Extracts from Warwickshire Newspapers 1874-1907

This list was donated to me by Chris El-Amir in Doha, who states that the data has not been
double-checked. You should regard this as a secondary source for your research
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i = this month u = last month (e/y)do/so/wo/ho = (elder/younger)dau/son/wife/husband of

The data has been extracted from The COLESHILL CHRONICLE, The KENILWORTH ADVERTISER,

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25/7/1874RUSHTON 9i at Nether Whitacre Hall, Coleshill, wo R Rushton, a dau
 HANCOCK 14i wo Rev. W.E., High Street Coleshill, a son
22/8/1874PENNEY 19i at Austin House Kenilworth wo Mr Penney, a dau
9/9/1869RAYNSFORD 1i at Halliford St wo Charles A, Esq. Kenilworth, a dau, Stillborn
29/9/1870WYNTER 24i at Usk House wo Hugh B. Esq. a dau
6/10/1870PENN 3i at Albion St Kenilworth wo Albert, grocer, a dau
23/11/1871DOHERTY 13i 5 Castle Grove wo Rev W.B. Doherty, a dau
12/9/1872SMITH 8i 5 St John's Terrace, St John's St, Kenilworth wo John jnr, a son
3/10/1872WYNTER 26u Kenilworth wo Hugh B., a son
17/10/1872: BLISS 10i Wife of Edward (Walsall) a son
22/5/1873DOHERTY 19i Castle Grove wo W.B., a son
7/8/1873BUTTON 1i The Grove, Clapham Rd Surrey wo John Claxton Button, solicitor, a son
18/4/1850PETRE 8i Leamington Hon Mrs. Petre, a dau
27/6/1850PRITCHARD 20i Rectory, Whitchurch nr Stratford on Avon, wo Rev M. a dau
 WELCHMAN 14i wo E. Esq of Southam, a son
15/8/1850 (not Warwickshire but LEIGH 3i wo R. Leigh, Walton St Liverpool, of a dau, the 27th living child to which she has given birth. They have all been born at single births)
5/9/1850ARKWRIGHT 25u at Hatton nr Warwick Mrs. E. a dau
 SMITH 26u Clifford Chambers nr Stratford on Avon wo G., a son
20/5/1862DALE 19i Cambridge Place Bristol Rd wo Rev F.S. Dale M.A., Incumbent of St Luke's Parish, dau
5/6/1862RATCLIFF 3i wo W.R. Ratcliff Esq Grove Park Liverpool, a dau
 ROBSON 30u Shenstone Moss Staffs wo George Esq, a dau
 CHADWICK 31u New Hall Warks wo John De Heley Mavesyn Esq., a dau stillborn
1/8/1862PEMBERTON 32u Ampton Lodge Edgbaston wo George Arthur, a dau
12/8/1862SALMON 7i at Leamington wo W.P. Esq, a son
2/9/1862GEDGE 30u Winson Place wo Rev. J. Wycliffe, a dau
8/9/1862SAUNDERS 3i Handsworth wo C.T. solicitor, a son
21/10/1862BEDFORD at the Rectory Sutton Coldfield on Oct 19 wo Rev W.K.R., a son
23/10/1862SHORT 19i Temple Balsall wo Rev J.H. a son
29/10/1862WEISS 27i Grove House, Augustus Rd Edgbaston, Mrs Henry Weiss, a dau
8/1/1885MASON 4i Cooksey Rd, wo R., a dau
9/1/1885GILBERT 4i Nursery Terrace, wo F.S., a dau
14/1/1885WALLIS 11i 218 Broad St, wo J., a dau
17/1/1885SUCH 13 December, Providence, Rhode Island, wo William, a son
20/1/1885 ELLIS 17i wo James Walter, a dau
24/1/1885BELLAMY 12i Bordesley Park Rd, wo John, a dau
29/1/1885KENWORTHY 27i Westminster Rd Handsworth, wo F.J., a son
2/2/1885EDMONDS wo W.H., Small Heath, a son
7/2/1885THOMPSON 6i Fir Tree Place, Lozells Rd, wo James, a dau
9/2/1885BIRD 4i Arley House Acocks Green, E.A., a dau
11/2/1885ROOKE 3i wo E.J., Milton Street, twins (note: mother died 5 days later - see death announcement same paper)
13/2/1885LEWIS 13i 121 Westminster Rd Birchfield, wo Fred, a son Ivo
21/2/1885NICOL 17i South View, S. Yardley, wo J. Coulson, a dau
 WOOD 17i New Spring St Brookfields, wo Thomas, a son
25/2/1885BURTON 5i Chicago USA Ellen wo Charles F., a dau
7/3/1885BEENY 5i wo Charles A., 226 Broad St, a dau
10/3/1885GLENNIE 8i Bellbroughton Worcs, wo W.H. of Bham, a dau
 PLANT 9i Laurel Villa, Upper Mary St Balsall Heath, wo Alfred C.S., a dau
12/3/1885SHARRATT 11i 101 Gooch St, wo F.N., a son
18/3/1885SOUTHALL 11i Highfield, Ladypool Rd Sparkbrook, wo H.W., a son
23/3/1885DRY 22i Tyseley, Acocks Green wo Rev. A., a son
26/3/1885JACOBS 23i 55 Balsall Heath Road, wo Joseph, a son. American papers pls copy
28/3/1885WILLIAMS 21i 11 Reservoir Retreat, Edgbaston wo Charles Stephen, a son
31/3/1885HORTON 30i 85 Paradise St West Bromwich, wo Arthur, dentist, a son
 MANNING 28i 34 Sherbourne Rd Balsall Heath wo Walter Allen, a son
4/4/1885BARWELL 4i Brighton Villa, Arthur Rd, Erdington, wo William C., a son
6/4/1885WILSON 4i 118 Hamstead Rd, wo I.G., a dau
7/4/1885BANWELL 4i Brighton Villa, Arthur Rd, wo William C., a son
8/4/1885MITTON 31u 87 Upper Highgate St, wo Frederick, a dau
 VEINER 7i 45 Penn St, Heath Mill Lane, wo Morris, a still-born
9/4/1845LAMBOURNE 8i 190 Monument Rd Edgbaston, wo T.B., a dau
14/4/1885BIDDLE 10i The Oaks, Grove Lane Handsworth, wo George H., a son
 RHODES 11i 24 Granville St, wo Philip, a son
15/4/1885COX 11i 110 Vyse St, wo Arthur G., a dau
17/4/1885WILLIAMS 15i 33 Kendal Rd Sparkbrook, wo W.H., a son
21/4/1885MEASON 15i Drayton Villa, Havelock Rd, Birchfield, wo Charles, a dau
24/4/1885CARR 22i Gwencliffe, Perry Barr, wo Arthur T., a dau
 HOBBES 17i, wo Jonathan Lord Hobbes, surgeon, a son
29/4/1885TAYLOR 27i 68 Reservoir Rd, wo Henry, a son stillborn
2/5/1885SPEAR 27u 81 Caroline St, wo Alfred G., twin girls
7/5/1885EDWARDS 5i 218 Wheeler St, wo Walter, a dau
11/5/1885CAVE-BROWNE-CAVE 10i Woodfield, Moseley, wo Frank, a son
16/5/1885MADDEN 7i 16 Ravenhurst St, wo A.W., a dau
19/5/1885MARSH-JONES 15i Parchfield, Wellington Rd, wo G., a dau
22/5/1885BIRCH 19i Northdrove Place, Albert Rd Handsworth, wo Amos, a dau
27/5/1885HUNT 23i 160 St Lukes Rd Edgbaston wo Percy Howard, a son
29/5/1885PERRY 26i Waverley Villa, Burbury St Lozells, wo W.B., a son
1/6/1885BOWEN 31u Woodlands Acocks Green, wo Wallace, a dau
5/6/1885GRAY 5i 51 High St, wo John C., a dau
 ROBOTTOM 3i 119 Park Lane Aston, wo George, a son
15/6/1885BIBB 13i 35 Dolobran Rd Sparkbrook,, wo George Edward, a dau
16/6/1885HINGELEY 14i 154 Church St Lozells, wo J.W., a dau
20/6/1885GRUNDY 19i 28 Lee Bank Rd Edgbaston, wo William, a dau
 WARDEN 16i Westfield, Lenzie, nr Glasgow, wo Willoughby Charles, a son
26/6/1885WHITEHILL 22i Claremont Villas, Langley Rd, Small Heath, wo Robert, a dau
27/6/1885FISHER 23i 26 Chesilton Rd, Fulham, wo Edgar (Madame Emma Beasley), a son
30/6/1885GRAHAM 28i 128 Moor St, wo James, a son
6/7/1885PLANT 4i 97 Varna Rd Edgbaston, wo Joseph, a dau
7/7/1885EGERTON 5i 41 Highgate Place, Moseley Rd, wo Arthur, a son
8/7/1885VOKES 6i 250 Brearley St, wo Charles, surgeon, a son
18/7/1885GREW 2i London South, Ontario, Canada wo F.W. late Bham, a son
20/7/1885LAING 19i Queenswood Rd, Moseley, wo J., a son
22/7/1885HODSON 21i 59 Ingleby St, Monument Rd Edgbaston, wo A., a dau
 JONES 20i 3 George St Lozells, wo William, a dau
5/8/1885PARSONS 4i Highfield, Wylde Green, wo George C.T., a son
12/8/1885Birth/Death: HAWKINS 10i, Balsall Heath Tavern, Balsall Heath Rd, wo Ernest, of a son, prematurely, only survived 8 hours
13/8/1885BELCHER 13i 88 St Lukes Rd, wo A., a son
 CHECKLAND 11i Rose Villa, Nechells Park Rd, wo W.H., a dau
18/8/1885BRINDLEY 16i Showell Green, Moseley, wo Thomas, twins
20/8/1885GRATTON-OLDFIELD 19i Avenue House, Aston, wo T.H., a dau
24/8/1885TURNER 96 Dolobran Rd Sparkbrook, wo E.J., a son
25/8/1885LIST 24i St Mabyn nr Bodmin, wo Captain W.F., RMSN Co., a son
26/8/1885HURST 25i 61 Priestley Rd, wo T.A., a dau
28/8/1885BROMHEAD 27i wo Thomas 335 Monument Rd Edgbaston, a son
 BABINGTON 26i wo B, 29 Beechfield Rd, a son
 NORTON 26i Camden House, Greenfield Rd, Harborne, wo Edward, a dau
3/9/1885EATON 29u 66 Hospital St, wo Samuel H., a son
4/9/1885FOSTER 1i 321 Bradford St, wo D.J., a dau
5/9/1885SOUTHAM 3i 2 Trafalgar Rd Moseley, wo Thomas, a dau
7/9/1885MATTHEWS 6i Stanley House, Sutton Coldfield, wo J.W., a son
 LAVENSTEIN 4i, Mrs. David, a dau
8/9/1885ARCHER 3i London Bar, High St, Walsall, wo Augustus, a dau
9/9/1885WILSON 9i 35 Bull St, wo James, a son
18/9/1885POLLACK 14i 56 Duchess Rd Edgbaston, wo Oscar, a son
19/9/1885BRINSELL 17i Sutton Coldfield, wo James E., a dau
 LIPMAN 18u Riversdale, S. Africa, wo Maurice (nee Fannie Elsner of Bham), a son
23/9/1885ANDERSON 23i 22 Golden Hillock Rd, wo W.G., a dau
26/9/1885SMITH 25i 115 Guildford St, wo S.A.E., a son
10/10/1885ANDREWS 6i Highfield Rd, Washwood Heath, wo J.C., a dau
 CASHMORE 9i 22 Barker St Handsworth, wo E.H., a son
 RATCLIFFE 8i Mayfield Rd Handsworth, wo L., a dau
14/10/1885HARRISON 12i Fair Lea, Kingscote Rd Edgbaston, wo Edward, a dau
17/10/1885BENSON 15i Shorthead Rd Erdington, wo Charles jnr, a son
20/10/1885EVANS 18i 123 Heathfield Rd, wo Walter, a dau
 TITTERTON 18i 193 Bristol Rd, wo George, a dau
21/10/1885LLOYD 20i Ferndale Edgbaston, wo John Henry, a son
30/10/1885CLUTTERBUCK 27i West Lyn, Knowle, wo Edwin, solicitor, a dau
31/10/1885DUSSAULT 31i Ventnor Villa, Pershore Rd, wo L.A., a son
7/11/1885SABELL 6i 87 Dearman Rd Sparkbrook, wo Samuel, a dau
10/11/1885BUTLER 8i Herbert Rd, Small Heath, wo T., a son
13/11/1885PALMER 11i 112 Broad St, wo William, a son
21/11/1885WARD 18i 144 Varna Rd, wo John W., a son
25/11/1885ASTON 110 Frederick Rd Aston, wo Henry, a dau
30/11/1885PRICE 28i 20 Upper Cox St Balsall Heath, wo B.W., a dau
2/12/1885WHITEHOUSE 1i 5 Weston Rd Handsworth, wo Philip, a son
3/12/1885BERMEJO 1i Lily Vale, Prospect Rd, Moseley, wo V., a son
4/12/1885CADBURY 30u Woodbrooke, Northfield, wo George, a son
 MOSELEY 27u 6 Roland Grove, Roland Rd, wo Joseph Gregory, a son
5/12/1885HALL 5i 8 Alfred Rd, wo J., twin daus, stillborn
 PALMER 3i 40 Bull St, wo H., a son
9/12/1885FORDYCE 9i Arundel Villa, Moseley, wo Alfred., a dau
16/12/1885NEWTON 11i 114 Newhall St, wo R.A., surgeon, a dau
17/12/1885DREW 14i Beaconsfield House, Cromwell St, wo Edwin, a son
19/12/1885JONES 15i 65 Anglesey St Lozells, wo George Butler, a son
22/12/1885BIBB 19i Bath Villa, Coventry Rd, Small Heath, wo W.A., a son
26/12/1885BRAHAM 23i 12 Weston Rd Handsworth, wo Edward F., twins (boys), premature
28/12/1885UNDERWOOD 24i 86 Wills St Lozells, wo Arthur J., a son
7/1/1887MACE 3i Hatteries, Upper Temple St, wo T.K., a son
14/1/1887SHEPHERD 11i 94 New John St West, wo Charles Henry, a dau
17/1/1887COOKE 16i Lilly Villa, Fentham Rd Handsworth, wo William jnr, a son
20/1/1887CHESTER 20i 34 Ryland Rd Edgbaston, wo George, a son
 SOUTHALL 13i Kingswood Rd Moseley, wo Edwin , a son
22/1/1887McBURNIE 19i 56 Ashted Row, wo William, a dau
24/1/1887RIPPINGHAM 21i 20 Nursery Terrace, wo Chris, a dau
31/1/1887LEWIS 21i wo George 11 Lee Bank Rd, a son
3/2/1887BUCKNELL 1i 15 Newport Rd Moseley, wo Walter, a dau
17/2/1887THOMAS 16i Pembury House, 40 Varna Rd Edgbaston wo Myer, a son
19/2/1887VICKRAGE 16i 73 Grant St, wo A., a dau
28/2/1887ABRAHALL 25i Holte Rd Aston wo Charles Stanley, a dau
 BARROWS 26i Ferndale, Harborne Rd Edgbaston wo Joseph junior, a dau which survived its birth but a few hours
4/2/1887OSBORNE 3i Kings Heath, wo Frank, a son
7/2/1887DARBY 4i wo Horace, a son
 DUMELOW 3i 79 Lodge Rd, wo H.T., a dau
12/2/1887WILLIAMS 6i at Boar's Head, Perry Barr, age 46, Ellen, wo W., a son (Looks like mother died during childbirth)
14/2/1887MEDLICOTT 14i Handsworth wo T.H., a dau
19/2/1887MATHESON 19i 143 Ashted Row, wo J., a son
22/2/1887WOOLLERTON 21i wo W., 79 Coleshill St, a dau (Looks like mother died during childbirth)
1/4/1887GATELEY 31u 54 Summer Lane, wo Francis, a son
4/4/1887BIDDLE 2i the Oak, Grove Lane, Handsworth, wo G.H., a son
5/4/1887HOPKINS 3i wo John A, a son
 LANDER 1i Leonard Road Handsworth, wo George C.A., a dau
12/4/1887ADAMS 10i at the Beeches, 58 Kyotts Lake Rd, wo Albert A, a dau
 COOKE on Easter Sunday, wo Thomas 168 Witton Rd Aston, a dau
13/4/1887FORSTER 9i 50 Camberwell Green, S.E., wo A.M., a son
16/4/1887AULT 12i 6 Gt Francis St Bloomsbury, wo A., a dau (stillborn)
 APPLEBY 6i 7 Highfield Terrace wo H.H., a son
25/4/1887ABEL 23i 105 Gt Lister St, wo Edward, a son
28/4/1887PRICE 27i 147 Sherbourne Rd Balsall Heath, wo Benjamin Walter, a son
9/5/1887McKENN [changed to McKEAN in 10/5 notice] 29u, wo Rev. Henry, a dau
10/5/1887MARRIOTT 8i Eathorpe House, Moseley, wo F. Stewart, a son
11/5/1887WILLIAMS 11i 10 Woodfield Villas, St Pauls Rd Balsall Heath, wo W.H., a son
14/5/1887FRANKLIN 13i 123 Summer Lane, wo Herbert R., a son
16/5/1887HANCOCKS 14i 9 Handsworth New Rd, wo W.H., a son (premature)
23/5/1887GREENBERG 23i, wo Isaac, Hurst St, a son
24/5/1887COX 23i wo John 47 Leopold St, a son
31/5/1887BOOCOCK 27i, wo J. Headon, a son
 REA 26i Trinity Rd Birchfields, wo F.W., a son
1/6/1887STRINGER 30u Edgbaston Hall, wo Edwin Henry, a son
2/6/1887SMITH 27u 114 Church St Lozells, wo John Frederic, a son
3/6/1887COTTRELL 28u, wo Henry J 252 Lodge Rd, a dau
 EVINGTON [changed to EUINGTON on 6/5] 30u 39 Rowland Rd Lozells, wo J.E., a son
6/5/1887HILL 3i Holly Villas, Chester Rd, wo C.H., a dau
 TEAGUE 3i Cradley Heath, wo Wallace, a dau
13/6/1887HARRISON 11i Egmont, Carlyle Rd Edgbaston, wo Walter A, a dau
16/6/1887WESTWOOD 9i Highfield Rd Harborne, wo William W., a dau
18/6/1887MASON 15i 143 Golden Hillock Rd Sparkhill, wo W.H., a dau
21/6/1887VEINER 19i wo Mr. Veiner 33 Heath Mill Lane, a son & daughter
22/6/1887STARTIN 21i wo Francis, Gt Charles St, a son
30/6/1887SHINE 27i Old Trafford Manchester, wo Wilfred E, a dau
5/7/1887MARSH-JONES 30u Parchfields, Wellington Rd Handsworth, wo late George, a son
19/7/1887HALL 17i Llandudno, wo J. of Sparkbrook, a son (stillborn)
23/7/1887FENTON 8i 128 Victoria Rd Aston, wo Charles, a dau
3/8/1887MILWARD 2i 24 South St Harborne, wo Thomas Bramich, a dau
9/8/1887MAY 5i Holly Bank, Kingswood Rd Moseley, wo Henry, a son
11/8/1887BANFORD 10i at her residence 73 Brearley St, wo Albert William, a son
19/8/1887CORBETT 8i St Pauls School House, Chatham, wo John Ash, a son
22/8/1887BALLARD 22i Frances Villa, Perry Barr, wo W.J. a son
23/8/1887GREW 20i 112 Pershore Rd, wo Frederick W., a dau
 WALL 21i Dog Pool, Upper Pershore Rd, wo Charles Henry, a dau
29/8/1887COOPER 27i at White Swan, Islington Row, wo W., a dau
1/9/1887MUCKLEY 30u 7 Gower St Lozells, wo William, a dau
9/9/1887TOWNSON 7i 177 High Park Rd Smethwick, wo T.R., a dau
10/9/1887HICKEN 8i Soho Bham, wo A., grocer, a dau
12/9/1887THORNTON 11i Kensington Gardens Balsall Heath, wo Arthur W., a dau
13/9/1887ASTON 11i, wo T.E., a dau
15/9/1887NIXON 12i Kings Heath, wo G.C., a dau
16/9/1887NORTON 10i 122 Pershore Rd, wo Edward, a son
19/9/1887GROVES 16i 153 St Vincent St, wo John William, a dau
 MARLOW 18i Limes, Birchfield Rd, wo Arthur W., a dau
26/9/1887BOWKER 25i 244 Burbury St, wo Samuel, a son
 ROBINSON 26i Ninevah Rd Handsworth, wo T.A., a son
1/10/1887ASHMORE 1i 267 Pershore Rd, wo William, a son
3/10/1887McCARTY 27i Albion Stores, Albion St, wo William B, a dau
8/10/1887POLLOCK 7i Clyde Villa, Derby Rd, Burton on Trent, wo Charles H., a dau
10/10/1887ASBURY 7i, wo Arthur E, Ivy Mount, Smethwick, a dau
13/10/1887DOYLE 13i 10 Cape St, Bham Heath, wo J.W., a son
15/10/1887BRITTAIN 13i at the Grammar School, Alvechurch, wo Herbert Esq., a dau
18/10/1887BODDINGTON 14i Kendal Rd, Sparkbrook, wo W., a son (stillborn)
 NORRIS 14i Ernest House, Albert Rd Aston, wo Hill, M.D., a dau
20/10/1887SMITH 16i Wellington Place, Booth St Handsworth, wo J.H., a son
29/10/1887FOSTER 17i The Farm, Court Lane, Erdington, wo Thomas, a dau
1/11/1887CRACKNELL 30u 201 New John St West, Hockley Hill, wo Walter John, a son
 CLARKE 31u 99 Stirling Rd Edgbaston, wo J. Everitt, a son
2/11/1887JARMAN 1i, wo Lewis of Saltley, a dau
7/11/1887MITCHELL 6i 116 Long St Sparkbrook, wo Frederick A, a son
11/11/1887WHATELEY 11i Longfield, Solihull, wo J.C., dental surgeon 18 Gt Hampton St, a son
12/11/1887HEELEY 2i St Paul Balsall Heath, wo C. Norman, a dau
17/11/1887SILVERS 14i 253 Gt Russell St, wo J.H., a son, premature/stillborn
22/11/1887BULL 19i The College, Huddersfield, wo Samuel, M.A., a son
29/11/1887 DAVIS 29i Livery St, wo David, a dau
30/11/1887SMITH 30i 41 York Rd Edgbaston, wo G Hamilton, a son
3/12/1887PEGG 1i St Mary's Vicarage, wo Rev. H Foster, a son
10/12/1887WAINWRIGHT 9i 104 Dartmouth St, wo Edwin T., a son
12/12/1887HYDE 8i Brixton, London, Annie wo Joseph Henry late Bham, a son
 PETERS 10i Kingston Villa Sparkhill, wo W.A., a dau
 STAGG 11i 22 Snow Hill, wo A.G., a son
17/12/1887EDRIDGE 4i wo Walter, Cromwell St, a son
19/12/1887DAVIS 18i, wo Bernhard, a son
22/12/1887MILNER 21i Lothersdale, Grosvenor Rd Handsworth, wo Charles N., a dau
 TAYLOR 18i 68 Reservoir Rd, wo Henry, a son
28/12/1887SMITH 24i 2 Edgbaston Rd Balsall Heath, wo A Freeman, a dau
30/12/1887DEAN 29i Hagley, wo George, a dau
31/12/1887JONES 29i 103 Gt Colmore St, wo Alfred, a son
1/1/1901HARDING 29u Sunnyside 65 Evelyn Rd Sparkhill, wo Horace T., a son
 HOULDEN 30u 125 Wheeler St, Mabel Louise wife of Ben, a son
 WHEATLEY 19u 46 Brougham St Handsworth wo W.W. a dau
4/1/1901BOWER New Year's Day 30 Summerfield Crescent, wo J.A., a dau
7/1/1901ASHFORD 4i Kimberley, Stanmore Rd, Edgbaston, wo Arthur E., a dau
 TEAGUE 6i 67 Islington Row, wo W., a son
8/1/1901AHERNE 6i wo de Laog Aherne, The Pleasaunce, Kings Norton, a son
 ASHFORD 4i Kimberley, Stanmore Rd Edgbaston, wo Arthur E., a dau
 EDWARDS 2i 196 Charles Rd Small Heath, wo Thomas, a dau
9/1/1901ATKIN 7i Leamville, Station Rd Kings Heath, wo Wilfred, a dau (premature)
 PARSONS 8i 40 Hatfield Rd Birchfield, wo Tom, a son
 WOOD 1i Newbury, wo Harry Fletcher, a son
11/1/1901GREEN 11i 283 Stratford Rd, wo Walter H, a dau
 SOUTHERN 9i Russell Villa, South St, Harborne, wo Arthur, twin sons
14/1/1901CULLEN 8i 18 Castleford Rd Sparkhill, wo G., a dau
 STAPLES 10i 164 Bradford St, wo H., a dau (stillborn)
24/6/1901MARSH 21i Silverdale, Broad Rad, Acocks Green, wo E.A., jeweller, Northampton St., a dau
 SMITH 20i 210 Stratford, wo John W., a dau
25/6/1901DUNN 22i Erdington, wo Fred J, late Handsworth, a dau
 HOUSTOUN 23i Station St Wylde Green, wo George, a dau
26/6/1901ARUNDALE 25i Derwent, Hunton Rd, Gravelly Hill, wo G.J., a son
 EDRIDGE 22i Carrie (Rooke), wo W. at Aston, a son
28/6/1901CLARKE 27i Grosvenor St Handsworth, wo C.A., a son
 HILL 25i Hillsley, Mostyn Rd Handsworth, Lily, wo Alfred E, a son
 RABY 23i wo E.J., Erdington, a son
29/6/1901PRATT 25i 139 Brighton Rd, Moseley Rd, wo Arthur Ernest, a son
 TREVITT 28i 113 Villa Rd Handsworth, wo W., a son
1/7/1901WICKES 29u at 10 1/2 Spicer Lane wo G.H., a son
3/7/1901BRISTOW 29u 102 Fentham Rd Birchfield wo Alfred C. a dau
 MATHEWS 2i 25 Church St Lozells wo George, a dau
 NEWHALL 2i Ivy Dene, Highfield Rd Saltley wo F.W. a son
5/7/1901LAZARUS 3i 19 Evington Rd Leicester wo Henry (nee Annie Rebecca JONES), a son
 OLDFIELD 3i 183 Walford Rd Sparkbrook wo Robert A, a son
 ROBBERDS 3i Roseville, Yardley Rd, Acocks Green wo Edwin C. a son
 WHARAM 1i 63 Micote Rd wo Arthur C. a son
6/7/1901HUNT 5i Oakhurst, Coventry Road, S.Yardley, wo Herbert A. a son
8/7/1901BURBRIDGE 8i Richmond Park Olton wo T.C. a dau
 VAUGHAN 6i 317 Gillott Rd Edgbaston wo Alfred, a dau
9/7/1901GIBBINS 6i Victoria Parade, Preston, wo Frank, a son
10/7/1901BERLYN 9i 6 Calthorpe Rd wo John A., M.R.C.S. a son
 CLIFFORD 10i 41 Willows Rd wo Alfred, a dau
11/7/1901HOOTON 8i 97 Duddeston Mill Rd wo William, a son
 OLIVER 9i 402 Rotten Park Rd wo William Henry, a son
13/7/1901BULLOCK 12i Broadway, Church Rd Moseley, wo Frank, a dau
15/7/1901COPELAND 14i Beatrice Villa Springfield Rd Kings Heath wo Herbert H., a son
 HUCKNALL 13i Kirklington, Cannon Hill Rd wo J.G. a son
16/7/1901CORNISH 15i Fentham Rd, Gravelly Hill wo C.A., a dau
 LAMSDALE 14i Sutton Coldfield wo Harry, a dau
17/7/1901KEMBLE 16i Ferncliffe, Lightwoods Rd, Bearwood wo Fred, a dau
18/7/1901BROCKINGTON 15i 60 Heathfield Rd Handsworth wo F.A., a son
 FERNEYHOUGH 15i 293 Soho Rd Handsworth wo E., a son
20/7/1901HARVEY 19i at Sir Robert Peel, Poplar St, Smethwick, wo Arthur, a son
 NEWMAN 19i 4 Thornhill Grove, Handsworth wo C.J., a dau
22/7/1901WEST 18i The Nursery, Homer St Balsall Heath wo. A. a dau
23/7/1901LEES 22i Warwick Rd Acocks Green wo Frank, a son
26/7/1901HARTWELL 18i 27 Montague St wo A. a son
27/7/1901ALLISON 20i 22 Abbotsford Rd Sparkbrook wo E. a dau
29/7/1901CLARKE 28i Ingledene, Kingsbury Rd, Gravelly Hill wo M.H., a dau
 HARE 27i 177 Montgomery St Sparkbrook wo J. a son
 PERRY 27i wo W.G. Reservoir Rd, a son
1/8/1901CARR 30u Llyfnant, Gillott Rd Edgbaston wo Walter J., a son
 HUGHES 31u Cumberland House Birchfield Rd Birchfield wo George, a son (in two papers)
 MATHIAS 27u Kings Heath Aberystwyth wo Lewis J, a dau
 SMITH 30u 89 Soho Hill wo Harry, a dau
3/8/1901SRAWLEY 1i Handsworth wo S.E. a son
9/8/1901ALLEN 5i 20 George St Witton, wo Alfred S, a dau
10/8/1901KNOTT 9i Balsall Heath Rd Edgbaston wo William Malcolm, a dau
12/8/1901READ 10i 8 Frederick Rd Gravelly Hill wo William, a dau
13/8/1901ADAMS 9i The Bank House, Kings Heath wo Fred W., a son, premature, stillborn
 CROWTHER 5i Whitacre wo Lyons J., a dau
 STAPLES 13i Fifth Avenue, Green Lanes, Small Heath wo William H., a son
14/8/1901ETHELRIDGE 10i 223 Nechells Park Rd wo Albert, a son
 GOING 12i 55 Barrows Rd Sparkbrook wo Arthur, a dau
15/8/1901HUGHES 14i Mafeking Cottage, Beoley wo Frank W, Monument Rd, a son
 JAMESON 14i 84 Oakfield Rd Balsall Heath, wo W.L. a son, stillborn
 MORTIMER 14i 64 Beaufort Rd Edgbaston to Mr/Mrs. William, a dau
17/8/1901HILL 15i 30 Medicott Rd Sparkbrook, wo J. a dau
19/8/1901PAGE 17i Mary's Rd Stechford wo John A, jnr, a dau
20/8/1901HALL 18i 42 York Rd Erdington, wo Charles, a dau
 KIMBERLEY 17i 179 Waverley Rd wo Frederic, a dau
 MACER-WRIGHT 17i The Avenue, Acocks Green wo A. a son
22/8/1901SHEPPARD 15i at H.M. Branch, Military Prison, Preston, wo Garr. Pro. Sergt. J.P., a son
26/8/1901BLUNDELL 26i 122 Linwood Rd Handsworth wo T. a son
 JAMES 24i 30 Willow Crescent Cannon Hill wo Charles, a son
27/8/1901FINNEY 24i 7 Wimbourne Rd wo George, a dau
28/8/1901GOODWIN 27i Fremantle Erdington wo Walter B., a dau
29/8/1901PRICE 28i Arnold House, Gillott Rd Edgbaston wo Arthur, a son
31/8/1901CARLOSS 29i Woodstock House Handsworth wo George, a dau
 EDMONDS 27i Warwick Rd Greet wo late Robert Bruce, Gt Colmore St, a son (posthumous)
 McALIECE 30i 24 Salisbury Rd Handsworth wo W.J., a dau
 POWNING (nee MACE) 29i 34 Abbotts Park Rd, Leyton, E wo T.P.M., a dau
 RADCLYFFE 30i 23 Defford Rd Lozells wo R.H. a dau
 BENJAMIN 23i Rosemont, Thornton Ave, Chiswick wo E. jnr, a son
2/9/1901PROSSER 30u Glencoe, Church Rd Erdington wo F.W., a dau
 SANDY 1i 139 Freer Rd Birchfields wo Oliver, dau Constance Madeline (notice on 4/9 changes SANDY to SANDAY)
 SEAGRAVE 26u Acocks Green Bham wo Arthur L., a son
4/9/1901LEWIS 1i 26 Osborne Rd Handsworth wo W.E., a son
7/9/1901PARKER 2i Glengowan, Leyton Rd Handsworth wo Joseph H., a son
 WILLIAMS 6i Elmhurst, Station Rd, Gravelly Hill, wo Charles H., a son
9/9/1901COTTRELL 7i 45 Albert Rd, Croydon wo H.G., a son
 JENNINGS 7i Leamington Villa, Ettington Rd, Aston wo Fred J. Jennings, a son
 ROBINSON 5i 38 Ninevah Rd Handsworth wo F.S., a dau
 WHIFFEN 6i 289 Dudley Rd Bham wo Albert V., a son
10/9/1901RODEN 6i 202 Charles Rd Small Heath wo J.B., a son
 HARTLAND 7i Ecclesbourne West Bromwich wo Fred W.
 PHILLIPS 8i 162 Albert Rd Aston wo Alfred E. a son
 TAYLOR 8i 91 Thornhill Rd Handsworth wo Joseph, a son
 TRAFFORD 9i 107 Mount St Nechells wo Charles, a dau
12/9/1901DAVIES 10i Langley Green wo William, a dau
 EVANS 11i Ivanhoe, Waverley Rd Small Heath wo Frank, a dau
13/9/1901LAWRENCE 8i Hazemead, Chester Rd wo T.H. a son
16/9/1901COOPER 14i Grantham Rd Sparkbrook wo T.W. a son
 HARCOURT 15i Poplar Avenue, Edgbaston wo Harold, a dau
18/9/1901HAYWARD 16i Lincoln House, Brighton Rd, Moseley wo Frank, a son
19/9/1901DARE 18i Bank Tavern, New John St West, wo S. , a son
 PRESTON 18i 16 Sefton Rd Edgbaston wo J.A., ironmonger, a dau
 TREVITT 19i 85 Whitehall Rd Handsworth wo A.W., a dau
 VAUGHAN 17i 19 Pershore Rd Selly Park wo Victor, a son
21/9/1901HOMER 17i 150 Albert Rd, Aston, wo Mark, a son
23/9/1901BATTEN 22i 85 Parade wo Sydney D, a dau
 HAWKES 20i Annersley Rd, Liverpool wo Charles Fairfield, a son
24/9/1901WARRY 23i Wintop, Wylde Green wo J. jnr, a son
25/9/1901WALTERS 23i 145 Osborne Rd Sparkhill wo W., a son
26/9/1901TANNER 24i Meadow House Northfield wo Harry Grenville, a dau
28/9/1901COOK 27i Park Rd, Ninevah wo Charles, a dau
30/9/1901BOWEN 27i 47 Lancaster St, Kate wo George, a son
 BYWATER 29i Francis Rd Edgbaston wo G. Haydn, a dau
 THACKER 28i Barnwood Villa, Durham Rd Sparkbrook wo Eustace, a son
1/10/1901TEDSTONE 29u Rotherhams Oak, Hockley Heath wo R.G., a dau
3/10/1901SMITH li 112 Golden Hillock Rd Small Heath wo W.L., a dau
4/10/1901WELCH 3i Selly Oak wo A.V. a son
7/10/1901AVERY 2i Aston wo Joseph A., a son
 GOODWIN 6i 303 Nechells Park Rd wo George nee Woollard, a dau
 HENSHALL 5i wo T., Wargrave Villa, Watt Rd, Erdington, a dau
8/10/1901HARRODINE 6i 3 Artillery St, wo Samuel, a son
 HAINS 28u 98 Grange Rd Kings Heath, wo S.W., a dau
9/10/1901MOORE 8i Hillsborough, Chester Rd Erdington, wo H.W. , a son
11/10/1901HOOD 10i The Poplars, Gravelly Hill wo Alfred, a son
12/10/1901NEALE 7i Southfield Avenue, Rotton Park Rd, wo William Albert, a dau
 SMITH 11i Hazeldene, Avenue Rd, Acocks Green, wo Lewis W., a dau
14/10/1901AULT 12i Parkfield, Willows Crescent, Cannon Hill wo C., a son
 MARSHALL 12i 161 Stratford Rd Sparkbrook, wo Horace, a dau
15/10/1901ADAMS 8i 8 Kyrwick's Lane wo F.W.S., undertaker, a son
 BURGOYNE 12i Sandy Hill Farm, Shirley, wo John C., a son
 CHINERY 13i 73 St Mary's Rd Bearwood, wo Albert F., a dau
 DAVENPORT 7i 72 Crompton Rd Handsworth, wo Harry, a son, stillborn
 HOOD 10i The Poplars, Gravelly Hill, wo Alfred jnr, a son
 JORDON 11i New Inns, Nechells, wo Thomas, a son
17/10/1901CLARKE 15i 107 Durham Rd, wo James, a son
18/10/1901HARRIS 16i Oxford House, Sparkhill wo E.G. a dau
19/10/1901PITCHER 17I 52 Ombersley Rd, Sparkbrook, wo Harry, a dau
 STRONG 16i 72 Norman St, Winson Green wo Ernest T., a dau
22/10/1901FELLOWS 21i 28 Chantry Rd Handsworth, wo A.H., a son
23/10/1901HORTON 11i The Limes, Witton (Wilton?) Lane, Aston wo Cornelius, a dau
24/10/1901MARSHALL 22i 54 Belmont Row, Ashted wo S., a son
 REES 21i 78 Alum Rock Rd Saltley, wo W.S., a dau
25/10/1901METTAM 23i 50 Charles Rd Smethwick, wo W., a son
26/10/1901LEAR 22i 237 Grange Rd, Kings Heath, wo A.E., a dau
 RAMSEY 24i wo E. 40 Dudley St, dau of R Bradshaw, twin sons
30/10/1901FOSTER 27i Whiteholm, Watt Rd Erdington wo T.S., a dau
31/10/1901AULD 29i 206 Charles Rd Small Heath wo R., a son
5/11/1901FLINT 3i Newent, Chester Rd wo Alfred, a son
 REDDALL 4i 5 Blackford St wo Frederick M, a dau
6/11/1901CHESHIRE 4i 1 Northbrook St Dudley Road wo Charles, a son
9/11/1901DAVIS 4i 82 Bath Row wo J., a son
 SKINNER 8i 9 Howe St, Higher Broughton, Manchester, wo C.E., a dau
10/11/1901DAVIS 82 Bath Row wo J., a son
11/11/1901KEAY 8i wo Charles 4 Wesley Rd Erdington, a dau
 SMITH 9i 63 Stanmore Rd Edgbaston wo Sydney, a son
12/11/1901HODGES 10i wo C.E., 476 Green Lane, Small Heath, a son
13/11/1901ATKINSON 9i 462 Stratford Rd Sparkhill, wo J.W. (late Leeds), a son
 STACEY 11i 235 Lozells Rd Handsworth, wo Frank, a son
15/11/1901JINKS 14i 117 Wilton Road Sparkhill, wo Arthur, a dau
20/11/1901DUNCAN 19i wo F., Kings Heath, a son
21/11/1901JONES 20i Dovedale, Eastern Rd, Wylde Green, wo Albert E., a son
 TAYLOR 20i The Rookery, Alcester Rd, Moseley, wo Fred J., M.R.C.V.S., a dau
26/11/1901MARSHALL 23i 2 Claremont Terrace, Rodwell, Weymouth, wo Alfred Russell, a son
 MORETON 20i Clifton Rd Aston Manor, wo Joseph, a son
29/11/1901BROWN 27i 178 Frederick Rd Aston, wo A.E., a dau
30/11/1901SPITTLE 26i 23 Putney Rd Handsworth, wo Walter, a dau
 OSBORNE 129 Markby Rd, Winson Green 28i, wo Fred, a son
3/12/1901GAMBLE 2i 183 Bevington Rd Aston, wo George E., a son
5/12/1901CROSIER 4i Wilton Rd Handsworth, wo J.E., a son
7/12/1901KEEY 6i 65 Sycamore Rd Handsworth, wo Edgar C. (B.A., L.C.P.), a dau
9/12/1901SPEARMAN 8i 140 Brighton Rd Moseley, wo Herbert W. a dau
10/12/1901MOORE 7i Clarence House, Chester Rd Erdington, wo Frank, a son
 PARSONS 8i 43 Floyer Rd Small Heath, wo F.H., a son
 ROBINSON 9i 41 Portland Rd Edgbaston, wo J.L., a son
 SPEARMAN 8i 140 Brighton Rd Moseley, wo Herbert, a dau
11/12/1901ROBINSON 9i 41 Portland Rd, Edgbaston, wo J.L., a son
13/12/1901PARTRIDGE Glencoe, Gillott Rd, wo E.J., a son
16/12/1901CHECKLAND 14i Nidderdale, Salisbury Rd, Moseley, wo N.H., a son
18/12/1901TERRY 14i Linwood Rd Handsworth, wo George, a son
19/12/1901TERRY 14i Linwood Rd, Handsworth, wo George, a son
 YARDLEY 17i Aston, wo Ben of Ansells Brewery Ltd., a son
24/12/1901EDWARDS 22i Alum Rock Rd Saltley, wo Jesse, a son
 FREEMAN 22i 47 Station Rd Kings Heath, wo E.A., a son
26/12/1901POOL 23i at Firs, Mary St Balsall Heath, wo William Thrustance, a dau
28/12/1901JENSON 26i 225 Gt Colmore St, wo Alex B., a son
30/12/1901BECK 27i Caton, 3 Wimbourne Rd Edgbaston, wo William, a son
 HARRIS 26i 68 Camp Hill, wo A.J., a dau
 VAUGHAN 28i Holmdene, Salisbury Rd Moseley, wo W.D., a son
1/1/1907DARBY 31u 107 Grove Lane Handsworth wo W.H., a son
2/1/1907FREEMAN 29u 216 Broad St Bham wife of G.C., a son
3/1/1907LAW 30u 130 Douglas Rd Handsworth Mr/Mrs S.H. Law, a son
 SMITH 2i Mr/Mrs J. Smith 43 Wellington Rd Handsworth, a son

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