charles/Mabella
 VANES 18i Jane, relict of Henry, glasscutter, many yrs glass & china dealers, Hall St & New St, Dudley, last child of William Gill, Wadams Pool
22/12/1885BURGESS 21i of congestion of lungs age 26, Sarah Keziah, dbwo John T.M., Soho Hill, Handsworth
 WHITE 20i after long painful illness, Jane widow of Thomas, Belmont Row
23/12/1885FISHER 22i Hannah relict of John, Wilton St Lozells
24/12/1885HOLLIDAY 23i Chad Valley, Edgbaston age 66, Mary bwo William
26/12/1885SMITH 23i at his residence 286 Bloomsbury St age 64, David F.R.A.S., hon. superintendent & pastor of Bloomsbury Institution Bham. St Saviour's Saltley
28/12/1885BENT 24i 15 Havelock Rd Saltley age 45, Annie bwo William
 MEALAND 23i age 9 months, Harold bel child of Jesse & S.A. of the Stores, Winson Green
1/1/1907BERRY 30u Thomas Barnsley ebso late Marian of Summer Hill age 34 after short painful illness
 DALLAWAY 28u at Rose & Crown, Whittall St, Alfred in 27th year. Funeral Witton
 DIPPLE 30u suddenly 44 Earlsbury Gardens, Perry Barr, John bho Esther age 58, for upwards 30 yrs with Messrs Elkington and Co Ltd
 EVANS 31u at 128 Grove Rd Sparkhill, Alfred bho S.A. after short painful illness
 HAWKINS 1i 45 Long Acre Lane, Nechells, Gabrielle bho Annie
 HUGHES 28u 35 Alfred St, Sparkbrook Henry in 71st yr after long painful illness
 LINTON 30u City Hospital, Lodge Rd of enteric fever, Marian Ethel 135 Edward Rd, Balsall Heath, db only child of late William & Susanna Linton, age 22
 MASON 30u 235 Park Rd Hockley, Sydney bso Alfred/Elizabeth age 21
 PUGH 27u John bho E., 58 Lodge Rd, late of Icknield St
 TAYLOR 29u 63 Cox Street West, Balsall Heath, Joseph age 62, bho Mary R.
 THOMPSON 28u Ann age 64 wo Edward of Wall Heath Kingswinford late New Crown & Cushion Inn Perry Barr
 WARWOOD 28u 311 Pershore Rd Selly Park, Joseph dbho Mary age 82 for 30 yrs verger at St Stephens Selly Hill
2/1/1907BARTLETT 30u suddenly at son's residence 37 Baker St Small Heath, Emma
 CALE 27u after long illness William late Temple Row
 HAMPSHIRE 30u M.W. 9 Golden Hillock Rd Bham age 77
 HASSALL 31u Mary wo John, edo late W. Bottrell, Sheepcote St.
 HUDSON Frank bho Kate passed away 1/1/1907 after short painful illness late barman of Wrexham, Lancaster St
 MECARTE 30u 3 Gt Colmore St at residence of his mother after short painful illness, Thomas Frederic, only surviving so late Thomas Frederic of this city
 NEWTON 1i 602 Coventry Rd Small Heath, William James, suddenly
 RUSSELL 25u William Henry 40 Ledsam St Ladywood passed peacefully away after long painful illness. Int. Lodge Hill
 THOMAS 29u 107 Ladywood Rd, Jane. Funeral Lodge Hill
 WHITE 30u Queens Arms, Gt Brook St Ashted Bham, Frederick John Arthur age 35
 WOODWARD 1i Bull's Head, Shadwell St, Sarah bwo George age 62 after painful illness. Key Hill
1/1/1901CHAMBERS 28u at her niece's 183 St Lukes Rd Sarah bwo Frederick of 149 Gt Colmore St age 72
 DOWNING 29u James at Yew Tree Inn West Bromwich age 63
 FARMILOE 27u 242 Victoria Rd Aston, Doris only do John H & Amy age 15 months
 FRANTZ 13u suddenly at Yardley, Henry age 67. Int. Yardley Cemetery
 GLOVER 14u at Greyhound Inn Bradford St, Edwin Harold age 18
 HATELEY 22u 268 Gt Colmore St, Daniel age 66
 HEAVEN 24u George so George & Fanny age 16
 HEELEY 29u at Woodlands, Tamworth Rd, Gravelly Hill, Ann wo late Charles age 57
 HUNTER 30u Winson Green bwo William H. Hunter
 JOHNSON 22u Glenluce Villas, Gravelly Hill after short illness, William age 84
 LAKE 31u at his daughters 11 Cattell Rd, Richard age 68 late Wright St
 NORTH 30u 172 Antrobus Rd Handsworth, Mabel Gertrude eldest do Frederick & Rose age 11
 OAKES 30u 106 William St Aston, William Henry youngest so late Solomon, blacksmith of this city
 ORME 27u Soho Tavern, Park Rd, Elsie May do J.A. & Mrs. E. age 5 1/2 yrs
 PARKES 30u 98 Grange Rd Small Heath, Francis age 71
 ROPER 23u Ellen St, Catherine eldest do late James
 ROSE 31u after long painful illness Bertha, bel sister of Miss Rose 80 Gt Colmore St and T.W. Rose, Albert Rd Aston
 TONKS 29u at his residence Hagley Rd Edgbaston, Samuel in 82nd yr. Funeral C of E Cemetery Warstone Lane
 VALE 31u Charles late of Aston Unity Cricket Club age 41
 WARWICK 29u The Dingle, Shirley, Jane bwo Frederick age 41
2/1/1901FARMER 21u 28 Woodbridge Rd Moseley, Rose Emma age 67
 GREATHEAD 29u 26 Stirling Rd Edgbaston, John age 72 late Constitution Hill. Funeral Handsworth Old Church
 HAYFIELD 31u 33 Church Rd Aston, William late Head Master Alma St Board School Aston age 52. Funeral Aston Parish Church
 HILL 29u after great suffering, Julia 137 Mary St Balsall Heath age 73 mother of William, New Brighton. Int. Warstone Lane
 HUGHES 31m Maria dbwo Samuel William, plumber of Summer Lane Bham age 57
 JOBBINS 27i at her dau's 74 Albert Rd Handsworth, Sarah Elizabeth age 73 widow of Thomas of Edgbaston, mother of late WH Jobbins, Principal Government School of Art, Calcutta
 KINCHIN 29u Mabel 5th do Thomas/Elizabeth, Rose Bank, Shirley age 21
 MOORE 30u Mrs Catherine suddenly at son in law's William Doig McLaren, Pitlochry, Melton Rd Kings Heath
3/1/1901HILL 29u after great suffering Julia, 137 Mary St Balsall Heath age 73, mother of William New Brighton. Int. Warstone Lane Cemetery
 HUGHES 31u Maria dbwo Samuel William, plumber of Summer Lane Bham age 57
 JOBBINS 27u at her daughter's 74 Albert Rd Handsworth, Sarah Elizabeth age 73, widow of Thomas of Edgbaston, mother of late W.H. Jobbins, Principal Government School of Art, Calcutta
 JONES 31u Mary Ann widow of F.S. late Summer Hill. Uplands
 KINCHIN 29u Mabel 5th do Thomas/Elizabeth, Rose Bank, Shirley age 21
 LAKE 31u at his daus 11 Cattell Rd, Richard age 68 late Wright St
 MILES 2i Eleanor Amy wo Charles and do late James Bullock, Moseley
 PARKES 30u 98 Grange Rd Small Heath, Francis age 71
 ROPER 23u Ellen St, Catherine edo late James
 TAYLOR 2i Martha dbwo Samuel, 94 Crabtree Rd Brookfields
 TONKS 29u at his residence Hagley Rd Edgbaston, Samuel in 82nd yr
 WARWICK 29u at The Dingle, Shirley, Jane bwo Frederick age 41
4/1/1901ALEXANDER 31u Annie Blake bwo Standford, 222 New John St West age 56
 BURDETT Wilfred eldest & bso Frank, Manchester, late Bham, aboard Primrose Hill wrecked off Holyhead
 HEWSON 1i Tower Rd, William, cabdriver late Clifton Rd Aston age 38
 KING 1i 17 Rupert St, Alfred Henry age 55. Witton
 MILES 2i Eleanor A wo Charles, do late James
 PRIDEY 2i in Lozells, Jane age 60
 STARLING 3i James Henry late Harborne, at Old Swinford, Stourbridge after long painful suffering
5/1/1901ASPLEN 4i Ellen bwo Joseph J of Aston age 52
 BANNER 2i 105 Garrison St, Lizzie bwo Alfred age 48
 BROWN 1i after short illness, William of Wishaw late Aston St age 72
 EVANS 27u at Tor Cross Devon, age -8 Charles James eso Evan late Chestnut Rd Moseley
 FISHER 27u at residence of dau 160 Herbert Rd Small Heath, Elizabeth widow of John age 76. Welford on Avon
 HARRISON 31u 53 Anderton Rd Sparkbrook, Dorothy Ellen dby child of R.W. & E, 1 yr 11 months
 LLOYD 4i Edgbaston Grove, Bham, Mary wo George Braithwaite
 PORTER 4i 38 Main St Sparkbrook, Sarah bwo James
 PRIDEY 2i 79 Anglesey St, Lozells, James age 60
 ROBINSON 3i The Stores, 21 Muntz St Small Heath, Thomas age 58
7/1/1901ALLEN 3i of cancer John age 67, 53yrs servant of F & H Marson, silversmiths, Spencer St
 BARTLETT 4i William Thomas bho Annie, 28 Frank St in 45th yr
 GURLEY 4i Charles 128 Lichfield Rd Aston age 65
 LAMB 3i after long illness, James, Francis St
 ROBINSON 5i Queens Hospital, Joseph, bho M.A.
 WEBB 5i Adam of Gt Stone Inn, Northampton age 52
8/1/1901BANNER 2i 105 Garrison St, bwo Alfred age 48
 BROWN 5i 111 Nelson Rd Handsworth, James Russell bso Thomas/Annie born Oct 23 1900
 BOWELL 7i at residence of dau 167 Stoney Lane Sparkbrook, Harriet widow of Philip of Bham age 62
 JONES 7i William back 52 Ellen St Brookfields age 57
 KERR 4i 79 High St Bournbrook, Hilda Amy youngest & bel child of Mrs. H.V. Lodge Hill
 TENNANTS 7i 5 Kyrwick's Lane, William age 58
 WEBB age 61 at St Joseph's House, Harborne, Thomas late 262 Victoria Rd Aston. Aston Parish Church
9/1/1901FRANCIS 8i 74 Upper Sutton St, Aston, John age 74
 HARVATT 7i Eliza widow of Thomas of Mortimer House, 148 Brighton Rd, Moseley
10/1/1901CHAMBERS 8i Rubery Hill Asylum, Clarissa Lydia edo George/Clarissa, 37 Lower Loveday St, age 18 after many yrs suffering. American papers pls copy
 FISHER 8i after long painful illness William, 145 Lozells St Aston in 46th yr
 HUTCHINGS 7i 185 Lee Bank Rd, Bernard yso Sydney/Caroline age 5
 MACGANN 6i 68 Eversley Rd, Miss Martha Mary. Witton
 PARKES 8i Aberdale, Harborne Rd, Edgbaston, Israel in 82nd yr. Wesleyan Chapel West Bromwich
 SINGLETON 8i Stechford, Thomas late Union Bar of this city in 38th yr
11/1/1901BOUCHER 6i 29 Winson St after long painful illness age 45, Arthur John bho Eliza
 HALL 9i 6 Monument Rd, Alice do Harry/Harriet 1 yr 9 months
 HILTON 10i Slade Rd, Gravelley Hill, Clara widow of Henry age 72
 MALIN 8i Hockley, Thomas Bayes late Digbeth (city) age 68
 SMALL 7i General Hospital (from burns) Winifred age 8 dbedo F & M, George St Bham. Witton
12/1/1901BLYTHE 8i 29 Adderley Rd Saltley, Stephen senior in 70th yr, for upwards of 25 yrs member of Prince of Wales Theatre Orchestra, uncle of late Stephen Blythe, musical director
 COLEBOURN 9i 35 Alexandra St, Emma Maria age 82
 HAMMOND 9i at residence of son in law John Gessey, Tillingham St, Sparkbrook, Rosannah in 81st yr
 HARPER 10i Highfield Place, Irving St, Rose in 26th yr
 HARRIS 11i suddenly, Ferndale, Spriongfield Rd Kings Heath, Joseph bho Sarah age 75
 HARTLAND 8i after short illness William late British Oak, Suffolk St in 66th yr
 PARKER 8i William bho Sarah, Tompkins Blgs, Spring Hill
 WADE 11i after long painful illness at dau residence 20 Ravenhurst Rd Harborne, Elizabeth of 42 Heath St age 69
 WALDRON 7i Ellen wo Henry after long painful illness
 WALE 11i after short illness, James, Bath Row age 73
14/1/1901BANKS 12i at his residence 15 Hope St West Bromwich, Richard age 71. Bilston Cem.
 HALL 13i 188 Camp Hill Bordesley, Frank eso Francis age 26. Also Charlie, youngest child who died at City Hospital 11/7/00 age 9 yrs 11 months
 JOHNSTON 26u of brain fever George, 4th Dragoon Guards stationed in India age 26
15/1/1901BERRY 11i 5 Rosalie St Elizabeth wo Joseph age 59
 FERGUSSON 13i Brae Cottage, Ballenling, Perthshire A.K., late Soho Foundry Smethwick
 HARRIS 11i suddenly Ferndale, Springfield Rd Kings Heath, Joseph bho Sarah in 75th yr
 RAMSAY 14i Ardlui, Hampton Rd Birchfields, Eric Thomas Warwick age 4 months
 TILFORD 11i 191 Edward Rd, Balsall Heath, George late Charlemont, West Bromwich in -4th yr
 TONGUE 11i Wright Rd, Saltley, Francis George age 38 of pneumonia
 WALE 11i after short illness, James, Bath Row age 73
16/1/1901HALL 13i 188 Camp Hill, Frank eso Francis age 26
 TILFORD 11i 191 Edward Rd, Balsall Heath, George
 RIDER 12i 19 New St Aston, Edna dldo John/Agnes of pneumonia
 SAVILLE 11i James bho Margaret E. of Stirchley
17/1/1901CLARKE 13i suddenly Mamhead View, Exmouth, Devon, wo Richard late Hall Green age 56
 DARLING 14i at his residence, Frank after short painful illness age 45. Old Cemetery
 HOLYOAK 10i 231 Camden St, Charles bho Mary Ann in 60th yr
 KUXLEY 15i 25 Kendal Rd, Minnie Elizabeth edo William/Harriet age 20
 MOORE 15i 13 Pitsford St, Jane wo Joseph E. Warstone
 RIDER 12i 19 New St, Aston, Edna dldo John/Agnes of pneumonia
 STEEL 14i Moreton St, William bho Mary Ann age 63
 TAYLOR5 15i after short painful illness, John bho Martha, High Park St Nechells in 57th yr
 WILLIAMS 16i 232 Bolton Rd Small Heath, Hannah wo James age 50
18/1/1901BELL 16i 26 Gordon Rd Handsworth, Fanny Adelaide wo Ernest edo F & E Milner, Bristol Rd Edgbaston
 BRADNOCK 18i 20 Beach Rd Sparkhill, Florence Isabel edo WJ & SJ age 28
 DEAKIN 16i Queens Hospital after long suffering, Ernest Edward, Vauxhall Rd
 HEDGE 14i Elsie age 8 at 5 Roden St Balsall Heath
 LINLEY 18i 22 Brunswick Rd Handsworth, Louisa in 26th yr
 MOORE 15i 13 Pitsford St, Jane wo Joseph E. Warstone
 STEVENS 18i 118 Montague Rd, Esther in 72nd yr late Rupert St
 TAYLOR 13i Crewe, Alfred Edward only so Emma, 101 Rann St age 27, husband of Martha Jane
19/1/1901BOTT 16i 134 Rocky Lane Nechells, Selina widow of Samuel, of peritonitis
 BROWN 16i 3 Waters Place, Grace Rd Sparkbrook after short painful illness, Leslie Victor ydbso Fred & Edith of acute broncho-pneumonia age 3 yrs 4 months
 CHAMBERS 7i 13 Stuart St Nechells late White Hart, William age 58 bho Harriet after long illness
 MOORE 17i at her dau's residence Holly Rd Handsworth, Ann age 72
 ROBINSON 17i Springfield House, Camden St, Maria wo James age 76
 SMEE 5i from cancer, Emma sister of Mr Cooper 203 Wheeler St age 54. Bexhill on Sea
 SMITH 17i Florence Louisa dbwo Albert A, edo James Steadman & sister of Mrs. A.E. Lones age 27
 STEEL 14i Moreton St, William bho Mary Ann age 69
 WESTWOOD 14i at his residence Finch Rd Lozells after short illness, Charles, refiner & bullion dealer of this city age 71
 WILD 18i at his residence 98 Hingeston St, George bho Sarah
21/1/1901ARTHURS 16o Rupert St, George Edward late Fighting Cocks, Oakengates, 2nd so George/Rebecca, late The Gate, Gt Lister St. Witton
24/6/1901BARRADALE 20i 219 Hagley Rd Edgbaston in 66th yr, Harriet wo William, clerk to the City Justices
 BRAHAM 22i at his residence 35 Stirling Rd Edgbaston, Frederick J age 69
 DARRALL 16i Ann only do late James formerly of Radnor Rd Handsworth (as result of accident at Bournemouth) age 50
 HAMPSHIRE 20i in 10th yr Florence Wyatt, 81 Ravenhurst St bdo F & MH
 PRICE 19i 25 Ryland St Ladywood, Thomas William age 35
25/6/1901CRACROFT 16i 33 Leonard Rd Handsworth, Jane dbwo Bernard H age 44
 ROSE 19i 84 Wellington Rd, Annie bwo William & edo John Sprason of Leonard Rd Handsworth
 WILSON 24i George jnr 220 Gt Francis St age 35. Wife and family
26/6/1901HUNT 19i Jenny dbwo John, Fern Bank, Coppice Rd Moseley
 LOWE 21i 183 Heathfield Rd, John Herbert (Bert) only so John/Elizabeth
 MARLER 19i 116 Lozells Rd Handsworth, John James age 69
 PROCTER 23i Richard, 74 Havelock Rd age 41. Saltley Church
27/6/1901EMANUEL 24i at his residence Laurisdale, Hagley Rd Edgbaston, Elias age 62
 FIDDIAN 23i Richard, Smith St. Hockley, butcher late Cradley Heath age 54
 MAGRETH 24i at his residence Bordesley Green after long painful illness, Robert Storer age 57
28/6/1901BIDDLE 24i Brixham House, Stechford, Thomas age 77
 BODEN 26i 6 Austin St Nechells, Kate (Kitty) age 22 ybdo Thomas/Esther. Witton
 EDWARDS 25i 45 Tower Rd Aston, Lizzie bwo John. Witton
 FIDDIAN 23i 62 Smith St, Hockley, Richard age 62
 WRIGHT 26i 106 Bloomsbury St Nechells, Henry bho Selina age 49
29/6/1901ALCOCK 23i Dolphin Rd Sparkhill, Herbert dbho Emily S. age 32
 CHASE 28i Heather Cottage, Four Oaks, Sarah wo late C.W. of the Library, Bennetts Hill, Bham
 CLIFFORD 26i Cyril Rd Small Heath, Rosannah age 63
 COLLEY 25i suddenly Fanny wo Joseph, Bham late Shrewsbury
 COTTERELL 27i 33 Balsall Heath Rd, Edgbaston after long painful illness, Martha age 55
 HEFFORD 26i Hannah wo Joseph at Churchfield Tavern, West Bromwich
 PITT 27i 93 Camden St, Matthew age 53
 POOLE 25i suddenly John Henry, dbso William/Lavinia, Small Heath
 TAYLOR 27i after long painful illness Sarah widow of Joseph of Chadwick End
 WOOD 25i of acute brain fever, George, Union St age 39
1/7/1901ANDREWS 30u Ann Maria widow of Edwin Josias 12 Goldsmith Terrace, Ellen St age 54
 BIDDLE 24u Brixham House Stechford Thomas age 77
 BORTHWICK 29u Ferndale, Cromer Rd Moseley, Alexander bho Annie age 38 many yrs with Bovril Ltd. Int. Brandwood End
 CLIFFORD 26u Cyril Rd Small Heath, Rosanna age 63
 COTTERELL 27u Samuel of the Britannia, Brewery St very suddenly age 48
 JONES 27u West Cromwell Rd London after long painful illness patiently borne Annie Marie bel sister of late James
 LEWIS 30u Summerfield, Farquhar Rd Edgbaston, Joseph, chartered accountant youngest so late Charles Thomas age 48
 PEACOCK 7 April (Easter Day) washed overboard on passage home from Melbourne William Henry age 26 606 Coventry Rd Small Heath formerly Ludlow
 ROOKER 28u 148 Warstone Lane in 78th yr Mary Ann bwo James
 STEEL 29u Llandudno, Grace bdo George & Grace of Bloemfontein, formerly of this city age 14 months
 TANSELL 28u 152 Brighton Rd Moseley, James, Midland Railway Traffic Inspector
 TEBBUTT 29u Gt Oakley Northamptonshire Abraham accidentally killed in the hayfield
2/7/1901COLLINS 28u 5 Park Place Highgate Park, Elizabeth bwo George. Funeral Handsworth Church
 GOODRIDGE 1i Hull, Frederick M late B'ham, son in law of John GARDNER, Barker St Handsworth age 32
 HICKMAN J, Glen May, High Bridge Rd, Wylde Green, late Sutton St Aston
 MILWARD 27u Douglas, IoM, Henry William bho Sophie Celene 107 Dale End after short illness age 50. Int. Lodge Hill
 SPENCER 28u 21 Stretton Rd Aston, Maudie dearly bel do John & Annie age 7
 WALSH 25u Barford Rd, Henry Alfred yso late William, the Old Toll Gate Handsworth age 63
 WATERS 28u 133 Cato St Vauxhall bel father of Walter age 81
3/7/1901HIPKISS 28u 15 Barrows Rd, John Frederick bho Hannah Alice (late of Ombersley Rd) for many yrs with Thomas Adams and Sons Ltd.
 MORGAN 30u 169 Dudley Rd Nora bdo late Albert, Old Gore nr Ross age 17. Int. Upton Bishop
5/7/1901BROWN 30u at his residence Dudderston Mill Rd after a short illness, John
 GOPSILL 2i Beaucastle, Bewdley, Maria age 78
 FLETCHER Edith Alice bwo Horatio Joseph suddenly June 24, Philadelphia U.S. late Cromwell St age 66
 SUTTON 2i 80 Alcester St Allen bwo James, builder (late of Cheapside) in 74th yr
6/7/1901BREARLEY 3i 17 Stoney Stanton Rd Coventry in 89th yr Joseph late H.M. Inland Revenue
 EVANS 4i Auckland Rd Camp Hill dbho Martha age 44
 FISHER 2i after short painful illness bwo Joseph 29 Gerrard St Lozells
 GREEN 30u Henry 100 Little Green Lanes, Small Heath faithful servant of John Wilkes, Sons & Mapplebeck for upwards of 39 yrs
 LAWRENCE 5i 10 Croydon Rd Bournbrook Elizabeth wo Ernest. Lodge Hill.
 SWINBURNE 5i at his residence 368 Stratford Rd, George age 81
8/7/1901BULLOCK 6i 185 Bristol Rd of cancer after long painful illness, John age 64
 FOSTER 3i 34 Leopold St in 19th yr after long painful illness, Rose Ann youngest do late Thomas
 GOODE 13i Poona, India, of fever, Albert Edward only bel so Albert Edward/Mary Jane 151 Summer Lane
 HOLLIDAY 4i 61 Lea House Rd, Stirchley Charlotte bwo Thomas late Saltley age 53
 LUCKMAN 30u 5 Bournville Lane, John Harvey age 72. Int. Kings Norton Cemetery
 THOMPSON 6i 3 The Grove, Villa Rd Handsworth, Henry age 54
9/7/1901COLE 9i Sunnywide, Greswolde Rd Sparkhill, Eliza bel wo late Courington
 EDGECOMBE 4i 231 St Andrews Rd Small Heath Henry bho Emily age 50
 GIRLING 9i 43 Hunters Rd Handsworth, Martha aage 76 bwo Frederick deceased late Gt Hampton St
 LEES 6i 423 Stratford Rd, Dorinda widow of Lewis M. of Coventry
 WEST 6i suddenly Isaac 66 Angelina St Bham. American papers pls copy
 WILSON 6i 63 Shakespeare St Sparkhill after long painful illness, Elizabeth age 67
10/7/1901HARRIS 5i at his residence Waterloo Rd Smethwick, Henry Elliott after long illness
 HUNT 8i Martha bwo late Thomas 193 Park Rd Aston
 MOIR 9i 81 Gravelly Lane Erdington Emily bwo John William age 53
 ORTON 9i The Nest, Warwick Rd, Sarah Susannah bwo William John, age 53. Brandwood End
 RILEY 4i Queens Hospital bho Mary late 11 Shakespeare St Sparkhill. Yardley
 THOMPSON 6i 3 The Grove, Villa Rd Handsworth, Henry age 54
 WELLS 9i 37 Oxford St, Sam youngest & dbs of Joseph & late Mary
11/7/1901CORNEY 7i Kenilworth, Rosa widow of Thomas formerly of London age 66
 HINTON 8i after painful illness George William eldest bso George & Mabel 112 Hockley Hill
12/7/1901FINCH, 11i Mafeking Cottage Lapworth, Thomas late Bham in 46th yr
 PIPKIN 10i 1 Cooksey Rd in 70th yr after short illness Susannah widow of George late Stationmaster, Winson Green, beloved by all her children
 WILSON 10i William Janes yso Henry & Sarah Ann, 14 Prestbury Rd Aston after short painful illness age 22. Int. Witton
13/7/1901BACON 13i 412 Coventry Rd Small Heath after long illness Edmund age 69 of the firm of Bacon & Sons River St Deritend
 CLARKE 11i 43 Golden Hillock Rd Small Heath, William Benjamin
 GARDNER 12i 86 Alston St Ladywood after long painful illness Nellie dbwo Albert age 35
 GREENWAY 10i Eliza widow of George, Edgbaston & db mother of H Greenway, Ladywood Rd
 MUSCHIALLI 11i 152 Angelina St db youngest do Jane & Donato age 9
 TOMLINS 11i 10 Roland Grove Handsworth, Emily bwo Richard James age 33
15/7/1901FARMILOE 12i 332 Bloomsbury St Nechells, Mary Ann widow of Charles B age 80
 FEARNEY 15/6 last at Natal of pneumonia in his 28th yr William 2nd Royal Warks. Regiment yso John
 HAZLEWOOD 14i Llanberis, Forest Rd Moseley, Nellie dbwo George
 HINGELEY 13i after few days illness 4 Waverhill Rd Handsworth James Henry age 72. Int. Warstone New Cem
 LONDON 13i Brunswick Rd Balsall Heath Howard Percy so late Felix, age 19
 PAGE 11i 33 Loveday St Henry dbho Eliza
 TOMLINS 11i 10 Roland Grove Handsworth, Emily bwo Richard James age 33
16/7/1901BARRATT 14i Beechcroft, Church Rd Moseley, William Rose age 56
 BLADON 14i after short illness following operation Sarah Alice dbwo Edward, Clydesdale Park Hill, Moseley
 HARMES 4i in 82nd yr Mary widow of Joseph 206 Pershore Rd
 KEY 11i Eckington Worcs. age 78 Henry, artist, so Joseph late Little Hampton St
 PADMORE 15i Pendennis, Oakland Rd Moseley, Arthur Edward eldest so late Thomas J of Ravenswood, Wake Green Moseley
 WELLINGS 12i Manchester Hotel, Romsley, Hales Owen after long painful illness Aquila age 51
17/7/1901BARRY 15i 4 Sycamore Rd Smethwick age 91, Anne late West Bromwich
 HASLUCK 14i Llandudno, Elizabeth Jane, Olton Court, Olton widow of D.S. of Austins, Handsworth age 78. Funeral Solihull Church
18/7/1901GOFFE 16i Samuel John, Hillaries Rd, Gravelly Hill age 63 eldest so late James, mineral water manufacturer
 GROVE 17i suddenly at son's residence 124 Solihull Rd, John of The Defiance Safe Works, Exeter Passage, age 64
 MEWIS 13i Coventry Rd Kenilworth through sunstroke Victoria Maud youngest do Joseph & Harriett
 PADMORE 15i Pendennis, Oakland Rd Moseley, Arthur Edward eso late Thomas of Ravenswood, Wake Green
 PAGE 11i 33 Loveday St, Henry bho Eliza age 63
19/7/1901EDGLEY 15i Kings Heath, Harold John dbso Howard/Charlotte age 3 yrs 8 months
 HURST 17i 91 Heneage St, James age 62
 MADDEN 16i 199 Bradford St, Thomas bel yso James/Eliza in 21st yr. Lodge Hill
20/7/1901HAWKER 17i Claverdon, Thomas late of Lozells age 60
 HURST 17i 91 Heneage St, James age 62
 NASMYTH 18i 179 Hunters Rd A.G. age 67, 26 Bham Place, much suffering
 SUMMERS 18i 57 Havelock Rd Saltley, Elizabeth wo late Beasley of Birmingham age 70 after painful illness. Int. Saltley
22/7/1901BROWN 21i at son's residence 526 Coventry Rd Small Heath, Eliza MacDonald widow of William, Dunfermline N.B.
 CLARKE 19i Waterworks Rd after lingering illness Edwin late Smithfield Market Bham in 70th yr
 HUTCHINSON Private Harry 5 Clarence Rd Sparkhill passed away 18 May 1901 in his 20th yr at Bethlehem Hospital, South Africa of enteric fever, beloved by L.C. & family
 POYNTON 18i of cancer William of Rann St Ladywood in 69th yr. Missed by Ada, Kate, Edith
 REEVES 20i suddenly Beatrice Louisa (Cissy) youngest do Arthur & Louisa age 1
23/7/1901GUCK 21i of heat apoplexy while out fishing with the Exchange Fishing Club in contest at Kempsey Mr. G. age 58. Int. Kempsey Parish Church
 HARPER 20i 65 Wilton Rd Handsworth after short illness Winifred Irene age 6 dbdo William Henry/Amy
 HATTON 20i 129 Junction Rd Handsworth Arthur Harry Rex, bso Arthur/Amy age 2 yrs 3 months
 OSTINS 18i General Hospital Bham John Stennett yso Thomas of Stourbridge and this town age 25
 RICHINGS 19i 36 Bishop St, Mary dbwo Philip after long painful illness age 69. Mourned by her children
 SIMPKIN 20i William 2nd so late Henry & Clara late Sherlock St age 26
24/7/1901HILEY 18i Charles, Hay Mills in 78th yr
 BABINGTON 23i 79 Tower St, William age 61
 SIMMS 21i Llandrindrod Wells, Louisa ydo Martha & late John Plant Simms, Lee Bank Post Office, Bham. Int. Warstone Cem.
 WATERSON Helen 22i widow of John chemist of this city and 2nd do late William Filkin.
25/7/1901BIRT 24i Elizabeth widow of H.W. late Corcs. & do late Joseph Surman
 HAWKINS 23i Miss Eliza M. 23 Dora Rd Small Heath
 HOLTOM 24i Yardley Wood after long painful illness John Albert eldest so John, Moseley age 39
 LUNN 24i Chain Walk Lozells Louisa widow of Joseph of the French Horn, Mary Ann St. in 85th yr
 TOWNSON 23i at his residence Ivydene, Ward End, Robert 3rd so late James age 42. Int. Yardley
26/7/1901BEAMES 23i Small Heath, Dorothy dbdo William/Jennie age 11 months
 BROOK 24i at his residence 75 White Road, Arthur age 53
 BROWN 24i Kingswood House, Kingswood, War. in 57th yr John Dobie eldest so late A. of Daventry. Funeral Packwood Parish Church
 BUNCHER 24i at daus residence Mrs. Lawrence 7 Benton Rd Sparkhill, John late Harvest Home, Camp Hill in 78th yr
 FULLWOOD 24i of heart disease Alice Ellen (Nellie) 4th do Alice Amelia & late John of Bracebridge St
27/7/1901BETTS 22i Harriet widow of William and mother of Mrs Pugh, Stratford Rd
 CAPEWELL 19i result of an accident at Sheffield Charles so late James, Small Heath age 55
 EARLE 25i Wellington Rd Handsworth Wood, John Burton in 64th yr
29/7/1901DEVEY 26i Constance youngest do E., 63 Carlyle Rd. Int. Key Hill Old Cem
 EVERALL 28i 56 Kingsley Rd Sparkbrook Sarah Emma bwo Richard
 HARVEY 28i Dr. Barlings Private Hospital, Cornwall St. after an operation, George, for 14 yrs of Queen's Head Hockley Street age 60, Key Hill Cem.
 HINKS 27i Elizabeth wo W., Small Heath
 JONES 26i Workhouse Lodge, Spring Hill, Evan Owen bho Eliza age 3- (thirty something)
 SHAW 8 Abbotsford Rd Sparkbrook, Leslie Charles Wheildon dbs of Charles/Florence age 4 months
 SMITH 27i 4 Hubert St, Harold James only bel child of James/Carrie
 VOILS 28i Woodbine Villa, Marsh Lane, Erdington after painful illness dbwo Thomas in 72nd yr
30/7/1901HICKMAN 28i Aston Lane Perry Barr, Henry in 69th yr
 HODGES 26i suddenly Druids Lane Farm, Hollywood, George in 59th yr
 SKIDMORE 28i 94 Durham Rd Sparkhill Mabel Irene age 4 yrs only beloved gdau of Mrs. F. Skidmore, bdo Arthur & Florrie
 WRIGHT 29i 5 Alfred St Sparkbrook, Mary Ann widow of Henry
31/7/1901BRYAN 25i Rose wo Charles, Lincoln St
 DAVIS 29i 125 Larches St Sparkbrook after much suffering, William, dbho Emily
 HICKMAN 28i Aston Lane Perry Barr, Henry in 69th yr
 WILLETTS 27i Wellington Rd Handsworth, Mary Ann bwo Samuel in 77th yr
 WILLIAMS 30i Sarah wo Thomas, Hendon nr London formerly Westminster Rd Handsworth in 56th yr
1/8/1901COSTELLO 31u Beech Rd Sparkhill after long painful illness Thomas Sidney dearly loved & only so Clara & late Thomas Patrick (formerly Inland Revenue) age 1 yr 10 months
 DAVIS 29u 125 Larches St Sparkbrook after long suffering William dbho Emily
 EDMONDS 30u after brief illness Robert Bruce 352 Warwick Rd, Greet late Colmore St
 FREEMAN 29u Mary E 2nd do late Joseph late Wrentham St age 49
 HANNAFORD 30u 21 Nelson Rd Aston Henry William only & dbso Harry & M.E. late Aston St Bham age 20
 HICKMAN 28u Aston Lane Perry Barr, Henry in 69th yr
 KENNELL 27u suddenly at her daus residence 81 Alma St, widow of Joseph of Lower Hurst St
 REEVE 29u 69 Bevington Rd Aston, Winifred eldest do John/Mary Anne
 WILLETTS 27u Wellington Rd Handsworth, Mary Ann bwo Samuel in 77th yr
2/8/1901BRAGG 31u Elizabeth age 84. Int. Yardley Cem
 HANNAFORD 30u 21 Nelson Rd Aston, Harry William only & dbso Harry & M.E. late Aston St Bham age 20
 REEVE 29u 69 Bevington Rd Aston, Winifred eldest do John/Mary Anne
 SIMS 31u Hedley Villa, Leamington, Sarah late Green Lanes Small Heath age 77. Funeral Saltley
3/8/1901ALSFORD 2i 146 Spring Hill, Gerald dl only child of Frank/Annie age 6 months
 BAKER 2i Arthur age 51 Wilton Rd Sparkhill in 49th yr
 COMMANDER 1i after long suffering Sarah bwo Thomas, Albert Place, Broad St age 58
 NOBLE 2i 6 Ansley Gardens, Springfield St, Annie Beatrice only do William/Jane age 7 yrs 9 months
5/8/1901BAILEY 2i 76 Bearwood Rd Smethwick after long painful illness Mary Ann (Pollie) wo N.W. age 48
 BAKER 2i Arthur 51 Wilton St Sparkhill in 49th yr
 HUGHES 1i after long illness 8 Park St Lichfield Rd Aston Frederick Jabez age 52. Int. Witton
6/8/1901EDMONDS 30u suddenly Robert Bruce gson of late Robert Edmonds, Navigation St age 48
7/8/1901AVERNY 3i 86 Shireland Rd, Cape Hill, Tom dbho Alberta age 45
 BOSTOCK 3i 164 Wright St Saltley, Ellen wo Luther formerly Wolverhampton
 DRINKWATER 1i 55 Milton Rd Kings Heath after short illness, Mabel only & bel. child of Walter/Kate in 7th yr. Brandwood End Cem.
 GARNER 3i Matilda devoted wo Thomas age 70. Uplands Smethwick
 LAKIN 4i Bull's Head Smallbrook St. Frank Herbert age 27. Int. Witton
 O'LEARY 6i Glenarm, Park Rd Moseley, Kate ydo late J.G. Int. Moseley Parish Church
 TALLIS 4i 61 Green Lanes Jane bwo John in 83rd yr
8/8/1901ASTBURY 8i Grange Rd West Brom, William in 57th yr
 DAVISON 7i Tenbury House Kings Heath, Hannah bwo Edward age 66
 DENNISS 6i 32 Gt Charles St, Florence Elizabeth (Cissy) eldest do John George & Mary Ann age 20. (another notice on 9/7/1901 changes DENNISS to DENNESS)
 MORLEY 7i 367 Rotton Park Rd, Dorothy bdo Fred/Alice age 11 1/2 yrs
 PERRY 6i 54 Hamstead Rd Handsworth, Mary widow of William Groves, Warwick in 84th yr
 SMITH 6i suddenly Jane bwo Charles 119 Varna Rd age 46
9/8/1901FARNDALE 8i The Hollies Sutton Coldfield, Joseph formerly Chief Constable of Bham age 59. Funeral Witton
 GODWARD 7i at her sister's 8 Seymour St., Mary widow of George 82 late Balsall Heath
 JONES 8i 167 Bevington Rd Aston, Stephen Vernon age 3 months only & bel child of Stephen/Rose
 LLOYD 8i 136 High St Harborne after long painful illness William Henry dbho Sarah Ann age 63
 MERRICK 7i 3 Seymarks Cottage, Inkerman St, Vauxhall, Thomas John in 63rd yr, 33 yrs at Saltley Gas Works
 SIMS 31u Hedley Villa Leamington
10/8/1901BARTLAM 9i after long illness at his residence 82 Crompton Rd Handsworth, Edward age 74
 BRINKWORTH 6i 216 Cromwell St. Walter bho Eliza age 50
 BROWN 10i Woodman, Easy Row, Cissy bwo Samuel after long & weary illness age 33
 CALE 3i 148 Guildford St Lozells, William dbho Maria age 66
 HIRST 4i suddenly 50 Hugh Rd Small Heath Mabel Violet dbdo Frederick/Annie age 4 yrs 9 months
 HORTON 7i Aberystwyth result of boating accident Albert Charles, 2nd so Arthur/Fannie, Handsworth & West Bromwich age 23. Int. Yardley
 POWELL 7i 404 Rotten Park Rd Harry Robert bso Henry/Milly age 3
 BOLTON 10i at her residence Cambridge Villa, Albert Rd Aston Jane wo H.H. & youngest do late Joseph HIRONS of Olton age 54
 WALKER 2i 64 Warwick Rd Sparkhill John Bertie age 19 dbso George & Mary Ann formerly Whitmore Rd Small Heath
12/8/1901BISHOP 11i at his residence 46 Wiggin St, Rotton Park, bho Elizabeth age 51
 NEWBY 10i Glebe Terrace, Hanover St, Alfred bho Millie age 31. Int. Witton
 TONGUE 11i Avondale, York Rd, Kings Heath in his 40th yr Henry Thomas late of Spring Hill
 WALE 10i after short illness Mary, wo J., undertaker, 38 Holloway Head
 YERRELL 9i age 86 Henry, farmer late of Wythal
13/8/1901HAMMOND 8i Adam Owen 10- Moland St. Int. Witton
 JONES 12i Park Hurst, Shirley, Richard lo Cheapside age 77
 PRICE 10i 60 Wiggin St after painful illness James bho Kate age 46
 SMITH 12i Needwood, Frederick Rd Edgbaston in 48th yr Richard Porter Keates bso Mrs. Edward Smith. Funeral Kings Norton (the surname was changed to KEATES rather than SMITH in the same notice on 14/8)
 WALE 10i after short illness Mary wo J.
14/8/1901BLAXLEY 9i 11 Aston Lane, Aston, John age 80.
 HINGELEY 12i at her residence 50 Holly Rd Handsworth Sarah relict of Jabez late of Handsworth
 TONGUE 11i Avondale, York Rd Kings Heath in 40th yr Henry Thomas late Spring Hill. Int. Brandwood End
 WHISTON 2u at Bathurst New South Wales Australia Arthur Lawrence, so William, Gillott Rd Edgbaston
15/8/1901BEDWELL 9i after long illness James 263 Bloomsbury St in 72nd yr
 BODE 13i at his residence Holte Rd Aston, James Cheatham age 69. Int. Aston Parish Church
 BUTLER 13i after long illness John at his residence 183 Victoria Rd Aston age 48, member of the firm Thomas Butler and Sons, Aston Rd
 JONES 13i at his residence 57 Bloomsbury St, James bho Elizabeth age 68. Int. Yardley
 MORRIS 14i Ethel bel child of William/Lucy 5 Brewery St, Handsworth age 10 months
 POUNTNEY 14i 16 Park Grove, Small Heath, Ann dbwo William age 71, married 1851
 RILEY 15i Rose Villa, Greenfield Rd, Harborne, Rosa Catherine age 47 bwo Edward
 TAYLOR 13i 29 Tower St, Harriet age 73, widow of William. Also remembered Aug 6 1897 William age 71. Sons/daus
 WILLIAMS 14i 76 Holborn Hill, Aston, Henry Joseph, baker lo Sycamore Rd Aston age 51. Mourned by wife/children
16/8/1901BARTHOLOMEW 14i 2 New Blgs, Vauxhall Rd, George bho Mary age 50
 BRISBAND 14i Aston Village, Hannah Maria widow of Luke, Lord St & Aston, suddenly in 70th yr
 CLIFT 15i Annie age 48, member of firm Thomas Butler and Sons, Aston Rd
 EMPSON 16i 49 Heathfield Rd, Harborne, Ann S. sister of late John Empson age 63
 FORD 10i Glenmeay, Bournville in 13th yr Stanley Ernest dbso Thomas/Mary Rosina
 JONES 28u very suddenly 17 Holland St, Sutton Coldfield, William late Kempsey, Worcs
 TIMMS 12i 69 Clifton Rd, Harry dbho Lottie age 30
17/8/1901BURMAN 156 Francis St. William yso late Richard, banker, Henley in Arden in 80th yr
 CROSBY 17i 63 Stamford Rd Handsworth, Ernest William, late sergeant Dublin City Artillery age 27
 MONK 15i 24 Harborne Lane Selly Oak Elsie Annie do Frank/Agnes age 3
 ROBINSON 14i 86 Dale End, John, dbho Maria age 48
 TIPPETTS 12i from heart failure, William Smith, age 43 late of Perry Barr
 WOOTON 15i at his residence 21 Ladywood Rd, Charles William bho Anne in 55th yr
19/8/1901APLIN 16i 91 Mount St Nechells, Henry William dbho Emma age 49
 CHAPMAN 14i at Weymouth, William of Solihull age 64. Int. Solihull
 DEVEY 18i 7 Saltley Rd, Winifred dearly loved infant do Fred/Maud
 MATTHEWS 14i 251 New John St. West, Harold age 24. Funeral Warstone. Loved & mourned by Agnes
 ORPE 16i after long painful illness at his residence 159 New Spring St Brookfields, Frederick age 41
 SMITH 15i at General Hospital after short illness, H.J., 57 Holland Rd Aston
20/8/1901ARMSTRONG 19i 187 Stratford Rd Sparkbrook, Christopher Eskuche age 65 after painful illness
 HOBBS 18i 30 Navigation St, Emma bwo G.C. age 60
 HUME 15i Summer Rd Edgbaston after illness borne with exemplary patience, John age 76 eldest so late Daniel of firm J. & D. Hume, builders formerly of this town
 KNIGHT 17i Sutton Coldfield after a few days illness db 2nd so Harry/May, 34 Gt Hampton
 LOCKETT 15i 89 Gillott Rd, Joseph age 75
 MOORE 17i 92 Summer Rd Edgbaston, William in 87th yr
 RANKIN 19i 44 Hertford Rd Balsall Heath, Elizabeth bwo Robert
 SMITH 20i Benjamin in 79th yr at his residence Radnor Rd Handsworth of the firm J & B Smith, Bull St Bham
 TAYLOR 16i Elizabeth wo William suddenly 172 Gt Hampton Row
21/8/1901BINT 19i after short painful illness John Thomas 42 Leopold St, Soho late Abbey St Hockley. Int. Witton
 BOOTY 22u Johannesburg (result of an accident) John T, 9 Barwell Rd Small Heath age 39
 BULLIVANT 18i 2 back 94 Ashley St, Lettitia age 58, suddenly
 HOBBS 18i 30 Navigation St. Emma
 WRIGHT 19i suddenly at Alcester, Herbert Richard bso Annie/Richard, nephew of Mrs Jessop, Grosvenor St
22/8/1901BROWN 20i after long painful illness wo late Charles 62 Francis Rd Ashted age 68
 FLETCHER 20i after long illness at his residence 60 Stanmore Rd Edgbaston, William in 66th yr. Funeral C of E Cemet. Warstone
 HANNAN 19i John bso W.H. Professor of Music age 49
 HARTLEY 21i back 11 Essex St J.H. Hartley, negro comedian
 SMITH 20i Radnor Rd Handsworth, Benjamin age 78. Witton Cem.
23/8/1901BASNETT Samuel 22i 8 Montague Rd Handsworth after long painful illness (cancer) age 62. Funeral Old Cem Icknield St
 KING 21i 17 Claremont Rd Handsworth Hyam Ezrael
 PIMM 20i after much suffering John of Scotland St, Parade age 72
24/8/1901BROWN 22i 55 Leyton Rd Handsworth Elizabeth widow of William, Vyse St and db mother of Mrs. John Eaglesfield
 GREW 22i Ashleigh, Cambridge Rd Kings Heath, Edwin age 55. Funeral Brandwood End
 MEASEY 22i of typhoid fever in 57th yr Isabel wo late Thomas 33 Jakeman Rd Balsall Heath
26/8/1901BIBB 23i Emma bwo Edward, Glen Dower, Clarendon Rd, Edgbaston age 65
 BOOTY 22u Johannesburg South Africa John dbho Eliza, 9 Barwell Rd
 BUTLER 25i after prolonged illness borne with Christian fortitude Sarah Jane bdo George, Bromsgrove late Sparkhill age 46
 COTTRELL 22i after long painful illness Susan wo C. Tenby St Restaurant
 DORLING 25i after long illness Edmund only so Edmund, Ellen St age 17 months
 FAUX 23i 56 Rosebery St, Frederick Arthur so W.E. & Ellen
 GOULD 22i 104 Highbury Rd Kings Heath (of syncope) Frank Edwin only & dl child of Edwin/Minnie and grandson of F. Franklin of Sherbourne St age 5
 KEELEY 19i at his residence 98 Vicarage Rd Aston, William after a long illness
 PAYNE 25i 95 Highgate Rd Sparkbrook after long suffering, Frederick age 55. Funeral Coventry
27/8/1901APPLEBY 25i Rosebery Lodge, Hagley Rd Edgbaston, Sarah Anne wo Alfred. Funeral Warstone
 LANDOR 24i after long painful illness Henrietta Isabel, Rann St Ladywood late Kinver
 LAWLEY 26i house of her father T.K. Mace, 85 Oakfield Rd, Mabel Edgerton wo W.H. LAWLEY, 17 Brighton Rd age 36
 PAGE 25i Mary's Rd Stechford, Ethel Mary infant do John/Elizabeth
 PRICE at Arley, Bewdley suddenly 24i Alice, bwo Samuel, 71 Dearman Rd Sparkbrook age 53
 SWANN 25i 149 Ombersley Rd Juliet age 47. Int. Lodge Hill
28/8/1901NOLAN 23i Osborn Rd Sparkhill after long illness James in 51st yr. Int. Olton Monastery. Wife/children
 THOMPSON 26i at Arnold Farm, Tile Hill, Maud Emma eldest do James/Sarah Ann
 WHEATLEY 24i Bloomsbury Tavern, Heneage St, Albert Owen bho Leah Grove late 46 Nelson Rd Aston and Smithfield Market
 WILLIAMS Rev. F.T. founder & pastor of Sacred Heart Mission Bham died 59 Wilton Rd Aston 25i in 52nd yr
29/8/1901ABBOTT 28i James 44 Chantry Rd Handsworth (late Summer Lane) b bro of Mrs E Brown, 76 Vittoria St after short illness. Warstone Lane. Wife/children
 BANNOCKS 22i W.P.R. at his residence, Birmingham Rd West Bromwich
 DOWELL 24i 143 Metchley Lane Harborne after long painful illness John dbho Sarah Mary age 51
 MARTIN 20i Easterfields, Horsham (Horeham?) Rd Sussex, Charles James late 174 Ashmore Rd London, 2nd so late Michael of Horsebridge Sussex and Birmingham age 46
 SPARKES 26i Southport after painful illness Edmund Horace bso George/Louisa 88a Tower Rd Aston. Int. Witton
30/8/1901BRACEY 29i after short illness Winterslow House, Bristol Rd, Herbert Richard MRCS. Funeral Selly Oak Church
 TAYLOR 29i of cancer after long painful illness Sarah of Essington St
 VOISEY 8u Bham Cottage, Brisbane, Australia, Ebenezer late of this city
31/8/1901EMERSON 30i Elizabeth 57 Lawrence St. age 69
 MINTRIDGE 29i Hay Mill after long illness William Edward age 61
 SIMKINS 28i 55 Gerrard St. Lozells after long suffering, James age 73
 STACK 30i 157 Monument Rd, Frances (of cancer) age 61. Lodge Hill
 STEVENS Aberystwyth, Sarah bwo J.W. The Woodroughs, Church Rd Moseley age 53. Int. Kings Heath Church
 TAYLOR 28i Edward E, Ashted Row age 53. Warstone Lane Cem.
2/9/1901HARRISON 31u after long painful illness Elsie do William, 24 Heathmill Lane
 SIMKINS 28u 55 Gerrard St, Lozells after long suffering age 73, James
3/9/1901ELSE Emma widow of John (late Gladys Rd & Muntz St) after long illness at 2 Charles Rd. Funeral Yardley
 ICKE 29u 106 Whitehead Rd Aston, Ethel Mary
 PINLEY 2i 40 Gate Stores, Gate St, Saltley Gate & Billesley Arms) John bho Alice Maud
 SIMKINS 28u 55 Gerrard St Lozells after long suffering, James age 73
4/9/1901FOLLOWS 2i Arden House. Birchfield Rd age 26 Joseph Thomas bho Beatrice, Handsworth
 HILL 31u 84 Gower St Angelina wo Charles age 34, bso Ada Adair, Hollies, Chain Walk
 STANLEY 2i Elizabeth bwo James 74 York Rd Kings Heath. Warstone Lane
 TWISS 3i 4 Mole St Sparkbrook Marianne eldest do late Henry age 56
5/9/1901ASHFORD 3i Juliet Louisa widow of M. 319 Gooch St
 BOOT 2i at his residence 70 Potters Hill, Henry in 69th yr. Witton
 EVANS 1i Clara wo James age 40
 FALLOWS 1i Runcorn Rd Moseley, John Hart bho Esther, eldest so late John, auctioneer of this city age 73. Brandwood End
 HATTON 5i 184 Bradford St, Eliza, bwo John age 60
 HINKS 3i at her gparents 22 Blakeland St, Yardley Rd, Dorothy (Cissie) only do Thomas/Nellie of Nottingham age 10
 HUBAND 27u Naauwpoort South Africa of hepatic abscess, Samuel so George of Bournville
 LATTIMER 3i at her residence Beach Rd Sparkhill, Elizabeth wo Frederick, suddenly
 MARSHALL 27u after 3 days illness at his residence 85 Bellbarn Rd, Samuel age 58
 PEADE 31u 7 Clarence Rd Harborne, Thomas age 53
 ROGERS 2i Southam Warwickshire PC Arthur late Aston age 46
 WHITEHOUSE 3i Lansdown Villa, Selly Oak, Leilah Anna only surviving do Jacob age 27
6/9/1901CHESTER 5i Catherine in 85th yr
 DENHAM 4i 113 Leonard Road Handsworth, Norman George dearly loved so Frances Charlotte and late Leonard Mark
 HULSTON 4i after short illness Eliza widow of Thomas William
 LONG 5i 127 Bevington Rd Aston, John Atkins age 61
 ROSE 3i 245 Park Rd Hockley, Samuel age 45
7/9/1901CHESHIRE 2i at residence of her son-in-law (J.N. Sanders, Bristol St) Jane Maria age 75 after long illness
 CRUTCHLEY 5i The Lings, Sparkhill, Henry age 76 late Ashted. Warstone
 DRAPER 6i 26 Coxwell Rd, Janet widow of George Charlwood
 FOSTER 5i Coventry, Harriet bwo Joseph & do late Thomas Godfrey, Ladywood age 43
 GLOSTER 7i Kathleen infant do Joseph/Martha, Roseleigh, Acocks Green
 JONES John age 41 proprietor Lion Dining Rooms, Market Hall age 73. Funeral from 73 Station Rd. Hockley Cem
 LANE 4i Kinver after long painful illness Thomas (late GPO Bham) in 40th yr. Wife/daughters
 MILLS 3i Ellen widow of Nathaniel in 66th yr
 PURDEN 6i General Hospital Harry, late St Clements Rd Nechells bso Henry age 37
 REDGRAVE 4i Holly Lane, Erdington, Elisha many yrs auctioneer in Bham age 73. Nechells Cem.
9/9/1901AIMES 4i Gresley Arms Inn, Lichfield, Charles William age 34
 BARNETT 7i at her residence 398 Monument Rd, Francis widow of Barnett Barnett age 71
 BLOUNT 3i bwo Thomas Henry do late Arthur Brittain
 CAMPBELL 7i 37 Ingleby St, Ellen bwo William age 49
 CHESTER 5i Catherine late Constitution Hill of this city age 84. Warstone
 GOAD 6i 53 Woodfield Rd, Samuel age 65. Yardley
 HATHWAY 6i 160 Icknield St suddenly Alfred lo Bradford St age 45
 HULSTON 4i after short illness Eliza widow of Thomas William
 MILLS 29u Montreal Canada of typhoid fever, George William late 121 Francis St
 PARSONS 4i Henry age 25. Key Hill Old cem.
 THOMPSON 7i Louie bwo Arthur in 32nd yr
10/9/1901COHEN 7i 4 Mary Ann St after long suffering patiently borne Richard Mitchell formerly Newhall St and Church St age 68. Warstone
 WILCOX 7i the Private Hospital Newhall St, Beryl age 4 eldest child of Elijah/Frances, Stourbridge
11/9/1901ANDERSON 7u Los Angeles California, America wo Archibald and do W. & E.V. Kernick, 34 Gillott Rd
 CAMPBELL 7i 37 Ingleby St Ellen bwo William age 49
 MARKS 9i Caroline bwo James, Grafton Rd Sparkbrook youngest do late Thomas Greenway, Pandy. Lodge Hill
 STOKES 6i Princess Rd Edgbaston, William (late Inkberrow) age 79
12/9/1901BALLARD 10i 7 Highfield Place, Irving St, Harry dbso late Thomas/Hannah age 26
 CLARKE 11i Thomas Rone 42 Willows Rd Balsall Heath age 30
 FISHER 8i Mary Ann May dbdo John/Rose Ellen at their residence New John St West. Witton
 GUNN 9i General Hospital, Joseph age 66 dbho Mary for 32 yrs faithful servant of Messrs Manders & Son, Branston St.
 HARRISON 11i after short illness Samuel, Prescott St Brookfields bho Annie. Nechells cem.
 LIGHTWOOD 10i 18 Charles Rd, Small Heath, Alfred Henry of Bournemouth 2nd so late William of Bham age 30. General cem.
 MURPHY 11i at her mothers residence 81 Sherbourne Rd in 32nd yr Emily widow of Jack. Yardley cem.
 PAYNE 9i back 7 Upper Ryland Rd Edgbaston, James George dbho Sarah age 50
 WRIGHT 10i Caroline Amelia 228 Lozells Rd Bham eldest do late Christopher
13/9/1901GOAD 6i 53 Woodfield Rd, Samuel age 65
 MORGAN 12i 20 Lionel St after serious illness George age 44. Witton
 SHORT Thomas 12i late Malleable Iron Foundry, Moland St, also Lee Hall Tavern Yardley age 74
14/9/1901DAWSON 12i 75 Villa Rd Handsworth in 67th yr, William Henry dbho Jane
 DIXON 5i Arthur Bernard youngest so Cornelius/Ellen killed in action in Rhenosterfontein South Africa age 23, Trooper in Worcs. Imperial Yeomanry
 EDGE 12i at daus residence 42 Goodrick St Saltley, William age 73, suddenly. Yardley
 HARRISON 11i 44 Taunton Rd, Sarah wo Charles late Bellbarn Rd age 46. Yardley
 RATCLIFFE 11i at his residence 299 Summer Lane, George in 60th yr. Witton
 PEARCE 13i 57 Golden Hillock Rd, Albert Walter age 3 so George/Emma
 WEBB 11i at son's residence E Jeynes 159 Coventry Rd, Ann age 70 widow of Richard, Westmancote, Worcs
16/9/1901BAILEY 14i Wright St Saltley, Mary Ann age 70
 EAVES 11i in 34th yr after short painful illness, Albert
 HURST 12i at his residence Normanhurst, Showell Green Lane, Thomas Alfred last surviving so late Thomas
 LEE 15i Frederick Joseph so William, coal merchant 44 Bacchus Rd, Soho age 26
 NEVILLE 7i 33 Kenilworth St Leamington, Hannah age 75. Int. Lillington
 PEERS 13i 85 Leonard Rd Handsworth, Sarah in 61st yr, relict of Thomas after long & patient suffering
 PERKINS 14i 19 Hatchett St, for over 60 yrs resident of Smith St Hockley, Eliza Ann, widow of William. Sorrowing children. Warstone Lane
 STRACHEN 7i Donaghadee Co. Down, Harriet widow of George Blair of this sity age 73
 TIPPING 15i Elizabeth widow of George 104 Balsall Heath Road in 70th yr
17/9/1901DAWSON 12i 75 Villa Rd Handsworth in 67th yr, William dbho Jane
 EVANS 14i Mary Ann bwo Charles Cephoes, 149 Bradford St Bham
 MELLERSHIP 13i 18 Warstone Terrace Handsworth, John T. so late Thomas, coal master, West Bromwich age 49
 RATCLIFFE 11i at his residence 299 Summer Lane, George. Witton
 TAYLOR 16i 94 Severn St age 56, Charles bho Harriet, of Bruce's late Hall & Sons, Wrottesley St. Witton
18/9/1901ASHBURY Beatrice 16i bdo John/Mary Ann 68 Havelock Rd Saltley age 22. Yardley
 BOWER 14i Fanny widow of Joseph Henry timber merchant of this city. Warstone Lane. Lamented by niece Polly Bower
 COLLINS 16i Samuel 231 Berners St age 71
 COTTON 8i Hazelhurst, Hockley Heath, Henry Moris, Crimean & Indian Mutiny veteran after painful illness
 DUNN 17i 40 Beach Rd Sparkhill, Zenas in 70th yr
 HILL 14i at City Asylum James late Moseley St age 82
 HOLLOWAY 14i Charles db child of Solomon/Kate, Grant St age 14 months
 NICHOLLS 16i 132 Cato Street Saltley, Amy dbdo Charlotte age 16
 STANWELL 17i General Hospital, Maria (Poppy) 11 Hampden St, Balsall Heath. Lodge Hill
19/9/1901CUNNINGWORTH 17i 17 Wood St, James age 64
 JENNINGS 7u at his residence Moseley, 64 Raleigh St, Windsor, Melbourne, Australia, James db brother of John of Harborne in 82nd yr
 OSBORNE 13i Henry only bso H., Arden Rd Saltley age 30
 PADLEY 17i after long painful illness, Emma dbwo Thomas, Seymour St
20/9/1901KING 12i 31 Auckland Rd Sparkbrook, Jane Elizabeth in 75th yr
 SCOTT 17i Walter, Mineral Water manufacturer, Abbotsford Works, Pershore St also 75 Kyotts Lane Rd, Sparkbrook. Yardley
21/9/1901BENTLEY 17i at residence of her son-in-law (William H Worrall) Bron Eryri, Upper Bangor, NW, Hannah widow of Edward late of Leamington in 93rd yr
 CHATWIN 20i at her father's 96 Cato St after long painful illness, Ann Mary, youngest & bdo John, wife of Samuel late Upper Cox St, Balsall Heath
 CLAYTON 18i Queens Hospital, Rupert George age 6, bso Harry/Lizzie 34 Bloomsbury St. Witton
 OAKES 16i Esther wo William 103 Clarence Rd Harborne in 63rd yr
 OVERS 19i Anglesey St. Board Schools widow of Richard, Bentley Heath age 81. Witton
 PIMM 19i Dorothy Gertrude age 1 yr 10 months. Prescott St.
23/9/1901KING 12i 31 Auckland Rd Sparkbrook, Jan Elizabeth in 75th yr
 ROWE 22i 34 Alcester Rd Moseley after short illness, Charles age 65
 SANDERS 20i 21 Barker St Handsworth, Joseph age 55. Requiem St Chads
24/9/1901COX 23i Hopwood, Chantry Rd Moseley of tubercular meningitis, James so John age 1 yr
 DICKINSON 22i 135 Gt Charles St, Esther Victoria Maud age 14
 GABB 22i 163 Francis Rd, Thomas Albert yso William, Handsworth
 HALL 19i Edward ho Eliza, 166 Gt Colmore St, mourned by wife and son
 HERBERT 18i Oldham late Bham, Mrs. Esther age 77
 LUND 23i 216 Charles Rd Small Heath after long painful illness, Joseph Henry age 43. Selly Oak Cem.
 MANSFIELD 21i Charlotte 4th do late Thomas Farlow Mansfield, Acocks Green
 ROWE 22i 34 Alcester Rd Moseley after short illness, Charles 65
 RUDD 21i Hockley Hill, Dennis Arthur db child of Ernest/Agnes age 5
 SANDERS 20i 21 Barker St Handsworth, Joseph age 55. Requiem St Chads
 SILVERS 21i suddenly, Douglas Rd Handsworth, Harriet late Gt Russell St Bham. Key Hill
 SMALL 23i after short painful illness William H., 61 New Summer St, bho Emma
 SWIFT 23i at his son's 40 Grange Rd, Charles age 62 after long painful illness
 WALKER 17i dearly loved brother of John E., 17th Lancers killed at Modderfontein nr Tarkastad, Cape Colony age 21 yrs. Bro/sisters
25/9/1901BRADY 21i John Hugh in 62nd yr. Funeral Witton
 COOPER 23i suddenly, Ada dbwo Thomas E., Sherborne Rd, Balsall Heath
 PALMER 6u Austra Louisa relict of Charles, St Pauls Square, Bham & sister of late Annie Cale, Unett St Smethwick. Mourned by niece C. Cale
 RICHARDSON 21i Frances widow of W.E. & do late Abel Palser for 17 yrs teacher at St Barnabas Day School.
26/9/1901HARRISON 25i suddenly 10 Montague Rd, Edgbaston in 52nd yr, Eliza Jane wo Walter A
 OWEN 25i Hampton in Arden late Aston, Alfred age 51 yrs. Aston
 PEARMAN 25i at his son's 76 Bristol St., Richard age 83
27/9/1901DABBS 25i Hollies, Nether Whitacre after short painful illness, Edwin late Swan Hotel. Nether Whitacre
 GREEN 23i Eliza Emily dbwo William R, Wolverhampton, late Sparkhill age 28
 HURLEY 24u Thomas in 56th yr. Wife & family
 LEESON 25i 42 Lichfield Rd, Elizabeth Ann widow Thomas, Aston Rd North
28/9/1901BARNARD 26i Harry Thomas 2nd so late John, 58 Rupert St
 DAY 26i 5 Gordon Rd Handsworth, Margaret Irma Palmer, do Edward A. & Irma, 27 Salisbury Rd, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, late Handsworth age 5 months
 DORNTON 27i 4 Vicarage Rd, Agnes eldest do Mrs Charles Dornton. Funeral Northfield Parish Church
 PLANT 26i 63 Summerfield Crescent after long painful illness, Lydia bwo Thomas J, age 36
 SMITH suddenly 26i George Augustus many yrs at City Lamp Dept late 54 Grant St
30/9/1901CAMPBELL 28u Dwaar's Vlei, Middelburg, Cape Colony, Jessie age 26 do Ivy, 23 Gladstone Rd Sparkbrook
 EVANS 16i Seaman's Hospital Greenwich suddenly, Francis West (Frank) gson of Benjamin snr who was father of the iron trade in Bham a century ago. Australian papers pls copy
 HAWKESFORD 22i at her father's Charles Whitby 35 Knowle Rd Sparkhill, Jane Matilda age 40
 HICKMAN 27i 82 Ashted Row, Ann late Badby Northampton, sister of Mrs. J. Hawkins age 76
 HOLLINGSWORTH 27i at residence of her son-in-law Courtlands, Oxford Rd, Moseley, Amelia Emily widow of Charles age 69
 LEESON 25i 42 Lichfield Rd, Elizabeth Ann widow of Thomas, Aston Rd North
 MARGRETT 29i Ravenhurst, Camp Hill, Eric beloved infant so Arthur/Adelaide age 4 months
 PARKER 26i Elizabeth widow of Thomas late 64 Gooch St. Witton
 PRICE 25i George 18 Charles Henry St late Green Lane. Yardley
1/10/1901DORNTON 27u 4 Vicarage Rd Agnes eldest do Mrs. Charles Dornton
 GIBBS 30u 58 Ashley St Rosanna age 64. American & Australian papers pls copy
 HAWKESFORD 22u at father's (Charles Whitby, 35 Knowle Rd Small Heath) Jane Matilda age 40
 HICKMAN 27u 82 Ashted Row, Ann, late Badby Northampton, sister of Mrs J. Hawkins age 76
 KIRKPATRICK 28u 32 Newport Rd, Charlotte bwo A.G. age 66
 PITT 29u The Mount, Wellington Rd Dudley, William. Funeral Prim. Methodist Church Dudley
2/10/1901BADGER 1i 105 Coventry Rd after short illness, Frederick, age 55
 EVANS 1i Edith ydo Mr/Mrs. J Evans, 13 Wood St Ladywood in 24th yr
 FORD 28u Warwick St Stourport, Annie bwo T. late Birmingham
 GOLD 30u Highfield House, Hall Green, Richard age 79
 WILLIAMS 1i Sunny Mount, Knowle after long illness Thomas, builder & contractor, late Cattell Rd Small Heath. Funeral Warstone.
3/10/1901BRINKWORTH 30u 216 Cromwell St after long painful illness, Eliza, relict of Walter
 HAWKINS 30u 75 Ravenhurst St Camp Hill, John Daniel bho Lucy late Stratford on Avon. Yardley
4/10/1901MILES 2i Rosina Eliza wo Henry 2 Spring Rd age 62
5/10/1901BELCHER 4i after short illness Alice bwo William, cab proprietor, 288 Summer Lane age 43
 PRITCHETT 18u Upland Villas, Speedwell Rd Hay Hills, Maria bwo John late Hales Owen and Selly Oak age 55
 LOWE 1i 128 King Edwards Rd after short illness, Walter age 50
7/10/1901PAGETT 5i suddenly at his residence 157 Albert Rd Handsworth, Edwin in 72nd yr
 PEACE 2i William Thomas bso Rebecca, Woodman Inn Handsworth age 33 yrs
 TUDMAN 1i 47 Summer Row, Emily bwo late James age 51
8/10/1901GRIFFITHS 5i 84 St Lukes Rd, Thomas age 63
 HAYNES 5i 8 Durham Rd Sparkhill of heart disease, Thomas age 68
 PAGE 5i Mary Adelaide 66 Barker St Aston age 48
 PAYNTING 2i George Inn, Grove Lane, Smethwick, John Williams age 41
 YATES 6i after long illness Maria bwo William back 47 Summer Lane age 50
10/10/1901BANKS 8i 2 Anglesey St Lozells, William age 54
 DYAS 7i very suddenly Bacchus Rd Soho, Thomas age 70
 GRIFFITHS 5i 84 St Lukes Rd, Thomas age 63
 LINDOP 8i Valparaiso, of typhoid fever, Crompton age 27, many yrs faithful servant in the employ of Gotscher & Co, Lionel St
 ROBINSON 6i Henry (Harry) brother of Misses Robinson late 70 Dale End. Hockley
 WATTRUS 8i at his residence Icknield Square, Frederick age 37. Uplands.
 WRIGHT 8i Queens Hospital suddenly Richard, bho Ann age 52
11/10/1901CUTLER 10i 173 Gt Colmore St after few hours illness, Jane bwo George
 PALMER 10i after long illness Frank age 36, brother of J.T., Albert Rd Aston
12/10/1901GROOM 10i after long illness George dbho Mary 122 Cromwell St Nechells
 HORSFALL 8i Coventry Rd Hay Mills, George age 37
 JAKEMAN 7i William age 17 so Ephraim/Elizabeth 151 Edwards Rd from abscess on brain
 JONES 6i 32 Somerset St, Charles age 75. Yardley
 PERELL 10i 158 Dudley Rd, Mr. B. age 47. (Sorrowing wife and daughter)
 ROBINSON 6i 334 Bloomsbury St Nechells Green, Henry Knott bho Annie. Hockley
 RYDER 9i of pneumonia Edith bwo Charles W. and only do Charles Hartley 265 & 262 Ladypool Rd age 27
14/10/1901BAKER 9i 71 Vincent St Balsall Heath after long illness Frankie only db child of Amy/Frank 6 years 7 months
 CUTLER 11i at his residence Balsall St. Temple Balsall nr Berkswell William age 57. Temple Balsall Church
 JONES 12i Thomas, glass cutter, 41 Bracebridge St age 67
 MOON 11i Florence Jessie ydo John/S. 299 Stratford Rd. Yardley
 PARKER 10i Broomfield, Smethwick Miss Mary Ann age 67 former housekeeper to the late Canon Gover, Saltley College, Bham
 PRICE 5i Fallowfield, Manchester, Joseph William late Bham age 41
 SMITH 12i at her residence Wrington Lodge, Selly Park, Emma widow of Frederick in 83rd yr
15/10/1901ARNETT 14i 108 Crompton Rd Handsworth Edith H bwo Daniel E late Weymouth Arms, Gerrard St
 COLLINS 14i Heath House, Nether Whitacre, Emma dbwo Walter H., age 50
 EVANS 13i after long painful illness John, bho Betsy, Clifton Rd, Aston
 WINNALL 13i 3 St Martin's Place, Bham, Caroline age 61
 WOODWARD 11i back 222 Cromwell St, bwo James and only do late John/Clara Seal of Bham (lamented by husband, children, friends)
16/10/1901HART Ann in 73rd yr after 11 1/2 yrs of paralysis, bel. mother of John, at his residence 185 Dudley Rd
 MILLS 13i 27 Archibald Rd Lozells. George Albert, dbho Millie age 50. Handsworth
 PAYNE 14i 227 Ladywood Rd, Edgbaston, dbwo Joseph age 64
 PERCOX 13i Joseph 130 Ladypool Rd age 62
 SHORT 12i Victor James age 4 yrs bso J.D. & F.E., Aston Tavern Aston from shock caused by burns
 THOMAS 15i after long painful illness at Old College, Spring Hill, Joseph in 55th yr. Witton
 WATKINS 13i Mary Ann widow of George, Berkeley Square, Coventry Rd age 85. Warstone
17/10/1901KEEY 15i Emma bel mother of Ada, age 56, Edward Rd Balsall Heath
 NICKOLLS 14i 64 Lower Essex St, Jonathan bho Mary Ann age 68(?) Yardley
 OKEY 16i 268 Bolton Rd after long illness John, age 64, late Ravenhurst St
 POWELL 15i 51 Walsingham Rd, Hove, Harold late Kings Heath, yso late William James of Sea Bank, Liscard
 WOODCOCK 14i found drowned, George Henry, 106 Bloomsbury St. Witton
18/10/1901OVER 16i 11 Oakfield Rd, Balsall Heath, Henry age 43
 THOMAS 16i 21 Montgomery St., Jane
 TRACEY 16i 92 Bordesley Park Rd after long painful illness, Frederick eso Stephen, of Conderton age 43
19/10/1901WAKEFIELD-EVANS 18i at his residence The Ferns, Summerfield Crescent, Edgbaston, of pneumonia, William age 65 for many years with Messrs May & Mountain, engineers, formerly of this city
 WHITLOCK 18i 319 High St West Bromwich in 33rd yr Herbert Mason, 2nd son of Frederick, Sutton Coldfield
21/10/1901FOXALL 20i 6 Park Grove, Ashford St after long painful illness, Emma, bwo Henry age 72
 MANNING 19i at his residence 38 Burlington Rd Small Heath, Walter Henry age 40
 OVER 16i 11 Oakfield Rd, Balsall Heath, Henry age 43
 SIMKINS 18i 19 Burlington St, Jane (late Gerrard St) age 73
22/10/1901EVANS 21i 87 Whitehall Rd Handsworth, Gwen bwo Edward late Gt Colmore St and Granville St
 HARDING 18i Mary Ann bwo W.H., Curator, Parish Offices, Edmund St
 SHELLEY 21i at his residence 95 Soho Hill, George
23/10/1901DALLEY 22i Llandudno, George Ernest, 2nd so Arthur/Sarah, Broad St age 27
 PLUMB 19i Hamstead Rd Handsworth, James Edwin age 55. Handsworth Parish Church
 RYDER 9i Edith bwo C.W. 262 Ladywood Rd age 27. Also on 19i Edith Charlotte (Lottie) do above age 4
 WHITMORE 22i after long painful illness, Edward age 28. Witton
24/10/1901CLARKE 23i Paignton Rd, John Edward, dbho Annie age 34
 GARDNER 22i 189 Mary St, Balsall Heath in 33rd year, William Thomas eso late William
 HATTON 23i Summer Lane, Rowland Arthur bso John & late Elizabeth, Bradford St age 22
 MALLEY 23i Louisa Frances bwo William, 27 & 28 Coleshill St
 MEREDITH 18i 27 Frank St, Balsall Heath, Emma Ann after long painful illness
 SHELLEY 21i at his residence 95 Soho Hill, George. Warstone
 STOUT 128 Gt Lister St, Eliza, bwo Francis age 55. Witton
 TAYLOR 22i 245 St Vincent St Ladywood, Ann, age 68, formerly a nurse for many years. Witton
25/10/1901BOMFORD 24i Penrhos, Ashfield Avenue, Kings Heath, Frank Butler age 54
 DEWSBERY 23i 136 Lennox St, Mary bwo Thomas late Gunmakers Arms, Bath St
 HODGES 21i Queens Hospital, result of an accident, Matilda, Bristol Rd
 LEWIS 23i Julia, bwo William, 104 Freer Rd, Birchfield age 46
 MARSTON 21i Woodstock Military Hospital, Capetown of enteric, William 2nd so John, Parkfield, Knowle age 28
 MEREDITH 18i 27 Frank St Balsall Heath, Emma Ann after long painful illness
 ROWLINSON 23i at residence of Mr J.A. Clive, Fentham Rd, Birchfields after few days illness, William late of Sydney N.S.W.
26/10/1901BUTTERWORTH 23i suddenly Martha Ann widow of John. Key Hill
 CROWDER 24i Eliza, Leonard Rd Handsworth, age 71
 HARVEY 23i at City Hospital, Lodge Rd bel & eso George/Rose age 9
 RYDER 9i 262 Ladypool Rd Sparkbrook, Edith bwo Charles W & only do Charles Hartley age 27 and dau of above and gdaughter of C Hartley age 4 yrs
28/10/1901BUECHI 27i 54 Summer Rd Edgbaston, William Alfred
 BURTON 24i Wattville Rd Florence Gertrude after short painful illness dbdo Fred/E, Handsworth
 PRICE 24i General Hospital, Elizabeth bwo Thomas, 99 New Spring St. Brookfields
 TONEY 22i suddenly Ellen dbwo Robert, 13 Leamington Rd
29/10/1901WILSON 29i Boldmere Rd, Wydle Green, Herbert Thomas in 32nd yr
30/10/1901CARTER 28i suddenly Albert Rd Aston, Katherine Edwardine bwo John
 HARRISON 27i 138 Lennox St Aston, Frank eso M & E AGE 28
 MARCHINGTON 30i 14 Weston Rd Handsworth, John Bower eso late John after long illness
 MILLWARD 25i Bournemouth, age 28 oc acute pneumonic phthisis, Albert, well-bho Nellie 198 Dudley Rd & 3rd so Charles, Prince Arthur Rd, Saltley. Yardley
 WILSON 29 Boldmere Rd, Wylde Green, Herbert Thomas in 32nd yr
31/10/1901APPLEBY 30i 21 Gooch St, Alfred in 62nd yr
 HICKMAN 29i 51 Gt Russell St, Mary Ann bwo James, late of Brookfields age 64
 MOYSEN 30i 282 Mary St Balsall Heath, Selina widow of William (late Oldfield Rd) age 53
 NEAL 29i 96 Summer Lane dbwo Alfred age 74
 NEAL 29i 131 Guildford St, Thomas bho Maria age 41
 SIMS 30i 65 Bishop St, Emma dlwo Samuel
 UPTON 28i at his residence 6 Longbridge Rd Salsall Heath, William bho Ann age 59
 WILSON 29i Boldmere Rd Wylde Green, Herbert Thomas in 32nd yr
1/11/1901BADGER 31u 99 Whitehall Rd Small Heath, Thomas Edward yso T. & A, 3 months 3 weeks
 BARNETT 29u High St Saltley, Victor bel twin so Sim & Ada
 BREAKSPEAR 30u 70 Carlyle Rd Edgbaston, Eliza widow of Robert age 82
 OLDFIELD 29u Sarah Ann bwo Robert in 81st yr. Lodge Hill
 PHILLIPS 30u 36 Potters Hill, Emma bwo John
2/11/1901BAMFIELD 30u 141 Ledsam St, Clara age 20, ydo Annie & late William of Monument Rd. Old Cemetery
 BARLOW 1i Ephraim, 3 Butler St Bham age 66 after long painful illness
 BRINDLEY 1i back 59 Ruston St, Ladywood, Thomas age 75
 FIELD 1i at Fever Hospital, Frederick Charles (Pippin) so Jessie & late Alfred
 HEYWOOD 30u, The Oaklands, Grange Rd, Kings Heath, Fanny Maria bwo R.J., age 43
 HOPKINS 29u 155 Wilton St Lozells, Charles in 64th yr
3/11/1901BURKE 24u George Thomas (Worcs. Imperial Yeomanry) eso G. & L. 133 Bowyer Rd Saltley, killed in action Kleinfontein, South Africa
 BUSBY 31u Tindal Street, Balsall Heath, Elizabeth bwo John Nixon age 80. Brandwood End
 GROVES 2i bwo William, Clarke Street age 62. Uuplands
 HILL 2i 356 Albert Rd Aston, residence of her dau Pattie, Naomi widow of George age 71
 LAVENDER 31u 207 Victoria Rd Aston in 67th yr, Emily bwo George
 MOORE 31u Eliza (Auntie) late Church St age 75
5/11/1901BASHFORD 31u 171 Irving St. William Henry age 21
 BLUCK 4i at residence of her dau, Ambleside, Stanmore Rd Edgbaston, Harriet
 EDNEY 2i 21 Upper Thomas St, Aston, George in 67th yr
 HOUSE 1i Rosina, wo Charles & edo Maria Smith, Stirchley St age 44
 NICHOLLS 2i 182 Balsall Heath Rd, Kate dbwo R.H., after short painful illness age 35
 PEPPER 2i High St, Knutton, Staffs, Hannah dbwo Elisha age 61. Int. Newcastle Cem.
 SANDERS 1i 2 Eden Place, Guildford St, Henry bho Elizabeth after long suffering
 SANTALL 4i 304 Dudley Rd, Jerome after long illness age 24
 SARGEANT 21u New York USA William late Baker St Small Heath age 61
6/11/1901CLITHEROE 2i Sycamore Rd Aston, Percy eso Henry/Elizabeth
 JENNENS 5i 9 Cavendish Rd, Gertrude Mary do TJ & MB age 16 months
 KEYS 4i 61 Birmingham Rd West Bromwich in 76th yr Charlotte Frances wo Councillor Samuel
 LAW Mabel bwo Arthur Charles & edo late Joseph Tabberer of Moland St age 27 after short painful illness
 MEAKIN 3i 41 St Johns Rd Sparkbrook Elizabeth (Lizzie) 4th do late George late Camden St. Warstone Lane
 MORGAN 5i 474 Stratford Rd Sparkhill George age 52 late The Wheel, Snow Hill
7/11/1901BARLOW 27u Fanny Elizabeth wo Henry 173a Unett St age 53
 BECK 4i suddenly 16 Gough St, John, stonemason. Witton
 WATSON 4i 3 Phillips St Aston, Victoria wo Frederick, very suddenly
 WHITEHOUSE 5i South Rd Smethwick J. in 76th yr. Smethwick Cemetery
 WILSON 31u Florence May db adopted do Mrs. Wilson, Graham House, Acocks Green age 9
8/11/1901OVERTON 7i 31 Aston St at residence of son-in-law (William Richards) Esther widow of Rev. John, Wesleyan minister deceased 1847, in her 91st yr
 PENN 6i Sarah widow of Frederick 136 Lodge Rd. Old Cemetery
9/11/1901BROOKES 6i Mary, 28 yrs an inmate of Lench's Trust, Ravenhurst St in 91st yr
 COOK 9i Jessie Christina wo George, Brookfield Rd
 HINKS 8i 19 Kenyon St, George A., late London
 MERRICK 6i 369 Gillott Rd, Edgbaston of pneumonia, Ellen, relict of W.H. of Harborne, Smethwick. Funeral Harborne PC
 NEVILLE 9i 162 Green Lanes, Small Heath, Thomas George age 70 for 58 yrs with Messrs Pickford & Co.
 SMITH 8i 57 Franchise St Perry Barr, Henry James age 48. General Cemetery
 STEVENS 7i Frederick James dbho Emily, 14 Lime Grove, Witton Rd Aston age 33
 STOLL 6i at her sons, Feasegate, York, Sarah widow of James, Spring Hill age 75. Warstone
 VINCENT 8i suddenly 243 Victoria Rd Aston, Henry William in 65th yr, late Ansells Brewery
 WHITE 3i Betsy bwo Samuel, Longmore St and db mother of C. Bryant, Winson Green Rd age 72
10/11/1901BROOKES 6i Mary
11/11/1901COPE 8i Hollier St, Susan bwo James
 HADDLETON 10i Alvechurch, Alfred William in 72nd yr of 99 Gerrard St
 HAYWARD 10i at residence of dau Mrs O.J. Crutchley, 21 Kyotts Lake Rd, Charles age 75. Australian papers pls copy
 HILL 2i 356 Albert Rd Aston at residence of her daughter Pattie, Naomi
 HOUSE 1i Rosina, wo Charles and edo Maria Smith, Stirchley St age 44
 HYDE 9i 194 Conybere St, Thomas D in 74th yr
 LAW Mabel bwo Arthur Charles & edo late Jacob Tabberer, Moland St age 27(?) after short painful illness
 MALLABOND 8i 106 Whitmore Rd, Abel age 65 after short illness
 MALPASS 18u 19 Bristol St, loving father of Joseph and Annie
 MOXON 7i Whateley Rd Handsworth, Nathaniel age 68 late Kirkby Lodge, Kirkby Mallory
 NEVVILE 9i 162 Green Lanes, Small Heath, Thomas George age 70 yrs
 PARKES 29u 260 Grange Rd Kings Heath, Thomas age 66, mourned by wife and friends
 PRITCHETT 8i after long painful illness, James, builder of Barford St age 35
 WARNE 9i at residence of dau 93 Wilton Rd Sparkhill, Harriet relict of James, screw manufacturer, Watery Lane
12/11/1901GOODE 9i Burntwood, Mary Ellen late Smethwick age 37
 MADDELEY 12i 79 Leopold St, John Ernest dlso Emma and late William
 NEWEY 9i after long painful illness George, Lombard St age 46
 STONE 7i London, Hannah Maria late Soho, Winson Green age 81
 WESTWOOD 7i 121 Burbury St, William eso late William, jeweller of Branston St
13/11/1901BRADLEY 11i suddenly 51 Leonard Rd Handsworth, Mary Ann age 74. Aston Church
 MOON 11i 299 Stratford Rd Sparkbrook, Robert John only so John/S. Yardley
 MORRIS 11i Kate, bwo Harry, Dog & Partridge, Ellis St. mourned by husband/children
 SHELTON 5i 3 Leamington Rd Sparkbrook, William in 79th yr
 SPOONER 11i 8 Oozells St North William bso Annie/William age 14
14/11/1901BRADLEY 11i suddenly 51 Leonards Rd Handsworth, Mary Ann age 74
 GREAVES 11i 225 Farm St, William yso late Thomas/Emma late Lennox St. Aston PC
 LEACHE 9i College Rd Handsworth with painful suddeness Miriam 8th do Richard/Hannah
 VAN HELDEN 12i Willie db & only so Reinier & late Annie, Tennyson Rd, Small Heath age 5 3/4 yrs
 WILLIAMS 12i William at his residence Fairleigh, Acocks Green age 75
 WYNNE 12i Beechfield Rd, George Llewelyn, db & eso Margaret & late George age 20
15/11/1901BARNLEY 10i 29 regent Park Rd, Elsie May bdo J & M age 5 yrs 8 months
 BULLIVANT 12i Roland dbso George/Elizabeth late Copley St age 9 months
 KENNEDY 12i Ann Elizabeth 297 Newtown Row, lamented by only son. Witton
16/11/1901GIBSON 2i Painswick, Glos, Evelyne Letitia Florence (Lettie) 2nd do F.W., Gibson St Sparkbrook
 GOODE 13i at his son's 129 New Spring St, James Henry age 85
 HIRON 14i 109 High St, Aston, Beatrice Mary bdo Andrew/Mary Ann age 4 yrs 4 months
 MACARTNEY 10i at her residence 122 St Paul's Rd West Smethwick, Mary Jane
 NEWTON 15i Small Heath Mary widow of John Turton of Sedgley age 81
 WOODWARD 12i 142 Dawlish Rd Bournbrook Emma relict of Richard late Spring Vale Bristol Rd age 73. Yardley
18/11/1901ALLEN 15i 312 Adderley Rd Saltley after long painful illness Emma relict of George, age 66
 HOLT Frederick 13i 114 Victoria Rd Aston after short illness dbho Louisa. Int. Aston Old Church
 MITCHELL Mary Ann 16i 41 Ellen St age 73
 PRIEST 16i 68 George St, Balsall Heath, Edna Rose, infant do Herbert/Rose age 7 weeks
 WALKER 17i at her daughter's (Moseley) Lydia bel widow of Thomas, Harborne age 76
19/11/1901ASTLEY 16i 192 High St Harborne, Elizabeth, dbwo William
 DOWLER 17i 18 Twyning Rd Bham, Ethel Elizabeth dbydo Joseph/Annie, Laxey Rd
 EVANS 16i suddenly Oak Hill Villas, Gravelly Hill, William age 78
 GIBBS 16i 8 Spring Rd Edgbaston of pneumonia, George
 JONES 17i 57 St John's Rd Sparkhill of dropsy, Capel G. Yardley
 LIGGINS 17i after painful illness 169 Bristol Rd, Margaret Jane bwo W.B. Lodge Hill
 MITCHELL 17i at his residence Hill Top. West Bromwich, Joseph Edward, late headmaster Greet's Green Board School age 61
 MITCHELL 16i Mary Ann 41 Ellen Street age 73
 OXENBOULD 18i Soho Hill Handsworth, Thomas age 76
 PERRIN 17i suddenly Isaac age 77 formerly Bull's Head Smallbrook St and Turk's Head, Ladywood Rd. Funeral from Vine Hotel Harborne to Warstone
 WOLFSBERG 15i 149 Trafalgar Rd Moseley, William Henry age 35
20/11/1901BENSON 17i 69 Gt Colmore St after week's illness, Cornelius, late Hurst St in 63rd yr
 FOX 18i Beech Lawn, Stoney Lane, Moseley (residence of her son in law Mr. J.H. Worrall), Anna Maria, relict of Rev. William, Wesleyan Minister age 85
 HEMUS 17i Groveley Place, Chapel Lane, Selly Oak, Daniel age 74
 MACKINNON 16i 16 Howard Rd Handsworth, John Gordon age 65
 SMITH 18i at his residence 11 Stockland Rd Erdington after much suffering, John late Curator of Ear/Throat Hospital Bham
 WALKER 17i at her dau's (Moseley) Lydia bel widow of Thomas, Harborne, age 76
21/11/1901CONCHAR 20i Agnes wo John, Wylde Green
22/11/1901ASHFORD after long painful illness Lucy relict of James in 78th yr
 BREARLEY 18i Henry Thomas 64 Linwood Rd in 49th yr. Handsworth Old Church
 COXON on Wednesday evening, Mrs Coxon 81 Gillott Rd age 84
 FODEN 17i 263 Bridge St West, James bho Elizabeth age 50. Aston
 TAYLOR 11i John Edmund 13 Harold Rd age 38
 WILSHAW 20i suddenly after operation, Ada (nee Brittain) age 27, bwo William J, 15 Selwyn Rd Edgbaston
23/11/1901ADAMS 20i 36 Shortheath Rd Erdington, Clara Rebecca bwo John age 69
 ASHFORD 19i after long painful illness, Lucy relict of James age 78
 GRIFFIN 21i 47 Alma St, Albert age 37, late of Griffin & Beesley
 KILBY 22i Charles Edward bho Sarah 122 Gt Lister St age 68
 MIDDLETON 24i Sarah Edwina widow of Thomas & edo late Philip/Elizabeth Aldhouse
 POUNTNEY 18i Stratford St, Camp Hill Jane widow of Charles late Moseley St in 82nd yr
 WALL Arthur Francis bso Elizabeth late George, formerly of Fish Market & Sycamore Rd Aston of meningitis at Campbellpore, India 21 Sept. 1901 age 27. Mother, family
25/11/1901MARIES 19i 45 Bordesley Green, George bso Frederick and Sarah in 31st yr
 MARTIN 24i suddenly Samuel 63 Geach St. Summer Lane
 MASON 20i after short painful illness John late Mason Bros. screw manufacturers, Emily Street age 53
 SANDS 16i Ann widow of John late Priestley Rd. American papers pls copy
 SMALL 20i after painful illness at his dau's 15 Wood St Ladywood, William
 STREET 22i 259 Wheeler St Lozells, Sarah relict of Melchizedek. Witton
26/11/1901BENDY 25i 7 Butler St Small Heath, Mary Ann bwo Frank age 59
 BRIDGEN 24i 14 Malvern St Sparkbrook, George bho Mary Ann mourned by wife, children, sisters, brothers
 COOKS 24i General Hospital as result of accident, Esther Maria wo William Lea
 DANES 22i Sarah 8 Shenstone Rd Cape Hill, bwo F., after short painful illness age 41
 KING 24i of pneumonia 240 Highfield Rd, George eso George, coal merchant, age 22
 MASON 24i 85 Middleton Rd Kings Heath, Maria age 68
 SHILVOCK 20i Bertha edo late William Piper, of Ladywood, age 63
 THOMAS 25i at Red Cow, Gooch St, Walter George bel & only so S. & J.
27/11/1901BAKER 25i The Hawthorns, Alcester Rd, Kings Heath, Ann dbwo William in 81st yr
 BEDDOW 26i Elizabeth Ann bwo John Edward, 59 Wills St Lozells
 BRANT 24i 80 Wills St Lozells after lingering illness, Ellen bdo Mrs. Brant. Witton
 FELLOWS 25i Henry bho Eliza, undertaker, Duke St
 GREATBACH 22i 26 Cromer Rd Balsall Heath, Ann late Broseley, Shropshire age 65
 PRITCHETT 24i after long painful illness Emma of Winson Green age 60. Australian & American papers pls copy
 WARD 24i David 372 Nechells Park Rd in 73rd yr
28/11/1901BARLEY 26i 92 Poplar Rd, Rev. David age 84. Uplands
 BECK 25i 108 New John St West, Frederick James age 48
 COUDREY 26i suddenly 100 Kyrwick's Lane, Ephraim in 77th yr
 MILLS 24i suddenly Jabez 87 New Spring St age 72
 MILLS 27i 107 Thornhill Rd Handsworth, Celia Helen bwo John after long painful illness age 33
 WHEELER 27i after short painful illness Rose Dora Nellie age 2 yrs ldo Rose/Percy, Leopard Inn, Gt Hampton St
29/11/1901FOWLER 26i Lench's Trust Ladywood, Harriet 82nd yr
 FISHER 26i suddenly Barrow in Furness, Angelina late East Bham age 75
 HISCOX 24i 15 Springfield Avenue, Oldfield Rd Bham, Emily dbwo J. after long painful illness
 HORTON 26i Salisbury Rd Birchfield, Harriet Frances edo Thomas age 45
 KNIGHT 24i 61 Cato St North, Saltley, Frederick Charles. Yardley
 ROBERTS 25i after long painful illness William George 142 Cooksey Rd in 50th yr
 WELCH 27i of pneumonia 90 Lansdowne St Winson Green, William bho Sarah Ann age 65
30/11/1901DEVOY 26i of pneumonia, William Daniel back 273 Summer Lane
 FIELD 29i 33 Sherlock St, Frederick dbho Ellen age 31. Yardley
 FIELD 29i Frederick yso George/Johanna, 39 Birchall St age 31
 LINEY 29i Mary Ann bwo Walter, 28 Aston Lane, Aston
 MARKHAM 25i Henry bho Annie, Wellington Dock. Uplands, Smethwick
 MILLS 27i 107 Thornhill Rd Handsworth, Celia Helen bwo John
 POOLE 27i 249 Burbury St, Phoebe wo late William Henry of Newhall St in 63rd yr
 POVEY 28i suddenly, Grasmere, Augusta Rd, Moseley, John bho Florence age 51
 RUSSELL 29i Woodlands, Park Hill, Moseley after short painful illness, Eliza Ann dbwo L.G., age 37
 SMITH 29i 17 St Silas Square (late Lozells St), Jessie do George F & Mary Ann age 21
 STONE 27i Richard, 72 Cooksey Rd age 45. Yardley
 TURBEYFIELD 22i 24 Summer Rd Edgbaston, Emma widow of Charles in 80th yr. Edgbaston Old Church
 WILLIAMSON 25i 33 Hartington Rd Lozells, William George in 79th yr
 YEOMANS 26i Joseph, 89 ? St, Balsall Heath. Australian papers pls copy
2/12/1901BANTON 27u 70 Cambridge Rd Kings Heath, Thomas
 BURTON 30u after painful illness Lilian May, 74 Miles St age 6 yrs
 CROFTS 27u Mrs. T.H., late Ladywood Brantwood End
 FIELD 29u 33 Sherlock St, Frederick dbho Ellen age 31. Yardley
 HARRIS 28u of pneumonia at Mr. Hope's 48 Station Rd, Kings Heath, Ada late Moseley age 24. Brandwood End
 HORTON 26u Salisbury Rd Birchfield, Harriett Francis edo Thomas age 45
 LESTER 30m 75 Newbridge St Wolverhampton, Phoebe relict of J.S., late Bilston. Funeral St. Leonards
 RUDGE 26u Small Heath, suddenly, Heva wo William late Saracen's Head Inn, Kings Norton
 TAYLOR 29u Joseph (of M.J. Taylor & Sons 107 Long Acre, Nechells) age 84. Witton
 WASSALL 30u after long painful illness, Elisa dbwo Richard back 71 Coleshill St age 75
3/12/1901CROSS 2i Mary Hannah, Small Heath in 72nd yr after long illness
 MULROY 29u 134 Albert Rd after short illness Nora Josephine db & only do Michael/Nellia age 6
 ROOKER 30u Boldmere Rd, Wylde Green after long painful illness, Susannah age 69
 TUDOR 24u Sarah widow of Charles late 10 Mill St Kidderminster
4/12/1901CLIFF 2i York Cottage, Stechford, Annie bwo Walter
 EVANS 2i 116 Hamstead Rd. Handsworth Old Church
 HOOPER 1i of pneumonia 22 Powell St Aston, Charles in 40th yr
 MASON Annie 2i bel sister of Tom & Sarah Edwards, Gt Colmore St
 MASON 2i Nance. Herbert & Maggie Edwards
 PEARSON 28u after long affliction, James, dbho Elizabeth, for many yrs of Sparkhill in 62nd yr
 ROCHE 30u 7 Glebe St Ladywood, Frank 4th so late William age 31
 ROOKER 30u Boldmere Rd Wylde Green after long painful illness, Susannah age 69
 SMITH 3i 7 Whitehead Rd after short illness Henry Leslie dbso Henry Lawrence & Sarah, age 18 months
 TAYLOR 2i at his residence Highfield Rd after long painful illness, Thomas Hazeldine late Ashted Row age 64
 TRUMAN 28u Alfred late Geach St age 55
 WALL 30u after long illness Mary Jane wo A.H., Carlyle Rd Lozells
5/12/1901AUSTIN 4i of pneumonia 57 Stratford Place, Camp Hill, Thomas Edwin bho Martha age 51
 BANTON 27u 70 Cambridge Rd Kings Heath, Thomas
 BULL 3i 6 Templefield St, Albert age 25 after long painful illness. Yardley
 DAVIS 2i C.W., eso C.W., Belgrave Rd Bham age 24
 HAWKINS 2i Annie in 87th yr
 IFE 2i 72 Reservoir Rd after long painful illness borne with Christian fortitude, William Charles age 63
 OSBORNE 29u 17 Thomas St Aston, James age 73
 WILKES 4i Park Rd Aston, James Frederick bho Kate late with Ansell's Ltd Aston
6/12/1901EVANS 3i back 61 Latimer St., Thomas Henry
 HAWKINS 2i Annie in 87th yr
7/12/1901CUTHBERT 6i 176 St Vincent St, Ladywood, Mathilda bwo William age 67
 HARRIS 2i Caroline Ann at her dau Nellie's, Manchester, formerly of Upper Trinity St Bham
 HIGNELL 4i Caroline widow of Joseph late Upper Thomas St Aston age 61
 HOLLIS 6i General Hospital, result of an accident, William Adam, Park Rd Aston
 SOULS 4i Dawlish Villa, Slade Rd, Gravelly Hill, our darling child Ivy Josephine age 2 yrs 3 months. Dorothy/Richard
 WATSON 6i 417 Cowbridge Rd Cardiff, our darling nephew Leonard Richard, age 1
 WEBSTER 3i 29 Highgate Place, Moseley Rd, suddenly, E.R. late Staff Armourer age 57
 WOOD 25u Geach St, J.E., age 54
9/12/1901DUNN 7i Mary Rd Stechford, Nicholas Allison age 67
 EDWARDS 5i 46 Duke St age 77, Thomas late ex-engineer, Bham Fire Brigade & eso Enos, of the Old Bham Fire Brigade, Union Passage and dbho Elizabeth Priest. Warstone
 EVANS 3i back 61 Latimer St, Thomas Henry
 GLASCOTT 8i 39 New Bartholomew St, Caroline widow of Edwin
 LONG 7i at her dau's (Mrs Underwood, 36 Wheeler St), Eliza age 70
 OVERTON 4i 27 Sutton St Aston, Mary Ann late Victoria Rd age 57
 PROSSER 7i 74 Rupert St, Thomas (ex-inspector of police) after short illness age 72
 ROE 6i New Southgate, London N. after long illness, Julia wo Freeman (eso Amos) late Bham
10/12/1901ASHMORE General Hospital, George (bho Margaret) late 75 Pershore Rd age 55 for 55 yrs with Stock, Sons & Taylors
 EADIE 7i Mary Ann bwo William 43 Park Rd Hockley age 68
 GARRATY 7i 19 Hall Rd Saltley, Mathilda wo Frank age 48 after long patient suffering. St Saviours Salt
 GRIFFITHS 4i London, William ebso John/Ruth 28 Hall Rd Handsworth
 HARBOUR 9i Ivy Dene, Ash Rd Saltley, George age 73 father of E. Barnard after long affliction
 HAWKESFORD 7i 63 Dollman St, Vauxhall, Emma bwo Thomas age 62 after patient suffering
 OCKFORD 9i 216 Burbury Avenue Aston, Alfred late bandmaster Bham Post Office Band age 50
 RUFFELL 4i Boxmoor, Gertrude Elizabeth Temlett (Bessie) bwo Frederick
 SODEN 6i dbho Florence, Llandudno
 THOMAS 6i Queens Hospital result of accident, Mary Ann wo late James late Old Cottage, Spring Hill in 55th yr
11/12/1901BANKS 7i 154 Milcote Rd, Mary Ann bwo Thomas Henry age 31
 COOPER 6i 94 Wright St Saltley after short painful illness patiently borne, Joseph age 44. Perry Barr
 LINGARD 11i Elizabeth do late Noah of Aston age 49
 LLOYD 8i William 48 Vincent St late Tennant St age 58. Witton
 SAMPSON 8i Lorne Villa, Highfield Rd Saltley, Emily bwo Richard after few days illness
 TAYLOR 10i at her residence 82 Gt Colmore St after long suffering patiently borne, Mary, relict of James Heeley, cabinet maker late 194 Broad Street. Witton
 THOMAS 9i William lho Louie of The Spinney, Salisbury Rd Moseley. Moseley Parish Church
 THOMAS 6i Queens Hospital, Mary Ann late Old College, Spring Hill. Witton
12/12/1901BAKER 7i Woodfield Rd, suddenly of heart failure, Robert, wood turner age 77. Hanbury
 BRANSCOMB 10i 48 Parliament St Aston, Sarah widow of E.
 BRIERLEY 9i at his residence 33 Bath St, James age 72
 JONES 10i 39 Sherlock St, Samuel in 77th yr
 NEWELL 11i Coleshill in 48th yr, Joseph late Birmingham Telegraph Office
13/12/1901BANKS 7i 151 Milcote Rd, Mary Ann bwo Thomas Henry age 31
 CLEOBURY 11i 67 Holyhead Rd, Handsworth, Lydia Newby
 CRESSWELL 11i residence of parents 41 Carlyle Rd Edgbaston bwo Alfred E, 79 Alston St Ladywood age 36
 HIRST 11i Queens Head, Bishop St, Edward Gordon (Don) only bso John Edward & Florrie age 10 1/2 yrs
 JONES 10i 39 Sherlock St, Samuel age 77
 TAYLOR 11i 18 Summer Rd Erdington after long painful illness, Emma bwo William late Waterloo Rd, Smethwick
14/12/1901BISHOP 11i after long illness, William, 65 Somerville Rd age 62
 BODE 12i Elizabeth bwo William Henry 172 Moseley Rd age 73
 CARTWRIGHT 10i at residence of her son-in-law, Derby, Emma widow of Thomas, Saltley
 HEWITT 12i after painful illness at Deppers Bridge Cottages, Thomas late Hurst St age 68
 KIRKLAND at Bromsgrove, William late Black Swan, Bromsgrove St age 72
 REYNOLDS 12i 65 Ruston St, Alice bwo H., age 34 after short illness
16/12/1901HINTON 14i Charles Edward dbho Ellie (Nellie), Villa St late 34 Tower Rd Aston
 HOLDEN 14i Elizabeth Louisa bwo Edward, J.P., Grove Hill House Handsworth age 58
 JONES 13i 111 Alexandra Rd Edgbaston, Sarah edo late David CRANE
 MILLS 12i Nellie do late Nathaniel/Ellen in 29th yr at 201 Maryvale Rd Bournville
 POTTER 13i after long painful illness John, 50 Francis St Ashted age 38
 TAYLOR 11i 8 Summer Rd Erdington after long painful illness, Emma bwo William, Waterloo St Smethwick
 WRIGHT 12i John, stonemason, Lenton, Nottingham late Birmingham
17/12/1901BUFF Charlotte wo Benjamin after short illness of pneumonia age 71
 DAVIES 12i 231 Stoney Lane, Charles Harold dbho Ada after short illness
 GREASLEY 15i Mary Elizabeth wo late Francis S. at 48 Smith St Hockley. Key Hill
 MANTON 12i William Edward dbho Clara age 42. Handsworth
 PAYNE 15i suddenly at 118 Icknield St, William age 62
 PESTRIDGE 12i at her residence 63 Brunswick Rd Sparkbrook, Eliza in 76th yr
 PETTY 16i Belgrave Rd, Thomas age 73 formerly Longmore St
 ROUND 14i 36 Bearwood Hill Smethwick at residence of her son-in-law, Mary Ann widow of Eli, age 83
 ROWE 15i after long illness, Frank, Western Rd, Wylde Green and 110 Lozells Rd Aston
 SMETHEM 14i after long painful illness Nurse edo Walter, 98 Holte Rd Aston
18/12/1901BLOCKSIDGE 3i 27 Crabtree Rd, Sophia age 57, neighbour of Mrs. Price
 COBBAN 15i at Relugno, Dunphail, Scotland after long painful illness, William late Smethwick age 38
 DAWSON 15i Shenstone, Thomas Gilbe__ so Fred/Dot age 2 yrs 7 months
 EVANS 16i very suddenly Jas. F.M., 13 Wood St age 54
 LATIMER 13i, James age 43
 MOORE 15i Clarence House, Chester Rd, Erdington, Terence only so Frank/Kate
 SIMMONDS 15i 1 Sheppard Rd Bham, Harriett dbwo Alfred James in 70th yr
 SMITH 16i Louisa Kate bwo John Herbert suddenly, 77 Bennetts Rd, Washwood Heath age 23, also bdo Mr/Mrs STYLES, Lichfield Rd, Witton
19/12/1901BARRATT 17i Handsworth, George Albert eso F.T., Sutton Coldfield
 GORE 18i Amy Horden age 31, bdo late George, Clifton Rd, Balsall Heath
 LEE 18i 1 Sutton Rd, Wylde Green, William Charles bso William/Alice age 8 1/2 yrs
 MANTON 12i William Edward dbho Clara age 42
 PAYNE 15i suddenly 118 Icknield St, William age 63
 RAPP 17i 43 Hagley Rd Edgbaston, Thomas William late Harborne in 54th yr. Harborne Parish Church
 WITHERS 17i William bho Emma 5 Holloway Head age 50
20/12/1901ABEL at his residence Haden St, Balsall Heath, Elijah age 71
 ALLPORT 18i Eliza bwo Richard in 40th yr, 55 Newtown Row
 BEDDOES 18i Potters Hill, Ann sister of E., in 64th yr
 DUTTON 17i 12 Alston St, Ladywood of pneumonia, Thomas Francis (Frank) age 17
 HORTON 17i suddenly, Clara wo John, 73 Gough Rd Edgbaston. Warstone
 MOUNTFORD 18i Steelhouse Lane, Mary edo Mr John. Key Hill
 PHILLIPS 18i after short illness ? court 2 house, Moland St.
 SIMMONS 15i 1 Shafford Rd Bham, Harriet bwo Alfred James in 70th yr
21/12/1901COX 19i suddenly 203 Edward St Balsall Heath, George bho Elizabeth in 54th yr
 DEAN 27u William bso Charles 213 Arthur St, barman at Sydenham Hotel, Small Heath
 HEWITT 12i after painful illness at Deppert Bridge Cottages, Southam, Thomas late Hurst Street age 68
 PEIRCE William Harrison, 200 Berners St age 52, 30 yrs employee of Time Works
 WHITEHOUSE 19i Amblecote Bank, Brierley Hill, Rev. Thomas, formerly Walsall & West Bromwich age 83. Oldswinford
 WITHERS 17i William bho Emma, 5 Holloway Head age 5_ yrs
23/12/1901CHAMBERLAIN 20i, 2 The Beeches, New Spring St, Ernest William db little so Ernest & Alice May age 12 months
 DANCE 21i 144 Murdock Rd Handsworth after long painful illness, Josiah Arthur age 48
 KENDER 22i 32 Lodge Rd, Sarah Elizabeth in 78th yr
 PHILLIPS 18i Joseph age 53
 SHAW 3i German Hospital Cairo, T.S., late 7th Dragoon Guards & 1st S. Lancashire Regiment late Perry Barr
 SHAW 21i Colwyn Bay, Percy eso A. Capel & Bessie, Anderton Rd Sparkbrook
 SHILLCOCK 21i Four Oaks Sutton Coldfield, Thomas age 42 late Newtown Row
 SUMMERS 18i 34 South St Harborne, Fanny bwo late Isaac
24/12/1901BRADSTOCK 21i Pollie do Benjamin, Norton St. Uplands
 COANEY 22i at residence of her dau 28 Chattaway St Nechells, Louisa dbwo William age 47
 HARDSTAFF 22i 95 Arden Rd Birchfield, Rebecca bwo James
 KENDER 22i at 32 Lodge Rd, Sarah Elizabeth in 78th yr
 LETTS 23i after lingering illness, Edward 61 Lee Bank Rd age 63
 MOSELEY 19i very suddenly Florence wo Charles, manufacturing confectioner, Camden St age 35. Warstone
 PARTRIDGE 22i Hollywood, Thomas Homer
 PROCTOR 21i at his residence 38 Poplar Rd Edgbaston, Francis Charles Edmund, bso William, White Swan Inn, Edmund St age 24. Warstone
 REES 21i 78 Alum Rock Rd, bdo William/Lizzie
 SULZBERGER 22i 92 Leonard Road Handsworth after short illness, Jaques age 57
 WESTON 21i George bho Lizzie, 11 Chequer's Grove, Bellbarn Rd, late Severn St age 43
 WITHERS 17i William bho Emma 5 Holloway Head age 50
26/12/1901COLLIER 23i 225 New John St West, William much lho C. Old Church Handsworth
 HODGES 24i 98 Lancaster St, Elizabeth Emma widow of James Henry age 62. Sons and daus. Key Hill
 MOORE 24i 46 Ellen St, Thomas after 7 years suffering. Old Cemetery
 PARTRIDGE 22i Hollywood, Thomas Homer age 76
 WOOLLEY 22i Park Avenue, George St Balsall Heath, Henry age 73
27/12/1901PHILLIPS 24i 252 New John St West, William age 82. Witton
 PITT 20i suddenly, John age 69 at 71 Birchfield Rd. Mourned by wife, sons, daus
 SIM 21i Sandown, Isle of Wight after much suffering, Henry Edward Clulow, dbho Sarah Frances Louise (Millie Hylton) & yso late William Clulow Esq of Knowle, C_yst, St George, Devon, age 29. Christ Church Sandown. American papers pls copy
 SLATER 24i Newport Rd Moseley William bho Hannah late Stone, Staffs age 78
 SUMMERS 18i South St Harborne, Fanny bwo late Lane in 70th yr
 WELLS 24i Hope Cottage Nechells, Thomas age 75. Moseley Parish Church
28/12/1901BATEMAN 25i Mary bwo E., Clarence Rd Sparkhill in 47th yr
 BEARDMORE 26i City Hospital, Willie, little so Thomas/Nellie
 BRITTAIN 20i suddenly Margaret Ellen (Madge) bwo William, 2 Laburnum Grove, Francis Rd Edgbaston edo W.H. LEWIS 9 Yew Tree Rd Edgbaston age 32
 DANIELS 23i 29 Duke St, Thomas James bho Elizabeth. Warstone
 ELLIS 25i 56 Potters Hill Aston, Thomas William bho Emma age 74
 HARDING 26i 65 Evelyn Rd Sparkhill, Edwin Cecil age 11 months, db & only child of Horace/Claire of pneumonia
 HUNTER 23i 6 Vauxhall Grove, Lewis Henry, dbso Walter/Clare in 22nd yr
 MANNING 28i Upper Thomas St Aston bwo Joseph age 62
 POWELL 23i Samuel late Ashley St age 75
 SEWELL 19i 75 Bromsgrove St, Hannah age 67 late Hollider St. Children
 WELLS 24i Hope Cottage Nechells, Thomas age 75. Moseley Parish Church
30/12/1901BAKER 23i 62 Geach St, Ivy Gladys age 2, bdo William/Rose E. also 26i suddenly Rose E Baker, mother of above age 31
 EDKINS 26i at his residence The Firs, Penns nr Bham, Charles age 73. Walmley Church
 ONIONS 25i 15 Grace Rd Sparkbrook, James y & dbso Thomas/Mary Anne age 23. Yardley
 PHIPPS 26i suddenly at residence of her mother in law 46 Bankes Rd, Ada Emma age 31, bwo Walter of 334 Cooksey Rd Small Heath. Yardley
 SMITH 29i in 68th yr Henry, Belle Ville, Pershore Rd Edgbaston formerly of Snaefell Villa, Victoria Rd Aston
 WALPOLE 28i at residence of her son in law 34 Waverhill Rd, Betsy widow of Thomas in 73rd yr.
 WOOLLEY 25i Old Trafford Manchester, Elizabeth bwo Samuel late Gravelly Hill. Southern Cemetery
31/12/1901BAYLEY 27i 120 Golden Hillock Rd Small Heath, Thomas age 73
 BOTT 29i at the Four Counties, Noman's Head nr Tamworth, Mary Agness (nee Roberts) age 41
 BOYCE 29i suddenly Sarah widow of Thomas age 86. Yardley
 BRADBURY 29i Leonard Rd, Elizabeth bwo Joseph
 HARRIS 28i after short illness, Emily bwo Joseph 27 Tower Rd Aston
 SHAW 28i Edward bel child of Edward/Sarah Ann of Sherlock St Bham
 SMITH 29i 4 Park View, Dudley Rd, George Stanley db 2nd so George/Frances age 4
 WESTLEY 25i at residence of his father Walter Esq., Landwade, Newmarket, age 27, Sydney late Stanmore Rd Edgbaston
1/1/1887HOWLETT 29u age 40 after short painful illness, Moses, Coralie St Brookfields
 JACKSON 30u at his residence Drayton Terrace, Camp Hill after long illness, Thomas age 64, upwards 25 yrs gas meter inspector of this Borough
 READ 30u age 65, Mary Ann wo James, Vauxhall Rd late 45 Aston St
 TOWNSEND 31u age 10, Mabel Hetty (Darkie) db child of Thomas/Sarah, 31 Lionel St
 WILLIAMS 29u 89 Stanhope Rd Highgate after many yrs affliction in 61st yr, Charles Frederick eso late Edward & Hannah of this town
3/1/1887ADKINS 31u age 64, Thomas, 2 Castle St Warwick
 OSBORN 1i Ashmount, Langley Rd Small Heath, Selina sister of Charles Osborn, Edgbaston St.
 WEBB 3i Hampton House, Church Rd, Moseley age 82, Catherine widow of William late Aston
4/1/1887BOTT 2i Cedars, Shirley Rd, Acocks Green in 83rd yr, Elizabeth Miller relict of John
 GITTINGS 3i age 39 Isaiah Round of the Laurels, Copeley Hill, Gravelly Hill
 OSBORNE 1i at residence of son-in-law Highfield House, Greet in 82nd yr Catherine widow of James & sister in law of above Selina
5/1/1887DEWSBURY 1i 30 Main St Sparkbrook, Ann age 76
 HARPER 3i, Mary 137 Gt Brook St age 60
6/1/1887WALKER 4i age 83, 26 Essington St, Francis
7/1/1887CLARKE 2i Owen age 84, 115 Branston St
 DAVIS 1i in 68th yr Emma widow of Frederick of Lozells
 FAULKNER 30u age 82, William, 45 yrs servant of Mr Middlemore, Edgbaston
 MORRIS 2i Langley, Phoebe, relict of William, age 67
8/1/1887JACKSON 5i 111 Anglesey St in 72nd yr Jane widow of William
 KAYE 7i Perth, Scotland in 51st yr, James Esq., bel father of Dr James, 35 Gt Charles St
10/1/1887COMMANDER 7i 11 Wyndham Rd Edgbaston, Elizabeth age 75
 HERBERT 8i in 80th yr, William, maltster, Brighton Rd
 HODGSKIN 30u age 58, Thomas John late Seymour St Balsall Heath eso Thomas, Inspector, Bham police
 HOOPER 8i Louisa bwo Peter, Morville St
 RILEY 8i 117 Queens Rd Aston, John
 SMALLWOOD 5i after long painful illness in 31st yr, Ellen 3rd do Thomas, Woodbine Place, Smethwick
12/1/1887SPEAR 9i age 1 yr 8 months Lilian Mary bdo Alfred G & Eliza, 52 Gladstone Rd, Sparkbrook
13/1/1887DAWSON 8i 148 Broad St in 25th yr, William bso James/Sarah
 DOCKER 9i age 9 months, Ernest Frederick so Thomas, 46 Vaughton St
14/1/1887YATES 13i 68 Bath Row, Matilda bwo George, surgeon
15/1/1887BLOOR 14i after few days illness, Thomas, 43 Warstone Lane
 CARTWRIGHT 14i Marlborough House, Bristol Rd Edgbaston, age 66, Charles
17/1/1887SWAIN 16i Woodfield Rd Kings Heath after short illness in 56th yr, Elizabeth bwo William
 WHITE 14i 7 Vincent Parade, Balsall Heath, Olivia, dbwo Richard
18/1/1887DALZELL 16i Allan age 65 after great suffering from cancer on the tongue
 DAVIS 14i of bronchitis, Sarah wo Charles 95 Hampton St
 HURLEY 16i Brighton Rd Balsall Heath age 74, Ann widow of William Smart
 MIDDLETON 16i in 23rd yr, Isaiah Enoch only so Enoch/Rosannah, Cuckoo Rd Nechells
 RICHARDSON 17i at her son's Aston Rd, Elizabeth age 78 late Hockley
20/1/1887WOLFFE 19i suddenly, Dolly do David, Gough House, Sir Harry's Rd, Edgbaston age 4 yrs
21/1/1887FINCH 13i 39 Rupert St, Jane bwo George
 HALL 20i 37 Balsall Heath Rd in 71st yr, William, 56 yrs faithful servant and friend of William Pearce, Bridge St, Broad St, Bham
22/1/1887MOULD 19i Dennis Bradley late Bearwood Hill Farm, Smethwick age 77
 SALMON 19i suddenly in 83rd yr, Artaxerxes, Ivy Cottage, Boldmere Rd, Wylde Green
25/1/1887KENNEDY 2i First House, Bournemouth age 36, Joseph, engraver of 1a Caroline St & 202 St Vincent St Ladywood
 SHIPTON 24i suddenly age 55, William of Middlemure Rd Handsworth, for 45 yrs faithful & respected servant of F. Banks, Constitution Hill
 SUTCLIFFE 22i 2 Park Rd Saltley, Annie bwo John age 55
26/1/1887MOUNTFORD 20i 246 Park Lane Aston in 78th yr, Jane E relict of John late Aston Hall
27/1/1887BOULTON 26i Terrace Rd Handsworth, Maria Avery age 84
 DEAKES 25i 18 Clifton Rd Sparkbrook, Sarah relict of John age 77
28/1/1887HUGHAN 26i 82 1/2 (eighty two & a half) Hatchett St in 61st yr, Emma bwo William
29/1/1887HEATH 26i at son-in-law's Frederick Walford, Cregoe St, Martha age 84
 MORRIS 27i age 51, Louisa relict of W., Summer Hill
 BEDDOW 3i at his residence, 40 High St, Toronto, Canada of congestion of lungs, Thomas Highfield, age 70 formerly Bham
31/1/1887WALKER 24i age 45 after long painful illness, Richard Henry, Cleveland Villa, St Pauls Rd Moseley late 57 Grant St
 WATTS 29i age 63, Sarah relict of Charles, saddler, Gt Hampton St
 WASSALL 24i Josiah James age 60, 14 Taylor St Bloomsbury late Church Rd Nechells
1/2/1887KIMBERLEY 29u Cape Hill in 22nd yr, William Henry so Hannah/Joseph
2/2/1887BURNS 25u at his residence High Park Nechells, William late of the Beehive, Graham St
 COHEN 1i Lancaster House, Glover Rd, Small Heath, Eliza wo Michael Henry of Hospital Street & Glover Rd
 CRUTCHLEY 25u the Crescent, Washwood Heath, Eli age 32. Saltley Church
 DUMELOW 1i 79 Lodge Rd, Hannah relict of Francis in 85th yr
 GRICE 28u age 52 after few hrs illness from rupture of blood vessel, James, Vere St
3/2/1887BOUGHEY 23u suddenly, Martha at Ellen St, Spring Hill age 58
 NICHOLLS 1i in 61st yr, Maria bwo Joseph, Mariemont, Park Hill, Moseley
4/2/1887CHESHIRE 31u 10 Sandy Lane, James Henry
 ROBINSON 2i in 76th yr Mary Ann bwo Charles, Hall Rd Handsworth
7/2/1887COLES 6i at her son's residence 65 Murdock Rd Handsworth in 77th yr Elizabeth relict of Henry senior, of this town
 DALZELL 4i 70 Mott St., Jessie 3rd do late Allan age 21
8/2/1887COXON 4i 36 John eso William, Gt Colmore St
 EDWARDS 5i 170 Gt Lister St, late Saltley, Phebee age 47 dbwo Edmund Francis after painful illness borne with Christian fortitude
 WHITE 7i after short illness in 50th yr Charles, auctioneer, Redditch
9/2/1887COX 7i after painful illness age 52 Alfred, Ryland Road formerly Swan Passage
12/2/1887CARTER 7i 73 Winson Green Rd after long illness age 63, William
 HOBSON 12i after severe illness in 74th yr, Joseph, 26 Stour St Ladywood
 NEWEY 9i after short illness age 66, Silvia, relict of Dr Thomas late Wheeler St Aston
14/2/1887BROWN 6i James, Clifton Rd Sparkbrook late Stourbridge age 89
 HODGETTS 9i 34 Suffolk St, William Henry age 60
 SARSONS 12i at his residence Mona House, Gravelly Hill in 62nd yr, Henry
 WAKEFIELD 9i 54 Hunter's Lane Handsworth late Hamstead Rd, Benjamin age 60
15/2/1887COPE 12i 17 Tenby St after severe illness, William
 MATTHEWS 13i 40 Homer St Balsall Heath age 3 yrs 8 months John Clarence (Buddie) 2nd and dlso John/Isabel
 SHERAR 14i 3 1/2 yrs William Irving so William, Trinity Rd, Birchfield
16/2/1887PUMPHREY 14i at his father's residence Kings Heath, John Hunt in 29th yr
 TARPLEE 13i at his residence Jersey Place, Salisbury Rd Handsworth in 64th yr, George
17/2/1887MARSTON 14i 70th yr, Thomas, Gt Colmore St
18/2/1887KENDRICK 16i 108 High St, Aston New Town age 57, George
 LEWIS 18i Charles Rupert yso W.O., Hall Rd Handsworth
19/2/1887PAGE 15i 156 Balsall Heath Rd, Harry Edward, infant so Owen Edward age 5 months
 ROLLASON 16i Anna Maria, wo J., Gooch St, & dbdo Thomas Fletcher, Sutton Coldfield
21/2/1887LUCAS 2i in 61st yr, John, Lawrence St.
 PROUD 17 December 1886 in New York, USA John, eso John of Handsworth
22/2/1887GARDINER 12i after short painful illness Thomas age 49, 9 Matilda Place, Crab Tree Rd
 KAY 14i in 58th yr bwo T.R., 139 Camden St
 THOMAS 21i 123 Mary St Balsall Heath, Rebecca wo John Thomas & edo Alderman Joseph Downing
23/2/1887ASLING 22i at residence of her son, Kineton Green, Olton age 84, Sarah, relict of William of B'ham
25/2/1887EMMS 21i John, for many years faithful servant of Messrs Coleman & Co, solicitors, 77 Colemore Row in 57th yr. Warstone Lane C of E cemetery
26/2/1887CAREY 13i, James Painter late of Bristol age 44
 HORTON 24i Charlotte bwo Thomas, 30 Lozells Rd and 9 Spencer St
28/2/1887WILLIS 26i of chronic bronchitis and heart disease, Edward, Vicarage Rd, Kings Heath age 51
2/3/1887BARTON 26u 104 Unett Street in 75th yr, George
 DALTON 28u age 62, Sarah relict of W., Ten Acres, Upper Pershore Rd
 FUELL 26u 3 Box Terrace, Dymoke St. Bham, Fred formerly 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards after short illness from inflammation of the lungs age 30
4/3/1887WALDRON 3i after lingering illness in 46th yr, Robert of Royal Exchange, Barr St Bham
7/3/1887BIRD 5i Arley House, Acocks Green, Elizabeth Jane wo Frederick Augustus age 38
 COLLINS 3i Vyse St Aston, age 74, Mary
 FARADAY 5i 58 Brougham St, Tertius formerly Bull St age 61
 FARMER 4i 139 Coventry Rd age 75, Elizabeth wo Samuel Tompson
8/3/1887ANSELL 6i Victoria Rd Aston, Charles in 76th yr
10/3/1887BUSHELL 2i 76 Lower Tower St, Charlotte bwo William
12/3/1887CROSS 9i Fern Villa, High St Smethwick, Lucy Potter bwo Solomon in 69th yr
 EASTGATE 6i 55 Tower St, Charles John in 55th yr
 HANCOCKS 10i 81 Highgate Rd, Louisa Helena ydo William/Sarah after long painful illness borne with Christian fortitude
 HANCORNE 9i at his daus residence High St Aston after short illness of bronchitis, George age 85 yrs 11 months, native of Swansea, Glamorgan
 KNIGHT 6i 9 Ruston St North bwo George after long illness age 41
 MARRIAN 11i Rose Cottage, Victoria St Small Heath age 78, Harriet bwo Francis
 (also in 's') WILLIAMS 6i at Boar's Head, Perry Barr, age 46, Ellen, wo W., a son
14/3/1887COOKE 11i Beach Rd Sparkhill, Mary Ann dbwo Ernest H. & 4th do late Thomas Bishop, Deritend
 FISHER 10i Penn Fields, Wolverhampton age 62, Thomas
 LADBURY 9i 167 Herbert Road Small Heath in 33rd year, Thomas
 WALL 9i Emma, Trafalgar Rd, age 50
15/3/1887EVANS 11i Clifton Rd Sparkbrook, of paralysis age 63, Elizabeth wo Benjamin
 GOODMAN 14i Harriet bwo William, St Leonards, Kingswood Rd Moseley
 MATTHEWS 13i Showell Green Lane Sparkhill in 73rd yr after long painful illness, Elizabeth bwo Henry
17/3/1887DAVIES 17i age 14 months, Hubert William dbyso Walter W & Mina, The Mount, Church Hill Rd Handsworth
 PEARMAN 11i John Edward age 5 months yso James late Harborne
19/3/1887HEATH 17i age 68, Winifred, 16 yrs faithful night nurse at Birmingham Workhouse
21/3/1887ROBBINS 20i Sarah bwo George senior, Langley in 66th yr
 TAYLOR 20i age 16 months, Esther Nellie db child of John/Martha 165 Gt King St
22/3/1887HARRIS 7i Penzance in 25th yr, Sarah Ann wo Edwin of this town
 NORTON 21i Frances widow of Thomas 95 Albion St
 ONIONS 18i 39 Grace Road Sparkbrook Thomas Henry age 36 dbho Charlotte
 WOOLLERTON 21i dbwo W., 79 Coleshill St in 34th year.
28/3/1887JACKSON 24i 112 Guildford St, Alice 2nd do John/Matilda age 21
 MOULD 26i 11 Waterworks St Aston, James age 80
29/3/1887MOULTON 27i at his residence 315 Hagley Rd, Daniel age 56
 WILLS 26i age 22, Albert yso W., Gem St
30/3/1887JONES 26i Charles only bel child of William/Annie, 327 Lodge Rd
 MAUDSLEY 29i at his residence 134 Birchfield Rd, Henry, solicitor late Temple St in this town in 81st yr
31/3/1887WOOD 27u 90 Holyhead Rd, Katharine Clara (Kathie) do Joseph/Mary Ann age 5 yrs 7 months
1/4/1887FLETCHER 30u Ethel May do George William/Sarah age 4
2/4/1887COTTRELL 31u Highgate Crescent Balsall Heath after painful illness, Mary Ann relict of Thomas formerly of Holloway Head in this town
 MALPASS 2i of apoplexy Eliza relict of William late Sherlock St
4/4/1887BANNISTER 2i age 4 yrs 10 months William Joseph dbe child of William/Sarah 101 Brighton Rd Sparkbrook
5/4/1887WARD 1i in 3rd yr Leslie y child of Lloyd/Elizabeth, George St Balsall Heath
7/4/1887LOVETT 6i Mary Ann wo W.J., 102 Camden St
 OLLIS 29u at dau's residence (Mrs. Faulkner, Kings Rd, Hay Mills), William age 73
9/4/1887BAMFIELD 81 Thomas Street after short illness age 51, William formerly Moseley St in this town
11/4/1887HUSKISSON 10i Annie Kate Elizabeth 3rd do Charles/Alice late 233 Monument Rd Edgbaston age 2 yrs 4 months
 NIGHTINGALE 10i after long illness at his residence 27 Ladypool Rd, J.Herbert
 PATRICK 10i 169 Conybere St Bham, James snr, draper in 52nd yr
 PLATT 10i age 38, Sarah bwo Charles Platts [stet], Edward St, Parade, do E.A. & Elizabeth Underhill, Fleet St
 SKINNER 6i age 59, Edmund of Ladywood Rd
12/4/1887JACKSON 11i Mary bwo Thomas 133 St Lukes Rd in 76th yr
 SIMONS 11i in 77th yr widow of John, surgeon of this town
13/4/1887BONE 25u age 72, G. of Priestley Rd late Darwin St
 WOOD 11i Llandudno, James age 63 late Bham
14/4/1887CAUDRY (changed to COUDRY on 15/4 notice) 11i after severe illness, 18 Auckland Rd Sparkbrook age 64, Joseph
15/4/1887CANNABE 15i after short painful illness age 19, Alice Hampton, ydo late William Henry, 35 St Lukes Rd
16/4/1887AULT 13i suddenly 6 Gt Francis St Bloomsbury age 24, Mary Matilda bwo Ambrose
 APPLEBY 15i 7 Highfield Terrace, Coralie St, Mary Ann (Polly) wo H.H., ydo Joseph/Emily STUBBS, age 20
 BOTT 15i Church Rd Nechells, John in 76th yr
 COLEMAN 11i Thomas age 74, for 38 yrs faithful employee of Enoch NOAH, Wrottesley St
 FALLOWS 13i Moseley Park Farm in 47th yr, William Edward, solicitor of this town
 STARLING 15i Grace age 30, bel edo J.H. of Albany Rd Harborne
18/4/1887GROVE 16i age 70, David of Selly Oak
19/4/1887HARVEY 17i 17 Hyde Rd, William Raby age 29, bel 3rd so William
22/4/1887FELLOWS 19i 160 Nechells Place suddenly Gertrude H. bdo John/Nellie
 JOHNSON 19i age 61, Elizabeth wo Thomas, Avenue Rd, Kings Heath
 MATTHEWS 19i 2 South Grove, Erdington after short illness age 71, John Bidwell, for 26 yrs faithful estate agent of late Sir Josiah MASON and his trustees
23/4/1887ATKINS 21i Fielding, Woodstock Rd, Moseley in 69th yr, George, solicitor of 120 Colmore Row Bham
 WATTS 22i Joseph, Midland Cottages, Lawley St in 43rd yr
 WINTERS 21i age 52, William after short illness, 221 Cromwell St
25/4/1887TOWNSEND 21i at his residence 77 Floodgate St in 61st yr, John
26/4/1887GRANT 22i 9 All Saints St, Caroline H, wo James age 31
 HILL 24i 7 Heath St, Albert Rowland, infant so Rowland/Grace Ann age 6 months
 WILSON 25i 37 Prescott St in 48th yr, Martha bdo George/Elizabeth of Gt Hampton Row
27/4/1887LUCKMAN 23i in 79th yr Eliza of Bloomsbury late Upper Saltley
 PAGE 23i Elizabeth wo George, solicitor, Bham
 SMITH 24i Matilda Ann (Lily) edo C., 25 Hamden St Balsall Heath
28/4/1887MORTIMER 25i 23 Heath St Balsall Heath after short painful illness, Harold John db child of John/Adah age 4
29/4/1887DUGMORE 28i Dawlish Place, Monument Rd, Bertie dl child of Thomas/Annie age 2 yrs 10 months
 NOTT 23i suddenly age 62, Alfred Vernon, Stafford Rd, Wolverhampton late of this town
30/4/1887CANNABE 29i after short painful illness age 21, Ellen Jane 3rd do late William Henry, 35 St Lukes Rd
 MEREDITH 27i 17 Lodge Rd Hockley, Mary bwo Thomas & do late Robert WATTS
2/5/1887BAGNALL 30u 7 Monument Rd age 66, Eliza relict of William late Summer Hill
 BROOKS 30u Burbury St in 55th yr, Thomas late Steelhouse Lane
 WARBURTON 29u after lingering illness, Freddy, db twin child of George/Mary Ann, New Spring St Brookfields age 2 yrs 3 months
4/5/1887HUTCHINSON 30u Falkirk N.B., after short illness, William Alexander bso Jane Brydges & late W.A. of this town, late scholar of King Edwards School
5/5/1887LAYDON 30u 91 Coleshill St, Mark age 56, for many yrs Summons Officer at Bham County Court. Int. St Joseph Nechells
 MONEY 2i 143 Golden Hillock Rd age 50, James, late The Albion, Wheeler St
6/5/1887CANDLELENT 6i Westmoreland Rd Birchfield, Bessie, wo Joseph
 HORTON 3i after painful illness 90 Gt Hampton Row, Brother Ernest of Ancient Order of Foresters of the Old Mill Good Intent Society [and added on 7/5] Intent Court (No. 2,561) age 33
7/5/1887HUGHES 6i at his residence The Cedars, Augustus Rd Edgbaston age 59, Robert
 JUDD 1i Foleshill, Harriet age 78, loving wife, daughter, mother
 SHIRLEY 6i Elizabeth do late George/Elizabeth late Wheeler St age 53 after long & heavy affliction
9/5/1887PATCHING 8i at his residence 19 Charlotte Rd Edgbaston, Frederic age 64. Witton
 POORE 7i 78 Ladypool Rd, Joseph age 75
10/5/1887KNIGHT 9i, Ellen Lucy age 9 do William/Sarah Ann, Farm Rd Sparkbrook
 PRICE 7i Church Hill Handsworth Elizabeth bwo Henry
12/5/1887CHALK 7i of consumption at Gosport, James only so Mary, Ladywood age 36, late HMS Alberta
 PONCIA 8i at his residence Park Crescent, Brighton age 58, James bro of late John, J.P. of Edgbaston, also Thomas Francis, Esq., solicitor, Highgate, Bham
13/5/1887PLAYNE 12i Ivy Cottage, The Lickey, Edwin age 76
14/5/1887FIRKINS 9i Bridge Inn, Sherborne St Ladywood after lingering illness, Ellen age 48, bwo Joseph
 MEREDITH 8i suddenly 155 Frederick Rd Aston Park age 18 months, George Alfred infant so J.W. & C.E.
16/5/1887GOODE 12i Coleshill St, Thomas age 39
17/5/1887INESON 16i 13 Trent St, Harriet age 48
18/5/1887WAY 17i Gravelly Hill after long suffering, Hannah edo late John age 38
19/5/1887BURDEN 18i after short illness age 76, Edward, Wilton St Lozells
20/5/1887HANCOCKS 19i John William, infant so W.H. & A.E., 9 Handsworth New Rd
21/5/1887COWPER 20i age 57, John, Highgate Place, Moseley Rd
 GREEN 19i after long illness, Norah Louisa Bullock, ydldo Thomas/Martha, Primrose Cottage, Lozells
 PITCHFORD 19i Richard of Kings Norton age 66 late Bham
23/5/1887ELSNER 21i Sarah bwo Isaac, 52 Alexander Rd Edgbaston
25/5/1887FALLON 22i after 2 yrs suffering 7 St Martins Place, John age 58, 37 yrs faithful servant of Mr. MYERS, Charlotte St, Witton
 TALBOT 19i Hatfield, Doncaster, Alfred so late George, Burley, Leeds
26/5/1887PICKERING 25i 21 Talbot St in 39th yr, Mary Ann relict of John
27/5/1887RAINSLEY 22i after long suffering 87 New Spring St Brookfields, William age 64, 36 yrs faithful servant of Mr. MYERS, Charlotte St.
28/5/1887WARD 24i 32 Tindall St Balsall Heath, John age 64
1/6/1887KNOWLES 30u Elm Dale, Chester Rd, Edmund Henry age 38
 OVERBURY 29u Stanley Village, Moseley, Frank age 78
 PARKER 30u 17 Yew Tree Rd Edgbaston, Frederick in 77th yr
 PICKMERE 27u The Mount, Llanfair, Montgom., Eliza widow of John Richard Esq, in 83rd yr
2/6/1887BATES 31u Monument House, Edgbaston, suddenly of apoplexy age 55, Charles 4th so late William Henry of Lime Grove, Edgbaston
 RADFORD 18 April, Melbourne, Australia, Richard late Coplow St of this town
 READ 27u 17 Icknield Port Rd, Samuel age 75, for 37 yrs gardener at Deaf-Dumb Inst.
4/6/1887CROOK 2i at her residence Irving St age 62, Mary relict of William of Hartlebury
6/5/1887SHAW 4i 119 Pershore Rd age 64, William Josiah formerly of The Grimspits, Kings Norton
7/6/1887BARNWELL 6i age 69, John, 8 Princes Row Ashted
 BATES 31u suddenly Monument House Edgbaston, residence of his brother A.H., Charles 4th so late William Henry of Lime Grove Lodge, Edgbaston
 ROLLASON 5i Highland Lodge, Wellington Rd Edgbaston, Sarah wo S.F.
8/6/1887WEAKE 6i 149 Conybere St, Horace, builder, in 65th yr of apoplexy
9/6/1887SWINCHATT 30u Fulham, London after long illness in 70th yr John, over 20 yrs curator of The School of Art, Bham
13/6/1887LEA 8i 8 Upper Thomas St Aston, John age 63, for 53 yrs faithful servant of Thomas ROSS & Son
15/6/1887HARRIS 13i F.J., 204 Green Lanes Sparkhill, pianoforte tuner
 MARRIAN 13i age 75, Mary bwo J.P., The Limes, Acocks Green
16/6/1887HODGKISS 15i 66 Gladstone Rd Sparkbrook age 67, Mary Ann bwo William formerly 82 Ashted Row
 POWELL 11i 47 Gt Brook St after long illness age 75, James
17/6/1887DENNING 16i age 54, Matilda bwo William, Victoria Rd Aston late New John St West
20/6/1887ASMAN 13i Cattell Rd Sparkhill age 34, David
 SILK 17i Emma wo Robert, 27 Newport Rd Sparkbrook age 60
21/6/1887DAWSON 19i age 48, Thomas, Cambridge St late Frederick St
23/6/1887THOMPSON 16i at Blackpool age 1 yr 10 months after few hours illness, Beatrice Sarah do Richard, 262 Stratford Rd
 TUSTIN 17i Joseph, Gt Packington age 69 after short illness
24/6/1887BRIDGES 22i at residence of her son Ashley Colston Bridges, surgeon, Lozells in 69th yr, Catherine widow of James Jennings Bridges
 ORCHARD 23i William, brassfdr in 72nd yr, 2 Fleet St after long severe illness
27/6/1887WALL 25i in 63rd yr John, 47 Barker St Handsworth
29/6/1887GALPINE 27i Gravelly Hill, Deborah age 74
30/6/1887JOHNSON 25i after short illness at her residence Ivy House, Brearley St, Mrs. Sarah age 72
1/7/1887BRADLEY 28i 136 Soho Hill, Louisa wo W.J., age 46
4/7/1887WOOD 2i Grove Cottage, Fillongley in 78th yr Isabella relict of John
5/7/1887WATHES 1i 6 Holloway Head, from sunstroke, Caroline Elizabeth (Bessie) age 3
7/7/1887BURTON 5i Francis Jane bwo James 33 Ingleby St
9/7/1887RICHARDSON 16u, Wildmoor, nr Bromsgrove after long illness, John Henry age 21, brother of Mrs. Munslow, 45 Tindall St Ladywood
11/7/1887HALSEY 9i 79 Grant St in 74th yr, Ann widow of Thomas
12/7/1887DAVALL 10i Newtown Row, Elizabeth age 90 late Lister St
14/7/1887CARTER 12i Fern Village, Cambridge Rd Moseley, Sarah Ann 2nd do late John, Braithwaite Rd
16/7/1887SHIRLEY 14i at Jolly Brewer's, Wheeler St after long illness age 50, Ann bwo William
 STOKER 11i age 41 Elizabeth Sarah bwo John Westley late Harborne
18/7/1887STEVENS 15i 3 Yew Tree Rd Edgbaston, Walter in 63rd yr
 VINCENT 16i 16 South Rd, Camp Hill, Alfred age 53
23/7/1887BUER 19i 30 Lozells St, Arthur Tredway age 19
25/7/1887GORSE 23i 273 Monument Rd age 59, Eliza widow of William
 RAVENSCROFT 24i after short illness age 39, John, builder, Gooch St
 WILLSON 23i at residence of his son, Highgate St, Thomas Annis, carpenter age 70
26/7/1887HAWKES 24i at his residence Henley Terrace, Wynn St age 67, John Hemming
 MARTIN 25i age 21, Harry Alfred so Alfred, Gravelly Hill
 MEANLEY 24i William 2nd so Samuel of this town. Int. St Thomas/St Edmund, Erdington
 NICHOLLS 23i The Limes, Woodbridge Rd, Moseley after short illness age 60, Henry, late Peacock Inn, Aston St
27/7/1887DOWNING 25i 1 Bearwood Rd Smethwick, James age84
 PONCIA 25i Anthony, The Hawthorns, Ladypool Rd Sparkbrook age 62, brother of late John J.P. of Edgbaston
 WILSON 24i at residence of brother 74 Villa St., Frederick Walter yso late W., Prospect Row
2/8/1887REEVES 29u at her residence St Mary's Square late Stratford Rd Bham, Sarah Amelia Swift bwo John age 61
3/8/1887BARTLETT 31u 192 Cattell Rd, Catherine relict of W. formerly of Oldbury
 BENNETT 1i Frederick Percy infant so Arthur J, William St Lozells
 CADBURY 2i suddenly Pendle Hyrst, Bristol Rd, Candia widow of Benjamin Head Cadbury age 84
 ENSELL 28u after short illness, George infant so Aurelius/Maria late Villa St
5/8/1887RODDIS 2i Aston Rd in 49th yr, John. Witton
9/8/1887MARSDEN 6i London, G.W., late 33 Powell St Bham
10/8/1887MOULD 31u after short illness age 32, John James, jnr, Cox St West.
 PEARCE 8i Fentham Rd Birchfield age 1 yr 6 months Cyril Seymour db child of Thomas Henry/Kate
11/8/1887EDWARDS 10i Emma Garford bwo William 224 Stratford Rd late 44 New St
13/8/1887COOPER 8i after short painful illness age 4 months only bso Charles/Mary 79 Birchfield Rd Handsworth
 DAVIS 12i at his residence 1 Hall St Bham in 62nd yr, Henry, surgeon
15/8/1887HOGG 13i 102 Grange Rd Sparkhill, Mary bwo Thomas Birkitt age 51
16/8/1887HAWKES 12i Hockley, Bham in 67th yr after short illness Ann relict of Thomas Arthur, Broad St. Int. Bedford Cemetery
 JOHNSON 15i after few days illness Harry age 48, for many yrs in employ of Messrs DAY brothers, Crystal Palace
 SMITH 11i 5 St Matthews Rd Smethwick in 61st yr after long painful illness borne with Christian fortitude & resignation, 26 yrs faithfuly servant of Richard EVERED & Co. Surrey Works Smethwick.
17/8/1887EDWARDS 16i in 54th yr David 141 Moseley Rd Highgate
 SATCHWELL 7i after short illness, William 119 Monument Rd
 VALE 16i after short illness, William of Unett St Hockley
 WESTWOOD 16i Highfield Rd Harborne, Beatrice Eleanora db infant do William/Elizabeth
18/8/1887 COLLINS 16i 68 William St Sheffield, Frank infant so L.O. & S.E., age 10 months
19/8/1887CAKE 18i in 55th yr William 37 Horse Fair
 HUNT 17i in 64th yr, Mary bwo William, 9 Brighton Terrace, Monument Rd
 MOSS 9i after short illness, William 21 Guildford St age 69
 SMALL 17i after short painful illness, Hannah bwo William age 47
20/8/1887TYLER 18i Charlbury Place, Lee Bank Rd after lingering illness, Mary widow of William of Inland Revenue
 WATSON 18i at his residence 132 Hospital St in 86th yr, John
24/8/1887CORFIELD 23i 183 Bradford St, Bertha infant do Luke/Elizabeth
 ENGALL 22i at residence of her son-in-law William Gibbs, Rose Villa, Avenue Rd, Leamington, Ann bwo George James of Cheltenham/Brighton age 76
 HARDSTAFF 21i North Wales (drowned) Charles Dando 3rd dbso James & R., age 12
25/8/1887ADKINS 22i at residence of his uncle John Butterworth 58 Guest St Hockley after short illness, Thomas of Stratford on Avon
26/8/1887SMITH 22i after long painful illness, Samuel, Goodfellow's Lodge, Old Meeting Str.
27/8/1887FITZGERALD 19i in London age 27, Harriette bwo J.W. & ydo J. RAYMOND late Mary Ann St, St Pauls after long painful illness. Int. Handsworth Old Church
 LAYTON 25i Henry C.C. age 33 Music Assistant Trinity College London, Professor of Music, Mount St. Mary's College Chesterfield, 4th & only surviving so Rev H.G. of Yardley
 MARTIN 25i Elsie Ada age 3 months only do Albert/Mary 12 Brewery St Handsworth
29/8/1887PORTON 27i David, New Summer St age 39
30/8/1887JARVIS 28i George, Brearley St in 74th yr
 LAPWORTH 24i Mary Ann ydo John of Sparkbrook age 21
 WILKINSON 28i Hamstead Hill Handsworth age 2 Roy, yso J.H./M.K.
31/8/1887VERRIER 29i Rozel Villa, Moseley Rd, francis Hubert infant so F.W./A.J. Yardley
3/9/1887PENN 1i Eliza, Carver St
5/9/1887FENNEY 2i 118 Frederick St Aston age 32, William John
 PRICE 5i 46 Nechells Park Rd, Amelia Elizabeth bwo William late Lupin St
 WATERSON 4i 8 Priestley Rd age 2 yrs 10 months, James Frantz, eso J. & A.
7/9/1887LAWRENCE 3i suddenly at his residence 20 Hanover St, George James in 80th yr
10/9/1887BEARD 17u Cairo Egypt, William, Royal Fusiliers, so M. of this town
 MASON 23u 12 Heath St after short painful illness age 18, Minnie db only do A.N. & late W.
 SALE 6i age 53 at his residence Poplar Rd Kings Heath, William
 STAIT 3i after long suffering at 71 Unett St, Ann bwo Thomas
12/9/1887BYWATER 9i after short illness, Mary do late Joseph, 3 Ludgate Hill
 SHEATH 11i after painful illness age 71, William, Lower King Edwards Rd of this town
13/9/1887HARRISON 7i Kings Heath age 53, John bho Martha late Bham
14/9/1887CHANDLER 13i after short illness borne with Christian fortitude, Caroline bwo Reuben, 5 Tenby St North
16/9/1887NICHOLLS 11i Thomas Charles 3rd so Thomas, Bham
17/9/1887PHILLIPS 15i Selly Oak age 37, William James bso William late Navigation St
 SHELDON 15i at Hull age 32, Harry 2nd so John, Yew Tree House, Erdington
21/9/1887DOWSE 20i 1 Park Villas, Grange Rd, Sparkhill, Robert H age 56 after short painful illness
22/9/1887BRADNOCK 16i Llandudno age 14, Agnes Emily (Maggie) dbdo W.J. & S.J., Sparkbrook
 CLIFF 20i at her residence 81 Hagley Rd, Ann late Cheltenham relict of Charles, Portman St, Portman Square, London age 87
 NICHOL 19i 13 Bellis St, bdo James
23/9/1887COTTIS 22i 666 Coventry Rd, Robert age 70
 ROOKER 20i 383 Nechells Park Rd, William age 49
26/9/1887BUSHELL 25i at residence of his sister 101 Stirling Rd, of consumption, John
 ELLAWAY 25i at his residence Stratford Rd age 54, H.H. late Alderman of this town
 SMITH 20i 30 Soho Rd, Rose Hill, Handsworth age 64, Samuel Lambert
 VAUGHAN 24i 134 Lee Bank Rd after severe illness in 17th yr Elizabeth Amelia (Lizzie) 2nd do Edward/Rebecca
 WELLS 23i at residence of his dau 212 Green Lane Sparkhill, Harry age 73, upwards of 44 yrs devoted servant of Messrs Pomfrey, Sparkhill
27/9/1887BARTON 25i after long painful illness, William Henry, teacher of music, 8 Wheeler St, in 73rd yr
28/9/1887FLOYD 22i Queens Hospital age 25 Elizabeth, Latimer St South after short painful illness
30/9/1887BARTLAM 29i William 3 Russel Place, Ladywood Rd, after short illness
 PATTERSON 26i after short painful illness, Ethel dl child of Edwin/Fanny, Penn Fields, Wolverhampton late 62 Frederick Rd Aston
1/10/1887STILLIARD 28i at his residence 56 Tower St after short illness, Martin age 70, for many yrs member of the principal musical societies of this town
3/10/1887ALLEN 1i at his residence 48 Villa Rd Handsworth age 62, Michael H.
4/10/1887CAIN 30u bdo John/Ann age 19
5/10/1887BLACKHAM 30u suddenly, Joseph Gilbert age 33
6/10/1887HYDE 30u 12 Clifton Rd Balsall Heath at residence of her dau, Selina age 78
 POYNER 31u, John age 79, brother of William Henry, Branston St
7/10/1887HENSON 6i 50 Tower St after short painful illness, Edwin age 67
8/10/1887HULME 6i at his residence 53 Boulton Rd, Thomas Derritt age 73
10/10/1887HAINES 8i 20 Church Rd Nechells, Isaac age 73
 HILL 19u 6 Lee Mount Edgbaston, George age 54, also 8i after 3 yrs suffering, Frances wo above age 55
 STREET 8i after few days illness in 100th yr John, Gt Colmore St formerly Holloway Head
12/10/1887EDWARDS 9i after lingering illness, Isabella wo Thomas, station master of Monument Lane
 SMITH 11i at his residence 137 Conybere St after short painful illness, Henry age 47
 STOCKFORD 10i suddenly at his residence 41 Vauxhall Rd, J.T.
14/10/1887 LOWE 13i David Richard, cab & car proprietor Summer Lane
17/10/1887 SHILTON 13i May bdo John Edward & Jane, Fir Tree Cottage, Kings Heath
18/10/1887HORSFALL 17i Firs, Moseley, James age 74
20/10/1887JONES 19i at his residence Oswestry House, Broad St, Bham, John age 62
 WIGHAM 12u Buenos Ayres, South America, Godfrey Cuthbert age 46 late Edgbaston
21/10/1887 PARSONS 19i Ferndale, Highfield Rd Saltley age 17, Gilbert Charley eso Charles/Eliza
22/10/1887NORTON 20i at his residence 41 Lodge Rd age 74, George, dentist
 PENZA [changed to PENZER on 24/10] 21i Penzance Villa, St Pauls Rd, Laura Gertrude ydo J.E. & Lizzie, age 8
 RYDER 20i 245 Gt Colmore St age 53, Elizabeth bwo John
24/10/1887JOHNSON 23i after short painful illness George late Bham Police age 68
25/10/1887BRADNOCK, Hertford Rd Moseley age 65, Isabella relict of Charles, Bham
 THURSTON 22i Elizabeth after short illness, Penn St late Bordesley St in 86th yr
26/10/1887SHILTON 24i Fir Tree Cottage, Kings Heath age 2, Arthur Wentworth bso John E. & Jane
27/10/1887BARBER 26i at residence of her son The Elms, Brighton Rd Balsall Heath in 84th yr, Charlotte widow of Robert of Cambridge and sister of Rev H.L. Ventris, rector of St Colomb Major, Cornwall
 LYNALL 29u Sangor, India in 30th yr, Sergeant Arthur, eso late William of this town
 TUDDENHAM 24i Fanny Maria, age 35, The Limes, Highfield Rd Washwood Heath
28/10/1887TYE 25i 33 Wood St age 56, George Frederick, coachbuilder of 7 Broad St
29/10/1887DEANE 24i St Marks St after painful illness borne with Christian fortitude Catherine relict of Leonard, Gt Tindal St
 JONES 26i at Railway Tavern, Lawley St, Bham, Henry William age 32, eso William, Yardley Rd
31/10/1887MASON 29i Dymoke St, George so William/Sarah, Emily St age 36
 SWAIN 30i age 1, Amy db child of William/Kate, Aston
 WESTON 26i New Spring St after short painful illness age 61, Mary relict of Edward Henry
1/11/1887FARIS 31u Erin Lodge Handsworth residence of her brother, Miss Faris formerly of Dublin age 67
 PEACOCK 31u Henry St, Ashted age 41, Emma bwo James
 RUDDER 28u Amberley House, Gravelly Hill, William Daniel, timber merchant age 62
 THWAITE 30u The Blakelands, Woodbourne Rd Edgbaston, Horace yso Newsome & Fanny age 2
2/11/1887GARDNER 1i the Vine, St Georges St Bham in 71st yr, William
 MILLER 7u James late Newhall St Bham age 68
 MILLER 30u at her residence Bearwood Hill Smethwick age 74, Eliza widow of James late Newhall St
3/11/1887FRIEDRICHSEN 1i 60 Pershore St age 9 yrs, Magnus, dbso Friedrich & Mathilde
 GIBBS 20u of typhoid fever in Dallas County, Texas, US, Douglas bso William/Sophie of Avenue Rd Leamington age 22
 STEPHENSON 2i 115 Alston St Ladywood age 14 months, Amy Beatrice db child of Francis/Elizabeth
4/11/1887BOX 3i 59 Belgrave Rd Bham in 81st yr Letitia bwo Rev. W.
 HAMMER 29u Cuckoo Rd Nechells, Mary bwo Alfred age 33
 WOODCOCK 3i Miriam wo John at 234 New John St West late St George's Brewery, St George's St Bham in 61st yr
5/11/1887BURDETT 4i age 33, William, Winson Green
 MARTIN 3i 181 Birchfield Rd, Phoebe relict of Stephen
 NICHOLLS Caroline age 59 widow of Henry late Old Peacock, Gosta Green after short illness
7/11/1887 DAVIS 6i Highgate St in 3rd yr, of croup, Albert Sydney db child of John/Sarah Jane
8/11/1887COOKE 7i age 66, bwo S.N., Blenheim House, Kings Heath
 CLEWS 6i Bell Inn Harborne in 40th yr, Charles John late Newhall St
 HUGHES 4i 93 Highgate Rd Sparkbrook after few days severe illness age 44, Joseph, baker
9/11/1887GATHERCOLE 6i at his residence 76 Willis St Lozells in 71st yr, William
 MILLS 3i suddenly at Nottingham age 41, Ernest Daniel, surgeon
 TAPLIN 6i Kingswood, Hollywood nr Bham, Lindsey, M.A., eso late Rev. James age 58
10/11/1887CORBETT 5i St Paul's School House, Chatham age 3 months, Cyril so John Ash & Caroline Ellen
 FLOWERS 7i Small Heath, May dbdo Joseph/Emily age 3 yrs 2 months
 HUNT 7i suddenly George 134 Belgrave St age 59. Yardley
 KETELBEY 6i 19 William St Lozells age 1 yr 9 months, Hubert Frank db child of George/Sarah Ann
 LEROUX 30u E.H., age 60 of Lower Hurst St. East.
11/11/1887DOCKER 10i, Moseley, Ralph age 76
 GRANT 8i Bull's Head, Pope St, John age 25. Handsworth Parish Church
12/11/1887ANGELL 6i 46 Beechfield Rd Sparkbrook age 59, Abraham late Newport Rd Sparkbrook
 WALTON 10i 12 Hamstead Road Handsworth age 41, George Edwin
14/11/1887ATTWOOD 11i after painful illness, William 123 Bath Row age 58
 LLOYD 12i in 69th yr, William George 156 Varna Rd Edgbaston, for 30 yrs employee of Messrs CHANCE Bros and Co, glass works.
15/11/1887ATKINSON 10i, Greet in 50th yr after long painful illness borne with Christian resignation, Anne 2nd do late Thomas
16/11/1887ALLEN 16i age 1 yr 11 months, Elsie Mary do Edwin Alfred/Ann Maria, 68 Mott St, St George's
 ELLAWAY 14i Stratford Rd Sparkbrook age 56, Mary Jane widow of Henry Horn
18/11/1887BRITTON 16i 57 New St Aston, Beatrice Mabel dl child of Charles/Eliza M
21/11/1887BAYLISS 17i Edgbaston Rd Moseley, George Alfred bel child of Charles Henry/Ellen Louisa age 5 weeks
 BUCKLEY 20i White Lion, Park Rd Soho, John Joseph age 44
22/11/1887BEECH 20i 56 Goodrick St age 65, Elizabeth widow of Joseph
23/11/1887BURLEY 23i at residence of his son 68 Stafford St, William age 71 formerly Coleshill St
 JONES 16i 356 New John St West, Mark Davis age 67
24/11/1887COX 21i 31 Hyde Rd, Ladywood, John in 91st yr
26/11/1887HORTON 25i in 13th yr, Varna Rd, Rose Timmins bdo late F. of Varna Rd & 205/207 Bristol St
 MATTHEWS 23i in 72nd yr, George, many yrs traveller for Messrs Joseph Barrows & Son, wine merchants, Bham
28/11/1887MARTIN 26i 24 Soho Hill, Louisa Susannah age 74 widow of John Horatio late New John St West
29/11/1887ELSON 26i Church Rd Saltley, Robert late Adderley Park Brick Co. age 66
 PETERS 26i May do H., 20 Summer Lane
30/11/1887CHERRY 26i age 71 after short painful illness, Louisa dbwo Luke, 217 Wheelers St Lozells
 DENCER 29i age 79, Brother Thomas, P.C.R. of Court Loyal Perseverence A.O.F. & member of the above court for 44 yrs
 WIGGIN 26i at her residence 61 Gerrard St in 69th yr, Jane widow of Henry late Aston
1/12/1887BIRCH 28u in 7th yr Jessie Agnes 2nd do late William John, the Stores, High St, Harborne
 YOUNG 27u Edgbaston, Catherine widow of George, Saverley House, Cresswell, Staffs in 70th yr
3/12/1887MORLEY 2i after short illness 24 Sherbourne Rd in 78th yr, Elizabeth widow of John
 OWEN 29u age 33, Sarah bwo John Henry of Helping Hand Institution
5/12/1887FRENCH 4i at his residence Chapman Rd Small Heath in 86th yr, George Anthony formerly Maldon & Edmonton
6/12/1887ARCHER 1i St Albans Rd, Watford after long painful illness age 33, Rebecca Alice wo Augustus B.
 HAMMOND 1i Mary Ann wo John Edward, 59 Brighton Rd Moseley
 SMITH 5i Queens Hotel, Queens Rd, Aston, Thomas in 39th yr
7/12/1887FLETCHER 6i at his residence 37 George Rd after long illness, Frederick Johnson late Vestry Clerk of Edgbaston age 50
 MALL 6i 46 Barker St, Sandpits, William age 42
9/12/1887ANTROBUS 6i at his residence Hamstead Rd Handsworth, Philip age 52. Handsworth Old Church
10/12/1887EDKINS 7i 43 Hockley Hill age 8 months, Leslie Stretton db infant so Sam/Annie
 HUSKISSON 9i Charles Henry so Charles/Alice late 233 Monument Rd Edgbaston age 1 yr 2 months
12/12/1887GRAY 11i Irena Winifred age 10 months, ydo J.C. of High St
 SUMMERFIELD 6i after lingering illness age 56, Sarah only sister of Mrs. R. Wiseman, Hope St, late Cheapside, for 33 yrs faithful servant of Martin BILLING & Sons, Livery St
13/12/1887 BAKER 11i 255 Park Rd Soho, Rowland John, 2nd & infant so William Edwin/Elizabeth age 1 yr 7 months
14/12/1887 SPITTLE 11i Elsie age 3 yrs, and on 12i Irene age 8 months, bel children of Frederick/Jane, Handsworth
15/12/1887FARNDON 15i Bloomsbury age 27, George, auctioneer
 HALL 13i 175 Bloomfield Rd Tipton in 73rd yr, Joseph
 TAYLOR 12i Sarah bwo late George of 83 High St Bordesley, furniture remover, age 63
16/12/1887 WOODROFFE 11i after many yrs affliction age 50, Emma bwo James 161 George St West
17/12/1887EDRIDGE 12i Cromwell St, Rebecca bwo Walter
 SMITH 7i Queens Hospital after painful operation age 48, Joseph, painter of Cox St West, for 17 yrs member of Bham Volunteers
 TINKLER 15i Rookery Rd Handsworth, Edward after long painful illness
19/12/1887BADHAM 18i Poplar Rd Kings Heath after lingering illness in 58th yr, Hilo, upwards 40 yrs in the employ of Messrs JONES & ROOKE, Northwood St
 BOWATER 15i after lingering illness borne with Christian fortitude, 10 Wharton St, Joseph age 70, late Fox St, undertaker
 COOPER 16i suddenly, Charles of Maney nr Bham
20/12/1887CULM 17i 92 Brighton Rd in 39th yr, William bho Elizabeth
 HOUSLANDER 16i at the Chapel House, Hurst St, Henry age 65, 5 yrs valued & faithful servant of Bham Unitarian Domestic Mission
22/12/1887THORNICROFT 22i Ravenhurst, Harborne after few days illness, John in 80th yr
23/12/1887CALE 20i Nellie Lydia edbdo Alfred & Jane of Anglesey St Lozells
 SMITH 20i Aston Rd age 32, Arthur 3rd so late H.H. & S.
24/12/1887MACKAY 23i after painful illness at Eversley, Edgbaston Rd Moseley age 45, Henry late Edgbaston St
 RICHARDS 19i Burlington St Aston in 70th yr, Catherine widow of Charles, formerly of Clarendon St. American and colonial papers pls copy
 WOOD 23i Wheeler St, Robert Henry age 29 after short illness
26/12/1887CHILTON 22i General Hospital after few days illness, Eliza ydo late Benjamin & Elizabeth in 27th yr
 HEMMING 22i age 38 after short illness, Joseph, Stanhope St
27/12/1887BUCKLER 26i at her residence Warwick Rd in 71st yr, Mary Ann relict of Charles Augustus late of this town
 GRIMLEY Christmas Eve at her residence Knowle Warks after long illness, Emma ydo Horatio Nelson, Moseley nr Bham
 SCATTERGOOD 22i 3 Johnstone St, Birchfield age 55, Thomas
28/12/1887BARNHURST 26i 3 Church St Stratford on Avon age 84, George Henry Steventon so late John, attorney at law of that town. American papers pls copy
 CHILTON 25i Moseley, Eliza age 60
 COWLEY 21i after short painful illness age 21, Beatrice Clara only dbdo W.T. & M.E., Balsall Heath
29/12/1887FAIRBROTHER 23i after long illness, James, Greenway St Sparkhill age 50
 FLINT 26i Cartland Rd Sparkbrook in 83rd yr, Ruth Fanny relict of William Bragg of this town
30/12/1887PANE 26i Charles Alfred, letter cutter, late Lichfield St
 STUBBS 25i Jane bwo George of Darwin St in 48th yr
31/12/1887ASTON 26i Lizzie Hannah 2nd do F.H./Lizzie, Belle Vue, Chester Rd, age 4 months
 BURGESS 30i 154 Cape Hill age 69, John, upwards 50 yrs of the firm John Burgess & Sons of this town
 LAUGHTON 29i Percy age 12, 2nd so Alfred/E.A., Kingswood Rd Moseley
 PRITCHARD 28i 32 Greenway St Sparkhill late Reservoir Rd, Gilbert age 29
 STANLEY 28i Park Rd Aston age 17 (Lizzie) Gertrude dbdo Edwin/Mary

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