Arley St. Wilfred
Baptisms from 1813 to 1880

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Thanks to Wendy Boland for transcribing and providing this data

                    Surname Listing:

Adcock, Adkins, Allen, Archer, Argyle, Arnold, Ashbourne, Atkins, Avery,
Baird, Baker, Barker, Barratt, Barwell, Bates, Baxter, Bayliss, Bazell, Birch, Briscoe, Butler,
Cainwell, Cashmore, Chamberlain, Cheshire, Church, Clark, Clarke, Claydon, Cleaver, Cliff, Cockrill,
Earp, Elson, Essex, Findon, Firth, Fletcher, Ford, Forman, Freeman, Fullard, Gilbert, Glover, Greenough, Griffin, Gwinn,
Hall, Harber, Harboon, Harborn, Harborne, Harbourne, Harris, Hartwell, Hawkesford, Heel,
Hicken, Hill, Hincks, Hinks, Hodgkin, Hodkisson, Hollick, Hopson, Hubbard,
Ibbotson, Insley, Izon, Jones, Jordan, Keen, Kimbrey, Lamsden, Lloyd,
Mantle, Mathews, Matthews, Miller, Moorwood, Morgan, Morris, Nash, Nicholas, Nightingale, Nixon,
Orton, Owen, Page, Pallet, Pallett, Parsonage, Pidcock, Pinfold, Power, Powers, Radford, Redden, Rhodes, Rowson,
Savage, Scattergood, Seaton, Sexton, Shakespeare, Shaw, Sheasby, Sheffield, Shemmans,
Shread, Simons, Smith, Snape, Snapes, Spencer, Spooner, Stain, Stean, Steane, Stringer,
Taylor, Tebbitt, Tedd, Tedds, Thompson, Thornycroft, Timms, Tompson, Toon, Torbit,
Vaughton, Wait, Wale, Wall, Ward, Watson, Wetton, Whilton, White, Whorral, Whorrall,
Wood, Woodfield, Woodward, Worthington, Wright, Wykes, Zoen?

NoDate of Baptism NameChild ofAbodeOccupationNotes
120 Feb 1813EdwardJoseph and Martha FREEMANArleyBlacksmith 
222 Feb 1813WilliamJames and Mary ALLENArleyLabourer 
301 Mar 1813JamesThomas and Susanna WRIGHTArleyFarmer 
401 Mar 1813ElizabethWilliam and Mary IZONArleyTailor 
522 Aug 1813ElizabethCharles and Mary WARDArleyLabourer 
610 Oct 1813ElizabethThomas and Mary CLARKNuneatonLabourer 
716 Nov 1813Thomas SamuelThomas and Ann SHAWArleyFarmer 
820 Dec 1813SusannaJohn and Mary SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
912 Feb 1814SusannahThomas and Elizabeth IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
1014 Feb 1814ThomasThomas and Mary STRINGERArleyLabourer 
1125 Mar 1814SamuelAnn WOODFIELDArleyServant 
1202 Apr 1814JosephJohn and Ann SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
1312 Jun 1814SarahThomas and Sarah HINKSArleyFarmer 
1416 Jun 1814Matthew WrenchJames and Elizabeth SPOONERArleyEsquire 
1511 Aug 1814WilliamJames and Mary SNAPESArleyBlacksmith 
1624 Nov 1814AnnWilliam and Elizabeth SHEFFIELDAnsleyLabourer 
1715 Jan 1815JennetThomas and Ellison WHORRALArleyLabourer 
1829 Jan 1815EstherThomas and Elizabeth HAWKESFORDArleyLabourer 
1926 Mar 1815MariaThomas and Mary POWERSArleyShoemaker 
2023 Aug 1815RichardSamuel and Maria MILLERArleyLabourer 
2104 Oct 1815ElizabethJames and Mary ALLENArleyLabourer 
2211 Dec 1815MariaJames and Sarah ESSEXArleyLabourer 
2326 Dec 1815JosephThomas and Elizabeth IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
2408 Jun 1816MaryCharles and Mary WARDArleyLabourer 
2517 Aug 1816JaneWilliam and Jane HARBERArleyShoemaker 
2625 Aug 1816WilliamJohn and Ann PAGEArleyLabourer 
2714 Oct 1816ThomasJohn and Mary SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
2827 Jan 1817AnneThomas and Sarah HINKSArleyFarmer 
2917 May 1817RichardJames and Mary SNAPEArleyBlacksmith 
3021 Jul 1817AnneThomas and Frances SHREADArleyMiller 
3123 Jul 1817AnneThomas and Elizabeth HAWKESFORDArleyLabourer 
3202 Jan 1818MaryThomas and Anne SHAWArleyFarmer 
3317 Feb 1818Roger WrayRoger Ryland and Elizabeth VAUGHTONArley RectoryClerk 
3418 Feb 1818JosephSamuel and Maria MILLERArleyLabourer 
3522 Feb 1818JohnThomas and Mary ALLENArleyCarpenter 
3623 Feb 1818John PeakMartha RADFORDArleyServant 
3701 Mar 1818SusannaThomas and Mary POWERSArleyShoemaker 
3826 Mar 1818Charles ButlerElizabeth HUBBARDArleyServant 
3919 May 1818SusannaWilliam and Anne PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
4001 Jun 1818Mary AnneThomas and Ellison WHORRALLArleyLabourer 
4117 Jun 1818JohnJames and Mary ALLENArleyLabourer 
4217 Jun 1818SusannaCharles and Mary WARDArleyLabourer 
4312 Jan 1819BenjaminThomas Minster and Anne RHODESArleySchoolmaster 
4406 Feb 1819MariaThomas and Anne WALLArleyBrickmaker 
4512 Apr 1819MaryThomas and Sarah HINCKSArleyFarmer 
4605 May 1819JaneWilliam and Mary MATHEWSArleyLabourer 
4724 May 1819Mary AnnElizabeth CASHMOREArleyServant 
4817 Jun 1819AnneEdward and Elizabeth CHESHIRENutters Heath Chilvers CotonBlacksmith 
4920 Jun 1819EmmaRichard and Elizabeth GREENOUGHArleyLabourer 
5024 Jul 1819MariaJohn and Mary SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
5129 Sep 1819ThomasRichard and Anne HEELArleyLabourer 
5213 May 1820ElizabethSamuel and Maria MILLERArleyLabourer 
5308 Jul 1820GeorgeGeorge and Elizabeth HALLArleyCarpenter 
5410 Jul 1820WilliamThomas and Charlotte CLIFFArleyLabourer 
5519 Jul 1820MariaJohn and Martha CHESHIREArleyLabourer 
5616 Aug 1820ElizabethThomas and Ellison WHORRALArleyLabourer 
5709 Oct 1820WilliamCharles and Elizabeth BARWELLArleyLabourer 
5828 Oct 1820AnneRichard and Elizabeth GREENOUGHArleyLabourer 
5906 Nov 1820MaryJoseph and Anne BAKERArleyLabourer 
6017 Nov 1820Samuel RobertThomas and Anne SHAWArleyFarmer 
6124 Dec 1820ElizabethThomas and Elizabeth GREENOUGHArleyLabourer 
6214 Jan 1821SusannaThomas and Elizabeth HAWKESFORDArleyLabourerElizabeth Died a few days after her confinement and lies buried at Packington
6301 Feb 1821RobertRoger Ryland and Elizabeth VAUGHTONArley RectoryClerk 
6406 May 1821Mary AnnThomas and Mary ALLENArleyCarpenter 
6517 Jun 1821MaryThomas and Anne SEXTONArleyLabourer 
6618 Jun 1821BenjaminRichard and Anne HEELArleyLabourer 
6708 Jul 1821WilliamWilliam and Anne PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
6817 Sep 1821SarahThomas and Lucy TIMMSArleyLabourer 
6909 Oct 1821EdwardJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
7012 Oct 1821JosephJohn and Ann PAGEArleyLabourer 
7125 Nov 1821ThomasGeorge and Elizabeth MOORWOODArleyGamekeeper 
7207 Dec 1821AnneSarah SAVAGEArleyServant 
7323 Feb 1822WilliamElizabeth WOODArleyServamt 
7421 Apr 1822JaneRichard and Elizabeth GREENOUGHArleyLabourer 
7515 Jul 1822JohnThomas and Anne SHAWArleyFarmer 
7615 Sep 1822GeorgeThomas and Elizabeth GREENOUGHArleyLabourer 
7722 Sep 1822JosephJames and Mary ALLENArleyLabourerThe child was born in the month of March 1822
7802 Oct 1822WilliamThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
7926 Dec 1822JamesJames and Mary SNAPEArleyBlacksmith 
8010 Jan 1823AnneWilliam and Hannah SMITHArleyLabourer 
8120 Jan 1823ElizabethRoger Ryland and Elizabeth VAUGHTONArley RectoryClerk 
8220 Jan 1823ElizabethJoseph and Anne BAKERArleyLabourer 
8309 Feb 1823AmerThomas and Ellison WHORRALArleyLabourer 
8423 Feb 1823SarahThomas and Charlotte CLIFFArleyLabourer 
8516 Mar 1823JohnJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
8615 Jun 1823HenryBrinkton and Maria CLAYDONBrighton NTHTravelling Gypsy 
8715 Jun 1823GeorgeGeorge and Ann LAMSDENArleyLabourer 
8820 Jul 1823MariaSamuel and Maria MILLERArleyLabourer 
8927 Jul 1823ElizabethGeorge and Elizabeth HALLArleyCarpenter 
9003 Aug 1823EdwardCharles and Mary WARDArleyLabourer 
9126 Sep 1823EstherRichard and Anne HEELArleyLabourer 
9226 Sep 1823CharlesJohn and Harriet LLOYDArleyLabourer 
9307 Dec 1823SarahThomas and Anne SEXTONArleyLabourer 
9406 Jan 1824HannahJohn and Mary SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
9512 Jul 1824George GilbertGeorge and Martha PIDCOCKBeeby LEIGardener 
9618 Jul 1824HannahSarah SAVAGEArleyServant 
9717 Oct 1824FannyThomas and Anne SHAWArleyFarmer 
9806 Nov 1824JosephThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
9919 Dec 1824JohnWilliam and Hannah SMITHArleyLabourer 
10009 Mar 1825JustinaJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
10112 Mar 1825SarahGeorge and Elizabeth HALLArleyCarpenter 
10224 Apr 1824EdwardJoseph and Anne BAKERArleyLabourer 
10327 Jun 1825ArthurJohn and Harriet LLOYDArleyLabourer 
10410 Jul 1825EllisonThomas and Ellison WHORRALArleyLabourer 
10515 Jul 1825Mary AnneRoger Ryland and Elizabeth VAUGHTONArley RectoryClerk 
10621 Aug 1825JaneThomas and Mary NIXONArleyParish Clerk 
10730 Oct 1825EdwardThomas and Charlotte CLIFFArleyLabourer 
10802 Dec 1825JamesWilliam and Anne KIMBREYFoleshillRibbon Weaver 
10908 Mar 1826ThomasWilliam and Hannah WHITEArleyLath Shooter 
11017 Apr 1826ElizabethThomas and Anne SEXTONArleyLabourer 
11117 May 1826JohnThomas and Mary JORDANArleyPublican 
11211 Jun 1826WilliamJohn and Sarah Elizabeth BIRCHArleyBricklayer 
11330 Jun 1826Harriet AnneRobert Darwin and Mary Anne VAUGHTONWall LichfieldEsquire 
11415 Aug 1826Joseph AbrahamThomas and Mary FULLARDArleyMiller 
11501 Oct 1826GeorgeWilliam and Ann PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
11617 Oct 1826ThomasThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
11703 Jan 1827JosephWilliam and Hannah SMITHArleyLabourer 
11803 Jan 1827GeorgeWilliam and Hannah SMITHArleyLabourer 
11912 Jan 1827ElizabethJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
12005 Mar 1827SarahJohn and Harriet LLOYDArleyLabourer 
12118 Mar 1827AnneSEXTONArley Wife of Thomas - born 07 Aug 1799
12202 Apr 1827SarahRichard and Elizabeth NICHOLASArleyLabourer 
12309 Jul 1827AnnJames and Mary HARTWELLArleyLabourer 
12401 Oct 1827Joseph WatsonAnne WHITEArleyServant 
12519 Jan 1828JohnThomas and Ellison WHORRALLArleyLabourer 
12604 Feb 1828ThomasMaria ARGYLEArleyServant 
12710 Feb 1828JamesJames and Mary ALLENArleyLabourer 
12822 Feb 1828WilliamThomas and Mary STAINArleyLabourer 
12911 Mar 1828Solomon BatesThomas and Mary JORDANArleyPublican 
13023 Mar 1828JohnJoseph and Anne BAKERArleyLabourer 
13108 Apr 1828CharlesThomas and Mary NIXONArleyParish Clerk 
13220 apr 1828ThomasThomas and Mary FULLARDArleyMiller 
13315 May 1828Mary AnneJoseph and Hannah CAINWELLArleyLabourer 
13425 May 1828EdwardJoseph and Catherine TOONArleyCooper 
13502 Jul 1828FannySarah RHODESArleyServant 
13607 Dec 1828ThomasThomas and Anne SEXTONArleyLabourer 
13709 Jan 1829ThomasJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
13820 Jan 1829ThomasWilliam and Mary WOODWARDArleyLabourer 
13901 Feb 1829JohnThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
14020 Feb 1829MillyGeorge and Elizabeth HALLArleyCarpenter 
14115 Mar 1829JohnRichard and Elizabeth NICHOLASArleyLabourer 
14223 Mar 1829HarrietJohn and Harriet LLOYDArleyRake Maker 
14317 Apr 1829JohnJohn and Hannah WHITEArleyLath Shooter 
14421 Jun 1829JohnThomas and Charlotte CLIFFArleyLabourer 
14523 Aug 1829WilliamSamuel and Maria MILLERArleyLabourer 
14620 Sep 1829ThomasJohn and Anne GRIFFINArleyLabourer 
14713 Nov 1829JosephThomas and Elizabeth ADKINSArleyLabourer 
14810 Jan 1830ThomasWilliam and Anne PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
14909 Mar 1830ThomasAnne WARDHartshillServantThis child was born at Hartshill in the house of William WARD the brother of Anne WARD and was brought to Arley to be received by Anne WARD's Mother.
15014 May 1830JohnWilliam and Sarah PARSONAGEArleyLabourer 
15123 May 1830JohnWilliam and Charlotte BUTLERArleyLabourer 
15208 Aug 1830JohnRichard and Anne MORRISArleyLabourer 
15322 Aug 1830Anne MariaThomas and Anne Maria CLEAVERArleyLabourer 
15403 Oct 1830MariaThomas and Mary NIXONArleyParish Clerk 
15531 Oct 1830SusannaJoseph and Anne BAKERArleyLabourerThis child was 15 mnths old when baptised.
15626 Jan 1831ElizabethThomas and Elizabeth ADKINSArleyLabourer 
15706 Feb 1831HannahJohn and Hannah WHITEArleyLath Shooter 
15830 Mar 1831SarahJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
15908 May 1831AnneThomas and Anne SEXTONArleyLabourer 
16009 Jul 1831FrancesWilliam and Alice WALEArleyLabourer 
16101 Aug 1831WilliamRichard and Elizabeth NICHOLASArleyLabourer 
16225 Aug 1831EllenJohn and Ellen CLARKEArleyLabourer 
16326 Sep 1831JamesSamuel and Maria MILLERArleyLabourer 
16413 Nov 1831GeorgeCharlotte SNAPEArleyLabourer 
16520 Nov 1831HenryThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
16604 Dec 1831MaryJames and Elizabeth BARKERArleyLabourer 
16718 Mar 1832Rose HannahThomas and Mary FULLARDArleyMiller 
16801 Apr 1832WilliamWilliam and Sarah SHEFFIELDArleyLabourer 
16904 May 1832MaryJohn and Harriet LLOYDArleyRake Maker 
17006 May 1832AnneWilliam and Mary WOODWARDArleyLabourer 
17120 Jan 1833JaneThomas and Anne SPENCERArleyFarmer 
17210 Mar 1833WilliamThomas and Ellison WHORRALArleyLabourer 
17330 Mar 1833AnneFrancis and Sarah WHORRALArleyLabourer 
17422 Apr 1833William GrosvenorSolomon Grosvenor and Mary SHAKESPEAREArleyFarmer 
17516 Jun 1833WilliamWilliam and Lucy HOPSONArleyNailer 
17621 Aug 1833AugustaRoger Ryland and Elizabeth VAUGHTONArleyClerk 
17711 Sep 1833GeorgeJohn and Anne CHESHIREArleyLabourer 
17828 Sep 1833JohnJohn and Elizabeth WRIGHTArleyFarmer 
17906 Oct 1833ElizabethRichard and Elizabeth NICHOLASArleyLabourer 
18013 Oct 1833JamesThomas and Anne SEXTONArleyLabourer 
18112 Nov 1833WilliamJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
18224 Nov 1833ThomasThomas and Charlotte CLIFFArleyLabourer 
18310 Jan 1834William WheeleyWilliam and Elizabeth WHILTONArleyButcher 
18410 Jan 1834ThomasWilliam and Elizabeth WHILTONArleyButcher 
18513 Apr 1834CharlesIsaac and Elizabeth SHEFFIELDArleyLabourer 
18604 May 1834Mary AnneJames and Elizabeth BARKERArleyLabourer 
18711 May 1834MaryGeorge and Charlotte WARDArleyLabourer 
18808 Jun 1834HannahJohn and Elizabeth PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
18929 Jun 1834JamesThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
19008 Jul 1834JohnWilliam and Catherine FORDArleyCarpenter 
19123 Aug 1834AnneJohn and Harriet LLOYDArleyRake Maker 
19229 Nov 1834JaneSolomon Grosvenor and Mary SHAKESPEAREArleyFarmer 
19307 Dec 1834WilliamJohn and Harriet INSLEYArleyLabourer 
19403 Apr 1835AnneJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
19509 Aug 1835JaneThomas and Ellison WHORRALLArleyLabourer 
19613 Dec 1835MaryWilliam and Catherine FORDArleyCarpenter 
19725 Dec 1835AnneJohn and Anne CHESHIREArleyLabourer 
19810 Jan 1836SarahJohn and Elizabeth PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
19906 Mar 1836JohnIsaac and Elizabeth SHEFFIELDArleyLabourer 
20027 Mar 1836JosephJoseph and Anne FORMANArleyFarmer 
20101 May 1836RichardRichard and Elizabeth NICHOLASArleyPublican 
20204 Jun 1836ThomasSolomon Grosvenor and Mary SHAKESPEAREArleyFarmer 
20304 Jun 1836SarahWilliam and Alice WALEArleyLabourer 
20419 Jun 1836AnneThomas and Hannah GILBERTArleyLabourer 
20503 Jul 1836Eliza Selina David and Eliza KEENTrinity Parish CoventryBook Keeper 
20616 Oct 1836CharlotteJohn and Harriet LLOYDArleyFarmer 
20723 Oct 1836MaryCharles and Harriet HODGKINTanworthTravelling Brazier 
20822 Jan 1837SabinaThomas and Anne NIXONArleyParish Clerk 
20919 Feb 1837ThomasJames and Elizabeth BARKERArleyLabourer 
21023 Apr 1837ElizabethThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
21123 Apr 1837MaryThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
21211 Jun 1837JamesJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
21318 Jun 1837SarahGeorge and Charlotte WARDArleyLabourer 
21418 Jun 1837MaryWilliam and Lucy HOPSONArleyNailer 
21525 Jun 1837WilliamWilliam and Catherine FORDArleyCarpenter 
21620 Oct 1837WilliamJohn and Elizabeth PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
21728 Jan 1838SamuelThomas and Elizabeth MILLERArleyLabourer 
21807 Mar 1838JohnThomas and Elizabeth ARCHERArleyLabourer 
21913 May 1838GeorgeJoseph and Anne FORMANArleyFarmer 
22010 Jun 1838Anne John and Harriet INSLEYRadford Tollgate Hse nr CoventryLabourer 
22117 Jun 1838EmmaJohn and Anne CHESHIREArleyLabourer 
22224 Jun 1838EdwardJoseph and Hannah STEANArleyLabourer 
22313 Sep 1838Lucy AnneEdward and Lucy Anne SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
22413 Jan 1839ElizabethJohn and Elizabeth PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
22531 Mar 1839RichardJohn and Hannah ARNOLDArleyLabourer 
22607 Apr 1839JaneSusanna HAWKESFORDArleyServant 
22719 May 1839WilliamThomas and Anne SPENCERArleyLabourer 
22814 Jun 1839Mary AnneThomas and Mary WARDAnsleyLabourer 
22923 Jun 1839JamesJames and Elizabeth BARKERArleyLabourer 
23030 Jun 1839JaneJosiah and Jane WRIGHTArleyFarmer 
23111 Aug 1839SarahWilliam and Sarah SHEFFIELDArleyLabourer 
23201 Sep 1839EnochThomas and Anne NIXONArleyParish Clerk 
23323 Dec 1839AnneThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
23404 Feb 1840Mary AnnJoseph and Ann HOLLICKArleyFarmer 
23514 Mar 1840JosephWilliam and Catherine FORDArleyCarpenter 
23610 May 1840ThomasGeorge and Charlotte WARDArleyLabourer 
23714 Aug 1840Mary AnnRichard and Elizabeth MILLERArleyLabourer 
23816 Aug 1840EdwardEdward and Lucy Anne SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
23924 Oct 1840EmmaJames and Martha HINKSArleyFarmer 
24025 Oct 1840Mary AnneRichard and Louisa SNAPEArleyLabourer 
24125 Oct 1840JohnJoseph and Anne FORMANArleyFarmer 
24224 Jan 1841JohnMary SHEMMANSArleyServant 
24323 May 1841MariaJohn and Elizabeth PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
24401 Aug 1841JohnJoseph and Hannah STEANArleyLabourer 
24506 Feb 1842SarahJosiah and Jane WRIGHTArleyFarmer 
24622 May 1842JohnThomas and Sarah ALLENArleyLabourer 
24706 Jun 1842AnneThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
24817 Jun 1842JaneThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
24924 Jun 1842Caroline SophiaHenry and Margaret BRISCOEArleyFarmer 
25028 Aug 1842DanielJoseph and Anne FORMANArleyFarmer 
25225 Sep 1842James EdwardJames and Harriet HARRISArleySchoolmaster 
25225 Sep 1845EllenRichard and Louisa SNAPEArleyLabourer 
25307 Oct 1842JohnWilliam and Sarah OWENArleyLabourer 
25430 Oct 1842GeorgeEdward and Lucy Anne SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
25504 Dec 1842JohnJohn and Anne LLOYDArley HallFarmer 
25604 Dec 1842WilliamThomas and Mary BAXTERArleyLabourer 
25715 Mar 1843Mary AnneJohn and Anne HODKISSONArleyServant 
25825 Jun 1843SarahJames and Elizabeth BARKERAstleyLabourer 
25917 Sep 1843JosephNathaniel and Dinah WOODFIELDArleyShoemaker 
26015 Oct 1843AnneJohn and Anne LLOYDArley HallFarmer 
26129 Oct 1843ElizaGeorge and Charlotte WARDArleyLabourer 
26220 Nov 1843EmilyThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
26307 Jan 1844SarahThomas and Hannah POWERArleyShoemaker 
26417 Feb 1844ThomasWilliam and Sarah OWENArleyLabourer 
26525 Feb 1844JamesElizabeth MILLERArleyServant 
26608 Mar 1844HannahJohn and Sarah SPENCERArleyShoemaker 
26707 Apr 1844ArthurThomas and Anne NIXONArleyParish Clerk 
26826 May 1844LucyEdward and Lucy Anne SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
26916 Jun 1844JosephJoseph and Anne HOLLICKArleyFarmer 
27028 Jul 1844CharlesJoseph and Anne FORMANArleyFarmer 
27113 Oct 1844ElizaThomas and Mary BAXTERArleyLabourer 
27205 Nov 1844William HollandThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
27315 Dec 1844JosephJoseph and Hannah STEANArleyLabourer 
27402 Feb 1845Helen AnneJames and Harriet HARRISArleySchoolmaster 
27502 Mar 1845EmmaRichard and Louisa SNAPEArleyLabourer 
27629 Mar 1845EmmaThomas and Mary HARBERArleyLabourer 
27730 Mar 1845WilliamElizabeth HINKSArleyServant 
27801 Jun 1845WilliamThomas and Jane SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
27913 Jul 1845JohnJohn and Anne HODKISSONArleyServant 
28028 Jul 1845ThomasWilliam and Hannah HARBOONArleyLabourer 
28105 Aug 1845MariaThomas and Hannah POWERArleyShoemaker 
28214 Sep 1845MaryJohn and Elizabeth PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
28307 Dec 1845CharlesWilliam and Sarah OWENArleyLabourer 
28423 Feb 1846FrancesThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
28525 Apr 1846John OliverRichard and Elizabeth MILLERArleyLabourer 
28617 May 1846JohnThomas and Anne WETTONArleyLabourer 
28731 May 1846Mary AnneSarah SEATONArleyServant 
28821 Jun 1846HarrietGeorge and Charlotte WARDArleyLabourer 
28912 Jul 1846ThomasThomas and Mary BAXTERArleyLabourer 
29009 Aug 1846AnneSt John and Hannah POWERArleyShoemaker 
29123 Aug 1846SusanJohn and Anne HODKISSONArleyServant 
29230 Aug 1846William HenryJohn and Jane FIRTHHunslet Leeds YKSDyer 
29322 Nov 1846SarahThomas and Sarah EARPArleyFarmer 
29407 Feb 1847RichardRichard and Louisa SNAPEArleyLabourer 
29507 Mar 1847FrankJames and Harriet HARRISArleySchoolmaster 
29607 Mar 1847DorcasThomas and Hannah POWERArleyFarmer 
29726 May 1847ThomasThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
29809 Aug 1847WilliamWilliam and Sarah OWENArleyLabourer 
29909 Aug 1847MaryWilliam and Sarah OWENArleyLabourer 
30021 Apr 1848HenryJohn and Ann HODKISSONArleyLabourer 
30123 Apr 1848ThomasThomas and Sarah EARPArleyFarmer 
30207 May 1848JaneJohn and Elizabeth PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
30316 Dec 1848HenryThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
30420 Apr 1849CharlesThomas and Mary BAXTERArleyLabourer 
30501 Jul 1849HannahThomas and Hannah POWERArleyShoemaker 
30612 Aug 1849FannyJames and Harriet HARRISArleySchoolmaster 
30702 Sep 1849ElizabethThomas and Jane SCATTERGOODArleyLabourer 
30828 Oct 1849JosephThomas and Sarah EARPArleyFarmer 
30927 Nov 1849WilliamWilliam and Hannah HARBORNArleyLabourer 
31025 Dec 1849CharlotteGeorge and Charlotte WARDArleyLabourer 
31125 May 1850RodaJoseph and Elizabeth HICKENArleyLabourer 
31207 Jul 1850CharlesJohn and Ann HODKISSONArleyLabourer 
31313 Oct 1850RobertThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
31420 Oct 1850SarahRichard and Louisa SNAPEArleyLabourer 
31517 Nov 1850FannyThomas and Hannah POWERArleyShoemaker 
31623 Dec 1850MaryThomas and Mary BAXTERArleyLabourer 
31729 Dec 1850Josiah Moggs WrightJosiah and Jane WRIGHTArleyFarmer 
31801 Jan 1851ElizabethThomas and Ann RADFORDArleyLabourer 
31908 Jun 1851Frederick JohnSt John and Hannah POWERArleyShoemaker 
32027 Jun 1851PhoebeWilliam and Martha MATTHEWSArleyLabourer 
32110 Jul 1851ElizabethThomas and Sarah EARPArleyFarmer 
32212 Oct 1851FannyMary WARDArleySingle Woman 
32320 Oct 1851SamuelWilliam and Hannah HARBORNEArleyLabourer 
32411 Apr 1852EmmaJoseph and Elizabeth HICKENArleyLabourer 
32527 Jun 1852Emma ElizabethEllen PINFOLDCoventrySingle Woman 
32618 Jul 1852ElizabethJoseph and Sarah CLARKArleyLabourer 
32725 Jul 1852Sarah ElizabethThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
32829 Aug 1852Ann ElizaJohn and Eliza NIGHTINGALEArleyFarmer 
32926 Sep 1852JaneRichard and Louisa SNAPEArleyLabourer 
33009 Oct 1852Joseph JohnJoseph and Elizabeth TOMPSONArleyFarmer 
33123 Jan 1853EmmaEdward and Ann WATSONArleyLabourer 
33204 Apr 1853EdwardJohn and Martha CLIFFArleyLabourer 
33310 May 1853AgnesJohn and Ann HODKISSONArleyLabourer 
33426 Jun 1853William FrederickWilliam and Sarah FINDONArleyLabourer 
33503 Jan 1854AnnThomas and Sarah EARPArleyFarmer 
33607 Mar 1854FrankThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
33720 May 1854Sarah AnnThomas and Mary Anne FORMANArleyFarmer 
33823 Jul 1854ThomasJohn and Martha CLIFFArleyLabourer 
33907 Sep 1854ThomasJoseph and Elizabeth TOMPSONArleyFarmer 
34024 Sep 1854Mary AnnCharles and Frances Juliana LLOYDArleyFarmer 
34115 Oct 1854WilliamEdward and Ann WATSONArleyLabourer 
34217 Dec 1854AnnJoseph and Sarah CLARKEArleyLabourer 
34317 Dec 1854SarahWilliam and Mary BAYLISSArleyLabourer 
34415 Apr 1855AnnJames and Sarah SNAPEArleyLabourer 
34523 Sep 1855AnnThomas and Mary BAXTERArleyLabourer 
34623 Sep 1855CharlotteThomas and Mary BAXTERArleyLabourer 
34728 Oct 1855JamesThomas and Catherine WYKESCotonSawyer 
34820 Jan 1856WilliamJohn and Martha CLIFFArleyLabourer 
34902 Mar 1856Mary HollandThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
35004 Apr 1856JosephWilliam and Mary THOMPSONArleyFarmer 
35120 Apr 1856John MasonCharles and Frances LLOYDArleyFarmer 
35204 Jul 1856WilliamThomas and Mary Anne FORMANArleyFarmer 
35313 Oct 1856ArthurDionysius and Elizabeth TORBITArleyFarmer 
35419 Oct 1856AnnWilliam and Sabina TIMMSArleyLabourer 
35526 Oct 1856EmmaWilliam and Elizabeth TEDDArleyLabourer 
35628 Dec 1856WilliamJoseph and Sarah CLARKEArleyLabourer 
35712 Apr 1857Mary AnnJoseph and Elizabeth HARBORNEArleyLabourer 
35820 Sep 1857Ellen TorbitJohn and Emma WRIGHTArleyFarmer 
35920 Oct 1857Sarah ElizabethJames and Sarah Elizabeth SHEASBYArleyLabourer 
36015 Nov 1857Joseph SmithJohn and Maria SMITHArleyLabourer 
36110 Jan 1858EmmaThomas and Mary BAXTERArleyLabourer 
36224 Jan 1858MaryJohn and Martha CLIFFArleyLabourer 
36325 Apr 1858ArthurThomas and Esther IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
36430 Apr 1858SarahCharles and Frances Juliana LLOYDArleyFarmer 
36516 May 1858HerbertDionysius and Elizabeth TORBITArleyFarmer 
36606 Jun 1858MaryWilliam and Mary THOMPSONArleyFarmer 
36726 Sep 1858Ada ElizabethJohn and Emma WRIGHTArleyFarmer 
36824 Oct 1858HenryWilliam and Sabina TIMMSArleyLabourer 
36927 Oct 1858CharlesJames and Sarah Elizabeth SHEASBYArleyLabourer 
37002 Jan 1859CharlesSarah WARDArleySingle Woman 
37117 Apr 1859JohnJoseph and Sarah CLARKEArleyLabourer 
37217 May 1859Mary GertrudeJohn Warden and Sophia JONESArleyFarmer 
37314 Aug 1859JosephThomas and Mary STEANEArleyLabourer 
37425 Oct 1859ClaraCharles and Frances Juliana LLOYDArleyFarmer 
37521 Dec 1859ThomasThomas and Mary Ann FORMANArleyFarmer 
37619 Feb 1860AlfredJames and Sarah Elizabeth SHEASBYArleyLabourer 
37715 Apr 1860EmilyMary WARDArleySingle Woman 
37815 Jul 1860Frederick JohnJohn and Emma WRIGHTArleyFarmer 
37929 Jul 1860MarkJames and Eliza GWINNArleyLabourer 
38009 Sep 1860JaneWilliam and Sabina TIMMSArleyLabourer 
38128 Oct 1860EllenJoseph and Lydia Ann ADCOCKArleyLabourer 
38228 Oct 1860William ArthurDaniel and Elizabeth ATKINSArley late of AtherstoneInn Keeper 
38304 Nov 1860ThomasJohn and Ann PALLETArleyLabourer 
38410 Apr 1861ThomasThomas and Mary STEANEArleyLabourer 
38510 Apr 1861JohnThomas and Mary STEANEArleyLabourer 
38614 Apr 1861JohnThomas and Amelia SMITHOver WhitacreFarmer 
38705 May 1861Mary AnnThomas and Sarah HARRISArleyLabourer 
38810 Aug 1861HenryThomas and Mary Ann FORMANArleyFarmer 
38927 Oct 1861Sarah LeliaJohn and Sophia JONESArleyFarmer 
39023 Dec 1861WilliamWilliam and Jane TAYLORArleyFarmer 
39116 Feb 1862JamesJoseph and Sarah CLARKEArleyLabourer 
39229 Jun 1862CharlotteWilliam and Sabina TIMMSArleyLabourer 
39324 Jul 1862AnnJoseph and Lydia Ann ADCOCKArleyLabourer 
39431 Aug 1862Mary AnneCharles and Ruth HARBORNEArleyLabourer 
39523 Nov 1862Albert ErnestCharles and Frances Juliana LLOYDArleyFarmer 
39601 Feb 1863FlorenceJames and Mary HILLArleyShoemaker 
39713 Sep 1863SarahThomas and Sarah HARRISArleyLabourer 
39825 Oct 1863HarrietJohn and Ann MANTLEArleyLabourer 
39929 Nov 1863Mary AnneThomas and Mary Ann FORMANArleyFarmer 
40008 Mar 1864ElizabethWilliam and Jane TAYLORArleyFarmer 
40117 Jul 1864HenryJoseph and Eliza WAITArleyFarmer 
40210 Dec 1864WilliamWilliam and Sabina TIMMSArleyLabourer 
40308 Jan 1865OliverJohn Greenway and Charlotte ASHBOURNEArleyFarmer 
40425 Jan 1865HelenJames and Mary HILLArleyShoemaker 
40530 Apr 1865ElizabethWilliam and Mary PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
40607 May 1865JohnJacob and Ann HARRISArleyLabourer 
40706 Aug 1865EmilyThomas and Sarah HARRISArleyLabourer 
40808 Oct 1865JohnJohn and Ann PALLETTArleyLabourer 
40924 Dec 1865HarrietCharles and Ruth HARBOURNEArleyLabourer 
41028 Dec 1865EmilyJohn Greenway and Charlotte ASHBOURNEArleyFarmer 
41125 Feb 1866ElizaAbraham and Jane ELSONArleyLabourer 
41227 Mar 1866Hannah AsburyEdward and Hannah COCKRILLArleyFarmer 
41315 Jul 1866EllenJoseph and Eliza WAITArleyFarmer 
41422 Jul 1866ElizabethThomas and Mary Anne FORMANArleyFarmer 
41514 Oct 1866HarrietJames and Eliza GWINNArleyLabourer 
41621 Oct 1866AnnEdward and Anne FLETCHERArleyLabourer 
41717 Feb 1867John WilliamWilliam and Mary Ann MILLERArleyLabourer 
41825 Feb 1867Mary AnneWilliam and Jane TEDDSArleyLabourer 
41928 Apr 1867CharlotteThomas and Sarah HARRISArleyFarmer 
42021 Apr 1868WilliamThomas and Elizabeth ORTONArleyStation Master 
42126 Apr 1868Ellen MaryJohn and Matilda CHAMBERLAINArleyFarmer 
42217 May 1868AnneWilliam and Mary PINFOLDArleyLabourer 
42314 Jun 1868Mary FlorenceWilliam and Sarah Anne TAYLORArleyFarmer 
42402 Aug 1868WalterJoseph and Eliza WAITArleyFarmer 
42523 Aug 1868CatharineJames and Mary HILLArleyShoemakerPrivately
42627 Aug 1868William CharlesCharles and Frances Juliana LLOYDArleyFarmerPrivately
42703 Sep 1868Mary AnnieWilliam and Mary Ann MILLERArleyLabourerPrivately
42820 Sep 1868EmilyJoseph and Elizabeth HARBORNEBaddesleyMiner 
42918 Oct 1868Sarah ElizabethWilliam and Sabina TIMMSArleyLabourer 
43001 Nov 1868Anne Thomas and Catherine ROWSONArleyPlatelayer 
43108 Nov 1868JohnEdward and Anne FLETCHERArleyLabourer 
43225 Dec 1868WalterJacob and Ann HARRISArleyLabourer 
43328 Mar 1869LeonardThomas and Sarah HARRISArleyLabourer 
43418 Jul 1869ElizabethWilliam and Jane TEDDSArleyLabourer 
43502 Aug 1869DanielJames and Eliza GWINNArleyLabourerPrivate
43617 Oct 1869William JamesJames and Mary HILLArleyShoemaker 
43725 Dec 1869EmmaEdward and Mary SMITHArleyLabourer 
43824 Feb 1870Elizabeth AnneCharles Hodgkisson and Sarah Anne ORTONArleyFarmerAdult
43929 Mar 1870Ida MaudJohn and Matilda CHAMBERLAINArleyFarmerPrivate
44018 Apr 1870ThomasThomas and Elizabeth ORTONArleyStation MasterPrivate
44118 Apr 1870EmmaThomas and Elizabeth ORTONArleyStation MasterP
44218 Apr 1870JohnThomas and Elizabeth ORTONArleyStation MasterP
44324 Apr 1870Sarah JaneWilliam and Sarah Ann TAYLORFillongleyFarmer 
44412 Jun 1870Herbert RichardWilliam and Mary Ann MILLERArleyLabourer 
44525 Jul 1870Alfred JamesCharles Hodgkisson and Sarah Anne ORTONArleyFarmerAdult
44607 Aug 1870John WilliamJohn and Elizabeth ORTONArleyFarmer 
44711 Dec 1870Thomas HenryEdward and Anne FLETCHERArleyLabourer 
44818 Dec 1870WilliamWilliam and Jane TEDDSArleyLabourer 
44909 Jan 1871ElizabethMary PINFOLDFillongleyServant 
45002 Apr 1871Francis JohnDavid and Elizabeth TEBBITTArleyMiller 
45125 Apr 1871Philip Samuel and Martha MILLERArleyLabourer 
45214 May 1871RichardRichard and Elizabeth REDDENArleyGamekeeper 
45320 May 1871ThomasJacob and Ann HARRISArleyLabourer 
45410 Dec 1871Emily ElizabethWilliam and Mary Ann MILLERArleyLabourer 
45514 Jan 1872ThomasWilliam and Sabina TIMMSArleyLabourer 
45616 Jun 1872JohnWilliam and Margaret GLOVERArleyFarmer 
45714 Jun 1872Walter EdwardRichard and Emily CHURCHArleyRailway Signalman5yrs old August next
45814 Jun 1872Maud MaryRichard and Emily CHURCHArleyRailway Signalman 
45922 Sep 1872JosephWilliam and Jane TEDDSArleyLabourer 
46006 Jan 1873EdwardEdward and Anne FLETCHERArleyLabourerPrivate
46110 Mar 1873EllenJacob and Anne HARRISArleyLabourerPrivate
46214 Apr 1873EllenEsther MORGANArley Adult
46318 May 1873ThomasThomas and Sarah HARRISArleyLabourer 
46430 Jun 1873AlbertThomas and Elizabeth ORTONArleyStation Master 
46513 Jul 1873SarahHenry and Sarah WORTHINGTONArleyLabourer 
46613 Jul 1873Rowland WalterHugh and Anne BAIRDBirminghamDraperAbout 7mnths old
46715 Sep 1873Catherine ElizabethSamuel and Martha MILLERArleyLabourer 
46822 Oct 1873Alice AnnieHannah NASHArley Private Lately? of Fillongley a married woman whose husband is away she living with another
46926 Apr 1874ElizabethWilliam and Jane TEDDSArleyLabourer 
47026 Jul 1874WilliamEdward and Anne FLETCHERArleyLabourer 
47116 Aug 1874WilliamJohn and Matilda BARRATTArleyPlatelayer 
47206 Sep 1874Ada MaryPhoebe MATTHEWSArley  
4731874Albert JosephJames and Mary HILLArleyShoemakerDate not entered Could be 1874 or 1875
47407 Feb 1875Alfred ErnestWilliam and Mary Ann MILLERArleyLabourer 
47529 Mar 1875FrankHenry and Sarah WORTHINGTONArleyLabourer 
47629 Mar 1875Janet EstherHugh and Anne BAIRDBirminghamDraper 
47725 Apr 1875ChristianaJoseph and Elizabeth SMITHBaddesleyMinerOne year old
47825 Apr 1875Mary Jane ElizabethJoseph and Elizabeth SMITHBaddesleyMiner 
47922 Jul 1875John ThomasJohn and Sarah STAINArleyLabourer 
48024 Sep 1875ClaraJohn and Elizabeth CHAMBERLAINBournemouthHatter 
48112 Dec 1875Philip JohnJohn and Mary BAZELLArleyLabourer 
48216 Apr 1876Frederic Thomas and Sarah HARRISArleyCarrier 
48330 Apr 1876Frank IbbotsonHugh and Anne BAIRDBirminghamDraper 
48423 Jul 1876Elizabeth JaneGeorge and Ellen Mary THORNYCROFTArleyLabourer 
48506 Aug 1876EdwardSamuel and Martha MILLERArleyLabourer 
48620 Aug 1876AnneHenry and Sarah WORTHINGTONArleyLabourer 
48710 Dec 1876MargaretCharles Frederick and Charlotte Eliza AVERYArleySchoolmaster 
48824 Dec 1876HarriettWilliam and Jane TEDDSFillongleyLabourer 
48907 Jan 1877William HenryJohn and Sarah STAINArleyLabourer 
49007 Jan 1877HarriettEdward and Mary Ann STAINStockingfordLabourer 
49128 Jan 1877Clara LouisaWilliam and Mary Ann MILLERArleyLabourer 
49208 Apr 1877Rose Anna ElizabethJohn and Mary BAZELLArleyLabourer 
49327 May 1877Mary AnnieThomas and Anne SIMONSArleyLabourer 
49424 Jun 1877ElizabethEdward and Anne FLETCHERArleyLabourer 
49525 Jan 1878KateWilliam Holland and Sarah IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
49625 Apr 1878Mary IsabelCharles Frederic and Charlotte Eliza AVERYArleySchoolmaster 
49728 Jul 1878Isabella Hugh and Anne BAIRDBirminghamMaster Iron & Steel Stamper 
49818 Aug 1878George JosephJohn and Sarah STAINArleyLabourer 
49915 Sep 1878Mary ElizabethGeorge and Mary Jane BATESArleyFarmer 
50007 Oct 1878FrankThomas and Elizabeth ORTONArleyStation Master 
50107 Oct 1878CharlesThomas and Elizabeth ORTONArleyStation Master 
50224 Feb 1879Sarah IsabelEdward and Hannah ZOEN?ArleyTailorAdult Servant at the Schoolhouse
50321 Dec 1879Walter WilliamWilliam Holland and Sarah IBBOTSONArleyFarmer 
50401 May 1880Charles WilfredCharles Frederic and Charlotte Elizabeth AVERYArleySchoolmaster 

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